Three Creeks Baptist Church Cemetery

Union County, Arkansas
established 1980
Located behind the church on the west side of Arkansas State Hwy. 15, south of Three Creeks.
*This cemetery canvassed in April 2012. Posted update July 2012.
© Janice Holzer, 2012, jholzer321@cablelynx. com

church church

CLARENCE C. ATTAWAY 5-2-1912 to 10-8-1991
*H/of Zenia Mason Attaway "Gone But Not Forgotten"
& ZENIA MASON ATTAWAY 5-20-1919 to 6-11-2002

CHRYSTAL MARIE "Chrissy" BOVEE 8-18-1976 to 10-30-1992
"We hold in our hearts What God now holds in His Loving arms" *Photo embedded.

JOHN F. BROWN 9-11-1929 (One date) "Dad"
*Md:12/31/1949 "At Peace With God"
& MARY ANN McKINNON BROWN 9-14-1932 (One date) "Mom"
*Our Children: John Edward; Wm. Lee; Sally Jo; Donald Roy

JAMES SEDFORD BUSSELL 3-17-1918 (One date) (Mason)
*Md:9/13/1941 "In Loving Memory" "Gam" *Our Children: LaJuan Faye; James Arthur
& AUDREY WOOD BUSSELL (92) 3-8-1917 to 1-23-2010 *OB
*D/of John Houston Wood & Bessie Lucretia Rogers;
*Wf/of James Bedford Bussell Late sisters-Ester Medley, Eva Thompson, 1/2 sister Viola Lowery;
2 brothers, B. B. Wood & Aubin Wood. (2012-also has Young's FH MM)

DONNY R. COLE 7-19-1951 (One date)
& DIANNE S. COLE 4-4-1954 "NAN" (One date)

ROBERT LEE COOK 5-2-1947 to 11-20-1980
"It's not sorrow that lasts forever, it is Love"

ROBERT TILMON COOK 2-22-1923 to 1-2-1996 "Father"
*Md: 4/11/1946 *US Army WWII "In Loving Memory"
& KATHLEEN OSWALT COOK 12-8-1927 (One date) "Mother"

GEORGE RUEBEN COTTRELL "Booger Red" (86) 7-17-1923
to 5-8-2010 *S/of Hiram Benjamin "Boss" Cottrell & Junie Cole Cottrell.
*Late 1st wife Frankie Bailey * 2nd wife, Peggy Roberson Cottrell;
3 late bros. / Charlie, T Bo, Joel, Ralph,
Sisters: Virginia Mottling; Fannie Roberts; Susie Griffith; Elizabedth Bailey Smith. *OB
GEORGE RUEBEN COTTRELL 7-17-1923 to 5-8-2010 *OB
*H/of Peggy Roberson; *S/of Hiram Benjamin "Boss" Cotrell & Jiunie Cole Cottrell.
(Old Three Creeks Cemetery Young's FH)

LOREN TIM CURRY 2-11-1929 to 4-6-2008
*US Air Force WW II "I'm Going Home"
& HILDA WARE CURRY 10-15-1940 (One date)

DAVID WALKER ELLEN 10-4-1951 to 7-5-2005

JAMES WALKER ELLEN 5-10-1897 to 8-20-1980
*Md:11/1/1917 *Our Children: James A. - Joe R. -Ray I. Ellen *PVT US Army WW I
& ANNA MAE JENNINGS ELLEN 10-28-1898 to 3-23-2000

TERRELL V. ELLEN 1-23-1958 TO 9-27-2010
*S/of Joe & Wanda Ellen. *H/of Marlys Hayden Ellen *OB

WILEY RAY ELLEN 12-27-1911 to 10-3-1998 "Father"
*Md: 6/6/1931 "To Live In The Hearts of Those We Love Is Never To Die"
& HAZEL ASGOL ELLEN 10-3-1915 to 10-15-2001 "Mother"

Rev. GEORGE L. FLETCHER 9-10-1914 to 2-4-1994 (Mason)
& HAZEL M. FLETCHER 2-23-1919 to 2-5-2001
"Going Home"

ROBY C. GREEN 1-14-1967 to 7-15-1995

GARY C. GREER (66) 8-7-1945 to 10-26-2011
*S/of Dan (Bill) C. & Thelma Jenkins Greer *OB
*Bailey MM

WINFRED T. GRIFFITH 4-18-1921 to 1-3-1997 "Dad"
*Md:2/6/1948 "To Live in the Hearts of Those We Love Is Never To Die"
& LOUISE ROGERS GRIFFITH 12-21-1927 "Mom" (One date)

PRESTON HAMMETT 7-21-1935 (One date)
*Md:8/8/1953 "In Thee, O Lo9rd, Have I Put My Trust"
"Faithrul To Her Trust, Even Unto Death"
& CLAIR JO HAMMETT 3-10-1934 to 11-26-2001
*Our Children: Gary, Randy and Joe Paul Hammett

MATTHEW BRENNEN HOGG "Imfant" 10-4-2000
"Received Into God's Loving Arms At Birth"

FRANKLIN R. HOLDER 11-10-1932 (One date)
*Md:4/3/1958 "Together Forever"
10-27-2010 *D/of John Whitt Moore & Lottie Viola Hambrick *OB

J. W. "DEE" HOLDER 10-22-1921 to 2-23-2008 (Poppa)
& F. CHARLENE HOLDER 12-6-1929 (One date)

BOBBY JOE HOULDRIDGE (79) 1-1-1932 to 5-31-2011 *OB
*Md:1/1/1957 *S/of Horace W. Houldridge & Joel "Jackie" Brasher.
"Make A Difference"

ZULA KENNEDY HOUSE 2-25-1920 to 5-12-2002
"Mother of Marjorie, Myrtis and Gene"

WANDA CHERYL NEW HUST (50) 2-8-1961 to 5-29-2011
*Wf/of Jeff Hust; *D/of John Sheppard & Helen Ruth New *OB (R. N. )
"Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother" Proverbs 31:10-30

FRED JONES 12-4-1901 to 9-7-1983
*Md:4/14/1930 "Weep Not For Me For I Am With God"
& DAHLIA LANEY JONES 12-17-1913 to 3-19-1996
*Children: Jimmy & Freda

IKE NEWTON LEE 6-3-1928 to 1-29-2008 *OB
*Md:8/14/1950 *Lee Children: Danny, Terry, Debra Lee
& MARGIE THOMAS LEE 8-6-1934 (One date)

HERSEHL REED LEWIS 10-10-1933 to 3-26-1995
*Md:6/6/1953 *1st SGT US Army "Home With Jesus"
& GENEVIEVE M. LEWIS 11-13-1931 to 7-15-1997
*Children: Robert; Kenneth; Melissa; Regina

ODIS LEWIS 5-16-1912 to 11-17-1982
& SIBYL COLE LEWIS 6-14-1919 to 8-23-1992
"Asleep In Jesus"

Q. Y. MAPLES 12-4-1918 to 5-26-2003 *SF1 US Navy WWII
*Md:5/14/1939 "Asleep In Jesus" "Until We Meet Again"
& EDITH F. MAIN MAPLES 8-1-1922 (One date)
*Q. Y. Maples military marker illegible (Apr 2012)

BILLY JOE MILLER, SR. 5-13-1934 (One date)
{Billy, Diana, Teresa} "To Live in The Hearts Of Those We Love Is
Never To Die" "Our Special DADDY We Will Always Love You!
And You Will Always Be With Us"

BILLY JOE MILLER, Jr. (56) 1-19-1955 to 3-16-2011 *OB
*S/of Billy J. Miller, Sr. & Emma Faye Baylor & adopted Mother, Lillis Ann Young.
*Md::8/1/2009 "Precious Memories" "Love Never Fails"
& SHARON A. MARINE 8-15-1959 (One date)
"Miller Children: Brandy, Ashley, Candy, Kelly, Kimberly, Cherie, Joey"
"The Glory Of Children Is Their Father" Proverb 17:6

JAMES W. MILLER, SR. 7-31-1935 (One date)
& NAOMI McGAUGH MILLER 5-20-1937 (One date)

Triple Headstone:
ROY "Papa" MILLER 8-13-1912 to 10-25-1994 "Father"
& ROSA ANNA"POLLY" MILLER (90) 3-12-1917 to 8-10-2007 "Mother"
**Born Simsboro, LA *Md 62 yrs to Roy Miller, Sr. *OB
*D/of Golden M. Tibbit, Sr & Mary Lou Holmes.
& ROY J. MILLER 12-24-1942 (One date) "In Loving Memory"
*S/of Roy "Papa" Miller & Rosa Anna "Polly" Miller
*Miller Children: Billy Joe, Jas Wade, Mary Francis, Michall Anthony, Helen Ruth, Roy, Jr.

AARON J. MOORE 10-31-1906 to 1-13-1986
*Md:1/7/1928 "Precious Memories" *Children: Genevieve; Irma; Julia
& LAVELL GRIFFITH MOORE 8-31-1910 to 6-4-2000

J. D. "Booster" MOORE 3-29-1910 to 1-10-1987 "Father"
*Md:3/29/1940 *Photo embedded
& INEZ D. MOORE 7-1-1911 to 9-17-2003 "Mother"
*Parents of Don; John; James Moore

JERYL EVERETTE NEW (75) 2-21-1936 to 12-13-2011
*S/of John "Pete" & Lorene Kennedy New. H/of Peggy Langley New.
*Md:2/14/1958 "Our Father Which Art In Heaven"
& PEGGY J. LANGLEY NEW 1-10-1940 (One date)
*Our Children: Jeryl "Jerry" ' Pamela, Timothy New

JOHN E. "Pete" NEW 1-6-1911 to 6-6-1980
*Md:11/17/1932 "Beyond The Sunset Is Eternal Joy"
& LORENE K. KENNEDY NEW 4-10-1916 to 10-25-1997
*Our Children: Jeryl, Danny, El Wynn, Car New

JOHN SHEPPARD "Johnny" NEW 5-18-1938 (One day)
*Md:8/28/1959 "Together Forever"
& HELEN RUTH MILLER NEW 2-22-1941 (One date)

JOHN WILLIAM OSMENT 9-3-1912 to 1-19-1994
*Md:4/18/1937 "Tender Father and A Faithful Friend"
& ANNIE LOU ANGLIN OSMENT 9-25-1910 to 12-26-1992
"Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"

ESTELLE ELIZABETH PEPPER (86) 1-3-1923 to 3-17-2009
*D/of Eugene Arnold Lawrence & Mary "Mae" Elizabeth Miller. Late husb. Elton "Cotton" Pepper.
Late bros. Eugene Harold Lawrence -Travis Wesley Lawrence. *OB

DAVID F. PIERCE 3-20-1958 to 10-17-2008
*Md:1/6/1993 "To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"
& PAULA GOWER PIERCE 4-29-1962 (One date)

WILLIAM F. PRATT 9-15-1919 to 1-26-1987
"Love Lives On"
& DIXIE LUCILLE STALLINGS PRATT (84) 2-20-1925 to 2-18-2010
*D/of Earnest Lee "High Pockets" Stallings & Nell Dean Stallings
*Wf/of late Wm. Floyd Pratt (d:1987) Md:1952 *OB

VANCE G. PROTHRO (57) 10-3-1952 to 8-31-2010
*Wife, Virginia; *S/of Jerry C. Prothro & Emily Rogers Prothro;
Grandson of Fred & Eva Prothro / Frank & Flora Rogers. *OB

DONALD E. RAMEY (59) 3-7-1952 to 11-2-2011 *OB
*S/of Robert E. & Irene Harmon Ramey. *H/of Patricia Ramey
*Md:3/1/1975 "Together Forever" "Our Son Benjamin"
& PATRICIA L. RAMEY 4-1-1953 (One date)

FLORA M. ROGERS (92) 8-5-1912 to 6-26-2005 *OB
*D/of Jess Mason & Zania Clifton Mason; *Wf/of the late Frank T. Rogers.

JAMES HILTON ROGERS 11-8-1934 (One date)
*Children: Rose; Marlin; Marsha; Dawne
& MARY LUCY BROWN ROGERS 2-15-1938 to 12-5-2009

JESSIE JOE ROGERS 9-1-1936 to 6-30-1987
"In Loving Memory"

RUFUS HARDY SHULER 9-29-1936 to 3-18-1994
"Three Creeks Baptist Church"

HERSHEL AURIN SMITH (85) 11-21-1920 to 2-21-2006 *OB

WILLIAM HENRY SMITH 4-15-1915 to 4-18-1998
*Md:8/5/1939 *Lt Col US Army World War II "Soldier" ?
& JEWELL ELLEN SMITH 9-24-1915 to 12-27-1998
"Christian Author" ?

"In Loving Memory Of"

C. T. TAYLOR, JR. 10-28-1905 to 9-6-1982
*Md:6/21/1929 "Asleep In Jesus"
& BONNIE E. ATTAWAY TAYLOR 2-13-1907 to 5-9-2000

JAMES DOLAS WARE 9-2-1935 to 1-21-2009
*12/21/1956 "Forever With The Lord"
& LAVERNE TAYLOR WARE 10-2-1938 (One date)

JOHN WILLIAM WELCH 6-11-1932 to 4-17-1999

JOHN H. "RED" WILLIAMS 12-29-1921 to 8-2-1993
& MAE DELL WILLIAMS 9-29-1919 (One date)
[Daughter Nancy] "Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"

CARROLL R. WRIGHT 5-18-1932 (One date)
*Md:11//17/1956 *Children: Glenda; Carroll Jr. ; Brenda
& IRMA G. MOORE WRIGHT 4-30-1934 to 4-6-1989

cemetery entrance cemetery view