Est. ca 1849



From the Moro Bay Hwy. East, (formerly Hwy. 15, changed to Hwy. 63) turn onto Crain City Road. At the "Y" in the road is Union Baptist Church with Armer Road on one side and Crain City Road on the other side. Go down Armer Road to Lockner Road (formerly old County #317). Turn right onto Lockner Road from Armer Road; travel about 500 ft. to turn onto lane going to the cemetery. The portion of the cemetery on the left is the African American section & to the right side of road is the white section. My info is from an old survey / canvass done by the late, Lillian McGowan Craig, in the early 1990's, which she gave me a copy of. The following info is for the white section only. (July 2006) Update: Oct 30, 2012 I attempted for the 2nd time to find this cemetery. Most of the lanes I turned on led to an oil well. There were no lanes that did not lead to a well. I did not venture into the entangled undergrowth to see if I could locate it. The weather had been too warm; the critters had not gone into hibernation, yet....especially the snakes.

Janice Holzer



W. J. AMASON 10-17-1828 to 5-19-1869


SARAH L. CALLAWAY died 7-2-1852

*Age 42 yrs


LOU CRAIN 6-25-1868 to 4-1-1888

*D/of William & Rebecca Crain


P. B. JENNY 6-22-1850 to 7-20-1889


E. J. MEEK 4-19-1816 (?1846) to 2-2-1877


JAMES M. PUMPHREY 1-27-1847 to 7-28-1849

*Age 2 yrs-8 mos-1 day


JOHN R. PUMPHREY 11-23-1803 to 10-8-1857

*Age 53 yrs-11 mos-5 dys 'Mason'



*Wife of G. W. COOK

*Headstone erected by children J. R. & Martha Pumphrey


SAMMIE ROWLAND 2-24-1896 to 2-25-1896

*S/of Mr. & Mrs. W. L. Rowland


*This is unproven, but someone told me that Peter Feldman & Barbara Kundet Feldman are also buried there. I made a note of this on my copy of the cemetery. No dates. Probably, no headstones can presently be found for these two.