Est. ca 1864


Located about 10 miles Northeast of Junction City.

Approximately 4 miles Southeast of Caledonia.

This cemetery was canvassed by Basil & Lillian Craig, March 11, 1991.

I revisited & did a complete update of this cemetery, April 1, 2004.

Updated June 2006/ June 2009  from obituaries.  Last canvass Oct 2011.

Last updated June 2017.   Submitted by Janice Holzer   <  jcsh432@gmail.com   >



* Use of the symbol  &  indicates a double headstone or more than one person named.

*ARDI Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950

*OB   info from Obituary

*SSDI  birth and or death dates partially from Social Security Death Index

*MM  indicates Mortuary / Funeral Home Marker




ABERCROMBA    (no first name or dates) *Small stone 2011

ABERCROMBA    (no first name  or  dates) *Small stone 2011


FANNIE   ABERCROMBIE    1872 – 1958 


*The following graves are marked with a single small stone. They are between

the graves of George W. & Verdie Pepper Brazzel  -  Obediah Burnard & Martha Mizell Croswell.

CHARLIE    (no last name or dates)

CLEMMIE   (no last name or dates)

INFANT  (no name or dates)

JAMES   (no last name or dates)

NANCY  ( no last name or dates)


(E. J.) ERNEST J.  (ANDY) ANDERSON  5-4-1919  to  7-1-1975 

*Md:12/24/1952     *CPL US Army World War II   "In Loving Memory"

&  PAULINE  WILLIAMS ANDERSON (88)  5-6-1923 to 12-28-2011  

*D/of  James Claude Williams &  Callie Pepper Williams.  *OB 



WILLIAM  R.  "BILL"  ANDREWS  8-19-1895  to  3-2-1943  “Daddy”



ISAAC  DANIEL  ANDRIST, JR.  6-12-1952  to  6-10-1973  

"Rest In Peace"   *Father of Erica



(M. M.) MARIAH M. McKEE  ARRINGTON 11-9-1827  to 1-27-1863

*D/of Melinda K. Porter Wade(1808-1893) & Rev. James McKee 

*Md: 1/8/1850 Union Co., AR  as 1st wife/of  Dr. John V. Arrington(1821-1888)

*Dr. John Arrington buried Spearsville Cemetery, LA with *2nd wife, Sarah Amanda Barron



Infant Son BELL  B & D  2-28-1947   *S/of  Ross & Johnnie Mae Bell


JEWELL  THOMAS  BELL  9-27-1904  to  10-20-1983 


&  OLIVE  H. TATUM  BELL  9-7-1914   to  2-16-2003 


WILLIAM  THOMAS  BELL   5-13-1932   (One date)



JASON  BLACKMON   6-15-1896  to  7-16-1962  *Age  66 yrs




2-25-1864 AR     *58 yrs-5 mos-26 days  *B: in Greene Co., GA

*S/of  William Blanks(ca 1760 VA)  & *2nd wife,  Jane Hill Blanks (Md:2nd 9/25/1799 GA)   

*Ezekial orphaned by 1825, after the death of his mother in 1816-17; grandfather d:1817-1818;

His father died in 1823; Jan 1825, appeared in Open court, Greensboro, Georgia, Green Co.

Inferior Court; He was over the age of 14. Thomas Riley appointed as his Guardian; Jacob Riley

security for his Guardianship.      * “Zekial”  md: 1st wf, 3/1/1832,  Mariah Robertson

*2nd  wife,  Temperance Riley, was his uncle’s first cousin.

 (2011-stone broken, on ground, illegible- broken prior to 1985- new marker erected 2010)

TEMPERANCE  RILEY “TEMPEY” BLANKS  4-15-1802NC  to  3-6-1894 AR

*1st marriage may have been to a Mr. Robins or Mr. Leviney, abt. 1925; she had a son Seborn

Robins(1827-1894) A first marriage has not been proven * Ezekial Blanks was “Tempey’s”

2nd  husband.  //   "A precious one from us is has gone ~  A voice we loved is stilled 

A place is vacant in our home  ~  Which never can be filled"



MRS.  ERUBY CRUMP HALL BLOXTON  3-10-1808 SC  to  11-2-1878 AR

*D/of John Crump & Isabel Nelson Crump in Old Pendleton District of S. Carolina.

*Eruby  died in Jefferson Co. ,AR   *Burial location is unknown.

*Spouses:  *1st,  md: 7/20/1824, Jefferson Co., AL, Glover Hall (2/11/1801 to 10/19/1831) 

*Eruby & Grover were the parents of five children.

*2nd, md: 10/19/1836, Shelby Co., AL,  Mr. Beverly Bloxton.  *1 daughter from this union .

*3rd, md: 4/26/1845, Shelby Co., AL, Carter T. Hall, brother of her 1st husband

*No children from this union.  Carter was born ca 1792 in South Carolina. In 1850 Census, Eruby

& Carter were residing in Shelby Co., AL, with Carter’s five children from his previous marriage.

Carter & Eruby Hall moved to southern Arkansas before the Civil War.



CHLOE  GRACE  BRANTLEY  3-15-2005  (One date) 

*D/of  Chris and Angela   "He Shall Gather The Lambs In His Arms And

Hold Them Close To His Heart."   Isaiah  40:11



EUGENE  WILLIAM  BRASHER  5-17-1882   to  5-23-1967

*1st wife, Ellie Russell Brasher (1888-1914)  buried at Harper Springs Cemetery

&  FANNIE  PEPPER  BRASHER  3-17-1899   to  5-29-1983 

*2nd wife of Eugene William Brasher

"In My Father's House Are Many Mansions"



BENJAMIN  “BEN” JOSEPH  BRAZZEL  12-6-1876  to  4-12-1941“Father” 

CORA  BELL  DAVIS  BRAZZEL   5-17-1878  to  3-24-1953 “Mother”

"Rest Is Thine:  Sweet Remembrance Ours"


BESSIE  ELMER  BRAZZEL  4-23-1917  to  9-10-1922 

*D/of  J. Franklin  Brazzel (1888-1947) &  Mary Lou Pepper Brazzel (1893-1984)

"Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"


ELDRIDGE  BRAZZEL  6-20-1913  to  9-26-1979 

*S/of  J. Franklin Brazzel(1888-1947)  &  Mary Lou Pepper Brazzel(1893-1984)  


Infant  BRAZZEAL  5-9-1915  to  6-23-1915  

*Child of  Benj. Joseph Brazzeal(1876-1941)  &  Cora Bell Davis Brazzeal(1878-1953)

*Spelling of name as shown on infant’s tombstone.


Infant  BRAZZEL  12-26-1911  to  1-17-1912  

*D/of  Joseph Franklin Brazzel (1888-1947)  &  Mary Lou Pepper Brazzel (1893-1984)

"Of  Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"


Infant  BRAZZEL  12-10-1918  to  3-2-1919 

*S/of  J. Franklin Brazzel(1888-1947) &  Mary Lou Pepper Brazzel(1893-1984)  

"Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"


GEORGE  W.  BRAZZEL  8-28-1876  to  3-8-1965 

&  VERDIE  PEPPER  BRAZZEL   11-29-1881  to  12-2-1959 

*Wf/of  George W. Brazzel   "The Lord Giveth And The Lord Taketh Away.

 Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord"


HENRY  CORBETT  BRAZZEL(94)  1-10-1920  to  2-15-2014  *OB

*S/of  Joseph Franklin Brazzel (1888-1947) & Mary Lou Pepper Brazzel (1893-1984) 

*SGT US Army Air Corps 8th Air Force, 422 Bomb Squadron


JESSIE  F.  BRAZZEL   6-21-1903  to  11-14-1966  

*Md:4/18/1925    "Absent In Body, But Present In Spirit"

&  LIDDY  EFFIE  SAWYER BRAZZEL   2-1-1910  to  10-22-1996

*D/of  Rev. David King Sawyer (1880-1963) & Amanda Hanry Sawyer(1879-1945)


(J.)JOSEPH   FRANKLIN "FRANK" BRAZZEL 12-12-1888  to  9-3-1947

*S/of  John B. Brazzel(1866-1945) & Nancy "Nannie"  Jane Harrell Brazzel (1872-1929)

&  MARY  LOU  PEPPER  BRAZZEL  10-16-1893  to  8-3-1984

"In Loving Memory" 


JOHN  F.  BRAZZEL   11-23-1904  to  6-8-1982  


&   M.  ESTELLE  LAY  BRAZZEL  8-3-1906  to  2-17-2003 


JOHN  WILL  BRAZZEL  2-10-1922  to  6-4-1927  

*S/of  Joseph Franklin Brazzel (1888-1947) & Mary Lou Pepper Brazzel (1893-1984) 

 "Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"


LE ROY  GLEN  BRAZZEL  8-14-1930  to  4-27-1972  

*ARK  A2C  U.S. Air Force- Korea  (two markers)  "In Loving Memory"


LONNIE  BRAZZEL   7-4-1914  to  7-17-1938  

*S/of  George W.  Brazzel(1876-1965)  &  Verdie Pepper Brazzel(1881-1959) 

 "One Worthy Of Remembrance"


LOTTIE  MAE  BRAZZEL   7-20-1915  to  6-23-1916  

*S/of  Joseph Franklin Brazzel (1888-1947) & Mary Lou Pepper Brazzel (1893-1984) 

"Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"


THELDA  GRACE  BRAZZEL   6-23-1926  to  5-11-1927  

*S/of  Joseph Franklin Brazzel (1888-1947) & Mary Lou Pepper Brazzel (1893-1984) 

 "Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"



CHARLIE  BREAZEAL 12-15-1893  to  7-24-1898 

*S/of  Nathan Lynwood Breazeal (1870-1951) & Minnie Telford Breazeal(1869-1948)

&  Infant  BREAZEAL 9-28-1902  to  10-2-1902 

*Child of  Nathan Lynwood Breazeal (1870-1951) & Minnie Telford Breazeal(1869-1948)


Infant  BREAZEAL  died  6-24-1917


NATHAN  LYNWOOD  BREAZEAL  8-7-1870  to  5-29-1951 (Mason)

*S/of  Reuben Searcy Breazeal(1843-1917) & Mary Ann Blanks Breazeal(1843-1915)

&  MINNIE  TELFORD  BREAZEAL  5-2-1869  to  2-14-1948

*Wf/of  Nathan Lynwood Breazeal    "They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"


(R.S.) REUBEN SEARCY BREAZEL  2-25-1843   to  2-2-1917

*S/of  Hosea Bright Breazeal(1813-1891) & Sarah Elizabeth Mayfield Breazeal(1819-1888)  

*H/of  Mary Ann Blanks   "It was hard indeed to part with thee,  but Christ's strong arms"

MARY  ANN  BLANKS  BREAZEAL  10-29-1843  to  6-7-1915 

*D/of William Ezekial Blanks (1895-1864) &  Temperance Riley Blanks(1802-1894)

*Wf/of  Reuben  Searcy Breazeale


WILLIAM  FRANKLIN "FRANK"  BREAZEAL  6-6-1873  to  2-17-1960

*S/of  Reuben Searcy Breazeal(1843-1917) & Mary Ann Blanks Breazeal(1843-1915)

"A Life Like His Has Left A Record Sweet For Memories To Dwell Upon".



MURTHA  BRIGGS   1895  to  1-18-1958

“Our Beloved ____ and Sister”  *illegible   *Tombstone says “MURTH”

NATHANIEL  BRIGGS   9-15-1895 to  2-22-1964  (69 yrs)  *SSDI



*All three on same headstone 

ALICE  L. MAY "SUSIE " BROWN  b:11-12-1940   "Mother"  

&  W. P. "CHARLES"  BROWN  b: 7-29-1938  *Md:12/8/1956  "Daddy"

&  SONIA  GAYLE  SANDEL  1-14-1962  to 11-16-1984  &  baby daughter

"She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home.  Safe In The Arms Of Jesus"

*On Back of Headstone :  "Children-Charles Randell Brown 2-21-1958  &

Sonia Gayle Brown 1-14-1962"


JAMES  MELVIN  BROWN  12-6-1940  (One date) "Dad" 


&  JANIS  MAE  RAVENSCRAFT  BROWN  7-19-1949  (One date)  "Mom"


THOMAS  LADELL  BROWN   12-27-1904  to  1-9-1984 

*Md:10/26/1934    "Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

&  LILLIE  BELLE  LYONS  BROWN   8-22-1915  to  4-5-2001   



Mr.  DEN  CANLEY  (No dates)

SAMMIE  CANLEY   BORN 1791  &  died  6-30-1847  *Age 56 yrs



ELMER  CLYDE  CARR  4-27-1909  to  3-23-1929 

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


JAMES  CURTIS  CARR   7-27-1918  to  2-3-2007     

*S  SGT  US  Army   World War II   "Gone But Not Forgotten"


LORENZA  DOWDY  CARR  3-24-1878  to  9-14-1946 

&  NELLIE  ANN  GOODSON  CARR  9-21-1886  to  2-20-1953


MARRY  M.  CARR   9-13-1911  to  9-11-1914

"She was too good too gentle and fair.  Too dwell in the cold world of care"


MILLIE  JANE  CARR   4-1-1868  to  8-3-1908  

"We Will Meet Again"


OUZY  ALTON  CARR  11-15-1909  to  4-6-1910

*S/of  B. &  M. Carr  "Our Darling"


WILLIAM  JAMES  CARR   11-26-1852  to  2-17-1936 

 *H/of  Annie Carr   "Come Ye Blessed"

*1st wife, Annie Elizabeth Carr(1840-1909)  

*2nd wife, Florence Lillian Knoll  Carr Singleton(1917-2007)

*2nd wife, Florence is buried in Evergreen Cemetery I, Medford, Wisconsin

ANNIE  ELIZABETH CARR  7-4-1840   to  1-4-1909 

*1st *Wf/of  William  James Carr 

"She was a kind and affectionate wife. A Fond Mother and a Friend To All"

*Elizabeth is spelled exactly as above, on her tombstone.



LANEY  D.  CARROLL  died  9-7-1867  *Age about 51 yrs.



JAMES  E.  CATES    2-13-1915   to   5-8-1993

*S/of James W. Cates (1889-1946) & Gussie Breazeal Cates (1888-1977)   

*PVT  US  Army World War  II


JAMES  W.  CATES  4-10-1889  to  5-1-1946 

&  GUSSIE  BREAZEAL  CATES   4-10-1888  to  1-29-1977 

"Sleep Undisturbed Within This Peaceful Shrine"



T. C.  CAULFIELD   3-17-1862   to  12-2-1899   

*H/of  Mattie L. Caulfield      *Age: 37 yrs-7 mos-5 dys



ORELL  C. SNYDER CHESTER   3-9-1905  to  3-2-2002 

"An Inspiration To All Who Knew Her"   *Maiden name unproven.


SHARON  PERDUE  CLARK  7-18-1949  to  7-9-1999

*D/of Rev. William “Roy” Clark(1926-2009)  &  Betty Baker Perdue(1930 - ?)


WILLIS  C.  CLARK  1-12-1859  to  1-27-1915

"There are no partings in heaven"



ANDREW  C.  COLE   8-20-1885  to  9-21-1974

&  JOHNNIE  BELL  COLE   8-19-1917  to  9-12-1996



A. W.  COURTNEY 10-17-1901  to  4-2-1979   


 "A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

&   CLEO  HALL COURTNEY  5-9-1906  to  7-19-1987


LOYD  C.  COURTNEY   12-15-1906   to  9-28-1989

&   ANNIE  V.  SUMNERS  COURTNEY   9-6-1914  to  10-22-1991



BASIL  ELLZEY  CRAIG   2-25-1919  to  7-6-1998

*S/of  Wilford Garland Craig(1886-1975) & Cora Alice Moreland Craig(1890-1955)  

*Md:3/14/1942   *1st wife, Sarah Estelle Perdue   "Precious Memories"

*Md: 2nd wife, Lillian Lee Stevenson McGowen (1917-2004)

&  SARAH  ‘ESTELL’  PERDUE  CRAIG  9-24-1923  to  6-11-1989

*1st Wf/of  Basil Ellzey Craig  *Md:3/14/1942  *Shares double headstone with Basil.



WYCKLIFFE  CRANFORD  12-4-1893  to  2-2-1984  

*U.S. Army  WWII     (Mason)

&  LORENE  TATUM  CRANFORD  6-3-1912  to  7-12-1993



MILLIE  CREER  died  3-21-1885  Age 74 yrs



JANIE  RUTH  McMAN  CRIBB  11-18-1949   to  12-16-1985     

* Son  JONATHAN  at bottom of Marker  "She was the sunshine of our home"



FLOY  CROSTHWAIT   4-25-1912  to  11-5-1928 

*S/of  James Lee Crosthwait(1873-1935) & Sarah Breazeal Crosthwait(1886-1927)

"We Will Meet Again"


JOHN  ‘SHELTON’  CROSTHWAIT  1-16-1914  to  4-30-1972

*S/of  James Lee Crosthwait(1873-1935) & Sarah Breazeal Crosthwait(1886-1927)

"We Will Meet Again"


JAMES  LEE  CROSTHWAIT 1873  to  5-29-1935

*S/of John Shelton Crosthwait & Eruby R. Gardner Crosthwait

*H/of  Sarah Brazeal Crosthwait   *ARDI       "Unto You Is Paradise Opened"

&   SARAH  BREAZEAL  CROSTHWAIT   1886 -  1927 




CALINE  ROBERT  CROSWELL  11-8-1864   to  2-20-1891

*S/of  Lousettie S. Ogden Croswell (1824-1875) &  James A. Croswell(1816-1893)

*2011-Stone broken across top-name missing  

 "In Life Beloved.  In Death Lamented"  *Exact spelling on tombstone.


(I. W.) ISAAC  W.  CROSWELL  12-14-1848  to  5-8-1891

*S/of  Lousettie S. Ogden Croswell (1824-1875) &  James A. Croswell(1816-1893)

*2011-Broken in two parts-lying on ground   "God In His Wisdom Has ? Called.


(J. A.) JAMES A.  CROSWELL   3-10-1816TN  to   5-27-1893AR

*2011-Tombstone broken off at base—hard to read

&  LOUSETTIE  S.  OGDEN  CROSWELL  10-28-1824  to  11-7-1875

*(stone broken off base)


JOHN  F.  CROSWELL   3-23-1853  to  3-8-1928

*S/of  Lousettie S. Ogden Croswell (1824-1875) – James A. Croswell(1816-1893)

LUCY  ANN  GOODSON  CROSWELL  1-30-1854  to  1-20-1902  

*Wf/of  John F. Croswell


LAWRENCE  BASCOMB  CROSWELL  5-11-1892  to  5-14-1962

*S/of William S. Croswell(1858-1924) &  Mary McCurley Croswell(1864-1941)

Age 70 yrs   "May God Grant You Eternal Rest"   "Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend"

&   ANNIE PEARL WILSON CROSWELL  3-22-1898  to  6-17-1970



&  MARTHA  MIZELL  CROSWELL   1840 – 1903


WILLIAM  S.  CROSWELL  1858  to  11-26-1924   *ARDI  "At Rest" 

MARY “MOLLIE” McCURLEY CROSWELL   1864  -  1941  "At Rest"  

*D/of  Elizabeth McConathy McCurley (1833-1901) & Wm. McCurley(b:ca 1824-d: bef 1900AR)



DELMER  L. CULLINS    9-9-1924   to  9-22-1997

*S/of  John Taylor Cullins (1885-1944) &  Ema Davidson Cullins (1891-1945) 

*Md:12/13/1943   *US  Army-World War II

& LOU  MAUDINE  GARDNER  CULLINS(92) 2-3-1925  to  2-10-2017LA

*D/of  James Henry “Pete”Gardner(1899-1984) & Lou Etta Sawyer Gardner(1905-1981)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"



HENRYETTA  CULPEPPER   1-12-1896  to  2-14-1908    

*D/of  W. M  &  M. Culpepper




*D/of  Garson Dettenheim(1819-1894) & Cynthia Ogden  Dettenheim (1820-1875)



EDWARD  SUMPTER  DANIELS   9-11-1897  to  10-16-1985    


&  LEANICE  NORSWORTHY  DANIELS   7-12-1904  to  12-16-1979

*D/of Livius Norsworthy(1865-1914) &  Sallie  R. Walton Norsworthy(1870-1945)


JAMES  MARSHAL  DANIELS   4-6-1924  to  12-14-2005  *ob   

*PVT  US  Army ~  World War II   *Awarded 5 Bronze Stars


LAWRENCE  L.  DANIELS   1-28-1919  to  12-31-1992 

*S/of Leanice Norsworthy (1904-1979) & Edward Sumpter Daniels(1897-1985)

*PVT  US  Army  World War II     "Beloved Dad"     "Beloved Mother"

&   OPAL  LEE  DANIELS (90)   8-7-1918  to  2-27-2009  *ob   



IVAN  DAVIS  1-15-1923  to  1-18-1923 

*S/of  John Coy Davis(1895-1978) &  Gladys Ford Davis(1900-1940)  

"Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"


JOHN  C.  DAVIS , JR.,  M.D.   10-8-1924  to  1-18-1992

*S/of  John Coy Davis(1895-1978)  &  Gladys Ford Davis (1900-1940)  


JOHN  COY “COY” DAVIS   3-8-1895  to  4-26-1978  "A Christian" 

*S/of  John Calvin Davis(1852-1933) & Sophronia Davis Rodgers Davis (1856-1919)

GLADYS  FORD DAVIS   11-22-1900  to  6-1-1940 

*Speculation: D/of Joseph L. Ford 4-26-1872  to 1-8-1928

*Wife of John Coy Davis (1895-1978)   "Blessed Are The Dead In Christ"


VIRGINIA  DAVIS(64)  1-2-1948  to  4-3-2012  *OB   

*D/of  the late, Dona Mae Smart  &  her father, Leo Carter/Cater

*late brother Carl Wayne Smith;  Wf/of Jack Javis



ALBERT  L. DEARMAN   1880  to  8-6-1946   *Age 69 yrs   

*Md:1st Callie Harrison 1907

&  NETTIE  G.  DEARMAN   1907   to  1978  



ROY  ALBERT  DISON   5-17-1928  to  4-11-199

*S/of  Andrew M. Dison(1877-1950)  & Elizabeth Ione LaGrone Dison(1892-1998) 

&   BETTY  LOUISE  BRAZZEL DISON   3-29-1932  to  5-25-2011

*D/of  Joseph Franklin Brazzel(1888-1947) & Mary Lou Pepper Brazzel(1893-1984)

"The Lord Is My Shepherd"



THOMAS  DOLPHIN   12-7-1890  to  2-6-1947



CHARLIE  A.  DOSTER   7-10-1900  to  8-12-1983

&  CALLIE  SAWYER  DOSTER   8-10-1903  to  5-9-1970 

"Rest Is Thine:  Sweet Remembrance Ours"



E.  RAY (Sundown) DOWNEY (63)  8-5-1946  to  3-11-2010  *OB   

*S/of  Robert F. Downey & Hazel Freeman Downey;    *SP5  US  Army-Vietnam

*Md:10/15/1976  Nigel Ruth Hall   "Life Is A  Journey That Is Homeward Bound"

&  NIGEL  RUTH  HALL  DOWNEY  1-13-1954  (One date)



DANIEL  B.  DOZIER  1922    to  1967 

*SSDI dates: 9-9-1927  to  July 1967



LAVERNE  WILLIAM  DYCK   4-6-1941CA  to  8-2-2003 AR

*S/of  William Gus Dyck(1909-1996)  & Alma Justine Regier Dyck (1910-2007)

*Md:3/22/1968   "Until We Meet Again"

&   KATHLEEN  JOAN   DYCK    9-18-1948  (One date)



A. Z.  EILAND  12-30-1899  to  4-29-1925   *Md:Ollie 1924

&  OLLIE  PEPPER  EILAND  CULLINS  2-14-1904  to  7-6-1985 

*Ollie Eiland Cullins on double headstone, shared with A. Z.  


GEORGE  EILAND  1875 *(10/28/1875AR)  to  1942  

*Age 66 yrs   "Dad" 

&  AMANDA  EILAND   1875   to  1963  "Mom" 



BENNY  MICHAEL  ELAM    B  &  D  12-2-1958 

*Infant  S/of  John Benjamin Elam  & Glenda Delle Lyons Elam


JOHN  BENJAMAN (BENNY)  ELAM(80) 2-18-1934  to 2-7-2015  "Dad"

*S/of  Earnest H. Elam(1909-1981)  &  Weiler May Pitts Elam(1907-1988)    *OB

 *Md: 3/24/1958     *US Marine Corps(7 yrs)    "Because He LIves"

&  GLENDA  DELLE  LYONS ELAM(73)  2-4-1940  to  12-8-2013LA 

"Mom"   *D/of  Delno Lyons & Minnie Harris Lyons       *OB

* Elam Children: Benny Michael, Robert Dennis, Gregory Steven Elam



CHARLES  HENRY  ELLIOTT   7-6-1934  to  5-29-2005 

"With Love"


GEORGE  ROBERT  ELLIOTT   3-19-1895  to  4-2-1983  

"Never Forgotten"

&  LUCY  MAE  ELLIOTT   Sunrise 5-25-1915  to  Sunset 4-3-1994 

[*Lucy has an older marker & it is from there that above "Sunrise" –"Sunset" is listed.]

"In Loving Memory of Mother" -  "To The Angry, I Am Cheated, But To The Happy, I Am At Peace"


FRANCIS  JANET  ELLIOTT  5-29-1969   Age 6 mos


MARZELL  ELLIOTT  10-2-1931  to  12-23-1984  "With Love"



BENNIE  LOUIS  ENDEL, SR. (85) 8-14-1923 TX to 11-10-2008 *OB  

*S/of  Henry Louis Endel (1897-1972) &  Jaunita Clevenger Endel (1898-1990) 

* Md: 1948  Wife, Betty Lou Latham Endel (1932-1949)  

* buried in Arlington   

 *US  Navy  World War II    






BENNIE  JOE  FORD   7-12-1930   to   10-29-1995 

*US  Air Force – Korea     "Precious Memories"

&  PATTY  S.  FORD    12-19-1932   (One date) 


BERNARD  FORD    d: 8-22-1886   *Age 7 yrs-8 mos-7 days


BOBBY  E.  FORD    3-18-1927  to  4-28-1994

*S/of Maurice Eugene Ford(1902-1993)  &  Mabel Ozelle Sullivan Ford (1907-1973)

"To Know Him Was To Love Him"


BRIAN  LANE  FORD (59)  12-6-1956   to  7-14-2016  *OB

*S/of  Wesley Walton Ford(1914-1997) & Louise Campbell Ford(1923-1997)

*Husband of 38 yrs to the late Bonnie Jean Manning

BONNIE  JEAN  MANNING  FORD (58)  10-12-1955  to  10-17-2013 *OB

*D/of  late William Doyle Manning & Marguerite Manning  *Wf/of, Brian L. Ford


INEZ  FORD  12-10-1904  to  6-20-1906 

"In Heaven there is one Angel More"


JOHN  FORD, SR.    d: 12-2-1865   Age  67 yrs-9 mos 

(Computer calculated b:3-22-1798)

FANNIE  FORD   4-7-1846  to  12-31-1927 

*Wf/of  John  Ford, Sr.


JOHN  FORD, JR.    d: 12-15-1886  Age 53 yrs-2 mos-22 days

*Computer calculated birth date  (9-23-1833)  *Mason


JOHN  A.  FORD   d: 9-16-1872  Age 2 yrs-7 mos-15 dys 

*Computer calculated birth date  (b:2-1-1870)


JOHN  P.  FORD  3-2-1886  to  7-11-1976  Age 90 yrs

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

LUCILLE  TATUM  FORD  6-11-1892  to  7-17-1927

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


JOHN  WILMOT “WILMOT”  FORD  8-26-1926  to  10-13-2010

*S/of  John P. Ford (1886-1976) & Lucille Tatum Ford (1892-1927)  *WW II Veteran

"Gone But Not Forgotten"  *These two buried next to one another-same type marker.

MARTHA  SIZEMORE  KILLIAN  FORD  10-24-1922  to  9-27-2000

*1st md: to Mr. Killian  *2nd md: John Wilmot Ford

*No birth year given on her tombstone.  "Gone But Not Forgotten"


JOSEPH  "JOE"  MAURICE  FORD (79) 7-30-1935  to  5-11-2015*OB

*S/of Maurice Eugene Ford(1902-1993)  &  Mabel Ozelle Sullivan Ford (1907-1973)

*Md: to late wife, Gloria Ford


JOSEPH  L.  FORD  4-26-1872  to  1-8-1928

*Husband of Mattie Tatum   "An honest man's the noblest work of God"

MATTIE  TATUM  FORD  10-6-1877  to  5-14-1951

*Wf/of  Joseph L. Ford    "Your Love Will Live In Our Hearts"


KENNETH  P. (BILL)  FORD  5-22-1913  to  5-21-1982 


LEONARD  FORD   d: 9-4-1878  *Age 4 yrs-5 mos-19 dys

*Computer calculated birth date  (3-21-1874)  “Lenard” on marker.


MARY  ANN  FORD  d: 4-28-1886  Age 75 yrs-1 mos-8 dys 

*Computer calculated birth date  (3-20-1811)


MAURICE  EUGENE  FORD  10-17-1902  to  10-17-1993   

*Md:12/20/1924   "Rest Is Thine: Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  MABEL  OZELLE  SULLIVAN  FORD  8-8-1907  to  3-9-1973


MITCHELL  DAVID  MODISETTE  FORD  10-26-1932  to  4-29-1977

*This is how it reads on his tombstone, but see under Modisette???


NONA  FORD  9-29-1908  to  6-7-1911 

"Gone To Heaven To Be An Angel"


UNKNOWN   Male  FORD  (Mason)   

*Speculation: May be John Ford, Sr. H/of  Fannie Ford. (2011-someone has had a cast aluminum

obelisk made, same as was done for Wm. Ford)  There are several inscriptions on this one, but I somehow

failed to get the name:

"Why Do We Mourn Departed Friends, or Shake At Death's Alarm's. Tis But The Voice That Jesus Send

 To Call Them To His Arms." /   "Where Immortal Spirits Reign, There We Shall Meet Again"  /  "Sleep on,

Dear ones, Ere long I'll meet you In that world so bright and fair, with a smile I'll gladly greet you, when we

join our right hands there."   /

OH!  For the touch of vanished hands, and the sound of voices that are still."   (?  FORD)


WALTON  FORD   2-23-1884  to  11-10-1976 

&  ADDIE  PROTHRO  FORD   1-5-1891  to  8-18-1963  “Mama” 

*D/of  William Henry Prothro(1856-1922)  &  Sarah Margaret Barkley Prothro (1862-1927)

"They Were The Sunshine of Our Home"


WESLEY  WALTON  FORD   9-18-1914  to  11-4-1997  (Mason)

*Md:12/24/1942    "The Lord Giveth, and the Lord taketh away, Blessed be the name of the Lord"

&  LOUISE  CAMPBELL  FORD   2-13-1923  to  3-3-1997 


WILLIAM  FORD   d: 4-30-1887  Age 32 yrs 

*This obelisk (reproduction out of cast aluminum) has inscriptions all over it, as follows.

*Erected by his wife: /"Dear Companion, Thou Has Left Me Here In Sorrows Vale Of Wonder,

Oh, My God, Who Hast Bereft Me, Give Me Grace To Bear Up Under This Sad And Sorest Of All

Trials, And To Say, "My God, Thy Will Be Done."  / "He Died As He Lived, A Pure Upright Man." /

"The Angels Called Him On A Sunny Day."  (WM Ford)


WILLIAM  WAYNE  FORD   6-5-1940  to  7-3-1992

*S/of Maurice Eugene Ford(1902-1993)  &  Mabel Ozelle Sullivan Ford (1907-1973)

"He is my refuge and my fortress"



LINNIE  B.  FOSTER   6-4-1903  to  6-9-1912

*Child of  James Tillman Foster(21881-1962) & Minnie Lou Morgan Foster(1884-1973) 



JAMES  FRANKLIN  1-23-1885  to  10-4-1961



CURTIS  R.  FRISBY   3-10-1948  (One date) "Dad"

*Md:2/14/1992  "Loving Wife, Mother and Friend"

&   SHIRLEY  MILLER  FRISBY  9-15-1956  to  7-11-2006 

*Wf/of  Curtis R. Frisby


(D.G.) DOLPHIN G.  GARDNER   9-23-1825  to  5-3-1881

*H/of  Caroline Hall Gardner(1830-1887)  *Dolphin & Caroline had 12 children

CAROLINE  HALL  GARDNER   9-23-1830  to  10-12-1887

*D/of Eruby Crump Hall Bloxton(1808 SC -1878 AL ) &  *1st Glover Hall (1801-1831)

* Eruby Crump  in 1824 Jefferson Co., AL,  md: *1st husband, Glover Hall(1801-1831)

*In 1836, Shelby Co., AL, md: 2nd husband, Mr. Beverly Bloxton (d: ca 1842-49)

*Eruby md: in 1850, Shelby Co., AL  her 3rd husband, Carter Hall (b: ca 1792) ~ Carter

  was a brother to her 1st husband, Glover Hall . Eruby had one daughter by Beverly

 Bloxton, Mary F. “Eruby” Bloxton who md: in 1865, Union Co., AR, Charles S.

Lowderback (b: 1840 VA)   They had three children. 

*Neither Eruby Hall or Mary F. Bloxton Lowderback’s burial  location is known, but it

  is presumed they both died while living in Union Co., AR.


DOLPHIN  R.  GARDNER   11-13-1874  to  4-8-1885

*S/of  Caroline Hall Gardner (1830-1887) &  Dolphin G. Gardner (1825-1881)


ETHA  GARDNER   1-13-1922   to  11-21-1938


JAMES  HENRY (PETE) GARDNER  6-30-1899  to  5-6-1984 

*Md:1/4/1921   "In Loving Memory"

&  LOU  ETTA  SAWYER GARDNER  11-2-1905  to  1-30-1981

*D/of  David King Sawyer(1880-1963) & Amanda Hanry Sawyer(1879-1945) 


(J. P.) JAMES  P.  GARDNER   4-15-1862  to  6-12-1924

*H/of  Lou Sawyer (1872-1895)

LOU  SAWYER GARDNER   1-10-1872  to  12-26-1895 

*Wf/of  James. P. Gardner(1862-1924)


LOU  GARDNER   3-26-1867  to  1-17-1933


LAWSON  GARDNER  12-7-1886  to  11-18-1977 

"His Memory Is Blessed"


LIZZIE  GARDNER   9-18-1870  to  9-1-1947


ROSIE  ADA  GARDNER  10-11-1894  to  5-24-1967 

*D/of  Peter  Wood        "She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"


WILL  JESS  GARDNER   6-7-1889  to  12-2-1973

&  ROSE  ALLIE  GARDNER  9-12-1888  to  7-19-1970


WYLIE  GARDNER   1-7-1911  to  11-10-1911 

*D/of  Will Jess Gardner  & Rose Allie Gardner



(L.J.)  LUCIUS JESSIE GOODSON  11-13-1877  to  8-8-1954 

*Age 77 yrs-8 mos



GUSS  GORDON   12-23-1866  to  11-11-1952

"Life Is Ever Lord Of  Death And Love Can Never Lose"

SUSIE  GORDON  HUNTER  10-15-1910  to  9-16-1978

*Her headstone is next to Guss Gordon



OLLIN  B.  GRAVES  "Shorty"   2-3-1922  to  6-10-1980 

"Precious Lord, Take My Hand"

BETTY LOU KITCHENS GRAVES "Mama"  9-12-1926  to  11-27-2008

*Died in Shreveport, LA.    "Precious Lord, Take My Hand"


CLAUDE  E.  GRAVES  1-26-1920  to  6-16-1944 

*Louisiana  Staff  SGT  9th INF   2ND  INF  DIV   WW II    "A Hero Died For His Country"

*Listed on the Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana WW II Casualties List as KIA



'Mrs.'  AURELIA  FORD  GREEN  2-16-1842  to 10-24-1919 

*Age 77 yrs-8 mos-8 dys   *Birth date calculated with computer

"Asleep in Jesus Blessed sleep, from which none ever wakes to weep."


LEE  ELLIS  GREEN  10-12-1926  to  5-18-2003  

*Md:8/22/1953     *PVT  US  Army  "Loving Husband, Father & Grandfather"

&  LOIS  A.  GREEN    10-7-1934    (One date) 

"Loving Wife, Mother & Grandmother"

*Our Children: Marilyn, Sharon, Twyla, Debbie, Bruce, Kevin, Darla, Susan



MILLIE  GREER   d: 3-21-1885   Age 74 yrs

*2011-tombstone broken into multiple pieces-illegible



ADA  GROVES   7-6-1894  to  1-26-1946


ARTHUR  GROVES   10-28-1919  to  10-28-1919 

*Infant son of  Mr. & Mrs. W. F.  Groves


CLARA  GROVES  (No dates)


McDONALD  "DON" GROVES  6-9-1888 LA  to  9-12-1979 

*S/of  Commodore D. Groves(b:ca 1857 LA) & Mary Groves(b:ca 1874 LA)

&  ESTELLE  BRAZZEL GROVES   9-20-1894  to  12-12-1928 

*D/of  John B. Brazzel(1866-1945) & Nancy "Nannie"  Jane Harrell(1872-1929)

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"


J. B.  GROVES   1-2-1926   to   8-30-2003     

*Md:7/7/1946   "Thy Kingdom Come.  Thy Will Be Done In Earth As It Is In Heaven"

&  ALICE  RUTH  KITCHENS GROVES  7-6-1928  to  11-21-1985    


JAMES  HENDERSON  GROVES   1903  to  1931   

&  NETTIE  MAY  TOWNS  GROVES 1910  to  1931   

"Thy Kindom Come.  Thy Will Be Done In Earth, As It Is In Heaven"


JAMES  H.  GROVES   B  &  D   12-29-1947  (One date)

*S/of  J. B.  &  Alice Groves    "Rest In Peace"


JAMES “JIM” COMMODORE  GROVES 3-25-1861  to  6-25-1936 

&  MARY  LOU  VICKERS GROVES   1-31-1870  to  1-1-1958   

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"


JOE  DAVIS  GROVES   10-26-1920  to  8-22-1969

*Age 48 yrs-10 mos-26 dys    "His Memory Is Blessed"



MARTHA  ANN  PRATT  HALE  11-14-1896  to  12-26-1923 

*Wf/of  Archie  W. Hale (1895-1975)- buried Beulah Cemetery, Fiske, LA

 "A Precious Wife And Mother"


VERA  PRATT  HALE(84)   7-7-1906  to  10-3-1990

*Has an old Mortuary Marker from Rumph-Owers Morturary



CHARLES  ROBERT  HALL   4-13-1879  to  2-11-1952

&  NORA  PEPPER  HALL    8-8-1882  to  12-29-1953

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"


EARL  HALL     7-27-1915  to  10-18-1986 

&  JANIE  HALL   10-14-1922  to  6-22-1981

"Gone But Not Forgotten"     "Life's  A Voyage – I Am Homeward Bound"


ERMA  HALL   1909 – 1927 

"Those Whom We Never Cease To Love We Never Lose"


GEORGE  ALFRED  HALL   2-8-1881  to  11-12-1962

&  ROSE  ETTA BRANTLEY HALL  1-25-1885  to  12-14-1962

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


GRADEN  HALL   4-26-1904  to  12-2-1912 

*S/of  George Alfred Hall (1881-1962) &  Rose Etta Brantley Hall (1885-1962) 

"Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven. 

We Trust In God To Meet Thee Again"


GRADY  HALL  11-2-1894  to  7-8-1913 

*S/of  J. P.  &  M. A. Hall   "We shall Meet again"

"He was a kind and loving  son and affectionate brother"


HENRY  HALL   9-12-1890  to  7-27-1921

"May he rest in peace"


J. P.  HALL   12-30-1861  to  9-2-1926 

"His memory is blessed"

MARTHA  A.  HALL   10-16-1870  to  8-11-1930

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


JAMES  HALL   5-29-1921  to  9-30-1933


JAMES  WARNER  HALL  11-1-1892  to  7-28-1961 

*ARK PVT  US Army  WW I   "Where  He Leads Me I Can Safely Go"

&  DENA  SUMNERS  HALL   8-23-1901  to  5-30-1984


L.  STEWART  HALL   4-13-1943  to  7-4-1964

"Where He Leads Me I Can Safely Go"


LAVON  HALL   1927  to 1955

 "Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven"

LEON  HALL   9-1-1915  to  4-10-1916


LOIS  HALL    8-12-1905  to  9-16-1907  

*D/of  G.A.  &  R.E. Hall   "Closed Are Thy Sweet Eyes From This World Of Pain,

 But We Trust In God To Meet Thee Again"


MAURICE  ORON  HALL    11-5-1921  to  4-8-1993

*SGT  US  Army  World War II  "Loving father...faithful friend"

"To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"


NOEL  HALL   12-31-1913  to  9-29-1914  


RALPH  HALL   2-8-1912  to  2-1-1979


 "A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

&  MILDRED  UPSHAW  HALL  12-31-1918  to  3-31-1999   


THOMAS  CARROLL  HALL  10-18-1888  to  2-28-1936

"Rest Is Thine:  Sweet Remembrance Ours"  "Come Ye Blessed"

ANNIE  LOYCE  HALL   12-10-1898  to  5-19-1922 

*Wf/of  Thomas Carroll  Hall


THOMAS  EVERETT  HALL  12-25-1917  to  10-18-1990

*S/of   Thomas Carroll Hall (1888-1936) & Annie Loyce Hall (1898-1922)

*Md:7/19/1939  *Md: Ruby Williams Sawyer as her 2nd husband.

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

&  RUBY  WILLIAMS SAWYER HALL   7-14-1905  to  3-26-1975

*Spouses: *1st  HENRY JACKSON SAWYER (1903-1936)  *2nd THOMAS EVERETT HALL(1917-1990) 


W. M.  HALL   3-4-1850   to  3-5-1910   

"When mourning for companions gone, we doubly feel ourselves alone."

&   RACHEL  FRANCES  HALL    12-1-1861  to  4-26-1949   


WILLIAM  PORTER  HALL   11-19-1896  to  12-31-1971 

*S/of  James P.  Hall (1861-1926)  &  Martha A. Hall (1870-1930)

"Absent In Body, But Present In Spirit"


W.  "VERNARD"  HALL   8-12-1921  to  4-6-1966 

"Come Unto Me All You That Labor And Are Heavy Laden And I Will Give You Rest"

*Arkansas   SGT  318  INF  WW II  BSM     *Md:1/24/1942

&  MILDRED  CATER  HALL(87) 9-26-1923  to  12-26-2010 *OB

*D/of Cicero Douglas Cater(1898-1976) & Sallie Almeady Foster  Cater(1897-1984)

"Nanny Hall"



JOANNAH  THOMASON  HALTOM   2-17-1819  to  1-15-1908

*D/of  David Dumas Thomason & Martha Thomason  

*Wf/of  Enoch  Spencer Halton (7/4/1810 – 9/27/1886)  Elliott Cemetery, Ouachita Co.,AR

*Joannah & Enoch had several children, Obediah (Oby) Haltom, Martha E. Haltom (Cook),

  Sarah (Sally) Haltom (Hogue), John David Haltom, Lydia Haltom (Poindexter), Mary Elizabeth,

  Kate E. Haltom (Pope) and Virginia Haltom.   *Except for Virginia Haltom (burial unk)  &

  Sally Haltom Hogue(1829-1923) buried Green Grove Cemetery, Union Co., AR



DORIS  RENEA (NEA NEA)  HAYES   6-29-1964  to  9-7-2000

"Too Well Loved To Ever Be Forgotten"


JOHN  KEITH  HAYES (47)  11-6-1969  to  12-1-2016  *OB

*S/of  John Tom Hayes & Doris Ann Phillips Hayes   *Wife, Wendy Hayes



WAYNE  HENDERSON(75) 12-1-1934 LA   to  11-18-2010 LA *OB

*S/of  Loyd  C. “Guy”  Courtney  & Annie V. Sumners Courtney (1914-1991) 

&   ELIZABETH  “LIZZIE”  HENRY  HENDERSON  5-24-1940  (One date)



MRS.  ALLIE  HENDRIX(72)   died 7-14-1946  (one date) *OB

*3 surviving sons:  G. L. Gardner of Lillie  /  W. J. Gardner of Huttig /

Roy A. Clark of Clarkwood, TX   [Union Parish Library Newspaper Archives 18]


CLINTON  HILL     11-25-1914  to  Sept. 1972 

&   MYRTLE  LEE  HILL    1911  to  1982  

*Speculation: *SSDI    Lela Hill 12-6-1911 to Feb 1982 Bossier City, LA


JARON  LEE  HILL  B  &  D   6-24-2009 

*Son of Jeremiah Lee Hill  & Sara Carren Hill

"Blessed Are The Pure In Heart:  For They Shall See God.  Matt  5:8 "

*Grandson of  Brian Lane Ford  & Bonnie Manning Ford



TOM  WILSON  HOGUE   7-15-1921   to   8-12-2001

*S/of  Tom B. Hogue(b:ca 1875 AR) & Amma Gatsy Coleman Hogue(1892-1984) 

*Md:10/19/1940      "They Are Safe At Home"

&  GEORGIA  JETER  HOGUE  4-29-1914  to  10-1-1982



MARGIE  LEE  HOLCOMB   6-23-1927  to  12-20-1981

"She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"


PETER  (Pete)  HOLCOMB, SR.   8-6-1917  to  6-7-2004 

"I Come To The Garden..."    *SGT  US  Air Force  World War II-Purple Heart



GROVER  HENRY  HUDDLESTON   11-18-1893  to  3-15-1983    

*Md:5/4/1924     "If Tears could build a stairway, amd ,memories could make a lane,

I'd walk right up to heaven  and bring  you home again"

&  ETHEL  PRATT  HUDDLESTON   12-9-1900  to  12-23-1992    


LANKFORD  L.  HUDDLESTON  7-29-1935  to  11-18-1936   

*S/of  Mr. &  Mrs. Grover Henry Huddleston


VAN  E.  HUDDLESTON  8-13-1933  to  9-11-1933    

*S/of  Ethel Pratt Huddleston(1900-1992) &. Grover Henry Huddleston(1893-1983)



SUSIE  GORDON  HUNTER    10-15-1910  to  9-16-1978

*Her headstone is next to Guss Gordon (1866-1952)



OLIVE “OLLIE” EUGENE HUX  HUITT  3-22-1871LA  to  3-13-1968

*D/of  Francis Marion Hux(1841-1919) & Olive Dettenheim Hux(1847-1908) 

*Age 96 yrs-11 mo-21 dys    "We Will Meet Again"



ALAN  WADE  HUX  1-27-1969  to  3-15-1991

*S/of  Marvin Lavelle Hux &  Beverly Marie Eltzroth Hux

*late Grandfather Lavelle Hux  &  maternal grandparents Elmer & Frances Eltzroth

"He Shared His Strength, Wisdom And Courage With Others"


ASA  HUX  2-25-1887  to  3-12-1969

*S/of  Francis Marion Hux (1844-1919) & Olive Dettenheim Hux(1847-1908)

*Md:8/31/1915    "Absent In Body, But Present In Spirit"

&  MATTIE  WHITLEY  HUX   4-17-1901  to  5-4-1974

*At the time of her marriage, (1915) Mattie gave her age as 20.


ASA  ERVIN  (BUCK)  HUX  11-1-1912  to  5-28-1991 

*S/of  Sam Cain Hux(1882-1943)  &  Mary Hux (1888-1959)

*CPL  US  Army  World War II   "In God's Care"

&  GRACE  D.  STRINGER  HUX    2-22-1918  to  7-23-1993


AUSTIN  J.  HUX  12-31-1936  (One date) 


&   JANICE  A.  WHITE  HUX(68)   12-1-1940  to  5-26-2009  *OB

*D/of  Julius Byron White  &  Mordre Marie Adcock White


BENJAMIN  RUFFUS  HUX  1853  to  11-22-1914

*Brother of Francis Marion Hux     *Co  “H”  31st  LA  INF  C.S.A.

 (probably Md: Melisa A. Clingfoot  1867   Book C  page 038B  Union Co.,AR

or  Mahala L. Clingfrost  1872  Book C  Page 303A  Union Co.,AR)


CAROLE  HUX    B  &  D   5-7-1943 

*Infant D/of  Mr. & Mrs. Lavelle M.  Hux (1918-1985) & Faye Harris Hux


CLARENCE  "GARRY"  HUX (63) 4-3-1952  to  5-18-2015 *OB

*S/of  Mary Lee Harris Hux(1925-1970)  &  Clarence Gervis Hux(1921-?)

*Wife of 32 yrs, Betty Kooms Hux


CLARENCE  GERVIS  HUX    8-25-1921  to  11-26-1997

*S/of  Asa Hux (1887-1969) & Mattie Whitley Hux (1901-1974)

*Md:12/24/1941     "She Was The Sunshine of Our Home"

&  MARY  LEE  HARRIS  HUX   7-13-1925  to  9-1-1970 


DAISIE  HUX  3-17-1907  to  7-12-1907  

*D/of  J.W.  &  M.L. Hux   

"Beautiful Lovely She Was Given A Fair Bud To Earth To Bloom In Heaven"


DONALD “DONNIE” LAVELLE  HUX (36)  9-6-1975  to  1-22-2012  *ob

*S/of  Marvin Lavelle Hux & Beverly Marie Eltzroth Hux

*late Grandfather Lavelle  Hux  &  maternal grandparents Elmer & Frances Eltzroth


(F.M.) FRANCIS  MARION  HUX  4-11-1844   to  3-10-1919

*S/of  James Wellington Hux  & Mary Scarbrough Hux 

*Md: 9/8/1868   F.M  Hux to Ollie  *Confederate Army    "Gone But Not Forgotten"

OLIVE  'OLLIE'  DETTENHEIM  HUX   8-7-1847  to  2-12-1908

*D/of  Lucinda  Cynthia /Sintha Ogden (ca 1820-ca 1875) &  Jason Dettenheim

(1815/19 Germany) – 1894)


GEORGE  W.  HUX  11-16-1875  to  6-25-1963

*S/of  Francis Marion Hux(1844-1919)  to  Olive Detttenheim Hux (1847-1908)  

&  ALICE  SAWYER  HUX  10-11-1885  to  1-1-1944   

*D/of  Thomas J. Sawyer (1847-?)   &  Sarah E. Wilson Sawyer(1851-?)


JAMES  FRANKLIN  HUX   6-13-1869  to  7-4-1969

*S/of  Francis Marion Hux(1844-1919)  to  Olive Detttenheim Hux (1847-1908)

*1st wife, Martha Ada Sawyer Hux (1872-1901)

 *Md: 12/21/1902   "Rest Is Thine:  Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  ADDIE  WOOD  HUX   2-25-1871  to  12-20-1959 

*2nd wife of James Franklin Hux    *Md: 12/21/1902     *Age 88 yrs-9 mos-25 dys   


JAMES  WILSON  “WILL”  HUX   9-15-1894  to  1-13-1981   

*Md:11/26/1920    *PVT  U.S. Army    *Parents of: Clyde Elgie Hux(1921-1949)

&  NETA  RANELL WILLIAMS HUX  11-11-1903  to  1-4-1998  


JULIUS  C.  HUX   8-12-1899  to 12-20-1921 “The Lord Is My Shepherd”

*H/of  Mabel A. Gardner Sawyer(1906-1971)  buried Arlington Memorial Cemetery

*Julius C. Hux was Mabel’s 1st husband md: 5/18/1920 ;

*Garfield Washington Sawyer was Mabel’s  2nd husband md: 1925 Union Co., AR

"In Memory Of My Dear Husband  Gone But Not Forgotten"


LAVELLE  M.  HUX   12-1-1918  to  6-26-1985  

*Md:10/17/1941    "Rest Is Thine ;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  DOROTHY FAYE HARRIS HUX  12-30-1923  (One date)         


MARTHA ADA SAWYER HUX   4-7-1872  to  11-8-1901 

*1st  Wf/of  James Franklin Hux     Md:1893


MARTHA  ADA  HUX  10-20-1901  to  1-6-1902 

*D/of  James Franklin Hux (1869-1969) &  Martha Ada Sawyer Hux (1872-1901)


 MRS.  M. D.  HUX  10-20-1853  to  8-6-1910

"She Is Gone But Not Forgotten"


MELISSA  MARIE  HUX  11-1-1970  to  4-29-1989

*D/of Marvin Lavelle Hux  &  Beverly Marie Eltzroth Hux

*late Grandfather Lavelle Hux  &  maternal grandparents Elmer & Frances Eltzroth

"Her Smile And Her Love Brought Us Joy"


PROCTOR  (DOC)  HUX  11-9-1903  to  5-31-1982    

*Md:7/6/1924    "In Loving Memory"

&  MUZETTA  WILLIAMS  HUX  8-23-1907  to  2-13-1981


ROBERT  L.  HUX   12-2-1904  to  8-15-1995 

*Md: Pauline Williams 1940    "To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"


SAM  CAIN  HUX   10-3-1882  to  12-7-1943

*S/of  Francis Marion Hux (1844-1919)  &  Olive "Ollie) Dettenheim Hux(1847-1908)    

&  MARY HUX    12-22-1888  to  10-20-1959   

(Speculation: Sam  Md: Mary Wood  1907 Union AR  Bk P)

"In Sure And Certain Hope Of The Resurrection"



LAURA  MAE  IVORY   12-15-1958  to  9-1-2007



LILLIAN  JACKSON   12-31-1915  to  2-3-1916  

*D/of  Mr. & Mrs. J.B. Jackson



ANDREW  JACKSON  JETER  4-27-1860  to  8-1-1927

*S/of  James Charles Jeter(1827-1900) & Irenah Emmeline Breazel Jeter(1841-1921)

&  MARY  ELIZABETH  OGDEN  JETER  5-21-1871  to  2-5-1961

*D/of  Isaac Nathaniel Ogden (1822-1877) & Elizabeth Jane Blanks Ogden(1832-1891)

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"


JOHN  NATHAN  JETER   8-29-1899  to  11-7-1970  

*Md:7/18/1926   "Each Duty Done, They Rest In Peace"

&  ROENA  ROCKETT  JETER 10-28-1903  to  6-13-1986

*D/of  William Lafayette Rockett(1872-1953) & Minnie L. Ward Rockett(1878-1908)


LAURA  LEE  JETER  4-12-1893  to  7-23-1911  

*D/of  A. J.  &  Mary  Jeter     *Age 18 years, 3 mos, 21 days

 "Our Darling is gone to Rest"


LA VANCE  JETER   9-12-1929  to  1-18-2003 

(Carpenter/builder symbol)    *H/of   Emogene “Jean” Oliver

&  EMOGENE “JEAN” OLIVER  JETER   11-19-1929  to  6-18-2017 *OB

*D/of  James Edward Oliver  &  Susan Ioma Davis Oliver   (R N)

*Retired from nursing in 1992 after 40 yrs of dedicated service.


(S.W.) SEBORN W.  JETER  4-3-1889  to  3-8-1926 

*S/of  Andrew Jackson Jeter(1860-1927) &  Mary Elizabeth Ogden Jeter(1871-1961)

"He was the sunshine of our home"


SHANNON  RENEE  JETER   10-7-1981  to  10-20-1981



RICHARD  LANE  JINKS (53)  3-26-1960  to  1-5-2014  *OB

*S/of Clyde Jinks & Virginia Ruth Hall Jinks (1922-1998)    

*Wife, Johnette Owens Jinks

*Cremated.  Location of ashes unknown.   “Danky”

VIRGINIA RUTH  HALL JINKS  10-20-1922  to  7-28-1998

"In Loving Memory"   *Wife of Clyde Jinks.



*In Loving Memory ~The Jack and Tomie Peppers Family  

AUNT  BET  JOHNSON  ca 1882-ca 1943  

&   UNCLE  JESS  JOHNSON    ca 1877  to  ca 1961 

{BETT  JOHNSON  (No dates) * Metal Marker *From earlier surveys. }

{JESSIE  (JESS)  JOHNSON  died  6-20-1958 (Metal  Marker) }



Infant Daughter  JONES   B  &  D  6-24-1917 

*D/of  Nina Breazeal Jones (1896-1917) *Shares double headstone with infant daughter.


NINA  BREAZEAL JONES   9-17-1896  to  6-24-1917 

*D/of  Nathan Lynwood Breazeal (1870-1951) & Minnie Telford Breazeal(1869-1948)

*Wife of  D. A.  Jones 

& Infant daughter  b  &  d  6-24-1917      

"A tender mother and a faithful friend"



AMY  J.  HUX  KILLINGSWORTH(56) 1-7-1957  to  2-9-2013  *OB

*D/of  Clarence "Garry" Hux (1921-1997)  &  Mary Lee Harris Hux(1925-1970).

*Husband, Randy Killingsworth



Baby  LOVETT   died  2-5-1925



HAZEL  ANDREWS  LUCAS   11-13-1913  to  3-23-1979 “Mother”



LYNDON  KENT  LYNN, JR.   1-6-1969  to  6-1-1990 “RIP” 

*Son of Bonnie Lyons Weaver &   Lyndon Kent Lynn, Sr.  

*Husband of Billie Jo McDonald.   *Father of Kasie Jo and Melissa Sue.

"May You Find Peace And Happiness In Death, Which Life Could Not Give You."



ALMA  MATCHET  LYONS   10-5-1888  to  9-13-1974

*Infant daughter of  John & Mollie Lyons


BENNY  MARK  LYONS(66)  9-7-1948  to  11-15-2013 *OB

*S/of  Rev. Coy Lyons (1911-1984)  & Mary Lucille Brown Lyons (1915-1962)

*Medic-Vietnam veteran

*Speculation: newspaper obit gives Olive Grove Cemetery as his burial location.


BROWN  LYONS  (No dates)


CHARLES  ARLO  LYONS   6-30-1906  to  10-15-1911


Rev.  COY  LYONS  8-15-1911  to  8-23-1984 

&  LUCILLE  BROWN  LYONS  1-2-1915  to  11-16-1962

"All Things Work Together For Good To Them That Love God"


DELNO  LYONS   8-13-1904  to  4-22-1991 “Daddy” 

*Md:11/11/1923   *Children:Robert Milton, Joe Melvin, Betty Jane, Glenda Delle Lyons

&  MINNIE OPHELIA  HARRIS  LYONS 7-30-1906  to  3-3-1991 “Mother”


ELMER  V.  LYONS   8-28-1916  to  12-28-1997 

*US  Army  WW  II   *Purple Heart"

&  MARGIE  WILLIAMS  LYONS (78) 9-16-1928  to 3-28-2007 *OB  

*D/of  James Claude Williams(1880-1959) & Callie Artie Pepper Williams (1886-1958) 

*Our Children: Bonnie-Royce


Infant Daughter LYONS  born &  died  7-25-1925  

*D/of  John  &  Mollie  Patterson Lyons

Infant Daughter  LYONS  born & died   7-9-1928  

*D/of  John Milton Lyons(1882-1964)  &  Mollie Patterson Lyons  (1884-1953)

Infant  LYONS  born & died  11-2-1907   

*D/of  Mr. &  Mrs. J. Milton  Lyons 


JOE  MELVIN  LYONS(80)  12-16-1932  to  3-28-2013    *OB

*S/of  Delno Lyons(1904-1991)  & Minnie Ophelia Harris Lyons(1906-1991)

*Md:12/25/1951   "In Loving Memory"

&  STELLA DEAN  HEAD  LYONS(81)  6-8-1933  to  10-7-2014 *OB 

*D/of  Bessie Theo Curtis Head(1904-1997)  &  James Marcus Head(1892-1960)


JOHN  MILTON  LYONS   1-1-1882  to  5-29-1964

&  MOLLIE  PATTERSON  LYONS   12-28-1884  to  2-1-1953

LILLIE  WILLIAMS  LYONS  3-8-1884  to  11-14-1907 

*1st  Wf/of  J. M. Lyons   "Gone To A Brighter Home Where Grief Cannot Come."


JOSEPH  B.  LYONS    7-4-1855  to  5-9-1932

&  MARY  MASON  LYONS   7-4-1859  to  6-8-1954

"Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"


JOSEPH (JOE) G.  LYONS  3-19-1892  to  9-6-1973

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

MARY  E.  PRATT  LYONS  11-23-1893  to  7-31-1981 

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


LORENE  FINSTER  LYONS (No dates)   (2011-still no dates on marker)

LORENE  MONNIE  LYONS   5-14-1914  to  3-27-1991



1-29-2007  *D/of McDonald Groves(1888-1979)  & Estelle Brazzel Groves(1894-1928) 

*3 late husbands  *1st husband,  Joe Lee McKnight(1911-1969) 

*2nd husband,  Benny Leonard Martin (1919-1991) Buried Urbana Cemetery, Union Co.,AR  

*3rd husband,   Arnold  Lyons *OB


LYONS:  (All on one large marble headstone) 

Son of Elmer Virgil and Margie W. ~  Son:  TRACY  ROYCE ~

Grandson:  LOGAN  TRACY ~ Granddaughter: MADALYN 



M.  ELDRIDGE  LYONS   3-5-1916  to  10-3-1973  “Brother”

"Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"



RAY  ELMER  LYONS   9-13-1913  to  3-8-2004  *OB 

*PFC  US  Army  World War II   "Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord"


ROBERT  MILTON  LYONS   5-1-1926  to  2-22-1957 

*Md: 5/27/1945 Union Co., AR      *Arkansas  SGT  13  Depot  Supply  SQ   AAF   WW II    

&  ETTA  MAE  PERDUE  LYONS   10-5-1926  to  11-1-2016 *OB

*D/of  Cawthon Bailey Perdue (1896-1972) & Lillian Etta Lockwood Perdue (1896-1944)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


ROBERT  W.  LYONS   1-19-1894  to  3-1-1937 

*S/of  Delno Lyons(1904-1991)  & Minnie Ophelia Harris Lyons(1906-1991)

&  GEORGIA  PRATT  LYONS   9-25-1895  to  5-10-1974 

"Tho Lost To Sight, To Memory Dear"


ROYCE  ELMER  ZEKE” LYONS   7-26-1954  to  7-23-2005   *OB

"We Love You Pop"   *Photo embedded


RUTH  ANN  LYONS  12-1-1939  to   10-7-1943 

*D/of  Rev. Coy Lyons  &  Mary Lucille Brown Lyons


SALLIE  R.  LYONS   2-26-1884  to  1-22-1908 

*D/of  J. B. & Mary  Lyons




WILLIAM  E. MACE   9-22-1911  to  3-19-1992 

&  MARY FRANCES “SISSIE” CATES MACE(92) 1-27-1923  to  2-5-2015

*D/of  James "Jim" Cates &  Mary "Gussie" Brazeal Cates   *OB

"Earth Hath No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"



(A. C.) ANTHONY CRAWFORD MARTINDALE  2-14-1845  to  2-2-1932 

*Co “H”  20  ARK  INF  C.S.A

RACHEL  A.  McADAMS  MARTINDALE  6-26-1859  to  1-5-1933

"Rest Mother, Rest in quiet sleep while friends in sorrow oer thee weep."


GEORGE  MARTINDALE   1-9-1891  to  3-12-1908 

*S/of  Anthony C. Martindale(1845-1932) & Rachel A. McAdams Martindale(1859-1933)


MARY  W.  MARTINDALE   died  1-6-1877   

Age 26 yrs   *Wf/of  Anthony Crawford Martindale  

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


NETTIE  MARTINDALE   2-8-1923  to  1-1-1926

*D/of  Mrs. William  J. Martindale (1891-1971)

 "Another little angel before the heavenly throne"


ROBERT  F.  MARTINDALE  6-30-1893  to  12-28-1895

&  GERUSHA  MARTINDALE   died  5-18-1896   Age 74 yrs 

*These two on the same headstone


WILLIAM  J.  MARTINDALE   10-13-1886  to  3-18-1957

*S/of  Anthony C. Martindale(1845-1932) & Rachel A. McAdams Martindale(1859-1933)

"Rest Is Thine ; Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  MITTIE  W.  MARTINDALE   10-24-1891  to  3-10-1971 

*Wf/of  William  J.  Martindale



GEORGE  WASHINGTON  MASON   11-12-1878 TX  to  2-5-1937 LA

&  EVA  LENA  PEPPER  MASON   10-15-1885 LA to  8-18-1976 LA 

"Rest is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"


LEO  M.  MASON  7-16-1919  to  7-11-1944  

*LOUISIANA ~  PVT  81  CML  BN   *World War II


MARY  VIRGINIA  MASON   7-6-1922  to  1-3-1924


MILLARD  A.  MASON   1902   to  1955

*Md:1928 -*1st H/of  Vera Ava Blocker  Mason Keeton (1911-1981)

*Vera is buried at Arlington Memorial Cemetery, El Dorado, AR with Joe Keeton

  *Md: 1938-*2nd husband, Joe Keeton(1914-1988).  *See their listing  for more details.



BETTY MARIE McDONALD  1-25-1936  to  2-4-1936 

*D/of  Leonard  E. McDonald (1917-1995) &  1st wife, Marie Pratt McDonald Overstreet(1916-2005)

"Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven"



DEWEY  JAMES  McKNIGHT   7-23-1926  to  1-13-2000 

*Md:1/20/1945     *WW II  U.S. Navy  "Too Well Loved To Ever Be Forgotten"

&  PATSY  RUTH  WILLIAMS  McKNIGHT   11-26-1928  (One date)


FLOYD  McKNIGHT    3-13-1907  to  8-4-1994 

*S/of  Joseph Benjamin McKnight(1875-1950) & Lucy Clay McKnight(1874-1958)

&  EUNICE  GROVES  McKNIGHT  10-1-1916  to  10-14-2007 

 *D/of  Estelle Brazzel Groves(1894-1928) & McDonald "Don" Groves (1888-1079)

"John  3:16  "                                                          


JOE  LEE  McKNIGHT  1-6-1911  to  9-17-1969  *Age 58 yrs-8 mo-11 dys 

*S/of  Joseph Benjamin McKnight(1875-1950)  &  Lucy Clay McKnight(1874-1958)

"Thy memory shall ever be a guiding star to heaven"


to  1-29-2007     *3 late husbands    *1st husband,  Joe Lee McKnight(1911-1969) 

*2nd husband,  Benny Leonard Martin (1919-1991)   *3rd husband,   Arnold  Lyons 

 *D/of  McDonald Groves(1888-1979)  &  Estelle Brazzel Groves(1894-1928) *OB 


JOEL  L.  McKNIGHT   1958  to  2005  *Age 47   

*Young's FH  MM


MALCOLM (SHORTY)  McKNIGHT  8-6-1924  to  2-23-1987 

*Md:12/21/1944   "We Will Meet Again" ▲         "Gone But Not Forgotten"▼

&  DOROTHY  PEPPER  McKNIGHT  8-21-1927  to  1-16-1984  


MARIE  E.  REYNOLDS  McKNIGHT  8-20-1919  to  2-21-1985


RONNIE  L.  McKNIGHT  3-31-1943  to  8-24-1983

"He Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"


WILLIE  E. (BILL) McKNIGHT   6-28-1901  to  5-2-1974

*S/of  Joseph Benjamin McKnight(1875-1950) & Lucy Clay McKnight(1874-1958) 

*Md:1/20/1923  "Thy memory shall ever be a guiding star to heaven"

&  AVIS  McCRAIGAN McKNIGHT  12-24-1903  to  12-5-1971 

*Age 67 yrs



ALTON  JOE  McMAN (86) 7-16-1923  to  5-19-2010  *OB

*S/of  Samuel Colon M cMan(1900-1977)  & Cora Williams McMan(1906-1953)   

*2011-Young's FH  MM   *CPL  US Army  WW II

&  BEATRICE CAROLYN HALL McMAN (82) 2-8-1924  to  12-7-2006

*D/of Charles Robert Hall (1879-1952) & Nora Pepper Hall(1882-1953)  

*Alton Joe McMan  husband of 63 yrs    

"They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"



JAMES  FORREST  McREYNOLDS   7-7-1910  to  1-10-1980

*Md:10/18/1939    "Our Love Goes With You And Our Souls Wait To Join You"

&  MARIE  E.  SEWELL  McREYNOLDS  8-20-1919  to  2-21-1985   



GEORGENE  RUTH  HALLINGER  MELLO (66)  2-2-1949  to  4-8-2015

*D/of  Eugene Hallinger  &  Virginia Ruth  Hall Hallinger Jinks(1922-1998) 

*Georgene US Marine Corps  Vietnam   *Husband, Anthony “Tony” Mello  *OB



(A.C.)  ALEX  C.  MERRITT   10-21-1914  to  12-30-1989 

*T/ SGT   U.S. Army Air Corps    World War II

&  ELVA  PEPPERS  MERRITT (88) 7-15-1917  to  5-28-2006 

*D/of  John H.  Pepper  & Tommie  Telford  Pepper   *ob



INFANT  Twins   MILLER    born &  died  2-26-1955



MITCHELL  DAVID “FORD” MODISETTE  10-26-1932  to  4-29-1977

*Please see listing under “FORD”……tombstone reads Mitchell David

Modisette  ‘Ford’….confusion whether his last name is Modisette   or  Ford.



JAMES  EARL  MOLSBEE   2-17-1911  to  6-25-1985

*Md:3/25/1932  to  Evelyn Tatum    "Weep Not For Me For I Am With God"

&  EVELYN  TATUM  MOLSBEE  1-10-1916  to  9-29-1992 


JOHN RICHARD MOLSBEE (76) 10-5-1933  to  8-4-2010 

*S/of James Earl Molsbee(1911-1985)  &  Evelyn Tatum Molsbee(1916-1992)  *OB  

*Md:2/24/1958      *SGT  US  Marine Corps 

&  PEGGY DARLINE CAUDLE MOLSBEE(79) 7-29-1932VA  to  4-1-2012

*D/of  Wilbert Caudle  & Edith Caudle  *Wf/of John R. Molsbee  *American Legion Auxiliary  *OB



MICHAEL  G.  MONTGOMERY   2-23-1965  to  3-9-1997   

"I Thee Wed  3/15/1984    "My Love Goes With You, And My Soul Waits To Join You"

&  DEBRA  G.  MONTGOMERY  7-22-1965  (One date)

*These two in the  Hux family plot, along with Clarence G. Hux & Mary Lee Hux.



MOTT  JEFFERSON  MOORE  3-25-1902  to  1-2-1967

*Thomas Terrell Moore(1866-1939) & Zephelia Glendora Mattox Moore(1872-1962)

&  INA MAE  PEPPER MOORE   12-7-1908  to  2-8-1941

*D/of  William Franklin Pepper(1885-1951) & Emma Rae Everett Pepper(1888-1980)

"Each Duty Done They Rest In Peace"



 ANNIE  HUX  MORGAN   1878  to   12-1-1956    

*Age 78 yrs-4 dys


JOHN  N.  MORGAN   7-20-1855  to  12-11-1910 LA  “Father”

*H/of  Lillie Danly-Morgan (b:ca 1866)


(P.D.)PLEASANT  DECATUR  MORGAN  8-18-1834  to  6-9-1909

"Our Father"  "In Life Beloved In Death La-Mented"

Mrs. (A.C.)AMANDA C. RAYMOND MORGAN 10-18-1838  to 11-28-1898

*D/of  Silas Raymond  &  Millie Mitchell Raymond

"Our Mother"  "She Died As She Lived, Trusting In God"


WALTER  J.  MORGAN   1870  to  1929

*Spouses: “Sisters”  *1st Mary S. Hux(1873-1905)  *2nd Synthia Annie Hux (1878-1956)

MARY  S. HUX MORGAN   12-9-1873LA  to  3-7-1905 AR  

*D/of  Francis Marion Hux(1841-1919) & Ollie Dettheim Hux(1847-1908)

*1st  Wf/of  Walter J. Morgan

SYNTHIA “ANNIE” HUX  MORGAN 11-22-1878  to  12-1-1956

*D/of  Francis Marion Hux(1841-1919) & Ollie Dettheim Hux(1847-1908)

*2nd  Wf/of  Walter J. Morgan



KELLEE  ELIZABETH  McMAN  MURPHREE(42)10-12-1968  to  1-9-2011     

*D/of  Lindy  &  David Deloach   *OB    "Loving daughter, sister, and mother of Blake"

*Son, Blake Murphree  (son of Shelby Murphree)



BLY  PRATT  MURRAY    2-3-1903  to  8-30-1972

*S/of  Joseph Solomon Murray(1875-1968) & Lou Verda Beaird Murray(1881-1933)

&  WILLIE  IRVIN  MURRAY  12-1-1903  to  8-12-1938

"In Loving Memory"



JAMES  F.  NASH   3-17-1858  to  12-24-1934 (old Metal Marker)

*S/of  Joseph Nash(1821-1899) & Elizabeth "Betsy" Holmes Nash(1825-1900 NC)

*Age 76 yrs-9 mo-7 dys   *Spouse:ELLA  VINES  NASH(1867-1900)

*Buried Bethel Methodist Church South Cemetery


JOSEPH  ROBERT  NASH   7-23-1901  to  8-18-1968  

*S/of  James F. Nash(1858-1934)  &  Ella Vines Nash (1867-1900)

*Arkansas CPL  355  BASE  HQ  & AB SQ  AAF  World War  II




JOHNNIE  NATIONS   5-20-1930  to  5-20-1962

MILLIE  NATIONS   8-1-1885  to  3-5-1969   *Age 83 yrs-7 mos



ALFRED  NEAL   11-18-1899  to  12-23-1989  *Death date not on tombstone

&  NETTIE  NEAL 7-14-1894  to  7-1-1976   *Age 81 yrs

"Gone To A Bright Home Where Grief Cannot Come"



ANNIE  LEE  NEWSOM  6-28-1919  to  8-12-1921

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


CLARA  ALICE  NEWSOM   6-15-1908  to  4-6-1922


GEORGE  W.  NEWSOM  10-25-1885  to  10-5-1927 

SARAH  ALICE  NEWSOM  2-6-1888  to  11-23-1976  *Age 88 yrs 

*Speculation on Parents: Sarah Frances Newsom(12/16/1863  to  11/3/1927)*Maiden name

was either Scroggins or Cason. Husband, Jas. Wilson Newsom(1846-1915)  *Both are

buried in Hillsboro cemetery, as is George & Sarah’s infant son born /died 1912.

*Wife of George W. Newsom.   "Revelation  7-27  "No Tears In Heaven"

INFANT  Son  NEWSOM   10-6-1912  to  11-6-1912

*S/of George W. Newsom & Sarah Alice Newsom  **Buried Hillsboro Cemetery



Infant  NICHOLS    2-9-1901  to  2-9-1901  

*Son  Charles Edward  Nichols &  Susie Olive Bullock Nichols(1871-1901)  

There are no dates given by the infants name, but he is on

 the bottom of the same tombstone belonging to his mom.

&  SUSIE  OLIVE  BULLOCK  NICHOLS   6-17-1871  to  2-9-1901 

*Wf/of  Charles Edward Nichols (C.E. Nichols)

*Obviously, Susie died in child birth along with her infant. 


MATTIE  DELL  NICHOLS   10-5-1888  to  7-10-1889 

*D/of  Charles Edward Nichols  &  Susie Olive Bullock Nichols(1871-1901)



JESSIE  BRAZZEL  NORRIS  5-22-1906  to  10-28-1936 

*Wf/of  Louie  Norris (1905-1980)     "A tribute to a mother's love."



Infant Son OGDEN   *son of  Nathan &  Elizabeth  J.  Ogden  (no dates)

Infant Daughter OGDEN   *D/of  Nathan  & Elizabeth  J.  Ogden  (no dates) 

*Stone broken in several pieces, lying on ground, illegible.


This larger “In Memory of” monument for Nathan &  Elizabeth Ogden

replaces their older original tombstones.


ISAAC  NATHANIEL “NATHAN” OGDEN  11-28-1822  to  7-1-1877

*S/of  Isaac Ogden (1797-1859)  &  Malinda Reed Ogden(1801-1860)

"A faithful friend.  A father dear  A Chrisitan true .. Lies buried here." ▲

*Nathaniel  Ogden  md: Elizabeth Jane Blanks 9/18/1851

ELIZABETH  JANE  BLANKS  OGDEN   12-1-1832GA  to  4-6-1891AR

*Eldest  D/of  Temperance Riley Blanks(1802-1894) & W. Ezekial "Zekial" Blanks(1805-1864)

*Wf/of Isaac Nathaniel  Ogden   *Broken stone   "A Worthy Friend.  A Mother dear. 

A Christian true .....Lies buried here"     *Footstone: E.J.O. 


J. W. OGDEN   12-5-1933  to   11-19-2004   

&   DARLENE  MOLSBEE  OGDEN   7-10-1937  (One date)


LUDIE  OGDEN  8-14-1898  to  7-5-1952


(S. E.)SEBORN E.  OGDEN   10-17-1874  to  9-13-1880

*S/of  Isaac Nathaniel Ogden(1822-1877) & Elizabeth Jane Blanks Ogden(1832-1891)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"



MABLE  JEAN  SEGERS  OTOUPAL   5-17-1939  to  11-3-1975  

*Speculation:   May be daughter of  James and Mary Lou Segers"

"May God Grant You Eternal Rest"



BETTY  JANE  LYONS  OTWELL (79)  12-22-1936AR to  1-16-2016LA

*D/of   Delno Lyons(1904-1991)  &  Minnie  Ophelia  Harris Lyons(1906-1991)  *OB

*H/of  60 yrs, Harold R. Otwell  *They were a truck driving team for 19 ½ yrs.




11-27-2005    *Husband, Leonard E. McDonald, Sr.(1917-1995)  *buried at Roselawn Cemetery,

Union County, AR    *Buried with his 2nd wife, Geneva Pearl Adcock McDonald .    

 "Gone But Not Forgotten"  *OB     



HELEN  MAURICE  PEPPER  OWENS  11-23-1921  to  11-13-1999  "Mama"



IDA  ROBERTSON  PALMER   1-14-1871  to  11-27-1937

*Husband,  Jordan Vines (1866-1933)  "A Tender Mother And Faithful Friend"



(B.T.) BENJAMIN T.  PEACE   1843  to  1916

&  MARTHA  VIRGINIA “GENNIE”  PEACE   1853  to  1918


E. J.  PEACE    1843 - 1916


JOHN  PERRY  PEACE  1-4-1917  to  12-9-1985  "Daddy"


5-13-2015      *D/of Moville L. Derbonne  &  Angela Kerry Derbonne    *OB

*Spouses: *1st John Perry Peace   *2nd Bill Nelson  *Late son, Master Peace

"Mother"   "Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit"


TYSON  PEACE  7-28-1886  to  1-22-1971

&  RHODA  PEACE  12-1-1888  to  8-24-1968


ROBERT  PEACE   2-10-1914  to  7-22-1919



BARRY DON  PEPPER  5-8-1947  to  4-10-1971 

*Arkansas  PVT  CO  C  2 BN  4 BDE- Vietnam


BEDIE VICKERS PEPPER   5-11-1872  to  2-1-1928

"A Most Noble Example / Was Her Life"


CHARLES  DOYLE  PEPPER   2-2-1919  to  1-24-1996

*S/of  Jim W. Pepper(1889-1960) & Lillie Ann Pepper(1892-1964)

&  RUBY  McKNIGHT  PEPPER   8-21-1927  (One date) 

"He Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"


CHARLES  JIMMIE  PEPPER (62) 3-14-1950  to  8-23-2012  *OB

*S/of Charles Doyle Pepper(1919-1996)  &  Ruby McKnight Pepper(1927-?) 


CHARLEY  PEPPER   8-18-1885  to  10-21-1901

*Son of  W. M.  &  B. E. Pepper 


EDWIN  WAMER  PEPPER   6-4-1917  to  4-17-2003

*S/of  Jim W. Pepper(1889-1960) & Lillie Ann Pepper(1892-1964)

&  DOROTHY  CLAWSON  PEPPER   7-18-1920  to  12-17-1978

"We Will Meet Again"


E. L.  PEPPER   4-6-1916  to  3-29-1992 


ELIJAH  LAFAYETTE “FATE” PEPPER  12-25-1859  to  1-9-1936

*”Gone but not forgotten. His memory is blessed."    *PEPPER / PEPPERS

&   MARTHA  JANE  ATKINS  PEPPER   1-2-1863  to  10-11-1943

"A most noble example was her life"


ELMER  A.  PEPPER   8-26-1923  to  12-20-2000 

*US  Army  World War  II


ELTON (COTTON) PEPPER   9-5-1915  to  6-18-1994 

*Md:11/11/1954      *Children:Eileen & Lawrence A.

&  ESTELLE  E.  LAWRENCE  PEPPER (86) 1-3-1923LA  to  3-17-2009 AR 

*D/of Mary “Mae” Elizabeth Miller (1899-1991)  &  Eugene Arnold Lawrence(1895-1964)

*Wf/of Elton Pepper *OB 


FRED  PEPPER  12-31-1892  to  2-2-1972

*H/of  Louella Andrews Pepper(1895-1982) *Md:12/28/1910

&  LOUELLA  ANDREWS  PEPPER   10-16-1895  to  12-13-1982

*Wf/of  Fred Pepper  (1892-1972)   *Md:12/28/1910


GEORGE  CORBETT  PEPPER   10-30-1900  to  1-23-1923

RUBY SMITH PEPPER   1-22-1902  to  6-3-1964

*D/of  Levy Smith(1865-1919) & Mary Adeline Mattox Smith(1866-1958)

*Wf/of  George Corbett Pepper(1900-1923)

"They Are Not Lost Who Finds Love and Comfort In Christ"


Infant  PEPPER   b: 10-3-1910  *Child of  M/M  &  Jack H. Pepper

Infant  PEPPER  (No dates)  *Dau/of  Odom Augustus Pepper  &  Elizabeth  Croswell Pepper

Infant  PEPPER   b: 7-3-1911  *Child  M/M  &  Jack  H. Pepper


Infant Daughter PEPPER  born & died  8-25-1911  

*D/of  William Franklin “Fred” Pepper(1885-1951)  &  Emma Rae Everett Pepper(1888-1980)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


Infant Daughter PEPPER  born & died  3-18-1933

*D/of  James Elmore Pepper, SR.(1886-1960)  &  Nancy Jane  Williams Pepper(1886-1962)

"She's Safe At Home"


Infant  Son PEPPER  8-6-1886  to  8-20-1886 

*S/of  William Morris Pepper(1858-1910)   &  R.A., Pepper(1862-1891)


JAMES  ELMORE  PEPPER, SR.  11-5-1886  to  9-18-1960 

& NANCY  JANE  WILLIAMS  PEPPER  4-8-1886  to  10-31-1962 

“Jane”   "Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"


JAMES  CALVIN  PEPPER   3-10-1882  to  8-21-1883 

*S/of  Samuel ”Sam”  Pepper (1849-1914)  &  Sarah Jane Robertson Pepper(1842-1927)


JESSE  H.  PEPPER   6-4-1938  to  1-24-1980  

*A  2C  U.S. Air Force – Korea   "We Will Meet Again"

&  RUBY  N.  FOX  PEPPER  8-5-1935  (One date)


JESSE  M.  PEPPER   6-20-1889  to  8-29-1891

*Children  of  Elijah Lafayette “Fate” Pepper(1859-1936)  &  Martha J. Atkins(1863-1943)

 &   MINNIE  PEPPER   5-5-1892  to  3-15-1892   

* Children  of  Elijah Lafayette “Fate” Pepper(1859-1936)  &  Martha J. Atkins(1863-1943)

 *   2011-stone is almost illegible.


J. F.  PEPPER   8-2-1872   to  10-24-1945

"Great Loves Live On"


JIM  W.  PEPPER  10-28-1889  to  8-25-1960

&  LILLIE  ANN  PEPPER   11-3-1892  to  3-10-1964

*Wf/of  Jim W. Pepper (1889-1960)  "Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"


JOE  H.  PEPPERS  1-12-1909  to  3-11-1989

*S/of  Jack H. Peppers(1879-1936) & Tomie Telford Peppers(1888-1968)

*Md:4/21/1934  "Gone But Not Forgotten"    *Children: Carolyn, Jo Ann, Nancy

&  AUDREY MAE  FORD  PEPPERS  11-13-1912  to  8-27-1988  


JOHN  C.  PEPPER  8-3-1885  to  8-17-1885  

*S/of  W.M.  &  R. A. Pepper   "Sleep on sweet babe  and _____?"


JOHN  “JACK” PEPPER   9-23-1817MS  to  7-26-1888 AR

*S/of  Samuel Pepper(1778-1845)  &  Anna Harper Pepper(1784-1853)


JUNIE  C. "SLICK"  PEPPER (J.C.)  11-1-1908  to  1-25-1978 

&  JULIA  MAE   LYONS  PEPPER  2-24-1905  to  1-12-1990 

"Where He Leads Me I Can Safely Go"


 LONNIE  PEPPER, JR.    6-18-1932  to  5-1-1984

*AN  U.S. Navy – Korea     "My Beloved Father Had Friends Everywhere He Went.

 No One was A Stranger To Him."

*Wife, VERNITA ADELLA RODENBAUGH PEPPER (78) 2-20-1935 KS- 9-4-2013 TX     

*U.S. Navy Vet /Writer/Artist   *D/of Ernest D. Rodenbaugh & Rosealie Von Stiers Rodenbaugh

*Vernita buried Maplewood Cemetery, Harrison, Boone Co., AR


LONNIE  PEPPER, SR.   6-20-1889  to  7-2-1974 

*Md:8/16/1930     *PVT  U.S. Army   "Gone But Not Forgotten"

&  VERDIE JOHNSTON  PEPPER  3-21-1910  to 10-5-1996  Junction City, AR


MARVIN  MAZION  PEPPER, SR.  9-10-1923   to  4-22-1989 

*S/of  Jim W. Pepper(1889-1960) & Lillie Ann Pepper(1892-1964)

*TEC  5  U.S. Army  WW II  "Gone But Not Forgotten"


 OSCAR  PEPPER   4-24-1886  to  6-13-1912

*1st  H/of Lucy Anglin Pepper Tullis (1891-1978) 

*Lucy is buried in Caledonia Cemetery with her 2nd husband.

"We Shall Meet Again"  "He was just and upright in all his ways"


ODIE (PEP) PEPPER   8-13-1918  to  10-24-1969

&  PANSY  HENDRICKS  PEPPER   8-12-1919  to  10-11-1973

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"


ODOM  AUGUSTUS  PEPPER   7-14-1852  to  12-16-1936

*S/of  John “Jack” Pepper (1817-1888)

&  ELIZABETH CROSWELL PEPPER 10-31-1851  to  1-5-1893

*D/of  James A. Croswell(1816-1893) & Lousettie S. Ogden Croswell(1824-1875)

"They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"


PATRICK  WAYNE  PEPPER, JR.  (P.W., Jr.)  b & d  3-13-2002

"We Will Meet Again"


ROBERT  ALTON  PEPPER   3-13-1912  to  2-5-1970 TX

*S/of  Fred Pepper(1892-1972)  &  Louella Andrews Pepper(1895-1982)

*Machinist      "One Worthy of Remembrance"

*Wife, Lola Marie Grafton Naron (1911-1970)

*Buried Pisgah Baptist Church Cemetery, Union Parish, LA


R. F. (BOB)  PEPPER   5-16-1879  to  4-22-1951


RICKY  LYNN  PEPPER   1-17-1959  (One date)

"Together Forever"

&  KAREN  J.  MERRITT  PEPPER   9-30-1952  to  5-21-2006

*Killed in a car wreck 


SAMUEL “SAM” PEPPER  2-29-1849  to   9-28-1914

*S/of John Pepper/ Peppers (1817-1888)  *H/of Sarah Jane Robertson (1842-1927)

SARAH  JANE  ROBERTSON  PEPPER  6-7-1842  to  5-11-1927

*Wf/of   Samuel Pepper (1849-1927)   "The faithful are certain of their  reward" 


SIDNEY  (SID)  PEPPER   1-18-1884  to  12-24-1973

"Our Beloved Uncle"


WILLIAM  FRANKLIN  PEPPER   12-25-1885  to  7-15-1951

*S/of  Elijah Lafayette Pepper (1859-1936) & Martha Jane Atkins Pepper(1863-1943)

*Their tombstones only give the year.

&  EMMA RAE EVERETT PEPPER  6-30-1888LA  to  12-6-1980AR  

*D/of  William Walter Everett(1856-1929) & Sarah Elizabeth Youngblood Everett(1862-1942)


WILLIAM  MORRIS  PEPPER   Oct  1858  to  5-3-1910

*S/of  John  “Jack” Pepper (1817 MS-1888 AR)

"A kind wife mourns in thee a husband lost. 

The poor, a friend who fell what friendship cost"

In memory of wife  of  W. M.  PEPPER  1-14-1862  to   2-23-1891

*No given name but some give her initials as  R. A. PEPPER


WILLIAM  THOMAS  PEPPER    3-18-1877  to  1-8-1967 

*Md:12/26/1900      "We Will Meet Again"

&  SALLIE  ROBERTSON  PEPPER    11-17-1877  to  1-30-1971


W.  RILEY  PEPPER    1-28-1897  to  12-10-1977

&  SALLIE  NELSON  PEPPER  12-8-1905  to  7-22-2001



CHARLENE"CHANEY" WERDA PEPPERS(84) 12-6-1922  to  6-2-2007

*D/of  Jack H. Peppers(1879-1936) & Tomie Telford Peppers(1888-1968)


CHARLEY  PEPPERS   7-24-1905  to  3-7-1926 

"Darling we miss thee.  Gone but not forgotten.  His memory is blessed.

 He was the sunshine of our home."


INFANT  of  Mr. & Mrs. Jack Peppers  10-16-1910 

INFANT  of  Mr. & Mrs. Jack Peppers  7-3-1911. 


ISSA  A.  PEPPERS  6-6-1879  to  11-29-1924 

"Resting till the Resurrection morn."


JACK  H.  PEPPERS  10-9-1879  to  10-9-1936 

&  TOMIE  TELFORD  PEPPERS  10-29-1888  to  1-10-1968

"Death is eternal life why we weep"


JESSIE  HARPER  PEPPERS   4-6-1850  to  2-9-1923 

*S/of John Pepper/ Peppers (1817-1888)     "Borne home by Angels hands"

MARGARET  ROBERTSON  PEPPERS   5-12-1850  to  8-9-1938 

*Wf/of Jessie  Harper Peppers     "God's Greatest Gift Returned To God – Our Mother."


MATTIE  PEPPERS   2-13-1888  to  8-4-1915 

"Thy life was beauty truth goodness and love."



MARSHALL LAVELLE PERDUE  11-8-1896  to  7-8-1982

*S/of  Mattie Estelle Prothro(1869-1902) & William Columbus Perdue(1853-1938)

*Md:10/31/1922    "Absent In Body But Present In Spirit"

&  MYRTLE AUDREY PEPPER PERDUE  9-2-1902  to 12-27-1999  


*Triple headstone for Perdue Family:

Rev. WILLIAM  “ROY”  PERDUE (82) 11-4-1926  to  8-28-2009  "Father"  

*S/of Marshall Lavelle Perdue (1896-1982)  &  Myrtle A. Pepper Perdue(1902-1999)   *OB

&  BETTY  BAKER  PERDUE  8-18-1930   (One date)  "Mother"

*Wife of 61 yrs, Betty Baker Perdue 

&  SHARON  PERDUE  CLARK  7-18-1949  to  7-9-1999 "Daughter"

"Forever With The Lord"



FLOY FLORENE “FLO”  LYONS  PIERCE  3-1-1942  to  9-30-2010

*D/of  Rev. Coy Lyons(1911-1984)  &  Lucille Brown Lyons(1915-1962)  "Mother"

*Wf/of  Charles B. Pierce (1938-2010)



CAROL  PHILLIPS   B  &  D   1-15-1947  "Our Baby"

*D/of  Prather J. Phillips (1918-1995)  & Margie Phillips(1923-?)


JAMES  O.  PHILLIPS   1917  to  1953  


J. W.  PHILLIPS (67) 1-22-1928  to  8-26-1995   "GRANDPA" 

*S/of  Louie William Phillips(1893-1964)  &  Ada Groves Phillips(1894-1946) 

*Md:8/19/1944   "Forever With The Lord"  *Double Marker with Verdie “Hard Head” Phillips

&  VERDIE "Bubbie"  DARDEN PHILLIPS(88) 5-8-1924  to 12-28-2012

*D/of  Lem "Jinks" Thomas Darden & Mary "Monkey" Jeton Darden



LARRY  WILLIAM  PHILLIPS   3-18-1949  (One date)  "Father" 

*Son of Jessie &  Verdie Phillips   *Our Children: Scott Wm, Stephanie Michelle, & Karen Deshan

*Md:11/14/1970    "Together Forever With The Lord"  

&  BETTY  JOYCE  PHILLIPS  9-23-1950  (One date)  "Mother" 

*Daughter of Walter & Clo Mae Yarbrough


LOUIE  WILLIAM  PHILLIPS   10-25-1893  to  10-7-1964   

&  ADA  GROVES  PHILLIPS    7-6-1894  to  1-26-1946   

"They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"


MARIE  C.  PHILLIPS   1-28-1920  to  5-31-1991  



FLOY  FLORENE “FLO” LYONS  PIERCE  3-1-1942  to  9-30-2010 

*D/of  Rev. Coy Lyons (1911-1984)  & Mary Lucille Brown Lyons (1915-1962) "Mother"

*Wf/of  Charles Bryant Pierce (1938 IN  - 2010 TN ) *American film director. Best known for

“The Legend of Boggy Creek”  & “The Town That Dreaded Sundown” He was also a

Director, writer & actor. He coined the phrase, “Go ahead, make my day, “ as screenwriter

For the Clint Eastwood film “Sudden Impact”.   *Buried Stewart County Memorial Gardens,

Dover, Tennessee.



JACKIE JEWELL “JACK” PITTMAN  8-22-1941LA  to  5-22-2009LA

*Md:5/2/1964    Eleanor Ann Cullins

&  ELEANOR ANN “SOOKIE” CULLINS  PITTMAN 6-2-1944 (one date)  

*D/of  Delmer L. Cullins(1924-1997) & Lou Maudine Gardner Cullins(1925-2017)



BENJAMIN  NEWTON  POWELL  11-18-1866  to  11-7-1935 

&   LOUELLA  PEACE  POWELL  6-16-1878  to  4-29-1960 


GORDON  R.  POWELL    6-21-1906   to   7-10-1956     

&  MAYDELL  CARR  POWELL   5-25-1911  to  9-25-2002    

"Rest Is Thine . Sweet Remembrance Ours"


KARL  L.  POWELL  6-10-1899  to  9-30-1938

JEWELL  B.  POWELL   3-23-1901   to   9-20-1981



CLIDE  PRATT  7-27-1900  to  7-7-1901  "At Rest"

*S/of  James Henry Pratt(1854-1921)  &  Betty Abercrombie Pratt (1874-1928) 


DAN  LESTER  PRATT    9-29-1905  to  6-24-1987

"In Loving Memory"

&  SALLIE  EUNICE PEPPER PRATT   8-22-1912  to  12-25-1983


DOROTHY  YVONNE  PRATT   7-12-1921  to  6-10-1926

"In Heaven There Is One Angel More"


EMMA  JEAN  PRATT    8-27-1931  to  11-15-1933  "Only Sleeping" 


Rev. GEORGE  H. PRATT   9-17-1902  to  8-22-1970 

HOMER  ELNER  PRATT   12-13-1891   to   2-9-1938

*S/of  Fannie Abercrombie Pratt(1872-1958) & William Fabous Pratt(1861-1957)

*Md:12/7/1929   *Children: Francis, Melba, Travis, Catherine, Imogene  "Love Lives On"

&  MYRTLE  FRANCIS  PRATT   7-7-1911  to  5-11-1995


HOMER  TRAVIS  PRATT   9-21-1934  to 7-21-2015 LA   "Daddy"  *OB

*S/of Homer Elner Pratt(1891-1938) & Myrtle Francis Pratt(1911-1995) 

*Wife, Jeanette Pratt    *Served in the Korean War.   "He was the sunshine of our home"


INFANT  PRATT Son   1900  to  1901

*S/of  John Henry Pratt  &  Bettie J. Abercrombie Pratt


INFANT  PRATT  Son    7-27-1902  to  9-12-1903

*S/of  John Henry Pratt  &  Bettie J. Abercrombie Pratt


JAMES  CASON  PRATT   11-24-1895  to  6-26-1988 LA

*S/of  John Henry Pratt (1854-1921) & Betty Abercrombie Pratt (1874-1928)

*Spouses:  *1st  Lillie Gardner Pratt (1895-1950)   *2nd Nelva Eloise Nelson(1931-2004)

*U.S. Army  World War I veteran   *2nd wife, Nelva buried in Roselawn Cemetery

*See Nelva listed under Tucker or  Pratt. After Cason died, she remarried a Mr. Tucker.

&  LILLIE  GARDNER  PRATT   7-24-1895  to  12-5-1950

*D/of  James P. Gardner (1862-1924) &  Lou Sawyer Gardner (1872-1895)


JAMES  CURTIS  PRATT   8-29-1943  to  9-16-1994

"Too Well Loved To Ever Be Forgotten.   Rest In Peace"


JESSIE  F.  PRATT   3-1-1859   to   8-26-1933

&  ALICE  GOODSON  PRATT   10-14-1870  to  2-5-1938

"They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"


JOHN  HENRY  PRATT   11-26-1854  to  11-26-1921 

&  BETTIE  ABERCROMBIE  PRATT   3-17-1874  to  2-8-1928 

"They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"


LENOARD  P.  PRATT    7-17-1894   to  11-4-1970

*Given name is spelled this way on tombstone.


L.  HENRY  PRATT   2-24-1933  (One date)    


&  NELLIE  FAYE  NORSWORTHY  PRATT  11-17-1933 (One date)

*D/of  Samuel Norsworthy(1906-1985)  &  Mary Hollis  Norsworthy(1910-1995)


MIRON GENE” EUGENE  PRATT  11-22-1910  to  2-27-1974 

&  BEATRICE  HENDERSON  PRATT   9-8-1916  to  3-27-2001 


VELMA  PRATT  8-20-1897  to  2-9-1905

*D/of  John Henry Pratt (1854-1921) & Betty Abercrombie Pratt (1874-1928)

"At Rest In Jesus"


VERNON  PRATT   7-27-1902  to  9-12-1903  "Called Him Home"

*S/of  James Henry Pratt(1854-1921)  &  Betty Abercrombie Pratt (1874-1928) 


(BILLY) WILLIAM  FABOUS  PRATT   1861  to  1957

&  FANNIE  ABERCROMBIE  PRATT   1872  to  1958



BOBBIE  DELL  HUX  PUMPHREY (64)  8-15-1945  to  8-10-2010 *ob    

*D/of Joe & Jane Hux;   Bobbie was raised by her paternal grandparents

James W. Hux & Nita Williams Hux;   *Wf/of  Kenneth Pumphrey for 47 yrs.

*Bailey FH  MM 2011-Bobbie Dell Pumphrey


DANIEL  WAYNE  PUMPHREY  2-16-1991  to  3-16-1991

*Beloved Son Of  Wayne and Melissa Pumphrey  “Precious FirstBorn"



MILDRED  FORD  RAINS     4-5-1911  to  8-27-1996 



CEOLA  REEDY   6-9-1928  to  3-29-1967 

*Arkansas  CPL  U.S. Army


K. C.  REEDY  8-25-1919   to  1-19-1979 

"He was a Member of St. John Mason  ?____ No. 3 ?____"

*This headstone has sunk into the ground, covering up some of the info.


MONROE  REEDY   7-15-1903  to  2-5-1944

*S/of  John Ready


MOSES  REEDY  5-12-1895  to   9-30-1941



MARTHA  J. (MATTIE)  VINES REESE  b: ca 1866 *Buried with twins.

 (No data-just stones for a marker.) 

*D/of  Julia Breazeal Vines(1848-1901)  &  Robert N. Vines(1846-1901)

*Wf/of Edwin Yerger Reese  9-9-1855 Yazoo Co. MS  d:1920-29 MS 

*Only daughter, GRACIE  REESE, wf/of Henry Marshall Stegall


MARY  IMOGENE  REESE   3-3-1937  to  2-9-2004

"One of the Twins"



Infant  RHODES Son   born & died  2-9-1901

 *S/of  Joseph Hugh Rhodes (1862-1947)  &  Alpha Antoinette Bird Rhodes(1866-1960).

LOVIE  RHODES   6-13-1889  to  6-10-1890  

*D/of  W. W. &  N.L. Rhodes



Mrs. VIONA  W.  REEDY  RICHMOND  9-2-1926  to  11-26-2002  *Age 76

*Funeral home metal marker  *MM (April 2004)



JOHN  W.  ROBERTSON  5-18-1844   to  2-9-1923

*Spouses:  *1st  Sarah E. Griffin (1850-1877) *2nd  Susan Malinda Ogden(1855-1930)

"Borne home by angles hands"

SARAH  E.  GRIFFIN  ROBERTSON 1850   to  12-17-1877  *Age ca 27 yrs

*Wf/of  J.W.  Robertson       "At Rest"

ALICE  F. CARROLL BRYAN ROBERTSON  1-11-1859  to  5-18-1893  

*2nd   Wf/of  James William  Robertson(1858-1944) 

*Md: 8/25/ 1882 Union Parish, LA  by W.A. Rushing, JP


SUSAN MALINDA OGDEN “SUSIE”ROBERTSON 5-29-1855  to  7-29-1930 

"At Rest" 


WILLIAM  M.  ROBERTSON    b: 6-16-1811  (One date) 


9-7-1867  *Age 51  *Wf/of  William M. Robertson   “In Loving Memory”



ARTIE  LILLIAN  SUMMERS  ROCKETT  2-8-1896  to  12-1-1988



Rev.  DAVID  KING  SAWYER   9-24-1880  to  4-14-1963

*S/of  Thomas J. Sawyer (1847-  ?) &  Sarah E. Wilson Sawyer (1851-  ?)

&  AMANDA  HANRY  SAWYER   8-20-1879  to  4-16-1945

"Sleep undisturbed within this peaceful shrine"


DOLLIE  SAWYER  (No dates) 

*D/of  Thomas J.“Tom” Sawyer(1847-?)  &  Sarah E. “Sallie” Wilson Sawyer(1851-?)

*Small home made concrete block: 2011-  In Memory)


HENRY JACKSON SAWYER  3-10-1903  to  8-7-1936

*S/of  Rev. David King Sawyer(1880-1963)  &  Amanda Hanry Sawyer(1879-1945)

*Wife, Ruby G. Williams Sawyer Hall(1905-1975)  "Away But Not Forgotten"

RUBY  WILLIAMS  SAWYER HALL  7-14-1905  to  3-26-1975

*Spouses:  *Md:1st  Henry Jackson Sawyer (1903-1936) 

*Md:2nd  7/19/1939   Thomas Everett Hall(1917-1990) 

*Thomas shares a double headstone with Ruby


LUDELLA  SAWYER   4-29-1892  to  1-30-1915   

*D/of  C. J.  &  M. A.  Sawyer


LUM  J.  SAWYER   11-11-1869  to  3-29-1931 

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


MARTHA  GARDNER  SAWYER   1-29-1858  to  7-5-1943

*D/of Dolphin G. Gardner(1825-1881) & Caroline Hall Gardner(1830-1887)


MARY  JANE GARDNER  SAWYER   3-1-1855  to  6-2-1926

*D/of Dolphin G. Gardner(1825-1881) & Caroline Hall Gardner(1830-1887)


THOMAS  DOLPHIN  SAWYER  12-7-1890  to  2-6-1947 

&  LUDIE  OGDEN  SAWYER   8-14-1898  to  7-5-1952

*D/of Isaac Nathaniel Ogden(1858-1940) & Mary Lou Seale Ogden(1865-1913)

"Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"


THOMAS  J. “TOM”  SAWYER (1847 - ?)  (No dates) *H/of  Sallie

*Of interest:  Thomas *Md:1st  Sarah E  Pharris 5/8/1864 Union Co. AR

*Md:2nd  Mary Jane Gardner  5/12/1901 Union Co., AR

SARAH  E. “SALLIE” WILSON SAWYER (1851 LA - ?)  (No dates) 

*Wf/of  Tom  Sawyer  *Small homemade concrete block for a tombstone.



HAROLD  G.  SCOTT    2-9-1940   (One date)  

*Md:5/7/1976      "Beloved Wife And Mother"

&  MELBA  GAY  SCOTT    4-5-1940  to  8-8-2000 


HAROLD  G.  SCOTT, JR.    1977-1977



Infant  SEGERS   8-10-1933  to  8-10-1933  

"Infant Daughter of  James and Mary Lou Segers"

&  MARY  LOU  SEGERS   b: 1-7-1915  to  9-23-2004  



JAMES  D.  SEWELL, SR.   2-12-1878   to   7-29-1967

"Strength And Honour Are His Clothing, And He Shall Rejoice In Time To Come"


JAMES  DURWARD  SEWELL, JR.   5-24-1924  to  1-20-1999

*PFC  US  Army-World War II 

(* Not a typo….name listed this way on tombstone)   (2011- Bailey FH  MM)



RALPH  W.  SEWELL    9-24-1914   to   9-24-1970

*H/of Mary Frances Jones

"He That Believeth In Me, Yet Shall He Live."

MARY  FRANCES  JONES  SEWELL 1-17-1927 & 10-6-2013  *OB

*D/of  Marion Ezra Jones(1897-1967) & Mollie Catherine Vestal Jones(1896-1972)


WILLIE  W.  SEWELL   5-24-1898   to   4-20-1958 

"Many Have Done Virtously, But Thou Excellest Them All."



PROBY  BERNARD  SHARP   4-8-1919  to  7-2-2011   

&  HAZEL VIRGINIA TEMPLETON SHARP(86) 2-10-1924  to  7-30-2010 

*D/of Fred Jack Templeton & Blanche Mary Williams Templeton;  *Wf/of Proby Bernard Sharp *ob 

*Son Freddie



FREDDIE  B.  SHARP, JR.   10-30-1965   to   4-30-1989

*Gr Son of Proby B. Sharp & Hazel Va. Templeton Sharp.

"Now He Is Watched Over By God"  

F.  SHARP  (Home made metal marker    No dates)(2011-sunk in ground-can't read)



ROBERT  JORDAN  SHINPOCK  8-23-1889  to  9-18-1891  



AUBREY  M. SILVERTOOTH   3-9-1914  to  9-17-1954

"We Will Meet Again"


BRUCE  SILVERTOOTH   1-5-1936  to  3-23-1936 

"Our Loved One"  "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"


C. C.  SILVERTOOTH   5-23-1905  to  11-7-1976 

“Christoph Silvertooth”    "Daddy"  *Homemade concrete marker (2011)



C. C.  SILVERTOOTH, JR    11-9-1952   to  9-12-1971  "Brother" 

*2011, homemade concrete marker.


GRACE  SILVERTOOTH   10-6-1931  to  Aug 1936  "Sister" 

*2011, homemade concrete marker.


SARAH  ALICE  SILVERTOOTH   5-4- 1951  to   9-2-1968 "Sister"

*2011, homemade concrete marker.



"Grandma"  *2011,  homemade concrete marker.



SARAH  LAVENIA  SILVERTOOTH   12-27-1924  to  3-31-1975 

"Mother"    *Homemade concrete marker (2011)



FONEY  SIMS   1910   to  1983  

*U.S. Army  WW II   


HENRY  BAILEY  SIMS  1874  to  1935  

"Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord"

&  ROSIE  CULLINS  SIMS  1875  to  1932  

"She's Safe At Home"



Infant  Daughter  SINITIERE   b: &  d:  2-25-1950 

*D/of  Warren  &  Gertie Sinitiere    "She's Safe At Home"


WARREN  JAMES  SINITIERE   2-20-1913  to  8-14-1996

&  GERTIE  HALL  SINITIERE   12-16-1909  to  2-24-1999

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


BENJAMIN  FRANKLIN  SMITH   11-4-1894  to  8-8-1952  

*Louisiana PVT  HQ TRP 4 Army Corps  WW I   *Where We Will Never Grow Old"

&  LILLIE MAE  SMITH   12-11-1900  to  10-22-1965


DOLLIE  WATSON  SMITH   12-30-1889  to  1-14-1970 

&   LEE  SMITH   11-15-1899  to  12-26-1988  


SUSAN E. (Susannah) VINES SMITH   1873  to  9-25-1944  

*Wf/of Jefferson Davis Smith     *Age 71 yrs     *ARDI

This stone was almost unreadable. The info given here is speculation. 


WALTER CLAVIS SMITH    5-31-1908  to  3-31-1958 


&  MINNIE PEPPERS  SMITH   9-10-1914  to  3-11-1990   

"Death Is Eternal Life;  Don't Weep For Me."


WALTER  SMITH    3-28-1892  to  7-4-1953 

"His Memory Is Blessed"


WILLIAM  D.  SMITH   8-12-1929  to  1-14-1996

*S/of  Lillie Mae Smith(1900-1965) &  Benjamin F. Smith(1894-1952)

"In Loving Memory"



ALBERT  ALEXANDER  SNYDER   9-19-1872  to  1-23-1939   

*H/of  Lula E. Breazeal    "On That Bright Immortal Shore We Shall Meet To Part No More"

LULA  E.  BREAZEAL  SNYDER    11-19-1875  to  6-9-1963

*S/of  Reuben Searcy Breazeal(1843-1917) & Mary Ann Blanks Breazeal(1843-1915)

*Wf/of  Albert A. Snyder


ALBERT  BLANKS.  SNYDER   12-18-1908   to  3-16-1978 

*SP5  U.S. Army  "Soldier – Father"   "In Loving Memory"    "Beloved Mother"

&   ADDIE  PRATT  SNYDER   1-4-1910  to  5-28-1972 



CHARLES  EDWARD  SPICER   9-2-1905   to  10-28-1978 

&   DOVIE  YOUNG  SPICER   9-9-1913  to  7-27-1964



A.  SPURGER   d: 3-31-1945   *Age 30 yrs

Infant  SPURGER   b: & d:  8-25-1938



LIDA  JETER  STURDIVIANT   8-16-1903  to  7-10-1921

*D/of  Andrew Jackson Jeter(1860-1927) & Mary Elizabeth Ogden Jeter(1871-1961)

*1st  Wf/of  Jim Bob Sturdivant   *Buried Center Point Cemetery with 2nd wife.

"Weep not father and mother for me"


J. W. (DUB) STURDIVANT  4-4-1923  to  9-28-1985

*S/of  Jim Bob Sturdivant & Florence Sturdivant

*Md:8/18/1950   *Daughter Callie.


11-23-2013 *OB

*D/of  Fred  J. Templeton (1899-1971) & Blanche Williams Templeton (1909-1983)


THOMAS  W.  STURDIVANT  9-15-1818  to  9-10-1881

*H/of  Dorcas Post Seale (1837-1901)

*2011-stone broken & in very poor condition



MARSHALL  SUMNERS   5-21-1887  to  5-21-1934

&  ARTIE  LILLIAN SAWYERS  SUMNERS  2-8-1896  to  12-1-1988



CLARA  ROWLAND  TATUM   3-23-1902  to  3-30-1980 

*D/of  Benjamin Thomas Rowland(1859-1941) & Christina Newsom Rowland (1867-1943)

"Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend"


FANNIE  WESTBROOK  TATUM   3-15-1889  to  4-18-1926

&  SARA  ELIZABETH  TATUM  3-13-1851  to  2-15-1941 

"Sleep Undisturbed Within This Peaceful Shrine"


RICHARD  MILLER  TATUM   2-2-1883  to  8-30-1936

*H/of  Edna Ford Tatum(1882-1975)

"Out Of Sorrow God Speakes To Us Best"

EDNA  FORD  TATUM   2-25-1882  to  8-17-1975 

*Wf/of Richard Miller Tatum(1883-1936)

*Age 93    "She's Safe At Home"


THOMAS  W.  TATUM    9-3-1895   to  5-22-1956 

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


WILLIAM  T. (BILL) TATUM   3-19-1932  to  5-15-1987 

*aka “Strawboss”   "Still in our hearts and in our minds"



FRED  J.  TEMPLETON   8-31-1899   to  7-16-1971 

&  BLANCHE  W.  TEMPLETON   3-11-1909  to  4-16-1983 



DEWEY  O.  “BUCK”  THOMPSON    2-25-1914  to  10-1-1976 

&  ANNIE  MILLICAN  THOMPSON    10-4-1919   to  5-12-1991 


IRA  DARREL  THOMPSON (65) 6-10-1942  to  1-7-2008  "Pop" 

*LCPL   US  Marine Corps –Vietnam   *S/of Dewey Odis & Annie Millican Thompson

*Md:11/22/1982  "Together Forever"   *OB

&  PEGGY  ANN  WATSON  THOMPSON  6-30-1945   (One date) 

*Children: Todd, Kim, John, Samantha Thompson

"Their Lives Were Truth, Beauty, Goodness And Love"



ALLEN  HAMPTON  TUCKER (90)  5-1-1925  to  10-22-2015  *OB     

*S/of  Wallace Dison Tucker & *1st wife, Betty Janice Pratt Tucker *Md:4/21/1948  

*Late, *2nd wife, Eloise Tucker    *Purple Heart  U.S. Army WW II

"Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal"

&  BETTY JANICE PRATT TUCKER  9-27-1929  to  4-15-1989 



ROBERT  USREY   1832 NC  to  1868     *Unmarked grave

*S/of  William Usrey(b:ca 1804-06 SC)  &  Sarah “Sally” Usrey (b: 1808 NC  d:TN)

*H/of  Mary Risinger (1831-1875)

*Children: William Riley, Eliza Jane, John Frank & Robert Clinton Usrey

MARY  RISINGER  USREY  12-15-1831 AL  to  1875  *Unmarked grave

*Wf/of  Robert Usrey (1832-1868)


ROBERT CLINTON USREY   Feb 1869 Union Parish, LA  to  May 1903

*S/of Robert Usrey(1832-1868) & Mary Risinger Usrey(1831-1875)

*Cause of death: Typhoid Fever  *Md: Frances Jarusha Atkins 7/17/1888


WILLIAM RILEY  USREY    7-17-1860  to  5-3-1933 

*S/of Robert Usrey(1832-1868) & Mary Risinger Usrey(1831-1875)

JOE  ANN  PEPPER  USREY   11-8-1870  to  11-26-1939  

*Wf/of  W.R. Usery   "Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal"



WILLIAM THOMAS  VICCANS   12-5-1875  to  8-19-1899

"Weep Not He Is  At Rest"



BENJAMEN  E.  VICKERS    8-6-1861  to  2-1-1864   

*S/of  Calvin Vickers(1824-1900)  &  Emely Lucindy Vickers(1842-1919)

"God blesses in an early death and takes the infant to him"


CALVIN  VICKERS  3-13-1824  to  6-27-1900  (Mason)

EMELY  LUCINDY VICKERS  4-11-1842  to  2-16-1919     

*Wf/of  Calvin Vickers


CALVIN ANTHONY VICKERS  9-19-1864  to  8-28-1869   

*S/of  Calvin Vickers(1824-1900)  &  Emely Lucindy Vickers(1842-1919)


Infant  VICKERS    b: & d: 7-16-1891


JAMES  FRANKLIN VICKERS   1-23-1885  to  10-4-1961

*S/of  Calvin Vickers(1824-1900)  &  Emely Lucindy Vickers(1842-1919)

(Mason)  "Into Thy Hands I Comment My Spirit"

&  VERDA  ALMA  McADAMS  VICKERS 7-16-1891  to  1-4-1975

*Wf/of  James Franklin Vickers(1885-1961)


MALCOM  VICKERS   11-10-1930  to  11-26-1930   "Asleep In Jesus" 

*S/of  Verda Alma McAdams Vickers (1891-1975)  &  James Franklin  Vickers(1885-1961)

*Very clear on tombstone, Malcon  is spelling of 1st name)


RILEY  PICKNEY  VICKERS   1-3-1878  to  7-18-1882 

*S/of  Calvin Vickers(1824-1900)  &  Emely Lucindy Vickers(1842-1919)


WILLIAM  ALVIN  VICKERS  2-7-1928  to  11-28-1929




CHARLES  P.  VINES (70)  7-18-1943  to  5-23-2014 *OB

*S/of  James  Columbus  Vines(1017-1982)  &  Nona Ezel  Sawyer  Vines (1923-2001) 

*Wf/of  50 yrs – Paula Lowery Vines   *US Army


GLYNN  VINES  12-25-1945  to  6-6-2006  (Age 60) 

*S/of  James  Columbus  Vines(1017-1982)  &  Nona Ezel  Sawyer  Vines (1923-2001)  *OB

 "He's Safe At Home"


JAMES  COLUMBUS  VINES  11-21-1917  to  12-15-1982  "Pop-Daddy" 

*Md:10/1/1938   "Gone from our sight, but not from our hearts"

& NONA  EZEL SAWYER VINES  2-12-1923  to  8-20-2001 "Mom-Mother"  


JAMES  THOMAS VINES, SR. (75) 6-26-1939  to  7-30-2014 *OB

*S/of  James Columbus Vines (1917-1982)  &  Nona  Ezel Sawyer Vines(1923-2001)


& MARIA IRENE “RENNY” del RASARIO VINES(78)  10-20-1938  to

11-22-2016   *OB      *Born in Panama City, Panama to Damien del Rosario  &

Micaela Moreno del Rosario    *Husband, James Thomas Vines, Sr.


ROBERT  N.  “BOB”  VINES   1846  to  1901

They both appeared to have died in 1901.

Katie Grimmett Jones appears to have provided their birth years.

&  JULIA  BREAZEAL VINES   1848  to  1901 

"Just Sleeping" 



MELBA  PRATT  VOIGT  9-5-1932  to  5-4-1991 "Mother"

*D/of  Homer Elner Pratt (1891-1938)  &  Myrtle Francis Pratt(1911-1995)

"She Is Rejoicing With Those Gone On Before"



DARYL  F.  VORE   7-17-1912   to  9-3-1989

&  GLADYS  MAUREEN LYONS VORE  4-16-1918  to  2-24-2009 

*D/of  Joseph G. Lyons(1892-1973)  &  Mary E. Pratt Lyons(1893-1981)

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"



Mrs.  ANN  WADE   Dec  1878  to  12-1-1956


C.  WADE  (no  dates)

*Speculation:  Charles A. Wade who died in 1914.


HELLEN  WADE   3-9-1891   to  3-20-1906   

*D/of  Charles A. Wade(d: 1914)  &  Sally E. Freeman  Wade  

*Hellen was born in Union Co.AR & died there before her parents moved to Denton Co., Texas

*In 1920-1930 census records, her mother,  Sally E. Freeman Wade and brothers are living in

  Dallas County, Arkansas      "He carries the Lambs in his Bosom."



GRANDSON   JEFFERSON   WARD   9-22-1909  to  11-28-1971

*S/of Margaret Eugenia Lowery(1887-1938) & General Marion Baxter Ward(1877-1951) 

*Md:6/21/1931   "We Shall Meet Again Who Have Loved Each Other"

&  JEWEL  JETER  WARD   6-7-1906  to  5-30-1986   

*Wf/of  Grandson Jefferson Ward


LINDA  DARLINE  WARD   b: & d:  12-18-1945  

*Infant D/of  Mr. & Mrs. Grandson  Jefferson  Ward



FRED  L.  WATSON     7-15-1897  to  6-21-1977 

&  BESSIE  PRATT  WATSON  2-1-1904  to  3-31-1968


HATTIE  WATSON   12-7-1860  to  1-5-1936 


JOHN  L.  WATSON  7-18-1925  to  7-21-1925 


JAMES  FRED  WATSON   4-8-1927  to  4-3-2003  

*Md:4/2/1948    *SN  US  Navy  World War II   "Waiting"

&   DOROTHY  DANIELS  WATSON    9-22-1929  (One date)


SALLIE  MILDRED WATSON   10-13-1911  to  2-17-1999 

"Mother"    "Too Well Loved To Ever Be Forgotten"



HOPE  LEON  WATTS   7-31-1919  to  12-15-1982 

&  JACQUELINE INEZ  HALL WATTS(84)  12-30-1924  to  8-3-2009TN

*D/of  George Alfred Hall (1881-1962)  &  Rose Etta Brantley Hall (1885-1962)



BENNIE  W.  WEAVER    2-21-1944  to  10-21-2002  

*Md:6/30/1979     *PFC  US  Army-Vietnam  "Our Baby Girls" Precious and Angel (Dogs)

&  BONNIE  LYONS  WEAVER    9-7-1947  (One date)

*Mother of Lyndon Kent Lynn, Jr.  "Together Forever"



ALLEN  C. “HANK”  WILLIAMS   8-17-1925  to  4-5-2005 

*S/of  James Claude Williams(1880-1959)  &  Callie Artie Pepper Williams(1886-1958)

"Forever In Our Hearts"


ANN  WILLIAMS  (59)  12-19-1951  to  11-21-2011  *OB

*D/of Otis Edward McKnight & Margie Evelyn Roberson McKnight   *Wf/of J.D. Williams


BENJAMIN  F.  WILLIAMS   5-21-1889   to  1-1-1968

"Gone  But Not Forgotten"


BREWER  A.  WILLIAMS   8-30-1918  to  6-6-1993

*S/of  James Claude Williams(1880-1959)  &  Callie Artie Pepper Williams(1886-1958)

 "Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"


CHARLES  CLEET  WILLIAMS  4-1-1903  to  12-23-1961

*S/of  James Claude Williams(1880-1959)  &  Callie Artie Pepper Williams(1886-1958)

"Fattie  Pattie"   "Gone But Not Forgotten"

&  CECILE  ILA  WILLIAMS   12-10-1910  to  7-4-1989 

"Mama Cecile"      "Always In Our Memory"


DALBERT GRANT  WILLIAMS "Blackie" (77) 12-25-1934  to  1-17-2012 

*Son of  Kirby  A. Williams (1912-1955) & Elise Idell Bryant Williams(1912-1989) *OB

* Wife, Norene L. Williams

&   NORENE  L.  MUNDY  WILLIAMS  12-13-1946  (One date)


DOVIE  A.  WILLIAMS   5-8-1932   to  1-19-1935 

*D/ of  Kirby A. Williams (1912-1955) & Elise Idell Bryant Williams(1912-1989)

"Gone To Be An Angel"


DOWDY  D. “GOOSE”  WILLIAMS  12-27-1914  to  12-11-1972

&  ELAINE  HALL WILLIAMS    8-10-1919  to  4-5-1984


EDWARD  T. DOE” WILLIAMS  11-13-1913  to  2-6-1975

*S/of  James Claude Williams(1880-1959)  &  Callie Artie Pepper Williams(1886-1958)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


ELTON  VERNON  WILLIAMS   1921  to  6-15-1938   *ARDI 

"One Worthy of Remembrance"


Infant  WILLIAMS   ( No dates)


JAMES  CLAUDE  WILLIAMS    7-9-1880  to  8-30-1959

*H/of, Callie Artie Pepper Williams(1886-1958)

&  CALLIE ARTIE PEPPER WILLIAMS  8-19-1886  to  9-17-1958

*Wf/of  James Claude Williams(1880-1959)  "Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"


JOE  D.  WILLIAMS, Sr.  2-21-1921  to  7-6-2004

*S/of  James Claude Williams(1880-1959)  &  Callie Artie Pepper Williams(1886-1958)

*Md:1/25/1946   *PFC  US  Army World War II

&  BERTHA  “JUNE”  HENDERSON  WILLIAMS  6-1-1923 to  7-5-2004 

*D/of  Albert David Henderson(1873-1960) &  Bertha Jane Bryan Henderson(1879-1926)



KEITH  O'NEAL  WILLIAMS  3-19-1956  (One  date)

&  PAMELA  JEANETTE  WILLIAMS   10-18-1957  to  9-24-1995 

"In Loving Memory"


KIRBY A. WILLIAMS  8-5-1912  to  1-28-1955

"He Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"

ELSIE IDELL  BRYANT THURMON WILLIAMS  2-27-1912  to  11-5-1989 

*W/of  Kirby  A. Williams   "Absent In Body, But Present in Spirit"


LILLIE  JEWEL  WILLIAMS   6-10-1911  to  9-23-1911 

*D/of  W.  Tom Williams(1878-1943)  &  (M.E.)  Murrell C. Williams(1880-1956)


LLOYD  L.  WILLIAMS   4-7-1916   to  7-26-1966

*D/of  James Claude Williams(1880-1959)  &  Callie Artie Pepper Williams(1886-1958)

*CPL  U.S. Army  World War II


MINNIE ALICE WILLIAMS   9-28-1904  to  4-30-1909  

*D/of  Joseph Roscoe Williams(1874-1959)  & Pearl Wood Williams(1887-1975)  

"Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"


RODNEY  FENNELL (ROD) WILLIAMS   7-8-1976  to  9-8-2001

"Greater Love Hath No Man Than This, That A Man Lay Down His Life ForHis Friends" 

*John  15:13


W.  FRANK  WILLIAMS    9-17-1853  to  6-11-1923 

&  MARY  BURLINE HARRELL WILLIAMS  6-23-1855  to  1-24-1908

"Gone to a bright home, where grief cannot come"


W.  TOM  WILLIAMS   1878  to  1943

&   MURRELL  C.  WILLIAMS   1880   to  1956

*Spouses: *1st  W.  Tom Williams(1878-1943)

*2nd  James M. Atkinson(1889-1947 buried in Indiana)  *Murrell was his 2nd wife.

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Rembrance Ours"



EMMA  LOU  WOOLLEY   9-2-1858  to  7-25-1887 

*D/of  Reason Woolley(1811-1898) &  Eliza Ann Rhodes Woolley(1827-1894)  

"Beneath this stone in safe repose is lain a Mother's dearest pride"

*Emma Lou & Joice R. Woolley also share a newer double headstone, erected

by their nephew, Eddie White; (2011-their old original tombstones still stand but

are slowly becoming illegible)

&    JOICE  R.  WOOLLEY   12-4-1861  to  6-12-1864  

*S/of  Reason Woolley(1811-1898) &  Eliza Ann Rhodes Woolley(1827-1894)  

"To Good Far Earth.  God Called Him  Home"



**  Laying on the ground, in the middle of the cemetery,  was a concrete marker,

 shaped like a sign post/ spatula with the following on it:  





The WPA canvassed a lot of cemeteries throughout the country as part of the work

program & even though I have seen their work in book form, this is the first such

marker like this that I have seen.  Many have been destroyed or disappeared over

time.  *See picture below.