Est. ca 1864 to 1874*





Located  on  Hwy. 335 West (aka North Wyatt Dr.), abt. 5 miles northwest of El Dorado.

(Hwy. 335/ North Wyatt Dr.) runs through the cemetery, so there are parts located on both

sides of the road).  The church and a smaller portion of the cemetery were located

on the south side of  the highway.  The church burned, but there is a small replacement

building in it's stead, which is where you pull off the road and park.  There is no place

to park across the road.


*Some have given the establishment date for this cemetery as 1891.  I believe that is wrong,

since there are several burials of those who died in the 1880's; There are three burials/death

dates for 1863-1865.  All of these earlier dated burials are found across the road from the

 smaller cemetery located next to the church building.

Possibly the explanation is that the larger cemetery, is the newer section


This cemetery listing is a combination of earlier surveys done in 1998, by Ralph O. Weldon,

Julie Walls, & Wm. Wall;  and my own partial survey done in, 2001, and from my personal

files, since I do have numerous relatives buried there. Obituaries.

Updated version submitted, April 2004/ May 2006/Nov 2010/

New survey May 2011. Last updated November 2017    Janice Holzer



*MM .......Mortuary Marker

*ARDI .....Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950 source of death dates.

*SSDI ......Social Security Death Index  *See note at end of this canvass

* "&".......Double headstone

*WOW....Woodman of the World monument

*ob ...........Information from Obituary

* ◘ ........This symbol indicates the grave is located in the small section of the cemetery

next to the church building  &  where you park your car.


MARY  ALICE  ABBITT    6-12-1939  to  11-7-1987

*Md: in 1975 Harrison  Co.,TX     Harvey K. Williams, Jr.

*D/of  William McKinley Abbitt(1893-1959) & Pearl Eufaula Horton Abbitt(1898-1947)


WILLIAM  McKINLEY ABBITT 8-25-1893  to  12-24-1959

*S/of Sarah Ann “Sallie” Speck Abbitt (b: ca 1862 IL- ? LA)  &  Freeman Marion Abbitt(1861-1941)

*Freeman Marion Abbitt buried in Vivian Cemetery, Vivian, Caddo Parish, LA

*Wm. McKinley Abbitt, Born in Illinois.  *Louisiana  Wagoner 23 Engineers WW I 

 *Md:*1st wife, Pearl Eufaula Horton *2nd wife,  Ruby Lee Woods, *Md:1949 Union County, AR

PEARL EUFAULA  HORTON  ABBITT  2-17-1898  to  10-1-1947

*D/of  S.E. Murray Horton (1871-1942 LA)  & Lyda Ann Howell Horton(1869-1940)


LUCY  PUCKETT  AIKEN   3-27-1899  to  12-15-1928

*D/of  James Ellis Puckett (b:ca 1859 GA)  &  Edna Powell Puckett(1879-1970)

*Wf/of  William Hill Aiken  *Parents of  Irene Aiken Baker, Ralph  & Warren Aiken

William  Hill “Will”  Aiken (1881-1967) *Md: 1/14/1917, Polk Co., AR

Wm. buried Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, East Wenatchee, Douglas Co., Washington


NEWTON HOWELL AIKEN  4-20-1875 MS   to  1-1-1929 AR

*S/of  Thomas G. Aiken(b:ca 1845 SC) & Sarah J. Aiken(b:ca 1848 MS)

*Emma & Newton md: 1900, Tate County, MS

EMMA  GORDON  AIKEN   9-6-1875 MS   to  12-25-1941 AR

*D/of  John B. Gordon & Henrietta Hays Gordon

*Wf/of  Newton Howell Aiken



REED  ALEXANDER   4-7-1916  to  9-8-2001


&  MAE  DELL MURPHY  ALEXANDER 1-28-1922 to 12-11-2004



(W. P.) WILLIAM  PENN  ALMON  7-18-1886LA  to  1-20-1953AR

*Wife, Pearl L. Mouser Almond(b:ca 1889 AR) *Resided in Sabine Parish, LA


LEO  ALSTON   8-9-1916 OK  to  11-28-1944 Hungary 

*Born in Broken Bow, McCurtain County, OK

*Arkansas  1st  Lt  14 –AAF- FTR- CL    WW II - AM  &  2 OLC-PH

*Wife, Laura Lucille Yarbrough Alston   Murphy (1920 AR-1985 LA)

* Md:  5/6/1954  Lonnie Murphy(1922-1997)

*Laura buried in Mulhearn Memorial Park Cemetery, Monroe, LA



to  7-14-1997  *D/of  James D. Morrison(b:ca 1872 TN) &  Ruth E. Morrison(b:ca 1881 AR)

*Md: 1st husband, 1935, Perry A. Long in Union Co., AR  *Son, James Curtis Long (1953-2012)

 *Md: 2nd   husband,  Robert Curtis Andrews (1912-1999) buried Resthaven

Memorial Garden Cemetery with his 1st wife, Mattie “Beatrice” Tate(1914-1975)



NORA  BELL DELK ARIE   1894  to  1937

*Wife, of  Joseph Jackson Arie ( 6/23/1891 LA – 7/9/1963 AR)

*Joseph buried at Arlington.

Joseph, son of Clem Arie(b:ca 1847 LA) & Carrie Arie(b:ca 1867 MS)



BESSIE  LOPER  ARNOLD   12-13-1904  to  8-26-1982

*Wf/of  Drew Byron Arnold(6/20/1905 to 2/21/1977)

*buried Walnut Hill Cemetery, Lafayette Co.,AR

*Drew’s  spouses: *1st  Bessie Loper   

*2nd  wife, Mary Dunn(1913-1996) *Buried  Walnut Hill Cemetery


BYRON  J.  ARNOLD  "COWBOY" 4-26-1926AR  to  2-10-1993TX

*S/of  Drew Bryon Arnold(1905-1977) & Bessie Loper Arnold (1904-1982)


&  BOBBIE LOUISE GOODWIN ARNOLD  1-19-1929  to  6-22-1990

*D/of  Henry Adrian Goodwin (1905-1989)  &  Serena Erma Hall Goodwin(1907-1992)



JODY  LYNN  ASHLEY  6-23-1966   to  2-2-2006MO

*D/of  Valerie Jean Bradley Ashley & Ronald Drew Ashley  *Memorial only.


RONALD  DREW  ASHLEY(76) 3-27-1935CA  to  7-11-2011MO

*S/of  Drew & Lorena McKinney Ashley of Hemet, CA.  *Cremated. *Ashes scattered.

*Md:10/23/1954 in Redlands, CA    *Parents of 3 children   *Memorial headstone.

VALERIE  JEAN BRADLEY ASHLEY   3-3-1938CA  to  3-10-2006MO

*Cremated. Ashes scattered.  Memorial placed here because her mother & grandparents are

buried here.  *D/of Jonnie Mae Leach Bradley(1917-2000) & Benford Harry Bradley


JOHN  JOSEPH  BAGGETT  1-31-1915  to  1-23-2000

“We Will Meet Again”

&  RUTH  MURPHY  BAGGETT  9-16-1916  (One date)



AUBREY LAWRENCE “BOB” BAKER 10-28-1918  to  2-14-1999

*S/of  Felix Bertworth Baker(1881-1961) & Cora Francis Baker McClellan (1883-1955)

*Md:1944 Howard Co., AR  Irene Aiken        *T  SGT  US Army  WW II

&  IRENE AIKEN BAKER (91) 1-5-1921  to  6-22-2012  *OB

*D/of  William Hill Aiken(1881-1967) & Lucy Puckett Aiken(1899-1928)

*Irene graduated in 1939 from DeQueen High School & went to Los Angeles, CA. where

she was a “Rosie the Riveter” for North American Aircraft Company.  

*Wf/of  late Aubry 'A.L.'  Lawrence Baker


WILLIE  R.  BAKER    3-26-1893  to  11-8-1962

*S/of  Marion Baker(1865-1897) &  Savannah Cathrine McKinney Baker Easley(1871-1900).

*H/of  Lydia Brown Baker(1892-1984) 

*Lydia Md: Willie Baker 1/22/1913, Montgomery Co., AR

*Lydia  D/of Thomas Jefferson Brown, Jr. & Sarah D. Bates. 

 *Savannah wife of  *1st Marion Baker (1865-1897)

*2nd Frank L. Easley(1859-1931)*Savannah McKinney Cemetery, Montgomery Co.,AR



CLARENCE  B.  BARMORE   1-7-1902  to  10-29-1987

*S/of  David L. Barmore(1872-1939)  &  Lillian E. Barmore(1862-1946)

&  BESSIE  MARIE  AIKEN  BARMORE   2-17-1908  to  8-8-2002

*Wf/of  Clarence B. Barmore  *Md: 1926 Union County, AR



*D/of  Clarence B. Barmore(1902-1987)  &   Bessie Marie Aiken Barmore (1908-2002) 


DAVID  L.  BARMORE   7-21-1872MS   to  8-21-1939AR

*Md:12/27/1899     Richland Parish, LA  Mrs. Lillian E. Thomas

&  LILLIAN  E.  THOMAS  BARMORE  10-22-1862  to  3-19-1946

*2nd marriage for Lillian-she had 3 children from an earlier marriage to  Mt. Thomas.



JOHN  ELLIS  BARNES   7-1-1847  to  12-5-1887

*S/of Francis Willis“Frank”Barnes(1819TN-1890AR) & Mary B. Ellis Barnes(1822MS-1860AR)

*CSA  Co  A  ARK Calvary  *John was born in Dallas Co.,AR.

*H/of  Martha Jane Roundtree (1847-1915)

*John & his daughter, Malinda Frances Barnes, are buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery,

Ouachita Co., AR

MARTHA  JANE  ROUNDTREE  BARNES (68) 7-1-1847 to  8-17-1915

*Wf/of John Ellis Barnes.  *D/of Cader Roundtree II & Mary Jane Strother Strother

“She’s gone to world’s above~ Where saints and Angels meet~

  To  ?? Saviors  ?hem~And worship at his feet.


AARON  ISIAH  BARTON (Infant) 1-4-2010  to  1-4-2010

*Infant son of Joshua  Regan Barton & Allison Rose Haggard Barton

ETHAN  SCOTT  BARTON   11-14-2007  to  1-8-2008

*S/of Josh  R. Barton & Allison Rose Haggard Barton  *7 weeks old .



SAMUEL  FRANKLIN  BASS (S.F.) Jan 1859  to  1-23-1911

*S/of Andrew Irvin Bass(1830-1885) & Margaret Emeline Griffin(1835-1925)

 *Andrew I. Bass &  Margaret E Griffin *Md:3/12/1854

*H/of  Martha Ann Haney Bass (1860 NC-1920 AR)



ASA  HERBERT BATES   8-28-1891  to  10-18-1923

*S/of Daniel Nathaniel Green Bates(1859-1918) &  Margarite A. McGough(1867-1955) 

*Age:32 yrs-1 mo-20 dys     *Md: ca 1915-1916) Victoria Velma Dumas

*1st  H/of  Victoria Velma Dumas Bates Holden Wilson (1899-1985) *See Wilson

*Parents of Pauline Bates Boyett(1918-1990) – Iren Bates Scharbor(1920-2002) – Herbert

  Bates (1923-2006)

*Victoria Velma Dumas D/of Nancy Jane Boyt(1880-1942) & Jesse Eugene Dumas(1875-1941)


DANIEL  NATHANIEL  GREEN   BATES  12-30-1859  to  6-20-1918

*S/of  Thomas Matin Bates(1833-1879)  & Lucy Ann LeFavour Bates (1836-1913) 

*H/of  Margarite  A. “Mollie” McGough

MARGARITE  A. “MOLLIE”  McGOUGH  BATES   5-12-1867  to

4-24-1955   *Wf/of  Daniel  N. Green Bates (D.N.G.)

*D/of  James Irwin McGough (1822-1889)  &  Margaret Jane Thompson McGough(1829-1922)


DANNY  WAYNE  BATES    b & d  11-11-1952

“An Angel in Heaven”


DEWEY  MERRILL  BATES   1-29-1910  to  3-25-1927

*S/of  Henry Clyde Bates(1889-1950) & Nettie Leconia Stocks Bates(1891-1969)


Infant  BATES  b & d  7-20-1908 

*S/of  Daniel N.G. Bates (1859-1918)  &  Margarite A. McGough Bates(1867-1955)

Infant  BATES  b & d  12-16-1916

*S/of  Asa H. Bates(1891-1923)  &  Victoria V.  Dumas BatesWilson(1899-1985)


LELA  ORBAND  BATES   12-10-1894  to  9-28-1972

*D/of  Thomas M. Bates(1857-1926) & Francis Ann McGough Bates(1859-1940)


LOZIER  DAVIS  BATES   1899  to  1933


* These three share the same triple headstone

ROBERT  LEE  BATES  8-30-1893  to  8-7-1937  "Husband"

*1st husband of Freda Opal Dumas  *Md:2/20/1923 Union Co.,AR

*Robert L. Bates(28) of Norphlet,AR & Fredda Dumas(20) of Norphlet, AR

* S/of  Daniel Nathaniel Green Bates(1859-1918) & Margarite A. McGough Bates(1867-1955)

&  FREDA  OPAL  DUMAS  BATES  BLAIR  5-21-1902 to 12-19-1991

“Wife”  *D/of  Charles G. Dumas(1878-1962) & Ida E. Henley Dumas(1878-1957)

&  EARL  R.  BLAIR  1-29-1900  to  2-28-1974 “Husband”

 * 2nd H/of  Freda Opal Dumas Bates   *Md: in 1941  *See listing under “BLAIR”


THOMAS  ASHLEY  BATES   9-1-1884  to  7-10-1961

*S/of Thomas M. Bates(1857-1926) & Francis Ann McGough(1859-1940)

 (Age:76 yrs-10- mos-9 dys)   *Husband of  Susie E. Brown *Md:1/9/1915

&  SUSIE  ELIZABETH  BROWN  BATES  7-22-1899  to  4-11-1976

*D/of Josephine Griffith Brown (b: ca 1870 Sevier Co., AR) & John E. Brown (1868-1902)


THOMAS  M.  BATES   12-28-1857  to  5-15-1926

*S/of  Thomas M. Bates (1833-1879)  & Lucy Ann LeFavor Bates(1836-1913)

&  FRANCIS  ANN  McGOUGH  BATES   7-25-1859  to  2-13-1940

*Wf/of  Thomas M. Bates


WILLIAM “WILLIE” E.  BATES  2-14-1886  to  12-1-1959 "Brother"

*S/of  Thomas M. Bates(1857-1926)  &  Francis Ann McGough Bates(1859-1940)



*The  following 4 Bauldrees did share a headstone / but that has been

replaced with individual markers.

GEORGE  A.  BAULDREE    11-17-1866  to  11-13-1963

*H/of  Julia Ann Spinks Bauldree (1863-1937)

JOSEPH  W.  BAULDREE   4-15-1896  to  4-4-1977

*S/of  Julia Ann Spinks(1863-1937) & George A. Bauldree(1866-1963)

*Spouses: *1st md: Lozier Davis(1899-1933)  *2nd md: Nina Gertrude Murphy(1913-1987)

JULIA  ANN  SPINKS  BAULDREE  1863  to  1937

*From ARDI died Jan 10, 1937

NINA  GERTRUDE  MURPHY  BAULDREE  6- 4-1913  to  1-6-1987

*Wf/of  Joseph W. Bauldree (1896-1977)


LOZIER  DAVIS  BAULDREE  1899  to  1933

*Children of  JOSEPH  W. BAULDREE &  Lozier Davis Bauldree (1899-1933)

 * Volley Elder Bauldree(1916-1994); Retha Lee Baldree Pickering(1918-1989);

 *Velma Bauldree Caldwell(1920-2013); Bytha Elizabeth Bauldree Norris (1922-2016)

 *Travis Orell Bauldree(1923-2011); Dorothy Marie Bauldree Jerry (1925-2014)

“To Him, As To Us, ForeverMore”



DICK  BEARDEN  "Father"    (no dates)

*S/of  Wiley  Bearden(1842-1946) & Anrita Bearden(1847-1924)

&   MATILDA  BEARDEN  "Mother"  ( no dates)

  Dick & Matilda share a small flat headstone-just their names-no dates

* Matilda Ann Bearden  died 7-31-1927 (74 yrs) *Death year from *ARDI

*Children: Jackson Perry Bearden(1879-1935);  Travis H. Bearden (1886-1963) ; Wiley David Bearden(1893-1969)



JUANITA  LOWERY  BECK   2-21-1934  to 1-5-1998

“The Faith To Move Mountains Is The Reward Of Those Who Have Moved Little Hills”



 EDMOND "ED"  BEEBE  1874  to  1931  D:Sep 21, 1931  *ARDI

“Gone But Not Forgotten”



SAMUEL  BENTON    1866  to  1942


JOHNNIE  ANDREW  BERRY   3-10-1919  to  8-21-1999

&  MELBA  JUANITA  MURPHY  BERRY(82) 6-12-1928  to  6-28-2010

 *D/of  Sulton Riley Murphy(1889-1934) & Jesse Gertrude Tippy Murphy(1897-1987)



CORA  MARK  BILLINGSLEA (7 yrs) 4-10-1846  to  9-2-1852

*D/of  Ann B. Norwood Powell (1823-1863)  &  Mark Lane Billingslea(1822-1847)

*Stepdaughter to W.E.  Powell



EARL  R.  BLAIR   1-29-1900  to  2-28-1974 “Husband”

*2nd husband of  Freda Opal Dumas Bates Blair (1902-1991) *Md: Earl Blair 1941

*Earl shares a triple headstone with Robert Lee Bates(1893-1937) & Freda Opal Dumas Bates

*1st husband of Freda Opal Dumas- Robert Lee Bates Blair. *Md:2/20/1923 Union Co., AR

&  FREDA  OPAL  DUMAS  BATES  BLAIR  5-21-1902 to 12-19-1991

“Wife”  *D/of  Charles G. Dumas(1878-1962) & Ida E. Henley Dumas(1878-1957)

*See listing under BATES



GRACIE  CATES  BOLLING (93) 7-21-1905  to  9-8-1998

*Wf/of  Johnnie Leon Bolling(1897-1964)


JERRY  LANE  BOLLING  8-22-1939  to  12-27-2007  'Mason'

*Jerry of  Groves, Texas~S/of  Johnnie Leon Bolling(1897-1964) & Gracie Cates Bolling(1905-1998)

*Md: 7/19/1958

&  DELORES  LANDERS  BOLLING  5-22-1938  to  3-7-1958

*Wf/of  Jerry Lane Bolling


L. J.  BOLLING   6-24-1926   to  12-27-1931

*S/of  Johnnie Leon Bolling(1897-1964) & Gracie Cates Bolling(1905-1998)



LULA  CLYDE  McPHAUL  BOOTHE   8-21-1878  to  8-31-1952

*D/of  John C. McPhaul(1853-1923) & Virginia Harriet Williams McPhaul (1848-1940)

*Wf/of  Charles P. Boothe(1870-1918) buried Johnson  Cemetery  St. Francis Co., Arkansas


VIRGINIA  E.   BOOTHE   12-14-1907  to  10-16-1933

*D/of  Charles P. Boothe(1870-1918) & Lula Clyde McPhaul Boothe(1878-1952)



EARL CLARENCE BOWERMAN  6-3-1895  to  6-18-1970  *WOW

*2nd Husband, Edith Longing Goodwin Bowerman Jolley(1908-2002)

*Md:1933, Ouachita Co., AR    


*This marker says: (no dates)


 *Earl H. “Bunky” Bowerman, S/of  Earl Clarence Bowerman &  *Edith Longing Goodwin

   Bowerman Jolley(1908-2002) 

*”Bunky” had a half sister, Dorothy VA. Goodwin Henley(1931-2015)



*Billy Joe, Joe Mark, & Randa Sue all share the same headstone.

BILLY  JOE  BOWMAN    8-4-1939  (One date)  "Husband"

*S/of  Earl B. Bowman(1900-1981) & Nannie Bowman(1904-1943)  *Wife, Randa Sue Goodwin

&  JOE  MARK  BOWMAN   4-8-1961  to  6-29-1995 "Son"

 *S/of  Billy Joe Bowman & Randa Sue Goodwin Bowman

&  RANDA  SUE  GOODWIN BOWMAN   11-11-1941 (One date)  "Wife"

*D/of  John Willard Goodwin(1918-2009) & Ruby Helene Howard Goodwin(1918-1994)

*Randa Sue Goodwin – wife of Billy Joe Bowman

*Billy Joe, Joe Mark, & Randa Sue all share the same headstone.



BILLY  GENE  BOYTER   b  &  d  2-22-1930




11-18-2001MS    *Memorial only /Cremated & ashes scattered

*S/of  Frederick Brack  &  Elizabeth Schroeger Brack

&  JONNIE  MAE  LEACH  BRACK  5-3-1917LA  to  2-2-2000AR

*D/of  John Alfred Leach(1885-1947) & Maggie Ophelia Cole Leach(1892-1987)

*Md: *1st  3/2/1935, Union Co., AR  Benford Harry Bradley (Issue 2 daughters)

*Md *2nd 9/19/1943 Ouachita Co., AR  Richard Holcombe Mitchell, Jr.(1922-1997)(issue 1 son)

*Md:*3rd 1/1/1949  Union Co., AR   W. T. Lewis  (no children)

*Md: *4th  Charles Edward Brack in St. Louis, MO  (1921-2001) (No children)



LONNIE  RUFFUS  BRIDGES   2-24-1922  to  6-10-1922

*S/of  Jacob Gronson Bridges(1878-1968) & Jessie Frances Coke Bridges LaBeff(1897-1977)



HARRY  WALDON  BRITT  5-20-1907  to  10-6-1907

*S/of  Mr. & Mrs. James Curtis Britt


(J.C.)  JAMES "CURTIS"  BRITT  9-21-1882  to  8-6-1935 

*From ARDI  d:Aug 7, 1935    *H/of  Maude A.  Barnes Britt

MAUDE  A. BARNES  BRITT    4-23-1886  to  12-29-1973

*D/of  John Ellis Barnes(1847-1887)  & Martha Roundtree Barnes (1847-1915)

*John Ellis Barnes has memorial marker at Rehobeth Cemetery with his wife;

*John served in the CSA  Co  A  ARK Calvary *Buried in Pleasant Ridge Cem., Ouachita Co.

*Maude’s Tombstone gave above birth & death years as 1888, but family records give 1886.

 * Death date on tombstone reads 1973, while family sources cite 1972.



RANDALL  GLENN  BUCKLEY    B & D  7-23-1940

*Infant  S/of Embry Britton Buckley(1917-1991) & Eunice Helen Hogg Buckley(1919-1992)



RANDY  BULLARD   12-19-1958  to  1-25-2001

*S/of  Robert N. Bullard(1910-1979) & Ora Evelyn Cox Bullard(1916-1994)


ROBERT  N."Pappy" BULLARD   12-27-1910  to  3-1-1979

&  ORA  EVELYN  COX  BULLARD  10-31-1916 ILL  to 1-7-1994AR

 *D/of  Earl Cox (1890-1970)  &  Eva Gertrude Snell Cox (1888-1968) *Ora b: Flora, Illinois


THOMAS  F.  “TOM”  BULLARD  7-12-1957  to  3-14-2017


ELDRIDGE  BURCHFIELD   2-18-1923  to  2-27-1968

&  ANNA IMOGENE HENLEY BURCHFIELD  4-1-1925  to 10-10-1999

*D/of  Rex C. Henley(1902-1980) &  Pearl Adcox Henley(1902-1962)*Wf/of Eldridge Burchfield


THOMAS  REX  BURCHFIELD   9-10-1946  to  6-20-1964 "Son"

*S/of Eldridge Burchfield(1923-1968) & Anna Imogene Henley Burchfield (1925-1999)



WILLIAM  ALEXANDER  BURNS   11-8-1836 MS  to  6-22-1918

*S/of James Burns & Elizabeth Dunbar Burns *Born Jefferson Co., MS

*Husband of Sarah Jane Slaughter Burns

Wf, SARAH  JANE  SLAUGHTER BURNS 10-25-1841 to 10-14-1909

*D/of John Kimbrough Slaughter(1813-1895) & Louisa Harrell Slaughter(1825-1867)

*M/of  James Robert Burns(1869-1955) / William Alexander Burns(1871-1955) /

*Elizabeth Burns Dumas(1860-1930) / Ruth Ann Burns Dumas(1860-1924) /

*Hardie Hamilton Burns(1874-1959) / Sara Jane Burns Dunbar(1876-1949)

*Wife of  William Alexander Burns


JOHN  D.  BURSON    9-22-1911TX  to  10-31-1987AR

*S/of George W. Burson (b:ca 1873 TX) & Carrie Burson (b: ca 1888 TX)

&  NANNIE  M.  STATEN  BURSON   3-7-1908SC  - (one date)

*D/of  Rufus Walter Alexander Staton(1867-1953) & Julia Gosnell Staton (1872-1951)

*SSDI  5-6-1907  to  4-25-1992



JOHN  FLETCHER  BURTON 11-7-1883  to  7-14-1969

*S/of  Samuel Henry Burton(1855-1923) & Euphama Lollar Burton(1844-1927)


&  NANCY  PEARL  WHATLEY  BURTON  7-9-1892  to 10-29-1975

*D/of  John Robert Whatley(1847-1917)  &  Sarah Jane Murphy Whatley(1852-1894)



JAMES  LUCIAN  “JIMMIE”  CALHOON   1932  to  1935

*S/of  J. B.  &  L. M. Calhoon



JIMMY  GLEN  CANADY  6-4-1941  to  11-8-1968 "Son"

*S/of  Johnnie D. Canady(1916-1952)  &  Elizabeth “Betty” Daniels Canady(b:ca 1921)

&  JOHNNIE  D.  CANADY(35) 7-9-1916  to  6-15-1952 KY “Father”

*S/of  Milton D. Canady(1887-1948)  &  Mattie Carl Moton Canady(1895-1972)

*Md:1939, Union Co., AR- BETTY DANIELS (b:ca 1921)    *ARK PFC-328 INF – WW II  (BSM) 


MILTON  D.  CANADY  2-11-1887  to  6-12-1948  "Father"

*S/of  John Frank Canady(1862-1942) &  Lowena Dopson Canady(1855-1896)

*From  ARDI  1886  to  Jun 12, 1948 

“MATTIE” CARL MOTON  CANADY  11-23-1895  to  4-14-1972

*D/of John Thomas Moton(1865-1939) & Mary Rosanna Nevels Moton (1868-1919)

*Wf/of  Milton D. Canady  



HOMER  LEE  CARNEY  6-29-1904  to  5-1-1972

*S/of  Reuben Isaiah Carney (1880-1946) & Hattie Ibera Dunaway Carney (1885-1974)

*Md: 6/8/1931

& VESTELLE VARNADO CARNEY  12-21-1912  to  4-23-1980



Infant  CASSEL   B & D  3-1-1940


JIMMY  TERREL  CASSEL   3-17-1950  to  4-21-1950




5-23-2006  *D/of  A. G. Whatley & Winnie Lee Rhodes Whatley *OB

*Wf/ of William Otto Castleberry(1921-1973) *William buried at Arlington Memorial Park



ANITA  ANNE  CHISM   B & D  1-23-1936

*Infant  D/of  George Wilson Chism. & Mary Virginia Johnston Chism


GEORGE  WILSON  CHISM   11-4-1911  to  6-17-1985

&  MARTHA VIRGINIA  JOHNSTON  CHISM  7-5-1915 to 10-24-2007

*D/of  John Gordon Johnston(1885-1971) & Margaret Drucilla Goodwin(1886-1976)



ARZO  A.  COKE   11-13-1918  to  6-11-1980 "Husband"

*S/of Jim Tom Coke(1884-1972) & Ada Elizabeth Lawrence Coke(1890-1976)

*Pvt US Army WW II  

*Wf, Blanche Rebecca Upshaw (7/10/1927 LA to 7/8/2014 El Dorado) Burial location unknown.

*D/of Aubrey Dudley Upshaw & Lucille Senn Upshaw.


CALVIN  COKE  4-7-1925  to  9-30-2003  "Daddy"

*S/of  Jim Tom Coke(1884-1972) & Ada Elizabeth Lawrence Coke(1890-1976)

"Beloved Papaw"  


DOROTHY  MAE  COKE   7-8-1928  to  6-25-1929


ELLIS  WALTER  COKE    12-11-1916  to  6-3-1985

*S/of  Jim Tom Coke(1884-1972) & Ada Elizabeth Lawrence Coke(1890-1976)

MILDRED  ALICE  GOLEY  COKE   5-4-1928  to  4-23-1995


HARDY  PETER “PETE” COKE  9-3-1901  to  12-30-1976


*S/of James Thomas Coke(1855-1943) & Mary Eliza Leverett (1866-1943) 

*1st wife, Fannie Overstreet (8/31/1907  to  3/7/1937)

*2nd wife, Ruby Stagner Cox Coke (8/17/1898 to 2/11/1976) 

*Ruby was the D/of Silas Erastus Stagner(1868-1934) & Ida Jane Moody Cox(1874-1920)

* Ruby Md:*1st to Ed Cox.(b:ca 1894 TX)  Ruby is buried in the Smackover Cemetery

&  FANNIE  OVERSTREET COKE   8-31-1907  to  3-7-1937

*D/of  James Jackson Overstreet(1894-1918)& Mary Ada Gilmore Bradshaw(1889-1971)

*1st  Wf/of  Hardy Peter “PETE” Coke (1901-1976)


HOLTON  COKE   1-13-1921  to  7-16-1997

*S/of Jim Tom Coke(1884-1972) & Ada Elizabeth Lawrence Coke(1890-1976)

&  MAURINE  A.  LOWERY COKE (82) 12-10-1925 to 12-19-2007

*D/of  Richard Marion Lowery & Viola May Lowery   *OB


JAMES  ELMER  COKE   1-30-1908  to  10-27-1999

*S/of Jim Tom Coke(1884-1972) & Ada Elizabeth Lawrence Coke(1890-1976)

*US Army  WW II  *2nd husband to, Flora Mae Stinson Hines Coke (1923-2005)

*Flora buried in Resthaven Memorial Gardens, Union Co., AR


JAMES  THOMAS  COKE   3-11-1855  to  9-13-1943

&  MARY  ELIZA  LEVERETT  COKE    9-16-1866  to  4-19-1943


JIM  TOM  COKE (87) 11-4-1884  to  2-9-1972

*S/of James Thomas Coke(1855-1943) & Mary Eliza Leverett (*1866-1943)


ADA  ELIZABETH LAWRENCE COKE  4-7-1890  to  9-15-1976

*D/of John Waller Lawrence(1843-1927) & Oceola Lee Rogers Lawrence(1858-1934)


JOSIAH  “JOE”  RUFUS  COKE  9-7-1905 to  9-25-1986

*S/of  James Thomas Coke(1855-1943) & Mary Eliza Leverette Coke(1866-1943)

&  MYRTLE MARIE  VANCE COKE   9-9-1908  to  11-29-2005


LILLIAN  COKE   1-2-1911  to  5-25-1976   *Age 65 yrs

*S/of  Jim Tom Coke(1884-1972) & Ada Elizabeth Lawrence Coke(1890-1976)



LINNIE  MAE  LEACH  COOK  9-11-1908 LA to  7-10-1990 AR

*D/of John Alfred Leach(1886-1947) &  Maggie Ophelia Cole(1892-1987)

*Md:1st    7-16-1924     John Alvin Kirkpatrick  (1903-1986)

*John was 21-Linnie was 18: both resided in Norphlet,AR 

*Md:2nd    2/28/1925   Bene  Eugene Dumas(1905-1980)

*Bene was 21 – Linnie was 16??

*Md:3rd   3/28/1931  James Andrew Burton (b:1883)

*James was (48) - Linnie was (22)

*Buried beside Alfred C. Leach & Johnnie Mae Leach Brack



CLARENCE  ALFRED  COUCH    9-17-1925  to  6-1-1938

JESSE  WINFRED  COUCH   2-10-1929  to  7-3-1938



JOSIE  H. CRAIN  1864 TN  to  1938  AR

*Wf/of  Harrison Crain (b:ca 1837 SC)



DAVID  CRAWFORD    1-19-1845  to  2-15-1904

*2nd  H/of Mary Frances Edwards Crawford (11/18/1843  to  5/01/1922)

*Mary buried in Downsville Cemetery, Downsville, Union Parish, LA



DANA  V.  SPEARS  CREECH (69) 12-10-1943  to  7-11-2013 *ob

*D/of  Newell Tracy Spears(1923-1995) & Aylmerine Murphy Spears Peart(1923-2005)

*Wife of  Hollis Preston Creech (1920-1989)


HOLLIS  P. “RUSTY” CREECH, JR.(46)  3-7-1968  to  12-1-2014

*S/of  Hollis Preston Creech(1920-1989)  &  Dana V. Spears Creech(1943-2013)



JACK  W.  CROSS   6-5-1922  to  3-18-1998

*S/of  William Walter Cross (1882-1960)  &  Susie Virgil Monday Cross(1891-1964)

*Md:12/13/1946    *Sgt U.S. Army  WW II

&  MARY  A.  GOODWIN  CROSS   9-21-1927(One date)

*D/of  Henry Adrian Goodwin  &  Serena Erma/Emma Hall Goodwin



EUNICE  DOROTHY JAMESON  CURRY  1-9-1915  to  10-10-2010

*D/of  Eddie Tyre Jameson(1891-1964)  &  Effie Edna Henley Jameson(1896-1981)

*Wf/of  Ernest Clinton Curry (1907-1985)

*S/of Maude Couch Curry(1886-1965) & Eldridge R. Curry(1878-1958)

*Ernest C. Curry, buried Crossroads Baptist Church Cemetery,  Winn Parish, LA


DR. RICHARD  CARTER  CURRY, D.D.S (80)  2-5-1933  to

3-28-2013  *Captain U.S. Army; *Practiced dentistry 48 yrs in West Monroe, LA *OB

*Deacon & Elder Highland Presbyterian Church, West Monroe

*S/of  Carter Amos & Opie Church Curry.  *Wife of 57 yrs, Frances Clark Curry



Infant  DANIELS died  5-21-1918  

*S/of  Thomas Wesley Daniels(1885-1960)  &  Sallie Henrietta Murphy Daniels(1895-1988)


EDGAR  RAY  DANIELS  1-19-1909  to  1-29-1945

*S/of  John Abner Daniels(1883-1961) & Maude Ann Parker Daniels(1883-1938)

 *H/of Lucy Lorena Johnston (1909-1945)  Age 36 yrs-3 dys


1-29-1945   * 1st Auser Dewey Coyle (1903-1956)buried Burns-Ebenezer Cem.

*Md: 1st Auser Dewey Coyle 7/29/1920   

*Md: 2nd-Edgar Ray Daniels 9/30/1933

*D/of John Gordon Johnston(1885-1971) & Margaret Drucilla Goodwin (1886-1976)


THOMAS  WESLEY  DANIELS  3-14-1885  to  3-20-1960


6-13-1988    *See Minnie Lela Eurie Murphy Holbert here at Rehobeth.

*D/of  Charles Verdman Murphy(1850-1913) &  2nd wife,  Minnie Lela Eurie Murphy Holbert(1875-1946)

*Charles  married Minnie Lela Eurie as her 1st husband, in Ashley Co., 1893.

*Charles “Charley” Verdman” Murphy is buried in Carlock Cemetery, Hamburg, AR

*Charles Verman Murphy’s 1st wife was Jennie Norrell (1861-1891) also buried in Carlock Cemetery.


JEHIEL  LARKIN  DEAN   11-12-1854  to  10-6-1942

&  CARRIE  WILLIAMS  DEAN  11-27-1857  to  9-9-1945

*Wf/of Jehiel Larkin Dean



THELMA  ALICE  DEARING  9-19-1918  to  5-27-2004

*D/of William Henderson Dearing(1894-1972) & Pattie Murphy Dearing(1898-1955)


WILLIAM  HHENDERSON  DEARING   4-10-1894  to 12-28-1972 

&  PATTIE  MURPHY  DEARING 11-15-1898  to  11-22-1955


*Triple DELEZEN listings on tombstone:

ALLEN  RAE  DELEZEN  born 12-2-1945  (One date)

*S/of  Edward ‘Eddie’ Rae Delezen (1901-1987) & Daisy Lee Loper Delezen (1913-1950)

DAISY LEE  LOPER  DELEZEN(37) 1913LA  to  1950AR

*D/of John B. Loper(1871-1959) & Augusta May Loper(1879-1933)

*Md: Eddie Rae Delezen in 1943-Union Co., AR

EDDIE  RAE  DELEZEN  9-10-1901  to  3-26-1987

*S/of  E.H. Delezen(1858-1920) & Eunice Elizabeth Smith Delezen(1800-1950)

* Alen Rae, Daisy Lee, Eddie Rae Delezen are all on the same headstone

INFANT  DELEZEN Daughter  (no dates)  d: 1950

*D/of  Eddie Rae Delezen  & Daisy Lee Loper Delezen 

*Died at birth, buried in coffin with mother, Daisy.



CALVIN  HOWARD  DICKSON   9-9-1895  to  9-22-1983

*S/of  John Calvin Dickson(1869 AR-1932 AR) & Celia B. Brumley Dickson Clark (1876  AR -1981 TX)

 *Calvin md: Myrtis Breaux(1900-1947) Ouachita Co., 1939.   (Bailey FH *MM)


HUEY  H.  DICKSON, SR.   9-28-1939  to  4-23-1989

*A1C  U.S. AF  Vietnam



CHARLIE  ROSCOE  DOWNS  4-5-1887  to  5-5-1961

*S/of  William R Downs (b:ca 1864 MS) & Mollie A. Downs (b:ca 1867 MS)

*Md: 1909 Lonoke Co., AR

&  ALMA  F.  WRIGHT  DOWNS (80) 12-13-1891  to  10-10-1971

*D/of  Jonathan Franklin Wright (1862-1946) buried Weedon Cemetery, Lonoke Co., AR



W. M.  DULTON  12-29-1839  to  9-20-1910



 ALVIN  E.  DUMAS    9-1-1884  to  10-13-1884


ALONZO  MONROE  DUMAS  3-20-1886  to  4-21-1927

* S/of  Jessie Amos Dumas(1850-1914) & Amanda Evaline Stocks(1847-1922)

 *Alonzo, murdered his wife, Ellen Rebecca Clawson, after beating her

so severely she was forced to leave her home; He went to the relative’s homes

she was staying at, drug her outside & killed her with a single shot to the head.

He then turned the gun on himself & committed suicide, leaving behind 5 young children.

“Ellie” is buried at Bethel Primitive Baptist Cemetery


CHARLES  G.  DUMAS   4-23-1878   to  1-14-1962

*S/of  Jessie Amos Dumas(1850-1914)  & Amanda Evaline Stocks Dumas(1847-1922)

*Wife, Ida E. Henley Dumas (1878-1957)  Buried Sycamore Grove Cemetery-double headstone


DORA VERGINIA DUMAS  11-8-1891  to  5-24-1895

*D/of  Joseph Thomas Dumas(1862-1904) & Arra Lee Whatley Dumas(1865-1910)


EDWARD “EDDIE” DUMAS  1-6-1873  to  2-10-1873

*S/of Jesse Amos Dumas (1850-1914) & Amanda Evaline Stocks Dumas(1847-1922)


ELLIE  GERTRUDE  HARRELL DUMAS  12-27-1902  to 11-14-1966

*D/of  James Andrew Jackson Harrell(1866-1957) & Ruth Melissa Wilson Harrell (1870-1938)

'Ella' *Wf/of  Henry Ellis Dumas (1899-1987) buried in Arlington Cemetery


EUGENE  DUMAS  6-21-1926  to  3-12-1927

*S/of  Bene Eugene Dumas(1905-1980)  &  Lois M. Dumas(1907-1998)


HAZEL  LONEA  DUMAS   4-29-1907  to  3-12-1999

*D/of  Ella Mooty Dumas(1868-1961) &  James Madison Dumas(1868-1938)


HENRY  C.  DUMAS  12-20-1859  to  4-23-1921

*H/of  Ruth Ann  Burns

&  RUTH  ANN  BURNS  DUMAS  1-12-1860  to  9-26-1924

*D/of  William Alexander Burns (1836-1913) & Sarah Jane Slaughter Burns(1841-1909)

*Wf/of  Henry C. Dumas


HENRY  FLOYD  DUMAS  8-12-1882 LA  to  1-27-1967CA

*S/of  John Thomas Dumas (1845-1931) &

&  MARY  E.  RAMSEY  DUMAS  10-2-1888 LA  to  12-16-1959

*D/of  James Humphrey Ramsey(1868-1955) & Florence House Ramsey(1871-1956)

*Wf/of  Henry F. Dumas 


IDA  LEE  STRANGE  DUMAS  12-21-1909  to  5-21-1938

*D/of  Francis Alonza Strange(1881-1947) & Willie May Perkinson Strange(1887-1963)

 “And All My Mother Came Into Mine Eyes”  *1st  Wf/of  Charles Dumas (1906-1991)

*Charles Dumas buried with 2nd wife, Mary Lenora Gaby (1915-1979) in Kilgore City Cemetery,

   Kilgore, Gregg County, Texas.   Charles  S/of Charles G. Dumas (1878-1962) & Ida E. Henley

   Dumas (1878-1957)


Infant DUMAS  3-30-1891  to  2-27-1892

*S/of  James Madison Dumas(1868-1938) & Ella Rosetta Mooty Dumas(1868-1961)


Infant DUMAS  1-16-1885  to  1-31-1885

*S/of Jesse Amos Dumas (1850-1914) & Amanda Evaline Stocks Dumas(1847-1922)


Infant DUMAS  2-14-1895  to  2-15-1895

*S/of Jesse Amos Dumas (1850-1914) & Amanda Evaline Stocks Dumas(1847-1922)


JAMES  MADISON  DUMAS  8-13-1868  to  4-15-1938

*S/of Jesse Amos Dumas (1850-1914) & Amanda Evaline Stocks Dumas(1847-1922)

&  Wf,  ELLA ROSETTA MOOTY  DUMAS   9-28-1868  to 1-10-1961


JESSE  AMOS  DUMAS    8-16-1850  to  12-18-1914

AMANDA  EVALINE  STOCKS  DUMAS  11-26-1847  to  6-4-1922

*Wf/of  Jesse Amos Dumas 


JESSE  EUGENE  DUMAS   2-16-1875  to  4-28-1941

*S/of Jesse Amos Dumas (1850-1914) & Amanda Evaline Stocks Dumas(1847-1922)

&  NANCY  JANE  BOYETTE  DUMAS   6-11-1880  to  10-2-1942

*Wf/of  Jesse Eugene Dumas


JOE  ARNOLD  DUMAS   1-6-1921  to  2-1-1923

*S/of  James Robert Dumas  & Mary Anna Dumas


JOSEPH  R.  DUMAS   12-15-1870  to  2-20-1874

*S/of Jesse Amos Dumas (1850-1914) & Amanda Evaline Stocks Dumas(1847-1922)

*Age 3yrs-2 ms-5 dys


(J. T.) JOSEPH  THOMAS  DUMAS  6-21-1862  to 1-12-1904

*S/of  Joseph Agee Dumas & Drucilla Margaret Murphy Dumas

*1st  wife  Susan  Caroline Hardin ( 11/16/1853 – 10/30/1885)*Burns-Ebenezer Cem 

* 2nd  wife Arra Lee Whatley   

Wife, ARRA LEE WHATLEY DUMAS  9-30-1865  to  9-16-1910

*WOW   *Arra Lee Whatley- *2nd wife of  (J.T.) Joseph Thomas Dumas (1862-1904)


LILLIE  RUTHE  DUMAS   12-18-1908  to  3-28-1912

*D/of  William  A. Dumas (1882-1911) &  Carrie Hogg Dumas(1883-1955)


LONIE  FRANCIS   DUMAS  9-7-1888  to  8-28-1907

*S/of Jesse Amos Dumas (1850-1914) & Amanda Evaline Stocks Dumas(1847-1922)


MARY  JEWEL  DUMAS   9-30-1897  to  2-16-1914

*D/of  Joseph  Thomas Dumas(1862-1904) & Arra Lee Whatley Dumas(1865-1910)


MIAL  BENJAMIN  DUMAS   7-28-1855  to  1-16-1893

&  FRANKIE  E. SLAUGHTER  DUMAS  7-15-1856  to  2-16-1885

 “FRANCES”  “They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow”


MILTON  BENJAMIN  DUMAS  12-31-1901  to  9-7-1909

*S/of  Tom Edmond Dumas(1880-1960) & Mamie E. Flournoy Dumas (1880-1961)

*Shares a triple headstone with his parents.


PAUL  ELBERT  DUMAS    8-8-1917  to  5-22-1986

*S/of  Alonzo Monroe Dumas(1886-1927) & Ellen Rebecca Clawson Dumas(1892-1927)

“Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord”

&  GLADYS  WILLIAMS  DUMAS(97)  2-4-1920  to  4-19-2017 *OB

*D/of  Robert Samuel Williams & Missouri Warren Williams


PERRY  FLOYD  DUMAS (22)   2-28-1925  to  4-8-1947

*S/of  Henry Floyd  Dumas(1882-1967) &  Mary E. Dumas(1888-1959)

“Darling We Miss Thee, Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours”


RUTH  ELAINE  DUMAS   11-7-1919  to  2-9-1920

 *D/of Henry Ellis Dumas(1899-1987) & Ellie Gertrude Harrell(1902-1966)

(Death date sunk beneath ground level)


THOMAS  RAYE  DUMAS  10-29-1914  to  2-1-1940

*S/of  Henry Floyd Dumas(1882-1967) &  Mary E. Dumas(1888-1959)

*Age 25 yrs, 3 mos., 3 dys   “No Laborer Is Sad To End The Toilsome Day.”



*Triple headstone for these three.

TOM  EDMOND  DUMAS  11-27-1880  to 1-22-1960 "Father"

&  MAMIE  FLOURNOY  DUMAS   5-23-1880  to 1-9-1961 "Mother"

&  MILTON  BENJAMIN  DUMAS  12-31-1901  to  9-7-1909 "Son"

*S/of  Tom Edmond Dumas & Mamie E. Flournoy Dumas


TROY  A. DUMAS   7-8-1916  to  11-1-1939

*S/of Ellen Rebecca Clawson(1892 -1927) & Alonzo Monroe Dumas(1886-1927) “One Worthy Of Remembrance”


VICTOR  VINSON  DUMAS   1-19-1903  to  2-2-1903

*S/of  Jesse Eugene Dumas(1875-1941)  &  Nancy Jane Boyt Dumas(1880-1942)


WILLIAM  A.  DUMAS   1-24-1882  to 11-25-1911

*1st  husband of Carrie E. Hogg

&  CARRIE EMILY HOGG  DUMAS   1-12-1883  to  2-14-1955

*1st husband, William A. Dumas(1882-1911) *2nd James Warren Murphy(1850-1918)


ROY  STAFFORD  DUPLISSEY 1-10-1906  to  2-1-1990

* H/of  Birdie Henley           *Mason

&  BIRDIE  HENLEY DUPLISSEY  10-24-1913  to  1-6-1981

*Wf/of  Roy Stafford Duplissey


W. M.  DUTTON  12-29-1839  to  9-20-1910



JIMMIE  D.  ECHOLS  (no dates)*Preceded wife, Nell in death.

Jimmie D. Echols(87) 11/4/1921 to 3/5/2009 Durant, OK. Buried Coleman Cemetery,

Coleman, Johnston Co., OK.

MAE  NELL  COKE  ECHOLS  (85) 5-6-1927 to 1-31-2013 *OB

*S/of Jim Tom Coke(1884-1972) & Ada Elizabeth Lawrence Coke(1890-1976)

 *Late husband, Jimmie D. Echols

*Children: Jimmie Lee Echols & Money Ray Echols of El Dorado; Mary Elaine Nipper,

Cynthia Ann Lee & Opal Wilkins of Durant, OK.


TONY  L.  ECHOLS  4-19-1958  to  1-28-2000



LOIS  WILLIAM "Pee-Wee"  EDWARDS (L.W.)  10-2-1912  to 


*S/of Adaline Edatha Pearce(1876-1917) & James Turley Edwards(1869 MO-1949 AR) 

*Md: 1938 Union County, AR  Mary Lavonia Morrison


8-15-1997 *D/of Lizzie Elizabeth Dumas(1880-1962) &  James Dan Morrison(1876-1938)


MYRTLE  FAYE  EDWARDS   8-12-1918  to  6-10-1961


SARAH  JOHNIE  EDWARDS   2-5-1880  to  2-4-1949

*Wf/of  Elton Edwards & Pierce Winberry    



EITHEN  L.  ELLIS  7-25-1900  to  11-6-1966

*Missouri  PVT  CO  A  321 Engineer BN - WW II

IRENE  BAKER  ELLIS  11-29-1905  to 1-29-2001 Sparkman, AR



ALEX  L. ENIS  1899  to  1929 "Dad"   [*From  ARDI  10-25-1929]

*Md:1918  Bessie Robinson (1902-1979)buried Woodlawn Cemetery, El Dorado

*D/of  John C. Robinson(1857-1915) & Carrie Roberson Robinson Murphy(1872-1956)   

*Bessie Robinson  *Md: *1st Alex L. Enis  *2nd husband, Mr. Ivey

“Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal”


ARTHUR  L.  ENIS   1927  to  1929

*S/of Alex L. Enis(1899-1929)  &  Bessie Robinson Enis(1902-1979)

* ALEX  L.  ENIS     [* From*ARDI  10-25-1929]

*Father Alex L. Enis and son, Arthur L. Enis died the same year.



Infant Twins ERVIN   b & d  5-11-1947  

*Sons of  N. B. & Theda  Ervin



JAMES  VERNON  ERWIN   10-15-1880  to  5-20-1941

&  VIRGINIA  JANES  ERWIN  4-6-1896  to  10-21-1992



JAMES “JIM” MARK  EUBANK, JR.  9-30-1918  to  9-3-1986

*S/of  James Mark Eubank, Sr.(1890-1968) & *1st wife,  Pattie Willie Hayes (1900-1975)

*2nd  wife, Jessie McCown (1901-2000)   *James M. Eubank, Sr. shares a triple

 headstone with his *2nd wife, Jessie & a daughter, Joann Eubank(1930-1946). @

Memory Park Cemetery, Longview, TX       *PFC  US Army Air Corps  WWII


PATTIE  WILLIE  HAYES  EUBANKS  9-7-1900  to  9-17-1975

*D/of  Hadasser Laconia Slaughter Hayes (1871-1948) & Olin Clarence Hayes(1860-1928)

*1st Wf/of  James Mark Eubank, Sr.(1890-1968) *M/of James Mark Eubank, Jr.


Infant  EVANS  b & d   9-16-1943

*D/of  Cecil & Virginia Evans



ALVIN  FERGUSON   7-4-1926   to  7-22-1946

*Ark  PFC  SIG  CORPS WW II   “Died in the service of His country”.


BOYD  ELIGA  FERGUSON  9-10-1920  to  7-26-1965

*S/of Charlie Lewis Ferguson(1884-1966) & Gracie Manasco Ferguson(1894-1968)

*Boyd & Jean Gordon md: 1947 Union County, AR

*Boyd remarried in 1950 to Emma Lee McMillan Maloch (1918-2007)

 &  JEAN  GORDON  FERGUSON  8-14-1924  to  9-23-1948

*Boyd & Jean married in Union Co., AR in 1947…she died 14 months later

*Boyd & Jean share a double headstone.


CHARLIE LEWIS FERGUSON  4-28-1884  to 10-3-1966 "Father"

*S/of Elijah Adams Ferguson(1843 SC-1911 AL) & Sarah A. Wilson Ferguson(1849GA-1913AL)

*Md: Gracie Manasco in Polk Co., AR in 1907.

&  GRACIE MANASCO  FERGUSON  2-15-1894  to  9-3-1968 "Mother"

*D/of Boyd Clifton Manasco(1872-1938) & Ethel Hunter Manasco(1877-1939)


HERBERT  U.  FERGUSON  6-28-1918  to  10-30-1948

*Spouse: Thelma O. Pate (1918-2017)  *D/of James Benton Pate(1879-1961) & 

  Nettie Sweat Pate(1885-1971) *Thelma buried Athens Cemetery, Howard Co., AR


JAMES  B.  FERGUSON   3-8-1915   to  1-25-1973

*US  Army  WW II


ROOSEVELT  FERGUSON  11-7-1928  to  3-12-1950



E. K.  FITZGERALD  *No dates

*Tombstone has sunk in ground covering dates. I believe this an old tombstone

for Kate K. Fitzgerald Pounds below.

KATE K. FITZGERALD POUNDS 1-28-1897  to  6-17-1913

* Katie Fitzgerald, 18, of Smackover, married O.B. Pounds, 25, of Smackover,

Union County, Arkansas June 25, 1911.  (His 1st wife)

*(O.B.)Oscar B. Pounds, 31, of Wesson, Union Co., Arkansas married *2nd wife,

Martha Hambrick, 21, of Wesson, Nov 1, 1916, after the death of Katie Fitzgerald,

his first wife.    Oscar & Martha are both buried in the Smackover Cemetery.



*Inscription:  “Wife of  LOVELY  G. Fitzgerald;  Mother of  BOB Fitzgerald”



ORA  JOHNSTON  FORTNER  1881  to  1929 "Mother"

“Death That Golden Key , That Opes The Palace To Eternity”



CHARLIE  EDWARD  FOX   11-20-1940 Rison, Ark (One date)

ESTELLE  POWELL  FOX   11-28-1952 England (One date)

*D/of  William Lee Powell(1930-2008) & Oletha King Powell(1924-1990)




1-19-2008  *D/of Clarence Brooks (1891-1966) & Viola Effie Cole (1893-1949) (RN)  *OB

*1st husband, ISAAC  COOK GOODWIN (1920-1993) ; *Md: 10/8/1941

*2nd husband, FRANKLIN  DONALD FRANKS (1931-2002),

*Both preceded her in death.  She died in Flat Rock, NC.  Bessie shares double headstone with Isaac.

&  ISAAC COOK GOODWIN 12-9-1920  to  8-30-1993 *1st H/of Bessie Brooks

*S/of  Thomas Cook Goodwin(1874-1944) & Altie Rebecca Whatley Goodwin McLeod(1883-1965)

FRANKLIN  DONALD  FRANKS  1-28-1931  to  10-6-2002

*S/of  William Henry Franks(1889-1960) & Ellen M. Borsenberger Franks(1902-1991)

* 2nd husband of  Bessie Brooks Goodwin    *CPL  U.S. Army  Korea



DAVIS  FRAZIER  died 5-9-1937

*Louisiana  Pvt.  MED  DEPT


JOHN  W.  FRAZIER    8-18-1866  to  12-3-1934

&  GERTRUDE   E.  FRAZIER   12-5-1870  to  4-17-1935



BELL  MURPHY  FREEMAN   5-3-1893  to  8-14-1912

*D/of  (J.W.)John Wm. Murphy(1855-1928) & Eliza “Lidie” Davis Murphy(1861-1945) 

 *Wf/of  Richard Freeman   (stone broken)


JOSEPH  “HENRY”  FREEMAN   2-13-1891TX  to  6-5-1971AR

*Md:11/9/1912      *B: Clarksville, Texas    *Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


to  12-31-1987    *Wf/of  Joseph Henry Freeman

*D/of  John William Murphy (1855-1928) &  Eliza Davis Murphy(1861-1945)



CLARA  HINTON  FURLOW  12-3-1896  to 12-24-1957 "Mother"

*D/of  William Forest Hinton(1868-1936) & Margaret Va. Anderson Hinton(1874-1901)

*Spouses:  *1st Jesse Virgil Metcalf (1893-1953)  buried Memory Park Cemetery, Longview, TX

*2nd John Spencer Furlow, Sr.(1888-1960) buried Ashdown Cemetery, Little River Co., AR


JOHN  SPENCER  FURLOW, JR.  11-13-1921 to 8-13-1940

*S/of  John Spencer Furlow, Sr. (1888-1960) & Clara  Hinton Furlow (1896-1957)

*John (age 18) md: 7/11/1940 Calhoun Co., AR Esther Luna Walker  1 mo. before he died.

*John buried at Ashdown Cemetery, Little River Co., Arkansas



JESSIE  ELMER  GIVENS  6-18-1889  to  6-18-1935

& CORA LORENA  FRIEND  GIVENS  9-29-1894  to  1-28-1933

*D/of Andrew Rufus Friend(1854-1928) & Mary Ella Ridenour Friend(1858-1948)

*Cora died of Ovarian Cancer. Jessie & Cora Givens had 5 children.


JESSE  ELMER  GIVENS  7-24-1939 (One date)

 *H/of  Barbra Hamilton Givens

BARBRA  HAMILTON  GIVENS  6-8-1942  (One date)

*Wf/of  Jesse Elmer Givens



BARRY  LAN  GOODWIN  12-1-1943  to  12-5-1943

*S/of  Henry Adrian Goodwin(1905-1989) & Serena Erma/Emma Hall (1907-1992)


BIRDIE  GOODWIN  12-3-1909  to  1-13-1911

*Infant D/of  Robert W. Goodwin(1878-1960) & Callie A. Milner Goodwin(1876-1965)


BOBBIE  GOODWIN   3-13-1876  to  10-21-1877

*S/of  Young Francis Goodwin(1848-1912) &  Cora Cook Goodwin (1854-1887)


CURTIS  ARTHUR GOODWIN   9-14-1911  to  1-27-1978

*S/of  Altie Rebecca Whatley McLeod(1883-1944) & Thomas Cook Goodwin(1874-1944)

&  KARY HAYNIE GOODWIN (93)11-3-1911LA  to  3-7-2005AR  

*D/of  Lewis Jones Haynie(1870-1930) &  Johnie  D. Frizzell Haynie (1878-1958) 

*Wf/of  the late Curtis Goodwin


EDNA  C.  GOODWIN   6-25-1911  to  7-4-1911

*D/of  V. F. &  E. E. Goodwin


ELSIE  LOUVINIA GOODWIN   1-26-1900  to  7-2-1900

*Infant D/of Emma Louvenia McGough(1865-1900) &  Young  F. Goodwin(1848-1912)


FRANCIS  FLORIAN  GOODWIN   11-5-1935  to  9-25-1941

*D/of  Henry Adrian Goodwin(1905-1989)  &  Serena Erma Hall Goodwin(1907-1992)


FRANCIS  C.  GOODWIN   7-30-1891  to  8-23-1891

*S/of  Young  F. Goodwin(1848-1912) & Emma Louvenia McGough Goodwin(1865-1900)


FRANCIS  HILTON  GOODWIN   8-21-1902  to  4-26-1974


FRANCIS “FRANK” SAXON  GOODWIN  5-21-1889  to  5-25-1975

*S/of  Moulton Joseph Goodwin(1858-1935) & Sallie Naomi Saxon Goodwin(1866-1949)


FREDERICK  R. GOODWIN   10-12-1884  to  1-12-1885

*S/of  Moulton Joseph Goodwin(1858-1935) & Sallie Naomi Saxon Goodwin(1866-1949)


HENRY ADRAIN  GOODWIN   3-10-1905  to  3-28-1989

*S/of  Drucilla Margaret Virginia Dumas(1858-1932) & John Lawson Goodwin(1849-1929)


&  SERENA  ERMA  HALL  GOODWIN  6-6-1907  to  8-4-1992

*D/of  Edward Harrison Hall(1885-1931) & Serena Helms Hall (1890-1979)


HENRY  OTTO  D. GOODWIN   4-11-1914   to  3-3- 1975

*S/of  Thomas Cook Goodwin(1874-1944) & Altie Rebecca Whatley McLeod(1883-1965)

*Sgt. US Army Air Force  WW II  Veteran


6-3-1986    *Wf/of  Henry Otto D. Goodwin(1914-1975)

*D/of  James Walton Donaldson (1881-1960) &  Bettie Lou Vernon Donaldson(1883-1959)


Infant GOODWIN  b & d  9-15-1939    

*S/of  J. E. & Joy Goodwin

Infant GOODWIN  b & d  11-29-1876 

*D/of Margaret Drusilla VA. Dumas (1858-1932) & John  Lawson Goodwin (1849-1929) 

Infant GOODWIN  died  8-31-1898 

*S/of  Young Francis Goodwin (1848-1912) & Emma Louvenia McGough Goodwin(1865-1900)

Infant GOODWIN  b & d  1-25-1936 

*D/of  John Lee Goodwin (1902-1962) & Pansy May Rippy Goodwin(1904-1995)

Infant GOODWIN b  & d  10-19-1925 

*S/of  Otis Hugh Goodwin(1895-1977)  & Phyllis E. Reynolds Goodwin(1896-1969)

Infant GOODWIN  (no dates) *Mother & Infant buried together

*Infant Daughter of  Martha  E. Goodwin Goodwin(1838-?) *Wf/of  W.T. Goodwin


ISAAC  COOK  GOODWIN   12-9-1920  to  8-30-1993 

*S/of  Thomas Cook Goodwin(1874-1944) & Altie Rebecca Whatley McLeod(1883-1965)

*S SGT  US Army  WW II

*Md:10/8/1941   *Bessie shares double headstone with *1st husband, Isaac C. Goodwin

& BESSIE BROOKS GOODWIN FRANKS 10-8-1921 to 1-19-2008

*See her listing with *2nd husband, Franklin Donald Franks (1931-2002)   *OB


JAMES  EDISON  GOODWIN   10-17-1915  to  3-29-2001

*S/of Mial Benjamin Dumas Goodwin(1849-1929) & Willie Mae Haney Goodwin(1894-1975)

*Md: 1st 1936, Ouachita Co.,AR~Vivian Fincher

&  MARY  HELEN  MILNER  GOODWIN 9-10-1923  to  3-6-2001

*D/of Grace Irene Enis Milner(1901-1987) & Jasper Doney Milner (1889-1957)


JERRY  W.  GOODWIN(35) 1-29-1938  to  10-6-1973

*S/of  James Edison Goodwin(1915-2001) & Vivan Fincher Goodwin(ca 1921AR)

*PFC  U.S. Army


JOEL  T. F.  GOODWIN   4-17-1856  to  7-13-1857

*S/of  Robert Goodiwn(1812-1883) & Nancy Thomas Foster Goodwin(1824-1905)


JOHN  ELMER  GOODWIN   10-4-1908  to  1-27-1976

*S/of  Altie Rebecca Whatley Goodwin McLeod(1883-1965) & Thomas Cook Goodwin(1874-1944)

*Spouses: *1st Mrytle Scorggins (1910-1935) 

*2nd  Georgia Mae Graves Goodwin Wilson "Joy" (1911-2006) *See under Georgia M. Wilson

*1st Wf, MYRTLE SCROGGINS  GOODWIN  7-24-1910  to  3-4-1935

*1st wife of, John Elmer Goodwin   *Myrtle born 1910 in Louisiana.


JOHN  LAWSON  GOODWIN  10-16-1849  to  1-20-1929

*S/of Robert Goodwin(1812-1883) & Nancy Thomas Foster(1824-1905)

*H/of Margaret Drucilla Virginia Dumas

Mrs. DRUCILLA  M.V. DUMAS  GOODWIN 1-5-1858  to  8-27-1932

*D/of  Joseph Agee Dumas(ca 1825NC-1863MS) & Drucilla Margaret Murphy(1833AL-1891AR)

*Wife of John Lawson Goodwin


JOHN  LEE  GOODWIN   10-9-1902  to  7-17-1962

*S/of  John Lawson Goodwin(1849-1929) & Margaret Drucilla Va. Dumas Goodwin(1858-1932)

&  PANSY  MAY  RIPPY  GOODWIN  8-28-1904  to  3-19-1995

*D/of  Thomas James Rippy  &  Mary Etta Joseph Rippy


JOHN  WILLARD "JACK"  GOODWIN  4-18-1918  to  5-5-2009

*S/of  Ruby Pearl Roberts(1887-1969) & Wills Walker Goodwin(1883-1949)

*Md:1/9/1935    *US  Navy  WW II

&  RUBY  HELEN  HOWARD  GOODWIN  9-8-1918  to  8-13-1994

*D/of  Joe M. Howard & Lena Howard


JOSEPH  ROBERT "J. R." GOODWIN  3-6-1880  to 1-7-1886

*Age  5yrs-10 mos-1dy    *S/of John Lawson Goodwin(1849-1929) & Margaret Drucilla

Virginia Dumas Goodwin(1858-1932)


LARRY  DAN  GOODWIN (64) 12-1-1943  to  8-23-2008  *ob

*S/of  Henry Adrian Goodwin(1905-1989)  & Serena Erma Hall Goodwin(1907-1992)

*1st wife, Mona Rose Hemperley Goodwin Smith (1945-1994) *See listing under John W. Smith

*2nd Tillie Jones Woolsey(1946-2010)    “Home From The Hill”

TILLIE  JONES WOOLSEY-GOODWIN  6-20-1946 SD  to  1-12-2010

*2nd Wf/of  Larry Dan Goodwin


LELAS  ROBERTS  GOODWIN (24) 4-13-1907  to  3-5-1932

*S/of  Willie Walker Goodwin(1883-1949) & Ruby Pearl Roberts Goodwin(1887-1969)


*See listing under  JOLLEY.  *”God gave, He took, He will restore, He doeth all things well.”


MABEL  G.  GOODWIN  11-28-1886  to  9-7-1896

*D/of Moulton Joseph Goodwin(1858-1935) & Sarah Naomi Saxon Goodwin(1866-1949)


MARTHA  E. GOODWIN  1-28-1838 (death date unknown/not on headstone)

*D/of  Robert Goodwin(1812-1883) & Elizabeth I. Norrell Goodwin(betw 1812-18-bef 1846) 

*Wife of W. T. Goodwin   *Buried with infant Daughter


MARY ANN  GOODWIN   b & d  4-5-1961

*D /of  Isaac Cook Goodwin(1920-1993) & Bessie Brooks Goodwin(1921-2008)


MIAL  BENJAMIN DUMAS GOODWIN 11-27-1892  to  1-14-1929

*S/of  John L. Goodwin(1849-1929) & Drucilla Margaret VA. Dumas Goodwin(1858-1932)

Wf, WILLIE MAE HANEY GOODWIN  2-17-1894  to  10-31-1975

*D/of  James Ellison “Doc” Haney (1859-1935) & Louise Ann Haney(1857-1943)


MILES  CLIFFORD  GOODWIN  5-9-1917 to  6-3-2002

*S/of  Altie Rebecca Whatley McLeod(1883-1944) & Thomas Cook Goodwin(1874-1944)

*Md:8/31/1941    *Miles Clifford Goodwin died in Suwanee, Gwinnett Co., GA


7-30-1981  *D/of  Theresa Norris Middleton(1904-1936) &  E. Clarence Middleton(1902-1960)


MOULTON  JOSEPH  GOODWIN  6-17-1858  to  12-29-1935

*S/of  Robert Goodwin(1812-1883) & Nancy Thomas Foster Goodwin(1824-1905)

SALLIE  NAOMI  SAXON  GOODWIN 12-26-1866  to  4-20-1949

*D/of  David P. Saxon(1830-1912) & Mary Medora Reeves Saxon(1840-1912)

*Wf/of  Moulton Joseph Goodwin


RANK  SAXON  GOODWIN   5-21-1889 to 5-25-1975


ROBERT  GOODWIN   11-28-1812  to  10-28-1883

*S/of  Young Goodwin(1766-1849) & Martha Andrews(1771-1852)

He’s gone that bright land of  love where death and ?___never come. Where all is bliss –with

those above who dwell within that peaceful home.”

NANCY THOMAS  FOSTER GOODWIN  6-22-1824  to  3-21-1905

*D/of John Foster(1785-1869) & Nancy Ann Camp Foster (1788-1876)

*Wf/of  Robert Goodwin (1812-1883)


ROBERT  TURNER  GOODWIN   Oct 1867  to  6-18-1932

*S/of  Robert Goodwin(1812-1883) & Nancy Thomas Foster(1824-1905)

&  LENA  JONES  GOODWIN    2-18-1868  to  2-23-1936

*Their tombstones only have the year.  Additional info from family records.


SATTIE  VIRGINIA GOODWIN  12-24-1898  to 12-21-1987

*D/of  Drucilla Margaret Virginia Dumas(1858-1932) & John Lawson Goodwin(1849-1929)


THOMAS  COOK  GOODWIN   4-7-1874  to  4-19-1944  

*S/of  Young Francis Goodwin(1848-1912) & Cora Cook Goodwin(1854-1887)

*H/of Altie Rebecca Whatley McLeod   “Darling We Miss You”


10-30-1965    *Wf/of 1st  Thomas Cook  Goodwin(1874-1944)

*D/of  John Robert Whatley (1847-1917) & Sarah Jane Murphy Whatley(1852-1894)

*2nd husband, Arthur O. McLeod(1882-1963)

*Tombstone gives her  name as Altie Goodwin McLeod   “Darling We Miss You”


THOMAS  GRUBBS  GOODWIN  1-13-1848  to  1-8-1925

*S/of  Young Goodwin, Jr.(1805-1852) & Lucy H. Grubbs Goodwin(1809-1875)


WILLIAM  W.  GOODWIN  11-2-1853  to 1-8-1855

*S/of  Robert Goodwin(1812-1883) & Nancy Thomas Foster Goodwin(1824-1905)


WILLIE  WALKER  GOODWIN   3-9-1883  to  1-28-1949

* S/of  Margaret Drucilla Virginia Dumas(1858-1932) & John Lawson Goodwin(1849-1929)

 (aka Willis) *Willie on tombstone. 

&  RUBY  PEARL  ROBERTS  GOODWIN  7-9-1887LA  to 1-9-1969AR

*D/of  Thomas Henry Roberts(1857-1948) & Leah P. Watson Roberts(1861-1927)


YOUNG  GOODWIN  8-6-1805 to 9-5-1852

*S/of  Young Goodwin, Sr.(1766-1849) & Martha Andrews Goodwin(1771-1852)

*Broken stone has been replaced with a smaller new one.

Wife,  LUCY  H.  GRUBBS  GOODWIN  3-22-1809 to 5-17-1875

*Parents of Young Goodwin (1837-1899), who is buried at Bethel Primitive Baptist Cemetery


DR.  YOUNG  FRANCIS  GOODWIN   2-6-1848  to 11-22-1912 *Mason

*S/of  Robert Goodwin(1812-1883) & Nancy Thomas Foster Goodwin(1824-1905)

(1)CORA  COOK  GOODWIN  12-6-1854  to  5-5-1887

*D/of  Benjamin Washington Cook(1830-1916) & Elizabeth Edwards Murphy Cook(1838-1873)

*1st  Wf/of  Young Francis Goodwin (Md: 3/13/1871) Union Co., AR

(2)EMMA  LOUVENIA McGOUGH  GOODWIN  5-31-1865  to 

4-18-1900  *2nd  Wf/of  Young Francis Goodwin (md:4/26/1888 Union Co.,AR)

*D/of James Irwin McGough(1822-1889) & Margaret Jane Thompson McGough(1829-1922)


to  12-29-1909  *3rd  Wf/of  Y.F. Goodwin  (Md:7/7/1901) Union Co., AR)

*D/of James Irwin McGough(1822-1889) & Margaret Jane Thompson McGough(1829-1922)

*Spouses:  *1st James Simon Kirkley(1841-1872 *2nd Young Francis Goodwin md:

*James Simon Kirkley is buried at Rhodes Chapel Cemetery, Union Co., AR

(4) EDNA EULA MCGOUGH GOODWIN  3-31-1875  to  12-16-1912

  *D/of James May McGough(1849-1916) & Virginia Neil Hill McGough(1847-1905)   

   (Md: 9/24/1910) Young Francis Goodwin as his 4th wife. *Edna buried Liberty Baptist

    Church Cemetery, Union Co., Arkansas


ZOLLIE  M. GOODWIN   3-21-1892  to  3-8-1980

 (? Dollie) *D/of  Sallie  Naomi Saxon(1866-1949) & Moulton  Joseph Goodwin(1858-1935)



MISS  EULA  GORDON   6-21-1882  to  8-9-1949

“Blessed Are The Dead Who Die In The Lord”



TATE JUNIOR “JUNE” GRAFTON, JR. (85) 2-6-1924LA  to  5-6-2009

*S/of  Daniel Tate Grafton(1890-1977)  &  Alphie Johnson Grafton(1892-1926)

*H/of  Effie Auline Jameson for 65 years    *WW II Vet  *Served in Africa & Italy


to  11-7-2012    *Wf/of  Tate Junior Grafton, Jr.

*D/of  Eddie Tyre Jameson(1891-1964) & Effie Edna Henley Jameson(1896-1981) 



ROY  LUTHER  GRANTOM  5-10-1924  to  10-30-2006 Springfield, MO

*S/of Pearl Maxie Grantom(1899-1983) & Willie Lee Granthom (1893-1927)

(no death date on marker)  It is thought that this couple are buried in Missouri.

& WANDA FAY  HARRIS  GRANTOM  12-6-1929  to  9-1-2014 MO

 (no death date on marker)


WILLIE  LEE  GRANTOM  3-21-1893  to 11-29-1927

*S/of  Missouri Grantom(1870-1956)  &  Manuel Grantom(1862-1928)

*TX  Pvt  360 INF  90  DIV  

&  PEARL  MAXIE  GRANTOM (84) 6-9-1899  to  9-19-1983



GEORGE  THOMAS  GRAY  11-15-1892  to  8-11-1950 'Father'

&  BERTHA  MAY  HILL  GRAY   9-7-1895  to  11-15-1980


LILLIE  MAE  SANDERS  GRAY  9-21-1926  to  2-21-1993


MARY  GRAY  10-16-1859  to  2-12-1940

*Wf/of  George Gray(1858-1924)



THOMAS  WOODROW  GUICE   3-15-1944  to  3-16-1944

*Infant S/of  Priscilla  &  Woodrow Guice



SHIRLEY FRANCES  DUMAS  GUNTER(73) 1-30-1940  to  3-30-2013

*D/of  Henry Ellis Dumas(1899-1987) & Ellie Gertrude Harrell Dumas(1902-1966) *OB

*Shirley died in Ruston, LA.  *Late husband, James Henry Gunter *US Navy (1939-1997) 

*James H. Gunter buried Kilpatricks Serenity Gardens, West Monroe, LA



CAROLYN  RUTH  HAIRE   2-9-1937  to  9-30-1937

*D/of  Jesse L. Haire (1911-1973) & Laura Ruth Coleman Haire Massey(1921-?) 

“Budded on Earth To Bloom In Heaven”



DAVID  JAMES  HANEY   4-18-1832  to  3-20-1864

*CS ARMY – Civil War   died at Orange, Virginia

Wife, MARGARET  JANE  ROGERS  HANEY 4-18-1830  to  2-25-1906

“In Remembrance of Our Dear Mother”  “Gone but not forgotten”


EBENEZER  B.  HANEY  April 1856  to  12-12-1934

*S/of David James Haney(1832-1864) & Margaret Jane Rogers Haney(1830-1906)

*ARDI  (David Ebenezer)

*His tombstone gives 1856 as birth year, but other records indicate it was 1853.

*1st Wf,  NANCY ELVIRA HASTY HANEY 7-28-1850  to  1-11-1910


*2nd Wf,  ETTA  HANEY  12-18-1887  to  9-18-1922

*Wf/of  (E.B.) David Ebenezer  *Md:9/22/1914


(J. E.)JAMES  ELLISON "DOC" HANEY  12-31-1859 NC to 1-5-1935 AR

“God gave, He took, He will restore. He doeth all things well.”

&  LOUISE ANN HARRELL HANEY  3-10-1857NC  to  7-24-1943AR


RUPERT  HANEY  7-8-1914  to  12-27-1914

*S/of  William L. Haney(1882-1955) & Effie  I. Murphy Haney(1895-1976)

*Brother, Billy Murray Haney(1918-2010) Buried Natchez City Cemetery, MS


WILLIAM  L.  HANEY  5-7- 1882  to  9-12-1955 

*S/of  Ebenezer B. Haney(1856-1934) & Nancy Elvira Hasty Haney(1850-1910)

*Md:12/22/1912    “The Lord Is My Shepherd”

&  EFFIE  IDELL MURPHY  HANEY  9-29-1895  to 12-10-1976



HARVEY  LEE  HANKINS  4-4-1897OK  to  5-6-1939 "Brother"

*S/of  Elias Hankins(1845-1931) & Olar Agnes Bolton Hankins(1871-1939)

*Son, Orville Dempsey Hankins(1919-1999) *Highland Memorial Gardens, Terrell, TX

*Daughter,Wanda Louise Hankins Butler (1923-1962) *Riverside Cemetery, Wichita Falls, TX



WILLIAM  A. "Bill"  HANNAH    8-26-1949  to  2-11-1996

*Md:8/26/1967    “Go Rest High On That Mountain”

&  SHERLYN  GRAFTON  HANNAH   12-9-1946 (One date)



SUGGS  M.  HANSBROUGH (80) 5-1-1891MS  to 12-5-1971AR

*S/of Annie Lloyd Wooten Hansbrough(1866-1961)

* Mississippi-Pvt US Army  WW I  “Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal”



CHARLES  W.  HARDIN   3-2-1903  to  2-26-1936

“Dear darling one sleep on and take thy rest. For we know what God appoints is best”


Infant  HARDIN  b & d  Nov 1905

*S/of  Mr. & Mrs. John Hardin


MARTHA MABEL WHATLEY HARDIN  9-17-1885  to  10-31-1905

*D/of  John Robert Whatley(1847-1917) & Sarah Jane Murphy Whatley(1852-1894)

*Wf/of  John  W. Hardin 



(A.J.)ANDREW JACKSON HARRELL  7-26-1844AL  to 11-10-1930AR

*“JACKIE” S/of  Myrick Harrell & Susannah Slaughter Harrell 

*Md: 1st  Martha Elizabeth Leverett (1848-1877) 2/22/1866 in El Dorado, AR

*Md:2nd  Priscilla Elizabeth Cates in 1878  

*Md:3rd Mary Scanland-Gound (1849-1934) after 1880.(Scanlon?)

*PVT Arkansas INF, CO 1, CSA


*D/of  William Leverett & Nancy Woodram Leverett. 

*Mother of Jimmy, Susan, Martha Ann, & Nannie.

*Tombstone reads “MARTHA A.” 1842-1877.  Shares a double with A. J. Harrell 1844-1930


ARDELL  HARRELL  1913-1915

*D/of  Jas Andrew Jackson Harrell(1866-1957) & Ruth Melissa Wilson Harrell(1870-1938)


BOYD  HORTON  HARRELL 10-17-1928  to  4-24-1929

*S/of  Bertie Agnes Cole(1894-1980) & Thomas “Tom”Andrew Young Harrell(1890-1978)


CHARLEY  S.  HARRELL  1892  to  1905

*S/of  Jas Andrew Jackson Harrell(1866-1957) & Ruth Melissa Wilson Harrell(1870-1938)


FARNUM  WILLIAM  HARRELL   9-30-1923  to  3-18-2016 *OB

*S/of  Paul Barton Harrell(1905-1992)  &  Eddie Mae Armer Harrell(1905-1990) 

&  SARAH "BONNIE" GOZA HARRELL 10-7-1926  to  7-17-1993


JAMES ANDREW JACKSON HARRELL 10-25-1866  to 11-8-1957

 (J. A. J.) “Jimmy”   *H/of  Ruth Melissa Wilson    *His Memory Is Blessed” 

*S/of  Andrew Jackson”Jackie”Harrell(1844-1930)& Martha E. Leverett Harrell(1848-1877)

RUTH  MELISSA  WILSON  HARRELL  8-26-1870OK  to  6-2-1938AR

*Wf/of  J. A. J. “Jimmy” Harrell


JERRY  LYNN  HARRELL   4-11-1940  to 10-12-1967

*Age 27 yrs-6 mos-22 dys (died in truck accident)  "Mason"

*S/of  Gladys Bell Boyd Harrell & Hoyt Nathan Harrell(1918-1994)


MAX  HARRELL   8-23-1935  to  10-30-1935

*S/of  Paul Barton Harrell(1905-1992) & Eddie Mae Armer Harrell(1905-1990)


ORVILLE  CURTIS  HARRELL  3-30-1915  to  6-17-1921

*S/of  Bertie Agnes Cole(1894-1980) & Thomas “Tom”Andrew Young Harrell(1890-1978)


PAUL  BARTON  HARRELL  1-29-1905  to  10-23-1992

*S/of  James Andrew Jackson Harrell(1866-1957)  &  Ruth Melissa Wilson Harrell(1870-1938)

&  EDDIE MAE  ARMER  HARRELL   5-3-1905  to  8-15-1990

*D/of  Claude Armer(1873-1926) & Sallie Ada Lyon Armer(1884-1966)


THOMAS "TOM" ANDREW YOUNG HARRELL 11-13-1890  to  8-8-1978TX

*S/of  James Andrew Jackson Harrell(1866-1957)  &  Ruth Melissa Wilson Harrell(1870-1938)

“Amazing Grace”

&  BERTIE AGNES COLE HARRELL(86) 4-15-1894  to 11-19-1980



TERESA ANNE “RESA” HARRINGTON  9-14-1999  to  4-10-2001

“Our Precious Angel”



ALMA  HAYES  born  7-17-1888  &  died 8-3-1888 (17 dys)

*S/of  George L. Hayes(1861-1915) & Nela Kimball Hayes(1873-1950)


EDWARD  ‘ED’  G.  HAYES   2-4-1884  to  11-22-1903

*S/of  Nancy E. Murphy Hayes(1860-1896) & Olin Clarence Hayes(1860-1928)


GEORGE  B.  HAYES  11-21-1882  to  9-1-1927

*H/of  Lizzie Belle Hayes

Wf, LIZZIE  BELLE  HAYES  1-13-1894  to 1-11-1981

*Wf/of George B. Hayes   “The Lord Is My Shepherd I Shall Not Want”


Little  BABY  HAYS  ? born  9-28-1899


LONNIE  HAYES   7-25-1889  to  9-11-1892

*S/of  Nancy E. Murphy Hayes(1860-1896) & Olin Clarence Hayes(1860-1928)


OLIN  CLARENCE  HAYES    3-19-1860  to  10-25-1928

*S/of  William N. Hayes (1835-1912) & Francina Sewell Hayes (1840-1915)

*Olin’s Spouses:  *1st md:1884 ~ Nancy E. Murphy(1860-1896)

*2nd md: 1898 Dasser Slaughter(1871-1948)

NANCY  E. MURPHY  HAYES   11-17-1860  to  4-27-1896

*D/of  Elizabeth Jane Quinney(1830-1906) & John Perdue Murphy(1824-1917)

*1st Wf/of  Olin C. Hayes   *Her tombstone has been illegible for several years.

*On the old tombstone it appears she is the wife of O.D. C. Hayes.

DASSER  SLAUGHTER  HAYES  12-11-1871  to  6-13-1948

*D/of Drucilla Margaret Murphy(1833-1891) & John Kimbrough Slaughter(1813-1895)

* “Hadasser” Laconia ‘Dasser’ Slaughter

*2nd Wf/of Olin C. Hayes (1860-1928)


Lieut.  ORVILLE  L.  HAYES   10-1-1920  to  4-11-1944

*S/of  Lizzie Belle Hayes (1894-1981)

2nd Lt, body lost over the Baltic Sea, WW  II   "In  Memory Of"  (Cenotaph)


TERRELD  W.  HAYES   3-14-1923  to 10-21-1931

“He Is Not Dead, But Sleepeth”


GEORGIA  GENEVA  HEAD (91) 7-11-1918  to  3-11-2010 *OB

*D/of  Thomas Jackson Head(1861-1936) & Chaddie Goodwin Head(1874-1953)


HENRY  EDWARD “EDD” HEAD  1-3-1856AL  to  8-8-1932AR

*S/of  Thomas Jackson Head, Sr. (1822-1890)  &  Nancy Ann Arrington Head (1836-1918)

*1ST Wife, Biddie E. Weatherford (1853-1909)  *2nd Wife,  Martha Eustacia Goodwin (1878-1958)


8-14-1958   *2nd Wf/of  Henry Edward “Edd” Head  

*D/of  John L. Goodwin(1849-1929) &  Drucilla Margaret VA  Dumas(1858-1932)


JOHN  DENNIS  HEAD  7-18-1898  to  7-2-1970

*S/of  Thomas Jackson Head(1861-1936) & Chaddie Goodwin Head(1874-1953)

*Spouses: Joy Purifoy  and  Dessie L. Moon   *Arkansas Pvt  8 Service Comd.  *WW II


THOMAS  EDWARD  HEAD   2-4-1911  to  12-26-1928

*S/of  Thomas Jackson Head(1861-1936) & Chaddie Goodwin Head(1874-1953)


THOMAS  JACKSON  HEAD  11-2-1861  to  1-27-1936

*S/of  Richard Columbus Head(1831-1906) & Mary Frances Cravey Head(1839-1882)

*Md: 9/16/1892

&  CHADDIE  T.  GOODWIN  HEAD  11-5-1874  to  12-25-1953


WILLIE  OTIS  HEAD  1-27-1909  to  3-18-1910

*S/of  Thomas Jackson Head(1861-1936) & Chaddie Goodwin Head(1874-1953)



ALBERT  ‘RAY’  HELMS, JR.   3-11-1948  to  3-23-2013  *OB

*S/of  Lurline Love Helms(1925-1978) & Albert Ray Helms, Sr.(1919-1987)

*Grandson of Anabeth Murphy & Luther Helms.  *Father of 9 children.

&  SUZANNE  HELMS   4-9-1951  to  2-18-1978

“She Is The Heart Of Her Husband And Daughters Who Loved Her”


ALBERT  RAY  HELMS   5-27-1919  to  7-18-1987

*S/of  Luther Zylvester Helms(1887-1944) & Annie Elizabeth Murphy Helms(1891-1987)

&  LURLINE  VESTEA  LOVE  HELMS  1-12-1925  to  Dec. 1978



*Rumph FH  *MM


LUTHER  SYLVESTER  HELMS   5-21-1887  to  5-30-1944

Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours.”


to  11-13-1987   “She Gave So Much And Demanded So Little

*D/of James Thomas Murphy (1848-1940) & Emily Elizabeth Ingram Murphy (1854-1926) 


ROBERT  FRANKLIN  HELMS  7-21-1914   to  12-1-1935

*S/of  Luther Zylvester Helms(1887-1944) & Annie Elizabeth Murphy Helms(1891-1987)

“He Lives With Us In Memory”


VANESSA  V.  HELMS   8-12-1976  to  1-22-1995

*D/of  Albert Ray Helms(1948-2013) & Suzanne Helms (1951-1978) 

“To Know Her Is To Love Her”




ALLEN  HENLEY   9-22-1930  to  4-5-1934  "Son"

*S/of  Rex C. Henley (1902-1980) &  Pearl Adcox Henley(1902-1962)  


ARDYCE  FRANCIS HENLEY(25) 12-10-1909  to  Jan. 1935

*S/of George Osborn Henley(1872-1949) & Drucilla Virginia Dumas Henley (1874-1952)

*Md: 1931 Margaret Evelyn Jones  in Union Co., AR  “A Little While And Then”


CARLOS  CAMERON  HENLEY, SR.  7-22-1899  to  4-28-1942

*S/of  Drucilla Virginia Dumas Henley(1874-1951) &  George Osborn Henley(1872-1949)

&  DOLLY  LOVE  CAMERON  HENLEY  6-6-1896  to  12-28-1966

*D/of  John Y. Henley(1837-1915) &  Catherine Elizabeth Coleman Cameron(1859-1907)

*Shares double headstone with Carlos C. Henley


CARLOS  CAMERON HENLEY, JR.   11-9-1925  to  9-10-1959

*S/of  Dolly Love Cameron (1896-1966) & Carlos Cameron Henley (1899-1942)


FLOYD  ERIC  HENLEY(87)  5-11-1927  to  5-21-2014  *OB

*S/of  Rex C. Henley(1902-1980) &  Pearl Adcox Henley(1902-1962)   *US Navy  WW II

*Wife of 65 years, Dorothy  Virginia Goodwin  *Md:2/18/1949


2-11-2015  *D/of  Lelas Roberts Goodwin(1907-1932) & Edith Longing Goodwin Bowerman

Jolley(1908-2002)  *Dorothy Half-Sister to Earl H. “Bunky” Bowerman   *OB


*This marker says: (no dates)


* “Bunky” Bowerman S/of Earl Clarence Bowerman & Edith Longing Goodwin Bowerman Jolley


GEORGE  OSBORN  HENLEY  8-9-1872MS  to  3-4-1949AR

*H/of  Drucilla Va. Dumas

The End And The Reward Of Toil Is Rest”

& DRUCILLA VIRGINIA DUMAS  HENLEY 1-10-1874  to 2-11-1951

*D/of Jessie Amos Dumas(1850-1914) & Amanda Evaline Stocks Dumas (1847-1922)

*D/of  George Osborn Henley


LONNIE  IOLA  CHEATHAM  HENLEY  1-25-1889  to  1-17-1959

*D/of  William Lafayette Cheatham(1854-1927) & Annie E. Cheatham(1858-1933)

*Age 69 yrs-11 mos-23 dys  *OLA 1889-1959 on tombstone


LONNIE  LEE  HENLEY   5-15-1894  to  4-29-1976  (Mason)

*S/of  Drucilla Virginia Dumas Henley(1874-1951) &  George Osborn Henley(1872-1949)


MARLAND  E.  HENLEY  4-2-1905  to  6-18-1919

*S/of  Drucilla Virginia Dumas Henley(1874-1951) &  George Osborn Henley(1872-1949)


OSCAR  HENLEY   2-19-1915  to  3-27-1931

*S/of  Lonnie Iola Cheatham Henley (1888-1959) & Lonnie Lee Henley(1894-1976)


RAYMOND  VECTOR  HENLEY  9-1-1916  to  9-12-1979

*S/of  Drucilla Virginia Dumas Henley(1874-1951) &  George Osborn Henley(1872-1949)

*Md: 1938 Union County

&  JOYE OPEL  DODSON  HENLEY  9-20-1918  to  9-28-1988

*D/of  Robert Edward Dodson(1882-1927) & Dannie G. Hanson(1888-1958)

*Wf/of  R.V. Henley 


REX  C.  HENLEY   8-1-1902  to  10-5-1980

*H/of  Pearl Evalina Adcox

PEARL EVALINA  ADCOX  HENLEY  1-24-1902  to  11-3-1962

*D/of John Berry Adcox(1874-1967) & Ela Anna Elizabeth Rodgers Adcox(1879-1925)



MARGUERITE  E. LEVERITT HICKMAN  7-22-1850 AL to  11-14-1922 AR

*Age 72 yrs-3 mos-22 dys  *Wf/of  Haygood G. Hickman  Md:11/11/1873 Union Co., AR

*(It is indicated that H.G. Hickman is also buried here, but he must not have a marker,

since he is not listed on any of the cemetery canvass's, nor could I find a marker)

“Asleep In Jesus  Blessed Sleep From Which None Ever Wake To Weep”



MABLE  I.  HIDY  1894  to  1954 

*Small homemade marker with years only



THEOTIS  ALLEN  HILDEBRAND   3-14-2000  to  3-15-2000

*S/of  Theotis G. & Barbara Lewis Hildebrand


BERTHA  MAY  HILL   9-7-1895  to  11-15-1980

CASSIE  ELIZABETH  HILL  5-11-1877  to  11-26-1959



OUIDA  E.  CROSS  HINES    6-22-1911TX  to  12-2-1994AR

*D/of  William Walter Cross(1882-1960)  &  Susie Virgil Monday Cross(1891-1964)

* Ennis Archie Hines (1897-1971)WW I Vet, buried Camp Ground Cemetery, Hampton, AR 

*Ennis wives:  *2nd  Buna E. Blann(1907-1993)   *1st Ouida E. Cross (1911-1994)

*Buna E. Blann shares a double headstone with  Noah A. Hines(1907-1959)

*Wife of Enis A. Hines ; Sister to Jack Cross  “Her Gift From God Is Eternal Life”



HELEN  BRIDGES  HOGAN (89) 7-29-1923  to  10-10-2012 *OB

*D/of  Jake Granson Bridges(1878-1968) & Jessie Frances Coke Bridges(1897-1977)

*Helen married   L. W. Hogan in 1945, Union Co., AR



FRANCIS  DELTON  HOGG    3-3-1922  to  3-5-1922

*S/of  Francis Goodwin Hogg(1886-1963) & Beulah Faye Murphy Hogg(1898-1990)




MINNIE  LELA EURIE MURPHY  HOLBERT  3-4-1875  to  9-26-1946

*Age 71yrs-6 mos-22 dys   *Born in Mississippi.  Died in Union Co., Arkansas

*1st Husb, Charles“Charley”Verdman Murphy(1850-1913) buried Carlock Cem., Hamburg, AR

*2nd Husband, Noah Hampton Holbert (1867-1945)  *Minnie was Noah’s 2nd wife

*Noah H. Holbert is buried at Smyrna Cemetery, along with his 1st wife, Llewella Bates

“Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours”    



JOHN  THOMAS  HOLDEN   3-15-1864  to  10-13-1945

*D/of Jesse Eugene Dumas(1875-1941) & Nancy Jane Boyt Dumas(1880-1942)

*2nd  H/of  Victoria Velma  Dumas  Bates  Holden  Wilson(1899-1985)  (md:ca 1927-28)

*Parents of  Thomas V. Holden (1929-1964)  &  Florence Amanda Holden Livey(1934-1997)


LAURA  LEE  HOLDEN  8-16-1943  to  9-27-2001

*D/of John Thomas Holder(1864-1945) & Victoria Velma Dumas Wilson(1899-1985)

“Ma Ma’s Baby”


THOMAS  V.  HOLDEN   8-10-1929  to  2-15-1964

*S/of  John Thomas Holden(1864-1945) & Victoria Velma Wilson(1899-1985)

*Md:3/27/1950   * No wife's name given- just the marriage date



DRUE  HOLDER  1863  to  3-12-1933  (Age 70 yrs)

 “Only Sleeping”



APRIL  WHITE  HOON(23)  1-25-1984  to  9-25-2007MO  *OB

*D/of  Charles Wesley White & Ruth Alice Haynes White

*Wf/of  Kenneth Robert David Hoon, Sr.  *Died as a result of a motorcycle accident in Missouri.



JOHN  F.  HOWARD 1853  to  1935  *ARDI 12-29-1935

*Shares double headstone with Ada H. Howard

&  ADA  H.  HOWARD  1862  to  1945  *ARDI  9-20-1945

*Shares double headstone with John F. Howard



TRAVIS  EDWARD  HUBBARD   9-17-1913  to 7-17-1934

*Tombstone has sunk into the ground, obscuring the death date(as of 2012)



MAMIE  MARGUERITE HUDSON  11-18-1917 to  8-5-1930

*D/of  Nathan Hudson(1890-1986) & Virginia Ann“Annie” Patrick Hudson(1890-1974)    

“God gave, He took, He will restore.”


NATHAN  P.  HUDSON   8-16-1890TN  to  5-4-1986AR

*S/of  Lula C. Yopp Hudson(1862-1909) & John Wiley Hudson(1865-1950) 

*H/of  Virginia Ann Patrick
& VIRGINIA ANN  PATRICK  HUDSON 9-19-1890MS  to  8-11-1974AR

*D/of  Edgar T. Patrick(1843-1912) & Margaret Emma May Patrick Larkin(1861-1940)



ALESHIA  SUE  HUGHES  b & d  5-27-1963 *MM


ROY  C.  HUGHES   2-13-1944  to  1-16-2003

*Md:10/13/1962  “Thy Life Was Beauty, Truth, Goodness And Love”

&  *Other spouse side of double headstone blank



EUNICE  L.  HULSEY   8-2-1872  to  4-10-1897

*1st   Wf/of  Juluis McCain Hulsey(1863-1936)   *Headstone broken

*Juluis McCain Hulsey buried Lisbon Cemetery, Lisbon, Union Co., AR

*2nd Wf/of Juluis, Nancy Ella Willett Hulsey(1870-1961)


MELVIN  CLYDE  HULSEY   9-6-1892  to  8-18-1893

*S/of  Julius McCain Hulsey(1863-1936)  &  Eunice L. Hulsey(1872-1897)

“Thy Life Was Beauty, Truth, Goodness And Love”




11-27-1986   *Husband, Hollace Garfield Huneycutt(1911-1981)

*D/of Eddie Tyre Jameson(1891-1964) & Effie Edna Henley Jameson(1896-1981)

* Hollace Garfield Huneycutt, buried Mount Horeb Cemetery, Elliott, Ouachita Co., AR


DAISY  DEAN  HUNT   2-8-1882  to  2-20-1950

*Wf/of  John Thomas Hunt

JOHN  THOMAS  HUNT   3-28-1870  to  8-17-1935

*S/of Andrew Jackson Hunt(1842-1926) & Mary Elizabeth Lovejoy(1845-1908)


NORMAN  W.  HUNT  5-17-1923  to  12-17-1995

*S/of  Vernon Chastine Hunt(1899-1954) & Myra Lou Bowen Hunt(1901-1975)    

 *Md:4/5/1946  Calhoun  Co., AR Tiny Mason     *US  Army WW II    

&  TINY MASON  HUNT(88) 2-13-1927 to  6-14-2015 *OB

*D/of  Benjamin F. Mason(1896-1973) & Trudie Hayes Mason(1901-1931)

*Late Foster parents, Bennie and Nellie Mason.  Late son Kenneth H. Hunt.


PERCY  D.  HUNT   4-5-1900  to  7-26-1949

*S/of  Daisy Dean(1882-1950) & John Thomas Hunt(1870-1935)

*H/of  Ethel Ines Salter Hunt(5/5/1899 – 3/21/1992 TX)  

*Louisiana  PFC 304 Mech Rep Shop Unit MTC  WW  I



EDDIE  “ED”  TYRE  JAMESON   1-21-1891  to  3-21-1964

*S/of  Sarah Amanda Hollingsworth (1866-1915)& William Conway Jameson (1862-1936)

&  EFFIE  EDNA HENLEY JAMESON  9-21-1896  to  12-7-1981

*S/of  Drucilla Virginia Dumas Henley(1874-1951) &  George Osborn Henley(1872-1949)

*Wf/of  Ed T. Jameson



DORIS  JEAN  DANIELS  JENKS   1-27-1937  to  4-4-1997

*Wf/of Robert D. Jenks (1928-1973) *Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills)

  Los Angeles, California  *Plot: Murmuring Trees, Map G39, Lot 1675, Space 3.

“Tender Mother and Faithful Friend”



J. W.  JOHNSON   2-27-1848  to  4-3-1885

*H/of  Elizabeth Whatley

ELIZABETH  WHATLEY  JOHNSON   2-22-1845  to  2-18-1907

*D/of  Elisha Whatley(1816-1885) & Martha A. Davis Whatley(ca 1824-Jan 1860)

*Wf, of  J.W. Johnson  


ROBERT  L."DINKY"  JOHNSON   8-31-1935 to 7-19-1975



WORDIE  B.  JOHNSON (68)  2-13-1940AR  to  3-10-2008MI

*Mr. Wordie  B. Johnson died in Flint, Michigan



ALBERT  HAROLD  JOHNSTON (92) 1-29-1921  to  12-15-2013 *ob

*S/of  John Gordon Johnston(1885-1971) & Drucilla Goodwin Johnston(1886-1976) 

*Md:5/6/1945       (Mason)

& INELDA JO IRENE PIERCE JOHNSTON (82) 3-19-1923 to 9-5-2005

"JO”  *D/of  Stella Leota Reeves (1904-1966) & Rev. Walter Daniel Pierce(1901-1979)  *ob

“Mother of Michael and Martha Johnston.  Loved by all.  Missed by all.  Good Neighbor and Friend.”


DOYLE  EDWARD JOHNSTON  11-30-1942  to  12-16-2009

*S/of  Maudie Opal Murphy(1913-1993) & William Erner Johnston(1908-1999)

*PVT  U.S. Army


ELWYN  F.  JOHNSTON  12-24-1907  to  11-18-1990

*S/of  John Gordon Johnston(1885-1971) & Margaret Drucilla Goodwin Johnston (1886-1976)

*Md:7/19/1930    “God’s Hand Moved And They Slept”


to   8-16-1995 LA  *D/of T. M. Maddox(1868-1916) & Ruth M. Owens Maddox(1876-1966)


MARTHA  "MATT"  JOHNSTON   1852KY  to  4-18-1927AR

*Wf/of  Willie W. Johnston    “Beloved Grandmother”  “Rest In Peace”


MICHAEL  H.  JOHNSTON   2-28-1948  to  11-2-2007

*S/of  Albert Harold Johnston & Inelda Johnston    *H/of  Rhonda

&  RHONDA  D.  JOHNSTON   12-27-1948  (One date)


WILLIAM  ERNER  JOHNSTON  10-29-1908  to  3-10-1999

*S/of  William Herbert Johnston(1879-1954) & Gertrude “Trudie” Matthews(1888-1986)

*Md: 9/25/1934     “Not My Will But Thine Be Done”

&  MAUDE OPAL MURPHY  JOHNSTON  5-10-1913 to 3-18-1993

*D/of  Jack W. Murphy(1885-1964)  &  Sadie Sarah Freeman Murphy(1894-1985)




5-24-1908  to  6-27-2002  *1ST Husband, Ouachita Co.,  Lelas Roberts Goodwin(1907-1932)

*Md: *2nd husband, 1933, Ouachita Co., AR,  Earl C. Bowerman

'Beloved Mother of  Dorothy V. Goodwin Henley'  &  Earl H. “Bunky” Bowerman


HENRY   Y.  JONES   4-30-1876  to  12-18-1905

 (Homemade concrete marker)  *H/of  Lucy Lynn Murphy Jones Joyce(1879-1957)

*Parents of Ira Samuel Jones(1903-1965) Md: 1928 Bernice Ann Sessions(1908-1976)


MARY  ETHEL  JONES (82)  8-13-1924  to  8-1-2007

*Wf/of  Leo A. Jones;  *D/of  William & Susie Goodwin  *ob



DAN  H.  KANE  11-8-1865  to  1-11-1948

*H/of  Cora Lawton

CORA  LAWTON  KANE   4-20-1866  to  2-11-1940

*D/of  George W. Lawton(1813-1894)  & Mary Jane McDade Lawton(1840-1919)


W. E. "BILL"  KANE   6-25-1903  to  11-2-1971

“Our Beloved Uncle”



CORNELIA  ALICE  KIRKLEY 11-24-1904 to 7-28-1971

JAMES  WILLIAM  KIRKLEY  1-10-1904  to  1-24-1904

*S/of  J.T. &  Willie Kirkley



HERBERT  LEON  LaBEFF (70)  4-1-1945  to  1-28-2016

*S/of Joe LaBeff & Mary Wilson LaBeff.  *Wife, Lorraine LaBeff

*Late son, Steven LaBeff.  *Died after a long battle of Rheumatoid Arthiritis.


JESSIE  FRANCES  COKE  LaBEFF  3-4-1897  to  12-29-1977

*D/of  James Thomas Coke(1855-1943) & Mary Eliza Leverett Coke(1866-1943)

*Spouses: *1st William Wesley Graves (1890-1915)buried Old Union Cemetery, Union Co., AR

*Md: * 2nd in 1917, Jacob Gronson Bridges(1878-1968) buried Smyrna Cemetery, Union Co., AR


MELVIN  GAIL  LaBEFF   10-9-1950  to  7-1-1951

*Homemade marker.


FRANCES  BATES ARNOLD  LANGLEY(95) 7-30-1917 to 7-28-2013  

*D/of  Thomas Ashley Bates(1884-1961) & Susie Elizabeth Brown Bates(1899-1976)   *OB

*Md: *1st  in 1937, Alvin Arnold       *Md: *2nd in 1950  Richard  C. Langley



5-29-1987  *Md: 1st Sutton Riley Murphy(1889-1934) *2nd unknown Langley

 “She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home”



ELIAS  M.  LANSFORD    8-18-1872  to  7-19-1947

*S/of  Martin Enos Lansford(1841-1921) & Mary Jane Sanders Lansford(1846-1917)

&  MARGIE  L.  LANSFORD   10-9-1875  to  3-19-1951

*Daughter, Ethel Hortense Lansford Murphy (1904-1992)



JAMES  WALLACE  LANGSTON  3-14-1916MS  to  1-23-2006 TX

*S/of James N. Langston(1880-1953) & Rosa L. Buckley Langston(1891-1993)


&  JOSEPHINE  HEAD  LANGSTON   4-21-1916AR  to  2-24-1996 TX

*D/of  Thomas Jackson Head(1861-1936) & Chaddie Goodwin Head(1874-1953)



DORA “FANNIE” DUMAS  LARSON  5-21-1912  to  3-1-1936

*D/of  Jesse Eugene Dumas(1875-1941) & Nancy Jane Boyt Dumas(1880-1942)

*Dora 1st Wf/of  Eugene Lawrence Larson (1931TX -2014)

*2nd wife, Thelma L. Crimpton Larson (1933-2001) buried along side Eugene L. Larson

*Eugene buried Kirbys Tucker Memorial Cemetery, Mountain Home, AR

“Gone But Not Forgotten”



CHARLES  LAWTON  1-5-1851  to  1-6-1921

*S/of  George W. Lawton (1813-1894) & 1st wife, Rebecca J. Willis (ca 1820-1863)

&  NANCY  GRAY MURPHY  LAWTON  10-30-1857  to  1-3-1927

*Wf/of  Charles Lawton   *Parents of six children.

*D/of  Mial Gray Murphy, Sr.(1829-1924) & Elizabeth Docton Perry(1833-1903)


EVA  ELIZABETH  LAWTON   12-31-1877  to  1-25-1882

*D/of  Charles Lawton(1851-1921) & Nancy Gray Murphy Lawton(1857-1927)


GEORGE  W.  LAWTON   10-27-1813MASS  to  9-1-1894AR

*Spouses: *1st Rebecca Willis (1820-1863)  *2nd Mary Jane McDade(1840-1919)

REBECCA  WILLIS  LAWTON  b:ca 1820  d:10-18-1863

*Wf/of  George Lawton  *D/of  Williamson Willis (1795 GA-1869 Montgomery Co.,AL) &

 Rebecca Mayes(1796 NC-1853 Montgomery Co., AL)

“In Loving Remembrance”  “A precious one from us has gone.

A voice we loved is stilled;  A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled.”

MARY  JANE  McDADE  LAWTON   9-4-1840  to  11-15-1891

*2ND  Wf/of  George Lawton  *D/of  Charles McDade & Cynthia Willis McDade


HATTIE  MAE  LAWTON    4-30-1881  to  11-2-1950

*D/of  Charles Lawton(1851-1921) & Nancy Gray Murphy Lawton(1857-1927)  

*Hattie Never Married


HENRY  W.  LAWTON   8-1-1870  to  9-22-1912

*S/of  William W. Lawton(1846-1913) & Jane Wilson Lawton (1853-1936)

(Broken stone)


JESSE (J. L.)  LAWTON   4-18-1872  to  8-15-1885

*S/of  William W. Lawton(1846-1913) & Jane Wilson(1853-1936)


JOSEPH  “JOE”  LAWTON   5-13-1880  to  6-30-1898

*S/of *2nd Wife, Mary Jane McDade(1840-1891) & George Lawton(1813-1894)


KATE  LAWTON    12-5-1883  to  6-28-1954

*D/of  Charles Lawton(1851-1921) & Nancy Gray Murphy Lawton(1857-1927) 


LUTHA  LAWTON    6-10-1859  to  5-7-1935

*S/of  George W. Lawton (1813-1894) & 1st wife, Rebecca J. Willis (1820-1863)

*Husband of Etta Tullis  -Md:12/25/1918 Union Co.,AR


NANCY LAWTON  2-28-1865  to  1-2-1898

*D/of  Mary Jane McDade Lawton(1840-1891) & George Lawton(1813-1894)


PERRY  LAWTON   12-14-1857  to  6-24-1934

*S/of  George W. Lawton (1813-1894) & 1st wife, Rebecca J. Willis (1820-1863)

“Gone But Not Forgotten”  'Uncle Bump'  *Never married.


WILLIAM  W.  LAWTON    12-3-1846AL  to  7-10-1913AR

*S/of  George W. Lawton (1813-1894) & 1st wife, Rebecca J. Willis (ca 1820-1863)

&   JANE  WILSON  LAWTON   2-18-1853TX  to  8-13-1936AR

*D/of  John & Mima Wilson 

“And each tool is laid aside, Worn with the work that Was done with Pride”



ALFRED  CARL  LEACH   8-4-1910  to  8-2-1961   *US Army WW II

*S/of  John Alfred Leach(1885-1947) & Maggie Ophelia Cole Leach(1892-1987)

*Buried along side of Alfred are Linnie Mae Leach Cook & Johnnie Mae Leach Brack


CHESTER  RAY  LEACH   3-8-1927LA  to  7-15-1929AR

*S/of  John Alfred Leach(1886-1947) & Maggie Ophelia Cole Leach(1892-1987)


JOHN  ALFRED  LEACH  9-26-1885 GA  to  2-26-1947 LA

*S/of Elizabeth J. Gravitt (May 1861GA-1906 OK) & Marcus Young Leach (1859 GA-1930OK)

*Md:9/29/1907 Shreveport, LA   * Parents of 11 children.

&  MAGGIE  OPHELIA  COLE  LEACH  4-1-1892  to  6-23-1987

*D/of  William Henry Cole(1839-1921) & Mary Ann  Sullivan (1848-  )


(P.C.) PINUEL CHARLES “PETE” LEACH  10-27-1920LA  to  5-14-2005AR

*S/of  John Alfred Leach(1886-1947) & Maggie Ophelia Cole Leach(1892-1987)

“PETE” “PAPA” “DAD”     Where’s The Cornbread?” 

“We Mourn Our Loss, But Rejoice In Their Gain”      *PFC – US ARMY – WW II

&  EDITH  MAE  BROWN  LEACH  11-11-1921  to  7-30-2006

* “GRANNY” “MAMA”    “Where’s The Sweets?”


WILLIAM  MARCUS  LEACH  4-14-1912  to  10-29-1912

*S/of  John Alfred Leach(1886-1947) & Maggie Ophelia Cole Leach(1892-1987)

*MEMORIAL   * 3rd child of  John & Maggie.  *NOT BURIED IN REHOBETH

*Possibly buried in Gilliam, LA, but so far unproven.



TYDION  LEE    born  &  died  5-8-1968

*Infant  S/of  Clarence & Connie Lee



JAMES  ROBERT  LEVERETTE, SR.  6-17-1838  to  12-3-1918

*Age 80 yrs-5 mos-20 dys   PVT  CO A  1 ARK Infantry  Confederate States Army

“His toils are past, his work is done.  He fought the fight the victory won”.


1-29-1929    *Md: 2nd husband, 1865,   James Robert Leverette, Sr. Union Co., AR

*D/of  John Kimbrough Slaughter(1813-1895) & Louisa Harrell-Slaughter(1825-1867)

*Md:  1st husband, 1859, John Burns in Union County, AR.

“A tender Mother and a faithful friend”  “Fare Well” 


HARDY  HAMILTON  LEVERITT  12-3-1875  to  3-8-1967

&  MELLIE  V.  BASS  LEVERITT   5-26-1886  to  8-16-1978


MARGARET  ANN  LEVERITT  10-20-1944  to   11-5-1944


ROBERT  F.  LEVERITT  1-28-1906  to  4-29-1937 "Brother"


SUSIE  EDNA  LEVERITTE   b & d  8-29-1910

*D/of  Hardy Hamilton Leveritt(1875-1967) & Mellie V. Bass Leveritte(1886-1978)



FLORENCE  AMANDA  HOLDEN  LIVELY   9-5-1934  to  1997

*D/of  John Thomas Holden(1864-1945) & Victoria Velma Wilson(1899-1985)



SHERRY  LIVINGSTON   11-10-1954  to  11-16-200

*Her tombstone looks like a “Halloween” tombstone.  R.I.P. with skeleton hands grasping it.


AUGUSTA  MAY  LOPER   2-5-1879  to  7-14-1933

*Wf/of  John B. Loper   “Gone But Not Forgotten”

JOHN  B.  LOPER   8-17-1871  to  3-5-1959 “At Rest”

*H/of  Augusta May Loper


H. R. "SAMIE"  LOPER  1925  to  1994   *Bailey FH *MM

*HARVEY  LOPER  12-6-1925  to  6-26-1994  *SSDI


KATIE  ANN  LOPER  10-31-1902  to  12-11-1974



EMODELL  MURPHY  TARVER  LOVELL 7-23-1912  to 11-30-1997

*D/of  George Francis Murphy(1879-1946) & Mary Jane Barnes Murphy(1879-1963)    *OB

*Wf/of *1st *Md:11/25/1927 Jeter Tarver (1905-1961)buried Chapelwood Memorial Gardens,

  Vivian, Caddo Parish, LA; *Md: 2nd wife, Annie Viola Wylie 6/15/1936

*2nd  Lonnie Lovell (Md:2/23/1943)  

*See listing under Murphy.  *Tombstone only says  “Emodell Murphy”



BOBBY  GENE “BREZ” LOWERY   1-10-1930  to  10-20-1997


CLARENCE  E.  LOWERY  1-20-1908  to  12-2-1908

*S/of  William B. Lowery(1880-1918) &  Mary Myrtie Lowery(1882-1969)  

“Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest. 

God called thee home. He thought it best.”


DAYTON  LOWERY   5-12-1935  to  2-9-2003


EMMA  LOWERY  1874  to 1932  *ARDI  11-1-1932



2-29-1856  to   4-24-1945    “Gone But Not Forgotten”

*Wf/of  William Jesse Lowery 1-20-1858 NC  to  10-4-1902 Union Co.,AR.

*Wm. Jesse Lowery  Buried in old Cummings Family Cemetery, Union Co.,AR.

*S/of  Wm. H. Lowery(Lowry)(1825NC–1862VA) & Frances L. Sheppard (Lowry) (1832-1910)


RICHARD  MARION  LOWERY   3-3-1888  to  2-9-1963

*S/of  William Cates(b:ca 1850 AR) & Sarah E. McLaughlin Cates(b: ca 1860)

*H/of  Ella Cates Lowery  2/12/1882  to 10/22/1918 

*Ella Cates buried in Cummings Family Cemetery, Union Co.,AR


 VIOLA  MAY  LOWERY  10-4-1905  to  9-4-1976


WILLIAM  B.  LOWERY  1-7-1880  to  11-24-1918  *WOW

*S/of  Margaret A. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Rester (1856-1945) &  Wm. Jesse Lowery(1858-1902)

MARY  MYRTIE  LOWERY   5-3-1882  to  12-17-1969

*Age 87 yrs-7 mos-14 dys   *Wf/of  William B. Lowery  

“She was the sunshine of our home”


WILLIAM  LOWERY   1875  to  1932


P. E.  LOWRY  10-13-1884  to  3-21-1933

“He died as he lived a Christham”



THELMA  KANE  MABRY   6-10-1908  to  3-11-1945



WILLIAM ANDY MANTOOTH, JR.   3-19-1930  to 12-20-1990

*S/of  William A. Mantooth, Sr.(b:ca 1896 AR) &  Mary E. Mantooth(b: ca 1907 TX)

*CPL US Army –Korea  


JAMES  RUFUS  MARTIN   b & d  10-22-1951



ROSALIE  MASTERS   2-25-1917  to  7-23-1936

“Tho lost to sight to memory dear.”



MYRTLE  MATHEWS   3-31-1888  to  12-7-1891

*D/of  B. & B. Mathews



FRANK  COLLINS  MAUNEY(85)  11-18-1928  to  2-27-2014 *OB

*S/of  Elbert Roy Mauney (1894-1977)  & Anna Collins Mauney (1901-1998)

*Wife, Marion Joann Henley      *US Marine Corps-Korea

MARION JOANN HENLEY MAUNEY(80) 2-13-1937  to  3-28-2017*OB

*D/of  Rex C. Henley (1902-1980)  &  Pearl Evalina  Adcox  Henley (1902-1962)       

*For 48 yrs, Wf/of   Frank Collins Mauney



FRANCIS  ELLA  MAXIE   4-18-1869  to 12-9-1979



DORIS  JEAN  McADAMS   6-24-1933  to  7-8-1933



JONAS  V.  McBRIDE   3-3-1886  to  2-26-1953

*S/of  Frank P. McBride(1855-1933) & Lettie Anne McBride(b: ca 1863 TN)

“At Rest With God”

&  AGNES  LOPER  McBRIDE   8-19-1899LA  to  2-18-1981TX

*D/of  John B. Loper(1871-1959) & Augusta May Loper(1879-1933)



EMMA  JEAN  McCALL  b & d 1932

*D/of  John Franklin McCall(1893-1967) &  Eula M. Aiken McCall(1906-1941)

”Suffer Little Children To Come Unto Me”


JOHN  FRANKLIN  McCALL  1-21-1893  to  4-7-1967

*Spouses: *1st Eula M. Aiken (md:1926) *2nd Martha Lucile Keith Burton

*Martha Lucile Keith Burton's burial location-unk (12/29/1894 LA to 7/10/1994 LA)

*Martha  D/of Wiley Thomas Keith(1865-1943) & Flora Ann Young Keith(1867-1925)

*Martha md: 1st Leonard A Burton(1891-1947)  *Md: 2nd John F. McCall(1893-1967)

*Louisiana  SGT 114 Engineers WW I    “Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours”

&  EULA  M.  AIKEN  McCALL 10-15-1906  to 12-6-1941

*D/of  Newton Howell Aiken(1875-1929) & Emma Gordon Aiken (1875-1941)


JOHNNYE  LOUISE  McCALL   9-10-1941  to  12-24-1941

*D/of  John Franklin McCall(1893-1967) &  Eula M. Aiken McCall(1906-1941)



ELIJAH  T.  McCARTY   9-12-1872  to  10-16-1905

"Timothy Elijah McCarty, son of Samuel & Armonia Crawford McCarty"



DAN  KIRK  McCASKILL   9-6-1897  to  8-22-1949

*S/of  Robert Cherry McCaskill(1864-1932) & Johnann Elizabeth Reed(1864-1943)

“In God’s Care”

&  MARIAN LONA BAKER  McCASKILL 7-28-1897 to 8-16-1993

*D/of  Marion Baker(1865-1897) & Savannah Cathrine McKinney BakerEasley(1871-1900)


ELLA  McCASKILL  2-3-1880  to  8-3-1951


GEORGE  REED  McCASKILL 7-27-1900  to  3-27-1956

*Robert Cherry McCaskill(1864-1932) & John Ann Elizabeth Reed McCaskill(1864-1943)


OLEN  EDWIN  McCASKILL  3-6-1923 to 5-20-1945

*S/of  Marian Lona Baker McCaskill(1897-1993)r & Dan Kirk McCaskill(1897-1949)    

*PFC4 Marines Arkansas 6 Mar Div   WW II


PAUL  DAN  McCASKILL 12-11-1921AR  to  11-12-1981LA

*S/of  Marian Lona Baker McCaskill(1897-1993)r & Dan Kirk McCaskill(1897-1949)     

*PFC  U.S. Army WW II


ROBERT  CHERRY  McCASKILL  6-8-1864  to  7-29-1932


to  1-3-1943   (aka Johnann/Joan- her name on tombstone appears as listed above)

 (headstone beginning to sink into ground )



MICHAEL  ROBERT  McCURRY   9-25-1971  to  10-28-1998 

*Bailey FH *MM   “The Lord Is My Light And My Salvation.  PS. 27:1”



ALLIE  BLY  HAYES  McDONALD    4-11-1908  to  11-7-1985

*D/of  Olin Clarence Hayes(1860-1928) & Hadasser Laconia Slaughter Hayes(1871-1948)

“Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done”  



JOHN  BEN  McGLOTHLIN   10-13-1876  to  6-14-1975

*S/of  John McGlothlin(1858-1876) & Elizabeth Bishop McGlothlin(1859-1946)

*John born in Natchitoches Parish, LA & Weimar, Colorado Co., TX

&  ELLA  STRICKLAND McGLOTHLIN    2-3-1880LA  to  8-3-1951AR

*Wf/of  John Ben McGlothlin


"DADDY"   S. E.  McINTYRE  1887  to  1940 

*ARDI  3-10-1940   “God gave, He took, He will restore, He doeth all things well.”




to   11-1-1986  *Liberty, Texas  *aka  Jessie Amanda Dumas-Morrison McKnight

*D/of  James Daniel Morrison(1876-1938) & Ruth Elizabeth Dumas Morrison(1880-1962)

*Jessie Amanda’s *1st husband was Robert Benjamin Hearnsberger.

 They had a son, John Rowland Hearnsberger(4/1/1922-3/25/2001)

 *John’s wife, Hazel Lucille Clawson Hearnsberger (2/2/1921-10/14/1987)



ARTHUR  O’NEAL  McLEOD   9-21-1882  to  9-22-1963

*1st Wife, LULA MAGGIE HERRING McLEOD  1/22/1885LA  to  9/30/1947TX

*Lula buried Vivian Cemetery, Caddo Parish, LA


to  10-30-1965   “Darling We Miss You”    *See under Goodwin         

*Wf/of 1st  Thomas Cook Goodwin (1874-1944)

*2nd husband, Arthur O’Neal McLeod (1882-1963)

*D/of James Moulton Whatley (1869-1951) & Mary Wood Whatley (1871-1960)

*Tombstone gives her  name as Altie Goodwin McLeod  



JOHN  L.  McMAIN  1-16-1876  to  6-23-1941

“Faith Builds A Bridge Across The Gulf Of Death”

&  MARY  E.  McMAIN   8-10-1881  to  1-24-1962

*Wf/of  John L. McMain



JOHN  CALVIN McPHAUL, III  12-29-1899  to  2-18-1969

*S/of  John Calvin McPhaul (1853-1923) & Virginia Harriet Williams McPhaul(1858-1940)

*Age 69 yrs-1 mo-19 dys:  * Louisiana  PFC Army Air Forces  WW  II



GREG  McRAE   2-11-1964  to  5-27-2007



ALFRED  LEE  MIDDLETON  1919 to 1936

*ARDI 1-6-1936      “We Will Meet Again”



DELMER  ROY  MILFORD  1-16-1905  to  11-18-1979

*S/of  Thomas LeRoy Milford(1884 GA-1971 LA) & Lucinda Belle Holcombe(1884 GA-1966 LA)

*Md: Mayme Ruth Goodwin 1924, Union Co., AR

& MAYME  RUTH  GOODWIN  MILFORD  12-11-1908  to 7-2-2006

*D/of  Willis Walker Goodwin, Sr. (1883-1949) & Ruby Pearl Roberts(1887-1969)




JASPER  DONEY  MILNER, SR.  6-25-1889   to   8-17-1957

*S/of  Jasper Wiley Milner(1840-1919) & Mary Slaughter Milner(1851-1932)

*WW  I ~  Arkansas  SGT. 162  Depot  Brigade 

 *Md: 1922, Union Co., AR, Grace Irene Enis Milner(1901 LA-1987 TX)


JASPER "J.D." DONEY MILNER, JR.  2-13-1926  to  10-15-1947 "Son"

*S/of  Grace Irene Enis Milner(1901-1987) & Jasper Doney Milner, Sr.(1889-1957)

*Navy pilot's wings  *SGT – 162 Depot Brigade WW I  - “He Gave His All”


JASPER  WILEY  MILNER   5-22-1840GA  to  2-19-1919 AR  "Father"

*S/of Obadiah H. Milner & Sarah F. Childers Milners

&  MARY  SLAUGHTER  MILNER  4-19-1851 to 12-17-1932 "Mother"

*D/of  John Kimbrough Slaughter(1813-1895) & Louisa Harrell Slaughter(1825-1867)


JESSE  WILEY   MILNER  1892  to  1958  "Son"

*S/of  Jasper Wiley Milner(1840-1919 & Mary Slaughter Milner(1851-1932)

*H/of Jessie Lee Moody Milner (1899-1986) buried in Arlington Memorial Park Cem.


NANCY  SUE  MILNER   1934  to  1939

*D/of Jasper Doney Milner, Sr. (1889-1957) & Grace Irene Enis Milner(1901-1987)

“Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven”



MAGGIE  YEARNSON  MITCHELL  1892TX   to   4-12-1938AR

*Age 47yrs-8 mos-18 dys (b:ca 1891)    *MM

*1930 Census, Maggie is living in Smackover, as a widow, with three children.



* The following three have identical small homemade

headstones, with the mortuary marker embedded *Gross MM

*Gross Mortuary is located in Hot Springs, AR

DANIEL  W. MOGLE  1872  to  1952

MATILDA  MOGLE    1874  to  1956

ROBERT  C. MOGLE  1902  to  1936

*H/of  Lela Griffing(3/7/1903 to 9/26/1992) *Md: Robert C. Mogle in 1927/ Div:before 1936

*D/of Albert P. Griffing(1873-1928) & Bertha Tennessee Luttrell Griffing(1880-1972)



JOHNIE  M.  MONROE   7-14-1899  to  9-26-1929

Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours”


JESSE  OLLIE  MOORE   3-27-1913  to  11-21-1915

*S/of  James Ollie Moore(1892-1954) &  Mattie Laticia Murphy Moore(1895-1978) 


JAMES  'JIM'  OLLIE  MOORE   4-25-1892   to  8-5-1954

*Md: 9/6/1879 Union Co.,AR

&  MATTIE LATICIA MURPHY MOORE  8-3-1895  to  3-17-1978

*D/of  Martha Luticia Smith(1864-1916) & Mial Gray Murphy, Jr.(1860-1933)


KEVIN JANAN MOORE died 1-19-1960

*Infant D/of  Paula  & Oscar Gammye Moore, Jr.


MARY ELIZABETH MOORE   b & d  12-15-1961

*D/of  Mary &  H. A. Moore 


OSCAR  GAMMYE  MOORE   8-8-1915  to  12-24-1950  

*S/of  Jim Ollie Moore(1892-1954)  &  Mattie Laticia Murphy Moore (1895-1978)

*Killed in a car wreck.   “Mason” 

 “A Life Like His Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon

*Oscar Gammye Moore *1st husband of, Violet Saerise VanHook (1917-2005)

*Md:11/22/1934, Magnolia, AR

*Violet is buried in Bethel Methodist Cemetery, South(Hwy. 167 South ) along with her

*2nd husband, Bill Eugene Gray(1921-1996)


TERRY  LYNN  MOORE   8-13-1939  to  8-14-1959 *"Daughter"  

“In Memory of Our Daughter”



CLARENCE  L.  MORRIS(58)   11-6-1957  to  6-5-2016  *OB

*S/of  Topsie Morris & James Morris.  Late brother, Elisha Morris

*Survived by his wife, Barbara Morris


CHARLES  WAYNE  MORRISON   9-9-1927  to  8-19-1985

*S/of  Amy McMain Morrison(1904-1998) & William Charlie Morrison(1901-1984)  

*US  Navy - Korea


HERMAN "MARTY"  MORRISON   4-19-1957  to 3-3-1988

“He’s Safe At Home”


JAMES  DANIEL “DAN” MORRISON  9-23-1876 MS to  6-24-1938AR

“Rest Is Thine And Sweet Remembrance Ours”


8-9-1880  to 10-8-1962  *D/of Jessie Amos Dumas(1850-1914) & Amanda

Evaline Stocks Dumas(1847-1922)


WILLIAM  CHARLIE  MORRISON   7-13-1901  to  11-22-1984

*S/of  Ruth Elizabeth “Lizzie”Dumas (1880-1962) &  James Daniel Morrison(1876-1938)

&  AMY  McMAIN  MORRISON  4-16-1904  to 1-21-1998




8-14-2012   *D/of Serena Erma Hall (1907-1992) &  Henry Adrian Goodwin(1905-1989) *OB

*Shares double headstone with *1st husband,  Carl Wendell Steinsiek(1938-1992)

*2nd husband, Robert Morton  

*See Adrianne listing under Steinsiek / shares double headstone with 1st husband, Carl Steinsiek



JIM  H.  MULLENS   12-19-1925  to  8-21-1988

*Md:3/21/1969    “With Open Arms”    “He Waits For Me”

NANCY  L.  MULLENS  4-11-1936   to  5-17-2007



AYLMER  MURPHY  12-15-1914  to  10-3-1916

*S/of  Leonard DeKalb Murphy(1889-1968)   &   Nellie C. Hux Murphy(1884-1920)

BENJAMIN  FRANKLIN “CURLY” MURPHY  2-15-1890  to  3-23-1969

*S/of  Mial Gray Murphy(1860-1933) & Martha Lutica Smith Murphy(1864-1916)

*1st Wf  RELLA JANE  HANEY MURPHY 12-2-1889  to  3-19-1922

*D/of Nancy Elvira Hasty Haney(1850-1910) & Ebenezer B. Haney (1856-1934)

*32yrs-3mos-17days-Rella Murphy 

*2nd Wf  VESTA CLOUD MURPHY 4-23-1908  to  6-19-1927

*D/of  William Edward Cloud(1872-1937) & Jewel McKinley Cloud(1878-1958)

*3rd Wf,  MARY JACKS  MURPHY  11-18-1903  to  3-26-1994

*D/of  James M. Jacks(1850-1923) & Sarah Lucinda Worthen Jacks(1866-1941)


BENNIE  VIVIAN  MURPHY  2-4-1897  to  11-12-1900

*D/of  George Taylor Murphy(1861-1941) & Mary Willie Hayes Murphy(1867-1926)


BESSIE  MURPHY  (Mary Bessie Murphy)  1-6-1896  to  10-15-1911

*D/of  J. Scott Murphy(1857-1927)  & Mary Jane Warwick Murphy(1861-1923) 

*Age 14 yrs-8 mos-11 dys


(B. F.) BENJAMIN FRANKLIN MURPHY, JR. 4-1-1925  to  3-11-1939 

*S/of  Benjamin Franklin “Curly” Murphy,Sr.(1890-1969) & Vesta Cloud Murphy((1908-1927)   

*H/of  Mary Jacks Murphy    “Gone But Not Forgotten” “Darling We Love Thee”

MARY  JACKS  MURPHY  11-18-1903  to  3-26-1994  

*D/of  James M. Jacks (1850-1923) & Sarah Lucinda Worthen Jacks (1866-1941)

*Wf/of   Benjamin Franklin Murphy, Jr.     “Rest In Peace”


BILLY  GEORGE  MURPHY, SR.  3-19-1917  to  7-25-1988

*S/of  Will Calvin Murphy (1879-1963) & Maude Blanch Ramsey Murphy(1892-1954)

*Md:6/15/1940 Ouachita Co.,AR “My Daddy was the best most kind hearted, hardest

working person you will ever know to have known him was to love him”  Love-your Son Billy Geo.

&  MARY  JUANITA  RAMBIN  MURPHY  2-27-1919 to 12-15-1984

*D/of  Caesar A. Rambin (1895-1969) &  Mary Livisher Harvell Rambin (1900-1950)

*Wf/of  Billy George Murphy, SR.   “To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die” 

“My Mother was the kindest, most caring, thoughtful and loving mother and grandmother ever. 

   Love—Your son Billy George”


BILLY GEORGE MURPHY, JR.(72)  5-12-1945   to  6-19-2017 *OB

*S/of  Billy G. Murphy, Sr. (1917-1988) & Mary Juanita Rambin Murphy(1919-1984)

*Wife & love of his life, Sook Murphy; *Brother to Patricia Ann Murphy & David Murphy.

*Brother, Billy & Sister, Patricia share this double headstone.

&  PATRICIA  ANN  MURPHY (TIPTON)   3-17-1943 (One date) 

*D/of  Billy George Murphy, Sr.  & Mary Juanita Rambin Murphy  *Sister to Billy George, Jr.

*Shares a double headstone with her brother, Billy George Murphy, Jr. (although her name

is not inscribed on it at this time, 2012) *Alive as of Nov 2017.


BOBBIE  LOUIS  MURPHY  1-26-1927  to  2-14-1927

*S/of  J.G. & S.S. Murphy


BOBBIE  D.  MURPHY   3-31-1881  to  4-9-1899

(Bobie)  *S/of  John Wm. Murphy(1855-1928) & Eliza ‘Lida’ Davis Murphy(1861-1945)

*Stone broken, with parts of it missing.(2012)


BUFORD  NEIL MURPHY  1-21-1906  to  11-2-1921

*S/of George Taylor Murphy(1861-1941) & Mary Willie Hayes Murphy(1867-1926)


CAREN  KINARD  MURPHY  7-25-1968  to 11-22-1996

“Gone But Not Forgotten”  (double headstone, but other half is blank)


CHARLES  ALYMER MURPHY   2-18-1889  to  11-10-1957

*S/of  Sarah Alice Jeanette Barnes(1869-1953) Oscar Thomas Murphy(1867-1927)

&  SARAH  IRENE  MURPHY  MURPHY  9-12-1892  to  2-11-1979

*D/of  Mary Willie Hayes Murphy (1867-1926) & George Taylor Murphy(1861-1941)


CLARENCE  YOUNG  MURPHY  9-29-1880  to  11-28-1918

*S/of  George  Quinney Murphy(1851-1928) & Martha Eugenia Davis Murphy(1857-1891)  

*Died in Calif. from complications as a result of a fall at a construction site from the 3rd floor of a building.

“Tho Lost To Sight To Memory Dear”


CLARK  MURPHY  7-9-1902  to  5-30-1903

*S/of  Thomas David Murphy(1879-1941) & Bettie ‘Claudia’ Murphy(1879-1980)


CLAUDINE  MURPHY  3-19-1914  to  12-28-1915

*D/of  Thomas David Murphy(1879-1941) & Bettie ‘Claudia’ Murphy(1879-1980)


CLIDA  ARCHER  MURPHY  1-24-1891  to  6-28-1891

*Adopted  son of  Leonard DeKalb Murphy


COY  RHODES  MURPHY (44)  5-1-1932  to  11-24-1976 Lufkin, TX

*S/of  Doyle O. Murphy(1909-1988) of El Dorado & Mable Annette Rhodes Murphy Welch

  (1913-1990) of Houston [Mabel buried in Resthaven Cemetery]

DAVID  LANE  MURPHY   11-27-1937  to  8-22-2000

*S/of  Doyle O. Murphy(1909-1988) of El Dorado & Mable Annette Rhodes Murphy Welch


DOYLE  OREN  MURPHY  2-20-1909  to  6-22-1988

*S/of  Thomas E. Murphy (1872-1924) & Martha Rosetta Ballard Murphy(1874-1947)

*Md:1st Mabel Annette Rhodes, 1930 Columbia Co.,AR [Divorced]

*Md:2nd  Helen F. Murphy 

&  HELEN  F.  MURPHY  8-28-1922  (One date)


EFFIE  IDELL  MURPHY   9-29-1895  to  12-10-1976

*D/of  Oscar Thomas Murphy(1867-1927) & Sarah Alice Jeanette Barnes(1869-1953)


EMMA  J.  MURPHY   2-11-1905  to  7-30-1915  *Age 9 yrs-5 mos-19 dys

*D/of  Jesse Scott Murphy(1857-1927) & Martha Jane Warwick(1861-1923)


EMODELL  MURPHY   7-23-1912  to  11-30-1997

*D/of  George Francis Murphy(1875-1946) & Mary Jane Barnes Murphy(1879-1963)

“Gone To A Better Land”    *See  Emodell Murphy Tarver Lovell


ERA  (L.) LESSIE  MURPHY 12-14-1907  to  6-15-1990

*D/of  Frances Regg Murphy(1883-1947) & Mary Lenora Pate(1889-1967)


FLORICE  MURPHY  5-11-1904  to  3-5-1905

*S/of  Thomas David Murphy(1879-1941) & Bettie ‘Claudia’ Murphy(1879-1980)


FLOYD  MURPHY  2-14-1905  to  7-21-1911

*S/of  Nauphlet Grant Murphy(1871-1945) &  Rebecca M. Lawton Murphy(1876-1944)


FRANCIS  “FRANK”  REGG  MURPHY 1-28-1883  to  4-8-1947

*S/of  George W. Murphy(1831-1899) & Sarah A. Cook Murphy(1839-1923)

(Francis Regg Murphy)      “He died as he lived—A Christian”

&  MARY  LENORA  PATE  MURPHY  3-30-1889  to  4-4-1967

*D/of Rufus Perry Pate(1863-1892) & Susan Frances“ Fannie” Duke Pate(1868-1952)

"NORA"      “She was the sunshine of our home


FRED  HUMBLE  MURPHY  12-27-1888 to 4-15-1913

*S/of  George Quinney Murphy(1851-1928) & Martha Eugenia Davis Murphy(1857-1891):

*1st husband of Maude Blanche Ramsey; Maude was pregnant with their 1st child when

Fred died. This was a daughter, Freddie Humble Murphy Hogan(1913-2002)

*Died of ruptured appendix (see brother, Will Calvin Murphy) *Freddie and her husband

William H. Hogan are buried in Smackover Cemetery.


GEORGE  CLIFFORD  MURPHY  9-30-1916  to  9-26-1920

*S/of  James Docton Murphy  &  Georgia Murphy Murphy. 


GEORGE  EZEKIEL "EKE"  MURPHY  3-11-1855 to 3-13-1933 "Father"

*S/of Thomas Jesse Murphy(1827AL-1862 AR) & Martha Eugenia Perry (1831 GA-1905 AR)


JULIA  GRAZELLA  HILL MURPHY  1-1-1854  to  5-8-1943 "Mother"

 *D/of William W. Hill (1825 LA-1865 MD) & Sarah Ann Sasser Hill(1826 AL-1886 AR)


GEORGE  FRANCIS  MURPHY   9-6-1875   to  10-26-1946

*S/of  John Perry Murphy(1851-1894) &  Mary Ellender Lawton Murphy (1856-1917)

“Blessed Are The Pure In Heart For They Shall See God”

&  MARY JANE “JENNIE” BARNES  MURPHY  4-10-1879  to  5-12-1963

*D/of  John Ellis Barnes(1847-1887) &  Martha Jane Roundtree Barnes(1847-1915)


GEORGE  QUINNEY  MURPHY  2-12-1851  to  3-28-1928

*S/of  John Perdue Murphy(1824-1917) & Elizabeth Jane Quinney Murphy(1830-1906)

* John  P. Murphy & Elizabeth J Quinney Murphy buried in Bethel Primitive Baptist

*There is some confusion about where George Quinney Murphy is buried.

His obit simply said he was buried in Sandyland. Both of his wives, & most of his children

are buried at Rehobeth.  I have childhood memories of him once upon a time having a

headstone. For some time there has been no tombstone or evidence of one. 

MARTHA  EUGENIA  DAVIS  MURPHY  4-7-1857 to 11-8-1891

*1st  Wf/of  George Quinney Murphy *md:1878:  *M/of  Will Calvin, Sally Elizabeth Robertson,

Minnie E. Perdue, Clarence Young, Fred Humble, Martha Zana Murphy Dunbar. 

*D/of  James Davis (d:1878)  & Mary Jane Perry Davis(1828GA-1878AR)

 (G.Q. &  Martha E. Davis Murphy are my great grandparents)

MATTIE  ARMER  SULLIVAN  MURPHY  7-12-1866  to  2-16-1948

*Mattie Armer   *D/of  Joseph Armer & Sarah Martha Jane Perdue Armer

*2nd wf/of  George Quinney Murphy *md:1897 (George was Mattie's *2nd husband);

*Mother of  Vera May Hearin, Joseph Armer Murphy, George Lewis Murphy, Mary Eunice Murphy,

Horace A. Murphy.   *George Quinney Murphy is buried at Rehobeth, presently no marker, but I

believe he originally had one & was buried alongside his two wives & some of his deceased children.


GEORGE  W. MURPHY  5-10-1888  to  11-25-1947

*S/of  George Taylor Murphy(1861-1941)  & Mary Willie Hayes Murphy(1867-1926)

*Wife, Eddice M. Goodwin  (b:Oct 1890)


GEORGE  W.  MURPHY  11-26-1831  to  2-19-1899

*S/of  Jesse T. Murphy(ca 1797-1863) & Nancy Gray Perdue Murphy(1809-1879)

“Resting till the resurrection morn”  *Age 84 yrs, 9 ms, 1day

 His original tombstone broken in half.

&  SARAH  ANN  COOK  MURPHY  3-15-1839  to  12-16-1923

*D/of  George Washington Cook(ca 1800-1880) & Elizabeth Mendenhall Cook(1810-1873)


GROVER  E.  MURPHY   6-12-1905  to  12-26-1967

*S/of  Edwin Grover Murphy(1867-1955) & Annie Woolsey(1868-1944)


(G. T.) GEORGE  TAYLOR   MURPHY  12-16-1861  to  9-4-1941

*S/of  George W. Murphy(1831-1899) & Sara Ann Cook Murphy (1839-1923)

*Age 80 yrs-9 mos-12 dys  "GIP"

&  MARY  WILLIE  HAYES  MURPHY  7-8-1867  to  9-1-1926

*D/of  William N. Hayes(1835-1912) & Francina Sewell Hayes(1840-1915)

“Rest Mother, rest in quiet sleep while friends in sorrow o’er thee weep.”


GUY  MURPHY   6-28-1906   to   9-8-1906

*S/of  George Francis Murphy(1875-1946) & Mary Jane Barnes Murphy(1879-1963)


HARVEY  GLEE  MURPHY  5-11-1902  to  5-11-1959

*S/of George Taylor Murphy(1861-1941) & Mary Willie Hayes Murphy (1867-1926)

*H/of  Velma Crawford    Md: 1926


HENRY  CLAY (H. C.) MURPHY  3-7-1864  to 10-22-1902

*S/of  John Perdue Murphy(1824-1917) &  Elizabeth Jane Quinney Murphy(1830-1906) 

*H/of  Annie Irene Hines(1869-1916)


HERBERT  AYLMER  MURPHY  12-23-1914  to  4-11-1922

*S/of  Charles Alymer Murphy(1889-1957) &  Sarah Irene Murphy Murphy(1892-1979)   

*Age 7 yrs-3 mos-19 dys 


HOMER  CLARK  MURPHY  3-11-1911  to  7-8-1974

*S/of  Charles Alymer Murphy(1889-1957) &  Sarah Irene Murphy Murphy(1892-1979)   

“Absent In Body, But Present in Spirit”  *H/of Velma Marie Nowlin

&  VELMA  MARIE  NOWLIN  MURPHY  8-19-1915  to 12-18-1983

*D/of  Walter Henry Nowlin(1888-1966) & Mary Isabella Hopper Nowlin(1889-1975)


HOMER  MURPHY, JR.  b & d  12-19-1936

*Infant S/of  Henry Clark Murphy  &  Velma Marie Knowlin Murphy


HORACE  A. MURPHY   2-9-1907  to  5-30-1927

*S/of  George Quinney Murphy(1851-1928) & Mattie Armer Sullivan Murphy(1864-1916) 


Infant  MURPHY died  5-2-1897

*Infant of  Nauphlet Grant Murphy(1871-1945) &  Rebecca Lawton Murphy(1876-1944)

Infant  MURPHY  12-4-1895 to 12-15-1895

*Infant of  Nauphlet Grant Murphy(1871-1945) &  Rebecca Lawton Murphy(1876-1944)

Infant  MURPHY b  &  d  12-11-1903

*Infant of  Nauphlet Grant Murphy(1871-1945) &  Rebecca Lawton Murphy(1876-1944)

Infant  MURPHY  b & d  12-10-1909

*D/of  Benjamin Franklin Murphy(1890-1969) & Rella Jane Haney Murphy(1889-1922)

Infant  MURPHY  b & d  9-21-1913

*D/of  Nauphlet Grant Murphy(1871-1945) &  Rebecca Lawton Murphy(1876-1944)

Infant  MURPHY  b & d  3-23-1919 

*S/of  Nauphlet Grant Murphy (1871-1945)&  Rebecca Lawton Murphy(1876-1944)

Infant  Baby MURPHY  b & d  3-3-1926

Infant  Baby MARY MURPHY died  1947


IRA  LAVELLE  MURPHY 9-1-1890  to 5-29-1892

*S/of  George Taylor Murphy(1861-1941) & Mary Willie Hayes Murphy(1867-1926) 


JACK  D.  MURPHY (82) 6-7-1924  to 1-10-2007  *ob

*S/of  Francis ‘Frank’ Regg Murphy(1883-1947)  & Mary Lenora Pate Murphy(1889-1967)

*Wf of 48 yrs, Lula T. Murphy   *Md:1/31/1959

&  LULA TABITHA HALL MURPHY(84) 10-4-1927 to 9-17-2012 *ob

*D/of  Luther William Hall(1888-1970) &  Bertie J. Cheatham Hall(1903-1994)


JACK  MURPHY, JR.  b  &  d  9-1-1925

*S/of  Sutton Riley Murphy(1887-1934) &  Jessie Gertrude Tippy Murphy Langley(1897-1987)

*Jack & Velmer were brother and sister.

&  VELMER  MURPHY  1-1-1924  to  8-27-1924

*D/of  Sutton Riley Murphy(1887-1934) &  Jessie Gertrude Tippy Murphy(1897-1987)


JACK  W.  MURPHY (79) 7-13-1885  to  7-13-1964

*S/of  John William Murphy(1855-1928) & Eliza “Lida” Davis Murphy(1861-1945)


&  SADIE SARAH FREEMAN  MURPHY  12-10-1894  to 8-6-1985

*D/of  James Madison Wood Freeman (1840-ca 1910) & Mary L. Murphy Freeman(1872-1926)


JAMES  "JIMMIE"  ALLAN  MURPHY  8-17-1946  to  12-16-1970

* “ARKIE “   *S/of  Willie Homer Murphy(1916-1995)  &  Alene Virginia Heinley Murphy(1926-1996)


JAMES  JOHN  MURPHY   7-1-1917  to  9-15-1971

*S/of  Sadie Sarah Freeman(1894-1985)& Jack Edward Murphy(1885-1964)

 *Arkansas  CPL Co "E" 340 Engineers  WW II

&  DORTHY  E.  WINGFIELD  MURPHY 12-12-1920  to  5-28-1949

*Wf/of  James John Murphy


JAMES (T.) THOMAS  MURPHY  12-3-1848   to  9-26-1940

*S/of  John Perdue Murphy(1824-1917)  &  Elizabeth  Jane  Quinney Murphy(1830-1906)

*Spouses: *1st Sarah Sallie Grant(1853-1889) * 2nd wife Md:1890 Emily Elizabeth Ingram


to 1-13-1926 *D/of  John C. Ingram(1830-1863) & Ann Eliza Smith Ingram (1833-1890)

*Age 71 yrs-1 mo-2 dys  *Wf/of  James T. Murphy  "Meet Me In Heaven"


JAMES  WARREN  MURPHY 10-2-1850  to 11-8-1918

*S/of  Elizabeth Docton Perry Murphy(1833-1903) &  Mial Gray Murphy, Sr.(1829-1924)


8-25-1910 (Martha)

*D/of  J. Kannon Thompson(1814-1868) & Sarah Amelia Perry Thompson(1821-1901)


JESSE  GRAY  MURPHY  6-1-1892  to  4-3-1920     

*S/of  Mattie Luticia Smith Murphy(1864-1916)  &  Mial Gray Murphy, Jr.(1860-1933) 

*Age 27 yrs-10 ms-2 dys      (Mason)

*1st  H/of  Lucille Moore Elliott(1900-1950) *Buried at Woodlawn Cemetery


(J.) JESSE  SCOTT  MURPHY  3-18-1857  to  3-29-1927

*S/of  John Perdue Murphy(1824-1917) & Elizabeth Jane Quinney Murphy(1830-1906)

*Age 70 yrs-11 dys

&  MARTHA JANE WARWICK MURPHY  9-20-1861  to  9-27-1923

*Elegant monument only has Martha's birthdate. *D/of  Theron Warwick & Mary Warwick


JESSIE  S. MURPHY   12-28-1900  to 7-20-1947

*D/of  Jesse Scott Murphy(1857-1927) & Martha Jane Warwick Murphy(1861-1923)


JIMMIE  LEE MURPHY   1-27-1902  to  9-9-1991

*S/of  John William Murphy(1855-1928) & “Lydia” Eliza Davis Murphy(1861-1945)


&  ARTHA  WARD  MURPHY  10-5-1909  to  6-9-1988  

*D/of  Mollie Wood Ward(1884-1912) &  Lige Ward    (Artha name given on tombstone)


JOHN  WILLIAM  MURPHY   1-28-1855  to  7-4-1928

*S/of  John Perdue Murphy(1824-1917)  &  Elizabeth  Jane  Quinney Murphy(1830-1906)

“Resting In Hope Of A Glorious Resurrection”

&  ELIZA “LIDA”  DAVIS  MURPHY  2-26-1861  to  1-4-1945


JOHN  WILLIAM  MURPHY  7-30-1953  to  7-30-1953  “Our Baby”

*S/of  Johnny Murphy(1925-2000)  &  Sylvia Nell Carrico Murphy (1933 - ? )


JOHNNY  MURPHY, SR.   5-21-1897  to  6-16-1973

*S/of  John William Murphy(1855-1928) & Eliza Davis Murphy(1861-1945)

*Wives- *1st  Nada Mae Murphy(1900-1923) &  *2nd Ethel Hortense Lansford


4-23-1992   *D/of  Elias M. Lansford(1872-1947) & Margie L. Lansford(1875-1951)

*2nd Wife, of Johnny Murphy, Sr.

&  NADA MAE ADCOX MURPHY 1-11-1900  to  9-12-1923

*1st  Wf/of  Johney Murphy, Sr.    “She is not dead but sleepeth”

*Nada shares a double headstone with Johney Murphy, Sr. *Spelled this way on headstone.


JOHNNY  MURPHY, JR.  12-16-1925  to  6-5-2000

*S/of  Ethel Hortense Lansford Murphy(1904-1992) &  Johnny Murphy, Sr.(1897-1973)  


&  SYLVIA  NELL CARRICO  MURPHY  10-17-1933 (One date)

*D/of  William E. Carrico(1891-1972) & Clara E. Jenkins Carrico(1898-1993)


JOSEPH  ARMER  MURPHY  4-23-1900  to  7-18-1900

 *S/of  George Quinney(1851-1928)  & Mattie Armer Sullivan Murphy(1866-1948)

 "Joe"  (?1901-1903) (stone is broken)


LAUREEN  MURPHY   2-22-1921  to  10-8-1964

*Twin to Orean Murphy(1921-1934) *Died age 13.

*D/of William Hugh “Willie” Murphy(1875-1963) & Margaret “Maggie” Elva Sullivan




 7-9-1968   *Shares double Marker with *2nd wife,  EvelenaLena” Freeman

*S/of  John William Murphy(1855-1928) &  Eliza Davis Murphy(1861-1945)

“Forever In Our Hearts”

*1st Wf,  NELLIE  C. HUX  MURPHY  11-29-1884  to  3-22-1920

*D/of  Francis Marion Hux (1844-1919)  &  Olive Dettenheim Hux (1847-1908)

*2nd Wf,  EVELENALENA” FREEMAN  MURPHY  2-10-1898  to 

  2-1-1998     *Wf/of  Leonard Dekalb Murphy

 *D/of James Madison Wood Freeman(1840-aft. May 1910) & Mary L. Murphy Freeman (1872-1926)


L.  E.  MURPHY     9-19-1882  to  1-26-1887


LEONARD  DeKALB  MURPHY (L.D.)  2-25-1848  to 11-21-1924

*S/of  Jesse Thomas Murphy(1797-1863) & Nancy Gray Perdue Murphy(1809-1879)  

*Age 76 yrs-8 mos-26 dys   “Go And Dwell With Him Above, Happy In The Savior’s Love”

*1st  Wf,  MARTHA ANN GOFF  MURPHY  3-7-1845 LA to  8-31-1918

*D/of  James Bailey Goff(1816- bef. Oct 1858)& Mary Ann Burns(b:ca 1826 MS-bef. Oct 1850AR)


*Md:*1st ca 1900  John C.  ROBINSON(1857-1915) buried at Woodlawn Cemetery.

*Md: *2nd Leonard DeKalb Murphy 1922 / Carrie is buried Woodlawn Cemetery 


LENA  MURPHY  7-10-1839  to  4-5-1899

*D/of  J.B. &  Blanche Murphy


LEONARD  DeCALB  MURPHY  Mar 1864  to  9-20-1865

*S/of  George W. Murphy(1831-1899)  &  Sarah Ann Cook Murphy(1839-1923)  

*Age 1 yr-6 mos-13 dys


LEWIE  DeKALB “BUD” MURPHY  2-28-1876  to  8-2-1960  

*S/of  James Warren Murphy(1850-1918) & Martha Elizabeth Thompson(1851-1910)

*H/of Virgie Murphy,  *D/of George Ezekiel Murphy & Julia Grazella Hill Murphy

“Lewis DeKalb Murphy"


LILLIE  MURPHY   2-13-1885  to  9-29-1892

*D/of  Jesse Scott Murphy(1857-1927) &  Martha Jane Warwick Murphy(1861-1933TX )


MARIE  GENE  MURPHY   7-14-1937   to   11-7-2000


MARION  and  RAYMON  MURPHY  *Twins born  12-30-1923

*MARION  died 12-30-1923  and   RAYMON  died 1-5-1924

*Infant Sons of  Jessie Gertrude Tippy(1897-1987) &  Sutton Riley Murphy(1889-1934)


MARJORIE  ANNIE  MURPHY  6-21-1921  to  8-10-1921

*D/of  John William Murphy(1897-1973)  &  Nada Mae Adcox Murphy(1900-1923) 

“Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven”


MARTHA  B.  MURPHY born  Jan 1869   died  9-20-1869

*D/of  George W. Murphy(1831-1899)  &  Sarah Ann Cook Murphy(1839-1923) 

*Age 8 mos-26 dys 


MARY  EUNICE  MURPHY  6-7-1905  to 10-8-1924

*D/of  George Quinney Murphy(1851-1928) & Mattie Armer Sullivan Murphy(1866-1948)  

*Age 19 yrs-4 Ms-1Dy


MARY  GENE  MURPHY   7-14-1937  to  11-7-2000

*D/of  Jimmie Lee Murphy(1902-1991) & Artha Ward Murphy(1909-1988)

“Sweet Remembrance”


MIAL  GRAY  MURPHY, SR.   11-12-1829  to 7-14-1924

*S/of  Nancy Gray Perdue Murphy (1809-1879) &  Jesse T. Murphy(1797-1863)

*Spouses:  *1st wife, Elizabeth Docton Perry (1833-1903)

*2nd wife, Martha Lavonia Smith Williams (1859-1923) *Martha “Mattie” is buried in

  Burns-Ebenezer Cemetery, along with her identical twin, her children, and her parents.

*CSA  PVT  CO  I  19 Arkansas Infantry

& ELIZABETH  DOCTON  PERRY  MURPHY  2-18-1833 to 5-26-1903

*D/of  Ezekiel Perry(1804-1876) & Rebecca May(1807-1857) *Age 70 yrs-3 mos-8 dys

“She’s gone to world’s above,  Where saints and angels meet. To realize our Saviour’s

love And worship  at his feet.”


MIAL  GRAY  MURPHY, JR.  8-20-1860  to  10-17-1933

*S/of  Mial Gray Murphy, Sr(1829-1924). & Elizabeth Docton Perry Murphy(1833-1903)

*2nd wife, Pearl A. Carmichael (b: 1892)

&   *1st wife, MARTHA  LUTICIA  SMITH  MURPHY 9-16-1864  to  

 1-29-1916  "MATTIE"

*Martha  D/of Rebecca W. Oliphant(1823-1864) & William A. Smith(1814-bef.1871)


MILEY  SNIDER  MURPHY  9-12-1870  to  2-3-1940

*S/of  George W. Murphy(1831-1899) & Sarah Ann Cook Murphy(1839-1923)

“Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours”

&  JULIA  ARDECIA  MURPHY  10-13-1876  to  3-19-1916


MILTON  HARDIN  MURPHY   9-20-1923  to  9-19-2005

*S/of  Willie Hugh Murphy(1875-1963) & Margaret Elva Sullivan Murphy(1891-1980)

*Md:4/8/1949   “In Loving Memory”

&  BOBBIE  JEAN HENDERSON MURPHY 12-11-1927 to 7-19-1997

*D/of  Thomas L. Henderson(1901-1960) & Hazel Ann Henderson(1905-1991)


M.  M.  MURPHY  12-1-1880  to  9-10-1882

*D/of  Jesse Scott Murphy(1857-1927) & Martha Jane Warwick Murphy(1861-1933)


NAUPHLET  GRANT  MURPHY   1871  to  1945

*S/of  James Thomas Murphy(1848-1940) &  Sarah Sallie Grant Murphy(1853-1889)

“Sleep Undisturbed Within This Peaceful Shrine”

&  REBECCA  M.  LAWTON  MURPHY  1876  to  1944

*D/of  Jane Wilson Lawton  (1853-1936) & William W. Lawton(1846-1913)

*Wf/of  Nauphlet Grant Murphy


N. E.  MURPHY   9-19-1882  to  1-26-1887

*D/of  Jesse Scott Murphy(1857-1927) & Martha Jane Warwick Murphy (1861-1933)

*Old headstone broken in /initials becoming hard to read


ORBIE  LOUIS  MURPHY   1-26-1927  to  2-14-1927

*S/of  Jack G. Murphy (1885-1964) & Sadie Sarah Freeman Murphy(1894-1985) 

“Gone To Be An Angel”


OREAN  MURPHY   2-22-1921  to 10-3-1934

*D/of  Hugh William Murphy(1875-1963) & Margaret Elva Sullivan Murphy(1891-1980) 

*Twin to  Laureen Murphy (1921-1964)      “Safe In The Arms of Jesus”


OSCAR  RAY  MURPHY,SR.  1-22-1904  to 12-29-1973

*S/of  Oscar Thomas Murphy (1867-1927) & Sarah Alice Jeanette Barnes Murphy(1869-1953)

*Spouses: *1std  wife, Frances Jane Murray Murphy Smith (1904-1997) buried Arlington

  Memorial Park Cemetery, El Dorado, AR - along with *2nd husband, Claude Bryant Smith

*2nd Wf of Oscar, Sr., Clara Eastridge (1910-2005)buried Friendship Baptist Cemetery, El Dorado, AR  

&  OSCAR  RAY  MURPHY, JR.  9-10-1926  to  4-9-1955 CO

*S/of  Oscar Ray Murphy(1904-1973) &  Frances Jane Murray Murphy( Smith)(1904-1997)

*Arkansas  PFC 840 Air Engr Sq AAF WW II  (d: Fort Morgan, Colorado)


OSCAR  THOMAS  MURPHY  12-10-1867  to  5-28-1927

*S/of  Mial Gray Murphy(1829-1924) &  Elizabeth Docton Perry Murphy(1833-1903)

*Age 59 yrs-6 mos-18 dys


to  4-30-1953   *Wf/of Oscar Thomas Murphy(1867-1927)  *Age 83 yrs~4 mos~13 dys  

*D/of John Ellis Barnes(1847-1887) & Martha Jane Roundtree Barnes(1847-1915)


PERRY  BONA  MURPHY  3-30-1920  to  12-2-1987

*S/of Mary Lenora‘Nora’ Pate(1889-1967) &  Francis‘Frank’ Regg Murphy(1883-1947)  

“Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal”


RAYMON  MURPHY   12-30-1923  to 1-5-1924  *Twin

*Infant  S/of  Sutton Riley Murphy(1889-1934) & Jessie Gertrude Tippy Murphy Langley


&  MARION  MURPHY   b & d  12-30-1923  *Twin

*Infant  S/of  Sutton Riley Murphy(1889-1934) & Jessie Gertrude Tippy Murphy Langley



ROGER  ALLEN  MURPHY  b  &  d   2-1-1940

*Infant  S/of  Roy Edgar Murphy(1901-1977) & Myrtis Terrell Murphy(1901-1994)


RUFUS  IVA  MURPHY  9-14-1901AR  to  6-11-1972LA

*S/of  Mary Jane Barnes Murphy(1879-1963) & George Francis Murphy(1875-1946)

*Md:8/15/1923  “Where He Leads Me I Can Safely Go”

&  GEORGIA  MADDOX  MURPHY  10-20-1905 LA  to  5-26-1980 LA

*D/of  T. M. Maddox (1868-1916)  &  Ruth M. Owens Maddox(1876-1966)


RUTH  ELIZZIEBETH  MURPHY  11-18-1907  to 9-28-1919

*D/of  Nauphlet Grant Murphy(1871-1945)  &  Rebecka Lawton Murphy(1876-1944

*Spelling of Elizabeth  &  Rebecka are spelled as they appear on the tombstone.


SALLIE  J.  MURPHY  4-7-1901  to  8-26-1907

*D/of  Nauphlet Grant Murphy(1871-1945) &  Rebecka Lawton Murphy(1876-1944) 



6-24-1905   to  11-30-1936    “Her Memory Is Blessed”

*D/of  John Lemuel Armer(1874-1934) &  Martha Jane Davis Armer (1875-1939)

*1st Wf/of  George Lewis Murphy (2-12-1902  to  12-12-1960)buried Arlington Park Cemetery,

 El Dorado, AR, along with his *2nd wife, Myrtle Josephine Johnson.


SUTTON  RILEY  MURPHY   9-28-1889  to  5-6-1934

*S/of  Jesse Scott Murphy(1857-1927) & Martha Jane Warwick Murphy(1861-1923)

*MD: *1st Ethel S. Bates (1893-1916) *2nd Jessie Gertrude Tippy Murphy Langley(1897-1987)

 Wf, ETHEL  S.  BATES  MURPHY  1-2-1893 to 10-22-1916

*D/of  Thomas Martin Bates(1857-1926) & Francis Ann McGough Bates(1859-1940)

 * Age 23 yrs-9 mos-2 dys      “Forever With The Lord”


THELMA  MURPHY  5-23-1906  to 1-3-1907  

*D/of  Thomas David Murphy & Bettie Claudia Murphy Murphy


THOMAS  EDGAR MURPHY  6-17-1872  to 10-15-1924

*S/of  George W. Murphy(1831-1899) & Sarah A. Cook Murphy(1839-1923)

MARTHA ROSETTA BALLARD  MURPHY 12-29-1874  to 12-9-1947

*D/of  George Edmund Deberry Ballard(1845-1922) & Nancy Caroline Hill Ballard(1851-1916)

*Wf/of  Thomas E. Murphy(1872-1924)


THREASA  MURPHY  3-14-1961  to  3-15-1961 

*D/of  Patrick Warren & Frances Cook Murphy


WILL  CALVIN  MURPHY   2-12-1879  to  12-11-1963

*S/of  George Quinney Murphy (1851-1928) &  Martha E. Davis Murphy(1857-1891) 

*2nd H/of Maude B. Ramsey  *Md: 12/18/1915


to  11-12-1954  * D/of  James Humphrey Ramsey(1868-1955)  &  Florence House Ramsey(1871-1956)   

*Md:1st   12/24/1912  Fred H. Murphy (1888-1913) 

*Md:2nd  Will Calvin Murphy, (1879-1963) brother to Fred H. Murphy


WILLIAM  CURTIS  MURPHY  4-20-1905  to  9-6-1970

*S/of  George Francis Murphy(1875-1946) & Mary Jane Barnes Murphy(1879-1963)

*H/of  Geneva Evelyn Pitchlynn      “He Giveth His Beloved Sleep”


WILLIAM  EMZY  MURPHY  12-23-1923  to 1-15-1924

*This tombstone is directly behind another tombstone.


WILLIAM  MURPHY   6-15-1850  to  7-22-1852

*Son of  T. J.  &  M. E. Murphy   "An angel of heaven to wear the crown without life's

weary race to run"


WILLIE  HOMER  MURPHY  7-14-1916  to  5-13-1995

*S/of  Willie Hugh Murphy (1875-1963) &  Maggie Elva Sullivan Murphy(1891-1980)

 *TEC5  US Army WW II Vet   (Willie Homer Murphy was married 3X's)

*1st wife, Annie Laura Johnson *2nd wife, 1944,  Alene Virginia Thompson [Divorced]

*3rd wife, 1961, Beatrice Miller


11-12-1996  *Willie Homer Md: Alene Virginia Thompson in 1944, Sebastian County, AR

*Former wife of Willie Homer Murphy-(Divorced) “Our Loving Mother  Rest In Peace” 


WILLIE  HUGH  MURPHY 12-2-1875  to  8-22-1963 

*S/of  James Thomas Murphy(1848-1940) &  Sarah Sallie Grant Murphy(1853-1889)

*Md:12/23/1908    “A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon”


to   10-9-1980   *D/of  Mattie Armer Sullivan Murphy (1866-1948) &  *1st husband,

Daniel Nathan Sullivan(1851-1928) *2nd Husband, George Quinney Murphy(1851-1928)


WILLOW JEAN MURPHY  2-11-1928  to  2-22-1928


WINFREE  JOHNSON  MURPHY   7-29-1905  to  11-17-1962

*S/of George Taylor Murphy(1861-1941)  & Mary Willie Hayes Murphy(1867-1926)

*H/of  Ruth Loretta Rice      *Arkansas  CTM  US Navy  WW II


WYVONEE  HORTENSE  MURPHY   11-28-1941  to  3-9-2002

*D/of  Ethel Hortense Lansford Murphy (1904-1992) & Johnny Murphy (1897-1973)


MURPHY ?   9-19-1882  to  1-26-1887 

*Name is broken off  & only date visible is 1-15-1887?



GROVER  ELMER  NALLS   6-12-1905  to 12-26-1967

“His Memory Is Blessed”


JAMES  BART  NALLS   10-9-1873  to  12-12-1943

*S/of  Briant George Nalls(1840-1884) & Martha Elizabeth Boyd Nalls(1846 -?)

“A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon”

&  ANNIE  BARNES  NALLS   3-4-1875  to  5-13-1964



MORRIS  LEON  "CATFISH"  NASH   5-8-1940  (One date)

"Later Gater"  inscribed on Morris's tombstone.  *Md:7/6/1964

&  RUBY LEE BATES ABITT WOOD NASH (87) 4-22-1922  to

12-10-2009  *Md: 45 yrs to *3rd husband Morris “Catfish” Nash   “Miss Ruby”

*D/of  Thomas Ashley Bates(1884-1961) & Susie Elizabeth Brown Bates(1899-1976) 

 *M/of  David George Bates(1940-2006)  &  Mary Ann Woods Peace (1944-2013) *ob

 *1st Wm. McKinley Abbitt(1893-1959) buried @ Rehobeth *Md: 1949, Ruby as his 2nd wife;

*2nd Earl D. Woods (1918-1969) buried Springhill Cemetery, Jackson Parish, LA

“An Angel Touched Her And She Sleeps”



DAN  ALLEN  NITCHOLAS (46) 9-28-1960  to  2-13-2007 *ob

*S/of Wyman & Dianne Allen Nitcholas.   *H/of Wendy Rogers Nitcholas  



ROBERT  LEWIS  NORDMEYER , SR.  11-21-1889  to  2-8-1949

*S/of  Theodore Nordmeyer(1854 Germany-1908 MN) & Wilhelmina Schmidt(1861 IL-

1945 MN)    *Robert  b:Kankakee,ILL  d: Norphlet, AR

Robert married Sarah in 1913, in Lincoln Co., Minnesota


11-15-1960  *D/of James Wesley Bressler(b:ca 1858 IL) & Edith E. Smith Bressler

(b:ca 1863 MN)


ROBERT  LEWIS NORDMEYER , JR.   6-10-1924   to   6-7-2001

*S/of  Robert Lewis Nordmeyer(1889-1949) & Sarah Elizabeth Bressler Nordmeyer(1894-1960)


1-12-2015   *Margaret E. Bates  *Md: 1943, Saline Co., AR,  Robert L. Nordmeyer

*D/of  Thomas Ashley Bates(1884-1961) & Susie Elizabeth Brown Bates(1899-1976)



JOHN  LONNIE  NORTON, SR.   10-22-1902MS  to  8-14-1967

*John born in Pattison, MS 

 “They Are Not Lost Who  ?Find The Light Of Sun and Stars and God”

&  EVA “GG”  DOWNS  NORTON  11-3-1914   to  2-8-2010 *OB

*D/of  Charlie Roscoe Downs(1887-1961) & Alma F. Wright Downs(1891-1971)





CORA  M.  NORWOOD  died  9-2-1852

*D/of  Ann – Step-Daugh of W. E. Powell   *Age 7 yrs


ELLA  PETERSON  O' ROURKE   3-3-1877  to  8-22-1900

*D/of  James Jefferson Peterson(1855 AL-1895AR)  &  Almedia Peterson(1858-1932)

*Wf/of  Ed O'Rourke (original stone broken-replaced with new one)



DANITA  OLIVER   12-17-1930  to 12-31-1932

“Asleep In Jesus”  *Old original headstone & a new one


ROBERT  LEROY  OLIVER   b  &  d  10-12-1941

*S/of  W. W.  &  Neva Oliver  “In Jesus Arms”