Est. ca 1858



PART  1  ~  A  thru  I

I did a partial canvass of this cemetery, April 2006, to update new burials or possible new markers installed

since my initial survey in 1999. In 2008, I added burials that had occurred since 2006; Aug 2008 filled in

burials from the Union County Genealogical Society, done in 1991 by Ralph Weldon. With the passing of time

many markers disappeared or became illegible. Updated June 2009.

New Survey/Canvass October 18, 2011. *Last updated March 2017.

Janice Holzer jcsh432@gmail.com



*OB .... info from obituaries

*SSDI ..... missing birth or death dates filled in from Social Security Death Index

*MM ...... indicates a Mortuary Marker

*ARDI ..... death month & day found in the Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950

(*See Note at end of this posting, about *ARDI).

*Use of the symbol & indicates a double tombstone / multiple people on same tombstone.

*Some of the tombstones had nice photos embedded in them .... I have noted where one was found.



IRVIN  GREEN  ACHORD  b & d   6-29-1941 

*S/of  Felton Camp Achord (1902-1987) & Ethel Marie Beasley Achord (1916-1994)



EDWARD WARRINGTON ADCOX  9-30-1869 NC   to  5-28-1896 AR

*Children:  Charlie F. Adcox (1894-1980)  &  Eddie May Adcox (1896-1918)

"His Memory Is Blessed"



NANCY  JANE  PICKERING  ALPHIN  3-20-1839  to 1-15-1935

*D/of  George Hiram Pickering(1808-1876) & Harriett Elizabeth Lucas(1812-1897)

*2nd wife of  JULIUS SAMUEL ALPHIN(1817-1891)- Burial Woodlawn Cemetery.



EDWARD  VICTOR  ALPUENTE, JR. "ED" (81)  8-19-1927  to

8-21-2008    *Md:6/8/1963       * US Army   WW II     "One Of A Kind" *OB 

*S/of  Edward Victor "Ike" Alpuente(1899-1962)  & Lillian Beatrice Nash Alpuente(1903-1997)


(One date)



EDWARD  ROMMIE  ANDREWS   5-23-1926  to  4-20-1995  (photo)

*S/of  William Richard Andrews(1887-1967) & Annie “Missie” Eason Andrews(1888-1972)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


JESSE  VERNON  ANDREWS   3-12-1892  to  10-24-1960

*S/of  John B. Andrews(1855-1903) & Mary Alice Sawyers Andrews(1863-1900)

*Spouses:  *1st wife,  Lucy Bell Wilson(1896-1919) buried Hopewell Cemetery, Union Co.,AR

 *2nd wife, Sula Paulina Daniels(1892-1978)

&  SULA  PAULINA  DANIEL(S) ANDREWS   12-19-1892  to

 4-16-1978  *2nd  Wf/of  Jesse Vernon Andrews  "This Is The Promise..... The Life Everlasting"

*D/of  Green Bunyan Lafayette Daniel(1847-1917) & Sarah Elizabeth Combs Daniel(1855-1941)


JUANITA V. ALEXANDER ANDREWS   9-2-1927  to  3-29-2004

"Biddie" , daughter of  A. C. & Pearl Alexander

"Tender Mother"  "Faithful Friend"


LIZZIE  V.  ANDREWS  4-1-1889  to  6-26-1965


MELVIN  W.  ANDREWS    9-3-1919  to 10-28-1960

*S/of  William Richard Andrews(1887-1967) & Annie “Missie” Eason Andrews(1888-1972)

(Photo on tombstone)   "Gone But Not Forgotten"


RAYBORN  C.  ANDREWS  4-13-1921  to  3-22-1971 

*S/of  William Richard Andrews(1887-1967) & Annie “Missie” Eason Andrews(1888-1972)

(Photo on tombstone)  "Gone But Not Forgotten"


THOMAS  ANSON  ANDREWS   2-4-1889  to  3-11-1969

& LUCY  OLA  DANIEL  ANDREWS   9-24-1887 to 12-22-1967

*D/of  Green Bunyan Lafayette Daniel(1847-1917)  & Sarah Elizabeth Combs Daniel(1855-1941) 

"She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"


TOMMIE  LAFAYETTE  ANDREWS   2-7-1925  to  12-23-2002

*S/of  Thomas Anson Andrews(1889-1969) to Lucy Ola Daniel Andrews(1887-1967)

*U.S. Army  World War II


WILLIAM  RAY  ANDREWS   4-24-1921  to  8-24-1989

*S/of  Jesse Vernon Andrews(1892-1960) & Lucy Bell Wilson Andrews(1896-1919)

(*No death date on stone 2011)   "This Is The Promise ...The Life Everlasting"


WILLIAM  RICHARD  ANDREWS  6-16-1887  to  12-2-1967

*Son of John Andrews and Alice Sawyer Andrews

*2nd husband of Annie “Missie” Eason

&  ANNIE “MISSIE”  EASON  ANDREWS  4-27-1888  to  3-9-1972 

*D/of  William Joseph Eason(1864-1942)  &  Mary Ann Foster Smith(1868-1936)

*Spouses:  *1st Thomas A. McKnight    *2nd William Richard Andrews(1887-1967)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"



CARL ANTHONY (Metal mortuary marker wth no dates *MM)




JAMES  EDGAR  ASHWORTH, JR.  6-15-1920LA  to 3-11-1967AR  

*S/of  James Edgar Ashworth (1891-1949) &  Carrie L. Ashworth (1896-1991)

*California  CPL  556 Base unit AAF ~  World War II

GERALDINE  ORREN  ASHWORTH (79)6-25-1932  to  8-14-2011

*D/of  John Thomas Orren & Susie Burley Orren;  *Wf/of James Edgar Ashworth  *OB




BALLARD  FRANK ATKINSON   11-11-1894LA  to  4-1-1944LA

*S/of  Rawlins A. Atkinson(1865-1924) & Jenny Coulter Atkinson(1876-1955)

MARY  HUTCHINSON  ATKINSON  8-8-1901 to 10-26-1928 

*Wf/of  Ballard Frank  Atkinson


JAMES  RAY ATKINSON   6-19-1928  to  7-4-1928 

*S/of  Ballard Frank Atkinson(1894-1944) & Mary Hutchinson Atkinson(1901-1928)


ROBERTA  EUGENIA CATES ATKINSON  5-31-1932  to 12-26-1963

*D/of  George Clifford Cates (1896-1981) to  Lessie Ward Cates(1907-1937)

*Roberta E. Cates married  ROBERT CHARLES ATKINSON in 1951, Union County, Arkansas

"Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend"



ELIZABETH  ATWOOD (95)  1876  to  Jan 1972



JEFF  ARNOLD  “ZACK”  BAILEY  1-4-1933 LA  to  10-31-2013 LA

*Age 80   *S/of  Jethroe Bailey(1896-1981) & Mazie Carrie  Moss Bailey (1901-1979)

*U.S. Navy Veteran  *Surviving wife of 57 years, Fayrene Carelock Bailey of Parkers Chapel



ARKA  W.  BAKER   1-21-1898  to  5-25-1899 

*S/of  William James Baker(1861-1945)  & Mary Ann Baker(1867-1946)   "ARKIE" 

"Of  Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"


ED  “SON”  BAKER  10-12-1886  to 10-6-1965 

*S/of  William James Baker(1861-1945)  & Mary Ann Baker(1867-1946)

"Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord"    (Mason)


MARTHA  A.  BAKER  11-24-1900  to  2-28-1985


WILLIAM  JAMES  BAKER   9-20-1861SC  to  12-16-1945AR 

*Husband of  Mary Ann Baker     (Mason)

&  MARY  ANN  BAKER  7-8-1867 NC  to  8-8-1946 AR

*Wf/of  William James Baker(1861-1945)  "They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"


WILLIAM  L. BAKER  12-23-1888  to  2-17-1893  

*S/of  William  James Baker(1861-1945)  &  Mary Ann Baker(1867-1946)

 "Heaven Gives Its Favorites Early Death"     *Had two markers.



Rev.  BUEL  BAXTER   BALL  10-8-1898  to 11-12-1946

*S/of  Sam Wiggins Ball(1868-1951) & Viola Melinda Harrison Ball(1872-1955) 

*ARDI     "Faithful To The End"


BUPHORD  OLEN  BALL  8-18-1924  to  5-24-1990

*S/of Irving Francis Ball(1894-1964) & Blanche Olivia Dumas Ball(1904-1951) 


&  HAZEL VIRGINIA  REAMES  BALL(88)  2-7-1927 to 11-30-2015

*D/of  Henry O. Reames( 1901 & 1967) & Henrietta Welch Reams(b: ca 1908) of Wesson, AR.   *OB


FORREST  NOEL  BALL   1-31-1912  to 1-9-1994

*S/of  Sam Wiggins Ball(1868-1951) & Viola Melinda Harrison Ball(1872-1955) 

&  HELEN  L. ALLEN  BALL 7-12-1915  to 1-18-1998 *SSDI

*D/of  William Henry Allen & Mary Sarah Allen


HENRY  N.  BALL   4-27-1905  to  11-6-1913

*S/of  Sam Wiggins Ball(1868-1951) & Viola Melinda Harrison Ball(1872-1955) 


IRVING  FRANCIS  BALL, SR.   4-9-1894  to  8-3-1964

*S/of  Sam Wiggins Ball(1868-1951) & Viola Melinda Harrison Ball(1872-1955) 

&  BLANCHE  OLIVIA  DUMAS  BALL  2-17-1904  to  2-16-1951

*D/of  Benjamin Moses Dumas(1860-1931) & Alice Ophelia Robinson Dumas (1874-1928)

“OLEVIE”    "This Is The Promise—The Life Ever Lasting"


IRVING  FRANCIS  BALL, JR.   4-3-1935  to 11-14-1976

*S/of Irving Francis Ball(1894-1964) & Blanche Olivia Dumas Ball(1904-1951) 

*Md:8/29/1953      "Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

&  PEGGY  LOUISE  BALL  1-2-1937  (One date)


JAMES  ARNOLD  BALL  7-28-1937  (One date) 

&  HAZEL  ANN  OSBON  BALL  4-29-1942 LA  to  4-13-1987 LA

*D/of  Dewitt Effarge Osbon (1909-1983) & Lucille Viola McManus Osbon(1912-1994)


JEFFERY  LYNN  BALL  b & d  12-21-1958 

*S/of  Floyce & Samuel Ball


MORGAN  CLARENCE  BALL  6-1-1891  to  3-4-1914

*S/of  Sam Wiggins Ball(1868-1951) & Viola Melinda Harrison Ball(1872-1955) 

*Aged 22 yrs-9 Mos-3 dys


SAMUEL  LEON  BALL   5-11-1933   to  10-17-2000

*S/of Irving Francis Ball(1894-1964) & Blanche Olivia Dumas Ball(1904-1951) *US Army    

*Wife, Martha Bess Culp Gibson Ball (1930-2001)buried in Rest Haven Memorial Garden Cem. 

* Samuel Leon Ball was Martha’s 2nd husband. 

* Martha’s 1st husband, was Rev. Chas Deshon Gibson(1926-1986) buried Rest Haven Memorial Garden Cem.


SAM  WIGGINS  BALL  3-17-1868 MS  to  7-28-1951 AR

*S/of  Vina Jane Cole Ball(1840-1904) & William Hines Ball(1838 GA-1888 MS)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

VIOLA MELINDA HARRISON  BALL  12-22-1872  to  6-3-1955

*D/of  Claiborne Francis Harrison(1846-1916) & Laura Saunders Harrison(1847-1911) 

*Wife of  Sam Wiggins Ball   "At Rest" 



MARTHA  ANDREWS  BARKER  11-3-1899  to  2-28-1985

*D/of  John B. Andrews(1855-1903) & Alice Sawyer Andrews(1863-1900)

*Md: 1920 Union Co.,AR; Martha 2nd wife of Johnson Enoch Beeson(1877-1954)

"This Is The Promise Life Everlasting"


JERRY  ANDREW  BATES  12-13-1944 (One date)

*Md:10/15/1965   "Gone To Be An Angel"

&   MARY  ANNETTE  BATES   1-11-1947 (One date)



NELDA  R.  TANNER  BATTE (80) 2-18-1936  to  5-1-2016 *OB

*D/of Oliver Perry “Jack” Tanner(1902-1977)  &  Cleo Hinson Tanner(1907-1991)

*H/of  61 yrs, Timothy Brian Batte



PHILLIP  BEARDEN  11-1-1893  3-19-1894  *4 mos.

*S/of  Phillip Weaver Bearden(1866-1904) &  Sarah Rebecca Dumas Bearden(1867-1953)



CARRIE  JO  GROSS  BECHTELHEIMER 12-8-1978  to  6-6-2014 *OB

*Age 35  *D/of  John & Sandy Gross     *Wf/of  Trey  Bechtelheimer 

*Paternal Grandfather Edward S. Gross.



AUDREY  G. BEESON  1-19-1957  to  8-12-2004 

"In Loving Memory of Our Sister"


Infant  BOY  BEESON   B  &  D  1968    old  *MM


JOHNSON  ENOCH  BEESON   4-12-1877LA  to  7-14-1954AR

*S/of  Jonathan E. Beeson(1837-1900) & Polly Ann Hammontree Beeson(1843-1879)

*Spouses:  *1st md: in 1907, Columbia Co.,AR, Lena Goode (b:ca 1888)

*2nd md: in 1920 Union Co., AR, Martha Andrews Barker(1899-1985)

"This Is The Promise  Life Everlasting"


OLEN  PRESTON  BEESON   8-2-1931  to  3-30-1989  

*US Army -  Korea



PETER  C.  BEUTLING   12-3-1932NY  to  10-1-2007AR  

*PFC  US  Army  Korea



MARTIN  T.  BIRMINGHAM   6-10-1948  to  7-3-2006 *MM



5-18-1927  to  2-25-1992  

*D/of  Elmer Culpepper(b:ca 1891) & Luda N. Black Ripley(1899-1979)

*Patty Jane Culpepper first married Eugene J. Sullivan.

Patty & Eugene Sullivan had a son, Michael Bryan Sullivan 5/6/1954 to  4/2/2016

Michael was preceded in death by his parents. Survivors include two sisters,

Jeanelle Hill (Monroe) of Fayetteville, & Patty Matthews of Doyline, LA.

Cremation services were entrusted to Perry’s Funeral Chapels. Location of ashes unk.

"Beloved Mother Rest In Peace"   "The Lord Is My Shepherd"


WANDA  DEASON  BIRMINGHAM  8-15-1929  to  4-5-2006

*D/of  Wallace Alexander Deason(1898-1983) & Mary Warren Deason(1905-1979)

*MM  Bailey FH 



JACK  WILLIAM  BLACKBURN   1-27-1934  to  8-11-2010

&  SHIRLEY  CLINE  BLACKBURN(74)  3-10-1939  to  1-12-2014

*Born in Sapulpa, OK to Shelby Hubert Cline(1902-1993) & Roberta Maddox Cline(1906-1975)



GEORGE  W. BLAIR   6-15-1891  to  3-11-1956

&  MARY A.  BLAIR   5-31-1891  to  7-20-1973



NELSON  WESLEY  BOYD  4-22-1917 NM  to  6-11-1967 TX

*S/of Nelson Boyd (b: ca 1898) & Maude Ethel Brown Boyd (b: ca 1899)

*New Mexico  BM2 USNR  WW II



JOE  DOYLE  BRADLEY, SR. 12-21-1934  to  1-20-2002

*S/of  William Terrell Bradley(1905-1970) & Helen Thornton Bradley(1910-2001)

*SGT  US  Marine Corps  Korea       *Our Children:Judy, Billy and Buddy

&  ALICE "MICKI"  BRADLEY  11-7-1937  (One date)

*Wf/of  Joe Doyle Bradley, Sr.




(E.M.) ERIE  M.  BRAZZEL  8-1-1874 LA to  6-8-1963AR 

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"


10-23-1933  *Wf/of  Erie M. Brazzel

*D/of  Green Bunyan Lafayette Daniel(1847-1917) & Sarah Elizabeth Combs Daniel(1855-1941)


JOHNNIE  LEE  BRAZZEL   6-22-1906  to  6-24-1955 "At Rest"

*S/of  Erie M. Brazzel(1874-1963)  &  Carrie Elizabeth Daniels Brazzel(1876-1933)



EVERETT  M.  BRETT   12-30-1876  to  8-25-1960

&  MARY  ETTA(? C__) BRITT   7-20-1874  to 11-29-1956 

* ? Copsie / Copice/ or Copcie  *Speculation:not found in 2011.

*Name may be BRETT or BRITT.



CURTIS  MILTON  BRIDGES   2-23-1933  (One date) 

*Md:9/2/1957    "Together Forever"

& GEORGIA  NELL GARNER  BRIDGES(70)  12-13-1940  to 

12-28-2010   *D/of  Irby Garner (1911-1974) &  Leonia Goff  Garner(1917-1979)


DELMON  R. BRIDGES   6-10-1949 (One date) 

&  LINDA  M.  BRIDGES   1-27-1951  to  4-21-1991 

*Children: JaniceC. Bridges McGoogan (1972-2016)  &  Laura Bridges 

"She Is The Children Of Our Home"


HARVEY  CARSON  BRIDGES   9-29-1904  to 11-7-1988

*S/of  Henry McDonald Bridges(1879-1963) & Fannie Lucy Webb Bridges(1885-1971)


to  6-10-1990    "In Loving Memory"   *Our children: Curtis M., Waymond D.,

Baby daug., Maurice, Ronald Bruce, Kenny Ray, Doyce L., Lamar Bridges 

*D/of  Hugh Fitzgerald(1890-1939) & Georgia Jeanette Lowery Fitzgerald(1890-1953)


HENRY  McDONALD  BRIDGES   1-1-1879  to  1-10-1963

*S/of Robert Wade Bridges(1838-1908) & Laura Elizabeth Peel Bridges(1842-1922)

&  FANNIE  LUCY  WEBB  BRIDGES   4-1-1885  to  4-5-1971

*D/of John W. Webb & Nancy Emma Fitzgerald Webb

"Rest Is Thine:  Sweet Remembrance Ours"


Infant  BRIDGES   *No dates  *Daughter of Fannie & Henry Bridges

Infant  BRIDGES   1-25-1938  to  1-31-1938

* Son of HarveyCarson Bridges(1904-1988) & Ruby Noel Fitzgerald Bridges(1910-1990)


JAN  BRIDGES  1-25-1938  to 1-31-1938 

*D/of  Henry & Noel Bridges


J. C. M.  BRIDGES  4-24-1877  to  5-28-1878


JIMMY  EARL  BRIDGES,SR. (66)11-9-1943  to  2-9-2010  

*S/of Alvin Christopher Bridges  & Virgie Christine Harbour Bridges

 "May He Find Joy In The Life Everlasting"


KENNY  RAY  BRIDGES   1-5-1945  (One date) 

*Md:4/18/1964   *Our Children: Jeffery Wayne and Cynthia Diane  

&  JOYCE  MURL  SINYARD  BRIDGES  8-6-1944  to  1-17-2007

*D/of  Elbert Lee Sinyard(1913-1992)  & Jennie Marie Beard Sinyard(1918-2006)


KIMPER  McGRAW  BRIDGES   7-28-1906  to  5-2-1983

*S/of  Henry McDonald Bridges(1879-1963) & Fannie Lucy Webb Bridges(1885-1971)

*PFC  US Army WW II    (2011-only his name is visible on military marker, rest covered with dirt)

&  ELLEN  M.  VAN METER  BRIDGES   9-13-1919  to  6-27-1981

"God Enters By A Private Door Into Every Individual"


MERLE  EDWARD  BRIDGES   2-7-1961  to  10-8-1973

*S/of  Curtis Milton Bridges(1933 - ?) & Georgia Nell Garner Bridges(1940-2010)

*S/of  "His Memory Is Blessed"


RONALD  BRUCE (R.B.) BRIDGES(71)   3-1-1942  to  4-8-2013

 * Son of  HarveyCarson Bridges(1904-1988) & Ruby Noel Fitzgerald Bridges(1910-1990)

*Md:8/31/1960    "We Will Meet Again"    *Our Children: Linda Gail and Greg

&  JOYCE  GALBRAITH  BRIDGES   4-29-1942  (One date)


SAMUEL BRIDGES    9-8-1800  to  1-28-1881

*Headstone pretty much illegible—dates ???


WAYMOND  DALE  BRIDGES  8-30-1935  to  12-16-1958

* Son of  HarveyCarson Bridges(1904-1988) & Ruby Noel Fitzgerald Bridges(1910-1990)

"His Memory Is Blessed"


WELDON  LAMAR  BRIDGES   1-25-1951  to  3-15-2007 

* Son of  HarveyCarson Bridges(1904-1988) & Ruby Noel Fitzgerald Bridges(1910-1990)



MAC  BROSSETTE  1927  (One date)

QUIDA  N.  BROSSETTE   1931  (One date)

* Painted on concrete blocks embedded in ground.




12-28-2001   **Leonard was a triplet; other 2 triplets were Lawrence & Lena  

*S/of Lewis Cass Brotherton (b: ca 1853 TX) & Dora Ann Williamson Brotherton(1877-1960)

*Md:6/4/1939    "The Lord Is My Shepherd"

&  DOROTHY  WINN  BROTHERTON   11-29-1917  to  10-17-2007

*D/of  John Lamar Winn(1881-1968) & Euda Hall Winn (1885-1960)



REGGIE  W. BROWN (82)  2-7-1926 LA  to  11-24-2008

*Md:6/28/1968   "Unto You Paradise Is Opened"   *US Navy  World War II

*S/of William Webster Brown (1880-1968) & Lavada Ann Burge Brown (1888-1936)

&  BENFADENE  EUDY  BROWN   3-1-1929  (One date)

"Benny Brown" *D/of  Albert L. Eudy(1900-1964) &  Josie Blanche Helms Eudy (1903-1984)



ASA  BRUMBELOW  10-3-1820 NC to  2-19-1889 AR  

*H/of  Margaret Cummings Brumbelow(11/28/1837 TN – 11/3/1899 AR)

*Margaret  D/of John Cummings(1779-1848) &  Elizabeth H. Cummings(1799-1884)

*Buried in Cummings Family Cemetery.

*ASA BRUMBLOW   (broken stone) (2011- very difficult to read)



R. C.  BRYANT (68)  1-20-1943  to  4-10-2011  * MM 

*S/of  Bernie Bryant & Sylvia Dee Paxton Bryant.  *Retired after 20 yrs, from El Dorado Fire

Department, as Seputy Chief; also served as Fire Chief in Wynn, AR.

*Md: 3/15/1962   

&  CAROL  BAILEY  BRYANT    6-18-1946  (One date) 



KENNETH  NEAL  BUCHANAN (72) 1-8-1934  to 1-9-2006 

*S/of Albert Buchanan(1892-1977)  & Effie Claude Rollins Buchanan (1895-1977) *ob  

"Together Forever"     *Wedding photo embedded

&  ANITA  LOUISE  BURRIS  BUCHANAN(68) 8-26-1937  to 

9-15-2005  Wf/of 51 yrs. of  Kenneth Neal Buchanan

*D/of  J. T. Burris  &  Leota Campbell Burris.  *



GERALD "JERRY" E.  BULLARD   3-1-1947  to 10-10-2010

"We Will Meet Again"   (2011-death date not on tombstone)

&  MARY CATHERINE GATZ  BULLARD(82) 12-18-1929ILL  to 

7-9-2012AR  *D/of  Louis & Maureen McAuliffe Gatz             *OB

*Mary Catherine Bullard was cremated.   Her ashes were buried here.



JESSE  OTIS  BUNCH   2-2-1924  to  6-26-1976 

*Md: Shirley Mae Dunlap in 1943, Carroll Co., AR     *PFC US Army  WW II

*S/of  William E. Bunch (1886-1967) & Artie Mae Montgomery Bunch (1890-1967)



EDWIN  TERRY  BURKE  1-11-1951 (One date) 

*Md:12/22/1968   "In Loving Memory"

& MARY ANN  BURKE   11-11-1950  to  8-19-1995 




to  6-20-1963  *D/of  Wyatt Williams Harris(1837-1923) & Mary Ellen Mauldin Harris(1852-1917)

*81 yrs-7 mo-7 dys    *Husband, Jonathan Henry Burleson(1851-1921)  

*Jonathan H. Burleson buried in  Brocktown Cemetery , Pike Co., AR    "In Loving Memory"



JOHNIE  MOORE  BURLEY  12-26-1885  to 1-26-1954

*S/of  Arthur Fred Burley(1866-1954) & Madorah Scott Burley(1862-1945) 

*Ark CPM  Navy  WW II    "The Lord Is My Shepherd I Shall Not Want"                        

& VERNA  FAULK  BURLEY  7-26-1892  to  4-5-1994

 *D/of  Samuel Haywood Faulk (1852-1917) & Susan Cutts Faulk (1857-1934)



MARY  E. WILLOUGHBY BURRESS  6-2-1850  to  3-26-1927 

*Wf/of  John Burress  4-14-1842TN to  6-16-1911MO  *Md:Mary in 12/12/1899, Union Co., AR

*Proof of John’s death & burial provided by his brother Thomas S. Burress..  John died in Granby, MO.

*Served CO B,  8th/11th Regiment Missouri Infantry/*? Probably, buried Granby Memorial Cemetery,


RICHARD  CLYDE  BUSH (63)  5-28-1945  to  1-26-2009  *MM

*S/of Nathaniel Clyde Bush(1904-1977)  &  Eradelle Chandler Bush (1920-1986)

*Md:7/4/1965        "In My Father's House Are Many Mansions" 

&  DIXIE  HUDSON  BUSH   6-3-1946  (One date)

*Our Children: Angie, Stacey, Richie, Haley



DENNIS  BUSSEY   died  Apr 2015



ERMA  PORTIA  BYRD   11-27-1891  to 1-29-1979


HERBERT  LEON  BYRD   1-16-1897  to  12-22-1907

JEHU  TALMAGE  BYRD  1-3-1886  to 11-10-1907


WILLIAM  HANSEL  BYRD   6-1-1852  to  4-3-1938

&  SUSAN  BOND  BYRD  12-5-1862  to 12-10-1929



VAN  CALHOUN   2-3-1886  to  5-23-1936

*Born in Dublin, Logan County, AR  & died in El Dorado, AR

*S/of  Daniel E. Calhoun (1850-1894) & America Beatras Herring Calhoun(1852-1910)

"One Worthy Of Remembrance"



CHARLES  RALPH  CAMERON  11-11-1927  to 11-22-2003 "Daddy"  

*S/of Jewel Wesley Cameron (1902-1975) & Ola  Alverne Hayes Cameron(1906-1984)


&  SARAH  EVA  PICKERING  CAMERON  7-17-1929 (One date)

"Mamma"  *D/of  Lou Anna Jones(1898-1967) &  George Dewey Pickering(1898-1971)  


SAMUEL  JEFFERY  “SAM”  CAMERON 9-23-1964 to 11-11-1992 

*S/of Sarah Eva Pickering(1929 - ??)  & Charles Ralph Cameron (1964-1992)

"A Loving Husband And Father, Tender And Kind, What A Beautiful Memory You Left Behind"



JOSEPH  W.  “JODIE”  CAMMACK   9-21-1911  to  10-2-1977

*S/of  William Newton Cammack(1880-1944) & Lula Day Hood Cammack(1890-1920) 

*Md: in 1933 Union Co., AR


2-12-1997 *D/of  Lillie Rebecca Combs (1884-1964) & James Titus Hinson(1879-1934)




ALFRED  MYERS  CARELOCK "BUSTER" 10-4-1932  (One date)

*S/of  Cooksey Lee Carelock(1908-2004) & Vera Mae McGaugh Carelock (1909-1988)



to 11-20-1998  *D/of  Percy Powell Hubbard (1897-1970) & Era E. Hubbard(1900-1949)



10-1-2016 *OB      *D/of Nolen Williams(1927-1999)  &  Marjorie Clark Williams(1926-2007)  

*H/of 17 yrs, Rusty Carelock


COOKSEY  LEE  CARELOCK   11-20-1908   to  10-7-2004

*S/of  Myers Bright Carelock(1873-1938)  &  Delona Hicks Carelock(1881-1910) 

*Md:8/22/1928    "He Kept The Faith"

& VERA  MAE  McGOUGH  CARELOCK  3-16-1909 to 9-10-1988

*D/of  George A. McGaugh(1880-1953) &  Ethel Elizabeth Lawrence(1887-1962)

"At Rest With God"


JAMES  ‘JIM’  HERRIN CARELOCK   3-29-1906  to  3-24-1958 

*S/of  Myers Bright Carelock(1873-1938) & Delona Hicks Carelock(1881-1910)

*Spouses: *1st Etta Idell Harrison Carelock Claxton (1907-1989) *See Claxton 

*2nd Floye Lucille Rascoe (1909-1996)  *Buried at Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery

*Arkansas  PVT  HQ  BTRY  316  FA  BN  WW II


RODNEY  GERALD  CARELOCK   8-5-1941  to  8-5-1941  

*S/of   William Buchanan Carelock(1899-1985)  & Alpha Alverta Leister Carelock(1906-1998) 

 "Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"



WILLIAM  SCOTT “BILL” CARPENTER  4-9-1928OK  to  6-11-2000AR

*Md: Kay Ann Pedan in 1950     *US  Navy  WW II    *William & Sylvia side by side.

SYLVIA   HONEYCUTT  CARPENTER  8-18-1939  (One date)

*D/of  Blanche Irene Reynolds Honeycutt(1911-2000) & Robert Austin Honeycutt(1908-1972)

(? ?  2nd Wf/of  William Scott (Bill) Scott )



CAROLYN  BESS  CARTER   12-8/9-1942 

*D/of  L. R.  &  Bess Carter


GRADY  L.  CARTER   5-11-1956  (One date)

*Md:8/12/1984    *Our Children: Geoffrey Thiers, Shaun Carter, Laura Ogden

& VELMA  M.  HILL  CARTER   2-18-1949  to  4-3-2009

"Teach A Child To Choose The Right Path And When He Is Older,

He Will Remain Upon It" Prov. 22:6



NINA  B.  STAPLES  CARTWRIGHT  8-24-1916   to  1-1-1986   

"Mother"  *S/of  John Winfred Staples(1893-1970) &  Allie Mae McGee Staples(1895-1984)



GEORGE CLIFFORD CATES  7-23-1896  to  4-24-1981

*S/of  Ella Dison (1871-1902)  &  William Henry Cates(1876-1933)  *Pvt U.S.Army

*Spouses:  (1st) Lessie Ward Cates (1907-1937) (2nd) Clara Belle Lee Cates(1917-1993)

(3rd )Minnie Sims Harbour(1907-1999)

LESSIE  WARD CATES   8-10-1907  to  8-27-1937

*D/of  Margaret Eugenia Lowery (1887-1938) & General Marion Baxter Ward(1877-1951)

*1st   Wf/of  George Clifford Cates(1896-1981)

"A Tender Mother and A Faithful Friend"

CLARA BELLE LEE CATES   9-27-1917  to  5-5-1993

*D/of  William Henry Lee (1858-1927) &  Elizabeth Maybelle Barksdale Lee (1879-1954)

*1st Md: Minor James Cates- 1935 *They had a son-Minor Leon Cates(b:ca 1938)

*2nd  Md: George Clifford Cates    "Beloved Mother    Rest In Peace"

MINNIE  SIMS QUIMBY CATES HARBOUR   2-22-1907  to 1-4-1999

*Buried at Salem Cemetery, Bearden, Ouachita County.  Some indicate Minnie was also married

to George Clifford Cates as one of her three husbands.  *Speculation as to order of husbands.

*1st  OTHA LEE QUIMBY (1908-1963)  *buried at Rest Haven Memorial Garden Cem. 

*2nd  GEORGE CLIFFORD CATES (1896-1981) buried Old Parkers Chapel Cemetery

*3rd  CARLTON R. HARBOUR (1925-1996) buried Salem Cemetery, Bearden, AR


GORDON  EDWIN  CATES  10-17-1929  to  6-20-1992

*S/of  Jack J. Cates (1907-1981)  &  Bessie Beatrice Hill Cates (1908-1994)

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"


Infant Son CATES   b & d  Aug 1945 

*S/of  George Clifford Cates (1896-1981)  &  Clara Belle Lee Cates (1917-1993)


JACK  J. CATES   1-18-1907  to  7-8-1981

*S/of  William Henry Cates (1876-1933)  &  Frances Cordelia Lowery Cates(1883-1917)

& "BESSIE" BEATRICE  HILL  CATES  12-22-1908  to 12-10-1994

*D/of  Boyd Edna Hill(1888-1955) & Louella Montgomery Hill (1888-1935)  

"Each Duty Done, They Rest In Peace"


LENORA  MARIE  CATES   5-26-1927  to  8-30-1928


OLLIE  ANN  CATES    1-9-1944  to  8-22-1983


PAUL  EDWARD  CATES    3-23-1962  to  5-24-1998

*Etched inside Horseshoes:  ( Paul )(Gina)    (Reese)      (Colt)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"                      ( 1989)     ( 1997)

*On The Back of his headstone is 'The Cowboy's Prayer'

"Oh Lord, I've Never Lived Where Church's Crow.  I Love Creation Better As It Stood –

That Day You Finished It So Long Ago And Looked Upon Your Work And Called It Good.

Just Let Me Live My Life As I've Begun And Give Me Work That's Open To The Sky – Make Me

A Pardner Of The Wind And Sun – And I Won't Ask A Life That's Soft Or High – Let Me Be Easy

On The Man That's Down.  Let Me Be Square And Generous With All I'm Careless Sometimes,

Lord, When I'm In Town But Never Let 'Em Say I'm Mean Or Small.  Make Me As Big And

Open As The Plains.  As Honest As The Horse Between My Knees,  Clean As The Wind That

Blows Behind The Rains.  Free As The Hawk That Circles Down The Breeze Just Keep An

Eye On All That's Done And Said And Right Me, Sometimes. When I Turn Aside,  And Guide

Me On The Long, Dim Trail Ahead That Stretches Upward Toward The Great Divide.


WILLIAM  HENRY (W. H.) CATES  10-12-1876  to  7-2-1933

*Md:1st  Ella Dison (1871-1902)     *M/of  George & William Cates

*Md:2nd  Frances Cordelia Lowery (1883-1917) *M/of  Lucy, Ruby, John J., Jessie & Tommie

*2nd wife, Frances Cordelia is buried in the Cummings Cemetery, Union Co., AR

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


JAMES  LEANDER CATHEY   3-4-1880NC  to 1-8-1950AR

*S/of  William Hillman Cathey (1833-1890) & Nancy Morris Cathey(1848-1925)

"Loved By All Who Knew Him"

&  BESSIE  LEE  MARSHALL CATHEY   5-21-1902  to  3-19-1966

*D/of  Frank R. Marshall(1873-1957) & Mary S. Marshall(1874-1959)

*Spouses: *1st  Jake Nutt (1900-1932)     *2nd James Leander Cathey(1880-1950)

*Bessie born in Holly Springs, AR  &  died in El Dorado, AR

"Loved By All Who Knew Her"


WILLIAM  FRANK  CATHEY   9-6-1936  to  6-2-2002

*S/of James Leander Cathey (1880-1950) & Bessie Lee Marshall Cathey (1902-1966)

"May He Rest In Peace"




JAMES  WELDON  CAVENDER (78)  1-18-1939  to  2-27-2017  *OB

*S/of Bertha Elizabeth Harris Cavender & Everett Lee Cavender  

* Spent 20 yrs, as a Machinist, in the U.S. Navy until retirement in 1977.  

*Late 4 Cavender brothers, Utah, Charles, Clifford, Clifton *Late sister, Nova Inman



CARL CHANDLER   7-16-1884  to  12-12-1946

*S/of  William Jefferson Chandler(1858-1945) & Viola Laz Pearce Chandler(1861-1960)


12-29-1969  *D/of  Paulina A. Combs (1858-1924) & George Thomas Pickering(1846-1926)



RULYNNE  CHANDLER  10-7-1918  to  9-19-1920

*D/of  Carl Chandler(1884-1946)  &  Velma Sophronie Pickering Chandler(1899-1969)



FRANCES  E.  STEGALL  CHANEY   1839NC  to  9-25-1893AR

*D/of  Burton Culpepper Stegall(1820 NC-1900 NC) & Rena Stegall(1824NC-1848NC)

*Wf/of  Julius Chaney (1830-1904)  *buried Old Union Cemetery, Union Co., AR



BUD  CHRISTIANSON  "Pop"    11-27-1941  (One date)

*Md:6/18/1960    "To Live In The Hearts Of Those We Love Is Never To Die"


5-5-2010   *D/of  Virgil D. & Alta Margaret Bartlett Johnson:*OB  

*Backside of headstone: Children-Jamie, Shelley, Kristi




 to 3-8-1989 Ft. Worth, Texas           "Lovingly Remembered"

*D/of  Jesse Guy Harrison(1886-1931) & Mary E. Daisy Glenn Harrison(1885-1922)

*Etta Idell was the *2nd wife of James Herrin Carelock(1906-1958)



(M. L.) MICHAEL LAFAYETTE  CLOWER  3-25-1850 to 9-27-1911

*S/of  Wm.  Jackson Clower(1824 MS-1893 AR) & Desdemona Causey Clower (1828 AR- 1892 AR)

*H/of  Malinda Agnes Lawrence   *Malinda is buried in Ouachita Parish, LA at Antioch Cemetery.  *Malinda  Apr 30, 1864  to  July 15, 1934  *Mother of six children.



ANNIE  LESLIE COMBES   2-3-1876  to  4-3-1876

*D/of  George Washington Combs(1851-1931) & Eliza Taylor Pickering Combs(1850-1929)


ELIZA  T. COMBES   2-6-1881 to 1-30-1883


JAMES  ABNER  COMBES  d:12-28-1896 

*S/of  Robert E. Lee Combs(1867-1907)  &  Annie A. Hearin Combs(1868-1947)  


(J.E.) JOSEPH  E.  COMBES   8-22-1860  to  3-1-1922

*S/of Charles Allen Combs(1811-1880) & Caroline Jane Rushing Combs(1825-1879) 

"Father Let Thy Grace Be Given That We May Meet In Heaven"

SOPHRONIA  REYNOLDS  COMBES  3-16-1854  to 3-9-1922  

*D/of  James T. Reynolds(1819-1864) & Elizabeth Slayter Reynolds (1823-1887)

*Wf/of  J.E. Combs    “A Tender Mother and A Faithful Friend"


MARIE  COMBES  6-5-1919  to  8-7-1921

*D/of John Penn Combs(1883-1961) & Pearl Elizabeth Slade Combs(1889-1973)

"Darling We Miss Thee"  *Large circle with name-dates inside; at bottom  [  ONE ]

*Cannot read what the inscription is at top of circle.


*Triple Headstone for Robert E. Lee Combes Family

(R.E.L.) ROBERT E. LEE  COMBES 5-9-1867  to  12-8-1907 "Father"

*Md: Annie A. Hearin in 1889, Union County, Arkansas

"Death Is Eternal Life. Why Should We Weep"

& ROBERT  ALLEN  COMBES  7-23-1894  to 1-23-1913 "Son"

*S/of  Annie A. Hearin  Combes(1868-1947)  & Robert E. Lee Combes (1868-1947)

"Ascend My Son Thy Father's Kingdom Share"

&  ANNIE  A. HEARIN  COMBS   9-22-1868  to  2-20-1947

*D/of  Susanna Reynolds Hearin(1845-1876)    "Her Memory An Inspiration"

*Wf/of  Robert E. Lee Combs (1867-1907)*Md:1889 Union Co., AR   


"In Memory Of The Ed Combs Family" 

Given By Lucille Combs Johnson

*Flat square marker set in concrete.


ED  TAYLOR  COMBS   5-25-1885  to  3-4-1962

*S/of  George Washington Combs(1851-1931) & Eliza Taylor Pickering(1850-1929)

&  GRACE  LEWIS  COMBS  10-7-1885  to 11-8-1975

*D/of Oscar Perry  Lewis(1855-1929) & Tennessee Pickering Lewis(1861-1955)


EDWARD  ALLEN  COMBS   1-4-1887  to  1-16-1887 

*S/of Richard Penn Combs(1863-1940) & Cornelia Eugenia Octavia Ward Combs(1866-1947)

"With Christ In Heaven"


EMON  M.  COMBS  4-29-1913 to 7-4-1963

*S/of John Penn Combs(1883-1961) & Pearl Elizabeth Slade Combs(1889-1973)

"His Memory Is Blessed"


GEORGE  WASHINGTON  COMBS  1-4-1851 to 1-10-1931

*S/of  Charles A. Combs(1811-1880) & Caroline Jane Rushing Combs(1825-1879)

"Father"  "Our Dear Father"                                                   

ELIZA TAYLOR PICKERING  COMBS 1-25-1850  to  7-25-1929

*D/of  George Hiram Pickering(1808-1876) & Harriett Elizabeth Lucas Pickering(1812-1897) 

*Wf/of  George Washington Combs     "Mother"  "Our Dear Mother"


GERTRUDE  IDELL “DOLLY” COMBS  5-31-1896  to  8-20-1900

*D/of Richard Penn Combs(1863-1940) & Cornelia Eugenia Octavia Ward Combs(1866-1947)

"With Christ In Heaven"


HAMP  SMEAD COMBS  8-29-1891  to  7-7-1957

*S/of  George Washington Combs(1851-1931) & Eliza Taylor Pickering Combs(1850-1929)

"Love Is Immortality Of The Soul"


ILA  GRACE “GRACIE” COMBS  5-24-1902  to  6-7-1970

*D/of Richard Penn Combs(1863-1940) & Cornelia Eugenia Octavia Ward Combs(1866-1947)

"Gone To A Better Land"


JOHN  PENN  COMBS   3-5-1883 AR   to  2-23-1961 AR  

*S/of  Geo Washington Combs(1851-1931) & Eliza Taylor Pickering Combs(1850-1929)

"His Memory Is Blessed"

PEARL ELIZABETH  SLADE COMBS  2-12-1889LA  to  4-7-1973AR 

*D/of  Jeremiah Dumas Slade (1858-1934)  &  Lou Clardy Murphy Slade (1860-1908)

"Her Memory Is Blessed"


LEE  ELLIS  COMBS   8-25-1877  to  1-10-1954

*S/of  Geo Washington Combs(1851-1931) & Eliza Taylor Pickering Combs(1850-1929)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"  *(2011) has begun to sink into the dirt.


LUCY  MAY  COMBS   8-14-1886  to  9-8-1889

*D/of  Joseph E. Combes(1860-1922)  &  Sophronia  Reynolds Combs(1854-1922)


OSCAR  N.  COMBS   1-18-1900  to  5-11-1900

*S/of  Robert E. Lee Combs(1867-1907)  &  Annie A. Hearin Combs(1868-1947)  

"Weep Not He Is At Rest"


PIERCE  ELLON  COMBS   5-26-1894  to  6-1-1963

*S/of Charles Allen Combs(1811-1880) & Caroline Jane Rushing Combs(1825-1879)

"Glad I Am A Christian"


REBECCA  M.  COMBS  3-18-1893  to  2-9-1899

*D/of  Robert E. Lee Combs(1867-1907)  &  Annie A. Hearin Combs(1868-1947)  


RICHARD  JEFFERSON  COMBS   9-13-1888  to  8-28-1970

*S/of Richard Penn Combs(1863-1940) & Cornelia Eugenia Octavia Ward Combs(1866-1947)

"Gone To A Better Land"


RICHARD  PENN  COMBS  10-12-1863  to  8-19-1940

*S/of Charles Allen Combs(1811-1880) & Caroline Jane Rushing Combs(1825-1879)

"Gone To A Better Land"

CORNELIA  EUGENIA  OCTAVIA  WARD  COMBS  10-6-1866  to  3-28-1947  

*D/of Edward Jasper Ward(1832-1904) & Sarah Elizabeth Rester Ward (1838-1915)

"Gone To A Better Land"


ROY  ABBOTT  COMBS  1-29-1905  to 12-28-1972

*S/of Richard Penn Combs(1863-1940) & Cornelia Eugenia Octavia Ward Combs(1866-1947)

"Gone To A Better Land"


RUTH  COMBS   2-11-1885  to 2-11-1885 

*D/of  Joseph E. Combes (1860-1922)  &  Sophronia Reynolds Combs(1854-1922)


Miss SARAH “SADIE” ELIZABETH COMBS 3-26-1890  to  6-24-1967

*S/of Charles Allen Combs(1811-1880) & Caroline Jane Rushing Combs(1825-1879)

"Gone To A Better Land"



Infant  COOK    b  &  d  2-18-1909 

*S/of Mabel Lipsey Cook Nash (1890-1970) &  Robert Luther Cook(1887-1939)


ROBERT  SELLERS  COOK   10-23-1910  to  7-20-1967 

*S/of Mabel Lipsey Cook Nash (1890-1970) &  Robert Luther Cook (1887-1939)

*Arkansas  Cpl Field Hospital  WW II  (2011-dirt covering dates)


TROY  P. COOK   1-9-1918  to  4-16-1960

*S/of Mabel Lipsey Cook Nash (1890-1970) &  Robert Luther Cook (1887-1939)

 *Md:1945 Union Co.,AR, Irene Cruse of Winnsboro, LA (b:ca 1927)


WILLIAM  GENON "BILL" COOK   8-17-1930  to  9-19-2003 

*S/of  George Washington Cook(1896-1955) & Maude Combs Cook Loftin(1898-1977)

*Age 73   * US Navy Hawaii     *MM



MARIE  EVELYN  HILL  COONEY(80)   2-13-1922  to 3-14-2002

*D/of Ben Hill & Esther Hendricks Hill

"A Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend"    *Cooney Children: Evelyn, Sue and Wayne

*The following poem, on a flat stone set in ground, in front of tombstone: 

"If Tears Could Build A Stairway, And Memories A Care, I'd Walk Right Up To Heaven

And Bring You Home Again."



FRED  L.  CRAMER   2-17-1930  (One date)

*Arkansas Pvt. 316  MGBN  81st Div.



JOHN  W.  CRAVY  12-14-1886LA  to  1-25-1912AR  "Son"

*S/of  William E. N. Cravy(1831-1905) *Age 25  *Shares headstone with father.

&  (W.E.N.) WM. E. N. CRAVY  2-13-1831GA  to 12-2-1905 "Father"

*1st md: in 1860 Eliza Avery (b:ca 1810)   She was 22 yrs older than William

*Md: 2nd wife, after Eliza’s death  name unknown, but she was most likely the mother of John.


ROBERT  E.  CRAVY  1-20-1892LA  to  4-25-1984AR  

*S/of  W. M. Cravy  &  Clasie Ellen Fain Cravy

*Md: *1st wife, Jane Estelle Combs (1891-1956)  *2nd Lucy Rhonda Murphy(1900-1993)

*Md: Lucy Rhonda Murphy in 1957, a year after Jane died.

&  JANE  ESTELLE  COMBS  CRAVY  5-18-1891  to  7-26-1956

*D/of  Joseph E. Combs(1860-1922) & Sophronia Reynolds Combs(1854-1922)

"This Isn't Death, It's Glory!  It Isn't Even Praying, It's Speaking"



JERRY  DAVID  CRAWFORD  8-3-1944 (One date)



KENNETH  NOEL  CROSS(71)  7-18-1940  to  12-25-2011*OB

*S/of  Noel L. Cross (1911-1972)  &  Katie J. Stewart Cross(1913-1997)

*Wife, Juanita Patterson Cross b:1-21-1941 *Kenneth’s father was a Methodist Minister

*Commissioned in U.S. Army 1962 *Lenghty battle with Parkinson Disease.



BILLY  THOMAS  CROW (82) 2-26-1929LA  to  1-3-2012AR  *OB

*S/of  Thomas Walter Crow(1908-1962)  &  Edna Douglas Crow;

*Wf of 61 yrs, Jo Ann Crow.      *Md:2/24/1950  *MGYSGT  US Marine Corps  30 yr veteran

JO  ANN  ORR  CROW “JOGY” 1-31-1934  to  8-1-2016MO  *OB

*D/of  J.C. Orr(1905-1939)  &  Thelma Lucille Osborne Orr Steed(1910-1979)



GEORGE  WILSON  CULLINS  1-23-1887  to  6-11-1960

*S/of James Richard Cullins (1857-1941) & Mary Ellen Cate Cullins (1853-1925)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Can Not Heal"


1-21-1940   "A Most Noble Example Was Her Life"

*D/of John Paschal Foster(1870-1944)  &  Sindarella Rella Ward Foster(1871-1938)



JOHN  C. CUNNINGHAM   12-28-1865  to 1-25-1914

MARY  IDA  CUNNINGHAM   9-13-1874  to 3-2-1953



GEORGE  FRANK  CUMMINS, SR.(71) 10-21-1943 to 6-22-2015

*S/of  Raymond  &  Martha Cummins  of  DuBois, PA    “Halfbreed”   Grandpa “Bup”  *OB

*Md: 5/27/1967, in DuBois, PA,  NORMA DIXON



BESSIE  NEWELL  DANIEL  10-25-1905  to 10-7-1911 

*D/of  John  Lee Daniels (1874-1952) & Rosa/Rosie Daniel (b: ca 1885 TX)


ELLIOTT  J.  DANIEL  11-29-1903  to  10-4-1922

*S/of  Edward Green Daniel (1874-1958) & Virgie Mae Montgomery Daniel(1880-1942)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


EDWARD  GREEN  DANIEL   9-1-1874  to 7-5-1958

 (Homemade Marker)       "PAPA"                      "MAMA" ▼

VIRGIE  MAE MONTGOMERY DANIEL 6-12-1880  to 10-27-1942

*Wf/of Edward Green Daniel



3-14-1917    *S/of Mary Daniel (b:ca 1810 GA)    "He Is Not Dead But Sleeping"

*Wife, SARAH  ELIZABETH  COMBS  DANIEL   9-28-1855  to

8-13-1941   *Wf/of  Green Bunyan Lafayette Daniel(1847-1917)

*D/of  Charles Allen Combs(1811-1880)  &  Caroline Jane Rushing(1825-1879)


IDA  L. DANIEL  12-24-1880  to  9-9-1883 

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


*There are two markers, one is broken for M.M. Daniel,

son of M.S. & M.A.DANIEL. Born in April – died in January 

No other info.



*Md:12/1/1853        "They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"

*Tombstone only gives their birth and death years.

&  MARY ALICE  WARD  DANIEL  3-6-1857  to  1941

*D/of Edward Jasper Ward(1832-1904) & Sarah Elizabeth Rester Ward(1838-1915)


SARAH  CATHERINE  DANIEL  4-12-1889  to 2-5-1947

*D/of  Green Bunyan Lafayette Daniel(1847-1917) & Sarah Elizabeth Combs Daniels(1855-1941)

"Gone To A Better Land"


SARAH  ELIZABETH COMBS DANIEL  9-28-1855  to  8-13-1941

*D/of  Charles Allen Combs(1811-1880) & Caroline Jane Rushing Combs(1825-1879)

"Every Joy To Us Is Dead, Since Mother Is Not Here"



BESSIE  NEWELL DANIELS  10-25-1905  to  10-7-1911

*6 yr old Daughter of John Lee Daniels(1874-1952) & Rosa Daniels


CURTIS  D.  DANIELS  6-23-1913  to 10-16-1973

*S/of George Frank Daniels (1879-1970) & Lizzie V Andrews Daniels(1889-1963)  

*Arkansas  PFC  US  Army  WW  II    *Md: 1950, Union Co., AR-Dottie Fae Kenton 

DOTTIE  FAE  KENTON  DANIELS  1-28-1918  to 1-6-1980    

*Wf/of  Curtis D. Daniels   "Will Not Be Forgotten"


GEORGE  FRANK  DANIELS  5-26-1879  to  2-26-1970

*S/of  Sarah Elizabeth Combs(1855-1941) & Green Bunyan Lafayette Daniel(1847-1917)

"We Will Meet Again"        "She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home" 

*Md: 1912 Union County, AR   Lizzie V. Andrews

&  LIZZIE V. ANDREWS DANIELS  4-1-1889  to  6-26-1963


HAROLD  EDWIN  DANIELS(83)  8-26-1929  to  5-19-2013 TN

*S/of  Green Bunyan Lafayette Daniel(1847-1917) & Sarah Elizabeth Combs Daniel(1855-1941)

*Back side of headstone:  Harold E Daniels son of Ruby Hill and Louie G. Daniels

*Backside of headstone:  Parents of : Brenda Gail Davis & Susan Kaye Hunter

*Md: 10/11/1958  *1st for 37 yrs, Billie Jean Beaird  *2nd Myra Barksdale for 2 yrs

 "Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord" 

BILLIE  JEAN  BEAIRD  DANIELS   3-16-1929  to  7-9-1995 

*Backside of  headstone: Billie Jean Beaird daughter of Carrie Lawrence & John Beaird, Sr.

*Billie D/of  John Hamilton Beaird (1907-1998) & Carrie Marie Lawrence (1910-1994)


HENRY  FRANKLIN  DANIELS 1-23-1865  to 1-28-1926

"His Memory Is Blessed"   *H/of  Orphia Rebecca Ward

ORPHIA  REBECCA WARD  DANIELS  5-28-1869  to  3-21-1946

*D/of Edward Jasper Ward(1832-1904) & Sarah Elizabeth Rester Ward(1838-1915)

"She's Safe At Home"


JOHN  LEE  DANIELS  12-13-1874  to  11-24-1952  (Mason)

*S/of  Green Bunyan Lafayette Daniel(1847-1917) & Sarah Elizabeth Combs Daniel(1855-1941)

*Spouses: *1st Rosie Daniels(b: 1885 TX)  *2nd Pearl Crowley

(J.L. Daniel, 35, Wesson,Union Co., Ark to Miss Pearl Crowley,18, El Dorado, Union Co., Ark.

*Md: by B.F. Scott)       "Gone But Not Forgotten"

&  PEARL  CROWLEY  DANIELS   2-13-1897MO  to  10-21-1974 AR

*2nd wife of John Lee Daniels


LEONA  INEZ  DANIELS   3-3-1898  to   8-22-1995

*D/of  Henry Franklin Daniels(1865-1926) & Orphia Rebecca Ward Daniels(1869-1946)

"She's Safe At Home"


LOUIE  GREEN  DANIELS  7-17-1907LA  to 12-30-1981AR

*S/of George Frank Daniels(1874-1970)  &  *1st Wife, Susie Langley Daniels(1885-1910)   

*Md:9/29/1928    "Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"  

&  RUBY MARIE  HILL DANIELS 11-2-1911 to 7-20-1996

*D/of  Boyd Edna Hill(1888-1955)  &  Louella Montgomery Hill(1888-1935)

"Loving Mother And A Faithful Friend"



IRVIN  WESLEY  DAVIS  6-25-1884OH   to  4-20-1942  AR

*H/of  Flossie Havard Davis     "He Has Left Us A Most Noble Example"

FLOSSIE  HAVARD  DAVIS  6-23-1903LA  to  10-27-1974TX

*D/of  George W. Havard (1878-1975) & Louise Savant Havard (1883-1942)

*Wf/of  Irvin Wesley Davis   "Her Light Still Shines"


WILLIAM  HEARST  DAVIS   7-29-1906  to  5-1-1967

"He's Safe At Home"



TOMMY  D.  DEAN  12-3-1930  to  5-6-1995

*Md: Alta Lee Ewing in 1950, Garland County, AR



JIMMY  C.  DENNIS   6-11-1945  (One date) 

*Md:5/28/1965  "Together Forever" 

&   JOANN  POOLE  DENNIS   9-19-1946  (One date)   


THOMAS  PRESTON  DENNIS(92)  12-6-1921  to  9-6-2014 *OB

*S/of  William Emmett Dennis(1890-1971) &  Lillian Green Dennis(1893-1984)

PEAROLEE  LYDIA  WATSON  DENNIS(100)  5-2-1914  to  

5-14-2014  *D/of Mary Delia Black (1886-1949)  &   Rowell Wm. Watson(1881-1952) 

*H/of 72 yrs, Thomas Preston Dennis   *Mother of the late Paul Stephen Dumas(1955-2002)

*Ordained minister of the Assemblies of God in 1940.     *OB




to  6-9-2006   *D/of  Jewel Maxy & Mildred Turnbull; *Wife of Homer Derrell Dickens *OB

"A Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend"  *My Children:Thurnina, Norman, Jr. and Nathan.



KEVIN  DAVID  DOME    9-19-1971 Ohio  to  4-6-2001 *Age 29

*S/of  Paul David Dome(1937-2003)   *SP3 US Army

"For To Me To Live Is Christ.  And To Die Is Gain.  Phil. 1:21"  *Son, Brother, Uncle, Father

"KEVIN  Your Picture We Carry In Our Heart Your Memory Lives Deep In Our Soul  We Stand

UnitedFor The Keeper Of The Stars Is In Control"  "The Grass Withers, The Flower Fades, But

The Word Of Our God Stands Forever.  IS. 40:8"  "Your Family Loves and Misses You"


PAUL  DAVID  DOME   5-31-1937 OH   to 12-1-2003 *SP3  US Army

"God put his arms around you and whispered  "Come with me". 

*Husband, Father, Grandpa.  *Children: Phyllis Ann, Kevin David, Michele Elizabeth.

"Often on my mind   Always in my heart.  I'Ll carry your love with me while we're apart.


HIRAM  B.  DOVE   2-22-1874 IL   to   6-6-1928 AR

*S/of  Elijah Dove (b:ca 1848 IL)  &  America Lucinda Chestnut Dove (1847-1878)

*Wife, Cora Emory Tolbart Dove(1878 KY-1968 TX)*Buried Memory Park Cemetery,

Longview, Harrison Co., Texas



CARL ANTHONY  EBARB  12-20-1958  to  3-17-1959  

*Infant S/of  Sam  Ebarb  ( 1930 LA -2007 LA)  &  Camellia Ebarb



HELEN  GOULD  MILLS  EDMONDS  9-16-1904TX  to  Jan 1967AR

*MM    (Still has an old mortuary marker 2011)



Infant  ELMORE   b & d  9-10-1909 

*S/of  Robert Anderson Elmore(1877-1955)  & Melissa Emily Trull  Elmore(1892-1911)



10-20-1911 *D/of  Lattus C. Trull (1872-1913)  &  Mattie E. Welch Trull(1876-1919)   

*Wf/of  Robert Anderson Elmore (1877-1955)    *Md:4/19/1908     "Rock Ages"  



REBECCA  REYNOLDS  EMERSON   5-8-1844  to  3-16-1900

*D/of James T. Reynolds(1819-1864) & Elizabeth Slayter Reynolds(1823-1887) 

*2nd  Wf/of  William Oscar Emerson  *Md:1884 

*William’s 1st wife, was Ann E Morgan, Md:1865 

*3rd Wf/of William, was Wilmar Knight,. Md:1901



DALLAS  L.  ESTRIDGE   8-6-1910  to 11-10-1972



DEBORAH   K.  ESTRIDGE (Debra) 1954-1998 *MM

10-14-1954  to  4-24-1998   *SSDI


EARNEST   ESTRIDGE   1912  to  1913  *MM


LILLIAN  ESTRIDGE  1921  to  1922  *MM


LILLIE  E.  ESTRIDGE  3-23-1912  to  4-21-1992  *MM


ROY  LEE  ESTRIDGE  9-5-1908  to Nov 1986  *MM *SSDI

*S/of  Walter Scott Estridge(1883-1946)  &  Martha Daniels Estridge(1885-1936)

*H/of  Esther Roberson Estridge

ESTHER  ROBERSON ESTRIDGE  4-24-1915  to  Dec 1987 *SSDI

*D/of  William H. Roberson (b: ca 1859)  &  Emma Roberson (b:ca 1879)

*Wf/of  Roy Lee Estridge


WALTER  SCOTT  ESTRIDGE   Mar 1883 - 1946  *MM

(2011-Walter S Estridge still has just a metal MM to mark his grave)

*Md: Union County, AR 1906


*Md: 1906  Union Co., AR  ~  Walter Scott Estridge

*MM  Youngs FH (2011-still had a metal MM to mark her grave with only year given)



ALBERT  L.  EUDY  12-3-1900  to  8-11-1964  

*S/of  Joseph Jonah Eudy (1871-1947)  &  Julia Ann Foster Eudy (1873-1958)

*Md:4/16/1921 Union Co., AR 

JOSIE  BLANCHE  HELMS  EUDY  5-30-1903  to 12-2-1984

*D/of Isaac Helms(1859-1950)  &  Josephine A. “Josie” Nash Helms (1865-1917)


CLELL  EUDY   2-20-1916  to  2-5-2003 

*S/of  Lonnie Beamon Eudy(1894-1985) & Mary Elizabeth Isabel Lowery Eudy(1894-1944)

*Md:4/14/1936  Union Co., AR    "Take My Hand Precious Lord"

&  CLAIRRENE  WRIGHT  EUDY  2-7-1920  to 10-29-2006

*D/of  Ozias W. Wright (b:ca 1885 AR)  & Ocie Dell Thompson Wright (b: ca 1885 AR)  *OB


Infant  EUDY  3-28-1907  to 7-19-1907     

*D/of J. J. & Julia Eudy   "Our Darling Daughter"  "These  Who God Loves Are Young"


JERRY  LANE  EUDY   "Began Journey"  10-17-1946  to    

"Final Touchdown"  3-21-2001 "My Children: Kerri, Kelly, J.C. and Albert L."

*S/of  Kelly Rudolph Eudy (1924-1986)  &  Trullas Capps Eudy Howland (1924-2014)


JOSEPH  JONAH  EUDY  1-6-1871NC  to  8-21-1947 AR

*S/of  David  Z. Eudy &  Rutha C. Eudy

*Md:1/14/1892    "Sleep Undisturbed Within This Peaceful Shrine"

&  JULIA  ANN  FOSTER  EUDY   2-23-1873  to  6-2-1958

*D/of  Martha Etta Webb Foster(1847-1906) & James Foster (d: 1898 Union Co., AR)

* Martha Webb & James Foster  md:2/13/1864 


KELLY  RUDOLPH  EUDY  3-7-1924  to  6-1-1986

*S/of  Albert  L.  Eudy (1900-1964) & Josie Blanche Helms Eudy(1903-1984)


to 13-31-2014AR      (*See listing under Howland)  *OB

*D/of  Annie Bernice  Latimer Capps(1907-2008) & Roy M. Capps(1904-1988)    

*Spouses: Late  *1st husband, Kelly Rudolph  Eudy  (1924-1986) Old Parkers Chapel

*Late 2nd husband, Carl  William  Howland  (3/26/1922  to  10/3/2002)

*Carl Howland is buried in Detroit Cemetery, Detroit, Texas. 


KENNETH  WAYNE  EUDY  1-3-1930  to  4-6-2008

*S/of  Lonnie Beamon Eudy(1894-1985) & Mary Elizabeth Isabel Lowery Eudy(1894-1944)

*Md: 2/24/1956      *AIC   US  Air Force -  Korea  "In Loving Memory"

& FRANCES  YVONNE  DANIELS  EUDY  9-19-1936  (One date)


LONNIE  BEAMAN  EUDY   4-9-1894  to  8-22-1985

*S/of  Joseph Jonah Eudy(1871-1947) &  Julia Ann Foster Eudy(1873-1958)

*Lonnie "Beaman"  *Beeman on tombstone


to 11-21-1944  *D/of Wm. Henry Lowery(1848-1909) & Margaet Eugenia Fincher Lowery(1853-1900)

*Wf/of Lonnie Beaman Eudy    *Md:1/26/1913  "One More Angel In Heaven"


LOUMAN  M.  EUDY (92)  9-7-1918  to  3-15-2011

*S/of  Lonnie Beamon Eudy(1894-1985) & Mary Elizabeth Isabel Lowery Eudy(1894-1944)

*Md: 9/30/1949   "Our Father  Which Art  In Heaven 

(Death date from MM-not on headstone yet)  *MM 

& HELEN JEAN BRASWELL EUDY(81)  3-26-1931 to  3-20-2013 *OB

*D/of  Ivy Jean Braswell (1907-1964) &  Gussie Evelyn Cheatham Braswell(1912 AR -2001 LA) 


WILLIAM  JAMES  EUDY   6-7-1898  to  11-20-1941

*S/of  Joseph Jonah Eudy (1871-1947) &  Julia Ann Foster Eudy (1873-1958)

"He Whom We Thought Dead Is Only Gone Before Us"



THOMAS  SCOTT  EVANS   8-10-1866 SC  to  10-4-1943AR

*S/of Catherine Lee Evans (1836 SC-1880 SC) & John A. Evans (1836-1920)

"Asleep In Jesus" 

*Spouses:  *1st Eliza E. Chaney (1866-1907)  *2nd Mattie Ann Smith Burdine (1876-1949)

ELIZA  E.  CHANEY EVANS  10-13-1866  to  12-27-1907

*D/of Julius & Frances Chaney, born ca 1842 in NC.

*Spouses:  *1st  husband,   John C. Rowell(1863-1891) 

*Eliza  md:  *2nd husband, md  in 1891,  Thomas  S. Evans(1866-1943)


WALTER  MACK  EVANS   9-28-1894  to  5-27-1952

*S/of  Thomas Scott Evans(1866-1943) & Eliza E. Chaney Evans(1866-1907)

*Arkansas Wagoner 155 Inf  37 Div  WW I



BENNIE  DALE  EVERS (59)  2-16-1955  to  2-23-2014 *OB

*S/of  Thomas Benton Evers (1920-1992) & Catherine Idell Andrews Evers(1921-2002)




*S/of Thomas Benton Evers (1920-1992) & Catherine Idell Andrews Evers(1921-2002)


THOMAS  BENTON  EVERS   12-23-1920  to  2-1-1992

*S/of  Clinton Nathaniel Evers(1894-1936) & Ruby Drucilla Rowland Evers(1898-1981) 

* H/of  Catherine Idell Andrews       *PFC   US Army   WW II

CATHERINE  IDELL  ANDREWS  EVERS  9-19-1921 to 3-9-2002

*D/of  Thomas Anson Andrews(1889-1969) & Lucy Ola Daniel Andrews(1887-1967)



HENRY  C.  EZELL, JR.   8-19-1925  to  2-3-2008

*S/of  Henry C. Ezell(1904-1979)  &  Ora Louise Green Ezell(1903-2001)

*Md:1/19/1946   "Thy Life Was Truth, Beauty, Goodness And Love"

&  HAZEL  LORENE  CATES  EZELL(87)  4-14-1929 OK to 1-28-2017

*D/of  J. Cleburn Cates(1885-1969) & Vennie Watts Cates(1891-1978)   *OB

*Hazel was born in Chickasha, OK



SAMUEL  EDWARD  FARRIS  4-13-2000  to  10-4-2000 

*Beloved Son of Paul & Carol Alpuente Farris     "Tough As A Boot"



JERRY  DAVID  FAULKNER   8-3-1944 (One date)

*Md:10/4/1963     { 3/25/1959  ~  Reborn  ~  2/17/1980 }


1-21-1994   " Blessings:  David  Shane  Jason "

*D/of  William Robert Crawford (1915-2008) & Murriell Byrd Crawford (1918-2007)


JOSEPH  DAVID  FAULKNER   6-23-1923  to  11-14-2002

*Willie Eugene Faulkner(1900-1979) & Nellie Raye Johnson Faulkner(1903-1983) 

*Md:8/19/1940      *US Navy  World War II    "Save By Grace"

& CLARA ELIZABETH CATES FAULKNER 1-23-1925 to 6-14-1996

*D/of  George Clifford Cates(1896-1981) & Lessie Ward Cates (1907-1937)



HERMAN  LELAND  FENNELL  6-10-1948  to  1-22-1997

&  JANE  C.  FENNELL   7-8-1950   (One date)


MARY  ALICE  FENNELL   9-30-1924  to 11-28-1928


SARAH  ALICE  FENNELL   9-30-1924  to 11-26-1946

*No marker found for Sarah Alice


WILLIAM  COMBS "Bill" FENNELL(97) 10-21-1915  to  2-14-2013

*S/of  Willie Lake Fennell(1877-1968)  & Pauline Combs Fennell (1889-1973) *OB

 *U.S. Air Force

&  OPAL  CUPP  FENNELL  11-11-1919  to  6-21-2008

*D/of  Johnnie W. Cupp(1895-1981) & Corrie Richardson Cupp(1900-1976) 

* Wooden Post with swinging board has these two names on it.(2006)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot heal"


WILLIAM “WILLIE  LAKE  FENNELL” 12-19-1877  to  1-2-1968


5-30-1973   *Wife of William “Willie” Lake Fennell

*D/of  Eliza Taylor Pickering Combs(1850-1929) &  George Washington Combs(1851-1931)



ARLEN  FAYE  FINCHER   10-22-1932  to  9-29-1995

*S/of  Clarence Albert Fincher(1901-1946) &  Effie I. Hill Fincher(1907-2004)

*U.S. Air Force  Korea


BOBBY  DALE  FINCHER  1-4-1962  to  1-1-2006

*S/of  Cecil Wayne Fincher (1930-1985) &  Nancy Sullivant Fincher(1930-1979)

&  HELEN  J.  FINCHER   5-29-1965  to  3-6-2007


CLARENCE  ALBERT  FINCHER  12-16-1901  to  12-19-1946

*S/of  Lee Burton Fincher(1877-1950) & Cora Lugenia Glenn Fincher(1881-1958)

*Md:1924 (Bk 4-064)

&  EFFIE  I.  HILL  FINCHER  3-27-1907  to 12-21-2004  

*D/of  Boyd Edna Hill (1888-1955)  &  Louella Montgomery Hill (1888-1935)


CLARISSA  FINCHER  1837  to  1914


CLAUDE  NEWTON  FINCHER  10-3-1904  to  10-7-1986

*S/of  Lee Burton Fincher(1877-1950)  &  Cora Lugenia Glenn Fincher(1881-1958)

& EMMA  BEATRICE  POPE  FINCHER  1-30-1899 LA  to 1-27-1988AR

*D/of  Marion Judson Pope(1860-1952)  &  Hannah Jane Davis Pope (1874-1910)


DELMON  C. FINCHER  6-4-1935  to  1-28-1955

*S/of  Clarence Albert Fincher(1901-1946) &  Effie I. Hill Fincher(1907-2004)  

*Arkansas  CPL 1 Engr Bn 1 Marine Div   Korea


FRANCES GLENDINE WILSON FINCHER  5-29-1923  to  2-11-2008 "Mother"   

*D/of  Thomas Brooks Wilson(1890-1939) & Lillian McLeod Wilson (1897-1976)

*Wf/of  Dr. Lawrence Gwinn Fincher (1925-2007) *Buried Arlington Memorial Park-El Dorado

"For With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible  Luke  1:32"

*Beloved Mother Of Janet, Jeanie, Richard, Ronny, Sara


HERSHEL  DOUGLAS  FINCHER  12-16-1937  to  3-26-2003

*S/of  Clarence Albert Fincher(1901-1946) &  Effie I. Hill Fincher(1907-2004)   

*US  Navy  Vietnam


JERRY  L. FINCHER    8-16-1947 to 1-24-2004


LEE  BURTON  FINCHER  8-3-1877NC  to  3-28-1950 AR *ARDI

*S/of  Leroy Burton Fincher(1823-1897) & Martha Clarissa Richardson Starnes Fincher(1838-1914)


& CORA LUGENIA GLENN FINCHER 10-2-1881NC  to  8-19-1958 AR   

*D/of  John D. Glenn(1844-1903) & Margaret M. Glenn  

*John D. Glenn is buried at Scotland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Union Co., AR


MARLIN  R.  FINCHER  10-23-1932  to  2-8-1936

*S/of  Clarence Albert Fincher(1901-1946) &  Effie I. Hill Fincher(1907-2004)  

"Only Sleeping"



to  1-18-1914   *D/of Kendrick Richardson(1795NC -1865 NC) & Jane Richarson(b: ca 1793 SC)

*Spouses:  *1st  md: 1858 Union Co., NC James F.L. Starnes died in the war, 1861 

*2nd  Leroy Burton Fincher(1823-1897)


MARY  ELIZABETH   FINCHER   5-13-1934  to  3-21-1936

*D/of  Claud Newton Fincher(1904-1986) & Emma Beatrice Pope Fincher(1899-1988)


ROBBIE  DALE  FINCHER  1-4-1963   to   1-1-2006

(*MM Bailey) *SSDI


TOMMY  LLOYD  FINCHER  11-5-1942  to  6-30-1962

"At Rest"   *Age 19


WILLARD  LEE  FINCHER   6-4-1927  to  2-24-197

*S/of  Clarence Albert Fincher(1901-1946) &  Effie I. Hill Fincher(1907-2004)

*Willard  md: BETTY  KIRK in Dallas Co., AR  1947 

*Arkansas   CPL  Army Air Force ~  World War  II

BETTY  DOYLE  KIRK  FINCHER  8-30-1923  to  8-29-2015

*D/of  Loyd Kirk (1894-1969)  &  Vickie Gray Kirk (1897-1984)



CAREY  C.  FITZGERALD   11-25-1914  to  2-19-1974

*D/of  Gussie R. Jones Fitzgerald(1887-1975) &  Warner Fitzgerald (b:ca 1890)

*Gussie md:  Warner Fitzgerald  8/17/1913

*(wooden post with metal letters)  (Next to Gussie Jones Fitzgerald who has same type marker)


CODY  ALAN  FITZGERALD   6-28-1988  to  9-6-2010 

*S/of Mark Alan Fitzgerald(1958-2009)  & Shelley Renee  Fitzgerald    *MM  Perry's FH


DONALD  HAYDEN  FITZGERALD   5-14-1918  to  7-5-2007

*S/of  Hugh Fitzgerald(1890-1939) & Georgia Jeanette Lowery Fitzgerald(1890-1953)

*Md:9/24/1955    *PFC  US  Army  WW II        "In Thee O Lord Have I Put My Trust"

&  ROSEMARY  WYSS  FITZGERALD  3-27-1933  (One date)

"As For Me And My House, We Will Serve The Lord"



to  2-23-1971   *Md: Mabel Crowson (b: ca 1905) on 3/15/1922.

*S/of   William J. Fitzgerald(1859-1908) & Frances Elizabeth Ward Fitzgerald(1860-1910)

"Our Beloved Father"


HUGH  FITZGERALD   7-30-1890  to 11-5-1939

*S/of  John James Fitzgerald(1855-1924) & Martha Lausinda Lewis Fitzgerald(1857-1913) 

*Md:11/30/1909       "Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"


1-22-1953  *D/of  Wm Henry Lowery(1848-1909) & Margaret Eugenia Fincher Lowery(1853-1900)


GUSSIE  R. JONES  FITZGERALD  3-20-1887  to 1-16-1975

*D/of William Byron Jones(1861-1921) & Elizabeth A. Haynie Jones(1861-1917) 

(wooden post with metal letters) *Md:8/17/1913 - Warner Fitzgerald (d:ca 1890)

(Next to Carey C. Fitzgerald, Son, who has the same type home made marker)


(J. J.)JOHN  JAMES  FITZGERALD   1885  to   1925   

? Home made concrete marker –? dates could be 1855 to 1921/25

*Next to Lausinda Fitzgerald & near LaBeff  infants grave.


J. J. (JACK)  FITZGERALD (69)1855 GA to 11-5-1924AR  *MM*ARDI

*S/of  Irwin Fitzgerald (1817-1899)  & Eliza Cook Fitzgerald (b:ca 1826)


12-21-1913    *Wf/of  J.J. Fitzgerald  ~ Md:1874 Union Co., AR    

"In My Father's House Are Many Mansions" 


JAMES  FITZGERALD   1-1-1883 to 12-5-1958

*S/of William J. Fitzgerald(1859-1908) & Frances Elizabeth Ward Fitzgerald(1860-1910)

"His Toils Are Past, His Work Is Done.  He Fought The Fight, The Victory Won."


*D/of  George W. Havard(1878-1975) & Louise Savant Havard(1883-1942)

"Wife & Mother"     *Wf/of  James Fitzgerald;   *Mother of Wanda F. Watts New

"God Took Her Home  It Was His Will.  But In Our Hearts She Liveth Still"


JOHN  BUNION  FITZGERALD, SR.  1886  to 1947

*S/of William J. Fitzgerald(1859-1908) & Frances Elizabeth Ward Fitzgerald(1860-1910)

FLORENCE  HAVARD  FITZGERALD  9-19-1904  to  3-22-1986

*Wf/of  John Bunion Fitzgerald


JOHN  BUNION  FITZGERALD, JR.  10-24-1926  to  9-5-2008

*S/of John Bunion Fitzgerald(1886-1947) & Florence Havard Fitzgerald(1904-1986)


MARK  ALAN  FITZGERALD  11-7-1958  to  8-11-2009  "PA"

*S/of  Hugh Fitzgerald(1890-1939) & Georgia Jeanette Lowery Fitzgerald(1890-1953)

*H/of  Shelley Renee    "Too Well Loved To Ever Be Forgotten"


(T.W.) TUNNEY W.  FITZGERALD   7-22-1928    (One date) 

*S/of  James Fitzgerald (1883-1958) & Ollie Emma Havard Fitzgerald (1907-1971)

"His Love And Dedication Was For God  Family  Friends  And  Country"


WILLIAM  J.  FITZGERALD   6-19-1859  to  7-30-1908

*H/of  Frances Elizabeth Ward

FRANCES  ELIZABETH  WARD  FITZGERALD  1-25-1860  to  7-5-1910

*D/of Sarah Elizabeth Rester (1838-1915) & Edward Jasper Ward(1832-1904)

“Hope”  “She was too good too gentle and fair To dwell in this cold world of care”



DUNCAN  ‘DUNK’  SPENCER  FOSTER  1-13-1890  to 12-13-1943

*S/of  William Martin Foster(1854-1940) & Martha Frankie Fain Foster(1861-1931)

*Md:1930 (Bk 11-6-24)   "Absent Here, But Present With God ___?"


7-1-1954    "Mother The Sweetest Name In All The World"

*D/of  Frank Wesley Lawrence(1878-1963) & Martha Elizabeth Mellard Lawrence(1875-1944)

*1st husband,  Duncan Spencer Foster(1890-1943) 

*2nd husband, William Hubert Schmitz(1894-1965)


FRANSIS  FOSTER   5-26-1892  to  5-27-1892 

*D/of  John  Paschal Foster(1870-1944)  &  Sindarella Ward Foster(1871-1938)


Infant  FOSTER   b  &  d  Jul 1896  

*S/of  John  Paschal Foster(1870-1944)  &  Sindarella Ward Foster(1871-1938)

Infant  FOSTER   b  &  d  10-1-1940  

*S/of  Mr. & Mrs. Dunk Foster  "In The Arms Of Jesus"


JAMES  EDWARD  FOSTER  1-23-1898  to  9-29-1953 (Photos)

*S/of  John Paschal Foster(1870-1944) & Sindarella Ward Foster (1871-1938)

&  LILLIE  MAE  CARELOCK  FOSTER  10-4-1902  to  9-26-2001

*D/of  Myers Bright Carelock (1873-1938)  &  Delona Hicks Carelock (1881-1910)

 *1st *Md:1924  (Bk 3-164)  James Edward Foster  *2nd Md: Willis Elmer Roberson(1894-1981)

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"


JAMES  WILLIAM  FOSTER  Jan 1886  to  5-22-1949  *ARDI 

*S/of  William Martin Foster (1854-1940) & Martha Frankie Fain Foster(1861-1931)

&  SARA  J.  FOSTER   1885 LA  to  1972 AR

"Rest Is Thine  Sweet Remembrance Ours"


JAMES  WILLIAM  FOSTER   9-7-1943  to  6-21-2010 

*S/of  William Martin Foster (1854-1940) & Martha Frankie Fain Foster(1861-1931)



JANNIE  PAULINE  FOSTER  10-15-1935  to  8-1-1947 

*D/of  James Franklin Foster (1908-1998)  & Jessie Allen Foster(1909-1949)


JAPHUS  NULAN  FOSTER   7-30-1876  to  11-11-1948 *ARDI

*S/of  James Foster (b:ca 1833 MS- d:ca 1898) & Martha Etta Webb(1847-1906)  

*James Foster & Martha Etta Webb   Md:2/13/1864 Union County, Ark

&  MARTHA  ETTA  HARRISON  FOSTER  Aug 1880AR  to  8-4-1953 AL

*D/of  Claiborne Francis Harrison(1846-1916) &  Laura Saunders Harrison(1847-1911)

*Wf/of  Japhus Nulan Foster   *Md:11/3/1901 


JESSIE  ALLEN  FOSTER   3-1-1909 to 3-3-1949

*D/of William Oather Allen(1870-1939) & Minnie Evans Allen(1880-1972)

*Wf/of  J.F. Foster 


JESS  H.  FOSTER    8-26-1901  to  3-4-1970  "At Rest" 

*S/of  William Martin Foster (1854-1940) & Martha Frankie Fain Foster(1861-1931)

*Md:1927  Louise Foster (Bk 8-100)

VELMA  WOODS  FOSTER   8-22-1903  to  7-4-1954 

"At Rest"


JOHN  PASCHAL  FOSTER  11-13-1870  to  8-6-1944

*S/of  James Foster (d:ca 1898) & Martha Etta Webb(1847-1906) ~ *Md:2/13/1864

*Md:10/22/1891 ~  Sindarella Ward       "His Memory Is Blessed"


to  1-1-1938 "Rella"  "A Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend"

*D/of  Edward Jasper Ward (1832-1904) & Sarah Rester Ward (1838-1915)


JOHN  PIERCE  FOSTER  11-21-1896  to 1-9-1971

*S/of  John Paschal Foster(1870-1944) & Sindarella Ward(1871-1938)

*Md: 5/20/1917

&  LILLIE  SLADE  FOSTER   6-2-1899  to 1-1-1979

*D/of Jeremiah Dumas Slade(1858-1934) &  Lou Clardy Murphy Slade (1860-1908)

*Md:5/20/1917   "Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord"


LEROY  FOSTER   6-13-1934  to  6-23-1954

*S/of  James Edward Foster(1898-1953) & Lillie Mae Carelock Foster(1902-2001)

(Photo)  "Our Songs Were Made Sweeter By His Voice, But There The Angels Will Listen"


LORENZO  NEW FOSTER   6-7-1894  to 10-31-1948

*S/of  William Martin Foster (1854-1940) & Martha Frankie Fain Foster(1861-1931)

 *Arkansas  Pvt 11 Recruit Bn   WW I


MARTHA  ETTA  WEBB  FOSTER  1847 to 1906 

*D/of  William W. Webb  &  Rebecca Kinard Webb

"To See Her Was To Love Her"  *2nd wife -Md:2/13/1864  James Foster (d:1898 Union Co., AR)

*Martha Etta Webb & James Foster had 4 children: Martha, John, Mary, M. L,

   Temperance and Sarah.  *James Foster md: 1st  wife, Martha Howard

*Their children were Wm. Martin & Sarah Foster


TONEY  C.  FOSTER   2-28-1884  to  9-24-1928   *WOW

*S/of  William Martin Foster (1854-1940) & Martha Frankie Fain Foster(1861-1931)


WILLIAM  MARTIN  FOSTER   2-22-1854  to 1-28-1940

*S/of James Foster  &  Martha Howard Foster

*Md:5/20/1880     "To live In The Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"

MARTHA  FRANKIE  FAIN  FOSTER   3-7-1861 to 6-5-1931 

*Wf/of  William Martin Foster  (Frankie Fain aka Martha F. Fane) 

"To live In The Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"



RICHARD  DONALD  FOURNIER    8-2-1954  to  5-26-2010 

*Wife, Jan Ellen Fournier  *Our Children: Jeffrie and Bradley  *Photo   *SA  US Coast Guard

*S/of  Ralph Joseph Founier(1915-2007) & Marie Lorraine Boucher Founier *OB    

*Richard Donald Fournier was born in Fitchburg, Massachusetts & died in El Dorado, AR

&  JANICE   S.  ELLEN  FOURNIER   10-2-1947  (One date)

"Forever With The Lord"



BUSTER  P.  FRANCIS    9-3-1953  to  8-5-1994



ROSELYN  FREELAND   2-7-1966  to  6-11-1980 /85

*MM  Perry's Funeral Home



ETHEL  FITZGERALD  GAGE   10-29-1881  to  5-15-1965 

*D/of John James Fitzgerald(1855-1924) & Martha Lausinda Lewis Fitzgerald(1857-1913)

*1st  Wf/of  James Howell “Jim” Gage(1884-1968)*Buried:Arlington Cemetery, El Dorado

"At Rest"   " Where He Leads Me I Will Follow"



RHEUBEN  ALLEN  GAMMEL  10-8-1923  to  4-2-2002

*S/of William Thomas Gammel (1881-1939) & Amanda Ellen Talent Gammel(1891-1965)

*Md: 1943  Union Co., AR

&  VERNELL  LaRUE  PATTERSON GAMMEL 12-2-1921AR  to  5-1-1996LA

*D/of  Thomas A. Patterson(1890-1973) & Nellie M. Hall Patterson(1894-1974)



IRBY  GARNER   7-12-1911  to  6-16-1974

*S/of  George Wesley Garner(1873-1941) & Emma Jackson Garner(1874-1913)

*Md:11/10/1936   "We Will Meet Again"   "She's Safe At Home"

&  LEONIA  GOFF  GARNER   4-27-1917  to  2-24-1979

*D/of  Bruce Benjamin Goff (1875-1951) & Mary Elizabeth Reynolds  Goff(1895-1957)


JOE  GLASS    9-8-1944  (One date)     

*Md:8/7/1975   "It's Been Quite A Party"    "Together Forever"

&  LEIGH  GLASS   10-17-1953  (One date)     



FREDDYE  LOU  GLEGHORN  10-14-1945  to  8-14-2005

"Beloved Wife, Mother, Granny and Friend"



WILLIAM  MADISON  GLENN   1-23-1878 NC  to  1937 AR

*S/of  John D. Glenn(1844-1903)  & Margaret M. Glenn

&  SARA  LOUISA  “SALLIE” DANIEL  GLENN  2-24-1890  to  10-25-1984

*D/of  Henry Franklin Daniels(1865-1926) & Orphia Rebecca Ward Daniels(1869-1946)



GEORGE  ERVIN  GLOVER (78)  2-27-1936 LA  to  10-6-2014 *OB

*S/of Ruth Ann Griffin Glover  &  Dr. Oscar Eugene Glover;  US Marine- Vietnam Vet

*Wife, Eloise Keene Ball Glover

ELOISE  KEENE  BALL  GLOVER(79) 1-8-1936  to  7-9-2015

*D/of  George H. Keene & Lula Mae Jackson Keene   *OB




to  7-18-2014   *Born & died in Jacksonville, Pulaski Co., AR

*D/of  James Earl Jones(1924-1999) & Sharon O’Neil Love Jones(1929-2002)



MAYLEY  JAY  GRAVES   6-29-2011  to  6-29-2011

*Infant  D/of   ?  ? att   &  Ashley Graves



Mrs.  GRAY (No dates or info) *The info has faded off the card behind the glass.

*There is an old  Rumph-Owers Mortuary Marker .  This marker still there in Oct 2011.



CATHEY  LOUISE  GREER    b & d  6-20-1942 

*D/of  James Harvey Greer( 1911-1995)  & Berdie  Lee Halbrook Greer(1916-1984)  

"Only Sleeping"


CLOIE  IRINE  GREER   8-8-1909  to  8-2-1927 

*D/of  William Patrick Greer(1886-1963) &  Nellie Reynolds Greer (1892-1934)

"She was the sunshine of our Home"


CURTIS  HAZEL  GREER   9-9-1913  to 3-26-1939 

*S/of  William Patrick Greer(1886-1963) &  Nellie Reynolds Greer (1892-1934)

*Md:1936 ~  Verna Dale Frisby Greer Walls (1919-2014) *Buried Green Grove Cemetery

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


EDGAR  J.  GREER (82) 11-13-1926  to  12-3-2008

*S/of  John Harvey Greer(1902-1982)  & Ovie B. Jackson Greer(1905-1993)  

*US Army  WWII  *Wf/of  62 years, Lillie Mae Foster

&  LILLIE  MAE  FOSTER  GREER(80) 11-2-1932  to 5-17-2013

*D/of  Duncan Spencer Foster (1890-1943) &  Effie Irene Lawrence Foster(1900-1954)

 "Until We Meet Again"  *OB


GREGORY  ALLEN  GREER   6-12-1980   to 3-14-1981

*S/of  Michael D. Greer &  Nancy Hughes Greer

(Photo on tombstone)  "Our Darling"  A Sunbeam From The World Has Vanished"


JAMES  HARVEY  GREER   10-4-1911  to  5-28-1995

*S/of  William Patrick Greer(1886-1963)  &  Nellie Reynolds Greer(1892-1934)    

*Md:12/18/1931   "He Is Safe At Home"


to  9-15-1984   "Weep Not For Me For I Am With God"

*D/of  Bert Halbrook(1888-1972)  &  Ida Mae Millican Halbrook(1889-1959)


JAMES  W. "P. J." GREER  3-29-1934  (One date) 

"In Loving Memory"   *H/of  SHIRLEY  GREER


JOHN  HARVEY  GREER   9-28-1902  to  4-8-1982

*S/of  Daniel B. Greer(1879-1943)  &  Ellie A. Davis Greer(1882-1942)

"Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"

&  OVIE  B.  JACKSON  GREER  12-27-1905  to 10-5-1993

*D/of  Wm. Edward Jackson(1871-1950) & Susan Francis Clawson Jackson(1881-1960)



12-17-1947 TX   to 10-23-2011  *Md: Donald Wayne Greer 6/6/1967   *OB

*D/of  Vera Lorene Doggett(1912-2000) &  Luther Wallace McDiarmid(1914-1988)

*Husband, Donald Wayne Greer  5/6/1956  (One date) This date has to be incorrect...most likely it

should be 1946.....but this date  1956 is given on the double headstone shared with “Pat”. Marriage

date is also inscribed on headstone.


WILLIAM  PATRICK (PAT) GREER   9-6-1886  to  8-16-1963

*H/of  Nellie Reynolds Greer(1892-1934)  *Md: in Union County, AR in 1908.

"A Life Like His Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

NELLIE  REYNOLDS  GREER  9-26-1892  to  8-24-1934 

*D/of  Ezra B. Reynolds(1856-1911) & Myrtie Florence Foster Reynolds(1873-1944)

*Wife of  William Patrick Greer     "Not My Will But Thine Be Done"



WILLIAM  JOSEPH  GRIFFITH (BILL)  9-29-1939  to 10-3-1998

*S/of  Joseph B. Griffith (1901-1963) & Corene E. Griffith (1911-1982)

*Our Children: Debra Ann, Lori Leigh, Kelly Elizabeth, Jill Melissa

&  ELIZABETH  ANN  GRIFFITH (ANN) 12-17-1943 (One date)

"Our Love, Flowed Strong, And Deep, Leaving Memories To Treasure And Keep"



PEARL  PICKERING  GRISBY  1902  to 1983  *MM



DON  R.  HALEY(72)  12-9-1941TX  to  12-31-2013AR  *OB

*S/of  Eva Ardell Haley(8-15-1909  to 3-14-1985)  

*Eva Ardell Haley is buried at Earthman Memory Gardens, Baytown, TX 

*US Air Force veteran /  Master Electrician   *Wife, Carolyn Haley



Infant  HALL  8-24-1902  to 11-23-1902 

*S/of  John  William Hall(1861-1937)  &  Martha  E. Lowder Hall(1859-1920)


JAMES  E.  HALL, JR.  1911 – 1974

&  IRENE  M.  HALL  1925  (One date)


PERCY  LARKIN  HALL   2-16-1907  to  7-20-1967


WILLIAM  IRA  HALL  4-25-1905  to  1-5-1969




to  4-3-1909 *D/of  David  Crockett  Howard(1838-1917) & Sarah T. Gray Howard

*Callie was the Wf/of  Levi J. Hardin; Md:1889 Union Co., AR

* Sarah Eddie Hardin 5-24-1891  to  7-5-1892 13 mo old daughter,

   of Levi J. & Callie Hardin. Buried in Hardin Cemetery, Union Co.,AR




CARROLL DEAN “PETE” HARRIS(89) 2-5-1927  to  5-4-2016 *OB

*S/of  Eugene Harris(1895-1977)  &  Alice Richardson Harris(1897-1981) 

*Wf/of 70 yrs, Millie Jo Harris          *U.S.  Navy WW II

*Mason, Englewood Lodge, Indianapolis, IN; Hot Springs Elk Club, El Dorado

American Legion ; Retired as Supervisor at Union Carbide, Hot Springs, AR


HARRIET  HOGG  HARRIS  6-13-1864  to 12-28-1891

*D/of  William Hiram Hogg(1823-1904) & Malinda Reynolds Hogg(1832-1905)

*1st  Wf/of  William  A. Harris(1861-1955)  *Buried Wesson Cemetery, Union Co., AR


NORA  HARRIET  HARRIS   8-28-1891  to  8-25-1892 

*D/of  William A. Harris(1861-1955) &  Harriet Hogg Harris (1864-1891)



ALBERT  LEE  HARRISON (55)  10-20-1952  to  12-23-2007

*S/of  Alfred Casey Harrison, Sr.(1917-1986) & Annie Lou Ainsworth Harrison(1921-2007)

*Daughters: Alecia & Casey     Grandchildren: Ty & Lynley    (2011-MM- Youngs FH)


ALFRED  CASEY  HARRISON, SR.  8-10-1917  to  6-20-1986 

*S/of  Jesse Guy Harrison(1886-1934) & Mary E. Daisy Glenn Harrison(1885-1922)

*Md:3/29/1940      *EM3  US Navy  WW II      (Mason)

&  ANNIE  LOU AINSWORTH  HARRISON 4-22-1921 to  9-5-2007

*D/of  John David Ainsworth(1873-1964) & Czarina Mary Nall Ainsworth (1881-1974)    *OB

"Rest Is Thine  Sweet Remembrance Ours"


CLAIBORNE  FRANCIS  HARRISON  7-17-1846 AL  to  11-12-1916 AR

*S/of  Francis Harrison (1796 SC- aft 1860 ?)  &  Malinda Varnell Harrison (1812 TN- aft 1860?)

* Francis and Malinda most likely died in Bradley Co., AR

*H/of Laura Saunders

LAURA  SAUNDERS  HARRISON   3-4-1847  to  12-12-1911

*D/of  Robert B. Saunders (1806-1880) & Martha L. Mickleberry Saunders(1816-1890)


FRANK  M. HARRISON  7-22-1928  to 11-23-1996 

*S/of Russell Roy Harrison(1888 TN-1946 TN) & Geannie Elizabeth Barber Harrison(1891-1963)

*Sgt. US Army-  Korea


GRADY  FRANKLIN  HARRISON   9-11-1910  to 11-11-1972

*S/of  Mary E. Daisy Glenn Harrison (1885-1922) & Jesse Guy Harrison(1886-1931)

*Ark Pvt Army  WW II


JESSE  GUY  HARRISON   10-7-1886  to 1-4-1931 *ARDI 

*S/of  Claiborne Francis Harrison(1846-1916) & Laura Saunders Harrison(1847-1911)

&  MARY  E.  DAISY  GLENN  HARRISON   Jan 1885  to 1922

*D/of  John /James D. Glenn(1844-1903)  &  M. M. Glenn / or Elizabeth A. Gleen both born in KY.

*Wf/of  Jesse Guy Harrison


LEONARD  M.  HARRISON  3-11-1905  to  7-1-1914

*S/of  Mary E. Daisy Glenn Harrison (1885-1922)  &  Jesse Guy Harrison(1886-1931)  


BOB   DAVID  HARRISON  7-20-1943  (One date)

*Md:11/26/1969       "Do Good And Avoid Evil"

*Our Children: Maria Ileana 9/23/1970 – Robert David 9/9/1984 – Sarah Myriam 9/13/1988


Nicaragua  to  2-4-2007 *Wf/of  Bob Harrison of El Dorado. *ob



SHERLINE  PRICE  HARTLEY(71) 7-7-1944   to  2-7-2016  *ob

*D/of  Jessie James Price (1905-1985)   &  Irma Mae Rider Price(1918-1999)

*Husband of 51 years,  Russell Hartley



FLOYD  HAYNES  9-22-1909  to  Apr 1968  *SSDI

&  LOTTIE  L. HAYNES  1925  to 1967


HENRY  MARION  HAYNES  3-27-1905  to 1-7-1992


MONROE  RICHMOND  HAYNES  7-22-1918  to  5-1-2001



LOUISE  TRAVIS  HAZELWOOD (87) 3-11-1921 to

12-20-2008  *Wf/of  late Thomas Virgil Hazelwood 

*D/of Charles M. Travis & Molly Williams ?may be buried in new

Parker Chapel Cemetery??



BETTIE  E. HEARIN   4-12-1870  to 1-1-1890 

*D/of  Robert J.  Hearin(b:ca 1840)   &  Susanna Reynolds Hearin(1845-1876)


Infant  HEARIN  b  &  d  1-25-1872   

* S/of  Robert J. Hearin(b:ca 1840)  & Susanna Reynolds Hearin(1845-1876)


JOHN  PARNELL  HEARIN  11-15-1898  to 10-11-1899  

*S/of  J. A. & May Hearin


JOHN  T. HEARIN   11-25-1873  to  6-10-1898 

* S/of  Robert J.  Hearin(b:ca 1840)  &  Susanna Reynolds Hearin(1845-1876)


SUSANNA  REYNOLDS  HEARIN   9-23-1845  to  3-6-1876  

*D/of James T. Reynolds (1819-1864) & Elizabeth Slayter Reynolds (1823-1887)

*Wf/of  Robert J. Hearin (b:ca 1840)



GARLAND  MONROE   HEMBREE  7-10 -1910  to  3-1-2007

*S/of  Daniel Monroe Hembree(1867-1928) & Mary Anne Lewis Hembree(1886-1979)

*Md: 8/12/1954


12-18-1990  *D/of  John Aaron Hinson(1875-1940) & Joanna Lambert Hinson (1872-1957)


MARY ANNIE  LEWIS  HEMBREE  9-16-1886  to 11-6-1979

*D/of  W.O. Lewis (b:ca 1863 AR) & Addie T. Fitzgerald Lewis (b:ca 1861 AR)

*Husband, Daniel Monroe Hembree 1867-1928  *buried at Parkers Chapel Church

Cemetery, Union Co., AR (about 2 miles from Old Parkers Chapel)



ASA  GILMORE  HENDRICKS  7-2-1928  to 10-4-2002    

*Md:1/23/1953   *US Army-Korea 

*Beloved Husband, Daddy & Papa.   *Beloved Wife, Mother & Nanny.

&  PATSY  RUTH  HENDRICKS  4-2-1934  to 10-21-1998

*Our Children: Faye, John W., Debbie Hendricks


EDGAR  CLEO  HENDRICKS  4-10-1915  to  7-31-1993     

*Md:4/20/1937    "Thy Life Was Beauty, Truth, Goodness, And Love"

&  BERNICE (Sis) PITTS  HENDRICKS 10-16-1919  to  1-27-2016 *OB

*D/of Samuel Pitts & Nettie Westmoreland Pitts



JOHN  C. HICKS  11-29-1911  to  12-12-1957

&  BEATRICE  HICKS  8-7-1923  to  1-1-1996


R.W.  HICKS  9-8-1885  to  4-19-1929  "Husband"




to  8-29-1994   *US Army Air Corps  

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

& NAOMI  BALL  HIGGINBOTHAM  1-23-1928  (One date)

*D/of  Irving Francis Ball(1894-1964) & Blanche Olivia Dumas Ball(1904-1951)



PATRICIA  LYNN  HIGH  3-17-1941  to  11-1-2004

"Forever In Our Hearts"     "Our Beloved Mother  My Beloved Mother"




AUBREY  WILLIAM  HILL   3-5-1945  to  1-26-2009 

*Md:9/29/1962    2 Photos embedded  *H/of of Linda Sue Cooney Hill

*Our Children: Aubrey Wm., Jr., Infant son, Joseph Lee

&  LINDA  SUE  COONEY  HILL  8-25-1946   (One date) 


AUBREY  WILLIAM  HILL, JR. "Arb" 8-23-1963  to  9-23-2007

*Son of Aubrey William“Bud”Hill and Linda Sue Cooney Hill 

 "Roy and Tina's Dad"   *Photo  *The Serenity Prayer on backside:

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; 

the courage to change the things  I can;  and the wisdom to know the difference.  


BOYD  EDNA  HILL   1-1-1888  to  10-17-1955

*S/of  Thomas F. Hill(1861-1896) & Mary Elizabeth Andrews Hill (1860-1946) 


&  LOU  ELLA (Louella) MONTGOMERY  HILL  11-5-1888 

to   6-27-1935  *Wf/of  Boyd Edna Hill


ELOISE  V. COOK  HILL   4-11-1925  to  10-13-1960

*D/of  George Washington Cook(1896-1955) & Maude Combs Loftin(1898-1977)

*Md: 1942 Union Co., AR

FRED  WILLIAM  HILL  11-3-1913  to  12-3-1982

*S/of  Boyd Edna Hill(1888-1955) & Louella Montgomery Hill(1888-1935)


GEORGE  MONROE  HILL  7-27-1918  to  6-4-1998

*S/of  Boyd Edna Hill(1888-1955) & Louella Montgomery Hill(1888-1935)

 *Md:4/23/1943     *US  Army  WW II      "We Will Meet Again"



*D/of  Ernest May Hendricks(1890-1930) & Dink Dorlene Owen Hendricks J(1897-1943)



to  10-15-2010 

 *D/of Henderson Tilley(1894-1985) & Mary Lee Lawrence Tilley(1897-1978)

*Wf/of  Melton Henley(1923-1991) *Buried at Lagrange Cemetery, La Grange, AR

*Mother of Melvin Douglas Henley(1949-2014) &  Sandra Kay Henley Shirley (1963-2014)

*Westbrook Funeral Home, Beebe, AR *MM  *Resided in Lonoke at the time of death.


JODY  HILL   b  &  d 3-7-1945 

*S/of David Hill(b: ca 1921)  &  Myrtle Louise Gathright Hill(1922-2004)



to  11-4-1946  *Wf/of Thomas “Tommy” F. Hill (1861-1896) *Md:1881 Calhoun Co.,AR

*D/of Sarah Humble Andrews(b: ca 1833 NC) (Homemade Marker)


MYRTLE  LOUISE  GATHRIGHT  HILL  4-16-1922  to  8-26-2004

*D/of  Lawson Albert Gathright(1884-1952) & Katie Irene Benford Gathright(1884-1970)

*Md: DAVID HILL(b: ca 1921)  in 1942, Union Co., AR 

*Oct 2011- Bailey FH MM   Only birth & death years on the marker.


STEPHEN  WAYNE  HILL   2-17-1971 to 11-6-1986

(Photo on tombstone)  "We would not wish him back again amid this world of care.

 For God in love has called him home and we shall meet him there -Anon



Rev. AARON  HINSON   4-14-1843  to 1-17-1925

*S/of  Isaiah Wesley Hinson(1813-1872) & Mary Polly Medlin Hinson(1808-1878)  

*H/of  Samira  "He Was A Kind And Affectionate Father, A Friend To All"

*Md: 7/11/1865 Union Co., NC   *Methodist Minister-moved from NC to Ark 1889

SAMIRA WHITLEY  HINSON  4-26-1845 NC to  6-30-1918

*D/of Adison Franklin Whitley(1819-1866) & Samyra Medlin Whitley(1820-1901)

*Wf/of  Rev. A. Hinson  "She Was A Kind and Affectionate Mother, A Friend To All"


BENJAMIN  DUNCAN  HINSON   9-5-1920  to 7-20-1975

*S/of  Joshua Duncan Hinson(1881-1924) & Virginia Elizabeth Combs Hinson(1889-1970)

*CRT  US Navy  WW II   "In His Will Is Our Peace"


GARLAND  HINSON  10-25-1899  to 11-10-1899 

*S/of  Eli Wesley Hinson(1873-1969) & Ora E. Hall Hinson(1881-1950)


GOYNE  TALMADGE  HINSON  9-30-1907  to  3-22-1971 NM

*D/ James Titus Hinson(1879-1934) & Lillie Rebecca Combs Hinson(1884-1964)

*Md: 1931, Union Co., AR

FLORA  BERTHA  EMERSON  HINSON  5-28-1907  to  8-1-1947

*D/of  Carl Emerson & Martha“Mattie Belle” Powledge Emerson(1880 GA-1967)-

*Martha  P. Emerson  *Buried Fredonia Methodist Cem.

*Husband of Flora: Goyne Talmadge Hinson(1907-1971)


ISHMAEL  STEPHEN  HINSON   10-13-1909  to  10-13-1918

*S/ James Titus Hinson(1879-1934) & Lillie Rebecca Combs Hinson(1884-1964)


JAMES  COMBS  HINSON   11-20-1917  to  2-10-1918

*S/of Joshua Duncan Hinson(1881-1924)& Virginia Elizabeth Combs Hinson(1889-1970)


JAMES  TITUS  HINSON   4-29-1879  to  11-3-1934

*S/of  Rev. Aaron Hinson(1843-1925) &  Samira Whitley Hinson(1845-1918)

"Rest is thine and Sweet remembrance ours"

LILLIE  REBECCA  COMBS  HINSON  2-2-1884  to  10-13-1964

*D/of Joseph E. Combs(1860-1922) & Sophronia Reynolds Combs (1854-1922)

*Wf/of  James Titus Hinson


JOSHUA  DUNCAN (J.D.) HINSON   7-16-1881 to 12-15-1924

*S/of  Rev. Aaron Hinson(1843-1925) &  Samira Whitley Hinson(1845-1918) 

*H/of  Virginia Combs  (Mason)


12-12-1970  *D/of Joseph E. Combs(1860-1922) & Sophronia Reynolds Combs (1854-1922)

"Their Toils Are Past, Their Work Is Done, They Fought The Fight, The Victory Won."


JOHN  AARON  HINSON   3-14-1875  to  7-29-1940

*S/of  Rev. Aaron Hinson(1843-1925) &  Samira Whitley Hinson(1845-1918)

&  JOANNA  LAMBERT  HINSON  5-26-1872 AL to  2-28-1957AR

*D/of  Mary Catherine Jackson(1838-1918) & Casrel Monroe Lambert(1825-1899)


LESSA  IDELAR  HINSON   6-26-1888  to  6-16-1893 

*D/of  Rev. Aaron Hinson(1843-1925) &  Samira Whitley Hinson(1845-1918) 


MYRTLE  HINSON  11-23-1903  to 10-15-1905

*D/ James Titus Hinson(1879-1934) & Lillie Rebecca Combs Hinson(1884-1964)


WILLIE  MAE  HINSON   2-25-1900  to  8-12-1900

*D/of  John Aaron Hinson(1875-1940) & Joanna Lambert Hinson(1872-1957)

ZADIE  VERA  HINSON   7-15-1905  to  4-29-2000

*D/ James Titus Hinson(1879-1934) & Lillie Rebecca Combs Hinson(1884-1964)

"A Woman Who Fears The Lord Is To Be Praised"  Proverbs  31:30



EDWIN  KIDD  HOGG   12-11-1882  to 3-10-1942

*S/of William Wallace Hogg(1856-1927) & Mary Jane Houston Hogg(1852-1920)

SULA  A. HINSON  HOGG  1-12-1898  to 12-7-1965

*D/of  John Aaron Hinson(1875-1940) & Joanna Lambert Hinson(1872-1957)

"Tender Mother and A Faithful Friend"


GRANTHA  HOGG  ca 1797  to 1867 Union Co., AR

*Wife of William Hiram Hogg, Jr. (b:ca 1786 Wilkes Co., GA – 1875 Union Co., AR)


HAMILTON  MILES  HOGG  3-25-1889  to 7-15-1891 

*S/of  Needham Reynolds Hogg & Susan Francis Harrison Hogg


MALINDA  REYNOLDS  HOGG  10-9-1832  to  6-3-1905

*D/of  Needham Reynolds & Ruth Pate Reynolds

*Wf/of William Hiram Hogg  *Md: ca 1847 in El Dorado, AR

(W. H.) WILLIAM  HIRAM  HOGG  7-7-1823  to 7-8-1904

*S/of  Needham Reynolds Hogg & Susan Francis Harrison Hogg

“To My Husband”  *Md: ca 1847 in El Dorado, AR Malinda Reynolds


WALKER  GRANVILLE  HOGG  12-10-1899  to 7-13-1901 

*S/of  Needham Reynolds Hogg & Susan Francis Harrison Hogg



FAYE  NEIGHBORS  HOLDER   5-27-1933  to  9-14-1994 *OB 

"Loving Wife, Mother, And Faithful Friend"



1-8-2016  *D/of Owen Cameron(1895-1970) & Mattie Mae Burley Cameron(1903-1996)

 *Spouses:  *1st   Henry Walker Price (1918-1959)  *2nd  Ual A Fuller (1920-1994)

*3rd and surviving husband,  Wallace Homer Holder


HOLLIS  HOLDER  10-10-1923  to 12-31-1925   

*S/of William Marion Holder(1901-1987) & Ida Gertrude Foster Holder(1902-1977)

"Our Loved One"


MARION  GROVER  HOLDER   1-12-1931  to  4-21-2011 "Daddy"

*S/of  William Marion Holder(1901-1987) & Ida Gertrude Foster Holder(1902-1977)

*Children: Deborah, Denise, Lisa, Robin


WILLIAM  MARION  HOLDER  9-15-1901TX  to 12-28-1987AR (Mason)

*S/of John William Holder (1875-1951) & Senia May Ballard Holder(1885-1924)

*Md:9/4/1921   "Loving Daddy And Faithful Friend"

IDA  GERTRUDE  FOSTER  HOLDER  2-2-1902  to 1-2-1977

*D/of  John Pascal Foster (1870-1944) & Sindarella Ward Foster(1871-1938)



LYLE  SIMON  HONEYCUTT(79) 3-21-1936  to  8-28-2015 *OB

*S/of  Blanche Irene Reynolds(1911-2000)  & Robert Austin "Bob" Honeycutt(1908-1972) 

* Born in Bastrop, LA   *Md:4/2/1960    

"This World Is Not Our Home.  We're Only Passing Through"

*U.S. Navy for 4 yrs(1955-59) Retired from Great Lakes Chemical Co.,after 35 yrs

*Deacon Parkers Chapel First Baptist Church; *Wf/of 55 yrs, JO Carolyn Honeycutt

&  JO  CAROLYN  HONEYCUTT  3-30-1943  (One date)

*Our sons: Tracy, Mark, Greg  "Forever In Our Hearts"



MARY  LENA (T.) HORNE  1-19-1910  to  4-28-1999

*Spouses: *1st Alma Dwight Peace (1900-1958)  *2nd James Sellars Horne(1911-2005)

*Buried on one side of her is George Dwight Peace & on the other side is Alma Dwight Peace.

*James Sellars Horne is buried at Old Union Baptist Cemetery, Union Co., AR

(Crain City Road)



ALVIE  WAYNE  HOUSE  11-19-1910  to  9-23-1911

*S/of  Robert Newton House(1884-1964) & Jessie Belle Cook House (1888-1974)

"At Rest"


ROBERT  NEWTON  HOUSE   12-24-1884  to  9-23-1964

*S/of Jasper Newton House(1855 TN to 1/25/1899 El Dorado)  &

Charlotte Marlinda Robbins House Bowen (1861-1950)

&  JESSIE  BELLE  COOK  HOUSE  10-7-1888  to 7-20-1974

*D/of  William Henry Cook(1850-1897) & Missouri Katherine Shaw Cook (1854-1896)

*Md: 1st  Robert Newton House     *Md:11/11/1906 

*Md: 2nd  Eli Elexander Bowen



ROLLIE  EARL HOWARD   10-5-1889  to 1-7-1951 

*S/of  Wilton Mayfield Howard (1858-1955)

*Born in Indiana   *Indiana CPL 67 Infantry 9 Div  WW I





to 13-31-2014AR    *See listing under “EUDY”     *OB

*D/of  Annie Bernice  Latimer Capps(1907-2008) & Roy M. Capps(1904-1988)    

*Spouses: Late  *1st husband, Kelly Rudolph  Eudy  (1924-1986) Old Parkers Chapel

*Late 2nd husband, Carl  William  Howland  (3/26/1922  to  10/3/2002)

*Carl Howland is buried in Detroit Cemetery, Detroit, Texas. 



ROY  HUDMAN  12-25-1901  to  7-3-2001  


& HETTIE  STEPHENS  HUDMAN  7-6-1906 to 4-26-1989



RACHEL  FRANCIS  COMBS  HUDSON  10-12-1863  to 1-22-1934

*D/of  Charles Allen Combs(1811-1880) & Caroline Jane Rushing Combs (1825-1879)

*Wf/of Charles Owen Hudson (b: ca 1865 AR  d: ? 1915) Rachel & Charles md: in 1890

*Unmarked grave, information provided to genealogical society by family member.



BARRY  WAYNE  HUFFSTETLER (20) 5-4-1965LA  to 10-21-1985 FL

*S/of  Barry Michael Huffstetler & Barbara Ann Doster Huffstetler Greer /Step-father Eddie Greer

of El Dorado.    *PFC  US Army Reserves 

"To Live In The Hearts Of Those We Love Is Never To Die"



WAYNE  HERSHEL  HUSBANDS, SR.  11-7-1918 to  1-7-2015  (Mason)

*S/of  Burla Vorhease Husbands Provence(1899-2001) & Henry Aklen Husbands(1890-1943) *OB 

*Born in Malvern, AR – died in El Dorado, AR

*Md:3/21/1947    "Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

& LOIS  VA.  HINSON  HUSBANDS  11-20-1922  to 1-12-1988

*D/of Joshua Duncan Hinson(1881-1924) & Virginia Elizabeth Combs Hinson (1889-1970) 

*Eastern Star 



(*Speculation: 5-20-1920 to Jun 1982*SSDI )

MARY  B. HUTCHISON  (No dates)



INGRAM   *Small stone with just the name Ingram on it.


*Note: For those of you not familiar with the Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950 (4 Volumes), here is some information that you might find useful.  These books give the person's name, date of death, county where they died, & sometimes gender or race. Arkansas began keeping birth / death records in 1914.  Unfortunately, it was not enforced until ca 1940's. If a doctor, the family, or the mortuary did not turn in the information / name of a deceased person, then he/she was never registered.  I mention this, because even if you know the exact date, etc. of someone who died, but find them not listed in the books, then you will not be able to obtain a death certificate.  Keep this in mind when you question why someone's name does not appear in the books.  Most libraries and genealogical societies in Arkansas have a set of these books on the shelf. They can also be found at the Arkansas History Commission & State Archives in Little Rock.










Becky Harrison, who lives nearby, is a possible contact for additional info about the cemetery.  Taking care of this cemetery has been a family project for many years. Ms. Harrison & her husband have taken on the full responsibility, now that her dad, Olen McGaugh, has reached an age that makes it too large a task for him.  I had the pleasure of speaking with her, at the cemetery when I did this final survey in October 2011. As far as I know, she still has the same email address as she had back in 2007.  They formerly also took care of New Parkers Chapel located a couple miles up the road. Ms. Harrison advised me that different arrangements have now been made for New Parkers Chapel Cemetery, which adjoins the church.