UNION COUNTY,  ARKANSAS   Est.  abt. 1849

Hwy. 172 West off  of  Hwy. 7 North.    October 20, 2001

Janice Holzer   jcsh432@gmail.com 

Adjoining this old small cemetery is the African-

American section of the Hicks Cemetery. Both are fenced

in separately. I only surveyed the white section.

Updated February 2005:  Updated from obituaries,May 2006:

New Canvass June 2011.  Final/Last Update: March 2016




*OB        indicates birth / death info from person's obituary

*SSDI    partial or complete info from Social Security Death Index

*ARDI   partial or complete info from Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950

*WOW  Woodman of the World headstone

* MM   Mortuary marker


MARY  A.  PRIMM  ABBOTT  11-27-1817  to  10-22-1852 

*D/of  Charles Primm(1790-1853) & Elizabeth Primm(1779-1852)

*Wf/of  S. T. Abbott    *Headstone is almost illegible



NELLIE  CREMEEN    1910-1913

“Darling We Have Missed You” 



E. G.  FLENNIKEN    3-10-1864   to  10-6-1892

*Child of  J.M.M. Flenniken (1834-1894)


J. M. M.  FLENNIKEN    7-24-1834 Cahawba, Dallas Co., ALA   to

 12-9-1894 Union Co., AR



FANNIE  F.  JENNINGS  HAYS  11-21-1893  to  9-21-1925  *Wf/of  H. M. 

On the back side of her headstone, her children are listed: * Thomas E., Elgin N., Edgar N., Orlan F., 

Kenneth I., Hubert H. Hays *She also has a 2nd homemade marker, which

gives her death date 9-21-1925  "At Rest Mrs. H. M. Hayes"

(This grave & marker east of the fenced in cemetery about  100 feet. At the edge of the small parking area)



(D. S.)  HICKS  9-25-1856  to  11-26-1891 

*S/of  Elbert Hicks(1814-1894)  & Mary Jane Goodwin Hicks(1834-1910)


ELBERT  HICKS     1-26-1814  to   8-27-1894  "Mason"

*H/of  Mary Jane Goodwin

MARY  JANE  GOODWIN  HICKS  6-21-1834  to  2-6-1910 

*Wf/of  Elbert Hicks   


FRANCIS  NUNN  HICKS  b:4-15-1825  (one date)

*Wf/of  Green Hicks (1812-1896)

*Stone broken-2011 dates obscured by dirt-stone lying flat on ground.


H.  CLARENCE  HICKS   2-25-1863  to  7-17-1875

*S/of  Elbert Hicks(1814-1894)  & Mary Jane Goodwin Hicks(1834-1910)

*Age 12 yrs-6 mo-23 dys      (broken stone)

Infant  HICKS  of  G. &  Francis Nunn  Hicks  (No dates)

Infant  HICKS  b & d  7-1-1865 

*S/of  Elbert Hicks(1814-1894)  & Mary Jane Goodwin Hicks(1834-1910)


MARY  T.  HICKS    5-10-1820  to  1-20-1853  

*Wf/of  H.  Hicks    


ROBERT  ASA  HICKS   5-3-1861  to  9-14-1871   

*S/of  Elbert Hicks(1814-1894)  & Mary Jane Goodwin Hicks(1834-1910)



LEONARD  HILDRETH (57)  11-7-1955  to  3-9-2013  *OB

*S/of  Leonard  Hildreth & Thresa Johnson Hildreth



WILLIAM  JACKSON   4-30-1925  to  10-26-2014  *OB

*S/of  William “Bill” Jackson & Tommie Howard Jackson

*Wife,  Berist  E. Jackson



Infant  LANEY   6-17-1887  to  12-1-1898 

*S/of  B.T.  &  M.E. Laney   *11 yrs-5 mos-14 dys

Infant  LANEY   9-14-1889  to   9-8-1897  

*D/of   B.T.  &  M. E. Laney   *7yrs-11 mos-24 dys



* Marker  no dates or name

*Several markers with only initials on them:

DSH;   E. H.;   F. H.;   H.C.H;   R. A. H.;   S.M.S.



BENJAMIN  ROBINSON  McCLANAHAN  5-19-1884  to  8-20-1955

*S/of  Janie Robinson McClanahan(1848-1910) &  Samuel T. McClanahan(1849-1909)

&   BESSIE  SAXON  McCLANAHAN  10-1-1884  to  9-30-1955

*D/of  David Parke Saxon(1830-1912) &  Mary Medora Reeves Saxon(1840-1912)


JAMIE  MEDORA  McCLANAHAN  5-18-1915  to  4-6-1919 

*D/of  B. R. & Bessie  McClanahan


SAMUEL  T.  McCLANAHAN     8-27-1849  to  8-30-1909 

&  JANIE  ROBINSON  McCLANAHAN    3-6-1848  to  10-27-1910 


WILLIE   M.  McCLANAHAN    7-3-1880  to  7-23-1909

*Child of Janie Robinson McClanahan(1848-1910) &  Samuel T. McClanahan(1849-1909)

*29 yrs & 30 dys  (may be female)  



THOMAS  J.  MURPHY   10-3-1878  to  1-3-1943  

&  BLANCHE  A.  ROBINSON  MURPHY   9-23-1878  to  4-3-1961



EDNA  EUNICE  PARKS   10-10-1888  to  10-27-1889



FLOYD  Q.  PENDLETON   2-28-1896  to  3-20-1913 

*In loving Remembrance of  Floyd Q. Son of  J. M. &  M. A. Pendleton. Age 17 years,

20 days.  Gone But Not Forgotten.  A Precious One From Us Has Gone.  A Voice We Loved

Is Stilled.  A Place Is Vacant In Our Home.  Which Never Can Be Filled.



CHARLES  L.  PRIMM  1-28-1839  to  7-14-1904 

*S/of  Nathan  A. Primm(1807-1857) & Mahala  F. Primm(1813-1864) 


CHARLES  PRIMM   12-12-1790  to  9-15-1853 

*S/of  William Primm (7/28/1740 to 1794) *B & D Virginia

ELIZABETH  PRIMM    5-11-1779   to  9-26-1852 

*Wf/of  Charles  L. Primm

Infant Son of  FRED  &  OLIVE  PRIMM  1-1-1937 (One date)


JAMES  L.  PRIMM   2-10-1846  to  6-8-1913

*S/of  Nathan  A. Primm(1807-1857)  &  Mahala  F. Primm(1813-1864) 

&   FANNIE  ROBINSON  PRIMM  9-28-1853  to  9-16-1922

*Wf/of  James  L.  Primm(1846-1913)


JAMES  W.  PRIMM    4-13-1815   to   6-18-1854

*S/of  Charles Primm(1790-1853) &  Elizabeth Primm(1779-1852)


JOHN  FREDERICK  PRIMM     8-8-1854   to  1-28-1933

*S/of   Nathan  A. Primm(1807-1857)  &  Mahala  F. Primm(1813-1864) 

MARY  FOSTER  PRIMM    6-1-1861  to  6-17-1927

*Wf/of J. F. Primm


NATHAN  A.  PRIMM   9-18-1807  to  1-20-1857

*H/of  Mahala  F. Primm

MAHALA  F.  PRIMM   9-27-1813  to  6-15-1864 

*Wf/of  Nathan A. Primm



MARTHA  B.  PRIMM  REEVES  11-22-1821  to  9-14-1891 

*Wf/of  Frederick  Reeves 

FREDERICK  REEVES    11-22-1812   to   8-6-1888 

*Age 75 yrs-8 mos-14 dys



GARLAND  P. "POTTS"  ROBINSON  6-23-1902  to  4-22-1957 

*S/of  Blanche  L. A. Murphy (1878-1961) & Thomas J. Murphy(1878-1943)

*H/of  Eunice Robinson   



(D.P.) DAVID  PARKE   SAXON   5-10-1830 SC to  10-20-1912 AR

*S/of  Samuel B. Saxon(1805-1831) & Naomi Yeargin Stone(1801-1879)

&   MARY  MEDORA  REEVES  SAXON  4-7-1840  to  5-20-1912 

*D/of  Frederick Reeves(1812-1888) & Martha B. Primm Reeves(1821-1891  

*Wf/of  David  Parks Saxon  

Infant son of  D. P. & M. M. Saxon  10-27-1858  to  10-27-1858 

Daughter  of  D. P. & Mary Medora Saxon  10-4-1882  to  8-16-1883  

(stone chipped)


EDGAR  FREDERICK  SAXON  12-10-1863  to  12-2-1944

*S/of  Mary Medora Reeves Saxon(1840-1912) & David Parke Saxon(1830-1912)

&   LURA  PORTER “LUTIE”  LINDSAY  SAXON  4-26-1871  to 

2-21-1960    *Wf/of  Edgar Frederick Saxon

*D/of  Zachariah Lindsay(1814-1851) & Nancy Elizabeth Harrison Lindsay (1825-1895)


H.  D.  SAXON     2-28-1869  to  8-12-1895

*S/of  David Parke Saxon(1830-1912)  & Mary Medora Reeves Saxon(1840-1912)


ROBERT  REEVES  SAXON   4-7-1912  to  11-18-2002

*S/of  William Wallace Saxon  (1876-1922)     

&  MARTHA  JANE  HOPKINS  SAXON 1-15-1914  to 12-2-1973


WILLIAM  WALLACE  SAXON  10-27-1876  to  8-19-1922

*S/of  David Parke Saxon(1830-1912)  & Mary Medora Reeves Saxon(1840-1912)



VIRGINIA  LEE  SAXON  SEEBAUER   8-10-1944  to  5-7-2004



SARAH  “SALLIE” M.  HICKS  SMITH  11-16-1866  to  4-16-1891

*Wf/of   J. J. W.  Smith      *Aged 24 yrs- 5 mos

*D/of   Elbert Hicks(1814-1894)  & Mary Jane Goodwin Hicks(1834-1910)


NANCY  STEDMAN   (No dates)  located outside fence on north side of cemetery.

ROBERT  CLARENCE  STEDMAN   1-4-1874  to  11-22-1928 

*S/of  Dr. Stevens Stedman  &  Nancy  (This grave also outside of fenced area.-along the edge of

parking area)


DR.  STEVEN  S.  STEDMAN  "Father"   "This Is The Promise The Life Everlasting"

(No dates on headstone)



GARNER  A.  SWILLEY   6-16-1873  to  3-12-1959  “Mother”


These markers only give the first name;

both are between  PRIMM  markers & at the feet of a SWILLEY monument.

LUCILE    1-28-1901  to  2-20-1927    (Swilley)

OTIS     4-4-1902   to  2-26-1921   (Swilley)


W. R.  SWILLEY   3-6-1868  to  5-11-1932



E. D.  PRIMM  TYSON  10-28-1841  to  11-1-1864

*S/of  Nathan  A. Primm(1807-1857)  &  Mahala  F. Primm(1813-1864) 

*Wf/of  W.M. J. Tyson 




D. R.  YOUNG    3-31-1856  to  5-16-1918

LULA  SAXON  YOUNG  YARBROUGH   12-18-1861  to  8-10-1951

*D/of  David Parke Saxon(1830-1912) & Mary Medora Reeves Saxon(1840-1912)

*Wf/of  D.R. Young & N. B. Yarbrough    


(This couple had a huge monument type headstone)

JOHN  WESLEY  YOUNG  1-22-1860  to  4-2-1922 

&  ESTELLE  LEAKE  YOUNG  2-28-1868   to  8-23-1933



*Adjoining this fenced in area on the west side is another fenced in cemetery area which is a black cemetery.  Noted one burial   GEORGE  MURPHY  8-16-1869  to  1-3-1931.

Directly south across  Hwy. 172, from this cemetery, is about 5 acres chain link fencing of a newer

section of cemetery.  Just inside the double gates is the grave of a GOODWIN.  Several  new graves

along the back side of cemetery...a few names noted, GOODWIN,  FULLER,  MODICA  to mention

a few I could see from entrance.  I believe this is another black section of cemetery?


**Many unmarked graves.  Many of Smackover's early settlers are buried here.