Van Buren Co Bible Records

Payne Bible

Submitted by Cathy Duvall

This bible page from Alva Lee and Louanza Lee Payne was given to Joyce Nell Garrison by Geeter Acton.
Joyce Nell gave it to me Sept. 5, 1993. The words are hard to make out but this is what I believe them to read:

A. L. Payne C. B. Lee was bornde February bornde September 4, 1846 the 26, 1854 Louansa Payne Townsley his wife Robert Johnson was bornde was bornde December the 12th 1846 August the 17, 1875 Effie Jane Payne was bornde Mennia Belzora Lee the 8, 1868 was bornde May the 18,1879 Charley Oskar Samuel Arthur Payne Payne was bornde was bornde October October the 18,1870 the 15, 1882 Robert Bruce Payne was bornde June the 9, 1873 Netie Cliford Payne was bornde February 25, 1883 Thomas Lee Payne was bornde May 27, 1876 Martha Ann Payne was bornde October 16,1880