Est. ca 1911

Union County, Arkansas

Location of this Cemetery is Southwest of El Dorado, near the community of Wesson.

Traveling south on Hwy. 15 (aka Haynesville Hwy.) to Pleasant Hill Road. Turn left/East

onto Pleasant Hill Road and continue toward Wesson. The cemetery is located off

Pleasant Hill Rd. on the southern edge of the community of Wesson.

April 2006; I made a partial survey of this cemetery, concentrating on new headstones or

burials that have occurred since the last canvasses were done.

*New survey done October 2011. Final posting & updates June 2014.

Janice Holzer < jcsh432@gmail.com >


*SSDI ........Social Security Death Index was used to fill in some portion of birth or death dates.

*ARDI .....Arkansas Death Index 1914-1950 used to complete death date beyond just the year.

*WOW ...... Woodman of the World headstone.

*MM ......... Funeral Home / Mortuary Marker marks grave.

*OB ...... information from obituary

& .......... indicates double headstone or multiple listings on one tombstone.




WILLIAM TYLER AINSWORTH 3-15-1995 to 3-18-1995

"Gone To Be An Angel"



JAMES OLIVER ALLEN 1-1-1929 to 10-1-1995

*S/of Rev. Oather Lee Allen, Sr. & Alice Marie Greer Allen

*US Marine Corps-Korea *Military marker gives his year of birth as 1928.


M. T. ALLEN 12-4-1847 to 9-27-1923


OATHER LEE ALLEN, JR. 6-1-1932 to 11-29-1997

*S/of Rev. Oather Lee Allen, Sr. & Alice Marie Greer Allen


Rev. OATHER LEE ALLEN, SR.(67) 1-10-1907 to 5-15-1964

*S/of William Oather Allen(1870-1939) & Minnie Lee Evans Allen(1880-1972)

*Ordained minister in the Assembly of God Church for more than 30 yrs.

& ALICE MARIE GREER ALLEN 6-5-1909 to 12-14-1981


ROY W. ALLEN 6-26-1913 to 5-24-2003

*S/of John Duncan Allen(1869-1942) & Frances Elizabeth Dumas New(1851-1912)

& RUTH EDNA MURPHY ALLEN 4-3-1923 to 6-16-2003

"At Rest"


THOMAS ARTHUR ALLEN "BUDDY" 7-14-1930 to 5-9-2000

*S/of Rev. Oather Lee Allen, Sr. & Alice Marie Greer Allen

*US Army-Korea "In Loving Memory Of"


WILLIAM OATHER ALLEN 1870 to 3-17-1939 *ARDI

& MINNIE EVANS ALLEN 11-25-1880 to Sep 1872 *SSDI



LEAH M. BENSON 12-3-1964 to 12-8-1995 "Tater Baby"

"We Love You" "Later Tater Baby"



THOMAS S. BOWMAN 1-11-1859 to 7-21-1916



CLAUDE M. BRADLEY 3-2-1903 to 5-9-1979 (Mason)

*Md:11/5/1929 "In Loving Memory"

& MAE BELLE BRADLEY 6-2-1908 (One date)


GRACE LAVERNE BRADLEY 9-1-1925 to 5-20-1938


HENRY J. BRADLEY 1-9-1893 to 6-6-1960

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

JANIE LEE BRADLEY 11-1-1905 to 8-1-1980

*Wf/of Henry J. Bradley "At Rest"


JAMES W. BRADLEY 10-11-1881 to 11-21-1945

LEE M. ELLIOTT BRADLEY 6-14-1869 to 7-16-1949

"Resting till the resurrection morn." Erected by Lee M Elliott.

*Back of tombstone says ELLIOTT & BRADLEY

*Inserted photo of two men, broken & damaged. Appears to have been run over

by mower & I am not so sure these two halves go together.



& CARRIE (LUE) W. BRADLEY 1875 to 6-9-1950 *ARDI


MERRILL GLENN BRADLEY 3-30-1918 (One date)


& BETTY J. WARFORD BRADLEY "B.J." 6-20-1930 (One date)


NELLIE ROBERTS BRADLEY 1-7-1898 to 1-30-1936

"Now twilight lets her curtain down, and pins it with a star."


SANDRA LEE BRADLEY 3-6-1942 to 3-6-1942

*D/of Henry & Janie Lee Bradley




CECIL H. BRINKLEY 9-14-1928 to 4-7-2010

"Loving Husband & Father"



ENOCH H. BROWN 3-29-1895 to 9-17-1963

*Arkansas Pvt. US Army WW I



XENO WEST BRUTON 10-23-1910 to 12-10-1966

& AUDIE MAE BRADLEY BRUTON 5-31-1912 to 6-17-1997

"Until Then"



S. C. BRYAN 10-9-1883 to 11-27-1911 *WOW

"A Good and True Father." "Gone but Not Forgotten"



COOPER M. BURLEY 10-15-1885 to 10-18-1959

& LONIE O. BURLEY 7-12-1887 to 11-28-1956

"In Memory"



JAMES EDWARD BURRISS 2-17-1861 to 8-10-1914



DOYLE OLIVER CAGLE 7-5-1906 to 11-24-1981

& MAE GAGE CAGLE 4-10-1905 (One date) (*SSDI May 1985)

"To Be Absent From The Body Is To Be Present With The Lord"



MARVIN DANIEL CAMERON 10-24-1881 to 6-26-1958

*S/of Daniel Marvin Cameron(1848-1900) & Mary Jane Coleman(1854-1942)

& MARGARET EVELYN FUTCH CAMERON 6-2-1885 to 3-3-1951

"Rest Is Thine , Sweet Remembrance Ours"



JEWELL GHOLSON CAPLES 11-4-1909 to 10-26-1989

"She's Safe At Home"



Infant CHAPPELL 1-14-1912 (One date)



BILLY T. DAVIS 2-2-1922 to 6-22-2002

*Md:10/11/1943 "Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

& GLADYS POWELL DAVIS 12-4-1921 (One date)


DOUGLAS BARNETT DAVIS 10-19-1924 to 8-14-1951

*Arkansas MAM2 US Navy WW II (Mason)

"Thy memory shall ever be a Guiding Star to Heaven."


D. SEXTON DAVIS 9-18-1904 to 2-1-1975

*Md:6/15/1923 "A Life Like Theirs Has Left

A Record Sweet For Memories To Dwell Upon"

& EVELYN DOUGLASS DAVIS 8-1-1905 to 11-14-1982


EARL J. DAVIS 1888 to 19__

*Earl's death date incomplete on tombstone

"Blessed Are The Pure In Heart, For They Shall See God."

& GRACE E. DAVIS 1899 to 1946


ERVIN E. DAVIS 5-12-1888 to 5-23-1963

& LINNIE O. DAVIS 3-19-1886 to 1-22-1974


FLOYD G. DAVIS 1874 to 2-16-1948 *ARDI

& LOU ELLA BISHOP DAVIS 1877 to 1961

"A Life Like Theirs Has Left A Record Sweet For Memory To Dwell"


HERBERT BRYAN DAVIS 4-39-1920 to 1-2-1976


HERBERT L. DAVIS 8-16-1893 to 4-29-1966

*Arkansas CPL CO M 324 Infantry WW I PH (error-birth yr-1873 on military marker)

"Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"

& OLA STRINGFELLOW DAVIS 7-13-1899 to 6-4-1972


HELEN GHOLSON DAVIS 3-27-1918 to 9-12-1947

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Mother of Ours."


* The following three are all listed on a large obelisk

JAMES A. DAVIS 9-23-1861 to 3-21-1934 (Mason)

"Mild and gentle as he was brave, and the sweetest love of his life he gave.

He is now with his lodge above."

CALLIE DAVIS 5-5-1872 to 6-28-1917

*Wf/of J. A. Davis "Rock of Ages" "Gone but not forgotten"

JESSE WAYNE WILLIAMS 6-6-1957 to 5-15-1998

*Jesse Wayne Williams on the same monument as James & Callie Davis


JAMES EUGENE DAVIS 8-12-1938 to 7-24-1961

"Rest Is Thine, Beloved Son and Brother Of Ours."


LON DAVIS 3-25-1876 to 8-31-1957

"His memory is Blessed."



ARCHIE M. DeVAULT 5-9-1901 to 6-2-1957 (Mason)

"Absent In Body But Present In Spirit."


BOBBY E. DeVAULT 4-7-1929 to 2-23-1995 *US Navy


BILLY JAMES DeVAULT 7-21-1938 to 4-27-2000

*Md:4/22/1961 *US Army "Parents of Kelly, Polly and Jenny"

& BETTY SUE FIELDEN DeVAULT 7-7-1940 (One date)


CHARLIE M. DeVAULT 1-27-1925 to 7-26-1996

"In Memory Of"


Infant son DeVAULT 1933 to 1933

Infant daughter DeVAULT 1933-1933


JAMES F. DeVAULT 3-12-1869 to 5-12-1945(Mason)

"The Lord Is My Shepherd"


LUDIA T. DeVAULT 2-21-1880 to 12-5-1956

"Loving Mother And Faithful Friend"


MELBALEAN DeVAULT 1926 to 3-31-1937 *ARDI

"Darling, We Miss You."

ZORA RAINWATER DeVAULT 8-16-1903 to 6-2-1996

"We wish we could have you 93 more years"



BARBARA JOYCE LOCKE DUNCAN(70) 8-13-1943 to 5-31-2014

*D/of Ottis Locke(1896-1954) & Viola Locke(1907-1966) *OB



RICHARD D. FOYIL 6-7-1930 to 4-6-1975

*Md:12/31/1949 "A Life Like His Has Left A Record Sweet

"For Memories To Dwell Upon"

& ANGIE D. FOYIL 12-7-1933 (One date)

"? ? ____ Lord of Death and Love Can Never Lose It's Own"



LOU FRANCIS 7-6-1920 to 6-20-1922


UAL A. FULLER 3-6-1920 to 3-31-1994

"Forever In Our Hearts"



ALDEN A. GARRIS 1-21-1906 to 6-14-1965 "Mason"

*Md:1/25/1930 "We Will Meet Again"

& ETHEL ADAMS GARRIS 7-29-1906 to 4-17-1989


ELMER L. GARRIS 11-18-1876 to 6-23-1953

& LUCY NALL GARRIS 4-11-1879 to 4-20-1940

"They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow."


FANNIA GARRIS 1860 to 5-21-1923 *ARDI

& J. A. GARRIS 1852 to 1934


FRANCIS EVELYN GARRIS 3-1-1914 to 11-24-1914

*Infant D/of Mr. & Mrs. W.E. Garris


J. A. GARRIS 1852 to 1934

*Speculation: ARDI James Garris died 12-3-1935 Pulaski Co.


LOU FRANCIS GARRIS 7-6-1920 to 6-20-1922

*Speculation: believe this child is a "Garris" because the grave is

near Garris graves.



BARBARA ROBERTSON GHOLSON 6-10-1887 to 7-8-1941

"Asleep In Jesus"



JESSIE R. GOODMAN 8-16-1906 to 3-3-1980 "In Loving Memory"

PEARL MILLICAN GOODMAN 3-16-1906 to 12-13-1996

"Forever In Our Hearts"



HAZEL GAGE GOZA 12-7-1909 to 11-26-1933

"She believed and sleeps in Jesus"



A. N. GRACE 3-24-1855 to 6-24-1916

*H/of Mattie M. Davis "Lord of all below above. Fill our hearts

with truth and love, when dissolves our earthly life. Take us to Thy Lodge on High."

MATTIE M. DAVIS GRACE 2-10-1876 to 8-13-1956

*Wf/of A. N. Grace "I Have Seen His Star In The East"


GILBERT L. GRACE 8-22-1901 to 3-2-1965

*Buried in same row with A.N. Grace & Mattie M. Davis.



SYBLE OWEN GREEN 7-15-1915 to 5-1-2009

"Beloved Mother Rest In Peace"



FANNIE GRIFFIN 11-8-1870 to 11-31-1945

"Her memory is Blessed"



POWELL V. "KATE" GRIFFIN 1-17-1913 to 6-3-1984

*Md:10/7/1937 "Asleep In Jesus"

& MANDY RHEA CAMERON GRIFFIN 9-30-1914 to 1-5-2005

"Together Again"



JOHN A. GUNN 5-15-1886 to April 1979 *MM

*Oct 2011- *Bailey MM still there/ only has "Gunn" and the year 1979.

There is another *MM near by that is illegible.



BERT HALBROOK 9-6-1888 to 11-14-1972

& IDA MAE HALBROOK 9-8-1889 to 11-7-1959

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


INEZ HALBROOK 1913 to 1917 *MM

*Oct 2011- T. E. Barton MM

SUZIE M. HALBROOK 1865 to 1914 *MM

*Oct 2011- T. E. Barton MM



CARRIE HINES HARRIS 6-17-1966 to 2-25-1940

"God's Greatest Gift Returned To God Our Mother."


EVA MITCHELL HARRIS 6-10-1908 to 7-17-1925

"She was the sunshine of our home."


GEORGE CORTEZ HARRIS 8-28-1901 to 5-23-1966

& CONNIE MILLS HARRIS 2-9-1906 to 6-9-1985


HENRY G. HARRIS 9-13-1908 to 8-19-1988 "Father"


& ETHEL MILLS HARRIS 1-7-1920 to 1-24-2003 "Mother"


Infant HARRIS 6-30-1925 to 7-8-1925

*S/of Dacree & Eva Harris


Infant Twins HARRIS b & d 6-15-1924

*Children of Dacree & Eva Harris


JESSE W. HARRIS (BILL) 8-24-1906 to 3-18-1981

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

& LOUISE DeVAULT HARRIS "SCOOT" 10-25-1909 to 12-22-2000

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


MARY T. HINES HARRIS 8-18-1875 to 1-12-1942

*Wf/of B.R. Harris "A Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend"


WILLIAM A. HARRIS 6-3-1861 to 3-14-1955

"He Died As He Lived A Christian."


WILLIAM THOMAS HARRIS (93) 7-24-1914 to 7-27-2007 *ob

(Sonny) *Md:12/18/1938 "In Loving Memory"

& ARLEAN ROBERSON HARRIS (85) 2-17-1922 to 8-17-2007 *ob

*D/of Joe Roberson & Dona Dumas Roberson Tomkins. *Wf/of Wm. Thomas Harris



NORMA HALBROOK HOLMES 6-6-1927 to 10-20-1959



GRAHAM G. HUGHES 12-4-1902 to 3-10-1975

& KATHRYN M. HUGHES 12-16-1905 to 12-7-1954

"Erected by Graham G. Hughes



HENRY T. JANWAY 10-1-1895 to 11-14-1985

& CARRIE B. JANWAY 1-19-1901 to 5-8-1980

"Each Duty Done, They Rest In Peace"




CLYDE WM. JENKINS, JR. 9-23-1930 to 12-8-1974*SSDI

*A1C US Air Force Korea "A Loving Father"


MARY T. JENKINS 3-17-1894 to 1-22-1968

"Beloved Mother Rest In Peace"

MURLE JENKINS 1919 to 1924 "At Rest"



CHARLES LEWIS "CHUCK" JONES 11-19-1956 to 8-4-2009

*Young's FH MM *Age 52



*Young's FH MM



PERRY KELLY 4-18-1885 to Feb 1981 *MM *SSDI

*Oct 2011---Bailey FH MM 1885-1981



CHRISTY MAYNOR KEY (36) 12-11-1976 to 2-21-2013 *OB

*D/of late Mary Maynor & father, Terry Maynor. Wife of Bryan Key



Infant KIRKPATRICK 8-24-1912 *S/of A.N. & M.L. Kirkpatrick


Infant KIRKPATRICK 3-9-1917 *D/of A.N. & M.L. Kirkpatrick

*Date no longer visible; sunk beneath ground level.



GAYNETTE BRYANT LEE (72) 10-13-1940 to 6-21-2013 *OB

*D/of Bernie Maxwell Bryant & Sylvia Dee Paxton *Wf/of the late Billy Joe Lee

*M/of late daughter, Eva Kay Bishop; Late brothers, R.C. Bryant & Max Bryant


INFANT LEE 10-14-1925 *Son of Joe & Arline T. Lee


JOE LEE 9-28-1903 to 6-30-1976 (Mason)

*Md:12/23/1924 "Until Then, My Darling

& ARLINE T. LEE 9-22-1908 to 7-15-1998 (Eastern Star)

"Reunited In Heaven"


LAWRENCE LEE 9-10-1913 to 2-22-1979 (Mason)

*Md:9/7/1940 "Rest Is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"

& FANNIE MAE NEW LEE (91)10-15-1916 to 11-6-2007

(Eastern Star) *D/of C.B. & Lola Allen New

LAWRENCE SHIRD LEE 8-10-1873 to 11-20-1936

"Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

LIZZIE BELLE CAMERON LEE 6-1-1875 to 8-11-1946

*D/of Daniel Marvin Cameron(1848-1900) & Mary Jane Coleman(1854-1942)

"To Live In Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not To Die"



GEARLDINE LEWIS 1928 to 8-18-1939*ARDI




NORWOOD LEWIS 1933 to 1934


WILLIAM CORBIN LEWIS 7-15-1897 to Nov 1967*SSDI

*Speculation *SSDI gives birth year as 1896


W. T. LEWIS 1920 to 1979

*Pfc. US Army WW II (*SSDI 10-11-1920 to May 1979 KC, MO)

*Military marker has sunk into the ground where the dates are no longer visible (Oct 2011)



OTIS LOCKE 4-12-1896 to 7-7-1954

& VIOLA LOCKE 5-17-1907 to 5-8-1966

"Each Duty Done, They Rest In Peace."



BILLIE MARIE LOVE 1932 to 1933

& DANIEL LOVE, JR. Infant 1924



CHARLES LUBBES 3-23-1898 to 7-7-1926 (Mason)

"We Will Meet Again"



LORENE SEUR MASON 9-1-1906 to 10-16-1958

"Beloved Mother Rest In Peace"



PATRICIA DAVIS CALDWELL-McMAHEN 8-24-1938 to 5-23-2009

"Mother" ­ "Together Forever" "Son"





MARY HALL MAYNOR 11-16-1955 to 4-26-1984

"Absent In Body, But Present In Spirit"



JESSIE F. MILLICAN 8-14-1900 to 12-24-1964 (Mason)

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


TERRY RALPH MILLICAN 6-16-1954 to 6-18-1964



MARJORIE S. MILLS (L.P.N.) 2-3-1920 (One date)


WILLIAM E. MILLS 6-14-1908 to 12-28-1966

*Arkansas TEC4 3518 ORD MAM WW II



C. H. MOODY 12-24-1892 to 7-18-1926

"We Will Meet Again"


JAMES CARL MOODY 8-7-1888 to 2-20-1958

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


JAMES CARL MOODY, JR. 6-22-1926 to 2-20-1992

*TEC 5 US Army WW II



BARNEY LEE MOONEY 4-8-1880 to 9-20-1956

"His Memory Is Blessed"

"MOTHER" MARY ROBERTS MOONEY 10-29-1874 to 4-5-1954

"Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"



WILLIAM HENRY MURPHY 4-3-1886 to 11-17-1952

& JOSIE CALDWELL MURPHY 8-19-1888 to 9-28-1974

"Asleep In Jesus"



ANN FOYIL NANCE (77) 12-7-1933 to 9-15-2011*OB

*D/of Joe Lee & Arline Taylor Lee. Late husbands, Richard Dean Foyil & Creed Nance.

(Oct 2011) Perry's FH MM



(C.B.) COUNCIL BRYANT NEW 3-28-1892 to 1-31-1974"Daddy"

*Md:7/21/1915 "Together Forever" (Mason)

& LEE LOLA ALLEN NEW 9-11-1900 to 3-27-1973 "Mother"

*D/of John Duncan Allen(1869-1942) & Mary Helms Allen(1863-1916)


CLYDE NEW 4-9-1924 to 6-3-1993

*S/of Council Bryant New(1850-1912) & Frances Elizabeth Dumas(1851-1912)

*Md:12/10/1945 *TEC 5 US Army WW II "Loving Mother ~ Devoted Father"

& MITTIE P. CALAWAY NEW 6-15-1926 (One date)

*D/of Emery Albert Calaway(1882-1944) & Minnie Pearl James(1884-1960)


RAYMOND NEW 8-30-1921 to 12-10-1994

*S/of Council Bryant New(1850-1912) & Frances Elizabeth Dumas(1851-1912)

*Md:3/1/1945 *US Army WW II

& MARY HILDA SUMMERS NEW 3-25-1922 to 1-4-2000



RICK PATE (54) 7-30-1957 to 12-8-2011*OB

*S/of Norman Broughton & Silva Mae Reynolds Pate; H/of Shawna Endel Pate




CHARLES BRANDON PRICE 10-30-1975 to 3-9-2006

"CHUCK" "A Father, A Son, A Man"


HENRY WALTER PRICE 6-23-1918 to 12-13-1959

"Rest Is Thine; Sweet Remembrance Ours"


LENOX IRVIN PRICE 9-8-1925 (One date)


& ANNA BELL PRICE 12-8-1927 to 5-29-1980

"She's Safe At Home"




SUSIE V. REID 4-13-1916 to 3-3-1920

"Our Loved One"



WILLIS ELMER ROBERSON 7-22-1894 to 2-15-1981

*Pvt. US Army WW I

& ETHEL S. ROBERSON 10-9-1903 to 12-21-1958



WILLIAM ARNOLD "BILL" ROWLAND (64) 5-23-1948 to 11-25-2012

*S/of Jewel Lavander & Mary Geneva Bunch Rowland. Vietnam veteran-US Navy *OB

*Wf/of 45 years, Joann Rowland.



JOSHUA DAVID SADLER 3-2-2009 *Son of Jerry & Laurie Sadler

"Forever in the Hands of God"



CHRISTINE BRADLEY SANDIFER 6-15-1917 to 9-27-1989

*D/of Carrie Lue Warwick(1875-1950) & Johnnie Wesley Bradley(1856-1943)

*Md: Louie Sandifer Sept 21, 1935 Union County, Arkansas

"God let us see on her face in death A glimpse of the peace in his presence."




CLARENCE DOUGLAS SNIDER 12-16-1918 to 6-20-1975

*Md:5/1/1947 US Army WW II

& VERNA ELOISE LEE SNIDER 10-18-1927 to 6-10-2001



Rev. WOODROW W. STOTT 6-15-1912 to 2-9-1986

*Md:8/3/1935 "In The Presence Of The Lord"

& LONNIE AARON STOTT 3-28-1920 to 5-11-1996



JESSE H. TAYLOR 12-20-1866 to 12-24-1938

& EMMA L. TAYLOR 3-31-1882 to 10-21-1974

"We will meet again"


WILLIAM H. TAYLOR 4-2-1910 to 4-21-1910



JOHN R. TELFORD 9-28-1892 to 8-4-1963

*Arkansas Pvt. Medical Department WW I "In Loving Memory"

& ORIS T. TELFORD 4-17-1907 to 10-12-1985


LONNIE T. TELFORD 3-11-1884 to 9-15-1960

& BLANCHE M. TELFORD 12-24-1883 to 12-14-1955

"We Loved Them Well. But Jesus Loved Them Best."



HENRY BYRD TEMPLE 8-3-1905 to 8-22-1971

*Arkansas PFC Co D 559 SIG AW BN WW II





KEVIN RAY THOMPSON (56) 7-10-1957 to 2-25-2014*OB

*S/of Harold Clarence Thompson & Nelda Mae Cunningham Thompson

*Wf/of 32 yrs, Angel Thompson



GARY POWELL TOMPKINS 1-26-1942 to 12-11-2000

*CP US Navy

& ROSE M. TOMPKINS "ROSIE" 1-3-1938 (One date)


THOMAS GAINES TOMPKINS "Kitty" 7-9-1916 to 1-15-1950 "Father"

*Originally interred at Mt. Calvary Cem., KC, Kansas Re-interred at Wesson 6-26-1993


to 10-23-1991



MAUDIE LEE BRADLEY WALDON 1-11-1910 to 6-10-1950

*D/of Carrie Lue Warwick(1875-1950) & Johnnie Wesley Bradley(1856-1943)

*Md: Loyce Otto Walden June 2, 1930 Union County, Arkansas

"She enriched our lives while on earth. Now Heaven is dearer since she is there"



FRANK AUSTIN "JACK" WILLIAMS 2-10-1938 to 5-11-2011

"If you choose to live for God then you have more than one life to live." *Perry's FH MM


JESSE WAYNE WILLIAMS 6-6-1957 to 5-15-1998

"Isaiah" 40: ??

*Jesse Wayne Williams on the same monument as James & Callie Davis



JAMES D. WILSON 2-18-1949 (One date)

*Md:12/14/1968 "To live in Hearts thy leave behind is not to die"

& DIANE NEW WILSON 11-15-1951 to 2-20-1986

*Children of James & Diane: Kristi, Ronda, Steven



ELEANOR WISE "Baby" 2-5-1921 to 9-18-1921



DAN MAY WYNN 5-11-1893 to 1-28-1978

& PEARLIE DUMAS WYNN 12-2-1898 to 4-3-1969

"Gone But Not Forgotten" "Each Duty Done, They Rest In Peace."


DANIEL DALE WYNN 9-25-1936 to 1-22-1948

"Gone but not forgotten."


JOHN C. WYNN 1867 to 1934

& MAGGIE WREN WYNN 1868 to 1941

"Thy memory shall ever be, a guiding star to Heaven."


LEON D. WYNN died 1934 (One date)

"Of such is the kingdom of heaven."






P.V. GRIFFIN (870) 862-7469 or POLLY PETTY (870) 862-2751




Iron pipes marking Grace Family plot