Est. ca 1896

This cemetery is located south of El Dorado, go southwest on Hwy. 167

(aka Junction City Hwy.) Go to Mt. Union Road (#770); make a slight left onto

Union Co. Road 543 & cemetery will be at end of road.

You can also approach from Hwy. 167, by turning onto Summit Drive & then Mt. Union Road.

This cemetery was canvassed by Basil & Lillian Craig, January 25, 1992.
 *This cemetery is somewhat difficult to find. In the community there is no
sign on the main road, even local residents did not know what road to tell us
 to turn onto. It looks like you are turning into a driveway of a house,
but the road angles off –it is paved & only about 1000 feet off the main road.

Copied April 2004. Updates 2006/2010 Final Canvass, Oct 2011 & Last Update Jan 2012.

Janice Holzer

*More photos & info at end of list.


Use of the symbol & indicates a double headstone.

*OB - indicates information from obituary.

*SSDI - Social Security Death Index

*MM - Mortuary marker

*WOW - Woodman of the World monument

*ARDI - Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950



APRIL ELIZABETH ? 4-1-1996 to 3-25-1998

"The Queen Of Angels"



JULIA ANN AMIS 1-30-1947 to 12-7-1948

*D/of Mr. & Mrs. T. J. Amis


TOMIE JAMES AMIS 10-26-1922 to 8-13-1969

*Md:3/16/1946 *Arkansas SGT 2224 Truck CO WW II

& JOSIE MADELINE AMIS 3-4-1925 to 3-9-2005



CHARLES L. ANDERSON 9-3-1927 to 2-2-1989

"Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"



FRANK ROBERT ASHMORE 6-15-1931 to 7-27-1991

*US Army - Korea



ROLAND ALBERT BARKER, JR. 1-25-1946 (One date)

*Md:5/30/1964 "Prepare To Meet Me In Heaven By The Eastern Gate"

& BARBARA ANN GRIFFITH BARKER (61) 12-29-1948 to

11-2-2010 *Dof Donald W. & Etta Thurlkill Griffith. *ob

*Our Children: Nannette, Angela, Darlene, Alicia, Roland III



COLLIE L. BARKSDALE 12-16-1906 to 12-20-1970

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


JOSIE MAYBELLE BARKSDALE 5-5-1911 to 1-12-1924

"She was the sunshine of our home"

& ARRIE BOBBY LEE CARR 1-2-1927 to 10-21-1934

"He is not dead but sleepeth"



WINFRED C. BARNES 12-10-1908 to 4-3-1964

"At Rest" ▲ "Precious Memories"▼

& LILLIE BELL BARNES (92) 2-5-1918 to 7-18-2010 *ob

*D/of J.J. Wood & Dora Blake Williams Ward; *Wf/of Winfred



HERBERT GREEN BATES 10-8-1923 to 8-16-2006

*S/of Asa Daniel Nathaniel Bates & Velma Victoria Wilson;

*Wife of 60 yrs. Ernestine Thurlkill Bates *Md:8/24/1946 *ob

*PFC US Army World War II- BSM PH EAME Theater Medal –Good Conduct Medal

& ERNESTINE THURLKILL BATES 9-22-1927 to 4-23-12012 *OS

 D/of John Rufua Thurlkil l& Eugenior Moore Thurlkill    "Gone To A Better Place"


HERBERT "Herbie" GLEN BATES 2-6-1957 to 9-17-1994

 S/of Herbert Green Bates & Ernestine Thurlkill


ARDIS "BUM" BAUMGARDNER 12-16-1917 to 9-4-1994

*US Army World War II "Precious Memories"

& MATTIE RUTH BAUMGARDNER 5-16-1917 to 7-14-2009



MARVIN J. BLACKMAN 6-21-1925 to 10-3-1991

*Md:4/1/1946 TEC 4 US Army WW II "In Loving Memory"

& CORDEAN MASON BLACKMAN 7-29-1922 to 4-15-2001



AARON ELMER BLACKMON 10-5-1887 to 2-20-1967

*Arkansas PVT Quartermaster Corps World War I


LOUISE BLACKMON 1921 to 1943 "One Worthy of Remembrance"

MARVIN FRANKLIN BLACKMON 3-15-1896 to 2-13-1984

*Md: 9/27/1924 *PFC U.S. Army WW I "Life's A Voyage That's Homeward Bound"

& RUBY E. BARKER BLACKMON 8-21-1908 to 2-22-1987



*Infant Son of Marvin F. & Ruby Blackmon "His Memory Is Blessed"


WILLIAM HENRY BLACKMON 5-13-1889 to 12-23-1963

& BLANCHE W. BLACKMON 3-22-1891 to 2-21-1931

"What We Keep In Memory Is Our's, Unchanged Forever"



JOHN BOX 5-20-1930 to 9-17-2008

"Gone But Not Forgotten"



JACOB GRONSON BRIDGES 2-8-1878 to 3-15-1968


R. W. BRIDGES 9-30-1838 to 2-20-1908

"Dearest brother thou hast left us, here thy loss we deeply feel, But, tis God

that hath bereft us he can all our sorrows heal." "Gone from this world of pain to a

better home on high." *Broken but repaired stone

LAURA E. BRIDGES 9-3-1842 to 6-16-1922

"Our Mother" "A tender mother and a faithful friend"



CHARLES BRYAN BRITT 1-2-1897 to 8-22-1971

& BESSIE NASH BRITT 1-7-1898 to 3-22-1972



CLARICE ALMA BROWN 8-28-1895 to 12-23-1967

"In Loving Memory"



BOBBY J. BRYAN 1-4-1937 to 10-21-1994 "Daddy"

*Md:9/15/1956 "Forever In Our Hearts" *Children:Renee, Cindy, Pam, Bobby, Jr.

& G. CAROLYN THURLKILL BRYAN 12-8-1941 "Mother" (One date)



CHARLES WEBSTER BUCKNER 2-7-1899 to 2-7-1920

"Forever With The Lord"


C. B. BUCKNER 5-20-1869 to 9-10-1917

"Death is eternal life, why should we weep"



ARRIE BOBBY LEE CARR 1-2-1927 to 10-21-1934

"He is not dead but sleepeth" *Double headstone; last name is different & designated as such.

& JOSIE MAYBELLE BARKSDALE 5-5-1911 to 1-12-1924

"She was the sunshine of our home"


ROBERT A. (BOB) CARR 8-27-1887 to 4-23-1959

& SARAH ELLEN CARR 3-13-1891 to 1-14-1960

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"



ANNA CATES 7-31-1870 to 2-26-1909

*Wf/of J.H. Cates "Father let they grace be given That we may meet in heaven."


HARMON RAY CATES (49) 9-18-1957 to 6-28-07 *ob

*S/of Alfred Lee Cates & Lona Annette Groves Cates Hammett.

*(Stp father Preston Hammett)

*Gr Son of the late Harmon & Isolene Groves - Jack & Bessie Cates.

"His Friends Were Numbered By His Acquaintances"



ALICE A. CHANDLER 8-25-1846 to 5-14-1927 "Mother"

"Asleep In Jesus"


C. C. CHANDLER 2-20-1837 to 3-13-1909 (repaired broken stone)

"Kind father of love thou hast gone to thy rest. Forever to bask mid the joys of the Blest"


GORDON S. CHANDLER 9-30-1910 to 6-2-1975


JAMES (JIM) CHANDLER 5-16-1880 to 2-11-1954

"Absent In Body, But Present In Spirit"

NENA WILLIAMS CHANDLER 10-12-1888 to 1-2-1976

"She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"


ROBERT CHANDLER 12-24-1903 to 8-3-1917 "Son"


ROY CHANDLER 8-27-1907 to 5-30-1911



LEWIS H. COGBURN 3-24-1931 to 7-24-2009

*Md:12/2/1950 "Resting In The Lord"

& BOBBIE N. JETER COGBURN 2-17-1932 (One date)



HARRIET COURTNEY 3-1-1835 to 3-13-1913 "At Rest"

*Wife of Geo. Courtney




5-13-2005 *ob



WILTON FRANCIS CURTIS 5-26-1907 to 2-2-1973

*Md:11/27/1941 "His Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"


to 8-1-2011 *D/of Zeb Mattox & Helen Elizabeth Eudy *ob

*Oct 2011 ---her grave was marked with a Young's MM.


DONNA MARIE HASH DAVIS 1-17-1953 to 2-9-1986

"Always In Our Hearts" *Name is written in script--Hash may be Nash-looks like an " H " to me



WILLIAM A. DOLDEN 11-25-1912 to 1-18-1976

*S2 U.S. Navy WW II



MORRIS ALLEN EVANS "PEE WEE" 10-19-1935 (One date)


& DOROTHY MARIE GREER EVANS 12-6-1936 (One date)


RICHARD ALLEN EVANS 12-21-1956 to 11-20-1965

"Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"



CLINTON N. EVERS 10-15-1894 to 4-14-1936

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


L. B. EVERS 1-14-1871 to 7-19-1938

& LAURA G. EVERS 1-19-1875 to 2-7-1964

(*death date from family member-not on headstone)


PRAITHER EVERS 1915 to 1975

*MM 2 U.S. Navy WW II



HAZEL FOYIL 8-19-1903 to 11-5-1918

*D/of J. H. & M. (stone broken) *2011 in two pieces "Not lost, but gone before"


JAMES EARL FOYIL 11-14-1895 to 6-17-1969

"In Loving Memory"

& VELMA MATTOX FOYIL 11-27-1901 to 2-18-1976


JAMES HENRY FOYIL 1-11-1863 to 6-24-1941 "Grandaddy"

MOLLIE FOYIL 4-30-1868 to 11-11-1920 *Wf/of J. H. Foyil

OLIVER KENDON FOYIL, SR. 12-27-1921 to 1-7-2008

*Bailey MM says died 2007 *PVT US Army WW II


WALTER A. FOYIL 10-31-1897 to 1-21-1967

NETTIE POWELL FOYIL 3-25-1897 to 11-3-1955 "Mother"

"Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend"



EARL RAY FULFORD 11-3-1920 to 10-20-1969

*AMI U.S. Army WW II North Carolina

& HELEN J. FULFORD 2-3-1927 to 11-19-2005



Infant FUNDERBURG b & d 12-31-1953

*D/of K.D. & Lucille Funderburg



ARTHUR GREENLEE 2-14-1883 to 3-27-1929


BARNEY WHARTON GREENLEE 2-28-1910 to 1-29-1911

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Can Not Heal"


J. S. GREENLEE 9-19-1857 to 9-12-1922 "Our Loved One"

"A light from our household is gone. A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our hearts That can never can be filled."


"At Rest Only Sleeping"


NANNIE GREENLEE 6-3-1903 to 7-22-1904

*D/of J.S. & M. A. Greenlee "Too precious for earth has gone to heaven"



Baby GREGORY b & d January 1913

*Child of Arthur & May Gregory "Gone To Be An Angel"


HARMON E. GROVES 3-11-1913 to 5-26-1969

"His Friends Were Numbered By His Acquaintances"

& ISOLENE B. GROVES 3-12-1908 to 1-5-1996

"Some Call It Heaven, She Called It Home"


Infants GROVES b & d 10-20-1917

*Twin daughters of W.A. & Lizzie Groves


WILLIAM A. GROVES 1-18-1870 to 5-24-1921

& M. E. (LIZZIE) GROVES 8-1-1881 to 12-26-1967

*Rest Is Thine, And "Sweet" Remembrance Ours"

WILLIAM EDWARD GROVES 4-21-1946 (One date)


& DONNA SUE HARKLEROAD GROVES 9-6-1955 to 7-7-1999



EMERY F. HAM 2-1-1932 to 11-12-2007

& JOYCE E. THURLKILL HAM 7-13-1932 (One date)



DORA E. HARRISON 8-23-1874 to 5-13-1935


LAURA M. HARRISON 9-23-1909 to 4-19-1916

*D/of J.B. & E.D. Harrison (2011-stone broken bottom half with dates

covered with dirt)


LAVINIA HARRISON 1-2-1907 to 7-4-1910

*D/of J.B. & E.D Harrison "We Will Meet Again"

NELLIE HARRISON 6-22-1915 to 1-8-1932

SAM D. HARRISON 10-16-1904 to 2-26-1973



DEXTER HELMS 3-19-1893 to 11-27-1928 *WOW

"Asleep in Jesus peaceful rest."


ELVIN D. HELMS (89) 1919 to 2008 *Young's MM

& MELBA BURNS HELMS (84) 1922 to 2007 *Young's MM

*There is a long double flat bronze "Helms" tombstone with their

mortuary markers stuck in the ground on either end. (2011)


FLOYD A. HELMS 2-13-1917 to 7-23-2004 (Mason)

"One Worthy Of Remembrance"


HARTSELL BOYCE HELMS 4-27-1889 to 10-8-1933

& LOU ALPHA HELMS 4-6-1888 (One date)


I. R. HELMS 9-22-1861 to 10-22-1903

"God's finger touched him and he slept"


ISAAC VAN HELMS 1897 to 11-6-1947 *ARDI "Daddy"

"Forever Honour'd And Forever Mourn'd"


JOSIE L. HELMS 9-29-1914 to 7-28-1916

*D/of H.B. & L. A. Helms "Gone But Not Forgotten"


MARY FRANCES HELMS 11-19-1929 to 11-8-1991

"In Loving Memory"


PAULINE HELMS 3-26-1908 to 10-17-1910

*D/of H.B. & L. A. Helms "Gone But Not Forgotten"


THOMAS DOYLE HELMS 2-13-1922 to 9-9-1990

*S2 U.S. Navy WW II


THOMAS LUTHER HELMS 8-6-1887 to 9-26-1949

& BIRDIE MOORE HELMS 4-7-1894 to 3-16-1979

"Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"



LEWIS A. HENDERSON 5-10-1885 to 9-6-1967

& MARY BLACK HENDERSON 2-8-1883 to 10-18-1961

"In Loving Memory"


WILLIAM GUY HENDERSON 12-27-1909 to 1-1-1999


& NELLIE TATUM HENDERSON 11-15-1907 to 9-29-2003



JAMES HARREL HENRY 9-23-1942 to 9-27-2009



NOAH HAMPTON HOLBERT 3-20-1867 to 4-6-1945

& LLEWELLA BATES HOLBERT 6-20-1866 to 9-13-1913

"Out of sorrow God speaks to us best"


THOMAS M. HOLBERT 2-28-1902 to 11-23-1934

"At Rest"



FRANK V. HOOVER 1877 to 1944 "Come Ye Blessed-At Rest In Remembrance"

MATTIE HOOVER 2-2-1879 to 10-5-1943 "Come Ye Blessed"

* Etched on base of her monument-Buckner–Rogers "Tender Mother And Faithful Friend"



LARRY DWAYNE HOPPER (61) 10-30-1945 to 11-6-2006 *ob

*Md:8/7/1992 *RM2 US Navy Vietnam

& KAREN ELIZABETH OWENS HOPPER 10-15-1968 (One date)



LUTHER V. HOUSE, JR. b & d 8-17-1939 (Metal *MM)

*2011-has a regular tombstone; it only list the year.



LOLA THURLKILL HOWARD 11-28-1920 to 1-30-2000

"The Rose May Fade, The Lily Die, But The Flowers Immortal Bloom On High"

*Mother of: Benny H., Richard L. and W. Douglas Howard



JERRY DON HOWELL 12-31-1957 (One date)

*Md: 3/31/1985 "Forever With The Lord"

& SANDY D. SMITH HOWELL 10-1-1966 to 8-11-2006



DAVID NEWMAN HUX 10-13-1907 to 9-30-1997

*Md: 6/4/1954 ▲ (John 14:1-6) (I Thessalonians 4:13-18) ▼

& RUTH WILLIAMS HUX 4-24-1920 to 10-24-2007


ETTA F. THURLKILL GRIFFITH HUX 2-10-1925 to 6-11-1990

D/of John Rufus Thurlkill Eu genior Moore Thurlkill
"Mother" *Children: Gladys, John, Ollie, Barbara, Sue, Donett

"She was the sunshine of our home. Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal."


JAMES A. HUX 2-11-1906 to 1-2-1996

*Md:7/7/1934 *Oct 2011-his military marker is covered with dirt/grass-illegible

& LENA FOYIL HUX 8-28-1917 to 3-9-2000

*The Lord Is My Shepherd I Shall Not Want" (Lena does not have a death date on tombstone)



AMOS KINDLE JACKSON 8-23-1891 to 3-25-1961

*Arkansas PFC CO A 114 Engineers WW I

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"


(*ARDI 1907 to 9-6-1942 )


JOHN A. JACKSON Feb 1925 (One date)

& BETTY R. JACKSON Dec 1927 to May 1994

"In Our Hearts Forever" *Children: Mike and Jacque


MICHAEL RAY JACKSON 10-26-1952 to 7-28-1983 *Photo

*Sgt. U.S. Air Force "In Loving Memory Of Our Son, Brother and Friend"



DOYNE EDWARD JERRY 7-23-1923 to 2-4-1982

"Our Dad That We Love A Precious Soul Sent Up Above For God's Care And Love

*Md:12/17/1950 *Cpl. US Army WW II

& MAXINE WEDDINGTON JERRY 4-4-1927 (One date)


JACOB ANDREW JERRY b & d 1987 (One date)

(*Bailey MM) *2011-had a small headstone.



CYNTHIA G. JETER 8-7-1956 to 2-24-1983


DAVID (MACK) JETER 9-29-1905 to 10-12-1987

& DENA GIVENS JETER 9-23-1915 to 11-13-2009


JAMES E. JETER 5-24-1930 to 2-26-1980

*S3 US Navy



WILLIAM C. JOHNSON 10-4-1882 to 12-15-1950

& MARY C. JOHNSON 4-29-1884 to 1-5-1958

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"


WILLIAM CLYDE JOHNSON 2-12-1908 to 12-17-1950

& LUECILLE COMBS JOHNSON 12-5-1911 to 5-20-2004

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"



WILBURN LEE JOHNSTON 9-26-1930 to 3-21-2009




Pastor LEROY JONES 7-29-1931 (One date) *Md:6/4/1951

& MARY B. MOSLEY JONES 7-29-1936 to 8-13-1976

"Only Sleeping"



BOBBY D. KINARD 6-23 1930 to 10-10-2002

*Md:2/17/1951 *CPL US Marine Corps – Korea "Seremaded by Angels"

"Welcome To Heaven" *Loving Parents of Virginia -1953 & Deborah-1954

& BETTY MASON KINARD 8-6-1935 (One date)


JODY STEVEN KINARD 9-11-1969 to 3-1-2007

"To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"

"Beloved Son Of Harrel And Beth


REBECCA WILLIAMS KINARD 10-3-1856 to 10-24-1954

"I Have Kept The Faith"



CLYDE R. LAIZURE 7-29-1913 to 4-18-1970 *U.S. Navy WW II



GEORGE A. LARY 12-25-1903 to 8-1-1958

*Arkansas Forestry Com.



ALVA LEE 7-6-1897 to 10-3-1917 *WOW

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


AUBREY L. LEE 12-24-1925 to 12-30-1994

*Md:12/23/1946 "This Is The Promise The Life Everlasting"

& M. NORENE LEE 6-5-1932 to 10-15-1986

"Tender Mother And Faithful Friend" *Children: Sharon A., Dennis L., Cynthia M.


BENJAMIN R. LEE 1-20-1870 to 6-18-1946

"A Most Noble Example Was His Life"

LEONA LEE 6-28-1871 to 3-10-1962

"Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"


BONNIE M. LEE 1802 to 1926

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


DENNIS LAVELLE LEE 1-31-1953 to 7-15-2004

*Md:3/20/1981 *Double headstone with only one name on it

"Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star, To Heaven"


HAVIS LAVELLE (JACK) LEE 9-10-1901 to 2-22-1975

*Md:12/16/1933 "He Giveth His Beloved Sleep" ▲"Father"

& MARY ELSIE LEE 9-24-1916 to 8-30-1992 "Mother"

"Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"


BONNIE M. LEE 1902 to 1926


SHARON ELAINE BATES LEE 4-5-1954 to 6-10-1990 "Mother"

D/of Herbert Green Bates & Ernestine Thurlkill Bates
"I Thank My God Upon Every Remembrance Of You. She's Safe At Home"


TRAVIS GLYNN LEE 7-16-1968 to 7-8-1978

*S/of Jerry & Amy Lee "Gone But Not Forgotten"



ELVIN RAY LEWIS 6-6-1911 to 4-21-1973

*Md:6/30/1934 "Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord"

& FLOSSIE ANNA WILLIAMS LEWIS (95)11-12-1915 to 2-10-2011

*D/of John Wilson Williams & Anna Carrine Moore *ob


EMMA LOU LEWIS 3-16-1942 to 1-12-1961

*Wife of Richard A Trotter "Gone But Not Forgotten"



GEORGE BARTO LOCKEY, SR. 7-16-1930 to 8-11-2011

*S/of Jesse Edward & Linnie Mae Lockey *MM Perry's FH & tombstone without death date.

*Wf/of 60 yrs, Willie Jean Thurlkill Lockey. *ob *Md:4/27/1951

& WILLIE JEAN THURLKILL LOCKEY, SR. 11-27-1933 (One date)



FLOYD KETTELL LUNDY, JR. "Major" 10-24-1974 to 12-8-2005



ADDISON E. MAJOR "ADDI" 3-3-2010 (One date)

*D/of Whitney and Eric Major "Mommie and Daddy Love You"


BRANDY & TIFFANY MAJOR 6-14-1982 to 6-16-1982

*Infant twins of Gary & Renee Major





Infant MARTINDALE b & d 5-16-1915

*D/of W. J. Martindale "At Rest"



JAMES BELTREN MASON 8-17-1908 to 7-13-1975

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

& BESSIE HENDERSON MASON (89) 9-8-1916 to 8-4-2006 *ob

*D/of Louis Alexander Henderson & Mary Etta Black Henderson


JAMES THOMAS (J.T.) MASON 4-18-1933 to 11-99-1995


& IRIS HOLLOWAY MASON 12-18-1934 (One date)



CHARLES C. MATTOX 1-27-1932 (One date)

*Md:11/22/1963 "Resting Till The Resurrection Morn"

& MARY NELLE HORNE MATTOX 12-18-1936 to 9-21-2001


HENRY MEGUAION MATTOX 7-5-1914 to 9-22-1985

*Md:6/18/1941 "A Time To Be Born, And A Time To Die" Eccles.3

& ESTION HENDRIX MATTOX 10-28-1921 to 10-29-2009


GRACIE V. MATTOX 6-13-1899 to 2-9-1983

"Tender Mother And Faithful Friend"


HENRY T. MATTOX 12-20-1874 to 12-3-1915 *H/of Naomi

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

NAOMI WILLIAMS NORRIS MATTOX 12-23-1882 to 8-26-1968

*See Naomi Williams Norris (Wife of Henry Mattox)


Infant MATTOX b & d 1-25-1926

*D/of T. J. & F. B. Mattox


ISAAC MATTOX 2-17-1840 to 1-29-1938

*Co B, 26 Reg CSA born in Union County, NC; moved to Union Co., ARK in 1892

"Sleep On Dear One And Take Thy Rest For We Know What God Approves Is Best"

& SARAH MATTOX 11-4-1846 to 12-22-1901

*Wf/of Issac Mattox "Gone Home" "Gone But Not Forgotten"


MARK MEGUAION MATTOX 10-8-1971 to 5-31-2005 Age 33.

*S/of Kenny & Lydia Mattox. *Wife, Roddie Blake Mattox. *ob


RUKIN JONAS MATTOX 3-30-1916 to 10-25-1994

"His Memory Is Blessed"


THOMAS J. MATTOX 8-9-1903 to 2-9-1961

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"

FLORENCE MATTOX 1906 to 1-29-1926

"She was a kind and affectionate wife. A fond mother, And a friend to All"


ZEB MATTOX 12-29-1885 to 1-12-1979

*Md:2/6/1913 "In Loving Memory"

& HETTIE EUDY MATTOX 10-17-1892 to 6-26-1988



MAC JAMES McBEE 11-6-1919 to 6-13-2007

*Md:5/29/1969 "At Rest"

& FRANCES BLACKMON McBEE 3-1-1934 (One date)



BILLY JOE McCRAY (73) 9-17-1933 to 10-30-2006

*S/of Loren & Cecyl Nelson McCray *ob "Forever In Our Hearts"



CORA McMAN 11-8-1906 to 3-6-1953

"Thy Memory shall ever be A guiding star to heaven"


FLOYD McMAN 9-2-1925 to 10-20-1931

*S/of S. C. & C.G. McMan "Darling we miss thee"



LOREN BENNETT MEANS 3-30-1935 (One date)


& LINDA J. NASH MEANS 4-2-1942 (One date)



JOSIE EATHER NASH MITCHELL 1-16-1908 to 6-16-1987



ROBERT B. MODISETTE 11-15-1927 to 5-13-2003 LA (Rump FH *MM)

MARGIE M. MODISETTE 6-28-1925 to 4-16-2000 (Rump FH *MM)*SSDI


ROBERT O. MODISETT 7-19-1898 to 11-23-1939

"Gone But Not Forgotten" (*Modisett spelled as it appears on tombstone)

MAMIE OPAL POWELL MODISETTE 8-17-1900 to 10-20-1968

"Precious Memories"




FRANK HUBERT MOORE 12-16-1904 to 3-16-1951

"At Rest"


THOMAS TERRELL MOORE 3-24-1866 to 3-26-1939

& GLENNIE MATTOX MOORE 4-1-1872 to 6-29-1962

"Each Duty Done, They Rest In Peace"



HOLLIS W. MORRIS 8-17-1919 to 9-2-1995 "Daddy"

*Md: 8/7/1943 "Just Asleep" "At Rest With God"

& CLEO L. MORRIS 11-11-1924 to 11-1-2003 "Mother"



WILLIAM D. MYERS 2-22-1925 (One date)


& BILLIE J. TARVER MYERS 12-8-1931 (One date)



BRADY F. NASH 11-4-1897 to 3-3-1967

& BESSIE V. NASH 7-11-1892 to 4-23-1964


ELISHA G. NASH 8-25-1891 to 9-28-1978


ELVIN G. NASH 6-4-1913 to 2-4-1976

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


HARTSELL C. NASH 11-5-1910 to 4-8-1994

*Md:7/8/1943 *US Army WW II "This Is The Promise....The Life Everlasting"

& OLIVIA MANNING NASH 2-26-1923 (One date)


Infant NASH b & d 3-11-1925

*S/of B.F. & Bessie Nash


Infant NASH b & d 10-20-1932

*D/of Needham & Opal Nash


JESSIE F. NASH 3-5-1892 to 3-12-1966

& JOHNNIE R. NASH 9-5-1895 to 1-11-1956

"Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"


JOHN THOMAS NASH 11-12-1870 to 1-12-1937

& LILLIE CHANEY NASH 11-10-1876 to 10-30-1952

"Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"


LAWRENCE M. NASH 6-15-1913 to 8-21-1995


& MILDRED TEMPLETON NASH 6-16-1916 to 1-14-2007


LIDDIE EDNA NASH 7-17-1901 to 9-30-1927

"Gone To A Bright Home Where Grief Cannot Come"


LILLIE E. GREENLEE NASH 10-28-1884 to 12-4-1910

*Wife of E. G. Nash; *D/of J. S. & M. A. Greenlee


LILLIE MAE NASH 8-15-1902 to 9-27-1902

*D/of J.T. & Lillie Nash

LUTHER ARCHIE NASH 2-3-1906 to 3-15-1968 "At Rest"


MARTHA NASH 2-20-1897 to 3-9-1897

*D/of J. T. & Lillie Nash


M. C. NASH 12-19-1860 to 9-11-1923 "Father"

"God gave. He took. He will restore. He doeth all things well."

LYDIA R. NASH 3-14-1862 1-2-1941 "Mother"

"Dear Mother We Miss Thee"


NEEDHAM A. NASH 7-8-1905 to 5-13-1990


& OPAL HALL NASH 1-17-1911 to 12-19-2004


OMER J. NASH 5-13-1904 to 6-17-1974


ORAL WILSON NASH 6-26-1921 to 2-16-1976

*PVT Army Air Forces WW II


THOMAS CLEG NASH 7-2-1902 to 1-16-1970

*Md:5/25/1924 "Into Thy Hands I Command My Spirit"

& MARY INEZ PEPPER NASH 1-4-1909 to 10-12-1983


THOMAS EMMETT NASH 10-10-1900 to 4-16-1970 "Daddy"

*Md:11/1/1933 "His Memory Is Blessed" "In Loving Memory" ▼

& LERTIE CATES NASH 1-29-1912 to 11-26-1987 "Mother"


WANDA FAE NASH 10-1-1937 to 12-7-1939 "Our Darling"

*D/of Jessie F. & Johnnie Nash "Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"


WILLIAM ERVIN NASH 3-26-1909 to 3-2-1976

& JESSIE RAY NASH 2-11-1908 to 6-1-1971

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


WILLIAM HENRY NASH 11-5-1903 to 1-28-1916

*S/of J.T. & Lillie Nash "A loved one has gone. A voice we love is stilled.

A place is vacant in our home. Which never can be filled."


WILLIAM H. NASH 12-19-1867 to 3-10-1924

& LULA BRIDGES NASH 10-30-1868 to 4-20-1949

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"


WILLIAM M. NASH 11-18-1888 to 9-6-1925 "Brother"

"His memory is blessed"


W. M. NASH 1-27-1819 to 3-10-1897 "Father"

& MARTHA NASH 3-18-1828 to 4-6-1896 "Mother"

*Wf/of W. N. Nash "Asleep in Jesus Blessed thought"



JAMES M. NELSON 8-2-1928 to 10-17-2009

& BILLIE MITCHAM NELSON 3-15-1931 (One date)

"Worthy of Remembrance"



JAMES KEVIN NORRIS 10-30-1960 to 6-24-1991

"A Loving Husband And Father"


LEE A. NORRIS, SR. 1874 to 1926

"Asleep In Jesus"


NAOMI WILLIAMS NORRIS 12-23-1882 to 8-26-1968

*Wife of HENRY MATTOX. "Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend"


WILLIAM C. NORRIS 5-2-1921 to 10-16-1960

*Arkansas PVT BTRY E 260 CA (AA) WW II



ANITA LEE ORR 7-24-1953 to 4-2-2004

"Bye Mom" *D/of Mr. & Mrs. James Wilburn Orr


JAMES WILBURN ORR 10-7-1919 to 4-15-2005

*PVT US Army WW II (James has two headstones-military & double he shares with Bessie)

*Md:1/8/1978 (Bessie has a single headstone & another double one with James)

& BESSIE BURTON PACE ORR (90) 6-16-1920 to 8-4-2010

"Miss Bessie or Mamaw" *Wf/of late James Wilburn Orr

*D/of Clarence Glenn & Cora Mae Banfield Burton *OB

"Beloved Mother of Carrollyn And David on tombstone: No dates.



FLOY C. OSBORNE 6-11-1905 to 3-22-1927

"Beloved Sister"



CLARENCE A. OWENS 12-17-1907 to 1-5-1984

& ETTA "CLYDE" CATES OWENS 4-24-1903 to 10-18-1993

"In God's Care"


CLINTON W. OWENS 9-10-1884 to 5-6-1968

& MYRTLE M. OWENS 2-1-1889 to 8-27-1962


JOHN A. OWENS 3-3-1940 (One date)

*Md:9/5/1958 "Together Forever"

& FRANCES M. THURLKILL OWENS 5-22-2939 (One date)



VELMA LOUISE CARMICHAEL PACE 1-10-1926 to 6-8-1992

"In Loving Memory" "Until We Meet Again"



HOWARD PATTINGS 8-17-1915 to 5-15-1982

"He Was The Sunshine Of Our Lives"


LARRY ALBERT PATTINGS 11-21-1948 to 8-7-2005



CHARLES EDMOND PEACE 12-20-1894 to 8-4-1959

*WW I "In Loving Memory"

DORIS MAXINE PEACE 9-29-1927 to 4-12-1928



CLARENCE EDMON PEACE 6-19-1924 to 2-6-1998

"Son" In Loving Memory (Edmon spelled this way on tombstone)


Infant PEACE 9-10-1934 *S/of Charles & Susie Peace


JAMES LAVELLE PEACE 8-23-1923 to 12-13-2002

*Md:10/16/1948 Children: James, Charles, Rebecca "Each Duty Done, They Rest In Peace"

& FALBA C. JEFFCOATS PEACE 8-9-1923 to 11-26-1984


SUSIE A. PEACE 12-10-1893 to 12-12-1953 "Mother"

"She's Only Sleeping"



BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PEPPER 10-12-1910 to 9-9-1980

*Md:10/24/1935 "We Will Meet Again"

& MARTHA THURLKILL PEPPER 8-8-1915 to 5-25-1979


HELEN ANN PEPPER 3-27-1934 to 3-6-1936

*D/of J.C. & Eary Peppers "Our Loved One"


JAMES CURTIS PEPPER, SR. 9-14-1907 to 1-1-1993

& EARY THURLKILL PEPPER, SR. 9-9-1910 to 12-30-1992

*Children: Helen and James Jr.


PRENTIS AMOS PEPPER 7-30-1916 to 3-8-1970 (Mason)

*Md:4/7/1939 *Arkansas SGT 2521 Area SVC Unit WW II

& PAULINE WILLIAMS PEPPER 1-2-1920 (One date)



WILLIAM C. PEPPER 10-25-1912 to 8-31-1972


HELEN ANN PEPPERS 3-27-1934 to 3-6-1936

*D/of J.C. & Eary Arrie M. Peppers



BILL GENE PLATT 3-25-1932 to 9-18-2003

*PFC US Army Korea "In God's Care"

& PEGGY BAUMGARDNER PLATT 1-25-1940 (One date)



ARRIE M. POWELL 8-8-1882 to 7-4-1971

"Her Memory Is Blessed"

JOHN R. POWELL Dec 1872 to Mar 1940

"Death Has Made His Darkness Beautiful With Thee"


LEONARD A. POWELL 8-21-1914 to 2-5-1991

"Precious Memories"



V. MILDRED POWELL 2-17-1917 to 12-18-1979

"In Loving Memory"


WINFRED R. POWELL 12-6-1911 to 7-6-1992

*Md:10/18/1954 "Gone But Not Forgotten"

& LOU Q. POWELL 6-16-1911 to 12-9-1991



ELIZABETH ANN PUMPHREY 1978 (Only date on tombstone)



MILTON D. RAMEY (86) 3-1-1924 to 12-17-2010 *OB

*S/of John Ernest & Mary Ina Harman Ramey: *H/of Eva Jean Ramey

*Md:2/13/1988 "We Will Meet Again" *Neither have their death dates on headstone(2011)

& EVA JEAN DEARMAN RAMEY (76) 10-4-1932 to 4-4-2009 *OB

*D/of Carl H. Dearman & Ella Adams Dearman; *Wf/of Milton D. Ramey



"Pastor" MICHAEL TODD ROBERSON 8-14-1969 (One date)

"O Death Where Is Thy Sting, O Grave Where Is Thy Victory"


ROBERT H. ROBERSON 3-8-1948 to 9-19-1987

*Md:11/1/1966 "Weep Not For Us For We Are With God"

& SUSAN K. ROBERSON 8-27-1949 to 9-19-1987


CURTIS W. ROGERS 2-4-1919 to 8-6-2009

*PFC US Army WW II "I Have Kept The Faith"

& DENA PAXTON ROGERS 10-31-1900 to 7-11-1978


IDA MAE SCOTT ROGERS 6-14-1918 to 11-9-1997

"I Have Kept The Faith'



BETTY J. OWENS ROSEGRANT 3-15-1928 to 10-15-1987


*Triple Headstone for the following three:

BETTY J. OWENS ROSEGRANT 3-15-1928 to 10-15-1987

LINDA GAIL ROSEGRANT 1-18-1952 (One date)

THOMAS EVERETT ROSEGRANT 12-27-1955 (One date)

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"



SONNY D. ROSHTO 9-2-1940 to 11-15-1990 "Daddy"


& FAYE LEWIS ROSHTO 10-22-1945 "Mother"(One date)



HARRY B. ROWLAND 4-29-1927 "Daddy" (one date)

*Md:6/30/1950 "To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die" "Mama"

& LILLIAN E. BLACKMON ROWLAND 1-2-1932 to 3-15-1991


Infant ROWLAND 1946 *Son of Jewell L. & Geneva Rowland

*Brother of Wm. A. Rowland and Evelyn Rowland Griffith


JAMES M. ROWLAND 9-12-1951 (One date)

"Forever ?Honor'd And Forever Mourn'd"

& DEBRA FAY WHITLEY ROWLAND 9-9-1957 to 8-16-2002

"Our Daughter Lisa" "Our Sons James and Marvin"


ROUDOLPH J. ROWLAND 7-12-1927 to 5-1-1929

"Gone So Soon"



JAMES M. RUSHING 7-6-1915 to 6-6-1957

"Gone But Forgotten"




"Meet Me In Heaven" *My Daughter:Sandy Howell *My Granddaughters: Heather & Jessica


JOSEPH A. SANDERS 7-18-1907 to 2-8-1983

& DESSIE HELMS SANDERS 10-1-1914 to 4-25-1971



RAYMOND SKAGGS 5-10-1915 to 4-30-1977

*Md:3/16/1962 "Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

& (Martha) INEZ WOOD SKAGGS 7-28-1921 to 1-13-2005



GARY SMITH 8-1-1959 to 8-2-1959

*Infant S/of Paul & Yvonne Jossie Smith


JOSIE SMITH 2-25-1865 to 3-9-1917 (broken stone-almost illegible)

"A tender mother & faithful friend" (Birth month may be Sept)


LEON "PETE" SMITH 4-2-1911 to 3-11-1989 *Md:6/20/1939

& KATHERINE E. WILLIAMS SMITH 3-24-1918 to 5-19-1990

*Children: Jerry L., J. Wayne, K. Delores, W. Randall


LOTTIE HELMS LARY SMITH 8-13-1912 to 2-10-1977


MELISSA MARIE SMITH 10-14-1972 to 3-4-1973

"Our Darling" "An Angel Visited The Green Earth And Took A Flower Away"



ROWDELL SNOWDEN 10-16-1921 to 5-6-1993 (Mason)

*Md:4/20/1946 "Amazing Grace"

& LOIS N. SNOWDEN 11-22-1927 to 8-4-2002



ANN LEE SPRINGFIELD 6-5-1937 (One date) "Mother"

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


RONNIE LYNN SPRINGFIELD 5-16-1970 to 7-31-1981

*Son of Ann Lee Alford "He Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"



BARNEY SULLIVAN 8-7-1912 to 3-29-1996

*Md:7/20/1945 S SGT US Army WW II "Together Forever"

& MELBA NASH SULLIVAN 5-7-1925 (No dates)


BARNEY E. SULLIVAN b & d 8-16-1947

*Inf. twin son of Barney & Melba Sullivan

& THOMAS E. SULLIVAN b & d 8-16-1947

*Inf. twin son of Barney & Melba Sullivan


CURTIS SULLIVAN 8-18-1919 to 6-29-1974

*Pfc. U.S. Army Air Forces "The Masters Will Be Done"


WILLIAM H. SULLIVAN 1-8-1909 to 6-25-1977

*Md:6/21/1931 *Pfc. U.S. Army "Blessed Are Thw Dead Which Die In The Lord"

& IRENE SULLIVAN 4-18-1909 (One date)



HENRY A. TATUM 8-13-1894 to 7-7-1936

*Arkansas PVT 1 CL 128 INT 32 DIV WW I "His Memory Is Blessed"


HOWELL O. TATUM 9-6-1861 to 4-7-1954 "Father"

"Gone But Not Forgotten"



CHARLES W. TEMPLE 12-2-1919 to 11-2-1986

& JEWELL DEARMAN TEMPLE 9-29-1922 to 5-13-1981

"We Will Meet Again"



BERTHA MAY THURLKILL 11-10-1916 to 5-16-1963

"She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"


EDMUND L. THURLKILL 1-27-1921 to 12-5-1977

*Md:9/10/1949 "It Is Not Sorrow That Last Forever It Is Love"



Infant THURLKILL 1937 *Son of Mr. & Mrs. M.B. Thurlkill


JACKIE LEE THURLKILL 8-8-1957 to 1-29-2008 "Daddy of Cody"


JAMES BENJAMIN THURLKILL 1-14-1879 to 2-12-1961


& CLARICE DORA THURLKILL 1-4-1882 to 5-29-1961



*Inf. S/of Ben & Dora Thurlkill


JAMES FLOYD THURLKILL 4-15-1929 (One date)


& JUANITA FAY THURLKILL 6-28-1935 (One date)


JEFFREY REX THURLKILL, SR. (49) 7-12-1959 to 4-4-2009

*S/of Rex Thurkill & Betty Wike Thurkill (Jeff) *ob *Md:6/1/1990

"To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"

& SONYA GAYE THURLKILL 12-11-1963 (One date)


JOHN W. THURLKILL 12-14-1874 to 10-8-1969

& HATTIE E. THURLKILL 1-7-1880 to 8-24-1959

"Into Thy Hands We Commend Our Spirits"


JOHN RUFUS THURLKILL 7-31-1903 to 12-8-1987

*Md:12/15/1923 "A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

& S. EUJENIOR THURLKILL 9-8-1906 to 7-11-1991

*Their Children: Etta (2-10-1925) Ernestine (9-22-1927) Virgil (2-11-1930) Joyce (7-13-1932) Willie Jene (11-27-1933) Florence (12-24-1938) Carolyn (12-8-1941)

MARLIN B. THURLKILL 10-7-1901 to 1-24-1969

*Son of J.B. & Dora Thurlkill *Md:12/29/1923 "The Lord Is My Shepherd I Shall Not Want"

& ADDIE ELNO HUX THURLKILL 12-19-1908 to 2-28-1995

*D/of Frank & Addie Hux *Children: Madeline, Harry B., Floyd, Frances, and Henry


RUFUS VIRGIL THURLKILL 2-11-1930 (One date)

*Md: 7/13/1951 "Our Father Which Art In Heaven"

*Our Children: Elizabeth Ann, Virgil Lynn, Karen Sue, Keith Allen, Richard Eric Thurlkill

& NAOMI MAE HURST THURLKILL 7-23-1933 to 1-26-2004


VICTOR SHERWOOD THURLKILL 8-31-1939 "Daddy" (One date)

*Md:6/7/1958 "Our Father Which Art In Heaven" *Our Children:Kevin, Greg, Shanna

& LOIS FRANCES DUMAS THURLKILL 11-5-1941 "Mama" (One date)


WM. PERCY THURLKILL, SR. 9-3-1907 to 4-4-1995

& JANICE E. PADDOCK THURLKILL 12-1-1905 to 2-18-1994

*Children: Sonny, Rex, Yvonne, Wanda Thurlkill


EMMA LOU LEWIS TROTTER 3-16-1942 to 1-12-1961

*Wf/of Richard A. Trotter *See also listing under Lewis .... Tombstone says

Emma Lou Lewis - Beneath name and dates is "Wife of Richard A Trotter"



WILLIE BELLE EVANS WALKER 12-10-1907 to 5-28-1992

"Our Beloved Mom Precious Memories"



GUY LEX WEBB 7-29-1907 to 7-29-1981 "Beloved Daddy"

"To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"




to 5-13-2005 "Just Resting My Eyes"



J. M. WHITE (87) 10-17-1924 to 10-22-2011 *OB (Only has birth date)

*S/of Robert Lee White & Mittie Burson White Md:11/24/1949

& PATSY JEAN (PAT) BURTON WHITE 8-10-1933 to 7-27-2010 *OB

*D/of Orion Wesley Burton & Nancy Ham Burton (Patsy only has Aug 10 on her headstone) "In Your Heart May You Always Stay Forever Young"



SHEPPARD WHITLEY 3-21-1863 to 9-15-1933

& EMILY WHITLEY 3-19-1860 to 1-19-1913

"When Day Is Done"


JOYCE SNOWDEN WILEY 1-24-1951 to 1-24-2009

"Old Nurses Never Die, They Go To Tending To Angels"



CLARRA MAY WILLIAMS 12-27-1905 to 1-26-1906

"Heaven has claimed it's angel"


HORACE MASON (JACK) WILLIAMS 1-23-1911 to 12-29-1979

"Rest In Peace"


Infant WILLIAMS b & d 3-16-1926 *D/of Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Williams


JOHN EDWARD WILLIAMS 12-7-1921 to 1-12-2005

*Md:4/23/1949 "Amazing Grace"

& MARGARET BANKS WILLIAMS 10-7-1926 to 5-30-2002


JOHN WILSON WILLIAMS 2-24-1887 to 7-12-1971

*Md:11/21/1912 "A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"

& ANNA CARRINE MOORE WILLIAMS 11-30-1892 to 12-4-1974


JOHN WILSON WILLIAMS 3-20-1925 to 12-10-1997


& BULA WOOD WILLIAMS 9-13-1925 to 8-23-1998


JOSEPH BRYANT WILLIAMS 5-21-1884 to 2-4-1968

*Md:12/11/1905 "Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"

& GENIE WHITLEY WILLIAMS 12-23-1889 to 9-17-1974

"She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home"


J. R. WILLIAMS 7-14-1855 to 6-13-1915

"God gave. He took. He will restore. He doeth all things well."


LESTER WILLIAMS 9-27-1908 to 2-13-1909


LILLIAN MARIE WILLIAMS 6-12-1922 to 2-18-1929

*D/of Mr & Mrs. J.W. Williams "Asleep In Jesus"



*D/of Mr. & Mrs. J. O. Williams


MINNIE WILLIAMS 10-3-1898 to 12-16-1898


THOMAS ELLIOTT WILLIAMS 9-13-1913 to 5-29-1989

*Md:2/3/1934 *Children: Harold Thomas, Bobby Elliott

& DESSIE LEE ANDERSON WILLIAMS 12-17-1917 (One date)


THOMAS EDWARD WILLIAMS 11-30-1891 to 10-17-1973

*Md:7/17/1918 ▲"Forever In Our Memory"

& EMMA WHITLEY WILLIAMS 11-7-1898 to 6-29-1990


WILLIE MAE THURLKILL WILLIAMS 11-25-1912 to 5-9-1992

"Mother of Stanley - Sue - Sanford "


WM. MASON WILLIAMS 11-11-1876 to 1-25-1963

*Md:12/19/1897 "In Loving Memory"

& MARY PEPPER WILLIAMS 10-8-1879 to 11-14-1963


ZELL WILLIAMS 2-3-1902 to 3-10-1910



BENJAMIN FRANKLIN WOOD 12-12-1895 to 2-24-1977

*Md:11/24/1924 "It Is Not Sorrow That Last Forever, It Is Love" *PVT US Army WW I

& ESSIEBELLE HORTON WOOD 3-23-1906 to 3-12-2000


CHARLIE LEE WOOD 9-17-1904 to 12-26-1904


DONALD EMMITT WOOD 12-21-1936 (One date)

& ROSEMARY NASH WOOD 9-3-1937 to 3-3-2010


Infant WOOD b & d 9-28-1909

*D/of J. J. & Blake Wood


Infant Twins WOOD b & d 5-22-1916

*Infants of J.C. & Pearl Wood


JAMES LARRY WOOD 10-2-1940 to (One date) "Forever With The Lord"

& MARTHA JEAN McLURE WOOD (71)10-14-1938 to 11-28-2009

*Wf/of Larry Wood; *D/of T.L. & Early McClure


*Triple Headstone with the following three Wood family members.

& J. CHESTER WOOD 7-28-1918 to 7-2-1991

*Md:7/17/1937 "Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

& LUCY VIOLET HALE WOOD 3-16-1922 to 6-2-2008

*D/of Martha Pratt & Archie Hale *ob

& RICHARD HARRY WOOD 1-28-1943 to 2-3-1943


JESSE LEON WOOD 7-29-1936 (One date)

*Md:5/1/1960 "The Lord Is My Shepherd"

& BETTY COMPTON WOOD 5-12-1937 (One date)


JOE J. WOOD 10-7-1864 to 12-21-1947 "Father"

& BLAKE WILLIAMS WOOD 9-3-1876 to 10-12-1959 "Mother"

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"


JOE PETTUS WOOD 10-28-1905 to 6-4-1959

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


JULUIS CLEVELAND WOOD 7-26-1892 to 2-17-1977

*Md:4/18/1912 "May God Grant You Eternal Rest"

& PEARL NASH WOOD 2-14-1894 to 4-21-1977


LLOYD FRANKLIN WOOD 4-28-1917 to 7-8-1994

*Md:12/24/1942 "Loving Memories Last Forever"

& FAYE WILLIAMS WOOD 6-3-1919 (One date)


NORMAN LEE WOOD 10-9-1923 to 12-17-2000

*Md:10/11/1946 *US Navy LT COL US Air Force World War II

& MARY ASHLEY WOOD 1-24-1923 (One date)


VINA ELIZABETH WOOD 11-13-1907 to 11-29-1930

*Wf/of M. A. Wood "Gone But Not Forgotten"



BILLY MICHAEL WOOLSEY 12-30-1970 to 3-10-2001



*Note: Photos below of area directly across from the cemetery, where

the church once stood, etc. They have created a nice little place to sit down.

This is a well maintained cemetery.