Gaddy, Griffin, Stegall

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This is the Wife of Thomas Brice Griffin that died in 1897 in Union Co. She traveled with her Parents after his death to be with family to Union Co. Arkansas. This is a list of Family that was from Union Co. North Carolina that traveled to Union Co. Arkansas I will have to sit down and type up the obits. of the family and send to you.
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Parents of Alief Gaddy Griffin

GADDY, W. P. b. Sep 15, 1833 d. Mar 22, 1929 "Father"
GADDY, Julia F. b. Feb 27, 1845 d. Nov 27, 1929 "Mother"
This is Thomas B. Griffin Wife, mother, sister and brothers:

GRIFFIN, Alief GADDY b .March 7, 1868 d. Aug 8, 1935
GRIFFIN, Bedford.W."Bill" b. Aug 29, 1884 d. Apr 14, 1948
GRIFFIN, Ina Quimby b. Jan 5, 1893 d. May 3, 1962
Brothers and Sisters of Alief Gaddy Griffin:

CRAWFORD E. GADDY b.5-15-1878 d 2-6-1937
LESSIE M. GADDY b.3-1-1892 d. 1-3-1916
Howell Jesse GADDY b. 6-8-1876 d. 1-2-1918
Lydia GADDY STEGALL b.9-28-1866 d.12-5-1923
J. WILSON STEGALL b.11-29-1851 d. 2-19-1937
GADDY, Cora b. May 3, 1872 d. Jan 27, 1925 "Mother" wife of E.G.Trull


Gaddy J H Betts Beulah 1901 M 555
Gaddy P W Jackson Ada 1900 M 287
Gaddy Crawford E Little Lessie 1910 R 296
Alief Gaddy Griffin and Thomas Griffin Sr.daughters
Griffin, Julia Sorrells W C 1907
Griffin, Veda J. Hatch, D T 1920
Alief's sister's children:
Lydia Gaddy And J. W. Stegall

Stegall, Deluke McGough, Newton W. 1912
Stegall, Dora Morrison, J A 1916
Stegall, Mary McGough, E G 1910