Est. 1846 Union Co., AR


Located about 7 miles East of El Dorado. Go East Hwy. 63 to West Lake Road, then go North down dirt road for a mile or so. Cemetery
will be to your left. ( aka formerly known as Hwy. 15) Locals refer to this highway as Old Union or Moro Bay Rd.

* Note: this cemetery is in the woods but covers about 4 acres.....there are probably about 30 to 50 graves that I did not inventory,
but most were more recent.
This cemetery has both white and black burials. The white section is located on the back side (across the top of the knoll)
and runs from the woods on the south end to the woods on the north end. Undoubtedly many graves are unmarked,
since there is a lot of open space between the top and bottom half of the cemetery, and it is an old cemetery.
 One Revolutionary Soldier, Benjamin Cook, is buried here. October 7, 2001

Updated April 2004, using earlier canvass done by Ralph O. Weldon in December 1991.

New survey April 11, 2012; Update August 2012 .Janice Holzer Hot Springs, AR jcsh432@gmail.com



"Sister" CLEMMIE AARON 8-1-1909 to 12-29-2011 *OB

*Wife of Matthew Aaron *African American *Sims MM


SUPT. DONNIE AARON, JR. "Sunrise" 3-14-1925 to "Sunset" 8-2-2011

(Christian Brothers FH-MM) *Md:8/7/1955 "Caring Parents, Loving Partners, Faithful Friends"

& MISS ' Y. DORA JEAN AARON "Sunrise" 2-22-1932 (One date)

"Weeping May Endure For A Night But Joy Cometh In The Morning" *Photo embedded

[The seal of the Church of God in Christ - Organized 1907 – Memphis, Tennessee]

*Children: Matthew, Raymond, Lena Jean, Flora Jean, Linda Joyce, Bonnie Faye, Donnie Ray, James

Edward, Diane, Jan Elizabeth, Murphy Joe, Angiela Janell, Martha, Sarah Ann, Felesia Annett.


LENA BRAY AARON 1896 - 1948 "Mother"

"Gone but not forgotten"


MATTHEW AARON 5-1-1918 to 12-25-1990

"In Loving Memories Of"


MATTIELEA M. AARON 1919 to 1947 ?

*Homemade headstone....death date difficult to read.


PROVELL AARON 9-16-1917 to 4-30-1964

*Arkansas PVT US Army –WW II


SUZETTE HENRY AARON 2-17-1959 to 1-11-1998


JONES AMASON Aug 1835 to 3-24-1918 (Mason)

"O Father how we miss you" *Jones shares a double headstone with his daughter.

& daughter, ELIZABETH AMASON 2-24-1873 to 7-29-1920

"Gone but not forgotten"



MARY E. AMERSON 3-4-1856 to 11-11-1880



Mr. BILLY WAYNE BEARD, SR. 4-18-1946 to 8-26-2011

*Age 65 *Andrews FH-MM



PAUL BRAY 2-18- 1896 to 8-9-1902

*Son of Franics Bray *Stone broken /lying on ground.

*Dates & inscription hard to read. (2012)


A.L. "FOX" BROWN 12-25-1886 to 5-7-1975

"Brother- Veteran of World War I" "At Rest"


GEORGE BROWN 2-9-1892 to 1-22-1965

*Louisiana Pvt US Army WW I


JEWEL BROWN 8-20-1889 to 6-18-1891

*D/of N. B. & M. A. Brown "She was lovely She was fair. And for awhile was given.

An Angel came and claimed his ?____ And bore her home to heaven."


LULA MAY BROWN 5-1-1890 to 11-8-1915

"She was the Sunshine of Our Home"


MARTHA ANN BROWN "MISSIE" 8-17-1866 to 8-1-1949

"A Tender Mother and A Faithful Friend"


MARY E. BROWN 3-4-1856 to 11-11-1890

*W/ of Lafayette Brown (2012-headstone broken) "No pain, No grief, No anxious

fears can reach the peaceful sleeps here"


N. B. BROWN 2-14-1845 to 8-10-1925

*Age 80 yrs-6 mos "Rest Soldier rest thy warfare is o'er"


SUSIE BROWN 7-28-1893 to 4-20-1966 "Sister"


VIRGIL BROWN 12-28-1900 to 12-15-1943 ☼

"Rest In Peace" *Virgil Brown was the first husband of Lucille Dunbar. He died

of a brain tumor.



SANEQUA SAMONE BUGGS 1-13-1996 to 8-24-1996

"Loving Memory" "Little Angel"



BENJAMIN COOK Died 2-27-1746 Age about 86 yrs

"Erected by the Pine Bluff Chapter D.A.R. Mrs. B.J. Thompson, Regent."




"Miss" BRINA ANN DAVIS "Bre-Bre" 9-1-1976 to 3-27-2011

"Age 34" *Has new headstone & *Andrews FH- MM "Gone but not forgotten"


JUANITA DAVIS 9-22-1923 to 8-25-1979

"Take My Hand Precious Lord"


R. C. DAVIS 8-14-1925 to 11-5-1988

"Take My Hand Precious Lord"



LEE DOTSON Age 69 died 11/24/1956

"Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal."



ROY FERGUSON 1914 to 1989 (8-23-1914 to 3-25-1989 SSDI )

*Mark's MM Grave next to Sister Mary Frances Moody.

*He has a military marker, but it sunk into the ground making the dates un-viewable.



Reverend JERRY LEE FIFER 5-6-1933 to 5-20-2011

"Beloved Husband to Pearline Fifer" *Age 78 *Andrews FH-MM

"Loving Daddy To Flossie, Perry, Terry"




(2012) Tombstone is broken off at ground; it has never had dates on it, just the name & even

though broken off at the ground, the rest of the stone is intact & in good shape.



MATILDA GOODE 1-10-1874 to 3-3-1947

"We will meet again"



EMMA SUE GRAHAM (92) 5-12-1914 to 6-11-2006 *ob



ASA OLIVER GRAVES 2-21-1887 to 5-22-1887


ELIZA J. GRAVES 1-20-1857 to 5-12-1886 (stone broken- part of it missing)

or ELIZA J. CR___? "Blessed Are The Pure In Hart For They Shall See God"

*I think it may be Eliza J. Graves or one of the Graves's females.


MARY JANE GRAVES died Oct 1872 Age 4 yrs


SARAH JANE GRAVES 8-15-1835 to 10-12-1869

*Wife of D. Graves (stone broken thru death date) Her tombstone is lying on top of

ground near Miss'y Y. Dora Jean & Donnie Aaron Jr.'s gravesite.



Mrs. RACHEL HARBIN 6-28-1784 to 3-20-1873

(*buried in same squared off plot— for Benjamin Cook family)

"Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Rachel Harbin"



GOOT HALL 12-4-1896 to 2-28-1960

*Homemade concrete marker


HOLLY HALL 11-9-1916 to 4-16-1960

*Arkansas TEC5 Medical Department WW II


LUE HALL 9-17-1917 (One date)

"The Lord is My Shepherd"


WILLIE C. HALL 3-20-1934 to 7-23-1994

"He walks with me"



MRS. ANDELL HICKS 2-5-1911 to 7-2-2003

*Age 92 *Andrews FH-MM


FREDDIE LEE HICKS, SR. "Sunrise" 5-30-1930 to "Sunset" 5-16-1997

"In Loving Memory"


HICKS 1905 *Only info given on tombstone.

*Broken tombstone laying flat on ground.


JIMMIE HICKS 1880 to 1956 "At Rest"

*Stone broken (2012)


Miss MATTIE HICKS died August 12, 1946


SISYREE HICKS 12-10-1914 to 9-21-1940/41

*Homemade concrete marker.


WILLIE HICKS 7-4-1903 to 7-11-1980

"Beloved Husband Rest In Peace"



WILLIE PEARL GENERAL - JACKSON 10-26-1964 to 5-28-2004



Captain W. C. JOHNSTON 3-23-1831 to 12-19-1883

* This headstone is broken in a way that makes it hard to make

out the name. I think it says Captain W.C. Johnston. (2012)

*Referring to earlier surveys, it is Captain W. C. Johnston.



"Our Uncle" JAMES D. LAMBERT 1850 to 12-1-1922 "Age 74 Yrs"

"Gone but not forgotten"

JOHN LEWIS LAMBERT 2-13-1850 to 9-3-1850

*Son of C. & N. Lambert "Suffer little children who come unto me"


M. LAMBERT 8-4-1814 to 9- 28-1890

*This headstone is broken in half thru birth date. "Gone Home"

*M. R. or Mr. Lambert -Lower half is 100% illegible. (2012)


SARAH A. LAMBERT 11-18-1825 to 7-30-1890

*Wf/of M. Lambert "Her happy soul has winged it's way To our pure bright eternal day."


WILLIE LAMBERT 1891 to 1977 *Pvt US Army WWI




*PVT US Marine Corps-Vietnam



SARAH IONE TURNER MARONEY (79) 10-22-1930 to 6-29-2010

*D/of Murray Raeford Turner & Lennie Don Roark Turner: *ob

*Wf/of late Walter Dewitt Maroney



EMMA MIEARS 6-2-1877 to 9-15-1879

*D/of W.F. & L. Miears "Our Loved One"


FRANK MIEARS 5-2-1879 to 12-28-1885

*S/of W.F. & L. Miears


KITTIE MIEARS 4-5-1879 to 1-17-1882

*D/of W.F. & L. Miears "Our Loved One"


LOUISA W. MIEARS 11-17-1845 to 12-31-1885

*Wf/of W.F. Miears "Her Many Virtues ?form the noblest monument to her mermory"




JOHN W. MOODY 9-15-1844 to 10-18-1912

*(2012) Headstone is broken off base & propped up against it. Questions

about his birth year...some give it as 1874, but I believe it was misread & should be



MARTHA E. MOODY (Age 55) ca 1846 to 11-23-1901

*Speculation: (2012) There is a broken headstone next to John W.

Moody, that is totally illegible & broken....but the shape & style is

similiar to John W. Moody's headstone. Martha's age & death date are from

earlier surveys done of the cemetery.


"Sister" MARY FRANCES MOODY 4-24-1920 to 9-2-1989

"We Will Meet Again" *Next to her grave is the grave of Roy Ferguson. I found an old

mortuary marker for her that says "Mrs. Mary Frances Ferguson"



FREDDIE MOSLEY 8-8-1906 to 4-1-1984

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


JULIA MOSLEY 10-10-1882 to 10-29-1974

"Beloved Mother Rest In Peace"

JIMMIE LEE MOSELY ?? illegible born or died 1930 at age 17 or 21.

"Gone but not forgotten" *(2012) Stone is illegible. Most likely an African American grave.


MOSLEY Family Plot.....* I believe the following people to be Mosley's or possibly Hicks.

The Mosley family stone is very visible, but behind it is a pile of rubble from broken tombstones

& a couple of the following ones with only a first name given. These graves are found in the

African American's section.

TIM _____ (?Mosley / Hicks) 1879-1913 Age 34 "At Rest"

HEZEKAH ___(? Mosley / Hicks) 1912 to 1939 *Age 27 "At Rest"



JESSE N. MURPHY 3-17-1911 to 9-18-1919

"A little time on earth he spent. Till God for him is angel sent."



ARRILOW NELSON 8-27-1902 to 3-29-1918 *Age 15 yrs

"Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven" *(2012) Stone is broken, but presently roped &

tied to a tree)


BOB NELSON, JR. 9-25-1897 to 2-26-1973

*Arkansas PVT US Army WW I


DOSSIE LEE NELSON 3-10-1870 to 4-14-1918 *Age 48 yrs

"Faithful to her trust even unto death"


LULA BARNES NELSON 3-16-1910 to 6-3-1975

"Rest is Thine: Sweet Remembrance Ours"



LELIA J. AMASON O'BARR 1879 to 1923

Mother of Louis T., Tom J., & Gladys O'Barr



ARTHUR "JAKE" PETERSON 3-14-1907 to 5-30-1984

"At Rest"

EARLENE PETERSON 11-24-1934 to 11-11-1986

"We Will Forever Love You" "Tender Mother and Faithful Friend"

MATTIE M. PETERSON 6-23-1913 to 12-27-2002

"Absent in body, but present in spirit"

WILLIS PETERSON 3-23-1910 to 5-22-1991

"Gone But Not Forgotten"



DIANE AARON ROBINSON 1-19-1957 to 8-21-1986



ROBERT ALEXANDER "Al" RUCKS (35) 8-11-1972 to 6-30-2008

burial July 5, 2008 *ob







"Homemade tombstone


*5 people named on this one large SMITH tombstone:

"In Loving Memory"

JOHN 3-12-1911 to 11-9-1950


EDWARD died 9-10-1969

FREDDIE 10-3-1951 to Sept 1976

DOROTHY LEE LANDERS 1-1-1919 to 9-8-1998



JACK TATORN 4-10-1917 (Stone broken- this is only info visible)



EARRIE F. TUBBS (77) 10-1-1931 to 12-28-2008 *ob

*D/of Curtis Ford & Gladys Evans Ford *Wf/of late Eddie Tubbs, Sr.


WILBERT TUBBS, SR. (86) 4-14-1924 to 2-27-2011 *ob

*S/of John Tubbs & Carrie Alderson *Wife, Annie Bell Davis



DANIEL OSCAR WARD 3-2-1872 to 7-30-1876



ALICE M. WILSON "Sunrise" 3-26-1933 to "Sunset" 9-26-2005

*Homemade concrete covering for grave with details etched into concrete. She has a

2nd headstone of commercial quality. *Age 72 *Andrews FH-MM

"In Loving Memory" "Loving Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother"



*There are at least 5 unknown graves marked with round clumps of concrete.

Five are in line with the "Brown graves" & others atop the ridge, are the Cook & Lambert graves.
One appears to have the dates Sept 1888 Sept 1889 scratched on the top.


*(2012) Another broken illegible headstone found up near the Graves family & the Cook family
plot has the following that is readable: born May or July 20, 1835 / 1854 and died May 11, 1863 /68.
"Blessed are they that trust in the Lord"


*There are numerous other broken , illegible headstones scattered about.

Looking nuphill - one view of the Brown graves.

Up front are Brown graves and a couple of unknowns
In the background, by the tree, is the Banjamin Cook family plot.

Most of these are Brown family graves.

Benjamin Cook's grave.

James Lambert and others- at top of hill toward the NW corner.