and  CEMETERY    EST. 1845

[Looking East toward back of church  October 2011]

This is a very old but well maintained cemetery, located behind the church.

The cemetery is located southwest of El Dorado, Union County, Arkansas.

From State Hwy.82 West, go South on Hopewell Road (directly across State Hwy.82 West,

 from State Hwy. 172). Used survey done in 1999 by Ralph Weldon and Will Walls, 

Surveyed November 18, 2002. Revisited for updates in 2004. Updated July 2009 

Janice Holzer    jcsh432@gmail.com   

(New survey Oct 2011) Last update May 2016.


*The use of the  "&"  sign indicates a double headstone.

*SSDI: Social Security Death Index  .

*OB :  info from Obituaries

*MM:  indicates a mortuary marker

*ARDI:  highlighted birth/death dates from Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950


From backside of church looking west May 2005


ELIZA   P.  NEW  ADAMS   10-9-1842  to  1-10-1881

*D/of  Elizabeth  Piercie  Sammons New (1813-1895)  &   >>>>

*Md: 5/1/1830, Hardeman Co., TN   Council Bryant New, Sr.

*Eliza *1st  Wf/of  Joel G. Adams (1836-1914)  *Md:7/2/1860 Union Co., AR

*Joel md: *2nd wife, Lizzie Attaway  8/25/1881 Union Co., AR

*Joel G. Adams(1836-1914) buried at Jolley Chapel Cemetery, Union Co.,AR


MARY ANNA LEDBETTER COOK ALLISON(88)  9-1-1925  to  1-31-2014 *MM

*D/of  Earnest Lavelle Ledbetter (1902-1929)  &  Lonnie Mason Ledbetter Cook (1907-1987)

*Wf/of  Joseph Walter Cook (1917-1992) & daughter Mary Janice Cook Hopkins(1944-2015)  

  are both buried at Scotland Presbyterian Cemetery, Union Co., AR



LUCY  BELL WILSON  ANDREWS   10-1-1896   to  1-15-1919

*D/of  Albert Rush Wilson(1851-1917) &  Nannie Vinson Dickens Wilson(1853-1920)

*1st wife of  Jesse Vernon Andrews (1892-1960) buried at Old Parkers Chapel, Union Co.

*Mother of  R. Milton &  Avaline.  "Gone But Not Forgotten"



MARVIN  JACK  BAGLEY    9-10-1928  to  2-23-1990

*S/of  Eula Mae Cox Bagley(1904-1995)  &  Lewis L. Bagley(1901-1974)

*Md:5/27/1954    *PFC  US Army-Korea      

&   MELBA  MASON  BAGLEY   b:10-27-1932  (One date)

Children: Randy, Brenda, Sandra    "Life's A Voyage That's Homeward Bound"



ALBERT  BENJAMIN  BARNETT, JR. (87) 8-29-1922  to  7-8-2010  *OB   

*H/of  Obie Lou Owens Barnett;   *S/of Albert B. Barnett, Sr. & Lottie Mae Dawkins Phillips

*MM2  US  Navy   World War II



FRED  E.  BATES  3-27-1907   to  6-4-2000  "Papa"   

*S/of  Thomas Milton Bates(1879-1947) & Mary Ida Meeks Bates(1881-1932)

&  MABLE  SPAIN NOLES BATES 10-20-1913  to  7-6-1989

*1st spouse ~ md: Freeman Melton Noles 2/24/1929 at Mt. Ida, Montgomery Co., AR

*2nd  spouse ~ Fred E. Bates (1907-2000)    "Granny"     "In Loving Memory"



(H. T.)HENRY THOMAS  BRITT  10-31-1822  to 10-14-1899

*S/of  Henry & Ailsie Britt  *Mason    *Md: Emeline Adams  6/26/1853 Union Co., AR


JAMES  B.  BRITT   5-9-1857  to  2-24-1858

*S/of  Henry Thomas Britt(1822-1899) &  Emeline Adams Britt


REBECCA  J.  BRITT   12-29-1862  to  9-10-1864

*S/of  Henry Thomas Britt(1822-1899) & Emeline Adams Britt


SIMON  BRITT   9-13-1866  to  9-5-1867

*S/of  Henry Thomas Britt(1822-1899) & Emeline Adams Britt

MARVIN  BRUCE   5-22-1897  to  10- 29-1983

&  WINNIE  IRENE  BRUCE   10-1-1902  to  10-20-1954



JOHN  SHEPPARD “JOHNNIE”  BULL  12/15/1879  to  8-2-1881

*S.of  John Gray Bull (1843-1928) & Frances Josephine “Fannie” Gray Bull(1850-1928)

*John G. Bull (3/8/1843 to  10/15/1928) & both wives buried Oakridge Cemetery, Malvern, AR

*1st wife, Susan Brown Bull(1850-1897)buried Oakridge Cemetery, Malvern, AR

*2nd wife Frances Josephine “Fannie” Gray Bull (1850-1928)

* Frances-double headstone with John Gray Bull at Oakridge Cemetery, Malvern, Hot Spring Co., AR

* D/of  Elijah Moseley Gray(2/2/1814 GA  to 5/24/1876 AR) & Nancy Grace Kelly Smith(1819-1902)

*Elijah & Nancy Gray are both buried at Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery, Union Co., AR.

LUCY  LEE  BULL    2-24-1871  to  3-26-1873

*D/of  John Gray Bull(1843-1928) & Frances Josephine Gray Bull(1850-1928)

*2nd wife of, John Sheppard “Johnnie” Bull


MARY  ELLEN  BULL  10-22-1851  to  7-17-1919


WILLIAM WALLACE “WILLIE” BULL  4-10-1874  to 10-18-1890

*S/of John Gray Bull (1843-1928) & Frances Josephine “Fannie” Gray  Bull (1850-1928)

*Stone is broke- name onl.y is legible.  *Age 16 yrs-8 dys



*These two on the same obelisk

ANDREW  W.  CARRIGAN   7-11-1862  to  7-17-1864

*Shares double with Sarah M. Carrigan

&   SARAH  M.  CARRIGAN   9-5-1861  to  12-28-1863


*These two on same obelisk

JAMES  STILLMAN  CARRIGAN  11-22-1869  to  7-29-1870 

*S/of  A. N.  &  M. J. Carrigan 

&   NATHAN  REED  CARRIGAN  3-10-1866  to  8-20-1870

*Shares double with James Stillman Carrigan  



ENOCH  HAWKINS  CARROLL 12-16-1840  to  8-16-1850

*S/of  James Carroll(1807 NC to 1863 AR) & Elizabeth Carroll(1808-1891)


EDMUND TATUM (NED)  CARROLL  2-7-1880  to  9-15-1911

*S/of  John Charles Carroll(1839-1912) & Elizabeth Albertine “Lizzie” Tatum Carroll(1859-1941)


JAMES  CARROL  1807-1863  

*Please read inserted note about this man at end of this list,

concerning his burial, which is not in Hopewell.

JAMES CARROLL 12-26-1807 North Carolina to 12-12-1863

Union County, Arkansas. *Wife, Elizabeth Carrol 3-29-1808 to

5-20-1891 CA. * buried in Live Oak Memorial Park Cemetery, Monrovia, Los Angeles Co., CA


JOHN  BURNIE  CARROLL   d:1-15-1877  Age 6 mo-6 dys 

*S/of  John  C.  Carroll, Sr.(1839-1912)  &  Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Albertine Tatum Carroll (1859-1941)


JOHN  CHARLES CARROLL, SR.    8-29-1839  to  9-23-1912  

*Impressive monument-Soldier with gun as if running across top. Stars-stripes above

his head.  No other info other than the name Carroll & the birth / death years. A

newer monument has been installed beneath it with additional info-filled in the blanks..


11-7-1941  *D/of  Edmund Pearce Tatum(1817-1859) & Eliza Jane Tatum(1822-1882)

*Wf/of  John Charles Carroll, Sr. 


CATHERINE  ‘KATIE’  E.  CARROLL  11-22-1876  to  2-17-1906 

*Wife of  F.  L. Carroll 



LINDA  F. PITTS CLEGG (46)   9-10-1958 Altheimer, AR  to  8-28-2004 Pine Bluff, AR

*D/of Ellis Mahan Pitts  & Josphine Pitts          *OB



LONNIE  MASON  LEDBETTER COOK   8-31-1907  to  6-15-1987

*D/of  Jesse Turner Mason(1873-1964)  &  Rachel Ozelia Ann Mason(1879-1970)

*Spouses: *1st husband, Earnest Lavelle Ledbetter (1902-1929)  *2nd husband, Mr. Cook

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"



BILLY  W.  DRUMMOND (66)  11-24-1942  to  1-18-2009  *OB

*S/of  James Jewell & Verna Mason Drummond     *US Air Force-Combat Photographer    

*During his service he did a series of pictures of John F. Kennedy, including the

day before his assassination.

&   MARILYN KAYE NORRELL  DRUMMOND  1-12-1946  (One date)

*Our sons: Kenneth and Kevin


JAMES  CLIFTON  DRUMMOND   8-1-1934  to  7-25-2003 (Mason)

*S/of  James Jewel Drummond (1904-1972)  &  Verna Edna Mason Drummond (1914-1994)

*Md:8/5/1954    *A1C  US Air Force – Korea   

*Our children:  Kathy, Ann,  Kay and Jimmy Drummond  

&  ANNA  PEARL  MILLER  DRUMMOND   8-20-1937  to  12-10-2011*OB

*D/of  Dr. Jacob William  Miller(1891-1971)  & Annie Lee Hargett Miller(1906-2005)


JAMES  JEWELL  DRUMMOND  5-23-1904  to  2-19-1972

*S/of  Aubry Chester Drummond(1880-1945) & Frona Atter Nowlin Drummond(1880-1958)

&  VERNA  EDNA  MASON  DRUMMOND  3-17-1914  to  12-19-1994

*D/of  Jesse Albert Mason(1880-1944) & Abbie L. Powledge Mason (1882-1966)

"Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"



LINDA  FAYE  HEDRICK  DUDNEY  10-6-1952  to  7-2-2002

*D/of  Leroy O. Hedrick(1921-1990) & Naomi Pearl Sterling Hedrick(1927-1994)

*Lewis Funeral Home Inc.   *MM  1949  to  2002


ANN  ELIZABETH  FERRELL   1877  to  1881 

*Marker not found 1999 or 2011.



*All three on same large headstone

EMMA  C.  SLAUGHTER  FIELDER  3-5-1899  to  1-28-1928

*D/of  John Slaughter(1855-1939) & Lucy Lavonia Mason Slaughter(1872-1949)

*1st wife of  James Marbry Fielder    

"Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Light To Heaven"

&   EVA  MAE  BURNS  FIELDER  3-5-1905  to  7-3-1979

*D/of  Wm. Alexander Burns(1871-1955) & Emma Lee Mason Burns(1876-1937)

*2nd wife of  James Marbry Fielder

&   JAMES  MARBRY  FIELDER   1-12-1891LA  to  8-8-1969AR

*S/of James Monroe Fielder(1860-1902) & Leon Emerson Fielder(1869-1961)

*Arkansas PFC  38  Division  WW I   "Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"


ZERA  MAE  FIELDER   9-22-1921   to   4-30-1922  

"From Mother's Arms To The Arms Of Jesus"



JULIOUS  BERNARD  FRITZ    5-9-1908  to  9-11-1908 

(hard to read, illegible)   *Not found in 2011.



ELIJAH  MOSLEY GRAY   2-2-1814 GA  to  5-24-1876 AR

*3rd  Husband-md:1865 Nancy Grace Kelly Sheppard Meek Gray Smith

*See listing for Nancy under “SMITH”      *Not found in 2011



FRANK CRAWFORD GRESHAM    8-13-1896  to  5-5-1900 

*S/of   John P. Gresham(1849-1922) & Sallie A. Pearce Gresham(1856-1929)


‘Little’  J. D.  GRESHAM   3-10-1919  to  1-8-1921

*S/of  John  David Gresham, Sr.(1881-1958)  & Mary Ann Cottrell Gresham(1893-1994)

"Darling we miss thee"


JOHN  P.  GRESHAM   1849   to  1922  "Father"

"Our Precious Darling"

SALLIE  A.  PEARCE  GRESHAM    Dec 1856   to   Jan 1929

*D/of  Lazarus D. Pearce(1826-1913) & Margaret E. Griffin Pearce(1846-1929)  

*Wf/of  John P. Gresham    "God's greatest gift returned to God "my Mother"


JULIA  ELLEN  GRESHAM  12-6-1869  to  4-2-1870 

*D/of  William D. Gresham(1843-1883) &  Lucy Anne Moore Gresham Smith Brown (1850-1938) 


SARAH  M. GRESHAM    2-3-1837  to  8-26-1875  

(Not found in 1999)


WILLIAM GREEN GRESHAM   2-5-1813 GA  to  2-15-1881

*S/of  Wm. Gresham(1789 VA-1864 AL) & Elizabeth Sutherlin Gresham(1790-1818 GA)

"Father"  "Erected to their memory by their Beloved and Devoted Children"

&  AMANDA  E.  NEAL  GRESHAM  11-24-1818 GA  to  2-18-1882 AR

*D/of  David Ferdinand Neal(1794 GA-1825 AL) & Mildred “Milly” White Neal(1798 GA-1843 AR)



WILLIAM  L. GRESHAM   3-26-1879  to  2-21-1903   

*S/of  John  P. Gresham(1849-1922) &  Sallie  A. Pearce  Gresham(1856-1929) 



Mrs.  AMANDA  R.  MORGAN  GRIFFIN    2-25-1844  to  11-14-1899

*Wf/of  Logan Griffin (1821-1898)  Logan is buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery,Union Co.,AR

*Amanda (?? remarried) Logan Griffin in 1877, Union Co., AR


J. H. GRIFFIN   1812  to  1892  (Not found in 1999 or 2011)


ELIZABETH ANDERSON GRIFFIN  11-18-1819  to  6-15-1892 

*Wf/of  T. M. Griffin    (Erected by  J. W.H.  Irby)  

(T.M.) THOMAS M.  GRIFFIN   4-23-1812  to  4-26-1892 

*Parents of 2 children; 1880 Federal Census finds Thomas & Elizabeth living

in the household of their grandson, John Wm. Harris Irby(1856-1934) & his wife,

Cleopatra  “Patra” Beachum(1861-1931)  in a hotel/blacksmith shop, stables they

were operating in Wadesboro, Anson Co., NC.;  J.W. H. Irby decided to move his

family out west for a better life in 1890, taking his grandparents with him.   Two

years after the family arrived in the Spring of 1892, a fever struck.  Thomas Griffin

died first in April 1892 – baby great granddaughter died of the fever June 6th  - with

Elizabeth dying  June 15th.



SABAHN  GRIGAN    9-5-1861  to  12-28-1863 

(Not found in 1999 or 2011)



PRESTON  P.  HALSELL    3-6-1884 NC  to  3-5-1920 AR *WOW 

*S/of Mary Jane Maby Halsell(1847 SC – 1910 AR) & Henry Preston Halsell (1842-1890)

*Preston  md: 1919, in Union Co., AR, Sula Gresham (b: ca 1891)

*Sula remarried for a 2nd time after Preston died to W.M. Emerson, in 1921, Union Co., AR

"Our Darling Was Good.  Gone But Not Forgotten"



MARY  SUSAN  DUMAS  HARRELL  11-26-1892  to  1-19-1919

*D/of Benjamin Moses Dumas(1860-1931) & Alice Ophelia Robinson Dumas(1874-1928)

"She's Safe At Home"



DAVID  W.  HARTSELL    7-22-1962  to  8-25-1985

 *Md:11/6/1982    *Double headstone with only one name.



EUGENIA  J.  SEALE  HAYS  12-11-1824 AL  to  4-5-1855 AR 

 *Wf/of James E. Hays;     *D/of  Darling & Susan Seale  

JAMES  E.  HAYS  1814 GA  to   3-4-1858 

*Age 43 yrs-7 mos-5 days  (stone broken & on ground 1999)



(A.G.) ALEXANDER  G.  HILL   2-17-1842  to  2-16-1887

*S/of  William Hamilton Hill(1810-1886) & Elizabeth Ainsworth Hill(1819-1886)


*Spouses:  *1st  Mary 'Mollie' Brantly (1851-1882)

*2nd wife, Margaret "Mag" Hill (1859-1935)

 "Dear father tho we miss you much we know you rest with God"

&  MARY  "MOLLIE" BRANTLY  HILL   5-21-1851  to  9-21-1882



CYTHIA  G.  MOORE  HILL  12-1-1815  Franklin Co.,TN  ~ departed this life 

3-20-1852   *Consort / wife of  Jesse  Hill   *Md:4/3/1850   Union Co., AR

*D/of Alexander Moore (1787-1856)  &  Lydia Tubbs Moore(1795-1864)

*Aged 36 yrs, 3 mos, and 19 days.   "Why should we mourn departed friends or

shake at deaths alarms .  Tis but the voice that Jesus sends to call us to his arms."


DEWEY  LEE  HILL   Jul 1861 -   d:10-26-1863 

*Age 2 yrs-3 mos-2 dys   (Not found in 1999)


JOHN  CLIFTON  HILL   d: 3-20-1856  

*S/of  William Hamilton Hill(1810-1886) & Elizabeth Ainsworth Hill(1819-1886)

(Illegible- stone on ground in 1999)


LOUIS  HILL  3-3-1869  to  3-12-1902

*S/of  Alexander G. Hill(1842-1887) & Mary 'Mollie' Brantly Hill(1851-1882) 

"Having finished life's duty.  He ?___  sweet rest."


(W.H.) WILLIAM  HAMILTON  HILL   3-10-1810 SC  to  2-28-1886 AR


&  ELIZABETH  AINSWORTH  HILL   7-3-1819 MS   to  3-7-1886 AR

*Wife of  William Hamilton  Hill



JOHN  L.  HOPKINS(73)   11-17-1938   to  5-25-2012

*b: Fannin Co., TX  &  d: Fordyce, Dallas Co., AR   *Air Force Vietnam Veteran

*S/of  John “J.W.” “Dub” Hopkins(1919-2008) & Nancy Josephine McKeny-Hopkins(1921-2006)

*Wife, Sarah Jane Mason Hopkins of Fordyce, AR.

SARAH  JANE  MASON  HOPKINS (67) 9-16-1946  to  4-12-2014  *OB

*D/of  William  E. Mason (1902-1966)  &  Eliza Belle Douglas Mason (1921-1998)



Infant  HUBBARD  10-23-1926  to  11-12-1926 

*S/of  Guy Hubbard(1897-1942)  &  Sallie Ivie Taylor Hubbard(1908-1981)


SALLIE  IVIE  TAYLOR  HUBBARD   6-20-1908  to  12-11-1981

*D/of  James Alexander Taylor (1875-1959) & Sallie Bernice Britt Taylor(1875-1976)

*Wife of  Guy Hubbard (1897 MS -1942 TX) *buried Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery, El Dorado

"Tender Mother and A Faithful Friend"



 (T. S.)  TUBAL  S.  HUDSON   1-7-1814  to  2-5-1899

*S/of  Charles Owen Hudson (1786 VA-1865 AL) & Polly Ragsdale Hudson

*Stone is becoming hard to read.(2011)

ELIZABETH REBECCA “BETSY” GOODE HUDSON  3-4-1818  to  2-25-1898 

* “Aunt Betsy”   b: TN    *Wf/of  Tubal  S. Hudson 


FRANK  HUDSON   1-15-1881  to  1-13-1902 

*S/of  Rev.  J.W. &  Mary M. Hudson   "Gone to a better land"


REV.  JOHN  W.  HUDSON   7-22-1857  to  3-15-1916

*S/of  Charles W. Hudson(1824 AL-1880 AR) &  Harriet C. Brock Hudson(1833 AL-aft. 1910 AR)

&   MARY  M.  HUDSON   11-10-1850  to  8-30-1911 

"They Are Gone From Earth But Not Forgotten"



DONALD  EUGENE  IRBY   5-24-1935  to  5-10-1943

*S/of  Walter William Irby(1883-1963)  & Geneva Dell Owens Irby(Emerson)(1891-1971)    

&  WALLACE  WELDON  IRBY   3-21-1932  to  11-17-1934 

*S/of  Walter William Irby(1883-1963)  & Geneva Dell Owens Irby(Emerson)(1891-1971)


EARL JACKSON “SONNY” IRBY(52)  6-14-1960 LA  to  5-15-2013AR  *OB

*S/of  Clara Irby Welch  *Wife, Sheila Cowsar Irby


(J.W.H.) JOHN WM. HARRIS “BILL” IRBY  1-30-1856 NC  to  5-27-1934 AR  

*1st born S/of  James Hogan Irby  &  Mahalia Ann Griffin Irby-(md:9/26/1854)

*”Bill” md: Cleopatra Beachum  1/2/1879 NC

&  CLEOPATRA “PATRA” BEACHUM IRBY  10-5-1861  to  5-14-1931 

*D/of Jeremiah Washington Beachum(1830-1910) & Mary Jane Taylor Beachum(1861-1931)

*Cleopatra was the 3rd  daughter and the 5th of  14 children.


MAMIE JANE  IRBY   12-15-1890  to  6-5-1892 

*D/of  J. W. H. “Bill” Irby (1856-1934)  &  Cleopatra Patra Beachum Irby(1861-1931)


WALLACE  WELDON  IRBY  3-21-1932  to  11-17-1934

*S/of  Walter William Irby(1883-1963)  & Geneva Dell Owens Irby(Emerson)(1891-1971)


(W.W.) WALTER WILLIAM  IRBY   2-10-1883  to  5-12-1963

*S/of  John William Harris Irby (1856-1934) & Cleopatra Beachum Irby(1861-1931)

"His Memory Is Blessed"


WILLIAM  DORRACE  IRBY   8-31-1914  to  4-17-1969

*S/of  Walter William Irby(1883-1963)  & Geneva Dell Owens Irby(Emerson)(1891-1971)



WILLIAM  L. "BILLY" JACKSON  2-24-1973  to  10-16-1995 



HERBERT  ALLEN  JENNINGS   11-17-1935  to  11-13-2004

*S/of Hubert Cyrus Jennings(1907-1961) & Edna Mary Brown Jennings(1914-2003)

*Md:7/20/1956     *Our children: Terri, Sheila and James

*Resided in Waskom, Texas. Died in Willis Knighton Hospital Shreveport, LA

&  LILLIE FAYE  DRUMMOND  JENNINGS  6-18-1937  (One date)



DAVID  WALKER  JOHNSON   6-15-1906  to  6-27-1987 

*S/of  John Webster Johnson(1854-1913) & Nancy Elizabeth Wallingsford Johnson(1876-1958)

*U.S. Army  WW II



T.  HIRAM  KELLY   Mar 1855    d: 9-27-1867   *Age 11 yrs-6 mo-8 days 

*S/of  J. S.  &  E. H. Kelly  (calculated birth date  3-19-1856)



ARTHUR  KENNEDY   11-21-1891  to  3-22-1914   

*S/of  John William Kennedy (1860-1915) & Mary  Catherine Lash  Kennedy (1875-1933)     

*Aged 22 yrs, 4 mos, 1 day

"No pain no grief, no anxious fears  Can reach our loved one sleeping here."


EDWARD  DEAN  KENNEDY  1932   to  1939  

&  LOIS  FAYE  KENNEDY   1915  to  1939 

*Wife and son of  J. F. Kennedy   *These two share a doubleheadstone.


Infant  KENNEDY   6-10-1910  to  6-15-1910

*D/of  J. L. & Lillie  Kennedy  (Not found in 1999 or 2011)


(J.W.) JOHN WILLIAM  KENNEDY   3-24-1860 KY  to  4-14-1915 AR

"Our Father has gone to a mansion of rest, To the glorious land by the Deity blest."

MARY  CATHERINE  LASH  KENNEDY   5-14-1875 IN  to  7-27-1933

*Wf/of  John Williamd Kennedy    "Every Joy To Us Is Gone Since Mother Is Not Here."


LUCIAN  KENNEDY    b & d  6-15-1910    

*S/of  J. L.  &  Lillie  Kennedy


MARY  ELIZABETH  KENNEDY  7-29-1920  to  11-6-1921

"Of  Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"



RICHARD  LANKFORD  12-8-1899  to 10-15-1918   

*Arkansas  Pvt  31 CO 162  Depot Brigade  World War I



EARNEST  LAVELLE  LEDBETTER   3-6-1902  to  2-28-1929"Rock of Ages" 

*S/of  James Stacy Ledbetter (1848-1904) &  Sarah Louvenia Peace Ledbetter (1861-1927)

LONNIE  MASON  LEDBETTER (COOK)   8-31-1907  to  6-15-1987

*D/of Jesse Turner Mason (1873-1964) & Rachel Ozelia Ann Mason(1879-1970)



SAMUEL  WILLIAM  LIGGIN (50) 3-14-1955 AR  to  11-8-2005 NC  *OB

*S/of  Escar Samuel (Bo) Liggin(1923-1955)  & Syble Taylor Liggin Barker   

*Syble Taylor Liggin Barker was alive, living in El Dorado in 2005  (MM- Bailey Mortuary)



EMMITT  DEWEY  LOFTIN   8-18-1899  to  8-29-1973

*S/of  Hammet Wesley Lofton (1861-1900)  & Minnie Frances Garner Lofton Pyle(1864-1947)

*Md:6/19/1919  "Thy Memory Shall

&  MARY  ELLEN  KENNEDY LOFTIN   9-9-1896 AR  to  12-21-1986 LA 


GEORGE  WILLIAM  LOFTON   5-24-1920  to  1-20-1923  "At Rest"

*S/of  Emmitt Dewey Loftin(1899-1973) & Mary Ellen Kennedy Lofton(1896-1986)  


ISABELLE  LOFTON   3-16-1926  to  1-20-1929   "At Rest"

*D/of  Emmitt Dewey Loftin(1899-1973) & Mary Ellen Kennedy Lofton(1896-1986)  



LOUISA  “LOUEZER”  LOVINGS  12-25-1838 MS  to  Feb 1893 AR

*Age 55 yrs 49 dys.  *African American slave buried about 60-75 ft. outside the fenced

in area of the cemetery; on the south side .  Only slave grave that still has a marker.

See end of this list for more details & photos.



JUANITA  WILSON  LUCAS   12-2-1924  to  6-19-1968

*D/of  William Henry Wilson(1878-1943)  &  Emma Worthington Wilson(1886-1973)

"Always In Our Hearts"



CHESTER  A. "GUMP"  MARION   3-31-1907  to  2-1-1989

*Spouses:  *1st md: Mattie Mae Harris Marion Slaughter(1909-1995)

*Md: 2nd  Winnie M. Owens(1919-2014) ~ shares a double headstone with Chester

&  WINNIE  M.  OWENS  MARION (95)  4-12-1919  to  4-19-2014*OB

*D/of  Milton Taylor Owens(1888-1944)  & Lizzie Mae Powledge Owens(1890-1955)



AL  MARTIN     7-9-1921  to  1-10-1974    

&  OBIE  LOU  OWENS  MARTIN   1-24-1932  (One date) 

*D/of  Jesse Green Owens(1897-1963) &  Clyde Graves Owens(1901-1989)

"To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"



ARTHUR  MASON   12-16-1885  to  5-27-1886


BENJAMIN  F.  MASON  1-6-1896  to  9-28-1973 

*S/of  Perry Franklin Mason (1870-1966) & Lucy McCullar Mason(1877-1904)

&  TRUDIE  HAYES  MASON  3-15-1901  to  1-23-1931

*D/of  Robert Enoch Hayes(1874-1964) & Martha Anglin Hayes(1877-1930)

"We Will Meet Again"


CHARLES  DALE  MASON  8-28-1930  to  9-26-1952 N. Korea

*S/of  Loy Fred Mason (1906-1970) & Lorene Owens Mason (1911-1981)

*Company B, 1st Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division  *Killed in Action.

*Picture in uniform on tombstone.  "We will meet again"


CHARLES  S.  MASON   1-4-1935  to  2-13-1935 

*S/of  Jesse Lucious Mason (1904-1950) & Lutie Lofton Mason (1907-1998)


GEORGE  WARNER  MASON   3-17-1903  to  10-9-1966

*S/of  Jesse Turner Mason (1873-1964) & Rachel Ozelia Ann Mason(1879-1970) 


&  GLADYS IDELL  LOFTON  MASON  10-20-1910AR  to  2-11-2002 LA

*D/of  George Eugene Loftin(1865-1942) & Susan Rebecca Roberson Loftin (1874-1943)


HARVIE  MASON   7-2-1897  to  3-4-1914 

*S/of  Perry Franklin Mason(1870-1966) & Lucy McCullar Mason(1877-1904)    


Infant  MASON    1-10-1904  to  1-25-1904   *Infant of  Perry F. Mason

Infant  MASON   3-12-1899  to  3-19-1899   *Child of  Perry  F. Mason


JESSE  A.  MASON   3-15-1781   *Age 63 yrs-4 mos-19 dys 

(Calculated death date  7 or 8-3-1844)


JESSIE  ALBERT MASON   8-26-1880  to  3-15-1944

*S/of  Alfred M. Mason(1840 AL-1882 AR) & Harriet Ann Cottrell Mason(1848-1917)

*Spouses:  *Md:3/5/1903  *1st wife,  MAZELLE  E. "MAUDIE"  NEW(1882-1912)

*Md:  2nd wife, in 1918, Union Co., AR  ABBIE  L.  POWLEDGE(1882-1966)


8-9-1912  *1st  wife of Jesse Albert Mason

*D/of  Council Bryant New(1850-1912) & Frances Elizabeth Dumas New(1851-1912)


JESSE  LUCIOUS MASON   11-22-1904  to  10-20-1950

*S/of  Jesse Turner Mason (1873-1964) & Rachel Ozelia Ann Mason(1879-1970)    

&  LUTIE “LUDIE” LOFTON  MASON   8-30-1907  to  4-7-1998

*D/of  George Eugene Loftin(1865-1942) & Susan Rebecca Roberson Loftin(1874-1943)  

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"   *Md:1931


JESSE  TURNER  MASON   2-22-1873  to  8-1-1964

*S/of  Robert John Mason(1838-1894) & Mary Elizabeth Mason(1842-1890)


12-3-1970    *2nd  Husband, Bailey Stevens       "Gone But Not Forgotten"

*D/of John M. Clifton(1837-1906 ) &  Louisa Slaughter Clifton Stevens (1854-1940)


JOHN  WALKER  MASON   4-11-1888  to  2-29-1952

*S/of  William Eli Mason(1860-1947) &  Fannie Ellen Scroggins Mason(1866-1955)

*H/of  Mary Elizabeth Darden

MARY ELIZABETH DARDEN MASON  12-16-1892  to  7-8-1925

*Wf/of  John Walker Mason      "Gone But Not Forgotten"


JUEY  ALBERT  MASON   1-14-1923  to  4-17-2001

*S/of  Benjamin Franklyn Mason (1896-1973) &  Trudie Hayes Mason(1901-1931)

"May He Rest In Peace"


LILLIE  ROBERSON  NEW  MASON  1891  to  1914

*Lillie md: 1909 Union Co., AR  Lazarus Pearce New

&  LAZARUS  PEARCE "WETOMPKIE"  NEW   1884   to   1912 

*Also listed under  Lazarus New


LOY  FRED  MASON    4-16-1906  to  10-24-1970

*S/of  Ben Levi Mason(1883-1969) & Nellie Jane Bishop Mason(1887-1968) 

*Md:1929, Union Co., AR

&  LORENE  OWENS  MASON   10-26-1911  to  5-27-1981

*D/of  John Wiley Owens(1885-1972) & Mary Etta Ledbetter Owens(1890-1965)


MARY  ELIZABETH  MASON   11-29-1842  to  11-28-1890 

*Wf/of  John Mason  (Her maiden name was also ??Mason)  *Md:12/15/1859

 (John age 24 – Mary  E. Mason age 17)


MARY  F.  MASON   died 1920  (Not found in 1999)


PERRY  FRANKLIN  MASON  4-15-1870  to  1-13-1966 

*S/of  Robert John Mason(1838-1894) & Mary Elizabeth Mason(1842-1890)

*Spouses: *1st  Lucy McCullar(1877-1904)   *2nd  Eula Owens(1883-1973)

&  EULA  OWENS  MASON  11-2-1883  to  8-16-1973 

*2nd wife of  Perry Franklin Mason   *Md:2/27/1916  Eula Owens

*D/of  John Wilson Taylor Owens(1847-1928) & Cornelia Isabel Roberson(1862-1955)

 "Gone But Not Forgotten"

LUCY  McCULLAR  MASON  11-5-1877 to 1-20-1904     

*1st wife of  Perry Franklin Mason (1870-1966)  *Md:3/10/1895


PERRY  WADE  MASON   1-22-1921  to  3-9-1950

*S/of  Perry Franklin Mason(1870-1966) & Eula Owens Mason(1883-1973) 

"Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding  Star To Heaven"


PETTY  MAE  MASON   12-15-1910  to  1-15-1911 


ROBERT  JOHN  MASON   11-5-1838 AL  to  5-1-1894 AR

*S/of James William Mason(1810 SC -1867 AR) & Elizabeth Mason(ca 1818 SC-died AR)

MARY  ELIZABETH  MASON  11-29-1842 AL  to  11-28-1890 AR

*Wf/ of  Robert John Mason


WALTER  MASON  12-17-1884  to  1-10-1885  

(Not found in 1999 or 2011)


WILLIAM  ELI  MASON   1860  to  2-18-1947   *ARDI 

*S/of  Robert John Mason(1838-1894) & Mary Elizabeth Mason(1842-1890)


&  FANNIE  ELLEN  SCROGGINS  MASON   May 1866  to  1955

*D/of  Sylvanus W. Scroggins(1827 GA-1880 AR) & Eliza Jane Tatum(1822 AL-1882 AR)


WILLIAM  E.  MASON  3-11-1902  to  11-22-1966

*Perry Franklin Mason(1870-1966) & Lucy McCullar Mason(1877-1904)   

*Md:11/3/1945   *Arkansas  CPL  Medical Department  WW II

&  ELIZA  BELLE  DOUGLAS  MASON  6-1-1921  to  2-17-1998

*Wf/of  William E. Mason (1902-1966)


WILLIAM   N.  MASON  "BUDDY"  1906   to  1924 

*S/of Jesse Albert Mason(1880-1944) & Mazelle Elizabeth New Mason(1882-1912)

"His Memory Is Blessed"



Elder  DANIEL ENOCH  McGRAW   3-17-1826 SC  to  2-26-1901AR (Mason)

"Here Lies the Body of Elder Daniel E. McGraw"

NANCY EMMALINE LOUDERMILK McGRAW 12-25-1831  to  5-23-1910

*D/of Elliott Lowdermilk(1795-1870) & Jane Jennie Johnson Lowdermilk(1804-1863)

*Wf/of  Rev. Daniel Enoch McGraw  "Awaiting the Second coming of the Lord"


ETHEL MAY McGRAW  3-14-1899  to  9-24-1899   

*D/of  Elliott  L. McGraw (1858-1937) &  Sallie  J. McGraw (1870-1940)


SAMUEL  ENOCH  McGRAW  2-5-1890  to  5-21-1900  (Drowned)  

*S/of  Elliott  L. McGraw (1858-1937) &  Sallie  J. McGraw (1870-1940)



DR.  DUNCAN  McKELLAR   2-10-1811 Cumberland Co., NC 

to  2-3-1851 Union Co.,AR   *Md:Jane Moore (b:1/9/1820 Perry Co., AL  & 

9/27/1890 Brazil South America

 "Sacred to the Memory of"   "An honest man is the noblest  ?__soul?  of God."



MARY  JANE  MOORE  MEEK   5-18-1839 AL  to  7-8-1864 AR

*D/of  William G. Moore(1814-1864) & Susan F. Brown Moore (1817-1869)

*Md: 12/24/1857, Union County, AR ~  James  Stanhope  Meek   


WILLIAM  S.  MEEK   9-2-1858  to  7-13-1864  

*S/of  James Wise  Meek (1861-1952) & Mary Jane Moore Meek (1839-1864)

*2011-tombstone broken. Pretty much illegible.



MARTHA  FRANCES  MILLER   8-29-1848  to 10-27-1852  

*Age 4 yrs-1 mo-28dys   *D/of  John  B. &  Laura C. Miller 



ALEXANDER  MOORE   9-8-1787 SC to  9-25-1856 AR

&   LYDIA TUBBS  MOORE   4-9-1795 SC to  7-9-1864 AR

*D/of  George Tubb(1775-1835)  &  Elizabeth Jane Floyd Tubb(1775-1851)

"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"


(A. J.) AARON  JOHN  MOORE  10-2-1824 Perry Co, AL   to  8-27-1902 

*S/of Alexander Moore(1787-1856) & Lydia Tubbs Moore(1795-1864) (Mason) 

*Spouses: *1st md:5/20/1849 Union County, Arkansas  Susan Sarah Kelley Reed Moore(1817-1873)

* 2nd md: ca 1874  Sallie  V.  Alderson (1847-1905)   * "Papa is at rest with Jesus"   

(#1)  SUSAN SARAH KELLY REED  MOORE  6-29-1817 TN  to  7-15-1873 AR

 *D/of  Sims Kelly (1774-1860) & Mary Camp Kelly (1778-1864)  *See 2nd listing under Reed

*Spouses:  *1st md: 8/13/1840 Calhoun Co., AL to Nathan Walter Reed (1807-1846)

*2nd  md: 5/20/1848  Union Co., AR   Aaron John Moore  (1824-1902)

*Children of Aaron J. Moore & Susan Sarah Kelly Reed Moore:

* Lucy Anne Moore (6/11/1850 to 7/17/1938);  William Karey Moore(2/4/1852-to 2/9/1919;  

Sarah Jane Moore (b: 12/16/1854); Julia Sims Moore(4/2/1858 to 6/22/1940)

(#2)  SALLIE  V. ALDERSON  MOORE  5-19-1847  to  10-29-1905

*D/of  Bathurst Chinn Alderson(1812-1892) &  Sarah Jane Van Hook Alderson(1820-1860)

*2nd  Wf/of   Aaron John Moore(1824-1902)  *Md: ca 1873-1875

*Mother of: (1) John Whitaker Moore (1876-1936)

(2)Emma Robert Moore Justiss(4/17/1877-10/12/1952)

(2) Morgan Alderson Moore(1881-1927) *Md-1908 Frances Leona Crawford

(3) Jennie Miller Moore Hudson  (1885-1983)

(4)Eagle Moore(1889-1889) 

*Sallie's tombstone has sunk into the ground, covering the death date (2011)


JOHN  "WHIT"  MOORE   9-12-1908  to  8-17-1955 

*S/of  John Whitaker Moore(1876-1936) & Mattie Lavonia Cottrell Moore(1888-1920)

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"    *Amercian  Legion 

*John md: his father John Whitaker Moore, Sr.'s  2nd wife (John's stepmother) Lottie Viola   

LOTTIE  VIOLA HAMBRICK MOORE   6-13-1898  to  7-2-1962

*D/of  Jefferson Davis Hambrick(1861-1914) & Mary Elizabeth Braswell Hambrick(1868-1929)

Spouses: *1st  John Whitaker Moore(1876-1936)  *2nd John “Whit” Moore (1908-1955)

*Lottie appears to have been married first  to her father-in-law, John Whitaker Moore.

After his death she married her step-son, John "Whit" Moore

"She was the sunshine of our home"


JOHN  WHITAKER  MOORE, SR.   6-29-1876  to  3-8-1936 

*S/of  Aaron John Moore(1824-1902) & Sally Alderson Moore(1817-1873)

*Spouses: *1st  Mattie Lavonia Cottrell(1888-1920) *John(28) Md:Mattie(18) 11/30/1905

*2nd  Lottie Viola Hambrick Moore(1898-1862) (Md:Step-son John (Whit) Moore as 2nd husband)

*John (J.W.)(44), Md: Miss Lottie Hambrick(23) 11/21/1921 Union Co., AR

"He gave up the Cross in exchange for a Crown."

&   MATTIE  LAVONIA COTTRELL  MOORE   6-11-1888  to  3-18-1920

*D/of  Jesse James Cottrell(1861-1911) &  Minerva Luvenia Clifton Cottrell (1862-1943)

*Wf/of  John W. Moore    "She was a tender mother, and a faithful wife."


RICHARD  ANDREW JACKSON  MOORE  6-10-1831  to  2-26-1897

(A.J.)  *S/of  Alexander Moore(1787-1856) & Lydia Tubbs Moore(1795-1864)

*Md:2/15/1854 Union Co., AR      (Mason)  

&  SARAH  MAE  GRESHAM   MOORE   2-3-1837 AL  to  8-26-1875 AR

*D/of  William G. Gresham (1813 GA-1881 AR)

(Eastern Star)  "They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"


*Special tid-bits about some of the children of Richard A.J. Moore & Sarah M. Gresham Moore

These children/ descendants below,  ARE NOT buried in Hopewell Cemetery.

*Included on this survey for the interest of this Moore family researchers.


LYDIA  AMANDA  MOORE  SHEPPARD (4-1-1865  to  4-21-1950)

*Dawes Packet  as 1/16th MS Choctaw Indian. Claims thru father.

*Wf/of  James Meek Sheppard (1865-1950) *Buried Woodlawn Cemetery, El Dorado, AR

*D/of  Richard Andrew Jackson Moore(1831-1897) & Sarah Mae Gresham Moore(1837-1875)


RICHARD  PRICE  MOORE:  6/18/1862 Three Creeks, Union Co., AR  to

10/13/1931 Monroe, Ouachita Co., LA >

*Dawes Enrollment MCR5925 ~ June 1902 ~ MS Choctaw: 

*Wife, Ada Lucille MatkinsMoore:  9/9/1898 AR  to  2/15/1972 LA

*D/of  Percy S. Matkins & Emma L. Matkins(1869-1931).

*Buried Riverview Cemetery, Monroe, Ouachita Parish, LA.

RICHARD P.  MOORE age 40 blood 1/16, Post Office, Monroe, LA.

*Claims thru father, for self only.

Father: Richard Andrew Jackson Moore (1831-1897)

Mother: Sarah Mae Gresham Moore(1837-1875) 


*Other children of Joel P. Robinson (1857-1901) &

*2nd wife, Susan Ida Moore Robinson (1-31-1855 to 1-11-1901)  >>>

*Susan Ida Moore *D/ of  Richard Andrew Jackson Moore(1831-1897) 

& Sarah Mae Gresham Moore(1837-1875)

MARY 1889 > JOSIE 1892 >  ROBERT HILTON 1894 :

These children are on the Dawe's Enrollment as Mississippi Choctaw Indians.

In 1902, they were being raised by their Aunt Lydia Moore & Uncle James  Sheppard.



ROBERT  LEE  MOORE  (1870-1963)

*S/of  Sarah Mae Gresham Moore(1837-1875) & Richard Andrew Jackson Moore(1831-1897)

Dawes Packet  as  1/16th  MS  Choctaw Indian.  MCR5922   Claims thru father.


RUBY  MARIE  MOORE   11-21-1926  to  11-22-1926   

*Infant D/of  John Whitaker Moore(1876-1936)  &  Lottie Viola Hambrick Moore(1898-1962)  

"Sleep on sweet babies and take thy rest,  God called thee home.  He thought it best."

&  Infant  MOORE   11-16-1925   to  11-16-1925 

*S/of  John "Whit"  Moore  &  Lottie  Viola Moore 



*D/ of  Richard Andrew Jackson Moore(1831-1897)  & Sarah Mae Gresham Moore(1837-1875)

“Too Pure for Earth, She Plumed Her Wings for Heaven”

*No additional info on this child.



to  7-15-1873  Union County, AR 

*(1st)  Md:8/13/1840  Calhoun Co., AL   *Nathan Walter Reed (1807-1846)

*(2nd)  Md: 5/20/1849  Union County, AR   *Aaron John Moore(1814-1902)

*Mother of  Lucy Anne Moore (6/11/1850 to 7/17/1938);  William Karey Moore(2/4/1852

to 2/9/1919; Sarah Jane Moore (b: 12/16/1854); Julia Sims Moore(4/2/1858 to 6/22/1940)


Dr.  WILLIAM ALEXANDER  MOORE  12/11/1857 Three Creeks, Union Co., AR.

 to 12/15/1924 AR   Buried at Roselawn Cemetery, Union Co., AR  > 

*Wife, Daisy May Graham Moore(1875-1954).  D/ of Benjamin F. Graham(1851-1897) & 

Bernice W. Morgan(1853-1883) buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, El Dorado,  AR.

Dawes Enrollment Packet  MCR5906 ~ June 28, 1902 ~ MS Choctaw:

WILLIAM  A.  MOORE  age 44 blood 1/16 Post Office: Junction, AR

Father: Richard Andrew Jackson Moore (1831-1897)

Mother: Sarah Mae Gresham Moore(1837-1875)  

Claims thru father, wife Lillie P. Moore, living. 

No claims for wife, claim for self only.


WILLIAM  G.  MOORE    3-27-1814 TN  to  6-10-1864 AR

*S/of Alexander Moore(1787-1856)  &  Lydia Tubbs Moore (1795-1864)

*Md: 10/27/1837  Perry Co., AL

SUSAN  F.  BROWN  MOORE   8-9-1817 AL  to  4-20-1869 AR


WILLIAM  J.  MOORE   8-16-1847  to  6-19-1855  *Age 5 yrs-10 mos-5 dys  

*2nd   S/of  George Washington Moore(1818-1895)  &  Frances Jane Reed Moore (1821-1890) 


WILLIAM  MOORE    1868  to  1872   (not found in 1999)



SOPHRONIA  N.  MORGAN  d:9-22-1877  *Age 15yr-10 mos-16 dys 

*D/of  H.H. & A. R. Morgan



MARCILLE  MASON  MOSS   2-29-1932  (One date)

"At Rest With God"



MARY  JEAN/JANE  MURRAY    (No dates- funeral home marker)



(C. B.) COUNCIL  BRYANT  NEW   11-3-1850  to  12-30-1912

*S/of Council Bryant New, Sr.  &  Elizabeth Piercie Sammons New (1813-1895)

&  Mrs.( F. E.) FRANCES  ELIZABETH  DUMAS NEW  8-18-1851GA  to

6-12-1912   *D/of Moses Washington Dumas(1830 GA  - 1908 TX)*buried Hillsdale Cem., TX

*Wf/of  Council Bryant New, Sr. (Council buried at Wesson Cemetery)


ELIZABETH  PIERCIE  SAMMONS  NEW   5-13-1813 VA  to  11-6-1895

 *D/of Allen Sammons & Sallie Long Sammons. 

*Md: 5/1/1830 ~ Council Bryant New, Sr. In Hardeman Co., TN


(J. E.) JOEL  ELIJAH  NEW   1-11-1890  to  11-25-1912

*S/of  Council Bryant New, Jr. (1850-1912) &  Frances Elizabeth Dumas(1851-1912)


LAZARUS  PIERCE  "WETOMPKIE"  NEW  1884  to  1912 

*S/of  Council Bryant New, Jr. (1850-1912) & Frances Elizabeth Dumas(1851-1912)

*Md: 1909, Union Co., AR  Lillie Roberson

&   LILLIE  ROBERSON  NEW (MASON)  1891  to  1914 

*See Lillie Mason 


LETTY  P.  NEW  10-18-1846 TN  to  12-27-1898 

*D/of Council Bryant New, Sr.  &  Elizabeth Piercie Sammons New(1813-1895)


WILLIAM  SHEP  NEW  1-25-1877 LA  to  1-3-1912  

*S/of  Council Bryant New(1850-1912) & Frances Elizabeth Dumas New(1851-1912)

*1st  H/of Eugenia Pearl Scarborough Griffin(1888 to 1950)  "Rest In Peace"



I.  F.  NORAH    1-27-1854  to  3-4-1888  *Broken stone

*Wf/of  William Bo ??  



THOMAS  OWEN   11-19-1809 SC  to  9-15-1876  AR 

(1999 stone broken –lying on ground) *2011-stone still lying flat on ground. 

Grass has partially growed over the top.  The death date may be the 24th or 15th.

NANCY  WELDON  OWEN   10-18-1822 GA   to  6-27-1895 AR 

*Wf/of  Thomas Owen    *Md: Thomas Owen  11/29/1840   Pike Co., GA



ARTHUR  S.  OWENS  12-2-1901  to  2-24-1981

*S/of John Wilson Taylor Owens(1847-1928) & Cornelia Isabel Roberson Owens(1862-1955)

&  BERTHA  MAE  MILLS  OWENS    5-22-1908  to  7-8-1980

*D/of  Joseph Wheeler Mills(1868-1965) & Fronnie Priscilla Helms Mills(1870-1935)


Baby  CARROL (OWENS)  4-13-1941  

*Speculation that this is an "Owens" babe; marker between Owens

& Slaughter's.  Tombstone says  'Baby Carrol'

Baby  SHIRLEY (OWENS)  8-10-1938    

*Speculation that this is an "Owens" babe; marker between Owens

& Slaughter's.  Tombstone says  'Baby Shirley'


CAROLINE  “CALLIE”  E.  OWENS  2-15-1880  to  3-14-1963

*D/of  John Wilson Taylor Owens(1847-1928) & Cornelia Isabel Roberson Owens(1862-1955)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


CARL  AUBRY  OWENS  11-24-1927  to  11-18-1932 

*S/of  Milton Taylor Owens(1888-1944)  &  Lizzie Mae Powledge Owens(1890-1955)


CARNELL  L.  CULLINS OWENS  8-21-1925  to  1-1-1958

*D/of  George Wilson Cullins(1887-1960) & Lena Elizabeth Foster Cullins(1893-1940) 

"Tender Mother and A Faithful Friend"


Rev.  CECIL MARTEL OWENS (86) 8-25-1921  to  9-7-2007  (Minister)  

*S/of John Wiley Owens(1885-1972)  & Mary Etta Ledbetter Owens(1890-1965)

* M SGT  US Army WW II   Doctorate of Ministry

 *Md:12/23/1949    Yvonne Taylor , Columbia Co., AR  

&  YVONNE TAYLOR OWENS   10-19-1930  (One date) 


C.  RAY  OWENS   4-2-1917  to  2-11-2009  *H/of Patsy  *OB     

*S/of  John Wiley Owens (1885-1972)  & Mary Etta Ledbetter Owens(1890-1965)

* PFC  #733 Engineers  U.S. Army-WW II                          


ERIC  W.  OWENS   11-23-1913  to  1-22-1995  

*S/of  Milton Taylor Owens(1888-1944)  &  Lizzie Mae Powledge Owens(1890-1955)

*Md: 9/29/1934

&   FERN  FIELDER OWENS  2-23-1918  to  5-7-1990

*D/of  Olin Fielder(1893-1927) & Loamie Elizabeth Edwards Fielder(1892-1962)


FERRELL  PARKS  "SHORTY"  OWENS  3-1-1919  to  4-5-2000

*S/of John Wiley Owens(1885-1972) & Mary Etta Ledbetter Owens(1890-1965)

*Md: 8/22/1962  *U.S. Army WW II    "We Will Meet Again"

&   M.  NADINE  OWEN  OWENS   11-2-1942   to  11-5-2005     


FRED  M. OWENS (97)  4-11-1911  to  11-22-2008 *OB

*S/of  Milton Taylor Owens(1888-1944)  &  Lizzie Mae Powledge Owens(1890-1955)

*Wf/of  73 yrs, Lillian DeLoach Owens

*Brother to late Eric W. Owens, James A. Owens, John L. Owens & Aubrey Owens.

LILLIAN  DeLOACH  OWENS(97)  11-11-1916  to  12-8-2013  *OB

*D/of  Olling  L. DeLoach (1896-1937)  &  Effie Mills DeLoach(1900-1968)

*Sister to the late Ollie DeLoach and Lucy Campbell


HARVEY  B.  OWENS (PAPAW)  2-16-1934 (One date) 

*Md:8/29/1958  "They Gave Their Today For Our Tommorrow"

&  DOROTHY  B.  OWENS  (MAMAW)  3-7-1934  (One date) 


Infant  OWENS   12-13-1935  to  12-28-1935 "Only Sleeping"   

*D/of   Jesse Green Owens(1897-1963)  &  Clyde  Graves Owens (1901-1989)   


JAMES  ALTON  OWENS (79)  2-5-1926  to  9-6-2005 *OB  

*S/of  Milton Taylor Owens(1888-1944)  &  Lizzie Mae Powledge Owens(1890-1955)

*Husband of Carole Clay Owens. 

&  CAROLE  CLAY  OWENS   11-27-1941   (One date) 

"They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"


JESSE  GREEN OWENS    3-13-1897  to  5-5-1963

*S/of John Wilson Taylor Owens(1847-1928) & Cornelia Isabel Roberson(1862-1955

 *Arkansas  PVT  CO  E  2  GP  REPL  TNG  CEN  WW I 

&  CLYDE  GRAVES  OWENS  1-26-1901  to  2-5-1989

*D/of  Ross Eugene Graves(1864-1913) & Frances Moss Graves (1871-1960)

"In God's Care"


JOHN  LEE   OWENS   4-5-1923   to  3-21-2000

*S/of  Milton Taylor Owens(1888-1944)  &  Lizzie Mae Powledge Owens(1890-1955)

&   ETTA  CLAUDINE  OWEN  OWENS  8-11-1927  (One date)

*D/of  John Edgar Owen(1884-1983)  &  Alcie Jane Hanry Owen(1894-1977)


JOHN  WILSON TAYLOR  OWENS    6-29-1847  to  8-12-1928   

*S/of  Wiley W. Owens(1819-1860) & Mary Sockwell Owens(1820-1890)

&   CORNELIA ISABEL ROBERSON  OWENS   10-19-1862  to  8-10-1955

*D/of  John Christopher Roberson(1838-1907) & Caroline E. Milner Roberson(1843-1920)

"In Loving Memory"


JOHN  WILEY  OWENS  12-3-1885 LA  to  2-7-1972 AR   "John" 

*John Wilson Taylor Owens(1847-1928) & Cornelia Isabel Roberson Owens(1862-1955)

&   MARY ETTA  LEDBETTER OWENS  8-4-1890   to   4-29-1965 

*D/of  James Stacy Ledbetter(1848-1904) & Sarah Louvenia Peace Owens(1861-1927)

"Prepare to meet me in Heaven"


JUDY  HILL OWENS(73)  6-1-1940  to  3-7-2014 *OB

*D/of Marie Cagle Hill (b:1920) &  Dennis Barlow Hill, Jr. (1918-2007)

*Marie & Dennis Md:6/20/1936     *Judy Hill was the Wf/of  Don Owens for 31 yrs.


LOUISE  OWENS    1930  to  1932

*D/of  Arthur S. Owens(1901-1981)  &  Bertha Mae Mills Owens(1908-1980)


LUTHER   E.  OWENS   8-16-1905  to  1-3-1949

*S/of  John Wilson Taylor Owens (1847-1928) & Cornelia Isabel Roberson Owens(1862-1955)

&  HAZEL NADINE TAYLOR  OWENS   2-21-1910  to  1-3-1949

*D/of  James Alexander Taylor (1875-1959) & Sallie Bernice Britt Taylor (1875-1976)

"Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours." 


NORMA  FAYE OWENS   1-7-1915  to  3-23-1998

*D/of John Wiley Owens(1885-1972)  &  Mary Etta Ledbetter Owens(1890-1965)  

"In Loving Memory"


MILTON  TAYLOR  OWENS   1888   to  1944

*S/of Cornelia Isabel Roberson Owens (1862-1955) &  John Wilson Taylor Owens(1847-1928)

&  LIZZIE MAE  POWLEDGE  OWENS  10-23-1890  to  4-22-1955 "Mother"

*D/of  Jacob Martin Powledge(1852-1933)  &  Mary Ellen Fuller Powledge (1849-1910)


WILLIAM  NEWTON  OWENS   7-15-1894  to  12-1-1979

*S/of John Wilson Taylor Owens(1847-1928) & Cornelia Isabel Roberson Owens(1862-1955) 

*Md: 9/29/1917        *PFC  U.S.  Army  WW I    "We will meet again"

&  WILLIE  MAE  CHISM  OWENS   12-9-1898   to   9-17-1983     

*D/of  George  W. Chism(1871-1914)  &  Nannie  J. Bankston Chism(1874-1929)



DONALD  EARL  PRIMM   1-23-1950  to  3-17-1960 

"God gives us love, something to love he lends us."


EARL  DEAN  PRIMM   9-17-1921  to  9-24-1989

*S/of  Carl Alvester Primm(1896-1981) & Lela Eugenia Darden Primm(1898-1975) 

*Md:11/2/1946        *TEC  5  US  Army   WW II

&  IDELL  MASON  PRIMM   b:7-22-1922  (One date)    

*D/of  Perry Franklin Mason (1870-1966) & Eula Owens Mason(1883-1973)

"Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"


HUBERT  EARL PRIMM   12-20-1918  to  2-13-2001

*S/of  Thomas Solomon Primm(1875-1938) & Olive Dumas Primm(1895-1944)

*2nd husband of Eliza Mason Primm   



BENJAMIN  F.  REED  3-24-1830  Perry Co., AL  to  2-15-1856

*4th  S/of John  Reed(1794 GA-1851AR)  & Margaret  Reed 


(J.C.) JAMES  CRAWFORD REED  4-17-1843AL  to  11-25-1911 AR

 *S/of Nathan Walter Reed(1807-1846) & Susan Sarah Kelly Reed Moore(1817-1873)

*Md: 3 Xs:  (1.) Ann ‘Annie’ Catherine Meek   (2.) “Dinkie” Sarah Elizabeth Alexander

(3.) Talitha Eliza Jane Fomby  “Fannie or Dink / Dinkie” Reed (1858-1939)

*Buried Atlanta Methodist Church Cemetery, Columbia Co., AR

"A good husband and father gone. Not forg otten. Forever loved."

* 1st CORP  CO G 3 ARK INF  Regiment  Three Creeks Rifles ~  CSA 

*Wounded at Gettysburg


10-28-1848 AL  to  7-14-1899 AR  *2nd Wf/of  J.C. Reed  (stone is broken) 

*2011-lying flat on ground, death date not readable.

*1st wife, ANN “ANNIE” CATHERINE MEEK  REED  7-10-1845  to  7-2-1877

*D/of  James Madison Meek(1814-1886) & Julia Frances Frazer Meek(1823-1872) ‘Dinkie’

*Wf/of  James Crawford Reed   *Tombstone is broken & lying flat on the ground.


JOHN  REED   9-2-1794 Jackson Co., GA    to  7-30-1851 Union Co., AR

*Inscription:   *3rd  son  of  Nathan & Jane Reed     *Age 56 yrs-10 mos-28 dys


JULIA  REED   3-23-1875  to   9-27-1875  

*D/of  James Crawford Reed(1843-1911) &  Ann Catherine Meek Reed (1845-1877)

(stone broken)


LENORAH  REED  1-27-1854  to  3-4-1888 

*Wf/of  William  Reed stone broken   

*2011-stone has been broken/repaired, but but most of the info is illegible.


MARGARET  A.  REED  6-30-1846  Perry Co., AL  d:7-31-1850 AR   

*D/of  John Reed (1794-1851) & Margaret  Reed   *Age 4 yrs-1 mo-1dy


NATHAN WALTER REED  8-7-1807 Jackson Co., GA  d:12-5-1846 Union Co., AR 

*Age 39 yrs-5 mos-28 dys   *5th son of  Nathan  &  Jane Reed 

*1st  H/of  Sarah "Sallie" Kelly  Reed Moore(1817-1873)-*Md: 8/13/1840 Calhoun Co., AL



Infant  ROBERSON    12-28-1923  to  6-9-1924    

*S/of  Mr. &  Mrs. Roberson    "Only Sleeping"


MINNIE ELIZABETH MASON ROBERSON 12-13-1890  to  5-22-1970

*D/of William Eli Mason(1860-1947) & Fannie Ellen Scroggins Mason(1866-1955)

*2nd wife/of , Richard Harper Roberson (1890-1980) buried Pleasant Grove Cemetery,

Union County, AR             "Our Loving Mother"



ELLA  JANE  MOORE  ROBINSON   12-18-1859  to  2-6-1887  

*D/of Richard Andrew Jackson Moore(1831-1897) & Sarah M. Gresham Moore(1837-1875)

*1st Wf/of  Joel P. Robinson (12/27/1857 – 10/15/1901)   *Md:12/18/1879   

*Joel P. Robinson buried Lisbon Methodist Cemetery , Union Co., AR

 *(stone broken)  (Sister to Susan Ida Moore )  Joel md: 3X’s


SUSAN  IDA  MOORE  ROBINSON   1-31-1855  to  1-18-1901 

*D/of Richard Andrew Jackson Moore(1831-1897) & Sarah M. Gresham Moore(1837-1875)

 *2nd  Wf/of  Joel P. Robinson(1857-1901)  *Md: 12/18/1887  (Sister to Ella Jane Moore)

*Joel P. Robinson buried Lisbon Methodist Cemetery , Union Co., AR   Joel md:3x’s


JAMES  S.  ROBINSON   12-2-1893  to  2-19-1894  

*S/of  Joel P. Robinson (1857-1901)   &  Susan Ida Moore Robinson(1855-1901) 

"Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"


WILLIAM  WALKER  ROBINSON   2-22-1883  to  9-1-1898 

*S/of  Joel P. Robinson(1857-1901)  &  Ella Jane Moore Robinson(1859—1887)



WILLIAM MAVIN ROWLAND, JR.  8-17-1923  to  4-14-1999  "Daddy"

*S/of  William Mavin Rowland, Sr.(1898-1984) & Ada Pearl Graves Rowland(1901-1997)

* “ JUNIOR”    *Md: 8/28/1947        *US  Army  WW II

&  MARY ANN STEGALL ROWLAND  10-3-1928  to  2-15-2005*ob   

 "Mama"   * D/of  Jessie Clyde Stegall (1880-1959) &  Cleo Bessie Irby Stegall (1893-1969) 



LENORAH  HILL  RUFFIN    3-27-1854   to   3-4-1888

*S/of  William Hamilton Hill(1810-1886) & Elizabeth Ainsworth Hill(1819-1886)

*Wf /of  W. M. Ruffin   (Stone eroded and just about illegible  1999)



ABNER   B.  SHEPPARD   2-4-1832 Calhoun Co., AL  to  5-1-1858 Union Co.,AR

*S/of  John Sheppard(1786-1858) & Mary Turner Sheppard(1790-1870)

*1st husband of  Sarah Lucinda Carroll Sheppard Terrell(1836-1878)


GEORGE  MOORE  SHEPPARD  12-16-1883  to  8-22-1885 

*Infant S/of  Julius Kelly Sheppard(1839-1911) & Octavia Caroline Meek Sheppard (1843-1900)    

*Stone is pretty much illegible.


JOHN  SHEPPARD  1855  to  8-25-1856  (1 yr-9 mo-14 dys)

*Infant son of  Sarah Lucinda Carroll  Sheppard  &  1st husband  Abner B. Sheppard  


JOHN  SHEPPARD   2-18-1786 SC  to  6-20-1858 AR  

&  MARY TURNER SHEPPARD   12-11-1790 SC  to 1-13-1870 AR

"Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep. From which none ever wake to weep."


JOHN  WALTER  SHEPPARD   9-28-1875  to  7-17-1899 

* S/of  Julius Kelly Sheppard(1839-1911) & Octavia Caroline Meek Sheppard (1843-1900)


JULIA F. SHEPPARD   3-17-1872  to  3-3-1889  *Age 16 yrs-11 mos-14 dys  

* D/of  Julius Kelly Sheppard(1839-1911) & Octavia Caroline Meek Sheppard(1843-1900)    


JULIUS  KELLY  SHEPPARD    5-16-1839AL  to  5-1-1911AR  (Mason) 

*S/of  Thos Turner Sheppard(1817-1855) & Nancy Grace Kelly Sheppard  Spraggins Gray Smith

 *(1819 TN- 1902 AR)      *Nancy md: 4xs- *1st Thomas T Sheppard (1838);       

*2nd Wm Spraggins Meek(1856); *3rd Elijah M. Gray (1865); *4th Lawson Smith (1881)

"An honest man, A Christian and one who loved his fellow man." 38 yrs-5 mos-2 dys

OCTAVIA CAROLINE MEEK SHEPPARD 10-11-1843  to  1-7-1900 

*D/of  James Madison Meek (1814-1886)  & Julia Francis Frazer Meek(1823-1872)

*Wf/of  Julius Kelly Sheppard   


(L. H.) LEWIS  H.  SHEPPARD  3-10-1834 AL  to  2-27-1915 AR 

*S/of  Mary Turner Sheppard (1790 SC – 1870 AR) & John Sheppard (1786-1858)

*H/of Martha  E.  Howell

"His toils are past his work is done.  He fought the fight  ??____ at the victory ?__ ".

MARTHA  E.  HOWELL  SHEPPARD   10-1-1840 AL  to  6-30-1917 

*Wf/of  Lewis  H. Sheppard     (2011) Stone broken & lying flat on ground.


NANNIE  K.  SHEPPARD   d: 4-22-1884

* D/of  Julius Kelly Sheppard(1839-1911) & Octavia Caroline Meek Sheppard (1843-1900)    

*Age 14 yrs-3 mos-4 dys    *2011-stone pretty much illegible.


ROBERT  LEE  SHEPPARD   12-31-1877  to  9-22-1878 

*S/of  Julius Kelly Sheppard(1839-1911)  & Octavia Caroline Meek Sheppard(1843-1900)

*Headstone illegible.


THOMAS  TURNER SHEPPARD  3-3-1817 Newberry Dist., SC   to  

8-5-1855 Union Co., AR   *Age 38 yrs-5 mos-2 dys   

*S/of  John Sheppard(1786-1858)   &  Mary Turner Sheppard(1790-1870) 

*Above ground crypt-inscription on Lid very hard to read .


WILLIAM  MEEK  SHEPPARD   8-1-1882  to  2-7-1951

* S/of  Julius Kelly Sheppard(1839-1911) & Octavia Caroline Meek Sheppard(1843-1900)

&  POLLY  MAPLES  SHEPPARD   3-5-1880  to  9-30-1959 

"Each Duty Done, They Rest in Peace"


WILLIAM  MOORE  SHEPPARD  3-24-1868  to  8-17-1872  

*4th  S/of  Julius Kelly Sheppard(1839-1911) & Octavia Caroline Meek Sheppard (1843-1900)   

*Age 4 yrs-4 mos-24 days   *Stone broken & flat on ground  (almost illegible in 2002-2011)   



DONALD  J.  SKYNER   3-16-1967  to  1-6-1994 



HARVEY  WESLEY  SMITH   born 4-20-1834 Jackson Co., AL 

departed this life    8-15-1895   (Mason)   *Age 61 yrs-3 mos-24 dys



to  5-2-1902 AR    *D/of Sims Kelly(1774-1860) & Mary Camp Kelly(1778-1864)

*Spouses:  Married 4 X’s  ……..

*1st  md:1838  Thomas Turner Sheppard (1817-1855)buried Hopewell Baptist Cemetery

*2nd  md:1856  William  Spraggins  Meek    *burial location, unknown

 *3rd md: 1865  Elijah  M. Gray (1814-1876) buried Hopewell Baptist Cemetery

*4th md: 1881 Lawson Smith (2/7/1813 – 4/13/1899) buried Liberty Baptist Cemetery

*Md:4 x’s-Nancy was #4



ARNOLD  DOYLE  STEGALL    11-16-1925  to  6-20-1985

*S/of Jesse Clyde Stegall(1880-1959) & Cleo Bessie Irby Stegall(1893-1969) (*6th  of 9)   

*Md:8/14/1947       *TEC 5  US Army  WW II     "Unto You Is Paradise Opened"

&  HAZEL  TAYLOR  STEGALL    6-20/26-1926   to   6-10-1994 


BEVIS  WAYNE  STEGALL  1-13-1913  to  3-10-1913 

*S/of Jesse Clyde Stegall(1880-1959) & Cleo Bessie Irby Stegall(1893-1969)  


HELEN  JOANNE  STEGALL   12-12-1951  to  1-24-1959 

*D/of  Jesse Clyde Stegall(1880-1959) &  Cleo Bessie Irby Stegall(1893-1969)

"Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"


JESSE  CLYDE  STEGALL   3-22-1880 NC  to  8-18-1959 AR

*Only S/of  John Wilson Stegall (1851-1937)  & his 1st wife, Melissa M. Tull (1861-1880)


&  CLEO  BESSIE IRBY STEGALL   10-5-1893  to  7-25-1969  

*D/of  John Wm Harris “Bill” Irby(1856-1934) & Cleopatra “Patra” Beachum Irby(1861-1931)


WILSON IRBY  STEGALL    6-29-1916  to   11-25-1973

*S/of Jesse Clyde Stegall(1880-1959) & Cleo Bessie Irby Stegall(1893-1969)  

*Spouses:  *1st wife, Lillian Owens       *2nd wife, Louise Scrimshire (1916-2003) 

"We Miss Him So Much, But We Will See Him Again"



ANNIE  E.  TATUM   9-1-1878  to  7-1-1894 

*D/of  Henry Organ Tatum(1837-1901)   &  Francis  A. Gresham Tatum(1841-1919)   

 "Asleep in Jesus blessed thought."


FANNIE  TATUM   6-12-1905  to  12-20-1980 

*D/of  Paul Tatum(1872-1937) & Mary J. Reed Tatum(1879-1914)

"In Loving Memory"


FLOY  TATUM   7-9-1915   to   12-2-1915 

*D/of  John  B. Tatum (1878-1918)  &  Lizzie A. Gresham Tatum (1877-1926)


HENRY  ORGAN  TATUM   6-16-1837  to  2-2-1901

(MRS.)  FRANCES  A. “FRANKIE” GRESHAM  TATUM  2-15-1841  to 

2-5-1919   *D/of Wm. Green Gresham(1813-1881) & Amanda E. Neal Gresham(1818-1882)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


INNIE  E.  TATUM   9-1-1878  to  7-1-1894 

*D/of  Henry Organ Tatum(1837-1901)  &  Francis  A. Gresham Tatum(1841-1919)   

 (Not found in 1999)


JOHN  TATUM   2-22-1910   to   4-7-1985

*S/of  Paul Tatum(1872-1937) & Mary J. Reed Tatum(1879-1914) 

"Weep Not For Me For I Am With God"


LIZZIE  GRESHAM  TATUM   12-5-1877  to  1-11-1926

*D/of   John  P. Gresham(1849-1922)  &  Sallie A. Pearce Gresham (1856-1929)

"His Memory is Blessed"  *Wf/of John B. Tatum-J. B. is buried in Woodlawn.


LUCILE  TATUM   4-28-1907  to  5-23-1908 

*D/of  John  B. Tatum (1878-1918)  &  Lizzie A. Gresham Tatum (1877-1926)

 "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven"


PAUL  TATUM   3-15-1872  to  4-8-1937

*S/of  John Tatum(1841-1906)  &  Mary F. Wesson Tatum (1844-1883)

*Md:12/21/1902  Mary Reed    "His Memory is Blessed"

MARY  J.  REED  TATUM   7-10-1879  to  7-7-1914 

*D/of  James Crawford Reed(1843-1911) & Sarah Elizabeth Alexander Reed(1848-1899)

*Wf/of  Paul  Tatum    "No pains, no griefs, no anxious fear.... 

Can reach our loved one sleeping here."


PERCY  TATUM  4-15-1874  to  11-11-1903

*S/of  John Tatum(1841-1906)  &  Mary F. Wesson Tatum (1844-1883)  

"We  loved being a happy little family and I regret to leave you.

But it's God's will .  I am ready and willing to go."


WILLIAM  VICTOR  TATUM    6-5-1912  to  5-12-1914  

*S/of   John  B. Tatum (1878-1918)  &  Lizzie A. Gresham Tatum (1877-1926)



CARROLL  TAYLOR   4-13-1941  to  12-6-1957


DAVID  EDDY  TAYLOR    4-1-1960  to  7-29-1999 

"Beloved Son of Syble Taylor Barker"  "My Very Best Friend"

"The Lord Blessed Me With Thee"  (Police-Dallas, Texas)


E. M.  TAYLOR  (No dates)  

*Flat slab over grave.  *Possibly old original tombstone for Ettie Mae Slaughter Taylor


GORDON  D. TAYLOR    1903  to  1905  (*MM)


INFANT SON of  Eli  M. &  Martha  J.  TAYLOR  b:1857  to  5-24-1857


JAMES  ALEXANDER  TAYLOR   3-10-1875 NC  to  5-19-1959 AR

*S/of  George David Gray Taylor(1817-1885) & Martha Boswell Taylor (1848-1884)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

SALLIE  BERNICE  BRITT  TAYLOR   6-25-1875  to  8-29-1976

*D/of  Henry David Britt(1853-1935) & Mattie Martha Oliver Britt(1845-1935)

 *Wf/of  James A. Taylor  "May The Angel of Mercy, Guide Gently Thy Feet"


JAMES  OTTIS TAYLOR   9-5-1900  to  7-1-1985   (Mason)

*S/of  James Alexander Taylor(1875-1959) & Sallie Bernice Britt Taylor(1875-1976)

*Md:5/9/1925    "Now Residing With The Master Carpenter"

&  ETTIE  MAE  SLAUGHTER  TAYLOR  11-21-1909  to  1-2-1972

*D/of  John Slaughter(1858-1939) & Lucy Lavonia Mason Slaughter(1872-1949)

 (Eastern Star)  "She waits to welcome those she loves.  She was the sunshine of our home."


JAMES  TAYLOR   2-15-1801  to  10-7-1857

*Age 56 yrs-7 mos-22 dys


LUCY  TAYLOR  7-16-1864  to  10-2-1905

*D/of  William Henry Taylor(1817-1870) & Dorcas Ann Holley Taylor(1824-1913)

MARY  ELLA  TAYLOR   12-4-1855  to  8-19-1859 

*Age 3 yrs-8 mos-15 dys    *D/of  Eli  M.  &  Martha  J. Taylor  


PRESSLEY  TAYLOR    2-28-1849   to  6-22-1864

*S/of  William Henry Taylor(1817-1870)  &  Dorcas Ann Holley Taylor(1824-1913)


SHIRLEY  ? (TAYLOR)   baby,  b: 8-10-1938 

(No last name but in Taylor plot)


Twin  sons  TAYLOR   1901  to  1901 (Funeral Home Marker)


WILLIAM  DURWARD  TAYLOR   3-12-1913   to   12-15-1999 

*S/of  James Alexander Taylor(1875-1959) & Sallie Bernice Britt Taylor(1875-1976)

*Md: 7/16/1938    *US Army-WW II

"Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star In Heaven" 

&  SUSIE  STANFORD  TAYLOR   12-9-1916 TX  to  11-5-1981AR

*D/of Artie Celmor Standford(1891-1976) & Bessie G. Adie Stanford(1892-1976)


WILLIAM  HENRY TAYLOR  1817 Jones Co, GA  to 1870 Pineville, LA

*S/of  John Taylor(1772-1836)  &  Amelia Taylor (1774-1834)

*Wife, Dorcas Ann “Dora” Holley Taylor (1824 SC-1913AR )

*Dora  buried  Oakland Cemetery, Fordyce, AR


WILLIAM  J.  TAYLOR    1-7-1822  to  8-3-1855  

*Son, Brother, and Friend rest here.  *Flat concrete slab covers grave.



ANN  ELIZABETH   TERRELL  3-9-1877  to  9-2-1881 

*D/of  Robert Gray Terrell(1821-1878) &  Sarah  Lucinda Carroll Terrell(1836-1878) 


ROBERT  GRAY  TERRELL   9-8-1821 NC  to  1-7-1878 AR

*2nd husband, of Sarah Lucinda Carroll Sheppard Terrell

&  SARAH  LUCINDA CARROLL TERRELL  12-2-1836 MS  to  10-24-1878

*S/of  James Carroll(1807 NC to 1863 AR) * Elizabeth Carroll(1808-1891 CA)  

*1st husband,  Abner B. Sheppard (2/4/1832 Calhoun Co., AL & 5/1/1858 Union Co.,AR)

*2nd husband, Robert Gray Terrell (1821-1878)

"In Memoriam"


AMELIA  TIETZ    8-1-1923  to  8-6-1923  *5 days

*Infant  D/of   Bernard Edward Tietz(1877-1950)  &  Ethel May Burdine Tietz(1902-1990)  

"Of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven"


JULIOUS  BERNARD  TIETZ   8-9-1906  to  5-11-1908

*S/of   Bernard Edward Tietz(1877-1950)  &  Ethel May Burdine Tietz(1902-1990)    

"Budded on earth to bloom in heaven.   God called our Baby home."


MARY  KILGORE GRESHAM TIETZ   3-16-1885  to  3-17-1920

*D/of John P. Gresham(1849-1922) & Sallie A. Pearce Gresham(1856-1929)

*1st  Wife  of  Bernard Edward Tietz (1877-1950)


"Little"  SILVIA  TIETZ   8-9-1908  to  8-27-1908   *Age 18 days

*Infant  D/of   Bernard Edward Tietz(1877-1950)  &  Ethel May Burdine Tietz(1902-1990)     

"A little time on Earth she spent.  Till God for her his angels sent."



GEORGE  BYRON  TOOLE   10-7-1858 LA  to  8-12-1885 AR

*S/of  Matthew Lafayette Toole(1822-1892)

*George B. Toole was *1st H/of  Julia Lavonia Wilson Toole Britt(1868-1959)

*2nd H/of Julia md:12/1/1887,  William Givens Britt (1860-1943)

*Wm. G. Britt buried at Shiloh Cemetery – has a double headstone with Julia L. Wilson



JAMES  TALMADGE  TORRENCE    5-5-1924  to  1-18-2000  "Father"

*Md:7/5/1974     "In My Father's House Are Many Mansions"

&  MARIE LOFTEN WARREN TORRENCE  3-1-1924  (One date) "Mother"



DANIEL  MARTIN  VERSTREATE   6-10-1916  to  7-1-1988

*S/of John Verstreate (b:ca 1884 The Netherlands) & Lila Verstreate (b:ca 1897 NY)

*Wife, Ruby Mae Kennedy Verstreate (1921-1961)

(Rumph-Owers *MM )   *Not found in 2011



MARY  ANN  SHEPPARD  WESSON  11-27-1825 SC  to  8-17-1845 AR 

*D/of  John Sheppard(1786-1858) & Mary Turner Sheppard (1790-1870)

*Wf/of  P.V. Wesson.    *D/of  J. &  M. Sheppard 



CYNTHA  G.  WILL    12-1-1815  to  3-20-1852 

(Not found in 1999)    *Not found in 2011



ALBERT  RUSH  WILSON   5-16-1851  to  2-3-1917

*S/of Hilliard J. Wilson(1813 SC-1855 AR) & Mary Ann Norvel Wilson(1817 SC-1879 AR) 

*Md: 1869 Columbia Co., AR   "Each Duty Done, They Rest In Peace"

&  NANNIE  VINSON  DICKENS WILSON  5-7-1853  to  5-23-1920 

*Nannie  married Albert R. Wilson in 1869, Columbia Co., AR


ARREN  WILSON   12-27-1905  to  6-10-1922 

*S/of  William  Henry Wilson(1878-1943)  & Emma Worthington Wilson (1886-1973)

"Dearest son, thou has left us.  Here thy loss we deeply feel.  But tis God that hath bereft us. 

He can all our sorrows heal."


MARVIN  BRUCE  WILSON  5-22-1897  to  10-29-1983

*S/of  Albert Rush Wilson(1851-1917) & Nannie Vinson Dickens Wilson(1853-1920) 

&   WINNIE  IRENE  PRIMM  WILSON   10-1-1902  to  10-20-1954

*D/of  John Henry Primm(1874-1964) & Mattie Davidson Primm(1879-1944)   

"My memory shall be a guiding star to Heaven"


NEIL  WILSON   11-7-1913  to  6-28-1916  

*S/of  William  Henry Wilson((1878-1943)  & Emma Worthington Wilson(1886-1973)


NORA  WILSON   9-19-1894  to  9-7-1895 

*D/of  Andrew Marcellus Wilson(1870-1961) & Mary Ella Mason Wilson(1873-1912)


SARAH  JULIA  HAYS  WILSON   9-4-1848 to  4-4-1887 

*D/of  James E. Hays(1814-1858) & Eugenia J. Seale Hays(1824-1855)

*Wf/of  A. C. Wilson     Aged 38 yrs, 7 mos

"A loving wife, a mother dear.  A faithful friend lies buried here"


WILLIAM  HENRY  WILSON   4-15-1878  to  8-27-1943

*S/of  Albert Rush Wilson(1851-1917) & Nannie Vinson Dickens Wilson(1853-1920)   

&  EMMA  WORTHINGTON  WILSON  1-16-1886  to  11-18-1973

*S/of Wm. Spiller Worthington(1837-1912) & Mary Ellen Ainsworth Worthington(1851-1919)

"Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"



AUGUSTUS  L.  WORTHINGTON  1-31-1869  to  12-17-1949

*D/of Wm. Spiller Worthington(1837-1912) & Mary Ellen Ainsworth Worthington(1851-1919)

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."


ISAIAH  A.  WORTHINGTON   3-7-1895  to  9-9-1947

*S/of Wm. Spiller Worthington(1837-1912) & Mary Ellen Ainsworth Worthington(1851-1919)

  "Gone But Not Forgotten"


WARREN  W.  WORTHINGTON   7-7-1875  to  12-11-1899 

*S/of Wm. Spiller Worthington(1837-1912) & Mary Ellen Ainsworth Worthington(1851-1919)


WARREN  WALDO  WORTHINGTON   7-22-1908  to  11-9-1911


WILLIAM  HENRY  WORTHINGTON   1-31-1869  to  12-17-1949  

(not found in 1999)


WILLIAM  SPILLER  WORTHINGTON   12-4-1837  to  12-9-1912

*Md: 1867 Union Co., AR

&  MARY ELLEN AINSWORTH WORTHINGTON  10-22-1851MS  to  7-17-1919 AR 

"Gone But Not Forgotten"






JAMES CARROLL   12-26-1807 North Carolina to 12-12-1863

Union County, Arkansas.  North west of Hwy. 15 south, from El Dorado.  Carroll Cemetery, Union Co, AR


When my great-grandfather James Carroll died the

Confederate Army had taken all the mules and horses.

There was nothing to draw the wagon to take him to Hopewell

Cemetery where other relatives were interred.

That trip was more than 5 miles and he was a rotund man.

His adult sons were in the army. The women had his body

taken about 25 yards from the house and buried. There he lies alone.

Bob Davis

[From Bob & Martha Davis, March 6, 2005]




**Located outside the fenced in cemetery about 60-75 ft.  from the south side of the fence is a lone tall tombstone:


LOUEZER  LOVINGS   12-25-1838MS  to  2-1893AR  *Age 55 yrs & 49  days


"Single remaining stone in the area in which former slaves were buried. 

It lies outside the fence of the current cemetery on the south side." 

(Source:  Ralph O. Weldon and Will Walls  Union County Genealogical Society)      

 [Below photo taken May 2005-Louezer Lovings tombstone]


                   Top of Louezer Loving's tombstone-Oct 2011.




             Hopewell Baptist Church & Cemetery-October 2011

             Front view, from driveway just off Hopewell Road.





            Hopewell Baptist Church & Cemetery   May 2005




From rear /back side of church looking westward.