Est. ca 1860's-69


Located south east of Hwy. 167, going toward

Junction City. Turn East onto Caledonia Rd.

Caledonia Cemetery is on the east side of the road & the Wooley cemetery is

on the west side, diagonally across from Caledonia. The pictures are

mine taken in 2006. The burial info is from an earlier survey done in

August 1979 by Mrs. Wanda Thompson.

Janice Holzer jcsh432@gmail.com


ANNIE BRADFORD (no dates) *Baby of Rev. Bradford.



E.A.W. (Marker has no names or dates)



ELIZA ANN WOOLEY 10-23-1827 to 10-14-1894



HOPKINS WARD 3-18-1860 to 11-16-1893



Sgt. M. E. KNIGHT (no dates) Co E 21st S.C. Inf CSA



Pipe marker (two) No names or dates



R. WOOLEY 6-2-1811 to 3-5-1898



R.A. WOOLEY 8-2-1864 to 5-3-1869

*S/of R. & E.A. Wooley



R.A.W. (marker with no names or dates)


S. N. KNIGHT 2-11-1844 to 8-29-1896

*Wf/of M.E. KNIGHT







Three pictures.

This old burial site is right on the road edge. Located diagonally across from the Caledonia

Cemetery.  Photos April 16, 2006


(2)The fenced in enclosure is to the left of photo. Once there was a sign on a post telling

about this historical old cemetery, but now it is just the post standing there.