Est. ca 1847



This cemetery is located on the Old Champagnolle plantation, Northeast of

El Dorado.  This canvass was done by Ralph O. & Violet Weldon on January

25, 1986.  Submitted for posting by Janice Holzer, April 10, 2004.

FYI…..there are three Newton Cemeteries in Union County, more

details of this at the end of listing.

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*This is not an update of this cemetery, but a posting of my old one on the RootsWeb site.

This cemetery is on private property. At the end of this listing are more

concise directions for finding this old cemetery.

Todd Owens, a descendant of some of those buried in this cemetery, has done a

more recent survey of the cemetery(2009).

If you have an interest in those buried here, you might wish to try & contact him.

 In 2009 his email address was



GREEN  TAYLOR  NEWTON     7-28-1848 AR  to  8-5-1852 AR

*S/of John Newton(1805-1851) & Penelope G. Dunaway Newton Lamar(1813-1875)


JAMES  NEWTON    5-18-1838 AL  to  June 1862 LA died at Shiloh

*S/of John Newton(1805-1851) * Penelope G. Dunaway Newton Lamar(1813-1875)

*Capt.  Co  A   1st  Ark  Inf   CSA   *James is listed in 2 cemeteries: I don't believe he

is buried in either one, since he died of injuries sustained on the battlefield at Shiloh. 

Newton-Dunaway Cemetery  &  Curtis Grove Cemetery, Union Co., AR

*Inscription on the headstone  "An early sacrifice upon the altar of his country"


JAMES  NEWTON  WRIGHT     9-2-1861  to   4-1-1862 

*S/of  John Crowell Wright(1835-1915) & Mary A. Newton Wright (1841-1903)



JOHN  NEWTON      1-15-1805 GA   to   11-3-1851 AR

Mrs.  PENELOPE  G. DUNAWAY  NEWTON  LAMAR  10-13-1813 GA to 

7-29-1875 AR

"D/of Timothy C. Dunaway (1786-1868)  &  Mary Davis Dunaway (1787-1834) 

*1st husband was John Newton(1895-1851)   *2nd husband was Obadiah Lamar


JOHN  C.  DUNAWAY    1822 AL  to  6-18-1847 AR

 *A native of Autauga Co., AL  

*S/of Timothy C. Dunaway(1786-1868) & Mary Davis Dunaway(1787-1834)


TIMOTHY  C.  DUNAWAY    4-28-1786 GA  to  2-5-1868 AR

*S/of  William Dunaway (1751-1830)

*Spouses:  *1st Mary Davis (1787-1834)  *Md:3//5/1806 Wilkes Co., GA

*Mary Davis is enumerated in Rev. Davis's will, recorded  Feb 1835; She is not mentioned

 in her stepmother; Sarah Perkins Davis will, dated Oct 1835. Mary is most likely buried

at the Davis Plantation Cemetery in Autaugaville, Alabama.

 *2nd Penelope Davis (1792-1856) *Md: Penleope Hicks Jan 1843-Union Co., AR


to  6-5-1856 AR    *D/of  Sarah Sally Anderson &  Rev. Lewis Cookson Davis, RS(1756-1835)

of Wilkes Co., GA  *Spouses:   *1st Peter W. Silmon   *2nd James Hicks from Autauga, AL;

*3rd Timothy C. Dunaway who she is buried next to.


TIMOTHY  ISAAC  LAMAR   1-23-1835 AL  to  9-14-1889 AR

*S/of John Newton (1805-1851) * Penelope G. Dunaway Newton Lamar (1813-1875)


WILLIAM  P.  NEWTON    5-20-1846  to   5-4-1850

*S/of John Newton(1805-1851) * Penelope G. Dunaway Newton Lamar(1813-1875)

"Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not

for of such is the kingdom of God"


 *Note: There were three cemeteries in Union County, referred

             to as "The Newton Cemetery". 


(1.) This one was located southeast of El Dorado, off the south side of

       Hwy. 82 east, about a mile & a half from the intersection of Hwy 167 S..

       Dunbar Lane runs along the SE side of the property, with a Jehovah

       Witness church on the corner of Hwy. 82 & Dunbar Lane.  This

       cemetery was destroyed in 2005-06, with the three remaining tombstones

       moved to Woodlawn Cemetery.  For more details see the article posted

       here  "The Destruction of the Harrell Newton Family Cemetery"

       *There are before & after pictures, some history, & an interview given by a

       a former slave, Zenia (*nee unk) Culp, given in January 1938. The "Billy" she

       fondly refers to, was the late William Baker Newton, son of Harrell Newton.

       The tombstones were moved to Woodlawn Cemetery, in El Dorado.

       For more details, see the listing of the Harrell Newton Family Cemetery.

(aka  the Harrell Newton Family Cemetery)


(2.) The Green Newton Cemetery located on private property in the woods.

       An old logging road (dirt road) that runs off of South Hillsboro Road will get

       you to it.  It is several miles down Hillsboro Road, closer to the Louisiana

       state line.  Traveling east on Hwy. 82 (aka Strong Hwy.) turn onto

       Hillsboro Road & continue south for about 5 or 6 miles.

       (aka the Green Newton Cemetery)   


    (3.) The Newton-Dunaway Cemetery located on private land, in the woods,

off of Champagnolle Road.  (aka the Dunaway-Newton Cemetery)

Drive east from El Dorado on Champagnolle Road past Quinn Road.

Drive past two clear cuts (for pipelines and highlines) and turn left on dirt road 750.

Go to the end & park in the grassy circle in the middle of the shack houses.

Cut through the brush walking due westward into the highline clearcut.

Turn slightly left to go just southward of the nearest pylon.

Continue westward along a faint dirt road (past the no trespassing sign).

Follow this road westward and slightly northward until you reach the small

cemetery enclosed by a cable on the right in the trees.