HAYES (aka Norphlet) CEMETERY

EST. 1891


Community of Norphlet, Union County, ARK.  Hwy. 335 East; 

As you come into Norphlet, located on the right or South side of highway.

First survey October 6, 2001: Updated survey or list (1/10/2003) using the survey

done by Juanita Butler Hancock in 1970; 

Cemetery & Bible Records of Union County, Arkansas.

Many graves unmarked or with only old rusty metal funeral home markers, with no dates.

Subsequent updates have been done using obituaries.  (*ob )

Use of the  &  sign indicates a double or multiple headstone:

*MM abbreviation indicates Mortuary Marker.

*Last survey-Oct 2011.  Last updated  March 2016  

Janice Holzer   jcsh432@gmail.com



ALFRED  ODIS  ARNOLD   12-22-1908  to  3-24-1938 


ALVIN  RAY  "DINK"  ARNOLD  5-31-1913  to  8-28-1975


DEWEY  FRANKLIN "DICK"  ARNOLD 10-10-1900  to  12-12-1997

*S/of Franklin Clinton Arnold(1880-1956) & Eulena ‘Lena’ Sara Pearson Arnold(1883-1972)

(*MM Young's FH & a double headstone with wife)  *Md:5/29/1922     

&   D.  CORDELL  ARNOLD   7-3-1902  to  5-6-1992 


ELLIS  FRANKLIN  ARNOLD   2-24-1943  to  3-22-1969 

"Love like ours shall never die."


FRANKLIN ‘FRANK’ CLINTON  ARNOLD  1-11-1880  to  8-6-1956

*S/of  William Riley Arnold & Ellen E. Pope Arnold(1856-1943) 

*Frank and Lena were the parents of 12 children:  Dewey, Mitchell, Vesa, Ruby, Alfred, Roy, Van, Orvell,

  Willis Claude “Dink”, Doyle, Donald and Jack.

& EULENA  SARA ‘LENA’ PEARSON  ARNOLD 1-17-1883  to 1-15-1972 

"Each duty done, they rest in peace"



MRS. MARY  AVANT   1841  to  5-10-1900   *Age abt 60 yrs.



SHANKEY  BAGGETT   2-12-1925  to  3-14-1927 



JIMMIE  DALE  BANKS   7-30-1938  to  2-13-1944

*S/of  Chester Arthur Banks(1895-1948) & Ruth Ellen Dean Banks(1907-1967)


CHESTER  ARTHUR  BANKS, SR.  2-8-1895 KY  to 1-27-1948 LA

*S/of  Richard “Lansford” Banks(1864-1922) & Rebecca Jane Short Banks(1865-1933)

&  RUTH ELLEN DEAN BANKS  7-27-1907MO  to  12-30-1967AR

*D/of William N. Dean(1876-1939) & Martha Elizabeth Easter Dean(1880-1916)



BARBARA  GEAN  BARMORE   8-23-1927  to  9-10-1927

*Infant D/of  Clarence B. Barmore(1902-1987) & Bessie Marie Aiken Barmore (1908-2002) 

"Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven"



NORA  JANE  BENNETT    1917  to  2005  

*Wf/of  Robert Lawrence Bennett       *MM  from Bailey Mortuary 

ROBERT LAWRENCE  BENNETT(86) 3-28-1913  to 1-20-2000 

*S/of  Joshua Judson Bennett(1879-1972) & Mary Medora Bailey Bennett(1890-1974)

*Robert born in Nevada Co., AR – died in Camden, Ouachita Co., AR

*H/of  Nora Jane Bennett      *MM  from Rumph-Owers FH



THOMAS  BURK  BERRYMAN  3-11-1887TN  to  8-11-1967AR  



(J.A.) JOSEPH  ANDREW  BILYEU   8-23-1865  to  1-21-1929 

*H/of  Mary Drucilla Murphy Bilyeu(1864-1923) 

"Hope"    (Mason)      "Resting in hope of a glorious resurrection"

 MARY  DRUCILLA  MURPHY  BILYEU   5-13-1864  to  8-10-1923

*D/of  Thomas Jessie Murphy(1803-1866) & Susan Sarah Perry Murphy(1828-1898)

*Wife of  Joseph Andrew Bilyeu.  Age 59 yrs, 2 mos, 27 dys.                                

"Sleep, mother dear and take your rest. God called you home. He thought it best."


DELORIS BURRIS BILYEU  3-28-1903MO  to  2-16-1934AR

*1st Wf/of  John Perry Bilyeu(1894-1970)

 *John P. Bilyeu is buried Union Cemetery, Joyce, Winn Parish, LA, along with his 2nd wife.


Infant Daughter  BILYEU   died  8-17-1921

*D/of  John Perry Bilyeu(1894-1970)  &  Deloris Burris  Bilyeu(1903-1934)    


MARJORIE  LEE  BILYEU  7-1-1922  to  8-7-1922

*Infant D/of  John Perry Bilyeu(1894-1970)  &  Deloris Burris  Bilyeu(1903-1934)



JOHN  ANDREW  BOLLING   5-6-1885 AL  to  6-24-1976 AR  

"Asleep in Jesus"


MARY  ALICE  BOLLING  7-25-1953  to  1-25-1960

*D/of  Amos J. Bolling(1925-2005) &  Mary Burnham Bolling (b:ca 1926 AR) 

*Amos J. Bolling is buried at Crossroads Cemetery, Louann, Ouachita Co., AR



FLETCHER  L.  BOWEN   2-26-1880  to  11-8-1910

*S/of James D. Bowen (b:ca 1846 GA) 

*1st husband of Emma Victoria Murphy Harrison (1884-1948)*Arlington Cemetery

*D/of James Warren Murphy(1850-1918) & Martha Elizabeth Thompson(1851-1910)

*Emma’s  *1st husband,  Fletcher L. Bowen (1880-1910)

*Emma’s *2nd husband was Robert Franklin Harrison, Jr. (1872-1929) Strong Cemetery



EARL  BYRD  BOWMAN   2-27-1900  to  1-10-1981 "Daddy" 

*S/of  Richard L. Bowman(1865-1952) & Mary Jane Heddin Bowman(1872-1920)

*Spouses: *1st Nannie Hortense Moore(1904-1943)  *2nd Zora Dell Simpson Ellenburg(1907-1980)

"In Loving Memory"

NANNIE  HORTENSE MOORE  BOWMAN  8-28-1904 to 4-26-1943

*D/of  Isaac Newton Moore(1857-1936) &  Zelphia Elizabeth Pierce Moore(1868-1919)     "Mother"

*1st wife of Earl Byrd Bowman    "One Worthy of Remembrance"


12-9-1980 *D/of  Annie Irene Britt (1888-1969) & Thomas Elmer Simpson (1885-1967)

*Spouses: *1st Henry Arthur Ellenburg(1889-1943)  *2nd Earl Byrd Bowman(1900-1981)

*Zora Dell Simpson Ellenburg, a widow, married *2nd a widower, Earl Byrd Bowman


EDWARD  "BUD"  BOWMAN  5-12-1928  to  7-22-1998 "Son"

*S/of  Earl Byrd Bowman(1900-1981) & Nannie Hortense Moore Bowman(1904-1943)

"One Worthy of Remembrance"



EFFIE  MAE  BOYER   1-10-1923  to  2-2-1924

*D/of  S.W. &  C. A.  Boyer   "Of Such Is The Kingdom of Heaven"



JOE  M.  BRADEN   1874  to  1939 

&  CALLIE  F.  BRADEN   1875  to  1931 

*Wf/of  Joe M. Braden    "They gave their today for our tomorrow"



EDITH  BRESSLER  1867  to  1931"Mother" 

"Her Memory  Is Blessed"



WILLIAM  L.  BROWN   6-11-1913  to  12-6-1955  

(Mason)  "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord'

&  ESTELLE  H. JOHNSON BROWN  12-31-1911 to 5-7-1985

*D/of Henry J. Johnson (1879-1957) & Lenora M. Johnson(1886-1959)

(Eastern Star)



JUANITA  FAY  BROWNING  1-28-1933  to  2-21-1933

*Daughter of  G.W.  &  Cora  Lou  Browning



AUBRY  BURL   11-29-1923  to  12-28-1923 

*One month old baby boy



KENNETH  JAMES  CAGLEY   3-20-1925  to  8-8-1933

*S/of Kenneth Barrick Cagley(1894-1972) *buried Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles,

California, Plot 109, 7/D       Inscription: "Big Brother"


WILLIAM  JACOB  CAGLEY 12-26-1863 IA  to  9-12-1924AR  

*S/of  John Lewis Cagley(1840-1910) & Charlotte A. Carey Cagley(1845-1907)

& JENNIE  ELIZABETH  BARRICK  CAGLEY  7-11-1867 to  6-2-1936 



CHARLES  R. E.  CAREY   10-25-1917TX  to  6-4-1935 AR

"And some day we may enter through the pearly portals wide. 

He will be the first to greet us over on the other side."


JESSE  T.  CAREY   10-25-1917TX  to  1-29-1971AR  

*Arkansas  PVT  CO C  143 INF REGT  WW II

&  JOHNNIE OPAL HAYES CAREY 10-9-1919  to  9-29-1996 


JOHN  MICHAEL  CAREY  12-20-1883  to  3-5-1970

&  ADDIE  BELLE  CAREY   3-13-1888  to  11-24-1978 



(J.J.) JAMES J. CARR  11-13-1865 MS  to  2-14-1939 AR "At Rest" 

*H/of  Jennie Rebecca Knight Carr(1870-1951)*Bured Columbia Cemetery, Brazora Co., TX



Infant Daughter CLARK   b: & d: 1-27-1932 

*D/of  E. M. &  J. B. Clark   "Her memory is blessed." 



BOBBIE  JACK  CHELETTE  1929  to  1932

*Daughter of  N. M. & Ethel Chelette   "Just Another Angel"




*Md: Joseph P. Cochran in Lonoke Co., AR in 1929



Infant  Son COLE   b  &  d  7-4-1927

*S/of  Silas B. Cole(1892-1953) & Margaret O. Cole(1897-1979)


SILAS  B.  COLE, JR.   7-13-1929  to  7-27-1929 “Baby”  

*S/of  Silas B. Cole(1892-1953) & Margaret O. Cole(1897-1979)



Infant JOHN HENRY COLEY  1-26-1933  to 1-27-1933 

*S/of  Milburn O. K. Coley (1900-1984) & Sarah Fay Clark Coley(1901-1980)


MILBURN  DEAN  COLEY   11-22-1927  to  12-14-1927

*S/of  Milburn O. K. Coley (1900-1984) & Sarah Fay Clark Coley(1901-1980)

*Twin to Wilma Jean Coley(1922-1928)*Born premature. Mlburn lived almost a month, while

Wilma Jean lived almost 5 months.


OLIVIA  MARGURIET  COLEY  1-24-1925  to  4-25-1928

*D/of  Milburn O. K. Coley (1900-1984) & Sarah Fay Clark Coley(1901-1980)


WILMA  G.  COLEY    11-22-1927  to  4-13-1928

*D/of  Milburn O. K. Coley (1900-1984) & Sarah Fay Clark Coley(1901-1980)

*Twin to Milburn Dean Coley(1922-1928)*Born premature. Milburn lived almost a month, while

  Wilma Jean lived almost 5 months.



EDDIE  WAYNE  COLVERT  10-8-1943  to  1-10-1964 

"Blessed Place Is This Forever"


REBA  JOY  COLVERT   1-10-1942  to  1-11-1942  

*Baby D/of  Mr. Pete Colvert & Ruby Bridges Colvert(1919-1979)


ROYE  EUGENE  COLVERT   7-24-1949  to  12-20-1996 

*Baby D/of  Mr. Pete Colvert & Ruby Bridges Colvert(1919-1979)

*AMN  US  Air Force-Vietnam


RUBY  BRIDGES  COLVERT   2-23-1919  to  4-10-1979 

*Wife of Pete Colvert      "She's safe at home"



AYLMER  BRADFORD  COOK   7-20-1889AR  to  8-16-1953TX 

*S/of  Clay M. Cook (1848-1922)  &  Ida Mary Sewell Cook(1857-1954) *Md: Tennie M. McPherson 1909.

*H/of Tennie Mae McPherson Cook(2-2-1892 to 3-4-1945) *Buried at Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery

*Tennie, D/of Henry C. McPherson(1868-1927) & Carrie A. Finton McPherson(1870-1952)


(C.M.) CLAY  M.  COOK  10-21-1848 AL  to  6-15-1922 AR

*S/of  Mary A. Cook (1821-1899)  *Age 73 yrs, 7 mos, 25 dys  

"Death is the crown of life."

Wf,  IDA  MARY SEWELL  COOK  3-12-1857 AL  to  9-14-1954 AR "At Rest"


MARY A. COOK    6-8-1821  to  7-9-1899 

*Wf/of  Francis Cook    *Age 78 yrs, 1 mo, 1 dy.

"Rest Mother rest in quiet sleep. While friends in sorrow o'er there weep."


PHENIE HAYS COOK  3-26-1887  to  6-11-1891



GLADYS  HAYES  CRIST  12-23-1897  to  2-3-1977

*D/of  George L. Hayes(1861-1915) & Nancy Cornelia Kimball Hayes(1873-1950)

*Husband, Ira D. Crist (1883-1951) *Bured Hillcrest Cemetery, Texarkana, Bowie Co., TX

*Ira was the son of Ada Oliver Crist(1881-1925) & Gladys Hayes Crist (1897-1977)


(A.C.) ALONZO CARL CULBERSON  8-15-1888 AL  to 11-1-1941AR

*S/of  John E. Culberson(1855-1928) & Mary T. Culberson(1864-1924)

KATE  McPHERSON  CULBERSON  1-15-1893  to 10-20-1980 


WILLIE  MAE  CULBERSON  5-2-1913  to  5-8-1975

"She's Safe At Home"



LAURA  A. E.  CURL  CULPEPPER  7-29-1850 to 11-9-1898 *OB

*Cleveland County Herald, Cleveland County, AR

Mrs.  Laura  Culpepper:  Died, at her home, at Norphlet November 9, 1898,

Mrs. Laura Culpepper, age 47 years, 3 months and had many warm friends

here who will regret to learn that that dread disease, consumption, laid hold upon

her vitals and soon carried her across that dark river from whence no traveler

ever returns.  Mrs. Culpepper was a Miss Curl, the daughter of a local Methodist

preacher who lived here for years.  On Dec 17, 1868, in Jefferson Co., AR, she married

Mr. Benjamin Franklin Culpepper (6/29/1849 to 11/17/1891)with whom she lived

pleasantly until eight years ago when death invaded their home and Mr. Culpepper was

called to his final rest.  Six children were born to them; five of them survive Mrs. Culpepper

to mourn their loss. She was a good woman and an affectionate wife and mother.  Besides her

children she leaves a brother, Leonidas Curl, of Grace, and several sisters, many nieces and

nephews and also many friends to whom the HERALD extends sympathy.

The family is found on the 1870, Bradley Co.,AR census & the 1880, Dorsey Co., AR census.

*Children: John Wilroe Culpepper(10/4/1869 to 1/15/1938) Mary Virginia Culpepper(3/4/1872 to ?)

Minnie Leone Culpepper(3/23/1874 to 10/21/1875) Elisha Wallace Culpepper (12/31/1875 to 1954)

Emma Olivia Culpepper(4/3/1878 to ?)   Laura A. Culpepper(4/25/1881 to ?)

*The above obituary & info shared with me by Mr. Dale Carey of Norphlet, AR.



Infants  JACK  and  GENE  DICKSON  b  &  d  12-2-1926 

*Infant sons of  W. H. "Cotton"  Dickson    "First Love"



DANIEL WEBSTER  EDGE, JR.  2-26-1925  to 1-31-1931

*S/of  Daniel W. Edge(1897-1966) & Jessie Mae Wagnon Edge(1895-1969)



GRACIE  COOK  EDWARDS   7-3-1884  to  8-9-1930

*D/of  Clay M.Cook(1848-1922)  &  Ida Mary Sewell Cook (1857-1954)

*Wf/of  Norman M. Edwards(1889-1960 TX ) *Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Garrison, TX

"Resting till the resurrection morn."


ROBERT  EDWARDS  4-24-1869MO  to 12-4-1945AR



HAROLD “HARRY” ALVIS ELLENBURG 10-26-1928 to 7-3-1958

*S/of Henry Arthur Ellenburg(1889-1943)  &  Zora Dell Simpson Ellenburg (Bowman)(1907-1980)

*US Navy  WW II    "In Loving Memory"


HENRY  ARTHUR  ELLENBURG  11-27-1889AL  to  5-13-1943AR

*H/of  Zora Dell Simpson Ellenburg


12-9-1980 *D/of  Annie Irene Britt (1888-1969) & Thomas Elmer Simpson (1885-1967)

*Spouses: *1st Henry Arthur Ellenburg(1889-1943)  *2nd Earl Byrd Bowman(1900-1981)


JOHN  WALTER  ELLENBURG   12-6-1884 AL  (One date) 


PAUL LaVAUGHN  ELLENBURG  6-15-1913AL  to  2-27-1939AR

*S/of Henry Arthur Ellenburg(1889-1943)  &  Zora Dell Simpson Ellenburg (Bowman)(1907-1980)




*D/of  James Calvin McPherson(1855-1912) 

"Memories guide the hand of love."



Infant  BOY  GARNER   1967

MAXINE  GARNER   5-14-1931  to  4-28-1934

*D/of  J. P.  &  Ida Garner  


PATRICIA  JANE  GARNER  12-26-1928  to 12-28-1928

*Daughter of  J.P.  &  Ida  Garner.



BOB  GIVINS     no dates on mortuary marker

LAURA  GIVINS   no dates on mortuary marker



ARNOLD  LEE  GODWIN   6-24-1929   (baby)



ALLIE  BLANCHE HAYES    7-17-1908  to  1-26-1931

*D/of Hadasser Laconia Slaughter Hayes (1871-1948) &  Olin Clarence Hayes(1860-1928)


CHARLIE  LEVA  HAYES   8-12-1877  to  5-5-1900

*D/of  William N. Hayes(1835-1912) &  Francina Sewell Hayes(1840-1915)  


GEORGE  L. HAYES   6-14-1861AL  to  11-2-1915AR "Father" 

*S/of  William N. Hayes(1835-1912) &  Francina Sewell Hayes(1840-1915)  


to 1-25-1950 "Mother"   *D/of  I. Kimball(b:ca 1830 AL)  &  N.C. Kimball(b:ca 1842 AR)


JOHN  H. HAYES    8-18-1869  to  6-29-1907

*S/of  William N. Hayes(1835-1912) &  Francina Sewell Hayes(1840-1915)  

&  NELLIE  PIERCE  HAYES  7-5-1878  to  4-20-1960 


MARVIN  HAYES  7-7-1880  to  11-7-1941

*S/of  William N. Hayes(1835-1912) &  Francina Sewell Hayes(1840-1915)  

SALLIE  LOU MARTIN  HAYES   1-3-1889  to 1-15-1972

*D/of  John Thomas Martin(1859-1945) & Nancy Jane Connor Martin(1860-1940)

*Wf/of  Marvin Hayes


MARY  EDNA  HAYES   3-8-1904  to  9-18-1905


SALLIE  E. HAYES   4-22-1890   to  6-14-1907

*D/of  George L. Hayes(1861-1915) & Nancy Conelia “Nela” Kimball  Hayes   

*Age 17 yrs, 1 mo, 22 dys.


SAMUEL SEWALL HAYES   12-21-1872  to  11-22-1956

*S/of  William N. Hayes(1835-1912) &  Francina Sewell Hayes(1840-1915)  

"Into thy hands I commend my spirit"


 WILLIAM  N.  HAYES   7-17-1835  to  7-2-1912

*Charles Leonard Hays(1804-1870) & Mary Keating Hays(1810-1889) 

*Age 76 yrs, 11 mos, 15 dys.   *H/of Francina Hayes

FRANCINA SEWELL HAYES  12-28-1840 AL  to  5-28-1915 AR

*Wf/of  William N.  Hayes   *Age 74 yrs, 5 mos.



PHENIE  COOK  HAYS   3-26-1887   to  6-11-1891

*D/of  C. M. &  I. M. Cook 



PEARL MORRIS  HAYNER   8-1-1916OK  to  3-4-1990AR

*D/of Lorenzo Tice Morris(1888-1965) & Maggie Skaggs Morris(1883-1961) 

*Wf/of  Perry George Hayner     "In Loving Memory"

PERRY GEORGE  HAYNER   4-27-1913TX  to  6-28-1996AR   

*H/of  Pearl Morris Hayner      *US  Army  World War II



ROY  HENEGAR   12-13-1909  to  10-13-1973

*S/of  Maggie Skaggs Morris (1883-1961) &  Lorenzo Tice Morris(1888-1965)

"In Loving Memory"  *Speculation as to who the parents of Roy were?  Possibly, he was adopted

or for some reason changed his name. Some researchers do name Maggie Skaggs Morris as

his mother. 



BERDENA  HENSLEY  1910   to   1927 


LOIS  HENSLEY    3-28-1922  to  1-16-1931 

*D/of  William Burton Hensley(1897-1986) &  Mary Marie Roe Hensley(1899-1961)

 "Weep not father & mother for me, for I am waiting in glory for thee."



EDGAR  HOLLIER, SR.    11-28-1883  to  9-30-1952

*Shares double headstone with Anaise Roy..     

&  ANAISE  ROY  HOLLIER, SR.  5-28-1890LA  to  10-13-1985

*Spouse of Edgar Hollier, Sr.    "Not My Will But Thine Be Done"



PATRICIA  JEAN “PATSY” JAMAR  2-6-1927  to  2-11-1933 

* D/of  George C. Jamar(1902-1979)  &  Geniva Fern  Jamar (1905-1933) 



GUS  JONES,  JR.   d:1934  (baby) 

*S/of  G.E.  &  H. M.  Jones  


FRANCIS  MARION  JONES   10-16-1925  to  1-5-1931

*D/of  Edward W. Jones(b:ca 1899 TX) & Nora Lou Jones(b:ca 1902 LA)

"She was the sunshine of our home."



FRANK  R.  KIMBALL   5-6-1881  to  1-9-1961 



KOHLER   * 2  graves



JESSE  NATHANIEL  LAFFOON  12-22-1895  to 12-18-1948

*S/of  John N. Laffoon(1850-1904) & Mary Ann Smith Laffoon(1853-1944)

"Gone but not forgotten"



______, LAURA  A.  7-29-1850  to  11-9-1898

* Wf/of  unknown  because stone is broken  *Age 48 yrs, 3 mos, & 10 dys    

(*Same in 2011)



Infant  Daughter LEE   7-11-1925  

*D/of  E. &  O.B. Lee 

"A little bud of love to bloom with God above"



JOHN  BICE  LYONS   1872 KY  to 1935 AR

*H/of Cora Dobyns

&  CORA  DOBYNS  LYONS  2-17-1881KY to  9-3-1978 TX

*Wf/of John Bice Lyons


GEORGE  ERNEST  MANNING, JR.  4-1941  to  12-5-1941 

*Age 8 mos. *MM



EARL  MARSH    no dates    Mortuary  Marker

OPAL  MARSH    no  dates   Mortuary  Marker



JULIA  HAYES  McDANIEL   3-4-1907  to  11-8-1979 

*D/of George L. Hayes(1861-1915) & Nancy Cornelia Kimball Hayes(1873-1950)

*Julia md: in 1926, Union Co., AR- Richard L. McDaniel (b:ca 1904)



EMELINE  E. “EMILEY” CAVER  MILNER  3-5-1848  to 11-5-1922  "Mother"

*Emeline Emily -D/of James M. Caver(1819 SC-1862 MS) & Martha Martin Caver(1822 AL-1907)

*James M. Caver died during the3 Civil War(12/27/1862) buried in Valden Cemetery, Carroll Co., MS

*James ~  PVT  CO I  19th Arkansas Infantry, CSA

*James, S/of Samuel Caver, Jr. & Elizabeth Miller Caver of Autauga Co.,AL

& OBEDIAHOBIE’ HOLMES  MILNER, JR. 11-24-1846  to 11-9-1922

"Father"    *S/of  Obediah H. Milner, Sr.(b:ca 1818 GA) & Nancy Ann Phillips Milner(1825 AL-1909)


ROBERT  L.  MILNER    8-23-1869  to  11-13-1913 

*S/of  Obediah Holmes Milner (1846-1922) &  Emeline E. Caver Milner(1848-1922)

*H/of  Elva B. Milner (b:ca 1889 ILL)    "Gone but not forgotten"


WILLIE  BYRD  MILNER  11-27-1883  to  4-18-1955

*S/of Obediah Holmes Milner(1846-1922) & Emeline E. Caver Milner(1848-1922)

*2nd H/of  Laura Eddie Whatley White Milner (1888-1947) *Buried Rehobeth Primitive Baptist Cemetery

*Laura’s spouses:  Jesse Andrew Burton(1881-1952) ~ Willie Byrd Milner(1883-1955)

*Tombstone says “Eddie Whatley White”       "His memory is Blessed" 



MARY KAYE COLVERT  MOORE   4-21-1957  to  12-15-1998

*D/of  Ruby Bridges Colvert (1919-1979)     "Finally At Peace"



LORENZO  TICE  MORRIS, SR.  12-24-1888  to  1-29-1965

*1 st wife, Maggie Skaggs (1883  to  1961)

*2nd wife, Julia V. Morris (1897-   )

&  JULIA  V.  MORRIS   6-15-1897 (One date)

*2nd wife, of Lorenzo Tice Morris, Sr.   *Shares a double headstone with Lorenzo.

MAGGIE  SKAGGS  MORRIS  3-29-1883 OK  to  6-15-1961 AR

*D/of John Skaggs(1849-1903) & Kate Skaggs(1859-1933)

*1ST Wife, of Lorenzo Tice Morris, Sr.

"Tender Mother and A Faithful Friend"




2-21-1905   *D/of  Ezekiel Perry(1804-1876) & Rebecca May Perry(1807-1857)

*Wf/of  Thomas Jesse Murphy(1827-1862)

*Mother of: George Ezekiel Murphy(1855-1933) & Pollie Murphy(1857-1858)

"She died as she lived, trusting in God."  *Two children's graves outside her fenced in grave site.


THOMAS  BERRY  MURPHY  12-12-1923  to  6-19-1924

*S/of Newton Thomas Murphy(1898-1976) & Grace Willie Adcox Murphy(1904-1995)


WILLIAM  MURPHY   6-15-1850  to  7-22-1852 

*S/ of Thomas Jesse Murphy(1827 AL-1862 AR) & Martha Eugenia Perry Murphy(1831-1905)

"An angel of heaven to wear the crown without life's weary race to run"


POLLIE  MURPHY  8-1-1857  to  6-19-1858   

*Little D/ of Thomas Jesse Murphy(1827 AL-1862 AR) & Martha Eugenia Perry Murphy(1831-1905)

"Thou art from a world of care. The bliss of heaven to share"



NELL  HAYES  NEIGHBORS  7-5-1910  to  4-3-1983 

*S/of George L. Hayes(1861-1915) & Nancy Cornelia Kimball Hayes(1873-1950)



LOLLIE  THOMAS  PATE    3-1-1874   to   6-21-1959

*S/of  Lewis Turner Pate(1824-1902) & Sarah Jane Adams Pate(1840-1920)

*Md:3/30/1899 Union Co., AR Mattie J. Milner

&  MATTIE JO  MILNER PATE   2-17-1880  to 11-19-1926

*D/of Obediah Holmes Milner(1846-1920) & Emaline E.  Caver Milner(1848-1922)



FRANCES  SHARON  PIGGAGE   b & d  11-12-1943 *MM



 J. F.  POTTS   March 1841/1891  to   Apr ?1911 or 1921

*This is a piece of petrified wood, that someone carved the info onto.  The name

Can be made out but the dates (except for the months) are impossible to make out-

So this is a guess at what I perceived to see for the dates.



ALICE  L.  RACHAL  11-16-1890  to  12-26-1940  "Mother" 

"She gave her today for our tomorrow"



HELEN  C.  FERRELL  RAINER  1916  to  1937

*Wf/of Edwin L. Rainer   "Her life an ideal; her memory an inspiration"



NELLIE  MAY  RASMON   9-4-1927  to  1-4-1928 

"Our little one"



CHARLIE  HAYES  REINHARDT  2-12-1900  to  9-21-1933

*S/of  George L. Hayes(1861-1915)  &  Nancy Cornelia Kimball Hayes(1873-1950)



Baby  ROBERTSON    5-15-1926  (One date)



OPAL JOYCE  SELF   b  &  d  11-25-1926  (baby)

*D/of  Arthur Rosco Self(1900-1989)  & Daisy Dixie Forbis Self(1905-1992)



TANDY  W. SINGLETON   3-14-1926  to 11-14-1926LA "BABY"



EARL  DEWEY  STOKES   3-16-1900  to  12-4-1950

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

ZOLA  MAE  McGINTY  STOKES   11-17-1902  to  1-10-1983


VICKIE  DON  STOKES     11-1-1952  to  6-26-2005   *ob



HOWARD   B.  TUTTLE   7-4-1930  to  9-4-1931

"He is not dead but sleepeth"



JIMMIE  EDWARD TYLER   Oct 1959  7-6-1960 

*Age 9 mos-14 days



______, LAURA  A.  7-29-1850  to  11-9-1898

* Wf/of  unknown  because stone is broken  *Age 48 yrs, 3 mos, & 10 dys    

(*Same in 2011)


UNKNOWN       *Single grave with remains of a rusted Mortuary marker.

                                        Located near the grave of Barbra Barmore.


UNKNOWNS   *Two graves marked by pipe driven in ground.

                                       Located toward the fence across back side of cemetery                                  


UNKNOWNS    *Four graves marked by old unreadable *Mortuary Markers.


UNKNOWNS     *Three graves marked by , two by unreadable old *Mortuary  

                                         Markers. *One is marked with a small pot of purple/ white

                                         artificial flowers.  Located toward the fence across back

                                         side of cemetery.


UNKNOWN       This is a home made headstone that is now unreadable.  



?  VEACH  1983                       

*There are two graves, side by side, covered with a  thin coating of concrete. Scratched into the concrete is the word 

"VEACH"   and  1983. The  old *Mortuary Markers" have no info on them, just the remains of the metal frame. 

Looking at the design of these 2 old holders, it is obvious that both are much older than 1983.  One is completely

covered in rust.  *These are the old style with the glass front covering a card with the info.



J. W.  WALLS    7-22-1850  to  10-1-1914 

*Age 64 yrs, 2 mos, 5 dys 

"Our darling one hath gone before to greet us on the blessed shore"


EMELIA JANE “EMMA” DUNN WALLS  2-29-1856  to  3-2-1937

(Mrs. J.W.)  *Wf/of  J.W. Walls   "Mother's gone but not forgotten."



HENRY  CLAY  WHITE  12-25-1880TN  to  8-1-1930AR

"Life is ever Lord of Death, and love can never lose its own" 

& (ELIZABETH) FRANCES  DEER  WHITE  8-4-1886  to  8-9-1935  



RAYMOND  WILKINS   4-4-1933  to  7-1-1937  

*Age 4 yrs-2 mos-27 days    *MM


ROSALIE  WILKINS   b & d  July 1   ?   *MM



WILLIE  KATHERINE  WILLIAMS  8-16-1894TX  to  6-10-1934AR

*Wf/of  Fadrique Willoughby Williams (1892-1985)  *Fadrique- Buried Smackover Cemetery, Smackover, AR

"A tender mother and a faithful friend"



JESS  M. YOUNG   1901  -  1966

*S/of George W. Young(1863 TX-1909) & Emma Jane Chancellor Young(1883-1930 AR)



*Contacted August 2006 by Sue Jackson, 7910 Parkglen, Houston, Texas 77049

who says her half-sister is buried here:

Billy Ray Perkins who died Dec 25, 1929 as a result of an automobile accident.

*D/of  Ethel Virginia Dean Perkins & Curtis Perkins.  Curtis Perkins also died shortly after Billy

as a result of the same accident and it is believed that he too, is buried here.