EST. ca 1845


Washington & Locust Street , downtown El Dorado

(about a block south  of Main Street), Union County, Arkansas.

I visited this cemetery November 18, 2002.  Many of the markers are gone or beyond

being readable

*Due to the fact that so many of the old markers are no longer legible & or gone, in June 2009,

using earlier 1962 survey info from the Union County Genealogical Society & a survey done by

Ralph O. Weldon in 1998, I have made corrections & up dates to my survey below, & noted (*)

those used.

Updated July 2014.  Last updated March 2017 .   Janice Holzer   <  jcsh432@gmail.com  >



*ELY  M. ADAMS  2-13-1859  to  8-25-1893

*S/of  Oscar Adams(1820-1891) & Emilie Norris Adams (1830-1864)

*Oscar Adams buried in Union Cemetery, Livonia, New York

*Md:11/13/1892 Alice Elizabeth Adams Adams, Union Co., AR

*Alice is buried in Champagnolle-Castleberry Cemetery, Union Co.,AR


JAMES  W.  ADAMS   7-15-1822 NC   to  5-30-1859 AR

*H/of  Mary Jane Lankford, Md: 1/21/1851, Union Co., AR


*WILLIAM  WALTER  ADAMS  11-11-1851  to  3-22-1852

*S/of  James W.  Adams & Mary Jane Lankford Adams    *4 mos 11 days

 *This stone cut by a man in Montgomery, ALA



CARRIE ANN AMMONS 6-21-1851  Philadelphia, MS   to  9-26-1854

*D/of  Argroves Ammons(b:ca 1810 SC to ca 1878 )  &  Ann Ammons(b:ca 1825 d:bef 1865))

Argroves Ammons  Md: 2nd wife, R.M. Sledge in Aug 1865. Argroves died ca 1878.



*These are all together in a wrought iron fenced enclosure, some of the children's stones were un-readable:

CARL  CRAIG  ARMSTRONG  10-26-1891  to  7-25-1893

*S/of   John  W. Armstrong (1857-1899)  &  Eva Lee Craig  Armstrong (1869-1896)


CAROLINE  ARMSTRONG    1814 SC  to  3-19-1883 AR

*Mother of  David English Armstrong   Age 69 yrs  *Wf/of  James W. Armstrong


CARRIE  ARMSTRONG      9-6-1880  to  10-23-1883


CHARITY ELIZABETH BUNN ARMSTRONG  11-17-1848  to  10-29-1873

*1st Wf/of  David  English Armstrong (1846-1926) *buried Woodlawn Cemetery

*D/of  David E. Bunn (1809-1858) & Elizabeth Kate Thomas Bunn(1813-1863)

*Sister to Laura S. Bunn Craig (1852-1914)



*Infant  S/of  David English Armstrong(1846-1926) & Caroline Smead Armstrong(1858-1921)


ELLA FRANCIS ARMSTRONG  4-14-1849  Ireland  to  1-4-1889

*Tombstone says Ella was born in Strasburgh, Ireland.  (Ella buried  with her infant daughter.) 

*2nd wife of  David English Armstrong(1846-1926)

*David is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, El Dorado

Infant  Daughter ARMSTRONG   1-4-1889  to  5-24-1889

*D/of  David English Armstrong(1846-1926) & Ella Francis Armstrong(1849-1889)



EVA LEE CRAIG ARMSTRONG   3-21-1869  to  1-11-1896

*D/of  Peter Gamble Craig(1828-1879) &  Martha Anne Bunn Craig(1844-1915)

*Wf/of  John W. Armstrong (1857-1899)

JOHN  W. ARMSTRONG   1857  to   5-12-1899   *Age 42 yrs.

*H/of   Eva Lee Craig Armstrong(1869-1896)



INFANT  DAUGHTER  ARMSTRONG  1-4-1889  to  1-4-1889

*Shares the grave with her mother, Ella Francis Armstrong  *Dad, David E. Armstrong


WILLIAM  L.  ARMSTRONG  1870 to 2-19-1899  *Age 29 yrs 

*S/of  David English Armstrong(1846-1926) & Charity Elizabeth Bunn Armstrong(1848-1873)



MRS. ELIZABETH PRATT BANKS  1804 Hebron, NM   to  9-5-1853  

*Elizabeth was born in New Hampshire.  *Md:6/5/1838 Hempstead Co., AR   

*Wf/of  Rev. Alexander Robinson Banks(6/24/1808 to  9/26/1890) d:Bossier Parish, LA

*Buried Rocky Mount Cemetery, Bossier Parish, LA



CATHARINE McRAE BEEMAN  11-9-1805NC  to  11-5-1887AR

*D/of  Christopher  &  Jennet (Janet) McRae     *Wf/of   Parks  Beeman(1805-1873)

PARKE  BEEMAN III   9-5-1805  Anson Co., NC  to  3-6-1873

*S/of  Parks Beeman II  &  Catherine McRae Beeman(1805-1887)


PHILLIP  BEEMAN   5-10-1843  to  11-14-1877

*S/of  Parks/Parke Beeman(1805-1878) & Catherine McRae Beeman(1805-1887)



*E.H.  BROHOCH  d: August 1854, age 71 yrs.



Little  TOM  BURNSIDE   7-17-1892  to  2-12-1903 

*S/of  John  Thomas Burnside(1855-1915)  &  Hattie Terrell  Burnside (1862-1920)




to  1-13-1879 Union Co., AR

*Wf/of  Benjamin Pullum  Bussey(1805-1859)

*Md: ca 1830, probably in Georgia.

*Benjamin buried Antioch Baptist Cemetery,Woodbury,GA



RICHARD  BUSBEE  CAPERS   4-2-1840  to  11-25-1847  

*Age 7 yrs-7 mos-23 days



JAY  CHANDLER  3-14-1852  to  (unk)  Dates unreadable

*S/of  Sarah Melissa H. Prime Chandler(1833-1905) & William Chandler(1813-1863)


WILLIAM CHANDLER   1813 GA  to  Jan 1863 AR *Dates unreadable

*S/of  Zachariah ‘Zack’ Chander(1780-1836 GA)       b:VA &  Sarah ‘Sally’ Eckles b:VA

*William’s wives: *1st Mary A. Filbert  ca 1820 AL / *2nd Sarah Melissa Prime b:1833 PA



*FLORENCE  V.  CHEW    12-27-1877  to  7-20-1880 

*Infant d/of   Thomas Claggett Chew, Sr. (1844-1908)  &   Ella L. Chandler Chew(1853-1902)  

*No marker found.


HAVIS  CHEW   *No dates  No marker found

*S/of  Sarah Louise Weathers(1842-1932) & John Hamilton Chew(1842-1904)

*Sarah Weathers md: 4/26/1865 Union Co.,AR, John Hamilton Chew

HAVIS  CHEW  10-1-1852  to  9-19-1898 

*S/of  ?A.H.  &  S. L.  GLAPELL? (Clapell?)   *It does not match anything from earlier surveys in

1962 & 1998, done by others  When I was there in 2002, I could not find legible pieces of this tombstone.



WILLIAM  B.  COFFEE    4-11-1860  to  6-8-1897



*Three Unknown Beloved Dead Confederate Soldiers



JOHN  JAMES  COOPER    9-1-1835 TN  to  12-8-1888 AR

*S/of  Hugh Wells Cooper  *H/of Mary Matilda Black Cooper(1832-1908)

*Mary Matilda buried at Woodlawn Cemetery.



CARL  CRAIG  10-26-1891  to  7-25-1893 

*S/of  John  W.  Armstrong (1857-1899)  & Eva Lee Craig Armstrong(1869-1896)

*Eva Lee Craig Armstrong D/of Peter Gamble Craig & Martha Anne Bunn Craig)

*Eva md: John W. Armstrong in 1890 Union Co., AR  *Eva is buried in Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery

in El Dorado, AR.  John W. Armstrong is buried here at the Old Presbyterian Cemetery.


PETER GAMBLE CRAIG   3-11-1828 Durvock County Antrim, Ireland to  4-15-1879


*Enlisted in the regiment 6/19/1861 at Three Creeks, AR.  As a civilian he was a Druggist.

*1st wife, Laura S. Bunn Craig(1852-1914) 

*2nd  Martha Anne Bunn Craig (1844NC -1915) buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, El Dorado.



*H. R. CRAWFORD  10-6-1816  to  1-10-1899  

*Wf/of  A.W. Harris



RUFUS A. CRESWELL   9-29-1851  to  2-28-1894



ELLA DARRY   10-11-1801  to  2-18-1857

*Wf/of  Miles Darry    *Dates hard to read

ELLA A. MILES DARRY  10-11- 1801   to  2-18-1857  

*Speculation: Ella A. Miles 10/11/1861 to 3/18/1887  *Wf/of D.A. Miles



AQUILA DAVIS   1785  to  2-3-1855   *Age 70 

(Mrs.)  JULIA DAVIS  *Wf/of  Aquila  Davis  



(H. L.) HARRISON L. DEARING   6-8-1827 VA  & 5-29-1911

*H.L. is buried in the "Old" Presbyterian Church Cemetery in El Dorado, AR

*1st wife,(1851) Sarah W. Jones Dearing is buried Old Presbyterian Cemetery

*2nd  wife, (1881) Annie M. Gorman Dearing  (1855-1933)buried Hillsboro Cemetery 

*C.S.A.   2nd Lieut. 19th ARK INF   (Mason)



LOUISA KATHARINE EDWARDS   4-10-1864  to  12-1-1900


LOUIS K. EDWARDS  4-10-1864  to  12-1-1900


REBECCA   P.  EDWARDS  3-24-1835  to 12-13-1861

*D/of   Rachel  &  J.B.  Edwards 



ANNIE E. FAULKNER  3-11-1880  to  9-15-1891

*D/of  Elizabeth Catherine Beeman (1847-1918)  &  Robert A. Faulkner(1847-1912)


JAMES FAULKNER    2-25-1873  to  9-25-1877

*S/of  Elizabeth Catherine Beeman (1847-1918)  &  Robert A. Faulkner(1847-1912)



MRS. E. M. FROHOCK   1781  to  8-9-1852



Infant HAVIS O. GLADDEN  10-18-1882  to  9-8-1888 

*S/of  Florence Chandler Gladden(1855-1899) & Minor Havis Gladden(1853-1885)


MINOR HAVIS GLADDEN   12-20-1853  Fairfield Dist, SC  to 

11-28-1885  Texarkana, AR  

*1ST H/of  Florence Chandler (Gladden-McKinnie)(1855-1899)  *See McKINNIE


W. GLADDEN    No dates



ALICIE  GRAHAM   8-1-1824  to  6-10-1898


(B. F.) BENJAMIN  F.  GRAHAM   12-25-1851  to  2-14-1897

*D/of  John Stephens Graham(1810-1894) & Martha Hughes Graham (1825-1901)

*Spouses: *1st Bernice W. Morgan(1853-1883) *Md:12/22/1874 Union Co.,AR

 *2nd Mary Manning Yarbrough(1856-1910) *Md:`0/18/1886 Union Co.,AR

*Mary buried at Lisbon Methodist Cemetery, Union County, AR

BERNICE  W. “BERRY” MORGAN GRAHAM  10-12-1853  to 6-21-1883  

*1st  Wf/of  Benjamin F. Graham   *Md:12/22/1874 Union Co.,AR

 *D/of  Washington E. Morgan (md:10/17/1844 Troup Co., GA) & Sarah Anah Elizabeth Stevens Morgan(1826-1891)


Little  SALLIE  GRAY  1-10-1883  to  9-20-1892 

*9 yr old D/of  D. E. &  F.C. Gray



WILLIAM   GREAVER    In Loving Memory”. *b:1824 – d:unknown

*Headstone along with the Armstrong's in their fenced in enclosure.

*Captain W. A. (Bill) Greaver (Confederate) At the end of the war Capt. Greaver was headquartered

in or near Shreveport, LA  He chose to go on to Mexico.



MARIAN  LOCKE  HARDY  3-26-1824 NC  to  11-8-1851AR

*Wf/of  Robert M. Hardy a Commissioner of Union Co., AR



H. H. CRANFORD  HARRIS  10-6-1816  to  1-10-1859 

*Wf/of  A. W. Harris


VADA  RUTH  HARRIS  10-10-1896  to  10-10-1900

*D/of  W. W.  &  I. J.  Harris 



NANCY BROWNLEE RITCHIE HARRISON  11-8-1812  to 7-23-1898

*Buried beside her son-in-law, John James Cooper

 *Md: 3 X’s *1st  Christopher Columbus Black, d:Lowndes, AL;

 *2nd  Isaac Butts of AL, then moved to El Dorado; *3rd  William Harrison

*Mother of  two daughters, Nancy Black  &  Mary Matilda “Mollie” Black Cooper

* Mary Matilda Black Cooper is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery.



*J.T.  HART   dates illegible




*Wf/of  DR. J.M. Holcombe 



*Name illegible  12-25-1851  to  2-14-1897



JOHN  JAMES  JOHNSTEN   3-12-1832 OH  to  7-5-1891


NORA  JOHNSTEN  4-27-1876   to  10-9-1878


ZOLA (Zula) JOHNSTEN   6-17-1869  to  11-13-1870

*16 month old girl



FRANK  G.  JOHNSTON   2-23-1873  to  10-14-1900

*S/of  Mary E. Johnston  b:ca 1850 AR  &  John James Johnsten(1832-1891)


HOB  JOHNSTON    9-27-1878  to  10-9-1878

*12 day old baby boy


MARA or MORA  JOHNSTON   9-23-1875  to  10-9-1876

*One year old girl


NANCY  JOHNSTON  12-3-1878  to  8-12-1881

*D/of  Mary E. Johnston  b:ca 1850 AR & John James Johnsten(1832-1891)



M.  E.  JONES   *No dates or info

*Speculation: could this be Mary Ellen Perdue Jones


MYRTLE  JONES   3-15-1889  to   5-25-1892  

*D/of  Thomas  Tarlton  Jones (1853-1924)  &  Mary Ellen Perdue Jones(1856-1937)  

*Age  3 yrs-2 mos-10 days    



MOLLIE  KINARD   3-11-1893  to  3-13-1893

 *D/of  Jacob  Bascom Kinard  & Anna  Eliza Newsom Kinard (1868-1944)

*Sisters sharing a double headstone.

&  VADA KINARD  9-20-1895  to  9-15-1896 

*D/of Jacob Bascom Kinard(1858-1926) & Anna Eliza Newsom Kinard(1868-1944)



JULIA ANN ELDRIDGE LACEY  1-6-1810 to 7-4-1894

*Julia  was William Sterling Lacey’s 2nd wife.  

&  WILLIAM  STERLING  LACEY  4-8-1791 VA  to  11-20-1880AR 

*Born at Hampden-Sidney, Prince Edward Co., VA   *D: at home of his son, Capt. Watson

Eldridge Lacy. *Studied in class of 1811, at Hampden-Sydney College; was a language

professor for sometime at Hampden-Sydney for some time; Served in the War of 1812;

then studied law under John Randolph of Roanoke, VA. He was drawn to the ministry &

eventually, left the legal profession becoming an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church.

Became the first ordained Presbyterian minister in Missouri. Served in many churches throughout

Missouri & some in Illinois.  Married 1st  in 5/1/1816. Salley E. Campbell Graham(1794-1832). 

They moved toPulaski Co., TN, then back to Missouri, eventually back to Tennessee. They were

the parents of ten children.  Sally died in Giles Co., TN  8/6/1832 &  William Sterling md:

2nd wife, 10/26/1833 Julia Ann Eldridge in Pulaski Co., TN. 

Her obituary says she was the mother of seven & step-mother of ten.  Julia 1810- 1894, El

Dorado, Arkansas. They had made their final move in 1843 to El Dorado.


SARAH  C. “SALLIE”  HOLCOMBE  LACY  4-30-1841  to  6-7-1889

*1ST  Wf/of  Captain Watson Eldridge Lacey (1839-1924). Watson is buried at Parkers Methodist

Church Cemetery along with his 2nd wife, Sybil Elizabeth Arnold Lacy (1845-1925)



MINNIE  MYRTLE  LANGFORD   10-31-1888  to  6-21-1890 

*D/of   J.C.  &  F. M.   dates below dirt, could not read.

*dates from earlier survey done by Ralph O. Weldon in 1998



*All on the same obelisk

(L. P.) LOUISA  PERRY  HARRIS  LEE   3-20-1826TN  to  1898AR  

*Wf/of  William  Dorsey Lee

N. P.  LEE   11-27-1845  to  6-28-1848 

*S/of  William Dorsey Lee(1818-1861)  & Louisa Perry Harris Lee(1826-1898)

(W.D.) WILLIAM  DORSEY  LEE   11-3-1818 TN  to 11-10-1861 AR




FRANK  LYON    6-30-1849  to  3-10-1852

*S/of  Col Richard Lyon (1813-1861) & Mary Kelly Lyon (1816- ?)

LIN  LYON   6-10-1855   to  3-29-1860

*S/of  Col Richard Lyon (1813-1861) & Mary Kelly Lyon (1816- ?)  *4 yr old son

RICHARDETTA  LYON   7-11-1840 AL  to  7-13-1852 AR

*S/of  Col Richard Lyon (1813-1861) & Mary Kelly Lyon (1816- ?)


COL  RICHARD  LYON   1813 TN  - 1861AR  

*H/of  Mary Kelly Lyon (1816- ?)   *CO  F ;  6 ARK INF ;  CSA

MARY KELLY LYON  1816 SC  to   ?? unknown

*Wf/of  Col Richard Lyon (1813-1861)  **No Marker for her grave


SAMUEL  Y.  LYON   7-28-1842  to  4-30-1844

*S/of  Col Richard Lyon (1813-1861) & Mary Kelly Lyon (1816- ?)



HUGH  D.  MARR    ?Unknown



ARTHUR   MARRABLE  8-24-1876  to  6-10-1878 

*S/of  John Francis Marrable(1846-1908)& Sarah Lavinia Prothro Marrable(1850-1933 

FANNIE  DAISY  MARRABLE  2-3-1873 to 12-2-1873 

*D/of  William D. Marrable(1839-1922) &  Julia L.Prothro Marrable(1848-1924) 

MEPSIE  MARRABLE   dates  illegible

NEPSIE  MARRABLE   d: 6-13-1889



MARGARET  A.  McDOWELL 9-15-1826  to  7-2-1858  

*D/of  Thos Carson McDowell(1795-1857) & Eliza Daniel Williams McDowell(1795-1865)

of Georgia   *Age 31yrs-10 mo-13days



FLORENCE CHANDLER McKINNIE  11-16-1855  to  2-19-1899

*D/of   William Chandler(1813-1863)  & Sarah Melissa  H. Prime Chandler ((1833-1905)

*1st  Minor Havis Gladden(1853-1885)     *2nd James H. McKinnie(1838-1900)Union Co.,AR

JAMES  H. McKINNIE  1-31-1838AL  to  4-12-1900AR  “McKinney”

*S/of  William J. McKinnie of GA & Eliza Keziah Grumbles of Edgefield District, SC



ANNIE ELIZA DEARING  MILES   1-10-1860  to  4-8-1899 

*D/of   Harrison  L. Dearing, Sr.(1827-1911) &  ↓ Harrison’s *1st wife, Sarah Walker

Jones O’Gorman Dearing (1816-1880)

*1st wife, Annie Eliza Dearing Miles  of   Benjamin Freeman  Miles(1858-1936)


ELLA LEE MILES   10-11-1861  to  3-18-1887

*D/of William Dorsey Lee(1818-1861) & Louisa Perry Harris Lee(1826-1898) 

*Wf/of  Organ Abram Miles(1856-1932) *Ella was 1st wife: Md: 1883 Union Co.,AR

*Organ is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, El Dorado, AR.


ETHEL ALBERTINE MILES   7-8-1887  to  4-19-1890 

*D/of  Benjamin Freeman Miles(1858-1936) & Annie Eliza Dearing Miles(1860-1899)  


FRANK M. MILES  d: 2-22-1887 

*S/of  Organ Abram Miles(1856-1932) & Ella Lee Miles(1861-1887) 


Infant  MILES  1-7-1890  to  1-9-1890 

*S/of  Benjamin Franklin ‘Frank’ Miles(1858-1936) &  Annie Eliza Dearing Miles(1860-1899)      


MATTIE  MILES   d: 3-2-1887 

*D/of  Organ Abram Miles(1856-1932) & Ella Lee Miles(1861-1887) 




*Md: W. F. Myzell   1/17/1861. Union Co., AR  *W. F. Myzell died bef 1870.

*D/of  Thomas G. Marrable & Clara Ann Dunaway(Md:7/3/1838 Autauga Co., AL)

WILLIAM T. MIZELL  10-27-1861 to  2-8-1895

*S/of   William Tom Mizell(1846-1931) & Mary Frances‘Fannie’ Marrable Mizell(1841-1893) 

(stone broken)



(A.T.) AUGUSTUS T.  MORGAN, SR.  1-9-1836AL   to  12-25-1897AR

&  SOPHRONIA TROWBRIDGE MORGAN  10-9-1837MS  to  9-29-1899 AR

*Wf/of   Augustus T. Morgan, Sr.



*Wife of   WASHINGTON E.  MORGAN    *Md:10/17/1844 Troup Co., GA



INFANT MURPHY  b & d  7-2-1886 

*D/of  B. T.  Murphy &  Florence E. Perdue Murphy(1860-1910) 



FRANK NEWTON   10-8-1880  to  Dec 1890

*S/of  A.C. & F.N. Newton


HERBERT E.  NEWTON   8-29-1877  to  6-22-1880  

*S/of  George L. Newton &  Ella T. Smead Newton

ROBERT NEWTON    Age  2 yrs. (No dates)



EMMA FRANCES MORGAN PERDUE  9-9-1858  to  4-5-1887

*Wf/of  W.C. (Wm. Columbus) PERDUE  Tombstones worn beyond reading;  two graves

along side of her also beyond reading.  W. C. Perdue is buried at Bethel Methodist S Cemetery.

I believe Emma was the daughter of W.E. Morgan & wife, S.A.E. Morgan.


FRANK LAMAR PERDUE    8-10-1863  to  4-26-1873 

*S/of  Jesse M. Perdue (1829-1884)  &  Nancy Ellen Black Perdue (1836-1920)


JESSE M. PERDUE  5-24-1829 AL  to  12-22-1884 AR

*Md: 5/20/1852  Nancy Ellen Black Perdue


LENA OPHELIA PERDUE  4-12-1870  to  2-14-1876

*D/of  Jesse M. Perdue(1829-1884)  &  Nancy Ellen Black Perdue (1836-1920)


LIZZIE PERDUE  March 1873  to  July 1874 

*D/of  Jesse M. Perdue(1829-1884)  &  Nancy Ellen Black Perdue (1836-1920)


MINNIE A. PERDUE  March 1871  to  July 1874

*D/of  Jesse M. Perdue(1829-1884)  &  Nancy Ellen Black Perdue (1836-1920)



OPHELIA ESTELLE PETERSON  7-7-1858  to 10-19-1865 

*Age 7yrs-3mos-12 days     *D/of  P.A. & Sarah G. Peterson 



*Rev. (C.G.M.) CYRUS GEORGE MONROE PRIME dates illegible

6-24-1803  to  3/1/1870     (C.G.M. Prime)

*Known as Doctor, Lawyer, Artist/Portraits, Writer, Justice of the Peace, Minister & Surveyor during his lifetime.

*Md: Catherine Wagley Henson  5/24/1832 PA  This union produced 4 children.



T. M. PROLLOCK   1781  to   6-9-1852   *About 71 yrs old     

Dr. or ?Jr.  T. M.   PROLLOCK  *In 2002, this tombstone was pretty much illegible. 

*It does not match anything from earlier surveys in 1962 & 1998, done by others



JUDGE CLAYTON PROTHRO   12-12-1825GA  to  6-1-1874 AR

&  FRANCES H. BUSSEY PROTHRO  10-31-1831GA  to 1-2-1873AR



SUSAN ATHALIA LOCKE  QUILLIN  4-9-1829NC  to 8-12-1848AR

Fayetteville, NC     *2nd D/of  William  &  Susan W. Locke

*Baptised  the 19th (4/19/1829) of the same month.

*Md:  John Quillen (8/12/1847) exactly 1 year before she died.



ALONZO W. QUINN   9-7-1839  to  4-16-1880

*S/of Elzy W. Quinn (1815 NC-Jun 1870) & Lucinda W. Greenwood  Quinn (b: ca 1817 TN)

*Spouse: Valena  Sevier Quinn Tatum  (1848-1920) *Mother of 4 Quinn children.

*Valena  remarried 7/19/1895 Union Co., AR to Jesse Pearce Tatum

*Valena is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, El Dorado.

*Alonzo & his siblings were all born in Alabama.



*3 sons of John Robert Ragsdale & Thomas Iowa Deason Ragsdale

HARPER H. RAGSDALE   2-9-1898  to  6-18-1898  *

*S/of John Robert Ragsdale(1861-1937) & Thomas Iowa Deason Ragsdale(1868-1954)

*Harper is twin brother of Harvey H. Ragsdale

HARVEY H. RAGSDALE   2-9-1898  to  2-10-1899  *

*S/of John Robert Ragsdale(1861-1937) & Thomas Iowa Deason Ragsdale(1868-1954)

*Harvey is twin brother of Harper H. Ragsdale)1898-1898)


T. F. RAGSDALE   11-30-1895  to  6-10-1898

*S/of John Robert Ragsdale(1861-1937) & Thomas Iowa Deason Ragsdale(1868-1954)



10-24-1954 TX   *T. I. Deason  Wife of John Robert Ragsdale    *Parents of 9 children.

*D/of Wm Monroe Deason(1833-1918) & Elisabeth “Betsy” Davison Deason(1835-1911) *

* “Mother”  T. I. is buried in the Abilene Municipal Cemetery, Taylor Co., TX.



CHRISTOPER COLUMBUS RAINEY  8-3-1824 Greene  Co., AL  to 1-3-1854 Union Co., AR    

*S/of  Matthew F.  Rainey 

& MATTHEW F.  RAINEY   3-3-1800  Henry Co., VA  d: 9-5-1853   

*Went to ALA- then El Dorado, ARK   His tombstone says he was the first settler and he built

 the first house.   These two share a double headstone.



ADA E. RAMSEY 1-5-1871  to  5-26-1895 

*Wf/of   M. L.  Ramsey ~ Ada died at the El Dorado residence of her husband, M. L. Ramsey. 

According to her obituary, Ada was the mother of one 3 yr old daughter, at the time of her death. 

However, she had son who died as an infant.  She died of consumption.  *Ada  was the D/of Mrs.

Mattie R. Chandler & Judge W.P. Chandler(he was Ada’s stepfather)

*Her obit was published in the Farmerville Gazette 5 June 1895 (Union Parish Library

Newspaper Archives) /  The Farmerville Gazette  22 May 1895 (Union Parish Library

Newspaper Archives) Published a telegram to Judge W.P. Chandler from his wife, letting

him know that his step daughter, Mrs. Ada Ramsey had taken a turn for the worse & was not

expected to live long unless there was a quick change in her condition.   He left for El Dorado

accompanied by Dr. C.H. Jameson.


J. ROSS RAMSEY   4-13-1891  to  8-4-1891

*S/of  M. L. &  Ada. E. Ramsey



WILLIAM F. SCHULER  8-7-1880  to  1-5-1881

*Infant  S/of  Jacob  Felix Shuler*1834-1903) &  Louisa Dorsey Lee Shuler (1848-1926)



 RACHEL SHIVERS   3-13-1828AL  to  4-5-1884 AR

*Consort of  G. W. Shivers 




 *D/of  Emily A. Gaston Scroggins  (1812-1872) &  James M. Faulkner(1807-1851)  

*Md:1st in 1855 Jesse James Benjamin McCullar (1831-1859)

*Jesse James Benjamin,  S/of Benjamin McCullar  & Susanna Pace McCullar

*Md:2nd James Simmons(1814-1897) buried Center Point Cemetery

*Spouses: *1st Wife, Amanda Jane Faulkner(1839-1873) 

*2nd Sarah A. Simmons (8/14/1825 to  8/8/1907) Center Point Cemetery.



Several broken illegible stones for Smith children's graves

HIRAM SMITH   1798  to  2-22-1850    *Age 52 yrs

M. SMITH  b: unk   died  Feb 1850   *Wf/of  ??? Smith

WALLACE SMITH    d:Nov 1875

*S/of  J. & M. J. Smith




*Born: in  Balleymony County,  Antrim Ireland



JAMES E. THOMPSON   12-25-1851AL  to  2-14-1897

*S/of Hezekiah T. Thompson (1824-1902) & Martha A. Jackson Thompson(1824-1906)

*Spouses: *1st wife, Sarah Ann Arnold (1851-1878) *Sarah is buried at Wesley Chapel Cem

*D/of John A. Arnold(1818 Germany-1886)  &  Emily J. Click Arnold(1824-1899) *Md:1844 Union Co.,AR

* James E. Thompson’s  *2nd wife, Hattie Morgan (1861-1905) is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery,

in  El Dorado, AR.

*James E. Thompson & his *1st wife, Sarah Ann Arnold(1851-1878), is often confused

with his brother, Dr. Josiah B. Thompson’s *2nd wife, Sarah Ann Babbs(1856-1927)

*Adding more confusion Sarah Ann Arnold Thompson is buried in the Wesley Chapel

Cemetery, the same one her brother-in-law, Dr. Josiah B. Thompson is buried in.

*Dr. Josiah’s *2nd wife, Sarah Ann Babbs Thompson, is buried in Midland, TX


JIMMIE THOMPSON   6-7-1881  to  11-28-1890 

*D/of James E. Thompson(1851-1897) &  Hattie E. Morgan Thompson(1861-1905) 



MARY Z. BATES WALLACE   5-19-1850  to  11-11-1894

*D/of John Bates(b:ca 1808 SC) & Sarah Bates(b:ca 1830 MS)

*Mary Z. Bates md: *1st  in 1868,  in Union Co., AR ,  Andrew Carroll Jameson (b:ca 1843 GA)

*She md: *2nd in 1887 in Union Co., AR,   J. C. Wallace(b: ca 1846)



ELLEN PAULINE WRIGHT  9-13-1833TN  to  1-16-1870AR

*Wf/of   Dr. W. C.  WRIGHT   

*MARY WRIGHT  10-6-1860  to  ??  *Infant D/of J.C. & M.A. Wright

*Stone broken & death date illegible.

*Parents: John Crowell Wright (1835-1915) & Mary A. Newton Wright (1841-1903)

*Siblings: Nellie Crowell Wright Spyker (1860-1948) - James Newton Wright (1861-1862) -

Pattie Wright Mahony (1877-1945)