Est. ca 1863


Located in the outer western edge of Union County, Arkansas, which borders on the western side with

Columbia Countyr. From  El Dorado go West on Hwy. 82 toward Magnolia.  Go about 14.8 miles, then

turn left (South) onto Braswell Corner Rd, proceed to Marysville Road, turn left (East) . Cemetery will be

on right or south side of road.


Combined info of burials from a canvass done in 1991 by Alice Jones, Basil & Lillian Craig, Martha Sue

Wright, and Ralph O. Weldon & much of the kinship, parentage from an earlier 2005 canvass done by

Martin & Geri Braswell.  Utilizing these earlier surveys & new canvass done in October 2011, by me.

* New canvass~ October 2011  * Last update August 2016      Janice Holzer



*Use of  &  Indicates a double headstone or multiple people listed.

*WOW   ..................Woodman of the World headstone.

*MM   .................small Mortuary / Funeral Home Marker

*OB     ................. burial info from obituary

*SSDI  .................  Source of  Birth or Death dates additional info

(Social Security Death Index)

*ARDI  ................. Source of month & day of death

(Arkansas Death Index 1914 -1950)



L. D.  ADCOCK   2-22-1910  to  5-29-1963  "Daddy"

*S/of Stinson Edward Adcock(1861-1928) & Dora Emma Adcock(1879-1938)

*Spouses: *1st Irene Elmo Davis    *2nd   Ruth Lott Coker (1913-1998)

&  IRENE ELMO DAVIS ADCOCK   5-29-1915AR  to 10-10-1977TX

*D/of Francis McDaniel Davis(1879-1966) & Martha Jane Dorsey Davis(1800-1957)



ALFRED  B.  AINSWORTH    6-3-1837 MS  to  5-27-1911 Marysville

*S/of  David Ainsworth  &  Elizabeth Garrett Ainsworth 

"Too good for earth, God called him home"


7-13-1840 AL  to   9-16-1883 AR   *1st Wife of  Alfred  B. Ainsworth

*Marker on ground-grass beginning to take over.


10-16-1935     *2nd  Wife of  Alfred B. Ainsworth

*Margaret md: *1st  Alfred B. Ainsworth *2nd Thomas J. Jolley(2/7/1862 to 6/18/1940) 


ALFRED  (E.) ELBERT AINSWORTH  (b:July 1893)  died 7-4-1938 

*S/of  Alfred B. Ainsworth & Margaret Dolly Greer Ainsworth

*Ark Pvt  131 Infantry  33 Div  WW I  *Speculation on birthdate


CHESTER  L.  AINSWORTH  4-14-1885  to  9-18-1887

*S/of  A.B  &  M.D.  Ainsworth.  "At Rest With Jesus"


DOSS  AINSWORTH  8-22-1888  to  10-27-1898 

*S/of  Tandy Irving  Ainsworth  & Nancy Ida Vinson Ainsworth(1868-1914)

*Stone broken 1991/ lying on ground 2011

"He shall gather the lambs with his arms and carry them in his bosom"


NANCY IDA (N.I.) VINSON AINSWORTH  1-28-1868  to  5-22-1914  

*D/of  Elijah M. 'Elzy" Vinson & Amanda J.  Kolb Vinson  "Mother"

*Wife of Tandy Irving Ainsworth died after 1940;   *Stone broken off base.

*Speculation that Tandy Irving Ainsworth is buried here.


*S/of  Susan Anna Morgan Ainsworth (1840-1883) & Alfred B. Ainsworth(1837-1911)



Infant  ALLEN  B & D  5-19-1905  *S/of  H.C. & L.E. Allen



JAMES  "JIM"  RANDALL  ANDRESS  5-3-1931  to  6-16-1989

*S/of  Willie Knox Andress(1895-1976) & Ruth Wooley Andress(1906-1997)

"Make A Joyful Noise Unto The Lord"


WILLIE  KNOX  ANDRESS   12-6-1895  to  12-15-1976

*S/of  Bertram Knox Andress & Lucy Ballard Andress  

"But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord   JOS. 24:15"

&  RUTH  WOOLEY  ANDRESS   6-9-1906  to  2-27-1997

*D/of  Eli Montgomery Wooley(1886-1956) &  Dovie Elizabeth Williams(1888-1972)



BOBBY  DOYLE  ANDREWS   3-18-1933  to  2-5-1957 Kilgore, TX

*S/of  George Clifford Andrews(1895-1991) &  Minerva Jackson Andrews(1897-1977)


to  1-19-2006  "Rest Is Thine And Sweet Remembrance Ours"

*D/of  Arthur Luther Davis(1905-1965) &  Ruth Idelle Kinard Davis (1909-1979) 

*At the time of her death, Maddox was given as her  last  name. *OB  



FRANCIS  G.  ARMSTRONG  12-12-1945  to  1-11-2012  *OB



DEWEY  ASKEW   2-18-1898  to  9-9-1976 

*S/of  Thomas Newton Askew(b:ca 1856) & Mary T. Askew  

*PVT  Co  162  Depot Brig  WW I

&  DAISY  WILLIAMS  ASKEW    6-23-1909  to  1-9-1988 

*D/ of  John Wesley Williams (1870-1944) &  Carrie J. Braswell  Williams (1875-1942)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


PATRICK  H.  ASKEW   7-5-1892  to  7-24-1956

*S/of  Thomas N. Askew & Mary T. Askew (1862-1914

*Arkansas  PVT 13  Co 162  Depot  Brig  WW I    

"Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"

& DOSSIE  LEE  WILLIAMS ASKEW 11-23-1905  to  2-16-1972

*D/ of  John Wesley Williams (1870-1944) &  Carrie J. Braswell  Williams (1875-1942)


 WILLIAM  PATRICK  BARBER   7-21-1990  to  1-3-1991 

"The Littlest Angel"



BRITTANY  LOUISE  BEARDEN   B  &  D  4-14-1991

*Infant  D/of  Wayne & Kim Bearden


FRANK  “Toad”  BEARDEN   11-22-1935   to  9-15-2009 "Father"

*Md:7/30/1957  "Where He Leads Us We Can Safely Go"

&   ROBBIE  L. “Bob”  BEARDEN  3-1-1941  to  12-1-1990 



Infant  BRITTANY  LOUISE  BEARDEN   B  &  D   4-14- 1991 

*D/of  Wayne & Kim Bearden


LOYD  DELMON ‘PEANUT’ BEARDEN   9-15-1925  to  5-12-1975

*S/of  Lee Rollen Bearden(1890-1961)  &  Lena Justine Walker Bearden(1900-1977)

"To Love And Be Loved Is The Greatest Joy On Earth"

*S1  US  Navy  WW II 

&  MELBA  BEARDEN  11-16-1933  (One date)



DARCE  GENE  BISHOP (92)   5-19-1923  to  6-2-2015TX *OB

*S/of  John Henry Bishop(1893-1980) & Mary Millie Snider Bishop(1894-1974)

*H/of  Arlene Owens, 69 years  They md:10/7/1945 Union Co., AR

&  ARLENE OWENS  BISHOP(89)  7-2-1925 AR  to  12-14-2014TX

*D/of  John Wiley(1885-1972)   &  Mary Etta Ledbetter Owens(1890-1965)  *OB


HAROLD  BISHOP    3-31-1915  to  7-26-1917

*S/of  John Henry Bishop(1893-1980)  &  Mary Mellie Snider Bishop(1894-1974)


HENRY  HAWCOMB  BISHOP    3-21-1855  to  12-2-1893

*S/of  Jasper Reynold Bishop(1831-1915) &  Zemlia Jolly Coldwell Bishop(1830-1908)

 (1830-1908)    *Jasper & Zemlia buried at Roselawn, Union Co., AR

&   MARY  A.  MELTON  BISHOP   9-17-1856TX  to  12-27-1936

*D/of  Jonathan  &  Martha Melton 

*Now, twilight lets her curtain down, and pins it with a star,


JESSIE  LEE  BISHOP   1-17-1881  to  11-8-1969

*S/of  Henry Hawcomb Bishop(1855-1893)  & Mary  Melton Bishop(1856-1936) 

"In Loving Memory"



*D/of  Elijah  Winford Cottrell(1852-1913)  &  Nancy Alice Dumas Cottrell(1857-1928)


JOHN  HENRY  BISHOP   12-19-1893  to  8-9-1980

*S/of  Henry Hawcomb Bishop(1855-1893)  & Mary  Melton Bishop(1856-1936) 

"Together Forever"

&  MARY MELLIE  SNIDER  BISHOP   3-30-1894  to  11-6-1974

*D/of  Lewis Henry Snider(1846-1933) & Mary Louise "Lucy" Owens Snider(1856-1919)


ROY  F.  BISHOP   11-27-1907  to  1-4-1955

*S/of  Jessie  Lee Bishop(1881-1969)  &  Hattie (Frannie) Cottrell Bishop(1889-1973)

"Earth Has Not Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


SAMUEL  ISHAM  BISHOP   3-7-1890  to  8-8-1971

*S/of  Henry Hawcomb Bishop(1855-1893)  & Mary  Melton Bishop(1856-1936) 

 "At Rest"


9-10-1977   *Martha Ethel George  b: Yell Co., AR

*D/of  Robert Henry George(1847-1933)  &  Nancy A. Sloan George(1857-1901)



GWENDOLYN S. BASS  BLAKE  4-26-1949  to   3-15-2001

"At Rest In The Arms Of Jesus"    Precious Lord Take My Hand

*Photo embedded  [If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk

right up to heaven and bring you home again.  With Love; Bet & Bob]



BOB  BOUNDS (78)   7-13-1935NB  to  5-13-2014AR  *OB

*S/of  Clarence Bounds & Mildred Anderson Bounds



LOUIE  JAMES  BOWMAN  1-24-1910LA  to  9-23-1982AR

*S/of  Christopher Curtis Bowman(1886-1968)  &  Ethel Montgomery Bowman(1892-1944)

*Md: Sallie Laverne Pharr in 1939, Columbia Co., AR      "Only Sleeping"



NITUS  M.  BRADLEY   8-23-1916  to  6-28-1918   

*D/of  Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Bradley   "In Memory Of"



CHARLIE BURTON “BERT”BRASIER  10-26-1910  to  12-15-1976

*S/of Jeptha  Newton Brasier(1867-1916)  & Amanda McWilliams Brasier (1870-1950)

*Md: 12/13/1929   (Charles Burton Brasier) 

&  ADELLE  FITZGERALD  BRASIER   8-13-1913  to  12-6-1990

*D/of  Gene M. Fitzgerald(b:ca 1885) &  Vivian C. Fitzgerald(b:ca 1896)

"Absent In Body, But Present In Spirit"


GENE  NEWTON  BRASIER    1931  to  1-24-1945

*S/of  Charles Burton Brasier(1910-1976)  &  Adelle Fitzgerald Brasier(1913-1990)


GEORGE  LAWSON  BRASIER(35)  5-29-1854 AL  to  7-5-1895

*Son of  Jeptha H. Brasier(1826-1905) &  Elizabeth Jane Williams(1839-1898)

"One Worthy Of  Remembrance"


ICIE  B.  BRASIER   10-4-1905  to  5-31-1951

*D/of Jeptha  Newton  Brasier(1867-1916)  &  Amanda McWilliams Brasier(1870-1950)

"Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord"


Infant  BRASIER   B & D  10-29-1898 

*D/of  E. D. &  M. J. Brasier

"Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven"

Infant  BRASIER   B  &  D  1905   (Speculation: possible twin to Icie B.)

*S/of. Jeptha Newton  Brasier  & Amanda McWilliams Brasier

Infant  BRASIER   4-30-1909  to  5-19-1909 

*S/of. Jeptha Newton  Brasier & Amanda McWilliams Brasier

Infant  BRASIER   9-30-1907  to  10-25-1907 

*D/of Jeptha  Newton  Brasier(1867-1916)  &  Amanda McWilliams Brasier(1870-1950)

"Budded on Earth  to Bloom in Heaven"


JEPTHA "JEPHTHY" H. BRASIER  4-9-1826 AL  to  10-15-1905

*S/of  John Andrew Brasier & Tabatha Hawkins Brasier   *"JEPHTHY" Md: 1/5/1850

Talledaga County, Alabama, MARTHA PIERSON.  Jeptha & Martha had two children: 

James T. Brasier Nov 1850 & Rebecca J. Brasier Oct 1853.  Martha died 12 days after

the birth of Rebecca .  Rebecca died at the age of six months.  *Jephthy & *2nd wife,

Elizabeth Jane Williams lived in Alabama until 1861; moved to Garner, AR.  *After the

death of Elizabeth, Jephtha lived with his sons, Jephtha  N. Brasier & William Brasier, until

his death in 1905.



*D/of  Berry E. Williams & Sarah Ann Jarrett Williams *2nd Wf/of  Jeptha H. Brasier 


JEPTHA  NEWTON (J.N.) BRASIER  12-15-1867  to  8-9-1916

*S/ of  Jeptha H. Brasier(1826-1905) &  Elizabeth Jane Williams Brasier(1870-1950)


4-25-1950   *1st husband  Jeptha Newton Brasier    "She Was The Sunshine of Our Home

*D/of Robert Duff McWilliams(1828-1909)& Rosana Braswell McWilliams(1846-1919) 

*I found this info on Amandy...might help someone clear up some mysteries


at about age 20, living in Union Co., AR, gave birth an illegitimate son, named Garland

Jackson McWilliams(b: 3/11/1890 Marysville, AR & d: 1/24/1932 Coushatta, LA)

Amanda was living with Jeptha Newton Brasher(sic) & had seven more children with him,

until the elders in the community recommended they get married. They married 10/20/1907

in Columbia Co., AR.  In the 1900 Arkansas Federal census, Garner Twsp., Union County,

finds Mom, Amanda with Garland and two of his half sisters, Nettie and Rosie Brasier are

members of the same household, although Amanda listed their names as McWilliams.

Jessie, Nettie, & Rosie (Lovie) were the children of Jeptha Newton Brasier.

On 4/10/1910, Garland Jackson McWilliams married 15 yr old, Letha  Bray from Village,

Arkansas. Father of Garland was unknown, some speculated that it was a Mr. Jackson

from Union County.  *Her 2nd husband was George Washington Phillips(1880-1943)

Have not found any children supposedly fathered by George Phillips.


JESS TERRINTINE BRASIER (23) 6-10-1896  to  3-13-1919

*Oldest S/of  Jeptha Newton Brasier(1867-1916) & Amanda McWilliams Brasier(1870-1950)

*Md:6/3/1917  Garner Twsp., Union Co., AR.~ MAY  WILSON

*Arkansas  Pvt  3  Corps   SCH  WW I  *Draft card indicates he was supporting his

widowed mother, 2 brothers, and a handicapped sister.

(birth date & middle name Terrintine from draft card registration)


OTIS  BENTON BRASIER   6-12-1914  to  7-10-1945

* S/of  Jeptha Newton Brasier(1867-1916) & Amanda McWilliams Brasier(1870-1950)

*Otis was the 11th & youngest child of Jeptha & Amanda. Military records has him

listed as being in the Navy & enlisting in the Army ca 1944 (shown as a private in the

Army)  On the 1940 census, Otis is listed as being in the Arkansas Penitentuary , Dudley

Lake, in Jefferson Co., AR.     *ARK  Pvt  OM  Corps- WW II  


ROBERT (BOB) BRASIER    1875  to  1956

*S/of  Jeptha H. Brasier(1826-1905)  &  Elizabeth Jane Williams Braiser(1839-1898)

*Md: 12/16/1900, Lodie Lewis (1881-1942)

"Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"

LODIE  LEWIS  BRASIER   1881  to  8-15-1942

*D/of  Matthew L. Lewis (1831-1919) & Mary Ann Hansen Lewis(1837-1893)

*Wife of Robert (Bob) Brasier   "She Is Not Dead But Sleepeth"


 WILLIE  CLIFFORD  BRASIER   2-15-1904  to  6-18-1904

*Son  Robert “Bob” Brasier(1875-1956)  &  Lodie Lewis Brasier(1881-1942)




ALLEN  BURRIS  BRASWELL  8-28-1898  to 12-28-1966 "Daddy"

*S/of  Irvin Napoleon Braswell(1870-1942) &  Ollie O. Jolly Braswell(1880-1964) 

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


1-21-1976 *D/of  Elijah Wiley White(1865-1940) &  Margaret Jane Pyle(1872-1936)


B.C.T.  BRASWELL   5-19-1902  to  11-19-1902

*S/of  Hiram Brown Braswell(1866-1921)  & Allie Leathie Ann Pyle(1863-1939)    

&  D. A.  BRASWELL  6-22-1899  to  7-16-1899

*D/of  Hiram Brown Braswell(1866-1921)  & Allie Leathie Ann Pyle(1863-1939)    

&  H. L.  BRASWELL  1-15-1900  to  4-16-1900

*S/of  Hiram Brown Braswell(1866-1921)  & Allie Leathie Ann Pyle(1863-1939)    



*S/of  Irvin  Braswell (1790-1845)  &  Hannah Watson Braswell (1795-1828)


*PVT Co I, 10th ARK Calvary, CSA.  *Died as a Prisoner of War, possibly in Little Rock,

Pulaski County,AR....may be where he died and is buried.... *Burial location unknown.


12-24-1834 TN   to  4-11-1886 AR   

*D/of Anderson McWilliams & Elizabeth Duff McWilliams  

*Wf/of  Benjamin Rhodes Braswell, Sr.  *Not found in 2001-2005.


BENJAMIN  RHODES  BRASWELL, JR.  1864  to  12-15-1940 *ARDI

*S/of  Benjamin Rhodes Braswell,Sr.(1825-1864)  &  Sarah Ann Francis McWilliams(1834-1886)


*Victoria’s husbands: * 1st Arthur Gray Whatley   *2nd Benjamin Rhodes Braswell, Jr.

"Rest Is Thine And Sweet Remembrance Ours"


BENNETT  BROWN  BRASWELL   10-5-1906  to  8-19-1934

*S/of  Hiram Brown Braswell(1866-1921)  & Allie Leathie Ann Pyle Braswell(1863-1939) 

*Correct dates:10-5-1905  to  8-19-1935  (Only year dates given on headstone 1906/1934)


CARRIE  L.  BRASWELL  11-19-1876  to  1-15-1877

*D/of  John Wesley Braswell(1849-1907) &  Elizabeth  R. Orr  Braswell(1846-1889)

*Broken stone.



*S/of  William Henry Braswell(1817-1907) & Mary Ann Butler Braswell(1829-1863)  

*Broken stone


D. A.  BRASWELL   6-22-1898   to  7-16-1899

*D/of  Hiram Brown Braswell(1866-1921) &  Allie Leathie Ann Pyle Braswell (1863-1939)


DAVID  W.  BRASWELL    2-14-1876   to  3-13-1920

*S/of  George Franklin Braswell(1851-1926) & Susan L. Hambrick Braswell (1852-1886)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


EDWARD  FRANKLIN  BRASWELL   12-9-1902  to  6-24-1958

*S/of  Irvin Napoleon Braswell(1870-1942) &  Ollie O. Jolly Braswell(1880-1964) 

&  EUNICE  LEWIS  BRASWELL   4-24-1908  to  5-23-1951

*D/of  Parry Gould Lewis(1883-1953) & Louisa McCall Lewis(1887-1951)



to  3-26-1981  *S/of  Thomas Jefferson Braswell(1874-1948) &  Lillie Mae "Liller"

McWilliams Braswell(1874-1948)      *"Frederick"   Md:1/24/1917 

&  ROSIE  LOVE  BRASIER  BRASWELL 1-25-1899  to  3-29-1984

*D/of  Jeptha Newton Brasier(1867-1916)  &  Amanda (Mandy) McWilliams(1870-1950)                                 


GEORGE  A.  BRASWELL    2-5-1894  to  11-24-1917 

*S/of  William Thomas Braswell(1861-1911) &  Mary Louisa  Scarborough  Braswell(1862-1933)

"Gone before us Oh dear George To the south land vainly look before another

?_____?thy place to stand"


GEORGE  FRANKLIN  BRASWELL    9-19-1851   to  4-2-1926 

*S/of  Benjamin Rhodes Braswell, Sr. (1825-1864)  &  Sarah A. McWilliams (1834-1886)  "Father"

*Spouses:  *1st wife, Susan L. Hambrick    *2nd wife  Martha Ellen Batey (1858 GA-1909 AR)

**2nd wife  Martha Ellen Batey Braswell  buried in Strong Cemetery, Union Co., AR

&  SUSAN L. HAMBRICK  BRASWELL  2-15-1852AL  to  3-13-1886

*D/of  Wm. G. Hambrick(b: ca 1823 AL) & Amanda M. Donaldson Hambrick(b: ca 1824 AL)

"Mother"  *1st Wf/of George Franklin


GEORGE  Y.  BRASWELL   4-11-1818 NC  to  8-1-1888 AR  

*S/of  Irvin  William Braswell(1790 NC-1845 NC)  &  Hannah Watson Braswell(1795 NC-1828 NC)  

"In Memory Of"   "All Is Well"   *Stone broken lying flat on ground  2011


GRAHAM  HENRY  BRASWELL  2-1-1905  to  1-16-1971

*S/of  Irvin Napoleon Braswell(1870-1942) &  Ollie O. Jolly Braswell(1880-1964) 

"His Memory Is Blessed"


12-21-1991 *D/of  Walter Vinson(1866-1937) & Susan Isabelle Ainsworth Vinson(1871-1950) 

*Md: *1st Graham Henry Braswell (1905-1971) * 2nd husband Roy Meek Williams(1910-1982)

*2nd husband, Roy Meek Williams buried at Bethel Mount Holly Cemetery with his 1st wife.

"Dearly Loved And At Rest"


HARVEY  BRASWELL  1908  to  1929  *Age 21

*S/of  John Franklin Braswell(1872-1928)  &  Minnie R. Price Braswell(1881-1944)


HIRAM  BROWN  BRASWELL   4-3-1866  to  4-2-1921

*S/of  William Henry Braswell(1817-1907) & Laura Vehelia Lumbus(1844-1911)


to  4-14-1939  *Md: 1st William H. Gatlin   *Md: 2nd  Hiram Brown Braswell

*D/of William Rowan Pyle(1821-1899) & Parmelia Ann Ward(1828-1875)

 "ALLIE  LEATHIE"  *Buried in Bethlehem Cemetery, Spotville, Colombia Co., AR

 (No marker found in recent years)


H. L.  BRASWELL “Infant Son”   1-15-1900  to  4-16-1900

*S/of  Hiram Brown Braswell(1866-1921)& “Aletha” Allie Leathie”Ann Pyle  Braswell(1863-1939)


(I.N.) IRVIN NEIL “Butch” BRASWELL (75) 7-11-1938  to 1-10-2014

*S/of  Allen Burris Braswell(1898-1966)  &  Esther Gertrude White Braswell (1903-1976)

*Md: 1st  8/29/1959  Martha C. Bowman  *Late, 2nd wife Delores Braswell  *OB

"Our Children: Toni-Gregory-Steven"   "Daddy"   "Mother" 

&  MARTHA  C. BOWMAN BRASWELL  8-29-1941  to  5-2-1997 

*1st Wife, Martha C. Bowman Braswell  


IRVIN  NAPOLEON  BRASWELL   6-16-1870  to  2-7-1942

*S/of  William Henry Braswell(1817-1907) &  Laura Vehelia Lumbus(1844 LA -1911) 

"Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  OLLIE  O.  JOLLEY  BRASWELL   2-13-1880  to  8-11-1964

*D/of  Thomas J. Jolly(1862-1940)& Margaret Dolly Greer Ainsworth(1859-1935)


IVY  JEAN  BRASWELL   5-28-1907  to  9-19-1964

*S/of  Irvin Napoleon Braswell(1870-1942) &  Ollie O. Jolly Braswell(1880-1964) 

*Md: in 1929 Columbia Co.,AR- Gussie Evelyn Cheatham(1912 LA to 2001 LA)

*Md: 2nd husband, Mr. Thibodaux  "Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"


JAMES  S. T.  BRASWELL   3-22-1863   to   1866 

*S/of  William Henry Braswell(1817-1907) & Mary Ann Butler Braswell(1829-1863)


J. D.  BRASWELL   11-11-1883  to  11-12-1909

"In Memory Of"    "Gone But Not Forgotten"


JOHN  FRANKLIN “FRANK” BRASWELL    1872  to  1928 

*S/of  George Franklin Braswell(1851-1926)  &  Susan L. Hambrick Braswell(1852-1886)

"They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"

&  MINNIE  R. PRICE  BRASWELL  1-26- 1881  to  12-16-1944

*D/of  Daniel Benson  Price(1851-1908) &  Mary Elizabeth  Ainsworth Price(1852-1893)

*Birth/death year only on headstone.


(J. I.) JOHN IRVIN  BRASWELL   11-14-1853   to  11-12-1919

*S/of  Benjamin Rhodes Braswell, Sr. (1825-1864)  &  Sarah A. McWilliams (1834-1886) 

&  LOUVENIA FERGUSON  BRASWELL  1-29-1854 (One date)

*D/of William Ferguson & Julia Ruffon Ferguson  *Louvenia died sometime after 1930.

[We'll join them in that heavenly land,  No more to take the parting

hand.  No fear, no woe, Shall dim that hour  That ? majestic  ?______ ?Savior ?___] 


JOHN  (W.) WESLEY BRASWELL  1-7-1849  to 10-25-1907

*S/of  William Henry Braswell(1817-1907) & Mary Ann Butler Braswell(1829-1863)

*Md: Elizabeth R. Orr in 1872 Columbia Co.,AR

ELIZABETH   R.  ORR  BRASWELL   9-18-1846  to  8-11-1889

* “ELIZA” Wife of  John Wesley Braswell   "Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"


LOUIS  HAROLD  BRASWELL   10-27-1932   to  2-17-2000 

*S/of   Edward Franklin Braswell(1902-1958) &  Eunice Lewis Braswell (1908-1951)

*Md:5/6/1955   *US Army- Korea

&  BARBARA ANN  WILLIAMS  BRASWELL  9-10-1936 (One dates)

*D/of  Con Oscar Williams(1907-1993) &  Minnie Allen Williams(1915-2009)

"With Angels In Heaven"

"Trust In The Lord And Do Good, Dwell In The Land. And Feed On His Faithfulness"


NED  BRASWELL   6-27-1896  to  9-7-1902 

*Son of  William Thomas Braswell(1861-1911) & Mary Lew Scarborough(1862-1933) 

"In Memory of little Ned"  "Little Ned Is Gone But Not Forgotten"


OLIVER  PERSHING  BRASWELL   6-3-1917  to  1-6-1999

*S/of  Irvin Napoleon Braswell(1870-1942) & Ollie O. Jolly Braswell(1880-1964) 

"Absent In Body, But Present in Spirit"

MARGIE  NELL  LEWIS  BRASWELL(93)  3-12-1920  to  7-11-2013

*D/of John Sims Lewis (1887-1971)  & Tenny Lee McDonald (1890-1979)   *Obit

*Wf/of  Oliver Pershing Braswell.


QUENTIN  ROOSEVELT  BRASWELL 11-2-1919  to  8-30-1981

*S/of  Irvin Napoleon Braswell(1870-1942) &  Ollie O. Jolly Braswell(1880-1964) 

 *Md:3/14/1946    *TEC  5  US  Army   WW II

&  DAPHENE  NESBITT  BRASWELL  6-27-1926  (One date)    


RAY  BRASWELL  11-5-1924  to  1-31-1925 

*S/of  Frederick “Fred” Bryant Braswell(1897-1981) &  Rosie Love Brasier Braswell (1899-1984)


SAM  K.  BRASWELL  8-20-1887  &  9-2-1912

*S/of  William Thomas Braswell(1861-1911) & Mary L. Scarborough(1862-1933)

(Samuel Kirk Braswell)


(T.C.) TALMADGE  COOKSEY BRASWELL(84)  9-7-1927  to

11-21-2011  *Died in Tulsa, OK   *Worked for Tulsa Pipeline for 38 yrs   *Mason  *OB

*S/of  Allen Burris Braswell(1898-1966) & Esther Gertrude White Braswell(1903-1976)

*Md:5/12/1950 Buckner, AR  *1st wife, Nancy Hendricks ; 

*Md:11/20/1974 *2nd wife, Frances Greteman in  Houston, TX


 to 7-18-2001  

*D/of  Tony Greteman (b: ca 1883 IA) & Kathryn A. Greteman (b: ca 1885 IA)


WILLIAM  HENRY  BRASWELL  12-3-1817 NC  to  9-8-1907 AR

*S/of  Irvin Braswell(1790-1845) &  Hannah Watson Braswell of  NC (1795-1828)

*Spouses: *1st wife, Mary Ann Butler   *2nd  wife, Laura Vehelia Lumbus

*2nd wife, Laura Vehelia Lumbus Rush (1844-1911)

MARY ANN  BUTLER  BRASWELL  5-14-1829  to  5-7-1863

*1st  Wf/ of  William Henry Braswell(1817-1907) *Info from old listing.

 *Not found  in 2001-2005


9-27-1844   to  4-25-1911    "She died as she lived trusting in God"

*Md: 1858, Union Co., AR  *1st husb  William Daniel Rush, Sr.(1838-1862 MS)Killed in Civil War.

*2nd husband  William Henry Braswell (Laura V., *2nd wife to Wm. Henry Braswell)



WILLIAM  HENRY  BRASWELL   4-2-1875  to  9-25-1879

*S/of  John Wesley Braswell(1849-1907) &  Elizabeth  R. Orr Braswell(1846-1889)


WILLIAM  THOMAS  BRASWELL   3-18-1861  to  12-15-1911

*S/of  Benj Rhodes Braswell(1825-1864) &  Sarah A. McWilliams Braswell(1834-1886)  

"Though sad to part while loved ones cry. He is free from pain and loved ones tears"

*Wife, MARY  LEW  SCARBOROUGH  BRASWELL  11-6-1862  to 

6-11-1933 *Mary Louisa Scarborough  

*D/of  Lewis W. Scarborough(1831-1862)  &  Parthenia  Hazelton Quinn Scarborough(1837-1914)



JOHN  THOMAS  BROWN    1-30-1897   to  4-21-1973

* Arkansas  PVT  US  Army  WW  I   "Gone But Not Forgotten"

*Md: Ivy Pearl Rogers in 1951, Union County, AR

IVY PEARL ROGERS BROWN  1-22-1899   to  5-13-1963

*Wf/of  John Thomas Brown    [Gone But Not Forgotten]


NORA  PRICE  BROWN   11-25-1881LA  to  5-26-1921AR 

*D/of  Polk  P. Price(1853-1892)  &  Tressie A. Melton Price (1860-1927)

*Wife of  H.A. Brown   "A Loving Mother and A Faithful Friend"  *Age 39 yrs  6 mos   





*D/of  Jefferson Davis Hurley(1863-1942) & Laura Caldonia Thomas Hurley(1888AL-1953TX)



ADA  CAMPBELL    (No dates)  "Sister"


            "Family of  E. L.Campbell"

EGBERT  LEANDER  CAMPBELL   9-11-1888  to  7-9-1960

*S/of William Reney Campbell(1853-1936) & Susie E. Mitchell Campbell(1859- ?) 

&  MARY  McCALL  CAMPBELL   8-22-1892  to  3-15-1958

*D/of  Aaron H. McCall(1852-1929) & Loucinda  S. Ainsworth McCall(1861-1922)

"Life Is Ever Lord Of Death, And Love Can Never Lose Its' Own."


Infant  CAMPBELL   (No dates)  

*Babe of  Mary Effie Hollensworth (1900-1970) & Coria Christopher Campbell(1882-1969)

Infant  CAMPBELL   (No dates) 

*Babe of Egbert Leander Campbell(1888-1960)  &  Mary McCall Campbell(1892-1958)


MADIE  R.  CAMPBELL   (No dates) *born :1892    "Brother"

*S/of Wm. Reney Alexander Campbell(1853-1936) & Susie Elizabeth Tipton Campbell(1859- ?)


ROSIE  CAMPBELL    (No dates)  "Sister"

*D/of  Wm. Reney Alexander Campbell(1853-1936) & Susie Elizabeth Tipton Campbell(1859- ?)


SUSIE  ELIZABETH TIPTON  CAMPBELL  (No dates ) (b: Apr 1859 LA) "Mother"    *D/of  Simeon Tipton & Hester A. Hill Tipton Mitchell(1831-1910)

*Susie Elizabeth  md: 2/10/1877 Wm. Reney A. Campbell in Lafayette Co., AR


(May 1853 LA  to  May 6, 1936 AR)

*S/of  Mary Jane Brummett (b:1824 AR) & William A. Campbell (1814 TN-1870 LA)



CHARLES  H. CARTY  5-17-1843 ILL  to  2-2-1936 Gravette, AR

*S/of  William Carty (1818-1900)  &  Eliza Jeffords Carty (1824-1900)

*Spouses:   *1st   Mariah Nancy Maxey    *2nd  Amanda Alice Teel Burgess


*D/of  Henry Patterson Teel(1801-1878) & Martha Ann Mathews Teel (1811-1899) (d:@91)

*Spouses: *md:3x’s  One husband was, Russell Ingraham;  another spouse was Mr. Burgess

*Md: *3rd time to  Charles H. Carty 2/26/1899, Rushville, ILL by nephew, Judge H.V. Teel.

*Charles, widower, was age 55, born in ILL, son of William Carty & Eliza Joffords Carty.

*Alice Teel Burgess, age 53, of Rushville, ILL, md:3rd time to Mr. C.H. Carty



MARY  IRENE  DAVIS  CASE   3-6-1901  to  10-13-1993

*D/of  Jefferson Montgomery Davis(1874-1953) & Emily Elizabeth Campbell Davis(1875-1954)

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"



LEWIS  NAPOLEON  CHICOINE  3-3-1901  to  12-30-1982  

*Born in Massachusetts & died in Little Rock, AR.

*S/of Alma“Delia” Graveline b:in Canada &  Lewis Napoleon Chicoine (b: ca 1880 MA)

*Wife,  Marie Christine Pearson Chicoine (1906 CA – 1977 AZ )

*Shares a double headstone with Lewis Napoleon Chicoine in Saint Francis Cemetery,

Phoenix, Arizona

*Marie, D/of Thomas Branson Pearson(1878-1929) & Mary Christine Springer Pearson



MONTI  STERLING COFFEY   9-8-1901  to  Nov 1977

*S/of  Oscar F. Coffey(1867 to 1907) &  Eddie L. Coffey(b:ca 1874)

Oscar is buried in the Rosedale Cemetery, Ada, Oklahoma

&  OUIDA  KATHRYN  WOOLEY  COFFEY   5-7-1923  to  2004

*D/of  Eli Montgomery Wooley (1886-1956) & Dovie Elizabeth Williams Wooley (1888-1972)

*Only years given on marker.




ANGEL  ROCHELLE  COLE   5-7-2003  to  5-7-2003  (child) 

 "Let Her Light Shine In Heaven" 


CHARLES  WAYNE  COLE, SR.   1-27-1941LA  to  8-13-2008 AR  

*Md:10/16/1961     "Together Forever"  *Photo of couple

&  THERSIA  GAIL  COLE  "Honey"  9-5-1945 (One date)  



ROBERT  WAYNE  COLE "Satchel"  10-17-1991  to  8-30-1997  

"Forever In Our Hearts"   *Photo embedded on tombstone



BOYCE  LYNN (ACE) COSSEY   8-14-1953  to  6-21-1998

*S/of  *1st husband,  James Vernon Cossey  & Julia Inez Bray Cossey Pittman(1930-1982)

&  NOLA  MAE  COSSEY  7-18-1942  (One date)   


JULIA  INEZ BRAY COSSEY PITTMAN  8-2-1930  to  8-5-1982

*D/of  James William Bray (1903-1988)  &  Inez Estella Harris Bray(1910-1977)

*1st husband, James Vernon Cossey   *2nd husband, Ray J. Pittman (1927-1997)


KATHERINE  RENEE  COSSEY  8-27-1968  to  9-21-1968

*Infant  D/of  Mr. & Mrs. Raymond D. “Pat” Cossey


RAYMOND  D. "PAT"  COSSEY (65) 1-25-1949  to  9-23-2014*OB

*S/of  *1st husband, James Vernon Cossey  &  Julia Inez Bray Cossey Pittman(1930-1982)

*Md:8/26/1967  Cheryl Anderson Cossey  *Wf/of  47 years



JESSIE  DOUGLAS “DOUG” COUCH (83) 8-23-1924  to 1-4-2008 

"Doug"  *S/of  Jessie Couch & Leona White Couch  *OB

*Md:1/16/1947       *US Army  WWII   *32nd  degree Mason

& LUCY MORENE  SMITH COUCH(85)6-23-1925  to  4-14-2011

*”MUT”  D/of  Oce Gol Smith (1890-1959) & Jewell Zepher Irwin Smith(1898-1981)   *OB   

*Wife of Jessie Douglas Couch for 60 years.   *Young's FH  MM



ARTHUR  LUTHER  DAVIS   4-4-1905  to  12-28-1965 

*S/of  Luther Wiley Davis(1876-1957) & Mary Surilda (Rilda) Wise Davis(1879-1963)

*Md:12/18/1926 Union Co., AR 

&  RUTH  IDELLE  KINARD  DAVIS   5-5-1909  to  12-31-1978 

*D/of  George William Kinard(1887-1956) &  Hattie Olive Helms Kinard(1883-1934)

"While We Have Time Let Us Do Good"


AYLMER  F.  DAVIS  12-22-1907  to  2-12-1994

 *S/of  John Newton Davis(1874-1934) & Clara Theresa Warren Davis(1870-1917)  


&  FANNIE  LEE WILLIAMS DAVIS  4-14-1914  to  2-2-2005

*D/of  John Wesley Williams(1870-1944)  &  Carrie J. Braswell Williams(1875-1942)

"Nothing Shall Separate Us From The Love Of God"  Romans 8:38


BILLY  WAYNE  DAVIS   12-25-1929  to  9-13-1990 

*S/of  Aylmer F. Davis(1907-1994)  &  Fannie L. Williams Davis (1914-2005)

*PVT  U.S.  Army    "Perfect Love Never Fails"  Mother


DARLINE  DAVIS   3-16-1926  to  Dec 2?-1928 

*D/of  Jim  A. Davis(1885-1962)  &  Amma B. Davis(1887-1970)


DORVIN  DOSS  DAVIS   7-17-1909   to   9-21-1999

*S/of  Wiley Andrew Davis(1879-1974) &  *1st wife, Elizabeth Cottrell Davis(1884-1912)  

*Md:10/16/1953  *Md: 1st wife, Bertha C. Davis *2nd wife, 4/8/1977, Annie M. Davis

*Dorvin has twomarkers; Shares a double headstone in Marysville Cemetery with his

1st wife, Bertha  /  In Rest Haven he has a marker listing Annie M. Davis, his

2nd  wife, along with their marriage date.

&  BERTHA  C.  DAVIS   7-1-1902  to  11-10-1975 


EARL  N.  DAVIS   9-28-1910  to  12-18-1910

"Our Baby"


FRANCIS  MCDANIEL “DAN” DAVIS  5-26-1879NC  to  4-2-1966 

*S/of  Wiley Parker Davis(1851-1928) & Frances Susanna Riggins Davis(1849-1916)

*Dan & Martha Jane md: in 1900, Union County, AR

&  MARTHA  JANE  DORSEY DAVIS  10-7-1880  to  6-11-1957

*JANIE D/of  William I. Dorsey(1851-1888) & Martha Ann Page Dorsey(1853-1934)


HOYTT  FREDRICK  DAVIS   1-10-1905  to  1-8-1982

*S/of  Wiley Andrew Davis(1879-1974) & * 1st wife, Elizabeth Cottrell Davis(1884-1912)

*Md:7/10/1938 Union Co., AR 

&  AUDREY  WARREN  DAVIS  4-30-1915  to  10-9-2003


JAMES  FULTON  DAVIS   7-13-1884 NC to  5-13-1941

*S/of  Wiley Parker Davis(1851-1928)  &  Frances Susanna Riggins Davis(1849-1916)

&   ROETTE  LEE  DAVIS   4-21-1889 LA to   9-15-1975

*D/of  Francis Marion Lee(1857-1914) & Fannie Powell Lee(1861-1947)

"They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"



1-2-1953  *S/of Andrew Jackson Davis(b:ca 1850 GA ) Margaret Burney Davis (b:ca 1854 GA)


12-8-1875 LA  to  8-20-1954    "Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

*Emily’s  Spouses:  *Md: 1st J.H. Byington (8/18/1891  Ouachita Co., AR)

*Emily  Md: 2nd  Jefferson Montgomery Davis, (10/25/1898  Columbia Co., AR)

*D/of  Joseph Madison Campbell(1849-1917) &  *1st wife Thildie  Elizabeth Green Campbell,

 (Thildie  &  Joseph md; 12/16/1869 Lafayette Co., AR)

(Joseph’s spouses, Thildie E. Green    & Flora G. Nall Huntley)

*Md: 2nd Flora Gemima Nall Huntley Campbell (Sep 1858-7/21/1933)* Mount Holly Cemetery

*Flora was the D/of  Bradley Nall(1829-1910) & Almeda Elizabeth Franklin Nall(1835-1876)

*Flora’s  *1st husband, William Caston Huntley (1857-1884)died Flu epidemic. Burial unknown

*See HUNTLEY for info on their children & William Caston Huntley.

*Joseph Madison Campbell buried Mount Holly Cemetery, Union Co., AR


MARY  ELL  DAVIS   5-15-1878  to  10-3-1960

*D/of Andrew Jackson Davis(b:ca 1850 GA ) Margaret Burney Davis (b:ca 1854 GA)

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"


MURROW  W.  DAVIS  2-13-1870 NC  to  4-14-1930

*S/of  Wiley Parker Davis(1851-1928)  &  Frances Susanna Riggins Parker(1849-1916)

 "He Is Not Dead But Sleepth"


WILEY  ANDREW  DAVIS    3-15-1879   to   8-21-1974

*S/of  Andrew Jackson Davis(b:ca 1850 GA) &  Margaret Burney Davis (b:ca 1854 GA)

*1st wife, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cottrell  (1/26/1884 to 3/9/1912)*Curtis Grove Cemetery

*2nd wife, Bennie Latham Lewis (Davis)  (1887-1947) *See listin for Jim Lewis

*Widow of James "Jim" Hamlin Lewis(1883-1914)*Shares double with  Jim H. Lewis

"Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord"


WILLIE  P.  DAVIS    12-10-1903  to  11-27-1974

*S/of Francis McDaniel’Dan’ Davis(1879-1966) & Martha Jane Dorsey Davis(1880-1957)

&  JOY  IRENE  GREER  DAVIS  11-8-1911  to  1-10-2004

*D/of  Daniel B. Greer(1879-1943) &  Ellie A. Davis Greer(1882-1942)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"



Infant  DAVISON    b  &  d  12-3-1887  

*S/of  Silas Davison(1866-1940) & Nancy Ann Scott Davison(1868-1910) 

Infant  “ANNIE” DAVISON   b  &  d   3-13-1910 

*D/of  Silas Davison(1866-1940) & Nancy Ann Scott Davison(1868-1910) 


“J. C.” JAMES  DAVISON    July 1867   to   9-2-1908

*S/of  Levi Newton Davison(1848-1928)  &  Louisa M. Russell Davison(1849-1926)

"Not lost, blest thought, but gone before. Where we shall meet to part no more.”


10-29-1871 LA   to  7-25-1939  Pampa, TX    “Rest Is Thine. Sweet Remembrance Ours.”

*Spouses:  *1st husband, JAMES ABNER HANCOCK (1875-1954)*See listing under Hancock

*2nd husband,  JAMES  C.  DAVISON (1867-1908) 


“L.N.” LEVI  NEWTON  DAVISON  6-21-1848   to  11-9-1928

"His toils are past-his work is done - He fought the fight - the victory won."

“LOU” LOUISA M.  RUSSELL DAVISON 7-14-1849  to 12-26-1926

*D/of  Benjamin Allen Russell(1807-1871) & Seledia Stanley Russell(1812-1887) 

*Wf/of (L.N.) Levi N. Davison   "In thee, O Lord, have I put my trust even until death"


SILAS  DAVISON   8-11-1866   to  5-13-1940

*S/of Jasper S. Davison(1843-1908) & Nancy Elizabeth Bankston(1847-1925)

*Spouses: *1st Nancy Ann Scott   *2nd Eva Atlanta Liles

"His Memory Is Blessed"


3-14-1910   "Mother" ↑ *1st wife of Silas Davison   "Gone but not forgotten"

*Nancy  D/of David Scott(1840-1907)  &  Nancy J. Ainsworth Scott(1847-1929)

*2nd  wife, EVA ATLANTA LILES DAVISON (1882-1964)

*D/of  Henry Bartholomew Liles(1860-1945) &  Sarah E. Hendrix Liles(1863-1946)

*EVA *Md: 1st Willis M. Jones in 1906, Polk Co.,AR  *2nd Md:Silas Davison

*Eva A. Liles Davison buried at Bethel Primitive Baptist Cemetery, Union Co., AR


WILLIAM  O.  DAVISON   10-23-1869   to  11-24-1869

*Son of Levi Newton Davison(1848-1928)  &  Louisa M. Russell Davison(1849-1926) 

"Gentle, Sweet Little William"



BARBARA   A.  DEASON    12-26-1878  to   May 1926

*D/of  William Monroe Deason(1833-1918) & Elisabeth Davison Deason(1835-1911)

"At Rest"  *2011-This stone is in bad shape & not much is still legible.


WILLIAM  MONROE  DEASON  10-16-1833AL  to  9-30-1918AR   

"Only Sleeping"  *2011 Remaining broken piece of stone, lying flat- dates  are illegible

ELISABETH  DAVISON DEASON  12-27-1835AL  to  8-29-1911

*Wf/of  William Monroe Deason  



DAVID  BENOIT  DUGAL   12-6-1956  to  2-17-2010

"Loving son of  Fonda Smith Dugal(1924-2004) and Gordon Benoit Dugal (1921-1971)" 

"Loving Uncle"


GORDON  BENOIT  DUGAL   7-31-1921   to  4-4-1971

*S/of  Gordon Francis Dugal(1895-1968)  & Eva Lena McMath Dugal(1902-1989)

&  FONDA  SMITH  DUGAL  6-24-1924   to  2-29-2004 

*D/of  Carl Excell Smith & Nannie Smith   "And What Doth The Lord Require Of Thee

But To Do Justice, To Love Mercy, And To Walk Humbly With Thy God" 



WILLIAM  BOLEN  DUNN  1-9-1918  to  1-1-2001 "Father" 

*S/of  Cornelius  DeWitt Dunn(1890-1959)  &  Stella R. Dunn(1891-1973)


&  GERALDINE  NESBITT  DUNN  8-31-1923  to  7-21-1991

*D/of  Henry L. Nesbitt(1888-1949)  &  Maggie E. Nesbitt(1892-1969) 




LILLIE  MAY  EARLS   5-25-1881  to   7-1 8-1881

*D/of  James Allen Earls(1858-1938) &  Sara Jane Braswell Earls(1858- ?)



CARLOS  NEIL  EILAND   8-1-1921  to  8-2-1921 

*S/of  E.A.  &  Ruby Eiland



LAURA PEARLIE HAMBRICK ELLIOTT 12-23-1897 to 11-28-1957

*D/of  Jefferson  Davis Hambrick(1861-1914)  & Mary Elizabeth  Braswell Hambrick(1868-1929)

*Laura Pearl  “Pearlie”  Hambrick     *Wife of Rudyard Elliott



JOHN  L.  EVANS  1-25-1858   to  9-8-1912 

*S/of  Mary Jane Powell Evans Neyman Pyle (1835-1920)  & 1st Husb William S. Evans

*John L. Evans  H/of  Matilda  A.  Ainsworth Evans(1860-1887)

*Matilda Ainsworth Evans buried Bethlehem Cemetery, Spotville, Columbia Co., AR



JOHNNIE CORENE WILLIAMS FRIEND  11-8-1919 to 8-29-2003

*D/of  John Harvel Williams(1894-1966) &  Ivy Pearl Hight Williams(1899-1963)

*Wife of  SIMEON  W.  VINES(1906-1966)  *Md: 1935 in Columbia Co., AR (See VINES)

*MM  Bailey FH (2011-has new headstone with only  b-d  years given)

"If  Teardrops were a Stairway And Memories A Lane I'd Walk Right Up

To Heaven And Bring You Home Again"



HARVEY  J.  FERGUSON   12-22-1863   to  3-20-1892

*S/of  John H. Ferguson (d:12/30/1863)  &  Jane E. Ferguson(1830-1910)

[My Dear Sister Is At Rest]

(Fergerson is spelled with a “U” on his  tombstone-Ferguson)


JANE  E.  FERGUSON   10-15-1830  to  9-15-1910 

*Wf/of  John H. Furguson/Ferguson (*Tombstone spelling is FURGERSON)



DAVID  WILLIAM  FUTRELL    5-5-1896 KY to  2-21-1988

*S/of  William  P. Futrell (1854 KY-1944 OK) &  E. Jane Futrell(b: ca 1857 KY)  

*Md:8/16/1927     " Forever In Our Hearts"


2-19-1980  *D/of  Irvin Napoleon Braswell(1870-1942)& Ollie O. Jolly Braswell

(1880-1964) (Ladonna/Ladonan on tombstone) "She was the sunshine of our home" 

"She was the sunshine of our home"  (Ladonna/  Ladonan on tombstone)  


J. D.  FUTTRELL (84) 10-3-1929  to  Nov 2013  *ob

*S/of David William Futtrell(1896-1988) & LaDonan Kay Braswell Futrell(1909-1980)

  *Wife, Janice Futtrell of  NC  *US Marine Corps – Korean War  Purple Heart recipient


JUDY  ANN  FUTRELL    died  8-7-1944 

*D/of  David  W.  Futrell (1896-1988) &  Ladonan Kay Braswell Futrell (1909-1980) 

"Our Darling Judy Ann"



BESSIE  AURENE  GARDNER   6-17-1901  to  8-28-1901

*D/of  Albert  S. Gardner(b:ca 1877 MS)   &  Mallie  N. Smith Gardner(b:ca 1882 LA)

*Shares a double headstone with brother, Willie Gardner

&  WILLIE  GARDNER   1-27-1902  to  1-19-1903

*S/of  Albert  S. Gardner(b:ca 1877 MS)   &  Mallie  N. Smith Gardner(b:ca 1882 LA)



WILLIAM  LARRY  GARNER   10-18-1949  to  2-8-1989

*S/of  William W. Garner & Mary Jane Askew Garner 

*Father of Crisco & Cassie Garner  "Beloved Father Of Criss And Cassip"



BONNIE  ROY  GILES   10-5-1893  to  10-29-1983

*S/of  William Robert Giles(1872-1948) & Nora D. Braswell Giles(1872-1967)

*Wives:  *1st  Rosa Ozella Braswell Phillips(1896-1977)

*Rosa, D/of Hiram Brown Braswell(1866-1901) & Allie Leathie Ann Pyle (1863-1939)

* *2nd Wife  Edna Wooley    "In Loving Memory"

&  EDNA  WOOLEY  GILES   9-6-1905  to  12-29-1981

*D/of  Joel Martin Wooley(1882-1943)  &  Mattie Lee Wooley(1887-1981)


Infant  GILES    B  &  D  10-20-1908  

*Babe of  Walter  L. Giles  &  Beulah  Johnson  Giles

Infant  GILES    b  &  d   7-26-1903  

*D/of  Thomas O. Giles(1874-1905)  &  Della M. Braswell Giles Price(1877-1960)


JAMES  FLOYD “SHORTY” GILES  11-14-1922  to  9-1-1989

*S/of  Bonnie Roy Giles(1893-1983)  & Edna Wooley Giles(1905-1981)   *Md:5/12/1945



*D/of  Zollie Isaiah Perritt, Sr.(1894-1960)  &  Reva Iberia Kinard Perritt (1907-1985)


Infant of  W.L.  &  B.V. GILES   b  &  d   10-20-1908

*Infant of  Walter L. Giles  &  Beulah Johnson Giles  "In Memory Of"


THOMAS  O.  GILES (30) 11-1-1874  to  10-10-1905

*S/of  William  D. Giles  &  Missouri Vinson Giles   "In Memory Of"

*Wife, Della M. Braswell Giles Price (1877-1960)*Buried Magnolia City Cemetery,

Magnolia,  AR   *1st Husband, Thomas O. Giles  *2nd Husband, Daniel W. Price(1877-1947)



CAL  HENRY “SAP” GLASS (88) 10-7-1922  to  6-9-2011  

*S/of  John Alexanderia Glass( 1881-1952)  &  Ella Lillie McCurdy Glass (1892-1936) 

*Md:5/13/1944  *Wf of 67 yrs, Margie Boykin;  Member Wyatt Baptist Church  *OB

*Cal  &  Margaret’s son,  James “Buddy” Glass (1946-2002 TX)


6-21-1928 LA  to  7-11-2013   *D/of Azariah  Boykin (1880-1951)   & 

Leavie Ada Catherine Knight Boykin Stokes (1899-1974) 

*Leavie Ada Knight buried Mulhearn Memorial Park Cemetery, Monroe, LA



ALPHA LEONA GOODE(21)  12-1-1972  to  3-5-1994 

(2004-*MM Young's FH gives her name as Alpha Leona Goode CAMERON)

"In memory of "Daddys" [recopis Baby Girl.  She was the sunshine of our home.

We trust our loss will be her gain and that with Christ she will reign"


DAVID  WAYNE  GOODE (66)  5-5-1944TX  to  3-14-2011

*Young's FH  MM


HENRY  DAVIS  GOODE(30)  7-1-1940TX  to  11-9-1970

*Mother, Edeline Beeson Goode (b:ca 1920 AR)  &  Willie Dee Goode(1918-1984)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

*Killed in automobile accident


RICHARD  M.  GOODE   12-27-1886  to  10-1-1887 

*S/of  William  H.  Goode  &  Anna L . Hancock  Goode  "Safe, Safe At Home"


WILLIE  DEE  GOODE   6-24-1918 LA  to  8-18-1984AR

*S/of Richard Eden Goode(1895 AR-1992 MS) &  Alpha Mae Beeson Goode (1895 AR-1944 LA)

*Husband of, Edeline Beeson Goode(b: ca 1920 AR) *Md: 1937, Columbia Co., AR

*F1   U.S.  Navy   WW II



ALICE  KAY GOZA   8-14-1947  to  2-26-1948 

*D/of  Felix Dodson (Dot) Goza (1896-1979)  &  Eva Suzanna Davis Goza (1902-1998) 

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Memories Ours"


BILLY  JOE  GOZA (32)  12-27-1959  to  11-11-1992

*S/of Luther Dodson Goza(1933-2009)  &  Dessie Barbara “Bobbie” Goza(1933-2015)


&  CAROL MARIE  PRICE  GOZA(55) 7-30-1957  to  9-7-2012 *OB

*D/of  Lenox” Lynn” Irvin Price & Anna Laura Bell Price(1927-1980)    (LPN  nurse)


FELIX  DOTSON “DOT” GOZA  12-29-1896   to  2-5-1979   

 *S/of  Eugene Edwin Goza(1869-1904)  & Margaret Hubbard Goza(1869-1901)

*Md:4/27/1919     *Pvt   U.S.  Army  WW I 

&  EVA SUZANNA  DAVIS  GOZA   3-31-1902LA   to  3-29-1998AR

*S/of  Luther Wiley Davis(1876-1957) & Mary Surilda (Rilda) Wise Davis(1879-1963)


(L.D.) LUTHER  DODSON "DICKIE" GOZA  4-26-1933  to 

9-20-2009  *Luther & Dessie  Md:6/11/1962      "Gone Home"  

*S/of  Felix Dodson (Dot) Goza (1896-1979)  &  Eva Suzanna Davis Goza (1902-1998)

*Parents of the late Bill Goza.(1959-1992)

& DESSIE BARBARA"BOBBIE" GOZA(81) 10-14-1933 to


*D/of  William Frank  O'Rorke(1904-1982)  &  Myrtle  Powell  O'Rorke (1908-1982)  *OB



DANIEL  ‘DAN’  B.  GREER   3-5-1879   to  4-29-1943

*S/of  James E. Greer(1851-1923)  &  Martha Ellen Greer(1856-1930) 

&  ELLIE A. DAVIS GREER   5-5-1882GA  to  9-10-1942 AR


DAN  COLON “BILL” GREER  5-22-1919   to  1-11-1989

* S/of  Daniel B. Greer(1879-1943) &  Ellie A. Davis Greer(1882-1942)

&  THELMA IRENE  JENKINS  GREER  11-22-1919  to  9-23-2009

*D/of  John Thomas Jenkins(1883-1947)  &  Josie Irene Speaks Jenkins(1893-1982)

*Our children Sylvia, Faye, Gary, Ronald, Phillip Greer

"The Lord Is My Shepherd I Shall Not Want"


DEWEY  LESTER  GREER  1-22-1904AR  to  10-15-1967 TX

* S/of  Daniel B. Greer(1879-1943) & Ellie A. Davis Greer(1882-1942)  "Dad"  

*Md:6/30/1925  "Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"  

&  MINNIE  ALLIE JACKSON GREER  10-6-1909  to 11-24-2002

 *D/of Cortez Pizarro Jackson(1885-1971) & Ruthie M. Smith Jackson(1890-1960)

"Mom"    "Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"   "At Rest With God"


LAFAYETTE  GREER  11-6-1856   to  8-16-1910

*S/of  Nancy M. Greer(1817-1905) & James Greer (b:ca 1809 KY-d: Union Co., AR)

*Spouses: Nancy Jane Ainsworth Greer(1865- ?) Waller J. Lambert Jones(1864-1894)

*2nd  Husband,  Lafayette Greer to Nancy Jane Ainsworth    "May he rest in peace"



*Speculation: Nancy Jane Ainsworth Greer(b: ca Sep 1865 Mt Holly)

*D/of Alfred B. Ainsworth(1837-1911)  &  Susan Anna Morgan Ainsworth(1840-1883)

*Spouses: *1st Benjamin F. Latham(1858-1889)   *2nd Lafayette Greer(1856-1910)

[earlier Thelma shared a headstone with N.J. Latham Greer. 

*2011 - Thelma had a stone by herself]

The curbing around the plot, has  N.J. Latham inscribed in the concrete curbing.

&  THELMA  A.  GREER   6-1-1913  to  11-26-2004

* D/of  Daniel B. Greer(1879-1943) & Ellie A. Davis Greer(1882-1942)  

*2011-Thelma has a new headstone by herself  "The Lord Is My Shepherd I Shall Not Want"


(N. M.)NANCY M.  GREER   1-25-1817MS  to  4-9-1905 AR

*Wf/of  James Greer(b: ca 1809 KY  d:Union Co., AR)

"To My Mother"   "In Loving Memory"




NORMAN  LEIGH  HALL, SR.(70)  10-24-1943  to  12-11-2013*OB

*S/of  Willie Leigh “Bill” Hall(1910-1975) & Mable Norma Braswell Hall(1914-1988)  *Army Retiree

*1st Wf/of 35 yrs,  PO Il Hall (3/13/1937 to 4/1/2005) *Buried Mt. View Memorial Park, Lakewood, WA

*2nd Wf/of  6 yrs, Ruby Ford Hall


WILLIE  LEIGH “BILL” HALL   8-17-1910  to  12-1-1975

*S/of  William Charles Hall(1876-1941)  &  Alice Pace Hall(1877-1967)

*SGT   US Army Air Force  WW II

&  MABLE NORMA BRASWELL HALL  2-21-1914  to  5-11-1988

*S/of  Irvin Napoleon Braswell(1870-1942) & Ollie O. Jolly Braswell(1880-1964

*Md:1st  Ladell "Jack" Hollis(1901-1956)   *2nd Willie Leigh Hall (1910-1975)



CLARENCE  HAMBRICK    2-8-1902   to  10-23-1916

*S/of  Jefferson Davis Hambrick (1861-1914)  & Mary Elizabeth  Braswell Hambrick(1868-1929)  


DAVIS  B.  HAMBRICK   10-14-1907  to  9-26-1964

*S/of  Jefferson Davis Hambrick (1861-1914)  & Mary Elizabeth  Braswell Hambrick(1868-1929)  

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"


GEORGE WASHINGTON HAMBRICK  8-12-1859  to  12-14-1937

*S/of  Martha Hambrick Beaty(1825 GA to 1900 AR)  *Brother to Jefferson Davis Hambrick


HARPER  LEE  HAMBRICK   11-13-1932  to  4-27-2002 

*S/of  William Medford Hambrick(1891-1972) &  Willie Mae Ward Hambrick(1905-1990)


‘JEFF’ JEFFERSON DAVIS HAMBRICK 12-10-1861 to 1-27-1914

*S/of  Martha Hambrick Beaty(1825 GA to 1900 AR)  *Brother to G. Wash Hambrick


10-9-1929     *Wf/of  Jefferson ‘Jeff’  Davis  Hambrick

*D/of William Henry Braswell(1817-1907) & Laura Vehelia  Lumbus Braswell (1844-1911)


WILLIAM  MEDFORD  HAMBRICK   2-13-1891  to  11-1-1972 

*S/of  Jefferson Davis Hambrick (1861-1914)  & Mary Elizabeth  Braswell Hambrick(1868-1929)

"Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit"

&  WILLIE MAE  WARD  HAMBRICK   8-12-1905  to  5-8-1990 

*D/of  Thomas & Rebecca Ward   "Tender Mother and A Faithful Friend"



JAMES  ABNER  HANCOCK   2-9-1875  to  9-27-1954

*S/of  James W. Hancock(1833-1907)  &  Wealtha A. Russell Hancock (1841-1928)

"God's Greatest Gift Returned To God"


10-29-1871 LA   to  7-25-1939  Pampa, TX    “Rest Is Thine. Sweet Remembrance Ours.”

*Spouses:  *1st husband, JAMES ABNER HANCOCK (1875-1954)

*2nd husband,  JAMES  C.  DAVISON (1867-1908)  *See listing under DAVISON


JAMES  W.  HANCOCK  11-3-1833 MO  to  1-8-1907 AR

*H/of  Wealtha  A. Russell Hancock    "My Father Has Many mansions"  

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

WEALTHA  A. RUSSELL HANCOCK  7-26-1841  to  8-18-1928

*D/of  Benjamin A. Russell(1807-1871) &  Seledia Stanley Russell(1812-1887)

*Wf/ of James W. Hancock   "Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep.  From which none ever wake to weep."


WILLIAM  MEDFORD  HANCOCK   5-25-1869  to  12-24-1883 

*S/of  James  W. Hancock(1833-1907)  &  Wealtha A. Russell Hancock(1841-1928)



ROBERT  CARROLL COLE  HANER  10-17-1991  to  8-31-1997

*Name given on FAG posting…. Tombstone says Robert Wayne Cole

“My little boy is now my little angel.  I will always miss you.”



Rev. VERNON SANFORD  HANKINS  12-8-1930IN  to  5-20-2006 

*S/of  Elijah Hankins(1907-1969)  &  Hattie Mae Eglen Hankins(1902-1969)  (Methodist Minister)

*Elijah & Hattie Mae Hankins, both of Jackson Co., Indiana    *Md:2/27/1954

&  MARY ANN SEIBERT HANKINS  3-18-1935IN  to  7-16-1995

*D/of  Samuel Hayward Seibert(1910-1972) & Pauline Mae Shockley Seibert(1912-2003)

"And now abideth faith, hope, love,  These three, but the  greatest of these is Love.  

God is Love."



JOSHUA  LEE  HARPER   2-19-1900  to  9-7-1900

*S/of  Wm. Lee Harper(1874-1940) & Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Marian Whitehead  Harper(1874-1964)  

"Our Beloved One"



HARRY  HENDERSON   5-21-1949  to  8-6-1987

"A Loving Father And Husband"



BARNUM  CLAUDE  HEIGHT   10-2-1904  to  9-22-1983

*S/of  John C. Hight(1864-1936)  &  Nancy Ella Hight(1867-1951)  

*PVT  US  Army  WW II   "Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

&  NORMA  CAMPBELL  HEIGHT  11-18-1925   to  3-22-1992  

*D/of  Egbert Leander Campbell (1888-1960) & Mary McCall Campbell(1892-1958)


DENES  M.  HIGHT    3-27-1895  to  6-25-1967 

*S/of  John C. Hight(1864-1936) & Nancy Ella Hight(1867-1951)

&  RENNIE  DAVIS HIGHT   9-16-1901  to  7-10-1926

*D/of Francis McDaniel Davis(1879-1966) & Martha Jane Dorsey Davis(1880-1957) 

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


JOSEPH  “JOE” C.  HIGHT    2-13-1897  to  7-8-1954

*S/of  John C. Hight(1864-1936) & Nancy Ella Hight(1867-1951)

"What We Keep In Memory Is Ours Unchanged Forever"

LENA  ETTA  CRUMPLER  HIGHT 12-4-1894   to  8-26-1976LA 

*D/of Benj. 'Binon'  Frank Crumpler (1838-1897) & Martha Elizabeth Owen Staggs

*Sister to Fred Sanford Staggs (1903-1972)  "Gone But Not Forgotten"


JOHN  C.  HIGHT   1864 NC  to 1936 AR  

"Father"   *S/of Charmel Hight & Elizabeth King Hight  "At Rest" 

NANCY  ELLA  HIGHT   1867 NC  to 1951 AR  

"Mother" "At Rest"


SAM  HIGHT   7-30-1905   to   3-17-1928

*S/of  John C. Hight (1864-1936) & Nancy Ella Hight (1867-1951)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"



ANTHONY  HINES  6-9-1823  to 11-7-1905

*S/of  Matthias Hines(1790 VA-1842 AL)  &  Margaret Sproull Hines(1791-1830 AL)

"Kind father of love thou ar' nt gone  to thy  rest Forever to bask amid the joys of the blest"

&  EMALINE MASSEY HINES   2-22-1825SC  to 5-8-1906 AR

*Wf/of  Anthony Hines (1823-1905)   "Now thou are gone beyond the reach  of  ?woe  

Where  sorrows  tears shall ever cease to  flow"


JOHN  DUNCAN  HINES   3-3-1853  to  10-23-1947

*S/of  Anthony  Hines (1823-1905) &  Emaline Massey Hines(1825-1906) 

*H/of Mary Jane Braswell   *Md: in 1878, Union Co., AR    "Gone but not forgotten"

MARY  JANE  BRASWELL HINES   3-1-1856  to  2-27-1914 

*D/of  Benj Rhodes Braswell(1825-1864) &  Sarah Ann Francis  McWilliams Braswell (1834-1886)

*Wf/of  J.D. Hines 


LYDIA ELIZA HINES   Feb 1872  to  1-24-1942

*D/of  Anthony Hines(1823-1905) & Emaline Massey Hines(1825-1906)



NAOMA  GENEVA  HOGAN   1924  to  1956



EMILY  DAWN  HOLLAND   2-16-1976  to  7-29-1998

"She Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven"




*S/of  Robert C. Huntley(1816-1876)  &  Susannah McLendon Huntley(1821- ?)

*1st husband of  Flora Gemima Nall Huntley Campbell  (1858-1933)

*William Caston Huntley died during a flu epidemic, along with one of his 3 children,

Olia  A. Huntley(1877-1884)  Location of William or Olia Huntley, unknown.

Their other two children were, Robert Thurlow Huntley (1880-1954 TX) &

Willie Elizabeth C. Huntley Crumpler(1884-1964 AR)  Both raised by Flora &

*2nd husband, Joseph Madison Campbell.



CORA  L. HUTCHINSON  10-20-1886  to  7-7-1888

*D/of   Cyrus Clay Hutchinson(1866-1913)  &  Martha E. Lee Hutchinson(b: ca 1868 AR)

*Cyrus Hutchinson md: Martha E. Lee in 1884 in Union Co., AR



CRYSTAL LEEANNE JENKINS  11-25-1980  to  10-8-2006TX

*D/of  Johnny Frank Jenkins (1952-2015)  & Teresa Sanders Jenkins

"Resting Safe In The Hands Of God"


JOHNNY  FRANK  JENKINS (63)  5-14-1952  to  9-5-2015 *OB

*S/of  Clarence Jenkins (1909-1966)  & Mildred Lee Jenkins (1921-19 __ 

*Clarence & Mildred Jenkins buried at Crossroads Cemetery, Crossett, AR

*Wf/of 38 yrs, Teresa Sanders Jenkins



HENRY  JOHNSTON    3-4-1876 TX  to  12-14-1939 AR

*S/of  Robert & Lucinda Johnston   *Md:6/15/1899    "We Will Meet Again"


to  2-19-1963  *D/of  John Wesley Braswell(1849-1907) &  Elizabeth Orr Braswell (1846-1889)



DORA  PRICE  KAUFFMAN   9-18-1888   to   9-21-1910

*D/of  Polk Pope Price(1853-1892) & Tressie A. Melton Price(1860-1927)  

*Dora died from birth complications in the birth of baby Ellis 

*Wf/of John Hugh Kauffman  md: in 1907, Union Co., AR


ELLIS  PRICE  KAUFFMAN   9-21-1910  to  11-9-1910

*S/of  John Hugh Kaufman(1880-1943) &  Dora Price Kauffman(1888-1910)



NANCY  A.  KEEN   10-27-1861  to  9-20-1862

*D/of   A.J.  &  Sarah  Hewitt Braswell  Keen(b:ca 1841 NC)



LARRY  L.  KELLEY    8-23-1943  to  12-16-1997   

"Go Rest High On That Mountain"



CLARENCE  WILSON  KINARD   7-27-1913  to  8-16-1942

*S/of  George William Kinard(1887-1956) &  Hattie Olive Helms Kinard(1883-1934)

*1st  husband of Mary Lewis      *See Mary Lewis Kinard Pagan (1914-2000 TX)   

"God Gives Us Love Some One To Love He Leads Us"


GEORGE  WILLIAM  KINARD   10-7-1877  to  1-21-1956

*S/of  Charles Pratt Kinard(1853-1932) & Nancy Anna Hanry Kinard(1851-1919)

&  HATTIE  OLIVE  HELMS  KINARD 12-16-1883  to  9-25-1934 

*D/of  Benjamin Franklin  Kinard(1856-1926) & Mary”Mollie” Telisha Fesperman Helms Kinard

(1864-1940)     "God's greatest gift returned to God our parents"


GRADY  DAVIS  KINARD   12-11-1915   to   6-21-1982

*S/of  George William Kinard(1887-1956) &  Hattie Olive Helms Kinard(1883-1934)


LOY  LEE  KINARD   1-18-1920  to  1-21-1920  

*Infant S/of  George Wm. Kinard(1887-1956) &  Hattie Olive Helms Kinard(1883-1934)

"Asleep in Jesus"


WADE  WALTON  KINARD   5-1-1903  to  11-29-1983

*S/of  George William Kinard(1887-1956) &  Hattie Olive Helms Kinard(1883-1934)



FLORA  KURTZ   5-19-1920  to  Dec 1978

*Marker missing by 2013.



DANNY  B.  LANCASTER   2-5-1944   to  6-29-1968

*Arkansas  FN  US Navy  *Age 24 

&  (Blank on one side)  Double headstone with no wife name on other side. 



B. F. (BENJAMIN) LATHAM   (No dates) (Approx. 1858-1889)

*S/of  John Latham(b:ca 1833 AL) & Catherine Latham (b:ca 1837 AR)

*born abt. 1860  &  died before 1890  *Name scratched in homeade concrete

curbing around graves of B.F. Latham & Nancy Jane Ainsworth Latham

*Md: Nancy J. Ainsworth in 1883, Union Co., AR


(1865-  __?)   *D/of Alfred B. Ainsworth & Susan A. Morgan Ainsworth

*Her name is scratched into the concrete curbing same as B.. F. Latham's.

 *Wife of 1st Benjamin F. Latham;   2nd husband, Lafayette Greer



THOMAS  CLARENCE  LEACH   2-14-1919  to  1-26-1980

*S/of  John Alfred Leach(1885-1947) & Maggie Ophelia Cole Leach (1892-1987)

*PVT   US  Army  WW II      "We Will Meet Again"

&  SADIE ‘MAE’ BRASWELL LEACH  7-15-1927  to  9-2-1987 

*D/of  Frederick Bryant Braswell(1897-1987)& Rosie Love Brasier  Braswell(1899-1984

"Her Memory Is Blessed"


TOMMY  LEE  LEACH   2-29-1948  to  12-11-1989

*S/of  Thomas Clarence Leach(1919-1980) & Sadie Mae Braswell(1927-1987)

*Us Army    "To Live In The Hearts Of Those We Love Is Never To Die"

*Md:6/16/1972  Marysville, Union County, AR

&  RONDA GAIL DUGAL LEACH 7-15-1953 LA  to  7-13-1993TX 

*D/of  Gordon Benoit Dugal(1921-1971) & Fonda Smith Dugal(1924-2004)



THOMAS  I.  LEE    1-26-1833 NC  to  5-17-1896 AR  (Mason)

*S/of  William Lee (1803 - __?) & Elizabeth Braswell Lee(1816-1880)

*2nd husband of Sarah Hewitt J. Braswell-Keen   *md:10/30/1864

*2011-old stone broken-lying flat on ground



JOHN  WILLIAM  LEES   1895 TX  to  1944 AR  

*Speculation:  John Willys  1895  to  10-1-1944  *ARDI  

&  JEPPIE  LEE BRASIER LEES  12-31-1900  to  12-30-1995 

*D/of  Jeptha Newton Brasier(1867-1916) & Amanda A. McWilliams Brasier(1870-1950)

"Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"


TOMMY  JOE  LEES    5-27-1926  to  10-28-1962

*S/of  John William  Lees (1895-1944) & Jeppie Lee Brasier Lees (1900-1995)

"He Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"



JIM’  JAMES  HAMLIN  LEWIS  12-15-1883  to  8-26-1914

*S/of Hamlin Lewis(1839-1917) & Lorena (Rena) Bustion Lewis(1853-1925) 

*Only B & D year given on tombstone for Jim Lewis

&  BENNIE  LATHAM  LEWIS (DAVIS)  1-3-1887  to  6-1-1947

*D/of  Benjamin F. Latham(1858-1889) & Nancy Jane Ainsworth Latham(1865- ?)

*Spouses: *1st husb, Jim Hamlin Lewis  *2nd husb, Wiley Andrew Davis(1879-1974)


LODIE   LEWIS     1881  to  1942



WILLIAM  LOCKARD   3-4-1853  to  Nov 1926

*S/of  Thomas Lockard & Celia Scalf Lockard   *H/of  Barbara King Lockard



WILLIAM  HAROLD  MACHEN   11-20-1913  to  8-29-1997

*S/of  James Lee Machen(1884-1966) & Ella Mae Marshall Machen(1893-1984)


& HAZEL MARTEL NESBITT MACHEN  7-14-1920  to 1-11-2000

*D/of  Jessie F. Nesbit (1884-1957) & Lucy Beasley Nesbit(1887-1973)




to 1-19-2006   *D/of  Arthur Luther Davis  &  Ruth Kinard Davis;  *OB

*Wf/of the late Bobby Doyle Andrews.   



DIBRELL  EVERETT  MALLETT   8-3-1915  to  6-13-1979

*S/of  Marvin E. Mallett(1896-1969) & Blanche Mallett(1900-1987) 

*Md:2/4/1942    *US  Army   WW II   "Absent In Body But Present In Spirit"

& HAZEL BRASWELL MALLETT   11-19-1919  to  8-4-2009 

*D/of Frederick ‘Fred’ Bryant Braswell(1897-1981) &  Rosie Love Brasier Braswell(1899-1984)



DEAN  MARINE   5-20-1934 TN  to 1-18-2009AR  "Father" 

*S/of  George  Earl Marine (1904-1972) & Zelma Ethel Huskey Marine (1914-1993)

*Md:7/8/1952      * PFC  US  Army-Korea

&  BETTY JO  BRASIER  MARINE  1-14-1935  (One date)



JOHN  CLARENCE  McANTYRE   5-7-1922   to  6-28-1972

*Arkansas  CPL  US Army  WW II



NANCY  McBRIDE   4-22-1844MS   to  9-16-1864 AR

*D/of  Warren M. McBride(b:ca 1820MS-d:aft 1900) & mother, Isabella Sinclair

 McBride(b:ca 1824 NC-d:aft 1880)~ *Md:12/29/1842 Rankin Co.,  MS

 *Stone was broken in 2004  *2011-Stone broken lying flat on ground

"Remember girls as you pass by.  As you are now so ?once  ?was I. 

As I am now so you will be.  Prepare for death and follow me."


AARON  B.  McCALL   9-13-1889   to  9-15-1890

*S/of  Aaron H. McCall(1852-1929) &  Loucinda S. Ainsworth McCall(1861-1922)


AARON  H. McCALL   12-9-1852 SC  to   5-26-1929 AR

*S/of  Malcom McCall(d:1864)  &  Lydia Ann John McCall(1823-1891)

LOUCINDA  S.  AINSWORTH  McCALL   6-3-1861  to 

11-14-1922   *Wife of  Aaron  H.  McCall   

*D/of  Alfred B. Ainsworth(1837-1911) & Susan Anna Morgan(1840-1883)


ALFRED  M.  McCALL   2-2-1884   to  11-12-1884

*S/of  Aaron H. McCall(1852-1929) &  Loucinda S. Ainsworth McCall(1861-1922)

"In Memory Of"


WALTER LAWRENCE McCALL (W.L.) 2-7-1891  to  10-7-1925

*S/of  Aaron H. McCall(1852-1929)  &  Loucinda S. Ainsworth McCall(1861-1922)

*Spouse: Mary Effie Hollensworth Campbell 9-22-1900 to  9-12-1970

*D/of James Hillery Hollensworth(1878-1949) & Carolyn Susan Hudson(1878-1950)

*Mary Effie married 1st Walter Lawrence McCall(1891-1925)  *Md: 2nd Coria Christopher

Campbell(1882-1969) Mary Effie along with her 2nd husband & children are all buried

in Magnolia Memorial Park Cemetery, Columbia Co.,AR.  "His Memory Is Blessed"



EFFIE  PERRITT  McDONALD   5-1898  to  3-23-1926  "At Rest"

*D/of John H. Perrit(1870-1944) & Margaret Frances Ainsworth(1867-1921)  *Photo

*Md:3/7/1917 Mt. Holly, Union Co.,AR   J. LUTHER McDONALD(1888-1972)

J. Luther McDonald is buried at Bethel Mt. Holly Methodist Church Cemetery,

Union County, Arkansas.



JOHN  J.  McGUIN   11-22-1904  to  10-24-1963 



LARRY  LYNN  McILVEENE   died 10-4-1947

*Infant S/of  Malvin & Lillian McIlveene



LARRY  W.  McNEAL   2-29-1940  (One date) 


&  JUDY  SESSOMS  McNEAL   7-30-1940  (One date) 



COLLIE  ROY  McWILLIAMS   6-4-1901  to  11-23-1978  

*S/of James Daniel McWilliams(1866-1934) & Zora Belle Braswell McWilliams(1872-1959)   


&  GLADYS POWLEDGE McWILLIAMS  5-20-1905  to  2-3-1993

*D/of Hardy Joseph Powledge(1877-1942) & Minerva Ellen Williams Powledge(1886-1926)


DEMMER  McWILLIAMS    7-9-1905  to  7-19-1905  

*D/of  James Daniel McWilliams & Zora Belle Braswell McWilliams

Our darling one hath gone before to  ?____________  home"


FRED  D.  McWILLIAMS    1903  to  1994

*S/of  James Daniel McWilliams(1866-1934) &  Zora Bell Braswell McWilliams(1872-1959)


&  MILDRED DEAN McWILLIAMS  1-5-1918 KY  to 3-2-2009 MI

*D/of  Lewis Hovie Dean(1893-1950)  &  Mallie Reeder Dean(1893-1977)


HARPER WATSON McWILLIAMS   2-6-1900  to  3-1-1900

*S/of  James Daniel McWilliams(1866-1934) &  Zora Bell Braswell McWilliams(1872-1959)


JAMES DANIEL McWILLIAMS   3-8-1866  to  3-5-1934 "Husband" 

*S/of  William M. McWilliams(1810-1872) & Martha J. Giles McWilliams(1835-1880


 7-22-1959 "Wife"   

*D/of  Wm Henry Braswell(1817-1907) & Laura Vehelia Lumbus Braswell(1844-1911)


JAMES  WALLACE  McWILLIAMS  12-3-1912  to  1-3-1994  

*S/of  James Daniel McWilliams(1866-1934) &  Zora Bell Braswell McWilliams(1872-1959)

*Md:2/11/1935   (Mason)   "Together Forever"

&  MILDRED  BISHOP  McWILLIAMS   9-14-1915  (One date) 

*D/of  Jasper Marshal Bishop(1885-1970) & Mary Ann Vinson Bishop(1890-1967)


KATHERINE “KATE” McWILLIAMS  10-30-1895  to  12-18-1990

*Wf/of Sam Dixon McWilliams(10/30/1885 to 12/18/1943)

*Sam D. McWilliams Buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in El Dorado, AR 

"Only For A Little While"


LEVONIA  McWILLIAMS    3-6-1907  to  3-7-1907 

*D/of  James Daniel McWilliams(1866-1934) & Zora Belle Braswell McWilliams(1872-1959)  

"Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven"


ROSANA BRASWELL McWILLIAMS  3-4-1846  to  8-5-1919 

*D/of  William Henry Braswell(1817-1907) &  Mary Ann Butler(1829-1863)  "Mother"

*Wf/of  Robert Duff McWilliams(5/31/1828 TN & 7/20/1909 LA) *Buried Social Springs Cemetery,

Hall Summit, Red River Parish, LA


GEORGE THOMAS “BUD” MEAD  1-24-1936TX  to 12-13-2011OK

*Died age 75, in Grove, OK.  *S/of  Amos Raymond Mead & Jessie Montez Bryson Mead

( Bud born in Conroe, TX)  *Both wives, preceded him in death:  *1st wife,  Annette Mead

*2nd wife, Virginia Maxine Mead(1937-2011)buried Olympus Cemetery, Grove, OK


ISHAM  MELTON, III   8-12-1821NC  to  8-26-1896 AR "Father" 

*S/of  Isham William Melton & Susannah Collins Melton 

"Again we have to meet thee When the day of life is flown

And in Heaven with joy to greet thee

Where no farewell tears are shed"


8-29-1889  "Mother"   *Not sure of this inscription..hard to read..

 " Heaven now retains our treasure though  the lonely casket keeps

And the sunbeams long to linger There my sainted Mother sleeps"   

[Note: Came across another Eliza J.(Elizabeth Jane or E.J.) Wimberly,

wife of Isham Melton born 12/21/1796  &  died 8/29/1869] *Of interest.



HESTER A. HILL MITCHELL  (No dates)  "Grandmother" 

*Details from other sources:  HESTER  A.  HILL  TIPTON  MITCHELL

*Nov 1831 AL  to  1910 AR

*1st husband, Simeon Tipton(1827 GA- killed in the Civil War)

*2nd husband, James Mitchell  md: 1868 Lafayette Co.,AR

*( James Mitchell - Soldier 148th Ill Infantry)


Infant  MITCHELL  (No dates) 

*Infant of  C.C.  &  Effie Mitchell


SUSIE  E.  MITCHELL   (No dates)  "Mother"

WILLIAM  R.  MITCHELL  (No dates)  "Father"


WILMAIDA  MITCHELL  9-20-1870  to  10-1-1876

*6 year old D/of  W. J.  &  Martha A.  Mitchell     "All Is Well"



CLARENCE  J.  MODISETTE   3-10-1898   to   9-12-1970  

*S/of  Charles  Stokes Modisette(1870-1940)& Paralee Blackwell Modisette(1877-1938) 

"Each Duty Done.  They Rest In Peace."

&  LILLIE  McCALL  MODISETTE   8-10-1894   to  5-19-1978  

*D/of  Aaron H. McCall(1852-1929) & Loucinda S. Ainsworth McCall(1861-1922)



Infant  MOODY  died 12-28-1918 

*S/of  Carl & Minnie Moody  "Gone But Not Forgotten"


MINNIE  B. WOOLEY MOODY(20) 8-17-1900  to  5-12-1921

*D/of James T. Moody(1853-1920) & Sarah Ann Hight(1869-1947)

*Wife of Carl Moody



ELIZABETH  MYERS   1-2-1815NC  to  9-27-1888AR

*Wf/of   James Myers (b: ca 1815 SC- d: in NC)


1.}MARY  JANE  MYERS   2-5-1839NC  to  11-27-1916AR

2.}SUSANNA  MYERS   3-5-1845 NC  to  8-11-1882 AR

3.}NANCY  MYERS    5-31-1853 NC  to  7-14-1914 AR

4.}MARGARET  E. MYERS RUSH  6-3-1857 NC  to  3-25-1931 AR

     *Wf/of  William Daniel Rush(1860-1893)



WILLIAM  HARDIN  NEASON  2-13-1911 NC   to  11-25-1974 AR

*S/of  John J. Neason of  NC  &  Maggie Ross Neason Gantt(1869-1943)

"He Is Just Away"



JOE  CARROL  NESBIT (85)  3-6-1929  to  9-27-2014 *OB

*S/of John William Nesbit & Jewel Terrel Nesbit   *Korean War Vet

*Wife, Shirley Nesbit



LEWIS  P.  NEYMAN (18 yrs)   12-7-1863  to  3-20-1882

*S/of  Michael Neyman  &  Mary Jane Powell Neyman Pyle(1835-1920)

(2011-tombstone sunk into ground blocking out death date)



4-5-1835   to   6-26-1920  

*D/of  Needham  Powell  &  Elizabeth Hardy Powell(1805-1874)

* Wife of  1st  William S. Evans(1828-1860);*2nd  Michael Neyman ;

 *3rd William Rowan Pyle   "Gone but not forgotten"



MARY LEWIS KINARD PAGAN  11-8-1914  to  1-16-2000

*D/of  John Sims Lewis(1887-1971) & Tenny Lee McDonald Lewis (1890-1979)

*Spouses: *1st Clarence Wilson Kinard(1913-1942)*2nd Theodore Pagan(1902-1967)

* Clarence W. Kinard buried Marysville  Cemetery, Union Co., AR

* 2nd husb, Theodore Pagan buried Ebeneezer Presbyterian Cemetery, Union Co.,AR

"In My Father's House Are Many Mansions" 



ROY  ISAAC “RIP” PARKER, SR.  3-23-1923  to  7-4-2011  

*Md:8/15/1942   *S/of  Lloyd Parker(1901-1962) &  Katie Thomas  Parker(1902-1984)  

*Bronze Star Recipient for helping to remove wounded Marines from battlefield

U.S. Marine  WW II    *Young's FH  MM 

& HELEN  RAY CAMPBELL PARKER   9-9-1922  (One date) 

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"



LILLY  RUTH  PARSONS  1930  to  1933

*D/of  Richard J. Parsons (1902-1994) & Doris Braswell Parsons(1910-2002)



FLOYE  FRANCIS  PERRITT   8-12-1937  to  9-27-1943

*D/of  Nelson G. Perritt(1901-1973) & Lillie White Perritt(1903-1966) 

*Floye was twin to Lloye Frankie Perritt(1937-1988)

"She Is Not Dead But Sleepeth"


Mrs.  I. N.  PERRITT   1903  to  1966


JOHN  HENRY  PERRITT   1870  to  10-18-1944  *ARDI

*S/of  David Perritt & Narcissa Jane Pyle 

*H/of  Margaret Frances Ainsworth Perritt(1867 Mt.Holly to 1921 Marysville)

"Earth has no sorrows that Heaven cannot heal"


to  3-12-1921 *(Mrs. John  Henry Perritt) 

*D/of  Alfred B. Ainsworth(1837-1911) & Susan Anna Morgan Ainsworth(1840-1883)


JOHNNY  I.  PERRITT  11-29-1926  to  7-6-1952

*S/of  Zollie Isaiah Perritt(1894-1960) & Reva Iberia Kinard Perritt(1907-1985)

*Arkansas  S1  US Navy  WW II


LLOYE  FRANKIE  PERRITT   8-12-1937  to  8-18-1988

*S/of  Nelson G. Perritt(1901-1973) & Lillie White Perritt(1903-1966) 

*US Navy      *Twin brother to Floye Francis Perritt (1937-1943)


LOUIS  HOWARD PERRITT   3-28-1896  to  2-23-1972 

*S/of  John H. Perritt(1870-1944) & Margaret Frances Ainsworth Perritt(1867-1921)

*Md:5/5/1923    * Ark  Pvt. Co  G  132  Inf  WW I

&  GAUDY L. McWILLIAMS  PERRITT  3-5-1900  to  7-7-1983

*D/of  Watson McWilliams(1879-1918) & Lula L. McCormack McWilliams (1867-1923)

*Wf/of  Louis Howard Perritt(1937-1972)   "This is the Promise....Life Everlasting"


NELSON  G. PERRITT   2-28-1901   to  3-22-1973

*S/of  John H. Perritt(1870-1944) &  Margaret Frances Ainsworth Perritt(1867-1921)

"We Lived To Love All"


5-11-1966  *D/of  Nancy Janie McWilliams(1877-1967)& Wm C. White(1868-1910)


ZOLLIE  ISAIAH  PERRITT, SR.  5-23-1894  to 

11-3-1960   *Arkansas PVT US Army  WW I  

*S/of  Margaret Frances Ainsworth(1867-1921) & John H. Perritt(1870-1944)

"Into thy hands I command my spirit" Luke 23-46

&  REVA IBERIA KINARD  PERRITT  7-15-1907  to  11-5-1985

*S/of  George William Kinard(1887-1956) &  Hattie Olive Helms Kinard(1883-1934)

"Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God"



12-17-2013 LA   *S/of  Reva Iberia Kinard(1907-1985) & Zollie Isaiah Perritt, Sr. 1894-1960

*Wife, Debbie A. Perritt of Minden, LA. (wife’s name given in his obituary)

*From Obit posted online at Find-A-Grave;  Charlene Mashburn Perrit Funderburg (1937-2015)

Obit list her husband as Edmond Funderburg of Minden.  She is buried at Gardens of Memory

Cemetery, Minden, LA.


GEORGE  WASHINGTON  PHILLIPS   8-10-1880  to  7-3-1943

*1st  H/of  Amanda  “Maudie” McWilliams Phillips Brasier(1870-1950) *See Brasier

*2nd husband Jeptha Newton Brasier (1867-1916)



CHARLES  ALONZO  PICKERING   9-10-1870  to  2-14-1871

*S/of John S. Pickering(1829-1890) & Sarah A.M. Wroten Pickering(1834-1881)



VERA LEE  STAGGS PIERSON   1-14-1926LA  to  6-23-2007 TX

*D/of  Fred Sanford Staggs (1903-1972) & Loye H. Nicks Staggs(1909-1986) 

*Vera died in Cleveland, Texas at the age of 81.



JULIA  BRAY COSSEY  PITTMAN   8-2-1930  to 8-5- 1982 

*MM  Bailey FH   "Lovingly Remembered By Her Children"



NEVEL VERNON “BUN” POE   7-24-1896AR  to  8-31-1931TX 

*S/of  Henry Wilson Poe(1862-1927) &  Mary Etta Lucas Poe(1866-1940)

*Arkansas    Pvt  329  Inf  83  Div



CHARLES  E.  POORE   Mar 1864IN  to  7-28-1928AR

*S/of  Isaac Poore(1840-1914)  &  Elizabeth M. Jones Poore(1838-1904)

&  MINNIE  STRIEZICK POORE   Jun 1874NB  to   2-7-1927AR




4-26-1874 AR    *Wf/of Needham  Powell, Jr. (1785 NC – 1858 AR)   



HARDY JOSEPH POWLEDGE   2-13-1877GA  to  4-1-1942TX

*S/of Jacob Martin Powledge(1852-1933) & Mary Ellen Fuller Powledge(1849-1910)


1886  to  3-16-1926  "Rest Is Thine And Sweet Remembrance Ours"  *ARDI    

*D/of  George Dallas Williams(1847-1896) & Eliza Jane Melton Williams(1850-1919)


JOEL  POWLEDGE    1-31-1910  to  3-25-1910 

*S/of  Hardy Joseph Powledge(1877-1942) &  Minnie Ellen Williams Powledge(1886-1926)

 "Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"  



BRADFORD  PRICE   12-1-1892  to  12-22-1892 

*S/of  Polk Pope Price(1853-1892) &  Tressie A. Melton Price(1860-1927)


CORA  PRICE    2-29-1880  to  7-24-1896 

*D/of  Polk Pope Price(1853-1892) &  Tressie A. Melton Price(1860-1927)


ELLIS  P.  PRICE    1-23-1884  to  8-28-1895

*S/of  Polk Pope Price(1853-1892) &  Tressie A. Melton Price(1860-1927) 


POLK  POPE  PRICE   6-13-1853 AL  to  7-5-1892 AR  

(I have another death date ? 1/23/1935)

*Md:7/5/1877 *Homemade marker with only his birth date & wed to Tressie date

TRESSIE  A. MELTON  PRICE  10-25-1860  to  12-20-1927

*D/of  Isham Melton(1821-1896) & Eliza Jane Wimberly Melton (1817-1889)


THOMAS  S.  PRICE   9-28-1886  to  9-12-1896

*S/of  Polk Pope Price(1853-1892) &  Tressie  A.  Melton Price(1860-1927) 




6-26-1920 AR   *D/of  Needham Powell(1785 NC -1858 AR)  & 

Elizabeth  Hardy  or ? Burton Powell(1805-1874)

*Spouses: *1st  William S. Evans(1828-1860)*2nd Michael Neyman *3rd William R. Pyle

*M/of  Lucy Evans Smith(1856-1935) John L. Evans(1858-1912) James Harrison

Evans(1859-1934) Louis P. Neyman(1863-1882)



JOHN  M.  RAY   2-4-1892  to  12-22-1922

*S/of  Thomas J. Ray(1859-1948) &  Sarah Jane Deason Ray(1861-1961)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


KENNETH  RAY   1-24-1888  to  8-18-1891

*S/of  Thomas J. Ray(1859-1948) &  Sarah Jane Deason Ray(1861-1961)

 (2011-tombstone pretty much illegible)


NETTIE  RAY (51)    3-27-1886  to  5-17-1937 

*D/of  Thomas J. Ray(1859-1948) &  Sarah Jane Deason Ray(1861-1961)   

"Each duty done she rests in peace."


THOMAS  S.  RAY  12-31-188?   to  Unreadable  Broken stone

*S/of  Thomas J. Ray(1859-1948) &  Sarah Jane Deason Ray(1861-1961)




*D/of  George Dallas Williams(1847-1896) & Adeline Melton Williams(1847-1881) 

*Wf/of Henry A. Reed


BERNICE   CLAY  REED    4-25-1895  to  1895

*D/of  Henry Allen Reed(1869-1951)  &  Annie Elizabeth Williams Reed(1872-1914)


FLOY ADELINE REED   B   &  D  1902

*D/of  Henry Allen Reed(1869-1951)  &  Annie Elizabeth Williams Reed(1872-1914)


GEORGE  AUBRY  REED   10-2-1904  to  1905

*S/of  Henry Allen Reed(1869-1951)  &  Annie Elizabeth Williams Reed(1872-1914)


Infant  Son REED     8-24-1890  to  1890 

*S/of  Henry Allen Reed(1869-1951)  &  Annie Elizabeth Williams Reed(1872-1914)


ROY (?ROSS) REED   9-7-1899  to  1900 

*S/of  Henry Allen Reed(1869-1951)  &  Annie Elizabeth Williams Reed(1872-1914)



                      "Brother  and  Sister" ▼

CHARLES  M.  ROBERSON   10-5-1925  to  6-15-2002

* PS. 40   *S/of Harvey Thomas Roberson (1901-1963) & Thelma Lewis Roberson (1905-1995)

*TEC  5  US Army  WW II  

&  N.  JO  ANN  ROBERSON  7-7-1941  (One date)  *John 14 


HARVEY  THOMAS  ROBERSON   9-1-1901  to  2-22-1963

*S/of  Robert Henry Roberson(1869-1932) & Julia Ann Cottrell Roberson(1872-1946)

(Above Robert & Julia Ann Cottrell Roberson buried at Curtis Grove Cemetery, Union Co.,AR)


& THELMA  LEWIS  ROBERSON   11-26-1905  to  8-24-1995

*D/of  James’Jim’ Hamlin  Lewis(1884-1914) &  Bennie L. Latham Lewis(1887-1947)


JULIA  LYNN  ROBERSON  6-24-1946  (One date)

*On some cemetery files posted online, this Julia Lynn is sometimes mixed up with the

above Julia Ann Cottrell Roberson 1872-Dec 1946,  M/of Harvey Thomas Roberson

*Only one date given on tombstone.  "I Pray Thee Lord My Soul To Keep"



MARGARET ELLEN  AVIS RODEN(69) 10-1-1943  to  11-26-2012

*D/of  Hoytt & Audrey Warren Davis.  Wife of Winston Roden  for over 49 yrs.   *OB



ZEFFIE  LEONA GREER ROGERS  8-10-1906  to  6-13-1928

"Asleep In Jesus"



ANDREW  EDWARD  RUSH   12-26-1888  to  5-18-1957

*S/of  William Daniel Rush, Jr.(1860-1893) &  Margaret E. Myers Rush (1857-1931)


ANTHONY  RUSH   12-6-1887  (One date) 


WILLIAM  DANIEL RUSH, JR.  11-1-1860  to  11-1-1893

*S/of  William Daniel Rush, Sr., (1838 MS-1862 MS) killed in the Civil War  & 

Laura Vehelia Lumbus(1814-1911)

MARGARET  E. MYERS  RUSH, JR.   6-3-1857  to  3-25-1931

*D/of  James Meyers(b:ca 1815 SC- d: NC)  Elizabeth Myers(1815-1888)



(B.A.) BENJAMIN  ALLEN  RUSSELL  1-2-1807TN  to  1-6-1871AR

&  SELEDIA  STANLEY RUSSELL  5-16-1812  to  3-15-1887

*D/of  William Stanley(b:ca 1790 TN) & Wealthy Reynolds Stanley(b:ca 1793 VA)


BURNETTIE  RUSSELL   12-2-1882  to  2-10-1885

"At Rest In Heaven"


DUREN  RUSSELL   11-29-1876  to  1-10-1877

"Asleep In Jesus"


JAMES  RUSSELL   6-14-1844  to  11-20-1866

*S/of  Benjamin A. Russell(1807-1871) &  Seledia Stanley Russell(1812-1887)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


MARY  C.  RUSSELL  10-14-1835 TN   to  7-12-1903

*D/of  Benjamin Allen Russell(1807-1871) & Seledia Stanley Russell(1812-1887)


THOMAS  F.  RUSSELL   11-1853 MO  to  3-18-1939 AR 

*S/of  Benjamin A. Russell(1807-1871) &  Seledia Stanley Russell(1812-1887)

& ELIZABETH MELTON RUSSELL  4-1855 NC  to  3-14-1946 AR 

"BETTIE"  *D/of  Isham  Melton(1821-1896) & Eliza J. Wimberly Melton(1817-1889)



DONNA  BARBER  RYALS   3-5-1954  to  12-10-2007

"Forever In Our Hearts"



BUNN  ASBURY  SESSOMS   6-29-1904  to  8-5-1993

*Md: 12/23/1925   *S/of  Seaton G. Sessions & Pearlina  Sewell Sessoms

&  ESTHER DELL VINSON SESSOMS  10-15-1906  to  9-1-2009

*D/of Walter Vinson(1866-1937) & Susan Isabel Ainsworth Vinson(1871-1950)


DONNIE  JACK  SESSOMS   2-27-1927  to  2-5-1929

*S/of  Bunn Asbury Sessoms(1904-1993)  &  Esther Dell Vinson Sessoms(1906-2009)  

"Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"



VIRGINIA  HELEN  SLAGGS  1924  (One date)



CARL  EXCELL  SMITH    3-30-1897  to  2-26-1977

*S/of  Marcus D. Smith(1858-1932) & Emmaline Eliza Williams Smith(1857-1932)

&  NANNIE  NALL  SMITH    3-6-1895  to  12-21-1988

*D/of  James  Pascal Nall(1869-1944) & Martha Elizabeth Young Nall (1873-1965)

?  (Nadine) "The Lord Is My Shepherd"


LUCY  EVANS  SMITH   1856  to  1-5-1935  *ARDI 

*D/of  Mary Jane Powell Evans Neyman Pyle (1835-1920) & *1st Husb William S. Evans        

"Gone But Not Forgotten"




*S/of  John C. Hight (1864-1936) & Nancy Ella Hight (1867-1951)

 "Mother"        "In Loving Memory"




7-9-2008   *D/of  Willie Parker Davis(1903-1974) &  Joy Irene Greer Davis(1911-2004) 

*Wf/of Late Herman  O.  Spitler   "Our Loved One"



FRED  SANFORD  STAGGS   7-23-1903   to  5-13-1972

*S/of 2nd Husb., John M. Staggs (b:ca 1874- AR  to 1937 Nevada Co., AR )  &

Martha Elizabeth Owen Staggs, *D/of John Robert Owen & Charlotte Miller Owen;

*Martha Elizabeth Owen Staggs md: *1st  husband,  Benjamin ‘Binon’ Frank Crumpler

* Fred S. Staggs md:  Loye Nicks Staggs, in 1925, Union Co., AR

&  LOYE  H.  NICKS  STAGGS (77) 7-14-1909LA  to  9-29-1986 LA

*Resided in Haynesville, LA for over 35 yrs.

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"


VIRGINIA  HELEN  STAGGS    6-13-1944  to  6-14 1944  

"Children Are The Keys To Paradise"    (One day old baby)



CALVIN  COOLIDGE  STEEN   5-18-1924  to  5-2-1987

*PFC  US  Army  WW II

CLARA  EVELYN  STEEN   5-6-1922  to  3-21-1985

"Weep Not For Me For I Am With God"



BURT  W.  STOCKALL   5-23-1904  to  5-21-1975

&  BEATRICE  WILLIAMS  STOCKALL  6-15-1904  to  2-6-1976

*S/of  John Wesley Williams(1870-1944)  & Carrie J. Braswell Williams(1875-1942) 

 [We Are All Together]



FRED  AL’  STOUGH   11-27-1933  (One date)    

*Md:9/9/1961  "Until We Meet Again"

&  DOROTHY E.  GARROW  STOUGH  8-25-1934CA  to 





12-31-2005     *Md:10/3/1981 

*S/of  George Varnell Stratton(1925-2002) & Jewell Colleen Giles Stratton(1927-1984)

"He Maketh Me To Lie Down In Green Pastures   Psalms 23:2"  

&  MARY ALICE  HOLLIDAY STRATTON 1-9-1954 (One date)


GEORGE  VARNELL  STRATTON  3-16-1925AR  to  1-21-2002 LA

*S/of  Harvey Earl Stratton(1900-1973) & Mary Bertha Clemons Stratton(1901-1957)

* “BICK”    *US  Army  WW II  "Bronze3 Star Medal  

"So Freely He Gave Himself In Unending  Love And Devotion For Those He Held So Dear"

& JEWELL COLLEEN GILES  STRATTON 3-2-1927 to 4-23-1984TX

*D/of  Bonnie Roy Giles(1893-1983) &  Edna D. Wooley Giles(1905-1981)

"Whose Life With Such Radiance Was Lived That Death Is But Another Venture"



JASON  HAYS  SULLIVAN   2-23-1976  to  2-19-2005  *OB

*S/of  Ronald Hays & Leslie Ann Lamb Sullivan

*Maternal grand parents are Robert & Doris Lamb.  "Forever In Our Hearts"



DEBORAH  JEAN  TAYLOR   4-21-1961  to  9-21-2004



FANNIE  L.  TILLERY   4-10-1862  to  3-22-1892 

*29 year old  *1st  Wf/of  John Wesley Tillery (1862-1924) buried Old Union Baptist Cemetery

&  WILLIE  M.  TILLERY   5-8-1893  to  9-2-1896

*D/of  John  Wesley  &  1st wife, Fannie L.  Tillery  (some give her birth year as 1883?)

 *   Inscribed on the back of Fannie's headstone



PETE  BOYTON  TUCKER   1918  to  2001

*S/of  Robert Henry Tucker(1889-1941) & Willie Edna Tucker (1896-1993)  

 (? Virgil B. Tucker  12-15-1918  to  8-31-2001)  *Bailey FH- MM



CHARLES  E.  TULLOS   4-24-1937  (One date)

&  MARGARET  DUNN  TULLOS  12-11-1946   (One date)

"Resting Together"



Infant  UNKNOWN    8-24-1890  to  10-3-1890 

*Tombstone broken  -name missing –grave between Braswell's & Williams'

graves.  "Suffer  Little Children  To Come Unto Me"



DEBORAH  JEAN VINES  4-21-1961  to  9-21-2004 

"Loving Mother, Daughter, Sister And Aunt"

"If  Teardrops were a Stairway And Memories A Lane I'd Walk

Right Up To Heaven And Bring You Home Again"


JAMES  HARVEY  VINES(27)  8-7-1939  to  7-23-1966

*S/of  Simeon  W. Vines (1906-1966)  & Johnnie ‘Corene’ Williams Vines Friend(1919-2003)

*Brother of , Lexie Vines Pyle(1911-1991) buried Magnolia Memorial Park Cemetery, Magnolia, AR   

 "He Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"


SIMEON  W.  VINES   8-6-1906  to  8-4-1966

*S/of  Thomas David Vines(1882-1951) &  Rebecca Herman Vines(1884-1975)

*H/of  Johnnie Corene Williams Vines Friend (1919-2003) (*See “Friend”)

"He Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"



BRUCE  ELZY VINSON   3-11-1894  to  12-14-1969

*Md:1/6/1918   *S/of  Elijah  Meshack (Elzie) Vinson(1848-1928)  &  Amanda J. Kolb  

&  CORA  BRASWELL VINSON  12-25-1900  to  5-7-1995

*D/of  Irvin  Napoleon Braswell(1870-1942)  &  Ollie O. Jolly Braswell(1880-1964)   

"We Will Meet Again"


“FRANCIS” CARL DAVIS VINSON   8-26-1906  to  11-6-1928

*D/of  Francis McDaniel & Martha Jane Davis  *1st wife of Guy Vinson


DANNY  GERALD  VINSON (72)  9-14-1941  to  10-10-2013 *OB

*S/of  Guy Vinson (1900-1980) & Margie Nell Giles Vinson  (1922-1991)

*Danny Died in Arcadia, LA.


ELLIS  J. “JACK” VINSON  10-4-1909  to  10-30-1998

*S/of  Walter Vinson(1866-1937) & Susan Isabella Ainsworth Vinson(1871-1950) 

*Md:8/24/1938   "This Is The Promise  The Life Everlasting"    *US Army  WW II

&  MANIE  BRASIER  VINSON   6-25-1920  to  10-29-1996

*D/of  Augustus ‘Gus’ Brasier (1882-1964) &  ‘Mandy’ Amanda  Staggs Braiser(1890-1966)


ERNEST  LAVELLE  VINSON   10-1-1917  to  6-10-1996 

*S/of  Ernest Marcus (Mark) Vinson(1896-1966) &  Lona A. Davis Vinson (1898-1982)  



 3-21-2010  Nevada Co.,AR    "Too Well Loved To Ever Be Forgotten"

*D/of  William Albert Hinson(1862-1950) & Mattie Hinson(1879-1969) 


ERNEST  MARCUS  VINSON  8-16-1896  to  8-8-1966

*S/of Walter Vinson(1866-1937) & Susan Isabel Ainsworth Vinson(1871-1950)    

"Love Like Ours Shall Never Die"

&  LONA  A.  DAVIS  VINSON  10-20-1898  to  12-28-1982

*D/of  Luther Wiley Davis(1876-1957) & Mary Surilda (Rilda) Wise Davis(1879-1963)


FELTON  BRUCE VINSON  4-28-1921  to  2-16-1999

*S/of  Bruce Elzy Vinson(1894-1969)  & Cora D. Braswell Vinson(1900-1995)

*Spouses:  *1st Ruth Elizabeth Davis(1926-1959) "Gone But Not Forgotten"

*2nd  Mattie L. Davis Vinson Hendricks (1920-2007) buried Bethlehem Cemetery, Spotville, AR

&  RUTH ELIZABETH DAVIS VINSON  9-1-1926  to  6-8-1959

*D/of  Robert Elmer Davis(1893-1968) & Nancy Elizabeth Clawson Davis(1895-1976)


GEORGE  FRANKLIN  VINSON  10-6-1875  to  9-26-1958 

*S/of  Elijah Meshack (Elzie) Vinson(1848-1928)  & Amanda J. Kolb

&  NELLIE  LATHAMB  VINSON  9-16-1884  to  2-5-1959

*D/of Benjamin F. Latham(1858-1889) & Nancy Jane Ainsworth Greer(1865-?) 

"The Lord Is My Shepherd"


GUY  VINSON   12-22-1900  to  5-19-1980   *Mason

*S/of Walter Vinson(1866-1937) & Susan Isabel Ainsworth Vinson(1871-1950

"His Memory Is Blessed"

&  MARGIE  NELL GILES  VINSON  12-20-1922  to  11-14-1991

*D/of  Walter Giles & Beulah Johnson Giles


Infant  VINSON   4-18-1925  to  5-7-1925 

*S/of  Guy Vinson(1900-1980)  & Margie Nell Giles Vinson(1922-1991)


IOLA  MARIE  VINSON  1-16-1934  to  4-5-1934

*D/of  Dwight & Myrtle Vinson   "Our Darling"   "She Was The Sunshine of Our Home"


MAURICE  FRANKLIN  VINSON  9-27-1932  to  4-15-1985

*S/of  Bruce Elzy Vinson(1894-1969)  &  Cora D. Braswell Vinson(1900-1995) 


&  MARTHA JANE OWEN VINSON  2-25-1935  to  6-17-2002 

"Weep Not For Me For I Am With God"


ORVIS  M. “SNOOKY” VINSON  9-5-1939  to  8-31-1955

(Adopted son of Ernest Lavelle Vinson(1917-1996)  & Ruth Carolyn Hinson Vinson 1919-2010 ) 

"We Will Meet Again"


ROY  OLIVE  VINSON   11-30-1918  to  12-29-1995

*S/of  Bruce Elzy Vinson(1894-1969) &  Cora D. Braswell Vinson(1900-1995)

*Md:4/11/1947   *US Army WW II  

&  BILLIE  J.  VINSON 10-28-1928   (One date)

"Love Will Never Die"


TRAVIS JACKSON VINSON  12-11-1927  to  10-6-2008 

*S/of Guy Vinson(1900-1980)  &  Francis Carl Davis Vinson(1906-1928) 

*SFC  US  Army- Korea-Vietnam       "Together Forever"   *Md:2/9/1951   


to  11-16-1998AR


VONNIE LEE VINSON   10-22-1905  to  6-10-1906

*D/of  George Franklin Vinson(1875-1958)  &  Nellie Lathamb Vinson (1884-1959) 

"In Memory Of"


WALTER  VINSON   Aug 1866  to  10-9-1937  *ARDI

*S/of Elijah Meshack (Elzie) Vinson(1848-1928) & Amanda J. Kolb Vinson


May 1871  to  1-26-1950    "Absent In Body But Present In Spirit" *ARDI 

*D/of  Alfred B. Ainsworth(1837-1911) & *1st wife, Susan Anna Morgan Ainsworth (7/13/1840 AL

to  9/16/1883 Marysville) 



JACOB  E.  WAIT   8-12-1855  to  11-20-1934

*S/of  Tracy Delos Wait(b:ca 1834) & Mary Estor Lint Wait(b:ca 1840)

*Jacob married  1st Myra Josephine Pryor (1885 MO-1917) *2nd Eliza Braswell Powell

ELIZA BRASWELL POWELL WAIT  8-4-1889  to 11-28-1962

*D/of  John Wesley Braswell(1849-1907) & Elizabeth R. Orr Braswell(1846-1889)

Eliza Braswell Powell Wait is buried at Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery.



E. ‘ELIJAH’ MONROE WALLER   8-5-1888  to  7-28-1966

*S/of  James Thomas Waller(1868-1937) & Virginia Barber Waller(1869-1956)

*Spouses:*1st Annie Belle Roberson(1893-1921)buried in Curtis Grove Cemetery  

*2nd  wife, Laura E. Rush (1892-1974)

&  LAURA  E. RUSH  WALLER 10-14-1892  to  4-9-1974

*D/of  William Daniel Rush(1860-1893) & Margaret E. Myers Rush(1857-1931)

*Laura  *2nd Wf/of  Elijah Monroe Waller



NANCY "JANIE" McWILLIAMS WHITE  6-1-1877  to 11-10-1967

*Wf/of  WILLIAM  C. "WILLIE"  WHITE (1868-1910) *S/of  Elijah  W. &  Rebecca White

*Willie buried  in Big Hickory Cemetery, Columbia Co., AR



ADELINE  WILLIAMS   12-24-1881  to  5-22-1882

*D/of  George Dallas Williams(1847-1881) & Adeline Melton Williams (1847-1881) 

"At Rest With Jesus"


COLLIE  LEE  WILLIAMS   1897  to  9-20-1899 

*S/of  John Wesley Williams(1870-1944)  & Carrie J. Braswell Williams(1875-1942) 


ELMO VINSON BRASWELL WILLIAMS  9-7-1911  to 12-21-1991

*D/of  Walter Vinson (1866-1937) & Susan Isabella Ainsworth Vinson(1871-1950)

*Spouses: *1st Graham Henry Braswell(1905-1971) *2nd  Roy Meek Williams(1910-1982)

*2nd husband, Roy Meek Williams buried Bethel Mount Holly Cemetery


FLORENE  WILLIAMS   7-22-1918  to  1-2-1927 

*D/of  Tolton W. Williams(1900-1957)  &  Bradie K. Davis Williams(1897-1964)

[Heaven Gives It's Favorites Early Death]


“NETTIE” FRANCIS ELAM  WILLIAMS 1-12-1915  to  3-3-1968

*Wife of Jim Austin Williams    "Death is the course of Life"


GEORGE  DALLAS  WILLIAMS  2-20-1847  to  12-30-1896

*S/of  Berry E. Williams(1816 GA-1861 AR) &  Sarah Eliza Ann Jarrett Williams(1821-1894)

*Wives: *1st  Adeline Melton (1847-1881)  *2nd  Eliza Jane Melton(1850-1919)

ADELINE  MELTON  WILLIAMS  11-12-1847SC  to  12-25-1881AR

*D/of  Isham Melton(1821-1896) & Eliza J. Wimberly Melton(1817-1888) 

*1st wife of George Dallas Williams    "Death is the  ?crown/course of Life"

(E.J.) ELIZA JANE  MELTON  WILLIAMS  12-17-1850  to

10-3-1919  *D/of  Isham Melton(1821-1896) &  Eliza J. Wimberly Melton (1817-1888) 

*2nd wife of George Dallas Williams    "A tender mother and faithful friend"


Rev. HARRIS  ELBERT WILLIAMS  9-9-1943LA  to 10-25-1994 AR

*S/of  Harris Sellers Williams(1903-1968)  &  Helen Evans Williams (1917-2005)



10-8-1999  *D/of  Irene Elmo Davis Adcock(1915-1977) &  L. D. Adcock (1910-1963)


Infant  Son WILLIAMS   12-2-1880  to  12-13-1880 

 *Babe of  George Dallas Williams(1847-1896)  &  Adaline Melton Williams (1847-1881)


Infant  WILLIAMS   8-25-1892  to  10-14-1892  

*S/of  George Dallas Williams(1847-1896)  &  Eliza Jane Melton Williams (1847-1881) *Twin

&  Infant  WILLIAMS   8-25-1892  to  9-9-1892

*S/of  George Dallas Williams(1847-1896)  &  Eliza Jane Melton Williams(1847-1881)   *Twin


Infant  WILLIAMS   B  &  D   10-3-1906 

*Infant child of Aaron Dallas Williams &  Edna Giles Williams


Infant WILLIAMS   B  &  D  9-30-1907  to  10-2-1907

*Infant child of Aaron Dallas Williams &  Edna Giles Williams


Infant  “SON” WILLIAMS   8-25-1907  to  8-31-1907 

*S/of  John Wesley Williams(1870-1944)  & Carrie J. Braswell Williams(1875-1942) 


Infant  WILLIAMS    1-4-1908  to  1-17-1908

*D/of  Wm Franklin Williams (1870-1910) &  Callie Amelia Childs Williams McDaniel(1870-1959)


Infant  of  JIMMY’  &  KATHLEEN WILLIAMS   B & D  1965

*Child of Jas Harrison Williams(1939-1998) & Kathleen Smith Williams(1941-2001)


(J.H.)  JAMES  HARVEL WILLIAMS  8-30-1894  to  12-26-1936

*S/of  John Wesley Williams(1870-1944) & Carrie J. Braswell Williams(1875-1942) 

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


JAMES  (H.) HARRISON  WILLIAMS  11-27-1939  to  7-12-1998

*S/of  James  “Jimmy”Austin Williams(1919-1985)  &  Nettie Francis Elam Williams(1915-1968) 


&  KATHLEEN  SMITH  WILLIAMS  1-13-1941  to  5-12-2001

*D/of  Gordon Vincent Smith (1913-1990)  (md: 1940 Union Co.,AR) & Thelma Darden Smith


JAMES  ‘JIM’  AUSTIN  WILLIAMS  10-22-1919  to  8-27-1985

*S/of  Tolton W. Williams(1900-1957) &  Bradie K. Davis Williams(1897-1967)

*Md:1936  Union Co., AR     *AS   U.S. Navy  WW II      "Gone But Not Forgotten"

‘NETTIE’ FRANCIS  ELAM WILLIAMS  1-12-1915  to  3-3-1968

*D/of  Benjamin J. Elam (b:ca 1883 KY)  & Nettie Stevenson Elam(b:ca 1886 AR)

*Wf/of Jim Austin Williams  "Death is the course of Life"    "Gone But Not Forgotten" 


JOHN  WESLEY  WILLIAMS   1-14-1870  to  6-8-1944

*S/of  James Polk Williams(1845-1933) &  Mary Ann Tipton Williams(1850-1911)

&  CARRIE J. BRASWELL WILLIAMS 6-22-1875  to 7-19-1942

*D/of  John Irvin Braswell(1853-1919) & Louvinia Ferguson Braswell(1854 TX –? d:aft 1930) 

 "Not My Will, But Thine Be Done"


JOSHUA  WILLIAMS  (No dates or marker) named in older canvass.

*Daughter, Francis A. Williams Kirchman(1861-1934) buried Hico Cemetery, Hico, Texas

*Shares double with husband, Charles B. Kirchman(1862-1952)


LEE  JOHN  WILLIAMS  1-2-1905AR  to  1-15-1956MO

*S/of  A. Jeff Williams &  Ella Spencer Williams  *H/of  Laura Williams


LEORADA  J.  WILLIAMS   11-21-1878  to  11-30-1878

* D/of  George Dallas Williams(1847-1896)  &  Adaline Melton Williams (1847-1881)

 "Gone To Rest"


NOLEN  WILLIAMS  2-18-1927  to  5-10-1999

*S/of  Tolton Williams(1900-1957) & Bradie K. Davis Williams(1897-1964)

*Has twin brother, Olen Pete Williams (1927-1985) buried at Arlington Cem. 

"Forever In Our Hearts And In God's Hands"

&  MARJORIE  CLARK  WILLIAMS  2-5-1926  to  9-13-2007

*D/of  Mary C. Clark(b:ca 1892) & Herbert H. Clark(4-9-1887 to 1-7-1961)


ROY  WILLIAMS   8-30-1895  to  6-1-1896 

*S/of  George Dallas Williams(1847-1896) & Adeline Melton(1847-1881)

"Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"



10-26-1894   *Wf/of  Berry E. Williams(1816 GA-1861 Lafayette Co.,AR)

 "Asleep In Jesus"      


TOLTON  W.  WILLIAMS  8-6-1900  to  11-23-1957

*S/of  John Wesley Williams(1870-1944) &  Carrie J. Braswell Williams (1875-1942)

&  BRADIE  K.  DAVIS  WILLIAMS  8-22-1897  to  7-12-1964

*D/of John Newton Davis(1874-1934)  &  Clara Warren Davis (1870-1917)

[Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord]


WILLIAM  FRANKLIN  WILLIAMS  4-13-1870  to  8-27-1910

*S/of  George Dallas Williams(1847-1896) & Adeline Melton Williams(1847-1881)

*WOW  "Gone But Not Forgotten"

*1st  H/of  Callie Amelia Childs McDaniels (1870-1959)

*Buried at Friendship Methodist Church Cemetery, Union Co., AR   



ELIZABETH DUREN WIMBERLY 12-21-1796SC  to   8-29-1869AR

*D/of  Jonathan Duren (1767 SC-1830 SC) &  Jane Peach Duren Mayhew(b: ca 1768)

*Of interest: see Elija J Wimberly Melton---wife, of Isham Melton

*!870-Arkansas Mortality Schedule gives her death date as Aug 1870.


ELI  MONTGOMERY  WOOLEY  4-27-1886NC  to  11-13-1956 AR

*S/of  James T. Wooley(1853-1920) &  Sarah Ann Hight Wooley(1860-1947)

*Spouses: *1st Adeline Melton Williams(1847-1881) *2nd E. J. Williams(1850-1919)


11-24-1972   *D/of  George Dallas Williams(1847-1896)  & *2nd wife, E. J. Williams

( 12/17/1850  to  10/3/1919 )


JAMES  T.  WOOLEY  9-5-1853NC  to  4-7-1920AR

*S/of  Joel Wooley (b:ca 1822 NC) &  Lucretia Jane Wooley (b:ca 1830 NC) 

&  SARAH  ANN  HIGHT  WOOLEY  8-31-1860  to  2-16-1947

*D/of  Charnel Hight(1834-1916)  &  Elizabeth King Hight(1844-1920)

"Blessed Are The Pure In Heart For They Shall See God"


LOIS  WOOLEY   8-5-1926  to  8-6-1926


REUBEN  WOOLEY  9-1-1913  to  11-23-1993

*S/of Dovie Elizabeth Williams(1888-1972) & Eli Montgomery Wooley(1886-1956)

*SGT  US Army  WW II    "To Live In The Hearts Of Those We Love Is Never To Die"