This old cemetery is located 2 miles South of

Strong, in Union County, Arkansas. It is in

heavy woods off the west side of Hwy. 275.

No access road into cemetery.

*Copied this survey from a 1990 canvass

done by Marvene Saunders. Published 1991 in

the "Cemeteries Union County, Arkansas  Book I"

Union County Genealogical Society.

May 2016  Janice Holzer


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ANDREW  JACKSON  BERRY   6-22-1822  to  2-13-1892

*S/of Samuel Berry, Sr.(1785 SC-1850 SC) & Mary Smith Berry   *Mason

*H/of  Sarah Smith Berry (1829-1892  *Md: 1856  Randolph Co., GA


10-4-1892 AR     “She died as she lived – trusting in God”


HENRY THOMAS  BERRY   3-15-1868  to  7-22-1908

*S/of  Andrew Jackson Berry(1822-1892)& Sarah A. Mariah Smith Berry(1829-1892)

*H/of Mattie Connor Berry *Md: 1893 Union Co., AR

MATTIE  CONNOR  BERRY  11-7-1869  to  8-22-1905

*D/of William Samuel Connor(1831-1907) & Sarah Jane Bolding Connor(1836-1924)

*Wf/of Henry J. Berry


JOHN  PAYTON  BERRY   4-5-1857  to  1896

*S/of  Andrew Jackson Berry & Sarah Ann Mariah Smith Berry

*H/of  Gertrude Helen Pratt Berry (1855-1920)

*Gertrude is buried in Caledonia Baptist Cemetery, Union Co.


M. C.  BERRY   8-16-1905  to  1-7-1910

*Child of  Henry Thomas Berry & Mattie Connor Berry




IDA  HUGHES  COLEMAN  5-1-1858 MS  to  4-11-1882 AR

*1st  wife of Thomas Carter Coleman *Md: 1879 Union Co., AR

*D/of  John Hughes(b:ca 1799 SC) & Sarah Evans Hughes(b:ca 1832 SC)

*John Hughes and Sarah married in Mississippi.


JAMES  F.  COLEMAN  3-2-1895  to  4-8-1896

*13 months old


LUTHER  COLEMAN  11-8-1890  to  10-14-1901

*S/of Thomas Carter Coleman(1852-1918) & Martha Emma Berry Coleman(1865-1904)


MARTHA EMMA BERRY COLEMAN  9-12-1865  to  8-4-1903

*D/of  Andrew Jackson Berry(1822-1892)  & Sarah Ann Mariah Smith Berry(1829-1892)

*2nd  wife of Thomas Carter Coleman


THOMAS  CARTER  COLEMAN  3-25-1852  to  2-28-1918

*S/of  Richard Coleman(b:ca 1806 SC-1881) & Elizabeth Mitchell Ray(1815-1900)

*Spouses: *1st   IDA  HUGHES  (1858-1882) *Md: 1879 Union County, AR

*2nd  MARTHA EMMA  BERRY  (1865-1903) *Md:1883 Union County, AR

“He is not dead but sleeping”



EARNEST  HOLLIS   5-1-1897  to  9-27-1897

*5 month old baby boy



ANGELINE  HUGHES   12-25-1828TN  to  10-10-1910AR

*D/of  John J. Hughes(b:ca 1799 SC)  &   M.A.  Hughes



ARRIE  MOTON   12-20-1902  to  6-12-1904



HATTIE  LEE  COLEMAN NIX  10-31-1888 to  4-18-1911

*D/of Thomas Carter Coleman(1852-1918) & Martha Emma Berry Coleman(1865-1904)

*Age 23 yrs  Wife of Byrd A. Nix (2-22-1886 – 3-9-1962)

*Byrd buried Buckner Memorial Cemetery, Lafayette Co., AR



MARGARET BERRY ROBERTSON  7-9-1858 to 2-15-1902

*D/of  Andrew Jackson Berry(1822-1892)  & Sarah Ann Mariah Smith Berry(1829-1892)

In 1893. *Md: James William Robertson(1858-1944)

*James W. Robertson buried Saint Matthew Cemetery, Monroe, LA


MARY  ELIZABETH  ROBERTSON  Jan 8  ?  to  8-9-1895

*D/of  James Wm Robertson (1858-1944) &  Margaret Berry Robertson(1858-1902)



ADDIE  TRAYLOR  TOWNS  10-19-1861  to  11-14-1892

*31 year old wife of Joseph Hiram Towns    *Md: 6/23/1889

*Joseph Hiram Towns (1864-1915)

*Buried Rockport Cemetery, Malvern, AR

*Woodsmen of the World


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