Maps of Interest to Van Buren County Researchers


Index Map for the Maps below

These historical topographical maps are Courtesy of the University of Texas at Austin. These map are from different years and are of different series. But still, exciting historically. Originally from the USGS, they are done by “Quadrant”. Warning, these are huge both in file size and in your browser. Using Internet Explorer, it will load then shrink. Mouse over the map and your cursor will become a tiny magnifying glass, click on the map and it will enlarge! You can not see the entire map on your screen, you will have to scroll around.

For the North West area of Van Buren County, Click Marshall Quadrant (1901)
For the South West area of Van Buren County, Click Morrillton Quadrant (1943)
For the North East area of Van Buren County, Click Mountain View Quadrant (1894)
Sorry, there is no map for the extreme South East area of Van Buren County.

Marshall Quadrant 1889 Map

Morrillton Quadrant 1943 Map

Mountain View Quadrant 1894 Map

Van Buren County road map

Van Buren County before and after Cleburne County

1936 Historical Maps

1839 Arkansas

County Formation Maps

1990 Arkansas State Map with county seats
Courtesy of University of Texas Library