Submitted by Angi New

My Grandpa was Otto A Harris, His name was actually Augusta Otto Harris but he went by "Otto". His son, my uncle, was Arthur L. Harris. My grandpa Otto was married to Effie M. ?? on April 30, 1911. Grandpa and his family (parents and sibblings) moved from Alabama to Tahlequah, OK. Grandpa was born August 14, 1883 in Alabama. He was in WWl and lived in Van Buren in 1918 with his wife Effie and two sons, William O and Arthur L. He and Effie lived there until their divorce in 1925. Otto and Effie had two other sons before their divorce, names Alvin A. and Noval W. I was told that they also had a fifth son, Charlie but I haven't thus far found any info on Charlie. I don't know what happened to Effie, but I"m doing research and trying to locate her and her maiden name.
My grandpa Otto, met my grandmother, Serena "Rena' Elizabeth Dilday/Bishop in Russelville, Pope County Arkansas in 1928. They went to Muskogee Ok, where they were married on December 25, 1928. Nearly one year later, my uncle Augustus Otto Harris Jr was born in Etowah, Mississippi County Arkansas on December 8, 1929. I don't know where they went from there but on April 7, 1932 my uncle James Franklin Harris was born in Muskogee, OK. and then on December 13, 1933, my mother Dorothy Louise Harris was born also in Muskogee Ok. On August 24, 1934 my grandpa Otto, died of stomach cancer in Muskogee General Hospital in Muskogee OK.
My Uncle William O. Harris (Grandpa and Effie's oldest son) was born about 1912. He later moved to Mesa, AZ and then on to Glendale AZ. My uncle Arthur married a gal named Mittie Clutts in VanBuren on April 27, 1940 and they later moved to Liberal KS where my Uncle died of a heart attack in 1967. My Uncle Alvin later moved to St Louis MO. Uncle Noval moved to Wichita KS and died on June 10, 1979. My uncle Jr, (Otto Jr) lived in Coweta, OK and died of a heart attack on Feb 15, 1993, my mother Dorothy also lived in Coweta OK and died on Aug 12, 1993. My Uncle James lived in Tulsa Ok and died April 11, 2007.