Est. ca 1894

Shiloh Cemetery is located about 200 yards off in the woods. Enclosed with a chain link

fence & is well maintained.  From El Dorado, take Highway 15 south for about 12.4 miles to

Tram Road in Three Creeks.  Travel southwest on Tram Road, past where the pavement turns

right onto Hopewell Road, as you continue on Tram Road for about 4.25 miles, which is now

a gravel road.  Turn left onto Shiloh Road and the cemetery will be about one half mile down

the road on the left.

This road is to be traveled with care (if at all) after rainy weather, since the parts of the

road may be underwater.  Canvassed in March 2001 by Ralph O. Weldon and Will Walls.

First posted online,  April 22, 2004.

*Pictures & subsequent update  April 2006/ Oct 2011:

Final update June  2014       Janice Holzer.





CHAD  LENIER  ALLEN (73) 3-5-1937  to  10-27-2010

*S/of  Otto Sheftion Allen  &  Pearl V. Loftin Allen

* SP4  U.S. Army  (1960-1966)-Vietnam

*161st  ENG. B.N., 4th U.S. Army Missile, Seoul, Korea


Infant  ALLEN  4-8-1919  to  4-21-1919

*Child of John P. Allen & Nettie B. Allen


JOHN  P.  ALLEN   4-22-1883  to  4-12-1920

&  NETTIE  BRASHER  ALLEN   4-28-1894  to  8-6-1988


OTTO  SHEFTION  ALLEN   12-5-1912  to  11-5-2002

*Md:4/13/1935     *S/of  John P. Allen & Nettie Brasher Allen

&  PEARL  V.  LOFTIN  ALLEN   6-20-1913  to  8-30-1999

*D/of George Eugene Loftin(1865-1942) & Susan Rebecca Roberson(1874-1943)




HERMON  BATES(88)   6-2-1921  to  12-10-2009 *OB

*S/of  Alfred Bates & Virginia Flaherty  *Late wife of 66 yrs, Joyce Bates

*MSGT U.S. Air Force (22 yrs)  *Member of Masonic Lodge.



CLARENCE  BESHEA (81) 12-07-1928  to  2-16-2010  *OB

*S/of  Willie D. Beshea & Elsie Mae Powell Beshea


Mr.  DEARL  LEE  BESHEA (86) 6-9-1926  to  6-26-2012  *OB

*H/of late Maggie Curry Beshea  Father of late  son, Tommy Beshea. 

*Bailey FH of El Dorado handled interment.

*Speculation: Not sure he is buried here, since he died in Louisiana & there are probably

other Shiloh Cemeteries



BEATRICE  SMITH  BRITT(STARNES)1-27-1900  to  7-11-1919

*D/of Rufus Marcus Britt(1859-1937) & Emma Jane McGraw(1861-1938)

"Having finished life's duty  She now sweetly rests"  (broken stone-repaired)


(C. G.)CHARLES  GUYDEN  BRITT  1-11-1845  to  4-20-1923

*S/of  Amanda  Loftin (1823-1916) & John Madison Britt(1819-1900)

*Md: 12/22/1870 Union Co., AR  Nancy Bryant Cole

"An old veteran Gone but not forgotten"

NANCY "NAN" BRYANT  COLE  BRITT  5-3-1853 to 7-11-1950


DORIS  BRITT    1915  to  1920 "At Rest"


EULA  BRITT    12-10-1884  to  7-14-1894 (or ?1900)

*D/of  Rufus Marcus  &  Emma Jane McGraw Britt

*Death date difficult to read.


FRED  BRITT    10-18-1905  to  11-1-1973

*S/of  William Givens Britt (1860-1943) & Julia Lavonia Wilson(1868-1959)

&  BEULAH  COCKRELL  BRITT  10-15-1906  to  2-22-1964

*D/of  James A. Cockrell(1881-1969) to Ella Warwick (1886-1947)


HENRY  DAVID  BRITT    1-15-1853  to  4-2-1935

*S/of  John Madison Britt (1819-1900) & Amanda Loftin Britt(1823-1916)  *Md:1874

&  MATTIE  MARTHA  OLIVER  BRITT  10-23-1845 to 5-13-1935

*D/of  Joseph Oliver & Sarah Riggs Oliver


Infant  BRITT   b  &  d    2-22-1920

*D/of  Kelly Morgan  Britt  &  Martha Nash Britt

Infant  BRITT   2-28-1895  to  9-17-1895

*D/of  William Givens Britt   &  Julia Lavonia Wilson Britt


JOHN  MADISON  BRITT   10-3-1819  to  6-14-1900

*Age 80 yrs-8 mos-11 dys  Born Hancock Co., GA & died Union Co.,AR

*Md: Amanda Loftin  10/11/1842 Union Co.,AR

AMANDA  LOFTIN  BRITT   9-10-1823  to  1-7-1916

*D/of  Giles Thomas Loftin, Sr. & Delilah Stephens Loftin

*Age 93 yrs-3 mos-27 dys    *Wife of  John  Madison  Britt


JONATHAN  BRITT   1861  to  2-27-1943 *Age 82


JOSEPH  'JOE'  M.  BRITT   5-15-1880  to  3-22-1911

*S/of  Henry David Britt(1853-1935)  & Mattie Martha Olive(1845-1935)


LEWIL  LYNN  BRITT   8-15-1903   to  6-11-1905

*(broken stone)


RUFUS  MARCUS  BRITT  1-6-1859  to  11-4-1937

*S/of  John Madison Britt(1819-1900) & Amanda Loftin Britt(1823-1916)

*Md: Emma Jane McGraw 9/19/1881

"The Redeemed Of The Lord Shall Return"

&  EMMA  JANE  McGRAW  BRITT  12-25-1861 to 1-15-1938

*D/of  Daniel E. McGraw & Nancy Loudermilk McGraw


WALLACE  SMEAD "PECK"  BRITT   11-11-1890  to  3-17-1943

*S/of  William Givens Britt(1860-1943) &  Julia Lavonia Wilson Britt(1868-1959)


WAYMON  LEE  BRITT   1-7-1932  to  3-27-1935  "Son"

"Budded on Earth To Bloom In Heaven"


WILLIAM  GIVENS  BRITT   10-7-1860  to  2-27-1943

*S/of  John Madison Britt(1819-1900) & Amanda Loftin(1823-1916)

 *Md:12/1/1887 Three Creeks, Union Co.,AR

&  JULIA  LAVONIA WILSON  BRITT 4-15-1868 to  6-18-1959



[Speculation: not sure this is the correct /same Shiloh Cemetery she

  is buried in; she lived & died in or near Magnolia, AR]

KATHLEEN  HATCHER  BRUNER(57) 19-2-1955 to  7-4-2013*OB

*D/of the late Woodrow William Hatcher & Doris Hatcher



WILLIAM  ROBERTSON  CLAY  5-31-1883  to  5-20-1919

&  JESSIE  BRITT  CLAY  3-30-1887  to  5-20-1919

*D/of  Rufus Marcus Britt & Emma Jane McGraw Britt

*Their bodies were found 5/21/1919 in the ruins of their fire destroyed home.

Frank Livingston, negro, who lived nearby, was said to have confessed to having murdered

the couple. He killed the husband about dark & later dragged the body into the house. After killing Mr. Clay, he went to the house and complained of a headache to Mrs. Clay.

 Mrs. Clay went to get him an aspirin and he struck her with a shotgun barrel, killing her.

He then set fire to the house.



JAMES  RICHARD  COX  (64) 11-17-1946  to  12-26-2010

*S/of  James David Cox & Sally PowellCox



DIXIE  ETHEL BRITT  DAVIS   9-2-1891  to  11-12-1971

*D/of  Nancy 'Nan' Bryant Cole Britt(1853-1950) &  Charles Guyden Britt(1845-1923)

*Md: ca 1920

&  JESSE  GILBERT  DAVIS  11-9-1895  to  3-17-1983

*S/of  Thomas Philner Davis(1872-1951) & Mary Tatum(1869-1896)


BEVERLY  JEANNE  NEWSOM  DAVIS(74) 7-22-1932  to 1-9-2007

*Md:9/2/1950  "Christ Is Our Hope"     *OB

&  LANGFORD  WAYDE  DAVIS  6-12-1926  (One date)

 NELLIE  M.  HAIRE  DAVIS   9-2-1889 to 11-30-1960

*D/of  Mike  Haire  "She was the sunshine of our home"

*Wf/ of  Thomas Philner Davis(1872-1951)Bethlehem Cemetery, Columbia Co.,AR



MARY  FRANCES  BRITT  EASTRIDGE  1-15-1849  to  2-23-1925

*Md: HENRY  EASTRIDGE     7/27/1865 Union Co.,AR  

*D/of  John Madison Britt(1819-1900) & Amanda Loftin(1823-1916)


RUFUS  G.  EASTRIDGE   4-23-1882  to  7-15-1906

*S/of  Henry Eastridge & Mary Francis Britt Eastridge(1849-1925)



DONALD  G.  ELAM (55) 10-5-1953  to  11-26-2008 *OB

*S/of  Jeanette Phillips & Aubrey "Shine" Elam  *Wife, Ann Bigelow Elam

*Army National Guard (1972-1978)



LONNIE  EVERS  b  &  d  5-18-1907

*S/of  T. J.  &  M.C. Evers



EFFIE  FOSTER   8-10-1901  to   3-6-1902

*D/of  G. B. &  N. I. Foster



DANIEL  CLEVELAND  GALBRAITH  5-5-1885  to  3-21-1976

*S/of  John Neil Galbraith(1852-1939) &  Annie Sisco Galbraith(1861-1900) 


& LUCY  BERTHA  BRITT  GALBRAITH 10-15-1883 to 3-28-1978

*D/of  Henry David Britt(1853-1935) & Mattie Martha Oliver(1845-1935)


DAYTAN  AUSLEY  GALBRAITH   11-14-1910   to  9-12-1912

*S/of  Lucy Bertha Britt & Daniel Cleveland Galbraith

ILETER  FRANCES  GALBRAITH   9-12-1912   to  2-28-1920

*D/of  Lucy Bertha Britt & Daniel Cleveland Galbraith


ROY  THOMAS  GALBRAITH   8-16-1923  to  8-23-1923

*S/of  Lucy Bertha Britt & Daniel Cleveland Galbraith



MIKE  HAIRE  (No dates)   *F/of  Nellie Haire Davis



SAMUEL  GEORGE  HANRY   10-4-1849  to  1-25-1923

*S/of  George Emins Hanry(1803-1888) & Mathilda Skinner Hanry (1824-1894)

*Md: Lydia Britt  11/8/1877  Three Creeks, Union County, Arkansas

&  LYDIA  BRITT  HANRY    3-14-1862  to  5-15-1940

*D/of  John Madison Britt(1819-1900) & Amanda Loftin(1823-1916)



CHESTER  HIGHT   2-5-1877 to  9-10-1943

*Born 1877    *Age 65 yrs *MM (Rumph Mortuary marker, faded & hard to read in 2001) 



CARLYN  HUDSON    3-20-1909   to  11-25-1909

*Infant  D/of  Aurelieus M. Hudson  &  Lena  Britt Hudson

C. W.  HUDSON   6-11-1822  to  3-29-1895   (Mason)


Infant  HUDSON   b  &  d  10-27-1910

*S/of  Aurelieus M. Hudson  & Lena  Britt Hudson


JOE  TUBAL  HUDSON    3-6-1886  to  12-31-1900

*S/of  Dawson Kilgore Hudson(1854-1936)  &  Rebecca A. Cole Hudson(1858-1905)


LENA  C.  BRITT  HUDSON  6-22-1883  to  10-31-1910

*D/of  Rufus Marcus Britt(1859-1937) & Emma Jane McGraw(1861-1938)

*Wf/of  Aurelieus McAlphin  Hudson   (Lena-broken stone)


REBECCA  A.  COLE  HUDSON  7-22-1858  to  8-21-1905

*D/of  Nancy May Wright(1828-1905) & Richard Archibald Cole(1823-1880)

*1st   Wf/of  Dawson Kilgore Hudson buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in El Dorado.



STONEWALL  PETTUS  KINARD (S.P.) 5-21-1905  to  7-3-1980

*S/of  Haddie Helms Kinard(1883-1934) & George William Kinard(1887-1956)

*Md:2/23/1935- Bennie Allen    *Children: Gloria, Judie, Jerry

&  BENNIE LEE  ALLEN  KINARD(96) 4-25-1916 to 12-4-2012*OB

 *D/of John P. Allen  & Nettie Brasher Allen


GLORIA  DEAN  KINARD    b  &  d    1-1-1939

*D/of  Bennie Lee Allen & Stonewall Pettus Kinard



ANDREW  B.  LANGLEY    7-15-1903   to  10-23-1923

*S/of  Jeff Norton Langley & Mary Emma Britt Langley


DONALD  EDWARD  LANGLEY  4-13-1929 (One date)

& BOBBIE  HELEN  McGAUGH  LANGLEY(78) 11-20-1932  to

2-19-2011   *D/of  A.V. "Bun" McGaugh & Jeroline Wallace Langley  *OB

*Wf/of  Donald Edward Langley 


EDWARD  HAMM  LANGLEY  4-13-1905  to  9-22-1950

*S/of  Jeff Norton Langley & Mary Emma Britt Langley

&  FLOY  ZELMA  SMITH  LANGLEY   7-7-1906 to 1-25-1982


Infant  LANGLEY   12-7-1906  to  12-11-1906

*Child of  Jeff Norton Langley & Mary Emma Britt Langley

Infant son  LANGLEY   (no dates)

Infant son  LANGLEY  ( no dates)


JEFF  NORTON  LANGLEY  1-28-1878  to  8-4-1965  "Papa"

*Md: Mary Emma Britt  10/9/1899 Union Co.,AR 

&  MARY  EMMA  BRITT  LANGLEY  4-14-1878 to 11-11-1965

*D/of  Henry David Britt(1853-1935) & Mattie Martha Oliver(1845-1935)


KENNETH  K.  LANGLEY    4-29-1938  to  7-19-1944

*S/of  Kenzie K. & Lydia E. Owen Langley


KENZIE  KENNETH  LANGLEY    2-28-1911  to  6-26-2000

*Md:4/19/1935  *S/of  Jeff  Norton Langley & Mary Emma Britt Langley

& LYDIA  ELIZABETH  OWEN  LANGLEY(87) 8-15-1920  to

12-13-2007  *D/of John Edgar & Alcie Jane Hanry Owen



BERNICE  LEE  LEDBETTER    August 1918  to  May 1920

*D/of  David Parks Ledbetter(1892-1950) & Hattie Sanders(1901-1922)

"Children Are The Keys of Paradise"


CLARENCE  DAVID  LEDBETTER 1-30-1922  to  3-2-1982 

*S/of  David Parks Ledbetter(1892-1950) & Hattie Sanders(1901-1922) *US Army WW II


DAVID  PARKS  LEDBETTER   2-25-1892  to  6-13-1950 

*S/of  James Stacey Ledbetter & Sarah Peace Ledbetter  *PVT  US Army  WW I 

*1st  wife, HATTIE  SANDERS  LEDBETTER    1901  to  1922

*2nd wife,  IRIS LEDBETTER WILSON  4-14-1907  to  4-29-1999

*Mother of seven children.



JULIA  ANICE  BRITT  LEWIS    7-11-1888  to  2-17-1920

*D/of  Charles Guyden Britt(1845-1923) & Nancy Bryant Cole(1853-1950) 

*Wf/of  William Dee Lewis(1879-1959)



CLYDE  G.  LOFTIN   11-27-1951  to  12-6-1951

FRANCES  R.  LOFTIN   3-25-1948  to 3-26-1948  "Daughter"


GEORGE  EUGENE  LOFTIN  1-5-1865  to  3-11-1942

*S/of George W. Loftin & Rebecca Peace Loftin

"Resting Till The Resurrection Morn"

& SUSAN REBECCA  ROBERSON  LOFTIN  2-9-1874 to 11-16-1943


HELEN  KAY  LOFTIN    11-5-1954  to  5-18-1972


PERCY  O.  LOFTIN     8-6-1915  to  3-5-1981

*S/of  George Eugene Loftin(1865-1942) & Susan Rebecca Roberson(1874-1943)

&   MARY  C.  LOFTIN    2-14-1926  to  3-3-1973



LULA  L.  McCORMACK  McWILLIAMS 3-31-1867 to 5-30-1923

*D/of  John Walls McCormack & Mary Louvinia Hart

WATSON  McWILLIAMS    2-19-1879  to  3-4-1918

*S/of  John A. McWilliams (1851-1927) & Charlotte C. McWilliams(1849-1905)



EDMON BERRY "EDDIE" MILLER, JR.(70) 8-7-1925 to 9-26-1995

*S/of  Edmon Berry "Eddie" Miller(1886-1966) & Mary Estelle Scott(1894-1983)

*Md:11/21/1959  Florien Warren    "Rest In Peace With God"

&  FLORIEN  WARREN  MILLER(80) 6-13-1929  to 11-11-2009

*D/of  Elbert "Buck" Ansley Warren & Carrie Loftin Warren



VERNON  LEON  OLIVER  11-11-1913  to  11-7-1988

*Md:6/30/1951     *US Navy  WW II

&  ADA  IDELL OWEN  OLIVER   3-16-1919  to  3-13-1995

*D/of  John Edgar Owen(1884-1983) & Alcie Jane Hanry Owen(1894-1977)



EDGAR  HAROLD  OWEN   11-17-1923  to  8-3-2005

*S/of John Edgar Owen(1884-1983) & Alcie Jane Hanry Owen(1894-1977)

 *S SGT U.S. Air Force  WW II       *Next to him is Margie Nell Sutton


JOHN  EDGAR  OWEN   6-30-1884  to  12-6-1983

*Md:8/24/1905 -  1st wife, Matilda Blackwell Owen (11/4/1884  to  6/1/1915)

*Matilda Blackwell  B & D in Columbia Co.,AR  *Gravesite Emerson, Columbia Co.,AR

*Md:12/24/1916 -  2ND  wife,  Alcie Jane Hanry

& ALCIE  JANE  HANRY  OWEN  9-24-1894 to 12-2-1977

*D/of  Lydia Britt Hanry (1862-1940) & Samuel George Hanry (1849-1923)


Infant  RICHARDSON  (no dates)  ( Not found in 2001)


VERNON  DAVID  RICHARDSON   1-10-1912  to  12-1-1950



J. C.  ROBERSON   10-28-1838  to  4-12-1907

"John Christopher Roberson"     "Saved By Grace If Saved At All"

& Mrs. C. E.  MILNER  ROBERSON  9-26-1843 to 9-16-1920

"Caroline E. Milner"



JIM  SIMS   5-14-1929  to  12-16-2004

*Vet U.S. Army Air Force  "Beloved Brother  Rest In Peace"



A.A.E.  SMITH     10-1-1834  to  9-10-1902


HERSHEL  AURIN  SMITH (85) 11-21-1920  to  2-21-2006

*Died Lafayette County, Arkansas


JOYCE  VIRGINIA  CAMERON  SMITH(86)  2-18-1926  to  7-3-2012

*D/of Arnold Rhodes Cameron & Artie Boswell.  Wife of Hershel for 62 yrs.  *OB



BEATRICE  SMITH  BRITT  STARNES  1-27-1900  to  7-11-1919

*D/of  Rufus Marcus Britt(1859-1937) & Emma Jane McGraw(1861-1938)

*Md: Barney Jackson Starnes 8/14/1918 Union Co., AR

"Having finished life's duty  She now sweetly rests"



MARGIE  NELL  OWEN  SUTTON (85)  2-23-1922  to  12-8-2007

*D/of John Edgar & Alice Jane Hanry Owen   *Wf/of late Fred Sutton

*Buried next to Edgar Harold Owen



ELBERT  A. "BUCK"  WARREN   7-16-1902  to  7-15-1983

&  CARRIE  L.  WARREN    10-12-1898  to  2-24-1988


ELBERT  ORVIS  WARREN     6-21-1927  to  3-28-1928  "Son"


JOHN  HENRY  WARREN   1-20-1919  to  8-25-1975

*S/of  Silas Thomas "Si" Warren(1889-1976) & Ruby O. Britt(1892-1970)

&   MELBA  WARREN    7-18-1928  (One date)


SILAS 'SI' 'TOM' THOMAS  WARREN  9-26-1889  to  1-9-1976

*Silas Thomas Warren

&  RUBY  O.  BRITT  WARREN    1-20-1892  to  5-5-1970

*D/of Rufus Marcus Britt(1859-1937) & Emma Jane McGraw(1861-1938)

(picture on tombstone)



ANDREW  MARCELLUS WILSON  12-31-1870  to  3-30-1961

*S/of Andrew Cummings Wilson(1840 AL-1880 AR) & Sarah Julia Hays(1848-1887)

*Sarah Julia Hays Wilson  buried Hopewell Cemetery, Union Co.,AR

*Spouses: 1st Mary Ella Mason Wilson(1873-1912)

MARY  ELLA  MASON  WILSON   9-21-1873  to  2-1-1912

* New Double headstone for these two in April 2006;

* Note the date differences for M. E. & Mary Etta Hanry Wilson.

 * The reason is wife #1 was Mary Ella Mason & wife #2, was Mary Etta Hanry.

&  MARY  ETTA  HANRY  WILSON   2-7-1881  to  1-8-1968

2nd wife,  Mary Etta Hanry  *D/of  Samuel George Hanry(1849-1923) & Lydia Britt(1862-1940)

*Triplet  WILSON  all 3 born & died  9-9-1916

"A life like hers has left a record sweet for memory to dwell upon"

*Andrew and Mary Etta's triplets were two sons & one daughter.


Baby  WILSON   2-21-1914  to  3-8-1914

*Child of Andrew Marcellus Wilson  &  Mary Etta Hanry Wilson


BILL WILSON  2-2-1918  to  7-26-1918

"Safe In The Arms of Jesus"


BRUISTER  WILSON  1-25-1922  to  3-11-1922

"Safe In The Arms of Jesus"


CHARLES  NORMAN  WILSON  3-12-1924  to  9-23-1970

*S/of  Bessie L. Davis & Emery Marsillas Wilson  *CM3  US Navy  WW II


EMERY  MARSILLAS WILSON   9-20-1899  to  5-8-1967

*S/of  Andrew Marcellus Wilson(1870-1961) & Mary Ella Mason(1873-1912)

&  BESSIE  L. DAVIS  WILSON  7-18-1898 to 10-18-1990

*D/of  Thomas Philner Davis(1872-1951) & Sarah Ida Loftin(1868-1911)


Infant  WILSON   died 3-31-1931  *S/of Mr. & Mrs. W. T. Wilson


JAMES  ANDREW  WILSON   3-3-1995  to  5-4-2002

"God Chooses The Weak To Confound The Wise"


JULIE  MARIE  WILSON  b & d  2-17-1985

*Infant D/of  Glenn &  Janice Wilson


LULA  WILSON    2-25-1915  to  8-13-1918  (broken stone)


MARSELLOS  WILSON   5-14-1920  to  5-28-1921

*S/of  Bessie L. Davis & Emery Marsillas Wilson 


OBIE  MARCELOUS  WILSON  4-7-1927  to  11-7-1927 "Son"


OBIST  EUGENE  WILSON  4-7-1927  to  6-22-1929  "Son"


ORVIL  WILSON   9-12-1922   to  10-7-1923

*S/of  Bessie L. Davis & Emery Marsillas Wilson 


PETTUS  WILSON   12-18-1911   to   7-24-1918  "Daughter"


SAMUEL  GEORGE  WILSON  12-22-1913  to  2-11-1988

*S/of  Andrew Marcellus Wilson(1870-1961) & Mary Ella Mason(1873-1912)

*Pvt US Army  WW II


WILLIAM THOMAS (TOMMY) WILSON  8-3-1892  to 1-23-1985

*S/of  Andrew Marcellus Wilson(1870-1961) & Mary Ella Mason(1873-1912)



5-1-1982 *D/of George Eugene Loftin(1865-1942) & Susan Rebecca Roberson(1874-1943)


WILLIS  WATKINS  WILSON   7-22-1924  to  4-2-2000

*Md:2/16/1946    *S/of Sallie Eugenie (Genie) Loftin & Wm. Thomas (Tommy) Wilson

&  MARIE VIOLET LANGLEY  WILSON (87)12-16-1923  to  9-13-2011

* D/of Louie Franklin  Langley & Mary Lou Murray Langley *ob