Jenkins Hansford Welch

Published by
The Union County Genealogical Society
El Dorado, Arkansas

Submitted by Bobby Welch

Early Settler of Union County, Arkansas

By Bobby Welch and Martha Sue Wright

Jenkins Hansford Welch, born in Burke County, Georgia in 1798 i, was the son of Dempsy
Welch, Jr. and his wife Miss Wilkins ii.  By 1821 Jenkins H. Welch had moved to Clarke County, Alabama where he married on October 9 of that year Sarah Latham. iii They were the parents of Mary Caroline Welch, born in Mississippi in 1822. iv

Apparently, Sarah Latham Welch died before November 7, 1823. On that date Jenkins H.
Welch married in Mississippi Penelope Carroll." He and his family were enumerated on both the 1830 and 1840 Federal Censuses in Copiah County, Mississippi."

Records of the U. S. Bureau of Land Management show that on May 25, 1841 Jenkins H.
Welch bought 160.06 acres of land in Copiah County, Mississippi. On December 10,1841 he
bought 40.02 acres of land in that same county. The location of this land was Section 29,
Township 1, North, Range 2 West, base line the Choctaw Meridian.vii

Jenkins H. Welch again moved his family-this time to Arkansas. The U. S. Bureau of Land
Management records show that on July 10,1848 he bought 160 acres of land in Union County
which was located Section 24, Township 19 South, Range 18 West, base line 5th Prime ii

He died on 2 August 1849 in Union County from an attack of Bilious Fever ix and was buried on his land near the New Hope Cemetery." On September 17, 1852 Penelope Welch married William W. Thompson at her home in Union County. xi  She died in 1865 and was also buried on the Welch land. Many years later a Cenotaph was placed in the New Hope Cemetery in honor of Jenkins H. Welch and Penelope Welch. xii

Child of Jenkins H. Welch and Sarah Latham Welch:
1. Mary Caroline Welch (b. 1822, MS)xiii married John M. Jones Dec 25, 1842 Union Co.,

Children of Jenkins H. Welch and Penelope Carroll Welch:

2. Dempsey P. Welch (b abt 1827, MS; d Sabine Co., TXtVm. Martha Jane Deas Oct 25,
1848 Union Co., ARxvi

3 James Wilkins Welch (b 1828, MS, d 1899, Union Co., ARtviim. Sarah Gosney Dec 13,
1850 Union Co., AR.xviii  A Cenotaph has been placed in their memory at Three Creeks
Cemetery in Union Co., ARxix

4. Lawrence Hansford Welch (b June 28, 1831, MS; d aft 1910, Carthage, Panola Co., TX)
m. Mary Hazel Greer , February 15, 1854, Summerfield, Claiborne Parish , LAxX .

5. Huldah Welch (b 20 Apr 1833, MS, d 1880 AR) m. Jefferson Cole on May 25, 1?51 XXI
Union Co., AR. She is buried in the Jolley Chapel Cemetery, Union Co., ARxXII

6. Agnes Welch (b Nov 26, 1833, MS; d Feb 1922)xxiii m. William A. Brown Jun 13, 1850,
Union Co., AR,xxiv buried Mt. Nebo Cemetery, Patmos, Hempstead Co., ARXXV .

7. Permeila Welch (b 1836, MS) m. W. 1. Walthrall on Dec 27, 1853 in Union Co., ARxXVI

8. Penelope Welch (b 1839, MStxvii m. James M. Hicks on June 13, 1856 in Union Co. ,

9. Jemima C. Welch (b abt 1843, Union Co., ARtxixm. William Woolsey on Dec. 25,1864
in Union Co, ARxxx

10. Benjamin Hawkins Welch (b Feb 2, 1849, AR.; d Jan 14, 1935 Union Co., AR)xxxi
m. (1) Henrietta Jolley (b Ju1 22, 1850,GA; d Jul 5, 1892, ARtxxii  (2) Martha E. "Mattie" Canady (b Apr 18, 1849; d May 17, 1935, Union Co.,_ AR)xxxiii
Benjamin and Mattie Welch buried in Jolley Chapel Cemetery, Union Co., ARxxx1v;
Henrietta Welch is buried in New Hope Cemetery, Union Co. , AR.xXXV


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Inventory and Appraisement Book A, pages 420, 421, and 422. County Clerk's Office, Union
County Court House, EI Dorado, Arkansas.

Page 420

State of Arkansas
Union County

Personally came before me the undersigned an acting and duly commissioned and qualified
Justice of the Peace within and for the County of Union, in the State of Arkansas, James P.
Peters, Richard Wright & James H. Johnson, being each a householder within said County, and to me personally well known, and who are appointed by (blank), the administration of the estate of Jenkins H. Welch, late of said County of Union deceased, to view and appraise the property belonging to the said estate, who after being by me duly sworn do each solemnly swear that they are not indebted, nor of kin to any person who is interested in said estate, an heir or legatee thereof, and that they will, according to the best of their judgment and ability, view and appraise the personal property belonging to said estate to them by said administrator produced.

                                                                                                                        So Help Us God.
                                                                                                           (Signed) Richard Wright
                                                                                                                          James P. Peters
                                                                                                                           Jas H. Johnson

Sworn to and subscribed
before me this Sept. 29,1849
(Signed) W. C. Crutcher J.P.

And after being duly sworn we do appraise said property as follows, to wit:

Joe a negro Slave                                         aged 22 years 825.00
Stephen do do-                                                "    24     "    850.00
Jacob do do                                                     "    20     "   900.00
man do " 18                                                    "                 600.00
Mary woman do & child                                 "    22     "   900.00
Eliza do do                                                      "   18     "   600.00
John boy do                                                    "   14        "  600.00
Asa do do                                                        "   13       "  500.00
Charley do do                                                 "    12       "  500.00

Page 421

Ann a girl slave                                              "    15  years  500.00
Sue do do                                                        "    11  years  500.00

1 yoke oxen, frosty & white COl d                                         30.00
1 Red cow and calf                                                                  20.00
1 White do do do                                                                     15.00
1 do and black cow and calf                                                    10.00
1 Spotted do & do                                                                    10.00
1 do Heifer                                                                                 3.00
1 Yoke Steers                                                                           45.00
2 Work Oxen x 17.50                                                               35.00
12 Head Cattle x 3.00                                                              36.00
12 do x  2.00                                                                             24.00
14 do Sheep x 2.00                                                                   28.00
10 do Goats x  2.00                                                                   20.00
30 do Geese x  0.50                                                                  15.00
12 do Turkeys x  1.00                                                               12.00
1 Brown Mule                                                                           75.00
1 Gray mare 5 years old                                                           70.00
1 do do Mule                                                                             90.00
1 Black do do                                                                            75.00
1 do horn Mule                                                                          75.00
1 Gray horn (sic)                                                                       80.00
1 Ray do 7 years old (widow)                                                   65.00
I do Mare 8 . "     "                                                                     35.00
1 Sorrel do 10 "    "                                                                    15.00
1 Bay poney (sic) home                                                             20.00
I Black " Mare                                                                            20.00
40 Head of hogs                 fm                                                    90.00
49 do do do                        fm                                                    60.00
1 Osc Wagon      (for widow)                                                    50.00
I do Cart                                                                                     15.00
3 Lock Chains                    fm                                                   10.00
2 Break do                          fm                                                   50.00
5 Singletrees 4/                                                                            2.50
1 Doubletree 8/                                                                            1.00
1 Sweep plough.                fm                                                     2.00
4 Turning do                       fm                                                     6.00
2 Harrows /2.50                                                                           5.00
2 Plough hoes 2/                                                                           0.50
2 Iron wedges 4/                                                                           1.00
3 Weeding hoes 4/                                                                        1.50
1 Ring and Stop &c &c                                                                2.00
2 Clevices 5/                                                                                 1.25
2 Augurs 5/                                                                                   1.25
3 Chisels (old)                                                                               0.25

Page 421 continued

1 Drawknife (old)                                                                          .25
1 Brad axe                                                                                     2.00
Tool Adze                                                                                     1.50

Page 422

3 Planes 6/                                                                                     2.25
1 piece bar iron.                                                                              75
1 Cross Cut Saw                                                                            5.00
1 Whip Saw.                                                                                 5.00
1 Hand Saw                                                                                   2.00
4 pairs plough gear /2.50                                                               6.00
1 Set Blacksmith tools                                                                 40.00
1 Spanish Saddle                                                                           2.00
1 American do                                                                               6.00
1 Bridle (new)                                                                                2.00
1 Saddle blanket                                                                            1.50
3 Club axes (for widow) fin.                                                        2.00
1 Side Saddle                                                                                 8.00
1 Man's do                                                                                   10.00
1 Clock                                                                                          5.00
1 Double barreled Shot gun                                                          5.00
1 Grindstone                                                                                  3.00
3 Blind Bridles                                                                              1.00
5 head Sheep (reserved for widow)                                          1O.OO

And we do appraise the whole of said estate to us produced by the said administrator at the
Sum of Four Thousand and Sixty-Seven dollars and fifty cents -$4,067.50.

                                                                                    Jas. H. Johnson
                                                                                    James P. Peters
                                                                                    R Wright
Sworn to and Subscribed before
th . me this 29 day of September
Anno Domini 1849
(signed) W. C. Crutcher J.P.
Filed October 27, 1849
Recorded Dec. 28, 1849
(signed) T. T. Sheppard Clerk
by C. W. Locke D.C.