Est. ca 1843

Located about 1 mile Northwest, of Huttig, off State Hwy. 129, Union County, Arkansas.

This survey is a compilation of a survey done by  James T. Mullins in October 6, 1991 and a

survey I did done in April 2003 by Janice Holzer.  The cemetery sits beside the  Baptist church

and is well maintained.   Updated: October 2008 / Feb 2010/   New  Survey June 2011.

Last updated March 2016.   Janice Holzer   jcsh432@gmail.com


Use of the following symbols & their meanings:

"& "  indicates a double headstone.

*ob indicates the info used was taken from Obituary.

*ARDI  indicates some of the death date details were taken from the Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950.

*SSDI  indicates birth & or death dates from Social Security Death Index.

*WOW  indicates the person has a Woodman of the World headstone

*MM  indicates they only have a mortuary marker.



EDWARD  FLOYD  ADAMS    12-29-1900 TX  to  7-27-1948 

&  ANNIE  A.  ADAMS   10-6-1900   to   6-2-1960 


SERENA  ADAMS  5-26-1942  to  7-3-1942

*Infant (no tombstone found 2012)  *Info from family member.

*Buried between her maternal grandparents: Elizabeth Hannible Watkins (Dade) (d:1971)

&  R.A. Warkins who died in 1947. Family intends to have headstone installed.


WILLIAM  EDWARD  ADAMS     1872 GA   to   1-5-1947 AR  *ARDI 

*H/of  Stella Keeth Adams    *Tombstone broken at base

STELLA  J.  KEETH  ADAMS     1-22-1884 TX   to  7-22-1943AR

*D/of  Sylvester Keeth  & Salina Keeth of Texas   *Wf/of  William Edward Adams

“She Died As She Lived A Christian”



ROXIE  I. ALBRITTON    8-23-1891   to  6-12 1905

*D/of  Missouri Ellen Johnston (b:ca 1870) & John W. Albritton (b:ca 1867)



BARBARA  LEE  RUSSELL  ALPHIN (14)   2-23-1952  to  11-24-1990



Infant  ALSTON  b & d  2-27-1886  

*D/of  George Madison Alston(1851-1933) & Frances Ann McCoy Alston(1851-1924)

Infant  ALSTON  b & d  5-8-1878  

*D/of  George Madison Alston(1851-1933) & Frances Ann McCoy Alston(1851-1924)



CHESLEY  HOWARD  ANDREWS   2-11-1878  to  10-25-1939 (Mason)

*S/of  Chesley N. Andrews(b: 1829) & Mary Andrews (b:1853)

*Md: 1918  Ella B. Turrentine – later divorced



THOMAS  CALVIN  ASHCROFT   7-23-1918  to  9-1-1918

*S/of  Cora Omega Bridges (1899-1982)  &  Herman Lawrence Ashcroft(1897-1962)

*Thomas Calvin Ashcroft shares a small headstone with 

“METTIE PHOEBY & CLARA BRIDGES”   *2 infants of Mr. & Mrs. James Calvin  Bridges



JAMES  RICHARD  BALL   1-20-1941  to  7-14-2000 LA 

*Md:6/10/1958    “Someday We Will Be Together”

&  PATRICIA  BOLDING  BALL  1-25-1941 (One day)


JIMMY  RAY  BALL  9-22-1950  to  6-10-2009

*S/of  Elbert Prentice Ball(1930-2009) & Helen Ruth Florese Ball(1932-1978)  

&  BETTY  RICE  BALL  9-30-1954  (One date)    


RICHARD  RAY  BALL(55)  1-12-1959LA  to  12-2-2014  *OB

*S/of  late  James Richard Ball & Patricia Ball  *Wf/of  30 yrs, Dorothy Ball



CLEO  CRAVEN  BAILEY  BARDIN (85)  6-22-1924  to  10-26-2009

*D/of James Henry Craven (1901-1943) &  Betheral Marie Impson Craven(1904-1989)

*Late Husband, Loyd Mangum Bailey (1910-1974)


WILLIE  V. NIXON  GATHRIGHT BARDIN (83)1-23-1910 to 10-16-1993

*D/of Andrew Jackson Nixon(1878-1921) & Julia Lanora Joiner Nixon(1882-1968)

*Wife of Tommy W, Bardin(1908-1985) *Buried Pinewood Memorial Park, Crossett, AR

*M/of two sons, Gathright Bardin & Steve Bardin; Four daughters un-named.  *ob



LAWRENCE  BARKER, SR.    6-15-1895  to  11-15-1969

*S/of Alonzo Barker  & Amelian Laura Bonnette Barker  

* Pvt. Military Police Corps LA      World War I    * Md:12/22/1920

&  VERSA JANE  STEWART  BARKER   5-15-1899  to  4-19-1987 

*D/of  Robert Burrell Stewart (1873-1922) & Nancy Matilda Lester Stewart (1877 LA -1937 LA)


LAWRENCE  BARKER, JR.   1-30-1925  to  6-24-2003

*S/of  Lawrence Barker(1895-1969) & Versa Jane Stewart Barker (1899-1987)

*U.S. Navy  WWII-Korea       *Md:11/24/1952

&  BARBARA  BRINKLEY  BARKER, JR.  2-7-1934 (One date) 


ROBERT  MILTON  BARKER  5-20-1927  to  2-10-1969

*S/of  Lawrence Barker(1895-1969) & Versa Jane Stewart Barker (1899-1987)

*TEC 5  U.S.  Army  WW II 



ADDIE  LEE  MORGAN  BASS    9-30-1895  to  9-13-1964

*D/of  John N. Morgan(1855-1910)  &  Lillie Danley Hogan Morgan (b: ca 1866 AR)

*Wf/of  Luther Lonzo Bass (b:ca 1893) 


MOLLIE  DORIS  NASH  BASS    9-14-1911  to  11-4-1931

*D/of  Albert Sidney Nash (1884-1960)  &  Mollie Thomas Nash(1887-1989)

*Wf/of  Linas O. Bass(1911-1973)  *Buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Union Co., AR



ANDREW  J.  BECK   1868 GA  to  12-4-1938 *ARDI

*Md:1887  Union Parish, LA

&   MATTIE  E.  WILLINGHAM  BECK  1872 AL to  1951 AR

*D/of  Thomas Willingham(1848 GA -1935AL) & Fannie Va. Hicks Willingham(1852-1905)


WILLIAM  C.  BECK (24)   1-19-1888 LA  to  11-26-1912 *WOW 

*1st  H/of ,1908,  Elmyra Stinson Beck Bowen (1893LA -1967 NC)

*Md: 2nd, 1916  Oscar T. Bowen   *Elmyra  is buried Taylor Cemetery, Farmerville, LA



N. E.  BELL (31)  2-28-1868  to  2-17-1899

*Md: 5/23/1889, Martha Nancy Smith in Cleveland Co., AR



MARY  GENERAL  BENFORD   Oct 1867  to  2-4-1901

*Wf/of  Walker Benford (b:ca 1862)  *Md: 1888 Union County, AR


RANDOLPH  BENFORD   9-15-1891  to  5-13-1974 

*S/of Elizabeth “Lizzie” Benford  Rogers     * Pvt.  U.S. Army

*Md: 1st Arlena Jefferson in 1919   *Md:2nd  Ollie Benton in 1943


WILLIE  BENFORD   Sep 1895  to   8-10-1921 

*S/of  Elizabeth “Lizzie” Benford Rogers

*Pvt.  SERV  BN    World War  I



JAMES  “G. B.”  BENNETT    8-9-1875  GA   to  10-11-1937  *ARDI

MARY  ETHEL  ROBERTS  BENNETT  7-16-1883 ILL   to  2-27-1967 LA

*D/of Mary Jane Burton (1849 IL-1911 TX) &  Robert Thomas Roberts (1840 Wales-1901 TX)

*Spouses: *1st  James M. Morland (1874-1959)  *2nd James Bennett (1875-1937)



Infant  Son  BENSON   6-1-1909  to  4-1-1910 

*Baby  S/of   Andrew C. Benson(1871-1961)  &  Alice Eva Benson (1878-1965)



EMMA   BIRD   1879   to unknown   (No dates)  

*D/of   Eugene Webb Bird(1844-1924)  &  Georgia Ann Harrison Bird(1847-1894)


EUGENE  WEBB  BIRD    9-13-1844   to  5-5-1924  *Civil War Vet 

*S/of  Williamson Bird (1812-1885)  &  Elvira Ann Kidd Bird (1821-1896)

GEORGIA  ANN  HARRISON  BIRD   8-10-1847  to  2-19 1894

*Aged 46 yrs-6 mos-9 dys buried Old TNN Cemetery, Union Parish, LA



LESLEY  WALTER  BLAIR   6-7-1900 IA  to  3-22-1976 AR  *Mason 

*S/of  Oscar Ellsworth Blair(1866-1922)  &  Mary Elizabeth Means Blair(1872-1955)

*Obit: Pocahontas Iowa Democrat 4/1/1976 *Business man in Pocahontas from1949-1966)

 *Widow, Ariel Blair, Felsenthal, Ark      *CPL U.S. Marine  Corps  WW I   


CLAIBORNE  JOHN  SAMUEL  BOGUE   2-16-1911  to  12-12-1975

*S/of  Arthur  Bogue(1887-1957)  &  Sadie Jane Burns Bogue(1889-1919) 

*Md: 6/10/1933  

&  MINNIE FLORENCE BROWN  BOGUE  6-4-1905MO  to  12-21-1980LA  

*D/of  George William Brown(1857-1942)  &  Sylvia Jane Nelson Brown(1880-1954)



A. G.  BOLTON, SR.  3-31-1900 OK   to  11-23-1982 AR 

*S/of  Electa Florence McDaniel (1882-1961) &  Dr. Weatherford Bolton (1879-1947)  


&  RUBY  ARDELLA “DELLA” COSTON  BOLTON   8-27-1904   to

10-4-2000    *Wf/of  A.G. Bolton, Sr.   *OB     

* D/of  Elliott Hersey Coston (1879 LA-1973 AR)  &  Willa  A. Coston (b:ca 1885 LA)

*Children  named on tombstone:  A.G. Bolton, Jr. 1-8-1925  /  Herbert 2-14-1927 /

 Delmon 2-11-1929  /  Ann 10-20-1932  / Anita 6-17-1936


CAROL  SUE  BOLTON   b  &  d   11-11-1937 


HERBERT  WEATHERFORD  BOLTON  2-14-1927  to  7-26-1928

*S/of  A.G. Bolton (1900-1982)  &  Ruby Ardella “Della” Coston Bolton(1904-2000)

*Old original headstone illegible


JIMMY  KIRK  BOLTON   9-5-1964  to  1-15-1990


JOE  MELTON  BOLTON   1934  to  1-1-1935  *ARDI




DESIRE'E  CHEYENNE  BOREN   4-14-1994  to  4-27-1994

*D/of  Keven Allen Boren  and  Shana Marie Lowery Boren    *OB

*13 days old.  Born in El Dorado.  *Died at Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock.



A. C.  BOYETTE   10-12-1919  to  7-15-1979 (Mason)

*S/of  Eugene Webb Boyette (1898-1954)  &  Willie Edna Mathews Boyette (1900-1987)

*SSGT  U.S. Army  WW II

EVALINA  FRINK “ENA” BOYETTE(87) 3-9-1920 NM   to  12-12-2007 LA

*D/of  Albert Allen Frink (1873-1959) & Maria Cota Frink (b: in Spain)

 *Wf/of  A.C. Boyette


AYLMER  BOYETTE   4-1-1903  to  5-29-1908 

*Child  of  Jefferson Lafayette Boyette(1871-1936)  &  Alice A. Bird Boyette(1877-1945)


CLYDE  L. “HONEY”  BOYETTE  6-15-1948  to  6-25-1992  'Honey'  

*S/of  Clyde  &  Alice Boyette  * "Our Beloved  Son"    *U.S. Army  

*Wife,  Dalice Grayes Boyette

DALICE  GRAYES  BOYETTE (76)  5-14-1930  to  10-31-2006  

*Wf/of  Clyde Boyette  *OB    *First name "Dalice" exactly as it appears on the tombstone.

*D/of John T. Grayes(b: 1907 LA)  &  Lucy A. Grayes (b: 1907 LA)


EMMA  BOYETTE   d: 12-6-1935


(E. O.) EARL OTIS   BOYETTE     1-19-1900   to  5-12-1931

*S/of  Jefferson Lafayette Boyette(1871-1936)  &  Alice A. Bird Boyette(1877-1945)


EUGENE  WEBB  BOYETTE   3-24-1898  to  4-20-1954  (Mason) *WOW

*S/of  Jefferson Lafayette Boyette(1871-1936)  &  Alice A. Bird Boyette(1877-1945)

&   WILLIE  EDNA  MATHEWS  BOYETTE  3-14-1900  to  5-19-1987

*D/of  George Arn Mathews(1872-1952)  &  Ida Rose Hays Mathews(1875-1941) 


GATSIE  JANE  BOYETT  TUCKER  10-17-1833 AL  to  10-27-1882 AR

(Gatsie  aka  Betsy)  *Spouses:  *Md: 1st  1850, William C. Boyett(1822 AL-1865LA)

*Md: 2nd 1870,  Paschal H. Tucker (b:ca 1826 GA)  *Broken headstone, almost illegible



*S/of  John Lee Samuel Boyette (b: ca 1842 AR)  &  Eleanor Wasson Boyette 

*Md: Alice A Bird in 1891 Union County, AR

ALICE  A. BIRD  BOYETTE    Jan  1877  to   Nov  1945

*D/of  Eugene Webb Bird(1844-1924)  &  Georgia Ann Harrison Bird(1847-1894) 


TALTON  ERNEST  BOYETTE    Mar  1911   to   Apr  1945 LA   

*S/of  Jefferson Lafayette Boyette(1871-1936)  &  Alice A. Bird Boyette(1877-1945)



ELLIE  RUSSELL  BRASHER (26)  11-27-1888  to  1-5-1914

 *D/of  William  Wasson Russell(1861-1910) & Mattie Emelia McGowen Russell (1864-1938)

*Ellie Russell *1st  Wf/of  Eugene William Brasher (1882-1967)

*Shares double headstone with *2nd wife, Fannie Pepper(1899-1983)

*Buried  Olive Branch Cemetery, Union Co., AR


ONIE  BRASHER (16)   4-15-1887 LA  to  9-10-1903

*S/of  Martha Elizabeth Harrison (1855-1928) & George Washington Brasher (1853-1924)



WILLIAM  T. "DUB" BREWSTER(83) 2-23-1931  to  12-10-2014 *OB

*S/of  Oswald  Brewster (1898-1953)  &  Grace Oletha Fuller Brewster (1904-1989)

*Retired  as Chief of Police from the El Dorado Police Department in 1983

*40 yrs in Law Enforcement.

JEANETTE  CRAVEN  BREWSTER (76) 7-31-1933   to   12-18-2009

*D/of James Henry Craven(1901-1943)  &  Bethel Marie Impson Craven(1904-1989) 

*Wf/of W. T. Brewster



JAMES  CALVIN  BRIDGES   2-7-1869 LA  to  8-6-1942 AR  (Mason)

*Md: 9/27/1891       “They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow”

&  KATIE EVERLEEN SEHON  BRIDGES  7-24-1876  to  1-9-1968

*Wf/of   James Calvin Bridges  


*The following 3 infants are all listed on the same small headstone.

KATIE  CLARA  BRIDGES   (No dates) Infant of Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Bridges

METTIE PHOEBY BRIDGES  (No dates)Infant of Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Bridges

THOMAS  CALVIN ASHCROFT  (No dates)  *See below,

*S/of  Mr. & Mrs.  H. L. Ashcroft

KATIE  CLARA  BRIDGES    8-29-1902  to   10-21-1907 

METTIE  PHOEBY BRIDGES   2-18-1895  to  8-21-1895

METTIE &  CLARA, 2 infants of Mr. & Mrs. Jas Calvin Bridges

*These 2 infants share a headstone with Thomas Calvin Ashcroft,

son of Mr. & Mrs. H. L. Ashcroft. *See listing also under Ashcroft.

THOMAS  CALVIN  ASHCROFT   7-23-1918  to  9-1-1918


WILLIE  WATSON  BRIDGES   2-14-1907  to   3-17-1976 

*S/of James Calvin Bridges(1869-1942) & Katie Everleen Sehon Bridges (1876-1968)

*PFC Army WW II  



BESSIE  CAIN  ELY  BROUSSARD  9-5-1914 (One date) 


KORNIKER  G.  BROUSSARD  2-22-1915  to  9-15-1985 

*S/of  Flora Belle Stroud Broussard (1882-1956)  &  Robert Thomas Broussard(1881-1934)

*U.S. Navy  WW II


ROBERT  THOMAS  BROUSSARD   7-27-1881  to  10-22-1934

*S/of  Hypolite Broussard(b: ca 1824) &  Louisiana Broussard (b:ca 1851)


to  7-25-1966 AR

*D/of  Zenobia Ida Claunch (1858-1949LA) &  Sumtner G. “Thump” Stroud(b:ca 1851 LA)

*Spouses:  *1st in 1900, Robert Lee Fullerton (1872-1912)  *2nd Robert Thomas Broussard


BARBARA  JOYCE “BABS”  BROWN (72)  3-25-1937LA  to  11-10-2009AR     

*D/of  Willie Lucious Brown (1908-1971)  &  Sybil Barker Brown Smith (1921- ?) 


GORDON  L.  BROWN   3-4-1900   to  11-26-1931

*S/of  Josephine Griffith Brown(b:ca 1872)  &  John E. Brown(1868-1902)

*H/of  Lever Coleson Brown (b: ca 1905)


HARVEY  L.  BROWN   9-13-1924  to  11-21-1959

*S/of  Lever Coleson Brown(ca:1905) &  Gordon L. Brown(1900-1931)


SHARLET  D.  RUSSELL  BROWN  7-22-1961  (One date)

“Happy Forever More”


STEPHEN  BRADLEY  BROWN 'Brad'  3-3-1978  to  6-11-2002 

*S/of  Steven L. Brown(1956-2015) & Betty Jean Patrick Brown(1950-2004) 


&  CHRISTINA L. JOHNSON  BROWN  'Crissy'  3-6-1979 (One date)  


STEVEN  L.  BROWN (58)  11-7-1956 LA   to  2-5-2015 AR

*S/of  Willie Lucious Brown(1908-1971)  &  Sybil Barker Brown Smith(1921-  )   *OB                                                                                                                                                                                                          

*Md:12/2/1977   *Late *1st wife, Betty  J.  Patrick   *2nd wife, Sharlet Brown

&  BETTY  JEAN  PATRICK  BROWN  11-7-1950  to  10-8-2004

*D/of  Sidney L. Patrick (1924-1987) &  Lila Baker Patrick(1922-1998)     


WILLIE  LUCIUS  BROWN   10-24-1908 LA  to  1-5-1971

*Md: 5/24/1936      

&  SYBIL BARKER BROWN (SMITH)  10-1-1921 (One date)

*D/of  Lawrence Barker(1895-1969) & Versa Jane Stewart Barker (1899-1987)



LUCY  BURKS   1878   to  1951



FRANCIS  DODSON  BURNS   10-6-1906   to  12-28-1974

*S/of  Garrett Wood Burns(1876-1954) & Mae Anna Saunders Burns(1882-1932)

&  OLGA  AUGUSTA SMITH  BURNS  12-20-1914  to  5-6-1996 

*D/of  William Franklin Smith(1872-1958) & Lela Etta Branch Smith(1878-1950)



JAMES  LAFAYETTE  BUSSELL    10-16-1881  to   2-1-1966  (Mason)

*Md: 1904 Ouachita County, AR

&   ANNIE  LEE  BUSSELL 7-14-1887 SC     to  3-5-1964 AR


WILBUR  LEE  BUSSELL   8-17-1910 LA  to 11-10-1974  LA

*S/of  James Lafayette Bussell(1881-1966) & Annie  Lee Bussell(1887-1964)

*CBM  U.S. Navy  WW II

RUBY  C.  BUSSELL   3-15-1916  to  7-1-1998  *SSDI

*Md: 6/17/1934    *Wf/of  Wilbur Lee Bussell



MARY  JANE  CABANIS    9-25-1923   to   9-25-1923 

*D/of  Henry Grady Cabaniss (1900-1965)  &  Irene McCornick Cabaniss (1903-1982)



BILLY  WISDOM  CAIN   2-21-1927OK   to  8-16-1963 ILL

*S/of  Hugh Emry Cain (1890-1953)  &  Florence Melissa Joplin Cain (1890-1976)

*ARK 51, USNR , WW II 


HUGH   EMRY  CAIN    1-4-1890 TX   to  1-11-1953 AR

*S/of  William M. Cain

&  FLORENCE  MELISSA  JOPLIN  CAIN   3-24-1890  to  2-4-1976

*D/of  William Thomas Joplin (1854-1919)  &  Amanda Elizabeth Joplin(1870-1974)



MARY  JOHNSON  FRISBY CALAWAY (70)  11-16-1940  to  12-26-2010

*D/of  Floyd Elmore "Red" Johnson(1905-1992) & Willie Lelia McGowen Johnson(1909-1993)

*Late husband, Jim Roark



CLARENCE  S.  CARLTON    1-31-1907  to  2-1-1957

*S/of  Frank Herbert Carlton(1874-1941)  & Claudia Silvey Carlton(1883-1971) 

NOBLE  R.  CARLTON    2-28-1910  to  11-3-1982 

*S/of  Frank Herbert Carlton(1874-1941)  & Claudia Silvey Carlton(1883-1971) 



WILLIAM  LEONIDAS ALONZO  CARTER   11-5-1868  to  6-21-1940 

“LONNIE”  *S/of Seaborn Green Carter(1845-1912) & Amanda Jane Cohron (1842-1902)

*Md: 1st  Tamsie S. Hobbs(1871-1913)  *Md: 2nd Minnie Vadar Lee Carter(1888 LA – 1980)

*Minnie buried in Liberty Cemetery, Linville, Louisiana

*WOW  “Our Earthly Circle So Devoted, May It In Heaven Be Unbroken.”

TAMSIE  S.  HOBBS  CARTER   5-25-1871GA  to  8-5- 1913 AR

*1st  Wf/of  William Leonidas Alonzo Carter



LEWIS  E.  CHAMBLISS  12-22-1884   to  1-22-1904 

*S/of  Ella Olive McGowen(1861-1928) & Zachary Leonard Chambliss(1853-1913)


ZACHARY  LEONARD  CHAMBLISS, SR.  9-29-1853 GA  to  2-22-1913 LA

ELLA  OLIVE  McGOWEN  CHAMBLISS  11-3-1861 MS   to  11-4-1928 LA

*D/of  Martha C. Tucker McGowen(1838 VA-1910 AR)  & Elijah E. McGowen(1829-1914)



PHONZO  CHANCELLOR    3-31-1893  to  9-7-1904

*S/of  William Harrison Chancellor(1865-1933) & Emily C. White Chancellor(1865-1945)

(Brother & Sister)  *Share a double headstone

&  AUBRA  CHANCELLOR    4-21-1901   to  4-19-1913

*S/of  William Harrison Chancellor(1865-1933) & Emily C. White Chancellor(1865-1945)


WILLIAM  HARRISON  CHANCELLOR   2-15-1865  to  9-25-1933

*S/of  Sebron Chancellor (b: ca 1825) & Rebecca Chancellor(b:ca 1824) of Lincoln Co.,MS

&  EMILY  C.  WHITE  CHANCELLOR    8-23-1865  to  10-24-1945

*D/of  Joseph White(b:ca 1842 MS) & Katherine White(b: ca 1842 MS)



ARRIE  MAE  CHAPMAN   5-3-1906  to  4-1-1961 



JAMES  CLOCKET   4-23-1900  to  9-11-1910



(J.E.) JAMES  ELGIN COATES, JR.  1-11-1858 MS  to  1-29-1928 AR

*S/of  Harriet Ann Williams (1837 AL-1916 MS) &  James Elgin Coats, Sr.(1819 AL-1898 MS)

*Wife, Sarah Eugenia Stuckey Coats (1866 MS-1939 CA)



CHARLES  “CHARLIE”  DeVANT  COLE  7-21-1899  to  11-20-1964

*S/of  Robert Richard Cole (1867-1942) &  Martha Ann Rebecca Smith Cole (1870-1944)   

*Md:5/5/1921  in  Union Parish, LA      *Parents of 8 children     *WOW 

&   RUBY  INEZ  GREEN  COLE  5-16-1905 LA  to  2-3-1986 LA

*D/of  Jesse Addison Green (1879-1966)  &  Lenora Amanda Cobb Green (1875-1959)


DONALD 'TOM'  LLOYD COLE, SR.   5-27-1930  to  7-6-1998

*S/of  George Franklin Cole(1894-1959)  &  Lorine Smith Cole (1905-2002)

*PFC  US Air Force -  Korea


EMILY  “EMMER” FINCH  COLE   10-6-1843AL  to  5-22-1920 LA

“EMMA”   *D/of  Adam J. Finch (1817 - )  & Amanda Parkman Finch (1825-  ) 

*Adam J. Finch & Amanda Parkman  md: 9/17/1840  in Clarke Co., AL

*Marriage records of Morehouse Parish, LA were destroyed by a courthouse

fire, but Emily Finch & Levi Jefferson Cole were probably married in

Morehouse Parish, LA in about 1859.  Levi Jefferson Cole was born about 1832 in NC

and he died before June 1st, 1880. 


G. B.  COLE    5-18-1902   to  6-27-1938    *WOW 

*S/of  Robert Richard Cole (1867-1942) &  Martha Ann Rebecca Smith Cole (1870-1944)   


GEORGE  FRANKLIN  COLE   7-10-1894 AR  to  8-31-1959 TX

*S/of  Robert Richard Cole (1867-1942) &  Martha Ann Rebecca Smith Cole (1870-1944) 

*George  md: Lorine “Chick” Smith  in March 1926.

*Lorine “Chickadee” Smith Cole (1905-2002) *Buried Farmerville Cemetery, Union Parish, LA 

  George died of a heart attack at the home of his brother, Charles DeVant Cole in Midland, TX   

*U.S. Army  WW I


Rev. GERALD  FOREST “SONNY BOY” COLE   2-9-1929 AR  to  2-4-2013 LA

*S/of  Lorine Smith (1905-2002)  & George Franklin Cole(1894-1959) *Retired Baptist Minister

*MD:  5/31/1952  Bastrop, Louisiana  Charlotte Ann Williams    *US Army-Korean War


*Alive at the time of Gerald’s death.


Infant  Cole  b & d  1940

Infant  Cole  b & d 9-21-1925 

*Child of Charlie DeVant Cole(1899-1964) & Ruby Inez Green Cole(1905-1986)



(J.R.) JAMES  RICHARD  COLE  3-12-1848  to  10-3-1927 

*S/of  Samuel A. Cole (1820-  ) &  Malissa Russell Cole

*Spouses: *1st  Sarah Elizabeth Norsworthy (1855-1900) 

*2nd wife  Emma Aldora Harris(1855-1934)


to  10-23-1900  James & Sarah md: 6/6/1870  Union Co., AR

*D/of  Woodruff  Norsworthy & Caroline Pratt Norsworthy

EMMA ALDORA HARRIS COLE  9-16-1855 MS  to  6-11-1934 Ashley Co., AR   

*2nd  wife of,  James Richard Cole


JESSE  BOYD  COLE    12-6-1940  to  7-7-2011

*S/of  Charlie DeVant Cole(1899-1964) & Ruby Inez Green Cole(1905-1986)

*U.S. Air Force   A2C


JOHN  LEE  ERNEST COLE “J. Lee”   10-11-1907  to  4-3-1978

*S/of  Robert Richard Cole (1867-1942) &  Martha Ann Rebecca Smith Cole (1870-1944)   

*Md: 6/23/1935 

&  REECIE  MELVINA  SEHON  COLE   4-25-1912 AR  to   9-2-2003 TX 

*D/of  Joseph E. Sehon(1871-1953)   &   Leah  N. Cobb Sehon(1881-1949)


LEVI  JEFFERSON  COLE    7-29-1891 NC  to  4-6-1931  *WOW

*S/of  Robert Richard Cole (1867-1942) &  Martha Ann Rebecca Smith Cole (1870-1944)   

* Levi  md: on 2//12/1921 Clara Lee Joiner in Union Co., AR   *U.S. Army  WW I

*Clara Lee Joiner Cole Taunton (1903-1975) died in Sheridan, AR.

*Clara is buried in Plumerville Cemetery, Plumerville, Conway Co., AR


NORA  INEZ  COLE  10-23-1922  to  11-24-1928

*Oldest child, D/of  Charlie DeVant Cole(1899-1964) & Ruby Inez Green Cole(1905-1986)

*Nora shares a double headstone with an infant sibling,  b & d 9/24/1925..

*Inez drowned after the car her Uncle Eldrice Green was driving plunged into the

Ouachita River at Sterlington, Louisiana.  The accident occurred when Eldice Green was

going to take the ferry across the river and the steering gear of the Chevrolet locked causing

the car to plunge into the the Ouachita River. There were four other passengers in the car,

 besides Inez.  Also the ferryman & his wife were knocked into the river.  All were rescued,

but by the time they got to Inez (33 mins. had passed) & she was dead.  An article about the

accident appeared on the front page of “The Monroe News-Star”  on Nov 26, 1928.


ROBERT  RICHARD  COLE     12-4-1867  to  10-23-1942  (Mason) *ARDI

*S/of  Levi Jefferson Cole(1832 - ?) & Emily Finch Cole(1843-1920)

*Robert Richard Cole born in Morehouse Parish, LA

MARTHA  ANN  REBECCA  SMITH  COLE  1871  to  11-13-1945 *ARDI

*D/of  George Francis Smith(1850-1923) & Sarah “Sallie”Ann Laura Poole Smith(1854-1920)


SAMUEL   J.  “SAM”  COLE   8-25-1874 AL   to  12-2-1939 AR     

*SARG  CO  F  ALA  VOL  “Spanish American War”

& CLARA  COLE   4-1-1869  (One date- death date unknown)

*Speculation: died 7-3-1941 Dallas Co.,AR


WILLIAM “WILLIE” FRIVELL  COLE   2-19-1905  to  12-3-1909

*S/of  Robert Richard Cole (1867-1942) &  Martha Ann Rebecca Smith Cole (1870-1944)   

*Willie was burned when his nightshirt caught on fire from him being too close to the stove

  at his home. He died as a result of the burns .  His headstone is illegible.



WILLIAM  CALEB  'CABE'  COLESON   8-4-1887 LA  to  4-4-1957 

&  SARAH  'SALLIE'  T.  HAYS  COLESON  11-9-1890  to  9-24-1969

*D/of  Melton Pierce Hays(1852-1934) &  Nancy Therisa Freeman Hays(1853-1914) 



EDWIN  D.  COLLETT   4-9-1886  to  12-3-1947

*S/of  Europe Napoleon Collett(1861-1943) &  Bridget Anne Finn Collett(1863-1939)


EUROPE  NAPOLEON  COLLETT  1861  to  6-11-1943 *ARDI 

*S/of  Edward Collett(b:ca 1820 VA)  &  Sarah A. Collett(b:ca 1826 VA)

&  BRIDGET  ANNE  FINN  COLLETT  Jan 1863OH   to  5-9-1937 *ARDI 



HUEITT  RAY  COLSTON  10-2-1928 LA  to  1-5-2005 AR

*S/of  Sadie  Belle Blunt  Colston Vines (b:ca 1884 LA)  &  Richard C. Colston (1875-1949)

*Md:8/25/1955       SSGT  USAF -  Korea & Vietnam

&  AVA  NELL  LITTLE  COLSTON  12-26-1931  to  12-10-2001 

*D/of  George  Lavell  Little (1909-1985)  &  Vera  Popwell  Little (1910-1995) 



JOHN  HENRY  CONNER   1-5-1926   to   6-6-2012  *OB

*S/of  Oscar F. Connor(1886-1960)  & Margaret E. Sims Conner(1886-1972) 

*Wife of 62 yrs, Donzie Dean Anderson  (Md: 8/27/1950 Dallas Co., AR)

&  DONZIE  DEAN  ANDERSON  CONNER  2-17-1931  (One date)



ARCHIE  MONROE  CRAIG   2-15-1908  to  11-2-1966

*S/of  William A. Craig (b:ca 1872) & Martha Craig  

(Photo inset on headstone of Archie playing Fiddle / violin)

&  MYRTLE  BELL  BOWEN  CRAIG   7-6-1906  to  11-25-1996 

*D/of  Charley Crockett Bowen(1883-1971) &  Rosie Bell Nutt Bowen(1883-1916)


ARCHIE  VERNON  CRAIG(73)  6-6-1927  to  1-29-2001 (Mason) *Lodge 591

*S/of  Archie Monroe Craig(1908-1966)  &  Myrtle Bell Bowen Craig(1906-1996)


& MARTHA  JANE  JOHNSON  CRAIG(81)  5-16-1931  to  3-19-2013 *OB

*D/of  William  Cone Johnson  & Mae Bernice Johnson


EMMA  D.  McKINNEY CRAIG    7-8-1871  to  9-19-1914 

*Wf/of  T.S. Craig


JIMMIE  KEVIN  CRAIG   2-5-1961  to  2-20-1962

*S/of  Jimmie Rudolph Craig


JIMMIE  RUDOLPH CRAIG   11-6-1939  to  1-14-1990

*S/of  Archie Monroe Craig(1908-1966)  &  Myrtle Bell Bowen Craig(1906-1996)

*Automobile accident victim.


NIKKI  LEE  CRAIG   12-23-1963  to  5-2-1966 


TONY  CRAIG (47) 10-5-1966  to  10-22-2013 *OB

*S/of  Winfred  Craig  &  Patricia Ann Mayberry Cates Craig

*Grandson of Archie  &  Myrtle Craig  & Elmer Mayberry



AMATHA  B.  CRAVEN    1900  to  1920

*Homemade stone


JAMES  HENRY  CRAVEN   1901  to  1943 "Father" 

*S/of  John Henry Craven (1877-1962)  &  Mattie Day Craven (1881-1915)

*James Henry Craven  md: 7/2/1920 Union Co., AR   to  Betheral Marie Impson

BETHERAL MARIE  IMPSON  CRAVEN  9-18-1904  to  3-7-1989"Mother" 

*D/of  Julia Louann ‘Lula’  McCloud (1884-1967)  &   Napoleon P. Impson (1884-1967)   



RUBEN  DAVIDSON   7-10-1903   to  12-24-1959  (Mason) 

*S/of  Allen M. Davidson (1867-1939) &  Sardonix Ursery Davidson(1867-1956)

*Md:  8/27/1942  Union Co., AR    * Louisiana  Pvt  1850 Service Unit    WW II  

&  BEATRICE SEHON DAVIDSON 3-27-1905  to  4-23-1984 

*D/of  Joseph  E. Sehon  (1871-1953)  &  Leah N. Cobb Sehon (1881-1949)




KENNETH  DONNEL  DAVIS  4-21-1966  to  6-11-1989 

(23 yrs-1 mo-21 dys)


SUE  DAVIS     B & D  6-29-1936    

*Newborn  D/of  William A. Davis  & Geraldine Dickerson Davis


WILLIAM  A.  DAVIS   10-26-1913  to  8-15-1979  (Mason)  

*S/of  Andrew Rainey Davis (1891-1948) & Hattie Eulah Sehon Davis (1899-1968)

&   GERALDINE  DICKERSON  DAVIS   5-14-1919  to  6-18-1984  

*D/of  William Reed Dickerson(1869-1962) & Verda Taunton Dickerson(1879-1958)



OLENA  PASATINE EVANS  DEES   1-18-1855   to  2-16-1916

*D/of  A.T. Evans(b:ca 1826)  &  Permelia Waldrop Evans(b:ca 1830)

*Md:1/8/1877 Lafayette Co., AR   *Wife of  John H. Dees (Nov 1853 LA   to  10-14-1926 TX ) 

*John Dees buried in Curtis Cemetery, Weatherford, Texas



CHARLIE  HAROLD  DeSHAZO   5-1-1930AR  to  7-6-1964 LA

*S/of  Joseph Garland DeShazo (1886-1959)  &  Sadie Ellen Kenley DeShazo (1900-1999)

*Wife, Ida Faye Hunter DeShazo (1935-2012)  (Mason)   *Photo embedded

&  TIMOTHY  HAROLD  DeSHAZO    9-6-1963 LA to  7-31-2005 NM

*S/of  Charlie Harold DeShazo (1930-1964)  &  Ida Faye Hunter DeShazo (1935-2012) 

“Riding Harleys With Jesus”


GARY  R.  DeSHAZO   12-17-1949   to   9-8-2012  *ob

*S/of  James Franklin DeShazo(1919-1991) & Ophelia Hodge DeShazo (1919-2012) 

*Wife, Patiricia Martin DeShazo   *Vietnam  veteran


GEORGE  ALLEN  DeSHAZO   10-3-1873  to  11-18-1964 

*S/of  Rhoda Victoria McGowen DeShazo(1857-1946)    *H/of Ida May Reppond


IDA  MAY  REPPOND  DeSHAZO  12-8-1878  to  1-17-1919  *WOW

*Wf/of  George Allen DeShazo


GEORGE  ELMER  DeSHAZO    12-20-1905  to  1-21-1982

*S/of  George Allen DeShazo (1873-1964)  &  Ida May Reppond  DeShazo(1906-1919)


HENRY  DeSHAZO   (No dates)


IDA  FAYE HUNTER  DeSHAZO (77)  4-21-1935 LA   to   6-21-2012 TX

*D/of  Samuel Lawrence Hunter(1891-1965) &  Charity Caroline Hodge Hunter(1897-1968)

*Wife, Charlie Harold DeShazo (1930-1964)


JAMES  ALEX  DeSHAZO   11-5-1880  to  6-23-1958 

*S/of  Rhoda  Victoria  McGowen  DeShazo (1857-1946) 


JAMES  FRANKLIN  DeSHAZO  3-21-1919  to  3-24-1991

*S/of  Joseph Garland DeShazo (1886-1959)  &  Eula Lee  Malone DeShazo (1893-1919) 

* TEC  5  U.S. Army  WW II     *Md:7/18/1946

&  OPHELIA  HODGE  DESHAZO(92) 10-6-1919LA   to  9-5-2012  *ob

*D/of   Zackeus Lunsey  Hodge(1890-1930)  & Mittie Ann Graves Hodge (1898-1993)  

*Parents of Gary R. DeShazo


JESSE  "BO"  DeSHAZO    4-11-1926   to  8-14-1974

*S/of  Joseph Garland DeShazo(1886-1959)  &  Eula Lee  Malone DeShazo (1893-1919) 


JOSEPH  GARLAND  DeSHAZO  1-27-1886  to  8-10-1959

*S/of  Rhoda Victoria McGowen DeShazo(1857-1946)

*Spouses: *1st  Eula Lee Malone (1893-1919) *2nd  Sadie Ellen Kenly (1900-1999)

&  SADIE  ELLEN  KENLY  DeSHAZO  3-13-1900  to  8-13-1999 

     *Sadie Ellen Kenly was *2nd wife to Joseph Garland DeShazo

EULA  LEE  MALONE  DeSHAZO  6-15-1893  to  3-21-1919

*D/of  Robert E. Malone(1865-1929) & Almer L. Smith Malone (b:ca 1873)

*1st  Wf/of   Joseph Garland DeShazo, md: 1909 Union County, Arkansas   *Md:1909

*Eula died in childbirth, giving birth to James Franklin DeShazo.


ORA  EDNA  DeSHAZO   3-5-1906  to  1-13-1919

*D/of  George Allen DeShazo (1873-1964) & Ida May Reppond DeShazo (1878-1919)



to    3-16-1946  "RODIE"    *D/of  Phoebe  Watson  Sehon (1834 - 1926)


ROBERT  LOUIS  DeSHAZO   9-7-1912  to  11-14-1983

*S/of  Joseph Garland DeShazo (1886-1959)  &  Eula Malone DeShazo (1893-1919) 

*Wife, VERNADA  STINSON (3/24/1915 to 2/17/1977) buried in Union Cemetery, LA

*Vernada was the D/of Annie Stinson (b: ca 1884 LA)

*WW II  Vet   *Inside the outline of a Heart: Louise, Theo, Joyce


SHELBA  DEAN  DeSHAZO     3-27-1939  to  6-29-1939 

*Infant Son  of J.B.  DeShazo (1916-1994)  &  Nina Smith DeShazo(1915-1998)



2  DICKINSON  Graves   (No dates or other info)

*Four bricks place together to form a square. On the top one you can clearly read the name Dickinson;

there appears to be a name & dates, but they are un-readable;  On the opposite corner of the square at

the bottom the name & dates are unreadable, although you can see enough of the letters to see that it

was "Dickinson".



LINDA  ELLEN  DOLLAR  2-25-1949 AR   to 11-7- 1952 TX   

*D/of John M. Dollar & Norma Lindsey Dollar



CHARLES “CHARLIE” J.  DORMAN (17)  8-27-1906   to   3-22-1924

*S/of  William A. Dorman (1874-1918)  &  Mary C. Dorman(1878-1937)



SARAH  ‘SALLIE’ E.  COLLIER  DUNCAN 2-27-1873   to  4-12-1928 

*D/of  Isaac David Collier(1844-1926)  &  Martha E. May Collier (1845-1918) *WOW


WILLIAM  P.  DUNCAN   7-26-1896 AL   to   8-9-1924 AR *WOW 

*S/of   Sarah E. Collier Duncan(1873-1928)

MATTIE  B.  DUNCAN   4-4-1900 AL   to  10-7-1917 AR

*S/of   Sarah E. Collier Duncan(1873-1928)  *Broken headstone



EDWIN  C.  DUNN    5-1-1886   to  12-23-1959 


TYLER  LLOYD  DUNN     6-12-1879   to  11-26-1953

*S/of  Marion L. Dunn (b:ca 1838 MS) & Loduska Dunn (b:ca 1840 GA)

*H/of  Minnie Dunn (b: ca 1880 TX)



LULA  MAY  REAGAN  DYER   1879 LA  to  4-6-1939   *ARDI

*1st Wf/of   William  Levi Reagan “Pop” (5/15/1877  to  4/10/1967)

*William is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Navarro County, TX  along with his

*2nd  wife, Auddie M. Reagan(1887-1977)



THOMAS  OSCAR  EDWARDS  8-11-1876  to  7-17-1962

&   ELLA  EDWARDS 1-16-1881  to  3-25-1976 



IVY  HENRY  EEDS   1-5-1907  to  1-24-1984

*S/of  Wm. Newton Isaac “Bill” Eeds(1882 -1912 ) & Mattie Savannah Bolton(1882 AL-1973 AR )  

*Md:2/16/1943   *SGT  U.S. Army Air Corps  WW II



*D/of  Robert Thomas Broussard (1881-1934)  & Flora Belle Stroud Broussard (1882-1966)



OLA  NASH  EEDS  2-12-1906  to  3-10-1926

*D/of James Edmond Nash(1877-1911) &  Roberta E. Harris Nash

*Wf/of  E.C. Eeds



MONTE  VESTAL  ELLIS    8-12-1897  to  11-21-1964

*S/of  Thomas Larkin Ellis(1856-1935)  &  Elizabeth Malaby Ellis(1870-1947)

*Wife, Ruth Cynthia West Liles Ellis  5/20/1892 to  6/11/1971

*Ruth was md: to *1st James Newton Liles   *2nd husband, Monte Vestal Ellis

*Ruth is buried in Arrington Cemetery, Wayne Co., Mississippi

&  CARL  MARONEY, JR.   2-15-1927  to  11-16-1927

*Nephew of Monte Vestal Ellis-  They share a double headstone


THOMAS  LARKIN  ELLIS   3-1-1856   to   12-19-1935

*S/of  Thomas Ellis(1822-1899)  &  Sarah Jane Taylor Ellis (b:ca 1826)

(Thomas & Sarah Jane Ellis buried at Providence Cemetery in Missouri)

&  ELIZABETH “LIZZY”MALABY ELLIS  5-2-1870 MO  to  11-6-1947AR

*D/of  Aaron H. Malaby (1831-1900) & Hannah Elizabeth Gosner Malaby(1836-1904)


WARREN  OSCAR  ELLIS   1-8-1907  to  2-15-1971

*S/of  Thomas Larkin Ellis(1856-1935)  &  Elizabeth Malaby Ellis(1870-1947) 

*PFC  U.S. Army  WW II



CHARLES   E.  ELY   7-14-1924   to  10-1-1926


CLARENCE  L.  ELY,  SR.   9-10-1901   to   2-15-1971

*S/of  Joseph Elliott Ely (1875-1920)  &  Rebecca J. Coleson Ely (1877-1949)

&  ELSIE  CARLTON  ELY  1-11-1905   to   6-23-1984

*D/of  Claudia Silvey Carlton(1883-1971) & Frank Herbert Carlton(1874-1941)


Infant  ELY    b  &  d   10-19-1937 


JOSEPH  ELLIOTT  ELY   1-15-1875 LA  to  5-12-1920 Ouachita Parish, LA

*S/of  Valcour Ely (b: ca 1837 LA)  *Confederate Soldier

&  REBECCA  J.  COLESON  ELY   Sept 1877 LA  to  1949

*D/of  William Coleson  &  Elizabeth Lucas Coleson 


WILL  J.  ELY   1904 LA  to  2-28-1947 *ARDI

*S/of  Joseph Elliott Ely (1875-1920)  &  Rebecca J. Coleson Ely (1877-1949)

*Will & Laura married in 1935.

(L.E.) LAURA EMMA  HOWARD  ELY   8-25-1912  to  10-22-1937

*D/of  Earl Louie Howard (1884-1941) & Willie Myrtle Ingram Howard (1888-1975)

*Spouses: *1st husband, Will J. Ely (1904-1947) *2nd husband, Garland Hoyt Zinn (1908-1960)



DIANE  ETHERIDGE   b & d   1-21-1939 

*D/of  L.D. & Velma Etheridge


EDWIN  S.  ETHERIDGE   3-8-1881  to  7-17-1928  *WOW   

*S/of William M. Etheredge (1857-1934)  &  Sallie A. Etheridge(1862-1940)

&  EVA  WOOD  ETHERIDGE TAYLOR  2-15-1889   to  Dec 1981

*D/of  William D. Wood (1859-1905)  &  Elizabeth Gabriella Lambert Wood (1863-1924)

*Wife of Edwin S. Etheredge(1881-1928)


ELLA  DARLEEN  ETHERIDGE    b & d  8-10-1962 

*D/of  Mr. & Mrs. Ruben Etheridge



CURTTIS  FERGUSON   5-30-1909   to   10-4-1911

*S/of  Henry Lee Ferguson(1871-1951) & Lenora Amelia Nash Ferguson(1886-1975)


HENRY  LEE  FERGUSON   5-14-1871   to  5-12-1951

*S/of  Joseph J. Ferguson (1828-1889) &  Martha J. Saunders Ferguson(1845-1902)

*Md: 12/9/1906 Union Co., AR


8-21-1975  TX  

*D/of  Edmund Harrison Nash(1841-1924) & Willie Ann Harper Nash (1851-1912)



ICCIE  GARNER  FISHER   6-25-1906   to  10-8-1984 

*D/of  Simuel Edward Garner (1879-1965) & Lular Manning Garner(1882-1971)



JAMES  MICHAEL  FRAME   1-24-1951  to  9-7-1983  

*S/of  Lucy Marie Dickson Frame(1922-1994)  &  Wilton Frame(1922-1980)

*The following as it appears on his tombstone: Michael's name appears below Jamie

Children: Jamie Michelle 12-26-75 /    Michael Walton  10-16-79   Died 9-5-83


ROY  DANNY  FRAME   b & d  1-4-1950 

*S/of  Mr & Mrs  Charlie Frame


WILTON  FRAME    9-20-1922  to  11-7-1980 

*S/of  Jesse Tipton Frame (1882-1970) & Edna Ware Frame (1886-1938)

&  LUCY  MARIE  DICKSON  FRAME (71) 8-29-1922  to 

5-21-1994 Houston, TX     *Wf/of  Wilton Frame  *M/of  James Michael Frame.

*D/of Joseph L. & Mary Bryant Dickson;  Lucy born in Red River Parish, LA



JASON  E.  FREEMAN   5-23-1911  to  7-18-1948

*S/of  John Gaulden Freeman (1862-1940) & Sarah Eleanor Hodge Freeman (1871-1942)


JOHN  GAULDEN  FREEMAN  2-1-1862 AL  to  2-9-1940   *ARDI 

*S/of  William Gaulden Freeman(1812-1900) &  Mary Jane Spear Freeman(1836-1900)

&  SARAH  ELEANOR “LENA” HODGE  FREEMAN  6-16-1871AL  to  12-31-1942

*D/of  John Wilson Hodge (1842-1913)  &  Margaret Elizabeth Sessions  Hodge(1850-1928)


JOSEPH  AUSTIN  FREEMAN  "Joe"  12-12-1888  to  5-11-1953 'Daddy' 

*S/of  John Gaulden Freeman (1862-1940) & Sarah Eleanor Hodge Freeman (1871-1942)

*Spouses:  *1st Fannie Mae Hale   *2nd  Geneva Estelle Nixon (1900-1974)


10-21-1974   *D/of  Jas Harrison Nixon(1867-1964)  &  Sarah DeFee Nixon(1866-1926)



JOSEPH   ELLIOTT  FREEMAN  12-27-1920  to  2-1-1921 

*S/of  Joseph Austin Freeman(1888-1953) & Geneva “Neva” Nixon Freeman(1900-1974)


Rev.  MELBA  AGNES  FREEMAN  (SEHON) 2-28-1915   to  5-30-1999 

*D/of  Joseph Austin Freeman(1888-1953) &  Fannie Mae Hale Freeman(1890-1916)

*Md: Bruce Gordon Sehon (1912-1992)  Melba left him after 4 yrs; resumed

using her maiden name. She never remarried.  *Mother of two children by Sehon.


OSCAR  EDISON  FREEMAN   9-27-1899  to  10-17-1937

*S/of  Andrew Freeman (b: ca 1860)  &  Harriet Wilson Freeman(1862-1937) of LA

*Wife, Nina E. Freeman (b:ca 1908 LA)



BENJAMIN  F.  FRENCH   3-19-1880  to  12-23-1967

* S/of  Joseph Franklin French(1868-1946) & Johnnie G. Lee French(1880-1964)

*PFC  U.S. Army  WW II


JOSEPH  FRANKLIN  FRENCH    1868 KY  to  1-19-1946  AR  (*ARDI)

*H/of  Johnnie  G.  Lee  French (1880-1964)

JOHNNIE  G.  LEE  FRENCH    12-19-1880  to  10-25-1964

*Wf/of  Joseph Franklin French(1868-1946)



ALBERT  ALLEN  FRINK    6-6-1873 NM  to  3-18-1959 LA

*S/of  William Frink (1847-1938)  &  Viola Livona Avery Frink  (b:ca 1850 PA)

*H/of  Maria Cota Frink, born in Spain



(J.J.)  JAMES  J.  GAMBLE    2-17-1855 to   4-5-1923

*H/of  Dora C. Gamble (b:ca 1871 LA)  *Father of Marcus Lafayette Gamble(b:ca 1888 LA)

*Tombstone is illegible.



ELDRED  GREGG  GARNER  10-18-1904  to  12-22-2002 

*S/of  Edgar Lavelle Garner(1895-1981)  &  Ivee Moore Taylor(1902-1959)

(They divorced before 1929)  *SSG  U.S. Army   Korea-Vietnam


SIMUEL  EDWARD  GARNER   4-3-1879  to  10-4-1965

*S/of  Thomas Franklin Garner(1847-1932) & Penelope Dildy McAdams Garner (1843-1929) 


&   LULAR  MANNING  GARNER   12-31-1882  to  3-23-1971

*D/of  Richard Manning (b:ca 1844)  &  Julia Ann Suphronia Manning(b: ca 1846)




ERNEST  GENE  GATHRIGHT   4-24-1953  to  8-25-2000

*S/of  Johnny Doyle Gathright(1926-  ) &  Mary Emogene Hunter Gathright(1930-2001)


JAMES  CECIL  GATHRIGHT   10-28-1924  to  1-28-1995

*S/of  Darcy Parnell Gathright(1904-1975) & Bessie Pearl Phillips Gathright(1903-1969)

(Mason)  *WW  II  

&  MITTIE  V.  TAYLOR  STURDIVANT GATHRIGHT 10-2-1913 to  9-13-2001

*D/of  Simon P. Taylor & Bessie Nelson Taylor   *Eastern Star

*Spouses: *1st Van B. Sturdivant(1911-1953 Center Point Cemetery) *2nd James Cecil Gathright


JOHNNY  DOYLE  GATHRIGHT  10-3-1926 (One date)

*S/of  Darcy Parnell Gathright(1904-1975)  &  Bessie Pearl Phillips Gathright(1903-1969)

*Md:8/2/1947  *Photo of couple 

&  MARY  EMOGENE  HUNTER  GATHRIGHT  7-6-1930  to  5-19-2001

*D/of  Samuel Lawrence Hunter(1891-1965) & Charity Caroline Hodge Hunter(1897-1968)


WAYNE  GATHRIGHT   4-9-1956 (One date) 


&  RENEE  ADKINS  GATHRIGHT  5-31-1961  to  7-15-2008



MISSOURIA  GENTLE (107) 1808  to  1-29-1915 

*Wf/of  Clark Gentle   *Missouria lived to be 107 yrs old. She was born a slave.



LAWRENCE  GEORGE  GIBSON, SR.   1857  to 12-31-1931 *ARDI  

*S/of  Martin  Gibson (b:ca 1837) & Lydia A. Gibson(1841-1924)


to  1921 AR   *D/of  Herman Wanink (b:ca 1840) & Mary J. Wanink (b:ca 1844) both born

in Holland.  *Immigrated  to Michigan in 1870.



CLABORN  C.  GILMORE   6-29-1920  to  11-6-1973

*S/of  Sanford A. Gilmore (1886-1953) & Emma V. Bardin Gilmore (1890-1979)

ERMA  JEAN  WHITE  GILMORE   5-30-1923  to  2-4-2005 *SSDI

*D/of  William Anderson White(1892-1963)  &  Mary Hazel Mathews White (1901-1967)


JOHN  ALLEN  GILMORE   7-16-1924  to  1-17-2000

*S/of  Willie L. Gilmore(1897-1989) & Clara Etta Stancil Gilmore(1901-1985)

*Md:1/8/1949     *S SGT  U.S. Army  WW II

&  RAYNELL  LLOYD  GILMORE (82) 6-9-1929  to 5-2-2012 *OB

*D/of  Earnest Raymond  Lloyd (1902-1940) & Lalu Grace Arrant Lloyd(1903-1986)   


JOHN  GREGORY  GILMORE, SR.  11-22-1953  to  12-19-2006

*S/of  John Allen Gilmore(1924-2000) &  Raynell Lloyd Gilmore(1929-2012)


& WANDA  WELCH  GILMORE, SR.  11-14-1955 (One date) 


RALPH  ANDERSON  GILMORE   10-19-1915   to  10-25-1981

*S/of  Odley Lay Gilmore(1877-1943) &  Beulah Little Gilmore(1878-1920)

*PVT  U.S. Army  WW  II   

&  RACHEL  L. GILMORE    6-10-1914  to  12-6-1993   



JAMES  HAYWOOD  GRANT   7-6-1888  to  10-4-1938 




JAYNE  SEHON  GRAVES (64)  1-19-1951  to  8-9-2015 *OB

*D/of  Herman Watson  Sehon (1910-1983) &  Margaret Rebecca Wheeler Sehon(1919-2009)




BRO.  WALTER  GRAYER  11-19-1948  to  5-17-1984 



JAMES  DAVID  "KNOTT"  GRAYES   3-6-1937  to  6-18-1991

*S/of  John T. Grayes  &  Lucy A. Grayes both born  abt. 1907 LA


ROYCE  EUGENE  GRAYS (71)  8-28-1932  to  3-16-2004   

*S/of  John T. Grayes (b: ca 1907 LA)  &  Lucy A. Grayes (b:ca 1907 LA)



SARAH  A.  GREER     8-12-1842   to  9-14-1926 


WILLIAM  H.  GREER   8-18-1863 KY   to   7-14-1921 AR

*S/of  James & Sarah Greer of Kentucky  *H/of  Clarissa Law Greer

 CLARISSA  LAW  GREER   4-20-1868  to  3-15-1947

*D/of  James Law(b:ca 1837 England)  &  Eliza Jane Law(b:ca 1844 TN)

*Wf/of  W.H. Greer



AUDREY  RUSSELL  GRIFFIN   12-16-1904  to  8-27-1925

*D/of  William Wasson Russell(1861-1910) & Mattie Emelia McGowen Russell(1864-1938) 

*Wf/of  L. D. Griffin (1902-1978)  *Md:1923


JACKSON  WATSON  GRIFFIN    6-9-1886 TX  to  8-25-1936AR  

*S/of  William R. Griffin (b:ca 1858 NC) & Ada C. Griffin (b: ca 1862 TX)

*Md: in Columbia County, AR  in 1917

&  LILLA  MAE  TAYLOR  GRIFFIN   3-30-1890 AR  to  7-31-1966 AR  

 *Wife of Jackson Watson Griffin



JAMES  RUSSELL  GUINN  b &  d   7-11-1916 

*S/of  Willis  Hampton Guinn(1889-1971)  & Berta L. Russell Guinn.(1898-1916) 

&   BERTA  L.  RUSSELL  GUINN   4-6-1898  to  7-11-1916  

*D/of  Edna Virginia Peterson (1876 AR-1936 AR ) & James Franklin Russell(1875 AR-1926 AR) 

*1st Wf/ of  Willis Hampton Guinn


MARGRETT  “MAGGIE” EMMA  McKEE  GUINN   6-30-1849  to  10-19-1917

*Md: 1st  in 1876,  Ouachita Parish, LA,  George Ray 

*Md: 2nd in 1888,  Union Parish, LA  James Edward Guinn(1866-1919)

*James Edward Guinn  buried at Good Hope Cemetery, Union County, AR


WILLIS  HAMPTON  GUINN   1-28-1889   to   2-11-1971  (Mason)

*S/of  Margrett Emma McKee  Guinn (1849-1917) & James Edward Guinn(1866-1919)

Spouses: *1st  Bertha L. Russell (1898-1916) *2nd  Clara Hortense Perritt (1900-1988)


ROBERT  W.  “BOB”  GULBRANSEN, SR.  6-6-1921  to  2-25-2015

*Bob was the 2nd of seven children of Henry & Bertha Gulbransen   Born in Wisconsin.

*Drafted during WW II.  *Sent to Officer Training School in combat engineering, where

he met Dorothy Tugwell, who was a lieutenant in the Army Medical Corps. They married

in Washington state. Bob was called back in the service during the Korean War.

DOROTHY  “DOT” TUGWELL  GULBRANSEN  1-28-1919  to  1-21-2015 CA

*Died 1 week before her 96th birthday.  *D/of  Lela & Fred Tugwell.

*Dorothy was one of the first 47 young women of the Women’s Army Corps for

commissions as a physical therapist.Received gold bars as a lieutenant.

*Met husband Robert Gulbransen, while both were stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington.

*Dorothy would not marry him until he became an officer.  They md: May 1945.

*Bob & Dots ashes were interred at Tulocay Cemetery in Napa & in Harper Springs

Cemetery, Union County, Arkansas.



(W. J.) WILLIAM JOEL  GULLEDGE    2-12-1889  to  1961

*S/of  Ida V. Myhand Gulledge (1869-1920)  &  George G. Gulledge (1867-1906)

*Md: 1914 Union Co., AR

&   SAVANNAH  NAOMI  COLE  GULLEDGE   Jan 1893  to  1967 

*D/of  James Richard Cole(1848-1927)  &  Emma Aldora Harris Cole (1855-1934)



FRANKIE  ELIJAH  GUNTER  ' Elijah F. ' 3-31-1913  to  4-20-1992

*S/of  James G. Gunter(1863-1943) & Leona Philips Gunter(1877-1940)   


Infant  GUNTER   b: 7-21-1920 

*S/of  Coyt Gunter(1899-1979)  &  Earnie Estelle Powell Gunter(1903-1983)


JAMES  “JIM”  G.  GUNTER    3-27-1863  to  3-22-1943

*S/of  Thomas Leroy Gunter (b: ca 1808 SC)  & Matilda Gunter (b: ca 1814 SC)

&  LEONA  PHILLIPS GUNTER   3-4-1877  to  3-12-1940 

*D/of  Warren & Emeline Phillips


JOSHUA  LOGAN  GUNTER  B & D  10-27-1992 

*Infant son of Michael & Kristi Moon Gunter


SUZANNE  GUNTER    9-8-1949  to  7-2-1950 

*D/of  Jesse James Gunter(1907-1973)  & Lynnotte Kennedy Gunter (1922-2005)



RAYMOND  E.  HALE  1-13-1920  to  11-23-1992 

&  LAVERNE  RUSSELL  HALE  9-6-1930  (One date) 



(Mrs. E.L.)FRANCES  LEE  PENNY  HANKTON  4-14-1917  to  9-16-1965

*D/of  Richard & Leona Penny   Inscription on tombstone “Mrs. E.L. Hankton”



JEFF  LOUIS  HARPER   10-21-1960  to  10-25-1960  

*S/of  Don & Virginia Gathright Harper


ROYAL  WILSON  HARPER, JR.   b & d  9-13-1922 

*S/of  Royal Wilson Harper(1885-1944) &  Rebecca Pearl Neal Harper (1891-1977)


SYBIL  PRATT  HARPER(78)   11-11-1915  to  7-24-1994  *ob

*Wf/of  Bonnie F. Harper, Sr.;   *D/of  H.T. Pratt  & Effie Simpson Pratt



D. C.  HARRIS     9-5-1878  to  8-26-1915  *WOW


Infant  HARRIS      b & d    5-17-1915

Infant  HARRIS      b & d    5-9-1921   *D/of  T. C. Harris


LOUISE  HARRIS (Infant)   2-6-1914   to  10-9-1914


WILLIAM  ALBERT  HARRIS  11-24-1859 MS to  1-20-1901AR

*S/of  William Henry Harris(1831-1906) & Ellender A. Brewer Harris(1836-1902) 

(Age  41 yrs-1 mo-26 dys) *H/of Ella N. Dickerson

ELLA  N.  DICKERSON  HARRIS   7-5-1864 MS  to  9-17-1911 AR

 *D/of  Franklin L. Dickerson(1838-1904) & Malissa A. Tanner Dickerson(1845-1911)

*Wf/of   W. A. Harris


WINFREY  W.  HARRIS   11-25-1883  to  1-30-1913

*S/of  William Albert Harris(1859-1901) & Ella N. Dickerson Harris(1864-1911)

*Winfrey was the *2ND  H/of  Claudia Mae Henson Glover Harris Poole(1880 MS-1949 AR)



WANDA  TOWNS  HARRISON (61)  8-23-1952  to  2-13-2014  *OB

*D/of  Gerson Eugene “Ras”  Towns(1922-1995) &  Betty Mae  Bolton Towns (1932- ?)



ALBERT  D.  HARTSFIELD   3-20-1921  to  7-9-2009

*S/of  Ambers Hartsfield (1891-1979) &  Mary Kathryn Jamison Hartsfield(1893-1976) 


AMBERS  HARTSFIELD   10-8-1891   to  1-9-1979

*S/of  Benjamin F. Hartsfield(1874-1955) & Mary A. Hartsfield(b:ca 1874) 


&  MARY KATHRYN JAMISON  HARTSFIELD  10-13-1893  to  4-8-1976 

*"Kate"  D/of  Albert Jerome Jamison(1866-1942) & Nan Anderson Jamison(1870-1907)


AMBERS  HARTSFIELD, JR.   *No dates  Marker not found

*S/of  Ambers Hartsfield (1891-1979)  *Wife, Mildred Stinson Hartsfield (1936-2013


FRED  B. “HANK”  HARTSFIELD (85) 1-2-1925  to  2-21-2010 *OB

*S/of Ambers Hartsfield(1891-1979) & Mary Katheryn Jameson Hartsfield(1893-1976) 

*H/of  Doris Jean Smith    *Md: 2/16/2002

&  DORIS JEAN SMITH MALONE HARTSFIELD(80)5-14-1932  to 3-2-2013

*D/of George Franklin Smith(1903-1972) & Isora Inez Russell Smith(1913-2004)  *OB

*Spouses:  *1st  Christopher Clarence Malone (1926-2002)  *2nd  Fred B. Hartsfield (1925-2010)

* “Nonna”   Shares double headstone with *2nd husband, Fred B. Hartsfield



MILDRED  STINSON  HARTSFIELD (77) 1-2-1936  to  5-4-2013  *OB

*D/of Elvie Esteral Stinson (1917-2004)  &  Madie May Elmore Stenson (1918-1991) 

*Wife, of 61 yrs, to Ambers Hartsfield, Jr.



ELMER  ODE  "DUB" HAYES  7-17-1918  to  11-14-1991  

*S/of  O'Dea Homer Hayes(1874-1934) &  Lucy White Dollar(1894-1980)

*COX  U.S. Navy  WW II   (Mason)    *Md:7/24/1939

&  MILDRED  ELIZABETH  LANE  HAYES   8-4-1921 LA  to  1-14-2001 AR  

*D/of  Samuel Rufus Lane(1884-1936) & Mae Belle Beck Lane(1896-1979)



CLARA  HAYSE   (No dates) 

*D/of  Will  &  Minnie  Hayse,  Sr.


NETTIE  HAYSE   (No  dates) 

*D/of  Will  &  Minnie  Hayse, Sr.



JIM  BOB  HEAD   8-10-1913  to  9-1-1997

*S/of  Lara Isabella Vestal (1892-1970) & Henry Parnell Head(1880-1958)   


&  MAUDRIA  I.  FREEMAN  HEAD   7-2-1916  to  11-19-1998

*D/of  Joseph Austin Freeman(1888-1953)  &  Fannie Mae Hale Freeman(1890-1916)



ALICE  L.  CADE  HENDERSON   1888  to  4-2-1941  *ARDI

*Wf/of  Clayton  W.  Henderson (b:ca 1882)


MARTHA  L.  ELLINGTON  HENDRICK   3-4-1845  to  3-30-1913 

*Wf/of  John David Hendrick   (No dates)   Co E 19 LA INF  CSA

*John died in Union Parish, LA  *Tombstone- Crossroads Cemetery, Union Parish, LA



JOHN  THOMAS  HENDRICKS   9-18-1888  to  11-5-1972

*S/of  William Hendricks(1846-1930)  &  Mary J. Hendricks (b: ca 1865)

&  ELLA  MAY “MAMIE” SIMS  DEAL HENDRICKS  6-4-1887  to  8-1-1977

*D/of  James Sims(b: ca 1857)  &  Ella Jane Sims(b:ca 1863)

*Spouses:  *1st  husband,  ?____ DEAL  *2nd husband, John Thomas Hendricks(1888-1972)


MARY  'KATHRYN'  HENDRICKS   8-11-1938   to  1-11-1944 

*S/of  Thomas Wayne Hendricks, SR(1911-1991) & Mable Walker Hendricks(1918-2004)


THOMAS  WAYNE  HENDRICKS, SR.   3-1-1911  to  8-21-1991 *Mason

*S/of  Ella May Sims Deal Hendricks(1887-1977)  &  John Thomas Hendricks(1888-1972)

*Md: 7/14/1935 

&  MABLE  WALKER  HENDRICKS, SR.  2-20-1918  to  11-19-2004

*D/of  Moses C. Walker(1896-1956)  &  Mittie Ham Walker(1898-1977)


THOMAS "TOMMY" WAYNE  HENDRICKS, JR.(68)  2-6-1947  to 

1-11-2016 LA       *Wife of 47 years, Diane Hale Hendricks

*S/of  Thomas Wayne Hendricks, SR(1911-1991) & Mable Walker Hendricks(1918-2004)  *OB



GEORGE  A.  HENRY   1-8-1862   to  2-28-1923

*S/of  George E. Henry(1841-1867) & Sally Ann Frisby Henry(b:ca 1840)

*H/of  Laura "Lizzie" Elizabeth Henry Atkins Stockemer (4/9/1862 to 2/19/1929)

*Laura buried at Cokes Cemetery, Pike Co.,AR



KERMIT  MYLES  HERRIN  (52)  11-9-1952   to  2-25-2005    

*S/of  W. A. & Gladys Warden Herrin;  *Wife, Vera Breland  Herrin.  *OB


&  VERA  BRELAND  HERRIN  3-11-1952  (One date) 




ELLEN  USSERY  HERRING (50) 10-10-1936  to  8-1-1987 



JAMES  H.  HILBORN   1854  Ohio  to  1933   (Mason)

*S/of  John Franklin Hilborn(1823-1906)  &  Lydia Ann Burrough Hilborn(1824-1910)

*H/of  Florence French


*Wf/of  James H. Hilborn    



DELBERT  ARTHUR  HILL   12-14-1941  to  1-28-1943

*S/of  Delbert  C. Hill (1914-2001) &  Pauline Anderson Hill (1915-2000)


DELBERT   C.  HILL  7-26-1914  OK  to  7-16-2001 LA

*S/of  John B. Hill (b:ca 1888 MS)  & Nora M. Hill (b:ca 1891 AR)

*Md: 4/14/1932  Little River Co., AR   *Delbert died in Marion, Union Parish, LA   (Mason)

&  PAULINE  ANDERSON  HILL 4-1-1915 OK  to  2-23-2000 Marion, LA


LEON  FESTUS  HILL   10-16-1906  to  4-11-1979

*S/of  John William "Willie" Hill(1872 LA-1937) & Annie Hill(b: ca 1874 LA) 


&  GENEVA  HINSON  HILL  6-27-1914  to  11-6-1980

*D/of  William Wardy Hinson(1880-1937) & Mary Lee Johnson Hinson(1885-1975)



THOMAS  R.  HINSON   3-20-1852  Richmond, LA  to  10-31-1918

*S/of  Joseph F. Hinson(b:ca 1825) & Hannah Baze Hinson(1826-1900)

&  LEE  ANNTONIA "TONEY"  McGOWEN  HINSON  12-9-1854 Oak Ridge, LA 

to  10-3-1935 *D/of  Holly C. Whittington  of  MS(b:ca 1830) & Elijah E. McGowen(1829-1914)


WILLIAM  WARDY  HINSON    7-3-1880  to  8-4-1937

*S/of  Thomas R. Hinson(1852-1918) & Lee Anntonia McGowen Hinson(1854-1935) 

MARY  LEE  JOHNSON  HINSON   1-30-1885  to  8-8-1975

*D/of  William Galloway Johnson(1852-1915) & Amanda Amelia Dollar Johnson(1858-1936)


WILLIAM  WARDY  HINSON, JR.   4-1-1925  to  7-9-1999  'Son'

*S/of  William Wardy Hinson(1880-1937) & Mary Lee Johnson Hinson(1885-1975)



(Mrs.  L.B.) LOVIE  B.  HOBBS   9-14-1885   to   12-29-1905


WILLIE  W.  HOBBS    7-9-1902   to  6-10-1915

*S/of  Lovie B. Hobbs (1885-1905)



Infant Twin sons,  HODGE    b & d: 10-9-1948 

*Sons of  Doyle Randolph  &  Molly Mayree Waters Hodge


DOYLE   RANDOLPH  "CHUCK"  HODGE 11-23-1917  to  2-18-1999

*S/of  Zackeus Lunsey Hodge(1890-1930) & Mittie Ann Graves Hodge(1898-1993) 


&   MOLLY  MAYREE  WATERS  HODGE   12-7-1922  to  10-17-2005

*D/of  William Morris Waters(1886-1963) & Minnie Etta Fitzgerald Waters(1894-1929)  



ELTON  URIAH  HOLLEY, SR.  1-14-1921  to  2-20-1999

*S/of  Charley U. Holley (1897-1949)  &  Clara  L.  Holley (1901-  )  

*Md: 7/11/1943  

&  MAGGIE  LOIS  GATHRIGHT  HOLLEY   9-4-1928  to  2-20-1976

*D/of  Daucy Parnell Gathright(1904-1975) & Bessie Pearl Phillips Gathright(1903-1969)


ELTON  U. "Uriah"  HOLLEY, JR.    6-29-1945   to   7-3-1945

*S/of  Elton Uriah Holley, Sr.(1921-1999) & Maggie Lois Gathright Holley (1928-1976)


EARL  LOUIE  HOWARD    2-29-1884 MS  to  5-9-1941   *WOW  *ARDI

*S/of Louis Whitfield Howard(1847-1898) & Laura Denton Howard(1845-1889)

&  WILLIE  “MYRTLE”  INGRAM  HOWARD   2-4-1888  to  Dec 1975  *SSDI

*D/of  William Ingram(1864 MS-1932 MS)  &  Emma Louise Cherry Ellard(1867-1931)


LOUIS  WILLIAM  HOWARD    1908  to  1959

*S/of  Earl Louie Howard(1884-1941)  &  Willie Myrtle Ingram Howard(1888-1975)

*H/of  Ruth Nelson Howard



IDA  OPHELIA  WINBOURN   HOWELL  12-2-1892   to  1-16-1911

*D/of  Sara Ann Telerope Winbourn (1848-1921) &  J.W. Winbourn (d:1894) LA *Civil War Soldier

*Husband,  GEORGE  WASHINGTON  HOWELL 5-9-1888 LA  to  3-25-1917

*S/of  Henry W. & Mary Alice Goolsby Howell  *George’s burial location unknown.

*George Wives:  *1st  Ida Ophelia Winbourn  married  10/23/1908.

 *2nd Mary Manghum Barlow Furlow(1894-1967)

*Mary Manghum Barlow Furlow buried Loch Arbor Cemetery, Ouachita Parish, LA

*George W. Howell was Mary Barlow’s first husband.



DONALD  M.  HUDSON   9-8-1928  to  6-1-1932  

MILDRED  HUDSON  8-7-1922  to  4-4-1926 

*D/of  Horace & Alene F. Hudson



WILLIAM  “WILL”  D.  HUFFORD   9-20-1890   to  2-9-1977

*S/of  Fleming Green B. Hufford(1822-1908)  &  Sarah Catherine Sparks Hufford(1852-1927) 

&  LOTTIE  ELLA  BOWEN  HUFFORD  11-17-1891 LA  to  10-29-1961AR

*D/of  James Walter Bowen (1857-1897) & Martha ‘Mattie’  E. Mathews Bowen(1868-1905)

*Spouses:  *Md: *1st in 1905, Union Co., AR, John H. Wesson (b:ca 1883 AR) 

*Md:  *2nd in 1911, Arkansas County, AR  to   William  D. Hufford (1890-1977)


HENRY  C.  HUGHES    5-29-1879AR   to  10-26-1944 CA

*S/of  William Roe Hughes(1831-1906) &  Penelope Ann Green Hughes(1839-1892)

*H/of  Tina Dorman Hughes~ Md: 1916 Clark Co., AR


JAMES  B.  HUGHES     6-19-1856   NC  to  10-21-1925 AR

*S/of  William Roe Hughes(1831-1906) &  Penelope Ann Green Hughes(1839-1892)

*1st wife & Mother of their 5 children, CLEMENTINE L. HUGHES

*2nd wife, Ursula R. Hughes (1872-1944)

URSULA  R.  HUGHES   10-17-1872 AL  to  7-8-1944 AR

*2nd  wife of  JAMES  B.  HUGHES (1856-1925)


JASON  B.  HUGHES   2-22-1947  to  4-5-2002

*S/of  William Arthur Hughes(1904-1992) & Evelyna White Hughes(1918-2010)


&  LINDA  CRAIG  HUGHES  8-16-1950  (One date) 


LOUISE  A.  HUGHES    11-26-1908  to   9-17-1946

*D/of  James B. Hughes(1856-1925) & Ursula R. Hughes(1872-1944)


MARY  ANNETTE  HUGHES    9-11-1919  to  8-20-1920 

*D/of  Henry C. Hughes(1879-1944)  &  Tina Dorman Hughes                                                                                                         


MITTIE  HAYES  HUGHES    2-16-1867  to  8-3-1906 

*Wf/of   W.D. Hughes ~ Md: in 1886  William D. Hughes(1856-1920), Ouachita Co. AR

(38 yrs-6 mo-18 dys) 


WILLIAM  ARTHUR  HUGHES  11-19-1904  to  3-23-1992 (Mason)

*S/of  James B. Hughes (1856-1925)  &  Ursula R. Hughes(1872-1944)

 &  EVELYNA "EVER"  WHITE  HUGHES (91) 11-22-1918  to  7-6-2010 *OB 

*D/of  Jessie Cleveland White (1873-1926)  &  Margaret Jane Howard White (1876-1947) 

 *Evelyna,  Wf/ of  William Arthur Hughes (1904-1992)

*Children: Jane Hughes, Bonnie Hughes Johnson (1944-1971), Jason B. Hughes (1947-2002) , Deniece Hughes.



CHARLES  LEE  HUMPHRIES  1-23-1905  to  7-8-1992 (Mason)

*S/of  William Shade Humphries(1872-1932) & Maggie S. Humphries(1879-1965)


&  OVA  EARNEST  HUMPHRIES  12-26-1910  to  2-3-1996

*D/of  William Pate Earnest(1881-1971)  &  Lula Hargis Earnist(1881-1951) 

*Children: Harold, Jean, Earnest, Tommy, Mary Jane



CHESTER  M.  IMPSON   12-19-1911   to  2-13-1956   (Mason)

*S/of  Napoleon P. Impson(1878-1930) & Julia Louann McCloud Impson(1884-1967)

*Md:12/31/1931  Esther McGowen

ESTHER  McGOWEN  IMPSON(100) 11-5-1912  to  7-31-2013  *OB

*D/of  Ollie Parnell McGowen(1882-1955)  & Jessie Lee Harrison McGowen (1889-1919)  

*Wf/of  Chester Impson   Md:1931

Esther & her sister, Inez Fuston cared for their father at home until his death in 1955.


DALLAS  ALEXANDER  IMPSON, SR.   12-12-1891  to  9-6-1963 

*S/of  John William Impson(1844-1893)  &  Louisa Texaner Sisco Impson(1859-1942)  

*Arkansas PVT  U.S. Army WW I     *H/of Vera Rhodes Impson

VERA  RHODES  IMPSON  5-10-1911  to  12-1-2005

*D/of  David Newton Rhodes(1887-1971)  &  Henrietta Davis Rhodes(1889-1972)


DALLAS  IMPSON, JR.    4-8-1930  to  5-15-1961 

*S/of  Dallas Alexander Impson, Sr.(1891-1963)  & Vera Rhodes Impson (1911-2005)   

*U.S. Navy  1948-49 Served aboard USS Antietam


H. W.  IMPSON, JR.   ( No dates)


H. W.   IMPSON   6-28-1858(r 1888)   to   5-20-1915

*Stone almost illegible


IDA  IMPSON    10-12-1884  to  1-25-1908


JOHN  WILLIAM  IMPSON, SR.   1-1-1844   to  11-18-1893

*S/of  John Impson(b: ca 1822) & Mary A. Impson (b: ca 1827) both of LA

*1st  Husband of Louisa Texander Sisco Impson (1859-1942)

LOUISA  TEXANER  SISCOE  IMPSON   3-9-1859   to  5-14-1942 

*D/of  Mary Denny (1830-1861) &  Green Henderson Sisco(1829-1866) of Bradley Co., AR

*Spouses:  *1st husband,  John William Impson, Sr.   *2nd husband Joseph P. Burrows aft. 1893


(N.P.)NAPOLEON  P.  IMPSON    8-11-1878  to  6-7-1930

*S/of  John William Impson(1844-1893)  &  Louisa Texaner Sisco Impson(1859-1942)  

JULIA  LOUANN  ‘LULA’ McCLOUD  IMPSON   9-21-1884   to  5-21-1967

*D/of  Julius McCloud(b: ca 1859 LA) & Hattie Falenna “Lena” Knox McCloud Walker (b: ca 1859 LA)

*Hattie F. Knox McCloud, remarried after the death of Julius McCloud, to Hiram Wesley Walker-moved to TX


SIMEON  ‘SIMMIE’  WESLEY  IMPSON   1-2-1895  to  11-1-1947

*S/of  John William Impson(1844-1893)  &  Louisa Texaner Sisco Impson(1859-1942)  



ELLEN  JOHNSON  JACKSON   10-7-1889  to  11-22-1961

*D/of  William Galloway Johnson(1852-1915) & Amanda Amelia Dollar Johnson(1858-1936)



LUCY  ATKINS  JAMES   3-3-1908  to   6-9-1991

*D/of  Dee Atkins(b: ca 1870 LA)  &  Birdie Atkins (b: ca 1892 LA)


TOMMIE  JAMES  *New grave  Small wooden cross "We Love You"  (Apr 2011)



ALBERT  JEROME  JAMISON, JR.   10-18-1866  to  3-9-1942

*S/of  Jerome Jamison, Sr. (b: ca 1836)  &  Mary “Mollie” Lavenia Jamison Meroney Stroops (1843-1918)

*Spouses:  *1st  Nan Anderson (1870-1907) Mother of most of his children.

*2nd  wife,  Emily Pennington (b:ca 1876)  Md: in 1909. They had a daughter, Ruth (b: ca 1911)

*Emily  md: Albert in 1909 as his 2nd wife.


ANNIE  BERTHA  SIMS  JAMISON    1-16-1902  to  2-16-1970

*D/of  John Edward Sims(1857-1921)  &  Ella Jane Guice Sims (1863-1940)

BURTON  MONROE  JAMISON  10-7-1900  to  3-5-1958

*S/of  Albert Jerome, Jr.(1866-1942)  &  Nan Anderson Jamison(1870-1907)

*Arkansas Pvt  CO  L  466  QM  TRK  REGT    WW  II



ISAAC  JEFFERSON (83)  2-10-1922  to  11-8-2005 Tomball, TX  *ob

*S/of  Perry J. Jefferson(1900-1949)  &  Tiney Ward Jefferson(1900-1980)    *MM

*Md: in 1943, Union County, AR  Christine Stevens (b:ca 1925)


LEAMON  JEFFERSON   9-20-1898  to  11-14-1982

*S/of  Peter Jefferson(b:ca 1863)  &  Lucy Smith Jefferson Burks(b: ca 1877)


&  KATIE  L.  BARNES  JEFFERSON   7-5-1908  to  11-20-1982 

*D/of  Mattie Robinson Barnes (b:ca 1887 LA)


PERRY  J.  JEFFERSON    1900  to  1949

*S/of  Peter Jefferson (b:ca 1863)  &  Lucy Smith Jefferson Burks(1878-1951)

&   TINEY  ‘TEE’  WARD  JEFFERSON    7-20-1900  to  Nov 1980  *SSDI

*Wf/of  Perry J. Jefferson (1900-1949)  *Granddaughter of Wade & Rose Johnson



MARY  LYNN  JEFFUS    6-20-1929  to  2-20-1930

*D/of  J.L. & Bertie Jeffus



BEVERLY  ANNE  JOHNSON     8-6-1962  to  1-11-1982

*D/of John Marse "Red" Johnson(1937-2014) & Betty Frances Johnson(1934 -  )


BONNIE  HUGHES  JOHNSON  6-20-1944  to  3-20-1971

*D/of  William Arthur Hughes(1904-1992) & Evelyna White Hughes(1918-2010)


DONALD  WAYNE  JOHNSON    7-31-1935   to  5-26-1979

*S/of  Emmett B. Johnson  &  Eva Lee Sehon Johnson


EMMETT  B.  JOHNSON   1-15-1899  to  2-9-1964

*Md:1920  Union County, AR    Eva Lee Sehon

&  EVA  LEE  SEHON  JOHNSON    9-27-1898   to  3-23-1989

*D/of  Joseph E. Sehon(1871-1953)  &  Leah N. Cobb Sehon(1881-1949)


FLOYD  ELMORE "RED"  JOHNSON (87) 7-16-1905  to 12-30-1992 *OB    

 *S/of  John A. & Roberta Robinson Johnson      *Md:7/19/1924    “Forever In Our Hearts”

&  "WILLIE"  LELIA  McGOWEN  JOHNSON (84) 1-9-1909  to  3-1-1993   

*D/of  Robert P. McGowen  &  Metta Hamm McGowan;  *Wife of Floyd Elmore Johnson   


FRANKLIN  ‘FRANK’  D.  JOHNSON   5-9-1933 TX  to  10-25-2001 AR

&  LEVENIA  E.  BIRCHFIELD  JOHNSON (REIFSTECK)  5-18-1938  (One date)


HARDY  LAVELLE  JOHNSON   4-16-1914   to  9-16-1915   “OUR BABY”

*S/of   Jake A. Johnson (1889-1934)  &  Emma Lee Garrett Johnson(1890-1981)


JAKE  A.  JOHNSON    5-5-1889  to  1-7-1934 

*S/of  Susan Brasher Johnson( ?  - 9/10/ 1903 )  &  Jacob J. Johnson

*Susan buried in Spring Hill Cemetery, Union Parish, LA  [D/of  Wm. &  Julia Brasher]

*Note: Susan’s headstone is a replacement for her original stone-the info on the new stone mixed up the

names of her husband, Jacob J.  & son,  Jake A. Johnson.

*Jake’s wife, Emma Lee Garrett Johnson(1890-1981)  is buried in the Strong Cemetery, Union Co., AR

*Jake & Emma Johnson had 2 daughters, Pauline (b:1911) &  Emogene (b: 1922)


JESSE  JOHNSON     3-17-1896   to   4-12-1912

*S/of  William Galloway Johnson(1852-1915)  &  Amanda Amelia Dollar Johnson(1858-1936)


JOHN  MARSE  JOHNSON (77)  9-14-1937  to  10-12-2014

*S/of  Floyd Elmore “Red” Johnson (1905-1992) & Willie Lelia McGowen Johnson (1909-1993)

*Md: 7/17/1998    U.S. Navy Veteran…until 1961

&   BETTY  FRANCES  JOHNSON  8-20-1934  (One date)


JOHNNY  CARL  JOHNSON   3-17-1900  to  3-23-1912

*S/of  William Galloway Johnson(1852-1915)  &  Amanda Amelia Dollar Johnson(1858-1936)


LILLIAN  ANNETTE  HENDRICKS  JOHNSON   2-21-1941  to  6-26-2009

*S/of  Thomas Wayne Hendricks, SR(1911-1991) & Mable Walker Hendricks(1918-2004)


WILLIAM  GALLOWAY  JOHNSON   8-3-1852 AL   to  6-23-1915 AR (Mason)

*S/of  Joshua W. Johnson (b: ca 1823 AL)  &  Elmira Johnson (b: ca 1824 NC)

&  AMANDA  AMELIA  DOLLAR  JOHNSON   10-2-1858  to  10-1-1936

*D/of  Robert Dollar (1814-1880)  &  Theresa Nelson Dollar (1815-1905)


WILLIAM  ROLAND  JOHNSON   11-5-1892  to  May 1983 (Mason)

*S/of  William Galloway Johnson(1852-1915)  &  Amanda Amelia Dollar Johnson(1858-1936)

&  FLORENCE  LANGSTON  JOHNSON   9-18-1899  to  10-19-1979 

*D/of  Leonidas Ciseroe Langston (1848-1926) & Stacia Parnelia Dumas Langston (1855-1943)

*Only birth year and death year on tombstone.



JOHN  JAMES  “JACK” JOHNSTON   5-2-1857 Quebec, Canada  to  5-11-1935 LA

DORA  W.  HARDIN  JOHNSTON   11-19-1879  to  8-25-1932  

*Wf/of  James  J. Johnston      *Md: 1896, Union Co., AR



THOMAS  WILLIAM  JOINER    7-1-1855 TX  to  1926

*H/of  Martha Ann “Mattie” Bowen 

&  MARTHA  ANN  'MATTIE'  BOWEN  JOINER   1-8-1849 AL  to  1931 AR

*D/of  Farley Wade Bowen (1814-1867) &  Eliza A. Hobbie Bowen (1824-1897)

*Only date on tombstone is the year of birth & death.



JAELYN  KEI  JONES  7-13-2009  to  7-13-2009 

*D/of  Ryan & Jamie  Jones



CHARLES  HENRY  KIRBY  6-6-1857 GA  to  11-13-1933 AR 

*S/of William Henry Kirby(1805-1888) to Julia Ann Wood Kirby(1821-1869)

*Charles & his 1st wife (name unknown)   had 4 children: Ethel (ca 1884) & Nahie(ca 1888)

Alby Thermon (ca 1890-1924) & Gillis Orban (ca 1893)

*After the death of Charles’s  1st wife, he married as his *2nd wife, Mary A.  Rhodes (1877-1972)

They had two daughters, Delma Faye Kirby Little(1909-1986) &  Lillie B.(ca 1910)

*MARY ANN RHODES KIRBY(1877-1972) Mary Ann & Delma Faye are buried

in Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery, El Dorado.



BENJAMIN  FRANKLIN “FRANK” KNOX (41) 3-3-1881  to 10-11-1922 LA

*S/of  John Henry Knox(1848-1922)  &  Elizabeth Martin Knox (1850-1934)       (Mason)

“Frank” md: in 1908  Edna Elizabeth Frickie   * Frank & Edna had two sons.

*Sons:  Edward Charles (1909-1956)  &  Clyde  H.  Knox(1910-1960)


ELLIS  KNOX   1902   to  1944 *Born & died in Huttig, AR 

*S/of  John Edward Knox (1875-1941) & Era P. Russell Knox(1879-1963)


FREDDIE  KNOX   2-14-1924  to  4-2-1924 

*S/of  Oliver Knox(1886-1955)  &  Sarah Melinda Freeman Knox(1894-1924)

*6 week old baby boy, died from Measles & Pneumonia. Buried with mother who died

the next day, April 3rd.


J. B.  KNOX  1-1-1904   to   9-15-1913   

*9 yr old Son  of  James ‘Jim’ Allen Knox(1873-1938)   &  Margeret Lamonte ‘Montie’

Dollar Knox Hammons(1880-1964)  *Jim / Margeret  buried Coax Baptist Church Cemetery

Franklin Parish, LA


(J.H.) JOHN  HENRY  KNOX   8-12-1848 LA  to  7-18-1922 AR

*74 yrs-11 mos-6 dys  (Mason)    *Md: 1870 Union Co., AR  Elizabeth Martin

(MRS.  J.H.)ELIZABETH  MARTIN  KNOX  10-24-1850  to  2-3-1934 

“BETSY”   *83 yrs-4 mo-23 dys  (Eastern Star)   *Wf/of  John Henry Knox(1848-1922)


JOHN  EDWARD  KNOX   11-19-1875   to   3-22-1941 *ARDI 

*S/of  John Henry Knox(1848-1922) & Elizabeth Martin Knox(1850-1934)

*John Edward Knox twin to Minnie Etta Knox Walker(1875-1932)

&   ERA  P.  RUSSELL  KNOX   1879 LA  to   1963 AR

*D/of  John W. Russell (1834-1893)  &  Mary E. Wasson Russell(b: ca 1844 AL)


NORMAN  HENRY  KNOX   10-25-1878   to  11-2-1958

*S/of  John Henry Knox(1848-1922) & Elizabeth Martin Knox(1850-1934)

& SAFRONI “FRONIE” IDA  PHILLIPS  KNOX  1-21-1891  to  2-18-1968

*D/of  Martin Luther Phillips(1870-1935) & Susan Lula Cole Phillips(1872-1960)  


OLIVER  ‘OLLIE’  KNOX   4-29-1886  to   3-7-1955 (Mason) 'Daddy' 

*S/of  John Henry Knox(1848-1922) & Elizabeth Martin Knox(1850-1934)

*Md:  1st  Sarah  ‘Sally’ Melinda Freeman(1894-1924)  *Md: 2nd Mary Susan Thornhill (1906-2004)

MARY  SUSAN  THORNHILL  KNOX  10-1-1906  to  12-30-2004  'Mother'

*D/of  Mary Elizabeth McMillin(1885-1976) & James Washington Thornhill(1874-1952)  *Age 98

*Oliver & Mary Susan had two daughters: Mary Olive Knox  &  Relda Faye Knox.


SARAH  “SALLY” MELINDA  FREEMAN  KNOX  12-13-1894  to  4-3-1923

*D/of  John Gaulden Freeman(1862-1940) & Sarah Eleanor Hodge Freeman (1871-1942)

*Md: *1st  Max Leslie Lindsay(1887-1913)  Max died shortly after their son, Harlon Lindsey was born.

(Max & Sally had a son Harlon L. Lindsey (1912-1942) when she was 18 yrs old)

*Widow Sally, md:  *2nd husband,  Oliver ‘Ollie’ Knox(1886-1955)  & they had four sons.

*Sons: Tracy Louis Knox, John Lavelle Knox, Edgar Lacy Knox, and infant Fred Knox.

*Their last born son, Freddie Knox (1924-1924) at 6 wks of age, from Measles & Pneumonia. Sally died

of the same virus a day after her infant.



AARON  LEE  LaGASSE   12-21-1914  to   2-21-1930 

*Child of  Daniel LaGasse (1887 WI-1979AR) & Myrtle LaGrasse (b:ca 1895 TX)



Infant  LANE   B  &  D   1-3-1914 

*D/of  Mae Belle Beck Lane (1896-1979) &  Samuel Rufus Lane (1884-1936)


Infant  LANE   B  &  D   10-26-1916 

*D/of  Mae Belle Beck Lane (1896-1979) &  Samuel Rufus Lane (1884-1936)


Infant  LANE    B  &  D  12-16-1924 

*S/of  Mae Belle Beck Lane (1896-1979)  &  Samuel Rufus Lane (1884-1936)


MATTIE  BELLE  LANE   3-20-1932  to  9-18-1933

*D/of  Mae Belle Beck Lane (1896-1979) &  Samuel Rufus Lane (1884-1936)


MINOR  BUEL (M. B.) LANE, Jr.  8-12-1930  to  7-8-1994 

*S/of  Minor Buel Lane(1904-1979) & Norma Hicks Lane(1909-1947)

*SGT  U.S. Marine Corps- Korea        *Md:10/14/1955 

&  OPHELIA  LANGLEY  LANE   7-29-1936  to  10-7-2003 TX

*D/of  Charley Wilton Langley(1902-1969)  & Rodie Orene DeShazo Langley Bishop (1910-2004)

*Wife of Minor B Lane, Jr.


SAMUEL  RUFUS  LANE   11-25-1884   to   11-20-1936 

*Md:1912 Union Co., AR

&  MAE  BELLE  BECK  LANE    9-21-1896  to  8-14-1979

*D/of  Andrew J. Beck (1868-1938) & Mattie E. Willingham Beck (1872-1951)



REV  CHARLEY  WILTON  LANGLEY  2-13-1902-4-5-1969

*S/of  George Washington Langley(1873-1922) & Lunie Bell Sharrer Langley(1876-1953)


&  RODIE ORENE DeSHAZO LANGLEY BISHOP  6-2-1910  to 12-14-2004

*S/of  Joseph Garland DeShazo(1886-1959) &  Eula Lee Malone DeShazo(1893-1919) 


GEORGE  WASHINGTON  LANGLEY   3-9-1873  to  3-8-1922

*S/of Samuel Mason Langley(1826-1869) & Margaret Amanda(Mandy) Hux Langley(1831-1870)

*Spouses: *1st  Rachel Ann Hughes Nelson(1868-1951)  *2nd Lunie Bell Sharrer Langley(1876-1953)

*Rachel Ann shares a double marker with Ben J. Nelson, Rose Hill Cemetery, Clark Co.,AR

&  LUNIE  BELL  SHARRER  LANGLEY  2-10-1876  to  12-30-1953 


OTHA  LEE  LANGLEY 8-5-1934AR   to  3-18-1992 LA  "Daddy"

*S/of  Charley Wilton  Langley (1902-1969) &  Rodie Orene Deshazo Langley Bishop (1910-2004)

*Huge double heart, no name listed for "Mother"  

*Md:3/26/1955 Nadine Sims ( Langley-Simpson)  Late son, Ronnie Langley;

“He Gave So Much And Asked So Little”


to  2-1-2014 LA   *D/of  William Sims (1913-1982)  &  Martha Womble Sims (1916-1998)

 * Late *1st husband Otha Lee Langley(1934-1992);  Late son, Ronnie Langley; *OB

*2nd husband,  Bill Simpson   *See Nadine under “Simpson”


STEVE  WILTON  LANGLEY    1-6-1958  to  5-28-1977

*Killed in a three-vehicle accident near Huttig.

*S/of W.C. Langley(1930-1988) & Doris Bishop Langley(b: 1930-?)


W.C. "DUB"  LANGLEY   4-13-1930  to  11-21-1988

*S/of  Charley Wilton Langley(1902-1969) & Rodie Orene DeShazo Langley Bishop(1910-2004) 

*Md:12/18/1948    *U.S. Marine  WW  II 

&  DORIS  BISHOP  LANGLEY  1-31-1930  (One  date)

*D/of  Mark Edward Bishop(1907-1974) & Laura Miller Bishop(1908-1968)



JOHN  E.  LAW    3-17-1866  to  1-4-1926 

*S/of James Law (b: ca 1837 England)  &  Eliza Jane Law (b: ca 1844 TN)



B. B.  LAWRENCE    1883  to  1889 


GEORGE  W.  LAWRENCE    9-18-1835  to  7-21-1911

*H/of  Nancy Chambless


7-22-1892   (? nee  CHAMLESS)  CHAMLESS on headstone.  *Wf/of  George W. Lawrence


Z. S.  LAWRENCE    1869  to  1882 



NANO  WILLIAMS  LEE    8-8-1901 to  6-6-1988

*S/of  Hamilton Wade Hill Lee(1866-1940) & Emily Morton Lee(1877-1916)

*Md: 9/17/1922   

&  EFFIE MAE  WOOD  LEE   3-10-1905  to 10-27-1999

*D/of  Elias Jackson Wood(1854-1938) & Annie Carrie Calley Wood(1864-1941)



GEORGE  A.  LEWIS    2-16-1900  to   9-18-1916

*16 Yr old  S/of  Frances Asbury Lewis & Flora Lewis



HARLON   L.  LINDSEY   10-29-1912  to  12-19-1942

*S/of  Maxie Leslie Lindsay(1887-1913)  &  Sarah Melinda Freeman Lindsay Knox

*Louisiana  PVT  204 COAST  ARTY. (AA)  (Tombstone spells surname-Lindsey)

“A Christian Course is Run, A valiant fight with Victory won”



CAREY  CORTEZ  LITTLE  4-29-1915  to  11-4-2004

*S/of  James Armon Little(1887-1963) & Rosa Lee Taunton Little(1893-1973)   

* TEC  5  U.S. Army  WW II   *Md:7/1/1938

&  MAVIS  MAUDINE SMITH  LITTLE 8-14-1922  to 12-21-1999

*D/of  Woodie Elmus Smith(1893-1956) & Minnie Beatrice Freeman Smith (1898-1968)


CAREY  DEAN  LITTLE    5-17-1942   to  1-16-1975   


CYNTHIA  ANN  LITTLE   12-11-1974  (One date)

*D/of George & Sarah Little


CHARLETT  JENECE  LITTLE  5-19-1938  to  2-4-1939 

*D/of  Jeffie Claude Little(1892-1972) & Clara Mae Nelson Little (1903-1986)


DONALD  B.  "Curly"  LITTLE   5-7-1934  (One date)

&   GELYNN  LITTLE  LITTLE  1-9-1932  to  4-20-2010

*D/of  Jeffie Claude Little(1892-1973)  &  Clara Mae Nelson Little(1903-1986)

"Together 57 Years"


DUVAL  L.  LITTLE, SR.   1-20-1900  to  10-24-1983

*S/of  Calvin Lafayette Little(1873-1956) & Mollie McGee Little(1872-1901)


&  EUNICE "EUNIE" SMITH  LITTLE  12-8-1902  to  7-29-1989

*D/of James Henry Smith (1846-1919)  & Lizzie Jane Linder Smith DeShazo(1866-1955)


(D. L.)  DUVAL  L.  LITTLE, JR.    6-7-1925  to  12-23-1983

*S/of  Duval L. Little, Sr.(1900-1983) & Eunice Smith Little(1902-1989) 


GEORGE  ALLEN  LITTLE   4-9-1939  to  5-23-1999

*S/of  George Lavelle Little(1909-1985) & Vera Popwell Little(1910-1995) 

'Beloved Father'

&  ROBERT  ALLEN  LITTLE  11-11-1973  to  2-9-1991

*S/of  George Little & Sarah Little   'Beloved Brother'   *"Cindy  Daughter and Sister"


GEORGE  LAVELLE  LITTLE    11-3-1909  to  5-1-1985

*S/of  George Washington Little(1858-1937) & Annie Mahaley Gathright Little(1869-1943)

&  VERA  POPWELL  LITTLE   5-27-1910  to  7-5-1995

*D/of  Oscar Benjamin Popwell(1875-1950)  &  Ava Odom Popwell(1887-1965)


GEORGE  WASHINGTON  LITTLE 7-4-1858 AL  to  8-9-1937AR

*S/of James Pinkston Little  & Ellender Brown Little 

*Md:12/16/1885   Union Co., AR

&  ANNIE  MAHALEY GATHRIGHT  LITTLE  2-13-1869  to  7-29-1943

*D/of Louisa Elizabeth  Nunnally (1848-1910) &  James Henry Gathright(1846-1908)


JEFFIE "JEFFEY" CLAUDE  LITTLE  11-21-1892  to  8-22-1973  *WOW

*S/of  George Washington Little(1858-1937) & Annie Mahaley Gathright Little(1869-1943)

* Md:6/15/1923      *ARK  PVT U.S. Army WW I 

&  CLARA  MAE  NELSON   LITTLE  12-23-1903  to  7-18-1986 LA 

*D/of  William F. Nelson (1879-1961) & Rosa Beasley Nelson(1888-1983)


JESSIE  "WILEY"  LITTLE   2-4-1906  to  7-4-1982 Silsbee, Hardin Co., TX      

*S/of  Steve Monroe Little(1870-1961)  &  Sarah Etta Dickerson Little (1871-1953) 


VERSA VERNON  McHENRY  LITTLE  3-29-1914  to  2-28-1998  

*D/of Edgar Olan McHenry (1875-1965) & Mary Addie McGough McHenry(1878-1926)


JOHN  CALVIN  LITTLE   11-21-1925  to  12-7-1990

*S/of  Jeffie Claude Little(1892-1972) & Clara Mae Nelson Little (1903-1986)

*Md:6/13/1946    *PFC US Army WW II  “For the wages of sins is death. 

But the Gift of God is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ Our Lord” Romans6:23         

&  LAVERN “TINY” BURGESS  LITTLE  8-5-1927  to 12-24-2003

*Lavern was a twin to brother, Lavon Burgess (8-5-1927 to 12-14-2003)

*Parents: James Lenton Burgess(1880-1980) & Eula Mae Etheridge Burgess(1888-1946)

*Lavon buried  Greenlawn Memorial Cemetery, Natchez, MS


JOHN  F.  LITTLE    12-12-1892   to   2-4-1961

*S/of  Steve Monroe Little(1870-1961) & Sarah Etta Dickerson Little(1871-1953) 

*H/of  Allie Simmons Little

ALLIE  SIMMONS  LITTLE   11-22-1896  to  4-20-1971

*D/of  Prentice Cleveland Simmons(1864-1948) & Josey Ann Coates Simmons(1866-1940)

*2nd Wf/of  John F. Little


ROBERT  NEAL  LITTLE   7-26-1953   to  12-22-1972


VAUN  JEFFERY  LITTLE   6-25-1947  to  8-19-2001 



ERNEST  RAYMOND  LLOYD   1-22-1902 TX  to  5-22-1940 AR

*S/of  Ernest Houston Lloyd(1879-1933) &  Agnes Edna Vanderwatter Lloyd(1883-1946)

&   LALU GRACE ARRANT  LLOYD  10-30-1903LA  to  2-2-1986LA 

*D/of  Ezealius Eugene Arrant (1867-1945) & Lula Etta Brillhart Arrant (1874-1954)



JAMES  C.  LOCKETT   4-23-1900   to  9-11-1910

*A 10 year old black child



MARY  M.  COLE  LUM     5-11-1871   to  2-2-1935

*D/of  Levi Jefferson Cole(b:ca 1832-d:bef 6//1/1880) & Emily "Emma"

Finch Cole(1843-1920)

*Mary had a twin sister, Louisa "Lou" Cole Porter

*Mary M. Cole  married in Morehouse Parish, LA, in 1890, William Penn Lum.

They were the parents of five children. William Penn Lum was born 3/22/1847 MS  &

died 12/9/1916 in Ashley Co., Ark.  Mary died in OK, while visiting her daughter.


FULTON  S.  LUM  10-9-1924 AR  to  11-11-2012 LA  *OB

*S/of  Charlie Powell Lum (1894-1978)  &  Mollie Jane Nelson Lum (1902-1989)

*Surviving, his wife of 65 years, Ruth Tarter Lum

RUTH  TARTER  LUM     Unknown- No dates

*Wf/of  Fulton S. Lum (1924-2012)



HERMAN  C.  MAIER   10-15-1906 OK  to  8-6-1952

*S/of  George Maier(1861-1922) & Anna Maier(1874-1941)

*Herman md: Birdie Watkins(b: ca 1919) in Dallas Co., AR in 1944.

*Birdie was the daughter of Thomas Wilson Watkins(1881-1961) & Minnie

Lee McKinney Watkins (1887-1974)

*Both of her parents are buried here in Harper Springs Cemetery.



CHRISTOPHER  CLARENCE  MALONE (C.C.) 3-11-1926  to  10-4-2002

[C. C.  MALONE  1926  to  2002]     *Md: 9/6/1947 Union Co., AR   “Doris J. Smith”

*S/of  Davis McDduffy Malone (1892-1964) & Asalee McKinney Malone

* The name & years were hand painted onto this marker with black paint. He has 2 markers.

DORIS JEAN SMITH MALONE HARTSFIELD (80) 5-14-1932  to  3-2-2013LA

*D/of George Franklin Smith(1903-1972) & Isora Inez Russell Smith(1913-2004)  *OB

*Spouses:  *1st  Christopher Clarence Malone (1926-2002)  *2nd  Fred B. Hartsfield (1925-2010)

*”Nonna”   Shares double headstone with *2nd husband, Fred B. Hartsfield  (Md: 2/16/2002)


DAVIS  McDUFFY  “DAVE”  MALONE  4-5-1892   to  7-31-1964

*S/of  Christopher C. Malone(1863-1926) &  Willie J. Futcher Malone(1861-1903)

&  CARRIE  DICKERSON  MALONE  (87) 9-16-1905  to 7-16-1993  

*D/of  William Reed  Dickerson(1869-1962)  &  Verda Taunton Dickerson(1879-1958).                

*Wf/of  Davis Malone *OB


FRANCIS  MALONE   4-17-1888   to   4-15-1907


WILLIE  J.  FUTCHER  MALONE   7-21-1861 LA  to  12-30-1903 AR

*Md: 1884  in Union Parish, LA as *1st Wf/ of,  Christopher C. Malone (1863LA -1926TX) 

*Christopher C. Malone is buried Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Houston Co.,TX

*C.C. Malone shares a double headstone with *2nd wife, Savannah Myrtie Lawrence(1885-1956)

“Peace Perfect Peace”  “Kind father of love, thou art gone to thy rest.”



CECIL  L.  MANNING   2-3-1922  to  5-21-1938


(J.A.)JESSE  A. MANNING   4-20-1855   to   9-26-1912

*S/of  Henry Manning(1820-1860) &  Mary A. Cason Manning(1825-1880)

*H/of  Julie Sophronia “Phrone”  Hughes Manning(12/22/1857-1/15/1946)

*Julia was born in Morehouse Parish, LA & died in Bastrop, LA at age of 88.

*Daughter, Martha Etta Manning Bishop (1886-1958) buried in Jolley Cemetery,

Union Co., AR



ELIZA  JANE  MANSFIELD    5-13-1825 KY  to  10-16-1906



JAMES LAFAYETTE “JIM” MANYHOUSE  5-16-1873MO  to  7-31-1969AR


JAMES  PAUL MANYHOUSE   5-8-1916 AR  to  1-8-1968 AR

*S/of  James Lafayette Manyhouse (1873-1969) &  Catherine Manyhouse

*James Paul was a SeaBee,   SF 1-U.S.  Navy-WW II



DORA  MAE  MARABLE (94) 5-29-1910  to  1-8-2005 

 *D/of  Jody and Bammer Hollis;  *Wife of the late Tommy Marable



CARL  MARONEY, JR.  2-15-1927  to  11-16-1927

*S/of  Carl Maroney, Sr. (1884-1965)  &  Opal R. Ellis Maroney(1898-1949)

*Nephew, Carl Maroney, Jr. shares double with  Monte Vestal Ellis(1897-1964)


CARL  MARONEY, SR.    1-3-1884  to   11-13-1965

*S/of  Charles Price Maroney(1850-1918) & Martha Ham Maroney(1856-1916)

&   OPAL  R.  ELLIS  MARONEY   12-21-1898   to  11-13-1949

*D/of  Thomas Larkin Ellis (1856-1935) & Elizabeth Malaby Ellis(1870-1947)


ERNEST  M. MARONEY   3-3-1886  to  Apr 1966  *SSDI

*S/of  Charles Price Maroney(1850-1918) &  Martha Ham Maroney (1856-1916)


GORDON  EARL  MARONEY, SR.    6-29-1894   to  5-17-1981

*S/of  Charles Price Maroney(1850-1918) & Martha Ham Maroney(1856-1916) 

&  MINNIE LOUISE SEHON  MARONEY 2-21-1893  to  6-10-1969

*S/of  Mary Ione Hux Sehon (1857-1917) &  James Harlan Sehon(1858-1921)


GORDON  EARL  MARONEY, JR. (94)  10-10-1919  to  11-22-2013*OB

*S/of  Gordon Earl Maroney, Sr. (1894-1981)  &  Minnie Louise Sehon Maroney (1893-1969

*Md:10/26/1944 Montgomery, AL  MYRTLE WALDROP MARONEY(deceased)

*US Army Air Corps 1941-1945 USAF


MARY  VIRGINIA  MARONEY    1-11-1927  to  11-6-1928 

*D/of  Gordon Earl Maroney, Sr. (1894-1981) &  Minnie Louise Sehon Maroney(1893-1969


WOODROW   W. “BEAU”  MARONEY  3-14-1924  to  9-7-2006

*S/of  Gordon Earl Maroney, Sr.(1894-1981) & Minnie Louise Sehon Maroney (1893-1969) 


& EVIA  IRENE  WOMACK  MARONEY   3-7-1915  to  8-3-1984

*D/of  Newport Scott Womack(1877-1943) & Eulena Elizabeth Lawrence Womack(1877-1955)



ROBERT  LAUD  MARTINDALE  12-29-1904  to 12-9-1984

*S/of  Sam Martindale(1873-1945)  &  Sarah Francis Lewis Martindale(1875-1955)

*PFC  U.S. Army WW II    


2-16-1992   *D/of  Thomas Daniel Russell(1874-1948) &  Juretta Corley Russell(1875-1916)

*Spouses: *1st  Md: 12/5/1920 Union Co.,AR   G. B. COLE(1902-1938) 

*Md:  *2nd  Robert Laud Martindale (1904-1984)



ELIZABETH JANE SEHON MATHEWS    8-2-1841  to  12-28-1915

*D/of  Joseph Sehon (1804NC-1850AR)  &  Elizabeth Pinkney Sehon(b:ca 1802 GA- AR)

*Wf/of  John Mathews(1845-1879)   *Md: 1865 AR


HOUSTON  P.  MATHEWS   4-19-1905   to   12-16-1992

*George Arn Mathews(1872-1952) & Ida Rose Hays Mathews(1875-1941)  


&  SUDIE  MAE  GARNER  MATHEWS   2-27-1910  to  9-23-2005

*D/of  Simuel Edward Garner(1879-1965) &  Lular Manning Garner(1882-1971)


JOHN  ELISHA  MATHEWS  1-14-1868  to  6-29-1913

*S/of  Jacob J. Mathews(1826-1901) &  Sarah Jane Barnes Mathews(1840-1894)

*Wife, LOTTIE ANGELINE MATHEWS AGNEW (10/28/1877 to 10/19/1966 OK)

*Buried: Rose Hill Cemetery , Chickasha,  Grady Co., OK


WINNIE S.  MATHEWS   5-27-1899  to  12-25-1904

*D/of  Thomas Henry Mathews(b:ca 1866 AR) & Lela Hughes Mathews(b: ca 1872 AR)

(5 yrs-6 mo-28 dys)


RICHARD  D.  MATHEWS (80)  3-1-1933  to   3-26-2013  (32 Degree Mason) 

*S/of  Houston P. Mathews(1905-1992) & Sudie Mae Garner Mathews(1910-2005)

* Survived by his wife, Irene Hefner Mathews   *Retired U. S. Navy aft 20 yrs





ROLLA  GLENN “BOB” MATHIS  3-10-1938 TX  to  12-28-2001 AR

*S/of  Jesse Cleveland Mathis (1888-1942) & Mae Chandler Mathis Kinney(1904-1969)

*Md: 7/12/1968     Sharon N. Smith (7/21/1943)

*Superintendent of Huttig School System for many years.




ELMER  MAYBERRY    8-27-1917 LA  to  3-13-1984 LA 

*S/of  Johnnie Epsie Eldorado Sisk (1890-1965) & Robert Andrew Mayberry (1885-1960) 




JO  T.  McCANTS  “Mother”   11-17-1907   to  10-27-1984

*Wf/of  Marion George McCants

MARION  GEORGE  McCANTS   8-4-1908 AL  to  1-14-1979 AR  

*S/of  Charlie McCants(1868-1916)  &  Elnora McCants(1882-1960)




WALLACE  AUBREY DURWOOD  McCARTNEY 10-6-1907  to  7-6-1955

(Mason)  *S/of Robert Roy McCartney(1878-1950) & Mary Rebecca Cox McCartney(1890-1958)

ELECTA JANE  GARNER McCARTNEY  12-4-1911 to 12-16-1989 LA

(Eastern  Star)   *D/of William H. Gardner (b:ca 1876 AL)


ROBERT  ROY  McCARTNEY    3-7-1878 LA  to  5-13-1950 AR

*S/of  Franklin S. McCartney(1836-1880) &  Sarah Jane “Mollie” Lusk McCartney (1841-1880LA)

&  MARY  REBECCA  COX  McCARTNEY   1-7-1890 LA to  6-5-1958AR

*D/of  George W. Cox (1855-1936)  &  Martha A. Patton Cox(1858-1922)




(C.A.)CHARLES  ALEXANDER  McCORMICK   2-17-1870  to  3-13-1922  

*S/of Hugh McCormick (1841-1902) & Julia Gilboe McCormick (1845-1880)       * WOW

*H/of  Callie McClendon McCormick (5/23/1885 LA - 8/29/1952 TX)

*Buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park , Beaumont, Jefferson Co., TX


ROBERT  HAMMOND  McCORMICK   b & d  10-2-1923  

*Infant  S/of   Mr & Mrs  G. H.  McCormick




CHARLIE  HENRY  McCRARY   10-12-1909  to  4-26-2002

*S/of  William Mack McCrary (1873-1953) & Sallie O’Rourke McCrary(1879-1937)

&  RUBY  CLAIRE  TUGWELL  McCRARY   10-6-1912  to  6-25-1996

*D/of  Fredrick Tugwell(1876-1920)  &  Lela Virginia Peace Tugwell (1881-1972)


EARNEY  McCRARY    12-21-1890  to  8-6-1911  *WOW 


EVA  MAE   McCRARY    10-25-1916 LA  to  3-4-1930 AR

*D/of  William Mack McCrary (1873-1953)  &  Sallie O’Rourke McCrary (1879-1937)


WILLIAM  MACK  McCRARY   11-8-1873  to  12-23-1953

*S/of  Wm Tobe McCrary(1836-1880)  &  Sarah Lutitia Harlow McCrary (b: ca 1835 TN)

*Md: 1898, Union Co., AR

&  SALLIE  O'ROURKE  McCRARY   4-17-1879 TX  to  7-20-1937 AR

*Wf/of  William Mack McCrary



JOANNA “JODIE” WASSON McDONALD  1-12-1853LA   to  4-14-1928 LA

*D/of  William W. Wasson(1814-1889)  &  Henrietta Jane Greenshaw Wasson(1825-1868)

*Joanna Wasson  md:  Thomas McDonald 5/31/1871  [Thomas died bef 6-21-1900]



ELIJAH   E.  McGOWEN    5- 1- 1829 MS  to   2-15-1914 AR  (Mason)

*1st Wife, Holly C. Whittington (b:ca 1830)  *2nd Wife, Martha C. McGowen(b:ca 1838)

*Civil War Soldier: 1st Regiment, Light Artillery, Mississippi


MATTHEW  COLEMAN  McGOWEN   11-4-1912   to  5-28-1982

*S/of  Metta Ham McGowen (1888-1947)  to  Robert Plez McGowen(1878-1958)

*U.S. Army  WW  II 


PATRICK  H.   McGOWEN    1-20-1867  to  2-20-1935

*S/of  Elijah E. McGowen(1829-1914) & Martha C. McGowen

&  NANCY  LOUELLA  RUSSELL  McGOWEN    6-24-1868  to  4-14-1946

*D/of  John W. Russell(1834-1893) & Mary Emma/Eugenia Wasson Russell(b:ca 1844 AL)


ROBERT  PLEZ  McGOWEN    3-16-1878   to  1-20-1958

*S/of  Elijah E. McGowen(1829-1914) & Martha  C. McGowen

&  METTA  HAM  McGOWEN   12-11-1888  to  7-19-1947

*D/of Matthew A. Ham (b: ca 1861) &  Henrietta  Jane Ham (b:ca 1867)



BARNABAS  GUNBY  McHENRY   10-2-1890  to  8-8-1965  

*S/of  Rupert Robert McHenry(1847-1921)  &  Catherine Pierce (Kate) Gunby(1861-1897)


EDGAR  OLAN  McHENRY   5-10-1918   to   7-5-1918

*Edgar Olian McHenry(1875-1965) &  Mary Addie McGough McHenry (1878-1926)


EDGAR  OLIAN  McHENRY   8-31-1875   to   2-6-1965  

*S/of Rupert  Robert  McHenry(1847-1921) & *1st wife, Emma D. Temple(b:ca 1848 MS)

*Md:(2/9/1902) E.O. McHenry,26, Hillsboro, Union Co.,AR to Miss Addie McGaugh, 23, Hillsboro,

Union Co., AR by John S. Dunn. C.W. McHenry security.(N-019)

&   MARY ADDIE  McGOUGH  McHENRY   1878  to  3-6-1926*ARDI

*D/of  James May McGough (1849-1916) & Virginia  Neil Hill  McGough(1847-1905)


JAMES  PHILLIP  McHENRY  8-15-1919  to  2-11-2002

*S/of  Edgar Olian McHenry(1875-1965)  &  Mary Addie McGough McHenry (1878-1926)

*1st SGT  U.S. Army   WW II


RUPERT  ROBERT  McHENRY  (No dates on tombstone ) 1847  to  1919 

*S/of  Martin Hugh McHenry(1804-1888) & Margaret Moore McHenry (1816 to 1887)

*Spouses 3X's: *Md:1st R.R. McHenry,24, Union Co.,AR to Miss (E.D.)Emma D. Temple, 22,

Union Co., AR. (12/13/1871) by J.P. Everett, MG Baptist Church. (C-258)  Emma was born in MS

*2nd  Catherine "Kate" Gunby(1861-1897)   *3rd wife, Willie/?Nellie Annie McGough

[R.R. McHenry,32, Lapile, Union Co., AR  to Miss Annie McGough, 32, Hillsboro, Union Co.,

AR   1/18/1900, by F.R. Canfield (M-086)]       * C.S.A.  Cobb  Co.  Flippins Regt. 

CATHERINE  PIERCE GUNBY  McHENRY(36) 9-15-1861 LA to  Sept 1897 

‘KATE’  *D/of  George Gunby (1801-1889)  & Catherine Lucretia Coulter Gunby(1824-1912)



ELBA  A.  McKINNEY    8-19-1903   to   9-10-1904

*D/of  John Artice McKinney(1873-1933) & Betty Isabel Nash McKinney(1881-1949)


J.  BARNER  McKINNEY    8-7-1905  to  4-1-1906

*S/of  John Artice McKinney(1873-1933)  &  Betty Isabel Nash McKinney(1881-1949)


JESSE  McKINNEY   1-1-1889  to  7-9-1965   *WW I  Vet

*S/of  William Harris McKinney(1847-1918) &  Rosanna Jaggers McKinney(1850-1928)

LESLIE  HINSON  McKINNEY    10-23-1892   to  11-12-1949 

*D/of  Thomas R. Hinson(1852-1918) & Lee Anntonia McGowen Hinson(1854-1935)

*Wf/of  Jesse McKinney


JOHN  ARTICE  McKINNEY   4-8-1873 TX  to  4-5-1933

*S/of  William Harris McKinney(1847-1918) &  Rosanna Jaggers McKinney(1850-1928)

*Md:11/21/1900  Union Co., Arkansas

BETTY  ISABEL  NASH   McKINNEY   9-2-1881  to  2-17-1949

*D/of  Edmund Harrison Nash(1841-1924) & Willie Ann Harper(1851-1912)


JOHN  ELLIS  McKINNEY    9-25-1909  to  9-28-1980 

*S/of  John  Artice McKinney(1873-1933) & Betty Isabel Nash McKinney(1881-1949)

*CY  U.S. Navy  WW  II

& REBA  JANETTE  PHILLIPS  McKINNEY  2-12-1917 to  5-14-2003

*D/of  Martin Buren Phillips(1888-1948) & Eva McGowen Phillips(1895-1976)


LUTHER  PERRY  McKINNEY    10-4-1876   to  1959

*S/of  William Harris McKinney(1847-1918) &  Rosanna Jaggers McKinney(1850-1928)


WILLIAM  HARRIS  McKINNEY   5-3-1847   to   3-8-1918

*S/of  Henry M. McKinney(1797-1873) & Elizabeth Lettice McCrary McKinney(1810-1883)

*Henry & Elizabeth,   both from Georgia.

ROSANNA "ROSA" JAGGERS  McKINNEY   9-2-1850 to 10-4-1928

*D/of  Andrew Jaggers (b: ca 1818 SC)  &  Mahala Jaggers(b: ca 1822 AL)

*Wf/of  W.H. McKinney


W.  OTTLEY  McKINNEY    2-14-1907  to   11-30-1908

*S/of  John Artice McKinney(1873-1933) & Betty Isabel Nash McKinney(1881-1949)


ZACK  H.  McKINNEY, MD   12-14-1882 to 10-16-1942   

*S/of  Wm. Harris McKinney(1847-1918) & Rosanna Jaggers McKinney(1850-1928)



TERESA  DAWN  DIXON  McPEAK (34)  11-2-1979  to  2-6-2014



ARTHUR  EUGENE  MEASEL  1-12-1914  to  1-18-1991

*David  Measel (1884-1958)  & Willie Measel(1882-1963)

*Md:3/26/1937    *As of 2011, death date not on double tombstone she shares with Arthur.

&  MARY  SUE  DAVIS  MEASEL (93)  9-8-1915AR  to  12-4-2008 TX *OB

*D/of  Clement”Clem” M.  Davis (1885-1930)  &  Annie  S. Jordan Davis(1889-1921).



JERRY  E.  MESHELL  11-4-1941  to  12-22-1999

*S/of  Elbert James Meshell(1918-1955) & Maebelle Welch Meshell Coleman(1922-1966)    

&  CYNTHIA  MAJOR  MESHELL  1-1-1949  (One date)    


RONALD  WADE  MESHELL  11-29-1969  to  8-16-1999LA 

*S/of  Cynthia Major Meshell  &  Jerry E. Meshell(1941-1999)

*Volunteer fire fighter; severely burned while fighting a fire near Strong, when a propane

cyclinder exploded. Died a week later in a Shreveport, Hospital.



OMER  MILKEY   3-10-1884  to  1945

*H/of  Ina Perrine

&   INA  PERRINE  MILKEY   Jan  1881  to  2-24-1945 TN

*D/of  John M. Perrine(1844-1922)  &  Sarah Letetia Proffitt Perrine(1849-1935)



JULIAN  THOMAS "TOMMY" MILLER, III (62) 2-1-1949  to  4-11-2011

*S/of  Julian Thomas “Tommy” Miller (1929-2005) &   Ella Louise Mitchell Miller (1928-2008)

*Worked as a carman for the Union Pacific Railroad for 25 yrs

 *Wife, Linda Minninger Miller for 26 yrs.  *Daughter  Mary Ashley “Puddy” Miller Mathews  *OB



MINNIE  MAEBELLE  NIXON  MOHUNDRO  5-24-1896  to  7-19-1947

*D/of  James Harrison Nixon(1867-1964) & Sarah DeFee Nixon(1866-1926)

*Md: in 1930,  W.P. Mohundro. 

*Minnie shares a double headstone with her mother, Sarah “Sallie” DeFee Nixon



DONALD  R.  MOON   2-21-1935  (One date) 

*Md: 9/3/1955

&  SANDRA  CALDWELL  MOON   9-29-1937  to  11-13-1988 

*D/of  Hansford R. Caldwell (1908-1990) & Eton Deason Caldwell(1912-1974)



*These three share a headstone.

DAN  VANCE  MOORE    8-23-1952  to  8-5-1983

*S/of  Honor Elmer Moore & Ida Verline Maroney Moore.

*Note: Dan died the same day as his mother.

&  HONOR  ELMER  MOORE   11-14-1905 LA  to  3-16-1987 

*S/of Louis Thomas Moore(1875-1939)  &  Effie Darthula Coob Moore(1884-1980) 

* 12/22/1934 Ida Verlien Maroney in Union Co., AR *CPL  U.S.  Army Air Corps  WW II

&  IDA VERLINE MARONEY MOORE  1-25-1913  to  8-5-1983

*D/of  Jewell F. Maroney(1888-1947)  &  Belle Jenogan Maroney(1890-1974)

*Wf/of  Honor Elmer Moore



WILLIAM  MORRIS    3-2-1852   to   8-22-1907



HOWELL  A.  MORRISON   2-15-1852 AL  to  3-29-1911AR

*H/of Ella Morrison (b: ca 1854 AL)



MARY  J.  WORKS  MOSHER   10-3-1857  to  2-12-1944 



FORREST  WINNFIELD MULKEY, JR.   5-7-1925  to  6-12-2001

*S/of  Forrest Winnfield Mulkey(b:ca 1887) &  Lottie Alliene Smith Mulkey(b:ca 1894)


&  ANNA  LACY  LITTLE  MULKEY  12-18-1930  (One date)    



ALBERT  SIDNEY "SID"  NASH  6-21-1884  to  1-17-1960

*S/of  Edmund Harrison Nash(1841-1924) & Willie Ann Harper Nash(1851-1912)

&   MOLLIE  THOMAS  NASH   1-9-1887LA  to  4-29-1989 LA

*D/of  Lewis A. Thomas  &  Rowe Ann Etheridge Thomas


EDMUND  HARRISON  NASH   1-7-1841GA  to  5-7-1924 AR

*S/of  Martha Paulk Nash (d: ca 1843) & Orin Nash

*Md: 11/7/1867  Union Co., AR

& WILLIE  ANN  HARPER  NASH  1-28-1851  to  2-3-1912 

*D/of  William Egelton Harper(1816-1873) &  Ardelle Shackleford Harper(1832-1910)


HETTY  A.  NASH    9-6-1893   to   11-12-1893 

*D/of  Edmond  Harrison Nash (1841-1924) &  Willie Ann Harper Nash (1851-1912)


(J. E.) JAMES EDMUND NASH    7-24-1876   to  12-7-1911   *WOW    

*S/of  Edmund Harrison Nash(1841-1924) & Willie Ann Harper Nash(1851-1912)


LOUIS  ORRIN  NASH    7-5-1897  to  11-9-1957

*D/of  George W. Lawrence(1835-1911) &  Nancy S. Chambless Lawrence(1848-1892)

&  ZENA ARLENA  RUSSELL  NASH  2-28-1899  to  9-14-1996 

*D/of  Thomas Daniel Russell(1874-1948) &  Juretta Corley Russell(1875-1916)


MARTHA  PAULK  NASH  died  1843, *Wife of  ORIN  NASH. 

*She was the first person buried in Harper Springs Cemetery. 

*Martha died while passing thru the area from Georgia.


MILDRED  FLORINE  NASH  7-13-1921  to  2-10-1938 

*D/of  Louis Orrin Nash(1897-1957)  &  Zena Arlena Russell Nash(1899-1996)


OTTIS  ORIN  NASH, SR.   8-12-1879AR   to  8-6-1959 LA

*S/of  Edmund Harrison Nash(1841-1924) & Willie Ann Harper Nash(1851-1912)


&  ROWENA  REAGAN  NASH (91) 12-6-1879 LA to  7-20-1971 LA


OTTO  BARTON NASH   1-31-1898   to  1-24-1968

*S/of  Edmund Harrison Nash (1841-1924) & Willie Ann Harper Nash (1851-1912)

*Md:5/19/1923     [Tombstone says Otto Barto Nash]

&  O'NEAL  McHENRY  NASH   12-3-1902   to  4-29-1989

*D/of  Edgar Olian McHenry(1875-1965) & Mary Addie McGough McHenry(1878-1926)


RICHARD  E.  NASH    7-5-1870   to   3-26-1944 

*S/of  Edmond Harrison Nash(1841-1924) & Willie Ann Harper Nash(1851-1912)


1-31-1940*WOW   *Wf/of  Richard  E. Nash

*D/of  George W. Lawrence(1835-1911) &  Nancy S. Chambless Lawrence(1848-1892)


RUBIE  CECILE  NASH   1909  to  1910 

*Infant D/of  Ottis Orin Nash (1879-1959)   &  Rowena Reagan Nash(1879-1971)


WILLIAM  T.  NASH   7-3-1872   to  10-22-1874  

*S/of  Edmond  Harrison Nash(1841-1924)  &  Willie Ann Harper Nash(1851-1912)



DORRIS  NEEL   10-8-1913   to  12-26-1913  

Infant *D/of  Sameul R. Neel  &  L. M. Neel(b:ca 1874) (md:1896)


(S.R.) SAMUEL R.  NEEL    9-9-1866  to  10-31-1916  

*S/of  Benjamin Rufust Neel(1832-1907)  &  Mary Ann Enrtrekan Neel (1838-1911)



ROY  LEE  NELSON  1-17-1939  to  4-2-2007

*S/of  John Patrick Nelson(1910-1969)  &  Clara Dopson Nelson(1914-1991)


&   LOUISE  NELSON  7-29-1943  (One date)



(A. J.) ANDREW  JACKSON "JACK"  NIXON  1-4-1878  to  11-30-1921 

*S/of  James Freeman Nixon (1837-1896) &  Nancy Gilbert Nixon (1835-1916)

*Md: 10/24/1901 Huttig, AR

&   JULIA  LANORA  JOINER  NIXON  9-26-1882   to  4-9-1968

*D/of  Thomas William Joiner(1855-1926) & Martha Ann Bowen Joiner(1849-1931)  


HARPER  ELDRED  NIXON   10-7-1905  to  12-18-1979 

*S/of Andrew Jackson Nixon(1878-1921) & Julia Lanora Joiner Nixon(1882-1968)


Infant Son NIXON    b  &  d  5-9-1906  “In Heaven There Is One Angel More”

*Child of  James Harrison Nixon (1867-1964)  &  Sarah DeFee Nixon(1866-1926)


JACKSON  LAMAR  NIXON   12-9-1933   to  12-11-1933

*S/of  Olney Everett Nixon(1903-1972)  &  Pauline Matilda Frost Nixon(1904-1995)


JAMES  HARRISON  NIXON  3-13-1867  to  8-28-1964"Father"

*S/of Nancy Gilbert (1836-1916) & James Freeman Nixon (1837-1896) of Bradley Co. ,AR

SARAH “SALLIE”  DEFEE  NIXON  12-9-1866  to 12-24-1926 "Mother"

*D/of  George W. DeFee(b:ca 1828 SC) & Margaret Mariah Towns DeFee(b: ca 1842 TN)

*Wf/of  James Harrison Nixon(1867-1964)   

MINNIE MAEBELLE NIXON MOHUNDRO 5-24-1896  to 7-19-1947"Sister"

*D/of  James Harrison Nixon & Sarah Sallie DeFee Nixon 

*Info from family member, Sue Lynn Sandifer

*Minnie Nixon Mohundro shares a double headstone with mother, Sallie DeFee Nixon


OLNEY  EVERETT  NIXON   10-24-1903  to 10-30-1972

*S/of Andrew Jackson Nixon(1878-1921) & Julia Lanora Joiner Nixon(1882-1968) 

*Md: 9-2-1928

&  PAULINE MATILDA FROST NIXON  9-14-1904 TX  to 10-14-1995 LA

*D/of  Amos Virgil Frost (1874-1963)  &  Wilkie Matilda Anthony Frost (1879-1940)

& Children: Jackson Lamar 12-9-33  12-11-33 / William I. 10-10-39 /

James O. 8-10-31 / Joseph F. 5-3-44 / Oleta E. 6-28-48



BOBBY  EVERETT  OWENS(79)  9-27-1925  to  7-3-2005  'POPPA' 

*S/of  Cecil Harry Owens(1902-1961)  &  Ola Selma McKinney Owens(1902-1940)

*S SGT U.S. Army Air Forces  WW II   *Md:6/18/1948  *Husband of 57 years

&  BARBARA  JO  VARNELL  OWENS(80)  9-26-1927  to  1-21-2008 

'NANNA'    *D/of  Joseph Edward Varnell(1900-1989)  &  Ila Barbara Rogers Varnell(1902-1973)


CECIL  HARRY “PETE”  OWENS    6-24-1902  to  5-3-1961

*S/of  Elizabeth “Eliza” Peoples Owens (b:ca 1879)  

*H/of  *1st Ola Selma McKinney  & *2nd Mavis McKinney  …. “Sisters” 

*Spouses: *1st md: in 1923  Ola Selma McKinney   *2nd md: in 1941 Mavis McKinney

MAVIS LUCRECE  McKINNEY  OWENS  4-15-1915  to  9-22-1942 

*2nd Wf/of  C. H.

*D/of  Mattie E. Andrews McKinney (1877-1927) & George E. McKinney (1877-1956) 

OLA  SELMA  McKINNEY  OWENS   7-14-1902   to   9-25-1940

*1st  Wf/of  Cecil Harry Owens 

*D/of  George E. McKinney (1877-1956)  &  Mattie E. Andrews McKinney(1877-1927)


PETER  OWENS   9-4-1874  to   Mar  1942

*S/of  Dr. Gabriel A. Owens(1833-1899)  &  Martha Elizabeth Adams Owens(b:ca 1845)

*H/of  Elizabeth  “Eliza” Peoples Leach Owens (b:ca 1879)



KENTON  LOGAN  PATE   9-1-1915   to  10-8-1975

*S/of  Elijah Pate (1886-1969)  &  Carrie Lee Pate (1880-1965) 

*ENC  U.S. Coast Guard  WW  II  Korea     (Mason)  *Md: 6/20/1942

&  JENNIE  BLANCH  TUGWELL  PATE   3-30-1916  to 3-31-2010  

*D/of  Fred & Lela Virginia Peace Tugwell.    *Wf/of Kenton Logan Pate



RICHARD  PENNIE    9-15-1880LA  to  12-28-1938

*Md: Leoner Johnson in 1902, Union County, AR 

LEONER  JOHNSON  PENNIE   12-9-1885  to  1-19-1973

*D/of  Wade Johnson (b: ca 1854)  &  Rose Johnson  *Md: Richard Pennie 1902



(J. M.) JOHN  M.  PERRINE, MD   7-18-1844 KY  to  9-20-1922 AR

*Death year may be 1923

SARAH  LETETIA  PROFFITT  PERRINE  1-12-1849 MO  to  4-15-1935

*D/of  David S. Proffitt (1824-1859)  &  Sarah Proffitt (b:ca 1823) of Missouri

*Wf/of   Dr.  J. M. Perrine


OTIS  MANSFIELD PERRINE   11-7-1885  to  6-21-1917

*S/of  John M. Perrine (1844-1922)  &  Sarah Letetia  Proffitt Perrine(1849-1935)


O. C. "OSSIE"  PILL    8-28-1901 LA  to  4-8-1997

*S/of  George Allen Pill(1876-1955)  &  Maud Jones Pill (1884-1948)

*Spouses:  *Md:*1st Lucille Hillard in 1923  *Md:*2nd Cordia Easterling in 1931

&  CORDIA  EASTERLING  PILL  11-4-1904  to  12-7-1991

*D/of  Perrenton Bright Easterling(1866-1947)  &  Ida Simpson Easterling(1882-1965)



BENJAMIN   FRANKLIN “BENNIE”  POOLE     9-24-1887  to  9-4-1947

*S/of James Frederick Poole(1860-1941) & Virginia Ann Dickerson Poole(1866-1956)


to  3-21-1949 AR.   *Spouses: *1st Husb was Son Glover of Mississippi. Son Glover and Claudia

Mae Henson had a son, William Winson Glover, Sr. (1901-1953).

*2nd  Husb, Winfrey W. Harris(1883-1913)  *3rd Husb, Benjamin F. Poole(1887-1947)


RAY  EUGENE  POOLE   3-8-1929  to  3-25-1929 

*S/of  Simon Peter Poole (1897-1961)  &  Nancy Ellen  Head  Poole(1900-1958)



WILLIAM (W.M.) PORTER   3-9-1826 NC to  5-30-1910 AR

*H/of FARABEE PORTER (1823-1888)  *Buried Bairds Chapel Cemetery, Hempstead Co., AR

 (aka FARABY)      *PVT  CO  H  4  MISS  INF  CSA

*Note: W.M.  Porter has another headstone with the following:

W. M.  PORTER   3-9-1823  to  5-1-1909



STEPHEN  LAVELLE  POSEY  7-25-1960  to  1-21-1985

*S/of  George & Betty Posey     *Md:10/1/1983   Janice Lum  

&  JANICE  LUM  POSEY   11-29-1965  (One date) 



SAMUEL  Y.  PRYOR  Jul 1872 LA  to 11-9-1949 LA (1871 to 11-9-1950  *ARDI )

*S/of  William Stokes Pryor (1811-1898) & Elizabeth Moultrie Malone Pryor(1832-1886)

*H/of  Abbie E. Boren Pryor(1873-1946)

ABBIE  E.  BOREN PRYOR   Dec 1873 MS  to  3-5-1946 AR  *ARDI  

*Wf/of  Samuel  Y. Pryor (1872-1949)


IRENE  PRYOR      1896   to   1901

*D/of  Samuel Y. Pryor (1872-1949)  &  Abbie E. Boren Pryor(1873-1946) 

LILLIE  PRYOR     1903  to  1918  

*D/of  Samuel Y. Pryor (1872-1949)  &  Abbie E. Boren Pryor(1873-1946) 

VELMA  PRYOR     1900  to  1908  

*D/of  Samuel Y. Pryor (1872-1949)  &  Abbie E. Boren Pryor(1873-1946) 



BRUCE  KEMPER  PYLE, SR.  12-9-1946  to  5-11-1996

*S/of  Doss Cleveland Pyle (1893-1980)  &  Beatrice Canterberry Pyle (1913-1999) 

*SP4 U.S. Army -  Vietnam    


DOSS  CLEVELAND  PYLE    6-3-1893  to  3-25-1980

*S/of  Susan Rebecca Kemper Pyle (1850-1900) & Andrew Jackson Pyle(1847-1919)

&  BEATRICE  CANTERBERRY  PYLE  9-23-1913   to   9-15-1999 

*D/of  Garfield Canterberry(1880-1963)  &  Bell Harrison Canterberry(1894-1979)



BONNER  RAY    8-22-1883LA  to  May 1973  Baton Rouge, LA  *SSDI 

[Bonnar]      *Md: 7/23/1922   Ernestine Odom

ERNESTINE “ERNIE”  ODOM  RAY   1878 LA  to  1949 AR  

*D/of  Jesse Benjamin Odom (1818-1891) & Mary Ann Jones Odom

*Wf/of  Bonner Ray 


THEODORE  R.  RAY     1911TX  to  1968AR

*S/of  Edgar Ray(b:ca 1869 TX) & Fannie Ray (b: ca 1872 TX)  *MM



MITTIE  C.  RAYBOURN    8-25-1897  to  9-19-1897  

*D/of  Mr & Mrs J.H. Raybourn



LULA  MAY  REAGAN  (DYER)  1879 LA – 1939 AR

*1st Wf/of   William  Levi Reagan “Pop” (5/15/1877  to  4/10/1967)

*William is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Navarro County, TX  along with his

*2nd  wife, Auddie M. Reagan(1887-1977)


REITA  A.  REAGAN   June  1901  to  Dec  1922

*D/of William Levi Reagan(1877-1967) & Lula May Reagan Dyer(1879 LA-1939)



DAVID  NEWTON  RHODES    5-1-1887   to   7-29-1971 


&  HENRIETTA  DAVIS  RHODES   4-24-1889  to  10-9-1972  


MABEL  RHODES     2-4-1927  to  11-9-1928

*D/of  Henrietta Davis Rhodes(1889-1972)  &  David Newton Rhodes(1887-1971)



JAMES  WALLACE  RILEY(61)  4-15-1947AR  to  4-12-2009 TX  *OB

*S/of  James David Riley(1913-1989) &  Lillie Pearl Gilmore Riley(1910-2005)


&  FREIDA LYNN TOWNS  RILEY 5-27-1950 (One date) 


RUBIE  JEWELL  GILBERT RILEY   8-24-1924  to  8-15-1987 

(62 yrs-9 mo-18 dys)   "Beloved wife of Sam Riley"  *Md: 1946 Union Co., AR



MRS. JINNIE  RINER   11-28-1968  to  1-19-2011



TROY  JEFFERSON  ROBERTS  'Buddy'  8-6-1921  to  12-5-1996 

*S/of  Howard Filmore Roberts (1890-1930) & Sarah Ann Scott Roberts(1892-1966)

*Spouses: *1st Betty Jane Webb (1926-1977)  *2nd  Erma Little White Roberts (1923-1998)

*Erma & Troy are each buried with their first spouse, in Harper Springs Cemetery.

*U.S. Navy  WW II   *2nd H/of Erma Little White(1923-1998)

BETTY  JANE  WEBB  ROBERTS   1-4-1926  to  2-27-1977 

*D/of  Uel Jefferson Webb (1906-1970)  &  Margaret Carpenter Whatley(1909-1996)

*1st  Wf/of  Troy Jefferson Roberts(1921-1996)


WESLEY  LEE  ROBERTS   11-16-1949  to 11-28-1950 



ADAY  IRONDLE   RUSSELL   1876  to  1953

*S/of  John W. Russell(1834-1893) &  Mary E. Wasson Russell (b:ca 1844 AL)

&  ELLIE  BIRD  RUSSELL    1884 LA  to  12-3-1928 LA

*D/of  Eugene Webb Bird(1844-1924) & Georgia Ann Harrison Bird(1847-1894) 


ALMA  CLYDE  McKINNEY  RUSSELL  5-4-1891  to  1-6-1967

*D/of  William Harris McKinney (1847-1918) & Rosanna Jaggers McKinney(1850-1928)

 ' Mother '    *1st wife, of  Alva Coleman Russell(1887-1972)


ALMA  RUSSELL   12-29-1907   to   5-9-1927   "Sister" 

*D/of  Alva Coleman Russell(1887-1972) & Alma Clyde McKinney Russell(1891-1967)

*Age 19 engaged to be married   *Killed in a tornado that hit Strong, AR in 1927

&  WOODROE   RUSSELL   2-10-1912  to  5-9-1927  "Brother" 

*S/of  Alva Coleman Russell(1887-1972) & Alma Clyde McKinney Russell(1891-1967)

*Killed in a tornado that hit Strong, AR in 1927


BARBARA   LEE  RUSSELL  2-23-1952  to  11-24-1990 


BOBBY  RAY  RUSSELL (59) 5-28-1933  to  2-27-1993 

*S/of  Ladell Russell (1902-1992) & Ora Melva Sehon Russell (1903-1968)

*Md:7/3/1985     Ruby Allene Darden Russell(b:1946)     *OB


CHARLES  THOMAS  RUSSELL   3-27-1933  (One date)


CHARLOTTE ANN DUNN RUSSELL(61) 12-21-1948  to  3-14-2010 *OB

*D/of  Betty Jean Cole Dunn (1926-2001)  &  Allen Jerry Dunn (1926-2001)

*H/of 42 years, Wayne Russell(4-6-1944)  of Mountain View, AR (Md: 4/21/1967) 


EATHON  "PICKLE"  RUSSELL    10-4-1909  to  8-27-1972

*S/of  Thomas Daniel Russell(1874-1948) &  Juretta Corley Russell(1875-1916)

*Md: 7/16/1932 Union Co., AR

&  LILLIE  BELLE  K.  RUSSELL   2-12-1910  to  3-18-1980   

*Wf/of  Eathon ‘Pickle’ Russell


EDGAR  WILLIAM  RUSSELL   1905  to  11-17-1939  *ARDI  

*S/of  Samuel Richard Russell(1871-1955) &  Sarah Narcissus Sehon Russell(1873-1930)

*Md:19135  Nona Rhodes Union County, AR.


ELMO  TALMADGE  RUSSELL  10-17-1909  to  4-21-1947 (Mason)

*S/of  Alva Coleman Russell(1887-1972) & Alma Clyde McKinney Russell(1891-1967)

*Md: Opal M. Benson


11-13-2005   *D/of John Britt Benson and Lena Andrews Benson. 

*Preceded in death by her husbands,

*1st  Elmo T. "Buddy" Russell  &  *2nd  Gary Temple   *OB      *Buried beside Elmo T. Russell.


JAMES  DARRELL  RUSSELL   10-26-1925  to  8-9-1995

*S/of  Ladell Russell (1902-1992) & Ora Melva Sehon Russell (1903-1968)

*Md: 3/15/1946

&  LUCILLE“LUCY”NICHOLS RUSSELL  4-16-1929 AR  to  8-9-1995 LA

*D/of  John Henry Nichols (1864-1928)  & Nicie Riley  Manry Nichols Adams(1895-1975)

[Nicie’s spouses: *1st William Perry Manry  *2nd John Henry Nichols *3rd E. J. Adams ]


JOHN  W.  RUSSELL  10-15-1834 GA   to  1-26-1893 AR

*Wife, Emma. They lived in Union Parish, LA before moving to Union Co., ARK

*Believe his wife was Mary Emma/Eugenia Wasson Russell


LaDELL  RUSSELL   5-20-1902   to  4-25-1992

*S/of  Thomas Daniel Russell(1874-1948) &  Juretta Corley Russell(1875-1916)

*Md:3/3/1923  *1ST Wife, Ora Melvina Sehon    *2nd Wife, Velvie Lee Kelley

&  ORA MELVINA SEHON  RUSSELL  7-11-1903  to  12-17-1968 

*D/of  Amos Benjamin Sehon (1879-1904) &  Eda Hays Sehon (1879-1975)

“Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours”


L. D.  RUSSELL  5-18-1928  to  5-5-1994   

*S/of  Ladell Russell (1902-1992)  &  Ora  Melvina Sehon Russell(1903-1968)

&  REBECCA “BECKY”  EEDS  RUSSELL  1-31-1949  (One date)


SAM  RUSSELL   (No  dates)


SAMUEL  RICHARD  RUSSELL  7-24-1871  to  11-14-1955

*S/of Mary Emma/Eugenia Wasson Russell(b:ca 1842) & John W. Russell(1834-1893)

*Md:8/2/1891 Union Co.,AR

&  SARAH  NARCISSUS SEHON  RUSSELL  6-23-1873  to  9-11-1930

“NARCIE”  *D/of Phoebe(Lafebia) Watson(1834-1926) & Joseph Bennett Sehon(1835-1889)


SHAWNA  JEANINE  RUSSELL TUCKER   3-6-1969  to   9-1-1996

*D/of  Charlotte Ann Dunn Russell(1948-2010)  &  Wayne Russell(1944 - ?)


THOMAS  DANIEL  RUSSELL    6-19-1874   to   3-26-1948

*S/of  John W. Russell(1834-1893) &  Mary Eugenia/Emma Wasson Russell (b:ca 1844 AL)

*Md: 6/10/1895  Juretta Corley  Union Parish, LA

&  JURETTA  CORLEY  RUSSELL   5-15-1875  to  1-2-1916


THOMAS  RUSSELL   12-28-1907   to  10-6-1908

*S/of  Juretta Corley Russell(1875-1916) & Thomas Daniel Russell(1874-1948)


WAYNE  RUSSELL (1944)  *SEE  *Charlotte Dunn Russell (1948-2010)


WILLIAM  WASSON  RUSSELL   11-23-1861  to  2-16-1910

*S/of  John W. Russell(1834-1893) & Mary Emma Wasson Russell (b:ca 1844 AL)

&  MATTIE  EMELIA McGOWEN  RUSSELL  3-15-1864  to  4-28-1938

*D/of  Elijah E. McGowen(1829-1914) & Martha C. McGowen(b:ca 1838)



INEZ  WATKINS  SAMMONS   6-24-1904  to  8-28-1994

*D/of  Elizabeth Arvilla Hannibal Watkins (1876-1971)



HURSHEL  WILLIAM  SANDERS    9-7-1903  to 12-23-1989

*S/of  Aaron Bunyon Sanders(1870-1959) & Ida May Holland Sanders(1879-1948)


&  MYRTLE  HINSON  SANDERS  10-14-1910  to  6-13-1990

*D/of  William Wardy Hinson Sr. (1880-1937) & Mary Lee Johnson Hinson(1885-1975)



PETER  JOSEPH  SCHEETT (79)  5-22-1935 ND  to  8-5-2014 

*S/of  Edmond W. Scheett  &  Rosella Sanders Scheett  *OB

*Wf/of 57 years, Floyce Scheett of El Dorado  *U.S. Army Vet 1954-1956 Korean Conflict



AMOS “BEN” BENJAMIN SEHON   9-29-1879 LA  to  6-25-1904 AR

*S/of  Joseph Bennett Sehon(1835-1889) &  Phoebe Watson Sehon(1834-1926)

*Md: 1902 Union Co., AR   “Each Duty Done, They Rest In Peace”

&  EDA  HAYS  SEHON    12-12-1879   to  4-2-1975 

*D/of  Melton Pierce Hays(1852-1934)  &  Nancy Therisa Freeman Hays(1853-1914)


ARTHUR   CARTER  SEHON   11-11-1888  to  2-2-1968

*S/of  Pinkney Edward Sehon & Mary Elizabeth Walker Sehon (1861-1888)

*Spouses: *1st wife-Mae Joiner Sehon(1892-1912) *2nd wife, Alice Velma Rushing(1896-1961)

&  ALICE  VELMA  RUSHING  SEHON   2-10-1896  to  5-25-1961

*D/of William Milton Rushing(1854-1910)  &  Ophelia Dionette Jones Rushing(1864-1906)

*2nd Wf/of  Arthur Carter Sehon, md: 12/4/1914, Sayre, Ouachita Co., AR


(C.C.) CLAUDE  CORTEZ  SEHON   6-3-1897 LA  to   5-29-1928

*S/of  William Thomas Sehon(1869-1927)  &  Henry Etta Boyette Sehon(1872-1902)  


CLYDE  Z.  SEHON    3-28-1903  to   2-23-1968 MS

*S/of  Joseph E. Sehon(1871-1953)  &  Leah N. Cobb Sehon(1881-1949)

*Md: 1926, Union Co., AR  Clara I. Smith

&  CLARA  I.  SMITH  SEHON  4-8-1905   to  1-10-1986 

*D/of  Ida Lee Vestal Smith(1878-1954) & Lee Birt Smith (1876-1954)


COIT  O.  SEHON  12-7-1896   to  7-21-1898  

*S/of  Joseph E. Sehon (1871-1953) &  Leah N. Cobb Sehon (1881-1949)


ERNEST  P.  SEHON   3-8-1894 LA  to  6-22-1922  

*S/of  William Thomas Sehon(1869-1927)   &  Henry Etta Boyette Sehon(1872-1902)  

(28 yrs-3 mo-14 dys)


GEORGE  A.  SEHON    6-2-1891  to  7-21-1895  

*S/of  Mary Ione Hux Sehon(1857-1917) &  James Harlan Sehon(1858-1921)


HERMAN  RAY  SEHON   4-29-1942  to  8-20-1965

*S/of  Herman Watson Sehon(1910-1983)  &  Margaret Wheeler Sehon(1919-2009)


HERMAN  WATSON  SEHON    7-21-1910  to  3-5-1983

*S/of  James Wylie Sehon(1884-1973)  &  Essie Byrd Sehon(1887-1976)

*TEC4 U.S. Army  WW II   (Mason)         *Md:11/21/1939   

&  MARGARET WHEELER SEHON(89) 12-20-1919  to 1-29-2009 *ob

*D/of  Ora Adeline Wooley(1881-1946) &  Jospeh ‘Joe’ Cox  Wheeler(1881-1971)


HOWARD  C.  SEHON    6-25-1926  to  12-28-1928

*S/of  Arthur Carter Sehon(1888-1968) &  Alice Velma Rushing Sehon(1896-1961)


Infant  SEHON    b & d  12-17-1915  

*S/of  James Grant Sehon (1889-1944)  & Maggie Harrison Sehon (1895-1986)

Infant  SEHON    2-15-1909  to  2-17-1909 

*S/of  James Wylie Sehon(1884-1973)  &  Essie Byrd Sehon (1887-1976)


JAMES  ALEXANDER  SEHON   1834 AR  to  11-7-1889 AR

*S/of  Joseph Bennett Sehon (b:ca 1804) & Elizabeth Pinkney Sehon(b: ca 1802)

*H/of  Elizabeth  T.  McCullar  Sehon (b:ca 1847 AL)

*F/of  Joseph Bennett Sehon(1875-1892)


JAMES  GRANT  SEHON   3-9-1919  to  7-1-1984

*S/of  Joseph Grant Sehon (1889-1944)  &  Maggie Harrison Sehon (1895-1986)

*H/of  Juanita Ione Sehon

JUANITA  IONE  SEHON   5-13-1917  to  1-6-1988

*Wf/of  James Grant Sehon (1919-1984)


JAMES  HARLAN  SEHON    11-15-1858  to   11-7-1921

*S/of  Joseph Bennett Sehon(1835-1889) &  Lafebia Pinkney Sehon(1833-1864)

*Md: 2/22/1883 Union Co.,AR

MARY  IONE  HUX  SEHON (62)  Nov 1855  to  5-7-1917

*Wf/of  J.H. Sehon      

*Mary's grave is the old time casket shaped out of concrete on top of the grave.


JAMES  WILEY  SEHON   2-4-1884   to  4-7-1973

*S/of  Mary Ione Hux Sehon(1857-1917) &  James Harlan Sehon(1858-1921)


&   ESSIE  BYRD  SEHON    1-16-1887  to  1-14-1976

*D/of  Eugene Webb Bird(1844-1924) & Georgia Ann Harrison Bird(1847-1894)


JESSE  HARLAN  SEHON   7-19-1887  to  11-7-1962 

*S/of  Mary Ione Hux Sehon (1857-1917) &  James Harlan Sehon (1858-1921)

(Mason)  *WW I   Vet      *Md:6/14/1922

&  CORA  NASH  SEHON  12-5-1898  to  7-27-1963

*D/of  Richard E. Nash(1870-1944)  & Sarah Catherine Lawrence Nash(1873-1940)  


JESS  WILLARD SEHON  8-17-1915  to  11-1-1953 

*S/of  James Wylie Sehon(1884-1973) &  Essie Byrd Sehon(1887-1976)

&  MYRLENE  TAYLOR  SEHON  11-13-1916  to  6-1-1989

*S/of  Jesse M. Taylor(1868-1948) & Ella Nora Taylor(1873-1951)

Twins, SEHON  Son-Daug  b & d  5-24-1942

*Children of  Willard & Myrlene


JOSEPH  ‘JOE’  BENNETT  SEHON   1875  to   1892

*S/of  James Alexander Sehon (1834-1889)


JOSEPH  "JOE"  E.  SEHON   2-2-1871  to  7-3-1953

*S/of  Joseph Bennett Sehon(1835-1889) &  Phoebe Watson Sehon(1834-1926)

*Md:10/10/1895 Union Co., AR

&   LEAH  N.  COBB  SEHON   4-6-1881  to  1-15-1949

*D/of  Henrietta Volumna Wasson Cobb (1858  -  ? ) & James Franklin Cobb(1849- ? )


JOSEPH  BENNETT SEHON, JR.   3-1-1835  to  11-7-1889

*Md: 3/13/1866  Union Co., AR   Phoebe Watson

&  PHOEBE  WATSON  SEHON(AL) 5-24-1834  to  5-15-1926 (AR)

*D/of  Phoeby Amison Watson(1815 GA -1867 AL) & Robert Watson (1790 SC – 1863 AL)

*Phoeby Amison Watson buried Mount Vernon Cemetery, Fayette Co., Alabama


JOSEPH  GRANT  SEHON    6-16-1889   to  1-26-1944

*S/of  James Harlan Sehon(1858-1921) & Mary Ione Hux Sehon(1857-1917)

&   MAGGIE  HARRISON  SEHON    10-23-1895  to  2-22-1986

*D/of  Robert Franklin Harrison(1872-1929) & Minnie W. Tucker(1874-1913)


MAY  JOINER  SEHON    8-5-1892   to  8-24-1912

*D/of  Thomas William Joiner(1855-1926) & Martha Ann Bowen Joiner(1849-1931)

*Md:1911 Union Co., AR  *1st wife of Arthur Carter Sehon(1888-1968)


REV.  MELBA  AGNES  FREEMAN  SEHON  2-28-1915  to  5-30-1999

*D/of  Joseph Austin Freeman(1888-1953)  &  Fannie Mae Hale Freeman(1890-1916)

*Md: ca 1930  Bruce Gordon Sehon(1912-1992 TX )

*Bruce G. Sehon  S/of Arthur Carter Sehon(1888-1968)  & May Joiner Sehon (1892-1912)

*Divorced him after 4 yrs of marriage & took her maiden name back.  She never remarried. 

*M/of  Gloria M. Sehon(1931-1981) & Don Gilbert Sehon(1932-1932)


RAY  SEHON    4-29-1942   to  8-20-1965


(W. T.) WILLIAM THOMAS SEHON  5-27-1869  to  2-21-1927

*S/of  Joseph Bennett Sehon (1835-1889) & Phoebe Watson Seho n(1834-1926)

*Md:12/21/1889  Huttig, Union Co., AR

HENRY  ETTTA  BOYETTE SEHON  2-25-1872  to  2-26-1902

*D/of  John Lee (Samuel) Boyette & Charlotte Eatman Boyette  




FRANKIE  MARSH  SEYMORE   1-7-1915OK  to  10-4-1935LA

*D/of  Lula Seymour (b:ca 1881 MS- died in OK) &  George F. Seymour(1874-1914 OK)

*George F. Seymour is buried at Fort Towson Cemetery, Choctaw Co., OK

*The "F" on her tombstone is almost invisible.


OTHIE  E.  SEYMORE   9-30-1907  to  10-9-1977

*S/of  Martha Ollie Buchanan Seymore(1878 IL -1936 AR) *Ebenezer Presbyterian Cemetery

*Martha O. Buchanan  Wf/of  James Henry Seymore (1871 AR-1918 DeSoto Parish, LA)

&  LAZELLE AVIS  PAGAN  SEYMORE “Sis” 10-27-1910  to  9-3-1997

*D/of John C. Pagan(1884-1907) & Cora Halton Brillhart Pagan(1888-1975) 

*S/of  Othie & Lazelle Seymore: Jack “Captain” Seymore(63) 1-9-1949 to 6-8-2012

*U.S. Air Force   Vietnam *OB  (Memorial service-burial site unknown)



CLAUD  SHARP    6-9-1894   to   1-2-1911

*S/of  Henry Alexander Sharpe(1866-1941) &  Georgia Sharpe(1874-1913)


GEORGIA  SHARPE   3-24-1874  to  12-30-1913

*Wf/of  Henry Alexander Sharpe (1866-1941)

HENRY  ALEXANDER  SHARPE  1866  to  7-21-1941 *ARDI 

*S/of  Louisa McHargue Sharpe(b: ca 1842 NC) & Calvin McCoy Sharpe(1828-1919)

*H/of  Georgia Sharpe 



EARL  SIMS  7-24-1924  to  11-24-2003 

*PFC  U.S. Army  WW II 


MAYBELL  SIMS   10-13-1917  to  1-16-1987 




2-1-2014  *D/of William Sims(1913-1982)  &  Martha Womble Sims(1916-1998) 

 * Late *1st husband Otha Lee Langley(1934-1992);  Late son, Ronnie Langley; *OB

*2nd husb, William “Bill” Simpson  *See listing for Nadine D. Sims under Langley



JESSE  ELMORE  SINCLAIR   9-18-1901   to  12-9-1901

*S/of  Lee Temple Sinclair(1875-1957)  &  Susan Etta Wootan  Sinclair (1879-1953)



MARY ANN BOYETTE SISCO  b: ca Dec 1862  to 1903 *No marker

*D/of  William C. Boyette(1822-1870) & Gatsy Jane Boyette Tucker (b:ca 1833)

*1st Wf/of  Simeon Samuel Sisco(1850-1924)  Md: 10/24/1877 Union Co.

*Simeon along with several of their children are buried at Gravel Ridge Cemetery,

Gravel Ridge, Bradley County, Arkansas.



AMMER  LEE  SMITH   9-22-1885  to  12-15-1972  "Mama"  


AUBREY  LEE  SMITH   5-14-1905   to  6-2-1965

*S/of  William Cicero Smith (1876-1948)   &  Ida Cobb Smith (1877-1952)


BOBBY  SMITH    10-16-1927 AR to  1-25-1959 LA (Mason)

*S/of  Ernest L. Smith(1903-1976)  &  Ezzie L. Smith(1904-1982)

*Md: 5/22/1948, Marion Union Parish, LA   Martha Louise Cole

MARTHA  LOUISE “TINCY” COLE  SMITH   9-18-1928  to  2-13-2006

*D/of  Golden Ezra Russell Cole Martindale(1905-1992)   &  G. B. Cole (1902-1938)  

*Her father died when she was 9 yrs old. *Stepdaughter of  Robert L. Martindale 

*She md: Bobby Smith in 1948. She became a widow at the age of 30.

* Martha & Bobby had three sons & a daughter.

*Note: the wrong birth & death dates are inscribed on her tombstone. 

*These are the dates for Bobby Smith & what is on his tombstone.


(C.E.) CHARLES  ELISHA  SMITH   2-15-1878   to  4-13-1938  "Dad" 

*S/of  Dr. John Lee Smith (1851-1918) & Louisa Jane McDougal Smith (1848-1907)

*Md:2/15/1895, Wife,  Jodie Head Smith (8/4/1876  to 1/10/1904) 

*Burial Good Hope Cemetery, Union Co., AR


GENE “PUG” SMITH (67)  5-24-1932  to  8-15-1999    

*S/of  Woodie Elmus Smith(1893-1956)  &  Minnie Beatrice Freeman Smith(1898-1968)


GEORGE  ELIJAH  SMITH   5-30-1880   to  8-5-1954

*S/of  Dr. John Lee Smith (1851-1918) & Louisa Jane McDougal Smith (1848-1907)

*George md: 12/18/1900, Mallie Ann Johnson, in Union Co., AR

MALLIE  ANN  JOHNSON  SMITH  12-16-1884  to  1-7-1960


GEORGE  FRANKLIN  SMITH   12-10-1903  to  8-5-1972

*S/of  William Franklin Smith(1872-1958) & Lela Etta Branch Smith(1878-1950)


&  ISORA  INEZ  RUSSELL  SMITH   1-22-1913  to  4-2-2004

*D/of  Thomas Daniel Russell(1874-1948) & Juretta Corley Russell(1875-1916)  


HEBER  LEE  SMITH   3-16-1912   to   3-14-1953

*S/of  George Elijah Smith (1880-1954)  &  Mallie Ann Johnson Smith(1884-1960) 

*Heber md: Lorene L. Sehon  9/7/1933 in Union Co., AR

LORENE  LILLIAN  SEHON  SMITH   7-18-1916  to  11-22-1994

*D/of  Joseph  E. Sehon (1871-1953)  &  Leah N. Cobb Sehon (1881-1949)


Infant  SMITH    b & d   8-10-1940 

*D/of  Woodie Elmus Smith(1893-1956)  &  Minnie Beatrice Freeman Smith(1898-1968)


 DR. (J. L.) JOHN  L.  SMITH  11-29-1851  to  3-17-1918  (Mason)

*S/of  Hansford Willis Smith (1822-1863)  &  Martha A. Davis Smith(1832-1865)

*Spouses: *Md: 1st -7/21/1871 Louisa Jane McDougal. Md: @ residence of  W. Wasson, Union Co., AR

*Md: 2nd -12/10/1907, Annie Narcissa Welch Upshaw , widow of Joseph A. Upshaw.

  Md: by Rev. J. H. Gathright in Union Co., AR

*1st wife, Louisa Jane McDougal (1848 MS-1907 AR)*Buried Camp Springs Cemetery, Kingsland, AR

*2nd wife, Annie Narcissa Welch Upshaw Smith ( Nov 1863-aft. 1910)  No dates on tombstone.    

*Buried Oakland Cemetery, Warren, Bradley Co., AR


JAMES  RALPH  SMITH   3-8-1914  to  4-9-1989

*S/of  George Elijah Smith (1880-1954)  &  Mallie Ann Johnson Smith(1884-1960) 

*PFC  U.S. Army  WW  II    


JONAH  GIVENS  SMITH   12-20-1905  to  5-25-1952 LA  (Mason) 

*S/of  William Franklin Smith(1872-1958)  &  Lela Etta Branch Smith(1878-1950)


JULIAN  LEE  SMITH   3-12-1945  to  7-3-1969

*S/of  Herber Lee Smith(1912-1953)  to  Lorene Lillian Sehon Smitrh(1916-1994)


KENNETH  KEITH  SMITH   10-11-1900   to  9-21-1904

*S/of  William Cicero Smith (1876-1948)   &  Ida Cobb Smith(1877-1952)


KERNEY  O.  SMITH     8-8-1917   to  3-1-1918  


L.A.  SMITH    6-5-1882  to   8-29-1884 

*Child of  John Lee Smith(1851-1918) & Louisa  Jane McDougal Smith (1848-1907)

* (2 yrs-2 mo-24 dys)


LINDA  SUE  SMITH  7-11-1935  to  4-10-2005  *Age 69

*S/of  Herber Lee Smith(1912-1953)  to  Lorene Lillian Sehon Smith(1916-1994)


MAX  ELMER  SMITH   10-23-1917  to  11-26-1969

*S/of  Woodie Elmus Smith(1893-1956)  &  Minnie Beatrice Freeman Smith(1898-1968)



NETTIE  MAE  SMITH    2-10-1902   to   11-5-1902

*D/of  William Franklin Smith(1872-1958) & Lela Etta Branch Smith(1878-1950)


REGINAL  DALTON  SMITH  2-23-1903  to  6-25-1911

*S/of  William Cicero Smith (18761948)   &  Ida Cobb Smith(1877-1952)

*Killed by Lightning.


ROBERT  LEE  SMITH  10-16-1898   to  1-28-1960 

*S/of  Lee Birt Smith(1876-1954) & Ida Lee Vestal Smith(1878-1954)

&  NELLIE  OZELLA  SEHON  SMITH  6-30-1907  to  5-13-1987

*D/of  Joseph E. Sehon (1871-1953)  &  Leah N. Cobb Sehon (1881-1949)


THOMAS  FRANKLIN  SMITH   11-11-1929 LA  to  7-22-2004

*S/of  George Franklin Smith (1903-1972) & Isora Inez Russell Smith(1913-2004)

*PFC U.S. Army-Korea    *Md:1/2/1951

&  GWEN  WRIGHT  SMITH  4-12-1933  to  5-25-2005


WILLIAM  CICERO  SMITH (W.C.)   1-24-1876  to  6-2-1948

*S/of  John Lee Smith, MD(1851-1918)  &  Louisa Jane McDougal Smith(1848-1907)

*Md:11/29/1899  to  Ida Cobb Smith, Lapile, Union Co., AR

IDA  COBB  SMITH  5-12-1877  to  6-11-1952

*D/of  James Franklin Cobb(1849- ) &  Henrietta Volumna Wasson Cobb(1858- )


WILLIAM  FRANKLIN  SMITH   8-12-1872   to  4-22-1958

*S/of  George Francis Smith(1850-1923) & Sarah Ann Louisa Poole Smith(1854-1920) 

&  LELA  ETTA  BRANCH  SMITH   1878  to  3-10-1950   *ARDI 

*D/of  Oliver Franklin Branch(1853-1928) & Rebecca Eliza Russell Branch(1858-1916)



WILLIAM  FRANK  SMITH  3-5-1920  to  11-30-1975

*PFC  U.S. Army  WW II 

*Military veteran's tombstone covered with dirt & grass over the dates.


Rev.  WILLIAM MURPHY SMITH  7-30-1854MS  to  3-15-1904 LA (Mason)

&  AGNES  SMITH   10-12-1856 MS  to   3-6-1904LA


WOODIE  ELMUS  SMITH   3-7-1893  to  12-9-1956

*S/of  Wm “Bill” Thornberry Smith (1855-1935) & Mary Amelia Manning Smith(1857-1927)

&  MINNIE  BEATRICE  FREEMAN SMITH  7-15-1898  to  8-1-1968

*D/of Emma Elizabeth Hodge (1869-1950)  &  William Thomas Freeman(1861-1934)



CHARLIE  ALBERT  SONES    3-5-1909  to  5-18-1964

*S/of  Marion Sherman Sones(1877-1913)  & Viola Elizabeth Geter Sones(1879-1965)

&  LULA  MAE  WATKINS  SONES    6-25-1915  to  7-21-1986

*Thomas Wilson Watkins(1881-1961) & Minnie Lee McKinney Watkins(1887-1974)



DAVID  SPELLS   9-1-1918  to  8-7-1982 

*S/of  William Green Spells(1881-1953) & Mary Jane McCloud Spells(1881-1953)


&  IVY LEE  SPELLS    8-3-1922  to  6-21-2004     


ERNEST  GENE  SPELLS   1-12-1931  to  2-10-1969

*S/of  James M. Spells (1907-1954) & Hattie Mae McCuller Spells(1902-1986)

*ARK  SHSN, U.S. Navy - Korea

&  PANSY  C.  SPELLS  10-16-1933 (One date)


JAMES  M.  SPELLS   8-31-1907  to  12-22-1954

*S/of William Green Spells(1881-1953) & Mary Jane McCloud Spells(1881-1965)

&  HATTIE  MAE  McCULLAR  SPELLS  1-6-1902  to  8-25-1986

*D/of  William Dave McCuller(1869-1947) & Belle Lowery McCuller(1867-1942)


JIMMIE AULTON  SPELLS (73) 4-23-1937 LA  to 11-26-2010 LA  

*S/of  James M. Spells (1907-1954) & Hattie Mae McCuller Spells(1902-1986)

*Md:8/2/1958     *Ret'd  U.S. Navy – Ret'd U.S. Army Corp

&  KATIE  S.  PYLE  SPELLS  3-15-1940 (One date) 


JOHN   HENRY  SPELLS  4-26-1941  to  6-2-2006

*S/of  James M. Spells (1907-1954) & Hattie Mae McCuller Spells(1902-1986)


&  ADRIENNE  MAYBERRY  SPELLS   7-9-1943  to  3-19-2003   



WILLIAM “WILL” GREEN SPELLS  2-19-1881  to 2-12-1953

 * S/of  Sion David Spells(1858-1926) & Elizabeth Norsworthy Spells(1862-1900)

* Willie”  H/of  Mary Jane McCloud

MARY JANE  McCLOUD  SPELLS   1-31-1881  to  4-16-1965

*D/of  Farlena McCloud Walker(b: ca 1859) *Stp-D/of  Hiram Walker (b:ca 1839)

*Wf/of  William ‘Will’ Green Spells.


W. L.  "BILLY" SPELLS  4-16-1933  (One date)  (Mason)


&   ROSE  CORNELIA  SPELLS (49) 7-8-1943  to  2-1-1993

 *Wf/of   W.L. ‘Billy’  Spells     *Md: 7/23/1983



DANIEL  WEBSTER  SPENCER   8-6-1858  to  10-22-1948 

*S/of  James Madison Spencer(1825-1864) of Union Parish, LA 

&  Rebecca E. Moore Spencer(1825-1891)  *James M. Spencer killed in the Civil War.

MARY LEONA  McVICKER  SPENCER   6-3-1869  to  8-15-1932  

*Wf/of  Daniel Webster Spencer



Infant  SPRINGFIELD   b  &  d  12-29-1928   *Child of Coy Springfield



JAMES  H.  STEVENS   12-30-1871 OH  to  6-17-1918  AR (Mason)

*Md: Hattie Lee Knox  1/20/1917 Union Co., AR  James was 45, Hattie was 18.

HATTIE LEE  KNOX  STEVENS  1-26-1899  to  1-27-1983

*D/of Margaret Lamonte “Montie” Hammons (1880-1964) & Jas Allen Knox(1873-1938)  

*”MaMa” Hattie buried Roselawn Memorial Park & Mausoleum, Baton Rouge, LA



ELVIE  ESTERAL  STINSON  6-16-1917  to  1-24-2004 LA

*S/of  William Jess Stinson(1885-1978)  &  Betty Freeman Stinson (1892-1976)

&  MAUDIE MAY ELMORE  STINSON   5-24-1918  to  9-19-1991LA   

*D/of  James Monroe Elmore(1879-1949) & Ada Hoover Elmore(1883-1957)


FERRY  MILTON  STINSON   10-17-1914   to  7-4-1916


JESSIE  ELIZABETH  STINSON    5-6-1923   to  3-18-1929

*D/of  William Jess Stinson(1885-1978)  &  Betty Freeman Stinson (1892-1976)


RUSSELL  ARTHUR  STINSON   5-23-1891  to  5-13-1936

*S/of  Thomas McCagy Stinson(1857-1935)  &  Sarah Jane McCoy Stinson(1861-1919)

*Md: 6/14/1917

&  ANNIE MAE FREEMAN STINSON 12-27-1895 AL  to 1-19-1977LA  

*D/of  Emma Elizabeth Hodge(1869-1950) & William Thomas Freeman(1861-1934) 


(T.M.)THOMAS  McCAGY “MAC” STINSON  4-12-1857  to  11-5-1935

*S/of  John W. Stinson(1823-1880) & Barbary H. Bates Stinson(1828-1895) 

*H/of  Sarah Jane McCoy

SARAH  JANE  McCOY  STINSON    10-2-1861  to  5-28-1919

*D/of  David W. McCoy(1818-1892) & Nancy Ann Dollar McCoy(1826-1909)

*Wf/of  Thomas McCagy Stinson


WILLIAM  JESS  STINSON    11-17-1885   to  7-13-1978

*S/of  Thomas McCagy Stinson(1857-1935) & Sarah Jane McCoy Stinson(1861-1919)

*Md: 8/1/1909

&  BETTY  FREEMAN  STINSON   1-31-1892 AL  to   12-3-1976 AR 

*D/of  John Gaulden Freeman(1862-1940)  &  Sarah Eleanor Hodge Freeman(1871-1942)


WILLIAM  PAUL  "DICK"  STINSON   7-7-1925 AR  to  9-9-1980 TX

*S/of  William Jess Stinson(1885-1978)  &  Betty Freeman Stinson (1892-1976)



CLAUDE EDWARD SWALLOWS   7-15-1905  to  7-23-1978

*S/of  Jas Jefferson Swallows(1862-1939) & Alta Louvenia Oakley Swallows(1864-1928)


&  OPAL MAE HENDERSON SWALLOWS 5-14-1909  to 12-16-1997

*D/of  Clayton W. Henderson (b: ca 1880 IN) &  Alice L. Cade Henderson(1888-1941)


JAMES  JEFFERSON  SWALLOWS   1862 TN  to   10-21-1939  *ARDI

*S/of  William Marion Swallows(1833-1915)


7-9-1928 *ARDI  *D/of  John Oakley(b:ca 1820 TN) & Martha Oakley(b:ca 1831 TN)



EDWIN  DAVID TAYLOR   2-21-1917  to  11-6-1981

*S/of  Simon P. Taylor(1883-1971) &  Bessie Mae Nelson Taylor (1888-1965)

*Md: 2/7/1942  

&  WILMA EVELYN  CATER  TAYLOR(95) 1-20-1921  to  1-27-2016

*D/of  Carol C. Cater  &  Effie Elma Miller Cater of Hydro, OK


JAMES  ISAAC TAYLOR   1-12-1926 LA  to  6-21-1987LA    

*S/of  Marion Isaac Taylor (1889-1940) & Ezzie Smith Taylor (1900-1959)

*U.S. Army   WW  II    *Md:5/16/1966

&  EARLINE  RUSS  TAYLOR(79)  6-16-1933  to  11-26-2012 *OB


JOSEPH  “JOE”  JAMES TAYLOR, SR. (67)  9-30-1883  to  10-20-1950

*Spouses:  *1st  Evy May Taylor (1892-1936) *2nd  Era Graves Little(1900-1993)

*Era Graves Little is buried at the Strong Cemetery, Strong, AR along with

her *2nd husband, Aylmer R. Little(1908-1970)

*Evy’s  *1st husband, Joseph James Taylor &  *3rd husband, Broma Carlton Towns are

both buried in Harper Springs Cemetery, Union Co., AR

&  *1st wife,  EVY  MAY  TAYLOR  10-5-1892  to  9-18-1936



*D/of  James R. Withers(1869-1967)  &  Ida Beulah Bradberry Withers(1879-1959)

*Md: *1st -1923  William F. Adams(b:ca 1898) Union Co., AR 

*Md:*2nd  in 1927,  Clovis Donald Hudson (1903-1955)  Union Co., AR


MINNIE (A.) GUNTER NEEL TAYLOR  2-29-1888  to  Sept 1989 *SSDI  

*D/of  Leroy Gunter(b: vca 1853 AR) &  Liddie Ann Gunter(b: ca 1852 MS)

*Spouses:  Lon  Neel(or Neal) b:ca 1874) *Md:6/3/1918 Union Co.,AR


RAY  RALPH  TAYLOR    b & d  6-5-1925 

*S/of  Mr. & Mrs. M. N. Taylor



ALVIN  L.  TELANO    10-23-1948  to  6-1-2004

*S/of  Casy Lee Telano(1915-1989) & Maxine Mary White Telano(1925-1987) 


CASEY  LEE TELANO    6-21-1915   to  1-17-1989 

*S/of  Joseph Sylvester Telano  &  Minnie  Evelyn Bennett Telano

&   MAXINE  MARY  WHITE  TELANO   8-23-1925   to  10-12-1987

*D/of  William Anderson White(1892-1963) & Mary Hazel Mathews White(1901-1967)



OPAL  M.  BENSON  RUSSELL TEMPLE (96) 9-18-1909 to 11-13-2005

*D/of John Britt Benson and Lena Andrews Benson.  *Preceded in death by her husbands,

*1st  Elmo T. "Buddy" Russell  &  *2nd  Gary Temple   *OB      *Buried beside Elmo T. Russell.



AUGUSTUS  NORMAN TERRELL  8-19-1879 AR   to  6-7-1962  LA

*S/of  Wm Simon Terrell(1830-1891) & Virginia Caroline Bryant Terrell(1836-1917)


JAMES  ELMER  TERRELL  10-12-1923  to  3-5-1963

*S/of  Mary Elizabeth Stegall Terrell (1886-1943) &  Augustus Norman Terrell(1879-1962)



1-15-1943 *D/of Rebecca Ann Williams(1859-1952) &  Benjamin Henry Stegall(1849-1916)



JURD  LEE "FOOTS"  THOMAS  10-11-1928 LA  to  7-5-2007 AR  

*S/of  Frank W. Thomas(1902-1986) &  Alma N. Thomas(1900-1976)

*PFC  U.S. Army  WWII   *Md:10/16/1954  Jurd & Jureeta lived in Huttig, AR

&  JURETTA  ANN  SMITH  THOMAS  3-16-1936  (One date)   



ALICIA  FLORENCE  THOMPSON  b &  d   7-21-1944 

*D/of  Floyd  Thompson(1920-1984)  & Una Bell Cain Thompson(1920 - ) 


BREANNA  ELAINE  THOMPSON   12-1-1994  to  3-3-1995

*D/of  Teresa Dawn Dixon McPeak (1979-2014) 


CLARENCE  HENRY  THOMPSON (19)   9-17-1899   to  11-22-1918

*S/of  Robert Russell Thompson(1866-1952) & Theodosia Lassiter Thompson(1868-1933)


EDWARD DOYLE THOMPSON   4-17-1916   to  5-17- 1917

*S/of  Fred Thompson(1897-1958)  &  Mary Alice Taunton Thompson(1898-1978)


FLOYD 'BUTCH' THOMPSON, JR.   6-10-1942  to  7-20-1999 

*S/of  Floyd  Thompson(1920-1984)  & Una Bell Cain Thompson(1920- ) 


FLOYD  THOMPSON  3-7-1920 to 1-23-1984

*S/of  Fred Thompson(1897-1958)  &  Mary Alice Taunton Thompson(1898-1978)

(Mason)*Md:5/16/1941  *U.S. Army   *Twin brother of Lloyd Thompson

&  UNA BELL CAIN THOMPSON  2-4-1920  (One  date) 

*Eastern  Star 


FRED  THOMPSON   12-15-1897  to  3-21-1958  (Mason)

*S/of  Robert Russell Thompson(1866-1952) & Theodosia Lassiter Thompson(1868-1933)

&  MARY  ALICE  TAUNTON  THOMPSON   1-19-1898  to  4-4-1978

*D/of  James Eli Taunton(1859-1922)  &  Sarah Ann Gathright Taunton(1853-1913)



*S/of  Robert Russell Thompson(1866-1952) & Theodosia Lassiter Thompson(1868-1933)

*Pvt. 114 Inf.  29 Div. Vet


LLOYD  THOMPSON   3-7-1920  to  7-15-1995

*S/of  Fred Thompson(1897-1958)  &  Mary Alice Taunton Thompson(1898-1978)

*Md:5/8/1943    *Twin brother of Floyd Thompson

&  MARY JAVORCHIK  THOMPSON  9-13-1919IL   to  7-10-1990AR

*D/of  Janos(John) Javorchik(b:1892 Hungary-1942 IL) & Mary Kondor Javorchik (b:1899 Hungary-1980 IL)


ROBERT  RUSSELL  THOMPSON   6-20-1866   to   10-29-1952

*S/of  Asberry Columbus Thompson(1834-1908) & Sarah J. Lankford Thompson(1842-1914)

&  THEODOSIA “SOOKIE” LASSITER  THOMPSON  9-6-1868  to  4-14-1933

*D/of  Joseph S. Lassiter (b:ca 1846 GA-1892 AR) & May E. Lassiter (1844 AR- 1927 AR)


ROBERT  SCOTT  THOMPSON   8-3-1954  to  7-31-1960


SGT.  ROY  F. “DICK”  THOMPSON    9-18-1917  to  1-12-1944 TX    

*S/of  Fred Thompson(1897-1958)  &  Mary Alice Taunton Thompson(1898-1978)


WILLIAM  FRANKLIN  THOMPSON  11-1-1894   to  8-29-1957 TX

*S/of  J.F. Thompson(b:ca 1868 AR) & Rhoda Victoria McGowen DeShazo(1857-1946)

J.F. Thompson  & Rhoda McGowan Md:1891 Union Co.,AR 

&  THRESSIE  B.  JAMISON  THOMPSON  4-14-1896  to  6-15-1966 

 *D/of  Albert Jerome Jamison, Jr.(1866-1942) & Anna "Nannie" Anderson  Jamison(1870-1907)



EARL  MAYFIELD  THORNTON   5-7-1918  to  11-10-1990

*S/of  Elijah Mayfield Thornton (1874-1956) & Paula Theresa Seemann Thornton(1890-1958)

*CPL  U.S. Army  WW II – Korea     *Md:9/24/1938

&  JAMIE  RUTH  CROW  THORNTON  10-22-1921 LA  to  4-27-2005 LA

*D/of  James Edward Crow(1894-1961)  &  Fannie Ruth Miller Crow(1897-1987)



HENRY  JAMES  THURMAN   6-16-1887KY  to  6-26-1949 CA

*S/of  John W. Thurman(1838-1893) & Nancy Jane Evitt Thurman(1836-1921)

*Henry was hit by a drunk driver as he was walking home from church.

&  GRACIE  PEARL McCRARY  THURMAN 1-13-1887  to  7-23-1940

*D/of  William Daniel McCreary  &  Mary Elizabeth Tounzen McCreary Thurman(1868-1903)

*McCreary is also spelled McCrary as on tombstone.  *Gracie died from Cancer.


TILLMAN  PAUL "BUNT"  THURMAN     3-3-1915  to  1-5-1986

*S/of  Henry James Thurman(1887-1949) & Grace Pearl McCrary  Thurman(1887-1940)

* Tillman Paul Thurman & Roxie Lee Brown  Md: 7/9/1940    [No children]

&  ROXIE  LEE  BROWN  THURMAN 5-3-1914  to  5-27-1995 

*D/of  Edgar D. Brown(1884-1931)  &  Sylvester Gray Brown(1884-1935)

*There is some indication that Roxie married a “DeFee” before or after Tillman Thurman.



JOE  TINSLEY   9-3-1955  to  3-14-2012  *OB

*S/of  James L. Tinsley  &  Joy West Tinsley 

*U.S. Air Force veteran.  *Pastor of Harper Springs Missionary Baptist Church.

*Former pastor of Second Avenue Baptist Church in Strong;  Second Baptist Church

in Huttig.  Survived by his loving wife of 31 years, Cindy Russell Tinsley.



BROMA  CARLTON  TOWNS  5-16-1906  to  6-21-1981

*S/of  John Thomas Towns(1878-1954) &  Francis Alice Dollar Towns(1881-1948)

*Broma was married several times.   *PFC  U.S.Army

*Spouses: *Olive Reed Towns(1907-1977)   * Era Graves Little(1900-1993)

*Last wife, was Clara, from Missouri.


BURNA  TOWNS    7-26-1891   to   2-3-1978

*S/of  John Wesley Towns(1849-1934) & Ann Eudora Wooley Towns(1857-1929)

&   CORNIE  NASH  TOWNS    5-15-1895   to  8-21-1975

*D/of  Edmund Harrison Nash(1841-1924) & Willie Ann Harper Nash(1851-1912)


GERSON  EUGENE  'RAS'  TOWNS  2-12-1922  to  7-2-1995

*S/of Nathan Eugene Towns(1882-1954) & Georgia Texas Dickerson Dollar Towns(1894-1923)

*Md: 7/17/1946    *U.S.  Army  WW II 

&  BETTY MAE BOLTON TOWNS   9-8-1931  (One date)


JOHN  THOMAS  TOWNS    4-16-1878   to   11-19-1954

*S/of  John Wesley Towns(1849-1934) & Ann Eudora Wooley Towns(1857-1929)

*Md: 1903 in Union County, AR

&  FRANCIS ALICE DOLLAR TOWNS  9-9-1881 LA  to  3-21-1948AR



JOHN  WESLEY  TOWNS    Nov 1849 Memphis, TN   to  1934 AR

*S/of  Richard R. Towns (1/25/1822  to 1/27/1881)  &  Sarah Catherine Hunt Wooley

(11/3/1821 SC  to  11/19/1883  New London, AR)


to  1929 AR    *D/of  Richard Henry Wooly ( 1/25/1822 to 1/27/1881)  &

Sarah Catherine Hunt Wooley( 11/3/1821 SC to  11/19/1883 New London, AR)

*Sarah  & Richard are buried in George Chapel Cemetery, Union Co., AR


MAVIS  TOWNS   8-16-1909  to  8-24-1912

*D/of  John  Thomas Towns(1878-1954)  &  Francis Alice Dollar Towns(1881-1948)


NATHEN  EUGENE   TOWNS   7-28-1882   to  6-26-1954

*S/of  John Wesley Towns(1849-1934) & Ann Eudora Wooley Towns(1857-1929)

*H/of Georgia Texas Dickerson


12-18-1923  *1st husband  “DOLLAR”   *2nd husband Nathen Eugene Towns

*D/of  Wm. Reed Dickerson(1869-1962) & *1st wife, Virginia Partine Poole(1869-1901)


STEVEN  E.  TOWNS (59)  7-28-1947  to  2-19-2007 LA  *OB

*D/of  Gerson Eugene “Ras”  Towns(1922-1995) &  Betty Mae  Bolton Towns (1932- ?)



ARTHUR  TRAYLOR   3-6-1886  to  12-8-1954

*S/of Leonard Traylor (b:ca 1850) & Mary Traylor (b: ca 1855) 

*H/of  Eliza Traylor   *WWI  Vet  ARK  MA3  USNRF

ELIZA  TRAYLOR   8-11-1889   to  Jan  1980  Farmerville, LA


DOVIE  L.  TRAYLOR   11-17-1907   to  10-10-1908  

*D/of  Arthur  & Eliza Traylor




* These 3 share same headstone


to  5-16-1923   

&   (R.P.)ROBERTA P. ECKLES TUCKER 1-1-1843TN  to 12-28-1886

*D/of  Mary Ann Winfield Eckles(b:ca 1808 VA-d: aft 1860 LA) & John Bobbitt Eckles

(1805-1887)  ~   Roberta P. Eckles  *1st Wife of  William C. Tucker.

&   WILLIAM C.  TUCKER   5-17-1845   to  4-14-1922

*S/of  Elizabeth Tucker (b:ca 1822 MO) & Seth Wynne Tucker (1819-1870)

*Spouses:  *1st Roberta P. Eckles(1843-1886)  *2nd Ellen Elizabeth Dollar(1841-1923)


GATSIE  J.  TUCKER   10-17-1833  to 10-27-1882  

*Wf/of  Paschal  Tucker


JAMES  TUCKER   1932  to  1933  

*S/of  Mr & Mrs. M.M. Tucker  



9-12-1987 MS     *H/of  Billy Jean Danley Tucker(1932-20130    (Mason)   

*S/of  William Mordecai Tucker(1893-1948) &  Maggie Leola Scott Tucker(1900-1977)

BILLY JEAN  DANLEY TUCKER(80) 10-21-1932 LA  to  9-12-2013AR

*D/of  Tom & Ada Danley    *Wf/of the late Jefferson R.  “Ronnie” Tucker  *OB

*Mayor of Huttig for 8 years.  Teacher in Union Co., AR for 30 plus years.


SHAWNA JEANINE RUSSELL TUCKER 3-6-1969  to  9-1-1996   

*D/of  Charlotte Ann Dunn Russell (1948-2010)


WILLIE  JOHNSON  TUCKER   6-1-1925  to  6-29-1925



CECIL  TUGWELL    b & d  1904 

*Infant S/of  Fredrick Tugwell(1876-1920)  & Lela VA. Peace Tugwell(1881-1972)

&  ROBERT  TUGWELL   b & d  1910 

*Infant S/of  Fredrick Tugwell(1876-1920)  & Lela VA. Peace Tugwell(1881-1972)


'FRED'  FREDRICK  TUGWELL  10-5-1876  LA  to  11-20-1920 

*S/of George W. Tugwell(1849-1924) & Jane Gooing Tugwell(1851-betw. 1910-1920)

'Fred' died in Garland Co., AR.    *WOW

LELA  VIRGINIA  PEACE  TUGWELL   3-4-1881  to  12-25-1972

*D/of  Benjamin T. Peace(1843-1916) & Martha Virginia Peace(1853-1918) 

*Wf/of Fred Tugwell


GEORGE  W.  TUGWELL   7-6-1849 Union Parish, LA - 1924 AR

*S/of  Joseph Lyon Tugwell(1819-1888) & Sarah Wooten Tugwell(1820-1865)

JANE  GOOING  TUGWELL  1-19-1851   d: betw 1910-1920)

*D/of Andrew Martin Gooing(1823 AL-1867 LA) & Sarah M. Gooing(b:ca 1828 AL) 


HUBERT  W. "BERT"  TUGWELL   6-27-1908   to  10-23-1980

*S/of  'Fred'  Fredrick Tugwell(1876-1920) & Lela Virginia Peace Tugwell(1881-1972)


&  MAMIE  LEE  HINSON  TUGWELL   9-12-1907  to  5-4-1989 

*D/of  William Wardy Hinson(1880-1937) & Mary Lee Johnson Hinson(1885-1975)



KATHERINE  LANGLEY  JOHNSON  TULLY (86) 6-25-1927  to  1-2-2014

*D/of  Charley Wilton Langley(1902-1969) &  Rodie Orene DeShazo Langley Bishop(1910-2004)

*1st husband,  Louis Johnson  *2nd  husband, William Tully, md: in Pine Bluff

*Katherine moved to Pine Bluff with her 1st husband, Louis Johnson. 

*Met & md: 2nd husband, Wm Tully in Pine Bluff, AR   She resided in Pine Bluff at the time of her death.



CHRISTEEN  GUNTER  TURLEY    12-20-1914   to  4-23-1937

*D/of  James G. Gunter(1863-1943)  &  Leona Philips Gunter(1877-1940) 



WILLIAM  E.  TURNER   2-27-1880   to   11-11-1910   *WOW 

*H/of  Mary I. Smith Turner (b:ca 1893)



TOLLIE  USELTON   10-2-1904  to  6-13-1985

*S/of  William Uselton(1859-1922)  &  Matilda Jane Uselton(1869-1967) 

&  MAUDE  LOIS  WATKINS  USELTON  4-29-1914  to  12-1-1998

*D/of  Roy Albert Watkins(1873-1920) & Elizabeth Arvilla Hannibal Watkins(1876-1971)

“35 Years Together On Earth, Now Together In Heaven. 

O Death Where Is Thy Sting ?  Grave Where Is Thy Victory? “


JOSEPH  FRANK VAUGHTER     8-8-1866   to  1-14-1915   *WOW 

*S/of  James M. Vaughter(b: ca 1844 IN)  &  Sara E. Vaughter(b: ca 1846 NC)

*Joseph “Frank”  md: in 1888, Clark County, AR  Jane Barkhimer(1874-1907)

*Jane remarried in 1903, Ouachita Co., AR to Thomas W. Word (1884-1929)


ALLIE  CLEOPATRA  POOLE  WALKER  1-20-1869  to  8-6-1896

*D/of  Thomas Peter Poole(1838-1900) &  Leah Cleopatra Wasson Poole(1845-1902)

*1st Wf/of  3 to Charles Milton Walker(1866-1951) buried Meridian Cemetery, Marion, LA

*S/of Wesley Wymon Wakjer(1825-1914) & Frances Elizabeth Barron Walker(1829-1908)


DONALD  HOWARD “DON” WALKER   9-12-1951 LA  to  2-25-2009 LA  *OB

*S/of  Moses C. Walker, Jr.  (1924-1995) &  Relda Howard Walker

*Survived by his wife, Sheila Rogers Walker of Bastrop, LA

*Mr. Walker owned Walker Furniture & D.H. Appraisers in Lake Providence, LA.

*He died at St. Francis Medical Center in Monroe.  He was 57.  *Died from Lymphoma.


ELIAS  WALKER   1-4-1901   to   1-19-1965   (Mason)

*S/of  Hiram Wesley Walker(b: ca 1839 GA ) &  Hattie Farlena “Lena” Knox McCloud Walker

(b: ca 1859 LA)  *The 1920 Census shows Elias living with his mother, “Falleny” Walker

in Union County, Lapile, AR.

&  GERTIE  MAY  HAM  WALKER   2-27-1910LA   to  10-15-2002AR

*D/of  Henry Reighenburg Ham (1868-1947)  &  Betty Gertrude Towns Ham(1882-1957)


Infant  WALKER   b  &  d   8-4-1896  

*S/of  Charles Milton Walker (1866-1951)  &  Allie Cleopatra Poole Walker (1869-1896)


LEVEN  WALKER   Jan 1868  to  1945 Union Co., AR

*S/of Hattie Falenna “Lena” Knox McCloud Walker(b: ca 1859 LA)& Hiram Wesley Walker

*Leven is buried in an unmarked grave in the first row to the left of the gate,

just below the grave of  his half sister, Julia LouannLula” McCloud Impson(1884-1967).


(M.C.)  MOSES  C.  WALKER, JR.   8-24-1924  to  4-14-1995 

*S/of  Moses C. Walker(1896-1956)  &  Mittie Ham Walker (1898-1977)

*S SGT,  U.S. Army WW II


MINNIE ETTA  KNOX  WALKER  11-19-1875  to  12-24-1932

*D/of  John Henry Knox(1848-1922)  & Elizabeth Martin Knox (1850-1934)

*Twin sister to John E. Knox.  *Widow of  “BUSS”  WALKER.

*Spouses:  *1st Alexander Bussy Walker(1872-1905)  *2nd  George Puckett Wood (1871-1930)


MOSES  C.  WALKER   7-25-1896  to  5-29-1956

*S/of  Hiram Wesley Walker(b: ca 1839 GA ) &  Hattie Farlena “Lena” Knox McCloud Walker

(b: ca 1859 LA) 

&  MITTIE  HAM  WALKER (79)  5-21-1898 LA  to  12-26-1977AR  *OB

*D/of  Henry Reighenburg Ham (1868-1947)  &  Betty Gertrude Towns Ham(1882-1957)


OLEN  H.  WALKER   7-20-1919  to  2-20-1945  *WW  II

*S/of  Moses C. Walker(1896-1956)  &  Mittie Ham Walker (1898-1977)

*Arkansas  PFC 23 INF, 2 DIV, WW II  Killed in Action in Europe


VERNON  WALKER  10-10-1930   to  3-22-1987

*S/of  Moses C. Walker (1896-1956) & Mittie Ham Walker (1898-1977)

* Md:2/4/1956   

&  ELOWESE  WALKER    3-29-1935   (One date)



FRANKLIN  J.  WALTON   b: 7-23-1924  Benita, LA  to  9-21-2004(Mason)

*S/of  Coleman Franklin Walton (1895-1961) & Dona Mae Russell Walton (1898-1938)

&  MARY FRANCES  SMITH  WALTON  2-21-1932  Atlanta, GA  to 

8-1-1977 Dickinson, TX     *D/of  Monroe Smith  &  Lessie Dale Skelton Smith Carnes(1900-1979)

* Lessie Dale Skelton  md: *1st Monroe Smith in GA   *Md: *2nd Daniel Spencer “Pete” Carnes



ELISHA  WASSON   5-13- 1828 AL  to  3-19-1879AR  (50 yrs-10 mos- 6 dys)

*S/of  Alberry Wasson (1805-1892) &  Anna B. Walker Wasson  

*10/30/1851  Elisha Wasson  Md: Elizabeth Martin in Union Parish, LA.  They had no children.

*Elisha was a Confederate soldier during the Civil War.

*Birth date computed from death date & age at time of death.



CHARLES WILLIAM 'HOSSFLY'  WATERS  9-6-1925 AR  to 11-24-1995 LA 

*S/of William Morris Waters(1886-1963) &  Minnie Etta Fitzgerald Waters(1894-1929)


GEORGE  EDWARD  "Happy"  WATERS    9-19-1926  to  5-28-2010 

*S/of William Morris Waters(1886-1963) & Minnie Etta Fitzgerald Waters(1894-1929)

*Wife, Barbara  S. Waters (1933-2000) *buried in Green Grove Cemetery, Union Co., AR

*Barbara & George share a double headstone in Green Grove Cemetery, without his death date.

*According to family George is buried at Harper Springs Baptist Church Cemetery & he does

have a head  stone with both birth & death dates inscribed.


WILLIAM  MORRIS  WATERS    2-11-1886 TX   to  4-2-1963 

&  MINNIE  ETTA  FITZGERALD WATERS  3-15-1894  to  11-23-1929 

 *D/of  Thomas Mack Fitzgerald(1858 LA-1919 LA) &  Caroline Fitzgerald (b:ca 1872 LA)



ELAN  R. WATKINS   1910   to  1914