(Old Amason Cemetery or DAVIS Cemetery)


This cemetery is located on private property, in heavy woods, south west of Calion. Carl Raymond Amason graciously took myself & some others to this cemetery in October 2002. There are only three tombstones, but Carl Raymond showed us the sunken graves of James & Mary Jane Perry Davis and the parents of James Davis….John Davis & Elizabeth Murphy Davis. (The Davis graves are sunken in with trees growing out of them, but there is a layer of large stones, probably old ballast.) According to Carl there are only Davis & Daniel graves in this cemetery. John & Elizabeth Davis were my great great great grandparents & James & Mary Jane Perry Davis are my great great grandparents. I revisted the cemetery in the fall of 2003.

This cemetery was canvassed back in 1968 by Lillian Craig McGowen and only the present day markers were visible. April 2004: 

Submitted by Janice Holzer.  jcsh432@gmail.com   

(Fall-2005  Marker was placed for James Davis & Mary Jane Perry Davis.)


JOHN  D.  DANIEL , SR.  May 21, 1817  to  1880/1886

*John died between June 1880 &  July 1886.  He is with Martha on the 1880 Arkansas, Union County Federal Census.  Martha remarried in July 1886.  His headstone is a tall standard looking tombstone, but it is broken & held together with metal strips and lying flat on the ground.  The break runs through the death date.


THOMAS  W.  DANIEL   February 1, 1845  to  1875.  Thomas was

the oldest son of John & Martha Daniel.  His tombstone is broken in several pieces and lying on the ground.


MARTHA  JANE  BARNES  DANIEL DAVIS   died  April 26, 1898,  age 70 yrs.

Martha was married first to John  D. Daniel.  After his death, she married a widower, Peter Davis in July 1886.   Her tombstone is intact and standing erect. 


*PETER  DAVIS, was the son of  John Davis & Elizabeth Murphy Davis.

He is buried with his first wife at Bethel Primitive Baptist Cemetery, about

a mile southwest of this cemetery (as the crow flies)

*Several of the other Davis children/descendants (including Peter Davis & his first wife) are all buried a little over a mile away in Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery.



JOHN DANIEL tombstone lying on ground to left….MARTHA JANE BARNES DANIEL DAVIS, erect tombstone.



Below, old repaired stone held together with a metal strap.

JOHN DANIEL  born 5/21st or 31st/1817  Died before 1886(Difficult to

read on tombstone but July 20th appears to be death date?

John Danie F/of  Martha Ann Daniel  b: 6/29/1859


THOMAS  W.  DANIEL son of John & Martha Jane Daniel




Below overview of cemetery



Unknown grave covered with ballast.


View of another unknown grave covered with ballast.


This stone was set in the cemetery in 2005 to mark the

passing of James Davis & Mary Jane Perry Davis.


Unknown Grave site

All of the above photos taken between 2003-05