This file provided by Mr. Urban Wilson, 28 May 1997.


The following is a complete listing of the Woolley Cemetery in Union Co.,
AR. It is a very small cemetery with only six graves. It is located just
north of the old community of Caledonia, AR on the Boy Scout Camp Road. The
headstones are just off the shoulder of the small road about 100 yds. south
and across the road from the main Caledonia Cemetery. This listing was made
by Urban and Norma Wilson May 29. 1997. The Woolley Graves are inside an
old iron fence. The others are in the same line of graves, but outside the

R. A. - Son of
R. & E. A. Woolley
Aug. 2, 1864
May 30, 1896
Footstone reads - RAW

No headstone on 2nd grave
Footstone reads RW

Eliza Ann - Wife of
R. Woolley
Oct. 23, 1827
Oct. 14, 1894

Homemade Marker
Annie Bradford
Baby of Rev. Bradford
No Dates

S. M. Knight - wife of
M. E. Knight
Feb. 11. 1844
Aug. 29, 1896

Sgt. M. E. Knight
Co. E - 21st S. C. Inf.
CSA no dates


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