Est. ca 1859

This cemetery is located about 17 miles southwest of El Dorado, in the Three Creeks

and Salem Road area. 

This information originally extracted from earlier surveys done by

Ralph O. Weldon and Will Walls with  the latest done in March 2001.


The cemetery has been badly vandalized according to their canvass.  Submitted  April 12, 2004.

Update and pictures April 16, 2006; This cemetery is not in the best of  condition.

It is surrounded by a chain link fence, but many tombstones are broken, turned over &

or have become unreadable. 

It does not appear to have been mowed or debris from large oak tree picked up in a long time.

The Cenotaph erected for Jenkins H. Welch & Penelope Carroll Welch appears to be the only new

item in the cemetery since the 2001 canvass.  Since my last update to this cemetery,

I was informed of clean up work that was accomplished at the cemetery. (June 2009)

In October 2011, I found this cemetery much cleaner & several tombstones appeared to have been replaced. 

  *See attached addendum of a partial list of the New Hope African-American Cemetery.

*Copied from Find-A-Grave from the postings of Howard Osborn.


LETTIE COLE  BRITT ALLEN  June 1883  to  1937

*D/of  Charles W. Cole(1856-1936) & Mary Elizabeth Bailey Cole(1859-1899)

*Md: *1st ca 1903  Henry Grant Britt    *2nd Md: bef 1930  John D. Allen

"Unto you is paradise opened"



MARY LEWIS BALLARD   8-19-1886 to 7-13-1960

*Md:1st at age 15, 1902, Union Co., AR  James F. Lewis

*After James death, *Md:2nd in 1931, Union Co., AR    J. H. Ballard



CHARLES  F. “CHARLIE” BISHOP  May 1860  to  7-15-1906

*S/of  James F. Bishop(1828-1895) & Sarah “Sallie” Puckett Bishop(1837-1924)

"Peace At Last"



C.D. “COOTER” BURDINE(94)  11-24-1913 LA  to  3-21-2008 *OB

*S/of  Tom N. Burdine  &  Pearl Mayfield Burdine   *U.S. Navy –WW II

*Late wife, Vesta Mae Baker Burdine.



CURTIS  CAREY  11-28-1931  to  2-1-2011*OB

*S/of Lannie Carey(1895-1973) & Girtha Elliot Carey(1898-1986)


LANNIE  CAREY  9-21-1895  to  July 1973

*H/of  Girtha Elliot (1898-1986)


ROBERT  ELLIOT CAREY  6-1-1935  to  2-7-1993

*S/of Lannie Carey(1895-1973) & Girtha Elliott Carey(1898-1986)



DONALD  WARREN CASSIDY (72) 11-25-1934  to  5-11-2007

"MICK"   *S/of Minor & Kathleen (Hines) Casidy

*US  Navy  Vet     (Lewis Funeral Home-Magnolia)    *OB



ALCUS  D.  COLE    2-25-1899  to 12-3-1949

*S/of Charles W. Cole(1856-1936) & Mary Elizabeth Bailey Cole(1859-1899)

* H/of  Gladys Lewis      "In Loving Memory"

GLADYS LEWIS  COLE   6-11-1908  to  7-30-1968

*D/of  Mary Lizzie Milligan Lewis Ballard(1886-1960) & James F. Lewis(1873-1930)

*Wf/of  Alcus D. Cole       "In Loving Memory"


ALLIE  BURLEY  COLE    1900  to  1936

*D/of  F. John Burley(b:ca 1854) & E. Mary Burley(b: ca 1870)

"In Loving Memory"


ARCHIE  HALL COLE  5-23-1823  to 1-27-1880  born Pike Co., MS

* Not found in 2001 or 2006


CHARLES  W. COLE, JR.  Feb 1856  to  1936

*S/of  Charles W. Cole & Sarah Ann New Cole(1831-1904)

*H/of  Mary Elizaberth Bailey Cole(1859-1899)

"In Loving Memory"


1899 AR     *Wf/of  Charles W. Cole, Jr.  "In Loving Memory"


HARPER  COLE  1-11-1892   to   8-15-1893

*S/of  Josiah S. Cole(1861-1933)  &  Martha “Mattie” Ann Goode Cole(1867-1936)

"Darling we miss thee"


HUGH  COLE   7-18-1884  to  6-11-1954

*S/of  Charles W. Cole(1856-1936) & Mary’Mollie’  Elizabeth Bailey Cole(1859-1899)

ADDIE  GARNER  COLE   5-21-1901 to 10-5-1996

*D/of  George Wesley Garner(1873-1941) & Emma Jackson Garner(1874-1913)

*Wife of Hugh Cole   *Children:Leon,Charles, Herman, and Bobby Hulon.

"Loving Mother and A Faithful Friend"


JOEL  BRYAN  COLE   11-14-1896  to  1-17-1915

*S/of  Josiah S. Cole(1861-1933)  &  Martha Ann Goode Cole(1867-1936)

"He was the sunshine of our home"


JOHN  C. COLE    7-9-1848 to 5-11-1869

*S/of  Richard Archibald Cole (1823-1880) & Nancy May Wright Cole(1828-1905)

*Age 20 yrs-10 mos-2 dys Born in Union Co., Ark


JOSIAH  ‘JOE’  S.  COLE  4-30-1861 to 12-17-1933

*S/of  Charles W. Cole & Sarah Ann New Cole(1831-1904)

*Md:  Martha Ann Goode  8/30/1888  Union Co., AR

"Tho lost to sight to memory dear"

‘MAT’ MARTHA ANN  GOODE  COLE  7-5-1867 to 10-10-1936

*Wf/of  Joe  Cole      "Gone to meet thee in heaven"


LEON COLE   11-15-1921  to  8-29-1959 (military marker)

*Arkansas PFC  Co  F 323  Infantry   WW II ~  Bronze Star Medal

LEON COLE  11-21-1921  to  8-28-1959

*S/of  Addie Garner Cole(1901-1996)& Hugh Cole (1884-1954)

*Two headstones; family & military. Difference in dates given.  "Rest On Soldier"


LOGAN  COLE   1891  to  1923

*S/of Charles W. Cole(1856-1936) & Mary Elizabeth Bailey Cole(1859-1899)

"In Loving Memory"


MIZZELL  COLE  10-25-1889  to  11-21-1909

*S/of  Josiah S. Cole(1861-1933)  &  Martha”Mat” Ann Goode Cole(1867-1936)


OLIVIA  COLE   2-10-1887  to  10-7-1974

*D/of Charles W. Cole(1856-1936) & Mary Elizabeth Bailey Cole(1859-1899)

"In Loving Memory"


RICHARD  ARCHIBALD  COLE  5-23-1823 MS to 1-27-1880 AR

*S/of  Josiah  Cole  & Rebecca Cole   *Not found in 2011

NANCY  MAY WRIGHT COLE  5-14-1828  to  7-15-1905

*D/of  Richard Wright(1805-1883) & Mary Ann Henderson Wright(1806-1881)

*Wf/of  Richard Archibald Cole (1823-1880)     *Not found in 2001


RODY  COLE  1885  to  1889

*S/of Charles W. Cole(1856-1936) & Mary Elizabeth Bailey Cole(1859-1899)

"Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven"


SARAH  ANN  NEW  COLE   Feb 1831 TN  to 1904 AR

*D/of Council Bryant New & Elizabeth Piercie Sammons New

*Md:3/13/1851 Union Co., AR  CHARLES W. COLE

*Age 72 yrs  No dates on tombstone, just her age.   "Thy trials ended thy rest is won"



ARCHIBALD ‘ARCHIE’  E.  ELLEN  2-17-1877  to  1-8-1886

*Age  8 yrs-10 mos-21 dys   "Gone but not forgotten. Asleep in Jesus"

*S/of  Thaddeus  Rodolphus Ellen (1884-1907) &  Mary  Ellen Cole Ellen


ELKANEY ‘CANEY’ ELLEN  1822 NC  to  11-15-1865 Union Co., AR

*H/of Marietta Bishop Ellen (1830-1905)  "The Cross Is My Armor"

MARIETTA  BISHOP  ELLEN  1830 MS   to  12-11-1905

*Wf/of  Elkaney Caney Ellen(1822-1865)


EXER  REBECCA  ELLEN  Feb 1897  to  Oct 1898

*D/of  Lee Wiley Ellen(1855-1898) & Elizabeth Indiana Cole Ellen Modisette (1861-1943)


Infant  ELLEN   b  &  d  10-18-1905

*Son of  J.C.  &  Nannie  Ellen


(L.W.)LEE  WILEY  ELLEN  11-14-1855  to  5-17-1898

*S/of  Elkaney ‘Caney’ Ellen(1822-1865) & Marietta Bishop Ellen(1830-1905)

*1ST  H/of  Elizabeth Indiana “India” Cole Ellen Modisette (1861-1943) *

Md: ca1875 Union Co.,AR    "Father"     "Only Sleeping"



*S/of  Elizabeth Indiana Cole Ellen (Modisette)(1861-1943)  & Lee Wiley Ellen(1855-1898)

"Death Loves A Shining Mark"



SARAH   J.  LAMBERT  GREER  1858 GA  to  ? Union Co., AR

*D/of  William A. Lambert (b:ca 1831 GA) & Sebrina Amanda Jones Lambert(1843GA-1887)

*Md: in 1875, Union Co., AR,  William Warren  Greer (1854-1934)

(stone broken  - unreadable)



(D.L.)DAWSON LENOIR  HANRY  1-2-1854   to  11-5-1885

*S/of  George Emins Hanry(1803-1888) & Mathilda Skinner Hanry(1824-1894)

*1st H/of  Sallie Kinard Hanry 8/1/1855  to  2/22/1938; buried Jolley Cemetery.

"We will join thee in that heavenly land. No more to take the parting hands"


GEORGE  EMINS  HANRY (HAURY)  1803  to  1888

*Born in Metz-en-Couture, France

&  MATHILDA  SKINNER  HANRY   1824 LA  to  1884


JAMES  PRICE  HANRY   6-13-1864  to  10-24-1918

*S/of  George Emins Hanry(1803-1888) & Mathilda Skinner Hanry(1824-1894)

*2nd Husband of  Sallie Kinard Hanry Hanry(1855-1938)

*Sallie’s 1st Husband was Dawson Lenoir Hanry(1854-1885)

*Sallie D/of Wm. Kinard(b: ca 1825 SC) & Minerva Ann Sawyer Kinard (b:ca 1825 AL)

(2001 stone broken  /2006 broken obelisk off base)  (2011 repaired)

"To him we trust a place is given, Among the saints with Christian heaven."




10-19-2008  Corpus Christi, TX   *Wife of  late Leroy Hays.  *OB

*D/of  Recy Sweet Welch Jones(1899-1989)  &  Gardie  Rosco Jones(1895-1978)



JASPER  NEWTON  HICKS   3-28-1875  to  9-30-1880

*S/of  Jasper Bugg Hicks(1823-1885)  &  Martha  E. Warwick  Hicks(1837-1905)



JOS. (?Joseph)  E.  JOLLEY (b:ca 1799)  died 2-1-1864

*S/of  Richard & Ophelia Jolly   *Age  65 yrs, “Father

” Shares double headstone with Martha Jolley”

*Md: 1st  10/16/1828 Jones Co., GA  Sarah A. Glaze(1809 SC -1854 LA)

*Md: 2nd  10/17/1854 Union Co., AR  Martha Cole (1835-1879)

*Sarah & their 3 children, while traveling from Alabama to TX aboard the

Steamboat Georgia,  perished while the boat docked in New Orleans for the night.

The ship caught fire 1/31/1854 and burned, (Times Picayune reported).

Mr. Jolley saved six children, three of whom were severely injured by

being thrown on the wharf.  The remains of the others were never recovered.

He married Martha Cole & they had more children.

&  MARTHA  COLE  JOLLEY   5-11-1835  to  7-24-1879

*D/of  Josiah & Rebecca Cole   *Wf/of  Joseph E. Jolly(1808-1874)  “Our Mother”

(2001 stone is broken, held up by metal frame and wire – still standing in 2011)



Mrs. REBECCA JANE  DUKE  JONES 1832 GA to  3-9-1862AR

*Age 30 yrs.  Born in Bibb Co., GA.(hard to read 2006)

*Rebecca  J. Jones, shares a headstone with toddler, Georgia  A. Lambert, &

baby Augustus Lambert- all three share this headstone.

( obelisk is broken off base & lying on the ground, much is unreadable).

&  GEORGIA  A.  LAMBERT   5-9-1860  to  7-31-1862

*D/of  William A. Lambert (b:ca 1831 GA) & Sebrina Amanda Jones Lambert(1843-1887)

*broken tombstone with obelisk top part lying on ground

"Suffer little children to come unto me – for of such is the kingdom of heaven"

& (Baby) AUGUSTUS  LAMBERT  8-6-1876  to 11-3-1876

*S/of  William A. Lambert (b:ca 1831 GA) & Sebrina A. Jones Lambert(1843-1887)

*Age 2 mo-3wks-6 dys:



(S.A.)SEBRINA AMANDA JONES  LAMBERT  7-28-1843 GA  to 12-4-1887AR

*D/of  William E. Jones(d:1849 GA) & Rebecca Jane Duke Jones(1832 Bibb Co.,GA to 1862AR)

*Wf/of  William  A. Lambert (b:ca 1831 GA & d: in AR bef 1900)

*(stone is broken in 2011, lying on ground and is illegible)


WILLIAM  E.  LAMBERT  4-8-1869  to  7-17-1892

*D/of  William A. Lambert (b:ca 1831 GA) & Sebrina A. Jones Lambert(1843-1887)

*stone broken - dates are unreadable




NELSON  ANTHONY "FRENCHIE"  LeBLANC  1-30-1924  to  4-17-1999

(not found in 2001)



JAMES  F. “JIM” LEWIS  4-15-1873  to  5-15-1930


JAMES  ROLEN  LEWIS  7-25-1925  to  12-20-1976

*Md:5/19/1945    "Gone But Not Forgotten"

&  ALLINE  BAILEY  LEWIS (82)  6-12-1925  to  9-18-2011 *OB

*D/of John Granville & Lillian Estelle Cubbage Bailey   *Wf/of Rolen Lewis.



SAMUEL  R. LILES (79)  died 3-18-2007

*ob Young's Funeral Home


Infant  O'BARR    born 1-13-1957  (not found in 2001)



BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PRICE  10-26-1867 LA  to  5-29-1914

*S/of  Redic Labell Price(b: 8/1/1830 NC)& Martha Sola Berry Price(b:12/13/1834 Perry Co., AL )

"No pains, No grief, No anxious ?fear can reach our loved one sleeping here"


10-11-1955  Claiborne Parish, LA

*D/of  Stephen Redwine Cockrell(1843-1933) & Minerva Hicks Cockrell(1849-1919)

*Nancy was D/of  John Boone Cockrell & Lillie Eugene Warwick Cockrell -buried Jolley Chapel.

"She was the sunshine of our home"


ELLA  C.  PRICE  3-30-1870  to 10-6-1871

*D/of  Redic Labell Price(1830-1893)  & Martha Sola Berry Price(1834-1924)

NANCY  L.  PRICE  8-5-1866  to  8-7-1866

*D/of  Redic Labell Price(1830-1893)  & Martha Sola Berry Price(1834-1924)


REDIC  LEBELL  PRICE  8-1-1830 NC  to 1893 "At  Rest"

&  MARTHA  SOLA  BERRY  PRICE  12-13-1834 to 11-16-1924


THEODORE  J. PRICE  10-27-1861 to 9-22-1872

*S/of  Redic &  Martha Price



CONNIE  L. RAMOS (75) 4-19-1935 to 6-25-2010

*Wf/of late Paul Ramos  *D/of Wilmar Nace & Katherine (Deutsch) Nace. *OB



HARVEY  H. REEVES (80) 1-9-1930  to 1-15-2010

*S/of Marion "Ike" Reeves & Mattie Lou Taylor Reeves;  *Wife, Addie Reeves



EVER  WELCH   5-24-1908  to  12-4-1909

*D/of Myrtle Dudley Welch(1882-1970) & (L.D. )Welch(1876-1927)

*Lillie Richardson Welch(L.D.) (1876-1927)

"From mother's arms to the arms of Jesus"


HENRIETTA  JOLLEY  WELCH  7-22-1850 to 7-5-1892

*D/of  Joseph E. Jolly(1808-1874) & Sarah A. Glaze Jolly (1809-1854)

*1st Wf/of  Benjamin Hawkins Welch ~ *Md:12/11/1872      "Only Sleeping"


JENKINS HANSFORD WELCH  1800 GA to 8-2-1848 Ark

*S/of Dempsey Perry Welch(1755-1822) &  Permila Jane Wilkins Welch Neely (1760-1840)

(Metal marker 2011)

PENELOPE CARROLL WELCH  1809 GA to 1870 to 1880 Ark

(Metal marker 2011)

Penelope & Jenkins Welch are buried somewhere on their family

farm near the cemetery.  A marker was erected in New Hope

Cemetery in their honor so they will not be forgotten.

*2 death years are given on the marker. *Below is the new headstone for these two.

Information supplied by Bobby Welch.

*Cenotaph:  (monument honoring dead person whose remains are elsewhere)

JENKINS HANSFORD WELCH  1798 GA - 1848 Union Co., AR


*Monument erected in the New Hope Cemetery in their honor -

it is believed that they are buried somewhere near the cemetery

on their family farm.



FRANCIS M. WRIGHT  6-30-1871 to 6-4-1881

*S/of Robert Jefferson Wright(1846-1893) & Martha Ann Jean Wright(1848-1924)

(stone broken and lying on the ground, very weathered –Hard to read 2011)


LILLIE RANSOME BURDINE WRIGHT  11-27-1877 to 8-21-1900

*1st Wf/of  James Walker Wright


RICHARD WRIGHT 1-27-1805 Born in MO  to 11-1-1888 Died in AR

*(2011  Stone broken- small part of it that is left-weathered to the point it is hard to read)

MARY ANN HENDERSON WRIGHT  5-5-1806 to 1-25-1881

*Wf/of  Richard Wright  *Md:1823.  *Born in Illinois. Came to Ark. in 1816.

(stone broken & lying on the ground;  death date illegible in 2011)


ROBERT  JEFFERSON WRIGHT  1-12-1846  to  11-11-1893

*S/of  Richard Wright(1805-1883) to Mary Ann Henderson Wright (1806-1881)

*Wife, Martha Ann Jean Wright(1848-1924)

(Stone broken just below death date, but this stone is quite legible)



          *Note: For a variety of reasons, not all inscriptions, epitaphs,

       & or verses, are given here. Some tombstones have none.



These photos taken in 2011






 The next 3 pics were taken in 2005.