Est. ca 1858


PART  2  ~  J  thru  Z


I did a partial canvass of this cemetery, April 2006, to update new burials or possible new markers installed since

my initial survey in 1999.  In 2008, I added burials that had occurred since 2006;  Aug 2008  filled in burials from

the Union County Genealogical Society, done in 1991 by Ralph Weldon. With the passing of time many markers

disappeared or became illegible.   Updated June 2009.

New Survey/Canvass  October 18, 2011.  Last updated March 2017

Janice  Holzer    jcsh432@gmail.com



*OB …....  info from obituaries

*SSDI .....  missing birth or death dates filled in from Social Security Death Index

*MM  ...... indicates a Mortuary Marker

*ARDI .....death month & day found in the Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950

(*See Note at end of this posting, about *ARDI).

*Use of the symbol  &  indicates a double tombstone / multiple people on same tombstone.

* Some of the tombstones had nice photos embedded in them .... I have noted where one was found.




BOBBY  DALE  JACKSON (40) 3-11-1949OK  to 4-9-1989AR  

*S/of  Elbert Benton Jackson(1928-1981) & Nova Erma Cavender Inman(1927-1970)

*US Navy  -  Vietnam


EMELINE  JANE  HOGG  JACKSON  10-31-1848  to   

12-18-1912   *Wife of  Walker C.. Jackson  *Md:12/18/1879 Union Co., AR

*D/of  William Hiram Hogg(1823-1904) & Malinda Reynolds Hogg(1832-1905)



DOROTHY  MAE  LOWERY  JOHNS  3-28-1933  to  11-29-2012




12-5-2015 *D/of Oscar "Snookem" Steelman (1916-1976) & Mary Bell Steelman(1920-2006)

 *Md:1958 John Lawson Johnson       *LPN


ENOCH  JOHNSON   4-12-1879  to  7-14-1954 

*Computer calculated birth date: 4-12-1879   ( Age 75 yrs-3 mo-2 dys)  *MM


JOHNNY  RAY  JOHNSON  9-14-1964  to  9-16-1983



JOSEPH  THOMAS  JOINER, JR.  1939  to  12-15-1939

*S/of  Joseph Thomas Joiner, Sr.(1913-1996) & Mabel Enis Joiner(1918-2003)



AMANDA  MICHELLE  JONES  "Mandy"  11-26-1977  to 

10-9-1995 (photo) *D/of Bobby Stephen Jones (1950-2008) & Lynda Tedford Jones

"Released As An Angel To This Land Now God Has Called Her Back Again. Beth Jones "



BOBBY  STEPHEN  JONES(57) 11-24-1950MS  to  4-10-2008

*S/of  Stephen Turner Jones, Jr.(1927-1974) & Agnes Jean Davis Jones(1930-2002)

*Md:3/27/1971     "Our Children: Beth & Mandy

&   LYNDA  J.  TEDFORD  JONES   8-27-1953  (One date)


BRUCE  EVERETT JONES (44) 1-9-1965  to 12-22-2009 

*S/of Paul E. Jones & Janice Jackson Ray   *Wife, Lisa Perryman Jones

"If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to say

I love you....Also, Too, Back....Finally And Always.  Loving you...Lisa"

*Back of headstone:  "We Love and Miss You  Mom and Dad (Thorney)"  "We Love You and Miss You. Wesley, Chad, Jessica"   "You always treated me like your own and I will never forget that....Love Alton"  




C.  CLYDE  JONES  1904  to  1905   

"Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven"


IZIIAEL  LEI "IZZY" JONES (5 mos.) 4-17-2014  to 10-7-2014 *OB

*S/of Ariel Purfoy  Jones  & Shawn Jones


JAMES  EARL “JIMMIE” JONES(75)  4-13-1924GA to  8-2-1999 AR  *OB

*SSGT  U.S. Air Force  (Obit: Abilene Reporter-Aug 3, 1999)

&  SHARON O’NEAL LOVE  JONES  10-17-1929  to  8-24-2002

*D/of  Daniel Lafayette Love(1904-1986) &  Ethel Eloise Davis Love(1907-1963)


JESSE  JONES  Jan 1893 LA to 1914 AR   

**S/of  William Byron Jones(1861-1921) & Elizabeth A. Haynie Jones(1861-1917)

"Just In The Morning Of His Day, In Youth And Love He Died"


JOANNA  KAY "JODY"  JONES (58) 11-2-1952  to  6-12-2011

*D/of  Sharon O’Neal Love(1929-2002) & James Earl Jones (1924-1999)

*Born Harris Co., TX  & died in Hot Springs, AR    *Young's Funeral Home   *MM-Oct 2011


JOHN  LEE  JONES  1900  to  4-26-1934 *ARDI    

*S/of William Byron Jones(1861-1921) & Elizabeth A. Haynie Jones(1861-1917)

"One Worthy Of  Remembrance"


ROY  L. JONES  1-3-1893  to  4-5-1971 

*S/of  William H. Jones(1845-1929) & Elnora Hicks Jones(1860-1898)

*PVT  US  Army 


WILLIAM  BYRON  JONES, JR.  1895  to 1905

*S/of  William Byron Jones(1861-1921) & Elizabeth A. Haynie Jones(1861-1917)

"Heaven Gives Its Favorite Early Death"


WILLIAM  BYRON  JONES  Sep 1861LA  to  4-16-1921AR    

(? Wm. Jones d:4-16-1921 Calhoun Co.)  

*Md:1883, Union Parish, LA    "They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"

&  ELIZABETH  A.  HAYNIE  JONES  Jun 1861LA to 1917AR   

*Wf/of  William Byron Jones (1861-1921)

(Lou Anna Jones, D/of  William Byron & Elizabeth Haynie Jones)



EMELINE  J.  JUDSON  10-3-1888  to 12-18-1912 

*24 year old  Wife of  W. G. Judson



GEORGE  HERMAN  KEENE   3-23-1909  to  4-24-1967

*S/of Ben Coker Keene(1885-1956) & Annie Bruce Keene(1886-1918)

*Md:6/1/1929         Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  LULA MAE  JACKSON  KEENE  4-17-1913  to  7-21-2004

*Wf/of George Herman Keene


JAMES  DAVID  KEENE, SR.  10-24-1930  to  6-13-2004

*D/of  George Herman Keene(1909-1967) &  Lula Mae Jackson Keene(1913-2004) 

*Md: 1950 Union Co., AR  Peggy Jane Sivils Keene(1929-1997)

*Pvt. US Army


SHIRLEY  ANN  KEENE   8-8-1943  to  8-14-1953

*D/of  George Herman Keene(1909-1967) &  Lula Mae Jackson Keene(1913-2004) 



LINDA  JEAN  HARRIS  KELLUM  8-6-1944  to  6-6-2006 

*D/of  George W. & Doris  Cook;    *Wf/of Harold Raymond Kellum   *OB  

"In Thee, O Lord I have Put My Trust"

*2011-Large angel between the graves of Linda Jean & Lisa Doreen Taylor "Daughter" 




GEORGE  R.  KILLINGSWORTH   5-26-1930  to  8-6-2006

*SGT  US Air Force



ASHTON  C.  KINARD   6-1-1913  to  3-23-1997

*S/of  Eddie Morgan Kinard (1869-1955) & Martha Ann Harrell Kinard (1872-1961)

"Gone Home"    *US Army  WW II      *Md:2/16/1940

& GEORGIA EDNA McGAUGH KINARD  2-16-1916 to 12-22-1997

*D/of George Alfred McGaugh(1880-1953) &  Ethel Elizabeth Lawrence(1887-1962)

"Beloved Mother At Rest In Heaven"


Infant Daughter KINARD  b & d  3-12-1887

*D/of John Thomas Kinard(1866-1936) & Nancy Caldonia Tiffin Kinard(1859-1945)


JIMMY  RAY  KINARD  4-29-1952  to  5-1-1952

*S/of  Ashton C. Kinard(1913-1997) & Georgia Edna McGaugh Kinard(1916-1997)

"Gone To Be An Angel"


LYDIA  IDELL  COMBS  KINARD 4-29-1890  to 7-29-1942

*D/of George Washington Combs(1851-1931) & Eliza Taylor Pickering(1850-1929)

"A Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend"

*Wf/of  Pvt Roy Vernon Kinard(8/22/1887 AR  to  10/5/1918 France)

*S/of George Graham Kinard(1847-1923) & Hariett Elvira Alphin(1852-1929)

*Burial: Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery & Memorial  Lorraine, France

*Plot A  Row 29  Grave 33


ROY  H.  KINARD   1913  to  9-29-1964  Age 51 yrs *MM 

*S/of  Pvt Roy Vernon Kinard(1887-1918) & Lydia Combs Kinard(1890-1942)

(2011-has headstone but only years of birth/death given) *Died in New Orleans, LA



"Captain"  DANIEL “DANNY”  RAYMOND  KINLEY  3-13-1959 

to  6-14-2005  *El Dorado  5  Fire Dept   *On the backside of his black marble headstone:

"When I'm Called To Duty – God Wherever Flames May Race -  Give Me The Strength To Save A Life –

Whatever Be It Age.  Help Me To Embrace A Little Child Before Its Too Late Or Save An Older

Person From The Horror Of That Fate.  Enable Me To Be Alert To Hear The Weakest Shout And Quickly

And Efficiently To Put The Fire Out.  I Want To Fill My Calling And To Give The Best In Me To Guard

My Neighbor And Protect His Property. And If According To Your Will I Lose My Life, Please Bless With

Your Protective Hand My Children, Devan, Heather And Braxton And My Wife, Leslie."

*S/of  Raymond F. Inley (1939-2009) & Margaret Maureen Sullivan Kinley(1942 NC-2013 AR)


RAYMOND  F.  KINLEY  9-22-1939  to  7-5-2009  "Daddy"  

*S/of  Raymond Kinley(b: ca 1916) & Anna Faye Jackson Kinley(b:ca 1924)  of Lonoke Co., AR

"In Loving Memory"


CAROL M. RHOADES KOLBINSKIE 1-29-1970 to 2-22-2008

*D/of Allen Rhoades &  Minnie Marie Penix Rhoades    "Beloved Daughter and Sister"


DAISY  LABEFF  1-6-1910  to  9-29-1913

*3 yr old  D/of William LaBeff(b:ca 1865) & Artie LaBeff Gammill (b: ca 1888)   

&  Infant  LABEFF   b  &  d  12-15-1908    

*Child of  William LaBeff(b:ca 1865) & Artie LaBeff Gammill (b: ca 1888)



MINOR  A. LAMBERT   8-2-1900  to  8-20-1938


to 12-7-1999    *Eastern Star



HERBERT  KING  LAMKINS  7-14-1919  to  9-27-2007

*S/of  William Joseph Lamkins(1863-1934) & Nancy Ethelene Brown Lamkins(1879-1959) 

*Spouses: *1st  Jewel Dean Key Davies(1925-1989)   *2nd Melba Holder(1922-2010)

"Together Forever"

&  MELBA  HOLDER  LAMKINS(87)  5-1-1922 to 1-11-2010

 *D/of William Marion Holder(1901-1987) & Ida Gertrude Foster Holder(1902-1977)  *OB 

*2nd  Wf/of late Herbert King Lamkins.




DAVID  W.  LANEY   Dec 1832  to  Sept 1919

&   CLARINDA  LANEY   Nov 1835  to  Dec 1907


FORNEY  R.  LANEY   3-23-1874  to  3-21-1965 

&   EMILY  J.  LANEY   1-22-1881  to  6-21­-1934 

"Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"


GEORGE  FRANKLIN  LANEY  10-10-1855  to  1-15-1939 

"Sweet Is The Calm Of Paradise The Blest"

&  BELLE  SIMPSON  LANEY   1-28-1862  to  1-18-1938 


G.  W.  LANEY  2-9-1886  to  11-8-1910/19 

"Come Unto Me"


MARTHA  M. J.  LANEY  3-28-1834  to  1-12-1897

*D/of  G.F.  &  F. I. Laney


WARREN  HARDING  LANEY   1-2-1920  to  12-7-1989   

*Md:7/12/1943   *1ST  US  Army  WW II   "A Thoughtful Provider And Loving Mother"

&  WINONA  McMAHEN  LANEY  7-19-1921  to  9-5-1976  




1-9-2012   *D/of  Boyd Edna Hill(1888-1955) & Louella Montgomery Hill(1888-1935)

*Spouses: 1st HERMAN GORDON LOWERY(1909-1979) *Md:Adelle Hill,1932,Union Co.,AR

*2nd JAMES NATHAN LASTER(1923-1984)



 ELIZA “LYDE” REYNOLDS LAWRENCE 9-12-1852 to 1-30-1889

*D/of Elizabeth Slayter(1823-1887) &  James T. Reynolds(1819-1964)

*1st wife of William Samuel Lawrence ((1851-1921)  


ETTA  MAE  LAWRENCE  4-1-1909  to  9-17-1976

*D/of Frank Wesley Lawrence(1878-1963) & Martha ‘Mattie’ Elizabeth Mellard(1875-1944)

   "Sisters"         "We Will Meet Again"

&  NETTIE  LUCILLE  LAWRENCE  9-7-1905  to  7-14-1997

*D/of Frank Wesley Lawrence(1878-1963) & Martha ‘Mattie’ Elizabeth Mellard(1875-1944)


FRANK  WESLEY  LAWRENCE  7-22-1878  to 8-21-1963

*S/of  Eliza Reynolds(1852-1889) &  William Samuel Lawrence(1851-1921)

*Md: Mattie Elizabeth Mellard in 1900 in Union Co., AR


4-11-1875  to  1-6-1944 

*D/of Seaborn James Mellard(b:ca 1834AL) & Martha Deborah Howie Mellard(1836-1875)


HAROLD  LAWRENCE   8-8-1907  to  10-24-1907

*S/of Richard Petros Lawrence(1861-1924) & Eudora Cornelia Hogg Lawrence(1868-1924)



9-23-1906  *Wf/of Richard Petros Lawrence, Sr.(1821-1900) *Md:12/27/1846 Union Co.


LILLIE  AGNES  LAWRENCE  2-16-1906  to  7-18-1993

*D/of  Richard Petros Lawrence(1861-1924) & Eudora Cornelia Hogg Lawrence(1868-1924)


RICHARD  PETROS  LAWRENCE  2-1-1861 to 10-8-1924

*S/of  Richard P. Lawrence, Sr.(1821-1900) & Mary Matilda Brown Lawrence(1826-1905)

*Md:2/14/1883   El Dorado, AR


12-21-1924  *D/of William Hiram Hogg(1823-1904) & Malinda Reynolds Hogg(1832-1905)   


WILLIAM  SAMUEL  LAWRENCE 7-16-1851 to  2-18-1921

*S/of  Richard Petros Lawrence, Sr.(1821-1900) & Mary Matilda Brown Lawrence(1826-1905)

*Spouses: *Md: 1872  *1st  Wife, Eliza Reynolds (1852-1889)

*Md: 1890 *2nd  Wife, Arrie Della Perry(1870-1939)

"They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"

&  ARRIE  DELLA  PERRY  LAWRENCE  1870 to 1939

(3-29-1870  to  11-29-1939)  *2nd wf, of William Samuel Lawrence

*D/of  Benjamin Joseph Perry(1842-1916) & Lucinda Caroline Perdue Perry(1843-1915)



ARTHUR  HERBERT  LEISTER   5-4-1886  to  6-15-1970

*S/of David R. Leister(1840-1901) & Sarah Jane Doughty Leister(1845-1934)

"We Shall Meet To Part No More"

&  MAUD MARY CALHOUN LEISTER  3-5-1883 to  3-24-1956

*D/of  Daniel E. Calhoun(1850-1894) & America Beatras Herring Calhoun(1852-1910)


LINDSEY  FLOYD  LEISTER  12-11-1912  to  11-15-1939

*S/of Arthur Herbert Leister(1886-1970) & Maud Mary Calhoun Leister(1883-1956)

"Just In The Morning Of His Day, In Youth and Love He Died"



AUGUSTA  LAWRENCE  LEWIS  2-1-1861  to  1908

*S/of Richard P. Lawrence, Sr.(1821-1900) & Mary Matilda Brown Lawrence(1826-1905)

*Md: in 4/3/1879 Samuel Lewis,( b: ca 1859) *Augusta Lawrence is the name is given on

the 1900 Federal Census, and she is single, age 39, a Farmer. Her Mother, listed as

M M Lawrence, age 74 & a widow. Augusta’s Son, Malcolm is listed as a “Lawrence”,

age 21, single.  Augusta’s tombstone only lists “Augusta Lawrence”.


CORNELIA  E.  LEWIS  10-5-1853  to  9-25-1859


KARON JOY DAVIS  LEWIS(65) 9-11-1948  to  11-21-2013 *OB

*D/of  Gerald & Maycel Wood Davis    


PAM  HARDENBROOK LITES (49) 3-19-1964AZ  to  7-1-2013*OB

*D/of  Leroy & Mary Lou Hardenbrook of Arizona; *RN  

*Late 2nd  husband, Maximiliano  Max’ Arthuro Dominguez, Jr.

Surviving husband, KIRK LITES (Re – Married :10/22/12)

*Shares double headstone with  Kirk Lites, her 1st  husband.



ZACHARY  REX  LITTLE  10-6-1975  to 10-12-1993 

*S/of Dean & Rita Little   *Age 18   "Our Shooting Star Now Shines In Heaven"



CECIL  WAYNE  LOWERY   5-14-1931  to  5-28-2000

*S/of  John Alex Lowery(1891-1975) & Susan T. Johnson Lowery(1902-1984)

*Md: Virginia Thomas 1950, Columbia Co., AR      *SGM  US  Army  Vietnam

&  VIRGINIA  RUTH THOMAS LOWERY(83) 10-5-1931 to 

6-22-2015   "Our Father Which Art  In Heaven"

*D/of Daniel ‘Dick’ Stephens Thomas(1900-1962) &  Rachel Stark Thomas (1903-1995) 


COY  OLIVER  LOWERY(78)  8-14-1936  to  9-22-2014*OB    

*S/of  Gladys Ethel Bridges Lowery(1910-2000) & William Jesse Lowery(1907-1955)

*Md:8/16/1963  "Tina"     *U.S. Army Vet

&  ALLENTINE "TINA"  LOWERY  4-12-1945  (One date)   


KEVIN  DWAYNE  LOWERY   8-5-1976  to  12-19-1976 

*Infant son of DANNY  &  ELAINE  LOWERY  "Jesus Called"    *4 mo-14 dys  *MM


"Little" MARVIN  LOWERY  9-17-1918  to  3-8-1919

*S/of  Julius William Lowery(1883-1932) & Martha Artelia Rowland Lowery(1884-1928)


JOHN  ALEXANDER  LOWERY  3-29-1873  to  11-28-1888 

*S/of  Jonathan W. Lowery(1836-1906) & Sarah Ann Brumbelow Lowery(1843-1894)


JONATHAN  W. “JOHN”  LOWERY  1-26-1836NC to  4-22-1906AR

*S/of  William Lowery(1808-1903) & Rhoda B. Collins Lowery (1816-1884)

*Spouses: Md: *1st Sarah Ann Brumbelow(1843-1894) *Md: *2nd Talula Fitzgerald Hearin (1868-1932)

*Talula  “Lula” Fitgerald Hearin is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, El Dorado, AR

"Farewell My Wife And Children  All From You A Father Christ Doth Call"

SARAH  ANN BRUMBELOW LOWERY 12-1-1843  to  8-3-1894

*D/of  Asa Brumbelow (1820-1889)  & Margaret Cummings Brumbelow(1837-1899)

*1ST Wf/of Jonathan  W. Lowery  *Md: 1861  Union County, NC

"God Gave, He Took, He Will Restore. He Doeth All Things Well"



KEVIN  DEWAYNE  LOWERY  8-5-1976  to  12-19-1976

*4 mos-14 dys  *S/of  Danny & Elaine Lowery


JULIUS  WILLIAM  LOWERY  6-2-1883  to  6-20-1932

*S/of  William Henry Lowery(1848-1909) & Margaret Eugenia Fincher Lowery(1853-1900)

*Spouses:  *1st Martha Artelia Rowland (1884-1928)   *2nd Bertha Graves (1911-1968)

*Julius is actually buried in South Carolina, at Elizabeth Baptist Church, Mt. Croghan.

MARTHA ARTELIA ROWLAND LOWERY 8-28-1884 to 11-23-1928

*D/of  William E. Rowland(1838-1903) &  Mary E. Cason Rowland(1842-1917)

*1st wife of, Julius William Lowery (1883-1932) *Shown above, but buried in South Carolina.

*Julius is buried at Elizabeth Baptist Church, Mt. Croghan, in Chesterfield Co., SC


MARVIN  LOWERY  9-17-1918  to  3-8-1919

*S/of Julius William Lowery(1883-1932) &  Martha Artelia Rowland Lowery(1884-1928)



*D/ of Charles Henry ‘Charlie’ Sullivan(1875-1921) & Selete VA. Thurlkill Sullivan Sisk (1883-1928)

*Mary Lou “{Lucy” md: Carl Lowery (1894-1976) in 1920 Union County, AR

"In Loving Memory Of" 


MELBA JUNE BOSWELL LOWERY(70) 12-10-1944AR to 11-3-2015LA

*D/of  Lee Roy Boswell(1901-1966) & Elba Anderson Boswell(1909-1999) *OB

 *Husband, William Lowery


PAMELA ANN JONES LOWERY(58) 11-5-1955  to 1-26-2014 *OB

*D/of  Daniel C & Evelyn D. Jones   *H/of  36 yrs, Cecil Ray Lowery


WILLIAM  JESSE LOWERY 12-29-1907 to  9-22-1955

*S/of Richard Marion Lowery(1888-1963) &  Ella Cates Lowery(1882-1918) 

"Absent In Body, But Present In Spirit"  "Her Children Arise Up, And Call Her Blessed  Proverbs 3:28"

&  GLADYS ETHEL  BRIDGES LOWERY 7-8-1910  to  3-6-2000

*D/of  Henry McDonald Bridges(1879-1963) & Fannie Lucy Webb Bridges(1885-1971)

*Children: Norma Faye, Delbert D."Pete", Laverne, Coy, Barbara, Wm. Gerald, Paula, & Danny Lowery. 

(She Was A Good Mama)  *The children are listed on the backside of monument.


WILLIAM  WALTER  "BUD" LOWERY 1-25-1910  to  4-18-1985

*S/of  Julius William Lowery(1883-1932) &  Martha Artelia Rowland Lowery(1884-1928)



RUSSELL  HUGH “PAT” LUPO  10-17-1951CA to 11-9-2004 AR

*Russell  md: Bonnie Jo Hill in Reno, NV in 1983

"Forever In Our Hearts"


ALIVIA  GRACE  MACHEN     b. & d.  8-4-2010 

*D/of Phillip & Amy Machen  Granddaughter of Jerry McVey.

*”Every Good And Perfect Gift Is From Above, Coming Down From The Father”.



RONALD “RONNIE” RAY MATTHEWS (63) 8-31-1947 to  2-17-2011

*Md: 6/7/1969   Virginia Husbands Matthews (1948-2010)

* Three embedded photos of this couple:  "Soul mates Forever"  *Children:Shannon-Ben


1-25-2010  *D/of Lois Virginia Hinson (1922-1988) &  Wayne Hershel Husbands, Sr.(1918-2015)



ROY  CLEMENT  McCLAMMY  8-9-1927LA  to  3-12-2000TX

*S/of  Elbert Budd McClammy (1905-1983) &  Naomi “Nannie” McClammy (b:ca 1909 MS)

 *US  Army Air Force  WW II    *Md:9/27/1947

&  WILLIE  LEE  McGAUGH McCLAMMY(85)  4-13-1929  to  4-2-2015

*D/of George Alfred McGaugh (1880-1953) &  Ethel Elizabeth Lawrence (1887-1962)    *OB



ARRENA "LANEY" McCORVEY 1890  -  1911

"Her life an ideal her memory an inspiration"



NOLAN CARDELL McDOWELL  4-17-1923 LA to 12-11-2006 AR

*S/of Drucilla B. Alexander McDowell(1904-1975)

*Drucilla  buried at Mount Zion Cemetery, Hall Summit. Red River Parish, LA

*Md:11/18/1944   *Children: Butch, Elaine, Barry, Linda,Wayne, Beverly, Rocky

&  MATTIE  LOU  DUMAS  McDOWELL  6-4-1925  to  8-2-2007

*D/of  Henry Wesley Dumas (1890-1966) & Sallie Roberta Mooty Dumas(1892-1951)



CAROLYN  JUNE  McGARITY   9-10-1931  to  9-27-1948

*D/of Sidney Carroll McGarity (1902-1985)  &  *1st wife  Belle Adams (Md: 1925 Union Co., AR)

"Forever in our Hearts"   *Photo embedded on tombstone.  *Age 17



ALFRED  VERNON  McGAUGH   12-18-1910  to  12-31-1976

*S/of George Alfred McGaugh(1880-1953) &  Ethel Elizabeth Lawrence McGaugh(1887-1962)


&  JEROLINE WALLACE McGAUGH  11-20-1914  to  3-3-1994

*D/of  Hugh W. Wallace(1879-1949) & Blanche Greer Wallace (1886-1963)


BILLY  RAY  McGAUGH   10-28-1937  (One date) 

*Md:3/22/1958    *Children: Russell, Bryan, Donna

&  FLORENCE  MARIE  POLK  McGAUGH  8-28-1939 (One Date)


CLYDE  ISHMAEL  McGAUGH   7-7-1913  to  8-23-1982

*S/of George Alfred McGaugh(1880-1953) &  Ethel Elizabeth Lawrence McGaugh(1887-1962)

"Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord"

& TOMMIE LEE  CATES  McGAUGH   4-9-1915  to 12-19-2006 

*D/of  William Henry Cates(1876-1933) &  Frances Cordelia Lowery Cates(1883-1917)


GEORGE (A.) ALFRED  McGAUGH  9-18-1880MS  to  8-20-1953AR

*S/of  Wesley C. McGaugh(1841-1925) & Clementine Longacre McGaugh(1851-1919)

*Md:1/12/1908   "Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal" 


1-10-1962  *D/of  William Samuel Lawrence(1851-1921) & Eliza Reynolds Lawrence(1852-1889)

"Tender Mother And  A Faithful Friend"


GEORGE  ALTON  McGAUGH, JR.  8-25-1969  to  4-16-1977

*S/of George Alton McGaugh, Sr. &  Peggy Sue Jones McGaugh    "Our Son"


GEORGE  IRA  McGAUGH   5-16-1909  to  12-27-1986

*S/of  Albert Hickman McGaugh(1872-1952) & Ada Orr McGaugh (1882-1967)

"The Seeds Of Today Are The Flowers Of Tomorrow"

&  SARA  LUCILLE  CULLINS  McGAUGH  11-9-1913  to  3-1-1977

*D/of  George Wilson Cullins(1887-1960) &  Lena Elizabeth Foster Cullins(1893-1940)

*Parents of  Gary Lynn McGaugh  11-4-1950  to  4-22-2010, wife, Viki; burial location unknown

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


OLEN  DONALD “BO” McGAUGH(88) 6-23-1926 to  4-15-2015 *OB

*S/of George Alfred McGaugh(1880-1953) &  Ethel Elizabeth Lawrence McGaugh(1887-1962) 

*Wf/of  68 yrs, Myrtle Delona Foster   (Md: 6/1/1946)   “Cootsie”    “R.N.”

*U.S. Army  WW II   *Purple Heart Recipient  *Retired Postman



to 7-8-1986 




(C.B.) CORNEILAS B. McGEE  10-18-1875  to  5-2-1906

*S/of James McGee(1836-1910) & Rhoda Jane Hogg McGee(1838-1902)


Infant  McGEE  8-6-1900 to 8-25-1900 

*S/of  William  Elisha  McGee(1866-1939) &  Eula Lee Cook  McGee(1876-1937)


Infant  McGEE  b & d 10-19-1909 

*D/of  William  Elisha  McGee(1866-1939) &  Eula Lee Cook  McGee(1876-1937)


Infant  McGEE  9-24-1897to 9-28-1897  

*D/of  William  Elisha  McGee(1866-1939) &  Eula Lee Cook  McGee(1876-1937)


Infant  McGEE  10-18-1902 to 10-18-1902 

*D/of  William  Elisha  McGee(1866-1939) &  Eula Lee Cook  McGee(1876-1937)


JAMES  McGEE   9-6-1836 to 5-26-1910

*S/of  Seleta Mauk McGee(1809-1893) & Elisha McGee(1805-1861)  

 (2011- this old headstone is pretty much illegible)

RHODA JANE HOGG McGEE  8-21-1839MS to 2-15-1902AR

*D/of  William Buck Hogg(1804-1859) & Jane Kelly Burns Hogg(1814-1886)

*Wf/of  James McGee(1836-1910)


LOTTIE  McGEE    2-3-1894  to 2-6-1894  

*D/of  William  Elisha  McGee(1866-1939) &  Eula Lee Cook  McGee(1876-1937)

PAULINE  McGEE 7-24-1908  to 1-15-1909  

*D/of  William  Elisha  McGee(1866-1939) &  Eula Lee Cook  McGee(1876-1937)


SELETEA  MAUK  McGEE  11-22-1809GA  to  6-11-1893

*D/of  Samuel Mauk & Susanna Hoover Mauk

*Wf/of  Elisha McGee(3/22/1805NC - 5/15/1861AR)

*Parents of 13 children.


(W.E.) WILLIAM  ELISHA  McGEE   4-2-1866  to  9-3-1939

*S/of James McGee(1836-1910) & Rhoda Jane Hogg McGee(1839-1902)

EULA  LEE  COOK  McGEE  7-26-1876  to  3-30-1937

*Wf/of  William Henry Cook(1850-1897) & Missouri Katherine Shaw(1854-1896) 

*”Lula” Wf/of  W.E. McGee



ANTHONY  ZORG  McGOWAN   6-1-1985  to 12-29-1995

*S/of Doris Janell Bledsoe McGowan(1950-2016) & Billy Rex Bledsoe  

(his marker near grandmother, Roselle V. McGowan) *Photo embedded   

"Shining Down From Heaven"  "Gone But Not Forgotten, He Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"



to  7-8-1986AR  *D/of Clarence V. Sanderford (1887-1953) & Willie Lee Varner Miller(1889-1969)

"Mother"  *Wf/of  Fred Arthur McGowan (1899-1984)

"She is resting peacefully with Jesus in that beautiful home above

God's greatest gift returned to God    Our Mother"


DORIS JANELL BLEDSOE  McGOWAN(65)12-15-1950 to  3-15-2016

*D/of Billy Rex Bledsoe(1932-1997) &  Mattie Louise Ward Bledsoe(1929-1998)    *RN   *OB

*Wf/of  Billy  W. McGowan  *M/of late sons,  Anthony Zorg McGowan & Michael Wayne McGowan

*Doris was cremated. Memorial Service at later date. Location of ashes unknown.



JERRY  DEAN  McKINNIE(72)   9-21-1935  to  11-11-2007

*S/of Turner Lloyd McKinnie(1912-1968)  &  Ruby Grant McKinnie(1912-1998)    

*Md:1/19/1961  Wife, Helen McKinnie for 46 yrs.

&   HELEN  R.  McKINNIE   11-30-1940  (One date)    



ALFIE  MAY  McKNIGHT  10-15-1904  to  10-4-1906  

*D/ of  Joseph Benjamin McKnight(1875-1950)  &  Lucy M. Clay Knight(1874-1958)  

"Meet Me In Heaven"


JOHN  HOUSTON McKNIGHT   1840AL   to  11-20-1906AR  

*PVT   Co  C-19  Regt  LA  Infantry   *CSA marker


JOSEPH BENJAMIN “BEN” McKNIGHT  2-6-1875  to  7-5-1950 

"Father"   *S/of John Houston McKnight(1840-1906)

&  LUCY CLAY McKNIGHT  9-1-1874  to  11-29-1958 "Mother"   

*D/of  Isham Mack Clay(1832-1905) & Francis Jane “Fannie” Bryan Clay (b:ca 1842 AL- died AR)

*Isham buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Union Co., AR.

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"




J.  BURTON “BURT” McQUAIGUE  2-22-1884  to  4-6-1967

*S/of  John R. McQuaigue(b: ca 1844 AL)   *Burt  md: 1900 Ouachita Co., AR Nancy Montgomery

NANCY  MONTGOMERY  McQUAIGUE   3-17-1878  to  3-15-1947 

*Wf/of  J. Burton McQuaique (1884-1967)  [sic McQuaique / aMcQuaigue]





 7-15-2006    "For I Know The Plans I Have For You" Jer. 29:1?

*D/of  Edward Jackson  McWilliams(1913-1995) & Marie Spillers McWilliams(1923-2012)

*Above parent info may be incorrect.


EDWARD  JACKSON  McWILLIAMS  12-6-1913  to  7-7-1995

*S/of  Garland Jackson McWilliams(1890-1932) & Letha Clara Bray McWillams (1895-1990)

*Md: 12/6/1942  

&  MARIE SPILLERS  McWILLIAMS (89) 7-8-1923  to 12-14-2012 

*D/of John Wesley Spillers(1892-1967) & Virginia Ann Hill Spillers(1892-1978)  *ob




WILBUR  “WILEY” ALFRED MEGGS  11-30-1913 to 5-29-1997 "Father"

*S/of Johnnie William Meggs(1886-1956) & Lena Mae Slaughter Meggs(1895-1982)

&  VERNA ESTELLE FITZGERALD MEGGS(87) 8-21-1918 to 6-20-2006

*D/of  John Thomas Bunion Fitzgerald(1879-1928)  & Anna Olivia Lawrence Fitzgerald(1883-1959)*OB 

*Spouses:  *1st HOWARD L. WILBUR d:1966)  *2nd HOMER M. JONES (d: 2001)  *3rd: WILBUR MEGGS (d:1997)  

"Mother"        "In His Presence"




MELBA  DEAN  MILLER   2-11-1928  to  5-2-2008  

*D/of Hubert & Estelle Jean Miller





7-22-1909 *D/of  Jonathan W. Lowery(1836-1906) &  Sarah Ann Brumbelow Lowery(1843-1894)  

*30 yr old  Wf/of  William  Roscoe Montgomery




GERALD  H. "SKIP" MOORE, V (5th) 2-27-1987  to  4-16-1999   


JAMES  PORTER  MOORE  6-26-1921  to 7-5-2007

*S/of  William Howard Moore, Jr. (1882-1921) & Francina Stacks Moore (b:ca 1888 AR)

*Md:10/2/1943     *Children:Ann,Gary

&  SYBLE OPHELIA  HEMBREE  MOORE  3-3-1925 (One date)

*D/of Daniel Monroe Hembree(1867-1928) & Mary Annie Lewis Hembree(1886-1979)

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"



BILLY  C.  MORGAN   2-3-1936  (One date) 

&  LINDA LEE  PURCELL MORGAN (68) 8-29-1941 to 2-6-2010

*D/of Howard Purcell & Fannie Lee Barnes Purcell;  *Sister to late, Nina Beth Atkins  *OB       

*H/of 51 yrs, Billy Morgan;  *Family Photo   *Our Children: Steve, Lisa, Mark    


CAROLYN  LOUISE  MORGAN   11-19-1937  to  4-2-2007

*D/of  Noel “Buddy”  Morgan(1917-1985) & Carl M. Fitzgerald Morgan(1915-1996)

 "She Had A Twinkle"  *Carolyn is next to Wade Morgan Smith


JOHN  LEE  MORGAN, JR.(82)(J.L.) 11-3-1926  to 11-12-2008 

*S/of  John Lee Morgan, Sr.(1892-1940)  &  Fannie Wessie Pickering Morgan (J.L.)(1895-1977)  

*Md:10/4/1958    Anna Raye Daniels   * US Army  World War II-Korea

 "Not My Will But Thine Be Done"

&  ANNA RAYE DANIELS MORGAN, JR.  12-29-1933 (One date)

*D/of  Louie Green Daniels(1907-1981) & Ruby Marie Hill Daniels(1911-1996)

*Spouses: *Md 1st in 1950, Claud Hezekiah Busey(1931-1984) *2nd John Lee Morgan, Jr.


 PAUL  W.  MORGAN(38)  11-21-1970  to  1-15-2010  *OB

*Son of Noel Lenox Buddy Morgan, Jr. & Ruth Bridges Morgan; 

Brother of Rich;  Father of  England Noelle and  Jospeh Rhyan Morgan



HARMEL  EUGENE  MOSS   2-14-1931  to  5-21-1998

*S/of  Ernest Franklin Moss(1903-1975) & Mamie Hendrick Moss(1910-1993) 


&  DOROTHY LEE  CARELOCK MOSS(87) 7-8-1929  to 10-3-2016*OB

*D/of Cooksey Lee Carelock(1908-2004) & Vera Mae McGaugh Carelock(1909-1988)



CHARLES  HENRY  MURPHY  1-9-1946 to 12-13-1965

*Grave has been moved to another cemetery



MABEL LIPSEY  COOK  NASH  7-31-1890  to  12-10-1970OK

*D/of  Walter Jefferson Lipsey(1868-1949)  & Lenora L. Lipsey(1872-1955)

*1st husband, Robert Luther Cook(1887-1939) buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, El Dorado

*2nd husband, Newton Milton Nash(1877-1963)buried Stillwater, OK along with 1st wife.

"She's Safe At Home"



JACK  EDWARD  NEELY  5-3-1926  to  6-8-2000

*S/of Elbert N. Neely(1889-1957) &  Rutha Nalls Neely(1895-1937)    

*Md:11/3/1945      "Gone But Not Forgotten"      *US  Army  World War II

& MAUDIE RUTH McGAUGH NEELY(85)5-23-1922 to 11-10-2008

*D/of George Alfred McGaugh(1880-1953) & Ethel Elizabeth Lawrence McGaugh(1887-1962)



BIRDIE  NEWSOM   12-28-1891  to  3-13-1901   

*S/of  William Alexander Newsom(1849-1925)  & Matilda Telitha Brumblow Newsom(1848-1926)    

 (Broken tombstone)


(R.V.)ROBERT V. NEWSOM   6-19-1871  to  9-10-1917

*S/of  James Wilson Newsom(1846-1915) & Sarah Frances Cason Newsom(1845-1887)

* H/of  Mary Frances Newsom Mercer


SARAH  FRANCES CASON NEWSOM  10-17-1845  to  10-24-1887

*D/of Andrew Burton ZCason(1825-1905) &  Harriet D. Timmons Cason   (1830-1886) 

*Wf/of  James Wilson Newsom (1846-1915)


WILLIAM  ALEXANDER NEWSOM  11-24-1849NC  to  3-5-1925AR

*S/of William Isaac Newsom (1819 NC-1868 NC) & Sarah Gulledge Newsom (1817 NC-1900 NC)

*H/of Mathilda Telitha Brumblow   *Md: in 1866 Union Co., NC


12-7-1926  *D/of Asa  Brumblow (1820-1889) &  Margaret Cummings Brumbelow(1837-1899)

"Mothers at rest"   *Wife of William Alexander Newsom


WILLIAM  M. NEWSOM   9-5-1882  to  9-18-1892 

*S/of  William Alexander Newsom(1849-1925)  & Matilda Telitha Brumblow Newsom(1848-1926)    

(2011-stone broken-difficult to read)

"Our Darling One Hath Gone Before To Greet Us On The Other Shores"



VICTOR  H. NIPPER  8-5-1939  (One date) 

*S/of Joel Bemis Nipper(1908-1987) & Frances Moss Hines Nipper(1905-1974)

*Md:1/27/1959    "Loved Forever"  "With A Never Ending Love"

&  MARTHA MAE COVINGTON  NIPPER  3-31-1940 to  5-29-2004 

* This is a beautiful monument with two photos etched into the marble.

One photo of them as a young couple & the other of them when they were older.

*Our Children:  Scott, Vicki, David, Shellie



JAMES  A.  NORRIS  1-5-1834  to  9-27-1876


W. A.  NORRIS  3-24-1836  to  7-7-1907  (Mason)



SUSIE  FITZGERALD NORSWORTHY 7-8-1899 to 7-15-1920

*1ST Wife of Frank Norsworthy (1896-1956)  *Md: 1917 Union County, AR

*Frank Norsworthy is buried in Green Grove Cemetery, Union Co., along with his 2nd wife.



MICHAEL  LANCE  ODYA  2-17-1969  to 12-28-1997

*S/of Jackson Robert Odya & Sharron Kay Horton Odya  

*Md:4/22/1995   "Beloved Husband & Father, Son, & Brother"   * PFC  US  Army 

"Together Always And Forever"    *Wedding Photo

&  GWENDOLYN  GAYE  ODYA  5-2-1963  (One date)

*Children: Wesley, Justin, Hannah, Shelby



ADAM  LEE  OWENS  5-31-1984TX  to  7-23-2000 AR

"Gone But Not Forgotten"



ANDREW  L.  PALCULICT   3-30-1914  to  4-14-1995 "Father"

*T SGT  US  Army Air Corps  World War  II  

"In The Lords Hands We Trust"  "He Giveth His Beloved Sleep" 

& JUSTINA ROSE PALCULICT 11-15-1925  to  6-28-2003KS "Mother"


DEBORAH  ANN  PALCULICT    1952  to  1953

*D/of  Andrew L. Palculict (1914-1995) & Justina Rose Palculict (1925-2003) 

"Or Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"



WILEY JENNINGS  PARHAM, JR  4-20-1929  to  9-26-1996

*S/of  Wiley Jennings Parham (1898-1946) & Louise Ione Gray Parham-Mann(1909-1996)  

*Md:10/11/1961    "Too Well Loved To Ever Be Forgotten"

&  NATALIE  DANIELS  PARHAM    8-1-1931 (One date)

*D/of  Louie Green Daniels(1907-1981) & Ruby Marie Hill Daniels (1911-1996)



ELTON  LEE  PATTERSON  5-24-1915  to 11-19-2002

*S/of  Thomas A. Patterson(1890-1973) & Nellie M. Hall Patterson(1894-1974)  

*Md:5/12/1934 Union Co., AR

&  FREDA  E.  BURLEY  PATTERSON  6-4-1918  (One date) 

*D/of  Johnie Moore Burley(1885-1954)  to  Verna Faulk Burley(1892-1994)


GARY ALLEN PATTERSON   1-30-1963  to  3-10-1964 

*S/of  Jerry Wayen Patterson(1937-2010)  &  Virginia ‘Gen’ McGaugh Patterson  (b:1939)

"Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven"


HAROLD  GENE  PATTERSON   6-2-1945  to  8-7-2005

*S/of  Elton Lee Patterson (1915-2002)  &  Freda E. Burley Patterson(b: 1918)

"God Held Him Close And Whispered Come With Me"


JERRY WAYNE PATTERSON(72)   9-18-1937 to  2-27-2010TX

*S/of  Elton Lee Patterson (1915-2002)  &  Freda E. Burley Patterson(b: 1918) *OB

*Md: 11/10/1956   Jerry Wayne Patterson died in Brownwood, TX from a major stroke)

"Blessed Is He Who Trusts In The Lord"  *Beautiful black marble monument

& VIRGINIA “GEN”  McGAUGH PATTERSON 4-3-1939 (One date)

*D/of  Clyde Ishmael McGaugh(1913-1982) & Tommie Lee Cates McGaugh(1915-2006)

*Our Girls: Connie and Cathy      *Our Boys: Richard and Gary 


JOE  ALLEN  PATTERSON   2-7-1956  to  5-12-1957

"God Bless Our Baby Boy"


ODELL  PATTERSON   6-15-1917  to  6-5-1998

*S/of Thomas A. Patterson(1890-1973) & Nellie M. Hall Patterson (1894-1974)  


&  BRONIS  SMITH  PATTERSON  10-20-1921  (One date)

*D/of Sam Lafayette Smith(1884-1977) & Belle Braswell Smith(1887-1971)



ALMA  DWIGHT  PEACE   1-7-1900  to  12-23-1958

*S/of  William G. Peace(1869-1938) & Lucy A Peace(1871-1930)

*1st Husband of Mary Lena Trull Peace Horne(1910-1999)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"  *Buried next to Mary Lena Horne


4-28-1999  *Buried along side her first husband, Alma Dwight Peace.

*Spouses:  *1st Alma Dwight Peace(1900-1958)  *2nd James Sellar Horne (1911-2005)

*James Sellar Horne is buried at Old Union Baptist Cemetery, Crain City Road.

*Inscription on tombstone:  “Mary Lena Trull Horne” and dates.


GEORGE  DWIGHT  PEACE   9-7-1938  to  5-27-1946

*S/of Mary Lena Trull Peace Horne (1910-1999) & Alma Dwight Peace(1900-1958)

"Only Sleeping"  *Buried next to Mary Lena Trull Peace Horne



G.  LUTHER  PENDLETON  12-8-1887  to  12-3-1899   

*S/of Mary Elizabeth Reasons (1864-1939) & George Robert Pendleton(1858-1941)



JERRY  LYNN  PEPPER  10-21-1948   (One date)

*Md:3/9/1968     "To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"

&  LINDA GAIL CATES PEPPER  9-12-1946 to 3-4-1997

*D/of  Jack J. Cates(1907-1981) & Bessie Beatrice Hill Cates(1908-1994)


LAWRENCE  JAMES  PEPPER  4-16-1915 to 6-23-1993

*S/of  Jim W. Pepper(1889-1960) &  Lillie Ann Pepper(1892-1964)

*Pvt. US Army WW II   "A Life Like Theirs Has "Left" A Memory Sweet To Dwell Upon"

& LEXIE ARLENE GREER PEPPER (93) 9-8-1920 to 4-2-2014

*D/of  William Patrick Greer(1886-1963)  &  Nellie Reynolds Greer(1892-1934)  *OB



HERMAN  RAY  PERDUE, SR. 1-20-1918  to  6-24-1998

*S/of John Albert Perdue(1887-1966) & Sarah Elizabeth Murphy Steelman Perdue(1875-1940) 

*Md:12/30/1951     "PSALM 23:  The Lord Is My Sheperd"

*Our Children: Lennis, Debra, Herman, Jr., Tamara Perdue

&  CLETA FAYE HILL PERDUE(84) 2-18-1931 to  5-3-2015

*D/of Tom Monroe Hill(1896-1966)  &  Vida Belle Carelock Hill (1901-1986)  

Wf/of Herman Ray Perdue for 48 yrs.  *OB



CARL  ELMER  PERRY  2-18-1921  to  5-29-1992

*S/of  Samuel Wright Perry( 1873-1958) &  Mollie Clawson Perry(1879-1968)

*Col. U.S. Army  WW II


JOE  PERRY  9-12-1910  to 10-6-1993

*S/of  Samuel Wright Perry( 1873-1958) & Mollie Clawson Perry(1879-1968)  


&  FANNIE  M.  PERRY  2-5-1917  to  5-18-1994


SAMUEL “SAM” WRIGHT PERRY  8-9-1873  to 11-3-1958

*S/of Andrew Jackson Perry (b:ca 1841 AL to 1882) *Died: Ouachita Co., AR  &

  Mary Ann Burns Perry (Dec 1851AR-1933) Louann, Ouachita Co., AR 

*Andrew & Mary buried Liberty Methodist Cemetery, Ouachita Co., AR

&  (MARY)MOLLIE  CLAWSON PERRY  8-11-1879  to  4-8-1968

*D/of John Hines Clawson (Jun 1845-1926) & Maria Euceba “Cebe” Lawrence (b:ca 1844 AL-1932AR)

*Mollie & Sam Md:1/17/1871 Union Co., AR.  *Both are buried in the Pate Cemetery.



JAMES  E.  PETERSON  2-16-1935  (One date)

&  ANNA MARIE  K.  PETERSON  3-27-1936  to  7-13-1983

*Wf/of  James E. Peterson


JAMES  F.  PETERSON  4-12-1908  to  4-12-1967 


&  ROSA  BEULAH  HALL  PETERSON  4-4-1917 (One date)


MARY  ELIZABETH  PETERSON  3-31-1883  to  7-4-1961    

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"



MARY  LOU  PHILLIPS   3-2-1929  to  9-7-2007

*D/of  Gordon Powell Phillips(1897-1975) &  Nettie Alice Phillips Warden (1934-1976)

"Big Sister – Mother – Our Beloved Mary Lou"

*Inscription across bottom of tombstone  ▼ ↓

"United In Marriage to .........Delmas J. Phillips July 8, 1949-June 17, 1984

DELMAS  J.  PHILLIPS   7/8/1949  to  6/17/1984  

*Delmas J. Phillips burial location unknown.



CYNTHIA  REYNOLDS  PICKERING  7-19-1847 to 7-15-1888 

*D/of James T. Reynolds(1819-1864) & Elizabeth Slayter Reynolds(1823-1887)

*41 year old  *1st  Wf/of  James  William Pickering (1939-1927) *Md:1879 Union County

*James Wm. Pickering is buried up the road at Parker Chapel church cemetery. 

"My Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"


GEORGE  A. PICKERING   8-9-1881  to  8-1-1883 

*S/of *1st wife, Cynthia Reynolds (1847-1888) & John  William Pickering 1839-1927) 


GEORGE  A. PICKERING  9-14-1885  to  3-28-1886 

*S/of  George Thomas Pickering(1846-1926)  &  Paulina  A. Combs Pickering(1858-1924)


GEORGE  HIRAM  PICKERING   7-4-1808  to  4-2-1876

*S/of  Charles W. Pickering(1786-1871) & Ann Lezie Probert Pickering(1789-1877)  *Age 67

*broken stone   *Most of the pieces are illegible-2011


 to 1-17-1897  *Wf/of George Hiram Pickering    (Broken but repaired stone)


GEORGE THOMAS PICKERING  7-22-1846  to  5-30-1926

*S/of George Hiram Pickering(1808-1876) &  Harriett Elizabeth Lucas Pickering(1812-1897)

"His Toils Are Past, His Work Is Done, He Fought The Fight, The Victory Won"

PAULINA  A. COMBS  PICKERING  3-16-1858  to  6-13-1924

*D/of Charles A. Combs(1811-1880) & Caroline Combs(1825-1879)   

*Wf/of  G.T. Pickering  "Rest Mother rest in quiet  sleep While friends in sorrow oer thee weep."



*D/of Edgar Cleo Hendricks(1915-1993) &  Bernice “Sis” Pitts Hendricks(1919-2016)      *OB

*Wf/of John Pickering. *Eloped to Greeville, MS  6/7/1957   

*Glenda & John became high school sweethearts. They eloped to Greenville, MS 6/7/1957.


Infant  PICKERING   12-23-1882  to  8-6-1883

*S/of J. W. & Cynthia Pickering

Infant  PICKERING   8-9-1881 to 8-11-1881 

*S/of J. W. & Cynthia Pickering


J.  HUSS  PICKERING    10-23-1882  to  8-6-1883  

*S/of John William  Pickering(1839-1927) & *1st wife, Cynthia Reynolds Pickering(1847-1888)


LUCY  M.  PICKERING    4-5-1883  to  7-12-1911 

*D/of  George Thomas Pickering(1846-1926) &  Paulina  A. Combs Pickering(1858-1924)


MARY  ELIZABETH  PICKERING   7-23-1850  to 9-5-1941

*D/of George Hiram Pickering(1808-1876) &  Harriett Elizabeth Lucas Pickering(1812-1897)


RUFUS  HAM  PICKERING   10-16-1895  to  12-21-1963

*S/of  George Thomas Pickering(1846-1926) &  Paulina  A. Combs Pickering(1858-1924) 


to 1-23-1983  *D/of Mary Jane Cameron(1871-1943) & John McGoogan(1870-1942)




EDDIE  HAROLD  PITRE (97) 9-18-1911 to 1-13-2009

*S/of Charles Lewis Pitre & Lillian Esau Doucet Pitre. *ob

*Md: 8/9/1958   * H/of Frances Marie Bass.

&  FRANCES  MARIE  BASS  PITRE (85) 6-29-1921 to 11-13-2006   

*D/of  Benjamin & Mae Bass. Frances b:LA  *Husband of 48 yrs, Eddie Harold Pitre *ob




AARON  ALEXANDER  PITTMAN   8-22-1898  to  5-9-1968

*S/of  Robert M. Pittman(1850-1924) &  Della Hinson Pittman (1876-1940)

 *Md:3/20/1920 Franklin Co., TX

& PENNIE MAE SMALLWOOD PITTMAN  4-17-1900 to 10-15-1986 

*D/of  John A. Smallwood (b: ca 1875 GA) & Mary Elizabeth Lindley Smallwood(1876 GA-1972)


ARA  M.  PITTMAN   5-10-1905  to  6-7-1906

*S/of  Robert M. Pittman(1850-1924) &  Della Hinson Pittman (1876-1940)   


DEMPSEY  G.  PITTMAN  1-28-1900  to  12-30-1971

*S/of  Robert M. Pittman(1850-1924) &  Della Hinson Pittman (1876-1940)  

&  OVA  MAE  GILES  PITTMAN   5-23-1914  to  7-6-2006

*Spouses: *1st George Garland Beevers(1912-1942)  *2nd Dempsey G. Pittman(1900-1971)

*D/of  Bonnie Roy Giles (1893-1983) & Rosa Ozella Brazell Giles (1896-1977)

*Bonnie md: Rosa in 1911 in Columbia Co., AR


EDWARD  L.  PITTMAN  1-11-1904  to  6-29-1959

*S/of  Robert M. Pittman(1850-1924) &  Della Hinson Pittman (1876-1940)


Infant  PITTMAN  b & d 11-27-1911 

*S/of  Robert M. Pittman (1850-1924) &  Della Hinson Pittman(1876-1940)


JAMES  WILLIAM  PITTMAN (DUB) 4-15-1925  to 11-12-2004

*S/of  Aaron Alexander Pittman(1898-1968) &  Pennie Mae Smallwood Pittman(1900-1986)

 *Md:12/22/1953        *COX  US  Navy  World War II   "You Are My Sunshine"

&  HELEN  JOYCE  WOOD  PITTMAN   8-11-1928  to  5-30-2008

*D/of  John Thomas Wood(1898-1978) & Katie Gertrude Pittman Wood(1907-1964)


JEFFRY  JAMES  “JEFF”  PITTMAN(39) 2-22-1959  to  3-22-1998 *OB

*S/of James Wm. “Dub” Pittman (1925-2004) & Helen Joyce Wood Pittman(1928-2008)

*Wife, Susie Smith Pittman "Forever In Our Hearts"


JOHN  A. “BUSTER”  PITTMAN   1-28-1909  to 1-30-1983

*S/of  Robert M. Pittman (1850-1924) & Della Hinson Pittman (1876-1940)

*Md:3/1/1927   "Caring Parents, Loving Partners, Faithful Friends"

GLADYS  ESTESS  PITTMAN    9-16-1911  to  5-23-1994

*D/of  Louie E. Estess (b: ca 1890 Massachusetts)


RAY  J. PITTMAN   10-2-1927  to  10-1-1997

*S/of  Dempsey G. Pittman (1900-1971) & Ova Mae Giles Pittman(1914-2006)

*US Army    "Too Well Loved To Ever Be Forgotten"


*Ray, was 2nd husband to Julia Inez Bray Cossey, buried at Marysville Cemetery, Union Co., AR


ROBERT  E.  PITTMAN  7-25-1902  to  5-24-1904

*S/of  Robert M. Pittman(1850-1924)  &  Della Hinson Pittman (1876-1940)   


ROBERT  M.  PITTMAN   9-7-1850NC  to  5-6-1924

*Md: 1898 Union County, AR

&  DELLA  HINSON  PITTMAN   11-19-1876  to  2-28-1940

"They Gave Their Today, For Our Tomorrow"


VIOLET  M.  PITTMAN 1939  to  1981 *MM 

*D/of  Aaron Alexander Pittman(1898-1968) & Pennie Mae Smallwood Pittman(1900-1986)

(2011- still has Bailey FH marker)



FOSTER  POINDEXTER   11-28-1913  to  6-5-1966

*S/of  Wm. Henry Poindexter (1891-1935) & Emma Foster Poindexter((b: ca 1897) Logan Co., AR

*Calif. S Sgt 358 Engr G5 Regt World War II

BOBBIE  RUTH  CRAVY  POINDEXTER   8-12-1918  to  9-9-1985

 *D/of  Robert E. Cravy(1892-1984) & Jane Estelle Combs Cravy(1891-1956)

*Husband, Foster Poindexter(1913-1966)



JAMES  E. "JIM"  PORTER  5-29-1953  (One date) 

*Md:9/15/1978    "We Will Dwell In The House Of The LORD  Forever"

&  CAROL  A.  FOSTER  PORTER   10-29-1956  to  12-15-2009

*D/of  James Franklin Foster(1908-1998)  &  2nd wife, Exie Mae Taylor Foster(1917-2002)



WILLIE  WASHINGTON  POPE  11-18-1892  to  4-6-1953

*S/of  Marion Judson Pope (1860-1952) & Hannah Jane Davis Pope (1874-1910)

*Ark Pfc Btry F 142 Field Arty  WW I



DONNA “DEE” JEAN GATES POST  6-2-1950  to  11-2-2013 *OB

*Born in Fukuoka, Japan to Delbert Gates & Maryjane Gates  *El Dorado Teacher for 41 yrs.

*Wf/of Nelson Post for 42 yrs.


WAYNE  POST  (86)  9-2-1924 LA   to  3-24-2011 AR

*S/of  John Frank Post (1885-1972) & Eddie Emma Webb Post(1896-1978)

"Fond Memories Linger Every Day, Remembrance Keeps Them Near "

*Md: 1947 Union County, AR

&  MINNIE  NADINE JETER POST (78)  6-5-1932   to  3-11-2011

*D/of  John Nathan Jeter (1899-1970) & Roena Rockett Jeter(1903-1986)

*Wayne & Nadine both have Mortuary Markers plus a large new headstone (Oct 2011-

*MM  Young's FH)



ANNA  C. POUNDS   May 1899  to 1902

*D/of John Henderson Pounds (1844-1924) & Sarah Frances Rushing Pounds (1854-1907)  

ELIJAH  JAMES  POUNDS  7-18-1883NC  to  Apr 1963AR  

*D/of John Henderson Pounds (1844-1924) & Sarah Frances Rushing Pounds (1854-1907)  

Infant  POUNDS   b & d  5-1-1903

*D/of John Henderson Pounds (1844-1924) & Sarah Frances Rushing Pounds (1854-1907)   


JOHN  HENDERSON  POUNDS   7-15-1844  to 1-20-1924

*S/of  Lydia Ashcraft Pounds (b: ca 1808 NC) & Samuel M. Pounds(1800-1876)

*John & Sarah md: 1877 Union Co., NC


*D/of  Elijah James Rushing (1820-1885) & Elizabeth Thomas Rushing(1828-1901)



DOMINIC  M.  POWELL  b.  &  d.  10-26-1993 

*Infant son of Billy and Shari Powell 

JESSIE  L. POWELL   8-24-1904  to 12-23-1991 

*Kids:Macy, LaFrida, & Bobbie



ROYCE  LYNN  PURIFOY, SR.   6-29-1945  (One date)

*Md:11/4/1966      "Only Sleeping"

&  JEAN  TAYLOR  PURIFOY  12-21-1926  to  5-7-2000



ALFRED  TAYLOR  PYLE  1-7-1877  to   5-7-1964

*S/of  William Rowan Pyle(1821-1899) & Harriet Susan Ayres Smith Pyle (1839-1878)

*Wm. R. Pyle’s spouses:  *1st Parmelia Ann Ward(1828-1875)  *2nd Harriett Susan Ayres

&  ANNIE LEE  PICKERING  PYLE  10-31-1881  to 7-17-1955

*D/of George Thomas Pickering(1846-1926) & Paulina A. Combs Pickering(1858-1924)

“Great – Loves – Live - On


ARVEL  PYLE   9-5-1910  to 11-1-1910  

*S/of Alfred Taylor Pyle (1877-1964) & Annie Lee Pickering Pyle(1881-1955)



A.  G.  RAINWATER (85)  6-24-1930  to  11-9-2015 *OB

*S/of  Gussie Thurman Rainwater(1901-1981) &  Amy Dell Davis Rainwater(1907-2002)

*Md:6/17/1950    Jean Evans   *22 yrs in National Guard   *Master Electrician

&  BOBBIE "JEAN" EVANS RAINWATER (79) 12-20-1930  to

10-8-2010   *Late sibling: Louise Evans Wheelus *OB

*D/of  Robert Tony Evans(1890-1966)  & Vivian Lee Wimberley Evans( 1896-1956)


VERNELL LOWERY RAINWATER (75)  9-7-1937 to 9-2-2013 *ob

*D/of  the late Herman Gordon Lowery(1909-1979) & Adell Elizabeth Hill Lowery Laster(1917-2012)

(Step-dad, James Laster)



THORNTON DEWAYNE "THORNEY"  RAY(66)  8-21-1950  to 12-23-2016  *S/of Joseph Bascom Ray(1909-1971) & Marjorie Amanda Thornton Ray(1917-1986)   


&  BEVERLEY JANICE  RAY  12-5-1944  (One date) 



ALFRED  LAVELLE  REYNOLDS    6-4-1905  to  11-15-1977

*S/of  Alfred Miles Reynolds(1881-1937) & Sarah Judy Rowland Reynolds(1886-1982)

*Md: 1930 Union Co., AR       "It Is Not Sorrow That Last Forever It Is Love"

ELSIE  MAE  FINCHER  REYNOLDS 8-2-1909  to  5-24-1982

*D/of  Lee Burton Fincher(1877-1950) & Cora Lugenia Glenn Fincher(1881-1958)

 "A Loving Mother and Faithful Friend"


ALFRED  MILES  REYNOLDS  1881 to 11-6-1937 *ARDI  

*Wife, Sarah Judy Rowland   *Md: 1904 Union Co., AR

"The Twilight Gates Are Opened Wide. Within Lies Eternal Peace"

SARAH  JUDY  ROWLAND REYNOLDS  6-12-1886  to  Oct 1982

*D/of Benjamin Thomas Rowland(1859-1941) & Christina Newsom Rowland (1867-1943)

*Husband, Alfred Miles Reynolds  *Md: 1904 Union Co., AR     "In Loving Memory"


ANNIE  E. MARCUS REYNOLDS  5-15-1857  to  8-26-1883 

*1st  Wf/of  Ezra B. Reynolds   *Md:June 1880. She died in the 3rd yr of their marriage.

*D/of  Abner David Marcus (1812-1862) & Emily Johnson Marcus(1824-1859)

*broken stone  (2011-headstone pretty much illegible)


ANNIE  VIOLA REYNOLDS   3-7-1898  to  8-2-1899    

*D/of  Ezra B. Reynolds(1856-1911) &  Myrtle Florence Foster Reynolds(1873-1944) 


ANTHONY  REYNOLDS   3-13-1849  to  10-9-1928

*S/of  James T. Reynolds (1819-1864) & Elizabeth Slayter Reynolds(1823-1887)                                          

"There is a land of pure delight,  Where saints immortal reign,                                      

Infinite day excludes the night, And pleasures banish pain."


to  6-5-1945  *Wf/of Anthony Reynolds "God's Greatest Gift Returned To God-Our Mother"  

*D/of George Macon Pendleton(1825-1907) & Mary Ann Brown Pendleton(1832-1916)


ANTHONY  PIERCE  REYNOLDS  12-27-1877  to  4-26-1954

*S/of Anthony Reynolds(1849-1928) & Mary Emma Pendleton Reynolds (1854-1945)

"He Is With The Lord"

&  LUCY  McCURRY  REYNOLDS  11-29-1887  to  3-5-1953

*D/of  Daniel N. McCurry(1855-1919) & Julia Leticia Lenora Wagner McCurry (1859-1910)

"She Lived For Others"


BEULAH  PYLE  REYNOLDS  4-1-1888  to  3-31-1965

*D/of  Thomas Lafayette Pyle(1862-1947) & Amy Virginia Davis(1870-1937)

*2nd wife of, Oscar Petrus Reynolds(1877-1930)

*(Concrete slab covers grave) "Our Beloved Mother"

"Her Life Leaves A Record Sweet For Our Memory To Dwell Upon"


DAVID  CRAIG  REYNOLDS   7-1-1894  to  7-9-1906 

*S/of  Anthony Reynolds(1849-1928)  &  Mary Emma Pendleton Reynolds(1854-1945

*Birth year difficult to read, but pretty sure he was born in 1894.


DAVID  HOWARD  REYNOLDS 10-23-1895  to  3-9-1899

*S/of  Ezra B. Reynolds(1856-1911) &  Myrtle Florence Foster Reynolds(1873-1944) 


DORIS  VIRGINIA  REYNOLDS   2-10-1922  to  7-23-2003

*D/of Oscar Petrus Reynolds(1877-1930) & Beulah Pyle Reynolds(1888-1965)

"Our Beloved Aunt"  "She Loved Everyone And Everyone Loved Her"  "Love One Another  1st John  3:23"


DOROTHY  BELLE  REYNOLDS  1933  to  1934

*D/of  Alfred Lavelle Reynolds(1905-1977)  &  Elsie Fincher Reynolds (1909-1982)

"Now twilight lets her curtain down and pins it with a star."


EBENEZER  REYNOLDS  9-4-1850  to  7-12-1887

*S/of  James T. Reynolds(1819-1864) & Elizabeth Slayter Reynolds (1823-1887)

*Md: 3/8/1875 Union Co., AR

&  MATTIE  M. LAWRENCE REYNOLDS  9-27-1854 to  6-25-1887

*Wf/of  Ebenezer Reynolds


EDITH   REYNOLDS  6-11-1901  to  10-21-1905 

*D/of James Mark Reynolds(1875-1942)  &  Willie M.Telford Reynolds(1874-1965)


EREL  VESTER  REYNOLDS 1-29-1884 AL to 11-27-1947AR

*S/of  Joseph A. Reynolds(1855-1937)  &  Catherine Chance Reynolds(1866-1951)

*H/of  Mary A. Reynolds (b: ca 1902 LA)   "His Memory Is Blessed"


EZRA  B. REYNOLDS   8-21-1856  to  2-10-1911

*S/of  James T. Reynolds(1819-1864) & Elizabeth Slayter Reynolds (1823-1887)

*Wives: *1st  wife, Annie E. Marcus(1857-1883) *2nd wife, Myrtle Florence Foster(1873-1944)


to  4-22-1944  *D/of  James Foster(1831-1905) &  Isabella Sloan Foster(1843-1911) 

*2nd Wife, Myrtle “Myrtie” Foster    "A Most Noble Example Were Their Lives"


GARLAND  H.  REYNOLDS  12-19-1901  to  4-3-1903 

*D/of  Oscar Petrus Reynolds(1877-1930 & Vigor Elizabeth Pounds(1880-1913)


GEORGE  GORDON  REYNOLDS    3-8-1889  to  2-7-1900   

*S/of Anthony Reynolds(1849-1928) & Mary Emma Pendleton Reynolds (1854-1945)


H.  THURMAN  REYNOLDS   11-13-1902  to  3-5-1931

*S/of James Mark Reynolds(1875-1942) &  *2nd wife, Willie M. Telford (1874-1965)


HENRY  ENOCH  REYNOLDS   6-24-1882  to  3-27-1886 

*S/of  Anthony Reynolds (1849-1928) &  Mary Emma Pendleton Reynolds (1854-1945)

(2011-stone is pretty much illegible)


IDELL  REYNOLDS   4-17-1904  to 7-7-1905 

*D/of James Mark Reynolds(1875-1942) & *2nd wife, Willie M. Telford (1874-1965)


Infant  REYNOLDS   1907  to  1907

"Unto You Is Paradise ___?"


IRA  EBENEZER REYNOLDS  4-8-1919  to 12-1-2000

*S/of Oscar Petrus Reynolds(1877-1930) & Beulah Pyle Reynolds(1888-1965)

*S SGT  US  Army  Air Forces   World War II


IRIS  ALETA  REYNOLDS 10-30-1917 to  8-20-1956

*D/of James Mark Reynolds(1875-1942) & Alpha Omega Combs Reynolds(1879-1898)

"She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"


*This is a monument (square flat marker) for the


details from the large flat stone given below. 

JAMES T. REYNOLDS  born  6-18-1819 LA  to 1-10-1864 AR

*S/of  Needham Reynolds and Ruth Pate Reynolds: Maternal gr parents John & Mary Pate

*H/of Elizabeth Slayter Reynolds   *Buried somewhere in Ashley Co., AR

James & Elizabeth married 8/5/1841 Union Co.,AR  *James died during the Civil War.

*3rd Lieut.  19th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry (Dockery’s) CSA

ELIZABETH SLAYTER REYNOLDS 1-26-1823  to  6-28-1887

*Wf/of James Reynolds.  Elizabeth does have her own headstone, next to the large flat one giving James’

history, along with Elizabeth Slayter and their children.

 James is buried some place in Ashley Co., Arkansas. Place unknown.

Arkansas CSA Veteran,Pvt Co "G" 13th La  Batt. under  Lt Col R.L. Capers. 

JAMES was the *S/of  Needham Reynolds  & Ruth  Pate Reynolds.

Children of James & Elizabeth Slayter Reynolds: Isaiah, Rebecca, Susannah,

Cynthia, Anthony, Ebenezer,Eliza, Sofronia, Ezra, Amos James Reynolds.


JAMES  I.  REYNOLDS   3-19-1876  to  5-14-1887

*S/of  Ebenezer Reynolds(1850-1887)& Mattie M. Lawrence Reynolds(1854-1887)


JAMES  MARK  REYNOLDS  7-27-1875  to  3-22-1942 *WOW

*S/of  Anthony Reynolds (1849-1928) & Mary Emma Pendleton Reynolds (1854-1945)

*Spouses: * 1st Alpha Omega Combs   *2nd  Willie M. Telford

"A Loving Father And A Faithful Friend"

ALPHA  OMEGA COMBS REYNOLDS 3-6-1879  to 12-2-1898

*D/of  George Washington Combs(1851-1931) & Eliza Taylor Pickering Combs(1850-1929) 

*1st Wf/of James Mark Reynolds   "She died as she lived trusting in God"


JOEL  WINFRED  REYNOLDS   9-22-1882  to  8-17-1883 

*D/of  Ezra B. Reynolds(1856-1911) &  Annie E. Marcus Reynolds(1857-1883)


LILLIE  OPAL  REYNOLDS   12-3-1909  to  7-25-1923 

*D/of  Ezra B. Reynolds(1856-1911) & Myrtle/Myrtie Florence Foster Reynolds(1873-1944) 

"She was too good too, gentle and fair - To live in this cold world of care"


LUCY  O.  REYNOLDS   11-9-1873  to  10-16-1882  

*D/of  Anthony Reynolds (1849-1928) & Mary Emma Pendleton Reynolds (1854-1945)

(2011 almost illegible)


MACON  LEE  REYNOLDS   2-22-1880  to  4-4-1886 

*S/of  Anthony Reynolds (1849-1928) & Mary Emma Pendleton Reynolds (1854-1945)

 (2011-stone difficult to read)


MARY EMMA PENDLETON REYNOLDS 8-3-1887 to  2-23-1888 

*S/of  Anthony Reynolds (1849-1928) &  Mary Emma Pendleton Reynolds (1854-1945)


MATTIE  E.  REYNOLDS  10-30-1900  to  2-28-1901

*D/of  Oscar Petru Reynolds(1877-1930 & Vigor Elizabeth Pounds Reynolds(1880-1913)


OSCAR PETRUS  REYNOLDS   6-29-1877  to  7-11-1930

*S/of  Ebenezer Reynolds(1850-1887) & Mattie M. Lawrence Reynolds(1854-1887)

*1st  wife, Vigor Elizabeth Pounds(1880-1913)  *2nd wife, Beulah Pyle(1888-1965)

"His Toils Are Past.  His Work Is Done.  He Faught The Fight. The Victory Won."


to  12-4-1913AR      *Wf/of  Oscar P. Reynolds 

*Speculation:  ? D/of S. Frances Rushing(1854-1907) & John Henderson Pounds(1844-1924)


PETER  P.  REYNOLDS   7-11-1884  to  6-25-1885

*S/of Amos James Reynolds(1858-1937) & Julia Pendleton Reynolds(1863-1945)  


RALPH  ANTHONY REYNOLDS   1-15-1900  to 11-21-1937

*S/of Anthony Reynolds(1849-1928) & Mary Emma Pendleton Reynolds (1854-1945)

*Arkansas  Pvt  SATC  Hendrix College  (Military marker)

"Rest In Peace from earthly cares and sorrows"

FLEATUS  LEDBETTER  REYNOLDS  8-4-1900  to  6-25-1964

*D/of Armon Morris Ledbetter(1869-1959) & Emma Evans Ledbetter (1874-1949)

*W/of  Ralph Anthony Reynolds


RALPH  LEDBETTER  REYNOLDS   6-13-1922  to  9-17-2012

*S/of  Ralph Anthony Reynolds(1900-1937) & Fleatus Ledbetter Reynolds(1900-1964)

*LTJG U. S. Navy  World War II    *Md: to Emma Catherine McMillan for 62 yrs

*Reynold's  Children:  Robert Morris, Jean Catherine, Ralph Louis, Roy Alan, Joan Charlot E. Reynolds.


(One date)



ALLEN  RHOADES (82)  8-10-1932 to  6-29-2016 *OB 

*S/of  Lee Rhoades & Georgie Walley Rhoades  *U.S. Army 1948 to 1955

*Md:52 years  "Loving Father and Grandfather"   "A Loving Mother and Grandmother"

&  MINNIE  MARIE  PENIX RHOADES  3-11-1942  to 4-20-2010


CAROL M. RHOADES KOLBINSKIE 1-29-1970 to 2-22-2008

*D/of Allen Rhoades &  Minnie Marie Penix Rhoades    "Beloved Daughter and Sister"


TIM  ARTHUR   RHOADES (39)  5-5-1968  to  2-18-2008

*S/of Allen Arthur Rhoades(1932-2016) &  Minnie Marie Penix Rhoades(1942-2010)

*Wife, Beth Rhoades 

"His Heart Was So Full Of Love  That It Reached Out To All Who Knew Him"  John 3:16



JACK  RUDOLPH  RICHARDSON (80) 8-6-1926  to 2-13-2007

*S/of  Pierce Gilbert Richardson & Pauline Durham Richardson. *ob

*Md: 12/28/1950   Catherine "Katy" Richardson      "Together Forever"


12-6-1931  to  9-12-2006

*D/of  William Blake Holloway(1889-1970) & Lizzie Mae Dison Holloway(1907-1978)




JAMES  EDWARD  ROBERSON  11-26-1940  to  5-9-1999  

*Md:8/3/1962     " Faith Builds A Bridge"

&  CAROLYN  PEPPER  ROBERSON   5-10-1944  (One date)



JIMMIE  LUCILLE  McGAUGH  ROBERTS  6-19-1924  to 3-1-1999

*D/of George Alfred McGaugh(1880-1953) &  Ethel Elizabeth Lawrence(1887-1962)

"A Tender Mother And Faithful Friend"



JOHN  C. ROWELL   1863 SC  to  1891 AR   *Age 28

*S/of Samuel Jonas Rowell (1801-1881) & Molsie Plyler Rowell (1834-1913)

*1st husband of  ELIZA  E. CHANEY  ROWELL EVANS (1866-1907) *Eliza buried here at Old Parkers Chapel

"Not Lost, But Gone Before" 



(B.T.)BENJAMIN THOMAS  ROWLAND  8-12-1859  to 7-20-1941

*Md: in 1884, Union Co., AR, Christina “Tiny” Newsom         "Gone To A Better Land"

CHRISTINA “TINY” NEWSOM ROWLAND   9-1-1867 to 10-28-1943

*D/of James Wilson Newsom(1846-1915) & Sarah Frances Cason Newsom(1845-1887)

*Wf/of Benjamin Thomas Rowland  "She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"


JEWELL  L. ROWLAND (Zook)   8-26-1895  to 12-29-1977

*S/of  Richard Thomas Rowland(1867-1926) & Mary Frances Thurlkill Rowland(1873-1953)

*Md:3/23/1944   *Pvt  US Army WWI     "Father and Mother of  Wm.  A. Rowland & Evelyn S. Griffith"

&  MARY GENEVA  BUNCH  ROWLAND   8-21-1912  to  5-1-1994           


JOHN  BUNION  ROWLAND 9-4-1900  to  4-5-1959  "At Rest"    

*S/of  Richard Thomas Rowland(1867-1926) &  Mary Frances Thurlkill Rowland(1873-1953)


JOHN  C.  ROWLAND  1-31-1862  to 11-19-1926 *WOW    

*S/of  William  E. Rowland(1838-1903) &  Mary E. Cason Rowland(1842-1917)

*Md: Minnie Ward in 1886 in Union County, AR

MINNIE  WARD  ROWLAND   9-1-1868  to  4-7-1954

*D/of  William D. Ward(1845-1932)  &  Sarah  O. Brown Ward(1843-1912)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"



MARY  ALICE  ROWLAND   9-10-1913  to 10-24-1915

*D/of  Richard Thomas Rowland(1867-1926) & Mary Frances Thurlkill Rowland(1873-1953)


MINNIE  S.  ROWLAND (MATY) 5-27-1875  to  6-28-1906

*D/of  William E. Rowland(1838-1903) &  Mary E. Cason Rowland(1842-1917)


RICHARD  ERVIN (BUD) ROWLAND   2-18-1910  to 12-3-1970

*S/of  Richard Thomas Rowland(1867-1926) & Mary Frances Thurlkill Rowland(1873-1953)

*Md:12/27/1928   "A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

& THELMA  TAYLOR  ROWLAND  12-31-1909  to 7-17-1994       



*S/of William E. Rowland (1838-1903) &  Mary E. Cason Rowland (1842-1917) 

*Md: 1891 Union County, AR 


to  1953  *D/of  William Thomas Thurlkill(1846-1913) & Mary Frances McGee Thurlkill (1842-1887)     


ROBERT  LOGAN  ROWLAND   3-21-1890  to  5-15-1944

*S/of Christina “Tiny” Newsom Rowland (1867-1943) & Benjamin Thomas Rowland (1859-1941)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


WILLIAM  E.  ROWLAND  3-6-1838NC  to  6-14-1903AR  *broken stone

*S/of  John Rowland (1793 NC-1848 AR)

MARY  E.  CASON  ROWLAND   5-24-1842NC  to  3-9-1917AR

*D/of  James Cason(b: ca 1815 NC) & Sarah Cason (b: ca 1817 NC)

*Wf/of  W. E. Rowland  Md: 1859


WILEY  RICHARD  ROWLAND  9-5-1925  to 12-25-1927 *Infant


WILLIAM  E.  ROWLAND   9-16-1887  to 10-13-1918

*S/of  John C. Rowland(1862-1926) & Minnie Ward Rowland(1868-1954)


WILLIAM  MAVIN  ROWLAND (86) 5-16-1898  to 10-18-1984

*S/of  Richard Thomas Rowland(1867-1926) & Mary Frances Thurlkill Rowland(1873-1953)

*Md: 1919 Union Co., AR  

&  ADA  PEARL GRAVES  ROWLAND  3-1-1901 to 12-8-1997

*D/of  John Wiley Graves(1863-1948) &  Kizzie Ida Pinson Graves (1857-1926)

*John & Kizzie buried at Old Union Baptist Church Cemetery



HIRAM  ‘GLEN’  RUTH   7-2-1915  to  3-21-1986  "At Rest"

*S/of  Lewis Percival Ruth (1894-1946) & Lillie Fitzgerald Ruth(1896-1977)

LILLIE  FITZGERALD  RUTH  12-19-1896  to  2-9-1977

*D/of William J. Fitzgerald (1859-1908) & Frances Elizabeth Ward Fitzgerald(1860-1910)

"A Wonderful Mother"   "Aunt Sweetie"  "Rest In Peace"

*Lillie Fitzgerald md; 7/5/1914 in Union Co., AR  LEWIS PERCIVAL RUTH (7/10/1894 to 3/7/1946)

*Parents of two children: Hiram Glen Ruth & Ruth Helen Ruth Adkins(1919-2000)

*Lewis was born in Ontario, Canada; he died in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

*Lewis was the S/of Louis J. Ruth(1864-1925) & Miriam McTavish Ruth(1866-1949)

*C.R.T. Private Lewis P. Ruth C.E.F./ *Interred Mt. View Cemetery, Greater Vancouver Regional District,

British Columbia, Canada Plot: ABRAY/*/06/001/0004



JAMES  'WAYNE'  SANDERS(65) 7-20-1946  to  8-30-2011

*S/of James Henry Sanders & Clara Louise Osterberg Sanders *ob


IVY  LEE  SANDIFER, JR.   5-5-1975  to  2-2-1978 

*S/of  Ivy Lee & Patricia Sandifer    "Whistle Britches"   *2 yr old son

 "Asleep In The Arms Of Our Sweet Lord"



EVA  LEE  REYNOLDS  SCHMITZ  6-16-1891  to 1-17-1919

*D/of  Ezra B. Reynolds(1856-1911) &  Myrtle Florence Foster Reynolds(1873-1944) 

*1st   Wf/of Wm.  Hubert Schmitz, Sr.(1894-1965) [* Eva & Wm Hubert had one son, Reynolds]

*Wm. Hubert Schmitz, Sr. is buried at Elam Cemetery, Coffeeville, MS


WILLIAM  HUBERT  SCHMITZ, JR.  3-17-1927  to  12-10-2000

*S/of  William Hubert Schmitz,Sr.(1894-1965) & *2nd Wf, Effie Irene Lawrence Foster(1900-1954)  

*Md: Doris Virginia Sivils in 1948.   *Md: *PFC  US  Army  WW II



JACKIE  RAY  SELMAN (74) 12-19-1939  to  2-20-2014 *OB

*S/of  Jeff D. Selman(1905-1973) & Beatrice Mosley Selman(1908-1992) 

*Wf/of 53 yrs, Patsy Hunt  Selman   *Md: 10/28/1960



NELLIE  FITZGERALD  SHEPHERD  5-14-1893  to  6-19-1985

*D/of William J. Fitzgerald(1859-1908) & Frances Elizabeth Ward Fitzgerald(1860-1910)

*Md: G. L. “PETE”  Shepherd (b:ca 1881 MO) in 1916:                 "In Loving Memroy"



ELLA  ANDREWS  SHINE   1869LA  to  3-10-1941AR  

*Spouse William  Shine(1864-1930)    *Homemade tombstone




1-14-2014  *ob      *S/of  Norma Jean Sideroff



EDWARD  MARVIN  SIMPSON   9-8-1888  to  9-10-1957 

*S/of  Wm. P. Simpson(1855-1919) & Nancy E. Simpson(1864-1903)  Woodlawn Cemetery

*Md: in Union Co., AR in 1917,  “Dolly”  Geneva Isola  Rowland

&  GENEVA ISOLA ROWLAND SIMPSON  8-21-1890  to 12-27-1968 

*D/of  John C. Rowland(1862-1926) & Minnie Ward Rowland(1868-1954)  “DOLLY”



ELBERT  LEE (JABO) SINYARD  9-27-1913  to  4-14-1992"Papaw"

*S/of Lee Andrew Sinyard (1890-1971) & Florence Rebecca Kingery Sinyard(1893-1979) 

*Md:4/18/1936                      "Absent In Body But Present In Spirit"

& JENNIE  MARIE  BEARD  SINYARD(88) 8-12-1918  to "Nanny"

8-29-2006 *D/of  William Isaac Beard & Julie Elizabeth Murray Beard   *ob


KENNETH  E.  SINYARD   9-9-1942  (One date)

*S/of  Elbert Lee “Jabo” Sinyard (1913-1992) &  Jennie Marie Beard Sinyard (1918-2006)

*Md:6/21/1963     "Just As I Am"       *Our Children: Kathryn Renee and Scott Eugene

& CLAUDIA  ANN  LOVE  SINYARD(62)  8-5-1945  to  10-10-2007

*D/of Daniel Lafayette Love(1904-1986) & Ethel Eloise Davis Love(1907-1963)



WANDA  SINYARD  SULLIVANT(62)  1-4-1954  to  4-20-2016 *ob

*D/of  Elbert Lee “Jabo” Sinyard (1913-1992) &  Jennie Marie Beard Sinyard (1918-2006)

*Late sister, Joyce Marie Sinyard      *Cremation   *Speculation: Location of ashes unknown



KENNETH  SIPES   11-16-1938  to  6-9-2004

*S/of Victor Cleon Sipes(1907-1981) & Mattie G. Spakes Sipes(1909-1977)

*Md:8/24/1957      "Until Then Our Hearts Will Go On Singing"

&   NONA  NEVEVDOMSKI SIPES  10-4-1941  (One date)

* Our Children: Michael, Larry and Pamela Sipes



SELETE  VIRGINIA  SULLIVAN  SISK  7-22-1883  to  2-17-1928    

*Wf/of  C.H. Sullivan



MARY  E.  SMALLWOOD   1876  to  1972  *MM 

3-31-1877  to  1-15-1972 *SSDI    (2011-still has mortuary marker)



WADE  MORGAN  SMITH  10-9-1981  to  7-25-2003

"Gone To Be An Angel"    *Buried alongside of Carolyn Louise Morgan & Angela on the other side.

ANGELA  MORGAN "ANN"  SMITH   8-29-1949  to  2-13-2002

*Wf/of  Fred  T. Smith;  *Mother of  Wade  *Angela next to Wade  (Several Angel & Bunny statues)

"God's Servant On Earth,  God's Angel In Heaven"



JAMES  MERRILL  SNIDER   3-11-1926  to  10-20-1999

*S/of  William Webster Snider(1885-1970) & Rosa E. Roberson Snider(1903-1979)   

*Md:6/23/1950   *ob    *SGT  US  Army  WW II  *Our Sons: Mike, Randy, Carroll, Darrin

&  BETTY JEAN  CATES  SNIDER    2-11-1932  to  9-9-2006   

*D/of Jack J. Cates(1907-1981) & Bessie Beatrice Hill Cates(1908-1994)  

*Wife of late James M. Snider   



JOHN  WESLEY  SPILLERS   1-8-1892  to  2-26-1967

*S/of Mary Ello Marlo Spillers(1872-1938) &  George H. Spillers(1870-1938) 

"Precious Memories"

&  VIRGINIA ANN (VIRGIE) HILL SPILLERS 1-28-1892LA  to 5-7-1978

*D/of Thomas F. Hill (1861-1896) & Mary Elizabeth Andrews Hill(1860-1946)



LEONARD  ASBERRY  SPLAWN   8-21-1928  to  4-1-2005

*S/of John F. Splawn(1890-1949) & Gladys Stratton Splawn(1902-1931)

*Md:8/27/1950  Ouachita Co., AR     *F1  US  Navy 

"With Jesus, Beginning The Great Adventure Of Eternal Life"

&   S. MARCELLE  MASON  SPLAWN  1-27-1935  (One date) 

*D/of  Jesse Lucious Mason(1904-1950) & Lutie Lofton Mason(1907-1998)



JOHN  WINFRED  STAPLES,SR.  5-31-1893  to  11-16-1970

*S/of  Jordan Jethro Staples(1869-1949) & Florence Webb Staples(1877-1944)

"Absent In Body But Present In Spirit"     *Md: Allie Mae McGee in 1909 Union Co.,AR

ALLIE  MAE  McGEE  STAPLES 10-24-1895  to  1-9-1984

*D/of  William Elisha McGee(1866-1939) & Eula Lee Cook McGee(1876-1937)

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"


JORDAN  JETHRO  STAPLES   8-27-1869  to  2-9-1949

*S/of  John Jethro Staples(b:ca 1814 AL) & Delia Matlock Staples(b: ca 1844)   

*H/of Florence Webb   "Father"   "With His Darlings"   *Homemade marker

FLORENCE  WEBB  STAPLES   9-17-1877  to  10-7-1944

*D/of  John W. Webb(1848-1920)  &  Nancy E.  Fitzgerald Webb(1848-1942)  

*Wf/of  Jordan J. Staples  "Mother"  "Resting With Loved Ones"    *Homemade marker


LOTTIE  STAPLES    2-7-1898  to  5-15-1900

*D/of Jordan Jethro Staples(1869-1949) & Florence Webb Staples(1877-1944)


NINA  B. STAPLES (CARTWRIGHT)   8-24-1916  to  1-1-1986

*See listing under Cartwright



 RUFUS  DAVID  STEED, JR.   5-6-1926  to  8-19-2001

*S/of  Rufus David Steed(1890-1960) &  Agnes L. Steed (1886-1959)

*AO2  US  Navy  WW II

&  CHRISTINE  CATES  STEED (75) 1-15-1936   to 11-24-2011

*D/of Jack J. Cates(1907-1981) & Beatrice "Bessie" Hill Cates(1908-1994)    

*Wf/of  Rufus David Steed, Jr.     "Forever With The Lord"                     *ob   



HUBERT  H.  STEPHENS    6-26-1912  to  6-25-1948

*S/of  Lorenzo Don Stephens(1888-1970) & Elora E. Robertson Stephens(1893-1966)

"His Memory Is Blessed"



*Brother of J.A. Stephens   ?  (broken stone)


(L.D.)LORENZO DON STEPHENS 12-8-1888  to  3-16-1970 

*Born in Indiana  *S/of Mary J. Monicale Stephens (1850-1915) &  James N. Stephens(b: ca 1850 IN)

"Only Sleeping"

ELORA  E. ROBERTSON STEPHENS  3-4-1893  to  8-16-1966    

*DELORA  *73 yrs-5 mo-12 dys   "She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"

*Delora is the name given on her son’s Social Security Application:  Herman Warren Stephens

(1922-2000) World War II veteran, PFC U.S. Army, buried Little Rock National Cemetery, Pulaski

County, Little Rock, AR. *Plot 234  *Herman’s wife was Madgie Maude Radcliff Stephens(1914-1998)


LORENZO  DON  STEPHENS   1888  to 1970 *Bailey  FH  MM 

*12-8-1888  to  3-16-1970   (Tombstone)

*S/of James N. Stephens (b: ca 1850 IN) & Mary J. Monicale Stephens (1850-1915)

ELORA  E.  ROBERTSON  STEPHENS  3-4-1893  to  8-16-1966

*Age 73 yrs, 5 mos, 12 dys   *Wf/of  Lorenzo Don Stephens


MEDY ELLENDER  STEPHENS  3-3-1849  to 10-26-1870  

"To My Mother"     * Son, J. A. STEPHENS




CLAUDE  FRANKLIN  STEVENSON  8-11-1920  to  9-14-1951

*Claude md: Frankie Lee Pettit in 1949.   *Arkansas  PFC  91 AIR SVC SQ AAF  WW II



LEE  VANYARD  STRIBLIN   7-21-1918AL  to 10-22-1998AR  

*S/of  Bryant L. Striblin (1897-1979)  &  Elzie V. Striblin (1895-1973)

*US  Marine Corps   WW II




CLIFFORD  SULLIVAN (No dates) (1907 ?)    "In Loving Memory Of "

*S/of  Charles “Charlie” Henry Sullivan (1875-1921) & Selete Virginia Thurlkill Sullivan(1883-1928)



to  2-17-1928    *Wf/of *1st Charles Henry Sullivan(1875-1921)

*2nd md: Henry McMurty Sisk  II (1885 IL-1954 AR)

  *D/of William Thomas Thurlkill(1846-1913) &  Mary Frances McGee Thurlkill(1842-1887)




*D/of  Lavelle and Elsie Reynolds  *Only info given on her tombstone.



JOHN  M. SUTTON    4-3-1894  to  3-23-1957

*S/of  Joseph S. Sutton & Etheline Hastings Sutton of TN

*John & Ella md: 1925, Union Co., AR    "Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  ELLA MAE EUDY SUTTON (FURLOW) 5-27-1904  to  3-1-1979

*D/of Joseph Jonah Eudy(1871-1947) & Julia Ann Foster Eudy(1873-1958)

(*Ella  remarried a Mr. Furlow) 



GLEN  DAIL  SWEENEY  8-19-1916  to 10-17-1942TX

*S/of Ola Mathis Sweeney (b:ca 1897 AR) & John Sampson Sweeney (1887-1966)

*Md: in 1937, Sarah Lucille Andrews (b:ca 1918)        "Gone But Not Forgotten"


JOHN  SAMPSON  SWEENEY  1887 to 1966 *MM /headstone

*From *SSDI   2-7-1887 TX  to Aug 1966 AR

*H/of  Allie M. Bryan Sweeney  

*S/of  Lawrence B. Sweeney(1851-1901) & Caldonia Test Sweeney(1858-1938)



Infant  TANNER  b & d  8-9-1918 

*Inf of Hiram H. Tanner (1872-1959) & Alice Thomas Tanner(1874-1958)



LISA  DOREEN  TAYLOR   3-30-1963  to  5-2-2003 

*Age 40      "Daughter"        "Gone To Be An Angel" 

*2011-Large angel between the graves of Lisa & Linda Jean Harris Kellum  "Mother" 



JOE  W.  TELFORD    5-12-1903  to  6-17-1926

*Son of R. &  S.L. Telford   "May He Rest In Peace"


RICHMOND  TELFORD    8-11-1865  to  5-20-1943 

&  SALLIE  LOU  COBB  TELFORD   9-4-1872  to  7-27-1964

"They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"



GEORGE  ROY  TEMPLE, SR.  12-25-1902  to  8-17-1958

*S/of  Thomas Tobias Temple(1884-1952) & Julia Annie Margarine Hogg Temple(1887-    )

"Absent In Body, But Present In Spirit"


Infant  TEMPLE   1963  *MM


THOMAS  WILLIAM  TEMPLE(76) 10-11-1936  to  1-19-2013

*S/of George Roy Temple, Sr.(1902-1958)  &  Betty Bell Estridge Parker(1916-1996)

*Wife, Carrie Alice Brazeale Temple(8-8-1931 – 7-18-2002)

*Carrie buried at Union Ridge Cemetery, Monticello, AR


TIMOTHY  M. TEMPLE   b & d  1971 *MM



JANICE  LAVERNE  THEIS (63) 3-4-1944  to  3-13-2007 

*D/of late Verna Fitzgerald Meggs;  *ob    *Wife of John Thomas Theis.  *US Navy vet        

JAY THOMAS THEIS 1-26-1968  to  5-28-1996 "Rest In Peace"



LOUIS  A. THOMPSON   2-8-1926  to  2-28-2008 

*Md:4/2/1983    "His Memory Is Blessed"

&   BOBBIE  THOMPSON   6-1-1941  (One date)




CHARLES  EDGAR THURLKILL    2-17-1892  to  4-19-1945

*S/of  William Thomas Thurkill(1846-1913) &  Mary Minerva Hill Thurlkill(1861-1922)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

IDA  HILL THURLKILL  10-4-1894  to 11-25-1950

*D/of  Thomas F. Hill(1861-1896) & Mary Elizabeth Andrews Hill(1860-1946)

*Wf/of  Charles Edgar Thurlkill   "Forever With The Lord"


JESSE  JACKSON  THURLKILL   8-27-1890  to  8-30-1974 "At Rest" 

*S/of  William Thomas Thurkill(1846-1913) &  Mary Minerva Hill Thurlkill(1861-1922)


(W.T.) WM. THOMAS THURLKILL, SR.  ca 1846  to 1-21-1913 

*Abt. 63 yrs old    *Spouses:  *1st wife, Mary Frances McGee (1842-1887) md:1870

*2nd wife, Mary Minerva Hill (1861-1922) md: 1886


2-15-1887AR    *Md: William Thomas Thurlkill in 1870


10-31-1922 "HOPE"    *Wf/of William Thomas Thurlkill, Sr. md: 1886 Union Co., AR

*Minerva was the D/of Nathaniel Hill (b: ca 1834) & Martha Frances Bruce Hill(b: ca 1838)


WILLIS  CRAWFORD  THURLKILL  7-24-1897  to  1-9-1941

*S/of  William Thomas Thurkill(1846-1913) &  Mary Minerva Hill Thurlkill(1861-1922)

"One Worthy Of Remembrance"



MARY  FLANEKIN  TIFFIN   5-24-1829  to  6-4-1898

*Wife of Petus “Peter” S. Tiffin (9-18-1826 to 5-12-1867) 

*Petus Tiffin is buried at Salem Cemetery, Union Co., AR along with his son, John J. Tiffin.



LESTER  RALPH  TOLAND, Sr. (77)11-22-1930  to  3-15-2008

*S/of  Harvey Pete Toland, Jr (1907-1982). &  Inez Virginia Doke Toland (1910-1993)

*Md:6/15/1953   "In Loving Memory"    *Our Children: Lester Ralph, Jr, Daniel Lee, Penny Loraine

&  BIRDIE  LEE  LOVE  TOLAND   2-9-1936  (One date)



ALTO  EFFIE  FOSTER  TOMPKINS 11-24-1907 to 2-12-1985

*D/of  Japhus Nulan Foster(1876-1948) & Martha Etta Harrison Foster(1880-1953)

*1st wife to  Joseph O. Tomkins ~ they Md:7/14/1925 ~  Joseph O. Tomkins (1905-1967) 

*Joseph buried at Cleveland City Cemetery, Liberty Co., Texas  *2nd wife, Bessie Lee Wolf (1902-2000)


DIANE  LYNN  TOMPKINS  11-17-1953  to 6-22-1954

*D/of  Myrtle Ruth Glenn Tompkins(1929-2015)




ANNIE  LUPHELIA  TRULL   12-9-1894  to  8-4-1909  *Age 14

*D/of  Lattus C. Trull (1872-1913) & Mattie E. Welch Trull(1876-1919)


Baby Boy TRULL   1-31-1905  to  2-22-1905

*Son of  William Henry Trull(1869-1955) &  Rhoda Alma Barnes Trull(1874-1947)


CALVIN  TRULL (62)  3-25-1831 NC  to  3-25-1893 AR 

*S/of Jackson & Harriet Trull  *Civil War-Co I, 53rd Reg of the NC Volunteers

*Md: 11/21/1851- 1st wife, Easter Ann Helms(1835-1880)


11-4-1910   *Age 63 yrs  *2nd wife of Calvin Trull. *Md: 3/24/1881

*Wf/of  (1st)Calvin Trull  &  married  (2nd) J.A. Ragsdale  


EARL  ALVEN TRULL   3-1-1932AR  to 11-16-1999 LA

*S/of  William Elmer Trull(1902-1990) & Lavada Estell Vines Trull (1904-1982)

*PO3  US Navy


(E.G.)ELLIS  GRANT  TRULL  11-23-1881 to 9-24-1909

*S/of Calvin Trull (1831-1893) & Easter/Esther Ann Helms Trull (1835-1880)

*broken  tombstone –break thru death date   *Lying on ground-just about illegible


GEORGE  HENRY TRULL  8-8-1900 to 3-31-1930

*S/of  William Henry Trull(1869-1955) & Rhoda Alma Barnes Trull(1874-1930)

"In Loving Memory"


Infant  TRULL   1-31-1905  to  2-22-1905

 *S/of  William Henry Trull(1869-1955) & Rhoda Alma Barnes Trull(1874-1947)


Infant  TRULL   b & d  11-7-1911

*Son  of  Lattus C. Trull, Sr. (1872-1913) & Mattie E. Welch Trull(1876-1919)


LATTUS  C. TRULL, SR.  9-24-1872  to 1-15-1913

*S/of Calvin Trull(1831-1893) &  Easter Ann Helms Trull(1835-1880)

MATTIE  E.  WELCH  TRULL  6-11-1876  to 12-6-1919

*Wf/of  Lattus C. Trull, Sr.


MELISSA  EMILY  TRULL(ELMORE) 9-18-1892  to 10-20-1911

*D/of  Lattus C. Trull Jr.(1872-1913) & Mattie E. Welch Trull(1876-1919) 

*Wf/of Robert Anderson Elmore(1977-1955)   *Md:4/19/1908

*Robert Anderson Elmore 7/6/1877 AL to 3/7/1955 OR- buried Grants Pass, Oregon


THEODORE  ROOSEVELT  TRULL  4-29-1904  to 12-1-1907

*S/of  Lattus C. Trull, Sr.(1872-1913) &  Mattie E. Welch Trull(1876-1919)


WILLIAM  HENRY TRULL  11-18-1869  to  9-19-1955

*S/of David Cuthbertson Trull(1847-1920) &  Harriet Louise Benton Cuthbertson(1848-1941)

*Md: 1896 Union County, AR

&  RHODA ALMA BARNES TRULL  7-19-1874NC  to  9-19-1947AR

*D/of  Elias N. Barnes(1843-1892) &  Ellen Lowery Barnes (1840-1913)



CHARLES  PRESTON  VANCE (Charlie) 10-2-1969  to 7-26-1993

"Beloved Husband, Son, Grandson, Brother & Uncle"



CHERYL  L. WATTS  VINES (60)  6-3-1948  to 1-19-2009 

 *D/of Virgil  Watts(1921-2006) &  Wanda Fitzgerald Watts(1924-2005)

*Wf/of 43 yrs to Ralph L. Vines

"Loving Mother And Grandmother Serenaded By Angels"




LAURA ELLEN WALLS WALKER (71) 11-19-1944  to  11-18-2016*OB

*Laura was born in Byrneville, Indiana    *D/of  Rev Edgar Walls & Lorain Byrne Walls 

*H/of 40 yrs, Robert Walker


RANDY  WALTERS  4-4-1957  to  6-4-2003  "Ya-Ya"

*Md:12/24/1975    "Soul mates Forever"  "In Your Heart May You Always Stay Forever Young"

&  CONNIE  WALTERS   1-31-1959  (One date) "Nanna" 




ANGILENA  WARD   2-22-1880  to 12-22-1951

*D/of  Edward Jasper Ward (1832-1904) & Sarah Elizabeth Rester Ward(1838-1915)


EDWARD  JASPER  WARD   1-6-1832  to  3-16-1904 

(Mason)   *Md:12/1/1853 Union County, Arkansas, Sarah Elizabeth Rester

SARAH  ELIZABETH RESTER  WARD 12-13-1838  to  6-20-1915

*Wife of Edward Jasper Ward 


EDWARD  WADE  WARD   10-13-1858  to  2-17-1859

*S/of  Edward Jasper Ward(1832-1904) & Sarah Rester Ward(1838-1915)

 "Rest In Jesus" 


(G.M.) GENERAL MARION BAXTER WARD  2-6-1877  to 12-28-1951

*S/of  Edward Jasper Ward(1832-1904) & Sarah Elizabeth Rester Ward(1838-1915)


to 7-14-1938  *D/of Wm Henry Lowery(1848-1909) & Margaret Eugenia Fincher Lowery(1853-1900)


IDA  LOUISE  WARD   5-11-1874  to  5-16-1941

*D/of  Edward Jasper Ward(1832-1904) & Sarah Elizabeth Rester Ward(1838-1915)

"She Lived And Died A Christian"


J. D.  WARD   2-28-1922   to  7-20-2002 

*S/of  General Marion Baxter Ward(1877-1951)  &   Margaret Eugenia Lowery Ward (1887-1938)

 *Md:12/21/1946    "Please Meet Us In Heaven"  *Their photo embedded on headstone.


7-2-2009  *D/of  Ben E. Sutterfield(1867-1956) & Sarah Emma Ricketts Sutterfield(1889-1966)


JOHN  G. WARD  9-19-1882  to 1-24-1883

*S/of James Franklin Ward(1847-1921) & Harriett Emaline Vincent Ward(1854-1931)

"Abide With Jesus"


JOHN  GIDDEN  WARD  9-29-1905  to  5-28-1987

*S/of  General Marion Baxter Ward(1877-1951) &  Margaret Eugenia Lowery Ward (1887-1938)

*Md: 8/17/1929  Union Co., AR

&  LOTTIE VIOLA GREER WARD (95) 8-6-1915  to 10-14-2010

*D/of  William Patrick Greer(1886-1963) & Nellie Reynolds Greer(1892-1934)  *OB


J. V.  WARD  1-18-1932  to  10-10-1936

*S/of John Gidden Ward(1905-1987) & Lottie Viola Greer Ward(1915-2010)


(L.A.) LIBERTY  A.  WARD  4-26-1855  to 1-1-1858 

*S/of Edward Jasper Ward(1832-1904) & Sarah Rester Ward(1838-1915)

"Asleep In Jesus"


LUCILLA  “LUCY”  WARD    3-18-1871  to  1-5-1934

*D/of  William D. Ward(1845-1932) & Sarah O. Brown Ward(1843-1912)

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God"


MARGIE  RUTH  WARD  12-9-1925  to  2-4-1928

“Darling We Miss You”


MARION  M. WARD    7-14-1895  to  8-9-1933 

*S/of  Wm. Jefferson Ward (1862-1945) &  Harriet L.Tubbs  Ward (1869 LA-1915 AR)

"How desolate our home bereft of thee"


SARAH  E. WARD    6-13-1864  to  7-27-1867

*D/of  Edward Jasper Ward(1832-1904) & Sarah Rester Ward(1838-1915)



SARAH  LENA  WARD    9-13-1885  to  10-28-1890 

*  *5 yrs. old  She has two headstones.


VERNON  PRESTON  WARD   3-17-1912  to  2-11-1997

*S/of  General Marion Baxter Ward(1877-1951)  &  Margaret Eugenia Lowery Ward (1887-1938)


& DARAH  ALICE  WALLACE  WARD  4-12-1917 to 12-28-2000

*D/of Hugh W. Wallace (1879-1949) & Blanche Greer Wallace (1886-1963)

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"


VIRGINIA VIOLA WARD  4-24-1888  to  10-11-1891/97     

*D/of  William Jefferson Ward(1862-1945) &  Hattie L. Tubbs Ward (1869-1915)


 WILLIAM  D.  WARD   9-9-1845  to  6-24-1932

*Md: 1867 Union County, AR      "Come Ye Blessed"

SARAH "SALLIE" O. BROWN  WARD  4-19-1843  to 9-28-1912

*D/of  Epps River Brown (b:ca 1810 GA)  &  Dorinda Adair Brown (b:ca 1820 AL)

*Wf/of William D. Ward  


(W.J.) WILLIAM JEFFERSON WARD  7-4-1862  to 11-24-1945

*S/of  Edward Jasper Ward(1832-1904) & Sarah Elizabeth Rester Ward(1838-1915)   

"A Most Noble Example Was His Life"

HARRIET  L. TUBBS  WARD  1-31-1869LA  to 10-12-1915AR

*D/of Benjamin Franklin Tubbs(1847-1934) & Lou Griffin Tubbs(1850-1908) 

*Wf/of  William Jefferson Ward   "Asleep In Jesus"



PATRICIA  ANN "PAT"  WATSON   12-17-1929  to  4-2-2008 



VIRGIL  WATTS (84)  6-22-1921  to  5-15-2006 

*S/of  Joe Watts(1894-1970) & Callie Deaton Watts(1890-1960)   WW II Army Vet    *OB  

*Md:1/2/1942   *Wife, Wanda Fitzgerald Watts;    "Forever In Our Hearts"

&  WANDA  FITZGERALD  WATTS  10-12-1924  to 1-16-2005 

*D/of  James Fitzgerald  & Olla Emma Havard Fitzgerald    *Wife of Virgil Watts  




CARRIE  BELL WEBB   1-7-1874  to  11-21-1957  *MM

*D/of John W. Webb &  Nancy Emma Fitzgerald

"Forever With The Lord"


IDA  L.  WELCH  WEBB   7-14-1869  to 7-8-1897 

*W/of  W. Ollie Webb (1872-1912)


IDA  ANNA  HOGG WEBB  3-28-1871 to 3-29-1900

*D/of  William Hiram Hogg(1823-1904) & Malinda Reynolds Hogg(1832-1905)

*Wf/of  W. OLLIE WEBB(1872-1912)  *Age 29 Yrs-1Dy

(Broken stone –almost illegible-2011)




(A.P.) ADDISON  "PRESTIGE" WELCH   2-12-1927  to  4-3-2002

*S/of  Albert Bryant Welch(1896-1964) & Exola Phillips Welch(1903-1949)

*Semi Truck with "Heaven Bound" on sides.


EDDIE  PRESTIGE  WELCH  2-2-1958  to  8-20-2004

"Not  My Will, But Thine Be Done"



9-22-1901   *Wf/of  Turner Goodall Welch

TURNER  GOODALL WELCH   5-1-1840TN  to  5-10-1915AR



HENRY  GRADY  WEST   1-2-1924  to  12-5-2007

*S/of Henry Grady West(1888-1968) & Jewell Lydia Lyons West(1891-1976)

*Md:9/6/1947       *CPL  US  Army  WW II      "Everlasting Life Through Christ"

&   MARGUERITE  VAN HELMS WEST  11-29-1924 to 9-10-2013

*Age 88  *D/of  Isaac "Ike" & Lacy (?Van) Helms      *OB



HERBERT ALBERT WESTFALL(64) 3-31-1949  to  3-31-2013*OB

*S/of  Joseph A. Westfall & Benny Eudy Westfall Brown

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"




4-30-1988  *D/of Joseph E. Combs(1860-1922) & Sophronia Reynolds Combs(1854-1922)

*Wf/of  Hubert Asa Whatley(1894-1954) *Hubert buried Rehobeth Primitive Baptist Cem.

"Rest Is Thine:  Sweet Remembrance Ours"


Infant  WHATLEY  b & d  2-1-1913 

*S/of  Mial Docton Whatley(1874-1943). & Katie Pearl Dumas Whatley(1882-1954)


RAYMOND  COMBS  WHATLEY  5-8-1922  to  10-17-1994

*S/of  Hubert Asa Whatley(1894-1954) & Clara Combs Whatley(1896-1988)



JOSEPH   MICHAEL  WHEELER  1-16-1960  to  5-31-1999 

*Md:6/16/1995     "The Love Of My Life"     "A Love So Strong It Will Last Through Eternity"

&  ROSE LYNN  WHEELER   2-7-1966  to  6-11-2010

*Backside of tombstone:  {LYN}    Our Children: Danielle –Brittany     {JOE}

*Perry's  FH  * MM   *Death date on MM, but not on headstone in Oct 201.1



WYNEMA FITZGERALD WHITE  5-15-1923  to 5-15-1963

*D/of  John Bunion Fitzgerald(1886-1947) & Florence Havard Fitzgerald(1904-1986)

*Spouses:  *Md: 1st in 1940, Union Co., AR, Carl Fountain (b:ca 1920)

*Md:2nd  Thurman H. White (1915-1991) *buried in Magnolia Memorial Park Cemetery, Magnolia, AR



BRADIE  VIRGINIA WARD WILLIAMS  8-30-1943  to  1-17-1998

*D/of  J. D. Ward (1922-2002) & Floye Myrtle Sutterfield Ward(1926-2009)

*"An Inspiration To All Who Knew Her"


GUY  T. WILLIAMS (49) 7-22-1957 IN  to 1-14-2007 AR. 

*S/of birth father, David Benson.  *Adopted father, Alton Williams. 

*Mother Jane Taylor Williams. *Grandson of Frank & Nodie Taylor. 

Accomplished musician.   *ob


RUBY  MARGARET  WILLIAMS    5-15-1923  to  10-6-2008

"Asleep In Jesus"


W. S.  WILOUGHBY   5-14-1832  to  4-30-1897



JOHN  THOMAS  WOOD  12-1-1898  to  6-20-1978

*S/of George L. Wood (b: ca 1854 AR) & Margaret L. Wood (b:ca 1871 AR)

&  KATIE  GERTRUDE  PITTMAN WOOD  1-31-1907  to 

4-29-1964  *D/of  Robert M. Pittman (1850-1924)  &  Della Hinson Pittman (1876-1940)



DELONA  DELANE  WORTH    b & d  9-30-1956 

*D/of  Royce Francis Worth(1930-1989) & Delona Pauline Carelock Worth (1931-2016)



DOLLIE  SIMPSON  WREN  10-3-1919  to  3-12-1987

 *D/of Marvin E. Simpson (b: ca 1890) & Dolly Simpson(b:ca 1891)  

*Wife of  James Milam Wren (1918-1977) *James is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in El Dorado.  

 "In Loving Memory" 

HENRY  B. YARBROUGH    8-3-1884  to  2-21-1950

*H/of  Rena B. Yarbrough

RENA  B. YARBROUGH   1875  to  1932

*Wf/of  Henry B. Yarbrough


MONNIE  F. YOUNG   8-5-1944  to  7-30-1981  

"Heavenly Rest Is Hers Sweet Memories Ours" 

"Beautiful Wife And Mother Absent From The Body, But Present With The Lord"





*Note: For those of you not familiar with the Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950 (4 Volumes), here is some information that you might find useful.  These books give the person's name, date of death, county where they died, & sometimes gender or race. Arkansas began keeping birth / death records in 1914.  Unfortunately, it was not enforced until ca 1940's. If a doctor, the family, or the mortuary did not turn in the information / name of a deceased person, then he/she was never registered. I mention this, because even if you know the exact date, etc. of someone who died but find them not listed in the books, then you will not be able to obtain a death certificate. Keep this in mind when you question why someone's name does not appear in the books. Most libraries and genealogical societies in Arkansas have a set of these books on the shelf.They can also be found at the Arkansas History Commission & State Archives in Little Rock


Becky Harrison, who lives nearby, is a possible contact for additional info about the cemetery.  Taking care of this cemetery has been a family project for many years. Ms. Harrison & her husband have taken on the full responsibility, now that her dad, Olen McGaugh, has reached an age that makes it too large a task for him.  I had the pleasure of speaking with her, at the cemetery when I did this final survey in October 2011. As far as I know, she still has the same email address as she had back in 2007. They formerly also took care of New Parkers Chapel located a couple miles up the road. Ms. Harrison advised me that different arrangements have now been made for New Parkers Chapel Cemetery, which adjoins the church.