aka Oak Grove Cemetery

est. 1872


Located in Union County, Arkansas just off of State Hwy.63 (used to be Hwy.15

that ran from El Dorado to Moro Bay) & northwest of Moro Bay State Park which is

located on the east side of the Ouachita River, while the cemetery is on the

west side of the Ouachita River, along Pigeon Hill Landing Road. The road is

now named Oak Grove Road and the Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church, est. 2001,

is located about 300 ft across the road from the cemetery. The church did not

exist until sometime in the 1930's. Although, some refer to the cemetery as the

"Oak Hill Cemetery", because of the church & because they assume responsibility

for maintaining the cemetery.


In or about 2002, the cemetery had been cleaned up and surrounded by a chain

link fence. There were only a few marked graves, even though an area of about

2 acres had been cleared and fenced in. According to the history of the cemetery

there were originally five acres used for the cemetery.*See attached article

concerning the history of this cemetery. Inventoried first time on October 31, 2002.


New survey April 11, 2012: I revisited this cemetery to do a final update.

Many improvements have been made & there is now a historical sign placed near the

entry gate to the cemetery. There have been several burials there since my last

visit. Posted July 2012.   *Final/Last Update July 2017

Janice Holzer    jcsh432@gmail.com




GLENN  ALBERT  BLACK (68) 7-12-1945  to  9-11-2013 *ob

*S/of  Horace Black  &  Iberia Lockwood Black of Urbana.

*Pastor-Member of Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church. / Auto Mechanic

*Wife of 48 yrs, Dorothy Sue Fife Black



RONNIE  BLACK  12-25-1945  to 12-20-2004

*Md:7/14/1965     “Precious Memories”

 “I’ll Be Waiting On The Bank Of The Big River In Heaven Drawing Your Picture In The Sand”

&  BETTY JO  BLACK  6-27-1948 (One date)



LULA  BROWN  1-15-1878  (One date)

*From an earlier survey done in 1992-not found in 2012.



HENRY  BUTLER (? b:1835)   died  3-6-1901  (One date) 

*Stone broken in 3 pieces.  *Some info from earlier survey in 1992.

*Broken pieces of his tombstone lying amongst other broken tombstones belonging

to Sarepta E. Justice / G.R.J, Gussie Justice & Thomas S. Davis.


LUCY  BUTLER (b:1850 not on marker) died  7-21-1921 (One date)

"Presented to  Mother by baby Mollie."



DENISE  LeANNA  CAMERON    2-6-1984  to  2-20-2005     

*Daughter of Kenny & Sigrid Cameron;   Sister of Jennie;  Fiance  of Joshua

Adam Fife;   "Her life is eternal.  Though gone she is never forgotten.  After time we

will meet again for death is but another life"



CHRISTINE  FIFE  COX (76)  9-22-1936  to  11-12-2012 *OB

*D/of Chester Fife(1913-1968) & Tommy H. Fife (1915-1974)



HAYWOOD  DAVIS  10-10-1857  to 11-16-1884

*From an earlier survey done in 1992- not found in 2012.


THOMAS  S.  DAVIS  12-17-1863  to  3-6-1892

*Stone broken in 4 pieces. Dates are pretty much illegible

*Broken pieces of his tombstone lying amongst other broken tombstones; others

 belonging to Sarepta E. Justice / G.R.J, Gussie Justice .



JUANA  De La  CRUZ  6-24-1932  to  6-23-2008 *OB

*Born in Pichataro Michoacan, Mexico to Jesus De La Cruz & Magdalena Miguel 

*Late husband, Espiridion Gonzalez; *late son, Ricardo Gonzalez;  *Late brother, Tomas De La Cruz

*Nice  homemade white wooden cross with name & dates painted in black. Age 75.

*Young's Funeral Directors  MM



GERALD  LYNN  DONTJE (72) 1-29-1940 MI to 4-23-2012 AR *OB

*S/of late  Roger Dontje  &  Marjorie Dontje (1946-2012 MI ) born in Pontiac, Michigan   

 *US  Navy Veteran     *Husband of  Margaret    *Md: 3/8/1974

& MARGARET  CAMILLE  GLASS  DONJE(66) 1-29-1946 to 4-26-2012*OB

*Aged 66.  *D/of Ocie & Leola Gilbert Glass; *Wife of Gerald Lynn   *Retired LPN

*”We Trust Our Loss Will Be Their Gain And That With Christ They Are Gone To Reign”


JOSEPH  IRA  DONTJE (Joe)  6-27-1973  to 12-22-2008

*S/of Gerald Lynn Dontje (1940-2012) & Margaret Camille Glass Dontje(1946-2012)

*Father of Dyland & Taylor   "Love Illumes The Realms of Night"



EDDIE  J. "Booty"  ELLIOTT   2-5-1947 to 1-6-2006 (Dad)   

*Md:3/13/1982   "In the Loving Arms of Jesus"                                          

&  BEVERLY JOY "Skinney"  ELLIOTT (63) 2-23-1948 GA  to 6-19-2011NC

*D/of Ruth & Pierce Shaw. *Died in Greenville, NC.  *Wife of Eddie J. "Booty" Elliott.  (Mom)  


FIFE there is a black marble tombstone marking the Fife Family plot.

Nearby there is a single headstone with only the name FIFE

on it (name area left blank) has an angel etched into granite.


CHERYL  ANN  FIFE 11-02-1971  to  6-21-2010

"U  R  My Sunshine"  *No surname given.


DANIEL "Spanky"  FIFE   5-7-1984  to  4-8-1999

*S/of Thomas Guy Fife (1962-2016)


THOMAS  GUY  FIFE (53)  11-2-1962  to  1-14-2016 *OB

*S/of Sam Leamon Fife & Virginia Gail Hickey Fife

*Grandson of the late Thad & Cordie Fife ~ Thomas Guy & Bernice Hickey Guy



(M.E.)MOSES  EVANS  FRISBY  6-28-1875  to  9-5-1898

*H/of  Hattie Rosetta Harmon Frisby Beck (1868-1936)  

 *Age 23 yrs-2 mos-5 dys   *Brother-in-law of Charlie Harman

*F/of  Bessie Lorain Frisby Turbeville(1896-1987)  &  Charlie E. Frisby(1899-1986)



DOYLE  M. GILMORE  2-3-1951  (One date)   

&  TEWANA  A. GILMORE   7-16-1943  (One date)   



CHARLES  E.  HARMAN  8-5-1857  to  3-15-1923

*H/of Tobitha C. Harman (1877-1913) "He is not dead but sleepeth" (Mason)  

TOBITHA  C. HARMAN  10-3-1877  to  5-3-1913

*Wf/of Charles E. Harman(1857-1923)  "A light from our household is gone.

A voice we loved is stilled,  A place is vacant in our hearts, That never can be filled."  


 GEORGE  HARMAN   1-26-1897  to  10(6)-3-1903   

*S/of  L. J. & M. E. Harman  *Grandson of Solomon & Margaret Harman

"Our darling one hath gone before, To greet us on the blissful shore."


SOLOMAN  G.  HARMAN   6-17-1826  to  1-7-1884     

*H/of Margaret   "Our darling one hath gone before To greet us on the blissful shore."

(Tombstone broken but repaired) *Footstone S.G.H. propped on base of Charles Harman.

MARGARET  E.  HARMAN  9-4-1835   to  1-2-1893  

*Wife of  Soloman  G. Harman   *Mother of John W. Harman (1859-1937 0

"Her happy soul has winged it's way, To one pure, bright, eternal day.

" (Tombstone broken but repaired)



 (G.R.J.) GUSSIE  R. JUSTICE  3-15-1872  to 12-6-1872     

*D/of  R.T. &  Reppie Justice   *Broken, (2012) foot marker G.R.J, amongst rubble

pile of broken tombstones.  Old headstone is still readable in 2012. 

"Sleep on sweet baby and take thy rest. God called the home. He thought it best."



SAREPTA  E. JUSTICE  4-17-1853  to  3-22-1872                    

*Wife of  R. T. JUSTICE     *Born in Putnam Co., GA

 *Headstone was broken & lying in a pile of other tombstones, when I first saw it.

“Blooming youth as you pass by; As you are now so once was I;

As I am now so you must be; Prepare for death and follow me.




to  7-8-2008  *D/of  Bennie Lojie Taylor(1935-2011) & Gladys Keaster Taylor(1950-?)

"Mother"   "Forever In Our Hearts"



MITCEL  KNELL   3-8-1854  to  3-17-1891

*From 1992 survey.



MELISSA  ANN  FIFE  LEE (46)  6-14-1967  to  9-25-2013 *OB

*D/of  late Van Buren (Bill) Fife & Tewana Gilmore Fife (Doyle);  *Wf/of  Butch Lee



COLE  RICHARD  MITCHAM  9-9-2003  to  2-14-2004

*Grand S/of Earnest F. Mitcham(1927-2008) & Bennie Lee Fife Mitcham(1933-2012)                                             

"Chunky Monkey"   *Photo embedded      "Gone But Not Forgotten


EARNEST ‘FRANKLIN’ MITCHAM(81)  3-29-1927LA  to 5-12-2008AR

*S/of  Ernestine Mitcham(1902-1983) & Bessie McBroom Mitcham(1909-1999)

"Father"      *Double Crypt   "Forever With The Lord"             "Mother"   *OB

&  BENNIE LEE  FIFE MITCHAM(78) 12-18-1933  to  6-20-2012

*D/of Chester Fife (1913-1968) & Tommy H. Fife (1915-1974)

 *Wf/of 57 yrs to Earnest Franklin Mitcham


KENNETH  EARL  MITCHAM  10-17-1954  to  4-29-2007

*Md:1/8/1972    *Son of Earnest Franklin Mitcham & Bennie Lee Fife Mitcham.  

*On back of black marble tombstone: "Daddys Girls"  "Our Daughters Kim and Kayla 

&   KATHY TELANO MITCHAM  10-9-1953  (One date)



CARRIE  NEAL   1-15-1878  to  7-14-1878     

"Sleep on Sweet Babe"



ELLA  NELSON   11-30-1889  to  2-17-1890

*From 1992 survey.



ROBERT "R.G." NOLAN  12-24-1936 (One date)    

*Md:6/4/1955   "Gone But Not Forgotten"

& CAROLYN  S.  NOLAN  2-18-1939  (One date)   

*Parents of Terrie-Rickey-Vickie &  Johnny  



KATIE  LOU  PERRY 3-20-1933  to 10-21-2009

"Mother"    "Too Well Loved To Ever Be Forgotten"



DAN  LESTER  PRATT, JR.(73)   8-29-1935  to 7-6-2009 *OB

*S/of  Don L. Pratt, Sr. & Sally Eunice Pepper Pratt

*Baptist Minister for 49 years./ Retired timber surveyor for Georgia-Pacific in El Dorado.

*Owner of Timberland Saw Co. & Pratt Chainsaw Service. 

*Md:11/3/1975      "Gone to A Better Land"

& OLLIE RUTH TAYLOR  PRATT  8-17-1935  to  8-2-2005



RANDALL  CLYDE “RANDY” SIMMONS(62)  4-17-1952  to  2-13-2015

*S/of the late Harry Leslie Simmons & Carrie Sue Hamaker Simmons(1926-1993)

*Randall was born in Warren, AR & died in Libertyville, Lake Co., Illinois.

*Mother, buried McFarland Cemetery, Banks, Bradley Co., AR.

* Attended school in Pine Bluff & Banks, AR;  *MBA-Bristol University;  BA- Columbia College

*Decorated Chief Warrant Officer with 24 yrs in the U.S. Army. 

*Survived by his wife, Terrie Nolan Simmons md: 7/30/1976

*Late brother, Leslie Wayne Simmons, buried Hamburg Cemetery, Ashley Co., AR



BENNIE  LOJIE  TAYLOR (75) 6-28-1935  to 4-3-2011

*S/of  Winfred Powell &  Lou Quincy Powell   *Sgt U.S. Marines

*Md:3/18/1977   "In Loving Memory"    *Operator of Pigeon Hill Grocery.

& GLADYS ANN KEASTER TAYLOR  4-6-1950  (One date)      



In the above photo – just to the right and below the right lower

corner of the sign is a large Angel statue at the grave of Ronnie Black.

Arkansas State Hwy. 63 East can be seen in this photo.



Pile of miscellaneous broken tombstone pieces.


Across Oak Hill Road toward, the right side of photo is a lawn area

behind the Oak Grove Baptist Church