Est. ca 1893

PART 2 J - Z

This cemetery is located on the northern edge of Junction City, Union County, Arkansas. South bound,
It is located just off the west side of Hwy. 167; as you approach Junction City. Directly behind it is
the community baseball/sports field It was canvassed in March & April 1999 by Ralph O. Weldon,
Jim Mullins, and Will Walls for the Union County Genealogical Society. Using their survey & some
of my own, I first posted this online May 2004. May 2006, I did an update from a visit to the cemetery.

Using obituaries, another update was done in Dec 2008. Janice Holzer

*Final update April 2012, from a collection of obituaries & a visit to the cemetery. *Thanks

to my cemetery buddy, Linda Jett, who helped me to complete this new survey.

Use of the symbol "&" indicates a double headstone.

"MM" indicates a mortuary marker from a funeral home.

*WOW indicates Woodmen of the World marker.

*OB indicates birth & death info from obituary

*SSDI or SSI info obtained from the Social Security Death Index .

*ARDI Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950

ALLIE ALMA JACKSON 10-19-1896 to 7-20-1898

*D/of W.A. & N. Jackson

GRADEN A. JACKSON 4-18-1901 to 10-1-1964

& LULA M. JACKSON 10-1-1906 (One date)

JAMES A. JACKSON 12-22-1879 to 10-22-1924

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

OWEN W. JACKSON 1-1-1889 to 5-5-1968


& MARY PRICE JACKSON 7-23-1892 to 10-12-1980

WILLIAM A. JACKSON 1-1-1866 to 4-15-1937

"Father" "In Loving Memory" John 3:16

NANNIE JACKSON 10-3-1873 to 7-6-1901

*Wf/of W.A. Jackson "She is gone to the land where the weary enjoy the sweet

rapture of sacred repose."

Mrs. M. E. JAMES 1-23-1851 to 4-14-1898

"Holy Bible book divine Precious Treasure thee ?___ mine"

ADA E. JARRELL 1886 to 1956

WILLIAM ALLEN JENNINGS 9-20-1931 ( One date)

*Md:2/3/1951 "A Loving Husband and Daddio" "An Artist With A Needle"

& VIRGINIA SMITH JENNINGS 6-1-1931 to 10-5-1994

"They Showed Us God"

DAVID WAYNE JOHNSON 2-24-1972 to 12-31-2007

Photo on tombstone "In Loving Memory"

JAMES THOMAS JOHNSON 5-21-1885 to 5-27-1962

DORA GREEN JOHNSON 9-17-1891 to 9-9-1980

WILLIAM G. JOHNSON 10-29-1920 to 1-4-1957 "Bill"

"God Gives Us Love, Something To Love He Lends Us"

JEAN FULLER JOHNSON 12-18-1921 to 5-16-2000

*Wf/of Wm. G. Johnson "Mom"

A. J. JONES 4-26-1855 to 1-12-1905

"Cheerful he gave his being up – and went To share the holy rest that

awaits a life well spent."

& M. E. JONES 4-1-1860 to 11-24-1930 *Wf/of A.J. Jones

"Lord remember me when Thou comest into Thy kingdom"

ALVIN EDWARD JONES, SR. “Cocky” 2-11-1912 to 9-18-1986

*US Army WW II

& VEDA PERDUE JONES 11-12-1920 to 12-8-2009 *ob

*D/of Harvey & Nonie Hargett Perdue. *Wf/of Alvin E. Jones

BLANCH JONES 2-22-1883 to 10-10-1919

*Wf/of John A. Jones "She was the sunshine of our home"

CHARLES L. JONES 1875 to 1957

MARY W. JONES 1875 to 1957

"Wife" *Wf/of Charles L. Jones

CHARLES PROCTOR JONES 7- 27-1905 to 1-7-1908

*S/of C.L & Mary W. Jones

C. HASTINGS JONES, JR. 12-5-1914 to 4-9-1983

"Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"

& MINNIE LEE JONES 5-30-1918 to 12-19-1998

"Beloved Wife and Mother"

CLAUDIUS EDWARD JONES 9-17-1878 to 11-3-1943

CLEVELAND H. JONES 12-4-1884 to 8-27-1950

"At Rest"

DERWOOD M. JONES 10-8-1893 to 8-21-1924

IDA M. RHODES JONES 9-19-1894 to 10-1-1953

*Wife of Derwood M. Jones (Not found in 2012)

[Small flat stone next to headstone of Derwood M Jones]

RFD# (Drawing of Mail box etched into stone) 1-5-1919 to 12-31-1952

No name, just dates, RFD # & the mail box etched on marker.

?? JONES or Rhodes / Possibly a child of theirs.

DIAMOND G. JONES 9-28-1889 to 6-26-1979

"At Rest"

"Little" DORIS McKEY JONES 4-19-1903 to 10-8-1906

*D/of Mr. & Mrs. John Jones "Our Darling One Hath Gone Before To Greet Us On

The Blissful Shore."

EDMOND HARDY JONES 7-4-1901 to 11-1-1962

EFFIE ANGLIN JONES 10-17-1897 to 6-11-1981

"In Loving Memory"

ELSIA TURNER JONES 9-13-1909 to 11-17-1988

EMON OWEN JONES 10-27-1899 to 5-28-1861 “Mason”

G. M. "Dutch" JONES 1-22-1874 to 8-29-1950

& EVA MAY JONES 6-8-1879 to 10-28-1960

MARVIN WATSON JONES 12-18-1898 to 9-6-1985

*Md:6/21/1933 "At Rest Now And Forever" "Jesus Was Her Shepherd"

& FAYE EDITH WHITE JONES 10-29-1907 to 10-21-1983

G. F. "DICK" JONES 1883 to 1942

GORDY MONROE JONES 12-23-1902 to 12-1-1967

Infant JONES 1923 (One date) *S/of Mr. & Mrs. G.F. Jones

JAMES F. JONES 8-8-1918 to 2-2-1970

"Gone But Not Forgotten" Photo embedded on headstone

JEWELL HANNA JONES 12-17-1901 to 7-30-1984

RAY GENIE JONES 9-18-1915 to 9-24-1981

"At Rest"

RUTH MAXWELL JONES 10-7-1901 to 1-5-1977

"Eastern Star"

RUTHELLE CARGILE RHODES JONES 2-19-1901 to 5-18-1982

SHIRLEY DUANE JONES 5-25-1842 to 5-27-1942

*S/of Marvin & Faye Jones

WALLACE JONES 3-6-1911 to 6-10-1987


& LILLIAN JONES 10-16-1910 to 10-23-1974

GEORGE A. KELLEY 2-9-1885 to 12-9-1949

& LENA BUTLER KELLEY 1-19-1902 to 8-1-1987

D. A. "Bill" KEMPER 1850 to 1897

& DELIA K. SHEPPARD 1857 to 1936

*These two share a double headstone; names appear as typed here.

BILL KENDRICK *No dates –Oct 2011

C. V. KENDRICK 1895 to 1936

D. F. KENDRICK 1874 to 1949

SUE ELLA KENDRICK 1876 to 1948

*Wf/of D. F. Kendrick

FLOY KENDRICK 3-20-1905 to 9-10-1905 6 mos. old

"Her Memory Is Blessed"

HARRY LATIMER KENDRICK 9-28-1907 to 5-22-1908

*S/of Mr. & Mrs. D.F. Kendrick (* this child's name spelled Kindrick on tombstone)

"With Jesus"

GLADYS McDONALD KENNEDY 6-6-1912 to 4-24-1998

D. J. KINARD 1-16-1883 to 8-28-1918

"None knew thee but to love thee."

ETHEL CUPP KINARD 3-26-1887 to 7-24-1978

HARVEY EARL KINARD 10-6-1903 to 10-1-1980

& CATHERINE PROCTOR KINARD 12-10-1903 to 5-30-1993

JOHN MEEK KINARD 9-24-1888 to 11-30-1939

*Arkansas PVT 127 INF 32 DIV "Beloved One Farewell"

& ROBBIE CULLENS KINARD 3-23-1897 to 2-10-1991

*Arkansas Pvt 127 Inf 32 Div. "We Will Meet Again"

LILLIE MOORE KIRBY 12-27-1870 (One date)

*Next to Dr. W. A. Moore in the Moore plot. "Gone to meet her loved ones."

FALMA I. CAVER KOLB 12-4-1902 to 12-31-2002

"Always Loved-Always Remembered"

JOHNNIE KOONCE died November 1929

GEORGE W. KRESS 11-18-1876 to 6-18-1927

*Md: 3/30/1913 "In Loving Memory" "In Loving Memory"

& DELLA WARD KRESS ROBERTS 12-10-1895 to 6-25-1975

ROY LAMBETH 9-14-1908 to 9-11-1986 (Mason)

"Work First Then Rest" *Surname may be BOLEN although only LAMBETH was on tombstone.

WM. THAD LAMBETH 9-3-1963 to 2-28-1964 5 mos-25 dys

FLOY LANDERS 5-3-1906 to 5-25-1906

DOLLIE BESS JERRY LANEY 9-7-1914 to 11-19-1961

ELLIS E. LANEY 9-29-1895 to 9-15-1974

MARY AYCOCK LANEY 11-21-1902 to 8-17-1954

ALFRED LANG 5-22-1913 to 12-26-1972

*Md:3/6/1946 *Arkansas S SGT 238, REPL CO WW II

& ZADIE JACKSON LANG 5-22-1920 to 8-28-1990

RICHARD PAUL LANG (60) 12-26-1950 to 8-29-2011 "Brother"

"Ricky" Son of Alfred Lang & Zadie Etta Jackson Lang *OB

(2012) Ricky has two headstones; Shares double head stone with Ronnie; Has individual headstone.

& RONNIE A. LANG 9-3-1947 (One date) "Brother"

"Sheltered And Safe From Sorrow"

MARY NEAL LANGLEY 5-29-1870 to 1-21-1954

& FERDINAND L. NEAL 4-14-1884 to 11-8-1952

(*Probably brother)

LANGSTON 1911 to 1965 (Not found in 1999)

JULES S. LANGSTON 9-28-1879 to 1-7-1956 “Shriner”

& MAY B. LANGSTON 12-17-1883 to 9-30-1957 “Eastern Star”

KATIE LEE LANGSTON 8-4-1871 to 6-29-1904

*Wf/of J.C. Langston "As a wife, devoted: As a mother, affectionate:

As a friend ever kind and true."

ROY S. LANGSTON 10-16-1904 to 3-23-1980

R. W. LANGSTON (No dates)

MARY JANE LANGSTON 8-15-1846 to 8-10-1911 *Wf/of R.W.


ELIZABETH G. LEAKE 1854 to 1919

"Her Life Was A Life Of Service And Sacrifice For Others"

JAMES P. LEAKE 7-26-1905 to 12-16-1945

JERRY LANE LEAKE 10-8-1949 to 2-1-1987

"A Life Like His Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

*Photo embedded on tombstone.

JERRY W. LEAK 12-12-1855 to 12-4-1913 *WOW

"Twas Hard To Give Thee UP. But Thy Will, O God, Be Done."

NANCY L. GRAY LEAKE 11-17-1867 to 12-4-1947

*Wf/of Jerry W. * Their markers are side by side; the "E" is left off his surname.

JERRY W. LEAKE 9-10-1910 to 5-4-1956

*SGT 2532 Base Unit AAF-WW II

JOHN TOM LEAK 11-23-1903 to 7-6-1904

* S /of J.W. & N. L. Leak

"Our Darling One Has Gone Before, To Greet Us On The Blissful Shore."

& MAGGIE LEAK 3-15-1902 to 8-11-1904

JOY LEAKE 3-3-1921 to 4-4-1924

*D/of Clifford & Ruth Leake


"In Loving Memory"

MARCUS LEAKE 8-23-1906 to 5-17-1965

& EMMA MAY LEAKE 5-11-1916 to 10-22-2000

NANCY STARK LEAKE 1832 to 1908

"Tho Lost To Sight To Memory Dear"

ROBERT L. LEAK 1-2-1890 to 3-18-1920 "Mason"

THOMAS BROWN LEAKE 1857 to 8-2-1931 *ARDI

"He Liveth A Life Indeed"

S. M. "MACK" LEDBETTER 1881 to 2-1-1932

(Silas McP. Ledbetter died 2-1-1932 Pulaski Co. *ARDI)

& SALLIE C. LEDBETTER 1883 to 3-13-1925 *ARDI

WM. S. LEDBETTER 1-17-1842 to 8-19-1911

"God Gave, He Took, He Will Restore, He Doeth All Things Well"

MARTHA C. LEDBETTER 10-11-1845 to 1-11-1906

*Wf/of William .S. Ledbetter "She was the sunshine of our home."

DON D. LEE 5-7-1909 to 11-12-1985

& MARY E. LEE 8-14-1911 to 7-11-1978

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

ED LEWIS 7-7-1868 to 12-12-1907 "Father"

URILLA L. JONES JONES 9-6-1876 to 10-27-1930 "Mother"

JOHN M. LEWIS 7-5-1862 to 3-30-1947 *H/of Sula Hudson Lewis

SULA HUDSON LEWIS 10-15-1863 to 4-3-1919

*Wife of J. M. Lewis. "A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled."

AUDREY B. LINDER 11-15-1911 to 7-23-2001 *SSDI

*Md: 9/15/1928 *Unproven that Lester is buried at Roselawn with Audrey.

LESTER LINDER 6-21-1909 to 10-14-1999 *SSDI

JOE MANUEL LINDER 11-22-1936 (One date)

*Md:8/18/1962 "Beloved Husband and Father, Gone Fishin"

& WANDA JUNE ANDERSON LINDER 10-16-1936 to 9-3-2010

"Beloved Wife and Mother, Peace At Last"

ALBERT LLOYD 10-4-1938 to 5-20-1986

"In Loving Memory" *Surname may be BOLEN although only

LLOYD was on tombstone.

FRANCES MARIE LLOYD "Fran" 5-6-1947 to 11-6-1997

"I Have Kept The Faith We Will Meet Again"

ALBERT W. LOFTIN 9-29-1924 to 5-28-1988

MARVIN M. LOFTIN 6-3-1917 to 12-23-1981 (Mason)

& LOUISE FULLER LOFTIN 12-30-1916 to 12-15-1998

"Eastern Star"

MARY ETTA ADAMS LOFTIN 1-23-1896 to 3-3-1969

"In Loving Memory"

ORBIE B. LOFTIN 1-24-1919 to 5-24-2009

*WW II U.S. Army 551st Motor Ambulance Co.

W. I. LOFTIN 3-26-1896 to 3-2-1985 “Mason”

FREDA CUPP LONG 11-12-1895 to 4-12-1992 "Mother"

& ALBERT T. HARPER 8-19-1920 to 6-21-1998 “Son”

"Precious Memories"

E. D. "JUDGE" LOVELADY 1875 to 1951

ELLIOTT DAVID "Jack" LOVELADY 5-21-1907 to 10-26-1975

Infant LOVELADY b & d 4-27-1947

*S/of Jack & Ruth Lovelady


"She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"


CHARLIE PASCHAL "Pat" LUSBY 7-6-1918 to 9-22-1996

*CPL US Army Air Corps WW II * Md:10/19/1945

& RUTHELLE COUCH LUSBY 1-9-1920 to 8-6-2000

THOMAS LUTHER 1874 to 1950

"Beside Nancy Meador

RANDALL "RANDY" LYONS (53) 5-23-1953 to 3-16-2007

* S/of Melvin & Stella Lyons. *Wife of 35 yrs, Beverly Lyons. *OB

*Randy lost both legs & one arm, a few days before his 32nd birthday, in a work related accident.

Randall & Beverly Lyons Children: Randall; Nicholas Joseph; Brandi Danielle

Dr. MILTON McDONOUGH MARCUS died 9-24-1909

Age 85 yrs 2 mos-15 dys * Born in Putnam County, Georgia

"We Shall All Meet Again" "May He Rest In Peace"

EDITH L. MARKLAND 1852 to 1932 *MM

J. B. MARKLAND 1879 to 1938 *MM (? 2-11-1939 Saline Co.,AR)

(2012-mortuary marker broken, almost iledgible-next to Edith Markland)

UNKNOWN MARKLAND (Name and dates gone from old broken MM)

WILLIAM M. MARKLAND 1854 to 6-27-1940 *MM *ARDI

MOSES GONZALEZ MARTINEZ 11-5-1941 to 3-20-1987

*US Army-Vietnam

DANIEL JEFFERY "JEFF" MASON 7-8-1971 to 11-29-2010

"John 3:16"

ETHEL CHEEK MASON 11-27-1892 to 2-6-1967

HARRY K. MASON 1-22-1913 to 4-24-1962 “Mason”

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

IDA BELLE LOVELADY MASON 6-5-1919 to 4-1-2011

JAMES ALFRED "Frostie" MASON 9-7-1910 to 11-24-1983

JAMES RALPH MASON 1-11-1913 to 4-15-1997

LUCIUS W. MASON 11-1-1880 to 11-28-1953

MICHAEL W. MASON 10-12-1950 to 4-16-1967

"To Know Him Was To Love Him"

ROBERT 'WAYNE' MASON “Luke” (84) 5-28-1924 to 12-8-2008

*S/of Lucius Walker Mason & Ethel Cheek *OB *Md:55 yrs Together

*TEC 5 US Army WW II –Silver Star, Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart

LAURIE 'MAXINE' GALBRAITH MASON (87) 4-17-1925 to 5-26-2012

*D/of Herbert Newell & Florrie (Popp) Galbraith *OB "Precious Memories"

ELMA FAIRLY McCORVEY 11-2-1895 to 11-13-1965

S. HOUSTON McCULLOCH 1874 to 1951

*Spanish War Veteran "At Rest"

MAE HILL McCULLOCH 1872 to 10-3-1948 *ARDI

"At Rest"

BRENT ALAN McDONALD 7-16-1975 to 12-30-1997

"Too Well Loved To Be Forgotten"

DEKALB L. McDONALD 5-8-1905 to 11-5-1965 *WW II


DEKALB LAFAYETTE McDONALD 1-3-1836 to 2-5-1918

"Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord , Yea Saith The Spirit That They May

Rest From Their Labors And Their Works Do Follow Them."

MARY FANNIE McDONALD 8-18-1846 to 3-4-1922

*Wf/of Dekalb L. McDonald "A tender and faithful mother."

DONALD R. McDONALD 10-14-1919 to 6-3-1976

ELLIS LEE McDONALD 1885 to 1958

& TINNIE N. McDONALD 1884 to 1969

H. S. McDONALD 1893 to 1958

& LOUISE McDONALD 1901 to 1957

HOPE McDONALD 1893 (One date) (Not found in 1999 / 2012)

JESSE MURPH McDONALD 9-26-1872 to 8-21-1928

"True to his God, his family and his friends"

JOHN D. McDONALD 11-22-1913 to 10-16-1997

JOHN VAN McDONALD (71) 11-7-1935 to 2-7-2007 *OB

*S/of John D. McDonald & Katherine Harrison McDonald. *H/of the late Janie McDonald.

*BT3 USA Navy Korea "Gone To Be An Angel"

LEONARD E. McDONALD, SR. 3-22-1917 to 11-7-1995

*Md:5/26/1979 *Children: Joe, Alice, & Leonard McDonald, Jr. Betty Marie-Jerry-Ronnie

& GENEVA A. McDONALD 8-16-1924 to 2-13-2004

L. FERRELL "TOOTER" McDONALD 11-17-1940 to 9-29-2007

"Forever Missed, Forever Loved"

& DONNA LEE CATES McDONALD 1-4-1953 (One date)


*D/of E. L. & Tinnie McDonald "Memories guide the hand of love"

LUNA MULLINS McDONALD 5-9-1878 to 5-4-1919

"True to her God, her family and friends."

R. CLYDE McDONALD 8-7-1915 to 9-30-1992

& MARGUERITE D. McDONALD 6-13-1915 to 9-8-1986



11-10-1954 *Wf/of R. J. McDonald "Tender Mother and A Faithful Friend"

ANNIE NOLLEY McDONALD 11-27-1887 to 4-15-1920

*Age 32 yrs-4 mos-18 dys *Wf/of R. J. McDonald

ROY L. McDONALD 1912 to 10-14-1943 *ARDI

WM. WASHINGTON McDONALD 1873 to 9-27-1937 *ARDI


Infant McINNIS born 2-11-1900 *S/of John & Carrie McInnis

"Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"

WILLE A. McKENZIE 7-8-1908 to 9-10-1975


JANIE ALICE BURNS McKENZIE 10-12-1910 to 11-11-2009

*Wife of Wille A McKenzie

CHESTER M. McKINNON 9-26-1923 to 11-21-2008

*S/of Fred & Claudia Barker McKinnon. *Brother to the late, Lawrence & Doyle McKinnon;

*Sister, late Marie Shrewsbury *OB *TEC 5 US Army "Till Death Do Us Part"

& LAURA M. McKINNON 7-14-1926 (One date)

LAWRENCE M. McKINNON 11-16-1914 to 4-13-2007


& DORIS BASS McKINNON 10-14-1921 to 2-10-1985

"Her children arise up and call her Blessed: Her husband also, and He

Praiseth her. Proverbs 31:28 "

Infant McLELLAND b & d 9-10-1917

*Child of Mr. & Mrs. R. E. McLelland "Gone So Soon"

ROBERT E. McLELLAND 12-24-1918 to 4-17-1997

& JEANNIE E. McLELLAND 10-12-1914 to 9-14-2011

ROBERT ELMO McLELLAND 8-2-1871 to 10-15-1918 *WOW

*H/of Mrs. Georgia Johnson McLelland "Although He Sleeps, His Memory doth live

And cheering comfort To His Mourners ?All"

JULIANNE WILSON McRAE 7-31-1956 to 7-25-1992

"God Gives Us Love. Someone To Love He Lends Us."

J. C. MEADORS 5-21-1841 to 8-27-1911

ANNA COUCH MEADOWS (No dates) (Not found in 1999 / 2012)

ZELL O'NEAL MIERS 5-11-1920 to 8-28-2001

HERBERT MILLER 7-18-1918 to 11-20-1990


& HILDA ROBINSON MILLER 11-17-1918 to 10-10-2010

JANE MILLER 8-22-1862 to 3-8-1946

"Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord"

LUCILLE VIRGINIA MILLER 11-11-1928 (One date)

MARIAN GALBRAITH MITCHUM 3-3-1920 to 12-3-1999

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."

Dr. W.A. MOORE 12-11-1857 to 12-15-1924

*Next to Lillie "Moore" Kirby "The happy past brings memory sweet, The

future sleeps till we two meet. Dream on dear heart though we're apart. My

soul's your soul my heart your heart." Curbing says W.A. MOORE D.D.S. (M)

ELMER MORRIS 2-3-1909 to 3-12-1911

*S/of Mr. & Mrs. J. S. Morris

& EDNA MORRIS 2-3-1909 to 3-10-1911

*D/of Mr. & Mrs. J. S. Morris "Little buds of love to bloom with God above"

IRIS GERTRUDE MURPHY 1-22-1916 to 10-5-2005

LEO MURPHY 9-7-1905 to 10-13-1948

*Lt. Col U.S. Army (Mason)

MYRTLE LEE DANIELS MURPHY (88) 5-14-1923 to 3-22-2012 *OB

*D/of Dempse & Ola Cameron Lee; 2 late husbands: Thomas L. Daniels

& Henry Murphy

PASCHAL E. MURPHY 8-2-1878 to 12-21-1954

& GERTRUDE SAXON MURPHY 4-29-1872 to 5-19-1954

THOMAS J. MURPHY 4-6-1853 to 1-29-1935

& MARY Y. MURPHY 8-31-1855 to 9-11-1929

RUTH GOLEY MURPHY 3-22-1907 to 5-1-1974

"At Rest"

SAXON MURPHY 10-27-1903 to 4-12-1905

URSULA MURPHY 8-31-1889 to Aug 1978

"Her Memory Is Blessed"

WILLARD ERIC MURPHY 1-5-1979 to 9-18-2009

"Beloved Son, Brother, Father"

L. D. MURRAY 1-8-1944 to 4-15-2010

*Md:10/15/1998 "Death Is Eternal Life, Why Should We Weep?"

& VERNA SUE BARNHILL MURRAY 11-23-1949 (One date)

Col. DONALD P. MUSE (No dates) Air Force Wings

*Speculation: 1892 to Jan 7, 1946 GarlandCo., AR *ARDI

"Life Is Eternal"

EMMA WATTS MUSE 1875 to 9-25-1950 *ARDI

JESSE G. MUSE 1860 to 3-11-1936 *ARDI

MAUDE BLUSH MUSE 1876 to 1963

MOSES PRESTON MUSE 1861 to 12-21-1929 *ARDI

ELIZA P. MUSE 1864 to 1953

MOSES PRESTON MUSE, JR. 4-13-1904 to 1-26-1964

*Texas Major IGD HQ 4 Army WW II

NANCY LEAKE MUSE 7-12-1906 to 12-1-1992

PAUL H. MUSE, MD 11-14-1899 to 7-23-1952

& INEZ HILL MUSE 8-6-1900 to 9-19-1989

PAUL HOWARD 'Doc' MUSE, Jr. (82) 6-2-1928 to 4-22-2011

*S/of Dr. Paul H. Muse, Sr., & Inez Hill Muse. *Md:6/23/1948.

& JOY HANRY MUSE 11-24-1927 (One date)

SAMUEL LEE MUSE 1874 to 5-5-1941 *ARDI

FERDINAND L. NEAL 4-14-1884 to 11-8-1952

(*Probably Brother)

& MARY NEAL LANGLEY 5-29-1870 to 1-21-1954

ASHLEY FANNIE NELSON 1-22-1878 to 2-7-1959

ASHLEY JERRY NELSON 10-9-1894 to 3-16-1965 "Father"

"His Memory Is Blessed"

MARY NICKLAS NELSON 1-25-1896 to 6-12-1959

*Wf/of A. J. Nelson "Gone, But Not Forgotten" "Mother"

CLARENCE WESSON NELSON, SR. 2-1-1884 to 12-21-1943

DORA ALICE McDOUGAL NELSON 5-12-1896 to 3-7-1999

*Md:6/16/1922 (Dora age 72 yrs) "Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal."

ESTHER VIRGINIA NELSON 7-13-1923 to 6-8-1927

*D/of Clarence & Dora Nelson "She's safe at home"

J. HANSEL NELSON 1-12-1886 to 2-20-1926 (Mason)

*H/of Hulette A. Ferguson

"Twas hard to give thee up, Dear But thy will, O God, be done."

MILES B. NELSON 3-1-1914 to 3-8-1979

*Md:12/24/1935 "In Loving Memory"

& NANNIE BELLE NELSON 2-4-1914 to 2-9-2001

MINNIE GOSS NELSON 3-30-1883 to 9-5-1963

STELLA EVANS WORD NELSON 10-17-1888 to 11-5-1911

*Md:1/16/1911 J. HOWELL NELSON "Jesus Loves The Pure and Holy"



*These two are side by side in the Nelson Plot; The last name of

Nelson is not on their individual tombstones."

WILLIAM D. NELSON 3-21-1848 to 5-10-1930


*Wf/of W. D. Nelson "She was the sunshine of our home."

WILLIAM "BILL" NELSON 7-14-1927 (One date)

MARILYN BLACKMON NELSON 8-3-1931 to 2-11-1977

"Myrle" *Wf/of Wm. Nelson

PHEBE GLATT NEVILLE 2-10-1891 to 1-15-1988

"Mother Is Here"

RALPH J. NEVILLE 5-9-1913 to 8-4-1972

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


"At Rest"

CLARA LEE NORRIS (92) 6-28, 1913 to 10-9-2005

*D/of Joe A. & Lavada Shinpoch Norris *OB

DAVID D. "BODIE" NORRIS 10-20-1914 to 7-22-1977

"In Loving Memory"

JOHN D. "JD" NORRIS, SR. 11-13-1905 to 11-16-1972 (Mason)

IVY SMITHSON NORRIS "Ivy" 1-19-1909 to 4-12-1992 (Eastern Star)

*Wife of J. D. NORRIS, SR.

J. A. NORRIS 1879 to 1953

VADA NORRIS 3-16-1881 to Mar 1973

**Vada, J.A. & Clara Lee next to John Franklyn & Kathryn Norris

JOHN FRANKLIN NORRIS 8-6-1916 to 11-16-1969

*Md: 9/16/1939 *Arkansas PFC 739 MIL Police BN-WWII "Precious Memories"

& KATHRYN LOUISE NORRIS 6-5-1918 to 11-24-1993

JOHN W. NORRIS 10-2-1872 to 8-20-1931

& MINNIE TADLOCK NORRIS 8-12-1884 to 3-3-1986

"In Loving Memory"

LAVELLE NORRIS 10-7-1907 to 3-23-1980


& EUNICE BRAZZEL NORRIS 1-17-1910 to 12-29-1994

LENOX RUSSELL NORRIS 9-17-1919 to 10-16-2004


& ROSA GEORGE NORRIS (87) 8-14-1923 to 8-2-2011

*D/of Marshall & Ethel Lewis George. *ob (Oct 2012-death date not on tombstone)

NEVA V. NORRIS 4-17-1878 to 10-21-1918

& JESSIE E. BRINKER 2-26-1880 to 3-24-1930

ORIN GIBSON NORRIS 11-7-1883 to 9-3-1969

STELLA E. NORRIS 7-23-1884 to 2-3-1966

RUBY URSERY NORRIS 3-17-1914 to 11-29-1995

"At Rest With God"

ERNEST NORTON 7-15-1913 to Nov 1992

CARL BOWMAN O'BRIEN 5-18-1904 to 8-25-1925

"Jesus has come and borne thee home, beyond the stormy blast."

JAMES O'BRIEN 9-26-1846 to 11-10-1928

NANCY J. O'BRIEN 1-3-1881 to 8-7-1952 "Mother"

HENRY CLAYTON ODOM 6-4-1929 to 8-13-2003

*Md: 8/8/1983 *PVT US Army "With Christ In Heaven"

& ANITA KUNDERT ODOM 1-7-1939 (One date)

ANITA O'NEAL 2-19-1932 to 5-14-2011

A. V. O'NEAL 1880 to 1957

JUANITA O'NEAL 2-21-1903 to 1-7-1993

O.C. O'NEAL, MD 1-20-1880 to 11-13-1963

"A Loving Husband And Father"

ZELL MIERS O'NEAL 5-11-1920 to 8-28-2001

J. C. ORR 7-10-1905 to 9-21-1939

"Only Sleeping"

JONES C. ORR, SR. 10-31-1880 to 2-19-1941

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

DELLA OSBERN 7-10-1878 to 4-17-1922

*Wf/of G. B. Osbern "Mother" "She was too good, too gentle and fair

to dwell in this cold world of ?ours"

CLAUDE DENSON OSWALT 7-23-1903 to 4-4-1971

"Their Memory Is Blessed"

& RUBY LEE OSWALT 10-8-1910 to 6-26-1994

DAVID COLE OWENS died 4-2-1998 (One date)

"Gone To Be An Angel"

MARJORIE HALL PALMA 4-22-1929 to 10-5-1979

"A Tender Mother, Loving Sister And Faithful Daughter"

JEANNE ELSE PARKER 8-4-1922 to 7-6-2000

Infant PARNELL b & d 1-1-1902 *S/of E.S. & B. Parnell

"Another little angel before the heavenly throne."


*Wf/of Wm. Foster Couch

RUBY ADELL PATTERSON 1-4-1912 to 1-26-1998

(Young's Funeral Home *MM ) "There Is Rest In Heaven"

BENNY JOE PEACE 6-6-1930 to 6-25-1991

*Md:7/29/1956 * U.S.A.F. Korea

& DOROTHY JUNE PEACE 12-4-1924 to 3-2-2004

ROBERT TYSON "TY" PEACE 11-21-1958 (One date)

"Life's A Voyage That's Homeward Bound"

Mrs. WILL PEDIGO 4-2-1878 to 12-2-1905 Age 27 yrs-8 mos

*Wife of Will Pedigo


"A Tender Father and A Faithful Friend"


"A Darling Wife and Loving Mother"


HERMAN MACON PENDLETON 10-22-1921 to 6-12-1922

FLORENCE EDNA PEPPER 1-20-1883 to 11-26-1935

ODUM A. PEPPER 12-2-1874 to 2-4-1954

INFANT Son of b & d 12-5-1935


ALVA LEE "JACQUE" PHILLIPS 2-14-1901 to 1-12-1994

EARL ELI PHILLIPS, SR. 2-16-1896 to 10-27-1972 Aged 76 yrs

& A. "NETTIE" EVERHARDT PHILLIPS 8-8-1900 to 2-5-1977

*Md:7/15/1918 (Nettie also Aged 76 yrs) "I am the Resurrection and the Life ; He that

Believeth in Me, Though He were dead, Yet shall he Live." John 11:25

EARL E. PHILIPS, III 11-22-1965 to 3-6-1981

*S/of Earl E. Phillips Jr. & Voniarose Bottoms Phillips

"Strive To Be Happy" "If you compare yourself with others you may become sad & bitter.

For always there will be Greater & Lesser Persons than yourself. Be Yourself. Speak your

truth quietly & clearly and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant. They too have their story.

Listen to peoples problems in the noisy confusion of life. Keep peace with your soul.

Be at Peace ?______."


IDA LOUISE CALDWELL PHILLIPS 11-3-1869 to 10-4-1947

"Mother" (Two markers)

"Precious memories linger forever of our loving mother and family"

LOUISE PHILLIPS 5-22-1907 to 9-9-1907 "Infant Daughter"

RUBY CARL PHILLIPS 1-7-1904 to 2-17-1910

VONIAROSE BOTTOMS PHILLIPS 11-27-1929 to 3-6-1981

*Wf/of Earl E. Phillips, Jr.

LAURA NELL PIERCE 11-23-1929 to 1-23-1931

NELL BASS PIERCE 10-13-1909 to 12-18-1982

"A Quiet and Gentle Spirit"

WM. EVERETTE "BLACKIE" PLATT 8-24-1900 to 9-9-1978 (Mason)

FANNIE THOMPSON PLATT 11-29-1907 to 2-28-1989

SYRUS PLEDGER 1855 to 1896

JOHN LEONARD POPP 1872 to 1942

"He Lived To Serve Others"


"I Have Kept The Faith"

C. B. POSEY 3-9-1903 to 5-10-1922 "Son"

"By by Mama I am gone"

& J. N. POSEY Oct 1877 to 9-27-1921 "Father"

"In God We Trust"

KENNETH RAY POST 3-4-1957 (One date)

*Md: 4/14/1979

& ELIZABETH RATCLIFF POST 12-28-1958 (One date)

ANN DAVID POTTORFF 3-6-1933 to 12-21-2008

"Deeply Loved and Never Forgotten"

DAVID M. POTTORFF 7-12-1919 to 3-9-1978

*LT Col. U.S. Marines Corps WW II

DIAMOND D. POWELL 3-6-1903 to 3-20-1989 "Father"

"In Loving Memory –Rest In Peace"

& INELL AMASON POWELL 10-10-1911 to 2-2-1962 "Mother"

"Mother" "Precious In The Sight Of The Lord Is The Death Of His Saints." Psalms 116:15

EDD LEWIS POWELL 7-7-1868 to 12-12-1907 "Father"

LEE ALVAH POWELL 3-7-1896 to 10-21-1949

*Arkansas LDS US Navy-WW I

H. G. POWELL III 1-7-1946 (One date)

& LINDA EVANS POWELL 8-13-1950 (One date)

URILLA L. JONES POWELL 9-6-1876 to 10-27-1930 "Mother"

WAUGHLIE POWELL 4-12-1907 to 6-16-1958

JAMES CASON PRATT 11-24-1895 to 6-26-1988

(no marker found) *SSDI


9-25-2004 "Forever In Our Hearts" "Daughter" *Buried in the Nelson Family Plot.

"Nelva Eloise wife of James Cason Pratt on headstone"

BENNIE PRICE 10-30-1907 to 1-14-1956

& IDA G. COLLINS PRICE (95) 6-17-1910 to 10-17-2005

*D/of John Collins & Jenny Brady Collins Burgin. *OB

D. I. PRICE 1899 to 1954

JAMES RAY PRICE "BUD" 12-3-1929 (One date)

*Md: 3/21/1952

& VIRGINIA ANN RATCLIFF PRICE 10-25-1929 (One date)

FLORIENE WILSON PRINCE 11-19-1913 to 4-18-2008 "Daughter"

*Shares headstone with her mother, Lela G. Wilson

AUBREY HENRY PROCTOR 10-29-1879 to 9-4-1945

& MAGGIE SUE PROCTOR 3-23-1884 to 2-18-1960

Boy H. PROCTOR ( No dates) (Not found in 1999)

NAN FRANCIS PROCTOR 2-14-1910 to 9-11-1927

*D/of Aubrey H. & Maggie Sue Proctor "Could Love Have Saved Thee, Thou Hads't Not Died"

THEO PROCTOR 11-11-1878 to 10-3-1908

*Wf/of Dr. F.L. Proctor "Because I Live Ye Shall Live Also."

MICHAEL M. "MIKEY" PUMPHREY 9-27-1965 to 3-26-2001

(Coca Cola cans etched on headstone)

LALIA RABORN b & d 1-18-1918 *D/of C.M. & Lalia Raborn

"Tis a little grave, but Oh! have care, For world –wide bones are buried here."

LESLIE TAYLOR RABORN 1-5-1892 to 9-16-1964

LOUIS P. RAINWATER 9-12-1904 to 12-25-1904

*S/of Mr. & Mrs. A. Rainwater

H. A. RALEY 4-11-1843 to 10-25-1915

"Husband & Wife"

& S. F. RALEY 6-8-1844 (One date)

"Not lost blest thought, but gone before Where we shall meet to part no more"

IDA WATTS RAMSEY 1868 to 1943


*This is a small bronze plaque with just the one date. (one date)

JOHN WILMER RATCLIFF (89) 4-23-1921 to 10-10-2010

*Wf, Virginia Baxter Ratcliff: *S/of John W. & Lizzie Mae James Ratcliff *OB

*SGM2 US Navy - WW II


LEONARD E. RAY "Lonnie" "Leon" 7-23-1900 to 4-29-1981

& MABEL P. RAY (Manel) 7-9-1902 to 5-29-1986

*Wf/of Leon Ray

JOHN THOMAS "BIG JOHN" REDWINE 9-4-1917 to 3-4-1989

*Md:4/17/1938 "Only Sleeping"

& EVELYN JONES REDWINE 9-3-1918 to 12-3-2006

AMOS J. REYNOLDS 12-24-1858 to 9-3-1937 78 yrs-8 mos-9 dys

"A loving husband. An understanding father, yet tho thy smile be lost to

sight. To Memory thou art dear. "Each duty done he rests in Peace"

GEORGE D. REYNOLDS 1897 to 1939

"....the angel said God liketh thy request, and dothe with the

?palme/paline of marlir dome, ye shallen come unto His blissful rest."

JULIA PENDLETON REYNOLDS 2-18-1863 to 4-26-1945

"Gods Greatest Gift, Returned To God – Our Mother. Her Life An Ideal,

Her memory An Inspiration."



GEORGE DIXON RHODES 11-25-1923 to 5-11-1945

*Arkansas Seaman First Class US Navy USS Bunker HIll

GEORGE WILLIAM RHODES 1-8-1892 to 9-25-1953

* Arkansas Pvt Provost Guard Co WW I

IDA M. RHODES 9-19-1894 to 10-1-1953

WILEY OWEN RICE 11-20-1893 to 6-9-1951

* Arkansas PFC Infantry 77 DIV - WW I - American Legion * WOW

RIESENBERG *Md:5/28/1989(Lrg marker with no given names or other info)

MARK WESLEY RILEY 8-10-1960 to Feb 1983

"God Gives Love Someone To Love He Lends"

SALLIE MAE CORLEY ROBBINS 2-20-1902 to 10-26-1924

"Beloved Sister" *Buried in the Corley Family plot

DELLA WARD KRESS ROBERTS 12-10-1895 to 6-25-1975

*Md:3/30/1913 1st husb, George W. Kress

& GEORGE W. KRESS 11-18-1876 to 6-18-1927

JAMES F. ROBERTS 10-12-1902 to 7-17-1911

*S/of J. G. & Lula Roberts "All is dark within our dewelling. Lonely one are our

hearts to-day. For the one we loved so early has forever passed away."

WM. E. ROBERTSON 8-15-1930 to 5-31-1973

& AILENE TENISON ROBERTSON 3-7-1931 (One date)

AYLMER H. ROCKETT 12-7-1923 to 11-6-1999


& MAXINE A. ROCKETT 12-22-1922 to 12-13-2007 *OB

*D/of Auston & Nora Reid Aycock

BURVIS O. ROCKETT 7-9-1923 to 2-11-2006

*Md:5/23/1946 TEC 5 US Army WW II *Purple Heart

& ARLENE A. ROCKETT 5-15-1926 to 4-23-2004

JOHN DANIEL ROCKETT 11-18-1920 to 12-17-1988

*SGT US Army Air Corps WW II

& E. FAYE NELSON ROCKETT 4-22-1925 (One date)

E. E. RODGERS 1897 to 1955

*Homemade concrete marker.


Mrs. M.C. ROGERS died 2-21-1898 Age 65 yrs (broken stone)

"Blessed are the pure in hart, for they shall see God"

ELIZABETH C. ROSE 1886 to 1911

CLOISE ROTTON 8-26-1924 to 7-28-2008 *ob

*S/of V.M. & Melle Forrest Smith Rotton; *Wf/of 60 yrs, Faye Webb Rotton

& NAOMI FAE WEBB ROTTON 9-6-1929 (One date)

*Our Children ROTTON: Sarah, Gail, Beverly, & Amanda

CHARLES RAY ROWTON 8-26-1958 to 5-2-1993

"Did you ever know that you're my hero: You're everything I wish I could

be – and I can fly higher than an eagle. "You are the wind beneath

our wings." We will always love you. Loving Husband and Dad.

JOHN ROBERT SALOTTI 5-4-1947 to 5-25-2003

"Not The End, But A New Beginning"

RUTH L. FARRIS SALOTTI 2-25-1919 to 9-30-2002

*1st Lt. U.S. Army Air Force WW II

EARL THOMAS SANDERS 10-5-1925 to 5-31-1985

*Md:10/27/1945 "Weep Not For Me For I Am With God"

& NELL WYNN SANDERS 10-10-1929 to 11-18-2002

*Nell married 2nd husband, Don F. West 6/15/1990

JON T. SANDERS 6-21-1971 to 10-27-2002

"I Have Fought A Good Fight, I Have Finished My Course.

I Have Kept The Faith." 2 TIM 6:7

LOIS CLARY SANDLIN 5-12-1909 to 9-24-1995

"She Lived To Serve Others"

A. H. "ABB" SAULS 5-3-1880 to 12-10-1968

& FANNIE M. SAULS 1-15-1896 to 2-1-1980

LINDA MASON SCHWARZ 10-2-1938 (One date)

VIRGIE A. SCHOOLEY 12-28-1929 (One date)

MASON REID SEHON 9-2-2011 to 9-4-2011 *ob

*S/of Kevin & Katey Sehon "Jesus Loves The Little Children"

ELIZABETH SHARP 12-13-1868 to 3-31-1926 "Mother"

*Wf/of W.D. Sharp "She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond mother and a friend to all."

Rev. WATSON D. SHARP 10-12-1872 to 8-16-1918

"Come Ye Blessed" "We Will Meet Again"

BOBBY ALLEN SHELTON 6-23-1937 to 4-8-1984

*US Air Force *At Rest With The Lord"

JAMES K. SHELTON 1882 to 1950

& ADA G. SHELTON 8-6-1897 to Dec 1979 *SSDI

JAMES K. SHELTON (No dates) *US Air Force

*Possibly same as James K. Shelton above.

ALICE SIMMONS 12-19-1859 to 1-15-1929

ANNA LOU JARRELL SIMMONS 9-6-1892 to 2-16-1955

DAVID IRVIN SIMMONS 4-27-1884 to 2-17-1975

DAVID LUTHER SIMMONS 3-18-1872 to 4-18-1946

JAY SIMMONS 10-3-1854 to 9-27-1939

NAOMI BYRD SIMS 1891 to 1962

SEMEN LUTHER SIMS 1881 to 1915 (Not found in 1999)

W. H. SIMS 1889 to 1956

WM. HENRY SIMS, JR. 10-14-1918 to 1-26-1961

*Texas 1st Lt Army Air Forces WW II Air Medal & 3 Oak Leaf Clusters

BERTHA ARELINE SINCLAIR 5-3-1906 to 6-8-1906

*D/of J.T. & M. J. Sinclair

"A little time on earth she spent, Till God for her his angel sent"

JOHN WATSON SINCLAIR 4-5-1898 to 5-28-1900

*S/of J.T. & Mary J. Sinclair "Weep not Father and Mother for me for I am waiting

in glory for thee"

ANNIE E. JONES SLATER 9-7-1882 to 8-7-1940

"God's Greatest Gift Returned To God – Our Wife And Mother"

BESSIE M. SLATER 2-25-1909 to 12-28-1992

"A Life Like Hers Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

CORA DUKE SLATER 9-11-1908 to 1-25-1975

ELIZABETH ANN SLATER 9-10-1946 to 10-23-1973

FLORENCE E. SLATER 8-16-1861 to 12-27-1941


NANCY M. SLATER 2-25-1909 to 12-28-1992

OSCAR EARL SLATER 3-13-1884 to 7-17-1952

WILLIAM HILL SLATER 6-13-1907 to 1-17-1983

WILLIAM T. SLATER 9-9-1859 to 2-24-1910

ARLEE SLAUGHTER 7-5-1907 to 9-27-1908 "Daughter"

FLOYD E. SLAUGHTER 3-10-1905 to 11-21-1977

& REA FULLER SLAUGHTER 7-25-1907 to 9-4-1991

*Slaughter Children: Particia, Sue, Larry

FLOYD E. SLAUGHTER 2-13-1937 to 7-30-1939

GARLAND H. SLAUGHTER 8-26-1911 to Nov 1967 (Mason)

*Md: 6/30/1932 *Children: Henry Slaughter & Gwen McClain (Father) (Mother)

& DORTHA B. SLAUGHTER 10-15-1913 to Apr 1972


*Grandson of E. H. & Lena Hudson

JOE ED SLAUGHTER 12-16-1931 to 10-15-1931 "Grandson"

JOE W. SLAUGHTER 2-20-1874 to 10-25-1944 "Father"

MAGGIE ADAMS SLAUGHTER 1-27-1883 to 8-19-1923 "Mother"

J. N. SLAYTON Oct 1877 to 9-27-1921

STUART H. SLAYTON 12-3-1937 to 4-22-1988

*Beautiful large black marble with a Pine Tree etched into the marble.

Inscription: I expect to pass through this world but once; and any good thing; therefore, t
hat I
can do or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature let me do it now;
let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again." "Master Grower of Trees & People"

KATIE SUE SLAYTON 12-19-1939 (One date)

"Faith, Hope And Love, The Greatest Of These Is Love"

WADE HAMPTON SMALLING 7-2- 1926 to 4-23-2011

*Md:9/24/1952 "Slipped The Surly Bonds of Earth To Touch The Face Of God"

& PATRICIA ANN WEED SMALLING 12-24-1933 (One date)

ACE HAMP SMITH 10-10-1924 to 9-4-2003

*Md:8/8/1946 *US Army-WW II

& RUTH SUMNERS SMITH 8-22-1930 (One date)

LOLA MAY "BILLIE" PHILLIPS SMITH 7-26-1902 to 12-24-1976

MARTHA JOYNER SMITH 9-13-1847 to 3-5-1900

*Wf/of John C. Smith "Mother of 8 children" "Gone But Not Forgotten

*Children:Marel, Ellen, Sally, Etta, Marion, Callie, Ozeler, Alice

SANDRA CHERYL SMITH 3-22-1947 to 8-18-1992

"Wife and Mother"

SEABRON E. SMITH 3-6-1876 to 6-24-1955

& ZEORBRIA R. SMITH 4-15-1889 to 10-7-1984


1-14-1940 * Mother of Margaret C. Keel & Nan S. Durham

"Beloved Mother Of Margaret C. Keel and Nan S. Durham;

Tender Mother and Faithful Friend"

ONIE SNYDER 12-13-1886 to 1-9-1907

"Now happy thus to sink to rest. So early numbered with the ?__st"

WALTER SNYDER b & d 1-7-1902

Infant STEVENSON 2-18-1912 to 3-18-1912

*S/of J. Ernest & Mattie Achsah Stevenson

JAMES ERNEST STEVENSON, SR. 12-17-1885 to 3-4-1966

MATTIE ACHSAH LEAKE STEVENSON 4-26-1887 to 6-26-1964

GRACIE MAY STINNETT 3-25-1896 to 12-24-1896

*D/of J.J. & C.A. Stinnett "Suffer little children to come unto me."

Infant STINNETT 8-22-1903 to 10-14-1903

*D/of J.J. & C. A. Stinnett

"Weep not father, mother, brothers and sisters, for me, I am walking in glory for thee."

Infant STINNETT b & d 5-17-1900 *S/of J.J. & C .A. Stinnett

"Budded on Earth To Bloom In Heaven."

JACK W. STINNETT 12-11-1892 to 1-17-1916

JAMES ELTON STINNETT 7-10-1917 to 9-3-1917

*S/of J. J. & C .A. Stinnett 3 months

C. A. STOCKS 1-15-1897 to 1-11-1973 "At Rest"

F. H. "HARRIS" STOCKS 10-7-1898 to 9-14-1987

WILLIAM W. STOCKS 7-5-1922 to 10-25-1945

*Arkansas PVT Infantry WW II

LULITIA PILE STONE died 9-8-1906 Age 72 yrs

*Wf/of Wade Stone "Mother sleeps but is not forgotten"


"Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"

& JUNIE BISHOP STORY 6-2-1888 to 7-10-1989

*ALMA JOLLEY BILLINGSLEY 8-13-1855 to 2-17-1935

*Alma is buried along with these two. *See Alma Jolley Bishop

MARY HELEN SULLIVAN 2-21-1892 to 11-15-1984

MARY JAMES SULLIVAN 8-12-1870 to 11-17-1911

"My Peace I Give Unto You John-14-27"

W. C. SULLIVANT 10-15-1862 to 4-19-1897

"In Memory Of" "Another Gem in the Saviors Crown and Another Soul safe in Heaven"

CHARLES E. SUMMERS 1-19-1930 to 9-22-2000

*BMC US NAVY – Korea-Vietnam

& REBECCA A. SUMMERS 9-30-1934 to 3-13-1995

FRANCIS OIE SUMNERS 6-27-1914 to 9-18-1995

*US Army Air Corps WW II (Mason) "A Hard Worker, A Fne Gentleman,

A Fine Christian, and Loved By All Who Knew Him"

FRED E. SUMNERS 11-10-1903 to 1-4-1976

*Md:10/22/1921 "We Will Meet Again"

& PEARL CAMERON SUMNERS 4-24-1902 to 4-19-1986

EDWIN BURNARD SUTTON 7-30-1905 to 11-13-1906

*S/of E.B. & B.M. Sutton "Another Little Angel Before The Heavenly Throne"

LUTHER SWAN 10-5-1881 to 4-12-1915 (Mason)

"Although he sleeps, His memory doth live And cheering comfort.,

To his mourners give. Lord remember me when Thou comest into

thy kingdom." Luke zziii.42

WOODROW "WOODY" SWEET 9-3-1924 to 4-3-1993

*Md:12/25/1945 "Husband & Father"

& MOLLY MURPH SWEET 11-15-1926 to 6-30-1991

"Wife & Mother "



EDWARD BARRETT TADLOCK 9-8-1872 to 3-29-1945

& SUE THORNTON TADLOCK 8-6-1878 to 10-18-1956

"Sleep Undisturbed Within This Peaceful Shrine."

EDWARD S. TADLOCK 11-20-1910 to 3-28-1945

* Arkansas PFC 6 MED BN 6 INF DIV - WW II

JAMES DIXON TADLOCK 2-11-1922 to 5-9-1985

"In God's Care" *US Navy WW II

& ZELLA FAYE TADLOCK 3-15-1922 to 12-16-1981

THOMAS C. TADLOCK 12-31-1916 to 3-18-1955 "Son"

* Arkansas TEC 5 Engineers - WW II

WALTER THORNTON TADLOCK 9-7-1904 to 4-11-1994

"SON" ▲ *U.S. Army WW II "Daughter" ▼

& ANNIE T. COVINGTON TADLOCK 1-11-1906 to 4-24-1992

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

DONALD WM. TANNER 11-15-1911 to 12-13-1911

"Our Darling Baby Is Beckoning To Us."

WILLIAM R. TANTON 11-14-1937 (One date)

& JO ANN REA TANTON 5-17-1931 to 10-2-2001

*Our Children: Pat, Angie, Karen , Stacey

BILLY W. TAYLOR 9-14-1929 to 4-14-1988

*Md: 6/5/1924

& MARTHA J. TAYLOR 10-9-1937 (One date)

CARMEN ELER AYCOCK TAYLOR (92) 9-3-1915 to 6-19-2008

“Honny” *D/of Willis & Elerfaire Denton Aycock *Wf/of Wm. Elmer “Pop” Taylor *OB

CHARLES L. TAYLOR 5-4-1909 to 11-19-1979

*Md:1/28/1928 "Gone But Not Forgotten"

& MARY ATKINS TAYLOR 8-8-1908 to 4-17-1996

ETHEL SLATER TAYLOR 12-20-1888 to 12-22-1987

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

GENE TAYLOR 11-22-1927 to 11-5-2009

*Md: 5/15/1948 "Father In Loving Memory Mother"

& MARY WYNN TAYLOR 8-7-1932 (One date)

HOSEA N. TAYLOR 12-17-1901 to July 1966

Infant TAYLOR 5-25-1940

*S/of John & Inez Taylor

JAMES MINER TAYLOR 8-9-1895 to 12-25-1963

JAMES N. TAYLOR 1920 to 1944

*1ST Lt. Aviator Engraved on Stone "And They Shall Be Mine Saith The Lord Of

Hosts In That Day When I Make Up My Jewels"

JAMES N. TAYLOR, II 12-22-1945 to 11-23-1946

JIMMIE D. TAYLOR 4-12-1936 (One date)

*Md:12/23/1968 "Forever In Our Hearts"

& WENONA BLOUNT TAYLOR 8-9-1929 to 7-11-1996


JOHN WM. TAYLOR 11-2-1912 to 3-1-1998


& INEZ SULLIVAN TAYLOR 6-27-1917 (One date)

LILLIAN BROWN TAYLOR 12-23-1890 to 8-1-1960

MILDRED COUCH TAYLOR & Infant Son 1914 to 1948

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"

NIXIE A. TAYLOR 2-16-1893 to 7-10-1967

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

PINKNEY HART TAYLOR 3-26-1850 to 3-6-1912 *WOW

"His many virtures form the noblest monument to his memory."

WM. A. TAYLOR 11-8-1889 to 11-4-1970

WM. ALVIN TAYLOR 12-11-1942 to 5-31-1990

*F3 U.S. Navy Vietnam

CRAWFORD W. TEMPLETON 5-1-1905 to 2-5-1975

FLORENCE S. TEMPLETON 9-14-1908 to 7-6-1998

BILLY JOE TEMPLETON 8-14-1928 to 1-22-2007 *OB

*S/of Crawford & Florence Sumners Templeton. "Daddy Bill"

Gloria Brinker was his first wife. 2nd wife, Sadie Endel Templeton

& GLORIA BRINKER TEMPLETON 8-2-1932 to 5-31-2000

"GEE MaMa" "In Loving Memory"

GRACIE TAYLOR THAXTON 7-22-1919 to 3-5-2001

"She's Safe At Home"

EDWARD A. THOMAS, JR. 12-21-1899 to 8-2-1934

EDWARD A. THOMAS, SR. 8-5-1875 to 3-31-1940

GEORGE CARL THOMAS 12-7-1907 to 3-28-1995

& LARETTA B. THOMAS 6-7-1907 to 10-19-2003

JAMES GARLAND THOMAS 7-11-1910 to 3-4-1973

*Arkansas PFC HO CO 60 Signal BN - WW II

& MARGARET L. THOMAS 6-30-1919 to 1-29-2009

ALLANE SMITH THOMPSON (92) 4-18-1918 to 1-16-2011 *ob

*D/of Seabron Edgar & Zeorbria Etta Raborn Smith *Wf/of Joe M. Thompson.

ANNIE E. THOMPSON 6-18-1873 to 12-18-1957

BILLIE S. THOMPSON 4-15-1912 to 7-11-1981

"In Loving Memory"

CLARA GREEN THOMPSON 9-15-1930 to 4-28-2007

*D/of Joseph Thomas & Estelle Mayfield Green

"Weeping May Endure For A Night But Joy Cometh In The Morning"

CLAUDE M. THOMPSON 8-29-1885 to 11-21-1950

"Each Duty Done, He Rests In Peace"

FRED A. THOMPSON 1-20-1901 to 10-26-1931

"My Love Goes With You And My Soul Waits To Join You."

HERBERT A. THOMPSON 1889 to 1942

HERBERT WAYNE THOMPSON 11-14-1937 to 12-24-1997

*Father of Bronson, Tonya, & grandson Heath

& PEGGY ANN THURMON THOMPSON 4-23-1938 (One date)

HERSHAL WALTER THOMPSON, SR. 9-20-1897 to 12-24-1966

"His Memory Is Blessed"

HOSEA N. THOMPSON 1901 to 1966 (Not found 2012)

IRENE H. THOMPSON 6-9-1906 to 4-23-1987

"A Loving Mother"

J. W. THOMPSON 1-10-1861 to 8-17-1900

JOHN SMITH "PETE" THOMPSON 10-19-1911 to 5-1-1998

*Md:11/25/1936 *CPL U.S. Army-WW II (Son John; grandson Jonathan & Justin)

& OLA MAE RYALS THOMPSON (94) 5-11-1917 to 3-31-2012

*D/of George & Mattie Matthews Ryal. *Wife of John Smith Thompson *OB

LULA M. THOMPSON 1-15-1895 to 9-15-1898

*D/of R.T. & T.H. Thompson


*SSDI- 7-26-1888

NANNIE V. THOMPSON 4-11-1861 to 8-9-1932

VIRGIL L. THOMPSON 9-2-1852 to 12-29-1928

WILLIE H. THOMPSON 8-20-1899 to 9-7-1901

*S/of W.V. & A. E. Thompson

"A Little Time on Earth He Spent. Till God For Him His Angel Sent"

WILLIE V. THOMPSON 9-22-1854 to 4-5-1911

"You are not dead to us. But as a bright star unseen. We hold that you

are ever near, Though death ?________ ?_______"

ANDREW J. TIBBITS 6-7-1940 to 6-18-1998

*Md: 9/3/1981 *PFC US Army

"To Live In The Hearts Of Those We Love Is Never To Die"

& JEAN A. TIBBITS 12-30-1936 (One date)

JIMMIE H. TIBBITS 2-14-1902 to 7-5-1985

*Md:12/19/1965 "Absent In Body, But Present in Spirit"

& MARY EDNA TIBBITS 10-10-1915 (One date)

LINNIE OLA TILLERY 10-10-1901 to 3-15-1903

*D/of B.F. & H. E. Tillery "How soon fades the tender flower"

BENJAMIN LaVERNE TUCKER 8-9-1934 to 10-21-1960

*Md:10/21/1960 *Benjamin death date not on headstone

& GLORIA JEAN McCOY TUCKER 8-21-1941 (One date)

COLUMBUS C. TUCKER 9-18-1900 to 5-28-1959

"Although He Sleeps His Memory Lives On"

MINNIE LEE POWELL TUCKER 1-23-1905 to 10-24-1977

"Although She Sleeps Her Memory Lives On"

ELLA JANET TUCKER 7-2-1927 to 11-26-2010

"In God's Care"

ELOISE PRATT TUCKER 1931 to 2004 (Not found 2012)

ESSIE JANE W. TUCKER 12-15-1948 to 5-13-1988

"In Loving Memory"

WARNER DAVID TUCKER 9-12-1919 to 7-11-1990

*Md: 5/18/1940 *PVT US Army "In Loving Memory"

& RELDA L. FAUTHEREE TUCKER 7-11-1920 to 7-11-1990

KEITH EDWIN TUMA 3-13-1977 to 4-24-1994

*S/of Ed & Lou Tuma "Death Separates Us For A Time. Christ Will Re-unite Us Forever"

ROBERT McCOY URSERY 11-7-1885 to 2-15-1972

"A Life Like His Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

ODIE McDONALD URSERY 8-15-1885 to 4-25-1947

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"

LAURIN L. WAINWRIGHT, DDS 6-1-1904 to 2-24-1984

*Md:9/5/1926 Vienna, LA

& ADDIE C. BENNETT WAINWRIGHT 7-5-1904 to 12-13-1966

LAURIN L. WAINWRIGHT, JR. D.D.S. 8-25-1932 to 6-24-1992

*Md:6/18/1954 *U.S. Army SP3 Korea

& ANNA R. WAINWRIGHT 8-15-1932 (One date)

JACK DAVID WALKER 12-19-1938 (One date)

*Md:2/27/1959 "Dear God, It's Me Again Can We Talk? "

& LENA ILENE SPENCER WALKER (70) 2-14-1940 to 12-11-2010

*Wf/of Jack David Walker; *D/of Joe Weaver & Lena Wilson Spencer. *OB

*Our Children: Terry and Sandy

JACK WALLACE 12-7-1916 to 9-24-1993

*WW II Purple Heart "Where He Leads Me I Can Safely Go"

& BERNICE WALLACE 11-20-1919 to 6-10-1990

BRENDA KAY BRINKER WALLACE 1-31-1953 to 9-26-2000

"Fauthful Servant, Loyal Friend, Beloved Mother"

LULA C. WALTON 1889 to 1920

CARYA M. BOND WARD 8-5-1875 to 12-15-1963

*Wf/of W.W. Ward "Mother"

CLETUS E. WARD 7-8-1901 to 2-4-1976 (Mason)

*Md: 8/7/1925

& JOSIE W. WARD 8-4-1909 to 3-27-1980

WM. "BILL" CLETUS WARD 2-20-1927 to 5-6-1996 (Mason)

& PEGGY BAILEY WARD 1-27-1931 (One date)

"They Shall Mount Up With Wings, As Eagles"

JOSEPHINE E. WARNER 1-16-1857 to 1-25-1921

W. H. WARNER 9-15-1840 to 11-6-1919

JAMES R. WASHAM 2-5-1926 to 12-24-1999

*Md:12/3/1948 *PFC U.S. Army WW II

& ANNETTE AYCOCK WASHAM 9-15-1934 (One date)

WINSLOW D. WATTS 1873 to 1951


AGNES HUNTLEY WELLS 9-13-1874 to 8-17-1944

HENRY ELLIS WELLS 10-18-1894 to 3-28-1982

*Md: 9/8/1921

& EULA TANNER WELLS 12-12-1893 to 7-9-1989

DONALD F. WEST "DON" 8-29-1930 to 3-6-2001

* Md: 6/15/1990 'Husband of Nell' "I'll Go On Loving You Forever; Nell"

& NELL WYNN SANDERS WEST 10-10-1929 to 11-18-2002

*Nell's 1st husband Earl Thomas Sanders (Md:10/27/1945)- *buried next to Earl : 2nd husb.
Donald F. West *See Nell listed with Earl Thomas Sanders

FLOY M. BRINKER WHATLEY 1909 to 1948 "Mother"

PETER DAVIS WHATLEY 1870 to 12-5-1932 *ARDI

& HETTIE JONES WHATLEY 1880 to 5-3-1943 *ARDI

DOYLE LEON WHEELUS 11-3-1920 to 2-10-2002

*Md: 8/17/1946 *PFC US Army-WW II

& JANET WARD WHEELUS 5-18-1928 (One date)

LORENZO D. WHEELUS 2-24-1889 to 9-3-1976

& GENEVA CURINGTON WHEELUS 10-19-1900 to 11-9-1976

"In Loving Memory"

R. A. WHIDDON died 12-9-1938

*Homemade concrete marker

BUDDY W. WHITE 10-21-1946 to 12-21-2006

JESSE P. WHITE 12-14-1892 to 11-26-1903

"How much of light, how much of joy; Is buried with a darling boy."

ROBERT PAULIE WHITE 9-5-1898 to 9-17-1899

*S/of J.F. & M. T. White "Dewar, lovely, babe, to part with you Hath racked

our hearts with pain: But though our loss is great, we trust Tis your eternal gain."

JOHN EARL WILKERSON 9-21-1913 to 9-6-1996

& JEWELL IONE WILKERSON 10-16-1909 to 10-25-1987

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"

CORA BUCKNER WILLIAMS 11-1-1891 to 5-27-1980

DONALD MADISON WILLIAMS 4-29-1921 (One date)

& JOYCE KOLB WILLIAMS 4-24-1924 to 8-3-2004

HENRY JOHNSON WILLIAMS 5-21-1874 to 8-3-1953

*S/of Henry Johnson Williams, Sr. & Cora Buckner Williams

JOHN B. WILLIAMS 1-28-1899 Aged 7 weeks

*S/of John C. & Mary Williams "And Jesus called a little child unto him."

MAX A. WILLIAMS 5-27-1940 to 1-5-2008

& PEGGY S. NELSON 12-13-1941 (One date)

"In The End It's Not The Years In Your Life That Count, It's The Life In Your Years"

ORREN B. WILLIAMS 9-29-1895 to 6-21-1966

& ONA H. WILLIAMS 9-14-1905 to 6-24-1979

WILLIAM DOYLE WILLIAMS (94) 3-8-1917 to 12-13-2011

*S/of Henry Johnson Williams, Sr. & Cora Buckner Williams *OB *MM

CATHERINE BUTLER WILLIAMSON 11-23-1869 to 10-26-1949

ELIAS JACKSON WILLIAMSON 7-24-1873 to 1-18-1937


MARTHA E. WILLIAMSON 9-16-1856 to 1-8-1935

MILTON M. WILLIAMSON 10-17-1898 to 1-4-1964

"In Memory of " "Buried in Myrtle Hill Cemetery Tampa, Florida"

NEWTON F. WILLIAMSON 8-31-1908 to 2-20-1980


DIXIE EDWARDS WILSON 1878 to 3-13-1936 *ARDI

F. P. WILSON 5-21-1862 to 8-4-1925

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

JACK F. WILSON 12-16-1920 to 4-2-1996

ALEEN P. PHILLIPS WILSON 9-23-1921 to 3-6-1981

*Wf/of Jack F. Wilson

JOHN R. WILSON 10-4-1881 to 1-25-1981

LELA G. WILSON 1896 to 1973 "Mother"


11-19-1913 to 4-18-2008 *SSDI

LEONA WILSON 2-28-1894 to 11-28-1978

GEORGE B. WISE 3-18-1886 to 12-7-1958

& GLADYS N. WISE 11-26-1892 to 12-22-1993

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

BLUMER EMITT WOOD 9-16-1901 to 2-12-1971

& STELLA MAE LOWERY WOOD 5-16-1905 to 2-3-1989

"The Lord Is My Shepherd"

HARRY WOOD (68) 10-26-1940 to 2-3-2009

*S/of Blumer Emitt Wood & Stella Mae Lowery Wood.

*Previous wives Glynda Wood & Virginia Wood.

"Forever In The Hearts Of Those That Loved Him"

LELON C. WOOD "Daddy" 1908 to 1955

"The Gift of God Is Eternal Life"

NOLIA "NAN" VELMA WOOD 3-9-1912 to 10-8-2009

"In Loving Memory"

ROY PRINCE WOOD 7-31-1913 to 12-13-1982 (Mason)

*Md:4/28/1937 *US Army WW II *Next to Floy & Roy: Beverly Wood Grafton

& FLOY WILSON WOOD 1-15-1919 to 12-13-1982

"God called you both so sudden, we didn't have a chance to say

good bye. The shock was so severe, we couldn't realize we had lost someone so dear.
God gave us strength and courage to face the things we could not change, but what it
meant to lose you, no one but God knows. Yet we smile, in spite of tears, for we know God
has planned a place for us, where loved ones never part. Until then, you will live in our
hearts, till that day we'll never part. We love you dearly but God loves you best."

SAMMY L. WOOD 9-4-1927 (One date)

*Md:12/31/1950 * Children: Larry, Barbara, Freddie, Sherry, Todd

& TRESSIE M. WOOD 8-4-1932 to 6-19-1997

* Buried beside Sammy & Tressie is Beverly Wood Grafton

STELLA EVANS WORD (Nelson) 10-17-1888 to 11-5-1911

*Stella married J. H. Nelson 1/16/1911.

JESSIE LEE WYNN 4-11-1899 to 11-9-1984

*Md: Sept 1922 "A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

& WILLIE MAE DEES WYNN 5-23-1905 to 2-10-1977