Est. ca 1898


*Please note there are two “Poole Cemeteries”,

the smaller / older one follows at the end of this one.

This cemetery is referred to as the “Thomas P. Poole Family Cemetery, because

his young daughter, Irene Poole (1884-1898) was the first person buried here.

The smaller one is referred to locally as the “Strong” POOLE Cemetery.


Thomas  P. Poole Cemetery, (aka New London Poole Cemetery) Union County, Arkansas

From a canvass done October 28, 1991 by Violet and Ralph O. Weldon.  Cemetery is fenced

& well maintained.    Copied April 21, 2004.   *Added  Josh & J.G. Gilliam; also 4 Poole names

to un-named markers. Info provided by Nora M. Johnson  6/16/2005-2007.  Updated June 2009.

New survey Oct 30, 2012.   Final update September 2017  Janice Holzer



*ARDI   death date from Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950

*SSDI   birth or death dates from Social Security Death Index

*MM    indicates Mortuary Marker

*WOW   Woodman of the World Marker

*OB     some or all info from Obituary




Infant  BALL  d:1934

*Child of Willie Lawson Ball(1903-1981) & Pamela Agerton Ball(1907-1992)



EMERY  RALPH  CALAWAY  11-22-1930  to  12-13-1994

*S/of  Noel Kenny Calaway(1902-1996) & Lillian Nichols Calaway(1904-1936)

*Tad confusing:  Double marker with Emery listed on it and the below Margaret

Collman Calaway.  However, an obituary appeared in the El Dorado News-Times

11/25/2014 for Sharon Lynne Groff Calaway (78) as the wife of Emery Ralph Callaway.

Sharon is buried at Rest Haven Memorial Gardens, Union Co., AR.

&  MARGARET  COLLMAN  CALAWAY  5-4-1924  *One date 



REBECCA  SUE  CATES   7-22-1967  to  5-7-2009



NADINE  POOLE  CRISP (74)  3-1-1942  to  2-19-2017   *OB

*D/of  Johnie Raymond Poole(1910-1986)  & Josie Lucille Hogue Poole(1917-1998)

*Obituary gives father’s first name as James Raymond



HARRY  GILLIAM    1-28-1927  to  9-2-1942

*D: Chicot County, AR   *Mortuary marker is stuck in the ground by headstone.


JAMES  GILLIAM   1940  to  2001  *Hanner MM  

*James mortuary marker is stuck in the ground right next to Beatrice Poole's headstone.


J. G.  GILLIAM   8-13-1925  to  6-27-1943


JOSH  GILLIAM    11-21-1895  to  3-22-1982 

*H/of  Beatrice Poole Gilliam    *Md:1924 Union Co., AR

*US Navy  S-2   WW I    *Remains of old MM by his tombstone

BEATRICE  POOLE  GILLIAM   8-18-1902  to  11-29-1964

*D/of  Thomas Greenhow Poole(1878-1958) & Alice Cora Johnson Poole(1879-1942)

*Wife of Josh Gilliam(1895-1982)  *Md:1924 Union Co., AR

*Mortuary marker is stuck in ground next to headstone




BERNICE  HARTIEL  HILL   9-15-1911  to  10-21-1913

*D/of  Vernon M. Hill(1889-1918) & Velma Johnson Hill(1891-1913)

"Only Sleeping"


VELMA  JOHNSON  HILL (21)    2-11-1891  to  1-21-1913

*1st  Wf/of  Vernon M. Hill(1889-1918)   "Her Memory Is Blessed"



ELLIS  H.  JOHNSON    9-8-1851GA  to  9-10-1922AR  "Father"

*H/of  Matilda Munford Johnson    (Mason)

"Kind father of love, thou art gone thy rest. Forever to bask mid the joys of the blest"

& MATILDA MUNFORD JOHNSON 6-3-1861 to 1-21-1901 "Mother"  

*D/of Moses Johnston Munford (1814 SC) & Harriet Minerva Wallace Munford (1822 SC)     

*Both probably died  in Union Co. AR;

*Harriet M. Munford buried in George Chapel Cemetery. No marker or grave site found. 

"Rest, mother rest in quiet sleep,  While friends in sorrows o'er thee weep."


J. R.  JOHNSON    8-15-1888  to  10-8-1915

*S/of Ellis H. Johnson(1851-1922) & Matilda Munford Johnson(1861-1901)

"The Precious One From Us Is Gone"



CARLTON  POOLE    4-28-1936  to  3-20-1952 

*S/of  Johnie Raymond Poole(1910-1986)  &  Josie Lucille Hogue Poole(1917-1998)

"Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"


HUEY  LONG  POOLE (78) 2-24-1934  to  10-09-2012  *ob 

*S/of  Johnie Raymond Poole(1910-1986)  & Josie Lucille Hogue Poole(1917-1998)

*Wf/of  53 yrs, Joette  B. Poole   *Vet-Korea     (2012 – Perry's  MM)


IRENE  POOLE   8-6-1884  to  9-10-1898  

*D/of  Thomas Peter Poole(1838-1900) &  Leah Cleopatra Wasson Poole (1845-1902)

*First person buried in this cemetery.


JAMES  C.  "Jim"  POOLE (90)  8-16-1917  to  2-20-2008  

"Rest In Peace"   *Young's  MM


JESSE  LEE  POOLE (80)  6-22-1933  to  1-27-2014  *OB

*S/of  John Wasson Poole(1888-1964) & Rosa Lee Benford Poole(1893-1951) 

*Retired from Anthony Forestry~Mechanic, Shop Foreman.  *Late wife, Claudette Poole


JOHNIE  RAYMOND  POOLE   2-2-1910  to  5-13-1986

*S/of  Thomas Greenhow Poole(1878-1958) & Alice Cora Johnson Poole(1879-1942) 

*Md:3/17/1931  "A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

&   LUCILLE  HOGUE  POOLE   10-28-1917  to  1-2-1998

*D/of  John P. Hogue(1884-1938) & Julia Ellen Williams Hogue McCauley(1893-1974)


MARGARET  CLAUDETTE "Sam"  POOLE  11-29-1930  to  1-9-1998

"We Love You Forever Mamaw"


ROSIE  LEE  BENFORD  POOLE  1893  to  1951

*D/of  Talitha Manning  Benford Price(1865-1962)& Bloomer T. Benford

*Wf/of  John Wasson Poole(1888-1964)


THOMAS  GREENHOW  POOLE   9-21-1878  to  2-15-1958

*S/of  Thomas Peter Poole(1838-1900) &  Leah Cleopatra Wasson Poole(1845-1902)

*Md:1/31/1897  Alice Cora Johnson

&  ALICE  CORA  JOHNSON  POOLE  1-7-1879  to  5-29-1942  

*Wife of Thomas Greenhow Poole  "Gone But Not Forgotten"


{THOMAS} "TOM"  PETE  POOLE   7-5-1914  to  12-15-1991

*S/of  Thomas Greenhow Poole(1878-1958) & Alice Cora Johnson Poole(1879-1942) 

 *PFC  US Army  WW II        *Md:3/9/1950  Clara Hogue   Chicot Co.,AR

 *Tom Pete on headstone.  "In Loving Memory"    *No children from this union

&  CLARA  HOGUE  POOLE (82)  12-16-1914  to  2-8-1997

*D/of  Tom B. Hogue(b:ca 1875 AR) & Amma Gatsy Coleman Hogue(1892-1984)

*Wife of  Thomas "Tom" Pete Poole   *Md: 3/9/1950 Chicot Co., AR

*She also has  Rumph-Owers MM


THOMAS  PETER  POOLE   3-2-1838 GA  to  4-17-1900

*S/of  Hardy Keele Poole (1802-1873) & Sarah Davis Phillips Poole (1815-1863)

*H/of  Leah Cleopatra Wsasson Poole      (Mason)

LEAH  CLEOPATRA WASSON POOLE  9-7-1845  to  1-9-1902

 *D/of  Henrietta Jane Greenshaw (1825-1868) & William W. Wasson(1814-1889)

*Wf/of  Thomas Peter Poole  "My Mother's Grave"    *Leah's headstone broken

 "On that bright immortal shore We shall meet to part no more."


WILLIAM  WALTER  POOLE   4-30-1908  to  3-10-1985

 *S/of  Thomas Greenhow Poole(1878-1958) &  Alice Cora Johnson Poole(1879-1942)

*Bailey  MM    "Gone But Not Forgotten"


JACQUELINE  NADINE  SANDERS  8-20-1987  to  2-2-2010

*Granddaughter of Nadine Poole Crisp (1942-2017)   *OB

"Our Beloved Daughter"     

&  KENNETH   H.  WEST  1-6-1958  to  7-8-2006

*S/of  Nadine Poole Crisp (1942-2017)   "Our Loving Son"




*7 photos follow of the above cemetery.

 Then the listing of the smaller “STRONG

POOLE  Cemetery” .















Back in March 2007, Nora Poole Johnson shared 7 tombstone

photos with me.  Some of these are posted below along with some of

my own.

Irene daughter of T.P. & Leah Poole.

First person to be buried in cemetery.

Matilda & Ellis H. Johnson

2007-Leah Poole's broken headstone.


(Thomas Peter Poole)











              J. R. Johnson




Est. ca 1897

Near Strong, Union County, Arkansas


This cemetery canvassed by Violet &  Ralph O. Weldon, October 30, 1991.

Cemetery is located in heavy under growth, near Pagan Road which runs between

North Road & Phelps Road.  The cemetery is across the road from the old Parker

home site.  Copied April 20, 2004.     Janice Holzer

Updated  June 2009.  Unsuccessful in finding it in October 2012.   Last update 2017.

*Check at end for more directions.




ROBERT  D.  CARTER   2-8-1893  to  8-26/28-1897  

*S/of  R. T. &  B. A. Carter  *Very difficult to read.  “Gone but not forgotten”


EMMA  HUGHES   (no dates) 1900-1900 

*Infant D/of  Mary Drucella Parker Hughes(1884-1952) & William Henry Hughes(1876-1962)

*Mother, Mary Drucella Parker, sister to  Thomas, Wesley and Briscoe Parker.

*Emma was the granddaughter of Jessie Henry Parker & Susan Asenith Lambert Parker

(from a family member)  *Homemade concrete headstone by her brother Jessie H. Hughes(1912-1988).

Infant   HUGHES   b &  d  1900,  age about 2 mos. *May be the same infant.?


OLLIE  L.  MASSEY   died  5-11-1961   *Age 71yrs-7 mos-19 dys

*MM  Barton Funeral Home Marker  ?Speculation:  may be Olis Massey, H/of Eva Massey

*This mortuary marker, from Barton Funeral Home, of El Dorado,  is no longer readable.


ADA  CLEMINTINE  GLASS  PARKER (27) 6-1-1873  to  3-14-1900

*D/of Lillie Ann Stough Mullins (1850-1939TX ) &  *Md: 1st husband,1871, William S. Glass. 

*Lillie's spouses: (1st ) 1871, Wm S Glass (2nd ) Jessie Coleman (3rd) Jas Harvey Ables (4th)John Mullins

*Ada md: 2/03/1893, Calhoun Co., AR;  John  Jefferson Parker(1873-1958)  *Parents of 4 children.

*William Henry 12/9/1893 ~ Lillie Arshula 2/11/1895 ~ Susie Marcenia 4/3/1896 ~ Lucy Mae 2/5/1899

JOHN  JEFFERSON  PARKER  2-26-1873AR   to  4-26-1958 AR

*S/of Jessie Henry Parker(1849-1928) &  Susan Asenith Lambert Parker(1854-1929)

*John md:  *1st wife, 2/2/1893 Calhoun Co., AR ~Ada Clementine Glass Parker(1873-1900)

*John md: *2nd wife,  6/28/1905 Union Co., AR ~ Lottie Poole Parker (1873-1950) 

*Lottie & John parents of 3 children: Sallie ~ Eva Lee ~ Jeffie Parker

  They later moved to Yell County, Arkansas. *Buried in Aly Cemetery, Yell Co., AR


BRISCO  PARKER    (no dates)  *Grave originally marked with wooden cross.

*S/of Jessie Henry Parker(1849-1928) & Susan Asenith Lambert Parker(1854-1929)

*A homemade concrete marker has been made for Briscoe *B: 1880 AR   died young.


THOMAS  PARKER   B: 1875 AR  D: unk

*S/of Jessie Henry Parker(1849-1928) & Susan Asenith Lambert Parker(1854-1929)

*Buried along side his sister-in-law, Ada C. Glass Parker

*Homemade marker made of cement.



WESLEY  PARKER  ( no dates)  *Grave marked with wooden cross.

* From family files:

*S/of Jessie Henry Parker(1849-1928) & Susan Asenith Lambert Parker(1854-1929)

  Wesley was born Aug 1894 & died Dec 31, 1915.  He can be found on the 1900

  Federal Census in Harrison Twsp., Union Co., Arkansas with his parents.

*Homemade marker made of cement.


W.W. C./G.   *Broken headstone, unreadable. 

*Foot stone with initials only.  Beside the grave of Robert D. Carter/Garter.



*14  wooden  crosses marking graves with no names or dates


The following information furnished by Betty Reeves:

The crosses were made by Jessie Henry Hughes.


The following persons are buried in the cemetery in unmarked graves.


TOM  PARKER   *Speculation: d:2-10-1921  Union Co., AR  *ARDI



*Speculation:  Eliza  R. Branch  d:6-30-1925  Bradley Co., AR  *ARDI










Directions to cemetery:

(In 2012, I was unable to find this cemetery. Janice Holzer)  

I later found these old directions and comments in my  personal files written by   Imogene Priddy Parker, in Feb 2004..

Going from the East side of Strong, Arkansas on Highway 82 go east approximately 5 miles. Turn left (north) onto Jones Lake Road and follow this road for about 2.6 miles and then turn left (north) onto Phelps Road. This road takes you by Ebenezer Presbyterian Church and Ebenezer Cemetery.. After passing the cemetery and church go about 1.2 miles and turn right (east) onto Pagan Road (unpaved road) and go about 1 mile. The Poole cemetery is located on the left (north) side of the road in a clump of trees. It is marked with a new sign that should be visible from the road. There are at least 20 visible graves in this cemetery. Most graves are marked with wooden crosses with no names. 


*Ada C. Glass Parker, (1873-1900)  Wife of J. J. Parker

(Imogene Parker) *This is my grandmother. A new stone replaced the original broken stone. The new stone was placed in May 2001 in front of the broken one that was left standing. The old stone had the inscription, "Sleeping In Jesus".. Ada's husband was a brother to the other Parkers buried in the Poole Cemetery (Thomas, Wesley, and Brisco).

J.J. (John Jefferson) Parker's parents were Jessie Henry Parker and Susan Asenith Lambert.


Photo taken in 2001.


Est. ca 1897