Est. 1897 - 1904


This cemetery is located on part of the DeSoto Area Boy Scout Camp.

Located south of El Dorado, Arkansas from Hwy. 167 and Wingfield Lake Road. Extracted from the Union County Cemetery book, Volume 6.

Submitted April 2004. Janice Holzer. jholzer321@cablelynx.com



GEORGE LAWSON PENDLETON 9-11-1894 to 8-15-1900

*S/of John Mason, Sr. & Mattie Ann Pendleton


SWILLEY 11-5-1894 to 10-8-1899

*S/of J. C. & Esther Swilley


ESTHER SWILLEY 5-15-1870 to 3-5-1903

*Wf/of J. C. Swilley Born Union County, North Carolina


L. SWILLEY 2-13-1824 to 3-28-1897


MARGRIET SWILLEY 2-13-1829 to 9-29-1904

*Wf/of Lawson Swilley