Est. ca 1882

Located west of El Dorado, behind a farm off of Guinn Road, on private property & backs up on

the airport in Union County, Arkansas. (June 19, 2002).  Guinn Road runs north off of Hwy. 82

West (aka Magnolia Hwy).  When I was there in the fall of 2002, one road was gated & you could

not go any farther.  A new fence around the cemetery was added ca 2005.

Janice  Holzer

Updated May 2006.   *Posted January 2015   *Updated April 2017

*Use of the symbol  "&"  indicates a double headstone.

*SSI  -  Social Security Death Index

*MM  -  Mortuary Marker

*ob –information from obituaries.



MARY  RUTH  PITTMAN  BRIDGES   6-13-1952  to  4-17-2008 

*D/of  Edward "Red" Pittman & Nellie Rogers Pittman

""To The One And Only Mother And Wife Who Cared For Us No Matter What We Said  Or Did"

*Bailey MM


PAUL  ALLEN  BRIDGES (60)  b:1956  d: 10-18-2016 Texarkana, TX.

“A visitation honoring the life of Paul Allen Bridges, age 60, of Magnolia, who died Tuesday,

October 18, 2016 at Christus St. Michael Health System of  Texarkansa, TX, will be held from

11:00 am until  1:00  pm on Tuesday, October 25 at the Penecostals of El Dorado, 2400 James

Blvd, El Dorado, AR with Bro. James Fout, officiating.  Burial will follow in Pate Cemetery,

El Dorado, under the direction of Henderson Funeral Service.


PAUL  A. "ANT"  BRIDGES (28)  7-25-1978  to  10-29-2006  

*S/of  Paul Allen Bridges & Mary Ruth Pittman Bridges  Died in Auto accident *ob


VIRGINIA  LEE  SANDIFER  BURCHFIELD(58) 1-8-1956  to  11-18-2014

*D/of  John Ray Sandifer(1912-1984) & Marie Slater Sandifer   *Husband, Kenneth  Burchfield


JESSIE C.  CLAWSON   6-22-1887  to  4-8-1975  

*S/of  John Hines Clawson(1845-1926) & Maria Eucebia  Lawrence Clawson(1844-1932)


JOHN  "HINES"  CLAWSON    June 1845  to  7-9-1926 

Son of  John P. Clawson & *2nd wife, Aramitta Burns.

(Tombstone gives birth year as 1850, but this is incorrect, he is found on the 1850 census,

Union Co., AR at age 5).     Husband of Maria Cebe Lawrence.

MARIA CEBE LAWRENCE CLAWSON   1844  to  May 23, 1932

(aka  Eucelia or Sib)



WILLIAM  COKE    9-29-1911  to  10-5-1977 

*Age 66 yrs-6 days (Rumph *MM)  *May be related to Jim Tom Coke & Ada Lawrence.

*Ada Lawrence  D/of James Waller Lawrence & Oceola Lee Rogers.



MARVIN  W.  EVANS   1945  to  2006  

*Bailey MM



EULA  MAE  GOLEY  GARDNER  10-12-1914  to  5-3-1965  

*Age 50 yr-6 mo-21 days   *D/of  William Wallace Goley  &  Julia May Slater Goley.

*Sister to  J.D. Goley   (*MM --not found in Feb 1991) *2012 has a regular headstone.

*Speculation  on marriages for Eula Mae Goley Gardner.

*Md 1)  3/20/1935  Union Co., AR  to  Aaron Pope

*Md 2) 8/3/1944  Union Co., AR  to Homer Montgomery

*Md 3)  unknown date or place for her marriage to  Unknown Gardner

*Found in Union Co., AR a marriage between one Eula M. Halsey & L.E. Gardner




J. D.  GOLEY    3-21-1922  to  4-13-1989  

*S/of  Wm. Wallace "Bill" Goley &  Julia  Slater  Goley    *Md:7/10/1944

*B/of  Eula Mae Goley Gardner, buried next to J.D. & Julia.   "In Loving Memroy"

&  MARY  LOVIE  COKE  GOLEY (67)  3-11-1923  to  2-3-1991 

*D/of  Jim Tom Coke (11-4-1884 to 2-9-1972) &  Ada Lawrence Coke (4-7-1890  to 

9-15-1976)  *Jim Tom & Ada Md: 4-14-1907 *Buried-Rehobeth Primitive Baptist Cemetery.


WILLIAM   J.  GOLEY  died July ? 1945  *Age 30 yrs

*( Mortuary marker not found)   1915 - 1945


WILLIAM  ROBERT  GOLEY   7-8-1900   to   5-10-1961

*S/of  William Wallce Goley(1878-1945) & Julia May Slater Goley(1889-1966)

*(aka ? William Rubert)   *ARK  PVT  212 ARMD FLD ARTY  BN ~ WWII


WILLIAM  WALLACE "Bill"  GOLEY  9-10-1878  to  7-19-1945

*S/of  John Goley(1850-1933) & Mary J. Pate Goley(1848-1900)

*Md: 1st Anna Hayes  7/8/1900  Union Co., AR

*Md: 2nd Julia May Slater  5/10/1910  Louisiana ?

JULIA  MAY "JULIE"  SLATER  GOLEY    5-13-1889 LA  to  7-16-1966 

*Age 76 yrs  *D/of  George Ivy Slater (b:ca 1857 AR) & Amanda Roark Slater(b:ca 1852 AR)

*(Mortuary Marker 1890-1966)



(E. H.) EDWARD  HARRISON  HALL  11-11-1853  to  12-25-1926

*Age 73 yrs/1 mo/14 dys   *Md:11/19/1876  Union Co., AR

(C. M.) CENE  MARCELENE  HOGG  HALL  10-4-1857  to  9-12-1911

*D/of  Holland Middleton Hogg, Sr.(1816 AL-1900 AR) &  Mary Ann Goley(1823 TN-1905 AR)



HATTON ALMA HOGG   4-14-1890  to  8-24-1894

*S/of  Hatton Middleton Hogg(1842-1925) &  Rebecca Virginia Smith Hogg(1848-1923)


(H.M.) HATTEN MIDDLETON  "HAT"   HOGG  10-4-1842  to  8-25-1925

*S/of  Holland Middleton Hogg(1816-1900) & Mary Ann Goley Hogg(1823-1905)  

*H/of  Rebecca  Virginia "Virgie" Smith     *Aged  82 yrs-10 mos-21 days

REBECCA  VIRGINIA  "VIRGIE"  SMITH  HOGG    3-6-1848  to  1-26-1923 

*Aged 74 yrs-10 mos-20 days    *Md: 1/29/1865  H. M. Hogg


HOLLAND  MIDDLETON "Hallie"  HOGG   6-20-1816 FL   to   6-1-1900 

* Holland may have been brother of Samuel E. Hogg, Jr..

*Md:9/13/1840  Union Co., AR

*MARY  ANN "Mug"  GOLEY  HOGG   11-16-1823 TN  to  4-4-1905 AR   

*Wife of  Holland Hogg   *D/of Thomas Goley & Elizabeth Louise Luker Goley


HOYT  WARD  HOGG     7-19-1907  to  3-8-1911

*S/of  Douglas A.  Hogg(1855-1971)  &  Ada Lovonia Trice Hogg(1885-1977) 


NEWTON  AARON  HOGG    7-22-1878  to  Sept. 1882

*S/of  Hatton Middleton Hogg(1842-1925) & Rebecca Virginia Smith Hogg(1848-1923)


SAMUEL  E.  HOGG (Jr.)   4-14-1817  to  2-3-1842  

*S/of   Dr.  Samuel  E.  Hogg    4-28-1783  &   5-28-1842 

(buried city cemetery of Nashville, Tennessee )


WILLIAM  ANDREW  HOGG  1-24-1886  to  2-18-1903

*S/of William Wallace Hogg(1856-1927) & Mary Jane Houston Hogg(1852-1920)



Infant HUGHES  died 8-10-1944 

*S/of Mr. & Mrs. C.A. Hughes

CUBA  ANN  HUGHES   10-8-1946  to  2-10-1947



JAMES  CHARLES  JETER   3-7-1827 GA  to  10-3-1900 AR

*S/of  James J. Jeter & Nancy L. Caswell  Jeter(1805-1864)*buried in TX 

*stone marking grave only has intials, " J C J"  *Small stone next to this one with the

letter "M" ... it is believed this is May/Mary his 1st wife-Md:11/5/1848 Union Co.,AR

*James C. Jeter Spouses: *1st wife, May Anne L. Frances McCormack(1830-1858)

* 2nd wife,    IRENAH  EMMELINE  BREAZEL  JETER (3/19/1841  to  3/12/1921 TX )


*D/of  H. L. & Mary L. Francis McCormack   *1st wife of, James Charles Jeter




(J. W.)  JOHN  WALLER  LAWRENCE  11-23-1843  to  5-3-1927 

*Md: 1st wife, ca 1863, Martha Mariah Burns (ca 1840-ca 1871 or later)

*Md: 2nd wife, in 1879, Union Co., AR - Oceola  Lee Rogers  Lawrence(1858-1934)



ALICE  L. CLAWSON  PERRY  5-18-1873  to  4-8-1939  

*D/of  John Hines Clawson(1845-1926) & Maria Eucebia ‘Cebe’ Lawrence Clawson(1844-1932) 

*Wife of  Thomas Arron. PerryMd: 1892 Union Co. (double headstone, but with only one name)

*Thomas Aaron, son of Thomas A. & Alice Perry.


MONROE  PERRY   7-25-1894  to  6-8-1958 

*S/of  Alice L. Clawson Perry(1873-1939) &  Thomas Aaron Perry(b:ca 1871 AR)

*LA  Pvt  BTRY  C  46  Field ARTY WWI



ELIZABETH  ANN  PITTMAN   9-20-1953  to  2-28-1957

*D/of James Edward “Red” Pittman(b:ca 1933) & Nellie Estelle Rogers Pittman(b:ca 1932)



ARCHIE  LLOYD  PYLES    6-15-1915  to  9-3-1972

*S/of  Elzie Franklin Pyles(1879-1952) & Minnie Lee Goley Pyles(1892-1981)



CAROL  ANN  ROGERS (56)  10-26-1960  to  3-14-2017  *ob

*Died at Arkansas Childrens Hospital, Little Rock, AR

*D/of late Gerald Lee Rogers(1941-2014) &  Nancy Nesbitt Rogers


COLEMAN  YOUNGER  ROGERS  1-12-1890  to  1905

*S/of  Daniel Webster Rogers(1861-1936) & Viola Ann Lawrence Rogers1867-1961)


DANIEL WEBSTER ROGERS    4-12-1861  to  1-31-1936

*S/of  Elisha Rogers(1801-1892) & Rachel Susanna McCullar Rogers(1825 GA -1904 AR)

*H/of  Viola  Ann  Lawrence(1867-1961)   *Md:1885 Union Co., AR


GEORGE  EDWARD  "BEETIE"  ROGERS  10-14-1914   to  6-20-1981

*S/of  Littleton "Lit" Daniel Rogers(1886-1943) & *1st Wife, Margaret "Maggie" Welch Rogers

(1886-1918)  *Died in a house fire from smoke inhalation.

GERALD  LEE  ROGERS(73)  2-4-1941  to  12-26-2014 *ob

*S/of  Littleton "Lit" Daniel Rogers(1886-1943)  & *3rd Wife, Berdie I. Slaughter Rogers

(1900-1954)       *Survived by  Wife/of  55 yrs  Nancy Nesbitt Rogers


LITTLETON  DANIEL  ROGERS  12-7-1886  to  5-3-1943

*S/of  Daniel Webster Rogers(1861-1936) & Viola Ann Lawrence Rogers1867-1961)

*Age 56 yrs *MM     *Spouses: *1st  Margaret "Maggie" Welch(1886-1918)

*2nd Minnie Thelma Slaughter(1909-1931)  *3rd Birdie I. Slaughter(1900-1954)

MARGARET  "MAGGIE"  WELCH  ROGERS   1886  to  1918

*D/of  John Wesley Welch, Sr.(1854-1923) & Catherine Elizabeth Byrd(1859-1929)

*1st  Wf/of  Littleton Daniel Rogers (1886-1943)


*D/of  Beverly Randall Slaughter(1864-1928) & Nancy Belle Goley Slaughter(1882-1937)

*2nd  Wife/of  Littleton Daniel Rogers(1886-1943) (Tillie died of Typhoid Fever)  *ob

BIRDIE  I.  SLAUGHTER  ROGERS  2-28-1900  to  6-20-1954 

*D/of  Beverly Randall Slaughter(1864-1928) & Nancy Belle Goley Slaughter(1882-1937)

*3rd Wife/of  Littleton Daniel Rogers(1886-1943) ( Birdie  *Age 24 yrs-2 mos-22 days)


"OLA"  OCEOLA  L. ROGERS   5-30-1858  to  10-30-1934  

*D/of  Elisha Rogers (1801-1892) & Rachel Susanna McCullar Rogers(1825 GA -1904 AR)


ALEXANDER "ALEX" ARTHUR  SANDIFER   5-20-1881  to  4-11-1943

*Md: 1909 Union Co.,AR  

LAURACIE  ESTELLE  LAWRENCE  SANDIFER  3-9-1882  to  7-28-1973

*D/of  John Waller Lawrence(1843-1927) & Oceola Lee Rogers Lawrence(1858-1934)


DORA  MAE  SANDIFER  9-6-1911  to  10-3-1916

*D/of  Alexander Arthur Sandifer(1881-1943) & Lauracie Lawrence Sandifer (1882-1973)


DOROTHY  IRENE  STEWART  SANDIFER(78) 11-30-1934  to  7-24-2013 *ob

*D/of  Walter Gordon Stewart(1896-1986) & Lena Jane Dollarhide Stewart(1905-1960)

*Husband, the late John Sandifer


JOEL  ALEXANDER  SANDIFER   8-17-1915  to  2-21-1916

*S/of  Alexander Arthur Sandifer(1881-1943) & Lauracie Estelle Lawrence Sandifer(1882-1973)


JOHN  W.  SANDIFER    12-26-1919  to  5-25-2004 *ob


LAWRENCE  SANDIFER   3-9-1882  to  7-28-1973


MARY  DETTE  SANDIFER   9-8-1918  to 7-5-1919

*S/of  Alexander Arthur Sandifer(1881-1943) & Lauracie Estelle Lawrence Sandifer(1882-1973)



ANDRE   DANIEL  SLAUGHTER   1-1-1915  to  10-16-1919

*S/of  Beverly Randall Slaughter(1864-1928) &  Nancy Belle Goley (1882-1937) 


BEVERLY  RANDALL  SLAUGHTER  10-23-1864  to  3-31-1928

" Father "  *S/of  John Kimbrough Slaughter(1813-1895) & Louisa Harrell(1825-1867)

NANCY  BELLE  GOLEY SLAUGHTER  10-15-1882  to  5-29-1937

" Mother"  *D/of John Goley(1843-1915) & Mary Jane Pate Goley(1848-1925)


FLOYD  C.  SLAUGHTER (61)  8-4-1953  to  4-17-2015  *OB

*S/of  Thomas Monroe Slaughter & Ruth Lee Pittman Slaughter  *Wife, Rachael


GENA  BELLE  "JEANNIE"  SLAUGHTER  8-23-1907  to  1-18-1923

*D/of  Beverly Randall Slaughter(1864-1928) &  Nancy Belle Goley Slaughter (1882-1937) 


Infant SLAUGHTER  died April 1940  *S/of  Mr. & Mrs. A.R. Slaughter

Infant  SLAUGHTER  died 10-7-1944  *S/of Mr. & Mrs. A.R. Slaughter


JERRY  D.  SLAUGHTER   11-23-1969  to  1-15-2005   *ob


MARVIN  ANDREW  SLAUGHTER   5-7-1917  to  4-15-1992

*S/of  Beverly Randall Slaughter(1864-1928) & Nancy Belle Goley Slaughter(1882-1937)

*Md: 1940 Union Co., AR


2-26-2008    *D/of  Lonzy Harris & Eunice Inez Slater Harris    *ob


MILEY  B.  “MILEBEE”  GOLEY  SLAUGHTER   5-15-1905  to  2-10-1969

*S/of  Beverly Randall Slaughter(1864-1928) &  Nancy Belle Goley  Slaughter(1882-1937) 

*Age 63 yrs- 8 mos-25 days  (b:5-16-1905)   *MM


THOMAS   MONROE  "TOM"  SLAUGHTER   8-1-1919  to  12-9-1996

*S/of  Beverly Randall Slaughter(1864-1928) &  Nancy Belle Goley  Slaughter(1882-1937) 

* Md:1940, Union Co., AR  RUTH  PITTMAN  SLAUGHTER (1923 - 2004)


Infant twin daughters   SMITH   born & died 4-24-1927


REESE “REECY” DELSON  SMITH    11-7-1901  to  7-12-1945 

*H/of  Lillie Rogers   *Md: 1922 Union Co.,AR

LILLIE  ROGERS SMITH   1-2-1904  to  3-7-1990  

*D/of  Daniel Webster Rogers(1861-1936) & Viola Ann Lawrence Roge(1867-1961)


LENA  MARIE  STOCKS  6-19-1920  to  6-23-1920 

*D/of  Francis  Harris Stocks(1898-1987)  &  Gertrude Goley  Stocks Webb(1902-1934)


Infant STRICKLAND  b  &  d  1946 

*Child of  James Wesley Strickland & Annie Marie Pyles Strickland


JAMES WESLEY  STRICKLAND(46)  4-24-1898  to  9-25-1944

*S/of  Lycurges Salkirk Strickland(1873-1956) & Hattie Lucretia Hunt Strickland (1883- ?)

*H/of Annie Marie Pyles      *Md: 5/5/1938 Union Co., AR

ANNIE  MARIE  PYLES  STRICKLAND  9-25-1924  to  4-10-1946

*D/of Elzie Franklin Pyles(1879-1952) & Minnie Lee Goley Pyles(1892-1981)

*Wf/of  James Wesley Strickland


3 graves marked with large stones


IDA  RUTH  “RUTHIE  TEMPLE”   3-7-1909  to  7-7-1912

*D/of  Thomas Tobias Temple(1884-1952)  &  Julia Annie Margarine Hogg Temple (1887 - ?) 



ALLEN  M.  WATSON   5-22-1918 LA  to  1-15-1944 AR

*S/of  Elizabeth Clawson Watson (1884-1973)

* TX  Pvt   CAC -  WW II  (Military marker)


ELIZABETH  "LIZZIE"  CLAWSON  WATSON   12-22-1884  to  12-2-1973TX

*D/of John Hines Clawson(1845-1926)  & Maria Eucebia Lawrence Clawson(1844-1932)


GEORGE  WASHINGTON  WOOD  1854  to  1904  

*Md: 1892 Union Co., AR   Margaret Luvinia “Lou” Goley    (*MM Proctor Funeral Home)

MARGARET  LUVINIA  “LOU” GOLEY WOOD   9-12-1872  to 1-19-1947 

*D/of John Goley (1843-1915)  &  Mary Jane Pate Goley(1848-1925)

*74 yrs-4 mos -7 days   (*Died Camden, Ouachita Co., AR    *MM- not found in 1991)

*Wf/of George Washington Wood


LOU  WOOD  1868  to  1943  (*MM  Proctor Funeral Home)


PEARL  WOOD    9-7-1901 to  10-14-1938  

* D/of  George Washington Wood(1854-1904)  & Margaret Luvinia “Lou” Goley Wood(1872-1947)

*37 yrs-1 mo-7 days  (b:9-7-1901)  old marker    (*MM  Proctor Funeral Home)


ROBERT  WOOD  1900 to  1900  ( *MM  Proctor Funeral Home)

*Infant S/of  George Washington Wood(1854-1904)  & Margaret Luvinia “Lou” Goley Wood(1872-1947)


*Miscellaneous Pate marriages:

GATSEY  PATE  -  JOHN PROFFITT  10-14-1874  Calhoun Co., AR

LEWIS  PATE (21)  -  ALICE FRANCES TURNER (21)  11-18-1868  Calhoun Co., AR

MARTHA E. PATE  -  GEORGE W. NEWTON  11-9-1873  Calhoun Co., AR


JOSIAH  PATE  -  N. K. PAYNE  1888  Union Co., AR  Book H  Page 042