wee rose56  This little rose  indicates it was copied

           from a Find-A-Grave listing. There are two “New Hope”

            Cemeteries; one is African-American while the other is white.

I am unsure which cemetery these are in, since they were not on my

old original listings for the white cemetery. On line it does not

indicate any differences.  To avoid confusion I am adding this

as a addendum to my “NEW HOPE CEMETERY” posting.

All of these came from the postings of Mr. Howard Osborn

on Find-A-Grave,  New Hope Cemetery, Union Co., AR

*My New Canvass > Oct 2011  * Last updated September 2016   

Janice Holzer




SAM  ADAMS  11-5-1904   to   2-19-1957  wee rose56

*H/of  Mary O’Guinn Adams

MARY O’GUINN  ADAMS  11-5-1904  to  5-24-1990

*D/of  Edward O’Guinn(1877-1953) & Isalee Stith O’Guinn (1884-1914)



ALBERT  G.  BISHOP  1848  to  9-15-1878    wee rose56        

*CO  I  5  LA  CAV – CSA

*Buried in New Hope Cemetery, but location of actual grave is unknown

*He does have a nice new military marker.

*Spouses:  *1st  Mary Malinda Owens (1850-1928)   *2nd  Martha Etta Manning (1886-1958)

*1st wife, Mary Malinda Owens is buried at Columbus Cemetery, Hempstead Co., AR

MARTHA  ETTA  MANNING  BISHOP  5-21-1886 LA  to 12-26-1958 LA

*D/of  Jesse A. Manning(1855-1912) & Julia Sophronia Hughes Manning(1857-1946)

*Wife of Albert G. Bishop(1848-1878) 


WORDIE  O’GUINN  BOONE  9-7-1948  to  1-25-1983   wee rose56

*D/of  Earnest O’Guinn(1917-1990) & Clyde Elliott O’Guinn(1923-2011)

MAXINE  BRICE(62)  1950  to  7-19-2012  *OB           wee rose56

Funeral for Maxine Brice, 62, of Mount Holly, will be at    

11 a.m. today (7/21/12) at Shady Grove Baptist Church in

Mount Holly with Rev. T.B. Franklin giving the Eulogy.

Interment will be in New Hope Cemetery in Mount Holly

under the direction of Marks Funeral Home of Magnolia.

                  STURGIS  COWSER   1-16-1887  *Death date unk   wee rose56

*H/of  Hannah Lewis Cowser(1892-1992)

HANNAH  LEWIS  COWSER  11-1-1892  to  Feb 1992   

*D/of  Amaziah Lewis (1859- ___)  &  Rachel Fairchild Lewis(1865-1947)

*Wf/of  Sturgis Cowser (b:1887)

GEORGIA  ADAMS  LEWIS  6-18-1928  to  7-1-1993 wee rose56  

*D/of  Sam Adams(1904-1957) & Mary O’Guinn Adams(1904-1990)

HENRY  LEWIS  6-1-1884  to  8-5-1965

*S/of  Amaziah Lewis (1859- ?)  &  Rachel Fairchild Lewis(1865-1947)


PETE  LEWIS  3-20-1885  to  12-21-1874  wee rose56

*S/of  Amaziah Lewis (1859- ___)  &  Rachel Fairchild Lewis(1865-1947)


EARVIN  MULLINS  5-24-1941  to  7-12-2013wee rose56

*S/of  Sterling Mullins & Lettie Moore Mullins

*Md: ANNER  R.  RICHARD  1/27/1962

ROBERT  GUSTER  MULLINS  8-5-1913  to  3-2-1984wee rose56

*Wife, RHODIA  GUSTER  MULLINS  7-17-1904  to  12-13-1987



Infant  O'BARR  born 1-13-1957  (not found in 2001)




*Note: Some O’GUINN’s spelled their surname with only one “ N

as  “O’GUIN”AUGUSTUS “GUS”  O’GUIN  Nov 1868  Death date unknownwee rose56

*S/of  Thomas O’Guinn(1847-?) & Mariah Barnes-Johnson O’Guinn(1847-1924)

MARY  MULLINS  O’GUINN  10-15-1872   to  12-28-1959

*D/of  Merinda Williams Mullins (1857-1923) & Joseph Mullins(1854-?)

*Wf/of  Augustus “Gus” O’Guin

EARNEST  O’GUINN  12-4-1917  to  4-15-1990       wee rose56

*S/of  Annie Lewis O’Guinn(1886-1972) &  Timothy O’Guinn(1875-1940)

*H/of  Clyde Elliott O’Guinn(1923-2011)

CLYDE  ELLIOTT  O’GUINN  9-5-1923  to  11-2-2011LA

*Wf/of  Earnest O’Guinn

EDWARD  O’GUINN  11-10-1877  to  1-18-1953 wee rose56         

*S/of  Thomas O’Guinn(1847-?) & Mariah Barnes-Johnson O’Guinn(1847-1924)

*Edward md: 4 times:

*1st  IDA LEE DUNN (1881-1901) md: 11/2/1899

*2nd  ISALEE LIZZIE  STITH (1884-1914)  md: 2/3/1902

*3rd  HATTIE  F.  MULLINS  md: 1/29/1907

*4th  LEONA  MILTON (1900-1941)  md: 2/19/1928           

IDA  LEE  DUNN  O’GUINN  Aug 1881  to  1901wee rose56  

*1st Wf/of  Edward O’Guinn  (md:11/2/1899)

ISALEE  “LIZZIE” STITH  O’GUINN  Aug 1884  to  1914wee rose56

*2nd Wf/of  Edward O’Guinn  (md:11/2/1899)

JORDAN  O’GUINN  July 1854  to  1915  wee rose56

*H/of  Ella Jane Lindsey

*Wife, ELLA  JANE  LINDSEY  O’GUINN  Feb 1876  to  1950

*Wf/of  Jordan O’Guinn

LEONA  MILTON  O’GUINN  4-1-1900  to  2-10-1941 wee rose56

*4th Wf/of  Edward O’Guinn    (md: 2/19/1928)

THOMAS  O’GUINN  born  ca 1847  Death date unknown  wee rose56

*H/of  Miriah Barnes-Johnson (1847-1924)


*D/of  Alex Barnes & Hannah Barnes. After the slaves were freed, Hannah married

Samuel Johnson. Mariah used the Johnson sur-name.  Mariah was the mother of 12 children.

TIMOTHY   O’GUINN  4-25-1875  to  1-17-1940    wee rose56

*S/of  Thomas O’Guinn(1847- ?) & Mariah Barnes-Johnson O’Guinn(1847-1924)

*H/of  Annie Lewis

ANNIE  LEWIS  O’GUINN   3-11-1886  to  2-15-1972

*S/of  Amaziah Lewis (1859- ?)  &  Rachel Fairchild Lewis(1865-1947)   

*Wf/of  Timothy  O’Guinn

     MICHAEL  GLEN  “G” PARKER (59) 2-11-1954  to  11-4-2013wee rose56

*S/of  Earlene Adams Parker Creer & Charlie T. Parker. “G” born Flint, MI

*1972 graduate of McRae School, Mt. Holly, AR.  U.S. Postal Worker & Los Angeles

Transit System’s worker.  Preceded in death by his stepfather, Jessie Creer; late

brother: Donell Dwayne Creer; his oldest son, Brian O. Davis; one

step-brother, Ricky Porchia.

AARON  PHILLIPS  5-30-1892  to  1-27-1976    wee rose56

*S/of  Frank Phillips(1864-1939) & Ella Gale Phillips

DORSEY  PHILLIPS  10-11-1893  to  6-21-1927

*S/of  James M. Phillips(1865-1941) &  Ida O’Guinn Phillips(1871-1906)

FRANK  PHILLIPS  1864  to  1939       wee rose56 

*S/of  Elizabeth  McCarding Phillips(1840- ? ) &  Moses Phillips(1840- ? )



JAMES  M.  PHILLIPS  10-8-1865  to  9-6-1941  wee rose56

*S/of  Elizabeth  McCarding Phillips(1840- ? ) &  Moses Phillips(1840- ? )

*Husband of Ida O’Guinn

IDA  O’GUINN  PHILLIPS   2-2-1871  to  4-19-1906

*D/of  Thomas O’Guinn(1847- ?) &  Mariah Barnes-Johnson O’Guinn (1847-1924)

*Husband, James M. Phillips (1865-1941)

                  JAMES  PHILLIPS  7-7-1892  to  3-25-1968  wee rose56

*S/of  James M. Phillips(1865-1941) &  Ida O’Guinn Phillips(1871-1906)

                   LILLIE  PHILLIPS   5-10-1904  to  4-4-1907  wee rose56   

*S/of  James M. Phillips(1865-1941) &  Ida O’Guinn Phillips(1871-1906)            

                LINSEY  PHILLIPS   3-6-1900  to  4-13-1967    wee rose56

*S/of  Frank Phillips(1864-1939) & Ella Gale Phillips

                  MILTON  PHILLIPS  3-2-1930  to   3-15-1992    wee rose56

*S/of  Thomas Phillips (1901-1991)

                  MOSES  PHILLIPS  b: 1840 GA  death date unk   wee rose56

*H/of  Elizabeth  McCarding Phillips(1840- ? )

                 ELIZABETH  McCARDING  PHILLIPS  1840  to  death date unk

*Wf/of  Moses Phillips                                                                                               

                          THOMAS  PHILLIPS 6-13-1901  to  6-28-1991 wee rose56

              *S/of  James M. Phillips(1865-1941) &  Ida O’Guinn Phillips(1871-1906)

                               WILLIAM  PHILLIPS  1-6-1922  to  12-9-1988 wee rose56

               *S/of  Linsey Phillips (1900-1967)   *H/of  Shirley O’Guinn

                           SHIRLEY  O’GUINN  PHILLIPS  5-13-1929  to  10-22-2005

                                  *D/of  Edward O’Guinn(1877-1953)  &  Leona Milton O’Guinn(1900-1941)

                               *Wf/of  William Phillips

                   WILLIAM  PHILLIPS, JR.    8-1-1948  to  10-19-2014wee rose56  


THEODORE  ROSE  11-2-1905  to  6-27-1983 wee rose56

*H/of  Lealer O’Guin

Wife, LEALER  O’GUIN  ROSE  10-3-1909  to  4-20-1981

*Wf/of  Theodore Rose


                  KEATON  Ra’QUELL  SANDERS  1-14-2016  to  1-15-2016 wee rose56

                   *S/of  Chris Shala Harper & Aqualious Sanders



                          STEVEN  SMITH    1875  to  1962  wee rose56

*Husband of Jennie O’Guinn

           *Wife,  JENNIE  O’GUINN  SMITH  3-7-1885  to  8-31-1979

        *D/of  Thomas O’Guinn (1847- ?) & Mariah Barnes-Johnson O’Guinn(1847-1924)

                    ETHEL  CAREY  STURGIS  12-20-1918  to  12-14-1998  wee rose56


                             ELISHA  STURGIS  11-17-1878  to  11-21-1936  wee rose56

                    *H/of  Lettie Tee O’Guinn

                      LETTIE  TEE  O’GUINN STURGIS  4-8-1880  to  6-4-1968

                  *D/of  Thomas O’Guinn (1847-? ) & Mariah Barnes-Johnson O’Guinn(1847-1924)

                   *Wf/of  Elisha Sturgis                                                    

                      ROBERT  STURGIS  8-28-1904  to  5-25-1995    wee rose56

                   *S/of  Elisha Sturgis(1878-1936) & Lettie Tee O’Guinn Sturgis (1880-1968)

                        Wife,  ALLIE  MAE  THOMPSON  STURGIS   *No dates

                          THEODORE  STURGIS  5-8-1902  to  Apr 1962wee rose56




                   JESSE  O. TAYLOR (79) 1-6-1927  to  10-7-2006

                      *Husband of the late  Christine Holleman;  *S/of  Ruth Taylor    *OB


                                 ELLA  O’GUINN  TURNER  1870  to  3-24-1917   wee rose56                          

           *S/of  Thomas O’Guinn(1847-?) & Mariah Barnes-Johnson O’Guinn(1847-1924)