Est. 1848 where the Old Lapile M.E. Church once sat.

Located Southeast of Strong, Arkansas, about 400' off the South side of

Huttig Hwy / Hwy.129, Union County, Arkansas.

Partial canvass on Feb 19, 2002; Next update from a canvass done by James T. Mullins in Aug 1991;

Subsequent updates were done May 2006, Oct 2007, & June 2009,

mostly using obituaries & some family records.

Last survey:  April 2011  *Last updated October 2016

J. Holzer jcsh432@gmail.com


*  “&”  indicates double headstone or multiple names on one

*OB… Details from a newspaper or mortuary obituary.

*SSDI….. Birth & death dates or details from Social Security Death Index.

*ARDI….Birth-death dates from Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950

*WOW ….Woodman of the World marker


AMELLIA  CATHERINE  BOLDING ADAMS  1-1-1859  to  10-23-1913

*D/of  Rev. Obediah F. Bolding(1827-1900)  &  Emmaline  F. Palmer Bolding(1828-1909)

*Wf/of  G. G. Adams 


BIRDIE  ADAMS    8-25-1894  to  1-16-1895

*D/of  William B. Adams(1861-1903)  &  Sarah  Ellen Graves Adams(1870-1901)

HATTIE  ADAMS   3-17-1891  to  10-17-1892  

*D/of  William B. Adams(1861-1903)  &  Sarah  Ellen Graves Adams(1870-1901)


Infant  ADAMS    B & D  7-4-1906    *Child  of  W. M.  &  E.E. Adams

Infant  ADAMS    B & D  12-11-1891 *Child of  J.O.  &  Minnie  Adams


JAMES  DOUGLAS  ADAMS   2-16-1828   to  1-2-1891

*S/of  Samuel Adams (b:ca 1785 Ireland) & Mary Adams (b:ca 1792 Ireland)

AMANDA  BOLDING  ADAMS  10-24-1833 TN  to  2-9-1909 AR

*D/of  John Bolding(1793-1862) & Nancy Shaeffer Bolding(1803-1870)


MARCUS  ALLEN  ADAMS  4-14-1921  to  8-27-2001

*S/of  Mary Lacy Graves Adams(1876-1968) &  Robert Henry Adams(1874-1944)


MARY  LAND  ADAMS   10-23-1889   to  10-26-1890  

*D/of  William B. Adams(1861-1903)  &  Sarah  Ellen Graves Adams(1870-1901)

MATTIE (aka MOLLIE) ADAMS   11-12-1892   to   6-2-1896 

*D/of  William B. Adams(1861-1903)  &  Sarah  Ellen Graves Adams(1870-1901)


MINNIE  ADAMS   9-7-1878  to  12-22-1897 

*Wf/of  J. O.(?D) Adams  

*2011: This headstone has sunk into the ground to the point that none of the dates are visible.   


*Triple headstone listing:

ROBERT  HENRY 'BOB'  ADAMS  1-6-1874  to 1-14-1944

*S/of James Douglas Adams(1828 SC-1891 AR) & Amanda Bolding Adams(1833-1909)

&  MARY LACY GRAVES  ADAMS  8-24-1876  to 1-16-1968

*Samuel A Graves(1815-1872)  &  Nellie Spooner Graves (1836-1897) 

&  RUBY  PEARL  ADAMS  2-6-1915  to  8-14-1991

*D/of  Robert H. Adams & Mary Lacy Graves Adams


ROSA  A.  ADAMS   9-18-1902  to  11-19-1903 

*D/of  M. W. Adams  & Ellen  E. Graves Adams(1871-1910) 

*Ellen is buried in Scotland Presbyterian Cemetery


THOMAS  C.  ADAMS  7-19-1896  to  1-28-1897

*S/of  J.O.  &  Minnie Adams


(W.B.) WILLIAM  B. ADAMS 11-10-1861  to  4-25-1903

*S/of  James Douglas Adams(1828-1891) & Amanda Bolding Adams(1861-1903)

SARAH  ELLEN  GRAVES  ADAMS  12-13-1870  to 1-29-1901

*Wf/of  W.B. Adams 



CHARLES W. “BUDDY” ANDREWS, SR. (68)  9-4-1937  to  4-25-2006 

*S/of John Clifton Andrews & Lilla Mae Judah Andrews. *Wife, Sherry Lee Andrews  *ob

&   SHERRY LEE FULLERTON ANDREWS, SR. (76) 2-4-1940  to  6-6-2016*OB

*D/of Robert & Inez Fullerton of Huttig.   *Wf/of  late, Charles W. “Buddy” Andrews



BLANCHE  ARMSTRONG   12-25-1891  to  7-14-1973 



CHARLES  THOMAS  BOLDING   7-2-1927  to  2-11-1986

*S/of  James Thomas Bolding(1901-1984) & Gertrude Lancaster Bolding(1907-1982)


&  HAZEL  MARIE  BOWEN  HUNT  BOLDING  3-31-1926  to  5-17-2005     

*D/of  Vernon Chastine Hunt(1899-1954)  & Myra Lou Bowen Hunt(1901-1975)


CHRISTOPHER  MARTIN  BOLDING  11-19-1975  to  10-30-1999


CLAUDE  HENRY  BOLDING   2-10-1915  to  10-5-2003

*S/of  Henry Turrentine Bolding(1876-1934)  &  Lucy Ellen Gathright Bolding(1881-1957)

&  HELEN  LAWRENCE  BOLDING   12-25-1915  to  8-18-1999 

*D/of  William Richard Lawrence(1891-1963) & Ruth Kathleen Crawford Lawrence(1900-1965)  


EDGAR  LINDSAY "E.L." BOLDING(85) 4-17-1920  to 1-19-2006

*S/of  Henry Turrentine Bolding(1876-1934)  &  Lucy Ellen Gathright Bolding(1881-1957)

*Md:6/7/1947   *ob   *TEC 5  US Army WW II    

&  FRANCES  LEE  WHITE  BOLDING  1-10-1928  to 7-26-2007

*D/of  George Washington White(1894-1976)  &  Isabelle Little White(1900-1973)


GEORGE  HENDERSON  BOLDING  4-15-1874  to  9-12-1944

*S/of  Thomas Senter Bolding(1829-1888) & Annie Eleanor Wilson Bolding(1836-1911)


HENRY TURRENTINE BOLDING(56)  6-8-1876  to  5-8-1934

*S/of  Thomas Senter Bolding(1829-1888) & Annie Eleanor Wilson Bolding(1836-1911)

& LUCY “LOU” ELLEN GATHRIGHT BOLDING  5-11-1881 to 7-30-1957

*D/of  James Hardy Gathright(1853-1885) & Ildergirth  A. Stallings Gathright(1860-1882)    


JAMES ARTHUR  BOLDING  2-29-1884   to   6-7-1972

*S/of  Mary Lou Bolding (1854 to 1972) & James Milton Bolding (1851-1890)

DORA  CHRISTINE SANFORD  BOLDING   8-2-1896  to  9-18-1967

*D/of  Thomas R. Sanford(b:ca 1870) & Mary Jane "Janey" Wyatt Sanford(1892-1907)


JAMES  HERSHEL  BOLDING    9-5-1929  to  3-2-1998

*S/of  James Thomas Bolding(1901-1984) & Gertrude Lancaster Bolding(1907-1982)


&  BETTY  JEAN NORSWORTHY  BOLDING  1-16-1931  (One date)

*D/of  Samuel Norsworthy(1906-1985)  & Mary Hollis Norsworthy(1910-1995)


JAMES  MILTON  BOLDING  4-5-1851   to  1-16-1890

*S/of  Rev. Obediah F. Bolding(1827-1900) &  Emmeline F. Palmer Bolding (1828-1909)

MARY  LOU  BOLDING   5-10-1854  to  5-17-1906

*D/of  James Arthur Bolding(1884-1972) &  Dora Christine Sanford(1896-1967)


JAMES  THOMAS  BOLDING  11-6-1901  to  3-24-1984

*S/of  Henry Turrentine Bolding(1876-1934) & Lucy Ellen Gathright Bolding(1881-1957) 


&  GERTRUDE  LANCASTER  BOLDING  9-25-1907  to  7-24-1982   

*D/of  Charles Henry Lancaster(1867-1936) & Mattie Jarmon Lancaster(1877-1968)


JESSE  DUNN  BOLDING   5-13-1906   to  10-6-1906

*S/of  Henry Turrentine Bolding(1876-1934)  &  Lucy Ellen Gathright Bolding(1881-1957)


JOHN  OBADIAH  BOLDING  8-21-1871  to  6-1-1969

*S/of  Thomas Senter Bolding(1829-1888) & Annie Eleanor Wilson Bolding(1836-1911)


& BEULAH  JANE  TRIMBLE  BOLDING  12-18-1882  to 12-12-1988

*D/of  Pinkney Jefferson Trimble(1852-1942) & Nancy Clementine Byrom Trimble(1852-1924)


MARSHALL  LYNN  BOLDING  1-18-1957 Bastrop, LA   to  3-16-1989

*Louisiana  SI  USNR   WW II


MARVIN  CARROLL  BOLDING  11-29-1928 LA   to  6-8-1965 AR

*S/of  James Arthur Bolding(1884-1972) & Dora Christine Sanford Bolding(1896-1967)

*Louisiana  S1 USNR  WW II


MARY  ELEANOR  BOLDING  2-14-1860  to  9-9-1904

*D/of  Thomas Senter Bolding(1829-1888) & Annie Eleanor Wilson Bolding(1836-1911)


Rev.  OBEDIAH  F. BOLDING   2-9-1827 TN  to  4-1-1900 AR

*S/of John Bolding(1793-1862) & Nancy Shaeffer Bolding(10/22/1803 - 10/19/1870)

*Licensed to preach  1858   *Ordained Minister 1867 Methodist Episcopal Church

 EMMALINE  F. PALMER  BOLDING 10-12-1828 AL to  6-15-1909 AR

*D/of  Solomon Palmer (1787-1867) & Elizabeth Henderson Palmer(1795-1855)

 *Wf/of  Obediah F. Bolding    


PAUL  DAVID  BOLDING  b: &  d:10-17-1953

*S/of Charles Thomas Bolding(1927-1986) & Hazel Marie Hunt Bolding(1926-2005)


PERRY  MANLEY  BOLDING   2-9-1867  to  5-27-1909  *WOW

*S/of  Rev. Obediah  F. Bolding(1827-1900)  &  Emmaline  F. Palmer Boldingf(1828-1909)

SIDDIE  WHITE  BOLDING   12-4-1871   to   5-31-1928

*D/of  John W. White(1832-1919) & Nancy J. Lockhart White(1843-1917) 


THOMAS  SENTER  BOLDING  7-19-1829 TN  to  1-23-1888 AR

*S/of  John Bolding(1793-1862)  &  Nancy Shaeffer Bolding(1803-1870)


3-19-1911 AR   *Wf/of  T. S.  Bolding   "Mother"  


THOMAS E.  BOLDING  1864  to  1931  *S/of  Obadiah  Bolding

*S/of  Rev. Obediah F. Bolding(1827-1900) & Emmaline F. Palmer Bolding(1828-1909)


WILBUR  HENRY  BOLDING(79)  3-14-1935  to  11-13-2014 *OB

*S/of  James Thomas Bolding & Gertrude Lancaster Bolding


&  JO ANN  ROBERTS  BOLDING  8-3-1939  (One date)


WILLIAM  WILSON  BOLDING   8-21-1871   to  1-2-1947

*S/of  Thomas Senter Bolding(1829-1888) & Annie Elizabeth Wilson Bolding(1836-1911)

*H/of Kittie D. Covington 

KITTIE  D.  COVINGTON  BOLDING  8-27-1883  to  9-12-1953 

*D/of  Phillip  Davis Covington(1850-1930) & Josephine Bailey Covington(1858-1945)



CARL  LANE  BOYKIN (57) 12-28-1955 LA  to  5-5-2013 AR  *OB

*S/of  Leon Boykin(1925-2008)  &  Sybil Irwin Boykin(1928-1995)   *Wife, Tammy Boykin


LEON  BOYKIN (83)  6-19-1925  to  12-28-2008  *OB  

*S/of  Azariah Boykin(1880-1951)  &  Leavie Ada Knight Boykin Stokes (1899-1974)

 *H/of  Sybil Irwin Boykin         

SYBIL  IRWIN  BOYKIN  1-22-1928 AR  to  9-24-1995 LA

*D/of  Gilbert A. Irwin(1900-1975)  &  Lola Hutchinson Irwin(1904-1966)


THOMAS  GRADY  BRATTON   5-28-1905 AR  to  7-22-1987 MS

*S/of  Thomas Jefferson Bratton(1856-1942)  & Susie Marr Carey Bratton(1872-1950)

&  NONA  BYRDELL HARPER  BRATTON  12-7-1913 AR  to  4-12-2009 GA

*D/of  Porter Eugene Harper(1887-1966)  &  Lucy Ellen Gillum Harper(1889-1964)



LULA  OLIVE  McHENRY  BRYANT  10-11-1860   to  5-26-1884

*D/of  R.P. &  M.C. McHenry     *Wf/of  WILLIAM  PORTER BRYANTt  



GRADY  D. CANADY   1-27-1902   to   4-18-1963

*S/of  John Samuel Canady(1867-1954) &  Margaret Annie Lee Harrison Canady(1872-1962)

*John Samuel & Margaret Annie Canady buried at Center Point Cemeter, Union Co., AR

SALLIE  MAE  ADAMS  CANADY   7-10-1903   to  1-29-1991  

*S/of  Mary Lacy Graves Adams(1876-1968) & Robert Henry Adams(1874-1944)


GRADY  D.  CANADY, JR.   3-2-1940   to  7-3-1989

*S/of  Grady D. Canady(1902-1963)  &  Sallie Mae Adams Canady (1903-1991)


&   NELLIE  J.   PARDUE  CANADY   8-29-1946  (One  date)



EFFIE  CLINGFOST   8-20-1907  to  6-15-1913

*D/of  John Francis Clingfost (1876-1953) &  Lela Anna Herring Clingfost (1883-1941)

*Brother Harvey Forrest Clingfost


(F.M.) FRANCIS  MARION  CLINGFOST  10-1-1846 LA  to  7-29-1913 AR

 “Father”  *S/of  Jacob W. Clingfrost (1825-1882) & Mary E. Bolding Clingfost(1824-1909)  

 *H/of  Mary E. Black  

(M.E.) MARY  E.  BLACK  CLINGFOST  12-15-1850 AL  to  5-25-1917 AR

“Mother”    *Wf/of  Francis  Marion  Clingfost


HARVEY  FORREST  CLINGFOST   5-7-1910  to  8-5-1964

*S/of  John Francis Clingfost(1876-1953) &  Lela Anna Herring Clingfost(1883-1941)

*1st  H/of  Rubye Thomason Tarver(1920-1987)  Md: 9/9/1939  Harvey  F. Clingfost

*Rubye  *Md: 2nd Virgie  L. Tarver(1914-1981)

*Rubye Thomason Tarver buried Start Cemetery, Start, LA

*Sister: Effie Clingfost(1907-1913)


JACOB  W.  CLINGFOST   6-23-1825 NC  to  5-9-1882 AR

*S/of  Jacob Clingfost (b:ca 1801) &  Celesa Bunch Clingfost(1831-1837 MS)

*Md:5/18/1869 Union Co., AR   Mary E. Bolding

MARY  E.  BOLDING  CLINGFOST  1-19-1824 TN  to  5-22-1909 AR

*D/of  John Bolding (1793-1860)  &  Nancy Shaeffer  Bolding (1803-1870)

*Wf/of  Jacob W. Clingfrost   *Mary & Jacob's  tombstone says "CLINGPOST"


JOHN  FRANCIS  CLINGFOST   1-15-1876 AR to  5-29-1953 LA

*S/of  Francis Marion Clingfost(1846-1913)  &  Mary E. Bolding Clingfost(1824-1909)

*Md: 3/20/1902  Lela Anna Herring

&  LELA  ANNA  HERRING  CLINGFOST  3-22-1883  to 12-16-1941

*D/of  Benjamin Thomas Herring(1858-1944) & Mary Elizabeth Ball Herring (1864-1927)



FRED  TIMOTHY  CONNOR   12-31-1894  to  10-22-1976

*S/of  Eliza Leona Taylor(1869-1938) & Thomas Franklin Connor(1865-1941)

*Spouses: *1st Nora G. Woolley(1895-1944) *2nd Clara Oley White Vorhease (1902-1981)

*Pvt U.S. Army-WW I   [*2nd Clara Oley White Vorhease Connor buried Ebenezer Presbyterian]

NORA  G. WOOLLEY  CONNOR  10-19-1895  to  7-15-1944

*D/of  Elias Ford Wooley(1857-1926) & Ellen Elizabeth Ellis Wooley(1861-1928)

*1st Wf/of  Fred Timothy Connor  


FRANKLIN  RENNO  CONNOR  7-10-1899  to  1-5-1901

*S/of  Charles William Connor(1861-1923)  &  Laura Arra Jackson Connor(1877-1941)


HATTIE  I. CONNOR  11-13-1874   to  7-16-1969

*D/of  William Samuel Connor(1831-1907) & Sarah Jane Bolding Connor(1836-1924) 


Infant  CONNOR  b: & d: Sept  1902   

*Child of  Charles William Connor(1861-1923)  &  Laura Arra Jackson Connor(1877-1941)


JOHN SAMUEL CONNOR  1879  to  10-13-1943

*S/of  William Samuel Connor(1831-1907) & Sarah Jane Bolding Connor(1836-1924) 

*ARDI  Craighead Co.,AR 

&  EFFIE  CHAMBLESS  CONNOR  7-31-1886  to  Sept 1978 Leachville, AR

*D/of  Zachary Leonard Chambliss(1853-1929) & Ella Olive McGowen Chambliss(1861-1928)

*Speculation:  Birth & death details from *SSDI & *ARDI. (only year was listed)


M.  LINNIE  CONNOR  12-13-1888  to  9-27-1889

*D/of  Charles William Connor(1861-1923)  &  Mary Malissie Berry Connor(1861-1892) 


MARY  MALISSIE BERRY CONNOR  4-16-1861  to  1-14-1892 

*D/of Andrew Jackson Berry(1822-1892) & Sarah Ann Mariah Smith Berry(1829-1892)

*1st   Wf/of  Charles William Connor (1861-1923) buried Old Union Cemetery


ODOM  FRANKLIN CONNOR  5-22-1903  to  9-28-1953

 *S/of  Eliza Leona Taylor Connor (1869-1938) & Thomas Franklin Connor(1865-1941)

*ARK  PVT  417  Tech Sq  AAF  WW II  


PAUL  ELLISON  CONNOR   5-3-1911  to  3-17-1999  Pearland, TX

*S/of  John Samuel Connor(1879-1943) & Effie Chambless Connor(1886-1978)

*Md: 8/30/1934  

&   LOUISE  McKINNEY CONNOR  10-28-1917   (One date)

*D/of  Onie Mae Porterfield McKinney(1895-1967) & William Henry McKinney(1876-1928)


THOMAS  FRANKLIN  CONNOR   4-15-1865  to  1-15-1941

*S/of William Samuel Connor(1831-1907) & Sarah Jane Bolding Connor(1836-1924)

*Md: 3/11/1891

&  ELIZA  LEONA  TAYLOR  CONNOR  12-9-1869  to  3-8-1938

*D/of  J. F. Taylor (1845-1921)  &  Sarah Towns Taylor (b:ca 1845)

*Wf/of  Thomas  Franklin Connor


WILLIAM  SAMUEL  CONNOR  7-1-1831 AL   to   9-25-1907 AR

*H/of  Sarah Jane Bolding

SARAH  JANE  BOLDING  CONNOR   2-16-1836 AL to  4-25-1924 AR

*D/of  John Bolding(1793-1862)  &  Nancy Shaeffer Bolding(1803-1870)



THOMAS  LEE “TOM”  CROFT  7-12-1944  to  9-9-2007

*S/of  Eric Geddes Croft (1917-1966)  &  Sarah “Doris” Core Croft (1918-2008)

*SP5  U.S. Army- Vietnam



MARY  LOIS  McKINNEY  DAVIS   9-13-1936  to  2-26-2009  *SSDI 



E.  GERTRUDE  DICKERSON  1-14-1884  to  8-22-1897

*D/of  Franklin L. Dickerson(1838-1904) & Malissa  A. Tanner Dickerson(1845-1911)


EMON  PARNELL  DICKERSON   3-19-1904  to  1-18-1964

*S/of Michael Jefferson Dickerson(1873-1957) & Mary Lee Hays Dickerson(1877-1964)    

*ARK   PFC  CO A 713  RY  OPN  BN  TC   WW II   


(F.L.)FRANKLIN  L. DICKERSON  8-15-1838  to  8-2-1904 "Mason"  

*H/of  Malissa  A. Tanner Dickerson 

(M.A.) MALISSA  A. TANNER  DICKERSON  1-21-1845  to  8-14-1911

*D/of  Thomas Jefferson Tanner(1818-1901) & Elizabeth Hardy Tanner(1828-1856)

 *Wf/of  Franklin  L.  Dickerson 


*Note: Unusual emblem at top of tombstone; large 12 or 14" circle with a 5 pointed star; between

each point on the star,starting at the top with the letter "F" & moving clockwise are the

following letters > F-A-T-A-L.

                                An "Eastern Star symbol"


FRANKLIN  P. DICKERSON   9-1-1898  to  2-9-1909  

*S/of Michael Jefferson Dickerson(1873-1957) & Mary Lee Hays Dickerson(1877-1964


MICHAEL  JEFFERSON  DICKERSON 12-22-1873   to   2-18-1957

*S/of  Franklin L. Dickerson(1838-1904) & Malissa  A. Tanner Dickerson(1845-1911)

&  MARY  LEE  HAYS  DICKERSON   11-28-1877  to  9-2-1964

*D/of Melton Pierce Hays(1852-1934) & Nancy Therisa Freeman Hays(1853-1914)   


THOMAS  C.  DICKERSON   3-9-1887  to  3-10-1929  'Mason'  

*S/of Franklin L. Dickerson(1838-1904) & Malissa A. Tanner Dickerson(1845-1911)

*H/of Rosada White Dickerson(1887-1940) buried at Good Hope Baptist Cemetery


THOMAS  JEFFERSON “JEFFIE” DICKERSON  9-18-1895  to  3-14-1912

*S/of Michael Jefferson Dickerson(1873-1957) & Mary Lee Hays Dickerson(1877-1964 



ELMORE  DOLLAR   5-14-1909  to  11-21-1983  'Mason'

*S/of  Jacob A. Dollar(1875-1914) & Mary Alabama Cameron Dollar(1877-1941)


&  MAMIE  TAUNTON  DOLLAR  1-11-1913 TX  to  3-26-1986

*D/of  Almer Pearl White Taunton(1893-1931)  &  John C. Taunton (1889-1976)


GERALD  C.  DOLLAR, SR.  4-21-1939  to  3-8-1973

*S/of  James Crawford Dollar(1915-1980) & Elenor Hartsfield Dollar(1918-1999)  


&  BETTY  J.  MOSHER  DOLLAR  11-11-1943 LA  to  9-22-1975 LA


JAKE  DOLLAR   2-24-1875  to  12-17-1914  "Mason" 

*S/of  Myra A. Dollar(b:ca 1845) & James Ambrose Dollar (1845-1923)

MARY ALABAMA “BAMA” CAMERON DOLLAR  12-9-1877  to  5-6-1941 

*Bama ,*1st wife of Jake Dollar  *Bama buried at Old Lapile Cemetery, Union Co., AR


(J. A.) JAMES  AMBROSE  DOLLAR   3-22-1845  to  3-7-1923  'Mason'  

*J.A. Dollar(66) Felsenthal, Union Co., AR  to Mrs. Roberta Johnson(34), Union Co., AR

July 19, 1911.   Md: by H.W. Jean. C.P. McHenry security (R-519

*2nd Wf/of Annie Roberta Roberson Johnson  Dollar (1877-1965) buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Wesson, AR

*1st wife, Myra A. Dollar(1845-1903)


JAMES  CRAWFORD  DOLLAR   6-11-1915  to  2-16-1980

*S/of  James Ambrose Dollar(1845-1923) &  Roberta Johnson Dollar(1877-1965)


&  ELENOR  HARTSFIELD  DOLLAR  2-2-1918  to  10-18-1999 Huttig, AR 

*D/of Ambers Hartsfield(1891-1979) & Mary Kathryn Jameson(1893-1976)


JAMES  EDISON  DOLLAR, SR.  4-8-1969  to  7-7-1997   

&  AMANDA  LYNN  DAVIS  DOLLAR   3-13-1969  (One date)   



JAMES (Jed) EDISON DOLLAR, JR. (20)  4-23-1990  to  9-14-2010 

*S/of  James Edison Dollar, Sr.(1969-1997) &  Amanda Lynn “Mandy” Davis Dollar 


JERRY  EARL  DOLLAR   8-27-1930  (One date) 


&  BOBBIE  GREEN  DOLLAR  10-12-1933 (One date) 


TROY  DOLLAR   9-27-1904  to  10-27-1971  'Mason'  "WOW"   

*S/of Jake Dollar1(1875-1914) &  Mary Alabama ‘Bama’ Cameron Dollar (1877-1941)

*Wife, LUCY WHITE  DOLLAR  1-14-1894  to  9-15-1980

*D/of James Elhue White(1862-1928) & Julia Catherine Poole(1865-1943)

*1st husband of Lucy White was ODEA HOMER HAYES(1874 -1934)

*2nd husband, Troy Dollar(1904-1971)



WILLIAM  “WILLIE”  DUKE    3-4-1892  to  6-23-1968

*S/of  William Thomas Duke(1871-1905) & Eliza Peterson Duke (1874-1926)

*ARK  WAGR  113  Sup  Co 29  WW I

&  ALICE  EVELYN  SMITH  DUKE   11-14-1900   to   2-19-1997 Strong, AR 

*Wf/of  Willie Duke   *Only years  given on their headstone; full dates from SSDI



MARGARET   E.  ELY     3-23-1912  to  10-8-1912 



EDWARD  D.  FERGUSON    11-2-1874  to  3-7-1938

*S/of  Joseph J. Ferguson(1828-1889) & Martha J. Saunders Ferguson(1845-1902)

&   ANNE  A. McGOWEN FERGUSON   3-10-1885  to   8-5-1969

*D/of  Andrew Jackson McGowen(1852-1907) & Callie Jane Burney McGowen(1858-1933)

 (84 yrs-4 mo-26 dys)


EDWARD  JASON  FERGUSON   2-24-1969  to  5-17-1970 


EDWARD  SIVLEY "BUSTER"  FERGUSON   4-22-1915  to  1-29-1980 

*S/of  Edward D. Ferguson(1874-1938) & Annie A. McGowen Ferguson(1885-1969)  


JOSEPH  AUBREY  FERGUSON   11-2-1904  to  10-10-1966

*S/of  Edward D. Ferguson(1874-1938) & Annie A. McGowen Ferguson(1885-1969)  


VERNON  FERGUSON   12-2-1910  to  2-1-1912 

*S/of  Edward D. Ferguson(1874-1938) & Annie A. McGowen Ferguson(1885-1969) 

*(Name is spelled Furgerson on marker)




ROBERT  LEONARD  FULLERTON, SR.  3-25-1905 to 12-26-1988'Mason'

*S/of  Flora Belle Stroud  Fullerton Broussard(1882-1966) & Robert Lee Fullerton  

*Step-father Robert Thomas Broussard

&  LENORA  INEZ  McGOWEN  FULLERTON, SR.  5-23-1909  to 

5-1-1994   *D/of Ollie Parnell McGowen(1882-1955) & Jessie Lee Harrison McGowen(1889-1919)


ROBERT  LEONARD  FULLERTON, JR.   10-3-1927  to  7-22-1975

*S/of Lenora Inez McGowen Fullerton & Robert Leonard Fullerton, Sr. (1905-1988)  

*EN1  U.S. Coast Guard   WW II,  Korea,  Vietnam 

*Wife, DORIS  LEE  JAYCOX (1926-1987) *Buried  Biloxi National Cemetery, Biloxi, Mississippi

  ( Section 35  Row 3  Site 18)      *U.S. Navy – Korea


ETHEL  GARNER  12-4-1905  to  2-1-1908 

*D/of  W.J.  &  Jinnie  Garner


VINCENT  G.  GARNER    Aug 1830 AL  to  6-15-1908    *Age 77  

*S/of  James H. Garner (1800 to 1871)  & Martha "Patsy" Parmer Garner

*Born in Alabama  1830-1908 (This is on the CSA marker)

*PVT  CO A  Claiborne REGT LA MIL  CSA

*Md:1/15/1853  AR   Julia Ann Kelley

JULIA  ANN  KELLY  GARNER (68)  1832 AL   to  1899AR

*D/of  Eric Kelly(b:ca 1855 KY)  &  Frances Dollar Kelly(b: ca 1854 KY)    

*Wf/of Vincent G. Garner 

A newer marker for Julia has been placed on her grave:

 Her birth year is given on it as 1832 & for the death year, it says "aft 1895".



CORA  GATHRIGHT  12-13-1899  to  11-9-1980

*D/of  Jessie Parnell Gathright, Sr. & Amaranth Easley Sinclair


ETHEL MARIE GATHRIGHT (98) 6-27-1913  to 10-1-2011 *OB

*D/of  Jesse Parnell Gathright  &  Amaranth Easley Sinclair *Youngest child of 10: 


Infant  GATHRIGHT   b:  &  d: 9-5-1905  

*Child of  Jessie  P. Gathright  &  Amaranth “Ammie”  Easley Sinclair Gathright(1870-1956)


(J.D.) JOHN  DENNIS  GATHRIGHT   3-27-1891  to  4-9-1938 Dubach, LA 

*S/of  Amaranth ”Ammie” Easley Sinclair (1870-1956)  & Jessie Parnell Gathright, Sr.(1858-1929)  

&  EVA  LYNETTE  HARRISON  GATHRIGHT  3-14-1895 AR to  Jul 1973 LA

*D/of  Robert Franklin Harrison(1872-1929) & Minnie W. Tucker Harrison(1874-1913)


JESSIE  PARNELL  GARTHRIGHT  7-12-1893  to  9-10-1904

*Some of these folks had an “R” in the Garthwright on the tombstone , while others did not.

*S/of  Jessie Parnell Gathright, Sr (1858-1929)  & Amaranth”Ammie” Easley Sinclair Gathright(1870-1956)


JESSE  P.  GARTHRIGHT    10-31-1858  to  5-11-1929 

AMMIE  EASLEY  SINCLAIR  GATHRIGHT   7-2-1870  to  6-16-1956 

*Amaranth Easley Sinclair:  Children of Jesse P. Gathright, Sr.  &  Amaranth E. Sinclair Gathright >

John Dennis Gathright; Jesse Parnell Gathright,Jr.; Lillie Gathright Harrison (Frank);  Cora Gathright;

Herman Gathright-wife, Halsie;  Peter Volman Gathright;  Wm. "Bully" (Mac) Gathright; Ethel Marie

Gathright.  All deceased by Oct 2, 2011.


JOHN  DENNIS  GATHRIGHT, JR.   7-24-1919  to   3-16-1944 

*S/of  Eva Lynette Harrison(1895-1973) &  John Dennis Gathright(1891-1938)

*Aviation Cadet John Dennis Gathright, 24, of Natchitoches, was killed in a plane crash near Sherman, TX.

*Killed in training as a pilot, Perrin Field, Sherman, TX, on his first night flight. Accidently killed by

  another pilot while training on night flights. Tail of his plane was lopped off by other pilot.

*Services were held at home of  Mr.&  Mrs. F.W. Harrison home, his uncle & aunt,  in Bastrop, Louisiana.

*Inscription beneath photo:  “Roscoe, the Wolf”   “Wait for me, Mary”


PETER  VOLMAN  GATHRIGHT  4-17-1904  to  10-16-1904 

*S/of  Jessie Parnell Gathright, Sr (1858-1929)  & Amaranth”Ammie” Easley Sinclair Gathright(1870-1956)



CHARLES  MARK  GIBSON  2-20-1957  to  8-21-2007

*Charles Mark Gibson  md: 8/10/1979  Judy Boykin

*1st husband of Judy Boykin Harper (her 2nd husband,  Darin Craig Harper(b: 9/22/1959)

*These 3 share a triple headstone: Chas. Mark Gibson; Judy Boykin: Darin Craig Harper



IVAN  E.  GILMORE    11-24-1915   to   6-15-1970  'Mason' 

*S/of  Sanford A. Gilmore(1886-1953) & Emma V. Bardin Gilmore (1890-1979)

*ARK SGT 1389 Base Unit  AAF  WW  II     *Md: 9/7/1939

&  PAULINE MATTHEWS GILMORE  10-22-1921  (One date)  

*D/of  George Arvin Matthews (1897-1986) & Letha Leoma Webb Matthews(1904-1994)



MARTHA  BOLDING  GORDON   10-26-1955  to  5-25-1980



TEMPERANCE “TEMPA” KERSEY GRAY  12-8-1804  to  2-7-1845

*1st wife of Thomas J. Gray  *Several of their children born between 1824-1837, ended up in Maricopa Co., AZ

One son James Addison Gray (1837-1865) is buried at Little Rock National Cemetery, Pulaski Co., AR



CLAYTON  EDWARD  HAMM (81) 7-22-1931  to  12-11-2012 *ob

*S/of  James Clayton Hamm(1906-1987) & Kathryn White Hamm Scholwinsk (1916-1997)

*US Air Force  *Mechanical Engineer

CECELIA  ANN  WARD  HAMM   9-30-1939  to  9-30-2009

*D/of William Charles Ward(1913-1999) & Marjorie Lucille Roberts Ward(1916-1990)



JAMES  PAUL "BO" HANNA (65)11-13-1944  to  7-31-2010*ob  

*S/of  James Russell Hanna(1913-2008)  &  CeCile Hays Hanna(1920-1998)


JAMES  RUSSELL "JIM" HANNA  10-4-1913  to  11-24-2008

*Md:5/16/1943  *1st  CeCile Hays *2nd  Margie Ola Owen(1923-2009) buried Resthaven

&  CECILE  HAYS "SIS" HANNA  2-3-1920  to  1-1-1998

*D/of  Henry Eugene Hays(1897-1951) & Thula Connor Hays(1898-1984)    



ARDELLE   SHACKLEFORD  HARPER   2-21-1832  to   7-24-1910

*Wf/of  William Egelton Harper   *See below.



Elizabeth Rebecca born in Perry Co., Alabama    *Wife of  Henry Harper (1815-1860)    *See below.


GEORGE  POLLARD HARPER   8-17-1872  to 10-1-1875 

*S/of  William Egelton Harper(1816-1873) & Ardelle Shackleford Harper(1832-1910)


HENRY  HARPER   1815  to  1860

*S/of  Edward Alexander Harper(1787-1860) & Mary “Polly” McDonald Harper(1785-1845)

*1st wife,   Elizabeth Rebecca Shackleford Harper(1824-1855)  *2nd wife, Emily P. McHenry


IDA HELEN BASKIN HARPER 4-19-1875  to  9-5-1902

*1st wife of  William Egelton Harper, Jr.   *See below


Infant  HARPER    b:  &  d:  8-20-1910 

*Child of  Porter Eugene Harper(1887-1966)  &  Lucy Ellen Gillum Harper(1889-1964)


JUDY  BOYKIN  HARPER  (GIBSON)  B: 9-22-1959(One date)  *See GIBSON

(L.L.) LEWIS LUDEWICK HARPER   3-9-1870   to  1-30-1927

*S/of  Thomas and Sarah P. Harper


NANNIE  PEARL  TURBEVILLE  HARPER 4-4-1886  to  12-4-1966

*D/of  Bryant C. Turbeville(1857-1921) & Barsey L. White Turbeville(1855-1928)

*2nd  wife of  William Egelton Harper, Jr.   *See below


MARY  ELLEN  HARPER   3-23-1862  to  5-24-1863

*D/of  William Egelton Harper(1816-1873) & Ardelle Shackleford Harper(1832-1910)


(P.G.) PERRY GOLSON  HARPER   3-27-1858   to  10-7-1929  

*S/of  Thomas and Sarah P. Harper


ROBERT  THOMAS  HARPER   12-8-1858   to  10-25-1878 

*S/of  William Egelton Harper(1816-1873) & Ardelle Shackleford Harper(1832-1910)

(* Marker says he is buried in Milam County, Texas)


SEEBELL  HARPER   9-1-1860 Alabama  to 12-15-1897

*D/of  William Egelton Harper(1816-1873) & Ardelle Shackleford Harper(1832-1910)  


WILLIAM  EGELTON  HARPER, JR.   3-1-1874  to  3-11-1962

*S/of  William Egelton Harper(1816-1873) & Ardelle Shackleford Harper(1832-1910)

*1st  Wife,  IDA HELEN BASKIN HARPER 4-19-1875  to  9-5-1902 

*D/of  Samuel Crawford Baskin(1840-1919) & Helen Margaret Brillhart Baskin(1847-1934)

*Ida died shortly after giving birth to her daughter, Ida Lee Harper Berry(9/5/1902 to 12/11/1989)

*2nd wife, NANNIE  PEARL TURBEVILLE HARPER  4-4-1886 to 12-4-1966

*D/of  Bryant C. Turbeville(1857-1921) & Barsey L. White Turbeville(1855-1928)


WILLIAM  EGELTON  HARPER, SR.   5-7-1816 GA  to 10-20-1873  Union Co.,AR

*S/of  William Turner Harper(1792-1861) & Sarah Elizabeth Gholson Harper(1794-1852)

ARDELLE  SHACKLEFORD  HARPER   2-21-1832 AL  to  7-24-1910



WILLIAM  M.  HARRISON   2-19-1867 AR  to  6-20-1942 LA

*S/of  William Henry Harrison(1845-1890)  &  Ellen Elizabeth Wallace Harrison (1849-1910)


to  7-28-1903   *Wf/of  William M. Harrison

*D/of  Thomas Peter Poole(1838-1900)  &  Leah Cleopatra Wasson Poole (1845-1902)

"Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"



STEVEN  DALE  HATTEN  10-24-1951 (One date) 


&  BONNIE  E.  NELSON  HATTEN  10-8-1951  (One date)



ELY  MARGARET  E.  HAYS    3-23-1912  to  10-8-1912


HENRY  EUGENE  HAYS  “Coote”  8-18-1897  to  9-26-1951

*S/of  Henry Newton Hays(1873-1947) & Minnie White Hays(1878-1959)

*PVT  U.S. Army- WW I         *Md: 4/26/1919

&  THULA  CONNOR  HAYS   8-8-1898  to  5-20-1984

*D/of  Thomas Franklin Connor(1865-1941)  &  Eliza Leona Taylor Connor (1869-1938)


HENRY  NEWTON  HAYS   11-30-1873  to  4-1-1947 *ARDI 

*S/of  Melton Pierce Hays (1852-1934) & Nancy Therisa Freeman Hays (1853-1914)

&  MINNIE  WHITE  HAYS   1878  to  1959 


JAMES  R. HAYS “Jim Bob”  5-2-1885  to  5-27-1977

*S/of  Melton Pierce Hays(1852-1934)  to  Nancy Therisa Freeman Hays(1853-1914)


12-5-1941  *D/of  Duncan K. Silliman(1851-1891) & Sallie T. Avery Silliman(1865-1941)


JOHN  FREEMAN HAYS   11-9-1887   to  9-2-1890 

*S/of  Melton  Pierce Hays(1852-1934)  & Nancy Therisa Freeman Hays(1853-1914)

*Appears on tombstone as JOHN FREMAN Son of M.P. & Therisa Hayse


 MARVIN  PIERCE  HAYS   5-19-1882  to   Feb 1964  *SSDI

*S/of  Melton Pierce Hays(1852-1934)  to  Nancy Therisa Freeman Hays(1853-1914)

"Father"    *H/of  Annie Ophelia Joiner Hays

ANNIE OPHELIA JOINER  HAYS  Mar 1878 LA  to  3-19-1941AR

*D/of  Andrew Gilbert Joiner(1851-1915) & Clemon Catherine Clingfost Joiner(1856-1922)

 (*ARDI  3-19-1941 Lincoln Co.)   *Wf/of  Marvin Pierce Hays(1882-1964)


(M.P.) MELTON  PIERCE  HAYS  9-23-1852  to  2-7-1934

*S/of  John H. Hays(1820-1900) & Tabitha Beeson Hays (1828-1880

NANCY “THERISA” FREEMAN HAYS  5-28-1853  to  8-24-1914 

*Wf/of  Melton Pierce Hays     


MICHAEL  HAYS   B  &  D  11-12-1957 

*S/of Milton Paul Hays(1925-2012)  & Joyce Hays


 NANCY  EVELYN  HAYS  B  &  D  10-17-1959 

*D/of Paul & Joyce Hays 


ROBERT  D. "Buddy"  HAYS   8-7-1919  to  1-13-1998

*S/of  Melton Pierce Hays(1852-1934)  to  Nancy Therisa Freeman Hays(1853-1914)


& DOROTHY R. CHAMBLISS  HAYS 10-14-1923 to 4-26-1995

*D/of  Boss Chambliss(1878-1925)  &  Lula T. Cochran Chambliss(1882-1959)



MARGIE J.  SNELL  HILL (76)  9-11- 1934  to  2-4-2011 

*D/of Henry Clay & Olivia Nelson Snell  

*Wf/of Bruce J.  Hill(1940- ?)    (*md: 3/14/2975) 



JAMES  LEE  HIXON  B  &  D  8-24-1964  Egypt  

*Premature  S/of  Major Lee Hixon(1940-2013) & Nancy Jo “Baw-Baw” Taunton(1942-2011)    

* Infant Buried in American Cemetery, Cairo, Egypt


MAJOR  LEE  HIXON(73)  1-23-1940  to  6-4-2013  *OB

*Burial in Old Lapile Cemetery by Perry’s FH   

*1st  Wife, Nancy Jo Taunton (1942-2011)  *See her listed with TAUNTON family.

*2nd  Wife, Beverly Nan Maroney  Russell (1941-2012)  *Buried Strong Cemetery

*S/of  late Albert Lee Hixon(1911-1984)  & *1st wife, Alma Darby Hixon Frisby(1903-1984)

[Father,  Albert Lee Hixon md:3 X’s; He is buried along with 3rd wife,

Johnnie “Vera”  Hogue(1914-2007) in Green Grove Cemetery]



AUBURN  D.  HOWARD    6-25-1907  to  6-15-1968  

*Massachusetts   Sgt.  XIII  U.S.A. Corp   World War  II


LAURA  JOSEPHINE “JODIE” FIKE  HOWARD   4-16-1870  to  4-7-1945  

*D/of  James Gordon Fike(1839-1901) & Lelia Walton Fike (1853-1929)


NED  A.  HOWARD   1-19-1911  to  5-29-1994

*S/of  Laura Josephine “Jodie” Fike Howard

*S  SGT  U.S. Army Air Corps  WW II – Purple Heart – POW- “DOOTS”


WILLIAM  "Bill"  HOWARD     2-2-1904  to  11-25-1987

*S/of  Laura Josephine “Jodie” Fike Howard(1870-1945)


(A.G.) ANDREW  GILBERT  JOINER  3-3-1851  to  5-15-1915

*S/of  Duncan &  Mary M. Joiner 


to  3-11-1922 AR

*D/of  Jacob W. Clingfost(1825-1882)  &  Mary E. Bolding Clingfost(1824-1909)


HATTIE  JOINER    12-23-1880  to  9-29-1884  (Marker broken)


MARY  ELINOR  JOINER   4-12-1869  to  1-1-1871  

*D/of  Hardy B. Joiner(1843-1916)  &  Mary Margaret Elizabeth Kelly Joiner(1851-1917)



A.  KELLEY "GRANDPA” (no dates or further info)  1827 AL – 1865 AR

*Born 1827 in St. Clair Co., Alabama  ~  Died Lapile, Union Co., AR


CHARLIE  ELTON  KELLEY  9-9-1907  to  5-10-1957

*S/of  John O. Kelley(1862-1917) & Florence Angelique Wooten Kelley (1870-1941)

*ARKANSAS   PFC  CO G 181 Infantry  World War  II

 LONIE  DEE  SIMMONS  KELLEY  4-15-1914  to  2-1-1931

* Wife of Charlie Elton Kelley


CRAWFORD  KELLEY  12-2-1898  to  7-20-1906 

*S/of  John Wesley Kelley(1859-1905)  &  Ella Elizabeth Lum Kelley(1866-1953) 


DENNIS  O.  KELLEY  6-18-1912   to  9-12-1912


ED  WESLEY  KELLEY    6-4-1884  to  10-1-1911 

*S/of  Florence Angelique Wootan Kelly (1870-1941) & John O. Kelley(1862-1917)


ERMAN  KELLEY    8-10-1896  to  7-2-1969

*D/of  John Wesley Kelley(1859-1905)  &  Ella Elizabeth Lum Kelley(1866-1953)   

FLORENCE A.  ROGERS  KELLEY 2-1-1905  to  8-14-1975

*Wf/of  Erman Kelley (1896-1969)


ETHEL  KELLEY   2-16-1890  to  2-14-1891

*D/of  John Wesley Kelley(1859-1905)  &  Ella Elizabeth Lum Kelley(1866-1953) 

*These two sisters share a double headstone.

&  Infant  Daughter  KELLEY   b:  &  d:12-14-1885 

*D/of  John Wesley Kelley(1859-1905)  &  Ella Elizabeth Lum Kelley(1866-1953) 


JASPER  LEO  KELLEY  11-10-1909  to  1-12-1979

*S/of  John O. Kelly(1862-1917)  &  Florence Angelique Wooten (1870-1941)

*Md: 8/15/1933   *CM 3  U.S. Navy

&  CLARA MAY  PORE  KELLEY  7-24-1914  to  10-31-1982

*D/of  Pearl Strickland Pore(1895-1927) & Albert B. Pore (1868-1924)


JOHNIE  BLANCH  KELLEY   10-14-1887  to  9-19-1893 

*D/of  John Wesley Kelley(1859-1905)  &  Ella Elizabeth Lum Kelley(1866-1953) 


JOHN  O.  KELLY   2-16-1862   to  4-17-1917

 *S/of  Eliza Jane Hughes Kelley Manning  (b: ca 1830 AL) or Arnold & Mary Ellen Jones Kelly


3-11-1941  *D/of  Edwin R. Wooten (1851-1922) &  Julia Ann Bowen Wooten(1843-1900)


JOHN  WESLEY  KELLEY    1-26-1859 LA  to  9-23-1906 AR

*H/of  Ella Elizabeth Lum

ELLA  ELIZABETH LUM  KELLEY  12-1-1866  to  4-19-1953

*D/of James Lum (b:ca 1828 MS) & Matilda Cater Dunbar Lum (b:ca 1837 MS)

*Wf/of  John Wesley Kelley


JOHN  WILEY  KELLEY    3-17-1894  to  6-19-1896

*S/of  John O. Kelly(1862-1917) & Florence Angelique Wooten Kelley(1870-1941)   


 MARTHA  KELLEY   10-31-1901  to  5-3-1903 


"Aunt"  SARAH  KELLEY    7-24-1914  to  10-31-1982 

*Wf/of  Jasper O. Kelley  


THOMAS  JEFFERSON  KELLY   10-3-1896  to  8-12-1971

*S/of  John O. Kelly(1862-1917) & Florence Angelique Wooten (1870-1941)


&   GRACE  GREEN  KELLY  8-9-1897  to  12-27-1981

*D/of  Benjamin Calhoun Green(1897-1921) & Allie Eudora Green (1855-1927) 


WALTER  ARNOLD   KELLY  3-11-1888  to  12-21-1952

*S/of  John O. Kelly(1862-1917) & Florence Angelique Wooten  Kelly(1870-1941)  

*H/of  Emma Dee Phillips Kelly(1887-1972)buried Chapelwood Memorial Gardens

  and Mausoleum, Wake Village, Texas.

“Go On Dear Dad And Take Your Rest, We Loved You, But God Loved You Best”

                                                                “MAMA  &  HAZLE”



CHARLES  LORENZA  LANCASTER   1-17-1917  to  3-3-1950       

* ARKANSAS  TEC 4  408  QM  CO  11  ABN DIV  World War  II 


JOSEPH  CULLEN “JOE”  LANCASTER    12-19-1909  to  11-10-1958

*S/of  Charles Henry Lancaster(1867-1936) & Mattie Jarmon Lancaster(1877-1968)

*H/of  Mamie Orell Connor Lancaster Walden(1925-1979)  *See Walden 

*ARKANSAS  TEC 5  HQ  Co  821  Engr  AVN  Bn    World War  II




GLADYS  LAWRENCE   (No  dates)

LEO  LAWRENCE (No  dates)

*Speculation  from *SSDI:10-24-1893  to  Oct 1965



THOMAS  ELMA  LITTLE   1-10-1901  to  11-14-1902 

*S/of  Steve Monroe Little(1870-1961)  & Sarah  Etta Dickerson Little(1871-1953) 



CHARLIE  POWELL  LUM   3-27-1894   to  3-6-1978

*S/of  Samuel Thomas Lum(1869-1916) & Anna Laura Benford Lum(1872-1923)

MARY JANE "MOLLIE"  NELSON  LUM  11-8-1902  to  1-13-1989

*D/of  David Samuel Nelson(1852-1932) & Matilda Rachel McManus Nelson(1872-1937)


(J.P.) JOHN  POWELL  LUM  6-10-1928  to  1-6-2005 


SAMUEL THOMAS LUM    1-30-1869  to  9-17-1916 

*S/of  James M. Lum(1829-1884) & Matilda Cater Dunbar Lum(b:ca 1837 MS)

&  ANNA LAURA  BENFORD  LUM  3-10-1872  to  2-18-1923

*D/of  Henry A. & Mary E. Benford      *Wf/of  Samuel Thomas Lum  


STELLA  MARIE  LUM    b: & d:  7-10-1957   

*D/of  Mr. &  Mrs. John  Powell Lum



OLIVER  LUTICAN MAJOR    6-7-1904  to   Nov 1979

*S/of  Gilliam Preston Major(1881-1956) & Lavonia Flemon Major(1884-1952)   

ETTA  CLEO  JOINER  MAJOR  3-1-1908  to  Jul 1970   

"Wife" of Oliver Lutican Major (1904-1979) "Our Mama"  (No  dates On headstone)



GEORGE  ARVIN “ARVIN” MATTHEWS  11-18-1897  to  1-30-1986

*S/of  George Arn Mathews(1872-1952) & Ida Rose Hays Mathews(1875-1941)


& LETHA LEOMA “OMA” WEBB MATTHEWS  1-19-1904  to 11-8-1994

*D/of John Henry Webb(1878-1953) & Ella Pauline Foster Webb(1887-1962)


CHARLES  PIERCE  MATTHEWS   12-26-1938  to  10-16-2006

*S/of  George Arvin Matthews(1897-1986) & Letha Leoma Webb Matthews (1904-1994)

*Md:12/26/1958     *CPL  U.S. Marine Corps

&  VELMA  MARIE  AVERY  MATTHEWS  3-7-1944  (One date)

*Wf/of  Charles Pierce Matthews


GEORGE  ARN  MATHEWS    4-24-1872  to  12-25-1952 

*S/of  Elizabeth Jane Sehon Mathews(1841-1915) & John Mathews(1845-1879)

 Wf,  IDA ROSE  HAYS  MATHEWS   8-5-1875  to  9-1-1941

*D/of  Melton Pierce Hays(1852-1934) & Nancy Therisa Freeman Hays(1853-1914)

*Wf/of  George Arn Mathews


HAROLD  K.  MATHEWS   9-19-1935  (One date)

&  SONJA  JO  MATHEWS  6-9-1939  (One date)


Infant  Son  MATTHEWS   b: &  d:  11-9-1950 

*S/of  Mr. & Mrs. Duane Matthews


JERRY  B.  MATHEWS  7-24-1941  to  10-25-2009

*S/of Albert Carson Mathews (1893-1964) & Etta Elizabeth Hays Mathews(1893-1979)

*Pvt U.S. Marine Corps


MICHAEL  PAUL  MATTHEWS   2-4-1974  to  9-6-1993

*S/of  Charles Pierce Matthews(1938-2006) & Velma Marie Avery Matthews(1944- ?  )


THOMAS "PETE" PIERCE  MATHEWS  12-29-1919  to  4-10-1999 NJ

*2nd  S/of  Albert Carson Mathews(1893-1964)  &  Etta Elizabeth Hayes Mathews(1893-1979)



ALLIE  T.  McGOWEN   6-3-1875 MS  to  11-19-1908 AR 

*D/of  Andrew Jackson McGowen, Sr.(1852-1907)  & Callie Jane Burney McGowen(1858-1933)


ANDREW  JACKSON  McGOWEN    5-17-1852  to  10-21-1907

*S/of  Elijah E. McGowen(1829-1914) & Holly C. Whittington McGowen(1830-1957) 

& CALLIE JANE BURNEY McGOWEN  1-26-1858 MS  to  8-30-1933


JAMES  'JIM'  OCTAVAS  McGOWEN   9-13-1877 MS  to  9-5-1955 AR

*S/of  Andrew Jackson McGowen(1852-1907) & Callie Jane Burney McGowen (1858-1933)

&  FLORENCE HATTIE RUSSELL McGOWEN  10-22-1882 LA  to  8-17-1962

*D/of John W. Russell(1834-1893) &  Mary E. Wasson Russell (b:ca 1844)  


Infant  McGOWEN   4-18-1907  (One date) 

*S/of  Andrew Jackson McGowen, Sr.( 1852-1907) & Callie Jane  Burney McGowen(1858-1933)


OLLIE  PARNELL McGOWEN   10-29-1882  to  1-28-1955

*S/of  Andrew Jackson McGowen, Sr.( 1852-1907) & Callie Jane  Burney McGowen(1858-1933)

JESSIE  LEE  HARRISON McGOWEN   10-25-1889  to  4-7-1919

*D/of  William M. Harrison(1867-1942) & Lenora Odessa Poole Harrison(1871-1903)


WALTER  PLEASANT McGOWEN   1-19-1880  to  9-13-1968

*S/of  Andrew Jackson McGowen, Sr.( 1852-1907) & Callie Jane  Burney McGowen(1858-1933)



JOHN  VINEY  McHENRY   3-3-1802 VA  to  1-14-1880 AR  

*S/of  Thomas Dodson McHenry(1772-1823) & Nancy Ann Marten McHenry(1782-1844)

&   KEZIA  BROWN  McHENRY  2-17-1810 SC   to   8-12-1869 AR

*Wf/of  John Viney McHenry   *No dates on headstone…just…. K.  Mc H.



BENNIE  P.  McKINNEY    6-6-1904  to  3-18-1947  "Father"

*S/of  George Emmett McKinney (1877-1956) & Mattie E. Andrews McKinney (1877-1927)

ELLIS  ORENE  HAYS  McKINNEY   2-3-1914  to  4-2-1998  "Mother" 

*D/of  James R. Hays (1885-1977)  &  Mary Abigail Silliman Hays (1886-1941)


"In Memory of Twin Daughters" of Mr. & Mrs. H. B. McKinney

born & died   9-26-1952


(H.) HENRY  BERNARD  McKINNEY  11-22-1922  to  4-17-2004 

*S/of  William Henry McKinney(1876-1928) & Onie Mae Porterfield McKinney(1895-1967)

*Md:8/27/1942    *MSGT   US Air Force - WW II - Korea

&  ANNA LACEY CANADY McKINNEY(85) 6-25-1926  to 7-18-2011

*D/of  Grady D. Canady(1902-1963)  &  Salley Mae Adams Canady(1903-1991) "Annie"  *OB

*Wf/of  Henry Bernard McKinney  

"Annie" was the pianist at her church, Lapile Baptist, for over 60 years.


MATTHEW  KINCHEN  McKINNEY   5-6-1844  to 10-10-1878

*S/of  Terrance McKinney(b:ca 1816 Ireland) & Rebecca Tipton Mckinney(b:ca 1820 GA)

*Wife, MARTHA ANN McHENRY  (3/26/1848   to  10/16/1900) 

*Martha D/of John Viney McHenry(1802-1880) & Kezia Brown McHenry(1810-1869)



*S/of  John Henry McKinney(1837-1897)  to  Sarah Jane Harper(1853-1906)



ARCHIE  LEON  MEADOR   12-8-1904 TX  to  4-6-1964 AR


&  STELLA  ALICE  DIGGS  MEADOR  3-3-1909  to  11-24-1962

*D/of William Walter Deggs(1880-1959) & Kathy Calvin Eugenia Jones Deggs(1884-1973)



CHARLEY  COWDEN  MORTON    1-26-1865  to  1-11-1901

*S/of  Daniel Morton (1834-1915) & Julia Cowden Morton(1837-1908)

ETTA  LINDSEY  MORTON   10-26-1872  to  7-19-1940

*2nd wife of  Charley Cowden Morton


CLIFTON  EUGENE  MORTON   12-30-1893  to   4-10-1957

*S/of  Charley Cowden Morton(1865-1931) & Etta Lindsey Morton(1872-1940)

*2nd wife, Edna Tucker

NANCY  BOLDING  MORTON    6-26-1893  to  12-13-1941

*D/of  Perry Manley Bolding (1867-1909)  &  Siddie White Bolding (1871-1928)


DIXIA  GREENWOOD  MORTON  1864  to  3-21-1890

*1st Wf/of  Charley Cowden Morton (1865-1901)  

“Twas hard to give theeup.  But Thy will, O God, be done.”

&  EDNER  MORTON  b: 9-18-1890  *D/of  C.C. & Dixia Morton 

*Edner, daughter of Dixia Greenwood Morton  & Charley Cowden Morton

“The fairest flower we fondly love, how soon it fades and dies”

*Mother & daughter share same headstone: *Note the death dates, not an error, but

exactly as it is on the headstone. Spelling of Dixia's name from headstone.


 DANIEL  MORTON   11-27-1834 AL  to  11-27-1915 AR

*H/of  Julia Cowden Morton

JULIA  COWDEN  MORTON  12-25-1837  to  4-9-1908

*D/of  Robert Davis Cowden(1813-1886) & Louisa Palmer Cowden(1818-1897)

*Her headstone is broken in half.


EDA  L.  MORTON    6-1-1872  to  9-17-1875  

*D/of  Daniel Morton(1834-1915)  & Julia Cowden Morton (1837-1908) 


EUGENE  L.  MORTON   8-21-1923  to  7-26-1943 

*S/of  Clifton Eugene Morton (1893-1957)  &  Nancy Bolding Morton (1893-1941)

*ARK  S  Sgt   303  AAF  Bomb   Gp   World War  II 


HUBERT CLIFTON “HUGH” MORTON(55)  3-11-1959  to  8-30-2014

*S/of  Robert Vance Morton (1929-2013) & Sarah Cordelia Pate Morton (1931-1990)

*Hubert’s wife, Sandra Dru Watts Morton ( b: 1961)     *Md: 10/15/1993

“In Thee.  O Lord.   Have We Put Our Trust”


ROBERT  "Bobby"  VANCE   MORTON (83)  8-31-1929  to  8-12-2013

*S/of  Clifton Eugene Morton (1893-1957)  &  Nancy Bolding Morton (1893-1941)    *OB

*1st  wife,  SARAH CORDELIA PATE MORTON (1931-1990)

*2nd wife,  ADRIANNE  STEINSICK  MORTON  *Preceded Robert in death.

 *Retired (21 yrs) Air Force Master Sargent  *Taught school for 12 yrs in El Dorado

*Preceding him in death was his Step-mother, Edna Tucker & Step-brother Pete (Boykin) Tucker

SARAH CORDELIA“DELIA” PATE MORTON  7-16-1931  to  2-12-1990 

*D/of  Hubert Rosco Pate(1906-1986) & Stella Lee Parr Pate (1911-1998)

*1st husband,  Johnnie Russell Ray (1931-1998)

*2nd husband,  Robert Vance  “Bob”  Morton (1929-2013)  

*Robert “Bob” & Sarah share a double headstone



LELIA  KEZIAH  NABORS  12-4-1857  to  1-21-1860 

*D/of  John  H. Nabors(1827-1914)  &  Susan Caroline McHenry Nabors(1829-1895) 

JOSE  L.  NABORS  7-26-1850  to  9-23-1856 

*D/of  John  H. Nabors(1827-1914)  &  Susan Caroline McHenry Nabors(1829-1895) 



ARCHIE  MOORE “Cotton”  NELSON  7-4-1901   to  6-7-1965

*S/of  Charlie Morgan Nelson(1860-1937) & Sarah Alice Bolding Nelson(1865-1921)  

*Md: 8/4/1923

&  ELSIE GERTRUDE PLEMONS  NELSON  8-20-1906  to  9-23-1989

*D/of  James A. Plemons(1883-1964) & Minnie C. Plemons(b: ca 1884)             

*Elsie Elsie Plemons is the way it was inscribed on the tombstone.


CHARLES  LOGAN  NELSON   12-1-1893  to  2-13-1982

*S/of  Charlie Morgan Nelson(1860-1937) &  Sarah Alice Bolding Nelson(1865-1921)    

*Md:1st Sally Kelly 1917  -  Md: 2nd Gussie Gathright 1920     *U.S. Army  World War I 

SALLIE  M.  KELLEY  NELSON  1899  to  6-3-1927  *ARDI  

*Md: 1917  1st Wf/of  Charles  Logan  Nelson 

*D/of  John O. Kelley (1862-1917) & Florence Angelique Wooten Kelley(1870-1941)

GUSSIE  GATHRIGHT  NELSON  12-13-1901  to  4-24-1976

*D/of  Miles Henry Gathright(1875-1962) & Susie Letlow Gathright(1881-1950)

*2nd wife of  Charles Logan Nelson   *All three have separate headstones.


CHARLIE  MORGAN  NELSON   2-20-1860  to  3-1-1937

*S/of  Simpson Sylvestus Nelson (1822-1889) & Nancy Jane Elliott Nelson (1829-1901)

&  SARAH ALICE BOLDING NELSON  9-25-1865 to 1-29-1921

*D/of  Thomas Santer Bolding(1829-1888) & Annie Eleanor Wilson(1836-1911)


Infant  NELSON    d:12-20-1917 

*S/of  John Millard Nelson(1890-1971)  &  Laura Ophelia Black Nelson (1894-1974)


JAMES  HILTON  NELSON   1-8-1919  to  9-17-1986

*S/of  John Millard Nelson(1890-1971)  &  Laura Ophelia Black Nelson (1894-1974) 

*Md:9/14/1940     *SK 1  U.S. Navy  World War II

& FRANCES PAULINE GATHRIGHT NELSON(87)  3-1-1921  to  7-20-2008

*D/of James Monroe Gathright (1891-1948)  & Ida Moore Gathright (1895-1927)       *OB 


JOHN  MILLARD  NELSON   1-27-1890  to  2-25-1971

*S/of  Charlie Morgan Nelson(1860-1937) & Sarah Alice Bolding Nelson(1865-1921)  

“Earth Has No Sorrow That Earth Cannot Heal”

&  LAURA  OPHELIA  BLACK  NELSON   2-8-1894  to  6-20-1974

*D/of James G. Black(1859-1897)  & Lou Ella Fike King (1871-1967)


LAURA  BETH  NELSON   12-8-1947  to  12-9-1947 

*D/of  James Hilton Nelson(1919-1986)  &  Frances Pauline Gathright Nelson(1921-2008)


MILLARD  FULTON "JACK"  NELSON (89)  11-1-1922  to  4-22-2012

*S/of  John Millard Nelson(1890-1971)  &  Laura Ophelia Black Nelson (1894-1974)

*Wf/ of 67 yrs, Marie Williams Nelson  *Md:6/16/1945   *OB

&  MARIE  WILLIAMS  NELSON  6-12-1929  (One date)

*Wife of Millard Fulton “Jack” Nelson   “In Loving Memory”


RAY  LEE  NELSON  1-17-1939  to  4-2-2007


&  LOUISE  NELSON   7-29-1943  (One date)


THOMAS  SYLVESTER NELSON  12-18-1887  to  3-19-1980

*S/of  Charlie Morgan Nelson(1860-1937) & Sarah Alice Bolding Nelson(1865-1921)  


&  SARAH “Sallie” BLACK  NELSON  8-19-1892  to  3-1-1974

*D/of James G. Black(1859-1897)  &  Lou Ella Fike King (1871-1967)


TOMMY  WADE  NELSON  11-27-1934  to  2-4-1954 

*S/of  Charles Logan Nelson (1893-1982) & Gussie Gathright Nelson(1901-1976)   

*Killed in a car crash in the West.


WILLIAM  CLARENCE  NELSON  2-10-1906  to 12-26-1972

*S/of  William F. Nelson(1879-1961) & Rosa Beasley Nelson (1888-1983)

*LA TEC 4 GMC  WW II   “Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours”

MAGGIE  C.  SINCLAIR NELSON   7-27-1912  to  11-16-1955

*D/of  Lee Temple Sinclair(1875-1957) & Susan Etta Wootan Sinclair(1879-1953)

*Wife of  William Clarence Nelson(1906-1972)



ELMOR  OSGOOD   10-3-1926  to  4-25-1994  “Father”

&  LORETTA  OSGOOD   1-21-1932  (One date)  “Mother”



CECIL LIVINGSTON PARDUE   6-8-1908 LA  to  8-6-1968 AR

*S/of  Curtis H. Pardue (1882-1956)  &  Fannie Fowler Pardue (1887-1936)

*Louisiana TEC 4 Quartermaster Corps   World War  II

&  IVA VICTORY MEDLIN PARDUE(101) 12-13-1914 LA  to  12-18-2015AR

*D/of  Milas B. Medlin (1878-1959) & Maud Turner Medlin (1894-1959)



Infant  PEARSON  d: 2-5-1894  

*S/of  Mose  J. Pearson(1861-1945)   &  Lucy E. Rowland Pearson(1872-1961)



WALTON  JACKSON  PIERSON    5-7-1888 AL  to  1958 AR 

*H/of  Lucy Odity Dickerson

&  LUCY ODITY DICKERSON PIERSON   8-7-1901  to  2-14-1946 

*D/of  Michael Jefferson Dickerson(1873-1957) & Mary Lee Hays Dickerson(1877-1964)

*Speculation: from ARDI  19032-15-1946  *ARDI   *Only the year is given on tombstone 1901-1946



STELLA  MARIE  PLUM   b: & d: 7-10-1957 

*D/of  Mr. &  Mrs. John  Plum



ALBERT  B.  PORE   1868  to  1924 

*H/of  Pearl Strickland Pore

PEARL  STRICKLAND  PORE  1895  to  1927

*Wf/of  Albert B. Pore



ASHLEY  MARIA  REDDIN  11-8-1987  to  3-4-2005

*Step-Granddaughter of Charles & Velma Matthews, D/of Judy.  

*Funeral Home Marker



MOSES  “MOSE”  FRANK  ROBINSON, JR.  3-27-1902  LA to  4-29-1987 AR

*S/of  Moses Franklin Robinson(1860-1926) & Mary F. Townsend Robinson(1862-1937)


& LOLA  GLADYS  BOLDING  ROBINSON  2-8-1913  to  12-13-1988

*D/of  Henry Turrentine Bolding(1876-1934)  &  Lucy Ellen Gathright Bolding(1881-1957)



CORNIE  B.  ROWLAND  5-10-1885   to   9-3-1888 

*D/of  Eugene Fulton Rowland (1843-1928)  &  Sallie Brandon  Rowland.(1844-1926) 


EUGENE  ROWLAND  2-19-1878  to  5-7-1879 

*S/of  Eugene Fulton Rowland (1843-1928)  &  Sallie Brandon  Rowland.(1844-1926)


H. A.  ROWLAND  1863   to  5-25-1955


HERMAN  B.  ROWLAND   9-25-1870  to  8-20-1872 

*D/of  Eugene Fulton Rowland (1843-1928)  &  Sallie Brandon  Rowland.(1844-1926


INFANT  ROWLAND   2-5-1894  (One date)


(J. A.) DR. JAMES  A.  ROWLAND   10-15-1815  to  2-15-1901  "Mason" 

ELIZABETH  REYNOLDS  ROWLAND   7-11-1824 Perry Co.,AL  to  

11-14-1913 Union Co.,AR   


LUCENE  ROWLAND  2-19-1875  to  11-7-1878 

*D/of  Eugene Fulton Rowland (1843-1928)  &  Sallie Brandon  Rowland.(1844-1926) 


 (W.A.) WILLIAM A.  ROWLAND  (No dates)  Aged 75yrs.   'Mason' 

* William A. Rowland  1793 SC  to  1868 Union Co., AR   *H/of  Jane Rowland

JANE  ROWLAND    b:1795 SC  to  d:1858 Union Co. AR  (Age 63 yrs) 

*Wf/of  William  Rowland   *In 2011 the dates were no longer readable.


WILLIAM   L.  ROWLAND   11-15-1828 SC  to  12-19-1890 AR "Mason" 



BAXTER  IRVIN  SINCLAIR  5-6-1910 AR  to  12-20-1988 LA

*S/of  Lee Temple Sinclair (1875-1957) & Susan Etta Wooten Sinclair(1879-1953)

&  FARIS  BURNETTA  SINCLAIR  3-29-1911  to  12-6-1974 

*Wf/of  Baxter Irvin Sinclair


CARRIE  L.  SINCLAIR   B & D   1876   

*D/of  John Lowery Sinclair(1827-1896) & Mary Cornelia Temple Sinclair(1841-1882)


EMON  PARNELL  SINCLAIR  11-6-1903  to  3-10-1961

*S/of  Lee Temple Sinclair (1875-1957) & Susan Etta Wootan Sinclair(1879-1953)  


GEORGE  LEE  SINCLAIR  11-7-1931  to  3-2-1989

*S/of  Faris Burnetta Sinclair(1911-1974) &  Baxter Irvin Sinclair(1910-1988)


 &  VIRGINIA FARRAR SINCLAIR  2-13-1933 LA  to  11-6-1989 LA 

*D/of  Jeff Mason Farrar(1902-1973) & Barbara Lee Tucker Farrar(1908-1991)


JOHN  LOWERY  SINCLAIR   8-8-1827 GA  to  7-21-1896

&  MARY CORNELIA TEMPLE  SINCLAIR  8-26-1841  to  5-14-1882

*D/of William H. Temple(b: ca 1807) & Martha A. Temple (b: ca 1814)

*Wf/of  John Lowery Sinclair


LEE  TEMPLE  SINCLAIR   11-8-1875   to   1-3-1957

*S/of  John Lowery Sinclair(1827-1896) & Mary Cornelia Temple Sinclair(1841-1882) 

&  SUSAN  ETTA  WOOTAN  SINCLAIR  6-1-1879  to  8-20-1953

*D/of Edwin R. Wootan(1851-1922) & Julia Ann Bowen Wootan(1843-1900)


MARTHA “MOLLIE” CAMILLA SINCLAIR  10-4-1860 GA  to  8-2-1881

*D/of  John Lowery Sinclair(1827-1896) & Mary Cornelia Temple Sinclair(1841-1882)


OSE  OLIVE  SINCLAIR    9-16-1879   to   3-24-1880 


POWELL  W.  SINCLAIR    9-28-1917AR   to   12-12-1971 LA

*S/of  Lee Temple Sinclair (1875-1957) & Susan Etta Wootan Sinclair(1879-1953)      


VERNON  WESLEY  SINCLAIR   4-16-1915 AR   to  6-24-1967 LA

*S/of  Lee Temple Sinclair (1875-1957) & Susan Etta Wootan Sinclair(1879-1953) 

“Not Lost, But Gone Before”   

&  HAZEL LENORE MONCREIF SINCLAIR  3-30-1916 to 12-8-1975

*D/of  John Henry Moncrief(1887-1962) & Ada Davis Moncrief(1883-1941)  


WILLIAM JESSE  SINCLAIR    9-20-1863 GA to  7-6-1943 AR

*S/of  John Lowery Sinclair(1827-1896) & Mary Cornelia Temple Sinclair(1841-1882) 

ELINOR  DEAN  TURNAGE  SINCLAIR 12-25-1873 LA  to  3-31-1954 AR

*D/of  William R. Turnage(1839-1894) & Sarah A. Hair Turnage(1847-1884)



GLADYS  DEROTHA KELLEY SMITH   3-2-1904  to  3-24-1965   

*D/o  John O. Kelly(1862-1917) & Florence Angelique Wooten  Kelley(1870-1941


JAMES  THOMAS  SMITH   10-5-1886  to  7-17-1943

&  ADDIE LOU  RADCLIFF  SMITH  9-13-1880  to  5-31-1937



GRADY  HAROLD  SNELL (81) 6-25-1924  to  4-23-2006 TX

*S/of Henry C. Snell (1887-1964)  & Minnie Olivia Nelson Snell (1895-1984)  

*Wife, Martha S. Snell   *OB

*Md:12/18/1948 in Rankin, TX 

&  MARTHA ETTA SCHLAGAL SNELL(83)  4-2-1932 TX  to 12-6-2015 OK

*D/of  Robert Charles Schlagal  &  Dorella Green Schlagal

*Her obituary only gave her name, Martha Etta Snell  who died Dec 6. 2015. *OB

*Graveside service at 3:00 pm


HENRY  C.  SNELL    8-20-1887  to  3-22-1964 

*S/of  David Marion Snell(1850-1913) & Josephine Black Snell (b: ca 1860)


&  MINNIE OLIVIA NELSON  SNELL  7-21-1895  to  10-20-1984

*D/of  Charlie Morgan Nelson(1860-1937) & Sarah Alice Bolding Nelson(1865-1921) 


PERCY  THOMAS  SNELL 4-12-1919  to  11-24-2003

*S/of Henry C. Snell (1887-1964)  & Minnie Olivia Nelson Snell (1895-1984)

*1st Wife,  Jessie Ruth Risner (1938-1968)  buried Langley Hall Cemetery, Pike Co., AR

*Jessie D/of Henry Arlin Risner(1900-1989) & Augusta Hargis Risner(1902-1955) 

*2nd Wife,  Madge Anita Smith (1928-2003)   *Md:12/12/1964

&   MADGE ANITA SMITH SNELL  8-24-1928 TX  to  3-24-2003 AR  

*D/of Archie Harwell Smith(1904-1962) & Grace Katherine Holliday Smith(1909-1992)



BENJAMIN  H.  STEGALL   12-31-1888  to   10-15-1979

"Uncle Ben"     *H/of  Nellie Alvern Bolding

NELLIE  ALVERN  BOLDING  STEGALL 1-16-1889  to  3-28-1964

*D/of  Perry Manley Bolding(1867-1909) &  Siddie White Bolding(1871-1928)


EDWIN  HARRISON   STEGALL   4-8-1914  to  10-31-1965

*S/of  Benjamin H. Stegall(188-1979) & Nellie Alvern Bolding Stegall(1889-1964)


JAMES  RALPH  STEGALL   1920- Jun 16, 1933  "Son"

*S/of  Benjamin H. Stegall(188-1979) & Nellie Alvern Bolding Stegall(1889-1964)

“Just in the morning of his day in youth and love he died”  *Death date details *ARDI


JOHN  WALLACE  STEGALL   12-7-1916 AR  to  2-13-1985 MI

*S/of  Benjamin H. Stegall(188-1979) & Nellie Alvern Bolding Stegall(1889-1964)



GEORGE  PHARES  TAUNTON    9-5-1913  to  11-12-1966

*S/of  James Henry Taunton(1884-1915) & Ophelia Slater Taunton (1893-1987)

*AR TEC5   1344  Engr  CBT  Bn    WW II

&  CORNELIA  PERDUE  TAUNTON  3-14-1915  to  2-10-2003

*D/of  Joseph Walter Perdue(1864-1938) &  Minnie E. Adams Perdue(1875-1927)


JAMES  BENOIT  TAUNTON   12-23-1913  to  6-28-1964

*S/of  James Henry Taunton(1884-1975) &  Ophelia Slater Taunton(1893-1987)



JAMES  HENRY “JIM” TAUNTON    3-25-1884  to  7-2-1975

*S/of James Eli Taunton(1859-1922) &  Sarah Ann Gathright Taunton(1853-1913)

OPHELIA  SLATER  TAUNTON   1-16-1893 LA  to  10-30-1987AR

*D/of  Sardonix Ursery  Slater Davidson(1867-1956) &  *1st  husband, George Washington Slater

*Sardonix Ursery was the daughter of John B. Ursery & Elizabeth Farrow Ursery

*Speculation: Believe Sardonix’s  2nd husband was  Allen  M. Davidson (1867-1939)


JAMES  H.  "JIMMY"  TAUNTON  1-24-1944  to  10-7-1995


NANCY JOE "BawBaw" TAUNTON (HIXON) (69)  6-28-1942  to

 7-14-2011 *OB      *Nancy died after a lengthy battle with cancer.  *See Hixon listing.

*Wf/of  Major Lee Hixon (1940-2013) *Killed in a plane crash. Buried Old Lapile

*Nancy & Major Lee Hixon had a premature son, born & died  in Cairo, Egypt, Aug 24, 1964.

*S/of  George Phares Taunton (1913-1966) & Cornelia Perdue Taunton(1915-2003)

*Sister of Wade & Jimmy Taunton  


QUINTON  Q.  J.  TAUNTON  9-29-1919  to  7-11-1999

*S/of  James Henry Taunton(1884-1975) & Ophelia Slater Taunton(1893-1987)


SAM  TAUNTON  9-12-1917  to  4-3-2010

*S/of  James Henry Taunton(1884-1975) & Ophelia Slater Taunton(1893-1987)

*Md:9/24/1941      *TEC 3  U.S. Army WW II

&  GERALDINE  WHITE  TAUNTON  1-28-1923  to  2-7-2009

*D/of George Washington White(1894-1976) & Isabelle Little White(1900-1973)


WADE  P.  TAUNTON   7-6-1938  to  1-26-1959

*S/of George Phares Taunton(1913-1966)  & Cornelia Perdue Taunton(1915-2003)

MARY  ALICE  POOLE  TAUNTON   5-21-1928  to  5-5-1975

*D/of  James F. Poole(1892-1970) & Elizabeth Jackson Poole (1898-1984)



CAROL  ANN  BOLDING  TERRELL  5-2-1960  to  4-30-2009  *ob

*D/of  Charles Thomas Bolding(1927-1986) & Hazel Marie Hunt Bolding(1926-2005)



MARY  DEAN  TOMLIN   8-31-1934   to  12-16-1939 



JAMES  J.  TOWNS    Feb 1860 Marion, Union Parish, LA  to  1914  Huttig, Union Co.,AR

*S/of  Richard R. Towns(1820-1887)  &  Mary Jane Smith Towns(1817-1852)

RUTH  E.  DUNBAR  TOWNS   11-6-1859 LA  to  3-10-1908 AR

*D/of John Dunbar(1816 MS -1863 Pt. Lookout, MD-CSA POW)  &  

*2nd wife, Matilda L. Cater Dunbar Lum(1816-1894)   *Wf/of  James  J. Towns   



ELIZABETH  REBECCA  HARPER  TRIMBLE  11-23-1856  to  5-23-1884

*D/of  William Egelton Harper (1816-1873)  &  Ardelle Shackleford Harper(1832-1910)

*Elizabeth Rebecca Harper, *1st wife, married  Alonza D. Trimble 11/11/1875

*Alonza D “Lon” Trimble (4/3/1854 GA – 7/9/1924 TX) buried Oakwood Cemetery, Ft. Worth, TX


(P.J.) PINKNEY JEFFERSON TRIMBLE  10-12-1852  to  1-6-1942

*S/of  James Trimble & Mildred Elizabeth Wood Trimble(1814-1879) 

&   NANCY CLEMENTINE BYROM TRIMBLE  4-26-1852  to  1-15-1924

*D/of  John Calvin Byrom (1809-1863) & Mary “Polly” Caroline Short Byrom (1813-1896)



CARRIE  ELIZABETH  VAUGHN    5-17-1853  to  7-22-1937



Infant  WAGNER   d: 1918



MARY  ROWE  WALDEN   6-1-1891  to  3-25-1969

*M/of   Reuben Lee Walden (1915-1994)


MAMIE  ORELL  CONNOR  WALDEN  3-16-1925  to 1-19-1979   

*D/of  Fred Timothy Connor(1894-1976) & Nora G. Woolley Connor(1895-1944)

*Spouses: *1st Joseph Cullen Lancaster(1909-1958)  *2nd  Reuben Lee Walden(1915-1994)

REUBEN  LEE  WALDEN  12-20-1915  to  6-8-1994

*S/of  Mary Rowe Walden (1891-1969)  *2nd  H/of  Mamie Orell Connor Walden  

 *Maj U.S. Army  WW II-Korea



WILLIAM  W.  WASSON  4-25-1814 TN  to  1-13-1889 AR  

Age74 yrs-8 mos-18 dys     ‘Mason’     *H/of Henrietta Jane Greenshaw


 Age 43 yrs      *Wf/of  William W. Wasson



CHARLIE  MATT  WEBB   12-2-1908 LA  to  7-23-1954 AR

*S/of   John Henry Webb(1878-1953)  &  Ella Pauline Foster Webb (1887-1962)

*ARK  TEC 4  Co  A 335  Engineers WW II


ELLA  PAULINE  FOSTER  WEBB   5-5-1887  to  4-20-1962

*D/of  Nancy Jane McDowell Foster (1844-1926) & John Robert ‘Bob’ Foster

* (Age 74 yrs-11 mos-12 dys)

*Mother of Oma, Charlie, Lee, Henry J. “Doc” and Jewell.  *1st wife of John Henry Webb

*Husband, John Henry Webb  (1878-1953) buried Graceland Cemetery, Pine Bluff, AR


LEE  WEBB   7-31-1906 LA  to  8-10-1960 AR

*S/of  John Henry Webb(1878-1953) & 1st wife, Ella Pauline Foster Webb(1887-1962)



WILLIAM  AUGUSTUS  WEST  2-3-1920  to  2-2-1988 

*S/of   W. A. West(1879-1929)  & Ella Uptain West (1880-1956)


&   MAGGIE  ANN  FULLER WEST  1-29-1916 MS  to  1-8-1987 AR

*Wf/of  William Augustus West



DEWEY  BRADLEY  WILLIAMSON  5-24-1926  to  9-30-1926 

*S/of  Earl Thomas Williamson(1900-1979)  &  Annie  Lou Bolding Williamson(1903-1972)


HARLAN  EARL WILLIAMSON  5-6-1925   to  6-16-1925  

*S/of  Earl Thomas Williamson(1900-1979)  &  Annie  Lou Bolding Williamson(1903-1972)



A large double stone:


Old Lapile  M.E. Church in loving memory of its pioneer members

who served their Church and Community so devotedly.  Established on this site in 1848.


By Rowland, McHenry and White

Moved to Bolding in 1903


Adams, Andrews, Benford, Bolding, Bryant, Chambliss, Clingfrost, Connor, Dollar, Gathright, Harper, Hayes, Johnson, Kelly, McGowen, McHenry, McKinney, Morton, Nabors, Nash, Nelson, Rowland, Sinclair, Tucker, Tullis, White.









*Contact person for Lapile Cemetery (2011):  Billy &  Betty Lou  Dunn