Est. ca 1877


This cemetery is located in Union County, Arkansas,  north of Junction City, Arkansas.  It is located across the

road in the woods from the Caledonia Baptist Church.  This information was extracted from a canvass done

by Mrs. Wanda Thompson in August 1979.  First submitted by Janice Holzer  ~  March 2014

*Updated August 2016         <     >



ROBERT  LEE  CULLINS   1-24-1883  to  7-2-1889 

*S/of  General Taylor Cullins(1848-1938)  &  Annie Josephine Woolley Cullins (1848-1983)

(Broken stone)


A. M.  GRISSWOLD   1822  to  3-9-1895  *Age 73 yrs




JESSIE  BENTON  HAYES  1-15-1842 AL   to   4-15-1896 AR

*S/of  Edmund Hayes(1805-1882) & Alpha Omega Woolley Hayes (1815-1871)



BENJAMIN  R.  LEE  1-20-1870  to  6-18-1946

*S/of  Richard H. Lee(b:ca 1845) & Alice Ava Sturdivant Lee Chandler(1846-1927)


Infant  Son  LEE   7-7-1896  to  8-8-1896 

*S/of  Benjamin R. Lee(1870-1946) & Leona Alexander Lee(1871-1962)



(G.M.)GEORGE  M.  MORGAN   12-29-1823NC  to  4-13-1908 AR

*S/of  William W. Morgan(1793VA-1843AL)& Elizabeth Moore Morgan(1800NC-1845AL)

*Wife, Luquincy Melton Morgan  *Md: 9/21/1817

LUQUINCY  MELTON  MORGAN  5-4-1827 GA  to  9-6-1877 AR

*D/of  John Melton(b: ca 1790 SC)  &  Elizabeth D. Melton (b:ca 1794 VA)

*Age 50 yrs-4 mos-2 dys    *Wf/of George M. Morgan   

*Louquincy died of bilious fever after an illness of 4 weeks.    



BEAUREGARD  J.  OWENS    8-2-1861  to  5-11-1885



IDA  MAUD  OWEN    12-15-1887GA  to  12-24-1890 AR   

*D/of  William Fred Owen(1852-1924)  & Nancy Ella Woolley Owen(1858-1908)

 *William Fred Owen  & Nancy Owen both buried at Woodlawn. 

*Not sure if they were married.

*See note under Ella Woolley about her tombstone inscription.