Est. ca 1874



Norris Cemetery is located north of Strong, Union Co., Arkansas off

Hwy. 275 or aka "Pigeon Hill Rd.". There is a smal sign on the

highway next to the lane that runs to the cemetery.  Well maintained. 

*New Survey performed April 11, 2012.  Last updated October 2016. 

 Janice Holzer




LIONEL JOSEPH BURNS  2-15-1907 to 10-9-1985

*Md:1/10/1943      *Our Children: Joe, Rex, Don, Marie Sr. Miriam, Patrick

& HELEN RUTH NORRIS BURNS 8-9-1921 to 4-12-2010

“Son”   *D/of  Ewell C. Norris  &  Ruth Lenore ‘Leo’ Norris  Burns



BURVIN "DICK" COLEMAN 6-18-1925 to 10-27-1987

*S/of  Rufus Joseph Ward(1898-1977) &  Lottie Coleman Ward (1905-1998)  

*2nd husband of Maebelle Welch Meshell Coleman((1922-1966)  buried Strong Cemetery



VIOLA S. DONALDSON  10-27-1912 to 3-5-1986

*Youngs FH - MM   *2012  Viola has tombstone also



LEE OMA DOPSON 10-27-1900 to 12-24-1973

*S/of  John Siemon Dopson(1864-1930) &  Mary Thomas Canady Dopson (1866-1933)

*1st husband of  Hattie Mae Frisby

"Beloved Husband"   "Rest  In  Peace"

HATTIE MAE FRISBY DOPSON 6-22-1915 to 2-8-1995

*D/of James Aaron Frisby(1885-1958)  &  Estelle Pauline Price Frisby(1885-1973)

*Spouses: *1st Lee Oma Dopson (1900-1973)  *2nd Martin P. Dopson (1909-1975)

*Martin P. Dopson is buried in the Strong Cemetery, Strong, Union Co., AR

"She Was The Sunshine Of  Our Home"    *Bailey FH - MM



VIRGINIA S. HENRY 7-26-1926TX to 6-7-1990AR

*Aged 63  *Rump-Owers - MM  *2012-has tombstone also



CHARLES HUGHES  1953 to 1980 

*Bailey FH - MM   



ANNIE BOSEMAN MAY  7-8-1874 to 5-24-1910

*1ST Wife of John Ben May; John buried with 2nd wife in Arlington Memorial Park Cem. 

"Twas hard to give thee up.  But thy will O God be done."


BESSIE M.CULPEPPER MAY 7-26-1916LA to 12-14-1976AR

*D/of Walter Culpepper(1890-1978) & Alice Elizabeth Stocks Culpepper(1889-1978)

"Beloved Mother – Rest in Peace"   *Wf/of  Ernest Thomas May, Sr.

ERNEST THOMAS MAY,SR. 10-24-1917   to  12-17-1977

*H/of Bessie M. Culpepper


ROBERT LOUIS"BOSS" MAY  1-24-1886   to  7-4-1941



HENRY GRADY McGOWEN 2-6-1900 to 12-24-1962

*S/of  Annie Johnson McGowen  Norris(1883-1915)  &   *!st husband, A.B. McGowen (b:ca 1875)

 "His Memory Is Blessed"



INFANT KATIE NASH  October 1930 (One date)

*D/of James Franklin Nash (1908-1983) & Julia Norris Nash(1906-1997)

[*D/of  Mr. & Ms. J.F. Nash  *Her current headstone gives no name, just "Baby Nash"]



ABBIE LUCILLE TURBEVILLE NELSON 8-31-1912  to  2-25-1971

*D/of  William Albert Turbeville, Jr(1892-1921) &  Lena Frisby Turbeville Lewis(1898-1980

*1st  Wf/of  Davis Morrell Norris (1905-1982)   "Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"



ANNIE JOHNSON NORRIS  4-2-1879 to 6-5-1948

*D/of  Ellis H. Johnson (1851-1922)  & Matilda Munford Johnson (1861-1901)

*1st  husband,  A.B.  McGowen  (b:ca 1875)  *2nd husband, Antone “Tony” Norris(1883-1973)

"Tender Mother and A Faithful Friend"

ANTONE "TONY" NORRIS 3-14-1883 to 7-1-1973

*S/of   James Marion Norris (1849-1926) & Sarah Callie Hammons  Norris (1857-1936)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"



10-10-1997 *Md:12/11/1945  Ophelia Cecil

*S/of  George Carl Norris(1881-1957) & Belle Z. Turbeville Norris(1884-1973)

*Spouses:  *1st  Virginia Simmons      *2nd  Ophelia Cecil

"To live in the hearts of those we love is never to die."

& OPHELIA CECIL NORRIS 10-28-1925 to 1-14-2001


Baby CARYA NORRIS 1-23-1903 to 6-26-1904

*D/of  Webb Atkins Norris(1878-1956)  &  Elizabeth Johnson Norris (1881-1929) 

"She sleeps in Jesus"

"The rose may fade, the lily die, But the flowers immortal bloom on high"


DAVIS MORRELL NORRIS 7-29-1905 to 11-25-1982

*S/of  William Reese Norris(1869-1954) & Johnnie Hammons Norris(1876-1963)

*1st wife,   Abbie Lucille Turbeville (1912-1971)  *Shares double headstone with Margaret

*2nd wife, Margaret Raiford (1914-1972)    *3rd wife, Lorene H. Hollis (1909-1999).

*Lorene H. Hollis, 3rd wife, buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Ruston, LA

& MARGARET RAIFORD NORRIS 11-2-1914 to 9-16-1972

*D/of  William C. Raiford (1869-1946)  &  Margaret A. Raiford(1875-1960)

*Spouses: *1st John Wylie Estes(1910-1949)   *2nd Davis Morrell Norris(1905-1982)

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

ABBIE LUCILLE TURBEVILLE NELSON 8-31-1912  to  2-25-1971

*D/of  William Albert Turbeville, Jr(1892-1921) &  Lena Frisby Turbeville Lewis(1898-1980

*1st  Wf/of  Davis Morrell Norris (1905-1982)   "Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"


DEDY NORRIS 1-30-1879 to 9-22-1880

*S/of James Marion Norris(1849-1926) &  Sarah Callie Hammons Norris(1857-1936)  

"Too good for earth, God called him home."


EDNA NORRIS  6-9-1903 to 8-10-1978

*D/of  George Carl Norris(1881-1957) & Belle Z. Turbeville Norris(1884-1973)

"Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord"


ELLIS CAREY NORRIS  8-30-1916 to 5-6-1970

*S/of  Webb Atkins Norris(1878-1956)  &  Elizabeth Johnson Norris (1881-1929)   

*ARK  PFC 634 Mil Police Co  WW II   "Absent in Body, But Present in Spirit"


EWELL CRAWFORD NORRIS 5-20-1895 to 5-28-1982

*S/of  William Reese Norris(1869-1954) &  Johnnie Hammons Norris(1876-1963)

"Father"   *Md:6/2/1917   *PVT  U.S. Army  WW I    

*Children: Helen Ruth-Norma Jean 

& RUTH LENORE BURNS NORRIS 8-19-1896 to 1-16-1987

"Mother" “LEO” *D/of James Randall Burns(1869-1949) & Ara Lillie Saunders(1878-1942)

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"



12-4-1971LA  *2nd wife of Webb Atkins Norris(1878-1956)

*D/of  Ira Joseph Ward (1863-1936) & Viola Goddard Ward (1864-1935)

"She's Safe At Home"


FLARENCE NORRIS  12-13-1875 to 9-1-1880

*D/of  James Marion Norris(1849-1926)& Sarah Callie Hammons Norris(1857-1936)  

 *Spelling of  "Flarence"  is as it is on tombstone

"Lord  she was thine and not my own.  Thou hast not done me wrong"


FRED H. NORRIS  11-17-1909 to 4-23-1947

*S/of  Webb Atkins Norris(1878-1929)  &  Elizabeth“Lizzie” Johnson Norris(1881-1929)  

*2nd Husband to Colvis Norsworthy Harman Norris Lovette (1908-2008)

*Colvis buried at  New London Cemetery, Union Co., AR  "Thy trials ended, thy rest is won"


(G.B.)GALBANUM "BANUM" NORRIS 8-2-1855 to 4-9-1927

*S/of  John Sanders Norris(1818-1897) &  Sarah Ann Hall Norris(1819-1898)

*Md: in 1884   Aline Johnson (b: ca 1860).  "A sleep in Jesus"


GEORGE CARL NORRIS  2-17-1881 to 12-10-1957

*S/of  James Marion Norris(1849-1926) &  Sarah Callie Hammons Norris(1857-1936)  

& BELLE Z. TURBEVILLE NORRIS 6-4-1884 to 2-13-1973

*D/of Andrew Jackson Turbeville(1845-1910)& Rachel M. Shirey Turbeville(1843-1909)  

"Into Thy Hands I Command My Spirit" – Luke XXIII 46


GEORGE MURPHY NORRIS 12-1-1917 to 10-27-1987

*S/of  George Carl Norris(1881-1957) &  Belle Z. Turbeville(1884-1973)

*TEC 5  US Army  WW II    "Daddy"     "Mother"

& ERA JUANELLE FRISBY NORRIS 5-5-1920 to 6-23-1984

*D/of  James Aaron Frisby(1885-1958) &  Estelle Pauline Price Frisby(1885-1973)


HORACE RALPH"BUD" NORRIS 1-26-1911 to 8-8-1963

*S/of  William Reese Norris(1869-1954)  & Johnnie Hammons Norris(1876-1963) 

*2nd H/of  Hazel Frisby Hammons Norris(1910-2002)

*Hazel buried in New London Cemetery, Union Co.,AR

 *CPL  U.S. Army   WW II  "Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal"


INFANT NORRIS 2-7-1900 to 7-27-1900

*S/of  Minor Norris(1874-1954)  & Minnie May Norris(1877-1909)

INFANT NORRIS  B & D 12-21-1898

*S/of  J. G. & L.A. Norris    "Budded on earth, to bloom in heaven"


*Buried in same grave with Mattie Norris


JAMES MARION NORRIS 1-6-1849 to 10-7-1926

*S/of John Sanders Norris(1818-1897) & Sarah Ann Hall Norris(1819-1898)

*James Marion  Norris  husband of  Sarah Callie Hammonds

"Farewell My Wife and Children all,  From  ?above /home  a  father Christ  doth call"

SARAH CALLIE HAMMONDS NORRIS 6-29-1857 to 6-7-1936

*Sarah  Callie  Hammonds   *Wife of  James Marion Norris

 "A most noble example was her life"


JAMES M. NORRIS 1-2-1776 Rowan Co.,NC to 10-28-1873

Union Co., AR  *S/of Josiah Norris(b:ca 1739 – 1836 GA) & wife, ?Ann Norris

*PVT  GA  Melitia   War of 1812

SARAH “SALLY” PATRICK NORRIS 1781 to 8-12-1852

Union Co., AR   *D/of  James Patrick (1754 SC -1816 ca GA), son of Robert Patrick, Sr.  

*Sally Patrick,   wife of  James M. Norris



*Infant S/of  Mode  Norris(1897-1980) &  Louise Joiner Norris (1904-1999)

"Of  such is the Kingdom of Heaven"


J.D. NORRIS 1-23-1908 to 9-17-1926

*S/of   George Carl Norris(1881-1957)  &  Belle Z. Turbeville Norris (1884-1973)

"The Twilight Gates Are Open Wide With Lies Eternal Peace"


JESSE MONROE NORRIS 9-20-1875 to 3-9-1960

*S/of  Patrick Henry Norris(1821-1902)   &  Georgia Mary Bradley Norris(1843-1913)   

& IDA NORRIS NORRIS 3-20-1877 to 7-15-1967

*S/of James Marion Norris(1849-1926) &  Sarah Callie Hammons Norris(1857-1936)    

"Not My Will, But Thine Be Done"


JOE S/B. NORRIS 10-19-1895 to 7-11-1900

*S/of Clark Norris(1852-1927) &  Laura Hammons Norris(1859-1927)

"In heaven there is one angel more"


JOHN C. NORRIS 10-5-1906 to 4-1-1988

*S/of  George Carl Norris(1881-1957) &  Belle Z. Turbeville (1884-1973)

*Md:10/12/1928   *U.S. Army-WW II

& EUNICE MILDRED FIKE NORRIS 12-30-1910 to 12-20-2007

*D/of  Marcus Gordon Fike(1879-1967) & Dovie King Fike (1888-1919)   *OB


JOHN SANDERS NORRIS 10-31-1818 to 1-19-1897

*S/of  James M. Norris(1776-1873)  *Md:4/6/1843 GA.  Sarah "Sally" Patrick Norris(1781-1852)  

*John Norris  was in the war of 1812.

"His many virtues form the noblest monument to his memory" 

SARAH ANN HALL NORRIS 2-20-1819 to 7-2-1898

*D/of  John Hall(1770-1825)    "Safely anchored in the harbor of eternal rest"


JOHN WEATHERBY NORRIS  3-17-1850 to 2-8-1892

*S/of John Sanders Norris(1818-1897) &  Sarah Ann Hall Norris(1819-1898)

&  Infant  Norris (no dates or additional info) 

"Infant tombstone sitting atop their double headstone.


12-13-1858 AR to 2-3-1931 TX

*D/of James Addison Gra y(1837-1865 Civil War) & Georgia Mary Bradley Gray(1843-1913)

*Spouses: *1st  John Weatherby Norris(1850-1892) 

*2nd George Washington Lovelady(1847-1928)

"I Will Dwell In The House Of The Lord Forever"


JULIA NORRIS 7-18-1874 to 10-11-1874

*D/of  Patrick Henry Norris(1821-1902)   &  Georgia Mary Bradley Norris(1843-1913) 


KENNETH DWAYNE NORRIS 10-9-1946 to 6-20-1971

*S/of Andrew Truitt Norris(1923-1997) & Ophelia Cecil Norris(1925-2001)

 (Psalm  55:18 )  "He hath delivered my soul in peace. from the battle that was against

me.  For there were many with me. "



6-22-1950 *PVT  US Army  WW II   "One Worthy of Remembrance"

*S/of  William Reese Norris(1869-1954) &  Johnnie Hammons Norris(1876-1963)      



*S/of James Norris(1776-1873) &  Sarah “Sally” Patrick Norris(1781-1852)

*Md: 7/11/1826  Newton Co., GA  *Littleton H. Norris md: Harriet Gregory

HARRIET GREGORY NORRIS 1807SC died after June 1870

*D/of David W. Gregory(1787-1850) & Mary Hewlett Dunkin Gregory(1787-1840)


"LOIS" ANNIE LOYSE NORRIS 9-23-1906 to 11-14-1966

*D/of  Jesse Monroe Norris(1875-1960)  &  Ida Norris Norris (1897-1967) 

"God took her home. It was his will But in our Hearts, she liveth still"


MAMMIE CLAIR NORRIS 5-5-1896 to 9-9-1898

*D/of  William Reese Norris(1869-1954) & Johnnie Hammons Norris(1876-1963)      


MINOR NORRIS  9-30-1874 to 7-22-1954

*S/of  James Marion Norris(1849-1926) &  Sarah Callie Hammons(1857-1936)

*1st wife Minnie May (1877-1909)

*2nd wife, Minnie Pearl Price(1875-1952) buried at Green Grove Chapel

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

MINNIE MAY NORRIS 10-9-1877 to 9-21-1909"Mother"

*D/of  James May (b:ca 1850)  & Frances May (b:ca 1858)

"God's greatest  gift returned to God, our mother"


Baby NELL NORRIS 3-29-1911 to 11-28-1919

*D/of  Webb Atkins Norris(1878-1956)  &  Elizabeth Johnson Norris (1881-1929)    

"The rose may fade, the lily die, but the flowers

immortal bloom on high"


PAUL ATHENS NORRIS 12-11-1919 to 5-25-1987

*S/of  Webb Atkins Norris(1878-1956)  &  Elizabeth Johnson Norris (1881-1929) 

*Md:6/24/1961    *PFC  US  Army  WW II   "Weep Not For Me For I Am With God"


8-4-2015 *D/of Walter & Clara Poole


PATRICK HENRY(P.H.)NORRIS 1-29-1821GA to 9-16-1902AR

*PVT  CO  F 1  AR CAV  Confederte States Army  "TUD" 

"To him we  trust a place is given. Among the saints with Christ in heaven."

*S/of  James M. Norris(1776-1873) &  Sarah "Sallie"  Patrick Norris(1781-1852)

*Spouses: *1st wife, Mary Wood Norris(d:ca 1866) 

*2nd wife, Georgia "Tootie" Mary Bradley (1843-1913) *Md: 1/16/1868 Union Co., AR

GEORGIA MARY BRADLEY NORRIS 10-24-1843 to 1-19-1913

"TOOTIE"  "Rest mother, rest in quiet sleep, while friends in  sorrow o'er thee weep.'

*D/of John A. Bradley, Jr. (b:ca 1803 GA) & Martha G. Terrell Bradley(b:ca 1807 GA)

*Both parents died in Union County, AR of Cholera.

*1ST Husband, James Addison Gray (1837-1865) killed in the Battle of Prairie Grove

(Prairie Grove, AR)-Civil War. James Addison Gray n*S/of Temperance Kersey Gray(1804-1845)

*2nd husband, Patrick Henry Norris  *Md: 1/16/1868,Union Co., AR


PATRICK H. NORRIS  2-3-1861 to 7-14-1904

*S/of  Patrick Henry Norris(1821-1902) & Mary Wood Norris(b:ca 1866)

*Wife, MARY ABIGAIL WHITE  GREEN   6-21-1865  to  10-4-1942

*Burial  Good Hope Cemetery, Union Co., AR


R."BUD" NORRIS 1-26-1911 to 8-8-1963 

"Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal"


SALLIE NORRIS 1-5-1893 to 7-31-1895  

*D/of  J.G. & L.A. Norris 

"Our darling one hath gone before to greet us on the blissful shore."


THOMAS NICHOLAS NORRIS 10-1-1880 to 10-20-1881

*Son of  Patrick Henry Norris(1821-1902) & Georgia Mary Bradley Norris(1843-1913)

 "Loved in life; grieved after in death, but extremely happy in heaven"


WEBB ATKINS NORRIS 4-21-1878 to 12-3-1956 

*Son of  Patrick Henry Norris(1821-1902) & Georgia Mary Bradley Norris(1843-1913)

*Spouses: *1st Wife, Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Johnson(1881-1929) 

*2nd Wife,   Fannie Elizabeth Ward (1894-1971)  *See listing above

"Absent in Body But Present in Spirit"


3-1-1929 *1ST  Wife of  Webb Atkins Norris    *Md:1902 Union County, AR

"Every joy to us is dead  since Mother's not here"


WESLEY L. NORRIS 7-25-1902 to 1-22-1963

*S/of  Minor Norris (1874-1954)  & Minnie May Norris(1877-1909)   

*ARK PVT HQ 251 Mil Police Co  WW II


WILLIAM REESE NORRIS  5-19-1869 to 3-28-1954

*Son of  Patrick Henry Norris(1821-1902) & Georgia Mary Bradley Norris(1843-1913)

& JOHNNIE HAMMONS NORRIS  6-22-1876 to 4-27-1963

*D/of  Nancy Caroline Burnside (1835-1926) & George Washington Hammons(1818-1911)

"Rest is Thine,  Sweet Remembrance Ours"



BILLY SIMMONS  1-14-1923 to 12-23-1972

"His memory is Blessed"



2-11-1987 *S/of  Jesse J. Simmons(b:ca 1891 TX) & Mabel Ward Simmons(1892-1974)

*JACK born in Oklahoma.   *Young's FH - MM     *2012-Jack has tombstone

LOUISE E. SIMMONS 9-2-1915 to 1-6-1974


JESSE JERALD"BO DEAN"SIMMONS 6-18-1947 to 1-9-2001

*S/of Louis Edward Simmons & Evelyn Grace Anderson Simmons Hudnall (1927 TX-1993 TX)  

"He Is At Rest In Heaven"  *Has NASCAR  #53 sketch photo embedded on tombstone.


12-20-2015  *Wife of Jesse “Bo Dean” Simmons

*D/of  Frank Watt(1904-1979) & Duel Elizabeth Lambert Watt(1914-1982)


LOUIS E. SIMMONS 9-2-1915 to 1-6-1974

*D/of Julius J. Simmons(1885-1947) & Lavina J. Simmons(1882-1959)

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"


MABEL WARD SIMMONS 12-31-1892LA to 10-25-1974AR

*Wf/of  Jesse J. Simmons (b:ca 1891 TX)  "She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"



FRANK STURDIVANT,JR. 12-8-1925 to 3-1-1985

*S/of  Benjamin Franklin Sturdivant(1891-1968) &  Georgia Belle Spencer(1888-1971)

*Md:9/21/1947   *PFC  US Army   WW II    

*Sturdivant Children: Linda-Randall-Ronnie-Renee


"They Have Left Behind A Legacy of Love and Wait In Heaven For Us To Come"



CHARLIE G. TORRENCE 8-23-1910 to 3-20-1948

*S/of  Thomas  Lee Torrence(1869-1936) & Geneva Elizabeth Burns(1872-1962)

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"

ALMA NORRIS TORRENCE 4-24-1912 to 12-2-1996

*D/of  George  Carl Norris(1881-1957) &  Belle Z. Turbeville Norris (1884-1973)

*Wife of  Charlie G. Torrence


CHARLES LEE TORRENCE 1-12-1931 to 1-13-1931

*S/of Charlie G. Torrence(1910-1948) & Alma Norris Torrence(1912-1996)


VAN MARION TORRENCE 1-12-1932 to 1-27-1932

*S/of Charlie G. Torrence(1910-1948) & Alma Norris Torrence(1912-1996)




*H/of  Sadie Norris    Rumph-Owers FH -  MM   "In Loving Memory"

SADIE NORRIS TURBERVILLE 2-27-1914 to 1-29-1984

*D/of  Webb Atkins Norris(1878-1956)  &  Elizabeth Johnson Norris (1881-1929


CLYDE RICHARD TURBEVILLE 5-20-1942 to 6-29-1998

*S/of Clyde James Turberville(1904-1991) & Sadie Norris Tuberville(1914-1984)

"In Loving Memory"



BURNIECE LOUISE VINES 10-24-1921 to 6-2-1923

*D/of  L. G. & Elfie Vines   "Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven"



DANIEL W. WARD  1-3-1889 to 9-16-1911

*S/of  Ira Joseph Ward(1863-1936) & Viola Goddard Ward (1864-1935)

"One Worthy of Remembrance"


FANNIE ELIZABETH WARD NORRIS 11-30-1894 to 12-4-1971

"She's Safe At Home"


IRA JOSEPH WARD 2-5-1863 to 12-27-1936

& VIOLA GODDARD WARD  1-18-1864 to 1-1-1935

*Wf/of  Ira Joseph Ward   "Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours."


JOE CHARLES WARD  2-4-1943 to 10-13-2006

*S/of  Rufus Joseph Ward(1898-1977) &  Lottie Coleman Ward (1905-1998)   

*Md:11/27/1980   "Gone But Not Forgotten"

&  PATRICIA ANN GOFF WARD 1-22-1941 (One date)  


LOTTIE COLEMAN WARD "Aunt Sis" 7—6-1905 to 1-5-1998

*D/of Charles Douglas Coleman(1856-1925)& Redonia Craig Coleman(1870-1959)

*Wf/of  Rufus Joseph Ward (1898-1977)   "She's Safe At Home"


RUFUS HUEY WARD 4-8-1936 to 10-18-2008

*S/of  Rufus Joseph Ward(1898-1977) &  Lottie Coleman Ward (1905-1998)  

*Md:11/29/1966  "At Rest In Heaven, They Gave Their Today For Our Tommorrow"

& CALLIE I.GANDY WARD(83) 9-25-1932 to 3-12-2016

*D/of  William Wallace Gandy(1899-1958) & Mary Rebecca Stinson Gandy (1911-1987)     

*Mary spouses: *1st Wm. Wallace Gandy(1899-1958) *2nd Lemuel Rozell Hammons (1906-1973)


RUFUS JOSEPH "Uncle Boy" WARD 2-23-1898 to 11-28-1977

*S/of  Ira Joseph Ward(1863-1936) & Viola Goddard Ward (1864-1935)

*H/of  Lottie “Aunt Sis” Coleman         'He's Safe At Home"


1-5-1998LA    *Wf/of  Rufus Joseph “Uncle Boy” Ward

*D/of Charles Douglas Coleman(1856-1925) &  Redonia Craig Coleman (1870-1959)


THOMAS RICHARD WARD 12-15-1944AR to 7-21-2001LA

*S/of  Rufus Joseph Ward(1898-1977) &  Lottie Coleman Ward (1905-1998)  

"Beloved Brother"  "He's Safe At Home"







Joe Norris    870-797-2128

Linda Knox  870-862-1857