1998 Queries

Fri, 15 May 1998 00:13:03 EDT

According to our family history, my grandmother, Mary Alice Lee and my grandfather, William Hawkins Norsworthy were married in Union County, Arkansas, in 1888. I do not have any info re my grandmother or her family. She died approx 1907 when my father was two years old. Any information you have regarding her or her family would be appreciated. I think they may have been in Texas when she died but have not confirmed that yet. Thank you, Barbara
Robert Fletcher
Tue, 12 May 1998 12:57:19 -0500

Interested in John Wesley FLETCHER, b 1 May 1839, Macoupin Co., Il. d 17 Nov. 1884,Junction City, Union Co., ARK, who married Rebecca Caroline "Carrie" McCorvey, b 10 April 1845, Junction City, Union Co., ARK. and d 15 Feb. 1910, Junction City, Union Co., ARK. on 22 Nov. 1865. Hade nine children.
Vicki Dennis
Tue, 12 May 1998 10:37:01 -0500

Recently learned that Felix HUNTER and Margaret QUINN were married in Union Co. 10/23/1866. They ended up in TX. Wondering if any more traces in Union co. or if marriage was during after Civil War migrating. Any info on these ancestors appreciated.
Margaret Rainwatert
Sun, 3 May 1998 21:26:00 -0500

WILLIAM HUDSON married MARY ELIZABETH FRANKS in 1867 in Union Co., AR. They moved to Coryell Co., TX sometime after 1870. WILLIAM died after 1880 in Coryell Co. They had children: (This is all I know) Bud, Will, Monroe, Peniary Ann "Pink", Maggie Tennessee. After the death of WILLIAM HUDSON his sons moved to OK. (Probably moved in early 1900's) Their mother MARY (FRANKS) HUDSON joined her sons in Oklahoma after 1915. Who were the parents of WILLIAM HUDSON? Would appreciate any information on this family. Thanks Cassie (Margaret Rainwater)
Thomas Jackson
Sat, 2 May 1998 17:36:10 -0400

I am searching for ANY information on my Grandfather, George Lafayette CRUTCHER. He was living in El Dorado during the 1940s and 1950s... He lived in Lake Village during the 1930s, before moving to El Dorado. He lived in Sherman Texas before moving to Arkansas, and lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma before moving to Texas... Any and all help will be appreciated... Tom Jackson, 1440 Fuller Rd, Tallahassee, Fl 32303
Linda Lowe
Sat, 02 May 1998 07:44:50 -0500

My father-in-law is 80 years old and has been searching for information on HIS father for many years. Perhaps someone reading this could help us out:
Thomas Henry LOWE married Elena Hays in El Dorado June 19, 1913. TH was a millwright, born in 1882 (?) and came from Piedmont, Missouri(?). Foye L. Lowe was born Jan. 1918, the youngest of three, and before the year was up, TH and Elena were divorced. He disappeared and was young enough to go on and have another family. Dad just wants to find out where his father was buried and anything else he can find out about him. He has one picture of Thomas Henry and his younger brother. If it would help at all, I could probably arrange to have it scanned. Another thing, if anyone has access to marriage records, could you find out anything about TH that I don't already have? Things like TH's real name, dob, place of birth, things like that. We have really turned up nothing. All help would be appreciated. Thanks. Linda Lowe
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 20:38:39 -0600

William HUDSON born in the 1840's and Mary Elizabeth FRANKS were married 30 October 1867 in Union Co., AR. I have been unable to find parents for William HUDSON. This family moved to Texas after the close of the Civil War and settled in Coryell Co., TX. They had at least these children: J. Monroe HUDSON, Teletha HUDSON, Pinera (Pink) HUDSON, Will HUDSON, Maggie Tennessee HUDSON born Dec 1881 in Union Co., AR. and d. 19 Apr 1915 in Coryell Co., Tx. William HUDSON died in Coryell Co., dt. of death unknown. About 1916 the sons moved to Oklahoma and in a few years Mary Elizabeth HUDSON followed her children to OK. I would appreciate so very much any information on this family. Whats here is all I have. Did William HUDSON's parents live in Union Co., AR. at the time of his marriage? Margaret Rainwater 14512 FM811, Centerville, TX 75833
Alan Willis
Sat, 7 Mar 1998 12:35:56 -0600

Sir I am trying to trace my family tree. We had some information but lost it all in a fire. I would appreciate any help you can give me I have information that a James S. Boatright married a Jane Stiles in Union Ar. October 1, 1842. He was also married to a Lucy Utely. Is there any way you could check this out?
Betty Terrell Owens
Sun, 1 Mar 1998 11:19:17 -0800 (PST)

I am interested in contacting other descendants/researchers of William Pitt Terrell and Joshua Perry Tatum who are listed on the 1850 Census of Union County. I have almost complete family histories of these two, but would like to fill in a few gaps, and gather family stories. Any help would be appreciated. (long,over 10 e-mail pages, please) Thanks
Pam Knapp
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 09:36:47 -0700

James b:26 DEc 1807 in NC, died 12 Dec 1863 near El Dorado, Union County, AR. James was married to Elizabeth WICKER b:29 March 1808, m: 23 Dec 1834, d:20 May 1891. They had 4 children - Sarah Lucinda Carroll b:1836, m1:Abner SHEPPARD 1853 m2:Robert Terrell 1863 - Mary Ann Carroll b:1837, m:Hardiman D. Fowler 1868 - John Charles Carroll b:1839, m:Lizzie Tatum 3 Sept 1873 - Enoch Hawkins Carroll b:1840 d:1850. I believe many of the Carroll and Sheppard family are buried at Hopewell Cemetery near El Dorado, Union County, AR. Response to these names should be forwarded to Pam Knapp
Carla Rollins
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 19:18:48 -0500

I am interested in receiving a copy of a death certificate, in hopes of obtaining a birthdate. The death of Georgia Mae Moore Rollins, occured in Union Co., Ark on July 2, 1923. She was buried in TN. Can someone please tell me where and how much it is to get a copy of this death certificate?? Thanks --Carla Rollins
John Evans
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 19:50:33 -0500

I am looking for information on James Lambuth "Dick" EVANS, a Methodist preacher who located in Smackover around 1937. Before tehn he had been an itinerant preacher in Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and in Arkansas. He had a brother, Aaron B., who lived in Texas, a brother, Tom, who was in McGehee, AR but settled in West Monroe, LA. He had 2 sisters, Effie and Pearle, who lived in Mississippi where they were all born. Tom worked for probably the Missouri-Pacific Railroad and may have been a Colonel in the Army in the late 1920's (World War I). J.L. had at least one child, a son. His wife's name may have been Dora. His father was also a Methodist preacher, Charles Clinton EVANS, and his maternal grandfather was also a preacher, Spencer BANKSTON.
Charles Rone
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 21:40:51 -0500

I am trying to find information on my grandfather; a Charles L Locke, Possibly in Franklin Twp. AR. If you have any information on this individual and the Twp. I would appreciate anything that you may have! Thank You! C. R.
Farnell Vaughn
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 20:52:48 -0500

Need information concerning what may have happened to william k jones and sarah ann harrell who were married in union co ark in 1853. also information concerning one of their sons j t jones,born abt.1860. the last i have them is 1860 census. want to know what may have became of them.
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 23:10:07 EDT

I'm working on the Rodgers, Scott, and associated families of Union County. The 'oldest' in each line which I have are these: David M. Scott - 1840 - 1907 and his wife Nancy Jane Ainsworth - 1847 - 1929; Commodore Rodgers - 1842 - 1914 and his wife Ann Primm - 1842 - 1932. (I don't think that David Scott had any connection to the Columbia County Scotts.) I would like to communicate with anyone working on the same families. My web page is http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Valley/2868/Ellis - Harper Page http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Valley/2868
Gary G. Rowden
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 04:56:15 -0600

I am seeking the DOB for James 'Jimmy' MORRIS, thought to have been born in El Dorado, Union Co., AR about 1922. Jimmy was killed in a tragic accident in Little Rock on March 15, 1931 at the age of 9 while his family was temporarily living/working there. Jimmy was the youngest brother of Willimam W. 'Bones' Morris, star athelete at El Dorado H.S. in the 1926 - 1928 time frame. Any assistance appreciated. :) GGR Another E-MPrint of: Gary G. Rowden, 713.682.4865, mailto:growden@tenet.eduRowden Family 'OnRamp' http://web.wt.net/~growden/Alternate: http://www.web.wt.net/~growden
Steven J. Porter
Sun, 12 Apr 1998 20:55:51 -0400

I am seeking evidence for the existence of William Frank (or F. W.) MOSS and his parents. He married Ella Lee SMITH of Magnolia, Columbia Co. in the early 1890's. There is no record of their marriage in Columbia Co.; so I am searching the surrounding counties. F. W. & Ella had one son, William Frank, Jr. in 1893. Sometime between 1893 & 1896, F. W. died in his 20's, possibly of pneumonia. Ella married #2, Richard Rufus 'Rufe' BARTON in 1896. Rufe was supposedly a close friend of F. W. MOSS. F. W. had a brother with the initials, N. C. (or H. C.) The family talk is that the original MOSS name was actually O'MOSS, but it is not known when the name change came. My desire: could someone check the courthouse marriage records for Union Co. for F. W. & Ella (SMITH) MOSS in the early 1890's. Rev. Steven J. Porter
Patrick W. Jacob
Thu, 09 Apr 1998 19:51:13 -0500

Seeking information about JACOB and NIX families of Union County, Arksanas circa 1845. Known parties include John W. JACOB and Tabitha NIX married January 4, 1848 in Lisbon.
Farnell Vaughn
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 23:34:34 -0500

Looking for information on william h. jones married to sarah ann harrold. believe he is the father of james t jones who went to navarro co tex. any information appriciated, also civil war info.
Carole Cosat
Tue, 07 Apr 1998 19:13:06 -0400

I am researching the descendants of JACQUES COSSART, who came to New Amsterdam from France via The Netherlands in 1662. Family has migrated to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana. I noticed a COSSART Cemetery in Union County and am curious if any info exists about residents thereof or family still living in the area. Variant spellings include Cassatt, Cossairt, Cosat, and Kershaw. Thanks, Don J. Cosat
Patrick W. Jacob
Thu, 02 Apr 1998 21:27:19 -0600

Seeking a marriage record for John W. JACOB and Tabitha NIX about 1845. Parents of Tabitha were George Washington NIX and Tabitha TARVER.
Glenda Willis
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 11:48:33 -0600

I am researching the Boatright,Johnston, Stiles Families, also Utely . James Boatright married Jane Stiles October ,1842. Do you have any more info there in Union County. They had a daughter Mary Ann Boatright . Thank You Glenda Willis
Linda Hill
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 09:36:26 -0600

Seeking information on JAMES C. HILL born nov. 1853 in TN and his wife MARTHA (STEWART) HILL nickname MATTIE born 1855 in Mississippi. JAMES C HILL died in El Dorado sometime between 1910 and 1920 Martha died after 1920.
Pauline Thomas
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 07:46:23 -0700

I am looking for information on John Austin Denney, Eliza Jane Gentry, and Rosanna Harrison. Roseanna's parents came from Kentucky. Her Mother died in child birth. A couple of days later her father passed away. She was raised by some people named Harris. They also had a son named Lewis Harris. Also a daughter, but I do not know her name. But she married a Freeman. Roseanna was born May 6, 1889. She married William Authur Denney . William Denney is the son of John Austin Denney and Eliza Jane Gentry. If anyone has information please send it to me at pthomas@computer-depot.com.Thank you.
Janet Chavis
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 21:31:44 -0600

I am looking for information on LUCY MASON, born 1872 in Union Co, married JOHN SLAUGHTER. Lucy's parents were from England and were early pioneer residents of Union Co. Their names were ALFRED MASON and HARRIET COTTRELL. Lucy was my g-grandmother and her daughter, LENA SLAUGHTER MEGGS (born 1895), was my grandmother. Any info on any of these people is appreciated. Janet Chavis
Nancy McClain
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 01:35:06 -0800

Searching for info on Mary Jane AILES born 1838 in AR. She married James W. REYNOLDS in 1854 in Union Co. AR. The only AILES in that county at the time was Walker and Martha Ailes. Have discovered they were not her parents, due to Walker's will. Am sure she was family but don't kown how. James REYNOLDS was born 1816 in MS. Moved to AR with bros: John and William and maybe mother Rebecca. They all moved on to LA except Rebecca(maybe she died, being born in 1779 in NC) The REYNOLDS seem to have ties to the WEST NEAL FAMILY and a Mary WILLIAMS. My ancestors, James and Mary Jane AILES REYNOLDS moved from LA to TX where they where they lived the rest of their lives.
Patsy King
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 13:00:47 -0700

I am seeking information on WILLIAM ROBERTSON b. 1811 in Georgia and died in Union County. His wife, SALINA (LANEY) CARROLL, was born in 1816 and died September 7, 1867. Both are buried in Olive Branch Methodist Cemetery. Patsy Crow King
Betty Hennard
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 09:11:10 -0600

Looking for information concerning a John Thomas Gathright, born April 19, 1852 in La. and died Jan. 4, 1900. He was married to Essie Clark Nov. 11, 1875 in Howard Co. Ark. Was not aware until last night that there was another John Thomas Gathright born in July 1852. That John Thomas is buried in Center Ridge Cemetery with his wife. My John Thomas Gathright was the son of Rev. William Henry Gathright, however the other John Thomas is also supposed to be his son. Can anyone solve this mystery? Where is my John Thomas Gathright buried? His wife Essie is buried in Nursery Cemetery, Nursery, Tx,. Victoria Co. His family all moved to Texas after his death. Does anyone have information on the Clark family? Essie had a sister Martha who married John Thomas's brother Miles Everett Gathright.
Wilkie Wilkinson
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 10:24:42 EST

Dulcenia Ellan WILKINSON married Issac M. GARRETT sometime after 1900. They lived in Union County and perhaps in Calhoun County. I have three children for them: Johnie, Jennie, and Enoch. Would appreciate any information. Wilkie Wilkinson, Houston, TX
Karan Fletcher
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 15:34:59 -0600

I am researching the families of Aaron Watson Lynch Russell and Sarah Carrie Black in Union Co. Sarah Carrie Black was Aaron Russell's Second wife. One of their children was Hattie Mae Russell (my great grandmother). She married Jackson Andrew Bell in Union Co 1913. I am needing information on Sarah's parents and sibling. She had one brother that I know of now (Robert Wallace Black). Any information would be greatly appreciated. Karan
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 08:50:41 EST

My ancestor, William Dudley REYNOLDS, lived on Cornie Creek in Union County in the 1850 census. His parents, Levi REYNOLDS and Betsy MOORE, lived nearby in Claiborne Parish, LA. William D. was b. 31 Dec. 1815 in Morgan Co., GA, married Mary Catherine TOLAND, dau. of James TOLAND and Ann PATTERSON, 6 Jan. 1837 in Henry Co., GA, and d. 24 July 1887 Burnet Co., TX. Children of WD REYNOLDS:
Jane b. 26 Sept 1837
Minerva Francis b. c.1839
Martha A. b. 23 Aug. 1842
Emmaline H. b. 19 June 1844
Mary Elizabeth b. 18 Sept. 1845
Vinson Augustus b. 1847
James T. b. 5 Aug. 1850
George L. b.15 Jan. 1854
William Berry b. 19 March 1856
Milton Glen b. 7 Nov. 1862
I just recently discovered that the descendants of William B. BISHOP in Union Co. are cousins to WD REYNOLDS. Connee Kroeger
Debbie Ashford
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 18:40:33 -0800

I am doing research on my great-great grandmother, SARAH ELIZABETH BEARDEN. She married a man by the name of TIPPY. I am told that SARAH'S mother was Indian, but how can I find her name? SARAH had a daughter, JESSIE TIPPY, born 1-19-1897. Please forward any information you may have on SARAH and her parents. Thank you, Debbie
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 22:33:19 EST

I am looking for William Dailey and Julia Dailey/Dailey line. Thanks
Joy Tiffin Sutherland
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 09:54:38 -060

I am seeking information on JAMES T. TIFFIN, who owned land in Union County. I have documented that he bought land in Union County in 1848 and 1855. He later moved to Drew Co. where he owned land in 1860 and died in 1870. James was born in Virginia in 1821 but I haven't been able to determine exactly where and his parentage. He was married to a "Martha E. ?", but I don't know if the marriage took place in AR or VA or elsewhere. They are both buried in Drew Co. Any additional information on James and/or Martha would be welcome. Thanks. Joy Tiffin Sutherland
Pat Stewart
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 22:15:21 -0600

My Look-up is rather a bold request and I'd appreciate your consideration. All my Older Folks, are buried in Harper Springs and Sweet Home Cemetaries. Can I get a copy of these 2 Cemetary listing of names and dates, from you or someone else who may have this information? Recently I was given the Old Family Bible of my Grandparents, HENDRIX/COLE, and several branches before them but no dates of the "Old Ones" and there are names missing. There are only 2 Elders left in our family, who know and remember and the request of the listings, may trigger the past more clearly. At the present I send the same questions to both of them and gathering some really good stories in thier writings. Your help and suggestions are appreciated-----Harper Springs Cemetary--Huttig and Sweet Home Cemetary-- in or near Strong, Ark. Thank you----Pat Stewart
Sammie Witten
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 00:30:39 -0800

I am interested in possible Roe family connections in Union county in 1880-1902. My Granddaddy's name was William F. Roe. My Grandmother's name was Ollie Marie Howard.
Pam Knapp
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 21:50:40 -0700

Searching for information on James Carroll - El Dorado, Union County, AR married to Elizabeth Wicker 1834, 23 Dec. Would like info on James Carroll's parents - James Carroll was born 1807, 26 Dec, location unknown and died 1863, 12 Dec Union County, AR. Believe he is buried Hopewell Cemetary outside El Dorado, Union County, AR. He and Elizabeth Wicker had 5 children, Sarah Lucinda, Mary Ann, Enoch Hawkins, John Charles and John B.(died at 6 months). Elizabeth Wicker Carroll died 1891, 20 May near Pomona, California. Any information to share Thank you!
Bill King
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 02:00:01 -0600

Searching for help with John T. King (SC-1816) and Martha Carrie Witherington (AL-1830), who moved to Ouachita/Calhoun County about 1847. The family lived in the "bottom lands" south of Artesian in Fayette Township from 1850-1870. Believe Martha Carrie Witherington was related to Alonzo Dawson Witherington (wife Tabitha C.). Descendants of Alonzo & Tabitha Witherington still living in Camden, including Tracy Witherington (age 90). Family story has it that 3 King brothers brought their families to Arkansas from Alabama about 1847. John T. & Martha Carrie King stopped in Ouachita/Calhoun CO. The other two brothers settled in Union CO. The two brothers who settled in Union (posssibly Franklin Township) are thought to have been: * WILLIAM A. KING (SC-1818), wife SARAH E. (AL-1826) 1850Census Children: Jno. T. (7-AL), Catherine K. (5-AL), and Wm. C. (1-AR) Note: William A. King had died by 1859, as Sarah married K. David Stephens on 12 Jul, 1860-UnionCo *JNO. C. KING (SC-1816), wife MARA A. (AL-1832) 1850 Census Children: Sarah (2-AL) also: Catherine (age 71-SC)- no last name given, presumed to be King (?) also: 3 Witherington Children: N.L. (10), Lousetta (11), Alvan M. (8) *all born in ALWould appreciate any help in confirming that the two Union CO King families are related to my gr gr grandparents, John T. King & Martha Carrie Witherington. Any other information, including the Witherington connection is also requested. Thanks.WILLIAM R. KING, JR.
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 21:40:50 EST

I am looking for information about John N. Graham, born about 1875, supposedly coming to Union county, Arkansas sometime before age 32. Married Zudie Clifton of Caledonia, Ar. 25 May, 1907 as recorded on marriage certificate. Anyone with any information, please email.
Mark A. Evans
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 19:33:32 -0600

James NORRIS born 1776 in Rowan Co., NC moved to Oglethorpe Co., GA in 1784 with his parents, Josias and Ann Norris. Married Sarah PATRICK in 1800 in neighboring Greene Co., GA. Moved to Newton Co., GA before 1820. Came to UNION Co., AR near NEW LONDON and STRONG with his family by 1845. Had the following children: Tempey Primrose born 1801 died 1801; Littleton Harris born 1803 married Harriet GREGORY died after 1873 in Union Co, AR; Elizabeth Van "Betsy" born 1806 possibly married a JACKSON? in GA; Montford Stokes "Mumford" born 1807 married Rachel WOOD and died about 1867 in Union Co., AR; James McKenzie born 1809 married Jane Rosella ODOM died Maricopa Co, AZ (Henry Clay Norris - H.C. -Sheriff of Union Co., AR was his son); Polly Ann born 1811 died 1813 in GA; Nancy Flournoy born 1813 married William Yarbrough (Yarbray) in Newton Co., GA stayed in GA; Sarah Ann Francis born 1816 no other information known; John Sanders born 1818 married Sarah Ann Hall died 1897 in Union Co, AR; Patrick Henry born 1821 married 1) Mary WOOD and 2) Georgia Mary Bradley (widow of James Addison GRAY) and died 1902 in Union Co, AR; Martha Jane Adaline born 1823 married Thomas GRAY died Maricopa Co, AZ (Thomas GRAY was a Justice of the Peace in the New London area and many local documents bear his name). Many of the descendants of James NORRIS lived in UNION PARISH, LA. Seeking other people interested in this family.
Betty Terrell Owens
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 16:54:58 -0800 (PST)

I am interested in contacting other descendants of William Pitt Terrell and/or Joshua Perry Tatum, and comparing research notes. Both are on the 1850 census of Union County, Arkansas. Betty Terrell Owens, 5345 Margo Lane, Beaumont, Texas 77708.
Pat Stewart
Sat, 21 Feb 1998 01:23:01 -0600

I want to share info. with anyone who is connected to HENDRIX or COLE, in Strong, or Huttig, Union co's, or Crossett, Ashley co., Ark. My HENDRIX family moved to the Strong area abt.1889 from Tallapoosa or Tallassee, Ala. and were farmers. My GGGrandfather, Jim COLE was 3/4 Indian from OK. and his father's name was Sam COLE, ( Bible reference, does not state kind of Indian ) and married 2nd. wife Emma HARRIS. Most of my kin are buried in Sweet Home Cemetary near Strong, and I think Jim & Emma COLE, are buried in Huttig, where he lived most of his life. Let's compare notes.---or if your willing to locate a little info. for me, Please contact me--Pat Stewart 505 So. Union St., Shawano, Wi. 54166 or e-mail-----Thanks so much.
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 15:35:09 -0600

John Wiley Maddox b 1812 SC and his wife Matilda Caroline Pollard b ca 1812 SC are on the 1860 census of Union Co ARK. Living with them was his mother Bethseba Bagwell Maddox b va 1794 in SC. She is the widow of Frederick Bagwell a Revolutionary War. In 1850 they are all living in Fayette Co ALA. Bethsheba Maddox died in Union Co ARK between 1860 and 1870. Is there an estate settlement for her in Union Co ARK? This family was probably Baptist. Does she have a tombstone?. John Maddox and his wife Caroline get a divorce in Union Co in 1861. I have a copy of the decree. Is there a copy of the petition for divorce? Thanks for any help or suggestion. Maxine Alcorn
Mon, 16 Feb 1998 20:52:08, -0500

Robert Thompson CARTER dob 1855 was married to Barbara Allen RUSSELL. dob 1861 Robert's father was William J. CARTER who supposedly homesteaded near Strong. Many family members are buried in the Carter family cemetery. Have heard that there was a CARTER school near the homestead. William J. CARTER dob 1823 was married to Martha GANDY dob 1835. Her father was James GANDY dob 1813 who was supposed to have established GANDY' Landing. James GANDY was married to Susan BLACK . Her father was Robert Johnson BLACK dob 1800. He was supposedly a founding father in El Dorado. Would appreciate hearing from anybody who may have any info on any of these people or places. Arlis
Peter Padia
Mon, 16 Feb 1998 12:08:04 -0800

Searching for gg grandfather Thomas B or J Henderson ("B" is written in on Ark. 1870 census but "J" is according to family history). 1st wife - Elizabeth Butler from Claiborne Parish, La., children - America & Thomas W. (America married Augustus McLemore & Thomas W. "Uncle Bill" never married). 2nd wife of Thomas B or J was Malissa Manning. Married in 1869 . My g grandfather, James Jefferson H. was born Oct. 31,1871 in Huttig, Ark and was raised by America and Augustus McLemore who eventually moved to Union Parish, La. James Jefferson H. married Fannie Louise Hollis from Farmersville or Marion, La. and died March 22, 1960 in Orange, Tx. According to James Jefferson, Thomas B or J drowned in the Ouachita River when J J H was a small child.
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 15:34:04 -0500

Trying to locate the name of parents of my granfather, John David Cockerham, believed to have born near Eldorado about 1850. Moved to near Paris, Texas latter 1800's. Had five sons: George w., Lee O., Butler M., Luther, David and a stepdaughter, Estelle. Know very little about his ancestors prior to his birth.Was said to have been married several times with several children besides those named.Thank You. Jim Cockerham
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 22:48:03, -0500

I am seeking info on the CARTER Family Cemetary which is supposedly near Strong as is the Carter School> W. J. CArter was the original homesteader. His son Robert took over the homstead after W.J. was killed in the Civil War.
Also seeking info on the Corinth Methodist Church which was near Strong. If the church no longer exists does anyone know where the church records are kept. Anyone with info on GANDY's landing on the Oauchita River? How about the name BLACK? Supposedly Robert Johnson BLACK was a founder of EL Dorado and a plaque bearing his name is someshere in the city. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Am seeking information on the Corinth Methodist Church which is supposedly near strong. If it no longer exists would like to know where the church records are kept. Also seeking info on the Carter family cemetery near Strong. Also Carter School? W.J. Carter was original homesteader. Was killed in the civil war so his son R.J. tended the homestead. In Eldorado, I am told that there is a plaque naming Robert J. Black as one of the founders. Does anyone know anything about this.
Any info on Gandy's Landing on the Ouachita River? Thanks . Arlis
Pam Knapp
Mon, 09 Feb 1998 16:45:28 -0700

I am searching for information on James Carroll - known to be in or near Union County, AR in 1858 and before. Daughter was Sarah Lucinda Carroll who was married to Abner B. Sheppard. Abner B. shot himself, we think accidentally, at the home of James Carroll on 5/1/58. Can anyone help? Look forward to repies...Pam
Lyn Rose
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 11:53:58 -0800

I have a John and Sena (or Lena those census' are hard to read) Willingham in Tuscaloosa Co., Ala, Father of William Jenkins and John C who moved to Union Co., Ark... I have found John on the 1830-1850 Census's in Tuscaloosa Co., Ala (John C is on the 1840 Tuscaloosa census, but is in Union Co., Ark by 1850, and William J is there by 1860 with a Hiram Hillman Willingham)...... John is on the Tuscaloosa census for 1850 as 60 years old, but dies in Union co., Ark in 1856... Some of his children are born in SC and the rest in Ala... After being in Arkansas, some of his children and grandchildren show up in Milam Co., TX.... So I have connections to the Tuscaloosa Willingham's....
Dorothy Jamison
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 22:53:23 -0600

Hi, am searching for a Jesse Crow, born August 3, 1848 Union Co. Ark. Any info greatly appreciated. Dot
Dorothy Jamison
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 20:11:01 -0600

Hello, I am searching for any information on a Jesse Crow, b. Aug.3, 1848 in Union Co Ark. Could he have been the son of Johathan Crow and Nancy McAdams? The Jesse I am looking for came to Illinois, settled around Jackson County...can anyone help? Dot
Charisse Floyd
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 00:17:15 CST

Would like to communicate with a KEADLE researcher who may have family information about J. M. (Josias/Josiah) KEADLE b. abt.1827, and family listed on the 1860 Union Co., AR Census--Jackson TWP, pg.197. Wife: Martha A. with Ch: C.C.(Christopher Columbus), L.J., Thomas A., Mary F., Robert F., Allice T. Researching KEADLE's in Sevier Co., AR who journeyed from SC to AL, then AR. Are you a descendant?
Fred J Higgins
Sun, 25 Jan 1998 17:42:44 -0800

I am researching the Robert A. Willis family. He may have lived in Union County Arkansas around the turn of the century. Any information will be helpfull. Fred
Sarah Gatson
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 14:24:38 -0600

I am looking for information on an African-American HICKS family from Strong, Union Co., Arkansas. My grandmother is Dorothy Lee HICKS, b. in Strong in 1931. Her mother was Ellen (BLACKMAN) HICKS, born in Strong in 1880 and married to Jonas HICKS c.1907. They had 14 children, the two oldest were twin boys, Adell and Idell HICKS, born in 1908. Sarah Gatson, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. USA
Maurine Mattson
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 22:36:26 -0800

I am researching CLAWSON in Union County. I thought that I sent this info in a couple of weeks ago. Also, where are your 1998 queries? Maurine Mattson
Ray G. Thompson
Thu, 08 Jan 1998 17:46:24 -0800

Seek exchange on: Joseph Franklin BURROUGHS b. 1875 Bradley Co., Ark. By 1900 ran ferry at Miller's Bluff. M. 1903 El Dorado, Ark to Lenora LABEFF b. 1886 Ark. They moved to Claiborn Parish, La. by 1905 where Joe Burroughs ran logging camp. They buried Claiborn Parish. Children: Abbie Jewel b. 1905 m. Fred KIDD
Gladys Pearl b. 1907 m. Rowe W. THOMPSON (They b. Weldon)
Frank Lee b. 1909 m. Lillie Mae NOTTER
Roy Ben b. 1911 m. Ruby M. WALDEN
Joseph T. b 1913 m. Mildred WIGGINS
Hazel Delois b. 1915 m. John L. HAND
George W. b. 1918 m. Florence Odell SMITH
William M. LABEFF b. 1854 Ark m. (1) Virginia PETERSON b. 1860 La. They were in Claiborn Parish, La. 1870-1880 then moved Union Co., Ark. Children all b. Ark:
Lenora b. 1886 m. Joseph F. BURROUGHS
Lillie M. b. 1891 m. John Henry MCKNIGHT
Ella Florence b. 1894 m. Elmer CHRISTIAN
William LABEFF m. 1904 (2) Minnie Artie MCKNIGHT b. 1887
John William b. 1905 Union Parish m. Winnie RAMSEY
Emmie Mae b. 1906 Union Co., Ark m. Homer F. SNEARLEY
Infant still born 1909
Daisy b. 1910 Union Co., Ark d. 1913
Curtis E. b. 1912 Ark m. Annie Inex CHAMBLISS
Lloyd Willard b. 1916 Union Co., Ark m. Sallie Elizabeth PUTERBAUGH
Elsie Lorena b. 1920 Ark m. Jessie Lee COX, Jr.
William LABEFF buried Cannan Cemetery Spearsville, Union Parish. Ray Thompson, Jena, La
Thu, 08 Jan 1998 13:06:15 -0600

One of my Helms.... Jeri Helms Fultz Anyone anywhere who is researching this line, Please contact me. "Index to AR Confederate Pension Applications" states, Helms, W. A.; widow, Susie; Co D, 37 NC Inf. He applied 1902, she applied ? Union Co, AR (William Alverson Helms) "Index to 1911 AR Conf. Interviews" states, Helms, William Alverson of Wilmington, Ark. was born in 1830 at Monroe, Union Co., NC the son of Allen Helms also born at Monroe, Union Co., NC, who was the son of John and Vine Helms of Union Col, NC. Maiden name of subject's mother was Rebecca, dau. of William Smith who lived at Stanley Co., NC. Subject was a Democrat and a Missionary Baptist. He was a Private 37th NC Regt. Inf. Co D, Gen. D. H. Hills Corps, Army Northern Virginia. Married Betsy Ann Stegall, dau. of Moses Stegall and wife, Francis Griffin, in 1848 in Monroe, Union Co.., NC. Children:
1. Frances Helms m. Thomas Axum, Lawson Ark.
2. Robert Helms
3, Martha Jane Helms m. Marshal Newson, Hillsboro, Ark.
4. Sarah Ann Helms m. Henry Trull, Harlan, Ark.
5. William Henry Helms m. Ellen Rushing, Wilmington, Ark.

Certified by W. H. Matthews, Jr., Assessor of Union Co.., Ark. 10-8-1912 webpage: http://idt.net/~jfultz19/helm1.htmemail address: jfultz19@idt.net
Maurine Mattson
Thu, 01 Jan 1998 19:11:30 -0800

Seeking information on Clawsons, who moved to Union County, Arkansas, in the 1840s and are listed on Federal Census of 1850. My great-grandfather, Thomas Clawson, was youngest son (younger son) of the family of John P. Clawson, and is not listed on this census. Would love to hear from anyone researching this family. I have information to share.
Gina Clingan
Sat, 20 Jun 1998 11:52:35 -0700 (PDT)

I am doing research on my ggrandmother, Laura Sparks. She was born on 22 Feb., 1870, to John Sparks and Mary Tims. There is a John Sparks listed on the 1870 census index for Union Co.,Ar. I would appreciate any info on this family. Thanks in advance.~~Gina Clingan
Bruce Ashley,Jr.
Wed, 17 Jun 1998 13:00:06 -0500

I am looking for information on my great-grandfather Joseph B. Skeens. He was born in Kentucky ? June 7, 1861 and died on November 5, 1928 in El Dorado Arkansas. He was the husband of Annie Mae Robertson. He is supposedly buried in the Skeens cemetery. From Bruce Ashley,Jr. e-mail: beamva@kaplantel.net
Marshel Roy Cunningham
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 17:14:33 EDT

Thomas D. MCHENRY born in 1772 in Christianburg Virginia...moved to Montevallo, Shelby County, Alabama in 1818...died 23 July 1823 while campaigning for the Alabama state legislature.. .several of his sons moved to Union County Arkansas and beyond before 1850...if you are descended from any of these Union County MCHENRY boys, we have information on your ancestors. Of his ten sons, at least two were doctors, and one was sheriff of our county. Marshel Roy Cunningham PO box 26 Montevallo, Alabama 35115
Stelloise Basinger
Sun, 14 Jun 1998 15:05:21 -0500

I am searching for info of my GGGGFATHER.....HARRISON L. WATTS 1746-1814 (WIFE: MARY BEDELL) CHILDREN: HAMPTON BEDEL WATTS 1798-1849; MARY HARRISON WATTS 1803-1891; MARTHA ADALADE WATTS 1807-1896; HARRISON L. WATTS, JR.1812. HARRISON L. WATTS, Jr. (WIFE: SARAH ?) Children: MARTHA F. WATTS 1835; MARY A. WATTS 1838; JOHN COLBERT WATTS 1839-1884; VIRGINIA A. WATTS 1841; SARAH F. WATTS 1843. JOHN COLBERT WATTS, was born in Ms. 1839, but showed on the census 1850 & 1860 in Harrison Township, New London, Union Co., Ark. Any Info on these.......Birth, Burial, Family.....would be appreciated. STELLOISE WATTS BASINGER
Stelloise Basinger
Sun, 14 Jun 1998 14:37:54 -0500

Tammy Holcomb
Sat, 13 Jun 1998 10:43:38 EDT

I am interested in any information on a George Holcomb that married an Emma Newton on Nov 21 1865 in Union County AR. Children's names? Grandchildren? Could they be the parents or grandparents of my Thomas Newton Holcomb b. Dec 25, 1884 in Camden (Ouachita Co) AR? I know that Thomas had a sister named Ethel. I would appreciate any info. Thank you, Tammy Holcomb
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 17:57:22 -0500

I'm searching Union County, AR, for information on descendants of any of the following families-- ARMER, OWENS, PERDUE, and TODD. This group of families resettled to Union County from Lowndes County, AL, about 1875. I believe they resided in the Franklin community and that many are buried in the Champanole Cemetery. Some were veterans of the army of the Confederate States of America, serving in Alabama units ca 1862-1865. If anyone has information on descendants or contact information, please notify me. Thanks. GARY TODD, 2613 High Oak, Arlington, TX 76012-3545
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 00:54:45 EDT

Looking for information on William CHANDLER b. 1813, d. El Dorado, Union Co, AR; m/1 Jan/Jun 1836 Perry County, AL, Mary FILBERT/PHILBERT; m/2 Sarah Melissa PRIME, daughter of Irenius PRIME, b. 21 Dec 1833 Brookville, PA, d. 22 Aug 1905.

Children of wife #1:
1. Ann CHANDLER; m. 1866 Judge Wm. C. LANGFORD
2. Crawford C. CHANDLER b. 1837; m. 5 Jan 1866 Rebecca Janis TATUM
3. Samuel CHANDLER b. 1843 Alabama
4. Henry CHANDLER b. 20 Jun 1844 Alabama, d. 1908; m. 29 Oct 1866 Viola CAUDLE

Children of wife #2:
5. Ella CHANDLER "Betty" b. 1853 Arkansas; m. T.C. CHEW
6. William P. CHANDLER b. 1849
7. Florence CHANDLER b. 1855 Arkansas ; m. J. H. MC KINNIE
9. Fannie CHANDLER b. 1859 Arkansas; m. Henry Thomas ELLIS (lived in Smith County, TX and Chandler, Henderson County, TX)
10. Orline CHANDLER, b. 25 Oct 1861, d. 22 Jan 1940; m. 1882 Dr. Wm. H. GOODWIN

William CHANDLER, the father, lived with his parents, Zachariah CHANDLER and Sarah ECKLES in Franklin County and Coweta County, GA prior to moving to Perry County, Alabama. He then moved his family from Alabama to El Dorado, Arkansas. I'm sure he traveled through MS but I haven't been successful in locating him there. He was the owner of a hotel called "Chandler's Tavern" and was the acting sheriff in El Dorado upon his death in 1863 during the Civil War. Any connecting information on this family will be appreciated. Pam

I am researching a group of families moving to Union Co., from Lowndes Co., AL, just after 1872. This group included the surnames PERDUE, TODD, ARMOUR, and OWENS. I believe they settled in/near the "La Champanelle" community. I believe this group was shown on the 1880 census in the area. Specifically, I am interested in any information or contact from descendants of the following individuals:


If anyone has information on these families, please contact me. I will share information.
Jane Ikemuras
Sat, 06 Jun 1998 17:07:20 +0100

Looking for any information on my great-grandfather Noah REED. He would have been born around 1854, in Arkansas. Have never found him on a census and know nothing about his parents. He married Louise GIBBS/HIBBS who was born ~1868 in Arkansas, d. bef. 1920. I have Louise on the 1900 and 1910 census with her children: Adam, Rutha, Exey (my grandmother Exie), James E. and Ermu D. (probl Irma). If you have any link to this family, please get in touch with me. Thank you! Jane ikemura@inreach.com
Carroll Arthur
Tue, 2 Jun 1998 15:47:22 -0700

Garrett Gatlin was the brother of my 2nd Greatmother Sidney Gatlin Arthur. Garrett wrote her a letter dated 1843 from Talledaga County, Al and indicated the following: My first wife (Sarah C. B. Lindsay) had previously died leaving two sons: Thomas Stanley and James Daniel, and had remarried to a young educated lady (?) who recently bore a daughter named Elizabeth Francis. Garrett further indicated that he was moving his family to Union County, Ar. Federal Census Index and land records reveal him and perhaps his sons being land owners in the 1850's. Do you have any information relating to the descendants or know of descendants. Would like to share with family ties with a knowledgeable person. Best regards, H. Carroll Arthur
Duston Brooks
Tue, 2 Jun 1998 16:44:10 EDT

I'm searching for a descendant or other family member of COY DAVIS, who lived near El Dorado? He was the son of John and Sophronia Davis from Monroe, Louisiana. I heard that as recently as 1960 he was living out in the country around El Dorado. I don't have any information about him. Although I do know, however, that he may have had a sister named Gladys. If anyone can help, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks. Duston Brooks
Vickie Rushton Bickle
Sun, 31 May 1998 21:07:28 -0500

I am searching for descendants of James WEBB b. 7 Sep 1795 in Robertson County, TN, d. 18 Mar 1848 in Union County, AR. His wife was Elizabeth FITTS, b. 22 Dec 1800 in Barnwell District, SC, d. 22 Mar 1885. They are buried at the Liberty Cemetery outside of Lawson, Union County, AR. James and Elizabeth had 11 chn: A. Jackson, Daniel L., Emmarinda, William, James Roy, Polly Ann, Mary A., Agnes M.(my ggreat-grandmother), Rebecca, Joseph, Lucy E. & Reuben. I have found some WEBB descendants in Calhoun County, AR. Will share info. Thanks, Vickie Rushton Bickle
Tue, 26 May 1998 12:22:45 -0700

I am looking for a William R. (Bill) Whitlow who may have been In Union County or Ashley County During the late 1850's or early 1860's. Thanks Gary Whitlow
Jim & Marilyn Shepherd
Mon, 25 May 1998 23:22:47 -0500

I am looking for James Fredrick Boswell From El Dorado. He would be about 63, attendended Texas A&M from 1953 to 55, an dWas in the Air Force. Appreciate any help. James B. Shepherd
Mon, 25 May 1998 21:30:57 EDT

W. Edgar BRYANT, son of John A. and Eunice (HOWARD) BRYANT, was married to Emmie ?. He lived and died in ElDorado. Trying to find death date; probably died in late 40's to 50's. Can't find in cemetery book for Union Co., AR. He also had three sister's 1) Nova/Nora BRYANT m. James H. WOMBLE; 2) Beadie BRYANT m. Frank SPEER; and 3) Daughter BRYANT m. H. M. GREEN. Any help would be appreciated. Wanting to exchange family information. I'm descended from John A. BRYANT's sister Elizabeth R. (BRYANT) THOMAS.
Jack Cloud
Mon, 25 May 1998 21:29:41 -0400

I am looking for information about Adele Griffin b.2-4-1832 d.9-24-1915. She was married to Henry B. Nelson b.5-5-1830 d.5-24-1864 at the siege of Vicksburg. Also I would like information about 19th (Dockery's)Arkansas infantry Company I. Thank you Jack Cloud
Bill Brandon
Fri, 22 May 1998 16:07:59 -0000

I'm interested in learning the parents on NANCY DIXON, who married BENJAMIN COOK in Bulloch Co. Georgia abt. 1780-85. BENJAMIN COOK died in Union Co. Arkansas,Feb. 27, 1846. Would be glad to share informatiion on ancestry of BENJAMIN COOK. Bill Brandon
Don Harrold
Mon, 18 May 1998 01:09:47 -0500

I'm researching the following:
William O. KELLEY (1820-?) married ?
James Madison KELLEY (1853-?) married Laura Lenora MAYO
James Odus KELLEY (1884-1957) married Mattie Alabama SMART
James Hamilton SMART (1862-1942) married Susan Iola CROSSLIN (1870-1970)
William Frederick CROSSLIN (1837-1914) married Martha Jane DANIEL (1842-1910)
ANY information on any of these is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Don http://www.harrold.org
Connie Craycraft
Thu, 18 Jun 1998 00:39:12 EDT

I am searching for information on the Robert A Walton who bought 80 acres in Union Co in the 1840s. Connie Craycraft S.Craycraft@aol.com or CraftnTaylor@Juno.com
Carol Miles
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 20:29:44 EDT

Looking for information on Newton's in Arkansas. Jasper and Moriah Newton in Arkansas during early to mid 1800's. Originally from Oklahoma. Resided in Union County. Other family members include: Johnson, Dave, Lucy, Easter. Contact: Carol Miles
Jack Cloud
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 13:45:35 -0400

I am looking for information about Henry B. Nelson. He served in I company, 19th (Dockery's)Arkansas Inf. I would also like some history of I Co. 19 (Dockery's) Arkansas Inf. Thank you very much. Jack Cloud
Dennis Kiernan
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 20:14:01 -0700

Looking for anything at all on Milburn DENNIS, born around 1880-85 (?), who married Florence BLUSH, born 1884, and had a daughter, Nettie Vivien DENNIS, born July 8, 1911, in Junction City, Union Co., AR. I think Milburn was a brakeman on the railroad. They divorced, or he died, and Florence married Arthur W. MILLER and had a son, Robert Arthur Miller, in 1921. Looking for information about any of these family members. Thanks for any help. Dennis Kiernan (born John Dennis Singelton)