EST. 1855



Located along Hwy. 160 which can be reached  by going west on it from Hwy. 7 , north of

El Dorado, Union County, Arkansas.  Partial survey of this cemetery.  November 10, 2001.

Please check end of this list for contacts or trustees of this cemetery.   Updated August 2006.

*New canvass June 2011.    Janice Holzer

*Last updated September 2016


*ob – from obituary

*MM  -  Mortuary marker

*SSDI  -  Social Security Death Index used to fill in full date or missing death dates.

* WOW  -  Woodman of the World monument

* Use of the  "&" symbol indicates more than one person listed on single headstone.




ROBERT  ALLEN    11-26-1890  to  6-12-1957



JOHN  S. ANDERSON (J.S.)    9-17-1834AL    to   8-16-1892AR

*H/of  Susan Ellen Lewis Anderson (1847-1925)  burial Oakland Memorial Park, Terrell, TX



CHARLES  ROWE  BAILEY    11-6-1931  to  2-1-1990  "Father"

*S/of  James Guy Bailey(1896-1983) & Gertrude Junkin Bailey(1905-1968)

Rev. HENRY  McCLELLAND  BAILEY   12-22-1887GA   to  7-23-1972 TX

*S/of  Edward Bailey(1862-1925) & Martha Jane Kendrick Bailey(1852-1923)


&   MARY  EMMA  WATTS   BAILEY  11-30-1897TX  to  5-16-1986AR


HENRY  McCLELLAND  BAILEY, JR.    5-19-1943TX   to   11-24-2009TX 

*Henry's headstone at base of  his parents headstone…

Rev. Henry McClelland Bailey(1887-1972)  &  Mary Emma Watts Bailey(1897-1986)


JAMES  GUY  BAILEY    1-23-1896  to  12-21-1983

*S/of  James Warren Bailey (1865-1951)  &  Mary E. Eubanks Bailey(1868-1916)

*Md:3/24/1928       *PVT  US Army   WW I

&  GERTRUDE  JUNKIN  BAILEY   8-14-1905  to  1-4-1968

*D/of  Samuel Wyatt Junkin(1869-1945) &  Leila Lewis Junkin(1878-1932) 


J.  WYATT  BAILEY (87) 12-18-1928AR   to  1-23-2016 TX   *OB

*S/of  James Guy Bailey (1896-1983) & Gertrude Junkin Bailey (1905-1968)

*Wife of 65 yrs, CECILE A. BAILEY


THOMAS  JUNKIN  BAILEY “TOM”   9-15-1940  to  10-13-2001

*S/of  James Guy Bailey(1896-1983) & Gertrude Junkin Bailey(1905-1968)


&  LINDA  SUE  BARKSDALE  BAILEY (68)  9-19-1942  to  2-2-2011 

*D/of Aubrey Lee Barksdale (1918-1985)  & Dorothy M.axine Griffith Barksdale (1921-2016)

*Wf/of late Thomas J. Bailey



ANN  ELIZABETH  “BETTY”  JUSTICE  BAIRD  5-7-1850 AL to  11-7-1886AR

* ‘Betty’ was the 1st wife, of John C. Baird  - Md: 3/19/1869, Monroe Co., AL 

*Note: It is believed that Ann Elizabeth died following the birth of daughter, Nora, from child birth

 complications.  The 1880 ARK Censu, Boone Twsp. Union County shows the family living there.

* John Cornelius Baird (1844-1925) burial Arlington Cemetery, Homer, Claiborne Parish, LA..

*John’s  2nd wife, was Ellen E. McWilliams(1858-1937)


HAMILTON  BAIRD   3-16-1881  to  6-17-1881

*S/of  John Cornelius Baird (1844-1925)  &  Ann Elizabeth Justice Baird(1850-1886)


LOTTIE  BAIRD    3-4-1878  to  5-16-1878

*S/of  John Cornelius Baird (1844-1925)  &  Ann Elizabeth Justice Baird(1850-1886)



AUBREY  LEE  BARKSDALE    5-27-1918  to  9-9-1985 

*S/of  Lee Lafayette Barksdale(1895-1974) &  Eva Lena McCullar Barksdale(1901-1985) 

*Md:6/17/1939         *U.S. Army  WW I

*Dorothy died on what would have been her & her husband’s  77th   Wedding Anniversary.


6-17-2016  *D/of  Leta V.  Scarbrough (1899-1977) &  Gene Claud Griffith(1898-1970)  *OB   



JIMMY  LEE  BARKSDALE   2-19-1946  to  4-11-1988  

*S/of  Dorothy Maxine Griffith(1921-2016) & Aubrey Lee Barksdale (1918-1985)


&   MYRA  ANN  STRATTON  BARKSDALE  3-22-1947  to  11-24-2003

*D/of  Herbert U. Stratton (1920-2003) &  Dessie Lee Stratton(1916-1996)



BOBBY  JOE  BATES  1-1-1947  to  8-25-2005  

*US  Navy         *Md:8/22/1972

“Death Is Eternal Life Why Should We Weep”

&   VERNA  DIANN  BROACH  BATES   6-23-1947 (One date) 




*D/of  William Beckom Trice (1858-1909) &  Gracie A. Hudman Trice (1852-1900)

*Husband, John Franklin Beavers (1884-1945)   *Spouses: John F. Beavers >

*1st wife, Martha Haltom Beavers(1885-1928)   *2nd wife, Grace Rydonia Trice Beevers(1883-1971)



Rev.  GROVER  CLEVELAND  BIDWELL   7-31-1892MI  to  12-13-1966 AR

*S/of  Benjamen Franklin Bidwell(1851-1934) & Fanny Marie Holmes Bidwell (1858-1940)

&   EUGENIA  C.  BOGGS  BIDWELL   7-27-1895  to  2-20-1966

*D/of  Jay L. Boggs(1860-1936)  &  Lily Goodwin Boggs (1873-1951)


GROVER  EUGENE  BIDWELL(84)   6-11-1929TX    to   4-23-2014 AR

*S/of Grover Cleveland Bidwell(1892-1966)  &  Eugenia Boggs Bidwell(1895-1966)

*U.S. Marines-Korea   *4 Late brothers: Robert, Jack, David & Jay Bidwell. 


JACK  BOGGS  BIDWELL    1-18-1922AR  to  8-18-1943 TX

*S/of  Grover Cleveland Bidwell(1892-1966)  &  Eugenia C. Boggs Bidwell(1895-1966)



Little Sister  BIGELOW   10-17-1903  to  1-10-1904  

*Daughter of  John &  Ray Bigelow



MARY  McCALL  BOOTH  5-29-1912  to  3-21-1990



CLARA  BRACY  5-17-1899  to  7-7-1900



GERTRUDE NORSWORTHY  BURNSIDE  11-8-1870  to  11-20-1901

*D/of  Galbanum Norsworthy(1817-1893) &  Martha Ann Godley Norsworthy(1842-1876)

*Gertrude Wf/of  P. A. Burnside     "In Heaven and One With God"



JOSEPH   MADISON  CAMPBELL "Joe"   May 1849  to  5-22-1917 

*Spouses: *1st wife Thildie Elizabeth Green Campbell, (md:12/16/1869 Lafayette Co., AR)  

*Md: 2nd  wife  Flora Gemima Nall Huntley Campbell (Sep 1858 - 7/21/1933)

FLORA  GEMIMA  NALL  CAMPBELL  Sept 1858  to  7-21-1933

*D/of  Bradley Nall (1829-1910) &  Almeda Elizabeth Franklin Nall(1835-1876)

*Spouses: *1st William Caston Huntley(1857-1884) *2nd Joseph Madison Campbell(1849-1917)


RHONAL  BLAIR  CAMPBELL   5-11-1891  to  7-17-1971

*S/of  Joseph Madison Campbell(1849-1917) &  Flora Gemima Nall Campbell(1858-1933)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"



ROBIE  NELL CATHEY   5-20-1935   to   5-21-1935



DR.  CHARLES CHESTER (M.D.)  8-21-1810  to  12-22-1893

"To the memory of OUR FATHER"  

*Original Headstone is lying flat on ground, mostly covered by dirt/grass, but still readable.

&   CAROLINE  Y.  CHESTER    5-14-1805  to  5-3-1890


EDWARD  CHESTER   1849  to  10-3-1873 Longview, TX   *Age 25


JOSEPH  CHESTER   5-30-1839  to  5-12-1864 

*Age 25, fell in Civil War Battle …Spottsylvania County, VA

(grave not found in 1998)



JOSEPH “JOE”  LESLIE  CHILDS (77)  8-4-1935  to  4-25-2013  *OB

*S/of  George Jefferson Childs(1875-1949)  & Mary Ellen Langley Childs(b: ca 1905 LA)

*US Navy vet-Korean War    *Cremation, burial site unknown / Memorial Service 5/3/13 


MORGAN  SCOTT  CHILDS (48)  10-12-1960  to  7-27-2009 

*S/of  Joseph Leslie Childs (1935-2013) &  Julia Elaine Lewis Childs Mitchell

*Wife, Becki Acord Childs    "Husband and Father" 

"For the wages of sin is death, But the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord"  

Romans 6:23



MATTIE  COMER   10-17-1892  to  10-22-1894


WALTER  LEE COMER    2-19-1865  to  11-2-1952

*S/of  John Joseph Comer(1821GA-1884AR)  &  Martha Jane Laney Comer(1841GA-1908Ar)

*Walter born & died in Ouachita Co., AR  *Walter & Lula  md: 1889, Ouachita Co.,AR

&  LULA  JUNKINS  COMER   8-13-1867GA   to   2-18-1905AR

*Wf/of  Walter Lee Comer



CHARLIE C.  CRISP   12-22-1856   to   4-3-1909

*S/of  John W. Crisp (1808 NC- ?)   & Martha F. Crisp

&  NAOMI  CRISP   8-15-1853  to  9-12-1909

*D/of  John W. Crisp (1808- ?)   &  Martha  F. Crisp


JOHN  W.  CRISP    Feb 26, 1808  NC...stone broken, unreadable

MARTHA  F.  CRISP ca 1817  to  10-15-1866 

*Age 40 / 49  yrs   *Wf/of  John W. Crisp   *Mother of Charlie C. & Naomi Crisp.


MARY JANE SWENSON SKOGLUND CRISP  7-31-1912 TX  to 10-17-1999 AR  

*D/of  Gustaf Swenson(1865-1940 TX)  &  Marguerette Elizabeth “Lizzie” Brown Swenson(1894-1921 TX)

*Spouses: *Md: 1st John V. Skoglund (1915-1992) -divorced:1950     /  *Md:2nd J. J. Crisp  

*Stone broken/unreadable (not found in 1998)



FRANCIS  DORVIN  CRUMPLER, SR.  11-10-1932  to  11-8-1995 

*S/of  Smead Mitchell Crumpler(1894-1970) & Cassie Lee Braswell Crumpler(1897-1981)

(*Md:10/8/1954 to unknown- double headstone with one side blank)


HAROLD  GAIL  CRUMPLER   10-10-1924  to  1-10-1994

*S/of  Smead Mitchell Crumpler (1894-1970) & Cassie Lee Braswell Crumpler (1897-1981) 

*Tec 4 US Army  WW II     *Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours


JOE  MARTIN  CRUMPLER   10-28-1956  to  4-21-1997    

*PFC  US  Army  "I'll Be Missing You  "April"

* Joe Martin Crumpler was a father to April Lashelle Crumpler.


SMEAD  MITCHELL  CRUMPLER   8-12-1894  to  1-17-1970 

*S/of  George Walker Crumpler(1867-1959) & Nancy Nora Wells Crumpler(1872-1949)

*Arkansas  Pvt  Bakers & Cooks SCH  QMC  WW  I   *Md:2/18/1920

&  CASSIE  LEE  BRASWELL  CRUMPLER  7-4-1897  to  10-11-1981

*D/of  John Irvin Braswell (1853-1919)  &  Louvenia Ferguson Braswell (1854- ?)

"His Joy Was In Serving Others"   "Her Children Call Her Blessed"



EVA  GENE  DAVIS   1920   to   1963

"She's Safe At Home"


MALCOLM  EUGENE  DAVIS   10-2-1890   to   1947

*H/of  Tinnie Ellen Jones Davis

TINNIE  ELLEN  JONES  DAVIS   1899   to   1920

*Wf/of  Malcolm Eugene Davis



PAULINE  LEWIS  DeBRUIN   7-25-1950  (One date) 



J.  DOYLE  DENDY    4-19-1914   to   6-12-1916

*S/of  Leslie Morris Dendy (1879-1943) &  Jessie Mae Lewis Dendy (1891-1934)



CORLEY  S.  DEWS   3-5-2015  to  3-5-2015

*Infant D/of  Donald  Dews & Casey Harrison Dews


DORSEY  “DOSSIE” C.  DEWS  Dec 1852 VA - 1924AR

*S/of  Dorsey Dews (b:ca 1806 VA)  &  Louisa Dews(b:ca 1811 VA)

*Dorsey md: 1892, Sally Ann ~ Lamar, TX

SALLY  ANN  DEWS    Sept  1857AR   -  1929 AR

*Sally Ann md: Dorsey C. Dews, 1892, Lamar, TX


* Sacred To The Memory Of 

HEZEKIAH  DEWS   9-19-1807VA    to   7-11-1873AR

"The Silver Cord Is Loosed, The Golden Bowl Is Broken, At The Fountain,

The Spirit Has Returned To God Who Gave It And The Dust  Shall To Earth As It Was"

* Large tall headstone broken in 3 pieces, lying flat on the ground.

&  ANN  A.  SMITH  DEWS    9-8-1820   to  5-28-1894

*Wf/of  Hezekiah Dews 


J. L.  DEWS   11-27-1945  to  8-2-2006 

"Daddy"  "Papaw"    *Md:7/15/1967

&  INITA  WILSON  DEWS   7-12-1949  (One date)

"Mama"  "Mamaw"

*Our Children:  David ~ Kathy ~ Danny ~ Donald


JOSEPH  LAMAR   DEWS    9-13-1894  to 1-17-1965

*S/of  Dorsey “Dossie” C. Dews(1852-1924)  &  Sally Ann Dews (1857-1929)

&  MARY  LIDIA  BROWNING  DEWS   12-7-1893  to  11-21-1975

*D/of  Collin  M.  Browning (1860-1935)  &  Lula  P.  Browning (1865-1927)

*Wf/of  Joseph H. Lamar


JOSEPH  LYLE  DEWS    9-17-1919  to  5-4-1999 

*S/of  Joseph Lamar Dews(1894-1965)  &  Mary Lidia Browning Dews(1893-1975)

&  MINNIE  MAY  HOLLAND  DEWS   2-18-1919  to  2-5-1979 

*D/of  Harris H. Holland(1894-1955)  &  Isabel H. Holland(1897-1955)


JUNIUS  BEVERLY  DEWS,  SR.  8-30-1897  to  4-8-1960

*S/of  Dorsey “Dossie” C. Dews (1852-1924)  &  Sally Ann Dews (1857-1929)

&  MARY  MAGDALENE  MILLER  DEWS, SR.  2-20-1906TN   to  12-9-2003

*D/of  Joseph Bunyan Miller (1873-1949)  &  Minnie Ann Harrison Miller (1878-1970)



DECIMUS “DESSIE” THORNTON   EAGLETON  6-25-1875  to  7-28-1881 

*S /of  George Ewing Eagleton (1831-1899)  &  Mary Ethelinda Foute. Eagleton (1835-1917)



ROY  M.  EDWARDS    2-9-1918   to   9-4-1971

*S/of  Sidney R. Edwards(1888-1981) &  Minnie McDonald Edwards(1892-1984)

&   MURLEASE  JACKS  EDWARDS    6-14-1919  to  4-5-2005

*D/of  Carl Jacks (1892-1981)  &  Ada Belle Clanton Jacks (1893-1970)

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Is Ours"



HENRY  COLIN  FIELD   8-7-1857  Eufaula, AL  to  10-4-1861 

*S/of  Henry  H. Field (1828- ___?)  &   Sarah  C. McRae Field Power (1830 FL-1914 AL)

*Both & Henry C. & Sarah  buried at Fairview Cemetery, Eufaula, AL


CHRISTIAN  A.  McRAE   FOSTER    9-12-1826  to 1-13-1872 

*D/of  Christopher McRae, Jr.(1782NC-1855AR) & Janet Mary McRae (1783NC-1857AR)

*Age 46 yrs    Christian & Dr. William B. Foster  md: in 1850, Union Co., AR

*Consort of  DR. William Bradford Foster (1823-1906)

*Headstone is broken, damaged to the point that only her name is readable & part of

W. B. Foster's name. No dates visible or readable. Another old headstone

is alsobroken, but more readable up thru death date.




HARRY  M.  McCALL  FREEMAN   6-16-1924  to  8-30-2003

*S/of  James Edwin Freeman(1886-1940) &  Ila McCall Freeman(1903-1990)

*TEC  5  US  Army  WW II 


HATTIE  ELIZABETH  FREEMAN   1-23-1898  to  5-25-1984

*D/of  Thomas Edwin Freeman(1857-1933) &  Harriet McCall Freeman (1862-1935)


Infant  FREEMAN   B  &  D   10-11-1935 

*D/of  John  M. &  Lynelle  Freeman


JAMES  EDWIN  FREEMAN, SR.   11-7-1886  to  12-6-1940

*S/of  James Hiram Freeman(1852-1925) & Martha Caroline Lewis Freeman(1854-1936)

&   ILA  McCALL  FREEMAN    12-1-1903  to  2-18-1990

*D/of Robert Adair McCall(1875-1945) & Evolena Norsworthy McCall(1879-1944)

*Parents of Robert Kenneth Freeman;  His military marker at the base of their double headstone.


JAMES  EDWIN  FREEMAN, JR.  4-10-1923  to  6-17-2000 "Father"

*S/of  James Edwin Freeman(1886-1940) &  Ila McCall Freeman(1903-1990)


&   MARY ALICE DUMAS FREEMAN(88)  2-26-1928  to  6-25-2016 "Mother" 

*D/of  Lucius Alvin Dumas (1901-1997) & Ruby Ann Irwin Dumas(1899-1983)


JAMES  HIRAM  FREEMAN   1-25-1852  to  1-25-1925

*S/of  James Hiram Freeman(1852-1925) & Martha Caroline Lewis Freeman(1854-1936)

“Each duty done they rest in Peace”


to  10-8-1936    *D/of  Joseph Lewis (1810-1876) & Anna Lewis (1812-1878)


“JIM” JAMES   HENRY  FREEMAN  10-22-1911  to  11-23-1996

*S/of Robert Freeman(1880-1962) & Martha Elizabeth Hawkins Freeman(1880-1976)

“I Have Kept The Faith”

&  HAZEL  DAVIS  FREEMAN(102)   9-20-1911  to   9-22-2013

*D/of  Ked Lee Davis (1881-1960)  &  Henrietta Nanny Braswell Davis (1884-1968)


ROBERT  H.  FREEMAN   5-12-1880   to  2-9-1962

*S/of  James Hiram Freeman(1852-1925) & Martha Caroline Lewis Freeman(1854-1936)


9-29-1976 *D/of  Henry Theodore Hawkins(1843-1903) & Mary Augusta Hawkins(1845-1916)


ROBERT  KENNETH  FREEMAN  10-21-1925  to  11-13-1994 

*S1 US Navy  WW II   *S/of James Edwin Freeman & Ila McCall Freeman

*His military marker at base of his parents double headstone.


SUSAN  NEWALL  FREEMAN   6-14-1893  to  7-22-1896   

*D/of  Thomas  E. &  Harriet Freeman


THOMAS  EDWIN  FREEMAN   5-5-1857  to 12-1-1933

*H/of  Harriet Elizabeth McCall      "He Has Left Us A Most Noble Example."


11-21-1935  *D/of  Paul McCall(1812-1899)  &  Harriet Newell McRae McCall(1830-1870)

*Wf/of  Thomas Edwin Freeman   “God's Greatest Gift Returned To God – Our Mother."




FRED  R.  GATLIN   6-19-1904   to  3-20-1977  "Brother"   

&   EUNICE  GATLIN    11-16-1900  to  12-30-1979  "Sister"  


ROBERT  M.  GATLIN    10-25-1865  to  10-2-1948

&   ELLA  H.  GATLIN    2-3-1873   to  1-9-1960 



JAMES  RENYARD  GILES   11-11-1915  to  2-20-1978 

*PFC   US Army   WW II 

&   ARGIE  HERMAN  GILES    12-19-1919  to   10-14-1999

Infant  GILES  7-6-1954  *S/of  J.R.  &  Argie H. Giles

*Tombstone has Argie instead of Angie-error



FLORA  PAYNE  HACK   5-25-1898  to  12-23-1924



DAVID  R.  HALE    4-9-1938  (One date)


&   MARILYN  HALE  1-4-1939   to  7-4-1998



CARY  JOE  HALL  1-16-1944 LA  to  8-22-2009 AR


&  KAREN  SUE  HALL   3-10-1947  (One date) 

"Together Forever"



RUFUS  M.  HAMMOCK   11-14-1860  to  1-15-1940 

&  LEILA  WINIFRED  GARNER  HAMMOCK   8-18-1861  to  6-14-1931

“OH Grave Where Is Thy Victory”



JOHN  T.  HAMMOND 7-29-1855  to  7-31-1914  (No dates given on headstone)

*S/of  Newton G. Hammond (1822-1877) &  Mary Ann Hammond (1825-1899)

&   AUGUSTA  WATTS  HAMMOND   1864  to  1933

*D/of  William D. Watts (1830-1893) & Mary Emma Watts(1838-1905)

*Wf/of  John T. Hammonds 



JOHN  CARLON ‘CARL’ HATFIELD, SR. (68)   8-20-1944  to  1-13-2013

*S/of  John C. and Nancy Arella Lambert Hatfield(1925 AR-2009 AL)  

*Preceded him in death;  foster father, Benjamin Hatfield  &  late 2nd Mother, Dorothy Shaddell. ;

2 sons, Kenneth David  & Joseph Carl Hatfield; 1 daughter, Jennifer Lee McMunn;   

*Wife,  Patricia Ann Layne  Hatfield of Star City. 

* Born in Newport, AR.  Resided in Star City, AR.  *Served in the Army.  Occupation: Welder 



BEN  B.  HAWKINS   4-19-1859  to  11-25-1927

Miss  LIZZIE  H.  HAWKINS   4-17-1852   to  1-10-1913


(H.T.) HENRY THEODORE HAWKINS   11-13-1843 Chambros Co., AL  to 

11-25-1903 Mt. Holly   *H/of Mary Augusta Hawkins(1845-1916)

MARY  AUGUSTA  HAWKINS   10-25-1845 GA  to 1-6-1916  Mt. Holly

*H/of  Henry Theodore Hawkins


IRENE  HAWKINS    2-8-1895  to  9-17-1931

"He Giveth His Beloved Sleep"


JOHN  B. HAWKINS   5-23-1810  to  11-14-1892

&  MARTHA  M.  LUMPKIN  HAWKINS  12-14-1814  to  7-8-1892


JOHN  CALVIN  HAWKINS  1-11-1885  Age 10 mos. 

*S/of  Claudia M. Patterson(1862-1884) &  Dr. John Thomas Hawkins(1854-1912)


DR.  JOHN  THOMAS  HAWKINS   8-3-1854  to  11-20-1912

*S/of  John B. Hawkins (1810-1892) & Martha M. Lumpkin Hawkins(1814-1892)

CLAUDIA  M.  PATTERSON  HAWKINS   8-17-1862  to  5-31-1884  

*Wf/of  Dr. John T. Hawkins  *Stone broken in half, lying flat on ground

*1st  wife, of Dr. John Thomas Hawkins

LILLIE  B.  NORSWORTHY  HAWKINS    1-12-1872   to  6-26-1955

*D/of  Galbanum Norsworthy(1817-1893) & Martha Ann Godley Norsworthy(1842-1876)

*2nd wife, of  Dr. John Thomas Hawkins


W. H.  HAWKINS    1874  to  1922    *WOW 

*S/of  Henry Theodore Hawkins(1843-1903) & Mary Augusta Hawkins(1845-1916)

LIZZIE  NORSWORTHY  HAWKINS    9-12-1880  to  10-14-1964 

*D/of  Galbanum Norsworthy (1817-1893) & Martha Ann Godley Norsworthy (1842-1876)




CLINTON  E.  HENSON   4-21-1917  to  5-2-1976 

*S/of  Charles Estel Henson(1896-1918) & Goldie Melissa Roden Thomas (1898-1979)

*1st Lt. Army Air Force  WW II

&   MAY  MORGAN  HENSON   12-17-1918  to  2-7-1993



ESSIE  LEE  HERMAN   10-23-1915  to  7-4-1918  

*D/of  L. Allen Herman(1881-1949)  &  Nettie  Moody Herman(1889-1954)


Infant  HERMAN  died  9-1-1918   

*D/of   L.A.  &  Nettie  Herman


L.  ALLEN  HERMAN   6-26-1881  to   2-8-1949 

NETTIE  MOODY  HERMAN  Sept  9-6-1889  to  1-21-1954


(L. P.) LOUIS  P.  HERMAN  1847 AL  to  9-28-1929 AR

*H/of  Mary Ann McCall Herman (1848-1915)

*CO  B  11th ALA  CAV.  C.S.A. 



CAROL  McCALL  HERMSEN(65) 1-26-1949  to  4-24-2014 LA

*D/of  John C. McCall(1909-1990)  &  Josephine Ricketts McCall(1914-2011)

*Husband of 22 yrs, Jon A. Hermsen of Mount Holly.     *Cremated.

*Location of ashes unknown, but her parents are buried here at Mount Holly Cemetery.



ALICE  THORNTON  HERRING   4-10-1883  to  1-14-1975



JAMES  BURL  HOGG   6-19-1931  to  9-30-1985  

*U.S.  Army  Korea


WILLIAM  WALLACE  HOGG   2-12-1856  to  5-28-1927

*S/of  Holland Middleton Hogg(1816-1900) &  Mary Ann Goley Hogg(1823-1905)

*Wife, Mary Jane Houston(1852 AL to 1930 LA) *Buried Old Athens Cemetery, Claiborne Parish, LA



CHARLES  C.  HORNE   9-26-1882  to  11-1-1901  

*S/of  Henry Lewis Horne(1845-1886) &  Mary Elizabeth Freeman Horne(1841-1926)


HENRY  LEWIS  HORNE  12-27-1845  to  5-24-1886

*S/of  Henry Hillard Horne(1809-1870) & Catherine Frances Lewis Horne(1822-1909)

MARY MOLLIE ELIZABETH FREEMAN HORNE  1-21-1841  to  9-26-1926  

* Wf/of  Henry Lewis Horne 


JAMES  LEWIS  HORNE   3-21-1873  to  9-7-1902 

*S/of  Henry Lewis Horne(1845-1886) &  Mary Elizabeth Freeman Horne(1841-1926)


ROBERT  ELLIS  HORNE   7-1-1878  to  8-5-1970 

&   MARY  VAN HOOK  HORNE   8-30-1886  to  12-28-1980



CARL  JACKS    1-13-1892   to   3-25-1981

&  ADA  BELLE CLANTON JACKS   3-6-1893  to  3-20-1970

*D/of  James W. Clanton(1863-1916)  &  Izzie Dora Speed Clanton(1866-1950)



HAROLD  DANIEL  JAMESON   8-22-1919  to  12-12-1927 

*S/of  Wm. Henderson Jameson(1894-1972) & Essie Gertrude Tomkins Jameson(1901-1996)


JAMES  ORVIN  JAMESON   6-1-1925  to  7-1-1925 

*S/of  Wm. Henderson Jameson(1894-1972) & Essie Gertrude Tomkins Jameson(1901-1996)



CHARLES  JUNKIN   11-8-1899  to  2-11-1900


DAVID  DIXON  JUNKIN   5-22-1898  to  3-30-1971

*H/of  Mildred McRae (1900-1965)

MILDRED  McRAE  JUNKIN  2-8-1900  to  9-25-1965

*Wf/of  David Dixon Junkin (1898-1971)


DAVID  S.  JUNKIN   5-12-1870   to  7-25-1916


DAVID  H.  JUNKINS   7-8-1853   to   2-11-1870

*S/of  William Junkin (1826-1892) & Susan A. Junkin(1827-1895)


ELIZABETH  LEWIS  JUNKIN  1-13-1878  to 11-18-1899 


SAMUEL  WYATT  JUNKIN  12-28-1869  to  6-1-1945

*H/of  Leila Lewis Junkin (1878-1932)

LEILA  LEWIS  JUNKIN  4-4-1878  to  2-19-1932 

*Wf/of  Samuel Wyatt Junkin(1869-1945)


WILLIAM  JUNKIN   10-22-1826  to  11-15-1892

*H/of  Susan A. Junkin

SUSAN  A.  JUNKIN   2-22-1827  to   9-30-1895

*Wf/of William Junkin (1826-1892)



ARCHIE  THOMAS  KING   3-29-1917  to  11-4-1918


AARON  MATTHEW  KING   7-21-1976 MO  to  5-22-2000 AR

"Loving  Father  of  Tessa"   *Photo on headstone.


JAMES  ELIAS  KING   11-28-1884  to  10-26-1918

*S/of Charlie King(1858-1912) & Nancy Green Wooley(1854-1937)

Wife, MATTIE  LEWIS  KING  1-4-1885  to  9-9-1952

*D/of  Henry W. Lewis(1841-1890) & Eugene Francis Lewis(1844-1916)


JAMES  LEWIS  KING   12-11-1914  to   4-2-1928


S/SGT.  JOHN  ELIAS  KING   10-20-1918  to  1-6-1945 

*S. Sgt.  75  A.A.A. Gen Bn  WW II


MARIE  KING  1-8-1914  to  8-21-1989 


MARVIN LEE  KING   9-28-1961  to  5-7-1995 

*Photo on headstone.  “Comfort One Another”  1 Thes. 4:16. 17.18




?  LEWIS  1836  to  1868   *S/of  T. &  S.C.  Lewis  (Not found in 1998)




ANDREW (GUS)  LEWIS  12-3-1882  to  3- 6-1936

“Sleep Undisturbed Within This Peaceful Shrine”

&   DELLA  PAYNE  LEWIS   8-30-1887  to  11-1-1969


ANGELA   ROSE  LEWIS    9-27-1962  to  10-6-1962 

*D/of  Max Lewis  &  Anna Barone Lewis(1934-2014)


ANGUS  JOHNSON “ANG”  LEWIS  1883   to   1935 

*S/of  Hamlin Lewis(1839-1917) & Lorena Bustion Lewis(1853-1925)

"Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal"


ANNA  BARONE  LEWIS (80)  1-18-1934 NY  to  4-17-2014 TX *OB

*D/of  Salvatore Barone & Rosaria Anzalone Barone  

*Wf/of Max Lewis of Texarkana, TX


ANNIE  ‘SULA’  LEWIS  LEWIS  7-12-1873  to  9-23-1955

*D/of  Henry W. Lewis(1841-1890) & Eugene Francis Lewis(1844-1916)  


BENJAMIN WILLIAM LEWIS (75)  5-25-1940  to  10-11-2015 *OB

*S/of  Robert Lynn Lewis (1895-1984)  &  Doris Reynolds Lewis(1908-1976)

*Wf/of 45 yrs, Marie Lewis         *U.S. Army  101 Airborne 1959-1962


CHARLOTTE  B.  LEWIS(95)   4-21-1920   to   4-5-2016  *OB

*D/of  Edwin Monroe Lewis & Tiny Paralee Lewis;  Late brother, John Henry Lewis

*Late sister Fannie Mae Freeman


CHRISTOPHER  PATRICK  LEWIS    5-27-1966  to  5-28-1966


COURTNEY  RAY  LEWIS   10-7-1915  to  4-9-2005

*SGT  US  Army  WW II   *Md:8/19/1950

“A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon.”

&  LUCILLE  GREEN  LEWIS    8-11-1925  to  6-1-1987


DICKSON HALL “DICKSON” LEWIS   1-17-1844  to  4-7-1913

*S/of  Joseph Lewis (1810-1876) & Anna Lewis (1812-1878)

“Kind father of love, thou art gone to thy rest, For ever to bask/h--- the joys of the blest.”


DIXON HOWELL  LEWIS  8-19-1903  to   9-9-1951

"We Will Meet Again"


EARL  LEWIS    4-7-1905  to  7-16-1989 “Brother”

&  LEORA  LEWIS   10-28-1906  to  7-23-1997  “Sister”


EDWIN MONROE  LEWIS  7-27-1883  to  3-9-1925

*S/of  Henry W. Lewis (1841-1890)  &  Eugene Francis Lewis (1844-1916)


ETHEL  LEWIS    7-16-1904  to  8-29-1990


FANNIE  MAE  LEWIS  died 1916  (Not found in 1998)


FANNIE  RUTH  LEWIS    1-2-1916  to  1-6-1916


F. M.  LEWIS   10-30-1833  to  10-5-1912  

*H/of  Mary A. Lewis

MARY  A.  LEWIS   11-12-1837AL  to  6-13-1900AR 

*Wf/of   F. M. Lewis   *Aged  62 yrs-7mos-1 dy


FRANCIS  LEE  LEWIS  8-5-1921  to  5-11-2005

DORA  B.  SOLOMON  LEWIS   1-8-1917  to  5-30-1974

*Wife of Francis Lee Lewis   “Her Memory Is Blessed”


FRED  A.  LEWIS   4-11-1912  to  6-21-1983  

*Md:12/5/1931   “He Giveth His Beloved Sleep”

&   MARY  P.  HICKS  LEWIS   8-28-1911  to  3-15-1999 


GEORGE  LEWIS   8-11-1890  to  10-30-1966

&  Wf,  CLARA JULIA GATLIN LEWIS  1-13-1895  to  10-6-1983


GEORGE  STANLEY  LEWIS   10-6-1915   to   5-30-2009

*S/of  George Lewis(1890-1966) & Clara Julia Gatlin Lewis(1895-1983)

&  HATTIE LAURA WHITE LEWIS    2-14-1915   to  10-3-1989 

*Wf/of  George Stanley Lewis


HENRY  HAWKINS  LEWIS    2-9-1910  to  2-2-1977

*S/of  Thomas Douglas Lewis (1879-1917)  &  Laura Eugenia Hawkins Lewis(1884-1965)

&   JOHNNIE  ADMIRE  LEWIS   1-28-1912  to  4-15-1988


HENRY  LEWIS   8-29-1841  to  6-26-1890  (Not found in 1998)

*S/of  Anna Lewis(1812-1878) & Joseph Lewis(1810-1876)


HENRY  LEWIS  3-26-1836 AL   to  12-19-1868 AR

*S/of  Thomas A. Lewis(1814-1887) & Sarah Caroline Johnson Lewis(1815-1880)


HENRY  W.  LEWIS   8-29-1841  to  6-26-1890

*S/of  Joseph Lewis (1810-1876) & Anna Lewis (1812-1878)

&  Wf,  EUGENE  FRANCIS  LEWIS   6-12-1844  to  12-30-1916

*Wf/of  Henry W. Lewis


HESEKIAH  LEWIS  9-19-1802  to  7-11-73/78

*Stone broken-lying on ground; difficult to read the year dates.


Infant  LEWIS   10-29-1917 

*S/of  W. E.  &  Eva  Lewis 


IRA  NEAL  LEWIS    1-30-1938  to   11-17-1973   *SSDI

“Thanks Be To God Which Giveth Us Victory Through Our Lord Jesus Christ”


JOHN  FREEMAN  LEWIS   2-28-1869  to  5-30-1945

*S/of  Henry W. Lewis(1841-1890) & Eugene Francis Lewis(1844-1916)  

MYRTIS  MORGAN  LEWIS   4-30-1881  to  10-31-1913

*D/of  James Beverly Morgan(1845-1883) & Martha Leonora Hodnett Morgan (1848-1929)

*1st Wf/of  John Freeman Lewis

MARY  E. THOMPSON  LEWIS   9-16-1886  to  10-5-1978

*2nd  Wf/of  John Freeman Lewis


JOHN  JACOB  LEWIS   9-24-1917  to  5-12-1940


JOHNIE  LEWIS   5-25-1876   to  2-10-1887 

*S/of  F.M. Lewis (1833-1912)  &  Mary  A.  Lewis(1837-1900)


JOSEPH  ALEXANDER  LEWIS   2-14-1849  to  6-12-1906 

*S/of  Anna Lewis (1812-1878) & Joseph Lewis (1810-1876)

*H/of Mary E. Lewis

MARY ELIZA CRISP LEWIS  1842   to  1921 

*Wf/of  Joseph  Alexander  Lewis  


JOSEPH  HARPER  LEWIS    3-22-1875  to  5-16-1920

*S/of  Henry W. Lewis(1841-1890) & Eugene Francis Lewis(1844-1916)

&  MARY  HAWKINS  LEWIS   7-31-1876  to  1-19-1941

*D/of  Henry Theodore Hawkins(1843-1903) & Mary Augusta Hawkins(1845-1916)


JOSEPH  LEWIS    1-17-1810  to  12-11-1876

ANNA  LEWIS   8-14-1812  to 12-23-1878 

*Wf/of  Joseph Lewis


LAURA  EUGENIA  HAWKINS  LEWIS   10-6-1884  to  8-12-1965

*D/of  Henry Theodore Hawkins(1843-1903) & Mary Augusta Hawkins  (1845-1916)

"I Have Kept The Faith"


LAWRENCE  E.  LEWIS    3-15-1897  to  7-18-1970

&  LUCILLE  WATTS   LEWIS   11-13-1900  to  2-24-1980


MARY  OPAL  LEWIS   died  3-30-1949  (Not found in 1998)


MAY  LEWIS  1883  to  1955 

"Rest is thine;  sweet remembrance ours"


NANCY  W. “NANNIE” FREEMAN  LEWIS    9-14-1848 GA  to 

6-25-1915 AR 


NANNIE  SIGNA  LEWIS   7-15-1917  to  7-25-1919

“Gone But Not Forgotten”


NAOMI  LEWIS   1-29-1874  to   9-5-1901 

*D/of  F. M. Lewis & Mary A. Lewis 


NAT  LEWIS   6-3-1860  to  5-11-1925 "Dad"  

*H/of Ada Lewis  *WOW

ADA  LEWIS  11-8-1863  to  2-13-1902  "Mom" 

*Wf/of  Nat Lewis   38 yrs-3 mos-3 dys


PARILEE  LEWIS  9-1-1895  to  11-27-1988


DR. (P.E.)PERRY  E.  LEWIS   11-3-1837  to  12-4-1885

*S/of  Anna Lewis(1812-1878) & Joseph Lewis(1810-1876)


PERRY  R. LEWIS   5-5-1876  to  1-9-1994

*H/of  Hattie B. Smith

"Death Has Made His Darkness Beautiful With Thee"

HATTIE  B.  SMITH  LEWIS   10-10-1888  to  3-7-1925 

*Wf/of  Perry R.  Lewis    "She died as she lived a Christian"


PRESS  C.  LEWIS   4-11-1920  to  2-6-1959 

*Arkansas  S1  USNR  WW II   (has 2 markers)


ROBERT  LEWIS   3-29-1877  to  11-24-1889 

*S/of  Joseph Alexander Lewis (1849-1906) & Mary Eliza Crisp Lewis (1842-1921)

*Inscription: A precious one from us has gone.  A voice we loved is stilled.  A place

is vacant in our home, which can never be filled.”

ROBERT  *No surname, no dates. Probably a child.

Small headstone near several Lewis markers. Next to Robert Lewis tombstone above.

The tombstones for Joseph A. & Mary Eliza Lewis are on the other side this little ornate

tombstone with nothing but floral carvings around the edge & the name “ROBERT” on it.

Possibl,y another Robert who died as an infant or was still born. They may have named

a subsequent son, for the one they lost.  I would suggest one tombstone was a replacement

for the other, but they are both old


ROBERT  LEWIS    7-25-1892  to  10-9-1979  


“A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memories To Dwell Upon”

&  MARY ALICE JUNKIN LEWIS  2-10-1904  to  6-2-1981


ROBERT  LYNN  LEWIS   12-20-1895  to  2-19-1984


&  DORIS  REYNOLDS LEWIS  1-31-1908  to  8-29-1976  


SAMMIE  H.  LEWIS    9-5-1891  to  12-28-1958

“Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit”

PEARL  SMITH  LEWIS   3-11-1885  to  8-10-1973

*Wife of Sammie H. Lewis


SANDRA  LEE  LEWIS   6-26-1945   to  9-10-1945


THOMAS  DOUGLAS  LEWIS    2-3-1879  to  7-3-1917 *WOW  

*D/of  Henry W. Lewis(1841-1890) & Eugene Francis Lewis(1844-1916)


THOMAS  E.  LEWIS  8-14-1852  to  2-13-1928

ANNA  H.  LEWIS   12-24-1871  to  11-22-1960


WADE  GRAHAM  LEWIS   12-9-1909  to  10-30-1942

&  ERMA  E.  LEWIS    8-1-1908  to  1-14-2003   *SSDI


WILLIAM  B.  LEWIS    3-27-1858  to  5-28-1924

&  SUSAN  “ELLEN”  LEWIS  LEWIS  8-18-1867  to  3-13-1911

*D/of  Henry W. Lewis(1841-1890) & Eugene Francis Lewis(1844-1916)


WILLIAM  EDWARD  LEWIS  1870  -  1936 

&   EVA  HOWELL  LEWIS  1873  -  1929 

"Dearest Ones Farewell"


WILLIAM   L.  LEWIS  "Bill"  5-5-1931  to  5-12-1984  


&  LORENE  HOLLOWAY  LEWIS   12-4-1934  to  11-4-2010 

* " Lorene  Lewis  Thurman" ~ inscribed below her name at bottom of headstone.


WILLIAM  THOMAS  LEWIS    12-31-1886  to  9-28-1964

“Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit”

&  JEANNETTE  PAYNE  LEWIS   8-2-1884   to  3-8-1967


WILLIE  LEE  LEWIS    9-27-1907  to  6-24-1979  


&  MARIE  COX  LEWIS    7-9-1911 to  4-22-2007  

*D/of  Luther Cox & Ellen Jeanette Cox



ROBERT  M.  LINSCOTT    1888  to  1957



LAURA  LEA  MABSON    4-8-1964  to  5-22-1996 

"Our Daughter"


LEWIS  EUGENE  MABSON  5-7-1955   (One date)  "Our Son"


 Rev.  ROBERT  L.  MABSON    4-17-1931  to  10-27-2002


&  MINNIE  LEWIS  MABSON  12-25-1929 (One date) 


SUSAN  JANE  MABSON   6-25-1957  (One date) "Our Daughter"



BENJAMIN  RUSH  MATTHEWS   3-23-1862  to  7-31-1866 

*S/of  Benjamin Rush Matthews(1821-1894) &  Sarah Elizabeth Wright Matthews (1833-1884)

(Not found in 1998)


GEORGE  WRIGHT MATTHEWS   12-20-1866  to 10-12-1881

*S/of  Benjamin Rush Matthews(1821-1894) &  Sarah Elizabeth Wright Matthews (1833-1884)

*Age 14 yrs-9mos-22 dys


HENRY  CROWELL MATTHEWS  2-14-1860  to  11-23-1862 

*S/of  Benjamin Rush Matthews(1821-1894) &  Sarah Elizabeth Wright Matthews (1833-1884)

 (Not found in 1998)



HAYDN  HIRAM  McBRIDE, JR.   3-14-1915  to  1-9-2000 


&  DOROTHY  PAYNE  McBRIDE    10-1-1916  to  5-16-2011

*D/of Joseph Emery Payne & Winnie Nesbit Payne



COLIN  D.  McCALL    1854  to  1882  *Age 28

*S/of  Malcolm McCall (  b:ca 1817- 1864) & Lydia Ann John McCall(1823-1891)


JAMES  ALEXANDER  McCALL   1840   to  1929

*PVT  CO.  H, 3rd  Arkansas Calvary   Confederate Veteran

*Member of  A Camp of Confederate Veterans, organized at El Dorado, AR  9/8/1900

*James & Maria md: in 1871, Union Co., AR

&  MARIA  THURMAN   McCALL    1846  to  1939

*D/of  James G. Thurman(1810 SC-1877 AR) &  Ann Mildred Adair Thurman(b: ca 1817 GA)

"They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"


JAMES  B.  McCALL  8-29-1844  to  4-6-1906

*S/of  Malcolm McCall (  b:ca 1817 - 1864) & Lydia Ann John McCall(1823-1891)

*H/of Nancy  J. (stone broken – illegible)

NANCY  JANE  CHAMDLER  McCALL  1-8-1858 AL  to  3-20-1882  

*Wf/of  James B. McCall   (Not found in 1998)


JAMES  PAUL  McCALL   12-16-1917  to  4-21-1989

FRANCES GUNNELS  McCALL (WAGNON) (91)  6-5-1923  to  7-14-2014 *OB

*D/of Garland George Gunnels(1904-1987)  &  Margaret  Beene  Gunnels(1903-1986)

*Spouses:  *1st James Paul McCall    *2nd Delbert  Wagnon


JOHN  CALVIN  McCALL  1885   to   1934

ELLEN  COMER  McCALL    8-23-1895  to  4-6-1993


JOHN  C.  McCALL   1-27-1909  to  7-9-1990  

*Maj.~  US  Air Force ~  WW II  Korea

WILLIE  JOSEPHINE  RICKETTS  McCALL (97) 6-12-1914  to 7-12-2011 *OB

*D/of  John Pitts Ricketts (1887-1968)  &  Mae Ware Ricketts (1889-1990)

*Wf/of  John C. McCall


LULA  SMITH  McCALL    9-9-1888  to  3-1-1958


MALCOLM   McCALL  (b:ca 1817)   died 10-3-1864  *Age 47 yrs.

*Next to this Malcolm McCall, is a broken stone of unknown/unreadable name/dates

LYDIA  ANN  JOHN  McCALL   1823 SC  to   9-13-1891 AR

*D/of  Daniel Colin John(1796-1876) & Mary Ann Spears John(1796-1874)

*Wf/of  Malcolm McCall  *Age 68 yrs-3mos-11 dys


MALCOLM  M.  McCALL    6-8-1865  to  10-14-1943

*S/of  Malcolm McCall (b:ca 1817-1864) &  Lydia Ann John McCall(1823-1891)

LUCY  E.  McCALL   3-4-1873  to  7-8-1908 

*Wf/of  Malcolm  M.  McCall   “How Desolate Our Home, Bereft of Thee”


MARTHA  E.  McCALL   4-12-1857  to  8-8-1868  

*D/of  Malcolm McCall(ca 1817-1864)  &  Lydia Ann John McCall(1823-1891)


MARY  ANN  LEWIS  McCALL   8-15-1877  to  4-29-1948


PAUL  McCALL   6- 22-1812  to  10-16-1899

*1st wife, Harriet  Newell  McRae  *2nd wife, Fannie A. Lewis(1837-1910)

*(2) Fannie A. Lewis McCall *Buried at Bethel Mount Holly Methodist Church Cemetery

&  HARRIET  NEWELL  McRAE  McCALL  1830 to 1-22-1870

*Harriet & Paul McCall share a double headstone.


ROBERT  ADAIR  McCALL  3-3-1875  to  7-17-1945 

*H/of  Evolena  Norsworthy

EVOLENA  NORSWORTHY  McCALL  2-7-1879   to  1-2-1944

*D/of  Galbanum Norsworthy(1817-1893) & Mary Tennil Hawkins(1846-1918)


THOMAS  PAUL  McCALL   1902 – 1937  "At Rest With Jesus" 



D. B.  McDANIEL   11-22-1830  to  12-15-1878



CLYDE  L.  McDONALD   8-11-1908  to  8-25-2007



JAMES “JIM”  FARRIS  McLARTY, JR.  11-29-1932   to  11-7-2008

*S/of  James Farris McLarty(1908-1977) & Mattye Dell Atkins McLarty(1913-2011)

*H/of  Margaret Ann "Peggy" Freeman  McLarty 

"Jim's Legacy of Love and Laughter Will Live Forever"  *Headstone in Freeman Plot.

MARGARET ANN  "PEGGY" FREEMAN  McLARTY (80)  2-11-1935  to 

11-8-2015     *OB

*D/of  John Francis Freeman(1896-1945) & Annabelle Freeman Sullivan (1900-1998) 



SAXON  RUFUS  McLENDON   10-11-1916  to  3-19-1993

*S/of  Cona Audrey Andrews (1899 AL- 1978) &  Oscar W. McLendon(1893 AL-1986 AL)

&  BETTY  JUNKIN   McLENDON   1-8-1923  to   6-28-1965




ALFRED  McRAE  1867  to  1920 *WOW 


ANNIE  McRAE    1861  to  1899

"And There In Heaven's Glory, From Sin And Sorrow Free,

They Reign With God Their Father To All Eternity"


BETSEY  McRAE  1812  Anson Co., NC  to  7-18-1896 Mt. Holly


CARLETON  McRAE   11-15-1879  to  4-10-1912   *WOW 

*H/of  Mary McRae Montgomery (1876-1962) *buried De Ann Cemetery, Prescott, AR

*D/of  Amelia A. White McRae(1855-1947) Thomas Chipman McRae(1851-1929)


CHRISTOPHER  McRAE  d:7-24-1855   died in the 73rd year of his age.

*H/of  Jennet McRae

&  JENNET  McRAE   d:7-23-1857  died in the 74th year of her age.

*Wf/of  Christopher McRae           "Sacred to the Memory"  (broken stone)


COLIN  L.  McRAE  10-1-1807NC  to  8-19-1887

*H/of  Lydia Ann Chester

LYDIA  ANN  CHESTER  McRAE  2-10-1816  to  8-11-1904 

* Born in Connecticutt     *Wf/of  Colin L. McRae 


DUNCAN  L.  McRAE   4-21-1816  to  7-30-1863

*Duncan L. McRae &  Mary Ann Chipman McRae Williamson (7/30/1830 – 4/19/1897)

*Parents of Colin D. McRae (1858-1931 *buried Mt. Pisgah Cemetery, Columbia Co., AR

*Mary Ann is buried at De Ann Cemetery, Prescott, Nevada Co.,  AR

*Mary Ann Chipman McRae , widow of Andrew Williamson


EDWIN  DEWS  McRAE    8-10-1874  to  4-6-1887

*Stone broken below dates, at ground level, but due to aging, becoming impossible to read.


FLORENCE  McRAE  9-30-1878  to  7-22-1880

*Old stone becoming difficult to read


HERBERT  C.  McRAE  11-10-1875  to  7-15-1900 


HEZEKIAH  DEWS  McRAE   Dec 1859  to  died  5-3-1860 

*Age 5 mos.  


JOHN  B.  McRAE   2-22-1827 NC  to  6-1-1901 AR

*S/of  Christian McRae(1799-1875)  &  John E. McRae(1784-1869)

*H/of  Mary J. Strain

MARY  J.  STRAIN  McRAE   2-21-1849AR   to   2-2-1900AR

*D/of  Samuel D. Strain (1813-1864) & Lucy Hollingsworth Strain (1830-1876)

*Wf/of  John B. McRae


JOHN  E.  McRAE  b: ca 1784   to   10-26-1869  *Age 84 yrs

*Wife, Christian McRae

CHRISTIAN  McRAE   1799 Anson Co., NC  to   9-2-1875 AR   *Age 76

*Husband, John  E.  McRae (1784-1869)


JOHN  M.  McRAE   1822  to  1879

&   FRANCIS  ELIZA  McRAE   1840  to  1897 

*Wf/of  John  M. McRae    'In Memory Of Our Father & Mother'   ~ 

"And They shall be mine saith the Lord of Hosts in that day when I make up my

Jewels and I will spare them as a man spareth his own son that serveth Him"


KENNETH  McRAE   1860   to  1862


LILLY  McRAE   3-26-1813  to  1-5-1880

*D/of  Christopher McRae (@ age 73 d:1855)  &  Jennet McRae(@ age 74 d:1857)


MARGARET  McRAE   7-1-1818  to  5-28-1873

"Sacred To The Memory Of"


MATTIE  PATILLO  McRAE   1870   to  1955


PHILIP  STUART  McRAE    1893  to  1926 


ROBERT  BRUCE  McRAE   8-31-1871  to  7-31-1889

*Son of John M. McRae (1822-1879)  &  Francis Eliza McRae (1840-1897) 

 *Husband of Mary E. McRae (see note)

*Mary E. McRae is supposedly buried here, but no marker can be found


WASHINGTON  McRAE   12-25-1827  to  4-8-1890

*These two share a double marker

&  MARY  ELEANOR  McRAE  2-2-1841  to  3-25-1912




ASA  STOKELY  MORGAN   11-13-1825GA  to  2-25-1909AR

*Captain of CO A – 1st Arkansas Infantry Regiment  ~  Lt Colonel of Morgan’s ARK Regt.

*Colonel of 26th Arkansas Infantry Regiment   ~  Arkansas State Representative

*Spouses:  *1st Eliza Wright   *2nd Martha J.  Patty’  McRae

ELIZA  WRIGHT  MORGAN  8-19-1837  to  9-16-1869  

*1st  Wf/of  Asa  S. Morgan

MARTHA  J.  “PATTY” McRAE  MORGAN  1-14-1851  to  8-20-1889

*D/of  Colin L. McRae(1807-1887) & Lydia Ann Chester McRae(1816-1904) 

*2nd  Wf/of  Asa  S. Morgan


EDWARD  WRIGHT  MORGAN   2-13-1857   to  10-19-1860 

*This stone is very difficult to read.




JOSEPH  G. “JOE” NASH (62)  4-8-1951  to  8-8-2013  *OB

*S/of  the late  C. W.  Nash  &  Nell Webb Nash   *Wf/of  40 yrs, Darlene McAdoo Nash

“Outstanding Firefighter of the Year 1984”  *Retired after 20 years as Captain of the

El Dorado Fire Department. Retired in 2006 from the Union Co. Sheriff’s Office where he

worked for 10 yrs as a K-9 Officer, where he received Commendation for Valor from the

Sheriff’s Office.  Also a member of the Mt. Holly Volunteer Fire Department. He retired

from the Mt. Holly Water System as operator after 13 yrs.  Preceding him in death were

his K-9 partners, Eager & Crump.



KATHRYN  LEWIS  NELSON   4-15-1899  to  10-10-1963



MARY  T.  NORSWORTHY   1846   to  1918



RICHARD  M.  OGBURN   4-20-1905  to  10-16-1980  


&  MOLLY  OLETA  REEVES  OGBURN    9-12-1913  to  9-19-2000




BLANCHE  WATTS  OGLESBY   2-20-1863  to  5-20-1961

*D/of  William D. Watts (1830-1893) & Mary Emma Watts (1838-1905)

*Blanche  Next to  T.  Espy Watts  /*Husband,  Joseph J. “Joe” Oglesby(1838-1914)

*Blanche Watts was *1st Wf/of  Joseph Oglesby;  His *2nd wife was Annah  J. Sherwood

*Joe’s death notice appeared in the July 1914 issue of the Confederate Veteran Magazine. 

*Joe is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Quitman, GA in the James Wood Oglesby family plot



WESLEY  CLAUDE  OWENS (37)   5-16-1979  to  7-4-2016 *OB

*S/of  Gayland J. Owens  &  Marilyn Tamme Bailey Owens



WARREN  L. B.  PARKER   5-4-1822   to  7-7-1898

ANNA  McRAE  PARKER   10-17-1819NC  to  8-3-1900 AR



ANNA  STELLA  PATTERSON  1-6-1848   to   2-21-187?

(Stone broken in 3 pieces-lying on its back-edges sunk into the soil –birth mo & death yr illegible)


JOHN  CALVIN  PATTERSON  7-15-1874 Barbour Co., AL  to   7-12-1884 Mt. Holly, AR 

*S/of  Rev. M.A. Patterson(1810-1883) & Ann McRae Patterson (1810-1883)   

*Stone broken in half thru birth date. Top part lying on the ground.   


REV.  M. A.  PATTERSON  5-3-1810  to  3-18-1883

“Precious In The Sight of The Lord Is The Death of His Saints”

&  ANN  McRAE  PATTERSON  8-26-1825  to  11-26-1870 

*Consort of Rev. M. A. Patterson * Original headstone lying flat on ground, with first name,

'Ann' almost covered with dirt/grass. They now have a newer double headstone.


MATTIE  BESS  PATTERSON  6- 5-1857 Barbour Co., AL  to  12-25-1881Mt. Holly, AR

*Top of headstone broken off just above " Patterson"


Dr.  WILLIAM  C.  PATTERSON  (No dates) 

*S/of  Rev. M.A. Patterson(1810-1883)  &  Ann McRae Patterson (1810-1883)    



J. W.  PAYLOR   12-15-1855   to  12-10-1924




AMANDA  MICHELLE  LEE  PAYNE (34) 2-21-1976  to  10-2-2010  *OB 

*D/of  Carol Lee Hollis of Mt. Holly  &  Johnny Lee  of El Dorado     *Mortuary Marker  2011

*Late  1st husband Eric Jennings  /  *2nd husband Terry Payne 


ARTHUR  W.  PAYNE, SR.  10-25-1900 to  1-5-1955


GEORGIA  PAYNE   7-31-1886  to  2-20-1896  

*D/of  Perkins  J. Payne (1854-?)  &  Sarah Luvenia “Lou” Jean  Payne(1867- ?)


JOHN  CLAUDE  PAYNE   4-20-1889  to  11-23-1953  

*Arkansas  PFC   US Army WW I


JOSEPH  EMERY  PAYNE   3-16-1894  to  11-25-1956

“Rest Is Thine: Sweet Remembrance Ours”

&  WINNIE  N.  PAYNE   4-9-1897  to  4-11-1983


LAWTON  LOVILTON  PAYNE   4-24-1899  to  10-24-1909 

*S/of  Presley Willis Payne(1861-1914)  &  Frances Elizabeth Jordan Payne(1861-1931)



(No dates – new stone in 1998)*2011 still no dates)


MARCUS  WILLIS  PAYNE "STICK"  9-4-1911  to  11-27-1996

*Md: 10/6/1934  

&  LORENE  LEWIS  PAYNE   6-30-1912   to  3-19-2003


MARSHALL  T.  PAYNE   3-13-1918   to  5-14-2002 


&  HELEN  M.  WATSON  PAYNE  6-22-1925  to  8-27-2001 


PERKINS  J.  “PERK” PAYNE   Jan 1854 NC to unknown

*No dates on tombstone.  A newer double headstone with just  “P.J.”  &  “LOU”  inscribed

&  Wife, SARAH  LUVENIA “LOU” JEAN PAYNE Nov 1867  to  unknown


PRESLEY WILLIS (P.W.)  PAYNE   8-10-1861  to  3-25-1914

*H/of  Frances “Fannie” Elizabeth Jordan     (Mason)


to  4-5-1931  *Wf/of  Presley Willis Payne


(R.E.) RICHARD “DICK” E.  PAYNE(83)   5-21-1840NC  to  10-10-1923

*Md: Mary Bowlin  in 1858     *About a year before his death he came to live with his

daughter, Mrs. Josephine Boyd, in Rison, Columbia Co., AR.  Born in McDowell Co., NC.

*Dick moved to Arkansas,to the community of Toledo in  1875. He ran a blacksmith business.

*In 1882, he moved to Mount Holly, living here until he came to live with his daughter.

*At the beginning of the Civil War, he went to Georgia and enlisted in the ranks of the

Confederate Army.    “Dick” died at 10 mins of ten o’clock on  the 10th day of the 10th month.

MARY  E.  BOWLIN  PAYNE   7-4-1840  to  3-20-1922 

*Wf/of  R. E. Payne 


TOM  PAYNE   2-14-1886  to  12-5-1964

"In His Will Is Our Peace" 

&   NETTIE  PAYNE   8-26-1893  to  10-12-1978


THOMAS  “TOMMY” PAYNE  12-26-1888  to  1-27-1903  

*S/of  Perkins J. Payne (1854- ?)  &  Sarah Luvenia Jean  Payne




BILLY  DON  PHILLIPS    7-3-1941  to  12-17-1981  

*PFC  US  Army  Vietnam


CLAY  PHILLIPS    8-2-1900  to  6-19-1959

&  LEVINIA  PHILLIPS   9-24-1907  to  3-31-1986


DANNY  CLAY  PHILLIPS   11-10-1950  (One date)  

*Md:11/30/1968     “Forever With The Lord”

&  ELLEN  MARIE McELFRESH  PHILLIPS  1-24-1951  to  9-25-2007


RAYMOND  CHARLES  PHILLIPS "R.C."   5-29-1925  to   9-2-1986

"An Inspiration To All Who Knew Him"


THOMAS  C.  PHILLIPS "Tommy"   4-18-1980  to  9-5-1998




WILLAIM  E.  PRICE  1858 MS  to  5-19-1930 Columbia Co. AR

*William Price md: in 1875, Lee Co., MS ~  Dinah Dora McGaughy

*Wife, DINAH DORA “DONA” McGAUGHY PRICE 7-3-1853 MS  10-6-1891AR

*Dinah buried in Buena Vista Cemetery, Ouachita Co., Arkansas




EULA  LEWIS  PROCTOR    6-29-1902  to  2-12-1954

*Wf/of  John G. Proctor (1876-1957)




SALLIE  CATHERINE LEWIS  PURIFOY 10-27-1884  to  3-7-1929

*D/of  Dixon Hall Lewis (1844-1913)  &  Nancy W. Freeman Lewis(1848-1915)

* Andrew Jackson Purifoy (1889-1976) (md: 4x’s) buried ~ Mulkeytown Cemetery,  Mulkeytown, ILL




CHARLIE  DARDEN  RHODES    2-9-1873  to   10-17-1933

FANNIE  AUGUSTA  RHODES   7-4-1882   to  4-20-1945


CHARLIE  RUSS  RHODES    3-5-1913  to  1-2-1941


LEWIS  D.  RHODES    9-12-1915  to  12-26-1963




CLAUDE  GUY  SCROGGINS    2-20-1917  to  12-26-1972

*S/of  Joseph Carroll Scroggins (1871-1965)  &  Cora Fay Halton Scroggins(1881-1961)    

*ARK  CM  US Navy WW II &  Korea


CORA  FAY HALTON  SCROGGINS  5-30-1881  to  8-24-1961

*Wf/of  Joseph “Joe” Carroll Scroggins

&  JOSEPH  “JOE”  CARROLL  SCROGGINS  9-21-1871  to  2-14-1965

*S/of  Thomas Scroggins(1826-1885) & Mary E. Lewis Scroggins(1838-1900)


Infant  SCROGGINS   1-29-1949   *S/of  Claude  &  Mildred  Scroggins

Infant  SCROGGINS   1-24-1930   *S/of  Mr/Mrs   W. D.  Scroggins

Infant  SCROGGINS   5-26-1931   *D/of  Mr/Mrs  W. D.  Scroggins


THOMAS  LEE  SCROGGINS   7-3-1901  to  2-8-1995

*S/of  Joseph Carroll Scroggins (1871-1965)  &  Cora Fay Halton Scroggins(1881-1961)

 *Md: 9/26/1931   “In Loving Memory”

&  MARGUERITE  V.  SCROGGINS   8-14-1907  to  5-8-2004  


WILLIAM  DANIEL  SCROGGINS (BILL)  12-17-1905  to  8-26-1998

*S/of  Joseph Carroll Scroggins (1871-1965)  &  Cora Fay Halton Scroggins(1881-1961)

*Md:1/23/1926     “Forever In Our Hearts”

&  CLARIBEL ALEXANDER  SCROGGINS   4-30-1912  to  11-26-2012

*D/of  Max & Della Alexander


WILSON  ENOCH  SCROGGINS   5-26-1918  to  8-9-1942 

*S/of  Joseph Carroll Scroggins (1871-1965)  &  Cora Fay Halton Scroggins(1881-1961)

*U.S. Navy




Dr.  JOHN  ISAAC  SELF (M.D.)    2-17-1875  to  7-29-1929

&   CORA ALMA  MILLER   SELF   6-22-1883 LA  to  7-1-1974

*D/of James Erwin Miller(1846-1902) & Beedy M. Leach Miller(1846-1891)

Infant  SELF  B:  &  D:  1918   *S/of  Dr. &  Mrs.  John  Isaac.  Self




MADISON  INDIA  LEWIS  SIMMONS  6-16-2003  to  8-8-2003

"Fly,  Little Dragonfly. Fly"




MARY JANE SWENSON SKOGLUND (CRISP)  7-31-1912 TX  to 10-17-1999 AR  

*D/of  Gustaf Swenson(1865-1940 TX)  &  Marguerette Elizabeth “Lizzie” Brown Swenson(1894-1921 TX)

*Spouses: *Md: 1st John V. Skoglund (1915-1992) -divorced:1950     /  *Md:2nd J. J. Crisp  

*2 children from the union of Mary Jane & John V. Skoglund

*Stone broken/unreadable (not found in 1998)



Dr.  HAMILTON POSEY  SMEAD  11-28-1812 Talbot Co.,GA  to   11-3-1878 AR

*Before the Civil War, he was a Medical Dr. & farmer in Talbot Co., GA. *GA State Senator (1845-1846)

*Civil War Career: 1862  Colonel of 19th Arkansas Infantry Registry    

*After the war, he was a Planter/ Farmer, Union Co., AR.  *Died at age 65 yrs at Woodville Plantation,

Union County, Arkansas    (Headstone not found in 1998)    

*Spouses: *1st Bathsheba Walker    *2ndAnna G. Savage (1817-1837) *buried Talbotton City Cemetery, GA

*3rdPriscilla B. Hurt(1824-1870) *Md: in GA in 1842


Infant  SMEAD     died 1886  *S/of  Hamilton & Anna Smead


NELLIE  MACON  SMEAD    7-29-1887  to   18-14-1889

*D/of  Hamilton P.  Smead   &  Anna F. Smead

*NELLIE   *No dates or last name.  Believe it may be the same as Nellie Macon Smead

*Similar headstone with just the name "ROBERT" on it….may be an infant Smead.



DIXIE  L. SMITH   9-11-1910  to  2-10-1990 

*Spouses:  *1st  Louie B. Smith (1891-1958)  *2nd Bay Pharr (1915-1979)

*Bay Pharr   *1st wife, Dixie L. Smith (1910-1990)   *2nd Annie May McDonald (1916-1999)

*Bay Pharr buried New Ramah Cemetery, Haynesville, LA


DORA  W.  SMITH   2-20-1861  to  10-11-1925 

*D/of  Mrs. Mary  E. Horne    *2nd  Wf/of  John Enoch Smith (1852-1936)

*John is buried in Huckabay Cemetery, Erath Co., TX


HATTIE  B.  SMITH   1888  to   1925  (Not found in 1998)


LOUIE  B. SMITH   4-10-1891  to  11-27-1958

*S/of  Marcus D. Smith(1858-1932) & Emmaline Eliza Williams Smith(1857-1932)

*Spouses:  *1st wife, Maggie E. Smith (1892-1926)    *2nd t wife, Dixie L. Smith (1910-1990)

MAGGIE  E.  SMITH  12-25-1892  to  4-26-1926

*1st wife of, Louie B. Smith


WALTER  FRANKLIN  SMITH   4-16-1910  to  2-29-1996 

*S/of  Thomas Gaines Smith (1881-1933) & Alice Susan Rivers Smith(1889-1952)


&   ELIZABETH  LEWIS  SMITH  8-4-1915  to  12-9-1994  




EDWARD  SPRAGINS  1874   -  d:9-20-1894  Age 20 yrs 

*S/of  Samuel Thomas Spragins (1828-1912)  &  Susan B. Spragins (1837-1913)


DR.  JOHN  DIGGS  SPRAGINS  7-16-1794 VA  to   5-1-1874 AR

*Age 80 yrs     *H/of  Almira Baldwin  Spragins (12-5-1800 VA   to  8-6-1856 VA)

*Almira buried Cub Creek Cemetery, Charlotte Co, VA


ROBERT  HANNAH  SPRAGINS    1869   to   1962

*S/of  Samuel Thomas Spragins (1828-1912)  &  Susan B. Spragins (1837-1913)


SAMUEL  THOMAS  SPRAGINS   12-8-1828VA  to  10-9-1912 AR

*S/of  John Diggs Spragins (1794-1874)  &  Almira Baldwin Spragins(1800-1856)

SUSAN  “SUE”  B.  SPRAGINS  6-17-1837  to  9-30-1913


THOMAS  NORMAN  SPRAGINS  7-16-1879  to  May 1977  *SSDI

*S/of  Samuel Thomas Spragins (1828-1912)  &  Susan B. Spragins (1837-1913)


*D/of  Samuel Thomas Spragins (1828-1912)  &  Susan B. Spragins (1837-1913)



LUCY  HOLLINGSWORTH  STRAIN  12-12-1830  to  9-7-1876 

*D/of  Barnett Glenn Hollingsworth(1801-1874)  &  Permelia A. Smith Hollingsworth(1811-1899)

*Age 45 yrs   *Wf/of  Samuel  D.  Strain (1813NC  to  7-12- 1864 TX)

*Samuel’s burial place if unknown, but he died in Henderson Co., TX

*Samuel S/of  Alexander Strain(1767-1831) & Miriam Hunter Strain(1766-1843)



JOHN  FRANCIS  SULLIVAN  10-12-1896  to  10-29-1945 

*H/of  Annabelle Freeman

ANNABELLE  FREEMAN SULLIVAN   5-16-1900  to  1-27-1998

*Wf/of  John Frances Sullivan

"Blessed Are The Pure In Heart For They Shall See God."  Matthew 5:8



ARTHUR  TAYLOR  3-10-1867  to  9-9-1868  

*S/of   W. J.  &   M. V.  Taylor   (Not found in 1998)



EDWARD  EVERETT  TIMMONS   1-26-1858  to  7-24-1931 


&  SUSANNE  B.  McCALL  TIMMONS  3-20-1863  to  12-19-1949

*D/of  Malcolm McCall (  b:ca 1817  to  1864) & Lydia Ann John McCall(1823-1891)


ERNEST  Q.  TIMMONS   7-27-1892   to  10-17-1973

*Arkansas  PVT  Air Service  WW I


FELIX  TIMMONS    1-19-1903   to  7-13-1975

&  MATTIE   L.  TIMMONS  2-6-1911   to  2-23-1993


KEITH  ALLEN  TIMMONS  7-22-1969  to  10-19-1991

*Age 22     “With His Father In Heaven”


MARY  EVELYN  TIMMONS   4-10-1936  to  9-18-1937


VERNELL  TIMMONS   6-30-1925  to  6-4-1963  



WENDELL  L.  TIMMONS   1-28-1943 AR   to  12-1-1978 LA

"Beyond the Sunset with Jesus"

&  JOANN  BAKER  TIMMONS   7-12-1946  to  9-29-2002

“This Is The Promise  The Life Everlasting”




Infant  TODD   11-3-1863 

*S/of  W. & C.E.  Todd  (Not found in 1998)


JOSEPH  TODD  1839  to  1873   (Not found in 1998)

*Age 34


LOUIS  WILLIS  TODD   1861  to   9-2-1863 

*Age:2 yrs-5 mos-18 dys  *S/of  W. &  C.E. Todd




JAMES  McRAE  TORRENCE   died 7-21-1852  (5 mos-17 dys) 

*S/of  John &  Mary Torrence    *Aged 5 mos & 17 days


MOLLIE  TORRENCE    6-2-1859  to  9-26-1864 

*D/of  John & Mary Torrence   "Sweet Little Mollie"  *Age 5 yr-3mo-24 dys 




WILLIAM BECKOM (W.B.) TRICE   6-28-1858  to  8-17-1909

GRACIE  A.  HUDMAN  TRICE    2-4-1852  to  11-2-1900 

*Wf/of  W.B. Trice  




*Wf/of  Alexander Ferguson Trousdale (1765-1830)*Buried Mount Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, Tnn



MARY  ABBIE  VAN HOOK   10-1-1910  to  4-12-1928


ROBERT  CALVIN VAN HOOK  2-13-1882  to  6-11-1968 


&   MARY  ESTER  HORNE VAN HOOK  4-4-1876  to  12-30-1958

*D/of  Henry Lewis Horne(1845-1886) &  Mary Elizabeth Freeman Horne(1841-1926)



ARTHUR  MOORE  WATTS   1861   to  1933

*S/of  William  D. Watts (1830-1893) & Mary Emma Watts(1838-1905)

&  MINNIE  EAGLETON  WATTS   1866   to  1904 


BESSIE  EDITH  WATTS   4-20-1878  to  9-6-1879 

*D/of  John B. Watts(1835-1884)  &  Matilda ‘Mattie’ Brown C. Watts ( 1839-1880)

(stone broken-dates no longer readable)


GEORGE  E. WATTS  11-24-1898  to  8-29-1975 

*S/of  Arthur Moore Watts(1861-1933) & Minnie Eagleton Watts(1866-1904)


&  LULA  M.  TERRELL  WATTS   1-23-1905  to  11-28-1991


JAMES  WILLIS  WATTS    12-22-1861  to  3-29-1862 

*Broken piece of his tombstone propped up in front of Mattie C. Watts tombstone. (2011)

*Most of the dates still visible, but name is broken off.


JOHN  B. WATTS   11-9-1835NC  to  7-25-1884 AR

*S/of  Mary Adams & John Davidson Watts  *By 1838, both Mary & John D. Watts (1796-1838)were dead.

*By 1850, Iredell, NC  their 3 sons, John B. Watts(1836 NC) Thos E. Watts(1833 NC) Winslow D. Watts(1833 NC)

were living with their maternal grandparents, Amelia B. Adams(1786 NC) & James Adams(1782 NC)

*John B. Watts md: Matilda C. Brown in Talladega, AL   * In 1860, the 3 brothers traveled west to Mount Holly, AR.

MATILDA  “MATTIE” C.  BROWN  WATTS  10-14-1839AL  to  2-27-1880 AR

*D/of  Duncan Brown(1797-1880) & Sally Ann Buie Brown(1805-1882)  *Wf/of  J. B. Watts


THOMAS  ESPY  WATTS  1868  to  1943 

*S/of  William D. Watts (1830-1893) & Mary Emma Watts(1838-1905)

"One Worthy of Remembrance"   *Next to Blanche Watts Oglesby   


THOMAS  E.  WATTS  1834 NC  to  10-18-1866

*Died in the 32nd year of his age. *S/of  Mary Adams  &  John Davidson Watts(1796-1838)

By 1838, both Mary  & John Davidson Watts(1796-1838) were dead.

*By 1850, Iredell, NC  their 3 sons, John B. Watts(1836 NC) Thos E. Watts(1833 NC) Winslow D. Watts(1833 NC)

were living with their maternal grandparents, Amelia B. Adams(1786 NC) & James Adams(1782 NC)

* In 1860, the 3 brothers traveled west to Mount Holly, AR.

HELEN  McRAE  WATTS   9-16-1839 AL  died 6-3-1866 AR

“in the 27th  year of her age   *Wife of, Thomas E. Watts ( b:ca 1833 NC)

*D/of  Colin L. McRae (1807-1887) &  Lydia Ann Chester McRae(1816-1904)

*Stone is broke in multiple pieces & other than the name is pretty much unreadable (2011).


WILLIAM D. (W.D.)  WATTS   12-23-1830   to  1-24-1893

*S/of  Mary Adams & John Davidson Watts  *By 1838, both Mary  & John Davidson Watts(1796-1838) were dead.

*By 1850, Iredell, NC  their 3 sons, John B. Watts(1836 NC) Thos E. Watts(1833 NC) Winslow D. Watts(1833 NC)

were living with their maternal grandparents, Amelia B. Adams(1786 NC) & James Adams(1782 NC)

* In 1860, the 3 brothers traveled west to Mount Holly, AR.

&  MARY  EMMA  WATTS   9-17-1838  to   9-9-1905 



EARL  EDISON  WHITTEN   2-25-1904  to  11-25-1983 

*S/of  Camillus L. Whitten(1874-1920) & Lula May Whitten(1876-1966)

*Md: 6/3/1933

&  EDGEL  MITCHELL  WHITTEN   5-7-1914  to   6-7-1991



GARLAND  F.  WILSON  7-24-1887  to  7-12-1976

&  MARY  VERA  BUCK  WILSON   5-23-1884  to  3-22-1968

*D/of  George Wilson Buck(1836-1909) & Mary T. Jeffus Buck(1850-1924) * Wf/of  Garland F. Wilson 


MARGARET  WILSON   12-30-1921  to  5-2-1930  

*D/of  Garland  F. Wilson(1887-1976) &  Mary Vera Buck Wilson(1884-1968)



MARY  LEWIS  WOOLLEY   2-15-1881 to 10-16-1934 

*D/of  Henry W. Lewis (1841-1890) & Eugene Francis Lewis (1844-1916)

*Wf/of  T. O. Wooley      “MOTHER”



(Major) EDWARD  W. WRIGHT  9-8-1798MD  to  6-30-1867AR

MARTHA  C.  WRIGHT  Sept 1809  to  10-11-1888  

*D/of Henry Bradford Crowell(1782-1840) &  Sarah Catherine Cantey Crowell(1792-1877) 

*Wf/of  Major  E. W.  Wright


HENRY  C.  WRIGHT   11-13-1841  to  5- 2-1862


JOHN  CHARLES  WRIGHT   9-21-1861  to  8-15-1863

*2nd son of  B.W. & Martha A. Wright


LUCY  WRIGHT    d:10-7-1879    *Aged 25 yrs.

*Wf/of  Edward C. Wright 



GEORGE  DECALB  YOCUM    9-24-1863  to  12-18-1940

*S/of  George Washington Yocum(1814-1891) & Sarah E. Howards Yocum(1824-1920)

"He has left us a most noble pattern."  

&  HENRIETTA  WATTS  YOCUM 11-26-1873  to  1-21-1939

*D/of  William D. Watts (1830-1893) & Mary Emma Watts(1838-1905)  “ETTA”

"She was the sunshine of our home."


**There are 13 headstones for unknown C.S. A., Confederate  soldiers in this cemetery. (All in a single row)




October 6, 2007:  I was contacted by Polly DeBruin, Secretary of the Mount Holly Cemetery Association.

The association has purchased additional land to expand this old cemetery & hope to plat the cemetery.

If you have a personal interest in this cemetery, you might wish to contact her.

Polly Lewis DeBruin

870-310-3079 - 870-863-8734     1851 Morning Star Road     El Dorado, AR 71730