Est. ca 1873


This cemetery is located in the woods, not too far from

the Old Champagnolle Cemetery, southeast of Calion, Arkansas.

From a canvass done by Rachel & Henry McKinney,February 14, 1960.

(I was told in October 2002, that this cemetery had been badly vandalized

& most of the headstones were broken or overturned.Posted April 20, 2004:

*See additional note at end.

Janice Holzer††††Last updateJune 2016


(E.R.) ELLIOTTR.HOFFMAN†† 4-1-1820 SCto10-16-1873 AR

*Wife, Mary Ann Hoffman Staples (1829 AL-1914 AR) *Buried up the road in the

Champagnolle Cemetery (aka Champagnolle-Castleberry Cemetery) near Calion, AR

*Elliott R. Hoffman was Mary Annís *1st husband ; *2nd husband was John Daniel

Staples(1841-1919)(Hoffman in fenced enclosure)




*S/ofJarvis Langford(1778-1859)&Mary Christie Langford(1797-1876)



*S/ofJames Riley Langford(1821-1885)&Malinda Harriet Ward Langford

(1830-1883)(in fenced enclosure)


InfantLANGFORD(no dates)†† *S/ofJ. R.&H. Langford

( in fenced enclosure)


JAMESRILEYLANGFORD†† 1-19-1821to3-1-1885

*S/ofJarvis Langford(1778-1859)&Mary Christie Langford(1797-1876)

(in fenced enclosure)


12-26-1883†† *Age 51 yrs*Wf/ofJames R. Langford(in fenced enclosure)

*Tombstone readsHarriet Langford


JOHNP.LANGFORD†† *No dates Ė unknown

*InfantS/ofJames Riley Langford(1821-1885)&Malinda Harriet Ward

Langford (1830-1883)



JULIAA.LANGFORD†† 1861to 12-25-1883

*D/ofJames Riley Langford(1821-1885)&Malinda Harriet Ward Langford

(1830-1883)††† *Age 22 yrs (in fenced enclosure)


LIZZIELANGFORD†† (no dates)††

*InfantD/of Malinda Harriet Ward(1830-1883) & James Riley Langford(1821-1885)

(in fenced enclosure)


SonLANGFORD( no dates)††

*Son of JARVIS&MARYLANGFORD†† ( in fenced enclosure)



* I visited this cemetery one time around 2002; All the tombstones,

except one were laying on the ground. It was in the fall, so most were
covered up by leaves.About a year later, I did hear from a descendant

of the Langford family, David Meinert,5302 Creekbend, Houston, TX.

77096.††† James Riley Langford was his Gr Gr Gr grandfather.

Mr. Meinert had gone to the cemetery and did extensive clean up. In

2005, I heard from someone who was related to E.R. Hoffman, who

is buried there. This person emailed me, but gave no name, just an

email address, which is probably outdated by now.