Est.  ca  1871


Located north west of El Dorado in heavy woods in the vicinity of the "Lisbon" road.

Cemetery located in Section 21 ~ Township  17 ~ South Range 16  West  ~

Union County, Arkansas.

Cemetery was in heavy brush, near some oil wells, in 1991 and difficult to see.

Copied from a canvass by Mrs. M. A. Gilbert done in October 1991.

Published in 1991 in "Cemeteries  Union County, Arkansas"  Book 2

Canvasses by Members of Union County Genealogical Society 1991.

*Some details from my personal files and Find-A-Grave.

Posted on GenWeb  January 2016  by Janice Holzer. 


BERTHA  GOODWIN  1870  -  1872

*D/of  Gideon P. Goodwin (1836-1895) & Elizabeth Johnston Goodwin(1848-1896)



ELISHA  H.  GOODWIN  4/17/1832GA  to  9/7/1901AR

*E.H. (25), Claiborne Parish, LA to  Martha M. Johnson(21), Union Co.,AR

5/17/1857 by Samuel Harper, MG Missionary Baptist Church

Union Co., AR  Book B~Page 178 B

"Father is gone but not forgotten"

&  MARTHA  M.  GOODWIN 6/15/1835  to 1/24/1920


"Mother has gone and joined him in heaven"



GIDEON  P.  GOODWIN  4/24/1836GA  to  7/25/1895AR

*H/of Elizabeth Johnston /or Johnson

*Wife,  ELIZABETH  JOHNSTON GOODWIN  Aug 1848AL  to  6/25/1896AR

*Wife of  Gideon P. Goodwin



INFANT GOODWIN  died 2/15/1891

*Child of Johnnie W.  Goodwin(1861-1897)

"Asleep in Jesus"




*Child of Gideon P. & Elizabeth Johnston Goodwin



JAMES  M.  GOODWIN  3/15/1830GA  to 10/2/1883AR

"He Is Not Dead But Sleepeth"

JAMES  T.  GOODWIN  2/23/1868  to  5/13/1871

*S/of  Elisha H. Goodwin(1832-1901) & Martha Matilda Johnston Goodwin (1835-1920)

"Asleep in Jesus"



JOHNNIE  W.  GOODWIN  10/13/1861  to  9/9/1897

*S/of  Elisha H. Goodwin(1832-1901) & Martha Matilda Johnston Goodwin (1835-1920)

"At Rest"



LILLIE  L.  GOODWIN  2/17/1870  to  8/9/1891

*D/of Elisha H. Goodwin(1832-1901) & Martha Martilda Mariah Johnston Goodwin

"Gone But Not Forgotten"



MARTHA TURNER   "Faithful To Her Trust"

*No dates or age given