Est. ca 1916

This cemetery is located in Union County, Arkansas, south west of

El Dorado.  It was canvassed in March 1989 by Lillian McGowen & Shirley Dollar.
Updated October 1991 by Violet and Ralph O. Weldon.

Extracted from Union County, Arkansas Cemetery book, Volume Two.

April 2004.  Updated April 2006 & took photos.  Updated  Oct 2011.

*Last updated January 2015  Janice  Holzer


*MM  abbreviation for a funeral marker, when there is no monument

*OB  indicates info taken from El Dorado News-Times newspaper obituary

*Use of the symbol  "&" indicates a double headstone



Un-named  Infant     B  &  D  8-20-1917

"Our Darling"


LILLIAN  HILL BANKSTON 1893 MO  to  1-2-1947

*Wife of  Al W. Bankston (b:ca 1885 TN)  

*Age 54 yrs    (On the 1961 canvass, but not found in 1989)



EVERLYN  ROLAND  BEAN (58)  10-1-1956  to  6-16-2015

Everlyn Roland Bean , 58, of Hope, AR, died in Omaha, Neb.



GEORGE  HAROLD  BECK  6-10-1886  to  May 30, 1942

*George was H/of  Mae C. Neill Beck (b: ca 1900) *Md: 1915 Phillips Co. AR 

Age 52 yrs-11 mos-10 dys  (On 1961 canvass, but not found in 1989)



W. A.  BYROM  (No dates)  (On 1961 canvass, but not there in 1989)



Z. A.  ARNOLD  CARSTAIRS(73)  8-19-1916  to  2-28-1990  

*In 1938, Union Co., AR,  Z.A. Arnold  md: Dwight Alden Partin(1911-1985)of Shreveport, LA

*Inscription:   "Mother of Colleen Rainwater-Dwight Alden Partin, Jr."(1940-2009)

 (*MM Rump-Owens  )



E.  CLIFFORD  (No dates)   Age 52 yrs.

 (on 1961 canvass, but not found in 1989)


(O.E.)OWEN  EUGENE CLIFFORD 9-1-1868  to  11-3-1920

*H/of  Elva May Bunker Clifford(1869-1953)buried Live Oak Memorial Park,

Monrovia, Los Angeles County, CA

"Our Father"  *Broken laying flat on ground sunk into the ground with only

the following visible (2011)  Cliffor_    __pt 1, 1868  ?___  3, 1920




5-22-1924   "Our Beloved Mother"    "At Rest With God"

*D/of  Martha V. Henslee(1836 GA-1907 TX) & John Thomas Payne(18361 AL-1898 TX)  

*Wf/of  John Larance Crowson 7/9/1873  to  7/22/1950 buried Kilgore City Cemetery, TX


JOHN  LAWRENCE  CROWSON  7-9-1907  to  8-19-1922

*S/of  James Larance Crowson(1873-1950) & Addie Edith Payne Crowson(1879-1924)



CHARLES  ERNEST  DAILEY   7-23-1924  to  7-23-1924

*S/of  John Thomas Dailey(1897-1957)  &  Annie Mae Blalock Dailey(1901-1965) 

(homemade concrete marker)



LESSIE  DeVORE    1912  to  1930

*Lessie  md:  J.W. Blunt 3/21/1930 Union Co., AR   *J.W. Blunt born about 1901 LA.

(homemade concrete marker)



Infant  DODSON  died  6-5-1943  "Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"

 *S/of  R. H.  &  Syble  Dodson



VIRGINIA  LOIS  ELLIOTT     B &  D   12-25-1942 

*D/of  Mr. &  Mrs. Willard  Elliott



CECELIA  MAE  EPPERSON(59)  3-13-1955  to  12-7-2014 *OB

*Cecelia Mae of Ozan, AR died Hope, AR  *Husband, Eddie Ray Epperson of Texas City, TX.



LENA  BAKER  EVANS   8-1-1904  to  4-14-1992

*D/of  William James Baker(1861-1945) & Mary Ann Baker(1867-1946)

"In Loving Memory"



CLIFFORD  J.  GAYTON, Jr. (54)   4-2-1960  to  1-22-2015*OB

*Born in Los Angeles. Member of Galilee Baptist Chruch.  Lived & died in Texarkana, AR

*Father of 5 surviving children.



DELLA  MARIE  HASKINS(76) 12-27-1926 CA to  10-29-2003

*D/of  William Harley Haskins(1887-1947) & Carrie Roark Haskins(1894-1970)

*Age 76  *MM    "Beloved Auntie"


MARGIE  CLARA  HASKINS   11-29-1920  to  2-18-1935

*D/of  William Harley Haskins(1887-1947) & Carrie Roark Haskins(1894-1970)

"She's Safe At Home"


WILLIAM  HARLEY  HASKINS   8-18-1887  to  7-28-1947 

*H/of  Carrie Roark

&  CARRIE  ROARK  HASKINS  7-21-1894 LA  to  11-19-1970 AR

*D/of  James Monroe Roark(1862-1948) & Mattie M. Crawford Roark(1872-1898)

"Each Duty Done, They Rest In Peace"


WILLIE  JEAN  HASKINS  11-11-1935  to  11-12-1935   

*Infant D/of  William Harley Haskins(1887-1947) & Carrie Roark Haskins(1894-1970)



Infant  HOWELL    12-21-1928  to  12-23-1928  

*S/of  H.C.  &  L.E.  Howell



JASON  AYLMER  EUGENE  JACKSON 1-7-1912  to  12-25-1992

*S/of  Lewis Walker Jackson(1886-1955) & Mary Alice Irwin Jackson(1896-1970) 

*Md:12/14/1932      *PFC  US Army  WW II

&  IDA E.  WARREN  JACKSON   3-25-1907  to  5-27-1990

*D/of  James S. Warren(1868-1952) & Nannie E. Warren(1870-1925)

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"



BRICE  LAFAYETTE (81)  6-8-1934  &  10-1-2015 *OB

*Resident of Fulton, AR. Born in McNab, AR



Infant  LOWERY    died November ______ 

( on 1961 canvass, but not found in 1989)



DOYLE  GUY  LUCKY   3-25-1916  to  3-6-2007

*S/of  Bessie Adams Lucky(1897 TX-1917 TX)  & Carl Guy Lucky(1893-1963)

*Spouses: *1st Md: 1936, Union Co.,AR~ Annie Margaret Tubbs(b:ca 1920 LA)

*2nd Md: Melba G. Pope

"It's Been A Wonderful Life"

MELBA  G.  POPE  LUCKY (70) 7-18-1935  to  6-12-2006 

 *D/of  Aaron Pope  & Eula Mae Goley Pope Gardner (1914-1965)  *OB

*Eula Mae md: *1st in 8/3/1935 Aaron Pope(1905-1992)   

* 2nd  8/3/1944  Union Co., AR  Homer Montgomery *3rd md: Wrenyard Gardner 

*Eula Mae Goley Pope Gardner  buried in Pate Cemetery, Union Co., AR

*Melba  Wf/of  Doyle G. Lucky    "A Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend"



(EDDIE  ?)   McCARTY   died   ____18, 1931 

(on 1961 canvass, but not found in 1989)



CANDIS VIOLA SMITH  McLEOD  12-18-1910 TX  to  2-28-1929

*D/of  George Jefferson Smith & Lucinda Alexander Smith Lee

*Candis died shortly after giving birth to twins. The female twin may have lived.

*1ST Md:  Steven Peter McLeod(1905-1955)  buried in Caledonia Baptist Cemetery

 (W.E.) WILLIAM  EUGENE  McLEOD   2-26-1928  to  6-3-1928

*S/of  Candis Viola Smith McLeod(1910-1929)  &  Steven Peter McLeod(1905-1955)

*William along with his mother, died shortly after his birth. He was a twin & it is

believed by some descendants that the other twin was a female & survived.



RICHARD  WAYNE  McGOOGAN    4-24-1949  to  11-3-1949

*Baby and marker moved to Scotland Cemetery



BUDDIE  MOSS  1927 ~ died  11-14-1927 

*Infant S/of  Jonathan Vesper Moss(1882-1957) & Martha Florence Lunsford




Infant  PHILLIPS   died  3-29-1936 

( on 1961 canvass, not found in 1989)



JACKIE  LEE  PLUMLEE(23) 10-21-1958  to  6-6-1982

"Blessed Are The Peace Makers"



INFANT  SHEPHERD  b  &  d  8-20-1917

"Our Darling"  "Gone to a bright home where grief ?____ cannot come"


NELLIE  SHEPHERD      B  &  D  6-6-1918 

"Our Darling"       "Gone to Be An Angel" 



MARY  ANN  SMITH   b  &  d   10-25-1941  *Infant

*Baby Girl   (on 1961 canvass, not found in 1989)



TEDDY  JOE  SPEARS   3-7-1938  to  4-22-1990

*S/of  Grayson L. Spears(1900-1969) & Lillian R. Spears(1905-1972)  

*Md:9/29/1961   "Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  LYNELL  JACKSON  SPEARS    12-11-1935  (One date)



LARRY  ROBERT  STUARD    8-13-1951  to  12-19-1995 

*U.S. Army  Vietnam     "Beloved Son Rest In Peace"  *Photo imbedded


ROBERT  J.  STUARD  5-28-1930  to  6-28-1993

*S/of Lucille Bowlin Stuard Viner(b:ca 1908 Bradley Co.,AR)  & Robt D. Stuard(1904-1939)


&  BEATRICE  DAWSON  STUARD   5-11-1932  (One date)



JOE  HENRY  THOMPSON   11-21-1939  (One date)

*Md:12/20/1963     "Sheltered In His Arms"

&   ANNIE  E.  BROWN  THOMPSON  2-22-1942 (One date)



VERA I. CHAPMAN  TURLINGTON    1903  to  11-3-1939

*This tombstone has sunk into the ground where only her birth year

& name are visible.  *Wife of  William Harvey Turlington

*WILLIAM "Bill"  HARVEY  TURLINGTON(1898-1968) buried in

Parkers Chapel Church Cemetery.



FRANK  MALCOM  WARD    5-3-1935   to  8-18-1986

*HTC  U.S.  Navy -  Korea  &  Vietnam



ERVIN  YOUNG   11-11-1919  to  9-3-1996 

*S/of  Charles H. Young(1875-1951) & Mary Ann Young(1879-1956)

*US Army  WW II   "Our Daddy"    "Ou r Mama"

*Md: Virginia Goodwin in 1946, Clark Co., AR

&  VIRGINIA  GOODWIN  YOUNG   4-17-1927  (One date)


JERRY  LEE  YOUNG   1-23-1944  to  9-30-2006  


*Many gravesites with no markers or they have old un-readable Mortuary Markers.



Cemetery is located out back of main Church building.