Est. ca 1853

Wall enclosure erected in 1916

Union County, Arkansas : Located in El Dorado, at the First United Methodist Church grounds, Hill Street. Enter from the street via
walkway & hall between Church building & adjoining building.

Cemetery is walled-in . Compiled from family files & earlier surveys of the cemetery.

New survey done April 2012. Janice Holzer jcsh432@gmail.com


Entry to the cemetery is via a sidewalk that runs parallel with

shrubs in above picture; by opening a door into a partially enclosed hall with

fountain & flowers. The entry via a very heavy wrought iron gate is here on the open side of hall.


JOHN H. ASKEW 1-31-1817 to 12-13-1862

*2012 Headstone broken into three pieces

EVELINE ASKEW 12-2-1821 to 1861

*Age 40 yrs *Wf/of J.H. Askew *2012-Eveline's headstone broken-illegible.


JAMES T. BARNETTE 5-17-1831 to 7-8-1895


KATE BARNETTE 11-27-1867 to 2-10-1900

"There is no parting in Heaven"


MARY F. BARNETTE 10-7-1828 to 5-5-1900



HENRY BASCOM "HUEY" died 9-27-1883

"Aged 30 ys. 3 Ms."


JESSEE C. BEENE 11-22-1878 to 10-15-1898

*S/of W.M. & R.D. Beene



LUTIE ESTELLE BLAKE 7-20-1898 to 1-8-1901

*D/of A.L. & J.B. Blake "And the mother gave all fears and pains the flowers

she most did love. She knew she would find them all again in the fields of light"



"Baby" ANNA BROWN 6-16-1888 to 2-13-1890

*D/of Mr. & Mrs. W.W. Brown


MARTHA BROWN 1-5-1839 to 10-28-1887 “Mother”

"Gone but not forgotten. " ??more inscription...cannot read.

MATILDA BROWN 6-8-1807 to 8-15-1845

"Sacred to the Memory Of"


PERRIAN SMITH BROWN 6-5-1835 to 9-25-1869

*Bro/of Paul Brown "A pioneer of Arkansas. A Confederate soldier. A Noble man."

"Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God."

"This stone was erected by his brother, Paul Brown."


W.W. BROWN 12-23-1859 to 3-16-1931

Mrs. W.W. BROWN (*Lucy Gresham ) 7-22-1855 to 6-19-1938


WARNER BROWN 12-6-1785 to 12-28-1853

"Sacred To The Memory Of"


WILLIAM R. BROWN 5-1-1838 to 8-14-1874

*Husband of Elizabeth Frost *S/of John R. Brown

*Grand Son of Warner Brown & Mary Ann Neal



FANNIE B. BURLESON 7-30-1863 to 9-6-1899

*Wf/of J.Z. Burleson



(Dr.) T. J. BUSTIN d: 10-30-1865 Age 31 yrs-7 mos-12 dys

"Let sickness ?blend, let death ? come . If Heaven must recompense

?_____ Perish the grass and fade the flowers If firm the word of God remains"



ELIHUE CRAWFORD 1-25-1812 to 8-12-1884

& MARY STARR CRAWFORD 10-10-1813 to 9-2-1883

*Wf/of Ellihue Crawford


W. H. CRAWFORD 10-27-1847 to 5-1-1884

*2012-Not found, possibly in stack of

miscellaneous broken & illegible headstones. (See note at end of this list)



ELOISE DEARING 3-7-1889 to 5-21-1890

*D/of H.L. & M.I. Dearing *April 2012 headstone illegible.

"?___ ?___ ?____ A mother's hope, A father's ?____.

Deaths cold arms doth ?___"



ALICE HAZEL DENNEY 1-24-1897 to 4-15-1899

*D/of J.N. & M. J. Denney



ESTELLE GOODWIN Aug 1889 to Sep 1894

*D/of P.D. & S. L. Goodwin


HENRY G. GOODWIN 4-20-1882 to 8-28-1884

*S/of T.H. & A. E. Goodwin "Weep not he is at rest"



*In the Memory of Juanita M. Goodwin nee Busta Mante wife of

W. P. Goodwin. "None ?finer alive / above but to love thee.

None named ?_____ but to wither"


MARIE GOODWIN Aug 1895 to July 1896

*D/of P.D. & S. L. Goodwin


PAUL BROWN GOODWIN Jan 1900 to Oct 1900

*S/of P. D. & S. L. Goodwin


PETER D. GOODWIN 6-2-1809 to 12-1-1881 Age 81 yrs-3 mos-9 dys

MALINDA LUCINDA BROWN GOODWIN 5-29-1829 to 8-19-1876

*Wf/of Peter D. Goodwin *2012-Not found, possibly in stack of

miscellaneous broken & illegible headstones. (See note at end of this list)


UNKNOWN ?GOODWIN born ??? died Aug 5, 1889 or 1899

*2012 Tombstone completely illegible. Tombstone identical to Henry G. Brown

which is next to it....reason I thought this was a Goodwin. You can see the Aug 5. as part of the

death date.




JASPER GREENWOOD d: 12-1-1873 Age 13 dys

*S/of Dr. O.P. & N.L. Greenwood

KATE GREENWOOD d: 8-25-1872 Age 7 yrs-7 mos-27 dys

*D/of Dr. O.P. & N.L. Greenwood

MARTHA GREENWOOD d: 8-25-1873 Age 1 yr-7 mos-16 dys

*D/of Dr. O.P. & N. L. Greenwood

OLIVER P. GREENWOOD d: 3-25-1872 Age 2 yrs-9 mos-23 dys

*S/of Dr. O.P. & N. L. Greenwood

*All four on the same stone; 2012 the tombstone is broken in half.



WILLIAM DAVID GRESHAM 3-8-1843 to 7-27-1883

*H/of Lucy Anne Moore "In Memory Of" "By thy hands the boon was given. Thou hast

?wi hid thine/done own: Lord of earth and God of heaven – Evermore thy will be done."

LUCY ANNE MOORE GRESHAM 6-11-1850 to 7-17-1938

*Wf/of Wm. D. Gresham "She lived for others"



WALTER FRAZER HOWARD 10-11-1853 to 9-10-1900

*2012-Not found, possibly in stack of miscellaneous

broken & illegible headstones. (See note at end of this list)



HENRY BASCOM HUEY d: 9-27-1883 Age 30 yrs-3 mos

*Calculated birthdate: June 27, 1853 *2012-Not found, possibly in stack of

miscellaneous broken & illegible headstones. (See note at end of this list)



Infant Daughter of DR. S.D. & L.B. HUGHES 9-26-1896 to




ROBERT CARROLL JAMESON 6-4-1882 to 6-24-1883

*S/of W.D. & M. J. Jameson *2012 stone nearly illegible



WHITMAN B. JOHNSON, M.D. 3-9-1822 to 2-28-1893 Age 71 yrs

"Gone Home " "Gone but not forgotten"



JONNIE C. KYLE d: 10-8-1876 Age 14 yrs-11 mos-19 dys



RICHARD P. LAWRENCE 11-4-1809 to 8-2-1864



EDMUND MAHONY 9-4-1821 to 8-22-1887

MARY R. MAHONY 2-20-1853 to 9-11-1897

*Wf/of Edmund Mahony "He promised to never leave ?___

to leave me alone."



Infant Son of H.G. & B. MATTHEWS 12-24-1899

"He died on earth to bloom in heaven"



MAUD McCAIN 8-22-1889 to 5-3-1891


W. C. McCAIN 1-2-1859 to 4-19-1897

"Resting in hope of a Glorious resurrection."



SUSIE McHENRY 1-21-1896 to 3-3-1897

*Baby Child -D/of G.P. & M.V. McHenry "Come Ye Blessed"



MARTHA A. McKINNEY 3-26-1848 to 10-16-1900

*Wf/of M.K. McKinney "Her End Was Peace"



Mrs. SIGNA MELLOR d: 4-15-1889 El Dorado Age 62 yrs

*Wf/of James Mellor (2012-Stone broken in half)



WILLIAM F. MIEAR 1-30-1843 to 4-4-1900

*Mason *2012-headstone pretty much illegible



LILLIAN MAY MILES 8-17-1888 to 12-7-1888

*D/of O.A. & E. J. Miles


RUBY MILES 2-27-1892 to 12-17-1894

*D/of E.O.A. & E.J. Miles


THOMAS M. MILES 4-7-1890 to 1-21-1891

*S/of O. A. & E. J. Miles "Our darling one hath gone before.

To greet us on the distant shore."



ROSALIE MILNER d: 4-25-1885 Age 7 mos-10 dys

*D/of J.D. & G.E. Milner (2012-stone broken)



THOMAS T. MOORE 2-14-1804 to 8-7-1884



F. L. NEAL 10-4-1827 to 11-27-1897 “Father”

*Aged 70 yrs-1 mo-23 dys "For man lookith on the outward appearance,

that the Lord looketh on the Heart"

M. L. NEAL 12-4-1840 to 12-31-1897 “Mother”

"At Rest" *Aged 37 yrs-27 dys


PAUL NEAL 12-11-1971 to 8-1-1878

*S/of F.L. & M. L. Neal *2012 headstone is illegible.



ANDREW A. NORRIS 2-23-1856 to 4-11-1901

"His many virtues form the noblest monument to his memrory."

LOUIE S. NORRIS 8-18-1862 to 1-30-1892

*Wf/of A. A. Norris "Little Pigeon Farewell"



HERBERT PERRINE 10-9-1887 to 7-23-1888

*S/of Dr. J. M. & S. L. Perrine "Not From Where Whence But From God To God"


MAUD McCAIN PERRINE 8-22-1889 to 5-3-1891

*D/of Dr. J. M. & S. L. Perrine *2012-Not found, possibly in stack of miscellaneous

broken & illegible headstones. (See note at end of this list)


PROCTOR KNOTT PERRINE 8-13-1883 to 12-20-1892

* S/of Dr. J. M. & S.L. Perrine



F.A.E. PINSON 9-11-1839 to 9-4-1913

*Wf/of Dr. J. H. Pinson

J. H. (MD) PINSON 2-25-1831 to 11-24-1896

"A sleep in Jesus blessed sleep. From which none ever wake to weep."


HAMET E. PINSON 9-21-1861 to 5-19-1889

*Youngest S/of Dr. J. H. & F.E. Pinson

"There are thoughts ?that ?persist. Bright, unfading through long years.

So thy memory we cherish, Shrined in hope embalmed in tears."


“Little” EDWIN PINSON died at age 2 yrs

*S/of Dr. T.M. & K. N. Pinson


TOM NEWTON PINSON 12-25-1890 to 6-18-1891

*S/of T. M. & Kate Pinson "How many hopes lie buried here" *Footstone in

pile of broken-illegible tombstones.



JESSIE DRUMMOND ROBERTSON 2-1-1900 to 12-13-1900

*2012-most of stone illegible


LOUISE E. ROBERTSON 11-18-1896 to 8-27-1897

*D/of Thomas & Kate Robertson



ALICE J. TATUM ROWLES 3-15-1841 to 1-1-1861

"Wf/of W. J. Rowles and daughter of E. P. & Eliza J. Tatum.

Born in Union Co. Ark., Mar 15, 1841. Married Dec 1st, 1859. Died Jan. 1st, 1861"



INFANT Son of Mr. & Mrs. J. L. SCALES 9-13-1919 (One date)



IVY SIMPSON 10-26-1882 to 8-26-1883

*D/of W.P. & N.E. Simpson

J. PASCAL SIMPSON 7-6-1884 to 10-8-1888

*S/of W.P. & N.E. Simpson



INFANT Son of J. S. & M.C. SMITH 12-28-1878 to 1-6-1879


JOEL SMITH 4-3-1818 Wilcox Co., AL to 9-2-1883

"Rest In Peace" *2012-headstone is illegible

MARY ANN McLELLAND SMITH 4-6-1821 to 9-13-1910

*Wf/of Joel Smith Age 89 yrs-5 mos-7dys

*Footstone in pile of broken-illegible stones at Warner Brown Cem.

"She was a soldier of the Cross and a follower of the Lamb. The Lord is my Shepherd: I shall not want. Yea, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. I will fear no evil; For thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."


DR. FRANCIS MARION SMITH 1-2-1843 to 10-5-1878

*Aged 33 yrs-9mos-3 dys *S/of Joel & Mary Ann Smith (Backside of obelisk headstone are

3 chain loops with the letters F-L-T inside each loop.




*D/of Jessie & Mary Stinson



UNKNOWN Child NO. 1 *No. 2 only thing on the headstone

UNKNOWN Child NO. 2 (2012 broken headstone )

*No. 2 is the only thing readable. *Both No. 1 & No. 2 appear to be a child's tombstone.

*Small angel child kneeling over grave with willow tree .



MARY Z. WALLACE 5-19-1850 to 11-11-1894

*Wf/of J.G. Wallace (2012-Headstone broken)


NEIL WALLACE d: 1-22-1884 Age 1 yr-5 mos

*S/of R. M. & M.E. Wallace



Mrs. FRANCES WARD 12-16-1878 to 6-20-1900

*D/of Dr. Francis Marion & Lucy Smith



HENDRICK ALONZO WILSON 1-5-1889 to 6-2-1889

*S/of I.A. & A. G. Wilson *Aged 4 mos 27 dys


Dr. I. A. WILSON 9-28-1854 to 3-1-1898

"There are thoughts that never perish. Bright , unfading through

long years, So thy memory we cherish stained in hope, embalmed in tears."



*In a back corner of the cemetery is a neatly, stacked pile of broken & illegible headstones.

A couple that were evidently footstones, have the initials visible. The following six are the names of those on
this list that were not found in 2012. There are more than six markers in the stack / pile mentioned.