Est. ca 1857

R I P tombstone.jpg

Cemetery located southeast of El Dorado, on

private property in heavy woods. Go east on

Hwy. 82 (aka Strong Hwy.) to Hillsboro Road;

then go south on Hillsboro Road, going toward the

Louisiana state line, for several miles.

The cemetery is located east of the road, in the woods.

I have no further directions or approximate mileage to give.

This cemetery is on private land.

**What is now named Hillsboro Road, was the old

County road, 32; after intersecting with Hibanks Road,

which veers to the west as County Road 32,

continuing south from this intersection,

Hillsboro Rd. (32) became County Road 152.

It continues on due south as County R0ad 152,

now Hillsboro Road all the way to the Louisiana state line.

Hibanks Road runs south off of Hwy. 82 east. In earlier times it

was known as County Road 27, eventually becoming County Road 32.


I have been told by many descendants of this family that this

old cemetery has dwindled to only about a dozen identifiable

tombstones. It was once enclosed by a wrought iron fence.

In 2012, I was told that the wrought iron fence had

disappeared bit by bit, until it was all gone. 

Originally Green Newton once had a huge obelisk tombstone

but many years ago someone came and stole the large obelisk,

leaving only the base.

To date, no one knows what became of it.

Vandals have struck several times, leaving behind evidence

of digging and the damaging of other tombstones.

If you are a descendant of this cemetery and would like to

know more, you might wish to contact Ronnie & Carol Tillman

at  Ronnie has several relatives, ancestors

buried here & has lived in the area all his life.


The canvass information posted here was taken from

"Cemeteries Union County, Arkansas, Book 2"

published by the Union County Genealogical Society.

The original source of this info was unknown.   

[Misc. Newton Marriages listed at end]



GEORGE  BUSHMAN   1883  to  1923


ELIZABETH  JANE  NEWTON   6-8-1813  to  11-2-1860 

*Md: 2/18/1830


ROBERT D. NEWTON   1846 to 1916

"Our brother & sister with him"


SUSAN ELIZABETH NEWTON  7-27-1848  to  10-11-1895

*Speculation: Robert D. Newton, Union Co.,AR to Miss Sudie Marrable,

age 22, Union Co.,AR ... July 21, 1870/by J.P. Everett,MG Missionary

Baptist Church. (Book C-177)


EMILY G. NEWTON  TATUM   8-1-1831  to  11-2-1860

*Age 17 yrs-1 mo-7 dys   *D/of Green & Jane Newton.

*Wife of, JOHN B. TATUM.  *Md: 11/19/1846 Union Co., AR (Book A-page 003)

*Married by C.B. Landers, Minister of Primitive Baptist Church.

*Consent of parties and parents.



*Note: The published list included Harrell Newton, William"Billie" Baker

Newton, & Penelope Newton (2 yr old child).  This is incorrect because these

three were buried in the Harrell Newton cemetery, located over 12 miles north west

of the Green Newton Cemetery.  As of 2006, the Harrell Newton cemetery has been

destroyed & the 3 tombstones removed to Woodlawn Cemetery in El Dorado.



*Miscellaneous NEWTON marriages in Union County, between 1862-1906.


Miscellaneous "NEWTON" Marriages


Miss  ALICE NEWTON, 27, Union Co., AR  to  JOHN HAYDEN THOMAS, 37,

Pine Bluff, AR.  By  Thomas M. Boyd MG  Presbyterian Church  Nov 10,1870.  (C-186)


DAVID NEWTON, 21, Lisbon, Union Co., AR  to Miss JOSAPHINE BURNS, 18,

Lisbon, Union Co., Arkansas    July 4, 1878, by Thomas J. Lary, JP.  

Security Isaac Holmes.  (D-408)


Miss  E. E. NEWTON, 22, Union Co., AR to  Mr. J.W.  COLLINS, 21, Union Co., AR.

By J.P. Everitt, MG Missionary Baptist Church  Oct 6, 1870  (C-181)


Mrs. ELIZABETH NEWTON, 20, Union Co., AR to JOHN A. KNOX, 23,

By  O.F. Bolding, MG ~ Aug 24, 1870,  at the residence of Mr. Allin Martin   (C-177).


E.M.  NEWTON,20, Hillsboro, Union Co., AR to Miss BETTIE BARKLAY,24,Dilola,

Union Co., AR.  By C.D. McSwain, Dec 27, 1893.  C.M. Tucker security.

C.W. Hearin, Esqr. Please let Ernest have license to marry.  Your friend, R.D. Newton"


EMILY NEWTON to  JOHN TATUM  Nov 19, 1846, by C.B. Landers, Minister of

Primitive Baptist Church.  Consent of Parties & parents. (A-003)


EMMA  NEWTON, 15, Union Co., AR  to GEORGE HOLCOMBE, 19, Union Co., AR.

By William S. Lacy   Nov 21, 1865  (B-329)


FANNIE  NEWTON, 20, Aurelle, Union Co., AR to H.G. Green, 24, Hillsboro, Union

Co., AR.   By  T.W. Williams  Feb 6, 1908.   I.G. Green security. (P-599)


FRANCES  NEWTON, 15, Union Co., AR  to  NATHAN BUSSEY, 27, Union Co.,

AR.  By J.C.L. Aikin, MG of Methodist Episcopal Church South  May 30,1855. (B-126)


GEORGE  NEWTON, 51, El Dorado, Union Co., AR  to  Mrs. A.C. BURROWS,39,

Caledonia, Union Co., AR.  By Lewis B. Hawley  Aug 16,1897.  A.W. Martin security.



G. L. NEWTON, 23, El Dorado, Union Co., AR to Miss LUDIE LOCKHART,23,

El Dorado, Union Co., AR.  By L.B. Hawley  Feb 17,1898.  L.K. McKinney security.


GREEN  NEWTON, Union Co.,AR  to  THIRSA  A.  JONES, Union Co.,AR.

By W.C. Johnson, MG,  Jan 15, 1862.  Both of lawful age.  (B-266)


H. G.  GREEN, 24, Hillsboro, Union Co., AR to Miss FANNIE NEWTON, 20, Aurelle,

Union Co.,AR   by T.W. Williams  6 Feb 1908   I.G. Green security  (P-599)


H.  GREEN  NEWTON,34, El Dorado, Union Co., AR to Miss MINNIE P. NELSON,17,

El Dorado, Union Co., AR.  By John H. Gold, MG  Feb 9, 1888. 

J.E. Bussey security.   (H-047)


I. G.  GREEN, 23, Hillsboro, Union Co to  Miss SUSIE NEWTON, 18, Aurelle, Union Co.,  J.B. Anthony  06 Feb 1908    H.G. Green security   (P-597)


ISAAC NEWTON(over 21) to MARTHA ANN FOWLKES, by consent of parents,

at residence of E.B. Fowlkes;  Dec 28, 1843 by Wm. B. Arnold, Elder, Hempstead Co., AR


ISAAC  W.  NEWTON, 23, Union Co., AR to HENRIETTA L. BROCK, 20, Union

Co., AR.  Md: by J.C.L. Aikin, Minister of Methodist Episcopal Church South.

Mar 4, 1856  at  Lewis Brock's.  (B-151)


I. W.  NEWTON, 32, Union Co., AR to Miss MARY F. TOOKS, 20, Union

Co.,AR.  Md: by  W.E. Hunt, JP   May 13,1866.  (B-353)


JACK  NEWTON, 21, Lisbon, Union Co., AR  to  Miss RHENA CARROLL,18,

Lisbon, Union Co., AR.  Md: by  R.W.  DARDEN, JP  Dec 30, 1880.       

Thomas Roberson security.  (E-344)


JAMES  NEWTON, 24, Cairo, Union Co., AR to Miss LUDIE GREEN, 20, Shuler,

Union Co., AR;  By Rev. M.E. Goodwin  Dec 25, 1899.   (M-023)


JANE  NEWTON,31, Union Co., AR to  STEPHEN  BUSSEY,41,Union Co., AR.

By George W. Wilkins, JP  Mar 6, 1871.  (C-223)


JASPER  NEWTON, 54, Lisbon, Union Co., AR  to  Mrs. HELEN  SIMMS, 25,

Lisbon, Union Co., AR.  By R.B. Buckner, MG  Dec 1,1887.  John  ? security. (G-364)


JESSE NEWTON, 35 yrs 7 mos. to PERMELIA HARRISON, 33 yrs. 3 mos.; 

By Thomas Aaron, MG.  May 21, 1868  Hempstead County, Arkansas.


JOHN  NEWTON, 21, Hillsboro, Union Co., AR to Miss HETTIE WHITE,18,

Hillsboro, Union Co., AR.  By K.W. Williams  Oct 19, 1899.  Joel Smith security


L.D.  NEWTON, 24, Union Co., AR to Miss CALLIE  PRIMM, 19, Union Co., AR.

By James R. Harvey, Minister of Methodist Episcopal Church South  July 15,1869.




28, El Dorado, Union Co., AR.  By  R.B. Buckner, MG  Jan 12, 1893.

C.C. Carroll  security.  (J-129)


LEWIS  NEWTON,25, Lisbon, Union Co., AR  to  Miss LOU VINEY THOMPSON,28,

Union, Union Co., AR.  By Rev. M.E. Goodwin  Jan 1, 1899.  Robert Goodwin security.



Miss  M.A.  NEWTON, Union Co., AR  to  JOHN C. WRIGHT, Union Co., AR.

By Wm. C. Johnson  Mar 29,1859.  Both of lawful age.  (B-209)

(Mary Alabama Newton to John Crowell Wright)


Miss  MARION  E.  NEWTON, 16, Jackson Parish, LA  to   ?  WADE,18, Jackson

Parish, LA. By John P. Everett, Minister of Missionary Baptist Church  Dec 1, 1868.

First name of groom not given.  (C-079)


MARY  F.  NEWTON, 23, Union Co., AR  to  L.E. GIBSON, 31, Union Co., AR.

By  John A. Trevilion, JP  Feb 4,1844.  *Deed Book page A-275.


MARY  VIRGINIA NEWTON, Jackson Twsp., Union Co, AR  to  JOHN A. MEEK,

Jackson Twsp., Union Co.,AR.    By Wm. S. Meek, Minister of Baptist Church 

Jan 11, 1853.    (B-080)


MELVINA  J.  NEWTON, Union Co.,AR  to  SAMUEL A. WRIGHT, 24, Union

Co.,AR.   By  John P. Everett, Minister of Missionary  Baptist Church  Nov 25, 1858. 




LAMAR, 54, Union Co., AR.  By William C. Johnson  Sept 17, 1863.  (B-282)

*O. LAMAR, 68, El Dorado, Union Co.,AR to THYRSA  A.  NEWTON, 53, El Dorado,

Union Co., AR.  Md: by J.M. Hart, MG  11/30/1876.  Security P.G. Craig. (D-170)


Miss  SUSIE NEWTON,18, Aurelle, Union Co., AR to  I.G. GREEN, 23, Hillsboro,

Union Co., AR.    By J.B. Anthony  Feb 6,1908.    H.G. Green security.  (P-597)


W.  B.  NEWTON (probably Wm. Baker)  to PEARL (GOODWIN) PARNELL:

 *W.B. Newton, 45, El Dorado, Union Co., AR to Mrs. Pearl Parnell, 32, El Dorado,

Union Co., Ar. Married by J.F. McKenzie, Dec 20,1906.  T.E. Adams security.  (P-181)