est.  1862

Located in Union County, Arkansas, northeast of the community of Lawson

and about 20 miles or so east of El Dorado.

 First inventoried this cemetery on a damp, drizzly day, October 28, 2002.

 Updated, April 19, 2004, using a canvass done by James T. Mullins in November 1992.

Janice Holzer       JCSH432@gmail.com


Use of the symbol  "&" represents two or more people on the same headstone.

Use of the symbol  "MM" stands for metal mortuary marker.

*WOW indicates 'Woodman of the World'

Updates added May 2006 from obituaries.  *ob

New Canvass  April 2011 -  Last updated December 2017



KENNETH  MARSHALL  ALLEN   2-3-1952  (one date) 

*Md:1/24/1970  *Large headstone with two hearts side by side.

&  CONNIE  ELAINE  McVAY  ALLEN    10-13-1954  to  8-28-1977



ALFRED  EMANUEL  ALPHIN   7-14-1928   to  11-4-1997

*S/of  Stacie Jemima Rushing Alphin (1889-1962)  &  James Thomas Alphin(1884-1931)

*U.S. Navy WW II


ALFRED  EMANUEL  ALPHIN, JR.   b  &  d  11-17-1949

*S/of  Alfred Emanuel Alphin (1928-1997) Madie Lou Major Alphin (1932-2009)

"Gone To Be An Angel"


CHARLES  DAVID  ALPHIN   4-2-1955  to  1-12-1957

*S/of  Alfred Emanuel Alphin (1928-1997) Madie Lou Major Alphin (1932-2009)

"Gone To Be An Angel"


JAMES  THOMAS  "JIM TOM”  ALPHIN, SR.   9-5-1884  to  6-20-1931

&  STACIE  JEMIMA  RUSHING  ALPHIN    9-18-1889  to  11-10-1962

*D/of  James T. Rushing(1842-1918) & Sophronia Ann Traywick Rushing(1859-1930)


JIMMIE  HERMAN  ALPHIN   11-24-1911  to  12-13-1961

*S/of  Stacie Jemima Rushing Alphin (1889-1962)  &  James Thomas Alphin(1884-1931)

&  OLLIE  BELL WOOTEN  ALPHIN    5-25-1923   to  4-18-1989 CA


MADI  LOU  MAJOR  ALPHIN   8-19-1932  to  10-29-2009

*Wife of Alfred Emanuel Alphin (1928-1997)

&  JANICE  MARIE  ALPHIN  10-24-1952  to  6-2-1993 'Nurse' 

*D/of  Alfred Emanuel Alphin (1928-1997) Madie Lou Major Alphin (1932-2009)


MERRELL   ALPHIN    2-9-1922  to  2-11-1922

"Gone To Be An Angel"


TED  ALPHIN   4-2-1931  to  6-30-1932

*S/of  Pearl W. Heath    "Only Sleeping"


WALTER   HORATIO  ALPHIN   1-8-1882  to  3-21-1937

*S/of  Walter Horatio “TOBE” Alphin (1856 - 1/12/1931)

*2nd husb/of  Myrtle F. Humphries



*D/of  Wm. M. Humphries(1843-1929) & Mattie E. Murphy Humphries(1855-1932)

*Myrtie Md:1st 1898  Doug B. Lockhart (1871-1902)

*Md:2nd 1904  Walter H. Alphin (1882-1937)



JESS  AMASON    8-6-1874  to  3-27-1950  "Mason" 



SAMUEL  W.  BARKLEY   11-2-1859 NC  to  7-27-1922 AR

*S/of Jeremiah George Barkley(1833-1917)  to  Mary Ann Traywick Barkley(1832-1914)

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

&  FLORA  E.  BARKLEY   1-11-1866 NC   to  3-25-1944 AR



CARL  LESLIE   BARNES   3-30-1903  to  10-18-1968


CHARLES  W.  BARNES    2-28-1860  to  6-9-1924 

&  ALICE  SHULTZ  BARNES   10-22-1868  to  2-17-1935 


SAMUEL  NELSON  BARNES   1-3-1897  to  11-27-1983

*S/of Charles W. Barnes(1860-1924) & Alice Shultz Barnes(1868-1935)

*Spouses: *1st Wife, Zelma Chloe Dillender    

*2nd Wife, Julia Eddice Gregory(1903-1998) Arlington Cem.

*WWI  PVT.  U.S. Army

ZELMA  CHLOE  DILLENDER  BARNES   1-14-1898  to  10-26-1942

*1st  Wf/of  Samuel Nelson Barnes    "A Tender Mother and A Faithful Friend"



WILLIAM  HALLIE  BARNETTE   11-21-1907  to  12-19-1994  


&  DOROTHY  RITA  BARNETTE   9-9-1912  to  6-12-2000 



BENTLEY "MATT"  DEVERDIE  BARTEE   10-5-1914  to  10-16-1991 "Father"

"Their Memory Shall Be A Guiding Light"

&  MARY OLIVE  NABORS  BARTEE  1-19-1918  to  12-19-1995  "Mother"




*D/of  Thomas M. Bates(1833-1879) & Lucy Ann Lafavor bATES(1836-1913) 


IDA  MAE  BATES     3-14-1869  to  2-2-1873

*D/of  Thomas M. Bates(1833-1879) & Lucy Ann Lafavor(1836-1913) 


LUCY  C.  BATES     8-19-1889  to  8-20-1891  

*D/of  Daniel Nathaniel Green Bates(1859-1918)  &  Margarote "Mollie" A.  McGough  Bates(1867-1955)


THOMAS ASHLEY  BATES  9-1-1884  to  7-10-1961

*S/of  Thomas M. Bates(1857-1926) & Francis Ann McGough Bates(1859-1940)


THOMAS   M.  BATES    5-6-1833  to  3-12-1879 

*H/of  Lucy Ann Lafavor(1836-1913) "His Memory Is Blessed" 



JOHN  P.  BENNETT     2-27-1869NC  to  2-26-1936AR

LOU  A.  BENNETT   10-27-1872NC  to  1-5-1928AR  

*Wf/of  John  P. Bennett   (?aka Laura)


VERA  BENNETT   1-30-1905  to  10-26-1918

*D/of  John P.  Bennett (1869-1936) &  Laura “Lou” A. Bennett (1872-1928)



FLOY  JERRY GARNER  BLAKE (89)  9-9-1919  to  1-31-2009  *ob

*D/of Franklin Kyler Jerry and Mattie E. Newsom Jerry 

*Tombstone says Floy M. Jerry,on the front with late husbands listed on the backside –

* Linford V. Garner(1916-1965) and Lloyd P. Blake, burial location unknown for L.P. Blake.  

*Linford Garner buried this cemetery & has his own headstone.



NONA  BRYANT   (buried in unmarked grave in row with Doug Lockhart)



*All 3 on same headstone.  *See listing under McGough

CLARENCE  ALBERT  BULL   10-1-1885  to  10-13-1918

*1st  H/of  Dovie Lee Betts Bull McGough

&  DOVIE  LEE  BETTS  BULL  McGOUGH  10-9-1885  to  2-22-1969

*Spouses: *1st Clarence Albert Bull(1885-1918)   *2nd George I. McGough(1882-1953)

&  GEORGE  I.  McGOUGH  7-31-1882  to  3-25-1953

*S/of George I. McGough(1882-1953) & Annie Amason McGough(1855-1901)  


LOTTIE  BULL   9-3-1885  to  7-1-1893 

*D/of  Jacob D. Bull(1855-1933)  &  Mary  E.  Sorrells  Bull(1857-1935) 


WILLIAM  MARTIN  BULL   6-22-1861  to  2-20-1940

*S/of  Sarah Ann Elizabeth Jennings(1830-1896) & Edward Montgomery Bull(1825-1887)

&  LAURA  SORRELLS  BULL   8-9-1860  to  9-11-1920



LILLIAN  EVELYN  PERDUE  CALLAWAY   5-12-1913  to  7-16-2004 

“He Walks With Me”



Mr.  CARMICHAEL    (Unmarked grave, buried South of Rhodes family)

Mrs.  CARMICHAEL   (Unmarked grave, buried South of  Rhodes family)



GEORGE  B.  CLARDY     8-14-1893  to  12-5-1961

*S/of  Ruth White Clardy(1863KY -1893KY) *buried Glenwood Cemetery, Elkton, KY    

*Kentucky  CPL   CO F - 309  Engineers - *WW I



CHARLES   O.  CREMEEN     6-13-1871 MO   to  2-28-1960

MAGGIE   H.  CREMEEN    1878   to  1930

* Easter Lily Cremeen Frisby(1908-1991)  *D/of  Charles O. & Maggie H. Cremeen

*Buried Green Grove Chapel, Union Co.,AR with husband, Samuel Jesse Frisby(1898-1955)




JOHN  EDWARD  CROSSLEY    12-7-1925  to  6-19-1983

*SSGT - US Army - WW II    (Mason)



WILLIAM  HENRY  CROW  4-14-1924  to  2-10-2004

*Md:12/22/1948   Jeweline  S. Crow    *PFC  U.S. Army  WW II  Purple Heart

&  JEWELINE  S. "PETE"  CROW ( 77)  1-13-1929  to  2-17-2006  *ob 



CATHERINE   KELLY   DEBO    9-15-1905  to  5-5-1992


JERRY  VANCE  DEBO, JR.    6-6-1926   to  5-2-1992

*SP5  U.S.  Army  Korea



GLENN  ALLEN  FITZGERALD (52)   7-11-1958  to  8-8-2010 *ob 

*S/of  William Perry Fitzgerald  &  Carolyn Ann Quinn Fitzgerald



ANNIE  FRISBY    10-28-1919  to  11-13-1921  

*D/of  Van Lavelle Frisby(1897-1964) & Pauline Jerry Frisby(1902-1978)


JAMES  EDWARD  FRISBY   7-16-1869   to  10-7-1942  'Jessie'

*Samuel R. Frisby(1849-1929) & Srah Catherine Futch Frisby(1857-1944)

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

&  MARGARET "Maggie" ELIZABETH  GREEN  FRISBY 10-9-1870  to 10-29-1947

*S/of  Benjamin Calhoun Green (1847-1921) & Alice Eudora Engles Green(1855-1927)


JAMES  GORDON  FRISBY   12-23-1903  to  8-24-1973

*S/of  Jesse(aka Jas) Edward Frisby(1869-1942) & Margaret Elizabeth "Maggie" Green

Frisby (1870-1947)


VAN  LAVELLE  FRISBY    2-3-1897  to  11-1-1964

*S/of  Jas(aka Jesse) Edward Frisby(1869-1942) & Margarite Elizabeth Green(1870-1947) 

PAULINE  JERRY  FRISBY   9-22-1902  to  2-1-1978 

“Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours”


VAN  LAVELL  FRISBY    1-27-1924  to  5-7-1972

*S/of  Van Lavelle Frisby(1897-1964) & Pauline Jerry Frisby(1902-1978)

“A Life Like His Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon”



DANIEL  CORTEZ  GAMBLE   12-20-1973  to  7-16-2000



LINFORD  VINSON  GARNER     5-27-1916  to  11-9-1965

*S/of  Monroe V. Garner(1891-1967) & Betty Henry Garner(1891-1974)

FLOY  M.  JERRY {GARNER ~ BLAKE} (89)  9-9-1919  to  1-31-2009 

*D/of  Franklin Kyler Jerry(1880-1960) & Mattie E. Newsom Jerry(1888-1954)

*Tombstone says Floy M. Jerry, with late husbands listed on the backside.  

*Wf/ of late husbands – Linford V. Garner and Lloyd P. Blake.   *ob

*Linford Garner buried this cemetery & has his own headstone.



DOYLE  EDWARD  GATES   1-9-1926  to  7-7-2001 

*PVT U.S. Marine Corps



DOLAN  LOUIS  GRAVES  "Baby"  4-23-1997  (One date)


JACOB  LASH  GRAVES   10-7-1893  to  12-2-1977 "Mason" 

*S/of  Sarah J. Hoover Graves(1864-1901) & Jackson  E. Graves

*PVT  U.S. Army  WWI    *Md:4/12/1940

&  EUNIE  OAKLEY  GRAVES   6-24-1905  to  2-23-1996    


JIM  TATUM  GRAVES   9-20-1896  to  8-25-1900 

*S/of  Sarah J. Hoover Graves(1864-1901) & Jackson  E. Graves


SARA  J.  FRANCES  HOOVER  GRAVES   7-26-1864  to  4-21-1901

*D/of John Tighman Hoover(1822-1875) & Priscilla M. Peacock Hoover(1825-1887)

*Wf/of  Jackson  E. Graves   ( headstone says Sarah  J. Hoover )



ALSEY  L.  HAYES  "AL"  2-12-1895  to  2-11-1975  

*WWI  Pvt.  U.S. Army   *Picture of the couple on the "HAYES"  tombstone.

*Wife, Mattie J. Hargett Rushing Hayes (1897-1987)

&    ROSE  DOLL  SUMNERS  HAYES   10-30-1896  to  12-30-1936



MATTIE  J.  HARGETT  RUSHING  HAYES    6-10-1897  to  1-5-1987

*D/of  Tobitha Ann Williams(1873-1954)  &  John W. Hargett(1869-1925)

*Spouses: Clayton C. Rushing (1893-1936) *2nd Alsey L. Hayes(1895-1975)


HAROLD  PERCELL  HENDRICKS  3-12-1925  to  5-7-1995 

*2nd  H/of  Hazel Jewel Murphy Roberts(1926-2007)

 *Hazel buried Urbana Cemetery  with 1st Husb. Howard T. Roberts

* PVT  U.S. Army  WW II



WILLIAM   NATHANIEL  HILL   1-16-1881  to  5-13-1961

*S/of  William Sevier Hill(1837-1922) & Margaret R. Jones(1848-1880)

ELLA  McDONALD  HILL   11-3-1883  to  12-22-1972 

*D/of  Uriah M McDonald(1830-1903) & Mary Ann Fillyaw McDonald(1860-1920)

*1st  Wf/of  William Nathaniel Hill


WILLIAM  SEVIER  HILL   1-16-1837  to  7-26-1922

*S/of  William Hill(1807-1893) & Mary Crim (1813-1840) 

&  MARGARET  R.  JONES  HILL   1848  to  1880

*D/of  Joseph  B. Jones & Martha Susannah Thomas  



Infant  HORNE    b  &  d     2-19-1923  

*D/of  R. Tom Horne  &  Gracie E. Poole  Horne

Infant  HORNE    b  &  d     3-9-1921  

*S/of  R. Tom Horne  &  Gracie E. Poole  Horne


* These 3 below on same headstone

MARCUS  L. "LAFAYETTE"  HORNE  5-17-1864  to  4-10-1957 *  

&  OLEVIA  RUSSELL  HORNE   1-5-1865  to  5-22-1939   *  

&  TRESSIE  TADLOCK   HORNE   2-23-1868  to  2-18-1905   *

*1st  wife of Marcus L. Horne


(R.T.) RISTON THOMAS "TOM"  HORNE   4-3-1886  to  11-23-1980


&  GRACIE  POOLE  HORNE  12-16-1894  to  3-3-1940

*D/of John Hardy Poole(1872-1927) & Rosittie Vestal Poole(1872-1938)



THERESA  MAY  HOWELL (53) 8-14-1952  to  4-25-2006  *OB 

 *D/of Albert Earl Lamb & Mary Kathryn Sawyer Lamb

 *Husband: Jack Edward Howell, Sr.   



ALFRED  JAMES   HUDSON   2-23-1916  to 2-12-1988

*S/of  John Milton Hudson(1885-1950) & Annie Lena Frisby Hudson(1891-1972) 


&  MARY ELIZABETH MOORE  HUDSON   9-14-1918  to  8-10-2014

*D/of Louis Thomas Moore(1875-1939) &  Effie Darthula  Cobb Moore(1884-1980)    

*Age 95 of Calion     *OB


BO  HUDSON (64)  6-14-1950  to  6-29-2014  *OB

*S/of Perry Wayne Hudson(1923-1998) & *1st Wife, Helen Murphy Hudson Perdue(1824-2000)

*Helen Murphy Hudson Perdue is buried at Rehobeth Primitive Baptist Cemetery, Union Co., AR     *BO’s wife of 45 yrs, Martha Crow Hudson


EARL  GEORGE  HUDSON     4-24-1918  to  5-16-1976

'Beloved Daddy'


HOWARD  HUDSON   7-28-1920  to  12-1-1921  

*S/of  John Milton Hudson(1885-1950) & Annie Lena Frisby Hudson(1891-1972)


JOHN  MILTON  HUDSON   7-24-1885  to  2-10-1950   


&  ANNIE  ‘LENA’  FRISBY  HUDSON  12-15-1891  to  11-23-1972

*D/of  Margaret Elizabeth Green(1870-1947) & Jesse Edward Frisby(1869-1942)


PERRY  WAYNE  HUDSON  5-5-1923  to  9-8-1998

*S/of  John Milton Hudson(1885-1950) & Annie Lena Frisby(1891-1972) 

 *Md: 1st Helen Murphy (1924-2000)  *Md:11/2/1990     *2nd Wf, Barbara Whitaker

&  BARBARA  WHITAKER  HUDSON  6-16-1936  to  12-21-2003

*Barbara shares a double headstone with her husband, Perry.

*There is a marker at the foot of Barbara’s grave, with no dates, but the following inscription:

*Barbara Ann (Nonnie) Hudson



RUSSELL  DOUGLAS  HUDSON    b  &  d  12-14-1940 

*S/of Russell Milton Hudson & Mary L. Stegall Hudson


RUSSELL  MILTON  HUDSON    5-30-1913  to  12-19-1966

*S/of  John Milton Hudson(1885-1950) & Annie Lena Frisby(1891-1972)    

MARY  L.  STEGALL  HUDSON   10-6-1919  to  3-5-2004  


TONY  LYNN  HUDSON     2-25-1973  to  4-8-1990



ANNIE  B.  SMITH  HUGHES   1-13-1869  to  3-19-1901 

 *Wf/of  L. C. Hughes     *D/of  L. J.  &  O. A.  Smith 


JOHN  GARLAND  HUGHES    10-26-1891  to  9-1-1909 

*S/of  L. C.  &  Annie B. Smith Hughes


RODNEY  HUGHES    7-28-1906  to  9-22-1906 

*S/of  L. C.  &  L. E.  Hughes



CORBETT  LEE  HUMPHRIES   7-6-1890  to  2-14-1964

*S/of  William  M.  Humphries(1843-1929)  & Mattie  E. Murphy(1855-1932)

&  FLORENCE  ALPHIN  HUMPHRIES   3-4-1886  to  7-22-1942

*D/of  Walter Horatio Alphin (1856-1931)


GORDON  AMBROSE  HUMPHRIES   6-8-1895  to  1-30-1966

*S/of  William  M.  Humphries(1843-1929)  & Mattie  E. Murphy(1855-1932) 

MARY  ALICE  WARD  HUMPHRIES  1-8-1907  to  4-6-1993 


WILLIE  HUMPHRIES   8-17-1886  to  6-26-1963

*S/of  William  M.  Humphries(1843-1929)  & Mattie  E. Murphy(1855-1932)

*Brother and sister.  

&  NELLIE  HUMPHRIES   1-16-1889  to  4-26-1964 

*D/of  William  M.  Humphries(1843-1929)  & Mattie  E. Murphy(1855-1932)


*These 3 on same headstone.

(W. M.) WILLIAM HUMPHRIES  Jan 1837  to  1-31-1929  "Father"

MATTIE E.  THOMPSON HUMPHRIES  Feb 1855  to  2-17-1932  "Mother"

MORGAN  HUMPHRIES   1899  to  1951  *Youngest Son

(Some info given here not on tombstone, but from personal family records)


RELDA  MAE  HUMPHRIES (NASH)   8-17-1916  to  7-14-1996

*D/of  Corbett Lee Humphries(1890-1964) & Florence Alphin Humphries(1886-1942)

*Wf/of  Fred W. Nash (1912-1977) buried Philadelphia Baptist Church Cemetery, Union Co., AR

*Mother of  Travis Collins Nash(1935-1991)buried Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery



Lady  Indian    (unmarked  grave)   *Wife of Railroad Worker



FLOY  M.  JERRY (Garner-Blake)   9-9-1919  to  1-31-2009 

*Backside of her tombstone list her two late husbands.

 *Wife, of  Linford V. Garner(1916-1965)  & Lloyd P. Blake

*Linford V. Garner has his own tombstone.

*Burial location of Lloyd P. Blake is unknown.

*See listings above under Blake and also under Garner.


FRANKLIN  KYLER  JERRY     3-16-1880  to   12-13-1960

*1st Wife, Fannie E. Jerry 3/6/1884-10/12/1902  *Fannie,buried Old Union Baptist Cem.

&  MATTIE  ELIZABETH  NEWSOM  JERRY   5-7-1888  to  8-3-1954 

*2nd wife of  Franklin Kyler Jerry & he was her 2nd husband.

*Spouses: *1st Madison Goldman Sorrells (1883-1914)  *2nd Franklin K. Jerry



LIDA  JINKENS   1-29-1890  to  3-24-1917



BOBBY  RAY  JOHNSON (82)   8-13-1928  to  2-4-2011 

*S/of  William Perry Johnson(1882-1962) & Beulah Katie Braly Johnson(1888-1964)


&  JEAN ANN "MIM" PIERCE  JOHNSON 10-10-1939  to  12-8-1991 

*D/of  Arthur Varnell Pierce(1916-2000) &  Willie Faye Womble Pierce(1917-2008)


WILLIAM  LOUIS  JOHNSON   3-12-1869  to  2-15-1950 "Father"

*Spouses:*1st wife, Cora M. Hill(1869-1907)  *2ndwife, Mary McDonald(1881-1961)

MARY  McDONALD  JOHNSON  8-30-1881  to  5-23-1961"Mother"

*D/of  Uriah M. McDonald(1830-1903) & Mary Ann Fillyaw McDonald (1860-1920)



CORRINE  WILLOUGHBY  KELLY   4-13-1916  to  8-20-2007  *OB

*D/of  James Alonzo Willoughby(1863-1952) & Flora Ellen Rushing(1875-1949)


HENRY  VINSON  KELLY   12-3-1871  to  2-10-1942

*S/of  John M. Kelly(1844-1911) & Margaret Starr Crawford(1845-1934)

&  LILLIE  E.  McGOUGH  KELLY  5-6-1871  to  6-1-1942

*D/of  James Irvin McGough(1822-1889) & Margaret Jane Thompson(1829-1922)


JOHN  A.  CRAWFORD  KELLY  7-11-1878  to  8-3-1967

*S/of  John M. Kelly(1844-1911) & Margaret Starr Crawford Kelly(1845-1934)

* Md:11/12/1899- * 1st   - Arilla "Emma" Giles Slade Kelly(12/8/1873 to 5/2/1939) 

*Arilla Buried Old Union Baptist Cem. / *Md:2nd   Ola Damaris Underwood

OLA  DAMARIS  UNDERWOOD  KELLY   5-18-1902  to  5-25-1987

*D/of  Christopher C. Underwood(1860-1941) & Alice Damais Cordell (ca 1868-ca 1920-30)

*Md:1st  Heartwell Lee   *Md: 2nd John A. Crawford Kelly


JOHN  MIDDLETON  KELLY   2-6-1844  to  8-1-1911

*S/of  Joel Kelly(b: ca 1811 SC) & Mary T. Kelly(b:ca 1812 VA) 

MARGARET  STARR  CRAWFORD  KELLY   9-18-1845  to  8-26-1934 

*D/of  Elihu Crawford(1812-1884) & Mary Pauline Starr Crawford(1813-1883)


THOMAS "TOM"  HENRY  KELLY    7-4-1908  to  2-24-1983

*S/of  Henry Vinson Kelly(1871-1942) & Lillie E. McGough Kelly(1871-1942)



JAMES  SIMON  KIRKLEY    8-22-1841  to  12-20-1872 

*South Carolina  2D  LT  CO  F  26th  REGT. SC  INF.  C.S.A.

*1st  H/of  Cornelia Alice McGough Goodwin (1848-1909) Md:1867

(buried: Rehobeth Primitive Baptist)



KATE  MULLINS   LANGSTON    1-28-1912  to   4-28-1970 



ANNA  R.  VINES  LIPPS (54)  10-18-1958  to  4-18-2013 *OB

*D/of  Dolan Jervern Vines, Sr.(1933-1989)  &  Bobbye Vines   *Wf/of  Bill LIpps

*Professional Truck Driver of big rigs, until health forced her to quit

*Mother of six sons.



ALONZO  D.  LOCKHART   10-28-1819NC   to  1-17-1898AR  

*S/of  Charles Lockhart (b:VA 7/15/1796 - d:MS1856) & Jane A. Lufsey (b: 7/27/1795 - d: NC 7/27/1795)

*Charles Lockhart md: Jane A. Lufsey ca 1816


11-21-1908   *Wf/of  Alonzo D. Lockhart   


DOUG  B.  LOCKHART   April  1871  to  1-3-1902

*1st Md:1898  Husband of Myrtie F. Humphries(1881-1966) 

*Myrtie F. Humphries Lockhart Alphin(1881-1966)

*Md:2nd husband-1904 Walter Horatio Alphin(1882-1937) 

*Myrtie & Walter share a double headstone at Rhodes Chapel Cemetery


EARL  EMMETT  LOCKHART   5-6-1900  to  1-24-1980

*S/of  Doug B. Lockhart(1871-1902) & Myrtle F. Humphries Lockhart (1881-1966)

*Md:1928 Union County, Arkansas

&  RUTH  LILLIAN  WATTS  LOCKHART   6-5-1912  to  9-10-1980

*D/of  Noah H. Watts(1876-1960)  &  Anna Childers Watt(1880-1959)


HENRY  LOCKHART   (unmarked  grave)



HAMILTON  GREEN  LUDWIG    9-18-1893  to  7-7-1989

 *U.S. Army  WW  I

&  GLADYS  WHITE  LUDWIG    8-7-1896  to  3-24-1941

*Wf/of  Hamilton Green Ludwig



CLAUDE  WAYNE  MATTOX   7-16-1945  to  2-8-1982  

* Md:4/17/1976       *Sgt. U.S.  Army

&   BETTY  G.  MATTOX    (no dates)   



DOCK  DEVOE  McCASKILL   3-31-1899  to  2-27-1967  "Mason"

&  LENA  R.  KELLY  McCASKILL   9-15-1903  to  9-26-1979

*D/of  Henry Vinson Kelly(1871-1942) & Lillie E. McGough Kelly(1871-1942)


DOCK  DEVOE  McCASKILL, JR.   6-8-1929  to  10-11-1974

*S/of  Dock Devoe McCaskill, Sr.(1899-1967) & Lena R. Kelly McCaskill(1903-1979)



MELVIN  COY  McCASLIN   2-20-1933  to  10-10-2000 

'Pattie's Beloved Husband"  *Marker placed in front of triple headstone;

beneath middle person,  Patricia  "Pattie" McGough McCaslin;

Pattie's parents are on either side of her- *Thomas  J. McGough (1915-1999) & 

Louise Smith McGough (1930 - ?)



FANNIE  McCLENDON  9-1-1887  to  9-12-1906



* All 3 on same obelisk stone

JAMES  M.  McDADE   4-4-1837AL  to  4-24-1898AR

(on headstone appears as Mcdade)

&  wife,  SALLIE  L.  RAY  McDADE  8-20-1842 TN  to 1929AR

&  J. G.  RAY   1-30-1840  to  1-8-1908   



MARY  ANN  FILLYAW  McDONALD   8-6-1860LA  to  3-25-1920 AR

"Grandmother"    *2nd  Wf/of  Uriah M. McDonald(10/11/1830 - 12/18/1903)

*Uriah is buried in Macedonian Cemetery, Ashley Co., AR



ANNIE  THURKILL  McGOUGH   10-31-1897  to  2-18-1947 

*D/of  William Thomas Thurkill(1872-1939) & Lizzie Imogene Graves Thurlkill(1893-1977)

"God's Gift Returned"


EDMOND  WINFER  McGOUGH   7-23-1879  to  12-19-1929

*H/of Edna R. Black McGough(1887-1968) *Buried at Arlington Memorial Park


ELLA  MAY  McGOUGH   3-22-1895  to  7-3-1902 

*D/of (M.E.)Ella May Hill McGough(1862-1918) & Jay Winfield McGough(1852-1917) 


FRANK  MORGAN  McGOUGH   4-3-1884  to  4-27-1975

&  HELEN  BARNES  McGOUGH    7-29-1901  to  4-14-1972


*All 3 on same headstone.  *See listing under Bull

CLARENCE  ALBERT  BULL   10-1-1885  to  10-13-1918

*1st  H/of  Dovie Lee Betts

&  DOVIE  LEE  BETTS  BULL McGOUGH  10-9-1885  to  2-22-1969

*Spouses: *1st Clarence Albert Bull(1885-1918)   *2nd George I. McGough(1882-1953)

&  GEORGE  I.  McGOUGH   7-31-1882  to  3-25-1953

*S/of George William McGough(1829-1903) & Annie Amason McGough(1855-1901)  


*These 3 together on same headstone; one is his 1st wife & the other his 2nd wife.

GEORGE  WILLIAM  McGOUGH    1829  to  1903 "Mason"  * 

&  *1st  Wf,  AMANDA  THOMPSON   McGOUGH  1834  to  1874  *  

&  *2 nd  Wf,  ANNIE  AMASON   McGOUGH   1855  to  1901   * 


HENRY  GREEN   McGOUGH    7-24-1887  to  3-26-1960

*S/of George William McGough(1829-1903) &  Annie Amason McGough(1855-1901)


IBBIE  SUGGS  McGOUGH   4-5-1887  to  8-2-1913

 *D/of  W. J.  &  L. E. Suggs  *M/of  Nealie McGough(1907-1913)


Infant  McGOUGH      b  &  d   12-1-1894 

*S/of Grace Sargent Kelly (1875-1924) & Thomas Jefferson McGough(1861-1937)


Infant  MORGAN  McGOUGH    b  &  d  12-22-1925  

*S/of  Frank &  Helen McGough


JAMES  HARVEY  McGOUGH   10-21-1905  to  4-29-1968 




JAMES  MINOR  McGOUGH   9-17-1881  to  1-18-1924


JAMES  WILLOUGHBY  McGOUGH  1-24-1927  to  1-19-2005  

*S/of  James Harvey McGough(1905-1968) & Clemmie “Polly”Willoughby(1907-1956)

*BT3  U.S. Navy  WW II-Korea


JAY  LAVELLE  McGOUGH   2-10-1925  to  9-1-1952

*S/of  Maggie Wooten McGough(1901-1988) & Thomas Earl McGough(1900-1993)

“He Died In The Service of His Country”


JAY  WINFIELD  McGOUGH   5-24-1852  to  7-26-1917 

*Hus/of  Ella May Hill

(M.E.) ELLA  MAY  HILL  McGOUGH   3-17-1862  to  2-26-1918

*Wf/of Jay Winfield McGough


JAMES /JOHN  IRVIN   McGOUGH   7-21-1822  to  10-5-1889 (J.I. )

*S/of Thomas Jefferson McGough & Grace Sargent Kelly McGough

*Some give his first name as John, while others say James. Tombstone only has his initials.

MARGARET JANE THOMPSON  McGOUGH  12-31-1829 to 7-20-1922

*Wife of John Irvin McGough


"Little" JOHNY  IRVIN  McGOUGH  2-3-1901  to  3-4-1902  

*S/of  Thomas Jefferson McGough(1861-1937) &  Grace Sargent Kelly McGough(1875-1924) 


JESSIE  McGOUGH   1893  to  1900



12-17-1990  *D/of  Annie Thurlkill (1897-1947) &  Warren Clinton McGough(1892-1955)



LAWSON   J.  McGOUGH     10-8-1892  to  5-22-1959

*S/of  George William McGough(1829-1903)& Annie Amason McGough(1855-1901)

*H/of  Bessie Willoughby McGough  (5/15/1902-7//26/1997)

*Bessie is buried Arlington Memorial Park


LEE  O.  McGOUGH     2-8-1884   to  2-15-1958  

*S/of  George William McGough(1829-1903)& Annie Amason McGough(1855-1901)


MALCOM  DEWEY  McGOUGH    2-27-1902   to  7-31-1905

*S/of (M.E.)Ella May Hill McGough(1862-1918) & Jay Winfield McGough(1852-1917) 


NEALIE  McGOUGH    3-25-1907  to  3-7-1913 

*D/of  J. R./B.  &  J. M.  McGough  *D/of  Ibbie Suggs McGough(1887-1913)


PHILIP ALEXANDER McGOUGH, SR.  1-10-1919  to  4-19-1983


ROBERT  EMMETT  McGOUGH   1903  to  1903

*S/of Robert Emmett McGough(1854-1944) & Neva Pumphrey McGough(1866-1934)

"Just An Angel"


*Triple  headstone for these three

ROBERT  EMMETT  McGOUGH    1854  to  1-8-1944  *  *ARDI

*Robert shares this headstone with his  1st  &  2nd wives.

&  ANNIE  WILLIAMS  McGOUGH  5-17-1863  to  1879  *

 *1st Wf/of  Robert Emmett McGough

&  MARTHA NEVA  PUMPHREY  McGOUGH  1866  to  1934  *

*Robert Emmett McGough  md:2nd wife  Neva Pumphrey 1883 Union Co., AR


ROBERT  PIERCE  McGOUGH   2-25-1898  to  4-14-1981 "Mason" 


&  MATTIE MAE THURLKILL McGOUGH  3-14-1900 to 10-19-1982


ROBERT  PIERCE  McGOUGH    1-15-1941  to  3-17-1941 

*S/of  Robert Pierce McGough  &  Mattie Mae Thurlkill McGough


SIDNEY “SID” LAWRENCE  McGOUGH, SR.  10-17-1901  to  2-24-1984  


&  "MATTIE" FANELL ALPHIN  McGOUGH   9-26-1910  to  12-23-1971

*D/of Myrtie F. Humphries Alphin(1881-1966) &  Walter Horatio Lockhart Alphin(1882-1937)


THOMAS  EARL  McGOUGH   4-16-1900  to  12-31-1993  

*Md:9/1/1923  Maggie Lee Wooten

&  MAGGIE LEE  WOOTEN  McGOUGH  10-11-1901  to  5-3-1988

*D/of  Thomas Monroe Wooten(1871-1961) & May Rosalie  Frisby(1882-1945) 


THOMAS  JEFFERSON  McGOUGH   10-17-1861  to  1-17-1937

*S/of  James Irwin McGough(1822-1889) &  Margaret Jane Thompson(1829-1922)  

Wife, GRACE  SARGENT  KELLY  McGOUGH   6-13-1875  to  1-10-1924

*Wf/of  Thomas Jefferson McGough


*The following three on the same headstone.

THOMAS  J.  McGOUGH   7-5-1915  to  8-8-1999 "Dad"    

LOUISE  SMITH   McGOUGH  1-19-1930 (one date)  "Mom"  

PATRICIA  McGOUGH   10-31-1948  (one date) "Daughter" 

A small headstone sits in front of the large one in front of Patricia's name & says:

"Husband of Pattie, Melvin Coy McCaslin  2-20-1933  to  10-10-2000"


TOMMIE  McGOUGH   1890  to  1906

*S/of Robert Emmett McGough(1854-1944) & Neva Pumphrey McGough(1866-1934)


VIRGIL  RAY  McGOUGH, SR. (87)  10-22-1926  to  4-11-2014 *OB

*S/of  Thomas Earl McGough(1900-1993) & Maggie Lee Wooten McGough(1901-1988)



WARREN CLINTON McGOUGH   2-28-1892  to  4-4-1955

*S/of (M.E.)Ella May Hill McGough(1862-1918) & Jay Winfield McGough(1852-1917) 

ANNIE THURLKILL McGOUGH  10-31-1897  to  2-18-1947

*D/of Mary Frances McGee Thurlkill(1842-1887) & William Thomas Thurlkill (1872-1939)

*Wf/of  Warren Clinton McGough


(W.H.) WILLIE  HILL  McGOUGH   3-13-1890  to  1-22-1919

*S/of (M.E.)Ella May Hill McGough(1862-1918) & Jay Winfield McGough(1852-1917) 



Mr.  McHENRY  (unmarked grave)



TOL  LEXINGTON  McPHERSON   10-30-1874  to  1-16-1959 

& HETTIE  A. WOLCOTT  McPHERSON   8-9-1888  to  2-5-1969 



ROBERT  ARTHUR   McVAY  11-6-1896  to  10-22-1980   "Mason"

*S/of  Robert W. McVay(1858-1916) & Mollie Mary E. McVay(1873-1957)


&  STELLA  MURPHY  McVAY   11-15-1900  to  10-22-1968  

*Eastern Star



B. E.  MULLINS  1-2-1870  to  1-22-1923   "Mason" 

"Father"   "They Are Not Dead But Sleeping"

&  ALMA  F.  DUNNAM  MULLINS  10-27-1881  to  7-26-1925

*Wf/of  B. E. Mullins   "Mother"


BURTON  REGANALD  MULLINS, SR.    10-9-1906  to  12-14-1966 


&  DARICE   RUGG  MULLINS, SR.   11-2-1906  to  10-20-1983  


BURTON  R.  MULLINS, JR.  12-16-1928  to  10-8-2002

*S/of  Burton Reganald Mullins(1906-1966) & Darice Rugg Mullins(1906-1983)

*H/of Sally Lou 

&  SALLY  LOU  MULLINS, JR.   2-15-1931  to  7-1-1998   

*Wf/of  Burton R. Mullins


E. H.  MULLINS    9-14-1908  to  6-4-1934 


JAMES  BYRON  MULLINS  12-23-1908  to  7-6-1987  

&  MARY  CORNELIA  McGOUGH  MULLINS   2-2-1910  to  5-8-1985 


JAMES  THOMAS  MULLINS   10-26-1930  (one date) 

*S/of  James Byron Mullins(1908-1987) & Mary Cornelia McGough Mullins(1910-1985) 

*P.D. "Pharmacist" 


WILLIAM  DELOSS  MULLINS     1-12-1905   to  4-20-1982

*S/of  Katie Sisco Mullins(1882-1917)& Joseph James Mullins(1878-1938)

*PFC – U.S. Army – World War II  {Parents buried Ebenezer Presbyterian Cemetery}



LILLIAN  FLORENCE  McGOUGH  MURPHY  12-9-1889  to  12-11-1958

"Each Duty Done, She, Rests in Peace"



ELIJAH  LAMAR  NABORS  2-17-1858  to  12-19-1919

"The Picture May Dim But Memory Is Ever Bright"

&  MOLLIE  SIDDIE  NABORS   2-10-1860  to  1-17-1952


(H.L.) HOWARD  L.  NABORS   3-5-1817 SC  to  1-12-1898 AR


Rev.  HOWARD  ROSS  NABORS   6-2-1895  to  11-5-1967 "Mason"

&  ROSA  LEE  JERRY  NABORS   6-11-1898  to  7-29-1980


JEWELL  D.  NABORS   9-1-1892   to  5-9-1930



ASA  LEWIS  NEWSOM   9-21-1890  to  3-24-1950  "Mason"

*H/of  Beulah  "Brownie"  Bull

BEULAH  BULL “BROWNIE” NEWSOM  11-10-1890  to  6-17-1972

*Wf/of  Asa  Lewis  Newsom    


CHARLES  "NOLAN"  NEWSOM  12-22-1920  to  3-8-1938

*S/of  Asa Lewis Newsom(1890-1950)  &  Beulah "Brownie" Bull Newsom (1890-1972)

"God Gives His Favorites Early Death"


CLARENCE  RAY "BILLY"  NEWSOM   11-8-1931  to  6-16-1986

*S/of  Asa Lewis Newsom(1890-1950)  &  Beulah "Brownie" Bull Newsom (1890-1972)

*CPL - US Army - Korea



HOPE  "NEWSOM" (ROBBINS) *No dates or last name on tombstone. 

D/of   Asa Lewis Newsom(1890-1950) & Beulah Bull Newsom(1890-1972)

*Grave is beside Clarence Ray Newsom, her brother, & it  has a matching headstone

*Hope was the sister of Laura Bernice Newsom Wilson(1915-2013) buried at Arlington

Memorial Park Cemetery in El Dorado, Arkansas.



EDWIN  &  JERRELL  PARKER  (twin  sons)  b  &  d   12-16-1991

*Sons of  Teresa Lynn &  Billy Todd Parker  "Our Littlest Angels Who Went Back To Heaven"




9-5-1927   *Md:*1st  ca 1894 James G. Porterfield(1873-1897 *Issue: 2 daughters

*Md:*2nd  3/3/1910 Clark Co., AR  Joseph Walter Perdue(1864-1938)

*D/of Singleton A. Adams(1844-1912) & Cornelia Anne Dunn Adams(1852-1941)

*(Mrs. M. E. on tombstone) 


WALTER  MACK  PERDUE   4-16-1911  to  1-26-1983 



DAVE  RALPH  PERRY   4-30-1865  to  6-18-1906  

&  ROSA  MAY  STURDIVANT  PERRY   7-30-1874  to  10-20-1949 


NANNIE  CUMI  PERRY  9-5-1895  to  3-15-1896 

*D/of  S. & M.  PERRY



ARTHUR  VARNELL "MUTT"  PIERCE  1-30-1916  to  7-4-2000

*S/of  Foster McKinnie Pierce(1876-1952) & Della Rosa Pierce(1876-1937)

*A.V.    *Md:10/29/1938

& WILLIE  FAYE  WOMBLE  PIERCE   11-12-1917  to  3-15-2008  

*D/of  Benjamin D. Womble(1855-1947)  & Reta Toller Womble(1877-1947)


REBECCA  FAYE  "BECKY"  PIERCE   12-31-1954  to  12-11-1983 

*D/of  Arthur Varnell Pierce(1916-2000)  &  Willie Faye Womble Pierce(1917-2008)



Infant  PRATT     b  &  d   5-12-1905  *S/of  H. G.  &  Lula  Pratt


LULA  STURDIVANT  PRATT   7-19-1882  to  12-19-1907  

*D/of   Mr. &  Mrs. A. P. Sturdivant  *1st Wf/of  Hillery Cole  Pratt(1880-1955)   

*Hillery Cole Pratt is buried in Old Union Baptist Church Cemetery



J.  G.  RAY    1-30-1840  to  Jan  1908 

*Born in Tennessee -  died in Union County, AR



H. W.  RHODES    1781  to  6-20-1875  

&   NANCY  RHODES   1786   to  11-10-1872   

*Erected by Eddie White. to his Grandparents

(Years only given on tombstone)


Infant  ROBINSON (unmarked grave)  *D/of  Dr. Robinson



WILLIAM   NERIJAH 'NERI'  RUGG  11-5-1870   to   6-15-1963

*S/of  Nerija Rugg & Miriam McClendon Rugg

&  ALICE  N.  RUGG   2-1-1885  to  3-11-1911

"Family of  W. N. RUGG"



ALBERT  AKIN  RUSHING      8-5-1902  to  8-8-1982

& HAZEL“GERTRUDE” SORRELLS  RUSHING  10-12-1911  to  10-6-1947


ALBERT  W.  RUSHING   11-12-1917  to  8-2-1918


BENJAMIN  J.  RUSHING    9-4-1882  to  11-3-1906

*S/of  James T. Rushing(1842-1918) &  Sophronia A. Trywick Rushing (1859-1930)


CLAYTON  C.  RUSHING    3-28-1893  to  3-5-1936 *WOW

*S/of  James T. Rushing(1842-1918) & Sophronia A. Trywick(1859-1930)

*Md: 10/5/1913  Martha(Mattie)  J. Hargett(b: ca 1898 NC)

MATTIE  J.  HARGETT  RUSHING  HAYES  6-10-1897  to  1-5-1987

" Martha "  *D/of Tobitha Ann Williams(1873-1954) &  John W. Hargett(1869-1925)

*Spouses:*1st Clayton C. Rushing(1893-1936)  *2nd Alsey L. Hayes(1895-1975)


DANIEL  COLON  RUSHING  4-7-1918  to  9-19-1922  

*S/of  Clayton C.  Rushing(1893-1936) &  Martha  J. Hargett  Rushing Hayes(1897-1987)


FELIX  RUSHING   5-21-1915   to  4-15-1986


8-18-2014    *D/of  Sam McKinney & Pearl Snell McKinney   *Age 94   *OB


FRED  D.  RUSHING   5-8-1912  to  8-1-1980    


GRACIE  E.  RUSHING   12-29-1894  to  7-3-1896


Infant  RUSHING   died  1916  

*Child  of  Sophronia  A.  Rushing (1859-1930) &  J. T.  Rushing(1842-1918)

Infant  RUSHING   12-1-1885  to  6-8-1888

*Child  of  Sophronia  A.  Rushing (1859-1930) &  J. T.  Rushing(1842-1918)

Infant  RUSHING   2-3-1892  to  2-8-1892  

*Child  of  Sophronia  A.  Rushing (1859-1930) &  J. T.  Rushing(1842-1918)


JAMES  C.  RUSHING  2-10-1939  (One date) 


&  BESSIE  M.  FLOYD  RUSHING  1-9-1942   to  11-10-2007

*D/of  Asa Hartwell Floyd(1885-1951) & Ruby Marie McKnight Floyd(1914-2007)


JAMES  CECIL  RUSHING    5-21-1915  to  9-22-1991

*S/of  Clayton C.  Rushing(1893-1936) &  Martha  J. Hargett( b:ca 1898) 

*Md:1935 Katherin McPherson 

&  KATHERIN  McPHERSON  RUSHING   10-22-1915  to  8-13-1988

*Wf/of  James Cecil Rushing


*All 3 on same headstone  *Family Mausoleum

JAMES  F.  RUSHING   2-11-1881  to  3-15-1950   *

&  SIDDIE  M.  RUSHING    6-2-1884  to  9-15-1919   *

*D/of  James T. Rushing(1842-1918) & Sophronia A. Trywick(1859-1930)

*1st Wf/of  James F. Rushing

& ALLIE  HICKS  RUSHING  7-25-1883  to  2-26-1964  *

*2nd  Wf/of  James F. Rushing


JAMES  THOMAS  RUSHING   11-14-1928  to  12-12-1928 

*S/of  Albert Akin Rushing(1902-1982) &  Hazel"Gertrude" Sorrells(1911-1947)


(J. T.) JAMES T.  RUSHING   12-5-1842  to  5-22-1918 

*H/of  Saphronia  A. Trywick

SAPHRONIA  A. TRYWICK  RUSHING   10-8-1859  to  10-17-1930  

*Wf/of  James T.  Rushing 


JESSIE  D.  RUSHING   5-6-1898  to  5-7-1898

*Child  of  James Thos. Rushing(1842-1918) &  Sophronia A. Trywick Rushing (1859-1930)


JIMMY  WAYNE  RUSHING  9-9-1941  to  12-14-1999

*S/of Josephine “Josie” Pearl McKinney(1919-2014) & Felix Rushing (1915-1986)

*US Army  Vietnam


JODIE  CORNELIA  RUSHING   4-8-1899  to  10-26-1978

*S/of  James T. Rushing(1842-1918) & Sophronia A. Trywick(1859-1930)

* These two share a double headstone.

&  FANNIE  McCLENDON  RUSHING   9-1-1887  to  9-12-1906


MARY   E.  RUSHING    b. &  d.  1914


READIE   T.  RUSHING   1910  to  1911


WILLIAM  MILLER  RUSHING (79)  1-25-1933  to  4-28-2012  *OB  

*S/of Albert Akin Rushing (1902-1982) & Hazel Sorrells Rushing (1911-1947) 

*Md:3/30/1956     Dorothy Ware     *US Navy Vet -  Retired  Postal Worker of 34 yrs

*Died at his son’s home in Kingwood, Texas;;

"I Thank My God In All My Remembrance of You"

&  DOROTHY  WARE  RUSHING (76)  12-16-1934  to  8-27-2011

*D/of  Aria Marion Ware(1914-2007) & Vivian Carter Ware(1915-1995) 

*H/of 55 yrs, William M. Rushing


WILLIAM  P.  RUSHING   8-12-1879  to  7-11-1903  

*S/of Sophronia Ann Traywick (1859-1930) & James Thomas Rushing(1842-1918) 



SARAH  CARRIE  BLACK  RUSSELL   Dec 1869  to  9-9-1923

*2nd Wife of   Aaron Watson Lynch Russell



EMMA  ELIZABETH  SINCLAIR   (unmarked grave) 

*D/of  James Alford Sinclair  &  Mary Emily Watts Sinclair


JAMES  ALFORD  SINCLAIR    (unmarked grave)

MARY  EMILY  WATTS  SINCLAIR   (unmarked grave)


JAMES  D.  SINCLAIR   7-14-1882  to  3-13-1937

&  ALTO  JERRY  SINCLAIR   7-16-1894  to  6-13-1969

*Wf/of  James D. Sinclair



WOODIE  KING  SMITH   1-12-1886  to  9-23-1968

*1st Wife, Edna  Martha Coleman Smith(1884LA-1937IL) *Concord Cemetery, Marion, LA

&  JIMMIE  PORTERFIELD  SMITH   3-15-1897  to  2-4-1992 



 (M. B. ) MADISON  BOSWELL  SORRELLS   9-17-1813 to Aug 1896

*H/of Delia Frances Rhodes Sorrells (1821-1911)

*Tombstone says death year was 1896 

DELIA  FRANCES  RHODES  SORRELLS   2-12-1821 to Oct 1911

*Wf/of  Madison Boswell Sorrells


Constable  MADISON GOLDMAN SORRELLS  6-6-1883  to  5-20-1914

*Killed in the line of duty.

MATTIE  E.  NEWSOM  SORRELLS  JERRY   5-7-1888  to  8-3-1954

Mattie's Spouses: * 1st  Madison Goldman Sorrells   *2nd  Franklin K. Jerry (1880-1960)

*See listing for Franklin K. Jerry & Mattie E. Sorrells Jerry


WALTER  SORRELLS   3-16-1863  to  4-26-1940

*H/of  Mattie Ada Perdue 

MATTIE  ADA  PERDUE  SORRELLS   2-22-1870  to  2-28-1914 

*D/of S. M.  Perdue(1841-1910) &  S. E.  Perdue(1843-1916) *Wf/of Walter Sorrells

*Grave is concrete mound covered with sea/muscle shells



JESSE   L.  STEGALL   3-6-1884  to  12-30-1968   


&  ESTHER  NABORS  STEGALL   12-31-1893  to  1-23-1991 

"Eastern Star"



(A. P.)ALEXANDER PATRICK STURDIVANT   6-16-1836  to  12-13-1891

&  "DORA  ANNA"  LOCKHART  STURDIVANT 1-16-1854  to  12-10-1939



CHARLIE  STURDIVANT   1-18-1878  to  12-25-1879 

*S/of  Alexander P.  Sturdivant(1836-1891)  &  Dora  Anna Lockhart  Sturdivant(1854-1939)

*His headstone is broken & pretty much illegible.


DOUGLAS  GARLAND  STURDIVANT   5-3-1876  to  11-7-1952

*Wife, ALMA  R.  CABANISS STURDIVANT  8-26-1881  to  5-9-1931

*D/of Henry Elijah Cabaniss (1853-1925) & L. A. Warren Cabaniss(b: ca 1859 AR)

*Alma and her father, Henry E. Cabaniss are both buried at Hillsboro Cemetery, Union Co.,AR


ELLEN  C.  STURDIVANT    8-8-1886  to  3-15-1959



DOLAN  JERVERN  VINES     12-7-1933  to  10-12-1989


&  BOBBY  SCROGGINS  VINES   4-2-1938  (one date) 



NOAH  HUBBARD  WATTS    6-27-1876  to  2-24-1960

*S/of John W. Watts(1855-1926) & Sarah I Underwood Watts(1858-1923)

&  ANNA  CHILDERS   WATTS   6-17-1880  to  1-30-1959

*D/of  John A. Childers(1853-1898) & Darthulia Fryar Childers(1857-1943)



R. B.  WATTS    12-4-1913  to  5-14-1935 TX

*S/of  Noah H. Watts(1876-1960) & Anna Childers Watts(1880-1959)

& PAUL  WATTS   10-23-1926  to  4-11-1970 

*S/of  Noah H. Watts(1876-1960) & Anna Childers Watts(1880-1959)



(D. A.) "LONNIE"  WHITE   1-13-1860  to  4-20-1862 

*S/of  J.W.  &  M. J.  White 


GRACIE  LEE  WHITE   1-22-1892  to  4-15-1893 

*D/of  Henry B.  White(1863-1940)  &  Katie Hawkins White(1868-1919)


HENRY  BENJAMIN  WHITE   11-22-1863  to  2-8-1940 

&  KATIE  HAWKINS  WHITE   10-10-1868  to  9-21-1929 

*Wf/of  Henry Benjamin White


JOHN  W.  WHITE    8-9-1832 AL  to  Oct  1919AR  

*S/of  Drury Bluford White (1811 TN–1880 LA) & Margaret West White (1810 SC-1870 LA)

*H/of  Nancy “Nannie” J. Lockhart   *Md:1860

NANCY  "NANNIE" J.  LOCKHART  WHITE  9-20-1843 to 10-20-1917

*Wf/of  John  W. White


LUTHER  WHITE   3-10-1904  to  10-7-1904

*S/of  Henry B.  White(1863-1940)  &  Katie Hawkins White(1868-1919)


WALLACE  WHITE   4-27-1899  to  5-31-1928

*S/of  Henry B.  White(1863-1940)  &  Katie Hawkins White(1868-1919)



ADDIE  WILLOUGHBY    4-18-1909  to  2-15-1911 

*D/of  Jas Alonzo Willoughby(1863-1952)  &  Flora Ellen Rushing Willoughby(1875-1949)


Infant  WILLOUGHBY   b  &  d  March 1915 

*D/of  Jas Alonzo Willoughby(1863-1952) &  Flora Ellen Rushing Willoughby(1875-1949)  

Infant  WILLOUGHBY   b  &  d  Feb  1921  

*D/of  Jas Alonzo Willoughby(1863-1952) &  Flora Ellen Rushing Willoughby(1875-1949


JAMES  ALONZO  WILLOUGHBY   7-26-1863  to  6-17-1952

*S/of  Jesse Jas Willoughby(ca 1822 GA-1866) & Miriam Sara Ann McClendon(ca 1834 GA-1877)

&  FLORA  ELLEN  RUSHING  WILLOUGHBY  4-14-1875  to 10-31-1949

*D/of  James T. Rushing(1842-1918) &  Sophronia  A. Trywick(1859-1930)


(J. E.) "JOSEPH  EDWARD" WILLOUGHBY  1882  to  8-9-1936

 "Mason" *ARDI

 &  Wife,  DELLA  WILLOUGHBY   1888   to   1925

*Wf/of  Joseph Edward Willoughby


MATTIE  S. WILLOUGHBY   3-12-1897  to  2-14-1911  

*D/of  James Alonzo Willoughby(1863-1952)& Flora Ellen Rushing Willoughby(1875-1949)







BROOKLYNN  MICHELLE  WOOLSEY   7-5-2000  to  10-8-2000 



R. L.  “LIV”  WYLIE   1920  to  1995   *MM  

*RICHARD  WYLIE   4-21-1920  to  12-10-1995  *SSDI

*H/of  Marie Horne Wylie (1922-2004) *Year date only info given on headstone

*The completed birth and death dates for Richard & Marie are from Social Security.

& MARIE  HORNE  WYLIE    1922  to  2004   *MM 

*MARIE  WYLIE   2-12-1922  to  12-7-2004  *SSDI

*D/of  Riston Thomas Horne(1886-1980) & Gracie Poole Horne(1894-1940)

*Wf/of  Richard L. Wylie (1920-1995)



NORMA  JEAN  MULLINS  YAGER   3-27-1932  to  6-19-1990 

*D/of  James B. Mullins & Mary C. McGough  *RN  



**Plaque:  In Memory of AL HAYES; ROSE DOLL HAYES;



**In many cases where only an initial was given on the tombstone for a first or middle name,

Mr. Mullins in his 1992 survey, provided many of the names.  To save space, if there was a

name, I inserted it rather than just the initial. 

*CEMETERY  CONTACT  PHONE #'S  in April  2006: 

Area code for all:  ( 870 )  962-3626  -  962-3306  - 962-3445 -  962-3329  -  962-3582

*These numbers are still on the sign hanging on the fence. (2011) *See below.