Est. ca 1875


Union County, Arkansas


Located south west of El Dorado along Parnell Road.  Canvassed by Ralph O. Weldon

&  Will  Walls in April 2001.   Posted on line by January 23, 2004.

New canvass & Update  Oct 31, 2012.   Final & last posting Jan 2013.

 Janice Holzer   jcsh432@gmail.com

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ALONZO  ADAMS   1-26-1895  to 5-8-1983

*H/of  Fannie Cottrell

FANNIE  COTTRELL ADAMS  2-26-1901 to  9-13-1963    

*Wf/of  Alonzo Adams



NORMAN  WILLIAM  ALBERT  7-10-1927  to  1-3-2003

*PFC  US  Army  World War II



MR.  ROBERT  "BEAR"  BUFFING (82)  3-5-1929 to 1-12-2012

*Andrews Funeral Home, 211 East Main, El Dorado, AR    *MM                                                                      



CECIL  CAREY 1893 1982 



J.C.  CARY 1-9-1930 to 3-16-1951

"Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"


Infant  COOK   5-7-1878  to  5-12-1878

*S/of W.H. & M.C. Cook  *Marker not found in 2001


WILLIAM  H. COOK  1850  to 1897 

*H/of  Katherine Shaw   "Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal"

&  KATHERINE  SHAW  COOK 1854  to  1896  

*Wf/of  Wm. H. Cook



JOYCE  ANN  GOODWIN  DAWSON  9-27-1955 to 4-16-1995



WALTER  STANLEY  DRUMMOND(66) 11-5-1946 to 12-2-2012*OB

*S/of  Wesley  Ray  Drummond  &  Lottie  Mae  Dumas  Drummond 

*U.S. Army Vet 1964-1967



JESSE  A.  DUMAS  1-8-1893  to  6-27-1956  

*H/of  Genie Dumas   "Rest Is Thine, Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&   GENIE  I. DUMAS   10-7-1892  to  11-13-1977   

*Wf/of  Jesse A. Dumas    *He Giveth His Beloved Sleep"

Infant  DUMAS    B & D   3-15-1927   

*D/of  Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Dumas



CHARLES  E. GIBSON   11-27-1922  to 7-2-1987    

*CPL   US Army Air Corps   WW II

GLADYS  F. GIBSON   2-20-1923  to  3-25-1997 "Mother" 



BRUCE  ALAN GOODWIN   12-13-1946  to  6-8-1959

"In God's Care"


DAVID  B. GOODWIN  4-9-1880 to 8-14-1883

*S/of  J.J. & F.R. Goodwin     "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"


ELTON  GOODWIN   11-8-1906 to 1-26-1979

JEWEL  GOODWIN   9-9-1909  to  6-17-1975


EWUEL  D.  GOODWIN  12-11-1891 to 1-25-1893

*S/of  J.J. & L.A. Goodwin   

"A precious one from us has gone, a voice we loved is stilled."


GARLAND  E. GOODWIN   1-4-1911  to  7-15-1913

"Only Sleeping"


Infant GOODWIN  4-8-1918  to  4-9-1918

*S/of   T.E. &  Esther  Goodwin   "Darling We Miss Thee"


JAMES  GARFIELD  GOODWIN    8-4-1922  to  4-14-1993

*CPL  U.S. Army   WW II    *Md: 2/24/1953   Ola Delzee Jerry

&  OLA  DELZEE  JERRY GOODWIN(81) 9-8-1924 to 2-4-2005 *OB

*D/of  John Lee Jerry & Della Julia (Jerry) Jerry


JOHN  J. GOODWIN  6-3-1841 to 10-10-1925

"An honest man's the noblest work of God"

FIDILLIA  ANN  GOODWIN   2-9-1849 to 9-14-1883

*Wf/of  J.J. Goodwin  (stone broken)    "Rest Mother, rest, in quiet sleep, While

Friends in sorrow for thee weep."


JOHN  W.  GOODWIN   2-12-1870  to  8-26-1875

*S/of  J.J.  &  F.A. Goodwin  "Asleep in Jesus peaceful rest.  Whose waiting is

supremely blest."


LEONIDAS  C. GOODWIN   9-21-1874  to  7-21-1877

*S/of  J.J. & F.A.  *Tombstone just has initials L. C. G.  Appears to be the

footstone;   "He took thee from a world of care.  An ever lasting  _________  to share?


LILLIE  I.  GOODWIN  7-14-1878  to  8-14-1951

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


LUCINDA  A. GOODWIN  1855  to 1937  "Mother" 


RAYMOND  EARL  GOODWIN  6-30-1919  to  2-20-2004 "Father"  

WILLIE  LOU  GOODWIN  8-13-1920  to  7-5-1987 "Mother" 


T.  EUGENE  GOODWIN   2-7-1887 to 5-4-1957  

*H/of  Esther D. Goodwin     "Father"

&   ESTHER  D. GOODWIN   2-10-1894 to 5-15-1986

*Wf/of  T. Eugene Goodwin    "Mother"


THOMAS  F. GOODWIN  12-3-1871  to  6-27-1950

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


THOMAS  W. GOODWIN   10-19-1902 to 1-4-1974

*Arkansas    PVT  U.S.  Army   WW  II


WYATT  C. GOODWIN  12-17-1885 to 4-30-1886

*S/of  J.J. & L.A. Goodwin    *Gone to be an Angel"



ANNIE  GREER  4-5-1883  to  9-10-1924

*D/of  JIM  &  M.E. Greer   "Gone but not forgotten"


JIM  GREER   9-9-1851 to 11-12-1923

*H/of  Mattie Ellen    "An honest man's the noblest work of God" 


*Wife of Jim Greer



PARNELL  HAMILL  died  4-23-1911

*Infant of  O. & M.  Hamill   "In Memory  of Little  Parnell  Hamill"     

  "Asleep in Jesus. Gone but not Forgotten"



JAMES  C. "SONNY" HARRIS  1-30-1918  to  6-25-1960

*H/of  Elsie Dumas

&   ELSIE  DUMAS  HARRIS   4-17-1920  to 12-21-1996

*Wf/of  James C. Harris


JAMES  V. "JAMIE"  HARRIS  10-14-1937 to  6-9-1998

BARBARA  J.  RANEY  HARRIS   5-6-1940 (One date)

*Wf/of  James  V. Harris   *Md:5/14/1966



J.  MELVIN  HAMPTON   2-9-1890  to  8-3-1959

*H/of Trudie G. Hampton

TRUDIE  G. HAMPTON   1-13-1894  to  9-1-1971

*Wf/of J. Melvin


J. E. "JIM"  HAMPTON  10-20-1860  to 12-1-1938

MARY  HAMPTON  10-29-1862  to  2-5-1921  

*Wf/of  J.E. Hampton   "Beloved one farewell.  I'll meet you in Heaven."


LEROYCE  HAMPTON   9-1-1918 to 10-12-1923 



LEEROY  HUDSON   8-31-1900 to 10-26-1903

*S/of  E.H. & L.M. Hudson   "To The Memory Of" 

"Suffer little children to come unto Me"   *Mark 10-14



JAMES  H.  HUEBNER  8-22-1894 to 11-8-1969

"Rest is Thine Sweet Remembrance Ours"

&  ETTA  M. HUEBNER  9-26-1899  to 10-14-1968

*Wf/of  James  H. Huebner



ALAN  "BIG AL"  JOHNSON  4-7-1941 to  4-8-2010

*Perry's   MM



BESSIE  HARRIS  JONES  1882  to  12-23-1944 "Mother"

"And All My Mother Came Into Mine Eyes"


DORSEY  L.  JONES   1873  to 1964  "Father" 

"Forever With The Lord"


LUCILLE "CILLE" JONES  1907 to 1972 "Sister"

"She's Safe At Home"  Two headstones; an old one & a newer one.


REBECCA  M.  PARNELL  JONES  10-27-1851 to 1-27-1875

*D/of  M. & R. Parnell   *Large tombstone with a broken one for Rebecca M.  Parnell,

propped up against it; daughter of  M. E. &  S. F. Parnell  1-29-1884  to  4-22-1884

  "Each of us hope to join you at Last. On the beautiful heavenly shore."



PATRICIA  A. LAWRENCE   b  &  d   2-16-1942


RICHARD  C.  LAWRENCE   12-15-1921 to  8-23-2007

&  CYNTHIA  EVANS  LAWRENCE  11-13-1925  to 7-13-2005  

 "At Rest With God"     *D/of Lee Odis Evans & Ophelia Lum Evans  "Cindy"  *OB


WILLIAM  R. LAWRENCE  11-14-1891 to  2-15-1963 

*H/of  Ruth K.      "Precious  Memories"

&  RUTH  K. LAWRENCE   4-7-1900 to  5-6-1965

*Wf/of  Wm. R. Lawrence



SUMMER  EPPERSON  MARSH  7-26-1875 to 1-28-2005

*Photo embedded on tombstone.



JAMES  W. McCLURKIN   12-23-1855 to  8-5-1875



ALBERT  CHESTER  MOORE   4-5-1917 to  3-10-1995

"Pray that all people will be as loyal and protective of each

other , as all my dogs were to me."

CATHERINE  MOORE  10-13-1919 to 11-4-1996

"Tender Mother and A Faithful Friend"



EUNICE  L. PARNELL   b: & d: 10-2-1889

*S/of R. & (stone broken); not found in 2001.


JAMES  MARSHALL  PARNELL  4-28-1864  to  2-11-1935


JOHN  F. PARNELL  4-22-1871 to  8-8-1903

"He was a kind and affectionate husband  a fond father

and a friend to all.  Tho hard to give him up but thy will O God

be done"


LENOX  PARNELL  6-1-1885  to 12-24-1903

*S/of  D.L. & C.E. Parnell


LEO  H. PARNELL   6-1-1895  to  9-16-1950

*Oklahoma      PFC  71st Artillery  CAC - WW I

ELIZABETH  HOLLEY  PARNELL  4-6-1902 to 12-3-1993

("Bessie" Holley   *Md: L.H. Parnell in 1924 )


LUTY  E. PARNELL  11-28-1888  to  3-3-1889

*D/of  R.L. & M.R. Parnell   *2012-headstone broken; almost illegible


MARSHALL  PARNELL  3-27-1827 to  5-31-1907

"Asleep in Jesus   Gone but not forgotten"

REBECCA  A. PARNELL 10-30-1833 to 1-15-1908

"Asleep in Jesus   Gone but not forgotten"


REBECCA  M. PARNELL  1-29-1884  to  4-22-1884

*D/of  M. I.  &  S. I. Parnell (Stone is broken & lying on the ground)

*2012- broken tombstone is propped up against the large tombstone of

Rebecca Parnell Jones  daughter of M & R. Parnell"


"Little"  TOM  PARNELL   3-12-1901 to  3-7-1902

*S/of  J.M.  &  H.M.  Parnell


WALTER  W. PARNELL   9-8-1873  to  10-9-1902  "Husband"  

"A light from our household is gone.  A voice we loved is stilled.

A place is vacant in our hearts  That never can be filled."



EMMA  E.  ROGERS   5-16-1866  to  1-18-1938 "Mother"


JOHN  THOMAS  ROGERS   12-13-1892 to 1-29-1948 "Son"   


MACK  C. ROGERS   4-8-1912 to  8-8-1994

*Md:11/12/1938      *H/of  Annie B. Mason     "We Will Meet Again"

&  ANNIE  B. MASON  ROGERS  7-12-1916 to 7-22-2008


O.W.  ROGERS    4-1-1887 to 10-9-1929


THOMAS  J.  ROGERS  12-29-1859  to  4-25-1934 "Father" 



AIDEN  ROWLAND   7-3-2006 to 7-3-2006

*Unknown Mortuary Marker  ? (MM)


RUBY  ALMA  DUMAS  SCHAUB  7-25-1912  to  4-1-1980

"He Loaned Us An Angel... For A Little While"



Infant  STEADMAN     

*S/of  R.C. & Julia  P. Steadman (No dates) *Next to Luty Parnell


DOW (?) STEDMAN  4-30-1898  to  6-25-1899

*Oct 2012   Dow's tombstone is broken into  7 pieces. You can make out the

name "Stedman" born April 1898....the rest is un-readable.


J.O.  STEDMAN  died 11-10-1904 Age 23 yrs.  B. of  R.R.T. 

*Steadman / tombstone shows Stedman


JULIA  PARNELL STEDMAN   5-25-1862 to  4-16-1944

"A Faithful Mother"   *Steadman / tombstone shows Stedman  *Wf/of  R. C. Steadman


WINCHIP  ROY  STEDMAN   5-26-1893 to 1-11-1912

*Died in U.S. S.  Navy    *Steadman / tombstone shows Stedman



LORI  DEAN  TAYLOR   1-12-1977  to  4-21-2010

*Perry's  MM



JAMES  THOMAS  WATTS (83) 1-26-1928  to 11-16-2011

*S/of  Madison  &  Celia  Ann  Wigley  Watts    *ob    *Perry's  MM

*Md:6/11/1955   "Not My Will But Thine Be Done"

&  MAY  PAULINE  HOBBY  WATTS  6-6-1925  to 10-24-2012

 *Perry's  MM  *James & Pauline share a large double marker;  both have their mortuary

markers.  Pauline's death date as yet not inscribed on marker (10/31/2012)


JESSIE  JERRY  WATTS  10-21-1948 (One date) 

*Md:8/3/1968    "Always Loved And Remembered"

&  JANICE  CAROL  WATTS  10-18-1951 to 12-22-2004



ALBERT  SHERD  WILSON 1874  to 1954

*H/of  Lizzie  Greer  Wilson    *They Gave Their Today For Our Tomorrow"

&  LIZZIE  GREER  WILSON  1880  to 1947

*Wf/of  Albert  S. Wilson



MABLE  J. WINGFIELD   5-2-1891 to 12-19-1954




EMORY  E. WOOD  6-15-1881 to  2-19-1900

Aged 18 yrs- 8 mos- 9 dys    *S/of  W.H. &  M.J. Wood

"A precious one from us is gone, a voice we ?   ed  is stilled.

A place is vacant in our home, which never can be filled."


WYATT  H. WOOD   5-15-1840  to  3-16-1902

"Farewell my wife and children all, from you a father  ?___

doth call ?____  not for me ?___  ___  ___   to wish me
in your sight ago.



WALTER  W. PARNELL(1873-1902)  &  JOHN  F.  PARNELL (1871-1903)

At the foot of Walter's grave- Rebecca Jones D/of  M & R. Parnell

REBECCA  JONES (1851-1875)

Walter W. Parnell, John F. Parnell, Rebecca Jones

From small tombstone upward: 



MARSHALL  PARNELL  (1827-1907)


Broken tombstone pieces lying in between graves

of Rebecca & Marshall Parnell is  DOW STEADMAN



                                     Marshall Parnell                           Dow Steadman              Rebecca Parnell          

                                                 (Jas. Marshall Parnell off edge of pic to the right of Rebecca)