Take Hwy. 63 (old Hwy. 15) East from El Dorado to Armer Road (old County Rd. at Old Union).

Go North on Armer Road or Crain City Rd. to Lockner Road (runs between Armer & Crain City

Roads, east & west).

The single grave is located behind a house, about 200 ' off the south side of Lockner Road.

Private land.†† Canvassed by Ralph O. WeldonApril 1986.

Submitted to post online August 2016 by Janice Holzer.††


ELIZABETHFORNEY MEEK†† 3-17-1795NCto1-11-1844AR

*Spouses:*1st husband,JUDGEHENRYYOUNGWEBB (1784-1823) Age 39 yrs old

*Judge Webb is buried at Mount Hermon United Methodist Church Cemetery, Greensboro,Hale Co., AL

*Webb children:William Peter Webb (1815 NC-1890 AL) ~Dr. Henry Young Webb(1822-1893 AL) ~

Frances Ann Webb ~ William Peter Webb ~Col. James D. Webb ~ Susan E. Webb


*2nd husband,REV. JOHN ALEXANDER MEEK (1791SC-1863AR )

*Exact burial location unknown.Died in his sleep while visiting his son in Bradley Co., AR,

but due to bad weather conditions, it is thought by his descendants, that he may have been buried somewhere on his sonís property.

*Meek children:John A. Meek (1828-1911) wife, Mary H. Meek (1841-1914)

*John & wife, Mary buried at Christ Church Cemetery, Bastrop, LA


ELIZABETH MEEK†† "To our mother by her sons" Inscription