Est. ca 1898


Located NE of El Dorado, on McMahan Trace, off  O' Rear Road west of  Hwy.167 or  

East of  Hwy. 7 & state Hwy. 335, Union Co.,Arkansas; Surveyed October 19, 2001

.   *Last Survey October 2011  Last updated October  2014.  

Janice Holzer


*OB ......  Information from obituary.

*ARDI  ....... Death date Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950

*SSDI   .......  Some information from Social Security Death Index

*MM    .......  Information from a Mortuary Marker, instead of a headstone

*WOW  .......  Woodman of the World headstone.

*Use  of the  &  symbol indicates a double or multiple headstone



THOMAS  AKIN  8-13-1929  (One date)  


&  OVAUGHN AKIN  6-24-1929  to  4-3-2003



JAMES  ARTHUR  ANDREWS   5-2-1881  to  7-6-1938  

&   SARAH  OSSIE  SAUNDERS  ANDREWS   11-30-1885  to  12-24-1938  


LOUIS  DREW  ANDREWS   10-25-1915  to  9-13-1993

&  MARY  EVELYN  JACKSON  ANDREWS (91) 9-25-1919  to  9-3-2011

*D/of  George W. Jackson & Ruby Hammond Jackson.   *OB



OSCAR  F.  BURTON  7-1-1887  to  11-19-1898 

*Aged  11 yrs-4 mos-19 dys


S. H.  BURTON   9-17-1855   to   5-2-1923   *Age 67 yrs-7 mos-15 dys

"Earth Has No Sorrow, That Heaven Cannot Heal"

FAMIE   LALLAR   BURTON   10-4-1844  to  2-17-1927 

*Wf/of  S. H.  Burton     *Age: 82 yrs-4 mos-13 dys



CALEB  LEE  CARROLL "BO"   9-8-1987    to  11-2-1999     

"What We Keep In Memory Is Ours Unchanged Forever"

"Your Footprints Have Left Their Imprints On Our Hearts" (On top of marble bench this is

engraved along with his name; on the edge of seat, the "What We Keep In Memory"

passage is engraved  & on other edge of seat Matthew  18:1-5 is engraved)

Center top of seat has a Heart with tiny footprints inside)

(He has a tear shaped monument & an angel statue alongside—also his photo is embedded)

*The following verse is inscribed at the base where the angel stands: 







ELZIE  FRED  CARROLL    8-16-1891  to  5-12-1961

*S/of  James H. Carroll(1856-1928) & Laura E. Shoemaker(1859-1933)

&  BIRDIE  MARTIN  CARROLL    11-4-1890  to   1-22-1986 

*D/of  John Thomas Martin(1859-1945) & Nancy Jane Connor(1860-1940)

"Faith Builds A Bridge Across The Gulf Of Death"  


HUBERT  F. "HUB"  CARROLL  1-2-1920  to  11-29-2000

*S/of  Elzie Fred Carroll(1891-1961) &  Birdie Martin Carroll(1890-1986)

*Md:11/2/1946    "He Died As He Lived A Christian"    SCT  US  Army  World War  II

&   BETTY  JANE  NESBITT  CARROLL   2-9-1924  (One date)


JAMES  H.  CARROLL    2-8-1856   to   4-6-1928  

&   LAURA  E.  SHOEMAKER  CARROLL   3-10-1859   to  3-13-1933 

"At Rest"


JAMES  MARTIN  CARROLL    11-13-1925   to   2-11-1988

*S/of  Elzie Fred Carroll(1891-1961) &  Birdie Martin Carroll(1890-1986)


&   MARY  ANN  COOPER  CARROLL    3-17-1930   (One date)  


PERCIE  C.  CARROLL    10-3-1893   to   12-13-1958   *VFW   WW  I  

"To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"



ARTHUR  J.  COOK    4-24-1925  to  5-17-2000   

*Md:2/14/1945    *US Army  World War II     *Purple  Heart

&  ADDIE  RUTH  SIMPSON  COOK (91)  9-15-1919  to  9-24-2010    

*D/of  Hugh M. Simpson & Nellie Gray Simpson  

*Late brother, Wm. Hugh Simpson & late sis, Laura Bass Whatley


SHARON  RUTH  COOK   11-17-1949  to  11-20-1949   

*D/of  Arthur J. & Addie  R. Cook



GEORGE  W.  DAFFER   10-16-1856   to  10-15-1941 

&   JESSIE  L.  DAFFER     2-2-1860  to  11-25-1946  

"Each Duty Done, They Rest In Peace"



BETTY  JEAN  MURPH   DUMAS    9-18-1932  to  8-4-1983 

*D/of Miles Murph(1898-1964) & Mary Maude Yarbrough(1902-1999)

"Resting In Gods Arms"


IRA  V.  DUMAS    9-22-1908  to  9-19-1950   "Son"

"Just A Little While And Then"

&  IDA  E.  HENLEY  DUMAS  7-9-1878  to  8-2-1957 "Mother"  

(these two on same headstone)  "Just A Little While And Then" 

*Wife, of Charles G. Dumas (1878-1962)   

*Charles buried at Rehobeth Primitive Baptist Cemetery



ARNOLD  L.  FITZGERALD   5-2-1878  to  4-28-1973


JESSIE  F.  KIZER  FITZGERALD   9-6-1894  to  6-13-1914

*Wife & Baby of  R. L.  Fitzgerald


WILLIAM  H.  FITZGERALD    1882  to  1943 

*Only one name on large double monument



LAURA  LEE  GILLS     12-20-1877  to  11-14-1959

"In Memory Of Mother"



ROBERT  C.  HOLLAND   10-24-1936  to  5-7-1991

*PFC  US Army

PHYLLIS  HENDRIX  HOLLAND  11-7-1947  to  5-7-1991 



JAMES  HENRY  JOHNSON    1-1975  to  9-1975   *MM



HOMER  KIZER    9-5-1901  to  8-20-1923 

*S/of  W.F.  &  M.L.  Kizer  *Age 21 yrs-11 mos-15 dys 

"Weep Not Father and Mother For Me For I  Am Waiting In Glory For Thee"


WILLIAM  F.  KIZER    12-3-1857  to  2-1-1925

&   M.  LAVONIA  KIZER     4-25-1869   to  12-1-1926



BOBBY  HAYES  LESTER    2-22-1922  to  3-6-1922 

*Infant  S/of  "Bruce" Daniel Brewster Lester  &  Jessie Carroll Lester

*Not found in 2011.


"BRUCE"  DANIEL  BREWSTER  LESTER   10-20-1882  to  9-7-1957 

&  JESSIE  CARROLL  LESTER     6-16-1887  to  10-26-1941

*D/of  James H. Carroll(1856-1928) & Laura E. Shoemaker(1859-1933)

"Each Duty Done They Rest In Peace"


DAN  LACEY  LESTER     6-26-1914  to  7-6-1916 

*S/of  "Bruce" Daniel  Brewster  Lester  &  Jessie Carroll  Lester

*Twin brother to Jim Carroll Lester


JIM  CARROLL  LESTER     6-26-1914   to  7-17-1971

*S/of  "Bruce" Daniel Brewster Lester  &  Jessie Carroll Lester

*Twin brother to Dan Lacey Lester

"The Hunter, Home From The Hill"     "Proverbs 31"

&   SARA  RUTH  JACKSON   LESTER    12-14-1917   to  11-18-1999

*D/of  George W. Jackson & Ruby Hammond Jackson


LOUIS  BRUCE  LESTER   7-18-1911  to  4-28-1963 

*S/of  "Bruce" Daniel  Brewster Lester(1882-1957)  &  Jessie Carroll Lester(1887-1941)

"His Memory Is Blessed"

MARGARET  ALICE  JACKSON  LESTER   11-20-1923  to  9-4-1998

*D/of  George W. Jackson & Ruby Hammond Jackson   *Wf/of Louis Bruce Lester 

"The Joy Of The Lord Is My Strength"      "Mother"



LINDA  KAY  LEVERITT    10-24-1942  to 10-19-1944  

*D/of   William F.  Kizer  & M. Lavonia Kizer  "Our Loved One" 



Infant  MARTIN    b  &  d   1-17-1951   "Only Sleeping"

*S/of  Claude  &  Mary  Lou  Martin


JOHN  THOMAS  MARTIN    9-12-1859  to  12-11-1945

*S/of  Joseph A. Martin(b: ca 1830 AL) & Nancy Craig Martin(1838-1897)

"Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"

NANCY "NANNIE" JANE  CONNOR  MARTIN  3-17-1860 to 12-14-1940

*D/of  William Samuel Connor(1831-1907) & Sarah Jane Bolding(1836-1924)

"Rest Is Thine;  Sweet Remembrance Ours"


LEWIS  LEE  MARTIN     9-23-1878  to  3-25-1950 

&   EVA  LEE  MARTIN   7-14-1888  to  3-18-1977

"Only Sleeping"


LEWIS  OLIVER  MARTIN   11-7-1912   to  12-23-1935  

"Not Lost, But Gone Before"


MATIE  MARTIN    5-13-1895  to  11-22-1996   *Age 101

*D/ of John Thomas Martin(1859-1945) &  Nancy" Nannie" Jane Connor(1860-1940)


VERNA  MARTIN    2-24-1902  to 12-14-1996

*D/ of John Thomas Martin(1859-1945) &  Nancy" Nannie" Jane Connor(1860-1940)



JOHN  J.  McINTOSH   12-9-1843  to  2-17-1899 

"His Many Virtues Form the noblest monument to his memory"



MILES  MURPH    2-15-1898  to  9-12-1964 

*S/of  Frank Murph(1860-1927) & Mollie Murph(1873-1917)

*Md: 4/24/1919

&  MARY  MAUDE  YARBROUGH  MURPH   5-8-1902  to  3-23-1999  

*D/of John Parker Yarbrough & Prudence Loduska Ann Lane Yarbrough

*October 2011, her death date not on tombstone.



CHARLES  W.  "BUZZY"  NESBITT (91)  4-6-1920  to  11-17-2011  *OB

*S/of  William  Henry & Mary Frances Hardin Nesbitt       


&  LUCY  NELL  MEGGS  NESBITT   1-26-1924  to  4-14-2000 

"Thy Memory Shall Ever Be A Guiding Star To Heaven"


ELVIE   ALLEN  NESBITT    8-6-1914   to   3-30-1979 

*S/of  William Henry Nesbit   & Mary Frances Hardin Nesbitt     

(Mason) * U.S. Navy  vet  M.OM.M.M.  13

&   MARY   HOSTETLER  NESBITT   10-20-1922  (One date)


HENRY (H.W.) "WAYMON" NESBITT  1-23-1928  to 10-19-1989  (Mason) 

*Henry's military marker has a different middle name &  a different death date. d:8-19-1989

*Military marker "Henry Wayne Nesbitt; Other marker- H.W. "WAYMON" Nesbitt"  US Navy  WWII

*S/of  William Henry & Mary Frances Hardin Nesbitt   *Ob   


&   CAROLYN  REAGAN  NESBITT   12-22-1929   to  11-2-2002 


WILLIAM  HENRY  NESBITT     12-29-1888  to  1-18-1964 

*Md: 2/24/1909    

&  FANNIE  HARDIN  NESBITT  2-18-1889  to  2-3-1979



CLYDE  H.  PUGH   12-5-1921  to  4-30-1996

*PFC  US Army  WW II


&  MELBA  RUTH  WARE  PUGH   7-27-1924  (One date) 



LITTLE  JESSIE  RIPLEY    11-6-1902   to  7-13-1905  

*D/of  J.L.  &  J.E.  Ripley

 "Sleep On My Baby And Take Thy Rest In Jesus Arms Forever Blest"



SYBIL  MURPH  ROGERS    2-24-1920  to  7-4-1987

"Asleep In Jesus"



MILDRED  CLAWSON   ROLLS   6-23-1895  to  4-16-1973

"She's Safe At Home"



H.  MINOR   SIMPSON     7-28-1886   to  12-3-1964 

&  NELL  C.  SIMPSON    1-4-1895   to  10-19-1988 



CHARLIE   H.  SMITH    1880 – 1944 



A. C.  VINYARD      1900  (One date)

Infant   VINYARD      b  &  d  1898

O.  F.   VINYARD      1902  to  1950  



Infant  WARE     b  &  d    12-7-1946   *S/of  Theron  &  Bonnie Ware

Infant  WARE   (stone has no dates )


THERON  FRED "BUSTER"  WARE  8-14-1917  to  10-26-1995

*S/of  Thomas Fred Ware(1883-1965) &  Grace P. Martin Ware(1893-1978)

*Md: 4/30/1944           *SGT  US  Army  World War II   "Purple Heart"

&   BONNIE  JEAN  NESBITT  WARE   7-22-1917  to  12-28-2001

*D/of  William Henry Nesbitt(1888-1964) & Mary Frances Cordelia Hardin(1889-1979)


THOMAS   FRED   WARE     10-15-1883  to  11-14-1965

*S/of  Enoch Mathews Ware(1850-1916) &  Hannah Hancock Ware(1855-1945)

&  GRACE  P.  MARTIN   WARE     6-23-1893   to   8-13-1978 



RAYMOND  EDMOND “R.E.” WHATLEY(85) 6-28-1924  to  3-24-2010   

*S/of  Rufus Edmond Whatley & Maude Velma Carroll Whatley;       *OB

"Loving Husband, Daddy and Friend"  *Md:2/17/1946  *Emma Naomi Whatley

*TEC  5  US Army   World War II  735th Engineer Heavy Shop Company 

&  NAOMI  HOLLAND  WHATLEY   4-24-1929  (One date)

*D/of  Arthur & Sue Holland.  (Emma Naomi Holland) 


RUFUS  ARTHUR  WHATLEY   6-16-1952  to  6-24-1996  

&   BRITTANY  VICTORIA  WHATLEY   1-5-1995  to  6-24-1996  

"In Loving Memory"   "Forever In Our Hearts"


RUFUS ( E.) EDMOND  WHATLEY   2-1-1896   to  3-18-1974

*S/of  Arthur Gray Whatley(1872-1899) & Victoria Saddler Whatley Braswell(1874-1961)   

*Arkansas  Pvt.  U.S.  Army  World War I

MAUDE  VELMA   CARROLL  WHATLEY   1900  to  Feb 16, 1943  *ARDI  

*1st  Wife of  Rufus E. Whatley         "Darling, We Miss Thee" 

LAURA  ELIZABETH  SIMPSON  WHATLEY  12-21-1914  to  2-18-2010

*2nd  Wife of  Rufus Edmond Whatley


TED  EDMOND  WHATLEY   8-12-1944  to  4-24-1991 

*Ted's headstone is  embedded in the ground directly in front of Rufus E. Whatley's  marker.


WAYNE  E.  WHATLEY  12-18-1945  to  4-6-2008 

"Undying Love  May 29, 1987

&  MARY  A.  WHATLEY  7-4-1948   (One date) 




Sycamore Grove Church of Christ  &  Cemetery