EST. 1941

Go southwest on Hwy. 15;  Pleasant Grove Methodist Church is on the

left, approximately 10 miles from the intersection of Hwy. 15 & Hwy.

*New survey/Canvass, October 2011.  *New Survey March 2012.

*Last updated September 2017.   Janice Holzer



EDGAR MERRILL AINSWORTH 9-11-1903AR to 6-22-1996TX

*S/of John David Ainsworth, Sr.(1873-1964) & Czarina Mary Nall (1881-1974)

*CPO  US Navy  WW II      *Grandson of Alfred B. Ainsworth


JOHN DAVID AINSWORTH, JR. 3-26-1906 to 4-2-1985

*S/of  John David Ainsworth, Sr.(1873-1964) & Czarina Mary Nall (1881-1974)

*U.S. Navy   "Mason"         *Eastern Star


11-13-1988  *D/of Annie May Linder(1895-1923) & John Marcus Caldwell (1877-1941)


JOHN  DAVID  AINSWORTH, SR.  3-2-1873 to 7-12-1964

*S/of  Alfred B. Ainsworth(1837-1911) & Susan Anna Morgan(1840-1883)  

*Md:10/15/1899   "Rest Is Thine: Sweet Remembrance Ours"  (Mason)


to 12-1-1974  *Wf/of John David Ainsworth, Sr.

*D/of Wm. Nathan Nall(1850-1884) & Lucinda Reeves Nall Baker(1855-1921)


KERMIT  AINSWORTH   12-28-1908  to  9-29-1979  

*S/of  John David Ainsworth, Sr.(1873-1964) & Czarina Mary Nall (1881-1974)


MADISON MORGAN AINSWORTH  8-4-1915 to 11-11-1981 

*S/of Czarina Mary Nall (1881-1974) &  John David Ainsworth, Sr.(1873-1964)

*Wife, RUBY  LEE  CATHEY AINSWORTH 1-31-1915AR   to  5-11-1979 TX

*Ruby is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Camden, Ouachita Co., AR

*Sgt. US Army-WW II  *Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"  (Mason)


WILLIAM  GRADY AINSWORTH  10-24-1900 to  5-7-1961

*S/of John David Ainsworth,Sr.(1873-1964) & Czarina Mary Nall (1881-1974)

*Arkansas  MM2  USNR  WW I and  WW II

& LUCILLE CHRISTIE AINSWORTH 6-29-1906 to 5-13-1998 

*D/of  Charles Otis Christie(1882-1971) & Leola Grant Christie(1883-1978)



CHARLIE  E. "Bill" BARKER  12-12-1912  to  3-19-1990


"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memories To Dwell Upon"

& DOROTHY M. "DOT" HUMPHREY  BARKER(91) 7-26-1923 to

 2-2-2015 *D/of  Lillie Mae Shirey (1903-1989) & Thomas Jas Humphrey(1899-1982) *OB      


 JOHN  MURPHY  BARKER, SR   3-17-1914  to  6-24-1978

*S/of  Mary Melissa Gardner Barker(1875-1963) & Middleton Christopher Barker(1877-1971)   

 & SARAH  JANE  ROGERS  BARKER (90)12-5-1921 to 5-30-2012

 *D/of Joseph Everett Rogers(1900-1989) & Mattie Lou Robertson Rogers(1902-1993) 

 "Into Thy Hands, I Commend My Spirit"   (Mamaw)   *OB   

 *Both Buried: Evergreen Cemetery, White Co., AR


JOHN  POWELL BARKER  5-20-1913 to 12-15-1999

*S/of  James Franklin Barker(1879-1960)& Nora Arlington Telford Barker(1890-1940)

*Md:2/27/1938     (Mason)

& GRACE  LOUISE  THOMAS  BARKER 10-2-1916  to  9-14-2003

*D/of  Jim Nelson Thomas(1871-1950) & Lula Farles Thomas(1874-1939)


MIDDLETON  CHRISTOPHER  BARKER   3-17-1877MS  to  8-9-1971AR

*Md: Columbia Co., AR in 1898   

& MARY MELISSA GARDNER  BARKER 4-23-1875 to 12-12-1963

*D/of George Washington Gardner(1847MS-1925LA) & Mary Elizabeth Gardner(b:ca 1855AL- d:AR)

 "Absent In Body, But Present in Spirit"



MAGGIE ‘ EVELYN’  GRIFFIN  BASS  4-4-1911 to  5-20-1974

*D/of  Lucia Mae Hines Griffin(1883-1972) & Logan Marvin Griffin(1878-1954)

*Wf/of  Basil Learcus Bass (1911-1992) buried Temperance Hill Cemetery, Dallas

  County, AR.     "In Loving Memory"



DAVID  GEORGE  BATES  12-31-1940  to  10-5-2006

*S/of  Ruby Lee Bates Woods Nash(1922-2009) *Ruby buried at Rehobeth Prim. Baptist

*Half Sister to David, Mary Ann Woods Peace (1944-2013)*Smackover Cemetery

*1st Wm McKinley Abbitt    *2nd  husband, Earl Dean Woods 

*3nd husband Morris”Catfish” Nash  *buried Rehobeth Primitive Baptist along with

                     her third husband, Morris Nash –(b: 1940) still alive when Ruby died.

*Md:12/24/1972  "An Honest Man Is The Noblest Work Of God"

&  JIMMIE LOU BARKER  BATES(64) 10-31-1948   to  *OB

3-14-2013  *Wife of David George Bates

*D/of  John Powell Barker(1913-1999) & Gracie Louise Thomas Barker(1916-2003)



JULIOUS  MARION  BROWN   1-11-1916  to  3-10-1984

*S/of  William W. Brown(1886-1981) & Lavenia Locke Brown(1888-1971)  

*Md:12/14/1940     *Cpl  US  Army  WW II 

"Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"


6-28-1985  *Robert Henry Roberson(1869-1932) & Julie Ann Cottrell(1872-1946)



JAMES  LOUIS  BRYANT  12-21-1943  (One date)


& RUTHIE  ZENIA  ROGERS  BRYANT 10-16-1942  to  4-1-1980

*D/of  Franklin Thomas  Rogers(1908-1979) & Flora Mason Rogers(1912-2005)



CLELL  CAMERON (86)  11-15-1925  to  6-4-2012  *OB

*S/of Jewel Wesley Cameron(1902-1975) & Ola Alverne Hayes Cameron(1906-1984) 

*Md:8/17/1951  1st wife, Billie Jean Cameron     *Current wife, Juanita Miller

&  BILLIE  JEAN  CAMERON  7-5-1931 to  7-7-1996

*Shares a double headstone with Clell Cameron


EMON  CAMERON   8-14-1898  to  8-8-1986

*Dennis Nathaniel Cameron(1867-1925) & Willie Theodocia Goza Cameron(1866-1933) 



to  8-18-1989   


JEWEL  WESLEY  CAMERON  3-25-1902  to  11-20-1975

*S/of John Robert Cameron(1878-1931) & Lizzie Mae Griffin Cameron(1881-1965)  

&  OLA  ALVERNE  HAYES  CAMERON  12-13-1906  to  6-19-1984

*D/of  Mattie Bell Jolley Hayes(1886-1985) & William Green Hayes(1872-1957)

"Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord"


LANELDA  CAMERON  11-28-1939 to 12-24-2016LA *OB

*D/of  Emon Cameron(1898-1986) & Susan Catherine Hendricks Cameron(1919-1989)

*Attended school in Wesson & Junction City, graduated in 1957.  Worked for 35 yrs in

Shreveport, Louisiana for First National Bank until her retirement.  Returned to Wesson

to enjoy her retirement.


NOLVIS  GENE "CAT" CAMERON  4-21-1936  to  9-28-1962

*S/of  Emon Cameron(1898-1986) & Susan Catherine Hendricks Cameron(1919-1989)


THOMAS  BRIAN CAMERON  5-3-1971 to  8-23-2006

*Son of Paul and Judy. *Father of Jacob.  Brother of Jeri.  "Beloved Son"

"If tears could build a stairway   And memories a lane,   I'd walk right up to

heaven and bring you home again."   (decorative plaque)



JOHN  PORTER  CAMPBELL  1-24-1913GA  to  6-10-1997 TX

*S/of Charles Edward Campbell(1879-1963) & Martha Alene Brewer Campbell(1890-1965)

*Md:8/18/1939   (Mason)    *TEC5  US Army  WWII

& ALICE ELIZABETH  HISE CAMPBELL 1-26-1917 to  8-9-1997

*D/of  Alonza Franklin”Lon” Hise (1879-1936) *md: LOTTIE H. WOODBY  in  1916, in   Lamar

County, Texas



BETTIE  SUE  McKINNON  CARTER  1-16-1932  to  10-27-1967   

*D/of  Harvey Gratis McKinnon(1900-1970) & Lettie Grace Lewis McKinnon(1911-1988)

*Wife of Billy Joe Carter      "Tender Mother and A Faithful Friend"

BILLY JOE  CARTER  10-1-1930  to  7-31-1963

*S/of  Luther Milton Carter(1898-1971) & *2nd wife, Eula Mildred Brasher Carter(1909-1992)

*H/of  Bettie Sue McKinnon (1932-1967)

 (FLT chain links)  "Rest is thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"


BILLY  DON "Duck" CARTER  11-16-1952  to  7-8-1993

"To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"


 CONNIE  ELAINE  CARTER  2-25-1955  to  8-2-1963  

 "An Angel Visited The Green Earth And Took A Flower Away"


 LUTHER  MILTON  CARTER  3-15-1898  to  8-31-1971

*S/of  Martha Lee Jeffus Smith(1880-1958)    "Daddy"  "His Memory Is Blessed" 

*Spouses:  *1st  md: in 1916, Ouachita Co., AR  Marian Toney (b: ca 1899)

*2nd wife, Eula Mildred Brasher


 EULA MILDRED BRASHER CARTER  6-17-1909  to  11-16-1992  

*D/of  Evie Arizona Jarrell Brasher(1889-1974)  & Joseph Thomas Brasher(1885-1949)     

 "Nanna"     "God took her home.  It was his will.  But in our hearts She liveth still."



JOHN WILLIAM CHRISTIAN   4-4-1949  to 11-15-1968

*S/of William Harrington Christian (1917-1991) & Madie Erlene Hicks Christian (1931-1993)  


 WILLIAM  HARRINGTON  CHRISTIAN  7-28-1917  to  12-23-1991

 *S/of  William B. Christian (b:ca 1891LA)  & Eva Sarah Foster Christian (b:ca 1897)

 * S SGT  US  Army  WW II   Purple Heart recipiant

 *H/of  Madie Erlene Hicks


 2-17-1993   *Wf/of  William Harrington Christian

*D/of  Nellie Maude Croswell Hicks(1894-1971) &  Charlie Wytoun Hicks (1891-1976)

 "Strength and Dignity Are Her Clothing and She Smiles At The Future"     Prov. 31:25



CHRISTINE  CHRISTIE   4-7-1915  to  1-21-1976

*D/of  Charles Otis Christie(1882-1971) & Leola Grant Christie(1883-1978) 

"At Rest"  


 CHARLES  OTIS  CHRISTIE  3-3-1882  to  1-7-1971 (Mason)

*S/of  John Monroe Christie(1856-1943) & Marion E. Christie(1857-1930)

*Md: 7/2/1905  Columbia County, AR

 & LEOLA "LEE" GRANT CHRISTIE  10-25-1883 to  5-12-1978  

*D/of  Sarah Jane Wilson Christie(1853-1899)& Thomas Jefferson Grant(1848-1904)


WOODROW  WILSON CHRISTIE   11-22-1912  to  6-3-1964

*S/of  Charles Otis Christie(1882-1971) & Leola Grant Christie(1883-1978)

*1st husband of Mary Louise Moss  *Md:12/8/1936 Union Co., AR    (Mason)


11-29-1998     "At Rest"

*D/of  Archie James Moss(1886-1972) & Maybella  McGoogan Moss(1893-1919)  

*Spouses:   *md: 12/8/1936, Union Co., AR  to  *1st  Woodrow  Wilson Christie (1912-1964) 

* Md: 2nd  Coy J. Wilson 3/25/1919  to  6/20/1999  

* S/of  John Edward Wilson(1869-1952)  &    Sophronia Alice Wallace Wilson(1880-1969) 

* “Louise”  &  both of her spouses are buried at Pleasant Grove Methodist Church Cemetery.



 HORACE  CALVIN  CLARK  12-13-1913  to  7-11-1988

*S/of John Newton Clark(1880-1959) & Martha Alma Roberson Clark(1885-1984)  

 *Md:12/25/1937   *PFC  US Army WWII  Purple Heart recipient

 & MARY ANNIS  COTTRELL  CLARK  9-16-1917 to

 11-7-2001   "This Is The Promise;  The Life Everlasting"

 *D/of  William David Cottrell(1874-1929) & Martha Ida Bishop Cottrell(1878-1933)



 JAMES  W. COOK  10-11-1906  to  3-27-1995

*S/of  William Andrew Cook(1871-1939) & Nancy Laney Cook (1874-1944)


 & LENA MAE  ROBERSON  COOK  12-7-1909  to 1-3-1997

*D/of  Julia Ann Cottrell Roberson(1872-1946) & Robert Henry Roberson(1869-1932)  



ALVIN  DAVID "Buddy" COTTRELL 1-12-1915  to  8-2-1987 

*S/of  William  David  Cottrell(1874-1929) & Martha  Ida  Bishop Cottrell(1878-1933)


& AZALEA  BAILEY COTTRELL  7-18-1919  to  10-17-1975

                   *D/of  Ruth Unity Welch Bailey(1896-1933)  & Charles Thomas Bailey(1891-1953)


DAVID  MONROE  COTTRELL  10-20-1885  to  5-20-1946

 *S/of  Minerva Luvenia Clifton Cottrell(1862-1943) & Jesse James Cottrell(1861-1911)

*Spouses:  *1st md:1907, Union County, AR,  Jessie Vines   *Divorced in 1924.

*2nd  md: in 1930,  Nellie Mae Goley

 "We Have Loved The Stars Too Fondly, To Be Fearful Of The Night"


             DAVID  MONROE  COTTRELL 11-7-1944  to  11-19-1950

                    *Age 6 yrs    “Sweet Memories”


EARL  JAMES  COTTRELL  1-14-1913  to  4-3-1982

*S/of  David Monroe Cottrell(1885-1946)  &  *1st wife, Jessie Vines Cottrell

*Md:3/25/1939  "In Loving Memory"  "Forever In Our Hearts"




ESPIE  HENRY COTTRELL  5-3-1905  to  8-23-2000"Father" 

    *S/of  William David Cottrell(1874-1929) & Martha Ida Bishop Cottrell(1878-1933)

& FLOIS  PRIMM  COTTRELL  1-27-1911 to 10-30-1979

*D/of  Jacob Eli Primm (1876-1968)  &  Mary Ann Ragsdale Primm (1876-1968)

"Mother"  "At Rest"


HOMER  L. "Boe" COTTRELL  8-16-1918 to 11-14-1994

*Md:1/28/1941     "Too Well Loved To Ever Be Forgotten"


1-29-2006  *D/of John Salmon Griffith(1864-1961) & Viola Burress Griffith(1876-1966)

(NANCY LEA COTTRELL WILSON (72)12/27/1941 - 2/18/2014)   *OB

*D/of Homer L. Cottrell(1918-1994)  & Marjorie Maxine Griffith Cottrell(1918-2006)

 Husband of 47 yrs, Charles Dale Wilson

                    *Burial location unknown for Nancy Lea Cottrell Wilson.    Memorial Service 2/22/2014 *OB


JAMES “JIMMY” THOMAS  COTTRELL  3-11-1924  to 3-22-1999 TX

*Md:12/27/1952     *AVN  CADET  US  ARMY  AIR  FORCES  WW II    (Mason)

& BOBBIE JOYCE  TAYLOR COTTRELL(83) 7-4-1932  to 5-27-2016

*D/of  Carl Ennis Taylor(1895-1978)  &  Gladys DeLoach Taylor(1908-1984)  *OB


JESSE  SCOTT COTTRELL  9-23-1896  to 11-18-1981

*S/of  Jesse James Cottrell(1861-1911) & Minerva Luvenia Clifton Cottrell(1862-1943)

*Md: 1918  Union County, Arkansas

&  GLADYS  MITCHELL COTTRELL 12-3-1902AR  to 1-3-1994TX

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal. We Will Meet Again"


JOHN  WAYNE  COTTRELL  12-16-1942  to  12-19-1942

*S/of  J. Wade Cottrell (1919-1976)  &  Polly Griffin Cottrell(1920-1993)

“Darling We Miss Thee”


J.  WADE  COTTRELL  7-3-1919  to  12-17-1976

*S/of  Jesse James Cottrell(1861-1911) & Minerva Luvenia Clifton Cottrell(1862-1943)

*Md:6/6/1946   (Mason)

&  POLLY GRIFFIN  COTTRELL  9-20-1920 to 11-17-1993

*D/of  Logan Marvin Griffin(1878-1954) & Lucia Mae Hines Griffin(1883-1972)


JEFFERY  LOWELL  COTTRELL  6-30-1974 to 10-9-1977

*Beloved Son of  Phillip & Elizabeth Cottrell    "Jeffery"

"To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"

*Large flat granite slab covers Grave with the following inscription: 

"Heaven's Very Special Child"

"A Meeting was held far from earth.  It's time again for another birth

said the angels to the Lord above. This special child will need much love;

his progress may seem very slow.  Accomplishments he may not show.

And He'll require extra care.  From the folks he meets way down there

He may not run or laugh or play; His thoughts may seem quite far away.

In many ways he won't adapt, and he'll be known as handicapped.

So let's be careful where he's sent.  We want his life to be content.

Please Lord and find parents who will do a special job for you.

They will not realize right away the leading role they're asked to play

but with this child sent from above comes stronger faith and richer love

and soon they'll know the privilege given in caring for this gift from heaven.

Their precious charge so meek and mild is Heaven's Very Special Child."  


JOHN WAYNE COTTRELL 12-16-1942  to 12-19-1942

*S/of  J. Wade Cottrell(1919-1976) &  Polly Griffin Cottrell(1920-1993)


*Triple Headstone for Larry Earl Cottrell & his two wives:

Wife:  ANN TOLLISON  COTTRELL  8-4-1949(One date) 

Husband:  LARRY  EARL  COTTRELL   7-3-1943 (One date) 

Wife: DIANNE  HARPER  COTTRELL  9-4-1946  to 4-11-2001


THOMAS  BENJAMIN  COTTRELL 8-26-1882  to 12-22-1947 

*S/of  Elijah Winford Cottrell(1852-1913) & Nancy Alice Dumas (1857-1928)

*Spouses: *1st wife, Ethel Brown md:1908  *2nd wife, Missouri R. Warren md: 1935

*Wife, MISSOURI  REBECCA  WARREN 8-20-1879  to  7-8-1946

 *Buried in Friendship Methodist Cemetery, Union Co., AR * Thomas was her 2nd husband


WILLIAM  AUBRY  COTTRELL  8-15-1907  to  11-7-1984

*S/of  William David Cottrell(1874-1929) & Martha Ida Bishop(1878-1933)

*Md:3/29/1942  "He's Safe At Home"     "We Will Meet Again"




WILLIAM  DAVID  COTTRELL  11-7-1944  to  11-19-1950

"Sweet Memories"



WILLIAM  ROBERT "BOB"  CRAWFORD(92)12-2-1915  to

4-16-2008  *Md:6/19/1937   "Together Forever" 

*S/of  Walter Emery Crawford(1887-1969) & Mattie 'Susie' Cottrell Crawford (1893-1984) 

*Celebrated 70th anniversary just prior to Murriell's death.

& MURRIELL BYRD CRAWFORD (89) 4-7-1918 to  8-11-2007  

*D/of  William Alexander Byrd(1889-1965) & Leta Elizabeth Primm (1898-1986)*OB



TRACEY  RENEE  DAVIS   12-9-1961  to  6-23-1985

“Your Love Will Light My Way.  Your Memory Will Ever Be With Me”



MARY  SUE  CHRISTIE  DAWSON (95) 6-9-1919 to  3-7-2015*OB

*D/of  Charles  Otis Christie(1882-1971)  &  Leola "Lee" Ola Grant  Christie(1883-1978)  



GEORGE  FIELDER   2-1-1899  to  11-3-1973

*S/of  James Monroe Fielder(1860-1902) &  Leon Emerson Fielder(1869-1961)

*Spouses: *1st Jessie D. Ballard (1903-1941) *2nd Verona G. Fielder(1907-1989)

&  VERONA G. LEWIS FIELDER   4-5-1907  to  2-27-1989  

*D/of  Milton Larkins Lewis(1874-1944) & Annie Maude Massey Lewis(1882-1970)

"Wither Thou Goest I Will Go"




to  8-9-1989 Memphis, TN  "Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Is Ours"

*D/of  W. M. Cameron(1891-1981) & Hope Goza Johnson(1900-1967)

*Wf/of  *1st Evon Dutch Ponder (1917-1943) *Burial Jolley Chapel Cemetery

*Wf/of  *2nd  Paul L. Fullenwider(1918-1983)



J. O. "Blackie"  GATES   10-19-1923  to  8-29-1962

*S/of  David H. Gates(1882-1955) & Epsie F. Gates(1888-1975)

PATSY ANN GRIFFIN  GATES (70) 2-5-1935 to 11-16-2005 *OB    

*D/of Tura Gertrude Richardson (1918-2010) & Thomas "Talmage" Griffin(1906-1962)     

"In Loving Memory"   "GRANNY" 



HARLEY  GHOLSON (84) 12-18-1926  to  10-16-2011

*S/of  William "Jack" Andrew Harley Gholson & Pauline Locke Gholson(1905-1928)

*SGM  US Army Ret, Purple Heart Recipient, Korea-WW II-Vietnam

*Wf/of 62 yrs Marlene Humphrey Gholson    *OB  *Oct 2011-Young's MM


to  4-30-2015    *Wf/of  Harley Gholson   *Md:3/1/1969  *OB

*D/of  Thomas James Humphrey(1899-1982) &  Lillie Mae Shirey Humphrey(1903-1989)



LELA  MITCHELL  GIBSON  9-21-1910  to  6-11-1946

*D/of  Thos. Thaddeus Mitchell(1875-1960) & Kansas Lambert Mitchell(1875-1961)

*Wf/of  C. Stanley Gibson(1905-1983 buried Bluffton Cem., Llano Co., TX)  

"In Memory Of"



CHARLES  EDWARD  GOZA  4-27-1930  to  10-5-1995

*S/of  Robert  Sidney Goza(1901-1953)  &  Hazel Gage Goza(1909-1933)

"Cowboy"    *US  Navy-Korea   "We Will Meet Again"

& HELEN MOORE  GOZA  10-5-1923  to  8-25-2004



DANNA  DEAN  GOZA "Danny"  9-17-1944AR  to  4-30-1978NC

*D/of Robert Sidney Goza(1901-1953) & Effie Galbraith Goza(1906-2000)


EDWIN  E.  GOZA   9-4-1904  to  2-1-1967

*S/of  Edwin Eugene Goza(1869-1904) & Marthia Mattie Hubbard Jackson(1871-1954)

*Edwin md; in 1929, Union Co., AR  Grace McGoogan

& GRACE  C. McGOOGAN GOZA  3-25-1909  to  3-20-1978  

*D/of John McGoogan(1870-1942) & Mary Jane Cameron McGoogan(1871-1943)


EFFIE  GALBRAITH  GOZA  12-22-1906  to  9-2-2000

*D/of Robert Lee Galbraith(1864-1918) & Francis Rebecca Johnson Galbraith(1869-1930)

"Beloved Mother and Grandmother"


JAMES  ZACHARY GOZA “JIM”  10-3-1900  to  4-25-1992

*S/of  Thadeous William Goza(1866-1939) &  Dora T. Hubbard  Goza(1874-1960)


*Infant  daughter  Goza  born & died 7-18-1930 (Jas. Z. & Helen M. Goza)

& HELEN MARIE HARPER GOZA(90) 3-17-1912  to  5-9-2002 TX

*Marie died in Kemah, Texas.  *MM Young's FH in front of tombstone.

*October 2011-Her death date is not engraved on the tombstone.


ROBERT  SIDNEY "Sid" GOZA  10-30-1901 to 1-17-1953

*S/of  Thadeous William Goza(1866-1939) &  Dora T. Hubbard  Goza(1874-1960)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

HAZEL  GAGE  GOZA   12-7-1909   to  11-26-1933

*D/of  Ethel Fitzgerald Gage(1881-1965) & James Howell Gage(1884-1968)

*Ethel Fitzgerald  *Md: James H. Gage in 1904, Union County, AR

*Hazel is buried in Wesson Cemetery, Union Co., AR



ELMER  ALLGOOD  GREER  3-2-1925  to  7-27-1979

             *S/of Barney O. Greer(1895-1961) & Myrtis Allgood Greer (1902-1982)

*Md:7/7/1947   "Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"

& DOROTHY  R. GREER   9-27-1929  (One date) 



JOHN  DAVID  GRESHAM   9-9-1881 to  2-27-1958

*S/of  John P. Gresham(1849-1922) & Sallie A. Pearce Gresham(1856-1929)

"Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours."

MARY ANN  COTTRELL GRESHAM  4-11-1893 to 1-3-1994

*D/of  Jesse James Cottrell(1861-1911) & Minerva Luvenia Clifton  Cottrell (1862-1943)

"Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"


LOGAN  MARVIN  GRIFFIN  7-14-1878  to  7-24-1954

*H/of  Lucia Mae Hines Griffin (1883-1972)


9-4-1972 AR    *Wf/of  Logan Marvin Gresham


E. L. "Juicy" GRIFFIN  12-16-1906  to  12-31-1949

"A Loving Husband and Father" 

"A life like this has left a record sweet for memory to dwell upon"


JOHN  W. GRIFFIN, SR.   3-10-1923  to  11-14-2002

*S/of  Logan Marvin Griffin(1878-1954) & Lucia Mae Hines Griffin(1883-1972)

(Mason)   "Peace In The Valley" 

*Wife,  JOHNNIE GRAFTON GRIFFIN(91) 3-14-1924  to  5-3-2015

*John Walter Grafton(1892-1979) & Alsie Thaxton Grafton(1894-1981)

*Johnnie is buried in Pisgah Baptist Church Cemetery, Union Parish, LA


LOGAN  MARVIN  GRIFFIN  7-14-1878  to  7-24-1954

*Md: 1902 Union Co., AR   Lucia Mae Hines

LUCIA  MAE  HINES  GRIFFIN  7-15-1883  to  9-4-1972

“DAISY”    *Md: 1902, Logan Marvin Griffin

 "Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"


ROY  HINES "Bud" GRIFFIN   5-17-1913  to  2-1-1967 (Mason)

*S/of  Logan Marvin Griffin(1878-1954) & Lucia Mae Hines Griffin(1883-1972)


THOMAS  TALMAGE  GRIFFIN  1-30-1906  to  5-4-1962

*S/of  Henry Bascom Griffin(1879-1962) & Grace May Fletcher (1880-1963) 


to  2-14-2010  *D/of  James Paschal Richardson(1890-1974) & Myrtle Lou

Beaty Richardson(1892-1984)



BILLY ROY HANNA (72)  6-3-1940 to 1-21-2013 *OB

*S/of  William Thomas Hanna(1909-1991) & Mabel Irene Davis Hanna(1915-2007)

*Wife Mary Ella Loftin Hanna



ERVIN  WALTER  HANRY  8-25-1911  to   4-8-1964

*S/of  Walter Emerson Hanry(1887-1937) & Ida Pearl Anglin Hanry(1887-1937)

*Arkansas  S1  USNR  WWII  *Military marker gives birth date as 7-25-1911


to 3-22-1990 

*D/of  John Wesley Johnson(1889-1976) & Emma Lou Lyle Johnson(1886-1972)



GILES  CLARK  HATFIELD  12-5-1910  to  3-11-2002  

*Md:5/21/1955  "To Live In The Hearts Of Those We Love Is Never To Die"

*Spouses: *1st  Mabel Beard Hatfield(1915-1988)  *2nd  Mattie Dell Caldwell(1923-1998)

*Md: Mattie Dell Caldwell Watson   5/21/1955


to  12-3-1998 *Spouses: *1st  Dale E. Watson, Jr. (1924-1972)*2nd Giles Clark Hatfield

*D/of John Marcus Caldwell(1877-1941) & Annie Mae Linder Caldwell(1895-1923)



HENRY  PRESTON "Yip" HINES  10-30-1916  to  11-23-1984

*William Henry Hines(1886-1961) & Sarah Moore Gresham Hines(1890-1969)

*Md:9/19/1946   (Mason)  "Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

&  MAXINE  CAMERON  HINES  7-21-1924 to  6-24-1979

*S/of  Owen F. Cameron(1895-1970) & Mattie Mae Burley Cameron(1903-1996)


WILLIAM  HENRY  HINES  9-19-1886 LA  to  9-19-1961AR

*Md: in 1914, Union County, AR   Sarah M. Gresham

&  SARAH  MOORE  GRESHAM  HINES  2-20-1890  to  

8-13-1969   "Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"

*D/of  John P. Gresham(1849-1922) & Sallie A. Pearce Gresham(1856-1929)



GORDON  L.  HUMPHREY, SR. (79)  1925 to 2005 

*S/of  Thomas James Humphrey(1899-1982) & Lillie Mae Shirey (1903-1989)   

*Young's MM –October 2011


MAUDIE  MASON  HUMPHREY  12-24-1930 to 11-7-1990

*D/of  Horace Lee Mason(1905-1980) & Vera O. Barker Mason(1906-1962)

"My Sister"


THOMAS  JAMES  HUMPHREY  3-3-1899OK  to  5-21-1982AR   

*Md:8/3/1919      "Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

&  LILLIE  MAE  SHIREY HUMPHREY  11-20-1903  to

8-25-1989   *D/of  Joel Sheppard Shirey(1880-1909) & Harriett Hodge Shirey(b:ca 1885)

*Harriet md:  *2nd husband,  J.E. Brown in 1909, Ouachita Co., AR




to 11-25-1954    *Wf/of  Edwin Eugene Goza (1869-1904)



GUY  MONROE  JOHNSON  8-2-1891 to 9-7-1964

*S/of  Edmond Randolph Johnson(1857-1949) & Sarah Estelle Ails Johnson(1861-1944)

*2nd wf,  Hope Goza(1900-1967)

& *1st wf, MINNIE  GRAVES  JOHNSON  7-18-1891  to  2-5-1986

*D/of  Robert Eugene Graves(1864-1913) & Frances Moss Graves(1871-1960)

"May God Grant You Eternal Rest"


HARRY MATTHEW JOHNSON  11-27-1910  to  10-13-1979

*S/of  Emma Lou Lyle Johnson(1886-1972) & John Wesley Johnson(1889-1976)

*Md:12/3/1938 Union Co.,AR  "What We Keep In Memory Is Ours Unchanged Forever"

&  LORENE  LEE  JOHNSON   9-17-1919  to  3-25-2003

*Twin sister to Irene Lee Roberson.  *D/of  Henry & Annie Jean Lee


HOPE  GOZA JOHNSON  2-25-1900  to  11-7-1967

*D/of  Edwin Eugene Goza(1869-1904) & Margaret Hubbard Goza(1869-1901)

*Spouses:  *1st Guy Monroe Johnson(1891-1964) *2nd  W. M. Cameron(1891-1981)


JOHN  WESLEY JOHNSON  8-15-1889  to  8-31-1976

*S/of  Edmond Randolph Johnson(1857-1949) Sarah Estelle Ails Johnson(1861-1944)


&  EMMA  LOU  LYLE  JOHNSON  11-27-1886  to 11-17-1972

*D/of  Matthew Lyle(1855-1927) &  Mattie Helen Eley Lyle(1859-1945)



J. E.  “LEON” JONES  3-9-1910  to  9-25-1988 

*Md:4/15/1932      "Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  ARENNA  BRASHER  JONES  2-28-1914  to  5-13-2010



ROBERT  NEAL  KELLY, JR.  7-31-1953  to  8-30-1956

"Little Bob"   "He is our Anchor"


LEONARD  L.  MASON   3-3-1918  to  6-15-1963

*S/of  Ben Levi Mason(1883-1969)  &  Nellie Jane Bishop Mason(1887-1968)

& LETHA“TINY”COOK MASON (KYLE)(94) 4-20-1921  to  7-1-2015

*D/of Alex A. Cook(1895-1979) & Lucille I. McGoogan Cook(1895-1974) *OB

*1st Husband,  Leonard  L. Mason (1918-1963)  *md: 1939 Union County, AR

*2nd  Husband, Vernon Kyle




JERRY  SUE  ROBERSON  LANGLEY (80) 7-27-1935  to  7-10-2016

*D/of Armenda Elizabeth Griffith(1915-1997) & Hudie Benjamin Roberson(1913-2007)

*Husband of 62 yrs, Delton Langley   *OB


LOUIE  FRANKLIN  LANGLEY 10-28-1904  to  2-7-1985

*S/of  Henry Taylor Langley(1880-1942) & Belle Eliza Bishop Langley(1880-1965)


&  MARY LOU  MURRAY LANGLEY 12-6-1905  to  4-10-1967  

*D/of  John Wm. Murray(1874-1956) & Margaret Frances Wiltcher Murray(1883-1978)



CHARLES  COLVIN  LEWIS  12-11-1928 to 10-16-1994

*S/of  Katie Lee Colvin Lewis(1892-1978) & William Dee Lewis(1879-1959)


&  JANICE  CARNEY  LEWIS  4-10-1933  to  2-10-1996

*D/of  Homer Lee Carney(1904-1972) &  Vestelle Varnado Carney(1912-1980)


KEVIN  LYNN  LEWIS  4-19-1954  to  2-25-2000 

*S/of  Qunion Lewis(1927-2004)  &  Alice Evolene Griffith Lewis(1928-2016)

"May You Find Comfort In Him" 


QUINION  LEWIS  4-9-1927  to  12-29-2004

*S/of  Oscar S. Lewis (1894-1973)  &  Ruby Clarence Bailey Lewis(1897-1982)  


& ALICE  EVOLENE GRIFFITH  LEWIS 12-22-1928 to 1-19-2016

*D/of  Lizzie Elizabeth Nannie Cook(1897-1963) & Robert Lee Griffith(1892-1980)*OB


WILLIAM  DEE  LEWIS   6-1-1879  to  10-6-1959

*S/of  Matthew L. Lewis (1831-1919) & Mary Ann Hansen Lewis(1837-1893)

*Spouses: *1st Julia Anice Britt (1888-1920)  *2nd  Katie Lee Colvin

&  KATIE  LEE  COLVIN  LEWIS  2-6-1892  to 1-13-1978  

*D/of  Harriet Tobitha Fuller Colvin(1857-1921) & Garland Hardwick Colvin(1852-1905)

"Wild Roses Which Appear From Behind The Hearts Signify God's Love For

Us And Our Love For Him"  (Tombstone has two hearts with flowers behind them.)



H. WAYNE  LINER   11-16-1941  to  3-14-1983

&  SHIRLEY  J.  LINER  11-24-1941  to  8-4-1971  

"We Will Meet Again In Heaven"



BEN  E.  LOFTIN  "Pop"  6-21-1929  to  11-25-2004

*S/of Willie Mae Mason Loftin(1908-1999) & John Thomas Loftin(1905-1986)

*Md:6/16/1951  "I strain to reach the end of the race, for which God

Is calling us up to Heaven"  Phillippians  3:14 


(One date) *D/of  Lettie Grace Lewis(1911-1988) & Harvey Gratis McKinnon(1900-1970)


JOHN  THOMAS  LOFTIN  6-15-1905  to  9-23-1986

*S/of  Susan Rebecca Roberson(1874-1943) & George Eugene Loftin(1865-1942)

*Md:2/21/1924  "A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

& WILLIE MAE MASON LOFTIN  4-21-1908  to  6-27-1999

*D/of  Ben Levi Mason(1883-1969)  & Nellie Jane Bishop Mason(1887-1968) 


MAURICE  WAYNE  LOFTIN  12-10-1924  to 11-20-2002  

*S/of  Willie Mae Mason Loftin(1908-1999) & John Thomas Loftin(1905-1986)

"POP"  *Md: 10/31/1942  "Blessed are they that die in the Lord;

They rest from their labors & their works follow them.  Rev. 14:13"

& DOROTHY LANGLEY LOFTIN  7-24-1927(One date)

*D/of  Mary Lou Murray Langley(1905-1967) &  Louie Franklin Langley(1904-1985)



           HORACE  LEE  MASON  2-22-1905  to  4-15-1980

*S/of  Mazelle Elizabeth New Mason(1882-1912) & Jesse Albert Mason(1880-1944)

*Md: in 1924 Union Co., AR

& VERA  O.  BARKER  MASON 11-4-1906  to  12-4-1962

*D/of Mary Melissa Gardner Barker(1875-1963) & Middleton Christopher Barker(1877-1971)


LEONARD  L.  MASON  3-3-1918  to  6-15-1963

*S/of  Nellie Jane Bishop Mason(1887-1968) & Ben Levi Mason(1883-1969)

&  LETHA  COOK  MASON (KYLE) (94) 4-20-1921 to  7-1-2015*ob

*D/of  Lucille I. McGoogan  Cook(1895-1974) & Alex  A. Cook (1895-1979) “Tiny”

*Late  Spouses: *1st  Leonard L. Mason  *2nd  Vernon Kyle



CONRAD  FOWLER  McCLESKEY  3-8-1882  to 12-1-1959

*S/of Sarah Ann Fowler (1840-1925) & James Franklin McCleskey(1833-1913)

&  ROSA M. HAYES McCLESKEY 11-8-1886LA  to  3-8-1962AR

*Wf/of  Conrad  Fowler McClesky  (md: 1911 Union Co., AR)


DEAN  COKE  McCLESKY(81)  3-28-1932  to  2-11-2014

*D/of  Jim Tome Coke & Ada Lawrence Coke   *Wf/of Jim McCleskey *OB


ORBY  CONRAD  McCLESKEY  4-14-1908  to  2-13-1984

*S/of  Lula Maude Mitchell(1883-1909) & Oscar Conrad McClesky(1877-1942)

*Md:6/19/1934  (Mason)   (Eastern Star)

& MARY BETH  HELM  McCLESKEY(94) 7-8-1919  to  *OB

4-3-2014 *OB      *D/of Martha“Mattie”Atha Sandifer Helm(1877-1976) &

John William Helm(1869-1969)



VELMA GRIFFIN  McCORVEY   11-1-1903  to  11-17-1987

*D/of  Lucia Mae Hines Griffin (1883-1972)  & Logan Marvin Griffin(1878-1954)

*Md:1924, Union Co., AR,  Daniel Buie McCorvey (1901-1964)

*Daniel is buried at Scotland Presbyterian Cemetery



CARY  HOUSTON  McCULLAR  7-5-1879 MS  to  5-29-1961AR  

*S/of  Martha/ Mary Griffis (b:ca 1842MS)  &  James L.”Bunk” McCullar(b:ca 1848 MS)

*Spouses:  *1st  Maude V. Morris (1887-1931)  *2nd   Nettie L. Brown(1884-1974)

*Md: Nettie  L. Brown  in 1934, Union County, AR


3-14-1884  to  5-11-1974

*D/of Julious Stoax Brown(1860-1917) &  Ann Amanda Locke Brown (1859-1934)

*Spouses: *1st Benjamin Brodie Goza(1861-1914)*Buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery

*2nd  William H. Copeland (1872-1933) *Buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery

*3rd  Cary Houston McCullar (1879-1961)

*Cary’s 1st wife, was Maude V. Morris(1887-1931)

*Maude is buried at Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery, El Dorado, AR



GENIE  GOZA  McGOOGAN  10-15-1898  to 10-5-1975

*D/of Edwin Eugene Goza(1869-1904)  & Margaret Hubbard Goza(1869-1901)

*Spouses:  *Md: 1915 Union Co., AR   Charles Wesley Cottrell(1891-1972)

*Md: *2nd  Floyd Hilton McGoogan (1910-1988)




2-18-1975   *S/of John & Dollie McKinnon  "In God's Care"


GORDON  E.  McKINNON  1-14-1905  to  2-24-1979

*S/of  Mary Ellen Cottrell(1879-1933) & Walter Pierce McKinnon(1879-1963)

*Md: in 1929, Union Co., AR  Lillie Mae Caldwell

&  LILLIE  MAE  CALDWELL McKINNON  11-20-1914  to  5-2-1987

*D/of  Annie May Linder Caldwell(1895-1923) John Marcus Caldwell(1877-1941)


(H.G.)HARVEY GRATIS  McKINNON   9-23-1900  to 12-18-1970

*S/of  Laura Susan Cottrell McKinnon(1876-1947) & Wm. Alexander McKinnon(1870-1901)

"God took him home, it was his will. But in our hearts he liveth still."   (Mason)

LETTIE GRACE LEWIS McKINNON 10-18-1911 to  9-10-1988

*D/of Katie Lee Colvin Lewis(1892-1978) & Roy P. Lewis(1886-1913)   

*Wf/of  Harvey G. McKinnon(md:1928 Union Co., AR) "Tender Mother and A Faithful Friend"


JOHNNIE  LUMAE  McKINNON  10-30-1940  to  4-26-2003

*A1C  US  Air Force   "Loving Sister   Special Aunt"


W. T."Tom" McKINNON  11-4-1893 to 2-15-1966

*S/of Laura Susan Cottrell (1876-1947) & Wm Alexander McKinnon(1870-1901)

*Md: in 1917, Union Co., AR  Leola Snider    (Mason)

&  LEOLA  SNIDER  McKINNON  10-15-1895 to 3-24-1992

*D/of  Louis Henry Snider(1846-1932)  &  Lucy Owens Snider(1857-1919)



JERRY  WADE  MITCHELL (71) 8-17-1943 to  9-5-2014 *OB

*S/of  John Thomas Mitchell, Sr(1912-1971) & Virginia Dare Maples(1921-1993)


JOHN  THOMAS  MITCHELL, SR. (J.T.)11-18-1912  to  3-1-1971  

*Thomas Thaddeus Mitchell(1875-1960) & Kansas Lambert Mitchell(1875-1961)

*Md:5/8/1941   (? Virginia Dare Maples Mitchell)  *S1  US Navy  WWII  (Mason)  

& VIRGINIA  DARE  MAPLES  MITCHELL 11-25-1921 to  2-17-1993

*D/of  John Fletcher Maples(1876-1958) & Sarah Francis Mills Maples(1880-1926)


JOHN THOMAS "JOHNNIE" MITCHELL, JR.  6-20-1942  (One date)

                   *S/of  John Thos Mitchell, Sr(1912-1971) & Virginia Dare Maples Mitchell(1921-1993)

  *Md:4/20/1962  47 yrs                                                


11-23-1939  to  5-16-2009  *Wf/of  John Thomas Mitchell, Jr.

*D/of  Charles Harvey Copeland(1917-1975) & Jessie Marie Morris Copeland(1922-1990)                                                                                 


MILLARD  JAMES  MITCHELL  6-1-1918  to  9-23-1982

*Thomas T. Mitchell(1875-1960) & Kansas Lambert Mitchell (1875-1961)

*Md:9/7/1944    (Mason)  SF3  US Navy  WWII   (Eastern Star)

& LOIS  VANCE  MITCHELL  9-15-1923AR  to  4-12-1987LA

*D/of  Charles S. Vance(1877-1941)  &  Mary Freeman Vance(1894-1974)


MILTON  LAMBERT MITCHELL  11-7-1915  to  6-18-1971

*Thomas Thaddeus Mitchell(1875-1960) & Kansas Lambert Mitchell (1875-1961)

"May He Rest In Peace"       "In Loving Memory"

&  MATTIE  ISBELL MITCHELL  1-22-1922LA  to  3-6-1987AR

*D/of Walter D. Isbell(1888-1944)  &  Annie Louise Justice Isbell(1896-1957)


THOMAS  THADDEUS  MITCHELL 7-25-1875  to  5-7-1960

*S/of Margaret Jane Hildebran Mitchell(1851-1945) & Martin L. Mitchell (b: ca 1851 AR)

*85 yrs/9 mos/ 13 dys    "Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"

*Md:2//2/1902  Union Co., AR

&  KANSAS  LAMBERT  MITCHELL  11-20-1875  to 

1-19-1961  *Wf/of  Thomas Thaddeus Mitchell

*D/of  Wm. E. Lambert(1869-1892) & Sebrina Amanda Jones Lambert(1843-1887)





*D/of John David Gresham, Sr.(1881-1958) & Mary Ann Cottrell(1893-1994)

*Wf/of John Bert Moncrief  12/13/1918 LA – 2/14/1992 Union Co., AR

*John B. Moncrief buried Rocky Springs Cemetery, Lison, Claiborne Parish, LA.

*John  S/of  William Caleb Moncrief(1878-1935)  &  Pinkie Hammonds(1878-1967)

"Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"   *On the back of the stone:

"When I told you I loved you that Thursday, little did I know that God had his

arms open for you....I miss you.  Your son, Bill



JIMMY  RAY  MORING(65) 11-18-1941  to  11-7-2007

*S/of  Duel Moring & Alice Moring Merrell, stepfather, John Merrell.   

*Md:8/30/1968   "Forever With The Lord"

&  CATHERINE  DIANNE  MORING   3-28-1949 (One date)



SHELBY JEAN ROGERS  POST (78) 6-15-1938  to  11-7-2016*OB

*D/of  Franklin T. Rogers(1908-1979) & Flora Mason Rogers(1912-2005)



DAVID  NICHOLAS"Nick" PRIMM 11-18-1966   to  7-27-1996

*Son of Ronnie Primm & Cynthia Clawson Primm

*Photo embedded on headstone 


FRANKLIN  ORAN  PRIMM  2-25-1913  to  12-31-1997

*S/of  Sankie Erskine Edwards (1886-1972) & Franklin Commodore Primm(1886-1943)


& OLLIS LUCILLE COTTRELL PRIMM  8-24-1910 to 11-25-1995

*S/of William David Cottrell(1874-1929) & Martha Ida Bishop Cottrell(1878-1933)



VANCE  GILBERT PROTHRO (57) 10-3-1952  to  8-31-2010

*Md:2/17/1975   "God took them home, it was his will  But in our Hearts they liveth still"

& VIRGINIA  ANN  SENN  PROTHRO  2-14-1956 (One date)



SUSAN R. “SUSIE” MITCHELL PURTLE  6-24-1968  to  7-24-2005   

*D/of  Jerry Wade Mitchell(1943-2014)



MATTHEW AARON  REAVES (34) 11-22-1981  to  10-6-2016 *OB

*S/of  the late Michael Reaves & Kathy McKinnon Reaves 

*Late grandparents, Marvin & Betty Reaves



CARL  ROBERSON  (No dates) (Not found in 1998)


CHARLIE PORTER (C.P.) ROBERSON  9-21-1910  to  7-15-2000

*S/of  Jessie P. Roberson (1869-1955) & Catherine Lou Ails Roberson (1871-1961)

*Md:12/23/1938      "We Will Meet Again"

&  IRENE  LEE  ROBERSON (88) 9-17-1919AR  to 10-8-2007TX

*D/of Henry & Annie Jean Lee; Twin sister to the late Lorene Lee Johnson.  *OB 



9-25-1999   (Mason)* Md:5/12/1946      *AM2  US Navy   WW II

*S/of  Clarence R. Roberson(1895-1975) & Beulah Lee Roberson(1900-1996)                                                                       


to 8-14-2008 (Eastern Star)  "Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

*D/of  John Wesley Johnson(1889-1976) & Emma Lou Lyle Johnson(1886-1972)


DOSSIE  CARL ROBERSON  1905 to 1961(Apr 1905-Aug 1961)

*S/of Robert Henry Roberson (1869-1932) &  Julia Ann Cottrell Roberson (1872-1946)

*Md:8/27/1927 (additional birth/death date info from *SSDI)


(2-13-1907  to  4-29-1996)   "Gone But Not Forgotten"


DOYLE  WAYNE  ROBERSON   5-12-1936  to  8-13-1985 

*Md:11/16/1957    "Daddy"  Sgt  US Army-Vietnam "Precious Memories"

*Son of Dossie Carl Roberson (1905-1961) & Susie Sandifer Roberson(1907-1996)

&  MARGARET ALICE WARD ROBERSON  7-5-1937 (One date)

*D/of Vernon &  Alice Ward  "Mother"  The original double for these two has

Been removed & replaced with a new double for Doyle & their son, Kendal Glen

Roberson.  (2011-Margaret is md: to Jesse Callihan)


ELIJAH  FRANKLIN  ROBERSON  10-1-1890 to  4-1974

*S/of  Robert Henry Roberson(1869-1932) & Julia Ann Cottrell Roberson(1872-1946)


&  ZEMLIA  BISHOP  ROBERSON  8-14-1891 to 1-31-1990

*D/of  Henry Hawcom Bishop(1855-1893) & Mary A. Melton Bishop (1856-1936)

*Only birth/death years on tombstone- *SSDI


HENRY COURTNEY ROBERSON 11-5-1895  to  7-31-1980

*S/of  Robert Henry Roberson(1869-1932) & Julia Ann Cottrell Roberson(1872-1946)

*Md:12/16/1939  Mississippi Co., Arkansas



 *D/of  Samuel Edmonston (b: ca 1862 MO) &  Lucy A. Edmonston (b:ca 1875 AR)


HUDIE  BENJAMIN  ROBERSON  1-8-1913  to  10-30-2007

*Md:6/4/1932  *S/of Robert Henry Roberson(1869-1932) & Julia Ann Cottrell(1872-1946)


to 10-23-1997  *D/of  Robt. Lee Griffith(1892-1980) & Elizabeth Nannie Cook(1897-1963)


JESSIE   P.  ROBERSON  12-24-1869  to  8-23-1955

*S/of James Benjamin Roberson(1834-1911) & Mary E. Peoples Roberson(1839-1921)

*Md: 1893  Union Co., AR

& CATHERINE LOU AILS ROBERSON  6-5-1871 to 1-18-1961

*D/of  Martin Luther Ails(1824-1871)  &  Nancy Ann McKinnon Ails (1840-1915)


KENDAL “KEN”GLEN ROBERSON (39) 2-15-1972  to  9-8-2011

*S/of Doyle Wayne Roberson(1936-1985) & Margaret Alice Ward (1937-?)  *OB    

*Young's MM –Oct 2011  *Buried next to his father Doyle W. Roberson.

His parents had a double headstone with mother, Margaret’s birth date & name on it.

It also contained their wedding date. I believe the original double headstone was

It has been replaced with a new double one for Doyle & their son, Kendal Glenn Roberson.

there with Doyle & Margaret Roberson listed on it..  Margaret remarried in 2011, Jessie Callihan..


REBECCA  KAY  ROBERSON  5-23-1962  to  10-2-2005

"Beloved Mother Wife"  "Beloved Daughter Sister"  "Forever In Our Hearts"


RICHARD  HARPER  ROBERSON  2-10-1890  to  3-20-1980

*S/of  William James Roberson(1862-1933) & Malissa Octavia Graves Roberson(1867-1947)

*Spouses:  *1st wife, Ida Moran   *2nd wife, Minnie Elizabeth Mason (1890-1970)

IDA  MORAN  ROBERSON   2-8-1897LA   to  7-22-1956 AR

*D/of  Theodore Moran (1860-1930)  &  Sarah Jane Crawford Moran(1872-1942)

*1st Wife of Richard Harper Roberson


WILLIAM  ASA  ROBERSON  6-7-1907  to  2-4-1979

*S/of  Robert Henry Roberson(1869-1932)  &  Julia Ann Cottrell Roberson(1872-1946)

"A Life Like His Has Left A Record Sweet"



FANNIE  LEAN  BENTON  ROBINSON (88) 12-25-1921  to

12-30-2009   *D/of Armister & Minnie White Benton

*Late husband,  Floyd Lee Robinson


JULIUS  CLIFFORD  ROBINSON  7-4-1887  to  2-19-1955

*S/of  Calab Alonzo Robinson(1848-1921) & Dicy C. Stinnett Robinson (1865-1941)  

(FLT in chain links-below  IOOF)  *Wife, Mamie Abram Robinson(1889-1951)

*Mamie Abram buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Hempstead Co., AR



FRANKLING "Frank" THOMAS  ROGERS  5-25-1908  to  

12-23-1979   *Md:2/7/1931

& FLORA MASON  ROGERS  8-5-1912  to  6-26-2005

*D/of  Jesse Turner Mason(1873-1964) &  Rachel Ozella Ann Mason (1879-1970)


HERMAN  WAYNE  ROGERS   7-29-1932  to  11-11-2000

*S/of  John M. Rogers(1904-1967)  &  Willie Mae Douglass Rogers(1907-1957)   

"An inspriation to all who knew him"


JOHN  M. “MALCOLM” ROGERS  8-3-1904LA  to 11-30-1967

*S/of John Aaron Rogers(1869-1937) & Mattie Wise Rogers (1875-1946)   

*Father of 7 sons -5 daughters.

&  WILLIE  MAE  DOUGLASS  ROGERS 7-21-1907 to 


*D/of  Duncan Franklin Douglass(1878-1921) & Nancy Ann Cameron Douglass(1875-1961)


RANDALL  LEON  ROGERS(61)  2-18-1951 to 12-13-1963

*S/of  Franklin T. Rogers(1908-1979) & Flora Mason Rogers(1912-2005)



WALTER  THOMAS  ROGERS   6-9-1901  to  3-19-1963

*S/of  John Aaron Rogers(1869-1937) & Mattie Wise Rogers (1875-1946)     

*Died in the hospital after a sudden illness, most likely from a heart seizure.


11-9-2003 *D/of  Nancy Ann Cameron(1875-1961)  &  Duncan Franklin Douglass(1878-1921) 


WILLIAM  PAUL  ROGERS  2-14-1946  to  3-22-2006

*S/of  John M. Rogers(1904-1967)  &  Willie Mae Douglass Rogers(1907-1957)    

"Loving Daddy and PaPa.  You are loved and missed.



HOWARD  OLIVER  SKINNER  2-25-1907  to  12-18-1968

*S/of  Prentice B. Skinner (1877-1958)  & Nora Cleave Webb Skinner(1885-1972)

*Md: in 1929 in Howard Co., AR


11-22-2002AR     *Wf/of  Howard Oliver Skinner

*D/of  Charlie Millard Bradley (1883-1975) & Mary Eva Price Bradley(1886-1940)


LINDA  KAY  PRATT  SKINNER  12-16-1945  to  5-4-1967

*1st Wf/of  Millard Howard Skinner (1943-2009)

MILLARD  HOWARD  SKINNER  7-6-1943 to 1-25-2009

*Spouses:  *1st  Linda Kay Pratt     *2nd  Gloria Joy Skinner  

*Md:5/21/1969    (Fireman ▲) "Love Forever"  (Nurse▼)

&  GLORIA  JOY  SKINNER   2-4-1936  (One date)  

*2nd wife of  Millard Howard Skinner


ORVEL  LEE 'BUTCH' SMITH, JR. (55) 12-31-1957 to

1-9-2013*OB      *S/of Orvel Lee Smith & Nannie Pearl Griffith.


(J.A.)JAMES ARCHIE  SNIDER  10-16-1890  to  2-6-1955

*S/of  Louis Henry Snider(1846-1932) &  Lucy Owens Snider (1857-1919) 

*Md: in 1916 in Columbia Co., AR   Iva Etta Smith (1897-1925)

"Each Duty Done;  He Rests In Peace"


JAMES  SNIDER  b: 2-16-1955  died age 20 yrs-3 mos-20 dys.

*Speculation:  James may be the son of  Winfrey Madison Snider(1885-1970)

&  Katie Annis Lewis Snider (1923-2009)


WILLIAM  WEBSTER  SNIDER  2-3-1885  to  7-30-1970

*S/of  Louis Henry Snider(1846-1932)  &  Lucy Owens Snider(1857-1919)

*Md: in 1925, Union Co., AR  Rosa E. Roberson

&  ROSA  E. ROBERSON  SNIDER  4-9-1903  to  3-4-1979

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"


WINFREY MADISON SNIDER   8-9-1921  to  11-21-1974

*S/of  James Archie Snider(1890-1955) & Iva Etta Smith Snider(1897-1925) 

*Wife,   Katie Annis Lewis (1923-2009)

&  KATIE ANNIS  LEWIS SNIDER  7-9-1923  to  8-19-2009

*D/of  Roy P. Lewis1886-1913) & Katie Lee Colvin Lewis(1892-1978)

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"



PAULA  &  RUTH  SPLAWN  (Twins)  died 3-31-1956 

*Age 2 mos. 11 dys- Marker not found in 1998



ROBERT THOMAS TOLLISON, JR.   3-25-1922  to  3-31-2004

*S/of  Robert T. Tollison, Sr.  (1887-1970)  Bertha Trussell Tollison(1901-1990)

*Md:8/11/1942  Union Co., AR  Martha Jane Sutton

& MARTHA JANE  SUTTON  TOLLISON   3-22-1923  to 

10-27-1997   *D/of  Leslie Carl Sutton(1894-1965) & Alice MIldred Sutton(1906-2000)  



ALICE  BLANCHE McKINNON  WADE  5-17-1898  to  6-12-1991

*D/of  Wm. Alexander McKinnon(1870-1901) &  Laura Susan Cottrell McKinnon (1876-1947)

*2nd wife, of Rev. Junius Allen “June” Wade (1886 LA -1959 AR)  

*1st wf-Ira Antoinette Torbet (1886-1951)  *3 sons & 2 daughters from this union.

*Rev Junius is buried in the Magnolia City Cemetery, Magnolia, AR




10-28-2002   "The Lord Is My Shepherd"

*D/of  Lillie Mae Shirey Humphrey(1903-1989) & Thomas James Humphrey(1899-1982)    



MARY LOUISE MOSS CHRISTIE WILSON 11-27-1918 to  11-29-1998

*D/of  Archie James Moss (1886-1972)  &  Maybelle McGoogan Moss (1893-1919)

*Spouses:  *1st md: on 12/08/1936 in Union Co., AR  Woodrow Wilson Christie (1912-1964)

*2nd md; 1972 Harris Co., TX   Coy J. Wilson (1919-1999) *Buried Jolley Chapel Cemetery.

* “Louise”  &  both of her spouses are buried at Pleasant Grove Methodist Church Cemetery.

 WOODROW WILSON CHRISTIE  11-22-1912 to  6-3-1964

*S/of  Charles Otis Christie (1882-1971)  &  Leola Grant Christie(1883-1978)   “Mason”

*1st husband of Mary Louise Moss (1918-1998)   *See “CHRISTIE”  listing


















to  6-29-2013LA     *D/of  Herman Wayne Rogers (1932-2000)



*Note: there is an African-American Pleasant Grove Methodist Cemetery, located South

of the Strong Hwy. (aka Hwy. 82)   This church was organized about 1942.