Est. 1853



Union Co., AR   Located about 5 miles east of El Dorado, on Old Cedar Tree Rd., North side of Hwy 63 (aka East Main or Moro Bay hwy., old Hwy.15); My first visit to this cemetery found it so overgrown  that I had to crawl thru the bushes, grass, weeds. My 2nd  visit October 2001, found the cemetery cleaned and many of the tombstones up-righted.   Updated & made corrections, December 2007; included various burials that were listed on old surveys (prior to mine in 2001), which in most cases the tombstones are now either unreadable or have disappeared completely.


Please read at the end of this list, if you are interested in helping to maintain this cemetery & or seeking more info about it. Recently, in 2012, I have been advised by a descendant of African American

slaves, that several of these slaves & their descendants are buried here. I have noted the individuals

that have been brought to my attention. Updated from a new survey/canvass done in Oct 2011.

Final update July 2014     Janice Holzer  jcsh432@gmail.com



*ARDI ~~~~~   Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950 used to fill in more details of death date.


*SSDI ~~~~~  Social Security Death Index used to supplement birth or death dates.


*XXX ~~~~~ Tombstone or Mortuary Marker gone / no longer there.


*MM  ~~~~~ Funeral Home or Mortuary Marker only marker for grave.


*WOW ~~~~  Woodman of the World headstone


& ~~~ Denotes a double headstone or multiple people on one tombstone.





THOMAS  CLARK  AMASON    7-20 1880-1944

*S/of  Jones Amason(1835-1918) & Loretta Lernar Suggs Amason(1841-1914)

ANNIE  WEST  AMASON  10-17-1886  to  2-9-1935

*D/of  Augusta A. West(1848-1912) & Louanna Arnold(1860-1930)  

*Annie West wf/of  Thomas Clark Amason

"Rest is thine and sweet remembrance ours"



JOHN  A.  ARNOLD (Mason)  4-30-1818   to  9-18-1886

*John Arnold was born in Bavaria(Bayern), Germany  & died in El Dorado, AR.

He married in 1844, Emily J. Click(b:ca 1824)  Union County, AR


NANNIE  T.  ARNOLD  1883  to  1884

*D/of  Lucious & Alice Turner Arnold


T. L.  ARNOLD  died 12-11-1944.   *XXX

*S/of David Saxon Arnold(1828-1903) & Temperance Lucinda Arnold(1839-1928)



GRADY  BRADFORD  BELL    2-22-1896  to  6-18-1986

*S/of  James T. Bell(1860-1911) & Laura Emma LeGrand Bell(1867-1948)

*Father of 6: Wenzel, Peggy, Maxine, Iva Jean, Bradford, & daug, Robbie Bell.

*Wife, Elsie Smith Bell(1910-1981) *Burns-Ebenezer Cemetery


JAMES  DENNIS  BELL   10-26-1990  to  2-10-1991

(3 mos-14 dys)  "In Loving Memory"



COLUMBUS  A.  BETTS   died  1-19-1860  (Age 4 yr, 2 mo, 13 dys)

*Son of  William A. Betts(1822-1901) &  Elizabeth W. Betts(1819-1900)

(Age 4 yrs, 2 mos, 13 dys)

"Not Lost, Only Gone Before" *Has old & newer marker.


THADEUS  H.  BETTS   died  1-17-1860

*Son of  William A. Betts(1822-1901) &  Elizabeth W. Betts(1819-1900)

* ( Age 1 yr-1 mo-25 dys)    

"Our Treasure In Heaven"  *Has old & newer marker.


WILLIAM  A.  BETTS    4-11-1822   to  7-27-1901

&  ELIZABETH   W.  BETTS    3-9-1819   to  8-6-1900

"In Loving Memory"


JOHN  D.  BODENHAMER   6-28-1896  to  8-26-1966

*Born Brown County, Texas  ~ Died Hot Springs, Garland County, AR




Infant  CARTER   d:9-8-1926

*S/of C.D. & Summie  R. Carter



LEE  CHURCH   1886  to  1903

*S/of  Paschal C. & Mary Booth Church  "Life's A Voyage That's Homeward Bound"


PASCHAL  COLUMBUS  CHURCH   1850  to  1903

*S/of  Stephen Dexter Church & Catherine Church

*Born in Neshoba Co., MS & died in El Dorado, Arkansas

&  MARY  BOOTH  CHURCH   1856  to 1902

*D/of  Daniel D. Booth(b: ca 1834 GA)

*Born Neshoba Co., MS  ~ died Union Co., AR

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"


VIOLA  CHURCH    2-9-1874  to  5-1-1888

*D/of  Paschal Columbus Church(1850-1903) & Mary Booth Church(1856-1902)

"Absent In Body But Present In Spirit"



JOSEPH  COLEMAN   b: &  d: 1885

*Child of Joe C. Coleman(1856-1936) & Mollie W. Coleman(1856-1911) *XXX



GEORGE  LAY  CRUTCHER  7-15-1881 KY  to  4-4-1948 AR

1st  wife, Lora E. ___? (b: ca 1888 TX)  2nd  wife, Margaret Ann Stewart(1876-1961) 

3rd  Wf, Eva  ___? (b: ca 1904)   

*ARDI  death month/ day   "Only Sleeping"



HERBERT  DELONE  1885/86  to  1-21-1942  *ARDI  *XXX


SAMUEL  J. T.  DeLONE   11-7-1876  to  1- 4-1896

*S/of  Henry Taylor DeLone  &  Syntha L. Thompson   *Age 19

"He has the soldier's recompense.   His is a patriot's grave.

Where calm in death reposes, Our noble true and brave."


SYNTHA  L.  THOMPSON  DeLONE   11-8-856  to  11-26-1885

*D/of  Hezekiah T. Thompson(1824-1902) &  Martha A. Thompson(1824-1906)

*stone was broken   *XXX



CHESTER  F.  FORD  "SHORTY"  1889   to  1934  (American Legion)

*Speculation: *ARDI   F.P. Ford  d:6-21-1934  Lonoke Co., AR

"Every pilgrim on life's journey was his friend."



ANNIE  O.  GREEN   2-20-1865  to  12-26-1944

"When Day Is Done"


FANNIE  I.  GREEN   6-22-1873  to  6-15-1954


ROBERT  MILTON  EARL GREEN   d:Aug  20  at  9 p.m.

*S/of   A.C. & Annie O. (11 months & 3 days).

 No year is given anywhere on the stone.



HORACE  A. HARRISON    8-11-1899  to  Apr 1980  *SSDI  

&  M. (MARGARET)  ESTALENE  HARRISON 1900  to  2-14-1946 

"When Day Is Done And The Shadows Fall Away"   *ARDI    



MARGARET "PEGGY" SMITH HENDRIX 10-19-1931  to  12-30-1986

"Mother"    *Children: Debi, Glen, Terry and Mitch



Infant  HUGGINS  1948   *S/of Mr. & Mrs. W. M. Huggins 


MARY  LOUISE  HUGGINS  5- 24-1924  to  12-5-1928

WILLIAM  O.  HUGGINS   8-23-1946  to  8-25-1946



HAYS  HUNT   10-10-1865  to  10-15-1926



Rev.  JOSEPH  C. JOHNSON 2-22-1876  to  6-28-1935 (Mason)

&  EMMA  R.  JOHNSON   3-22-1878  to  7-2-1960

"Death is only a shadow across the path to heaven."



CATHERINE  COLEMAN  KING   1-7-1778  SC to  5-14-1854  AR

*Md: 10/28/1806  Probably, Darlington, SC  *2nd wife of James King, Sr. of Darlington, SC

{James King, Sr., son of Captain George King (1725-1780) &  Mary Kolb (1734-???)}

*All of the above info & dates provided by Bill King. Email, address, phone number for Mr. King given at the end of this cemetery listing. (3/10/11) *Large concrete slab, broken, lying on ground.


G. H. K.  KING   4-30-1858   *S/of J. C. & Mary A. King


HAYS  KING   12-2-1866  to  12-30-1969  *H/of Mattie Stamps King  

*Descendant of   *African American descendant of slave Drucilla Silla King Jones


JAMES  ADDISON  KING   3-31-1897  to  7-25-1970


JIM  KING   4-7-1872  to  3-6-1963

"His Memory Is Blessed"


MARY  M.  KING   4-2-1831  to  8-23-1864

*Wf/of  John C. King  *2011-tombstone lying on ground semi covered with dirt.


MATTIE  STAMPS  KING    7-12-1881  to  7-12-1960  Age 68

*Wf/of  Hays King, an African American descendant of slave Drucilla Silla King Jones


O./D.  K.  KING    Sept 1900  to  Sept 1922

* stone broken unable to read rest *XXX

*Speculation: David  S.  King died 10-3-1922  Union Co.,AR  *ARDI


WILLIAM  (A.) AUGUSTUS KING   3-1-1818 SC  to  6-28-1878 AR

*Wife, Sarah King   (Mason)   *2011-The dates & inscription are pretty much illegible.



CASREL  MONROE LAMBERT   6-30-1825  to   3-14-1879


MATTIE  LAMBERT  died   7-26-18??/1874    Aged ??

*D/of  C.  &  M. C.  Lambert  *2011-stone is broken & other than the name part is illegible.



DAN  LANGFORD   d:3-2-1953  Age 68 yrs  *XXX




*Wf/ of Judge William Christie Langford of Union County;

*D/of  James Witherington  &  Mary King.

*See more info at end of this survey & in the Witherington  section.



WATT  LARK  d:6- 30-1937  (Complete death date from *ARDI)*XXX



M. K.  LOVETT   10-14-1848  to  8-17-1854

* 2nd d/of T.E. & M.J. Lovett


THOMAS  CUYLER  LOVETT 11-16-1795 Scriven Co.,GA   to

2-17- 1850

*Thomas was the father of  Martha K. Lovett  10-30-1827  to  10-30-1857.

*Martha K. Lovett was the 1st wife of Augustus Levan Witherington.

*2011-tombstone broken, lying  flat on ground, broken & pretty much illegible.


W. C.  LOVETT, JR.  1-19-1862  to   9-8-1862

*S/of W.C. &  E.A. Lovett, Jr. (7 mos-20 dys)



I.  ELLEN  MARTIN   8-11-1856  to  12-16-1888

*Wf/of  B.M. Martin  *Stone broken lying flat on ground. 2011-stone is almost illegible.



ETHEL  McGOUGH   9-26-1906  to  7-20-1914

*S/of of James Wilbur McGough. & Dovie DeLone McGough ugh

*Stone broken- dates are sunk into ground-no longer visible. (2011)


Infant  McGOUGH   1-25-1905  to  1-28-1905

*S/of of James Wilbur McGough. & Dovie DeLone McGough


JAMES  WILBUR  McGOUGH  1875  to  1924

*S/of J. M. McGough(1847-1905) & 1st wife, Virginia McGough(1847-1905)

*H/of  Dovie DeLone 

*Homemade marker with metal letters /numbers attached to concrete.

*Name appears > McGough James Wilber-In "McGough & Wilber" several letters

have been knocked loose & damaged. (2011)

DOVIE  DeLONE  McGOUGH    1878  to  1927   *Age 49

*D/of Henry Taylor Delone(b:ca 1848 LA) & Synthia L. Thompson(1856-1885)

*Wf/ of James Wilber McGough 

*Homemade marker > metal letters/numbers attached to concrete.

Name appears in this order >  McGough  Dovie DeLone


JOHN  H.  McGOUGH   7-21-1909  to  9-30-1910

*S/of of James Wilbur McGough. & Dovie DeLone McGough



LUCY  RIPLEY  MOODY   1-21-1892   to  11-15-1967

"Only Sleeping"



M. A.  POWELL  1- 28-1884 to  7-10-1884

*Child of George Powell  *XXX


MARY  SILER  POWELL   1-10-1874  to  9-25-1874

*D/of  Jane Powell   *XXX



JAMES  M.  RAMSEY   7-9-1837  to  4-5-1886 (48 yrs-8 mo-26 dys)

"In Memory of My Husband Jas. M. Ramsey"

*Wf,  MARY  J.  RAMSEY   11-28-1843  to  11- 20-1905



BUNYN  E.  RIDGELL   1-16-1849  to  9-5-1859


EULA  O.  RIPLEY    2-3-1914  to  6-30-1944

*D/of  Lucius  Augustus  &  Eula  Summers  Ripley

"Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal"


F. L.  RIPLEY  7-24-1833  to  3-27-1898


HUDIA  RIPLEY   12-7-1897  to  2-13-1899

*D/of  S.H. & Nettie Ripley


JAMES  LUTHER  RIPLEY   9-12-1896  to  2-24-1920

*S/of  S. H. & Nettie Ripley 


JEWELL  RIPLEY   3-14-1889  to  11-6-1891

*Child  of  John  L. & Rebecca Ripley *XXX


JOHN  L. RIPLEY   8-19-1854   to  5-27-1904  (*star on headstone)

REBECCA  M.  RIPLEY  9-8-1857  to  7- 31-1900

*Wf/of  J.L. Ripley   *Aged:42 yrs-10mos-23 dys


KARL  VINCENT  RIPLEY   1895 to  1965  "Father"  "His memory is blessed"

IRMA  CULBERSON  RIPLEY  1894  to  4-30-1938 "Mother"   *ARDI

"Tender mother and A faithful friend"


Little  GEORGE  RIPLEY   9-26-1911  to  12-30-1924

*S/of  L. A.  &  Eula Ripley


LUCIUS  AUGUSTUS  RIPLEY  9-8-1876  to  12-19-1943

&  Wf,  EULA  SUMNERS  RIPLEY 12-25-1881  to  10-8-1962

"Sleep undisturbed within this peaceful shrine"


LURA  LOIS  RIPLEY   5-17-1917  to  3-8-1919

*D/of  K.V.  &  IRMA  RIPLEY   "Our angel baby"


P. L.  RIPLEY   7-24-1833  to  3-27-1899


MARY  A.  RIPLEY   6-10-1831  to  12-9-1903

"Erected in Memory of Mary A. wife of  P. L. Ripley"


RICHARD  B.  RIPLEY    10-6-1868  to  12-20-1950

&  LIZZIE  S.  RIPLEY   9-29-1869  to  11-9-1932

"Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal."


SIDNEY  H.  RIPLEY    5-10-1860  to  5-21-1939

&  NETTIE  WEBB  RIPLEY   4-7-1869  to  7-16-1953

"He Giveth His Beloved Sleep"



LULA  RITCH   1-22-1875  to  2-25-1914

*Stone broken  off  at death date.(2011)


 SAMUEL  G. RUSSELL   12-25-1855  to  1-31-1892

&  ANNIE  C. RUSSELL   8-26-1859  to   9-13-1926

*Wf/of  Samuel G. Russell    "Each Duty Done They Rest In Peace"



AYLMER  NEWTON  SMITH   2-14-1900  to  2-1-1961

"Awaiting  The New World Of Righteous"

DENNIS  SMITH   6-21-1942  to  5-30-1959

"Fellow ,"  We Will See You When God's Will Is Done On Earth."


MINOR  WALLACE  SMITH  "OX"    Nov 1902  to   Sept 1948

*S/of  Thomas  L. Smith(1873-1926) &  Lee Otto Delone Smith(1881-1955)

"Love is Immortality of the Soul"


NANNIE  E.  SMITH    8-3-1856  to  10-7-1884

*Wf/of  D. C. Smith   


ROBERT  E.  SMITH   3-1-1866  to  7-31-1874

*S/of  Thomas J. Smith(18381893) & Mary Elizabeth Smith(1848-1905) (8 yrs-5 mos)


THOMAS  HANKINS SMITH  "HANK" 5-24-1908  to  4-25-1955

*Md:1/29/1930   "Love is Immortality of the Soul"

&  MAURINE  WILLIAMS  SMITH   6-18-1910  to  7-22-1970


THOMAS  HANKINS  SMITH, JR.  11-6-1941  to  6-4-1981

"An Inspiration To All Who Knew Him"


T. (THOMAS) J.  SMITH    8-30-1838  to  2-9-1893  (Mason)

MARY  ELIZABETH  SMITH   10-1-1848  to  9-13-1905

 *Wf/of  T.J. Smith 

*2011-Mary's headstone broken & lying flat on ground dates are no longer readable.


THOMAS  L.  SMITH   10-14-1873  to  12-17-1926 *WOW

&  LEA  OTTO  SMITH   8-16-1881  to  3-25-1955

*D/of  Henry Taylor Delone  &  Syntha  L. Thompson(1856-1885)

*Wf/of  Thomas Smith


RUDELLE  SMITH  STALEY   9-3-1918  to  4-23-1990

"She will be in Paradise"



GUS  STEELE   2-25-1960  (23 yrs-3 mo-6 dys)



ZELMA  McGOUGH  GRACE  STEPHENS  1900  to  5- 6-1955

*D/of James Wilber McGough(1875-1924) & Dovie Delone McGough(1878-1927) 

*Zelma McGough Md: 1st B. L. Grace in 1919 / 2nd husband, Al  J.  Stephens in 1928.

*Homemade marker with metal letters /numbers attached to concrete.

*Name appears as > McGough Zelma Grace Stephens



ELVIE MARIE TAYLOR  5-9-1914  to  4-23-1952 *XXX

 *Birth date calculated from age on tombstone  >(37 yrs-11 mos-14 dys)



ANNA  LEOTI  THOMPSON    7-4-1871  to  8-5-1871

*D/of  Dr. J. B. Thompson(1848-1884) & 1st Wf, Sarah Ann Arnold(1851-1878)

*Age 1 mo-1 day


FANNIE  G. THOMPSON  6-11-1869  to  9-22-1869


HEZEKIAH   T.  THOMPSON, JR.   2-16-1824  to  11-8-1902

*S/of  Hezekiah T. Thompson, Sr. & Lucy Evans Thompson(1787-1879)   

*H/of Martha  A.  (Mason) 

 MARTHA  A. THOMPSON    2-14-1824  to  8-13-1906

*Martha, wife of Hezekiah Thompson, Jr.


ISABELLA  M. THOMPSON   4-12-1853  to  3-28-1886

*D/of  Hezekiah T.  Thompson, Jr. & Martha A. Thompson      (Stone broken)


Dr.  J. B.  THOMPSON(35)   6-17-1848  to  4-7-1884

*S/of  Hezekiah T. Thompson, Jr. & Martha A. Thompson(1824-1906)

*2011-His stone may be the broken part found near Annie Lou's broken headstone...??

Pretty much illegible (Stone broken)

ANNIE  LOU  REYNOLDS  THOMPSON   6-27-1851 to  6-22-1869

*Annie Lou was 1st Wf/of  J. B. Thompson  (17 yr-11 mo-7 day)

The part of tombstone giving her age is illegible. *2011-tombstone broken into 3 parts.


JOHNIE  THOMPSON   10-31-1872  (7 days)

*D/of  Josiah B. Thompson  &  Sarah Ada Babb Thompson


LUCY  EVANS  THOMPSON   7-4-1787  to  4-13-1879

*Wf/of  Hezekiah T. Thompson, Sr.   (Stone broken into several pieces- unreadable)


Miss  MATTIE THOMPSON  3-19-1860   to  1-28-1939

"Asleep In Jesus"


OSCAR  THOMPSON  1873   to  1908


PAUL  E. THOMPSON   1-16-1858  to  12-17-1880

*S/of  Hezekiah T. Thompson, Jr. & Martha A. Thompson(1824-1906)

(stone broken in several pieces)


ROBERT  FRANKLIN  THOMPSON, M.D.   8-2-1830  to  3-18-1902


SARAH  ANN  ARNOLD THOMPSON   11-20-1851  to  9-17-1878

*D/of  John Arnold(1818-1886)  & Emily J. Click Arnold;

*Wf/of  J. H. Thompson   *Md:12/23/1869


WILLIAM  L.  THOMPSON   2-1-1876  to  2-29-1876  (28 dys)

*D/of  Josiah B. Thompson  &  Sarah Ada Babb Thompson



ALTON  GERRARD  "BUD"  WEST    1918  to  1974 *MM  *XXX


ANDREW  CARROLL WEST    7-19-1893  to  July 1965 *SSDI

  *Small metal plate screwed into concrete, with his name & birth/death year.

*S/of  Augusta A. West(1848-1912) & Louanna Arnold(1860-1930

MINNIE  RIPLEY  WEST  1894  to  4-23-1938  *ARDI

*Wf/o  A. C. West   "Gone But Not Forgotten"


ANNIE  WEST   10-17-1886  to  2-9-1935

*Wf/of  T.C. West


AUGUSTA  A. WEST    2-11-1848  to  12-27-1912

*S/of  Jonathan Francis West(b:ca 1820 GA- CSA Soldier) & Ann E. West(b:ca 1822 GA)

 *H/of  Louanna Arnold  

LOUANNA ARNOLD WEST   8-23-1860  to  9-1-1930

*Wf/of  Augusta  A. West  


CALVIN  C.  WEST   1896  to 1944    *XXX

*S/of  Augusta A. West(1848-1912) & Louanna Arnold(1860-1930)

*H/of Ruth  Ward  West 

*His grave moved/ relocated to Woodlawn Cemetery in El Dorado.

RUTH  WARD  WEST  1897  to  1944  *XXX

*Wf/of Calvin C. West   (Moved to Woodlawn Cemetery, El Dorado)


EDWARD  D.  WEST   7-17-1898  to  4-18-1924  (25 yrs-9 mos)

*S/of  Augusta A. West(1848-1912) & Louanna Arnold(1860-1930)  


HENRY  GRADY  WEST   11-4-1888  to   Jan 1968

*S/of  Augusta A. West(1848-1912) & Louanna Arnold(1860-1930

"Sweet Remembrance Is Ours"  

*Only birth/death year given on tombstone; filled in with *SSDI

&  JEWELL  LYDIA LYONS  WEST  12-10-1891  to  Feb 1976

*D/of  Tod Lyons(1852-1936) & Martha Alice Stephens Lyons(1860-1931)


Infant WEST    5-27-1921  to  7-4-1921

*Child of  Calvin C. & Ruth  West


JERI  LIND  WEST  1946  to  1950 *XXX


JONATHAN  WEST  to  HANNAH  KLYDY  4/1/1832  Union Co.,AR

*Info from: Bill King ...see at end of this survey for his email & phone #.


Little  OLLIE  WEST   1-11-1895  to  7-30-1898

*S/of  Augusta A. West(1848-1912) & Louanna Arnold(1860-1930)


LOIS  VIVIAN  WEST   1-30-1916  to  7-19-1935

*D/of Henry Grady West  & Jewell Lydia  Lyon  West

 "A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell Upon"


LOUDA  OVENIA  WEST   9-1-1883  to  9-27-1901

*D/of  Augusta A. West(1848-1912) & Louanna  Arnold(1860-1930)  

* Stone has been broken into 3 pieces. *Pretty much illegible October 2011.



*A. L. WETHERINGTON to (2nd) Miss  M. E. FINCH 1/13/1859 AR

2nd marriage of Augustus  Levan Witherington   (1st wife Martha K Lovett)

*Info from: Bill King ...see at end of this survey for his email & phone #.


DICK  S. WITHERINGTON   1-23-1852  to   9-18-1857

*Son of Augustus Levan & Martha K. Lovett Witherington


MARTHA  K.  BETTS  WITHERINGTON   10-30-1827  to  10-30-1857

*D/of  W. A.  &  E. W.  BETTS  (2011-Stone broken, lying on ground)


*House above in background is across Hwy. 63 from the cemetery.

Parking area is where the old church once stood & is off Old Cedar Tree Road.

*Sign faces south to Hwy. 63 (aka old Hwy. 15-Moro Bay Rd.)


*The following info was sent to me 2003 & 2011,

by Bill King of Houston, TX.

Bill King phone number is :281-493-6767





Daughter of  THOMAS  CUYLER  LOVETT, who is also buried

at Wesley Methodist Cemetery.


DICK  S.  WITHERINGTON  1-23-1852  to  9-18-1857

*Son of  Augustus  Levan  &  Martha  K.  Lovett  Witherington





*Daughter of  James Witherington  &  Mary King.


*Bill King of Houston, TX, sent above info on the Witherington's,

Lovett, Langford & King's in 2003/2011. 

He is available for contact at the following : BillKing78@comcast.net     

Bill King phone number is :281-493-6767


*Added  June 12, 2006

Contact for donations to help maintain the old historical

Wesley Chapel Methodist Cemetery and or questions

about the history and burials of Wesley Chapel Methodist



Vona & Tommy Ray Smith

1915 Lacari Street

Magnolia, AR  71753-2113

Home:  870-234-1385

Email: bay41@sbcglobal.net


*In February 2012, I was contacted by RoseMary Lee,

an African American descendant of  Hays King (1966-1969),

Mattie Stamps King (1881-1960), Jim King  (1872-1963) who are buried

at Wesley Chapel Cemetery. Her great grandmother, Drucilla Silla King

Jones was born a slave (1852 to 1940).  She was the daughter of Washington

"Watt" and Nettie King.

*Drucilla and her grandson, Jesse Wade are both buried at Wesley Chapel

in un-marked graves.  They are believed to have been owned by the

John C. King family.  Rosemary31201_988@msn.com.