Estate of Elisha Nelson

Transcribed and submtted by Lori de Ravello

Handwritten on cover of tri-folded document:

Estate of Elisha Nelson

Approved & ordered to be reconciled
Recorded Book A, Page 307
Filed February 19th, 1866
P. (illegible) Clerk
Handwritten document:

I Jane Nelson adx do swear that the above and foregoing is full inventory and description of all the moneys, goods, chattel, Books, papers, and evidence of debt and of all debts due or to become due as far as she has been able to ascertain except the property reserved by as her absolute property as the widow of deceased, that she was not indebted to or bound in any contract to the deceased at the time of his death. So help me God.

(Signed Jane Nelson "her mark")

Sworn and (illegible) before
The undersigned J. Peace the 29th
Day of Jany 1899

Signed Thos. Gray J. P.

(Handwritten document)

Inventory of the Estate Elisha Nelson made filed by Jane Nelson as adx towit

1200 acres of land
2 mules (one horse one mare old)
43 head of stock hogs
30 head of sheep
1 Lot of (illegible)
1 Lot of corn
1 Lot of (illegible)
(illegible) Horse Mill
1 Bark Mill
1 Jen Sland (?)
One bracher (?)
One set of black smith tools
One Lot of plowes (sic)
One Lot of house
One Lot of wheat
One Lot of peas
One set of (illegible) tools
One Lot of lether (sic)
One Lot of pot ware
One crese cut saw (?)
One Lot of Awgers an chisels (sic)
One falling leafe table (sic)
One Lome (loom - ?)
One spining wheel (sic)
One Lot of wool
One Bale of Cotton
One Remlet (?) of Cotton
One hundred dollars
One cut (illegible)
One clock
One Lot of (illegible)
2 cow Hides
One man saddel (sic)
One (illegible) cradel (sic)
One wagon
One Lot of Books
One Bed an clothing
One note of twelve dollars on C. Dunagan (?)
One note of five Dollars on John Dennis (?) due in 1837 (?)
One Lot of plows stocks
One grine (sic) stone
One Log chaine (?)
One Gun (?)

(Handwritten on cover of tri-folded document)

Est Elisha Nelson, deceased
Appraisement of
Lands for sale

Approved and (illegible)
To be recorded

Feby (?) 1872
Page 25

Recorded Book
A page 139

Filed January 22, 1872
W. A. (illegible) Clerk
By W. B. (illegible)
(Handwritten document)

We A. W. McGough, A. P. Berry and G. F. berry being householders in the county of Union having been called on by Jane Nelson administrator of the Estate of Elisha Nelson Deceased to appraise the Lands and tenements of said Elisha Nelson do solemnly swear that we are not interested nor of kin to persons interested in said Estate as heir or legatee and that we will according to the best of our abilities view and appraise the Lands of said Deceased so help us God.

Sworn to and subscribed before me

(Signed A. W. McGough, A. C. Berry, G. F. Berry J.P.)

Inventory appraisement of the real estate of Elisha Nelson Deceased to wit four hundred acres known as the Baty and Lawrence places _____ at $500
The Home place six hundred forty two acres at $821

(Signed A. W. McGough, A. C. Berry, G. F. Berry J.P.)

January the 20 day 1972
(Handwritten page)

J. S. (illegible) 25 Buchels of corn at 1.37 per Buschel 34.25
T. W. Grace 1 drawing Knife 2.50
D. W. Werdlow 2 chisels .30
R. Dollar 1 lot of plows 4.00
R. Dollar 1 Square 1.35
W. R. Lundy 1 gun 5.25
S. Nelson 1 pr of (illegible) 2.00
S. Nelson 1 lot spring cotton at 25 cents pr lb 2.50
R. Godly 1 bested & contents (torn)
S. Nelson 1 comfort (illegible)
S. Nelson 1 clock 2.00
W. Nelson 1 Wagon 50.00
W. Nelson 1 carry all 13.00
S. Nelson 1 plow & contents 1.00
W. R. Lundy one Harrow (?) 2.00
J. Gipson 1 lot of plows 2.00
J. L. Aura (?) 1 blacksmith tools 22.00
R. Dollar 1 cow & calf 10.00
R. Dollar 1 cow & calf 13.00
J. S. Aura 1 cow & calf 7.75
J. S. Aura 1 cow & calf 5.00
J. S. Aura 1 cow 4.95
J. S. Aura 1 cow & yearling 7.75
W. H. Moffatt 1 cow 6.50
S. Nelson 1 yoke of young steers 33.00
D. W. Werdlow 1 yoke of young steers 17.00
W. Mason 1 mule steer 6.00
W. Mason 1 black Heifer 5.00
W. Nelson 1 Heifer 9.00
W. Nelson 1 yearling 2.25
S. Dollar 1 yearling 1.85
S. Nelson 5 head of sheep first choice at 1.50 per h 7.50
J. S. Aura 10 head of sheep 2 choice at 1.25 pr head 12.50